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Clutches and power-stop control

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05/21/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150136556 - Clutch mechanism: There is provided a clutch mechanism that allows easy downsizing and produces favorable productivity. Output rotator has on the outer circumferential surface thereof cam surfaces and configured to gradually reduce the space from a housing chamber inner circumferential surface toward one side and recesses adjacent to the one side of... Agent: Namiki Seimitsu Houseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136557 - Freewheel arrangement: A freewheel arrangement having a freewheel, which comprises an inner ring, an outer ring rotatable in a first direction of rotation relative to the inner ring, and clamping elements between the inner ring and the outer ring, which prevent a rotation of the outer ring relative to the inner ring... Agent: Borgwamer In.

20150136558 - Clutch system for a transmission: A clutch system for a transmission having a clutch assembly and a brake assembly. The clutch system includes a clutch assembly and a brake assembly coupled to a planetary gear set, engine and two electric motors to reduce transmission complexity, costs, and efficiency losses. The clutch assembly also includes a... Agent:

20150136559 - Electromagnetic clutch: A torque transfer device for a motor vehicle includes a clutch for transferring torque between first and second shafts. An electromagnetic actuator includes an axially moveable armature for applying an application force to the clutch. An actuator control system includes a force sensor positioned within a clutch actuation force load... Agent:

20150136560 - Hydraulic piston system: A hydraulic piston system includes a housing that defines a piston pocket and a fluid inlet. A piston with a peripheral region and an end is movable within the piston pocket of the housing. The end of the piston has peripheral defined channels and a portion structured and arranged to... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150136561 - Clutch, in particular for a motor vehicle: A clutch release bearing (17), in particular for a motor vehicle, having: a tubular body (30) through which at least one input shaft (11) of a gearbox is intended to pass; at least one actuator having a part, movable in translation along the axis (X) of the body (30), intended... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150129385 - Hydraulic control system with etrs and multiplexed clutch control for a transmission: An electronic transmission range selection hydraulic control system includes a source of pressurized hydraulic fluid, a first mode valve assembly in fluid communication downstream of the source of pressurized hydraulic fluid, a drive clutch actuator connected to a drive clutch and in fluid communication directly downstream of the first mode... Agent:

20150129386 - Transmission unit for industrial machines: A stepless speed variation transmission drive unit, in particular for industrial, agricultural or railway machinery, comprises at least a first input pinion (10), at least a first hydraulic motor (12) connected to said first input pinion (10), an output shaft (30), and at least a second hydraulic motor (22, 23).... Agent:

20150129387 - Cone roller lock device: A roller lock device has a shaft and a housing configured over the shaft for selective relative movement thereto. A plurality of rollers is configured between the housing and the shaft, at least some of which are substantially conically shaped. A cage is configured between the housing and the shaft... Agent:

20150129388 - Combined friction disc/liquid friction coupling: A coupling assembly for transferring a drive torque from a drive shaft (2) to a secondary unit, of a motor vehicle, including a drive shaft (2), an output (9) with at least one friction surface (20, 30), an armature (7) that is adjustable relative to the output (9) by energising... Agent:

20150129389 - Linear sensor: The present invention uses a sensor to determine when a pressure plate and a clutch plate of a dual clutch transmission system are in contact with one another. The assembly includes a housing having a plurality of pistons connected to both the clutch plate and pressure plate. The pistons contain... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150122605 - Rotary vibration damping arrangement: A torsional vibration damping arrangement, comprises at least one deflection mass pendulum unit with a rotatable carrier, a deflection mass, a deformable restoring element, a supporting element which provides the carrier supporting region, wherein a distance between the carrier supporting region and the deflection mass supporting region can be varied... Agent:

20150122606 - Clutch device with an actuating mechanism: A clutch device having an actuating device, in particular for a drivetrain of a motor vehicle having an internal combustion engine, an electric machine with a stator and a rotor, and a transmission device, wherein the clutch device can be positioned in the drivetrain between the internal combustion engine on... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150122607 - Clutch device having an acutating device: A clutch device (102) having an actuating device (204), especially for a drive train (100) of a motor vehicle which includes an internal combustion engine (104), an electrical machine (108) with a stator (118) and a rotor (120), and a transmission device (110). The clutch device (102, 202) can be... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150122610 - Decoupler carrier with balanced forces: In one aspect, a decoupler comprises an input member, an output member, and a torsional isolation spring, a carrier, and a wrap spring clutch configured to operate in a first mode in which rotary power is transmitted in a first rotational direction from the input member to the output member... Agent:

20150122608 - Piston for a clutch brake assembly: A clutch-brake assembly transmits force to rotate a shaft and to retain the shaft against rotation. The assembly includes a plurality of force transmitting members which transmit force between an improved piston and a base member. A plurality of springs urge the piston to move relative to the base member.... Agent:

20150122609 - Clutch pack release spring engaged with inner race: A clutch assembly for a motor vehicle drive train is provided. The clutch assembly includes a clutch pack; a piston for engaging the clutch pack; a housing including a surface for slidably supporting the piston; a release spring for disengaging the piston from the clutch; and a bearing supporting the... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150114780 - Torque converter flex plate for hybrid electric vehicle: An assembly includes a torque converter concentric with an axis and including a casing, a rotor hub drivably connected for rotation about the axis to an electric machine, a coupler connected to the rotor hub, and a flex plate coupled for elastic displacement between the coupler and a surface of... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150114779 - Torque converter having integrated flex plate for hybrid electric vehicle: An assembly includes a torque converter concentric with an axis, a rotor hub drivably connected for rotation about the axis to an electric machine and selectively to an engine through a disconnect clutch, a coupler located between the rotor hub and torque converter, providing a rotational connection and an axial... Agent: Ford Global Technology, LLC

20150114781 - Cover plate sealed to stator assembly: A torque converter for a motor vehicle drive train is provided. The torque converter includes a damper including a first cover plate and a drive flange; and a stator assembly. The first cover plate is sealingly rotatable with respect to the stator assembly at a sealed interface and the first... Agent:

20150114782 - Torque hinge or torque limiter: A torque hinge or torque limiter includes external and internal cylindrical members that are capable of relatively rotating, and a coil spring placed between the external and internal cylindrical members. A first circumferential portion is formed on a front-end side of the inner periphery of the external cylindrical member. A... Agent:

20150114783 - Freewheel and freewheel arrangement: The disclosure relates to a freewheel (4) having a first running ring (28), a second running ring (30), a clamping gap (32) formed between the first and second running rings (28, 30), and at least one clamping element (34) in the clamping gap (32), the clamping gap (32) being assigned... Agent:

20150114784 - Clutch apparatus for vehicle: A clutch apparatus for a vehicle includes cancel mechanism having a weight member fitted for sliding movement in a clutch hub. The weight member is configured to slidably move in a radial direction of an output power shaft, and has an engaging portion at an inner end portion thereof along... Agent:

20150114786 - Drive assembly with a clutch: A drive assembly comprises a rotatingly drivable housing an output part and a clutch arranged between the rotatably drivable housing and the output part. The clutch comprises a first clutch part held relative to the housing in a rotationally fixed and axially movable way, as well as a second clutch... Agent:

20150114785 - Plate carrier: A plate carrier for a multi-plate clutch comprises: an annular member with a first circumferential face and a second circumferential face; a toothing in the first circumferential face of the annular member, having circumferentially distributed teeth and gaps; at least one groove in the second circumferential face of the annular... Agent:

20150114787 - Dual drive plate damper for hybrid electric vehicles: An assembly includes an engine output concentric with an axis, an input, a starting gear, a first drive plate secured to the engine output, including a rim supporting the starting gear, and arms extending radially outward from the axis, and a second drive plate rotatably secured to the input, and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150114788 - Component, apparatus and method for calculating the axial position of the component and for calculating the rotational speed of the component: A component (2), in particular a shifting element of a transmission device, which rotates around a central axis (14) and is adjustable in an axial direction (y), with an encoder contour (5) revolving on the circumference of the component (2) and provided for interacting with a sensor device (4), is... Agent:

20150114789 - Wet clutch: A wet clutch comprising a first plate carrier and a second plate carrier which have different diameters, as well as an oil bath in which the plate carriers are arranged concentrically and rotatable with respect to one another. Here, the first plate carrier includes on its circumference a deflection element,... Agent:

20150114790 - Pump apparatus with switching valve and driving power transmission device: A pump apparatus with a switching valve includes an actuator that is rotationally driven, a pump, a switching valve and a driving power interrupting device. The pump discharges a fluid sucked by rotational driving of the actuator. The switching valve is changed in phase by the rotational driving of the... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20150114791 - Fan clutch: A fan clutch, in particular for a fan of a cooling system of a motor vehicle having a housing and an annular flange for connecting the fan, wherein the flange is arranged centrally around a housing axis, wherein the flange forms a flat flange-ring plane substantially perpendicular to the housing... Agent:

20150114792 - Hinge pillar assembly: A hinge pillar assembly includes a hinge pillar including a panel. The panel including a body side outer door shut face and a defining an inner cavity and an access opening in communication with the inner cavity. The access opening is positioned in the body side outer door shut face... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

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