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Cleaning and liquid contact with solids

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08/07/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140216498 - Methods of dry stripping boron-carbon films: Embodiments of the invention generally relate to methods of dry stripping boron-carbon films. In one embodiment, alternating plasmas of hydrogen and oxygen are used to remove a boron-carbon film. In another embodiment, co-flowed oxygen and hydrogen plasma is used to remove a boron-carbon containing film. A nitrous oxide plasma may... Agent:

20140216499 - Cleaning composition and method for semiconductor device fabrication: A method of cleaning a substrate such as semiconductor substrate for IC fabrication is described that includes cleaning the semiconductor substrate with a mixture of ozone and one of an acid and a base. Exemplary acids and bases include HCl, HF, and NH4OH. The cleaning mixture may further include de-ionized... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140216501 - Mobile on-wing engine washing and water reclamation system: A system for on-wing engine washing and water reclamation includes a fluid applicator configured to introduce a cleaning liquid containing at least water into an engine while the engine is being operated, a trough positioned adjacent to the engine, and a collection conduit operatively positioned between an exit end of... Agent: Ecoservices, LLC

20140216500 - Single wafer cleaning tool with h2so4 recycling: Some embodiments relate to methods and apparatus for mitigating high metal concentrations in photoresist residue and recycling sulfuric acid (H2SO4) in single wafer cleaning tools. In some embodiments, a disclosed single wafer cleaning tool has a processing chamber that houses a semiconductor substrate. A high oxidative treatment unit may apply... Agent: Taiwan Semicunductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140216502 - System and method for automatically cleaning converters: A system and method is disclosed for cleaning an anilox roll and/or ink chamber of a converter. The system includes: a water supply (10a) adapted to supply water through an automatically controllable water supply valve (11a) to wash anilox roll and/or ink chamber; a cleaning solution supply (20a) adapted to... Agent: Ecochem Australia Pty Ltd

20140216503 - Automatic detergent dishwashing composition: An automatic dishwashing detergent composition in unit dose form wherein the composition comprises at least about 0.2 mg of active starch degrading enzyme per gram of composition and wherein the weight of the composition is less than about 25 grams.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140216504 - Silicon wafer cleaning method: A silicon wafer cleaning method is provided. Firstly, a silicon wafer is provided. Then, a polymer cleaning step is performed to clean a surface of the silicon wafer. After the polymer cleaning step, a deionized water/carbon dioxide gas discharging step is performed, so that the charges accumulated on the surface... Agent: United Microelectronics Corporation

20140216505 - Substrate cleaning apparatus and substrate cleaning method: A substrate cleaning apparatus includes: a pure water supply line provided with a pure water flow regulator and a pure water supply valve; chemical supply lines each provided with a chemical flow regulator and a chemical supply valve; a merging line where pure water and a plurality of liquid chemicals... Agent:

20140216509 - A dishwasher comprising a single button: The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) comprising a door (2), a control panel (3) disposed at the upper side of the door (2), a latch (4) disposed on the door (2) and providing the door (2) to be releasably locked, an on/off switch (5) disposed on the door... Agent:

20140216506 - Substrate processing apparatus: There is provided a substrate processing apparatus including: a substrate holder configured to hold a substrate on which a resist pattern is formed; a rinse solution supply unit configured to supply a rinse solution onto the substrate held by the substrate holder; a vapor supply unit configured to supply vapor... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140216507 - Dishwasher: A dishwasher is provided that may include a tub; first and second racks disposed in the tub to accommodate objects to be washed; a lower arm having a lower arm chamber that allows wash water to flow thereinto, an arm channel that communicates with the lower arm chamber through an... Agent:

20140216508 - System, apparatus and method for processing substrates using acoustic energy: A system, apparatus and method for processing substrates using acoustic energy. In one aspect, the invention can be a system for processing flat articles comprising: a support supporting a flat article; a dispenser applying liquid to a first surface of the flat article; a transducer assembly comprising: a transmitting structure... Agent: Akrion Systems LLC

07/31/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 16 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140202490 - Automated plasma cleaning system: An analysis (e.g., LIBS) system includes a laser source generating a laser beam for creating a plasma at a location on a sample, and a spectrometer responsive to photons emitted by the sample at said location and having an output. A controller is responsive to a trigger signal and is... Agent:

20140202493 - Apparatus with elliptical movement for microdermabrasion and topical delivery of treatments: A device for providing elliptical path motion to skin or other surface. The device includes a motor, shaft, and a cam having at least one offset axis cam lobe for creating offset motion. A mounting bracket assembly that has a pair of arms associated with the motor can be moved... Agent: Newton Medical, LLC

20140202495 - Glass wiping device and control method thereof: A glass wiping device and a control method thereof are provided. The glass wiping device comprising a driver mechanism (110) and a follower mechanism (120); the driver mechanism (110) and the follower mechanism (120) are respectively provided with a first magnet unit and a second magnet unit; the magnetic force... Agent: Ecovacs Robotics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20140202492 - Mechanism for cleaning solar collector surfaces: A system and method for cleaning a collector surface of a solar collector. The system includes a first liquid-dispensing unit configured to deliver a first spray of liquid to the collector surface. The system also includes a brush element having a longitudinal side oriented along a first direction and disposed... Agent: Sunpower Corporation

20140202491 - Method and apparatus for cleaning grinding work chuck using a scraper: A scraper assembly for removing debris deposited on the surface of a porous work chuck during a wafer grinding process.... Agent:

20140202494 - Nonwoven melamine fiber surface preparation and cleaning material: Provided is a nonwoven surface preparation or cleaning material comprising melamine fibers and a process for preparing the material. The nonwoven material, in one embodiment, comprises from 20 to 100% by weight melamine fibers. Other synthetic and natural fibers can be used in conjunction with the melamine fibers. However, it... Agent: Basofil, LLC

20140202497 - Methods and apparatus to monitor and control cleaning systems: Methods and apparatus to monitor and control cleaning systems are disclosed. One disclosed example method includes detecting initial contamination of workpieces before cleaning and detecting residual contamination of workpieces after cleaning. The example method also includes determining, via a processor, a system malfunction from a comparison of the initial contamination... Agent: Durr Ecoclean Gmbh

20140202496 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: In a substrate processing apparatus, a temperature of an anti-static liquid having electrical resistivity which gradually decreases as a liquid temperature increases is adjusted by a temperature adjustment part and the electrical resistivity of the anti-static liquid is higher than the electrical resistivity of a processing liquid (SPM liquid). After... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg., Co., Ltd.

20140202498 - Cooling hole cleaning method and apparatus: Blockages of turbomachine cooling circuit cooling holes resulting from coating processes can be removed by introducing a cleaning agent into the cooling circuit. The cooling circuit can be connected to a cleaning agent supply under pressure, adding force on the blockage to chemical action by the cleaning agent. The cleaning... Agent: General Electric Company

20140202499 - Substrate processing method: A substrate processing apparatus has an indexer block and a processing block. One side of the processing block has a vertical stack of a plurality of top surface cleaning units and the other side of the processing block has a vertical stack of a plurality of back surface cleaning units.... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg Co., Ltd.

20140202500 - Acid formulations for use in a system for warewashing: Methods of acidic warewashing are disclosed. The compositions can include other materials including surfactants and chelating agents, and are preferably phosphorous free. Methods of using the acidic compositions in combination with alkaline compositions are also disclosed. Exemplary methods include using the acidic compositions together with other compositions, including alkaline compositions... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140202504 - Device for cleaning of footwear: Device for cleaning of footwear in connection with use of construction site vehicles, with a water pump (16), nozzles (20) and water pipe (18) between same. The device includes a compressor (22) for air and air pressure pipe (23) and nozzles (20, 21), an outer supporting structure in the form... Agent: Alfa Omega Development As

20140202505 - Improvements in or relating to vehicle washing methods and apparatus: Disclosed is a vending apparatus for vehicle washing that is self contained and can be moved from one desired location to another. The apparatus has a washing housing, with a floor, at least two walls mounted to or from opposing sides of the floor. The two walls define an entrance... Agent: PCs Holdings Limited

20140202501 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus has an indexer block and a processing block. One side of the processing block has a vertical stack of a plurality of top surface cleaning units and the other side of the processing block has a vertical stack of a plurality of back surface cleaning units.... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140202502 - Fine filtration for a dishwashing appliance: A filtering system for a dishwashing appliance is provided that can remove fine particles from the wash and rinse fluids. The system includes a filter cartridge that can be rotated between filter media equipped for removal of different particulate sizes depending upon e.g., the cycle or stage of the cleaning... Agent: General Electric Company

20140202503 - Method and system for uniformly applying a multi-phase cleaning solution to a substrate: A system for cleaning a substrate includes a carrier and a cleaning station. The carrier is capable of holding the substrate and is movably coupled to a pair of guide tracks extending a length of the system. The cleaning station includes a force applicator, a gate and a dispenser. The... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

07/17/2014 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140196745 - Method and apparatus for removing biofouling from a protected surface in a liquid environment: A system includes a UV light source and an optical medium coupled to receive UV light from the UV light source. The optical medium is configured to emit UV light proximate to a surface from which biofouling is to be removed once the biofouling has adhered to the protected surface.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140196744 - Method and device for cleaning a brush surface having a contamination: A method for cleaning a brush surface having a contamination is provided. The method includes steps of: providing a mechanical wave; and stripping off the contamination from the brush surface by the mechanical wave.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140196746 - In situ chamber clean with inert hydrogen helium mixture during wafer process: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a method for cleaning a processing chamber during substrate processing. During a first substrate processing step, a plasma is formed from a gas mixture of argon, helium, and hydrogen in the processing chamber. In a second substrate processing step, an argon plasma... Agent:

20140196748 - Protective devices and methods for precision application of cleaning polymer to optics: Novel devices and methods for cleaning optics are disclosed. A polymer can be sprayed onto the surface of an optic to capture contaminants. A spray cone can be used to limit the area of the polymer application. As the polymer solidifies, contaminants are captured and subsequently removed together with the... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140196747 - Velcro lint remover: An improved lint removing assembly consisting of Velcro hooks. The Velcro hooks hold and lift lint or hair from garments. The first embodiment calls for a predetermined square base comfortably fitting in the palm of the hand. The Velcro hooks attached to base completes the cleaning assembly. The garment will... Agent:

20140196749 - Cryogenic liquid cleaning apparatus and methods: A cryogenic cleaning apparatus is disclosed. The cryogenic cleaning apparatus has a source of cryogen, a nozzle coupled to the source of cryogen, the nozzle including a main passage adapted to receive the cryogen, one or more auxiliary gas inlets adapted to supply an auxiliary gas to mix with the... Agent:

20140196750 - Preparation methods for transcatheter heart valve delivery systems: A delivery device for a collapsible prosthetic heart valve includes a support shaft around which a compartment is defined, an inner shaft extending through the support shaft and adapted to slide relative to the support shaft along a longitudinal axis thereof, the inner shaft having a lumen therethrough, and a... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20140196751 - Method for sanitizing fresh produce: A method for sanitizing produce, by: treating the produce with a chlorine dioxide solution for a period of time sufficient to sanitize the produce; treating the produce with a solution containing chlorine for a period of time sufficient to further sanitize the produce; and treating the produce with a solution... Agent:

20140196752 - Dishwasher wherein ozone wash is applied: By means of the present invention, in dishwashers (1), by means of connecting the ozone generator (6) to the suction line (4) prior to the circulation pump (3), the ozone gas generated by the ozone generator (6) is provided to be sucked through the connection hose (7) with the vacuum... Agent:

20140196753 - Regeneration of ion exchange resin and recovery of regenerant solution: An apparatus and method for regenerating spent ion exchange resin and recovering regenerant fluid is described. A regeneration system has a regeneration vat, a regeneration solution tank, a regenerant recovery tank, a chemical dispenser, a solids separator, a pH adjuster and a pump. The regeneration vat holds the spent resin... Agent: Rayne Dealership Corporation

20140196754 - Dispenser optimization for easier closing: A detergent dispenser for dispensing detergent in a domestic appliance, the detergent dispenser comprising a housing, a container defined in said housing and adapted to store detergent, a movable cover adapted to close and seal the container, and at least one extension depending from the cover, said at least one... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

20140196755 - Dishwasher appliance and a spray assembly for the same: A dishwasher appliance and a spray assembly for the same are provided. The spray assembly includes a spray body and features for moving the spray body within a wash chamber of the dishwasher appliance. Wash fluid coverage within the wash chamber can be improved by moving the spray body within... Agent: General Electric Company

20140196756 - Adjustable dishwasher conduit valve system: A spray arm assembly is provided that is configured for receiving a docking station at two different heights so as to, for example, accommodate an adjustable upper rack in a dishwasher appliance. The spray arm assembly includes a chamber and a check valve plate having two check valves with closure... Agent: General Electric Company

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