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Closure fasteners

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08/07/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140217748 - Actuator unit for motor vehicle applications: The subject matter of the present invention is an actuator unit for motor vehicle applications, in particular motor vehicle door locks (1). This actuator unit has in its basic design a housing (8a, 8b), in addition a drive (2) which is arranged in the housing (8a, 8b), an actuator element... Agent: Kiekert Aktiengesellschaft

20140217749 - Magnetic gate latch: A magnetic gate latch comprises magnetic materials and a latching mechanism attracted into a keeper when the gate latch is closed by a first magnetic force and retained in a unlatched position by a second magnetic force. For example, the latching mechanism comprises a pin without a spring or other... Agent: Weldon Industries, Inc.

20140217750 - Latch combination for door or window: A latch combination includes an automatic latch device having a latch bolt engaged in a housing and having a free end extendible out of a door panel, an actuating member pivotally engaged with the housing and engaged with the latch bolt, a deadbolt engaged in a casing and engaged with... Agent: Thase Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140217751 - Latch mechanism: A latch is provided including a fork bolt configured to rotate between an unlatched position and a latched position. A detent is configured to cooperate with the fork bolt. At least one of the fork bolt and the detent includes a resilient absorption mechanism. The resilient absorption mechanism is configured... Agent:

20140217752 - Latch mechanism: A latch is provided including a fork bolt configured to rotate between an unlatch position and a latched position. A detent is configured to cooperate with the forkbolt. A bumper includes an upper contact portion and an elongated lower portion. The bumper is configured to receive a striker when the... Agent:

20140217753 - Lock for a flap or door: The invention relates to a lock for a flap or a door, with a lock housing, a locking mechanism consisting of a rotary latch (4) and at least one pawl (6), and at least one spring (23) which is capable of pivoting a pivotable component of the lock from a... Agent: Kiekert Aktiengesellschaft

20140217754 - Door security device: A device for restricting movement of a door includes a door member, a floor member, and a connecting member. The door member is fixedly mounted to a door and includes a first opening having a first predetermined shape. The floor member is fixedly mounted to a floor and includes a... Agent:

20140217755 - Interchangeable door handle system: An interchangeable door handle system includes a mounting plate having an orifice, a collar surrounding the orifice, an aperture in the collar, wherein the aperture provides access to a lumen of the collar, a clip for insertion into the aperture, a movable ring surrounding the collar, wherein in a first... Agent:

20140217756 - Vehicle door handle device: A vehicle door handle device, which is mounted on a side of a vehicle door facing a passenger compartment, includes: a door lock knob provided on a base member such that the door lock knob is pivotable between a locking position for placing the door in a locked state and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

07/31/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140203569 - Adjustable door lock and associated method: An adjustable door lock, for locking a misaligned or off-set door relative to support wall adjacent to the door, includes a catch plate, a catch having a channel wherein the catch is adjustably communicated with the catch plate, a support plate, and a locking bolt in communication with the support... Agent:

20140203570 - Actuating device: The invention relates to an actuating device for joint action upon at least two different elements of a motor vehicle door lock, with at least one sheathed cable having a core and sheath, wherein the sheathed cable is provided in the longitudinal extent thereof with at least two force transmission... Agent:

20140203571 - Door locking assembly for a storage container: A locking assembly for a door of a storage container is provided. The storage container defines a door frame, and the door is movably mounted to the door frame. The locking assembly may include a first keeper secured to the door frame, a first locking cam configured to movably engage... Agent:

20140203572 - Motor vehicle door lock: A motor vehicle door lock comprising a locking mechanism (1, 2), an actuating lever unit (3, 4, 16), which interacts with the locking mechanism (1, 2), a drive (6, 7, 8, 9) impinging upon the actuating lever unit (3, 4, 16) and an anti-theft protection device (10, 11), wherein a... Agent: Kiekert Aktiengesellschaft

20140203573 - Apparatus and method for preventing movement of release mechanism of a vehicle latch: A latch is provided including a fork bolt configured to rotate between an unlatched position and a latched position. A bellcrank lever is operably coupled to the fork bolt via a detent lever. The bellcrank lever has an engagement ledge located adjacent a slot of the bellcrank lever. The engagement... Agent:

20140203574 - External handle device for vehicle door: An external handle device for a vehicle door is provided in which an operating handle comprising a handle main body that has formed therein a housing recess having a substantially U-shaped cross section and a handle cover that is secured to the handle main body so as to cover the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Honda Lock

20140203575 - Lock for a motor vehicle: A lock with a locking mechanism includes a rotary catch and a pawl for engaging the rotary catch, and a releasing lever for opening or releasing the locking mechanism. The lock may include a blocking lever capable of blocking the pawl if the latter is located in its catching position.... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140197645 - Handle device and lock implementing the same: A handle device includes a pivoting portion and a handle body. The pivoting portion includes a surrounding wall formed along a longitudinal axis, and the surrounding wall has a top surface. The handle body comprises an extending portion which protrudes from the pivoting portion along a radial direction perpendicular to... Agent: Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140197646 - Camming dog: A camming dog configured for use with a window having a frame and a hinged lens. The camming dog includes an angled base having a base mounting portion and a handle mounting portion, wherein the base mounting portion is secured to the frame, the base mounting portion is disposed at... Agent: Pompanette, LLC

20140197647 - Door latch and bar locking mechanism for a rooftop air conditioning unit: A latching mechanism for sealing an access panel to a sidewall includes a cam rod pivotable between a first position and a second position. The cam rod includes a handle and at least one generally U-shaped bend configured to engage a surface of the access panel when in the first... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140197648 - Foot-operated door opener: A foot-operated door opener including a base secured to a door and an extension having a top surface and a bottom surface. The foot-operated door is configured such that a door may be pulled open using either the top or bottom of a user's foot or foot covering.... Agent:

20140197649 - Pivoting mechansim for movably attaching a camera to a vehicle: A pivoting mechanism for movably attaching a camera to a vehicle. The pivoting mechanism has a vehicle-mounted component; a first rotational joint attached to the vehicle-mounted component; a first pivot arm, the first end of which is rotatably mounted on the first rotational joint; a second rotational joint attached to... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

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