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20090258134 - Method for controlling thin-film forming velocity, method for manufacturing thin-film using the same and system for manufacturing a thin-film using the same: In a method for controlling thin-film forming velocity, a method for manufacturing a thin film and a system for manufacturing the thin film, the method for controlling the thin-film forming velocity includes measuring the thin-film forming velocity at a target substrate by sensing a depositing source gas generated from a... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20090258135 - Method of making nonvolatile memory cell containing carbon resistivity switching as a storage element by low temperature processing: A method of making a nonvolatile memory cell includes forming a steering element and forming a carbon resistivity switching material storage element by coating a carbon containing colloid.... Agent: Sandisk Corporation C/o Foley & Lardner LLP

20090258136 - Composite coating material and the production method of the same: The production method of the coating material comprising the steps of applying and drying liquid polyurethane (PU) material onto a release paper in order to form three polyurethane (PU) layers, rolling the composite layer and separating the release paper to form the composite coating material for covering the outer shells... Agent: Chung-ching Feng

20090258137 - Coating process for thermoplastics: Thermoplastic compositions containing certain salts of fluorinated sulfonic acids adhere especially well to coatings (paints) applied to the surface(s) of that composition. Useful parts that can be made include painted automotive body parts, appliance cases, and other parts with painted aesthetically pleasing surfaces.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company Legal Patent Records Center

20090258138 - Nozzle and method for dispensing random pattern of adhesive filaments: A nozzle for dispensing a random pattern of liquid adhesive filaments generally comprises an adhesive shim plate positioned between first and second air shim plates. The first air shim plate includes air slots configured to direct pressurized process air along a first angle relative to the adhesive shim plate, and... Agent: Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP (nordson)

20090258139 - Coating process apparatus and coating film forming method: The resist coating unit (COT) has a spin chuck (41) which holds the wafer to be supplied with a resist liquid, and a process cup (50) which accommodates the spin chuck (41) and exhaustes an atmosphere around the wafer W from a bottom thereof. The process cup (50) comprises a... Agent: Smith, Gambrell & Russell

20090258140 - Method for coating the outer surface of a cylinder sleeve: The invention relates to a method for coating the outer surface of a cylinder bushing. A small segment of the cylinder bushing is immersed into a melt which consists of a zinc based alloy comprising alloy components of aluminium and copper and which extends in a continuous manner over the... Agent: Collard & Roe, P.C.

20090258144 - Heteroleptic iridium precursors to be used for the deposition of iridium-containing films: wherein A is equal to 1 or 2 and i) when A is 1, X is a dienyl ligand and Y is a diene ligand; ii) when A is 2, a) X is a dienyl ligand and Y is selected from CO and an ethylene ligand, b) X is a... Agent: Air Liquide Intellectual Property

20090258143 - Reagent dispensing apparatus and delivery method: This invention relates to a vapor or liquid phase reagent dispensing apparatus that may be used for dispensing vapor or liquid phase reagents such as precursors for deposition of materials in the manufacture of semiconductor materials and devices. This invention reduces the number of container designs required to support different... Agent: Praxair, Inc. Law Department - M1 557

20090258141 - Method and apparatus for coating surfaces: An apparatus includes a workpiece support, a source for emitting a plume of coating material that flows toward the workpiece support, and plume influencing structure between the source and the workpiece support. The plume influencing structure includes a shield with plural openings extending therethrough approximately parallel to a general direction... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLPIPSection

20090258142 - Organic deposition apparatus and method of depositing organic substance using the same: An organic material deposition system and method are provided. The organic material deposition apparatus may include a chamber having a processing space formed therein, a source supply device that generates an organic source and injects and diffuses the organic source into the processing space through a shower head provided in... Agent: Ked & Associates, LLP

20090258145 - Ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit and ink jet recording apparatus:

20090258146 - Ink set, and ink jet recording method using the ink set: An ink set including two or more kinds of ink compositions including at least a black ink composition and a color ink composition, in which the black ink composition includes a self-dispersion type pigment having a hydrophilic group on the surface thereof, the color ink composition includes a self-dispersion type... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

20090258147 - Ink set, and ink jet recording method using the ink set: An ink set contains two or more ink compositions at least including a black ink composition and a color ink composition. The black ink composition includes a self-dispersing pigment having a hydrophilic group on the surface thereof and the color ink composition includes a self-dispersing pigment having a hydrophilic group... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

20090258148 - Method of producing ceramic spray-coated member, program for conducting the method, storage medium and ceramic spray-coated member: A ceramic spray-coated member capable of surely controlling adhesion and detachment of water is produced by spraying a given ceramic onto a surface of a base material, in which an organic matter adsorbed on a surface of the ceramic spray-coated member is removed and the surface of the ceramic spray-coated... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090258149 - Forming section: A forming section has a lower wire loop (11), which constitutes a single-wire section (T) following a breast roll (12). A first dewatering zone (Z1) has at least one stationary, first forming shoe (40) followed by a pulsating strip cover (50). The first forming shoe has leading and trailing edges... Agent: Stiennon & Stiennon

20090258150 - Polymerization of a reactive diluent in the presence of an epoxy-amine material, and coating compositions prepared thereby: A process including the polymerization of a reactive diluent, which is present in an aqueous dispersion that further includes an epoxy-amine material, is disclosed. The resulting composition is useful as a coating composition.... Agent: Mueting, Raasch & Gebhardt, P.A.

20090258151 - Method and apparatus for coating curved surfaces: A coating apparatus includes support structure supporting a workpiece support member for rotation about an axis, and a drive structure for rotating the support member. A source is spaced along an imaginary line from the support structure, and emits a plume of coating material that flows away from the source... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLPIPSection

20090258152 - Coating apparatus and coating method: A coating apparatus and a coating method that are suitable for manufacturing a MEMS or a substrate having a through electrode are provided. A nozzle 14 gradually moves in the X-axis direction while being moved back and forth in the vertical direction (Y-axis direction). When coating in the vertical direction... Agent: Carrier Blackman And Associates

20090258153 - Apparatus and method for applying a film on a substrate: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an apparatus having a plurality of applicators, each applicator with an ingress opening to receive a liquid, and an egress opening to release the liquid, and a conductor positioned in a conduit of each of the plurality... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20090258154 - Coatings and methods for improved adhesion to plastic: Compositions and methods are provided that increase adhesion of a primer, such as an adhesion promoter, to a plastic substrate and/or increase adhesion of a topcoat to the primer. Chemical properties at the interface of the substrate and the adhesion promoter coating and/or chemical properties at the interface of the... Agent: Harness, Dickey And Pierce, P.L.C

20090258155 - Curable overcoat compositions: A substantially colorless radiation overcoat composition suitable for overcoating ink-based images and xerographic-based images. The overcoat composition comprises at least one gellant, at least one monomer, at least one substantially non-yellowing photoinitiator, optionally a curable wax, and optionally a surfactant.... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC.

20090258157 - Field-aided preferential deposition of precursors: Lateral nano-scale pattern control for atomic layer deposition can be provided by using a scanning tunneling microscope (SPM) tip to locally influence chemical reaction rates. An electric field and/or charge transfer can significantly reduce the potential energy barrier that affects reaction kinetics, and thereby significantly enhance reaction rates. By operating... Agent: Lumen Patent Firm

20090258158 - Photo alignment material and method of manufacturing display substrate using the same: t

20090258156 - Photo-erasable ink for full color printing: An ink compatibility including a dye and surface functionalized photocatalytically active semiconductor nanoparticles is provided. This ink composition enables the reuse of a print substrate, because the surface functionalized photocatalytically active semiconductor nanoparticles bleach the dye under an activating radiation.... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC.

20090258159 - Novel treatment for mask surface chemical reduction: A method includes forming an absorption material layer on a mask; applying a plasma treatment to the mask to reduce chemical contaminants after the forming of the absorption material layer; performing a chemical cleaning process of the mask; and performing a gas injection to the mask.... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLPIPSection

20090258160 - Method for producing organic thin film by using film physical property improving process: The object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing an organic thin film which film properties such as heat resistance or durability are improved. It is a method for producing an organic thin film for forming an organic thin film on a substrate surface, comprising at... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20090258161 - Circuitized substrate with p-aramid dielectric layers and method of making same: A circuitized substrate including a dielectric layer having a p-aramid paper impregnated with a halogen-free, low moisture absorptivity resin and not including continuous or semi-continuous fiberglass fibers as part thereof, and a first circuitized layer positioned on the dielectric layer. A method of making this substrate is also provided.... Agent: Mark Levy Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP

20090258162 - Plasma processing apparatus and method: The present invention generally includes a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) processing chamber having an RF power source coupled to the backing plate at a location separate from the gas source. By feeding the gas into the processing chamber at a location separate from the RF power, parasitic plasma... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, LLP - - Appm/tx

20090258164 - Carbon structure manufacturing device and manufacturing method: This invention relates to a carbon structure manufacturing device, which forms carbon structures on a substrate. This manufacturing device comprises a first chamber, which forms a first space accommodating the substrate; a raw material gas supply device, which supplies raw material gas for formation of the carbon structures to the... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20090258163 - Method for manufacturing nickel silicide nano-wires: A method for making nickel silicide nano-wire, the method includes the following steps. Firstly, providing a silicon substrate and a growing device, and the growing device including a reacting room. Secondly, forming a silicon dioxide layer on a surface of the silicon substrate. Thirdly, forming a titanium layer on the... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20090258165 - Platinum-modified cathodic arc coating: A process for coating a part comprises the steps of providing a chamber which is electrically connected as an anode, placing the part to be coated in the chamber, providing a cathode formed from a coating material to be deposited and platinum, and applying a current to the anode and... Agent: Bachman & Lapointe, P.C. (p&w)

20090258166 - Device and method for patterning structures on a substrate: A device for patterning structures on a substrate includes an imaging device having a scanning tip, a light emitting device, and a space around the scanning tip. The space comprises a vapour of a material which is suitable for Chemical Vapour Deposition onto the substrate when decomposed. The light emitting... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation Dept. 18g

20090258167 - Film deposition method and method for manufacturing light-emitting element: It is an object to provide a technique that enables transfer by laser irradiation without unevenness while a high degree of vacuum is maintained in the space between a substrate provided with a material layer and a transfer receiving substrate. The present invention relates to a deposition method including the... Agent: Cook Alex Ltd

20090258168 - Article and method of manufacture thereof: A particle damper is formed using a solid freeform manufacturing technique. A filler provides support for the closing wall of the cavity as it is formed. Apertures allow at least a portion of the filler to be removed. A particle fill of between 90 and 95% is achieved either by... Agent: Mccormick, Paulding & Huber LLP

20090258169 - Method for manufacturing a patterned metal layer: This invention provides a method for manufacturing a patterned metal layer, which forms a metal layer on a sacrificial layer having light-thermal conversion characteristic on a first substrate. The metal layer is patterned onto a second substrate by a laser transfer printing method to form a patterned metal layer on... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

10/08/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090252861 - New antimicrobial material: The present invention relates to an antimicrobial material comprising sheet of fabric and- metallic salt crystals embedded in an adhesive material covering the sheet of fabric.... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090252862 - Method for producing optical element having multi-layered film: A method for producing an optical element, in which a multi-layered film is provided on a plastic substrate, having a resistance against lights in a wavelength range of 300 nm to 450 nm, is provided. The method for producing the optical element according to the invention, is an method for... Agent: Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P.

20090252863 - Method of manufacturing protection film and method of manufacturing inorganic film: In the method of manufacturing a barrier film 12 and a sealing film 20 as protection films for protecting an organic EL element 100 and an organic TFT 50, a pre-oxidized inorganic film 120, being not completely oxidized, is formed and the oxidized inorganic film 120 thus formed is oxidized... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090252864 - Methods of preparing composite carbon-graphite-silicon particles and using same: A process for production of coated silicon-carbon composite particles includes providing a carbon residue-forming material, providing particles of a carbonaceous material, and coating in a liquid suspension mixture the particles of carbonaceous material with the carbon residue-forming material to form coated carbonaceous particles. Providing silicon particles added to the mixture,... Agent: Conocophillips Company -IPServices Group Attention: Docketing

20090252865 - Method for producing sintered ndfeb magnet: The present invention provides a method for producing a sintered NdFeB magnet having high coercivity and capable of being brought into applications without lowering its residual magnetic flux density or maximum energy product and without reprocessing. The method for producing a sintered NdFeB magnet according to the present invention includes... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090252866 - Method of producing glass forming mold: A steel base material is hardened to produce the base material having a martensite structure, a surface coating layer made of an amorphous Ni—P alloy is formed on the surface of the base material, and the base material is heat-treated to transform the structure of the base material into a... Agent: Dla Piper LLP Us

20090252867 - Topical polyurethane foam oxidative and photooxidative stabilizer: Compositions are disclosed for inhibiting oxidation and photooxidation in polyurethane foams. The compositions contain an antioxidant and a UV light inhibiting compound, along with an organic solvent or alternatively, water and an emulsifier.... Agent: Norris, Mclaughlin & Marcus, P.A.

20090252868 - Curable colored inks for making colored silicone hydrogel lenses: The present invention provides an actinically or thermally curable ink for making colored silicone hydrogel contact lenses. The ink of the invention comprises at least one colorant, a solvent and a binder polymer including ethylenically unsaturated groups and segments derived from at least one silicone-containing vinylic monomer or macromer. The... Agent: Ciba Vision Corporation Patent Department

20090252869 - Powder coating composition: component (A) and component (C) are selected to provide the cured-powder coating composition with a low gloss of 1 to 20 gloss units at 60° angle according to DIN 67530 (ISO2813) and a surface structure having a value of Integral 1 in the range of higher than 8.00E+00 measured by... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company Legal Patent Records Center

20090252870 - Apparatus and method for moistening envelope flaps: An apparatus for moistening flaps of envelopes has a liquid dispenser for dispensing liquid to the envelope flap of each envelope to be moistened. A liquid sensor is provided for sensing liquid carried by the dispenser and generating a humidity signal indicating an amount of the liquid held by the... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090252871 - Method for producing a membrane comprising micropassages made from porous material by chemical mechanical polishing: A surface of a support comprising through micropassages is brought into contact with an aqueous solution comprising a plurality of particles in suspension and a pad. A pressure perpendicular to the plane of the support, between the pad and the surface of the support, and a relative movement of the... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090252873 - Apparatus and method for treating materials with compositions: An apparatus and method for treating subject materials with compositions includes a material treatment section for treating a subject material with a composition of a silane-containing material and a hydrocarbon solvent to form a treated material, and a neutralizing section for neutralizing the treated material such that the treated material... Agent: Bliss Mcglynn, P.C.

20090252872 - Method and device to prevent coating a dovetail of a turbine airfoil: A method and masking assembly for masking a dovetail portion of a turbine blade during coating of an airfoil portion of the blade. The masking assembly comprises at least two masking members, each having an exterior surface and an oppositely-disposed undulatory surface complementary to one of oppositely-disposed undulatory surfaces of... Agent: Hartman And Hartman, P.C.

20090252874 - Multiple sheath multiple capillary aerosol jet: Apparatus and method for depositing aerosolized material, wherein an aerosol flow is surrounded and focused by more than one consecutive sheath gas flows. The combined sheath and aerosol flows may consecutively flow through more than one capillary, thereby narrowing the flow further. Linewidths of less than one micron may be... Agent: Peacock Myers, P.C.

20090252875 - Water-insoluble colorant dispersion, production method thereof, and recording liquid, image-forming method and image-forming apparatus using the same: A water-insoluble colorant dispersion, containing fine particles of a water-insoluble colorant, a polymer dispersant having a cationic group and an acid group, an aqueous medium and a phase transfer base.... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090252876 - Sheet for mounting polishing workpiece and method for making the same: The present invention relates to a sheet for mounting a polishing workpiece. The sheet comprises a substrate and a surface layer. The substrate has a surface. The surface layer is located on the surface of the substrate, with no hole structure existing in the interior thereof, and has a surface... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20090252877 - Method for rendering color imitation on a baking tray: A method for rendering color imitation on a baking tray comprises steps of: cleaning an inner object-supporting surface and an outer surface of the baking tray and forming a crystalline protective film thereon; oven-drying the cleaned baking tray; spray-coating said surfaces of the oven-dried baking tray with a primer and... Agent: Wang Law Firm, Inc.

20090252878 - Coating method and coating apparatus: In the method in which a coating liquid is continuously supplied from a supply head to a surface of a continuously traveling sheet-like substrate to form a coat while controlling its thickness by a coating bar disposed above the sheet-like substrate, the coating liquid of which amount corresponds to an... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090252880 - Apparatus and method for coating ears of corn: Apparatuses and methods for applying a coating to an ear of corn are disclosed. An enclosure having a user accessible workspace and a motor to turn an ear of corn therein to apply a coating to the ear of corn rotated by the motor is also disclosed. The method includes... Agent: Mckee, Voorhees & Sease, P.L.C Attn: Pioneer Hi-bred

20090252879 - Aqueous coating composition: The present invention provides an aqueous coating composition that can form a coated film having excellent appearance, in which a change in the color of the coating composition during the storage of the coating composition is prevented or suppressed, excellent storage stability is provided, and the generation of popping is... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20090252881 - Method of spray application, and spray apparatus, for bentonite material: The present invention provides a spray method and spray apparatus for bentonite-based material that allow forming a bentonite layer of high dry density. A spray apparatus 1 comprises a supersonic nozzle 2, to which a compressor 5 and a bentonite container 6 are connected. The supersonic nozzle 2 is fed... Agent: Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P.

20090252882 - Automotive tire dressing applicator: A tire dressing applicator comprises a support and one or more foam plastic elements mounted on the support so as to contact a tire sidewall and transfer dressing onto the tire sidewall. A distribution system drips or drizzles dressing onto the element(s) after which it is spread over and into... Agent: Young Basile

20090252883 - Method of preventing corrosion degradation using ni or ni-alloy plating: Disclosed herein is a method of preventing corrosion degradation in a defective region including an expansion transition region and/or an expansion region of a heat transfer tube of a steam generator in a nuclear power plant by using nickel (Ni) plating or nickel (Ni) alloy plating. The method can prevent... Agent: H.c. Park & Associates, PLC

20090252884 - Silica-containing uv-crosslinkable hardcoat coatings comprising urethane acrylates: The present invention relates to a UV-crosslinkable composition comprising a) unmodified, protonated silica nanoparticles; b) urethane acrylate; c) polar solvent; and d) UV initiator system, wherein the amount by weight of unmodified, protonated silica nanoparticles exceeds the content of urethane acrylate and is at least 50.1 wt. %, based on... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, LLP

20090252885 - Photopolymer resins for photo replication of information layers: Photopolymer resins ate disclosed which includes metal and/or ceramic surface chelating agents to provide strong bonding of the photopolymer resin to the inorganic surface of the first information layer of an optical disc. The resins also include a fast surface cure and glass transition temperature controlling monomers that provides easy... Agent: Miller, Matthias & Hull

20090252888 - Fine particle-containing body, fine particle-containing body manufacturing method, storage element, semiconductor device and electronic equipment: A silicon oxide of a film thickness of about 50 nm is formed on a surface of a silicon substrate by thermal oxidation. Silver is implanted into the silicon oxide with implantation energy of about 30 keV by a negative ion implantation method. By subjecting the silicon oxide, into which... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090252887 - System and method for growing nanotubes with a specified isotope composition via ion implantation using a catalytic transmembrane: An ion source(s) is configured to generate ions from one or more elements including a plurality of different isotopes or unique molecular combinations of two or more different isotopes from at least one of the selected elements. A selection filter(s) directs a subset of the ions onto a catalytic transmembrane... Agent: Eric A. Gifford (raytheon Company)

20090252886 - System and method for nanotube growth via ion implantation using a catalytic transmembrane: Ion implantation is used to grow nanotubes out of carbon and other materials. Catalytic material is placed on or in a membrane that physically and possibly environmentally separates an implantation chamber or region from a growth chamber or region. High-energy ions are implanted into the catalytic material from one side... Agent: Eric A. Gifford (raytheon Company)

20090252889 - Nanopin manufacturing method and nanometer sized tip array by utilizing the method: Methods to manufacture metal nanopins and metal oxide nanopins are disclosed. Metal nanopins are fabricated on a metal foil by capillaritron plasma source dry etching. The aspect ratio and the density of metal nanopins are controlled by adjusting the temperature of the metal foil during ion beam dry etching. The... Agent: Kirton And Mcconkie

20090252890 - Method for producing anisotropic film: A simple method for producing an anisotropic film, which does not require a light irradiation device having a special mechanism or an advanced alignment adjustment system, is provided. A film containing a photoreactive material is arranged on a polarizing element, and an anisotropy is provided to the film containing a... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20090252891 - Structure matter of thin film particles having carbon skeleton, processes for the production of the structure matter and the thin-film particles and uses thereof: The present invention provides a structure matter composed of (a) oxidized form thin film particle(s) which are obtained by oxidizing graphite, have a thickness of 0.4 nm to 10 μm and a planar-direction size at least twice as large as the thickness, have lyophilic to a liquid having a relative... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20090252892 - Processing chamber: A process apparatus for treatment of a substrate comprising a load chamber for loading the substrate, a process chamber for processing the substrate, a sealing plane separating the process chamber from the load chamber and means for vertically moving the substrate from the load chamber to the process chamber, and... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20090252894 - Moisture barrier coatings for organic light emitting diode devices: A barrier assembly having a flexible or rigid substrate, an organic electronic device, and one or more layers of diamond-like film. The diamond-like film layers can be used to mount, cover, encapsulate or form composite assemblies for protection of moisture or oxygen sensitive articles such as organic light emitting diode... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20090252893 - Plasma discharge treatment apparatus, and method of manufacturing gas barrier film: Provide is a method of preparing a highly-functional film capable of reducing surface failure and of improving the yield, and a manufacturing apparatus thereof. This is a plasma discharge treatment apparatus to plasma-discharge-treat for the surface of a substrate conveyed between a winder and an unwinder at atmospheric pressure or... Agent: Frishauf, Holtz, Goodman & Chick, PC

20090252895 - Actinic ray curable composition, actinic ray curable ink and image formation method employing the ink: o

10/01/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090246355 - Integrated circuit tampering protection and reverse engineering prevention coatings and methods: A method of protecting an electronics package is discussed along with devices formed by the method. The method involves providing at least one electronic component that requires protecting from tampering and/or reverse engineering. Further, the method includes mixing into a liquid glass material at least one of high durability micro-particles... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20090246356 - Ink composition for organic electroluminescent device and production method thereof: A production method of an ink composition for organic EL devices comprises preparing a composition containing a polymer organic EL material and an organic solvent; and applying an electric field to the composition. Preferably, a composition containing a polymer organic EL material prepared by a coupling reaction between a halogenated... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090246357 - Method of forming circuits on circuit board: A method of forming a circuit on a circuit board includes the steps of: forming a first circuit pattern made of a nano-scale metal oxide material on a surface of an insulating substrate; reducing the nano-scale metal oxide material into a nano-scale deoxidized metal material, thus obtaining a second circuit... Agent: Pce Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20090246358 - Conductive silver dispersions and uses thereof: Silver particles having controlled and predetermined properties of size, morphology and size distribution for use in manufacturing of conductive inks, conductive fillers and/or conductive coatings are provided by forming a dispersion of silver halide particles in a carrier medium such as gelatin and treating the dispersion such that the silver... Agent: Eastman Kodak Company Patent Legal Staff

20090246359 - Processes and solutions for substrate cleaning and electroless deposition: This invention pertains to fabrication of devices. One embodiment is a method of substrate cleaning and electroless deposition of a cap layer for an integrated circuit. The method is performed on a substrate having a surface comprising a metal and dielectric damascene metallization layer. The method comprises exposing the surface... Agent: Larry Williams

20090246360 - Oxide source material solution, oxide film, piezoelectric element, method for forming oxide film and method for manufacturing piezoelecytric element: An oxide source material solution for forming an oxide film having a composition expressed by PbuZrxTi1-x-yMyO3 is presented. A composition of metal element constituents in the oxide source material solution is expressed by [Pb]:([Zr]+[Ti]+[M])=v:1, and a difference (v−u) in composition ratio of Pb between the oxide source material solution and... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090246361 - Method for manufacturing dielectric element: The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a dielectric element in which a dielectric film is formed by a chemical solution deposition method, with enhanced tolerance of the dielectric film of wet processes. A method for manufacturing a dielectric element comprises a process of heating a film of a... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, Plc

20090246362 - Heat assisted magnetic recording medium and method for fabricating the same: A novel heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) medium and the fabrication method therefor are provided. The exchange coupling effect occurring at the interface of FePt/CoTb double layers is adopted, and thus the resulting magnetic flux would be sufficient enough to be detected and readout under the room temperature. The provided... Agent: Volpe And Koenig, P.c.

20090246363 - Method for reducing the ice, snow and dust adhesion to a surface: The invention pertains to the pre treating of a surface to limit the adhesion of ice, snow and/or dust to said surface. The basis for the method is the use of a recycled brine solution as a pretreatment spray on the surface exemplified by an asphalt or concrete roadway. The... Agent: Nalco Company

20090246364 - Self-priming surfacing composition for finished surfaces: A surfacing composition made of recycled paint, which requires no priming, has a non-reflective “flat” appearance, and is partially composed of dried paint. The composition provides a useful application for used or excess household paint, which would otherwise require special methods of disposal and potentially create future toxic cleanup problems.... Agent: Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP Intellectual Property Department

20090246365 - Method for producing porous film: After a second liquid is applied to a support and dried, a first liquid is applied thereon. On a film of the first liquid, a third liquid (water) is supplied in droplets using an inkjet-type liquid supply unit. An area supplied with the droplets is referred to as porous area.... Agent: Sughrue Mion, Pllc

20090246366 - Apparatus and method for preparing particulates: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for preparing composite particulates, including a rotary body having a bottom surface and a side wall and operative to contain particulates to which an adhering material is to be made to adhere; a centrifugal machine for rotating the rotary body so as to apply centrifugal... Agent: Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

20090246367 - Methods for forming carbon nanotubes: Methods of forming a roughened metal surface on a substrate for nucleating carbon nanotube growth, and subsequently growing carbon nanotubes are provided. In preferred embodiments roughened surfaces are formed by selectively depositing metal or metal oxide on a substrate surface to form discrete, three-dimensional islands. Selective deposition may be obtained,... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20090246368 - Method of sulfonating an article and related apparatus: An article is sulfonated by forming a sulfonating gas composition containing a gaseous sulfur-containing compound provided from a gas source. The gas source may utilize a chemical feed stock that includes a precursor sulfur-containing compound. The article is then contacted with the sulfur-containing gas until a surface treatment is effected.... Agent: Rader, Fishman & Grauer Pllc

20090246369 - Device for forming fiber felts: Device (6) intended for an installation for forming fibrous felts, the fibers being formed from a material that can be attenuated by internal centrifugation and by attenuation by means of a gas stream, the flow of fibers being in the form of a tubular veil (2), the device including air... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.c.

20090246371 - Method of forming thin layers by a thermally activated process using a temperature gradient across the substrate: A thermally activated batch process is disclosed for forming thin material layers in semiconductor devices including the establishment of an overheating temperature profile prior to actually forming a material layer, for instance, by deposition, so that a gas depletion at the centre of the substrate during the deposition process be... Agent: Williams, Morgan & Amerson

20090246370 - Method to produce tone-controlled colors in colorless crystals: The embodiments of present invention provide method for imparting tone-controlled colors into colorless crystals such as gemstones or decorative objects by coating a atomically mixed thin film comprising of a color causing reagent and a toner material onto the surface of colorless gemstones or transparent crystals and subjecting them to... Agent: Central Coast Patent Agency, Inc

20090246373 - Method of forming metallic film and program-storing recording medium: A metal film with a lowered resistance by controlling a crystal structure. A tungsten film is formed through a first tungsten film formation in which a first tungsten film with amorphous content is formed by alternately executing multiple times a supplying a metal base material gas such as WF6 gas... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.c.

20090246374 - Gas distribution system and method for distributing process gas in a processing system: An apparatus and related method for distributing process gas in a vapor deposition system is described. The gas distribution system includes a vertically movable piston within its plenum, and the movement of the piston controls the flow rate of process gas through the vapor distribution plate of the gas distribution... Agent: Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP (tokyo Electron)

20090246375 - Method for forming tantalum nitride film: A tantalum nitride film-forming method comprises the steps of introducing a raw gas consisting of a coordination compound constituted by an elemental tantalum (Ta) having a coordinated ligand represented by the general formula: N═(R,R′) (in the formula, R and R′ may be the same or different and each represents an... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

20090246372 - Method of preventing premature drying: An apparatus, system and method for preventing premature drying of a surface of a substrate between fabrication operations includes receiving a substrate for cleaning, performing wet cleaning operations to the surface of the substrate to remove contaminants and fabrication chemistries left behind during one or more fabrication operations from the... Agent: Martine Penilla & Gencarella, LLP

20090246378 - Ink composition, ink set, and image recording method: wherein G represents a heterocyclic group; n represents an integer from 1 to 3; when n is 1, R, X, Y, Z, Q, and G each represent a monovalent group; when n is 2, R, X, Y, Z, Q, and G each represent a monovalent or divalent substituent, in which... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20090246380 - Ink-jet recording medium and recording method: An ink-jet recording medium having a non-absorbent support; an ink-receiving layer containing an inorganic pigment and a binder, disposed on one surface of the non-absorbent support; and a water-absorbent layer containing a water-absorbent polymer and a pigment, disposed on the other surface of the non-absorbent support, opposite to the one... Agent: Sughrue Mion, Pllc

20090246379 - Method for forming ink jet image: The present invention provides a method for forming an ink jet image, the method comprising forming an image by using an apparatus to form an image on an image-receiving material by an ink jet system with an ink for ink jet recording containing at least a water-soluble dye, water and... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20090246376 - Methods and products for applying structured compositions to a substrate: Provided are methods of, and personal care products for, applying a structured composition to a body with reduced wet slip. The methods and products apply the composition such that upon application a plurality of channels are disposed between the composition and the substrate.... Agent: Philip S. Johnson Johnson & Johnson

20090246377 - Thermal ink jet ink composition: Disclosed are ink jet ink compositions suitable for use in thermal ink jet printers. The ink jet ink compositions contain one or more volatile organic solvents, one or more humectants, one or more binder resins, and one or more colorants. The ink jet ink compositions may also contain additives such... Agent: Leydig Voit & Mayer, Ltd

20090246381 - Method for manufacturing a housing: A method for manufacturing a housing (100) out of a transparent housing including an inner surface (10) and an outer surface (20), is described. Ink is printed on the inner surface (10) to form a ink area (50) defining a window area (40). The window area (40) and the ink... Agent: Pce Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20090246382 - Ink set for inkjet recording, image recording method and image recording apparatus: The ink set for inkjet recording includes: a water-based ink containing pigment particles and 10 to 25 wt % of water-soluble high-boiling-point organic solvent having an SP value of not higher than 30; and a treatment liquid containing a fluidity reducing agent which reduces fluidity of the pigment particles by... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090246383 - Coating apparatus using items that roll: “Marble It” is a craft box that is made of arylonitrile-butadien-styrene with a sliding clear cover made of polycarbonate or (PC). This box will enable a child to manipulate items that roll onto paper covered with paint.... Agent: Linda M. Hatheway

20090246384 - Apparatuses and methods for coating patterned films using the same: Coating apparatuses and methods for coating patterned film using the same are presented. The coating apparatus includes a stage, arranged to support a substrate. A stencil is included having patterned openings, wherein the patterned openings are desired film printed patterns. A squeegee set is included, including a scraper and an... Agent: Quintero Law Office, Pc

20090246385 - Control of crystal orientation and stress in sputter deposited thin films: A two step thin film deposition process is disclosed to provide for the simultaneous achievement of controlled stress and the achievement of preferred crystalline orientation in sputter-deposited thin films. In a preferred embodiment, a first relatively short deposition step is performed without substrate bias to establish the crystalline orientation of... Agent: Tue Nguyen

20090246386 - Method for manufacturing inkjet recording medium: There is provided a method for manufacturing an inkjet recording medium, the method including forming an undercoat layer by coating an undercoat layer-forming liquid containing a binder resin and a water-soluble divalent metal salt, on a support; forming a coating film by coating a coating film-forming liquid containing at least... Agent: Sughrue Mion, Pllc

20090246387 - Method and applicator for applying hydrophobic compositions to surfaces: An applicator and a method for applying a hydrophobic coating to a surface such as a small optical surface are disclosed.... Agent: William J. Uhl

20090246388 - Method for producing porous film: A second liquid is applied to a support and dried to form a middle layer. Then, a first liquid is applied to the middle layer. A third liquid is applied to a film of the first liquid using an inkjet type liquid supply unit to form a porous area. The... Agent: Sughrue Mion, Pllc

20090246389 - High temperature resistant coating compositions: An aqueous phosphoric bonding solution consists essentially of phosphoric acid, a source of magnesium ions, and a leachable corrosion inhibitor. The bonding solution is stable with respect to inorganic metal particles, such as aluminum, which are admixed to the bonding solution for the preparation of a coating slurry. Metal parts... Agent: Banner & Witcoff, Ltd.

20090246390 - Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives with aziridine crosslinking agents: A pre-adhesive composition is described comprising an acid-functional (meth)acrylate copolymer and an aziridine crosslinking agent, which when crosslinked provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive articles.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20090246392 - Polyamic acid composition, polyimide endless belt and manufacturing method thereof, and image forming apparatus: p

20090246391 - Water-resistant fabrics and methods of preparation thereof: A composition having a polyurethane, a hydrophilic polyisocyanate, a wetting agent, and a fluoropolymeric additive can be disposed on a substrate such as a fabric to provide water-repellant characteristics. The urethane-coated substrate can then be fabricated into a water storage container.... Agent: Lando & Anastasi, LLP

20090246393 - Polycarbodiimides: Polycarbodiimides, processes for their preparation, water-borne coating compositions and the use of the water-borne coating compositions to coat flexible substrates such as leather, artificial leather, textile fabrics, fibers and non-wovens that are used in the manufacture of athletic footwear are disclosed.... Agent: Ppg Industries Inc Intellectual Property Dept

20090246395 - Coating method and coating device: The present invention provides a coating method and a coating device that can both prevent the occurrence of streaks and nonuniform application. A coating device comprises an approximately cylindrical bar arranged to come into contact with a traveling web, and a feed device that feeds coating solution to the entry... Agent: Sughrue Mion, Pllc

20090246396 - Liquid coating apparatus and method, and image forming apparatus: A liquid coating apparatus has: a coating roller which has a coating surface; a liquid holding unit which abuts against the coating surface of the coating roller so as to form a liquid holding space; a medium support member which faces the coating surface in such a manner that the... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090246394 - Method for applying hydrophobic compositions to display screens: A method for applying a hydrophobic coating to a surface of a display screen is disclosed.... Agent: William J. Uhl

20090246397 - Resist solution supply apparatus, resist solution supply method, and computer storage medium: The present invention is a resist solution supply apparatus for supplying a resist solution to a coating nozzle for discharging the resist solution to a substrate, including: a resist solution supply source storing the resist solution therein; a supply tube for supplying the resist solution from the resist solution supply... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.c.

20090246398 - Method and apparatus for forming amorphous coating film: The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for forming, by spraying, a commonly known amorphous coating film, which is not limited to a metallic glass or the like. According to this invention, a flame containing metal particles is ejected toward a base material from a nozzle, such that... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, Plc

20090246399 - Method for activating reactive oxygen species for cleaning carbon-based film deposition: A method of continuously forming carbon-based films on substrates includes: (i) forming a carbon-based film on a substrate in a reactor a pre-selected number of times; (ii) exciting an inert gas, an oxygen gas, and a nitrogen tri-fluoride gas to generate a plasma for cleaning; (iii) cleaning an inside of... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20090246401 - Composition for photo-alignment film, photo-alignment film and method for producing the same, liquid crystal cell, and liquid crystal display: Provided is a composition for a photo-alignment film includes a compound expressed by the following general formula (I) and a compound expressed by the following general formula (II):... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney Pc

20090246400 - Nanostructure devices and fabrication method: An ion flux is directed to a carbon nanotube to permanently shape, straighten and/or bend the carbon nanotube into a desired configuration. Such carbon nanotubes have many properties that make them ideal as probes for Scanning Probe Microscopy and many other applications.... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP

20090246402 - Layer forming method and layer forming apparatus, and method of manufacturing radiation detector: A layer-forming apparatus coats a solution containing a layer component and a flammable solvent on a surface of a base material, and forms a layer on the surface of the base material. In the layer-forming apparatus, a coating chamber in which the solution is coated on the surface of the... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20090246403 - Radiation curable ink jet ink and a method for printing a substrate with this ink: A radiation curable hot melt inkjet ink and associated printing method which includes a carrier composition that contains one or more radiation curable compounds and an agent that is able to reversibly gel the carrier composition, which agent is soluble in the carrier composition at a jetting temperature of the... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090246404 - Enhanced projection screen: An apparatus and method for producing a screen is provided. The method includes propelling a quantity of paint comprising metallic flakes, such as aluminum flakes, toward the screen. The method also includes applying at least one magnetic field in a vicinity of the screen, wherein applying the at least one... Agent: Smyrski Law Group, A Professional Corporation

20090246405 - Method for producing perovskite-structure oxide: The present invention provides a method for producing a perovskite-structure oxide, with which a highly crystalline oxide layer is formed on a base layer that is metal or the like. The method comprises the steps of: forming, on a base layer, a buffer layer having thermal conductivity lower than thermal... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, Plc

20090246406 - Plasma processing apparatus, chamber internal part, and method of detecting longevity of chamber internal part: A plasma processing apparatus that can accurately detect the longevity of a chamber internal part to eliminate the waste of the replacement of the chamber internal part that has not reached its end of longevity and prevent the occurrence of troubles caused by continuously using the chamber internal part that... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.c.

20090246407 - Method for forming amorphous carbon film: An amorphous carbon film forming apparatus includes a supporting electrode that is connected to ground and supports a substrate, a counter electrode that is disposed so as to face the supporting electrode and has a mixed-gas injection orifice, a chamber containing the supporting electrode and the counter electrode, and a... Agent: Burr & Brown

20090246409 - Method and apparatus for mass-producing dlc films: A DLC film mass-producing apparatus 10 includes a chamber 12 connected to ground. In the chamber 12, a plurality of plate-shaped substrates 60 are disposed in parallel at regular intervals, without disposing a counter electrode that faces each of the plate-shaped substrates 60. Sputtering cleaning is then conducted by plasma... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, Plc

20090246408 - Method of aligning nanotubes: A method of aligning nanotubes is described, where a plurality of channels is provided on a substrate (100), a suspension of nanotubes is placed on or adjacent an open surface of the channels (102) and the suspension is allowed to flow into the channels to align the nanotubes substantially parallel... Agent: Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

20090246410 - Manufacturing process of electrodes for electrolysis: A process for manufacturing electrodes for electrolysis, including the steps of forming an arc ion plating undercoating layer comprising valve metal or valve metal alloy including a crystalline tantalum component and a crystalline titanium component on the surface of the electrode substrate comprising valve metal or valve metal alloy, by... Agent: Chapman And Cutler

20090246411 - System and method of sealing seams of heating and cooling products: A system and method of sealing heating and cooling products includes an ultraviolet-curing sealant and an ultraviolet light. A material used to make a heating and cooling product is moved using a transport system. The sealant is dispensed from a sealant supply using a dispenser onto the material. The ultraviolet-curing... Agent: Baker & Hostetler LLP

20090246412 - Localized deposition system and method of localized deposition: A localized deposition system is provided comprising a substrate support, a feed material supply, a feedstock laser source, a substrate laser source, and a deposition control system. The feedstock laser source is configured to heat feed material positioned for localized deposition on the deposition surface of the substrate. The substrate... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20090246413 - Method for fabricating thin films: A method of ultrashort pulsed laser deposition (PLD) capable of continuously tuning formed-film morphology from that of a nanoparticle aggregate to a smooth thin film completely free of particles and droplets. The materials that can be synthesized using various embodiments of the invention include, but are not limited to, metals,... Agent: Sughrue Mion, Pllc

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