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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150145261 - Door lock mechanism for actuation of the locking slide of a disconnector on a control box, and a corresponding control box arrangement: A door lock mechanism for actuation of the locking slide of a disconnector on a control box, includes a setting mechanism, that may be disposed between a locking position and a released position and that is pre-loaded toward the locking position, wherein the setting mechanism comprises a shaft that is... Agent: Rittal Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150145262 - Reinforced motor vehicle lock: The invention relates to a motor vehicle lock, comprising a lock housing, a lock case, a locking mechanism and an operating device, wherein at least one component of the operating device extends through an opening in the lock housing and said opening is designed with at least one reinforcing insert.... Agent: Kiekert Aktiengesellschaft A Corporation

20150145264 - Door opening and closing apparatus: A door opening and closing apparatus includes a lock mechanism having an engaging member that engages with a lock member provided in a door when the door is in a fully closed state, and a link mechanism that has three link members, is configured to be able to undergo deformation... Agent: Nabtesco Corporation

20150145263 - Vehicle hood latches: Latches including a slot having a length that allows a striker of the latch to move from a normal closed position downwardly toward the closed bottom of the slot into an over travel position.... Agent:

20150145265 - Latch apparatus: An actuator (24, 528, 606) is configured to cause a latch assembly (22, 322, 422, 522, 526, 604) to be changed from a closed condition in which an item is latched, to an open condition in which the item is unlatched. A catch jaw (30, 530) is operative in a... Agent:

20150145266 - Door lock device: A door lock device including a housing coupled to a predetermined portion of the door and having first penetrating holes formed in centers of both lateral sides, respectively, corresponding to front and rear surfaces of the door. A second penetrating hole formed in a wall of the housing. A body... Agent: Pushpull System Co., Ltd

05/21/2015 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150137526 - Closure latch: A latch comprising a base, a handle, a socket, a nut, a threaded shank, and a hollow shaft is provided. The base includes a central through hole and a side recess. The handle includes a toothed holed end. The socket includes an upper toothed section, a lower extension, an intermediate... Agent:

20150137527 - Actuator: An actuator includes an electric motor, a power transmission mechanism having a worm provided in a motor rotating shaft of the electric motor and a worm wheel engaging the worm, a drive member connected to the motor rotating shaft through the power transmission mechanism and displaced according to a rotation... Agent:

20150137528 - Electric latch retraction push-bar device: An electric latch retraction device comprising a housing for receiving a plurality of internal components of the electric latch retraction device. An actuator mechanism is included in the housing, the actuator mechanism is adapted to impart linear movement on a latch, such that the latch is retracted towards the housing.... Agent:

20150137529 - Lock for a flap or door: The invention relates to a lock for a door or flap, comprising a locking mechanism that consists of a rotary latch (1) and at least one pawl (2) for locking the rotary latch (1), the rotary latch (1) when in the detent position preferably initiating an opening moment in the... Agent:

20150137530 - Apparatus and method for providing a bypass feature in a latch: A latch having: a fork bolt movably mounted thereto; a detent lever movably mounted thereto, wherein the detent lever prevents the fork bolt from moving from a closed position to an open position when the detent lever is in a latched position; a bell crank lever movably mounted to the... Agent:

20150137531 - Piezo based energy harvesting for e-latch systems: A vehicle door includes an electrically-powered latch and a user input feature that can be actuated by a user to cause the electrically-powered latch to unlatch. An electrical energy storage device is operably connected to the electrically-powered latch, and a piezoelectric device is mounted to the door. The piezoelectric device... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150137532 - Vehicle door closer device: A vehicle door closer device comprises a latch that is capable of engaging with a striker of a vehicle body; a ratchet that is capable of engaging with the latch; and a release-canceling mechanism that comprises a first release-output lever, a second release-output lever and a canceling lever. A locking... Agent:

20150137533 - Magnetic closure for electronic device cases: The magnetic closure for an electronic device case includes a first member detachably attached to an end of a front cover of the case and a second member directly or indirectly attached to a side wall of the electronic device such that the first and second members are magnetically attractable... Agent:

20150137534 - Universal barricade for entry doors: A portable entry door barricade is provided to temporarily hold a door shut against a corresponding doorframe. The entry door barricade comprises in general, an elongate bar and a channel lock. The elongate bar has a major length that extends a length at least as long as a span between... Agent:

20150137535 - Door handle arrangement: The invention is directed to a door handle arrangement for a motor vehicle door, wherein a door handle is provided and wherein in the installed state a hinge mechanism is provided which allows pivoting of the door handle for its manual actuation. It is proposed that in the installed state,... Agent:

20150137537 - Door handle system for an automotive vehicle: A door handle system for an automotive vehicle door includes a door handle and a body panel. The body panel is moveable between a flush position and a recessed position. If the body panel is in the flush position, portions of the door handle are concealed. If the body panel... Agent:

20150137536 - Door latching and lock assembly with quick-connect devices and methods of assembling door handles, escutcheon plates and lock bodies utilizing quick-connect devices: Latching and lock mechanisms for doors are developed that are particularly designed to improve assembly of the door latching and lock mechanisms along with a door and include methods of and features for connecting inside and outside escutcheon plates together and to a lock body by way of a quick-connect... Agent: Larson Manufacturing Company Of South Dakota, Inc.

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