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Cleaning and liquid contact with solids

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10/02/2014 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140290692 - Methods of mitigating bituminous material adhesion using nano-particles: Embodiments relate to solid nano-particles applied to the surface of well equipment to treat bituminous material adhesion. An embodiment provides a method of treating the surface of well equipment. The method may comprise applying a solid nanoparticle film to the surface of the well equipment with a treatment fluid comprising... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140290695 - Articles for cleaning a hard surface: Articles for cleaning debris from a hard surface are described herein, the articles include a hard surface cleaning composition which includes from about 0.1% to about 50% by weight of the composition of a detergent surfactant and a pad including a core and adapted to contact the hard surface. The... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140290694 - Cleaning compositions for cleaning a hard surface: Cleaning compositions for cleaning debris from a hard surface are described herein, the cleaning compositions include from about 0.001% to about 1% by weight of the composition of a thickener and from about 0.1% to about 50% by weight of the composition of an alkyl sulfate detergent surfactant that contains... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140290693 - Method for brushing teeth and a toothbrush used for the same: The inventor rejected the conventional method for brushing teeth with the brush head being parallel to the alignment of the teeth and found that a method for brushing teeth in the left and right direction in such a state that the brush head 21 is inclined relative to the alignment... Agent:

20140290696 - Dishwasher with basket detecting device: A dishwasher (100) for pot washing, comprising a detector (160) for automatically detecting what type of washing basket (140) has been placed in the dishwasher (100). This enables automatic selection of water pressure and granule control, such that more sensitive crockery and plates are not damaged. The detector can be... Agent:

20140290697 - Method for testing and cleaning a pipeline: A pipeline cleaning apparatus and method configured for use in cleaning and clearing a pipeline of transient fluids, hydrocarbons, and other unwanted debris is disclosed. The apparatus and method utilizes a vacuum assembly haying a collection tank connected to a pipeline by at temporary vacuum line. Negative pressure created by... Agent:

20140290698 - Chemical supplying unit, substrate treatment apparatus, and method of treating substrate using the substrate treatment appparatus: Provided is a substrate treatment apparatus including a housing, a supporting unit located inside the housing and supporting a substrate, a nozzle unit supplying chemicals to the substrate disposed on the supporting unit, and a chemical supplying unit supplying the chemicals to the nozzle unit. Herein, the chemical supplying unit... Agent: Semes Co., Ltd.

20140290699 - Articles and methods providing liquid-impregnated scale-phobic surfaces: This invention relates generally to articles, devices, and methods for inhibiting or preventing the formation of scale during various industrial processes. In certain embodiments, a vessel is provided for use in an industrial process, the vessel having a textured, liquid-impregnated surface in contact with a mineral solution, wherein the liquid-impregnated... Agent:

20140290700 - Apparatus and method for reprocessing lumened instruments: Apparatus and methods for processing an item, such as a lumened instrument, secured in a connectorless fashion in a push/pull reprocessor. The push/pull reprocessor includes a container having a first chamber and a second chamber and a pressure sensor in each chamber such that the method includes the step of... Agent:

20140290701 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: A substrate processing apparatus includes: a storage tank configured to store a liquid; a substrate support unit 10 configured to rotatably, horizontally support a substrate W; and a plate driving unit 30a configured to move the substrate support unit 10 between an immersion position at which the substrate W is... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140290702 - Method for cleaning components of nitride semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and device for cleaning components of nitride semiconductor manufacturing apparatus: A method for cleaning a component of a nitride semiconductor manufacturing apparatus to which has adhered deposits containing nitride semiconductor comprises a step for chemically treating the component of the nitride semiconductor manufacturing apparatus with a cleaning gas containing a chlorine-based gas, and a step for removing the deposits from... Agent:

20140290703 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: A substrate processing apparatus includes a substrate supporting part for supporting a substrate in a horizontal state, an upper nozzle for discharging deionized water as a cleaning solution toward a center portion of an upper surface of the substrate, and a substrate rotating mechanism for rotating the substrate supporting part... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140290704 - Method and device for cleaning a surface of a steel product: A method and a device for cleaning a surface of a steel product, wherein a fluid jet is directed from a nozzle, which is located in a position associated with an edge of the surface to be cleaned, onto the surface, wherein, during the cleaning operation, there is produced a... Agent:

20140290705 - Container washing system: A washing system provides multiple layers of jet nozzles strategically oriented in an enclosed system for washing container accessories and containers. A fluid source, such as a sink provides a hot, high pressure fluid. A timer regulates the duration of the washing. At least two accessory nozzles discharge the fluid... Agent:

20140290706 - Clinical analyzer wash and method: A clinical analyzer has been described that includes a probe to aspirate a fluid. The probe is washed between aspirations to reduce carryover. The wash operation includes both an internal and an external wash, where the internal wash operation is terminated prior to terminating the external wash. In one example,... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140283872 - Plasma cleaning apparatus and method: Embodiments of the present invention generally include an apparatus for plasma cleaning and a method for plasma cleaning. Periodically, a PVD chamber may need to be cleaned to remove material that has built up in undesired locations within the chamber. Additionally, the sputtering target may need to be replaced. By... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140283873 - Apparatus and method for indirect surface cleaning: Methods for cleaning a surface of a photomask and for increasing the useable lifetime of the photomask are disclosed. One method includes, a first wafer print processing using a photomask and a pellicle disposed across the photomask, and cleaning the photomask. The cleaning the photomask includes directing a laser beam... Agent:

20140283874 - Jewellery cleaning wipe: It is surprisingly found that when diamond particles are embedded into an alcohol wipe, the cleansing wipe that is formed is extremely useful at cleaning diamond jewellery in the home. It is also surprising that, given the abrasive nature of diamond, the diamond particles result in a satisfactory clean without... Agent: For Your Diamonds Only Ltd

20140283875 - Body-inserted tube cleaning: Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for the cleaning of an endotracheal tube while a patient is being supported by a ventilator connected to the endotracheal tube for the purpose of increasing the available space for airflow or to prevent the build up of materials that may constrict airflow or... Agent: Endoclear LLC

20140283876 - Cleaning pig: A pig (10) for cleaning of a pipeline (1), the pig (10) comprising: a body (11) for passing through the pipeline (1), wherein the body (11) comprises a soft and preferably elastic material and has an outer surface (12) for cleaning an inner surface (2) of the pipeline (1); and... Agent:

20140283877 - Method and apparatus for cleaning vessels: An apparatus for rinsing vessels such as but not limited to those used for drink preparation at a bar may include a splash-resistant enclosure within which vessels are rinsed. A nozzle assembly disposed within the stall and coupled to a supply of rinsing media is configured to direct a spray... Agent:

20140283878 - Nozzle cleaning unit and nozzle cleaning method: According to one embodiment, a nozzle cleaning unit includes: a cleaning nozzle unit; a gas supply unit; and a regulator. The cleaning nozzle unit has a first ejection hole that opens in a ring shape to an inner wall surface of an insertion part into which the nozzle is inserted.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140283879 - Hot melt cleaning composition, method for preparing a hot melt cleaning composition and use thereof: The invention relates to a hot melt cleaning composition comprising a hot melt vehicle composition and a hot melt solvent. The invention further relates to a kit of parts, comprising a unit comprising a hot melt cleaning composition and comprising at least one unit comprising a hot melt ink composition.... Agent: Oce-technologies B.v.

20140283880 - Dishwasher and a method for controlling the same: A dishwasher is provided. The dishwasher may include a tub forming a washing space, a sump collecting washing water, a tank forming a storage space outside the tub, a motor generating a dynamic force to supply the washing water collected in the sump to the tank, and a controller incrementally... Agent:

20140283881 - Dishwasher with multi-feed washing system: A dishwasher includes a shiftable rack provided with multiple, distinct washing fluid spray arms connected to a common, rack supported manifold. When the rack is shifted to a retracted position within a tub of the dishwasher, the manifold mates with a coupling of a fluid distribution system including a multi-tube... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140283882 - Substrate processing method: A hydrophobizing agent is supplied to a substrate and a surface of the substrate is hydrophobized. Thereafter, the substrate is dried. The substrate to be processed is maintained in a state of not contacting water until it is dried after being hydrophobized. Collapse of a pattern formed on the substrate... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140283883 - Device and method for the removal of scale from a metal product: Device for the removal of scale from the surface of a metal product (11) by delivering water under pressure, said device comprising a box-like structure (20) defining an internal volume (22) for the passage of the water under pressure, connected to an exit fissure (23) having a gap value of... Agent: Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche Spa

20140283886 - Substrate processing method and substrate processing system for performing the same: In a supercritical fluid method a supercritical fluid is supplied into a process chamber. The supercritical fluid is discharged from the process chamber as a supercritical fluid process proceeds. A concentration of a target material included in the supercritical fluid discharged from the process chamber is detected during the supercritical... Agent:

20140283887 - Substrate processing apparatus: There is provided a substrate processing apparatus including: a cleaning tank configured to clean a target substrate; a drying chamber configured to communicate with an upper area of the cleaning tank and dry the target substrate picked up from the cleaning tank; a first drying gas supply unit configured to... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140283884 - Systems and methods for drying a rotating substrate: A system for drying a surface of a substrate is provided. The system for drying a surface of a substrate comprising: a rotary support; a first dispenser fluidly coupled to a source of liquid, the first dispenser positioned above the surface of the substrate so as to be capable of... Agent: Akrion Systems, LLC

20140283885 - Cpap hose hanger and method of use: A tube cleaning apparatus for cleaning a CPAP hose or other hose including a trough for receiving a tube therein, the trough curving downwardly from an apex to an engagement mechanism associated with each opposite end portion of the trough for hanging the hose therefrom, the opposite end portion of... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 52 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140261536 - Dust mitigation device and method of mitigating dust: The invention includes a dust mitigation device that utilizes electromagnetic waves to protect devices from dust deposition. The device includes a nonconducting (dielectric) material separating at least one electrode, and in some embodiments a plurality of electrodes, from a grounded layer. The electrodes are connected to a single phase AC... Agent:

20140261535 - Standing wave generation in holes to enhance cleaning in the holes in liquid sonification cleaning systems: Methods and liquid sonification systems configured to clean at least one hole of an article. The methods comprise establishing at least one pressure gradient within the at least one hole to move particles proximate to a node of a standing wave toward an antinode of the standing wave, the standing... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140261543 - Apparatus, system, and method for self-cleaning handheld dust removal: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for self-cleaning dust removal. The apparatus may be provided with a brush housing 202 having an opening 204, one or more axles 206 disposed around the opening 204, and a plurality of brush fibers 208 emanating from the one or more axles 206... Agent:

20140261537 - Clean function for semiconductor wafer scrubber: Among other things, one or more techniques and systems for cleaning a scrub brush of a scrubber utilized in semiconductor fabrication are provided. In particular, a charge modification element, such as a base pH material or ammonia, is applied to the scrub brush to modify a charge of a particle... Agent:

20140261539 - Disk/pad clean with wafer and wafer edge/bevel clean module for chemical mechanical polishing: A method and apparatus for cleaning a substrate after chemical mechanical planarizing (CMP) is provided. The apparatus comprises a housing, a substrate holder rotatable on a first axis and configured to retain a substrate in a substantially vertical orientation, a first pad holder having a pad retaining surface facing the... Agent:

20140261544 - Oral care system, kit and method: An oral care system that includes an oral care implement and a dispenser, an oral care method, and a method of whitening teeth. In one embodiment, the invention may be a method of whitening teeth that includes: providing a toothbrush having a handle and a detachable oral care agent dispenser... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20140261542 - Personal hygiene devices: The present invention discloses personal hygiene device or cleaning devices and cleaning apparatuses. The cleaning devices include an elongate member, at least one housing coupled to a proximal end of the elongate member, at least one agitation mechanism movably coupled to the at least one housing, and a cleaning device... Agent: Dr. Burk's Best, LLC

20140261540 - Pool cleaner with articulated cleaning members: Exemplary embodiments include a pool cleaner having a body and articulated cleaning member extending from the body. The articulated cleaning member can be pivotally and/or rotatably coupled to the body. The articulated cleaning member can be pivoted or rotated with respect to the body to accommodate changes in the terrain... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140261541 - Smart phone carrying case: A smart phone carrying case that is capable of cleaning and disinfecting a smart phone touch screen every time the phone is removed from the case is disclosed. The smart phone carrying case includes a pocket, inside of which is a cleaning and disinfecting pad, and further includes a flap... Agent:

20140261538 - Tongue-mounted cleaning article: The invention is directed to a tongue-mounted cleaning article for caring for the teeth and gums having an elongated body defining an inner cavity formed in the configuration of the tongue for receiving and accommodating the tongue, and a slot for receiving and accommodating the frenulum on the undersurface of... Agent:

20140261545 - Apparatus for wiping angled window of endoscope: An endoscope cleaning system comprises a sheath and a window cleaning feature. The sheath is configured to receive a shaft of an endoscope. The window cleaning feature is configured to clean the window of the endoscope. The window cleaning feature may include an absorptive material that is configured to soakingly... Agent:

20140261546 - Method of generating carbonate in situ in a use solution and of buffered alkaline cleaning under an enriched co2 atmosphere: The invention is directed to methods of generating carbonate in situ in a use solution under an enriched CO2 atmosphere. In another aspect, the invention is directed to methods of cleaning food processing surfaces under an enriched CO2 atmosphere comprising contacting a food processing surface with a cleaning composition comprised... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140261547 - Multi-lance reel for internal cleaning and inspection of tubulars: A multi-lance reel assembly comprising a plurality of reel assemblies received onto and disposed to rotate about an axle. Each reel assembly rotates independently of the others. Each reel assembly further comprises a plurality of spokes separating a rim from a hub. Each hub provides a hub groove on each... Agent: Extreme Hydro Solutions, L.L.C.

20140261548 - Method and apparatus for cleaning the interior of an above ground storage tank: An apparatus and method for cleaning the interior of an above ground storage tank includes a nozzle assembly mounted to a cover on the storage tank sidewall having a horizontally extending wash pipe fixedly and a suction pipe for recirculation of spent fluids. The wash pipe has an interior segment... Agent:

20140261549 - Substrate processing device and substrate processing method: A substrate processing device 100 includes a cleaning liquid supply unit 114 supplying a cleaning liquid to a surface of a substrate W, a solvent supply unit 115 supplying a volatile solvent to the surface of the substrate W supplied with the cleaning liquid to replace the cleaning liquid on... Agent: Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation

20140261551 - Cord clamp current sensor for dust collector: A dust collection system includes a sensor body, a selection circuit, a detection circuit, and a motor control circuit. The sensor body detachably encircles a cord supplying power to a power tool. The cord includes a neutral conductor and a hot conductor. The sensor body houses sensors that, in response... Agent: Black And Decker Inc.

20140261553 - Dishwasher with wash load detection: A method of operating a dishwasher having a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber for receiving utensils and a spraying system spraying liquid in the treating chamber, to determine at least one parameter of the cycle of operation based on the set of load condition by selectively spraying... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140261552 - Dishwasher-dining table having rotatable tabletop: The invention is directed to a novel dishwasher-dining table combination appliance having a rotatable, invertible top dining insert panel that allows for cleaning dining utensils and the like without having to remove them from a table. The invention provides for a compact, self-contained, system useful in a variety of locations... Agent:

20140261550 - Method and system for operating a cip pre-flush step using fluorometric measurements of soil content: A clean-in-place process may begin with a pre-rinse step in which soil (e.g., contaminants, residual product) is flushed from industrial equipment prior to circulating a cleaning agent through the equipment. To determine when the equipment has been suitably flushed, pre-rinse fluid exiting the industrial equipment and containing soil may be... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140261554 - Substrate processing device and substrate processing method: In a substrate processing device 10 having a heating and drying unit 103 for drying a surface of a substrate W, the heating and drying unit 103 heats upward a vertically downward surface of the substrate W to dry the surface of the substrate by dropping and removing, by gravity,... Agent: Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation

20140261555 - De-carbonizing process for combustion component cleaning: A cleaning composition and process to remove carbon deposits from combustion equipment components is provided. The de-carbonizing composition is packaged in certain embodiments in an aerosol propellant. The inventive composition is also readily used as a liquid or an atomized mist that is readily introduced into the intake manifold through... Agent: Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

20140261556 - Surface sucking apparatus and methods of making and using same: A surface sucking apparatus having a body and a plurality of legs. The body removably attachable to a vacuum hose. The body having a first portion, a second portion and a passageway extending therebetween for removing material. The plurality of legs positioned about the body so that the body is... Agent:

20140261558 - Female luer connector disinfecting cap: A cleaning device for a site of a medical implement is disclosed, as are methods for using such devices. The cleaning device can include a cap having an opening to an inner cavity, and the opening can be adapted to receive a site of the medical implement. The inner cavity... Agent:

20140261557 - Substrate processing appartus and standby method for ejection head: In a substrate processing apparatus, an ejection surface of an ejection head located at a standby position is immersed in an immersion liquid retained in a reservoir during standby of the ejection head. This prevents drying of a plurality of outlets provided in the ejection head and drying of processing... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd

20140261559 - Pipe material removal apparatus and method: Apparatus for removing material lining the inside surface of a cylindrical structure, the apparatus comprising: a support for supporting the structure in a horizontal orientation; an elongate horizontal boom for being inserted into the structure; a nozzle assembly connected to the boom member, the nozzle assembly comprising one or more... Agent: Mac & Mac Hydrodemolition Inc.

20140261563 - All natural dishwashing composition: A dishwashing composition which is a mixture of vinegar powder and lemon powder, or a mixture of vinegar powder, lemon powder and salt, for use in a dishwashing machine or for other cleaning purposes. The vinegar powder, lemon powder and, when present, salt can be mixed in any of a... Agent:

20140261561 - Automatic dishwashing detergent compositions comprising ethercarboxylic acids or their salts, which are free of nonionic surfactants: d

20140261560 - Dishwasher with variable flow rate valve: A dishwasher for treating dishes according to an automatic cycle of operation having a tub, a dish holder, a sprayer, a conduit coupled to the sprayer, a pump, and a variable flow rate valve fluidly coupling the pump to the conduits for supplying liquid to the sprayer during the automatic... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140261562 - Enzyme-containing detergent and presoak composition and methods of using: A cleaning composition is provided including an alkalinity source, builder, surfactant, water, a reducing agent and amylase in the ratio of from about 1:1 to about 1:3 wherein the total amount of amylase in the composition is equal to or less than about 1.0 weight percent; and wherein the composition... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140261565 - Cleaning compositions and methods: The present invention relates, in part, to cleaning methods and solvent cleaning compositions including at least one hydrofluoro-olefin or hydrochlorofluoro-olefin solvent for use in connection with cleaning of metal parts, and in certain preferred embodiments cleaning metal parts to be used in an aircraft.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140261564 - Inhibiting corrosion of aluminum on consumer ware washing product using phosphinosuccinic acid oligomers: A dishwashing detergent composition is provided for consumer use for in cleaning of alkaline sensitive metals such as aluminum or aluminum containing alloys. The compositions include alternatives to sodium tripolyphosphate and/or other phosphorus containing raw materials, while retaining cleaning performance and corrosion prevention. According to the invention, a phosphinosuccinic acid... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140261566 - Substrate processing device and substrate processing method: A substrate processing device 10 includes a suction drying unit 65 drying a surface of a substrate W by absorbing and removing a liquid droplet of volatile solvent formed on the surface of the substrate W by a heating operation of a heating unit 64.... Agent: Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation

20140261567 - Inhibiting corrosion of aluminum on alkaline media by phosphinosuccinate oligomers and mixtures thereof: A warewashing detergent composition is provided for use for in cleaning of alkaline sensitive metals such as aluminum or aluminum containing alloys. The compositions include alternatives to sodium tripolyphosphate and/or other phosphorus containing raw materials, while retaining cleaning performance and corrosion prevention. According to the invention, a phosphinosuccinate oligomer of... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140261569 - Method and apparatus for substrate rinsing and drying: A method and apparatus are disclosed for optimizing a rinsing and drying process in semiconductor manufacturing. The optimization seeks to maximize processing throughput while maintaining low defect counts and high device yields, and utilizes simulation and experimental data to set the optimal process parameters for the rinsing and drying process.... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140261568 - System and method for cleaning optical surfaces of an extreme ultraviolet optical system: The present invention provides a local clean microenvironment near optical surfaces of an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) optical assembly maintained in a vacuum process chamber and configured for EUV lithography, metrology, or inspection. The system includes one or more EUV optical assemblies including at least one optical element with an optical... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140261570 - Substrate liquid processing method, substrate liquid processing apparatus, and storage medium: Disclosed is a substrate liquid processing method. The substrate liquid processing method includes: forming a liquid film of a processing liquid having a diameter smaller than that of the substrate on a surface of a substrate by providing the processing liquid to a central portion of the surface of the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140261571 - Substrate cleaning and drying method and substrate developing method: Provided is a substrate cleaning and drying method, including a cleaning step of cleaning a developed substrate by supplying a cleaning liquid to the substrate; a puddle-forming step of forming a puddle of the cleaning liquid on the substrate; a film-thinning step of thinning a film thickness of the cleaning... Agent: Sokudo Co., Ltd.

20140261572 - Substrate treatment apparatus and substrate treatment method: The inventive substrate treatment apparatus includes a change controlling unit which changes at least one of a protection liquid application position relative to a liquid droplet nozzle and a protection liquid incident angle relative to the liquid droplet nozzle, the protection liquid application position being a position at which the... Agent: Dainippon Screen, Ltd.

20140261574 - Cleaning apparatus: The present invention is a device which has an extended tube structure attached at one end to a manifold with wheels and slits to allow substance to enter or exit and attached at the other end to a source of air, vacuum, or liquid substance. The device is designed to... Agent: Tebbens Steel LLC

20140261573 - System and method for using an acetone solvent to clean manufacturing equipment used to manufacture composite sandwich panels: A system and method for cleaning one or more components used to manufacture composite sandwich panels, which uses an acetone solvent and increased pressure to facilitate cleaning manufacturing equipment used to produce composite sandwich panels. The acetone solvent may be pressurized to enhance cleaning of the contaminated manufacturing equipment. A... Agent: Millport Associates S.a.

20140261585 - Dishwasher: A dishwasher has a treating chamber for receiving dishes for treatment according to an automatic cycle of operation and a dispensing system for storing and dispensing treating chemistry to the treating chamber during the cycle of operation. The dishwasher can be provided with a lifetime supply of a treating chemistry... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140261586 - Substrate processing apparatus: In a substrate processing apparatus, an election head from a position above a substrate held by a substrate holding part to an inspection position above a standby pod disposed outside a cup part. At the inspection position, a processing liquid ejected from the ejection head toward the standby pod is... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd

20140261575 - Portable sonic particle removal tool with a chemically controlled working fluid: A particle removal tool having a sound field transducer, a cleaning chamber, and an open sealing face. The cleaning chamber having a cleaning fluid guiding chamber extending from the sound field transducer to the open sealing face, a cleaning fluid delivery channel in fluid communication with the cleaning fluid guiding... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140261576 - Dishwasher and method of controlling the same: A dishwasher is provided. The dishwasher may include a case, a tub provided in the case and forming a dishwashing space, a re-using section provided inside the case and forming a space for storing wash water to be sprayed into the tub, and a water storing section provided inside the... Agent:

20140261577 - Ejection inspection apparatus and substrate processing apparatus: An ejection inspection part of a substrate processing apparatus includes a light emitting part and an imaging part. The light emitting part emits light along a predetermined light existing plane to irradiate a processing liquid ejected from outlets of an ejection head with the light. The imaging part captures an... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140261578 - Vehicle wash component for emitting bubbles: A device for emitting bubbles in a vehicle wash facility includes a plenum supported with respect to ground. The plenum includes an air inlet with a first area and an air outlet with a second area. The plenum air outlet is in communication with at least one foaming chamber. The... Agent:

20140261579 - Apparatus for flushing angled window of endoscope: An endoscope washing assembly includes a hub and a shaft. The hub has an inner member and an outer member coupled to a fluid source. The shaft extends distally from the hub. The shaft includes a distal portion, a fluid channel, and a lumen. The distal portion of the shaft... Agent:

20140261580 - Single-lance reel for internal cleaning and inspection of tubulars: A single-lance reel assembly comprising a reel assembly received onto and disposed to rotate about an axle at a rotary union. The reel assembly further comprises a plurality of spokes separating a rim from a hub. Hoses, electrical conduits, conductors or other similar carrier hardware deployed within hollow lances spooled... Agent: Extreme Hydro Solutions, L.L.C.

20140261581 - Medical implement cleaning device: A cleaning device for a medical implement is disclosed. The cleaning device includes a housing, a cleaning agent within the housing, and a movable septum in the housing that maintains the cleaning agent within the housing until receipt by the housing of the site of the medical implement. Related apparatus,... Agent: Ivera Medical Corporation

20140261582 - Seal ring noise reduction for appliance pump: An appliance pump is provided having a seal ring that can reduce or eliminate noise that can occur when e.g., the pump experiences air or an under-primed condition. The seal ring uses one or biasing members to urge the seal ring into a position to prevent rattling or other vibrations... Agent: General Electric Company

20140261584 - Fixed full coverage wash system for dishwashers: A fixed full coverage wash system that includes a base portion having a generally square or rectangular shaped outer portion that extends into one or more corners of a tub of a dishwasher. The base portion is operably connected to the plurality of arms for the delivery of a pressurized... Agent:

20140261583 - Water-bearing domestic appliance, in particular domestic dish washer: A water-bearing domestic appliance, in particular a home dish washer or a home laundry machine, includes a supply hose for the supply with fresh water from a domestic water pipe arranged outside of the water-bearing domestic appliance into the water-bearing domestic appliance, wherein the supply hose has a connection device... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

09/11/2014 > 46 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140251371 - Method and a device for cleaning an electrostatic precipitator: A method of cleaning at least one collecting electrode of an electrostatic precipitator includes applying, in a first mode of operation, a first average current between at least one discharge electrode and at least one collecting electrode, and switching from the first mode of operation to a second mode of... Agent:

20140251372 - Device for removing snow from a vehicle: A device for removing snow from a vehicle comprising a flat sheet of sturdy flexible material having elongated opposite side sections and substantially shorter opposite end sections. Each end section has a spaced apart pair of handles for manual manipulation of the sheet and each end section has two spaced... Agent:

20140251373 - Multifunctional broom apparatus and related methods: An exemplary aspect comprises an apparatus comprising: a handle; and a body connected to the handle via a rotatable joint; the body comprising a bristle component on a first side and a cloth component on a second side, the bristle component comprising broom bristles and the cloth component configured to... Agent:

20140251374 - Methods and apparatus for cleaning a substrate: A substrate cleaning apparatus may include a substrate support member to support a substrate having a first side and a contaminated second side; a liquid carbon dioxide source; a gaseous carbon dioxide source; and one or more nozzles coupled to the liquid carbon dioxide source and to the gaseous carbon... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140251375 - Methods and apparatus for substrate edge cleaning: A substrate cleaning apparatus may include a substrate support having a support surface to support a substrate to be cleaned, wherein the substrate support is rotatable about a central axis normal to the support surface; a first nozzle to provide a first cleaning gas to a region of the inner... Agent:

20140251376 - System and method for sanitizing pneumatic conveying piping: A system and method for sanitizing pneumatic conveying piping is provided. The system includes a motorized hose reel with a pig attached to the end of the hose. The pig is smaller in diameter than the inner diameter of the pipe through which it is conveyed. The decreased size of... Agent:

20140251377 - Process for continuously washing a hollow fibre membrane for depleting residuals: Continuous processes for depleting residuals in hollow fiber membranes comprising polysulfone or polyethersulfone and polyvinylpyrrolidone by rinsing the membranes while compressing them in a pinching device comprising grooved rollers.... Agent:

20140251378 - Dishwasher with rechargeable components: A dishwasher for treating dishes according to an automatic cycle of operation having a tub that at least partially defines a treating chamber, a slidable dish holder, an electricity-consuming component having a rechargeable battery, and a battery charging system to recharge the rechargeable battery of the electricity-consuming component when the... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140251379 - Fire main cleaning apparatus and method: An apparatus for and method of cleaning a fire main associated with a deluge system. The method comprises injecting a chemical treatment fluid into the fire main via a first inlet and causing it to flow along a section of the fire main and out through an outlet while the... Agent: Paradigm Flow Services Limited

20140251382 - Methods for confinement of foam delivered by a proximity head: A method suctions liquid from an upper surface of a substrate as the substrate is transported by a carrier under a head in a chamber. This operation is performed by the first section of the head. The method causes a first film of cleaning foam to flow onto the upper... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140251381 - Pulse jet liquid gas cleaning system: A pulse jet liquid gas cleaning system has an ultrasonic transducer operable to transform a high-pressure stream of cryogenic fluid from a cryogenic fluid supply into pulsed jets of individual cryogenic fluid slugs.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140251380 - Vacuum attachment including a pressurized air source: The present disclosure provides a vacuum attachment comprising a body including an adaptor configured to connect to a vacuum assembly, a vacuum airflow path configured to be in fluid communication with the vacuum assembly, and a dispensing airflow path configured to be in fluid communication with a pressurized gas source.... Agent:

20140251383 - Device for providing fluid access to the interior of a tube, and system, method and device for treating the interior of tubes: A treatment system that treats the interior of one or more tubes of a tube bundle. The system circulates treatment fluid within the tubes being treated. A manifold distributes the treatment fluid among the tubes being treated in the case of treatment of more than one tube where the tubes... Agent:

20140251384 - Filter cleaning system and method: A filter cleaning system for cleaning a filter element is provided. The filter cleaning system includes a set of pulse nozzles and a compressed air supply, which rotate together during a cleaning cycle to release pulse blasts at predetermined time intervals to clean the filter element.... Agent: United Air Specialists, Inc.

20140251385 - Cleaning system for a low temperature fill-and-dump dishwashing machine: A method of cleaning dishware in a low temperature fill-and-dump dishwashing machine wherein the detergent composition doused in the wash cycle comprises sanitizer mitigator and enzymes, and the rinse cycle comprises sanitizer and rinse aid.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140251386 - Processing apparatus and processing method: According to one embodiment, a processing apparatus includes a rinsing section configured to rinse a processing liquid on a surface of a workpiece with a rinse liquid and a drying section configured to dry the surface of the workpiece. The drying section includes a chamber, a nozzle provided inside the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140251387 - Method and apparatus for cleaning a filter: A filter cleaning device includes a cleaning chamber operable to receive a gas filter to be cleaned, the cleaning chamber having an inlet through which a gas flow can be admitted and an outlet for gas flow leaving the cleaning chamber, the inlet and outlet being arranged such that the... Agent:

20140251388 - Cleaning system and method of cleaning: A method of supplying oxygenated water is performed on a water tank, in which oxygenated water is received. The method lets the water tank supply a constant amount of the oxygenated water once, and then supply the water tank with water and pure oxygen to recover the dissolution ratio of... Agent: Biyoung Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

20140251389 - Cleaning mechanism for a computer using cooling fan airflow output: A cleaning mechanism includes: an airflow control chamber for receiving exhaust air from a cooling fan; a cleaning outlet for outputting the exhaust air to be used for cleaning; a flexible pipe having one end in communication with the cleaning outlet and one free end directable by a user for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140251393 - Application liquid application apparatus and application liquid application method: According to one embodiment, an application liquid application apparatus includes: a support stage having a rotation mechanism; and an application liquid discharge module configured to discharge an application liquid onto a surface of a substrate mounted on the support stage along on a rotation axis of the support stage. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140251392 - Automated detection and control system and method for high pressure water wash application and collection applied to aero compressor washing: The present invention relates to a system and method for washing gas turbine engines comprising a manifold comprising one or more tubes; a pumping system for providing pressurized washing liquid to the manifold, the pumping system comprising a pump, and one or more valves; and a control unit for regulating... Agent: Pratt &whitney Line Maintenance Services, Inc.

20140251390 - Pressure washer with parallel flow soap dispensing: A pressure washing system that includes a pump configured to generate a pressurized fluid stream and a wand that is connectable to the pressurized discharge of the pump. The wand includes a trigger and a nozzle that are exposed to the pressurized fluid path. The wand includes a treatment fluid... Agent: Generac Power Systems, Inc.

20140251391 - Inner-diameter quenching device: An inner-diameter quenching device is provided with a workpiece holding assembly for holding a workpiece to be quenched, a spray cylinder, and a heating coil. The workpiece has a central axis. The spray cylinder is disposed at a first side of the workpiece holding assembly and driven by a lifting... Agent: Hiwin Technologies Corp.

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