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Closure fasteners

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05/21/2015 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150137526 - Closure latch: A latch comprising a base, a handle, a socket, a nut, a threaded shank, and a hollow shaft is provided. The base includes a central through hole and a side recess. The handle includes a toothed holed end. The socket includes an upper toothed section, a lower extension, an intermediate... Agent:

20150137527 - Actuator: An actuator includes an electric motor, a power transmission mechanism having a worm provided in a motor rotating shaft of the electric motor and a worm wheel engaging the worm, a drive member connected to the motor rotating shaft through the power transmission mechanism and displaced according to a rotation... Agent:

20150137528 - Electric latch retraction push-bar device: An electric latch retraction device comprising a housing for receiving a plurality of internal components of the electric latch retraction device. An actuator mechanism is included in the housing, the actuator mechanism is adapted to impart linear movement on a latch, such that the latch is retracted towards the housing.... Agent:

20150137529 - Lock for a flap or door: The invention relates to a lock for a door or flap, comprising a locking mechanism that consists of a rotary latch (1) and at least one pawl (2) for locking the rotary latch (1), the rotary latch (1) when in the detent position preferably initiating an opening moment in the... Agent:

20150137530 - Apparatus and method for providing a bypass feature in a latch: A latch having: a fork bolt movably mounted thereto; a detent lever movably mounted thereto, wherein the detent lever prevents the fork bolt from moving from a closed position to an open position when the detent lever is in a latched position; a bell crank lever movably mounted to the... Agent:

20150137531 - Piezo based energy harvesting for e-latch systems: A vehicle door includes an electrically-powered latch and a user input feature that can be actuated by a user to cause the electrically-powered latch to unlatch. An electrical energy storage device is operably connected to the electrically-powered latch, and a piezoelectric device is mounted to the door. The piezoelectric device... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150137532 - Vehicle door closer device: A vehicle door closer device comprises a latch that is capable of engaging with a striker of a vehicle body; a ratchet that is capable of engaging with the latch; and a release-canceling mechanism that comprises a first release-output lever, a second release-output lever and a canceling lever. A locking... Agent:

20150137533 - Magnetic closure for electronic device cases: The magnetic closure for an electronic device case includes a first member detachably attached to an end of a front cover of the case and a second member directly or indirectly attached to a side wall of the electronic device such that the first and second members are magnetically attractable... Agent:

20150137534 - Universal barricade for entry doors: A portable entry door barricade is provided to temporarily hold a door shut against a corresponding doorframe. The entry door barricade comprises in general, an elongate bar and a channel lock. The elongate bar has a major length that extends a length at least as long as a span between... Agent:

20150137535 - Door handle arrangement: The invention is directed to a door handle arrangement for a motor vehicle door, wherein a door handle is provided and wherein in the installed state a hinge mechanism is provided which allows pivoting of the door handle for its manual actuation. It is proposed that in the installed state,... Agent:

20150137537 - Door handle system for an automotive vehicle: A door handle system for an automotive vehicle door includes a door handle and a body panel. The body panel is moveable between a flush position and a recessed position. If the body panel is in the flush position, portions of the door handle are concealed. If the body panel... Agent:

20150137536 - Door latching and lock assembly with quick-connect devices and methods of assembling door handles, escutcheon plates and lock bodies utilizing quick-connect devices: Latching and lock mechanisms for doors are developed that are particularly designed to improve assembly of the door latching and lock mechanisms along with a door and include methods of and features for connecting inside and outside escutcheon plates together and to a lock body by way of a quick-connect... Agent: Larson Manufacturing Company Of South Dakota, Inc.

05/14/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150130193 - Glove box for an automobile: Disclosed is a glove box for an automobile. The glove box for an automobile includes a glove box door which is open/closed; a first lock rod including an end protruding to a side of the glove box door in the glove box door to lock the side of the glove... Agent:

20150130194 - Glove box for vehicle: A glove box for a vehicle according to the present invention includes: a push rod housing which is fixed to a glove box door; a push rod which is slidably disposed in the push rod housing in order to lock or unlock the glove box door; and a guide rod... Agent:

20150130195 - Electric lock for doors: An electric lock for doors has a housing with an opening, including a first catch and a second catch, an overlap formed by which enables the operation of the present invention. A blocking element connected to a driving device is displaced between an opening position and a closing position whereby... Agent:

20150130196 - Safety bolt device and system: o mate with the threads, such that the nut and the distil end of the bolt are on one side of the door, and the door receiver is attached to the opposite side of the door; a jamb receiver attached to the doorjamb, the jamb receiver comprising: a jamb receiver... Agent:

20150130197 - Anti-ligature handle and escutcheon for operating a lock: An anti-ligature handle and escutcheon for operating a lock. The handle and escutcheon are smoothly curved in all directions to eliminate hanging points and prevent suicide by preventing the attachment of a ligature to the handle or escutcheon. The handle is curved to allow fingers to be inserted behind the... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 5 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150123407 - Power driven vehicle latch with non-uniform gears: A vehicle latch is disclosed herein, the vehicle latch, having: a first gear with a first gear pitch radius that reduces from a first gear tooth to an ending gear tooth; a second gear with a second gear pitch radius that increases from a first gear tooth to an ending... Agent:

20150123408 - Pushbutton latch mechanism for a vehicle: A pushbutton latch mechanism includes a module housing having first, second and third housing walls defining respective housing openings. The mechanism may be employed in a glove box assembly in a vehicle. An actuator is positioned at least partially within the module housing and defines an actuator slot. The actuator... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150123410 - Door holding device for vehicle: A door holding device for a vehicle, may include a door handle having a first side disposed on a door base turnably and a second side in which a holder extending inwardly of the door base may be formed, a door lever hinged to the door base and having a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150123409 - Fixed outside handle with multi-functions and protected switches: Vehicles, vehicle doors, and door handle systems are provided. In one embodiment, a vehicle includes a vehicle door, a fixed door handle, and at least one pressure switch. The vehicle door has an outer door panel with an outer side facing an outside of the vehicle door and an interior... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150123411 - Knob structure of glove box for vehicle: A knob structure of a glove box for a vehicle according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a push-type knob unit which is coupled to a glove box by a first fixed hinge, and operated by being pushed; a pull-type knob unit which is coupled to the... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150115617 - Apparatus and method for wirelessly transmitting data from a vehicle latch: A latch for a vehicle is disclosed herein. The latch including: a housing; a switch located within the housing, wherein the wireless switch is configured to only wirelessly transfer data from the housing, wherein the data corresponds to an operational state of the wireless switch, wherein the power required to... Agent:

20150115618 - Lid lock device: A lid lock device includes: a housing configured to be fixed to a vehicle; a lock member configured to be movably assembled in the housing and to lock a lid of the vehicle in a closed state; a driving source configured to be assembled in the housing and to drive... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150115619 - Lid lock device: A lid lock device includes: a housing fixed to a vehicle; a lock member assembled to the housing and movable between a lock position and a lock releasing position; a motor assembled to the housing and driving the lock member; a worm gear and a worm wheel assembled to the... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150115620 - Lid lock device: A lid lock device includes: a housing including a first housing and a second housing assembled to the first housing and fixed to a vehicle; a lock member movably supported by one or both of the first and second housings and moving between a lock position and a lock releasing... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150115621 - Lid locking device and lid locking mechanism: In a lid locking device of the present invention, a first rod constituting portion at the front end of a rod is eccentrically located on a side of the rod which is a side spaced away from the lid at a forward extending region of the second rod constituting portion... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150115623 - Latch: This invention relates to a latch (preferably a slam latch) and to methods of operating a door/gate/panel using the latch. The latch comprises: (i) a mounting body; (ii) a latch bolt mounted relative to the mounting body for movement between a locking position and an unlocking position, said latch bolt... Agent:

20150115622 - Power management module for a solenoid-driven safety lock: A power management module for a solenoid-driven industrial safety lock minimizes energy consumption, protects the power supply line, and improves reliability of the safety lock. The power management module comprises a capacitor bank that stores energy from the power supply line. The stored energy is discharged to the solenoid of... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150115624 - Rim exit device with split latch: An exit device employs a pair of projectable latches which are retractable by depressing a push pad. A latch actuator is mounted between the latches and is actuatable to retract the latches. In one embodiment, the actuator comprises a pair of solenoids controlled from a remote location. In another embodiment,... Agent:

20150115625 - Structure of hood latch for vehicle: A structure of a hood latch may include a base plate attached to a front side of a vehicle body having a fixation groove to allow a striker coupled to a hood to enter the fixation groove, a latch in which a first end is hinge-coupled to a first side... Agent: Daedong Door Incorporated

20150115626 - Lock for a flap or door: The aim of the invention is to design a door lock or flap lock which can be easily and reliably opened with little effort. Said aim is achieved by a door lock or flap lock comprising a locking mechanism that consists of a rotary latch and at least one pawl... Agent:

20150115627 - Lock for a flap or door: The invention relates to a door lock or flap lock comprising a locking mechanism that consists of a latch (1) and at least one pawl (2) for locking the latch (1). The locking surface of the pawl is so narrow that even slight pivoting movements are sufficient to unlock a... Agent:

20150115628 - Lock component: A lock component of a motor vehicle lock arrangement with a mechanical actuation chain for the transmission of actuation movements, the actuation chain can comprise at least one actuation lever, which is pivotable around an actuation lever axis. A compensation mechanism can be provided, by which the actuation lever axis... Agent:

20150115629 - Rotary blocking device: A lock including a housing having an opening for a locking bolt, a locking bolt movable between a locked position and an unlocked position, an actuator positioned within the housing, and a rotary blocking device that prevents the locking bolt from moving to the unlocked position is disclosed. The lock... Agent:

20150115630 - Latch assembly: A latch assembly with a first magnet and a second magnet is provided. The first and second magnets engage each other when the latch assembly is in a closed position. The latch assembly also includes features for determining when the latch assembly is in the closed position. Knowledge of when... Agent: General Electric Company

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