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11/25/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100297334 - Variable stiffness catheter assembly: A catheter comprising an outer shaft comprising a first section of electroactive polymer. The first section of electroactive polymer affecting either the flexibility of the catheter or the steerability of the catheter.... Agent: Vidas, Arrett & Steinkraus, P.A.

20100297335 - Method for applying adhesive to a web substrate: A process for determining the placement of an adhesive relative to an emboss pattern is disclosed. The disclosed process is suitable for forming an embossed multi-ply substrate. The process comprises the steps of: 1. Providing the emboss pattern as a pattern of elements; 2. Providing a grid comprising a plurality... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company Global Legal Department - Ip

20100297336 - Multiple step printing methods for microbarcodes: A system and method for forming encoded microparticles is described. One embodiment includes a method of forming an encoded microparticle, the method comprising: depositing and patterning a plurality of layers on a substrate so as to form a plurality of microparticles, each microparticle comprising a plurality of separate segments aligned... Agent: Cooley LLP Attn: Patent Group

20100297337 - Process for the preparation of coatings exhibiting increased conductivity based on polythiophene and its derivatives: The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of a coating displaying increased conductivity which contains at least one conductive polymer derived from optionally substituted thiophene, optionally together with at least one further conductive polymer, in particular polyaniline, in which process firstly an aqueous or organic dispersion or... Agent: Senniger Powers LLP

20100297338 - Liquid crystal panel, print mask to print alignment layer and method for making the alignment layer: The present invention relates to a liquid crystal panel, a print mask to print an alignment layer and a method for making the alignment layer. According to embodiments of the present invention, a liquid crystal panel divided into an active area and a peripheral area comprises a first substrate; a... Agent: Innovation Counsel LLP

20100297339 - Electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, method for producing same, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery comprising such electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery: An electrode for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery 6 according to the present invention includes: a current collector 3; a first active material layer 2 formed on the current collector 3; and a second active material layer 5 provided on the first active material layer 2, the second active material... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20100297340 - Method for producing solid electrolytic capacitor: There is provided a method for producing a solid electrolytic capacitor having an improved capacitance appearance ratio by forming a conductive polymer layer in a few steps. A method for producing a solid electrolytic capacitor obtained by forming solid electrolyte layer 5 and cathode 6 on dielectric layer 2 formed... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100297341 - Aluminization of metal substrate surfaces: Methods of aluminizing the surface of a metal substrate. The methods of the present invention do not require establishment of a vacuum or a reducing atmosphere, as is typically necessary. Accordingly, aluminization can occur in the presence of oxygen, which greatly simplifies and reduces processing costs by allowing deposition of... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute Attn:IPServices, K1-53

20100297342 - Method of manufacturing membrane electrode assembly and method of manufacturing fuel cell: Provided is a method of manufacturing a membrane electrode assembly including catalyst layers in both sides of a polymer electrolyte membrane, substance diffusion of the catalyst layer being improved, in which forming at least one of the catalyst layers includes at least: forming a first layer including one of a... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100297343 - Treating agent for forming a fluoride coating film and method for forming a fluoride coating film: A fluoride coating film formed with a fluoride-containing solution wherein a rare earth fluoride or an alkaline earth metal fluoride, in particular, fluoride of Pr, Nd, Dy, Tb and Ho, is swollen in a solvent comprising a major amount of an alcohol, and the solution is a colloidal solution in... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20100297344 - Passivating means, surface treatment means, surface treatment spray means and method for treating metallic surfaces of work pieces or cast molds: A passivating agent for metallic surfaces of workpieces or casting molds includes an aqueous phosphate solution with metal ions and a gelatin.... Agent: Patent Law Offices Of Dr. Norman B. Thot

20100297345 - Method for repairing a component by coating: A method for repairing a component such as a turbine blade is provided. At the end of its operating time, the component has, for example, a depletion of aluminium in a region near the surface. The application of a repair layer is provided including particles with an increased proportion of... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100297347 - Substrate support having side gas outlets and methods: A substrate support for a process chamber comprises an electrostatic chuck having a receiving surface to receive the substrate and a gas distributor baseplate below the electrostatic chuck. The gas distributor baseplate comprises a circumferential sidewall having a plurality of gas outlets that are spaced apart from one another to... Agent: Ashok K. Janah

20100297348 - Thin film deposition apparatus: A thin film deposition apparatus that can be simply applied to manufacture large-sized display devices on a mass scale and that improves manufacturing yield includes: a deposition source; a first nozzle disposed at a side of the deposition source and including a plurality of first slits arranged in a first... Agent: Stein Mcewen, LLP

20100297349 - Thin film deposition apparatus: A thin film deposition apparatus used to produce large substrates on a mass scale and improve manufacturing yield. The thin film deposition apparatus includes a deposition source; a first nozzle disposed at a side of the deposition source and including a plurality of first slits arranged in a first direction;... Agent: Stein Mcewen, LLP

20100297346 - Vaporizing unit, film forming apparatus, film forming method, computer program and storage medium: A vaporizing unit, in supplying a gas material produced by vaporizing a liquid material onto a substrate to conduct a film forming process, can vaporize the liquid material with high efficiency to suppress generation of particles. With the vaporizing unit, positively or negatively charged bubbles, which have a diameter of... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100297350 - Free-standing silicon carbide articles formed by chemical vapor deposition and methods for their manufacture: Improved methods for manufacturing silicon carbide rings using chemical vapor deposition. Cylindrical tubes are used as deposition substrates and the resulting material deposited on the inside surface of cylindrical tubes or on the outside surface of cylindrical mandrels, or both, is sliced or cut into the desired ring size and... Agent: John S. Pratt, Esq Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP

20100297351 - Production method of producing wrapper for cigarettes: A production method for producing a wrapper for cigarettes is provided wherein, with a web kept traveling, a combustion inhibitor in liquid form is intermittently applied to one surface of the web to form undried banded layers arranged with a predetermined space therebetween in the traveling direction of the web,... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100297352 - Coating device and coating method: A coating device includes a coating mechanism which includes nozzles for ejecting a liquid material onto front and rear surfaces of a substrate while rotating the substrate; and an adjusting mechanism which adjusts the coating state of the liquid material at the outer periphery of the substrate; wherein the adjusting... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100297353 - Coating device and coating method: A coating device includes a coating mechanism which includes nozzles for ejecting a liquid material onto front and rear surfaces of a substrate while rotating the substrate; and an adjusting mechanism which adjusts the coating state of the liquid material at the outer periphery of the substrate; wherein the adjusting... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100297354 - Compositions and methods for darkening and imparting corrosion-resistant properties to zinc or other active metals: Methods and compositions that serve to both darken a zinc or other active metal surface and impart corrosion-resistant properties thereto, are disclosed. The compositions include an aqueous solution containing about 0.1 percent to about 5 percent ammonium chloride and about 0.1 percent to about 5 percent ammonium molybdate. The compositions... Agent: Rankin, Hill & Clark LLP

20100297355 - Curable coating composition containing a compound having a uretdione group and a different functional group and cured coatings: A curable coating composition includes a uretdione compound having one uretdione group and having a plurality of functional groups selected from crosslinkable groups and groups that modify a coating property. The disclosed coating compositions include those having a binder component having a plurality of active hydrogen-containing groups. When the uretdione... Agent: Harness, Dickey And Pierce, P.L.C

20100297356 - Process for the preparation of a crosslinker composition: This invention is directed to a process for the preparation of a crosslinker composition, comprising the steps of providing a mixture of an aliphatic alcohol A having at least one hydroxyl group and from 1 to 10 carbon atoms, with at least one multifunctional aldehyde C having at least two... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, LLP

20100297357 - One-component epoxy coating compositions: Disclosed are high solids, one-component, storage stable coating compositions that include an epoxy resin comprising more than one 1,2-epoxy groups per molecule; a hydrocarbon compound having a softening point of from 50° C. to 140° C.; an alkoxy-functional and/or silanol-functional silicone; and a ketimine curing agent comprising a reaction product... Agent: Ppg Industries Inc Intellectual Property Dept

20100297358 - Alkylcellulose and salt compositions for dust control applications: A method of reducing dust generation from an aggregate surface is described. The method includes applying a dust suppression compound to the aggregate surface. The dust suppression compound may be made from an aqueous mixture of an alkylcellulose compound and a halogen containing salt.... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20100297359 - Process for treatment of a fabric: The present invention provides a process for treatment of a fabric comprising the steps of contacting the fabric with polymers A and B in an aqueous medium, wherein; (a) polymer A is selected from the class of homopolymers or copolymers of vinyl alcohol, alkylene glycol, saccharides, and carboxylic acid, and;... Agent: Unilever Patent Group

20100297360 - Method for densification of porous articles: A method of densifying porous substrates, such as brake performs, using a liquid precursor, in which the rate at which “fresh” or “new” liquid precursor is consumed is reduced by maintaining the liquid precursor being used for the densification at a purity level that is less that pure but still... Agent: Weingarten, Schurgin, Gagnebin & Lebovici LLP

20100297361 - Plasma deposition source and method for depositing thin films: A plasma deposition source for transferring a deposition gas into a plasma phase and for depositing, from the plasma phase, a thin film onto a substrate moving in a substrate transport direction in a vacuum chamber is described. The plasma deposition source includes a multi-region electrode device adapted to be... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, L.L.P.

20100297362 - Method for processing an object with miniaturized structures: A method for processing an object with miniaturized structures is provided. The method includes feeding a reaction gas onto a surface of the object. The method also includes processing the object by directing an energetic beam onto a processing site in a region, which is to be processed, on the... Agent: Fish & Richardson PC

20100297363 - Functionalizing a sensing ribbon on a whispering gallery mode microresonator using light force to fabricate a whispering gallery mode sensor: Methods using light force to fabricate WGM sensors including microresonators having target receptors selectively and substantially provided at only ribbon area of the microresonators.... Agent: Straub & Pokotylo

20100297364 - Servo pattern forming method of hard disk drive: A servo pattern forming method of a hard disk drive includes magnetically printing a reference servo pattern, which has different features according to zones divided along a radial direction of a disk, on the disk, and recording a final servo pattern in the disk on the basis of the reference... Agent: Stanzione & Kim, LLP

11/18/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100291286 - Laser-produced porous surface: A method of fabricating a porous or partially porous three-dimensional metal article for use as a tissue ingrowth surface on a prosthesis. The porous article is formed using direct laser remelting in a cross section of a layer of metallic powder on a build platform without fusing thereto. The power,... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20100291287 - Polymeric plate bendable without thermal energy and methods of manufacture: An implantable plate for providing support to a bone of a subject when affixed thereto includes a polymeric body of a biocompatible polymer having a desired amount of polymer molecule orientation in a first direction so that the plate can be bent to conform with a contour of the bone... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20100291288 - Electrically conductive foam and application method for same: A kind of electrically conductive foam for preventing an electronic component from electromagnetic interference includes the following compositions: electrically conductive material accounting for about 5% to about 10% by weight; plastic material accounting for about 10% to about 16% by weight; propellant accounting for about 65% to about 75% by... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100291289 - Bump printing apparatus and method of controlling the same: There is provided a bump printing apparatus and a method of controlling the same that can increase the printability of solder bumps being printed on a board. The bump printing apparatus may include a printing table onto which a board is mounted; a mask making close contact with the board... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100291290 - Method for forming copper distributing wires: A primary coat, which consists of a V- or Ti-containing film, is formed on the surface of a subject on which holes or the like have been formed, according to the CVD technique, while using, for instance, a tetravalent amide-type vanadium-containing organometal compound as a raw gas and using, for... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

20100291291 - Paint composition: This invention relates to the field of an electromagnetic (EM) field shielding paint compositions, in particular, those capable of providing substantially non metallic finish. The paint composition finds particular use in attenuating EM signals that may be used to carry data between communication devices, especially mobile phone and wi-fi devices.... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100291292 - Electric separator, method for making same and use thereof in high-power lithium cells: This object is achieved by an electrical separator according to the invention, comprising a sheetlike flexible substrate having a multiplicity of openings and having a coating on and in said substrate, said substrate being a polymeric nonwoven and said coating being a porous electrically insulating ceramic coating, said separator being... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100291293 - Separator-electrode unit for lithium-ion batteries, method for the production and use thereof in lithium batteries: The separator-electrode unit of the invention has the advantage that it is simple to manufacture as one component and, since the step of laminating the separator onto the electrode can be omitted, that it can comprise a large variation of materials. In addition, a separator-electrode unit according to the invention... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100291294 - Method of fabricating magnetic head slider including partial removal step of protecting film: The method of fabricating a magnetic head slider includes steps of: forming a first protective film on an air bearing surface of a magnetic head slider on which either a recording element or a reproduction element is formed or on which both a recording element and a reproduction element are... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100291295 - Hydrophilic-defogging and dirtproof film and production process for the same: The present invention relates to a metallic oxide film which exhibits a high hardness and is good in terms of the transparency, and which exhibits a hydrophilic property, a defogging and dirtproof property and a self-cleaning property over a long period of time, a production process for the same, and... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100291296 - Thin film patterning apparatus and method of fabricating color filter array substrate using the same: A fabricating method of a color filter array substrate includes the steps of forming a black matrix on a substrate, forming red, green, blue color filters on the substrate on which the black matrix is formed, forming an overcoat layer including a white color filter on the substrate on which... Agent: Mckenna Long & Aldridge LLP

20100291297 - Method for forming catalyst layer for carbon nanostructure growth, liquid for catalyst layer formation, and process for...: This invention provides a method for forming a catalyst layer for carbon nanostructure growth, which can eliminate the influence of water in a liquid for catalyst layer formation, can grow homogeneous and highly oriented carbon nanostructures over the whole area of a substrate and can realize mass production of the... Agent: Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

20100291298 - Methods of preparing metal carbides: The present embodiments relate methods of preparing metal carbides, for example some embodiments relate to methods of preparing metal carbides that do not contain the formation of an intermediate oxide compound. Some embodiments relate to methods that do not employ hydrocarbons in the reaction. Some embodiments relate to a method... Agent: Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents)

20100291299 - Strontium and barium precursors for use in chemical vapor deposition, atomic layer deposition and rapid vapor deposition: Cyclopentadienyl and Indenyl barium/strontium metal precursors and Lewis base adducts thereof are described. Such precursors have utility for forming Ba- and/or Sr-containing films on substrates, in the manufacture of microelectronic devices or structures.... Agent: Intellectual Property / Technology Law

20100291300 - Device and method for coating wheel rims: The invention provides a device and a method for coating wheel rims, which allow the production of both standard rims and special rims, configured as gloss-copied rims. The device comprises a pre-treating station that is followed by a powder priming station followed by a basecoat application station and a final... Agent: Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

20100291301 - Jointing composition and method: Various embodiments of a jointing composition are disclosed. In one embodiment, the aggregate jointing composition includes a thermoplastic polymer, a thermoset resin, and an amphiphillic coupling agent. In another embodiment the jointing compositions herein further include aggregate material. The jointing compositions herein chemically and physically promote retention of the materials... Agent: Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP Attn:IPDepartment Docket Clerk

20100291303 - Anti-tarnish coatings: A method is disclosed for enhancing the corrosion resistance of a surface of a copper or copper alloy substrate. The method comprises depositing a metallic surface layer comprising a precious metal on a surface of the copper or copper alloy substrate by immersion displacement plating and exposing the electronic device... Agent: Senniger Powers LLP

20100291302 - Article protected by a thermal barrier coating having a group 2 or 3/group 5 stabilization-composition-enriched surface: A protected article is prepared by providing the article, depositing a bond coat onto an exposed surface of the article, and producing a thermal barrier coating on an exposed surface of the bond coat. The step of producing the thermal barrier coating includes the steps of depositing a primary ceramic... Agent: Mcnees, Wallace & Nurick LLC

20100291304 - Multifunctional manufacturing platform and method of using the same: A single, flexible, robust and low rate capable manufacturing platform that may be associated with caseless munitions firing circuits, nano and microelectromechanical (“NEMS” and “MEMS”) devices, and/or fractal antennas is described. The platform may be designed for extensive research and development in printed electronics, 3D thermo-plastics and low melt metal... Agent: Drinker Biddle & Reath Attn: Intellectual Property Group

20100291305 - Decreased evaporation with retarder for a high water to stucco radio lightweight board: A gypsum slurry includes calcium sulfate hemihydrate, a set retarder in amounts of at least 0.15 lb/MSF, a set accelerator, water and aqueous foam. The set accelerator is selected to provide nucleation sites for crystallization of calcium sulfate dihydrate and is present in amounts of at least 5 Ib/MSF. The... Agent: Greer, Burns & Crain, Ltd.

20100291306 - Hydroxyalkylated chitosan solution: This invention relates to hydroxyalkylated chitosan solution characterized in that a hydroxyalkylated chitosan and an organic acid or its derivative are contained in an aprotic polar solvent. This invention also relates to a coating process of a substrate, which is characterized by a step of causing the hydroxyalkylated chitosan solution... Agent: Chapman And Cutler

20100291307 - Release on demand corrosion inhibitor composition: Disclosed is a release on demand type corrosion inhibitor composition for a metal substrate formed from only non-electrically conductive film forming copolymer(s); a nitrogen containing functional group X, where the group X comprises a pyridine, a dihydropyridine, a pyrrole, an imidazole, or a mixtures thereof; and a metallate anion. The... Agent: Dickinson Wright PLLC

20100291308 - Web substrate deposition system: A deposition system includes a drum for supporting a web substrate during deposition that defines a plurality of apertures in an outer surface for passing cooling gas. A gas manifold includes an input that is coupled to an output of a gas source and at least one output that is... Agent: Rauschenbach Patent Law Group, LLP

20100291309 - Method for electroless deposition of nano metallic silver and reflector of high reflectance deposited by nano metallic silver using the same: d

20100291310 - Rotary connection coupling: A rotary coupling for a multi-axial robot hand (19) is provided with a rotatable hand housing (20) and an output element (21) that is rotatable on said housing. The rotary coupling (62) includes connections (65, 66, 68) for the output element (21), a tool (23) and an accessory unit (30).... Agent: Mcglew & Tuttle, PC

20100291311 - Coating composition comprising polydextrose, process for preparing same and use of coating ingestible solid forms: Composition (C) for coating ingestible solid forms, comprising, per 100% of its mass—from 10% to 90% of a graft copolymer of polyvinyl alcohol and of polyethers (Pi), and—from 10% to 90% by mass of an auxiliary coating agent, characterized in that a non-zero mass proportion of said auxiliary agent is... Agent: American Air Liquide, Inc. Intellectual Property Dept.

20100291312 - Electroless plating method for alloy coating film and plating liquid: A substrate is immersed in a metal compound solution prepared by dissolving a plurality of metal compounds of metals differing from each other, to thereby form an alloy film having a desired alloy composition on the surface of the substrate.... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20100291313 - Methods and apparatus for forming uniform particle layers of phosphor material on a surface: A method for forming a layer of an LED phosphor material includes disposing a first surface in a proximity of a powder that includes an LED phosphor material, forming electrostatic charges on the first surface, and forming a layer of the LED phosphor material on the first surface at least... Agent: Peiching Ling

20100291314 - Self-hardening material and process for layerwise formation of models: The invention relates to a self-hardening material for layerwise construction of three-dimensional components, whereby the material comprises at least one particulate material and a separately applied bonding agent for bonding the particulate material, and has a setting time which is at least several times as long as the application time... Agent: Dobrusin & Thennisch PC

20100291315 - Method of producing multilayer structures having controlled properties: The invention relates to a method of manufacturing (100) a multilayer structure on a support, the said structure comprising n elemental active layers of material, n being an integer greater than or equal to two, the method comprising at least the following steps: a step of depositing (200) a first... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100291316 - Method for producing anti-glare film: A method for producing an anti-glare film includes applying a coating composition including at least a resin, a solvent, and fine particles to a substrate; drying the coating composition applied to the substrate so that a Benard cell structure is formed in the surface of the coating layer due to... Agent: K&l Gates LLP

20100291317 - Production method of nanoimprint film, display device, and liquid crystal display device: A method is disclosed for efficiently producing a nanoimprint film with high-accurately formed nanostructures even if a base on which the nanoimprint film is formed is capable of absorbing UV light. The production method of at least one embodiment of the present invention is a production method of a nanoimprint... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100291318 - Laser gas assisted nitriding of alumina surfaces: Laser gas assisted nitriding of alumina surfaces is a process for applying a nitride coating to an alumina or alumina-based composite surface. The method involves the step of applying a phenolic resin to the alumina surface in a thin, uniform film. The resin-coated alumina surface is maintained in a controlled... Agent: Litman Law Offices, Ltd.

20100291319 - Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method: A plasma processing apparatus for plasma-processing a target substrate is provided. The plasma processing apparatus includes a metallic processing container forming a processing space in which a plasma process is performed, and a substrate mounting table provided in the processing space to mount a target substrate thereon, a quartz member... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100291320 - Method for manufacturing a treated surface and vacuum plasma sources: When treating workpiece or substrate surfaces with the help of a vacuum plasma discharge between an anode and an cathode and whereby due to such treatment a solid is formed and deposited on the anode surface, which solid has a higher specific DC impedance than the specific DC impedance of... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20100291321 - Dielectric barrier deposition using nitrogen containing precursor: e

20100291322 - Method for making titanium-based compound film of poly silicon solar cell: A method is disclosed for making a titanium-based compound film of a poly-silicon solar cell. In the method, a ceramic substrate is made of aluminum oxide. The ceramic substrate is coated with a titanium film in an e-gun evaporation system. Dichlorosilane is provided on the titanium film by atmospheric pressure... Agent: Jackson Intellectual Property Group PLLC

11/11/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100285203 - Stent coating method: An apparatus and method for coating abluminal surface of a stent is described. A method for coating a stent can include stent mounting, stent movement, and droplet excitation. A method can include applying a coating to a stent, the applying including generating waves in a coating solution to eject droplets... Agent: Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP

20100285205 - Coating method: The invention relates to a process for coating and/or doping a surface of a substrate, an inner surface of a structure or another piece to be processed in a reaction space with the atomic layer deposition method (ALD method). In the process the substrate surface to be processed is subjected... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100285204 - Coating process for the coating of an interior of a pipework system as well as a sub-distributor and a working equipment for the treatment of a pipework system: The invention relates to a coating process for the coating of an interior of a pipework system (1) with a coating material (541), preferably for the coating with an epoxy resin (541), which pipework system (1) includes a part-system (2, 21, 22) between a first connection (3, 31, 32) and... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20100285206 - Method and apparatus: Disclosed is a method of providing a constant concentration of a metal-containing precursor compound in the vapor phase in a carrier gas. Such method is particularly useful in supplying a constant concentration of a gaseous metal-containing compound to a plurality of vapor deposition reactors.... Agent: S. Matthew Cairns Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20100285207 - Friction stir fabrication: A low-temperature friction-based coating method termed friction stir fabrication (FSF) is disclosed, in which material is deposited onto a substrate and subsequently stirred into the substrate using friction stir processing to homogenize and refine the microstructure. This solid-state process is capable of depositing coatings, including nanocrystalline aluminum and/or metal matrix... Agent: New River Valley Intellectual Property Law

20100285208 - Ion sensor, ion sensor module, and ion sensor manufacturing method: An ion sensor includes a sensor main body having a channel for a sample and an opening connected to the channel, a responsive portion which is filled in the opening and selectively responds to a specific ion, an electrode which has a ring shape, is set such that a central... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100285209 - Chemical solution application apparatus and chemical solution application method: An object is to provide a chemical solution application apparatus capable of applying a chemical solution evenly and without irregularity by a spin coating method. A plurality of nozzles are provided for applying a chemical solution to an application object that is fixed over a stage. Each of the nozzles... Agent: Robinson Intellectual Property Law Office, P.C.

20100285210 - Multifunctional micropipette biological sensor: The fabrication and use of a multifunctional micropipette biological sensor for in-situ detection of temperature changes, ion conductivity, and light is described herein.... Agent: Chalker Flores, LLP

20100285211 - Method of using coded marking patterns in underground facilities locate operations: Methods of using coded marking patterns in underground facilities locate operations are disclosed. Coded marking patterns may be dispensed, for example, on the surface of the ground to indicate types of facilities and any other useful information about the facilities. In one embodiment, coded marking patterns are provided that include... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100285212 - Composites: Improved mechanical properties of either clay or carbon nanotube (CNT)-reinforced polymer matrix nanocomposites are obtained by pre-treating nanoparticles and polymer pellets prior to a melt compounding process. The clay or CNTs are coated onto the surfaces of the polymer pellets by a milling process. The introduction of moisture into the... Agent: Matheson Keys Garsson & Kordzik PLLC

20100285213 - Process of treating defects during the bonding of wafers: The invention concerns a process of preparing a thin layer to be transferred onto a substrate having a surface topology and, therefore, variations in altitude or level, in a direction perpendicular to a plane defined by the thin layer, this process comprising the formation on the thin layer of a... Agent: Traskbritt, P.C.

20100285214 - Fluid bed granulation process and apparatus: A fluid bed granulation process and apparatus, wherein a suitable fluid bed of a particulate material is maintained in a granulator (1) fed by an input flow (F) comprising a growth liquid (L) and by a flow (S1) of seeds adapted to promote the granulation, and wherein a part (F2)... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20100285215 - Method for forming metallic nanowires: A method for forming well-aligned metallic nanowires includes: (a) providing a substrate formed with a crystal layer thereon; (b) disposing the substrate in such a manner that the crystal layer faces downwardly; (c) applying a metal salt solution, which contains metal ions therein, to the crystal layer on the substrate;... Agent: Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP

20100285216 - Apparatus and method for internally lining an elongate member: An apparatus for internally lining an elongate member, the apparatus including an outer barrel portion and an inner mould head, an annular mould cavity defined between the outer barrel portion and the inner mould body, and means for providing a settable material to the mould cavity wherein the settable material... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100285218 - Linear deposition source: A deposition source includes at least one crucible for containing deposition material. A body includes a conductance channel with an input coupled to an output of the crucible. A heater increases a temperature of the crucible so that the crucible evaporates the deposition material into the conductance channel. A plurality... Agent: Rauschenbach Patent Law Group, LLP

20100285217 - Process for producing oxide films: Processes are provided for producing bismuth-containing oxide thin films by atomic layer deposition. In preferred embodiments an organic bismuth compound having at least one monodentate alkoxide ligand is used as a bismuth source material. Bismuth-containing oxide thin films can be used, for example, as ferroelectric or dielectric materials in integrated... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100285219 - Carbon black pigmented inkjet ink having multiple humectants: The present invention relates to a carbon black inkjet ink having improved printhead idle time and start up in order to substantially maintain, un-interrupted printing with better nozzle jetting. The inkjet ink includes a non-ionic silicone surfactant, a polymeric dispersant, and two or more humectants.... Agent: Lexmark International, Inc. Intellectual Property Law Department

20100285221 - Ink composition for ink jet recording: An ink composition for ink jet recording, contains at least a dispersoid in which a pigment can be dispersed in water, and a polymer microparticle, in which an average particle diameter of the dispersoid is 20 to 300 nm, the polymer microparticle contains at least 70% by weight or more... Agent: Ladas & Parry

20100285220 - Method and apparatus for continuous coating: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for continuous coating with a rotational die in which coating materials flow in a radial direction. The linear speed of a substrate in need of coating is identical to the tangential speed of the surface of the rotational die so that the coating material,... Agent: Jackson Intellectual Property Group PLLC

20100285222 - Method of reducing gaseous sulfur components from indoor air caused by emissions from construction materials: In a method for reducing the pollution of buildings with gaseous acidic sulfur compounds, interior building walls, floors, or ceilings are provided with a coating composition containing an alkaline-earth hydroxide in an amount from 5 to 90 wt % with respect to the weight of the coating composition in a... Agent: Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott

20100285223 - Method for manufacturing lyocell based carbon fiber and lyocell based carbon fabric: Disclosed is a method for manufacturing Lyocell based carbon fiber or Lyocell based carbon fabric, and more specifically a method for manufacturing Lyocell based carbon fiber or Lyocell based carbon fabric through the process comprising stabilization, carbonization and graphitization, and a pretreatment step before the stabilization of treating Lyocell fiber... Agent: Cahn & Samuels LLP

20100285224 - Agent and method for curing pervious concrete: s

20100285225 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus comprises an interface block. An exposure device is arranged adjacent to the interface block. The interface block includes first and second cleaning/drying processing units. A substrate W is subjected to cleaning and drying processing before exposure processing in the first cleaning/drying processing unit, while being subjected... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20100285226 - Rust-proof paint composition and method of manufacturing a member having a rust-proof coating using the rust-proof paint composition: A rust-proof coating, which does not contain a hazardous metal such as chromium and is able to form a thin coating in which crack generation is inhibited even after a baking treatment at a high temperature, including based on the whole composition, 5 to 40% by weight of an organic... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20100285227 - Method for applying a coatable material: The present disclosure describes a method for applying a coatable material to a substrate. Further, a method for treating a coating apparatus is described. At least one treated surface is coated with a low surface energy material having a thickness less than 5 micrometers.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100285228 - Impression roller and use of the same: An impression roller for gravure printing for use with an electrostatic printing aid, including an axis member or a shaft, joined axially to a steel core, an electrical inner insulating layer extending radially around the core, an electrically semi-conductive outer layer adjoining the outside of the impression layer, and an... Agent: Lowe, Hauptman, Ham & Berner, LLP (itw)

20100285229 - Method for generating oxidic nanoparticles from a material forming oxide particles: A method for generating oxidic nanoparticles from a material forming oxide particles, comprising the steps of: preparation of an aqueous solution containing ions of the material forming the oxide particles, film evaporation of the solution at a temperature above 200° C., and skimming off the nanoparticles floating on the surface... Agent: Diederiks & Whitelaw, PLC

20100285230 - Portable dry nanocoating machine: Nano technologies are widely recognized as enabling enhanced and new functionality in a wide range of applications and products. Many different ways have been developed to create and apply these nanomaterials. One method for making dry nanocoatings is vapor deposition. There exists a need for a portable machine that can... Agent: William M. Brown

20100285231 - Apparatus and method for producing two-sided patterned web in registration: An apparatus for casting a patterned surface on both sides of an opaque web. The apparatus includes a first patterned roll, a second pattered roll, and a means for rotating the first and second patterned rolls such that their patterns are transferred to opposite sides of the opaque web while... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100285232 - Process for producing an overprint: wherein X denotes O, S, or NR, n denotes an integer of 0 to 4, R denotes a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, or an acyl group, R1 to R8 independently denote a hydrogen atom or a monovalent substituent, and R1 to R4 may form a ring in which two... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100285233 - Use of glassy silicone-based hard coating as release coatings for printable electronics: A method for fabricating electronic devices includes the steps of 1) printing a multi-layer electronic device on a silicone-based hard coating on a substrate, and 2) removing the device from the substrate. The silicone-based hard coating is an Cabrasion resistant coating with hardness ranging from 1 to 10 gigaPascals.... Agent: Dow Corning Corporation Co1232

20100285234 - Actinic radiation-curable coating composition: The invention relates to an actinic radiation-curable coating composition comprising a compound having at least two isocyanate groups, a compound having at least two hydroxyl groups, and a photolatent catalyst for the isocyanate-hydroxyl addition reaction, wherein the photolatent catalyst is an organic metal compound comprising a latent catalytically active metal,... Agent: Chiba Specialty Chemicals Corporation Patent Department

20100285235 - Process for the preparation of photo luminescent nanostructured silicon thin films: The present invention provides a process for the preparation of nano structured silicon thin film using radio frequency (rf) plasma discharge useful for light emitting devices such as light emitting diode, laser etc. The present invention shows the possibility of precise control of the nanocrystal size of silicon and its... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20100285236 - Method of carbo-nitriding alumina surfaces: The method of carbo-nitriding alumina surfaces is a process for applying a carbo-nitride coating to an alumina or alumina-based composite surface. The method involves the step of applying a phenolic resin to the alumina surface in a thin, uniform film. The resin-coated alumina surface is maintained in a controlled chamber... Agent: Litman Law Offices, Ltd.

20100285237 - Nanolayer deposition using bias power treatment: A hybrid deposition process of CVD and ALD, called NanoLayer Deposition (NLD) is provided. The NLD process is a cyclic sequential deposition process, comprising introducing a first plurality of precursors to deposit a thin layer with the deposition process not self limiting, followed by introducing a second plurality of precursors... Agent: Fliesler Meyer LLP

20100285238 - Methods of forming glass on a substrate: Disclosed is a deposition process for forming a glass film. An embodiment comprising the steps of disposing a substrate in a chemical vapor deposition chamber and exposing the substrate surface to a SiO2 precursor gas, a carrier gas, and optionally a dopant gas in the presence of ozone and exposing... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner/micron

20100285240 - Apparatus and method for exposing a substrate to a rotating irradiance pattern of uv radiation: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to an ultraviolet (UV) cure chamber for curing a dielectric material disposed on a substrate and to methods of curing dielectric materials using UV radiation. A substrate processing tool according to one embodiment comprises a body defining a substrate processing region; a substrate support... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew LLP

20100285239 - Method of and hot-dip installation for stabilizing a strip guided between stripping dies of the hot-dip coating installation and provided with a coating: The invention relates to a method of stabilizing a strip guided between stripping dies of a hot-dip coating installing and provided with a coating, and also to a corresponding hot-dip coating installation. In this context, stabilizing forces are applied to the strip on the basis of the detected strip position... Agent: Abelman, Frayne & Schwab

20100285241 - Laser deposition of nanocomposite films: A nanocomposite layer is deposited on a surface of a substrate by a process including: a) moving a laser bean along a target including a polymer and a plurality of nanoparticles, b) vaporizing a portion of the polymer into a gaseous form, and c) transferring the portion of the polymer... Agent: Ronald V. Davidge

20100285242 - Method for manufacturing optical laminated body: Provided is a method for manufacturing an optical laminated body having a substrate and a polarizing film that contains a lyotropic liquid crystal compound and is formed on the substrate. The method includes a step (A) of applying a coating liquid containing the lyotropic liquid crystal compound and a solvent... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

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20100278998 - One-component dental adhesive compositions and method of use: A one-component self-etching self-priming dental adhesive composition is disclosed. The composition comprises glycerol phosphate di(meth)acrylate monomer, at least one mono-functional polymerizable monomer having just one ethylenically unsaturated group, at least one multi-functional polymerizable monomer having at least two ethylenically unsaturated groups, at least one aprotic solvent, at least one protic... Agent: Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP

20100278997 - Preparation for restenosis prevention: The invention relates to a preparation for restenosis prevention. The preparations for restenosis prevention known as yet do not reach sufficient active agent concentrations in the affected sections of the vascular walls as higher doses cause undesirable side effects. The present invention is a preparation to which at least one... Agent: Millen, White, Zelano & Branigan, P.C.

20100278999 - Plasma process apparatus and plasma process method: A disclosed plasma process apparatus is disclosed that applies a plasma process to an object to be processed, including a cylindrical processing container configured to be evacuatable to vacuum, a holding unit configured to hold plural objects to be processed and inserted into and to be extracted from the cylindrical... Agent: Ipusa, P.l.l.c

20100279000 - Aluminum phosphate coatings: Aluminophosphate compounds and compositions as can be used for substrate or composite films and coating to provide or enhance, without limitation, planarization, anti-biofouling and/or anti-microbial properties.... Agent: Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.c. Attn: Linda Kasulke, Docket Coordinator

20100279001 - Carbon nano-tube (cnt) thin film treated with chemical having electron withdrawing functional group and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed are a carbon nano-tube (CNT) thin film treated with chemical having an electron withdrawing functional group and a manufacturing method thereof. Specifically, the CNT thin film comprises a CNT composition to be applied on a plastic substrate. The CNT composition comprises a CNT; and chemical connected to the CNT... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100279002 - Systems and methods affecting profiles of solutions dispensed across microelectronic topographies during electroless plating processes: A method is provided which includes dispensing a deposition solution at a plurality of locations extending different distances from a center of a microelectronic topography each at different moments in time during an electroless plating process. An electroless plating apparatus used for the method includes a substrate holder, a moveable... Agent: Daffer Mcdaniel LLP

20100279003 - Free standing nanostructured metal and metal oxide anodes for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries: The nanoscale architecture of anode materials and the process for forming an anode for a lithium ion battery is provided along with an apparatus. The anodes comprise aligned nanorods of metals which are formed on metallic substrates. When used as the anodes in a lithium-ion battery, the resulting battery demonstrates... Agent: J. Bennett Mullinax J. Bennett Mullinax, LLC

20100279004 - Release agent formulas and methods: A release agent and method for using the same is provided. The release agent may have a high viscosity and gravity measurement and allowing for incorporation of a plurality of alternative oils and greases to be used as coating agent. Additionally, the release agent is adaptable for multiple uses by... Agent: Rutan & Tucker, LLP.

20100279005 - Process for producing a multilayer coating: or 3,4-epoxycyclohexyl, R1, R2, R3 mutually independently meaning identical or different organic residues with 1 to 30 carbon atoms per molecule, providing that at least one of the residues is an alkoxy group with 1 to 4 carbon atoms and n is 2, 3 or 4.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company Legal Patent Records Center

20100279006 - Method for production of silver fine powder covered with organic substance, and silver fine powder: Provided is a method for producing a silver fine powder covered with an organic substance, which comprises a step of mixing (i) a dispersion of silver particles covered with a protective material X1 that comprises an organic compound having an unsaturated bond and having a molecular weight of from 150... Agent: Clark & Brody

20100279007 - 3-d printing of near net shape products: The disclosed method relates to manufacture of a near net-shaped products such as ceramic containing products such as ceramic-metal composites. The method entails forming a mixture of a build material and a binder and depositing that mixture onto a surface to produce a layer of the mixture. An activator fluid... Agent: John A. Parrish Law Offices Of John A. Parrish

20100279008 - Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method: The present invention is a film deposition apparatus configured to deposit a film on a substrate that has been loaded into a vacuum container via a transfer opening and placed on a table in the vacuum container, by supplying a process gas to the substrate from a process-gas supply part... Agent: Smith, Gambrell & Russell

20100279010 - Method and system for close proximity catalysis for carbon nanotube synthesis: A method for carbon nanotube synthesis can include providing in a growth chamber, a substrate in close proximity with a surface of a first plate having a catalyst. The method can also include heating the growth chamber to a temperature sufficient to cause transfer of catalytic particles from the first... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20100279009 - Process for the continuous production of aligned carbon nanotubes: Novel methods and apparatus for continuous production of aligned carbon nanotubes are disclosed. In one aspect, the method comprises dispersion of a metal catalyst in a liquid hydrocarbon to form a feed solution, and volatilizing the feed solution in a reactor through which a substrate is continuously passed to allow... Agent: King & Schickli, PLLC

20100279011 - Novel bismuth precursors for cvd/ald of thin films: Bismuth precursors having utility for forming highly conformal bismuth-containing films by low temperature (<300° C.) vapor deposition processes such as CVD and ALD, including bismuth aminidates, bismuth guanidates, bismuth isoureates, bismuth carbamates and bismuth thiocarbamates, bismuth beta-diketonates, bismuth diketoiminates, bismuth diketiiminates, bismuth allyls, bismuth cyclopentadienyls, bismuth alkyls, bismuth alkoxides, and... Agent: Intellectual Property / Technology Law

20100279012 - Method for adsorbing plating catalyst, method for preparing substrate provided with metal layer, and plating catalyst solution used in the same: s

20100279013 - Painting device, painting arrangement, method for painting a curved surface of an object, and use of an inkjet device for painting an aircraft: A painting device for painting a curved surface (102) of an object (101), with a paint material ejection device (103), with a guide device (104, 105) and with a control device. The paint material ejection device (103) is designed for ejecting paint material. By means of the guide device (104,... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20100279014 - Vacuum processing apparatus, vacuum processing method, and computer readable storage medium: A disclosed vacuum processing apparatus comprises a preliminary vacuum chamber whose inner pressure is switchable between a normal pressure and a reduced pressure, wherein a substrate is transferred to or from the preliminary vacuum chamber; plural vacuum processing chambers, wherein corresponding processes are carried out with respect to the substrate;... Agent: Ipusa, P.l.l.c

20100279015 - Uniform texture for cast in place walls: A method of forming a concrete wall having a substantially uniform exterior surface texture. The method includes the initial step of pouring concrete into a wall form. The concrete is poured from a first mixture and is allowed to cure. After the concrete is cured, the wall form is removed... Agent: Stetina Brunda Garred & Brucker

20100279017 - Device and method for coating a surface: A device for coating a product includes a provider for providing a liquid containing reagents necessitated for coating. Additionally, the device comprises a transporter for contacting the surface of the product to be coated with the liquid and passing same by the liquid such that the surface to be coated... Agent: Schoppe, Zimmermann , Stockeler & Zinkler C/o Keating & Bennett, LLP

20100279016 - Process for painting substrates: C) at least one urethane compound having at least two —O—CO—NH— groups, wherein the urethane compound is substantially free from functional groups which are capable of entering into a cross-linking reaction with components A) and/or B) and wherein the hardening is carried out under conditions such that the component C)... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company Legal Patent Records Center

20100279018 - Ceramic corrosion resistant coating for oxidation resistance: A coating system and a method for forming the coating system, the method including coating a surface of a gas turbine engine turbine component having a metallic surface that is outside the combustion gas stream and exposed to cooling air during operation of the engine. A gel-forming solution including a... Agent: Mcnees Wallace & Nurick LLC

20100279019 - Control of nanocrystalline cellulose film iridescence wavelength: A new method to control the iridescence colour of solid nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) films by ultrasound and high-shear (mechanical) energy input to the NCC suspension prior to film formation is provided. As the energy input to the NCC suspension increases, the resulting film colour shifts from the ultraviolet region towards... Agent: Ogilvy Renault LLP

20100279020 - Method of forming in-situ pre-gan deposition layer in hvpe: A method and apparatus is provided for preparing a substrate for forming electronic devices incorporating III/V compound semiconductors. Elemental halogen gases, hydrogen halide gases, or other halogen or halide gases, are contacted with liquid or solid group III metals to form precursors which are reacted with nitrogen sources to deposit... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, LLP - - Appm/tx

20100279021 - Apparatus for depositing organic material and depositing method thereof: An apparatus for depositing an organic material and a depositing method thereof, wherein a deposition process is performed with respect to a second substrate while transfer and alignment processes are performed with respect to a first substrate in a chamber, so that loss of an organic material wasted in the... Agent: Robert E. Bushnell & Law Firm

20100279022 - System and method for applying a coating to a substrate: A process for providing a protective layer to an article. The process includes depositing a layer of material onto a surface of the article with a thermal spray process. Examples of thermal spray process include high velocity oxygen/air fuel, atmospheric plasma spray, and chemical vapor deposition. Coating methods, such as... Agent: Patent Department Ge Oil & Gas

20100279023 - Surface treatment of amorphous coatings: A method to improve corrosion, abrasion, resistance to environmental degradationand fire resistant properties of structural components for use in oil, gas, exploration, refining and petrochemical applications is provided. The structural component is suitable for use as refinery and/or petrochemical process equipment and piping, having a substrate coated with a surface-treated... Agent: Chevron Corporation

20100279024 - Reprogrammable parallel nanomanufacturing: A method of producing a nanoscale structure having substantially immobilized nanoparticles arranged at a predetermined patterned is generally disclosed. First, a curable polymeric solution is placed within a well defined by a wafer. The curable polymeric solution includes a curable polymeric material and a magnetically coated nanoparticle. The well is... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20100279026 - Coating composition yielding abrasion-resistant tintable coatings: A coating composition based upon at least partially hydrolyzed epoxy-functional alkoxy silanes and having particular utility in forming tintable, abrasion resistant coatings on lenses. Incorporation in the composition of a non-hydrolyzed epoxy-functional alkoxy silane provides a desired reduction in viscosity. Incorporation in the composition of a polyether surfactant provides a... Agent: Intellectual Property Group Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

20100279025 - Silsesquioxane resins: This invention pertains to silsesquioxane resins useful in antireflective coatings wherein the silsesquioxane resin has the formula (PhSiO(3-x)/2(OR′)x)m(HSiO(3-x)/2(OR′)x)n(MeSiO(3-x)/2(OR′)x)o(RSiO(3-x)/2(OR′)η)p where Ph is a phenyl group Me is a methyl group, R is selected from a reactive organic functional group or curable group, R′ is hydride or a hydrocarbon group, x has... Agent: Dow Corning Corporation Co1232

20100279027 - System and method for applying abrasion-resistant coatings: A method for applying an abrasion-resistant coating to a substrate including the steps of generating an atmospheric plasma, introducing a precursor to the atmospheric plasma, the precursor being selected to form the abrasion-resistant coating, and positioning the substrate relative to the atmospheric plasma such that the atmospheric plasma deposits the... Agent: Thompson Hine LLP

20100279028 - Methods and arrangements for managing plasma confinement: A method for confining plasma within a plasma processing chamber while processing a substrate is provided. The method includes igniting the plasma within a plasma generating area, wherein the plasma generating area is surrounded by a set of confinement rings. The method also includes providing a chamber wall outside of... Agent: Ipsg, P.C.

20100279029 - Method for coating nanometer particles: There is disclosed a method for coating nanometer metal particles. The step includes three steps. At the first step, a substrate is provided. At the second step, the substrate is coated with a metal layer. At the third step, the metal layer is annealed so that the metal layer is... Agent: Jackson Intellectual Property Group PLLC

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