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Closure fasteners

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12/18/2014 > 5 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140367974 - Latch for securing a storage container: A latch for securing a storage container is described, and which includes a longitudinally moveable spindle member, which extends and is otherwise biasingly supported by a closure member, and which is mounted on and moveable relative to the storage container; a pinion mounted on a distal end of the spindle,... Agent:

20140367976 - Advanced latch for emergency oxygen container deployment: An advanced latch for a main door of an aircraft emergency oxygen container can be manually released by a manual release actuator pin to move the main door to an intermediate test position, while pushing the manual release actuator pin further releases the latch completely, causing the main door to... Agent:

20140367975 - Door handle arrangement for vehicles: A door handle arrangement for vehicles including an electrically insulating cover having an outer actuating surface for a user characterised by at least one metal actuating electrode disposed on the inner side of the cover that is on the side of the cover facing away from the actuating surface. The... Agent:

20140367977 - Door handle assembly for a motor vehicle: A door handle assembly for a motor vehicle includes an operating handle, a mechanical coupling device, and a locking device attached to a handle mounting. An acceleration force can block an actuation of the closing assembly via the operating handle and/or the coupling device so that an unintended unlatching of... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140367978 - Electric strike: An electric strike according to the present invention comprises a housing, and an actuator mounted to the housing to switch operation of said strike between open and locked modes. In changing the modes the actuator provides lateral motion and a blocking element is included that is also mounted to the... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140361550 - Electric latch retraction bar: An electric latch retraction device comprising a housing for receiving a plurality of internal components of the electric latch retraction device. An actuator mechanism is included in the housing, the actuator mechanism is adapted to impart linear movement on a latch, such that the latch is retracted towards the housing.... Agent:

20140361551 - High security locking assembly for above-ground fiber optic/cable network enclosures: A high security locking assembly for an above-ground communications network enclosure comprises a claw-like structure having, at one end, a slide bar with an end plate that carries a first set of locking pins, and a base plate, at the other end, having an end plate that carries a second... Agent:

20140361552 - Apparatus for a door latch: An improved apparatus for a door latch, which enables the user to open the door with a simple pull or push (force) on the door handle, has a door handle, which is removably connected to an actuator, which translates this force to disengage a bolt from the strike plate in... Agent:

20140361553 - Bullet catch assembly: A door catch mechanism includes a housing that has a generally cylindrical body having an outer surface of a first diameter, a first end and a second end, a flange located on the first end of the body, the flange having an outer diameter greater than the first diameter of... Agent:

20140361554 - Double pull latch for closure panel such as hood: In an aspect, a latch for a closure panel for a vehicle is provided, and includes a ratchet, a pawl, a release lever, and an extension member. The ratchet is movable between a primary closed position, a secondary closed position and an open position. The pawl is movable between a... Agent:

20140361555 - Motor vehicle door lock: The invention relates to a motor vehicle door lock, comprising a lock housing (1) and at least one lever (2) that is arranged in the lock (1) and projects through an opening (4) at least partially out of the lock (1), wherein the lever (2) is formed as a pivot... Agent:

20140361556 - Door handle assembly for a motor vehicle: A door handle assembly for a motor vehicle includes an operating handle moveably supported on a handle mounting, a mechanical coupling device and a locking device. An acceleration force can move the locking device from a normal operating position, in which an actuation of the operating handle is possible, in... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140361557 - Doorway security apparatus: A security apparatus for a doorway includes a plate having a plurality of receiving holes and a plurality of fastening holes. One side of the plate has a formed portion which is bent to be off plane with the plane defined by the remainder of the plate. The receiving holes... Agent: Archangel Home Security, LLC

12/04/2014 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140353980 - Deadbolt with status indicator light: A deadbolt lock with an interior assembly having a status light indicator. The deadbolt assembly has a bolt movable between an extended position and a retracted position. An interior locking assembly includes a turnpiece configured to move the bolt between its extended position and retracted position, a light, and a... Agent:

20140353981 - Latch mechanism: A latch mechanism that includes first and second latch members is described according to one aspect of the present disclosure. The first latch member is connected to a back cover of an electronic device and has an engaging portion. The second latch member is connected to a main casing body... Agent:

20140353982 - Door assembly: A door assembly comprises a stationary frame having a substrate side. The substrate side has at least one first through hole. The door assembly further comprises an adhesive element and a locking assembly. The locking assembly comprises a fixing element having an anchoring portion, and a cam mechanism movable between... Agent:

20140353983 - Electronic locking mechanism: An electronic lock and system particularly for replacing existing mechanical locks for gaming devices are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, the gaming device includes a cabinet having a chassis and a main gaming device door locked by a mechanical lock. The electronic lock is configured to have a profile... Agent: Bally Gaming, Inc.

20140353984 - Locking apparatus: A locking apparatus is provided that relates to a fastener and is used to solve a problem that time and labor are consumed and installation efficiency is low in a locking process of an existing locking apparatus. The locking apparatus is configured to lock a first module and a second... Agent:

20140353985 - Foot-operated door-opener: A foot-operated door-opener, includes a foot-operated actuator element provided in a lower region of a door for opening the door. The foot-operated actuator element includes an upper and a lower foot surface element that are connected to each other by a hinge and, when operated by a user's foot, each... Agent:

20140353986 - Electronic locking system for a vehicle door and a method for operating an electronic locking system for a vehicle door: An electronic locking system for a vehicle door is disclosed. The locking system includes an actuating device for actuating the locking system by a user. The actuating device brings about a movement of an actuating element of the actuating device. The locking system also includes a generator for generating electric... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140353987 - Gate latch: A gate latch release mechanism has a cylindrical tubular guide having a first length, a mechanism to firmly fasten the tubular guide in a hole through a gate member, a compression spring having a length less than the first length of the tubular guide, the compression spring positioned within the... Agent:

20140353988 - Door brace: A door brace to prevent the opening of a door into a room or other area by an intruder includes an elongated tube that is terminated at each end by a door mounting flange and a floor mounting flange. The door mounting flange is configured to be slideably received within... Agent:

20140353989 - Adjustable strike plate assemblies and systems and methods including the same: Adjustable strike plate assemblies and systems and methods including the same are disclosed herein. The assemblies include a cover plate that defines a lock-facing side, an opposed striker-facing side, and a striker opening. The assemblies further include a striker that defines a bolt receptacle that is sized to receive a... Agent: The Boeing Company

11/27/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140346784 - Attachment system and method of using the same: An attachment system for securing an accessory to a vehicle is disclosed. The attachment system generally comprises at least a locking mechanism mountable to, or integral with, the accessory, and a base mounted to, or integral with, the vehicle. The locking mechanism generally comprises an actuator configured to actuate or... Agent: Soucy International Inc.

20140346785 - Door locking device: Provided is a door locking device which includes: a latch mechanism with which a striker is engageable or from which the striker is disengageable; a first link which operates the latch mechanism in an interlocking manner with an inner door handle so as to release the striker; a second link... Agent: U-shin Ltd.

20140346786 - Vehicle door lock apparatus: A vehicle door lock apparatus includes a housing, a fork in the housing, a pawl selectively preventing pivoting movement of the fork, a first lever having one end coupleable to a door handle and a second lever pivotably supported at a second end of the first lever and shiftable from... Agent: Ansei Corporation

20140346787 - Safe and secure door plate: A door plate provides better safety and security. The plate cannot be kicked in or provide access to a door to be picked. The door plate, in conjunction with a doorjamb, makes one strong unit. The door plate wraps the vulnerable area of the doorjamb with its steel property thus... Agent:

20140346788 - Entrance door security system: An entrance door security system is provided, comprising a door reinforcement assembly; having a front plate, with an indent and a deadbolt hole, with an extended door reinforcement cylinder extending from deadbolt hole, and also having opposing flanges extending over the interior face and exterior faces of the door, adapted... Agent:

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