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Clutches and power-stop control

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02/05/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150034442 - Freewheel and freewheel arrangement: The present invention relates to a freewheel (4) having an inner ring (38), an outer ring (40) and at least one wedging element (48) between the inner ring (38) and the outer ring (40), which can be moved from a wedging position, in which the wedging element (48) prevents rotation... Agent:

20150034443 - Operation mechanism, dual-clutch assembly and vehicle: An operation mechanism for a dual-clutch assembly is provided. The dual-clutch assembly comprises a first clutch having a first clutch bearing, and a second clutch having a second clutch bearing. The operation mechanism comprises: a supporting member; a first operation member adapted to be rotatably coupled to the supporting member... Agent:

20150034444 - Regulator device, and method pertaining to a regulator device, for control of a viscous coupling unit: A regulating device (2) for a viscoclutch (4) which is provided with a primary disc (6) and a secondary disc (8), the primary disc having a first rotation speed (10) and the secondary disc a second rotation speed (12). The regulating device (2) receives signals which represent the rotation speeds... Agent:

20150034445 - Integrated wheel end shift fork compliant stop: A wheel end of a vehicle includes a knuckle and a wheel and wheel hub rotatably mounted to the knuckle. A CV-joint is positioned adjacent to the wheel hub. A clutch ring is slidable between engagement with one of the wheel hub and the CV-joint or both. A pneumatic annular... Agent: Warn Industries, Inc.

20150034446 - Uncoupling device, particularly for universal joint transmissions: An uncoupling device, particularly for universal joint transmissions, is provided. The device includes a cylindrical casing, which is integral with a fork of a universal joint, having a plurality of radial slots provided on the inner circumferential surface of the casing. A pawl supporting cage is integral with a rotation... Agent:

20150034447 - Electromagnetic driving device and methods for manufacturing and controlling same: An electromagnetic driving device is resistant to failure, high practicable, safe and reliable and of a simple structure, and methods for manufacturing and controlling the electromagnetic driving device. The device aims to provide an electromagnetic driving device able to operate and serve the function of driving even if a power... Agent:

20150034448 - Electromagnetic clutch: An electromagnetic clutch is provided with: a rotor which has a friction plate; a stator which has an electromagnetic coil; and an armature which is attracted to the friction plate by electromagnetic attraction force generated by the conduction of electricity to the electromagnetic coil. The electromagnetic coil includes electromagnetic coils.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150034449 - Electrically controlled silicon oil fan clutch rotary valve device: Disclosed is an electrically controlled silicon oil fan clutch rotary valve device. The valve device is based on a magnetic mandrel, including a triangle, a driven disc, a driving disc, and a guide disc intercombined, which achieves control over flow of silicon oil by controlling rotation of a valve, and... Agent: Suzhou Rising Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

20150034450 - Park release method and vehicle having park release means: In one aspect of the invention there is provided a method of manually releasing power actuated vehicle park means in the absence of power, the method comprising the steps of: rotating a power actuated selector shaft from a park mode position in which one or more wheels are locked by... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150027840 - Disconnect for a switchable wedge clutch: A wedge clutch, including: an inner hub; an outer race; and a conical outer race: including a first portion aligned with the outer race in a radial direction orthogonal to an axis of rotation for the wedge clutch and in an axial direction, and a second portion aligned with the... Agent:

20150027839 - One-way clutch: A one-way clutch comprising a driver member, a driven member disposed radially outward of the driver member, a pawl cooperatively engaged with a receiving portion in the driver member, a recess in the driven member for receiving the pawl, a pawl guide engaged with the driven member, and the pawl... Agent: Gates Corporation

20150027841 - Driving device: A driving device includes shaft, support member, restraining member, and connection portion. Shaft has a screw portion formed on an outer peripheral surface thereof. Support member rotatably supports shaft. Restraining member restrains shaft so as not to be movable in an axial direction thereof. Connection portion is formed in one... Agent:

20150027842 - Wear compensator of clutch actuator: A wear compensator apparatus of a clutch actuator for compensating for worn-out thickness on a disc facing may include a main plate, a support plate installed on the main plate and linearly movable on the main plate, wherein the pull rod may be connected thereto, an moving piece installed on... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150027843 - Integrated switchable shaft bearing: An integrated switchable shaft bearing having an inner ring, a circumferentially extending clutch groove, and axially extending cam pin openings. An outer ring is located about the inner ring, and rolling elements are located therebetween. A clutch ring with clutch fingers is located in the clutch groove. Cam pins are... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150027844 - Crankshaft isolating decoupler: An isolating decoupler comprising a hub for connection to a driving shaft, a pulley journalled to the hub, the pulley having a belt engaging surface, a spring engaged between the hub and a spring carrier, the spring radially expandable in a loading direction, a one-way clutch spring disposed radially inward... Agent: Gates Corporation

20150027845 - Electromagnetic clutch: An electromagnetic clutch includes: a rotor 1 including therein an electromagnetic coil 16; and an armature 2 facing the rotor 1 and caused to be attached to the rotor 1 by a magnetic force of the electromagnetic coil 16. By excitation of the electromagnetic coil 16, a magnetic circuit M1... Agent:

20150027847 - Clutch unit: A clutch unit for a motor vehicle comprises a friction clutch and an actuator for actuating the friction clutch, the actuator having a first ramp ring and a second ramp ring, of which at least one can be rotated relative to the other ramp ring, in order to exert an... Agent:

20150027846 - Parking lock arrangement and motor vehicle transmission: A parking lock arrangement for a motor vehicle transmission has a blocking arrangement actuatable between a release position and a blocking position. The blocking arrangement is designed to immobilise a motor vehicle in the blocking position. The parking lock arrangement has an arrangement for actuating the blocking arrangement. The actuating... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150021136 - Device for controlling power transmission apparatus: A control device of a power transmission device includes a damper absorbing torsional vibration between a fluid transmission device with a lockup clutch and an engine, the power transmission device is disposed with a connecting/disconnecting device capable of connecting and interrupting power transmission on the downstream side of the fluid... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150021135 - Drive assembly including drive tab fixed to turbine shell and method of forming: A drive assembly for a torque converter is provided. The drive assembly includes a turbine shell including a rounded portion and an outer radial extension on an outer circumference of rounded portion; and a tab plate bonded to the outer radial extension of the turbine shell by adhesive. A method... Agent:

20150021137 - Two pass multi-function torque converter: A torque converter, including: a cover; an impeller including an impeller blade, and an impeller shell with a first surface extending beyond the impeller blade in a radial direction and at an acute angle with respect to a first line in the radial direction; a turbine including a turbine blade,... Agent:

20150021138 - Bi-directional actuator for a motor vehicle drive train: A bi-directional actuator for a motor vehicle drive train is provided. The actuator includes a first axially stationary part; a second axially stationary part; an activation part between the first axially stationary part and the second axially stationary part, the activation part being axially movable to alternately contact the first... Agent:

20150021139 - Transmission clutch damper: A transmission clutch damper assembly having an outer carrier with at least one spring retainer plate located therein. At least one spring is retained by stops in the spring retainer plate. A hub having radially outwardly extending castles is provided. Upon rotation of the outer carrier in a first direction... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150021140 - Method and system for reducing vacuum consumption in a vehicle: A system and method for conserving vacuum within a vehicle is described. In one example, vacuum is conserved via limiting volume expansion of a brake booster working chamber.... Agent:

20150021141 - Method and system for reducing vacuum use in a vehicle: A system and method for conserving vacuum within a vehicle is described. In one example, a vacuum level in a working chamber of a vacuum operated brake booster is controlled so as to limit vacuum consumption.... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150014119 - Torque transmission mechanism: A torque transmission mechanism for an internal combustion engine, adapted to transmit a starting torque from a starter motor to a crankshaft of the internal combustion engine. The torque transmission mechanism includes a ring gear that transmits the starting torque, a one-way clutch disposed between the ring gear and the... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150014111 - One-way resistance roll-up apparatus: A roll-up apparatus, which provides a unidirectional resistance, includes an outer barrel, an inner barrel, damping oil, a clutch device, and a driving device. The outer and the inner barrels each has a concentric-circle structure therein. The inner barrel has first ratchet teeth. The outer barrel is fitted to the... Agent:

20150014112 - Fan clutch for vehicle: A fan clutch for a vehicle may include a shaft rotated by a drive force and having a first oil line formed in the shaft in a radial direction thereof, a rotor rotated in combination with the shaft, wherein the rotor includes an oil storage chamber formed in the rotor... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150014113 - All-wheel drive disconnect clutch: A wedge clutch, including: an inner hub; an outer race including an axially extending portion; and a plurality of wedge plates radially located between the inner hub and the axially extending portion. In a closed position for the clutch, the plurality of wedges is non-rotatably connected to the inner hub... Agent:

20150014114 - Torque transfer in laterally engaging drive couplers exhibiting axial misalignment with driven couplers: The present invention relates to transferring torque between a first unit, which is typically a mobile machine or a robot, and a second unit, which is typically a fixed or stationary machine. The units are arranged such that a drive coupler of the first unit designed for delivering torque about... Agent: Qbotix, Inc.

20150014115 - Electrically actuated rotating band torque transmitting mechanism for hybrid and other transmissions: A torque transmitting mechanism includes a drum attached to one of a first member and a second member, and a shell attached to another of the first member and the second member. The drum and the shell are concentrically disposed about a longitudinal axis, with the shell concentrically disposed about... Agent:

20150014116 - Device and apparatus for controlling the operating mode of a coupling assembly, coupling and control assembly and electric motor disconnect and pass through assemblies: Device and apparatus for controlling the operating mode of a coupling assembly, coupling and control assembly and electric motor disconnect and pass through assemblies are provided. The device is a switchable linear actuator device to control the operating mode of a coupling assembly. A plurality of magnetic sources produce corresponding... Agent:

20150014117 - Electromagnetic clutch: An electromagnetic clutch can be manufactured with reduced steps and cost. In the electromagnetic clutch, an electromagnetic coil unit 4 for causing a rotor and an armature to magnetically adhere to each other to enable power transmission from a drive source to a driven device includes: a bobbin 42 around... Agent:

20150014118 - Electromagnetic clutch device, actuator device and controller for controlling opening and closing body for vehicle: An electromagnetic clutch device includes an armature, a rotor, an electromagnet, and a silencing member. The armature is adapted to be supported by a driving member so that the armature is movable in the axial direction and rotate integrally with the driving member. The rotor is arranged coaxially with the... Agent: Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd.

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