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Closure fasteners

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01/22/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150021926 - Latch device and anchor with swivel coupling: Latch systems having latch devices for releasably engaging anchors are disclosed herein. A latch system configured in accordance with one embodiment of the disclosure includes a latch device having an anchor aperture configured to receive a head portion of an anchor. The latch device includes a first engagement member operably... Agent:

20150021927 - Lock device and apparatus mounted with the same: The present invention relates to a lock device, comprising a housing including a lock hook mounted in the housing, the lock hook pivotally moves to and away from a lock hook locked position; a locking slider for locking the lock hook, the locking slider having a locking slider first end... Agent:

20150021928 - Monitoring system for monitoring a two-part-cowl lock unit: The subject matter disclosed herein provides a system for monitoring the state of a two-part-cowl lock unit, the lock unit comprising a pair hook-keeper. This system comprises a rod mechanically connected to the lock unit, a spring mechanically coupled with the rod and warning mechanism adapted to be activated by... Agent:

20150021929 - Appliance latch with uni-directional actuator: A door locking mechanism for an appliance provides a bolt that is biased by a spring but may be moved by a unidirectional actuator. A bi-stable mechanism blocks movement of the bolt at certain positions at successive actuations of the unidirectional actuator. In this way, energy need not be provided... Agent:

20150021930 - Pin latch with detection device and movable catch-pin and intermediate position with automatic return mechanism: A pin latch includes a guide block, a handle having a trigger, and a shear pin housed slidably within the guide block and connected to the handle. The shear pin includes a catch-pin engageable by the trigger, and is slidable between an engageable position and a disengageable position when the... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20150021931 - Vehicle door latch system and method: A door latch system for a vehicle having a front door and a back door includes electric latch mechanisms associated with each door. Open switches are associated with each door to request opening of the doors. Lock switches are associated with each door to request locking and unlocking of the... Agent:

20150021932 - Sliding door or window latch: A latch includes a protrusion that extends from a latch body. The protrusion moves from a fully extended position to a partially extended position when the door or window to which the latch is mounted is moved to a closed position. This movement of the protrusion disengages an anti-slam mechanism,... Agent:

20150021933 - Assist handle for vehicle: An assist handle apparatus for a vehicle having a mounting plate positioned at a handgrip may include a damping mechanism having a hinge pin connected to the handgrip; hinge ends positioned at first and second sides of the mounting plate, wherein a damper seat is formed in a space defined... Agent: Trw Controls & Fasteners Inc.

20150021934 - Motor-vehicle door lock: The invention relates to a motor vehicle door lock comprising a locking mechanism, at least one locking lever (3) and an electric drive (5, 6, 7) for the locking mechanism. In normal operation, said electric drive (5, 6, 7) acts upon the locking mechanism for an electric opening. Additionally, the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150014999 - Striker for use with vehicle: A striker for use with a vehicle having a lock element, which comprises an engagement portion engageable with the lock element and a reinforcing bracket disposed relative to the engagement portion of the striker, such that a predetermined space is provided between the reinforcing bracket and engagement portion. When a... Agent:

20150015000 - Sash window restrictor: A sash window restrictor (20) has a housing (22) which is to be let into a vertical frame member (10) of one sash (normally the upper, outer sash) of a window, at a position, say, 10 cm above the top rail of the lower sash when the windows are closed.... Agent:

20150015001 - Electric household appliance door locking device: An electric household appliance having a casing (2); a compartment (3) housed inside the casing (2) and facing an opening (4); a door (5) fitted to the casing (2) and movable between an open position and a closed position; and a locking device (6); the locking device (6) having a... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20150015002 - Safety, self-latching, magnetic gate latch device: Disclosed is a self-latching gate latch device. The device comprises a latch and a magnet assembly housing. The latch assembly housing, secured to a hinged gate, comprises a slidable horizontal latch bar, attractable by a magnet. The magnet assembly housing comprises a slidable vertical magnet bar secured with a magnet... Agent:

20150015003 - Concealed fastener lockset: Locksets primarily intended for use in interior residential doors and that have a concealed fastener mechanism positioned on one side of the lockset, the mechanism including connecting a first handle connected to a second handle through a spindle with the concealed fastener mechanism comprising a generally cylindrical housing including a... Agent:

20150015004 - Motor vehicle door lock: The invention relates to a motor vehicle door lock, comprising a locking mechanism, and further comprising an electric drive (5, 6, 7) for the locking mechanism, and at least one stop (12) for the electric drive (5, 6, 7), wherein the stop (12) is designed as a damping stop (12)... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150008680 - Interior apparatus of a vehicle: A lock device includes a holding structure for holding a state that the ends of the first and second rods have been withdrawn from the first and second lock-receiving portions. Therefore, when a movable member is moved from an open positioner to a closed position, it is possible to prevent... Agent: Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd.

20150008681 - Sliding door arrester: A sliding door for a motor vehicle includes a sliding door arrester to prevent the sliding door from inadvertently closing during a deceleration event. The sliding door arrestor includes a base fixed relative to a guide rail and a locking element pivotally attached to the base. The locking element includes... Agent:

20150008682 - Adjustable door lock and associated method: An adjustable door lock may include a catch plate adapted to be secured adjacent to the door. A plurality of catch brackets may be connected to the catch plate. A catch may be adjustably connected to the catch plate and interfitted through the catch brackets. Such a catch preferably has... Agent: Ajustco, LLC

20150008683 - Electromagnetic door lock particularly for doors in escape routes: An electromagnetic door lock has an electromagnet which cooperates with an armature plate. The armature plate has an adjusting unit fastened to the armature plate so as to be freely rotatable and which cooperates with a threaded rod that is secured to the door or to the door frame.... Agent:

20150008684 - Portable door guard hinge security device: A portable door guard used to secure the door at the hinge, particularly the wings of the hinge. The portable door guard comprises a retractable, non-permanently fixed device that can be secured around the hinge of the door from the inside to prohibit the door to open more than a... Agent:

20150008685 - Actuation device: The invention relates to an actuation device for a flap mounted moveably on a component between a closed position and an opened position, in particular for a flap mounted moveably on a housing of an automobile, comprising: a first actuation part and a second actuation part, wherein the first actuation... Agent:

20150008686 - Adjustable vehicle window support device: Provided is a vehicle window support device comprising an elongated ladder strap and a locking wedge for attachment to a vehicle window to support the window in a desired position. The ladder strap has a top face and a rear face and at least one transverse ridge on its top... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150001859 - Latch assembly for cargo door: A latch assembly for a cargo door assembly that accommodates for dimensional and structure variations is cargo door assemblies to ensure a secure latching mechanism. The latch assembly uses a two piece design that includes a handle unit and a separate plunger unit to enable its use with cargo doors... Agent:

20150001860 - Pull-out device for at least two pull-out furniture parts: A device for blocking the pull-out movement of pull-out furniture parts including, for each of the pull-out furniture parts, a driver, a blocking unit which has a shiftable actuating, and a retraction spring and blocking rods which cooperate with the actuating parts, a respective actuating part that is shifted due... Agent: Fulterer Gesellschaft Mbh

20150001861 - Vehicle door latch release device: A vehicle door latch release device is provided in which a latch device enabling latch release in response to operation of an electric actuator and mechanical input of a latch release operating force is provided on a door, and input of a mechanical latch release operating force into the latch... Agent:

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