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Closure fasteners

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09/18/2014 > 24 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140265355 - Latch with an automatic locking function for a double door: A latch assembly includes a latch having a body. A stop having a lower melting point is received in an engagement hole of the body. An ear is pivotable between a storage position in a transverse groove of the body and a blocking position partially extending out of the transverse... Agent:

20140265356 - Fastener: A fastener comprises a fixing frame, a sliding base as well as a sliding frame and a swinging arm disposed inside the sliding base. A beveled guide surface of a fastening hook of a fastening rod of the fixing frame is pressed against a front side wall of the sliding... Agent: Great Computer Corporation

20140265357 - Deadbolt latch assembly: A deadbolt latch assembly is provided which includes a housing, bolt, slide, and a pivot member. The bolt is movable, at least partially, into and out of the housing. The slide is located inside the housing and coupled to the bolt to move the bolt, at least partially, into and... Agent:

20140265358 - Cross connecting locking apparatus: Embodiments of the subject invention relate to a cross connecting locking apparatus for portals such as doors, gates, entryways, entrances, hatches, ingresses, garage doors, windows, fenestrations, or any other sort of passageway situated in a larger nonmovable structure. Specific embodiments are remotely operated and can be locked or unlocked under... Agent:

20140265359 - Intelligent door lock system: An intelligent door lock system is provided with a position sensing device configured to be coupled to a drive shaft of a lock device. The position sensing device senses position of the drive shaft and assists in locking and unlocking a lock of a lock device. An engine is provided... Agent: August Home, Inc.

20140265360 - Bolt mechanism and bolting method: A bolt mechanism (10), comprising: two bolts (22A, 22B), slideable along one axis (32) or along axes parallel thereto, for bolting the two bolts (22A, 22B) one towards the other; at least one handle (20A) fixed to at least one (22A) of the two bolts (22A, 22B) for bolting thereof;... Agent:

20140265361 - Appartus and method for preventing unwanted opening of a locked enclosure: An apparatus for preventing unwanted opening of a locked enclosure. The enclosure includes a lock, a door and a door bolt. The door is openable when the door bolt is retracted from a structure surrounding the enclosure. The apparatus includes a frangible guard plate, and an arm coupled to the... Agent: Lockmasters Security Institute, Inc.

20140265362 - Magnetic locking apparatus: A magnetic locking apparatus has a body and an engaging mount. The body has a casing, a bolt and a driving device. The bolt is retractably mounted in the casing and has a connecting section, an engaging section and at least one magnetic element. The driving device is mounted in... Agent: Door & Window Hardware Co.

20140265363 - Foot-activated door locking system: A door locking system is provided herein. The door locking system includes an elongated foot bolt. The foot bolt is dimensioned to be received in a recess or a strike in a floor. The door locking system also includes a housing. The housing has upper and lower ends, with the... Agent:

20140265364 - Adjustable lock point for lock tie bars: A lock system for casement or awning windows. The lock system includes a keeper and a tie bar with a rivet assembly rotatably attached thereto. The rivet assembly includes a rivet and a sleeve rotationally fixed to the rivet, the rivet and the sleeve having longitudinal axes parallel to but... Agent: Truth Hardware Corporation

20140265365 - Push-push latch arrangement: A push-push latch arrangement includes, but is not limited to, a trim component that is configured to move between a first position and a second position. The trim component has a push-push pathway. The push-push latch arrangement further includes, but is not limited to, a latch component having a pathway... Agent: Faurecia Interior Systems, Inc.

20140265366 - Magnetic door latch blocker system: A magnetic latch blocker comprises an oblong flexible strip, one side of which is magnetized so that the strip will magnetically adhere to a metallic door jamb and cover the strike plate of a door. The magnetic strip has a sufficient width to cover the strike plate but not protrude... Agent:

20140265367 - Energy absorbing latch systems and methods: A door latch (100, 400, 500, 600, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900) resists opening of a door (200) beyond a predetermined amount when it is engaged and also allows the opening of the door when it is disengaged. The door latch includes a catch (220, 220′, 3220)... Agent: Flexible Security LLC

20140265368 - Enhanced tamper evident seal: A tamper evident seal includes a wire hasp, an insert and a body for receiving the insert and the wire hasp. The one leg of the wire hasp must be located in the channel in the insert prior to the insert being located in the body. A coupling structure for... Agent:

20140265369 - Tamper evident seal: A tamper evident seal includes a wire hasp, an insert and a body for receiving the insert and the wire hasp. One leg of the wire hasp is received in a channel in the insert through an opening having a length slightly greater than the thickness of the wire hasp.... Agent:

20140265370 - Deformable outside handle rear hook or plunger: A handle for doors of motor vehicles includes an outer portion that can be grasped by a user, and an inwardly-extending plunger or hook that operably interconnects the handle to the door latch via a bell crank (that is part of the handle base or chassis depending on the type... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140265371 - Handle assembly: A handle assemble is provided that includes a pivotable handle on a first side of a housing that when moved to an extended position is operative to cause a lever arm to move on a second side of the housing in order to operate a latch mechanism. To move the... Agent: The Eastern Company

20140265374 - Recreational vehicle open assist handle: A door assist system including a door and a door assist assembly. The door is pivotally attached to a wall. The door has a paddle handle configured to be pivoted about a first pivot axis relative to the door for allowing the door to rotate relative to the wall to... Agent:

20140265372 - Retractable handle arrangement for a door or the like: A retractable handle arrangement comprises a handle movable between stowed and deployed states, a motor and transmission means arranged to couple the motor to the handle for moving the handle from the stowed state to the deployed state when the motor is driven in a first direction, and to modulate... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20140265375 - Sentinel event reducing safety knobs: There is disclosed herein a suicide prevention door handle and shower handle wherein each is designed to eliminate any area or structure that could be used to hold a belt, piece of clothing or the like as an aid in committing suicide by hanging. In each case, the safety knob... Agent:

20140265373 - Wobble free exterior handle design: An exterior door handle assembly for motor vehicles is configured to reduce or eliminate wobble or looseness during operation of the door handle. The handle assembly may include a handle member or strap having vertically extending pins at forward and rearward ends of the handle strap, wherein the pins have... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140265376 - Adjustment plate gauge insert and adapter for hands-free lock installation: A door lock chassis has a gauge insert that defines different dimensions corresponding to different door thicknesses. The gauge insert is positionable in the lock chassis in different orientations corresponding to the different dimensions used to align the lock chassis for different door thicknesses. Additionally, a door lock may include... Agent: Schlage Lock Company LLC

20140265377 - Retractable striker cover assembly for vehicle: A retractable cover assembly is provided for a vehicle to cover a latching component such as the striker of a trunk door. The assembly includes a retractable cover and a support structure for supporting the cover at a position to cover the striker. The assembly further includes an arrangement for... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140265378 - Door safety locking apparatus: A door safety locking apparatus door safety locking apparatus including: a body mounted inside a housing; a locker mounted inside a door opening and closing the interior of the housing in such a manner as to be separably fitted to the body; a dog coupled to the interior of the... Agent: Poong Won Industry Co., Ltd.

09/11/2014 > 16 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140252778 - Door lock assembly: A door lock assembly is provided. The door lock assembly includes a lock lever connected to a knob, an inter-lever connected to the lock lever, a first lock device connected to the inter-lever and reciprocating the inter-lever, and a second lock device disposed on one side of the first lock... Agent: Leehan Door Corporation

20140252779 - Locking arrangement: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a locking arrangement configured to attach to each other a body part of an electronic device and a cover part of the electronic device. The locking arrangement includes an elongated locking part configured to be mounted inside... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140252780 - Door lock mortise: Provided is a door lock mortise that may improve product safety and user convenience by enabling a latch bolt operates to be unlocked after a dead bolt of the door lock mortise completely operates. To this end, the door lock mortise includes: a dead bolt driving unit that operates a... Agent: Samsung Sns Co., Ltd.

20140252781 - Device for unlocking a door: Device for unlocking a door, comprising at least one operating element; a bolt; a coupling which can be placed in the door and which is coupled between the bolt and the operating element, wherein the coupling comprises a pair of scissor arms mounted rotatably around a fixed shaft, and a... Agent:

20140252782 - Door operator: A door operator includes a housing, a sliding element, supported within the housing and translationally movable along a first axis, an output shaft, rotatably movable about a second axis, and a transmission element, which is adapted to mutually convert a rotational movement of the output shaft into a translational movement... Agent: Dorma Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140252783 - Door latch device: A linkage mechanism includes a first link rotatably supported on a fixed shaft, a second link rotatably supported on a latch shaft, and an intermediate link that is rotatably connected to the first link by a first link shaft and rotatably connected to the second link by a second link... Agent: Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

20140252784 - Electromechanical rotary latch: A rotary latch has a housing having first and second posts therein. A catch is mounted for rotation about the first post between latched and unlatched positions. A pawl is mounted for rotation about the second post between a catch-retaining position and a catch-releasing position. When the catch is in... Agent:

20140252785 - Device for opening and closing the engine hood of a construction machine: An apparatus for opening and closing an engine hood for a construction machine is disclosed that can open an engine hood, which is mounted on an engine room of a small excavator or the like to be opened and closed by a gas spring so that an operator opens the... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

09/04/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140246868 - Vehicle door latch assembly and latch therefor: A vehicle door latch assembly includes a latch lever connectable to a latch mechanism, a latch rod coupled to the latch lever, and a door handle operative to effect movement of the latch rod to unlatch the latch mechanism via actuation of the latch lever. The latch rod is configured... Agent: Adac Plastics, Inc.

20140246869 - Door handle structure for an entrance/exit door: According to the present disclosure, a door handle structure for an entrance/exit door is configured such that a door handle does not protrude from the entrance/exit door to thereby prevent injuries to children or adults caused by collisions against it, prevent clothing from becoming caught in and torn by it,... Agent:

20140246870 - Hood latch having dual unlocking function: Disclosed herein is a hood latch having a dual unlocking function. The hood latch includes a base coupled to a frame or panel of a vehicle, a fork which has a first fork protrusion, a second fork protrusion and a third fork protrusion and is rotatably coupled to the base... Agent: Pyeonghwa Automotive

20140246871 - Lock hasp apparatus: The present invention relates generally to a lock hasp appar-atus (100) comprises of a left mounting hasp (150) and a right mounting hasp (150) which are identical in physical structure and position of said left mounting hasp (150) and said right mounting hasp (150) can be inter-changed. Each of said... Agent:

20140246873 - Motor-vehicle door handle: A motor-vehicle door handle includes at least one electronics subassembly and a first sensor electrode for a first capacitive sensor for triggering an unlocking operation when an approach to a grasping area is sensed. The sensor electrode is connected to the electronics subassembly. In known motor-vehicle door handles, the sensor... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140246872 - Push/pull operating device for driving a latch device: A push/pull operating device includes first and second operational devices mounted to two sides of a door. The first operating device includes a first bracket having a plurality of non-circular mounting holes. Two engaging rods extend through two of the mounting holes of the first bracket, the door, and a... Agent:

08/28/2014 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140239646 - Locking arrangement for a motor vehicle lid: A locking arrangement for a pivotable lid of a motor vehicle is disclosed. The locking arrangement includes an axially displaceable guided bolt which releasably engages with the lid. A rotatably mounted rocker is coupled to the bolt. A slotted link guide is arranged on a circumferential side of the rocker... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140239647 - Door lock assembly for a dwelling: A door lock assembly for use with a door having a frame element that includes a main body and a pair of opposed sides that forms a channel therebetween. One of the sides of the main body has a connector portion. The assembly also includes a movable locking assembly that... Agent: Tyto Life LLC

20140239648 - Motor vehicle lock with automatic relubrication: A lock which operates reliably and quietly has a locking mechanism with a rotary latch and at least one ratchet pawl for latching the rotary latch. The lock comprises two faces which at least partially bear one against the other and which are at least recurrently displaced relative to one... Agent: Kiekert Aktiengesellschaft

20140239649 - Window restrictor: The window restrictor (10) of the present invention may be used to limit the opening of a casement hinged window. The restrictor (10) comprises a restrictor member (12) and a latch mechanism (14). Typically, the restrictor member (12) is attached to a stile or rail (16) of the moving window... Agent:

20140239651 - Anti-ligative doorknob: An anti-ligative ergonomic type door-knob primarily of the institutional type, essentially serving to defeat the effort of a temporarily mentally-depressed room occupant from succeeding in committing self-hanging via contrived ensnaring by which to secure a cord like hanging-noose. Generic-variant embodiments of my anti-ligative doorknob are set forth, including both a... Agent: Assa Abloy, Inc.

20140239650 - Cab for construction machine and construction machine: A handle is supported by a hollow tube so as to be movable in the direction in which the handle is pushed toward a hollow space. A hole leading to the hollow space of the hollow tube has a first hole portion located at one end of a base portion... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140239652 - Door handle assembly: A handle assembly for a vehicle door includes a backplate, operable to be mounted to a portion of the vehicle door, and the backplate including a recessed region displaced away from the exterior surface of the vehicle door. A handle aperture is provided within the recessed region of the backplate... Agent: Magna Closures Inc.

20140239653 - Striker with expandable sleeve: A striker assembly includes a striker having an attachment portion, a shaft portion having a cylindrical outer surface, and a shoulder portion between the shaft portion and the attachment portion. The striker assembly also includes a striker sleeve having a wall that has an inner surface defining an interior space... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

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