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Cleaning and liquid contact with solids

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05/21/2015 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150136170 - Method for removing adhesive agent: A method for removing an adhesive agent from a base plate with a plurality of accessories installed adjacent to the adhesive agent includes certain steps. The steps form a protection layer on the base plate, and the protection layer completely covers the electronic members and completely or partially covers the... Agent:

20150136171 - Liquid or vapor injection plasma ashing systems and methods: A plasma ashing system includes a process chamber including a substrate. A carrier gas supply supplies a carrier gas to the processing chamber. A plasma source is configured to create plasma to the process chamber. A liquid injection source is configured to at least one of inject a compound into... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20150136172 - Phase plate for a transmission electron microscope: The present invention relates to a method for cleaning a phase plate (1) for a transmission electron microscope wherein said phase plate is etched before being irradiated for the first time in the TEM, and is then held in an ultra-pure holding atmosphere until the irradiation in the TEM.... Agent: Fei Company

20150136173 - Process and apparatus for cleaning imprinting molds, and process for manufacturing imprinting molds: The cleaning process of cleaning an imprinting mold including a release layer coupled via siloxane bonds to a substrate of that release layer includes a first cleaning step and a second cleaning step. In the first cleaning step, the angle of contact of the surface of the release layer with... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20150136177 - Cleaning glove: A cleaning glove is provided. The cleaning glove is made of leather and may be tanned. The cleaning glove includes an outside surface and an inside surface. The inside surface is formed to receive a hand of a user. The body portion may further include a first side forming a... Agent:

20150136174 - Combination cleaning tool with flexible head: A new combination cleaning tool construction wherein the same can be utilized for cleaning surfaces, in particular, glass surfaces such as windshields. In particular the invention described herein provides a new combination cleaning tool construction wherein the same can be utilized for cleaning surfaces, in particular, glass surfaces such as... Agent:

20150136175 - Hair brush cover: A hair brush cover for use in covering the bristles of a hair brush having bristles and a handle, the hair brush cover having a net component with a closed end and an open end. An elastic band is adapted around the open end. The open end of the net... Agent:

20150136176 - Power/water supply and reclamation tank for cleaning devices, and associated systems and methods: A portable power and water supply for hard surface or carpet cleaners is disclosed. The portable power and water supply can include a portable platform with a fresh/waste water tank and two or more power connectors that can be coupled to separate power sources. The fresh/waste water tank can have... Agent:

20150136178 - Bucket cleaning apparatus and method of use thereof: A bucket cleaning apparatus is provided. The bucket cleaning apparatus includes a frame. One or more primary support members is coupled individually to the frame. A corresponding secondary support member is coupled to each primary support member. A scraper is coupled to one or more of each of the primary... Agent:

20150136179 - Optimized dosing procedure for a washing machine: The present invention relates to a method of controlling a dispenser for dosing a product in a washing machine leading to an optimized dosing result, a dispenser controller programmed with an algorithm to execute the method of the present invention as well as to the use of said dispenser for... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150136180 - Assembly for engaging and activating a bargun during cleaning operation: The invention concerns an assembly (1) for engaging and activating a bargun (2), the bargun having a handle (21) with at least one button (22, 23) on its upper surface (24) and a nozzle (25) perpendicular to the handle, the assembly comprising:—a draining body (11) presenting:. an opening (111) for... Agent:

20150136181 - Rack for receiving dishes, to be inserted into a dishwasher: A rack for receiving dishes, intended to be inserted into a dishwasher, including a frame delimiting an upper area and a lower area between which a support grid for supporting the dishes is arranged. The upper area including receptacles for receiving the dishes and the lower area is equipped with... Agent:

20150136189 - Sliding spray arm assembly for a dishwashing appliance: A dishwashing appliance is provided having a spray arm assembly with one or more sliding spray arms. The spray arms can slide linearly, back and forth, along either a transverse or lateral direction of a wash chamber of the appliance. The spray arms are precluded from rotating relative to the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150136182 - Continuous-type apparatus for surface treatment of workpieces: Disclosed is a continuous type apparatus for surface treatment of workpieces, comprising at least a surface treating bath, a rinsing bath installed on a lifting stage in a production line, a transfer all assembly, and a plurality of water storage tanks out of the production line. The transfer rail assembly... Agent: Round Elegant Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20150136183 - System of controlling treatment liquid dispense for spinning substrates: Provided is a method for cleaning an ion implanted resist layer or a substrate after an ashing process. A duty cycle for turning on and turning off flows of a treatment liquid in two or more nozzles is generated. The substrate is exposed to the treatment liquid comprising a first... Agent:

20150136184 - Apparatus for cleaning and sterilizing interior of shoe: Provided is an apparatus for cleaning and sterilizing an interior of a shoe which generates ultrasonic wind of a whirlwind type in the interior of the shoe to remove foreign substances from the interior of the shoe and which injects ultra fine particles of germicide solution into the interior of... Agent:

20150136185 - Apparatus of cleaning substrate: Provided is a substrate cleaning apparatus of cleaning a substrate. The substrate cleaning apparatus includes a cleaning chamber, a first cleaning nozzle, a cover member, an air flow generation unit, and an exhaust unit. The main cleaning chamber has a cleaning space in which the substrate is cleaned and includes... Agent:

20150136186 - System for processing substrates with two or more ultraviolet light sources that provide different wavelengths of light: Systems for cleaning substrates including cleaning of semiconductor substrates, use atmospheric or sub-atmospheric ultraviolet (UV) light to improve selectivity of conventional wet chemical cleaning in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. The UV light systems are configured to improve front-end-of-line (FEOL) (e.g., non-metal) or back-end-of-line (BEOL) (e.g., metal) removal of etch... Agent:

20150136187 - Dishwasher: A dishwasher having a tub defining a wash chamber, a dish rack located within the wash chamber, and pump assembly for recirculating wash liquid is further provided with a spray assembly and a spray manifold with multiple nozzles each having at least one aperture emitting wash liquid into the wash... Agent:

20150136188 - Pump device for dishwasher appliance: Dishwasher appliances are provided. A pump device of a dishwasher appliance may include a first centrifugal pump in fluid communication with a drain and a second centrifugal pump in fluid communication with a fluid circulation assembly. The pump device further includes a motor, the motor including a driveshaft, the driveshaft... Agent: General Electric Company

05/14/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150128991 - Method and hardware for enhanced removal of post etch polymer and hardmask removal: Methods for cleaning substrates are described including cleaning substrates having hardmask masks and polymer films, such part of semiconductor fabrication. Cleaning methods include ultraviolet (UV) light exposure of process gas mixtures and liquid cleaning chemistries. A substrate and/or process fluids are exposed to ultraviolet radiation. A process gas mixture being... Agent:

20150128989 - Rotary roller surface cleaning method and rotary roller surface cleaning apparatus: A rotary roller surface cleaning method and a rotary roller surface cleaning apparatus which, when foreign matter is detected on a surface of a rotary roller of a quenched ribbon manufacturing apparatus, remove the foreign matter by irradiating the foreign matter with a laser having an output value corresponding to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150128990 - System and method for enhanced removal of metal hardmask using ultra violet treatment: Systems and methods for cleaning a substrate include a combined treatment of hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet (UV) irradiation. Specific embodiments include the direct irradiation with 185/254 nm UV of a spinning substrate immersed under a liquid film of dilute hydrogen peroxide solution. Such a cleaning treatment can result in about... Agent:

20150128992 - Methods of removing particles from over semiconductor substrates: Some embodiments include methods of removing particles from over surfaces of semiconductor substrates. Liquid may be flowed across the surfaces and the particles. While the liquid is flowing, electrophoresis and/or electroosmosis may be utilized to enhance transport of the particles from the surfaces and into the liquid. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20150128993 - Chamber cleaning when using acid chemistries to fabricate microelectronic devices and precursors thereof: The present invention provides treatment strategies that reduce contamination on wafer surfaces that are treated with acid chemistries. The strategies are suitable for use with a wide variety of wafers, including those including sensitive microelectronic features or precursors thereof. These strategies involve a combination of neutralizing and rinsing strategies that... Agent:

20150128994 - Substrate cleaning method, substrate cleaning system, and memory medium: A method for cleaning a substrate includes supplying to a substrate a film-forming processing liquid which includes a volatile component and forms a film on the substrate, vaporizing the volatile component in the film-forming processing liquid such that the film-forming processing liquid solidifies or cures on the substrate and forms... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150128995 - Substrate cleaning method, substrate cleaning system, and memory medium: A method for cleaning a substrate, includes supplying to a substrate having a hydrophilic surface a film-forming processing liquid which includes a volatile component and forms a film on the substrate, vaporizing the volatile component in the film-forming processing liquid such that the film-forming processing liquid solidifies or cures on... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150128997 - Apparatus and methods for treating a medical device and hand disinfection: A cleaning device and methods for cleaning medical devices, in particular, stethoscopes, is provided. In one aspect, the cleaning device includes a housing defining an interior chamber and configured to mount a wipe device, the housing including an aperture configured to receive a medical device, and a wipe device mounted... Agent:

20150128996 - Autonomous surface cleaning robot: A mobile floor cleaning robot includes a body defining a forward drive direction, a drive system, a cleaning system, and a controller. The cleaning system includes a pad holder, a reservoir, a sprayer, and a cleaning system. The pad holder has a bottom surface for receiving a cleaning pad. The... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20150128998 - Pneumatic chip collector: A pneumatic chip collector includes a free-floating head with a connector configured to be coupled to a pneumatic system. The head has a bottom with at least one slot disposed on the bottom of the head, the at least one slot parallel to the longitudinal axis of the head. The... Agent:

20150128999 - Dishwasher and controlling method thereof: A dishwasher includes a tub that accommodates dishes; a nozzle assembly that sprays washing water; a vane assembly that is moved between a first position and a second position of an inside of the tub and changes a progression path of the washing water so that the sprayed washing water... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150129000 - Apparatus for cleaning a substrate: An apparatus for cleaning a substrate includes a substrate transferring unit configured to support a substrate at a polar angle from a first direction, and transfer the substrate along a second direction orthogonal to the first direction. A cleaning unit is disposed on the substrate transferring unit. The cleaning unit... Agent:

20150129001 - Apparatus for cleaning office machine: Disclosed is an apparatus for cleaning office machine that is configured to easily and conveniently clean contaminants and stained dirt on the surfaces of an office machine using a cleaning apparatus without manually cleaning them wherein such contaminants and stained dirt are developed after a long term use of an... Agent:

20150129002 - Washing apparatus: The present disclosure relates to a dishwasher, including a washing tub configured to provide a space for washing dishes; a supply tube configured to supply water into the washing tub; a motor configured to rotate the supply tube; a detachable rotating member in, on, attached to, or at an end... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20150129003 - Coffee brewer nozzle cleaning device: A coffee brewer nozzle cleaning device for rinsing a water outlet needle disposed in a coffee brewer whenever the water outlet needle is clogged is characterized in that: a rinsing device holding therein water is put in a water outlet cavity in the coffee brewer; and a hand presses an... Agent:

20150129004 - Jet unit, jet nozzle and manufacturing method thereof, and dish washing machine having the same: A dish washing machine including a cabinet configured to form an exterior, a washing tub provided in the cabinet to wash dishes, and a jet nozzle configured to jet washing water to the washing tub, wherein the jet nozzle includes a plurality of nozzle inner walls provided therein to form... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

05/07/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150122288 - System, tool and method for cleaning the interior of a freight container: A tool and method for cleaning the interior of a freight container of ISO type. The tool having a framework, a robot movably connected to the framework and provided with a nozzle for supplying dry ice. The robot and the nozzle are adapted to clean the interior of the container... Agent:

20150122290 - Method for operating a dishwasher configured as a program-operated machine, and a corresponding dishwasher: In order to reduce the fresh water or final-rinse liquid quantity necessary to clean items without impairing the effectiveness of the cleaning, it is provided that, during an adsorption phase, air is led out of the treatment chamber of the machine through a sorption unit such that moisture is absorbed... Agent:

20150122289 - Wash pad with debris conveyor apparatus and methods: A wash fluid and debris containment system includes a wash pad, a collecting trough, and a conveyor. The wash pad includes a support base and a top surface that rests on the support base. The top surface is configured to direct flow of wash fluid and debris to an edge... Agent: Hydro Engineering Equipment And Supply Co., LLP

20150122292 - Method and apparatus for cleaning jet engines: An apparatus for the cleaning of a turbine engine comprises a towable wash cart having a reservoir for cleaning fluid. The reservoir is connected through a pump system to a wash ring operatively mounted to the cart. The wash ring has a plurality of spray nozzles about its periphery arid... Agent: Rochem Aviation, Inc.

20150122291 - Wafer cleaning module: The present disclosure relates to a wafer cleaning module for post CMP processes that reduces defects (e.g., watermarks, deposited particles) on a substrate, and an associated method. In some embodiments, the wafer cleaning module has a cleaning tank that may receive a semiconductor substrate within a cleaning medium. A pusher... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150122293 - Method and apparatus for cleaning vessels: A remotely-operable cleaning device having a claw assembly that can manipulate tools and instruments within a vessel. The cleaning device has collapsible tracks allowing it to be placed into small openings and to be expanded once it is passed through the small openings. The claw assembly may include opposing fingerlike... Agent: Ocs Technologies, L.L.C.

20150122294 - View definition enhancement system and method for gastrointestinal endoscope diagnosis and treatment: A view definition enhancement system for gastrointestinal endoscope diagnosis and treatment (ESCGV) comprises a washing bottle (1) and a liquid delivery pipe (2) led out from the washing bottle (1). The liquid delivery pipe (2) pumps washing liquid to a liquid inlet system of a gastrointestinal endoscope or an observation... Agent:

20150122299 - Dishwasher comprising a detergent dispenser: The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) comprising a tub (3) having more than one side wall (2), wherein the washing process is performed, a door (4) providing access into the tub (3) and a detergent dispenser (5) disposed on the door (4) wherein the chemical substances like detergent,... Agent:

20150122295 - Substrate processing apparatus: Damage to a substrate in a substrate processing apparatus is effectively suppressed. The substrate processing apparatus includes a polishing unit polishing a substrate, a cleaning unit cleaning and drying the substrate polished by the polishing unit, and a conveying unit conveying the substrate in the polishing unit and the cleaning... Agent:

20150122296 - Automatic shaker screen cleaner: The Automatic Shaker Screen Cleaner of this invention enables the efficient cleaning of the large shaker screens that are often used in petroleum extraction and mining operations. This Automatic Shaker Screen Cleaner includes a pump system to deliver water or solvent fluid to clean the shaker screens; a motor system... Agent: Kamako Manufacturing, LLC

20150122297 - Multicolor car wash station and process: A system for cleaning an automobile having at least two colored cleaning streams includes a first mixing system for combining a first cleaning composition stream, a first concentrated color composition, and a first water stream to form a first diluted colored cleaning composition. A second mixing system combines a second... Agent: Auto Detailing Enterprises, LLC

20150122298 - Mid-level spray arm assembly for dishwasher appliances: A dishwasher appliance includes a mid-level spray arm assembly and a diverter disposed in a conduit of the assembly. The diverter includes a disk positioned within a chamber and rotatable about an axis, the disk defining an aperture for selectively controlling fluid flow from the chamber into outlet channels, the... Agent: General Electric Company

04/30/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150114429 - Aqueous clean solution with low copper etch rate for organic residue removal improvement: A cleaning composition and process for cleaning post-chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) residue and contaminants from a microelectronic device having said residue and contaminants thereon. The cleaning compositions include at least one quaternary base, at least one amine, at least one corrosion inhibitor, and at least one solvent. The composition achieves... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20150114430 - Systems, methods and apparatus for post-chemical mechanical planarization substrate buff pre-cleaning: In some embodiments, an apparatus for cleaning a substrate is provided that includes (1) a substrate chuck configured to support a substrate with a front side of the substrate accessible; (2) a buff pad assembly configured to support a buff pad having a diameter smaller than a diameter of the... Agent:

20150114431 - Air blast wiper system and method: An air blast wiper system and method for removing snow from a vehicular marker light includes an automatic control system connected to an air reservoir for regulating a flow of air into predetermined intermittent gushes of air. Supply tubing distributes air from the automatic control to a predetermined location on... Agent: Glacial Blaster, Inc.

20150114432 - Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing method that is a method for removing a resist, the surface layer of which has been cured, from a substrate having a pattern disposed inside the resist and includes an SPM supplying step of supplying an SPM, formed by mixing sulfuric acid and a hydrogen peroxide solution,... Agent:

20150114433 - Animal waste vacuum disposal and bagging device: A pet waste vacuum and bagging device is described. The device is equipped with a canister, collection receptacle, collection chute, vacuum motor, and a bag sealer. The device eliminates the need for an individual to come into any contact with pet waste, including the temperature and the smell conventionally known... Agent:

20150114434 - Process for removing contaminants in a compressor: A process for preventing contaminants from forming in a compressor in a methanol to olefin separation system comprising: compressing an effluent in the compressor, the compressor having an inlet in fluid communication with a suction line, an outlet, and an inner compressor surface; and injecting a contaminant prevention medium into... Agent:

20150114435 - Apparatus and method for clearing debris: Apparatus for drifting away loose items from an area, has a container with an outlet port and is rotatably supported on a base member. A top member is fixedly connected to the base member above the container. The top member has a fan that is adapted to draw air from... Agent:

20150114436 - Liquid activation system: Described herein are systems for removing selected components, e.g., stabilizing agents or preservatives, from a liquid composition just prior to use, using activated charcoal or an affinity matrix filter, together with variant and alternative designs, methods of making and using the product, and components thereof.... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20150114437 - Thermal barrier coating removal process: The invention relates to a thermal barrier coating removal method. A metal component (32) having a thermal barrier coating is located in a vessel (12) for containing an inert liquid reservoir. The vessel (12) has a releasably sealable closure (14) so as to allow the vessel interior to be maintained... Agent:

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