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Closure fasteners

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11/13/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140333073 - Tamper evident lock assembly: A tamper evident lock assembly (20) including a housing (22), an alterable means (76) and a sensor (49). The housing (22) is adapted for installation in or on a door. The alterable means (76) in or on the housing (22) is adapted for altering the function and/or attributes of the... Agent: Gainsborough Hardware Industries Limited

20140333074 - Compression latch: A compression latch for a closure, the latch including a housing, a latch member and an input shaft configured to drive the latch. The latch member is pivotably connected to the housing at a latch member pivot point. The latch member includes a latch arm and a striker. The latch... Agent: Weston Body Hardware Limited

20140333075 - Door latch device: A slidable device allows a door to be locked but prevented from latching into the doorjamb until a sliding mechanism releases the door latch.... Agent:

20140333076 - Motor vehicle door lock: The invention relates to a motor vehicle door lock comprising at least one actuation lever (3) that is arranged in a lock housing (1, 2). Furthermore, a connection means (4, 5) is used for coupling the actuation lever (3) to an actuation element (6) arranged outside the lock housing (1,... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140327249 - Internal locking mechanism for an externally locked door: An apparatus with a fixed plate and a lock blocking bracket is used to lock doors that can only be locked from outside. The fixed plate has a knob guide opening, a recessed track, and an arm guide opening. The lock blocking bracket has an inner plate, an offset arm,... Agent:

20140327250 - Door lock apparatus: A door lock apparatus is provided, which includes a door trim provided on a vehicle interior side of a door, which is capable of being opened and closed with respect to a vehicle body; a door lock body provided on the door to lock and unlock the door; a lock... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20140327251 - Door latch security devices and related methods: Door latch security devices for maintaining doors closed may comprise latch engagement arms configured to obstruct a swinging arm of a door latch from disengaging from a fixed bar of the door latch. A support member may be connected to the latch engagement arms. The support member may be configured... Agent:

20140327252 - Extendable flush door handle for vehicle: A handle assembly for a door of a vehicle includes a base portion and a handle portion movable relative to the base portion between a recessed position and a partially extended position. When at the partially extended position, the handle portion is manually movable outward from the base portion to... Agent:

20140327253 - Vehicle latch assembly: Provided is a vehicle latch assembly for locking or unlocking a seat back of a vehicle seat capable of decreasing vibrations and noise of the seat back by forming a wedge part so that a tolerance is not generated in a state in which the seat back is latched.... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140319846 - Fuel tank cap lock: The invention relates to a lock for a fuel tank or tailgate in a vehicle, comprising a locking bolt (1) which can be adjusted between an open and closed position by opening and closing the cap or the tailgate. Said cap lock, in the housing (2) of the locking device,... Agent: Kiekert Aktiengesellschaft

20140319847 - Vehicle door lock apparatus: A closing mechanism of a vehicle door lock apparatus includes a drive, a pivoting body, a close lever, a transmitting member, and a cancel lever. The pivoting body is driven by the drive to pivot when a fork is disposed in a half latched position. The transmitting member is displaceable... Agent: Ansel Corporation

20140319848 - Latch assembly release effort control, and method thereof: A latch assembly for a lid covering a compartment includes a forkbolt, a detent, a forkbolt spring, and a detent spring. The lid is movable between a primary latched position, a secondary latched position, and an open position. The forkbolt and the detent are configured to releasably engage with each... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140319849 - Combination slam latch and cam lock adapter: A self-contained combination latch and cam lock adapter module affixes to the rear of any lock (keyed or non-keyed) that has a requisite mating feature. The module is alignable in any of four positions (up, down, left, and right) on the back of the lock for latching in any installed... Agent: Compx International Inc.

20140319850 - Magnetic door lock assembly: A latch lock system for a door that is mountable in a doorframe, the latch lock system including a main housing including a spindle and lever, a bolt having a nose part that is attractable to a magnet, the bolt being slidable in the main housing between extended and retracted... Agent: Securitech Group, Inc.

20140319851 - Locknig apparatus for a rollup door or other movable object: A locking apparatus for a rollup door, comprising a striker member, latch assembly including a latch, a release lever, a trigger, a cam and a solenoid. The latch assembly may also include a limit switch for detecting when the latch assembly is in an unlocked position. The locking apparatus can... Agent: Janus International Group, LLC

20140319852 - Vehicle door latch device: A vehicle door latch device which comprises a body having a holding portion, an engagement member pivotally mounted in the holding portion, a cover member closing an opening of the holding portion, and a shaft comprising a shank which passes through a bearing hole of the body and a shank... Agent: Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

20140319854 - Single piece latch: A latch includes a latch head and a latch shaft ending from the latch head. A first pin pair extends radially outwardly from the latch shaft and is configured to secure a first panel between the latch head and the first pin pair. A second pin pair extends radially outwardly... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140319853 - Tailgate handle: A handle assembly for opening and closing a vehicle door wherein the handle assembly includes: a recess in an exterior surface of the vehicle door; a cover over the recess wherein the cover is coupled to the vehicle door and is moveable between an open position and a closed position;... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140319855 - Latch spacer: A latch spacer for securing a latch assembly in a hollow inner region of a door. The latch spacer includes a plurality of sidewalls. At least a portion of the sidewalk abut against inner surfaces of the sidewalls of the door to provide a friction tit that secures the latch... Agent: Schlage Lock Company LLC

20140319856 - Angled security plate: An angled security plate is configured to increase tensile strength of a door jamb attached to a door frame and prevent an unwanted entry through a door. The angled security plate includes a first leg connected to a second leg at a right angle. A deadbolt tab is connected to... Agent:

20140319857 - Door structure having a locking element that inhibits the door release: A door structure for vehicles has a door outer lining, a door inner lining and a locking/closing mechanism with actuating elements on the outer side and optionally on the inner side of the door. The locking/closing mechanism is connected to the door release via at least one transmission element (8)... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Prsche Aktiengessellschaft

20140319858 - Lock structure: A lock structure includes a mounting plate, a positioning member, an escutcheon and a constraining member, wherein the mounting plate comprises a ring wall, guiding slot and a limiting slot, and the escutcheon comprises a limiting protrusion. The positioning member is disposed in the limiting slot and clamped between the... Agent: Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd.

10/23/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140312627 - Motor vehicle cover locking arrangment: A locking arrangement for a pivotable flap or cover on a motor vehicle is disclosed. The cover locking arrangement includes a slotted link element with a control groove, a holding element with a sliding element and a torsion element. The control groove has a first loading section, through which upon... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140312628 - Locking mechanism and portable electronic apparatus: A locking mechanism includes a hooking component, an engagement structure, and an actuation component. The hooking component is disposed in a casing of a portable electronic apparatus. The engagement structure and the actuation component are disposed in another casing of the portable electronic apparatus. The actuation component is slidable relatively... Agent:

20140312630 - Actuation device for a motor vehicle door lock: The invention relates to an actuation device for a motor vehicle door lock (1), comprising a handle (7), and a locking lever (10) which renders the handle (7) inactive when accelerating forces (a) of a predetermined magnitude occur, for example, in the event of an accident. In the normal operation,... Agent:

20140312629 - Latch assembly: A latch assembly is provided herein, the latch assembly having: a chassis; a latch bolt, movably mounted on the chassis and having a closed position for retaining a striker, an open position for releasing the striker; a first safety position between the closed position and the open position for retaining... Agent:

20140312631 - Strike for walk-in cold rooms: A lockable strike (10) is disclosed which includes an exterior strike assembly (16) and an interior release assembly (17). The exterior strike assembly has a housing (25) and a rod receiver (30) with a slotted rod holder (32). The interior release assembly includes a pinned coupling rod (35), a lever... Agent: Kason Industries, Inc.

20140312632 - Vehicle door latch device: In a vehicle door latch device, a first outside lever is pivotally mounted via a pivot shaft, and second outside lever is connected to an outside handle on an outer panel of a door via a motion-transmitting member to move toward the inside of a vehicle. Usually, turning of the... Agent: Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

20140312633 - Safety device for vehicle door handle: The present invention is related to a vehicle door handle, comprising an inertial system (1) mobile in rotation around a main rotation axis (A) and configured for activating and preventing the actuation of the door handle (1), the said inertial system (17) comprising a body (23) receiving the main rotation... Agent: Valeo Spa

20140312634 - Safety door barricade: A door barricade includes a base member and a securing mechanism. The base member has a size that permits it to be positioned under a door, with a first upwardly extending portion positioned on the base member and a second upwardly extending portion positioned on the base member. The first... Agent: National School Control Systems, LLC

20140312635 - Non-permanent child resistant cabinet restraint: Systems and methods for dynamically adjusting the gain in a receiver front end. The gain is adjusted in order to make an error margin for each incoming signal essentially equal. Signals are initially received together. The signals are split in order to allow for independent adjustments to the gain of... Agent:

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