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Cleaning and liquid contact with solids

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04/16/2015 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150101634 - Method of cleaning an extraction electrode assembly using pulsed biasing: A system and method of improving the performance and extending the lifetime of an ion source is disclosed. The ion source includes an ion source chamber, a suppression electrode and a ground electrode. In the processing mode, the ion source chamber may be biased to a first positive voltage, while... Agent:

20150101636 - Cleaner: A cleaning apparatus; said apparatus combining mechanical combing action and liquid flow to remove detritus from frond-like structures.... Agent:

20150101637 - Flexible vacuum nozzle and nozzle opening: A flexible vacuum attachment and method of use is provided for attaching a vacuum section to a vacuum to collect debris from a surface. The vacuum attachment comprises a flexible vacuum nozzle and nozzle opening, An end of the nozzle is attachable to a connector, which is then attachable to... Agent:

20150101635 - Universal garbage pick-up tool: A universal garbage pick-up tool includes a main body, an inner support tube, at least two guard members positioned between the main body and inner support tube, a pushing rod positioned within the inner support tube, a push button operatively connected to a proximal end of each guard member and... Agent:

20150101639 - Cleaning device having an individually switchable rinsing nozzle system: An inventive cleaning device for cleaning washware. The cleaning device may be, in particular, a conveyor dishwasher. The cleaning device comprises at least one cleaning chamber and at least one transportation device. The transportation device is designed to transport the washware through the cleaning chamber in a transportation direction. The... Agent:

20150101638 - Method for cleaning a bargun dispenser: A method for cleaning a bargun dispenser, the clean in place method comprising the following steps—providing a cleaning assembly comprising: a reservoir (4), a pump (5) and fluid connection tubes (t1, t2, t3, t4),—connecting the clean in place assembly to the bargun dispenser by: • connecting the concentrate inlet line... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20150101640 - Device and method for de-icing railway trucks and ore concentrate in railway trucks: The invention relates to an arrangement for de-icing railway trucks and ore concentrate in railway trucks. The arrangement comprises a tunnel (2) having a number of discharge openings (3) for heated air which is used for de-icing and at least one exhaust opening (4) for used air. An air heater... Agent: Epn Solutions Ab

20150101641 - Radial passage engine wash manifold: An engine wash manifold assembly for delivering wash liquid to an engine with a radial air passage includes a feeder body, an inlet on the feeder body to receive wash fluid, a first nozzle in fluid communication with the feeder body and configured to direct wash fluid into the radial... Agent:

20150101642 - Produce washing system and methods: Systems and methods for washing produce to achieve an approximate 5 log colony-forming unit (CFU) reduction of foodborne pathogens per unit of produce are disclosed. In an example embodiment of the disclosed technology, a method includes rinsing the produce. Further, a method may include cleaning or soaking the produce in... Agent:

20150101643 - Silicon wafer cleaning agent: A silicon wafer cleaning agent includes at least a water-based cleaning liquid, and a water-repellent cleaning liquid for providing water-repellent to an uneven pattern at least at recessed portions during a cleaning process. The water-repellent cleaning liquid is a liquid composed of a water-repellent compound containing a reactive moiety which... Agent:

20150101644 - Indexing passive diverter for an appliance: A passive diverter is provided that does not require a dedicated motor to switch between multiple outlet ports. The diverter uses a flow of fluid provided by a pump to switch between different outlet ports. In a dishwashing appliance, fluid from the pump that supplies one or more spray assemblies... Agent: General Electric Company

04/09/2015 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150096589 - Method of non-destructive post tungsten etch residue removal: Embodiments of the invention generally relate to methods of removing and/or cleaning a substrate surface having refractory metal portions disposed thereon using water vapor plasma treatment. In one embodiment, a method for cleaning a surface of a substrate includes positioning a substrate in a processing chamber, the substrate having a... Agent:

20150096590 - Method for cleaning quartz reaction tube: A method for cleaning quartz reaction tube is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: introducing a quartz reaction tube to a cleaning chamber, wherein the quartz reaction tube comprises a first end and a second end; sealing the first end and the second end of the quartz reaction tube... Agent: United Microelectronics Corp.

20150096594 - Apparatus and a method for reclaiming foundry sand: To provide an apparatus for reclaiming foundry sand and a method for reclaiming foundry sand that can effectively remove binders and so on that attach to returned foundry sand that has been used. Foundry sand that has been used is supplied from a chute for feeding sand 14A to a... Agent:

20150096593 - Cleaning device: A holder for a cleaning pad or the like can include a base and one or more features to inhibit damage to a surface adjacent a surface being cleaned. For example, the holder can include a lip extending downwardly from an edge of the base along one or more sides... Agent:

20150096592 - Grill rod scraping tool and related methods: A grill rod scraping tool for cleaning the top, sides and bottom side of grill rods. The tool comprises of a neck with concave contours and a U-shaped end that enable the prongs and scraper of the tool to scrape the top, sides, and bottom side of the grid iron... Agent:

20150096591 - Post-cmp hybrid wafer cleaning technique: A brush-cleaning apparatus is disclosed for use in cleaning a semiconductor wafer after polishing. Embodiments of the brush-cleaning apparatus implemented with a multi-branch chemical dispensing unit are applied beneficially to clean semiconductor wafers, post-polish, using a hybrid cleaning method. An exemplary hybrid cleaning method employs a two-chemical sequence in which... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20150096595 - Sponge having an open cavity: The present invention relates to a sponge (20) including at least one cavity (22), distinct from the pores of the sponge 5 (20), capable of allowing the introduction of a liquid inside the sponge (20) to impregnate the sponge (20), the cavity (22) preferably having a bottom (24) inside the... Agent: Eurvest

20150096596 - Shower sanitization system and apparatus: An improved shower or plumbing sanitizing system is provided by a showerhead adapter and/or tap port configured to mount between a water supply stub and an outlet such as a showerhead, hose or faucet and which delivers and imparts a cleansing or sanitizing agent, particularly liquid sanitizer, to the plumbing... Agent:

20150096597 - Apparatus for sanitizing and cleaning soles of feet and footwear: An apparatus for automatically cleaning and sanitizing soles of bare feet and footwear, said apparatus including a plurality of nozzle heads that spray cleaning and sanitizing fluid through a platform onto feet and footwear placed on the top surface of the platform. A sensor plate initiates the cleaning and sanitization... Agent:

20150096598 - Method for cleaning passageways using flow of liquid and gas: Apparatus and methods are disclosed for cleaning interiors of passageways in endoscopes or other luminal medical devices by flow of liquid and gas therethrough. The liquid flow may include rivulets, droplets or other liquid entities which move on the internal surfaces of the passageways, and may include a three-phase contact... Agent:

20150096599 - Filter cleaner for a dishwashing appliance: A cleaner is provided for a filter of a dishwashing appliance. The filter cleaner rotates within the filter and uses nozzles to remove particulates on the filter surface. Energy from fluid flow caused by a pump is used to rotate the filter cleaner. The particulates removed from the filter are... Agent: General Electric Company

20150096600 - Multiple-pump sink insert for cleaning a medical or surgical device: A sink insert for cleaning medical or surgical devices having lumens includes a basin and at least two pumps. The basin is shaped to be inserted into a sink and to hold cleaning liquid, and includes an additive reservoir integrally formed in its floor, having additive fill lines defining a... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 16 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150090291 - Apparatus and method for removing contamination from distance measuring sensor for vehicle: An apparatus for removing contamination for use with a distance measuring sensor, the apparatus comprising: a distance measuring module mounted inside or outside of a vehicle and configured to measure the distance between the vehicle and objects around the vehicle; a distance-based recognition unit configured to recognize a surround environment... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150090295 - Apparatus and methods for a mask inverter: In some embodiments, apparatus and methods are provided for improved handling of lithography masks including a mask inverter that includes a first contact pad dedicated to inverting masks that have not been cleaned; a second contact pad dedicated to inverting masks that have been cleaned; an actuator coupled to the... Agent:

20150090292 - Drill cutting washing apparatus: A portable apparatus for sieving, washing, and drying particle samples onsite that are generated from well drill cutting. The apparatus comprises a sievewash chamber to initially remove contaminates from the samples, and a final wash-spin-dry chamber to completely clean and dry the samples for analysis. The two chambers function under... Agent:

20150090294 - Methods and systems for improved mask processing: In some embodiments, methods and systems are provided for improved handling of lithography masks including loading a mask via a first load port from a first carrier; inverting the mask using a first contact pad; cleaning the mask; inverting the mask using a second contact pad; and unloading the mask... Agent:

20150090293 - Methods and systems for use in washing bulk containers: A method of washing a bulk container is provided. The method includes receiving the bulk container on a support surface and rotating the support surface and at least one washer arm relative to one another. The method further includes spraying a fluid from at least one nozzle disposed on the... Agent:

20150090296 - Substrate processing device and substrate processing method: A substrate processing device 100 includes a solvent replacing unit (organic solvent supply unit 15 and solvent supply unit 34) replacing a cleaning liquid with a volatile solvent of a low concentration, and thereafter further performing replacement with a volatile solvent of a high concentration.... Agent: Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation

20150090297 - Substrate processing device and substrate processing method: A substrate processing device 10 has a water removing unit 110 and, when a solvent supply unit 58 supplies a volatile solvent to a surface of a substrate W, the water removing unit 110 supplies a water removing agent to the surface of the substrate W to promote replacement of... Agent: Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation

20150090298 - Substrate processing device and substrate processing method: In a substrate processing device 10, a magnetic field forming unit is added to a solvent supply unit 58. The magnetic field forming unit 100 applies a magnetic field to a surface of a substrate W on which a cleaning liquid and a volatile solvent coexist. The magnetic field forming... Agent: Shibaura Mechantronics Corporation

20150090299 - Processes and apparatus for cleaning, rinsing, and drying substrates: In some embodiments, a module is provided that is configured to clean, rinse and dry a substrate. The module includes (1) a tank having an upper tank region positioned above a lower tank region, the upper tank region having (a) an opening through which a substrate is removed from the... Agent:

20150090300 - Containers having a portioned amount of cleaning composition; methods for cleaning residue from beverage making machines: Containers having a portioned amount of a cleaning composition located in an internal volume are provided for cleaning a portion of a beverage making machine. The external size and configuration of the container is designed to fit within a carrier in a single (or multi-) serve beverage making machine. The... Agent:

20150090301 - Treatment cup cleaning method, substrate treatment method, and substrate treatment apparatus: A treatment cup cleaning method is provided, which includes: a rotating step of rotating a substrate rotating unit with a substrate being held by the substrate rotating unit; a cleaning liquid supplying step of supplying a cleaning liquid to an upper surface and a lower surface of the substrate and... Agent:

20150090302 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: A substrate processing apparatus includes a substrate holder, and a discharge head for peripheral area from which a fluid is discharge toward a surface peripheral area of the substrate held on the substrate holder. The discharge head for peripheral area includes multiple nozzles, and a support part that supports the... Agent:

20150090303 - System and method for conformal cleaning: A system includes a plurality of nozzles, a pump configured to pump a fluid through the nozzles, and a manifold configured to arrange the plurality of nozzles to substantially match a shape of a workpiece. Each nozzle of the plurality of nozzles is configured to impinge upon a section of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150090304 - Cleaning device for kitchen appliances and pump systems: Cleaning apparatus for kitchen equipment, in particular combination streaming, baking and cooking equipment has a cooking space that is to be cleaned which is delimited by at least one wall and includes at least one outlet opening for a liquid. The apparatus comprises a ventilation fan associated with the cooking... Agent:

20150090305 - Liquid processing apparatus: A liquid processing apparatus performs a liquid processing on a rotating substrate by supplying a processing liquid. Surrounding members surround a region including an upper space of a cup body surrounding the rotating substrate and provided with an opening above the substrate. An air flow forming portion forms a descending... Agent:

20150090306 - Spray control assembly for a dishwashing appliance with directional control for spray arms: A spray control assembly for a dishwashing appliance is provided. Using concentric flow paths, the spray control assembly allows selection of e.g., the rotational direction for at least one spray arm assembly. The selection of flow through e.g., multiple different spray assemblies is also provided. The spray control assembly incorporates... Agent: General Electric Company

03/26/2015 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150083160 - Ultrasonic cleaning device: An ultrasonic cleaning device including an ultrasonic transducer (13) for providing ultrasonic energy to a propagation liquid (15), an ultrasonic propagation tube (12) for flowing the propagation liquid provided with the ultrasonic energy by the ultrasonic transducer, a holding mechanism disposed below the ultrasonic propagation tube for holding an object... Agent:

20150083162 - Cleaning arrangement and method for cleaning a flexographic coating unit: A cleaning arrangement for a coater that has a plate cylinder, the cleaning arrangement having a cleaning web, a tangential moving mechanism configured to controllably move the cleaning web in at least one direction in a plane defined by the cleaning web, a radial moving mechanism configured to controllably move... Agent: Tresu A/s

20150083161 - Method and material for cleaning optical surfaces: A new and novel method for cleaning optical surfaces by incorporating a textile made from activated carbon fibers as previously used for air filtration in industrial applications and neuclear-biological-chemical environments.... Agent:

20150083163 - Dishwasher with treatment-fluid generator, and method of operating such a dishwasher: A dishwasher for crockery or utensils, which is designed as a box-type dishwasher or as a conveyor dishwasher, wherein the dishwasher (1) has at least one wash tank (12), for accommodating a treatment fluid (20), and at least one final-rinse system, for supplying a final-rinse fluid (42). In order for... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20150083164 - Hose handling system and methods of use: Embodiments of the present invention include a hose handling system having a hose guide plumbed via a wash line to a fluid delivery device. The hose guide includes a pulley installed on a frame member, and a spray nozzle adapted to dispense a wash mixture. The hose guide is adapted... Agent:

20150083165 - Suspensions of inorganic cleaning agents: Methods for on-line cleaning hot parts of a gas turbine during its operation are provided. A cleaning agent composition is injected into a hot gas path of the gas turbine, and includes a liquid carrier and a descaling material suspending in the liquid carrier. The descaling material includes at least... Agent: General Electric Company

20150083166 - Accumulated residue removal from carriers used in a water treatment system: A water treatment system including an enclosure for water to be treated, a multiplicity of biomass carriers located within the enclosure, at least one airlift in the enclosure for raising the water and the biomass carriers and at least one mechanical biomass carrier accumulated residue removal apparatus operative to remove... Agent:

20150083167 - Substrate treatment method and substrate treatment apparatus: A substrate treatment method is provided, which includes a rinsing step of supplying a rinse liquid to a front surface of a rotating substrate after a chemical liquid step. The rinsing step includes a higher-speed rinsing step and a deceleration rinsing step to be performed after the higher-speed rinsing step.... Agent:

20150083168 - Liquid solvent spray brush station for surface cleaning in nano-microtronics processing: A medium strength, liquid solvent, spray brush station system gently cleans surfaces of components during nano- and microtronics processing in cleanroom facilities. This system includes intermediate strength, yet effective surface cleaning with minimal damage to subject nano and microtronics components. Moreover, the instrument is compatible with a cleanroom environment, and... Agent: Us Gov't Represented By Secretary Of The Navy Chief Of Naval Research Onr/nrl

20150083169 - System for washing an aero gas turbine engine: A wash system includes a wash unit associated with a mobile unit for providing wash fluid, one or more nozzles for streamline injecting wash fluid provided by the wash unit directly into an engine inlet, and an articulating arm for use in positioning the one or more nozzles. The wash... Agent:

20150083170 - Dishwashing appliance and vent for dishwashing appliance: A dishwasher appliance and a vent for coupling a filter and a sump together are provided. The dishwasher appliance includes a cabinet defining a wash chamber for the receipt of articles for washing, and a sump for collection of a fluid from the wash chamber. The sump includes a base... Agent: General Electric Company

20150083171 - Method and apparatus for treating at least one substrate in a liquid medium: A method for treating at least one substrate (15), particularly wafers, in a liquid medium (3). In a first step, the substrate (15) is lifted in the liquid medium (3) until the substrate (15) is at least partially lifted out of the liquid medium (3) and, in a second step,... Agent: Awt Advanced Wet Technologies Gmbh

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