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Coating implements with material supply

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10/02/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140294479 - Onthegodeo: An agent dispensing device for dispensing deodorant may include a base member having a bottom surface, and an agent dispensing housing connecting to the base member to move the deodorant from a first position to a second position.... Agent:

20140294480 - Adjustable inside applicator: An adjustable inside applicator including an attachment body to attach the applicator to a source of compound to be applied to a joint, the attachment body having a bore including an inlet and at least two outlets, a pair of faces angularly disposed relative to one another with at least... Agent: Tape-pro Drywall Tools Pty Limited

09/25/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140286687 - Method for accurately depositing a relatively small amount of a lip product on an applicator and the applicator containing said lip product: A method for depositing an amount of a heat meltable at room temperature non flowable semi-solid lip product (8) on an applicator having a flexible sheet-like support (1) with a lip product area (4) having an interconnected open channel structure, formed by channel forming elements (6), said area (4) having... Agent:

20140286688 - Bottle with applicator: An applicator bottle design is provided which allows significantly less fluid to be wasted than previous designs. The design includes a reservoir or indentation for the applicator while the top of the bottle is screwed on. When the bottle is unscrewed, or in use, the applicator can reach more fluid... Agent: Smart Assets, Inc.

20140286689 - Pump-type ampoule container capable of being refilled: The present invention is a pump-type ampoule container capable of being refilled. The pump-type container capable of being refilled according to the present invention is a dual container comprising an inner container and an outer container, wherein a discharge portion is fixed to the upper portion of the outer container... Agent:

20140286690 - Product dispensing head for a container and associated dispensing device: The head (16) includes an application wall (30) having a central axis (A-A′), in which the application wall (30) defines at least one product dispensing orifice (82A), off-centered with respect to the central axis (A-A′), It includes a removable cap, mobile between a position for closing each dispensing orifice (82A)... Agent: L'oreal

09/18/2014 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140270887 - Glue stick dispenser with angled tip: A glue stick dispenser that includes an elongated tubular body adapted to receive a glue stick, wherein the elongated tubular body is substantially triangular in cross-section, and wherein the triangular shape of the body is operative to encourage a user of the dispenser to hold the dispenser in a predetermined... Agent:

20140270886 - Writing implement holder: A writing implement holder comprises an elongated hollow housing. An electric motor is fixed at one end of the housing and having an output shaft thereof aligned with a longitudinal axis of the housing. A source of electric power is coupled to the motor. A gripping member is mounted within... Agent:

20140270888 - Two-color ball pointed pen: A two-color ball pointed pen having two pen cartridges with different colors in one case allows a user to easily and rapidly select and use a wanted color. The two-color ball pointed pen includes: two-color pen cartridges(3,3′) joined to one side of a case(1); a highlighter pen(5) joined to the... Agent:

20140270889 - Elevator cup and dispensing device incorporating the same: An elevator cup for retaining a cosmetic pomade in relation to a cosmetic dispenser. An annular peripheral wall defines an inner volume for longitudinally receiving and retaining the cosmetic pomade, and a plurality of fins that project radially inward from the peripheral wall. The fins can be disposed in clusters... Agent: Hcp Packaging Usa, Inc.

20140270890 - Telescoping chalk holder: The present invention provides a telescopic chalk holder for drawing upon a drawing surface and including an outer cylinder having a tip at one end, a chalk stick received within the outer cylinder, the tip in radial receipt of the chalk stick, a push rod received by a second end... Agent:

20140270891 - Cosmetic container: A cosmetic container for housing a cosmetic product applicator is presented. The cosmetic container comprise: a tubular housing within which a cosmetic product applicator can be inserted; and a platform positioned within the tubular housing, the platform being movable along the longitudinal axis of the housing. The platform comprises an... Agent: Toly Management Limited

20140270892 - Reusable dispenser: A reusable antiperspirant and/or deodorant dispenser with a removable front face that allows for the replacement of hygiene stick. The front face may be removed by sliding it upwards relative to a dispenser body until the front face disengages from the dispenser body. The front face may be re-attached to... Agent:

20140270893 - Writing apparatus: In one aspect, writing apparatus are described herein. In some embodiments, a writing apparatus comprises a bullet casing having a base, a neck, and a cavity disposed between the base and the neck of the casing. The apparatus also comprises a retaining member disposed in the cavity of the casing... Agent: Junior's Bullet Pen Company

20140270894 - Combination-type pen: A combination-type pen includes a writing module, a touch module and a pen tube. The pen tube includes a conductive tube for containing the writing module and the touch module and first opening and second openings formed on opposite ends of the conductive tube respectively. When the writing module is... Agent:

20140270895 - Spread container: A spread container (2) includes a housing (6) configured to contain a spreadable material (4), a knife member (8) attached to or integrated into the housing (6), where the knife member (8) is configured to spread the spreadable material (4). The spread container (2) has a sealed opening (10) sealed... Agent: Novopack Aps

20140270896 - Product tube applicator with abrasive element: At least one embodiment of the invention describe a product tube applicator contains a hollow elongated tube to hold an applicator ointment, a removable cap, and an abrasive element provided on the elongated tube and/or the removable cap. The abrasive element may be utilized to prepare the epidermal surface of... Agent:

20140270897 - Fluid applicators for use with topical medications: Fluid applicators for use with topical medications are disclosed herein. An example apparatus includes a housing and a fluid container disposed inside the housing. The example apparatus also includes a pump assembly disposed inside the housing and fluidly coupled to the fluid container. The example apparatus further includes an applicator... Agent: Abbvie Inc.

20140270898 - Attachments for spray bottles: An applicator configured for operative engagement with pressurized fluid stream from a spray bottle is provided. The applicator attaches to an engagement component having a passage communicating between a first end configured for engagement with the nozzle of the spray bottle. The applicators can be provided as a kit of... Agent:

20140270899 - Magnetically actuated cap locking assembly and writing instrument comprising same: A writing instrument includes a magnetically actuated locking assembly for releasably securing a first component, such as a cap, to a second component, such as a barrel. The magnetically actuated locking assembly includes a first magnet and at least one second magnet, the magnetic fields of which actuate and release... Agent:

20140270900 - Roller ball pen for use with metallic inks: A roller ball pen for use with metallic inks, and a method for assembling the roller ball pen for use with metallic inks, is described herein. The pen body includes a housing that encloses a reservoir, a collet, a feed rod, and a tip. The feed rod transfers ink from... Agent: Crayola LLC

09/11/2014 > 8 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140255077 - Deodorant with improved endurance and stability: The present invention provides an improved deodorant formulation having good efficacy and excellent stability. The deodorant formulation comprises propanediol combined with zinc ricinoleate, grapefruit seed extract, and sodium bicarbonate as the principal deodorizing actives. The combination of these deodorizing active ingredients results in a formulation with strong efficacy which lasts... Agent: Knowlton Development Corp. Inc.

20140255078 - Manual device for applying a coating on a medium by means of a tape, the device having an improved end piece: A manual device for applying a coating on a medium by means of a tape, the device comprising an applicator endpiece assembled to a casing and projecting from said casing, the endpiece presenting a tongue extending along a longitudinal direction and a lateral direction, an applicator portion being formed at... Agent: Societe Bic

20140255079 - Telescoping writing implement: Disclosed is a telescoping writing implement that retracts the writing point when in the collapsed position. Importantly, it is simple in design, uses a minimized number of parts, and, uses no metal coil spring. In its most general form, an external pen body is mechanically connected to a writing cartridge... Agent:

20140255080 - Scratch and sniff delivery systems and methods of using the same: A scratch and sniff kit comprises a plurality of scratch and sniff inks, wherein each ink comprises a different microencapsulated fragrance. The kit may further include a device, wherein each scratch and sniff ink is disposed within the device. A method of using the kit comprises dispensing at least two... Agent:

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