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Claus Molgaard patents

Recent patents with Claus Molgaard listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Photo-realistic shallow depth-of-field rendering from focal stacks

03/09/17 - 20170070720 - Generating an image with a selected level of background blur includes capturing, by a first image capture device, a plurality of frames of a scene, wherein each of the plurality of frames has a different focus depth, obtaining a depth map of the scene, determining a target object and a
Inventors: Thomas E. Bishop, Alexander Lindskog, Claus Molgaard, Frank Doepke

Advanced multi-band noise reduction

03/09/17 - 20170070718 - Techniques for de-noising a digital image using a multi-band noise filter and a unique combination of texture and chroma metrics are described. A novel texture metric may be used during multi-band filter operations on an image's luma channel to determine if a given pixel is associated with a textured/smooth region
Inventors: Farhan A. Baqai, Fabio Riccardi, Russell A. Pflughaupt, Claus Molgaard, Gijesh Varghese

Depth map calculation in a stereo camera system

03/09/17 - 20170069097 - A method for generating a depth map is described. The method includes obtaining a first image of a scene from a first image capture unit, the first image having a first depth-of-field (DOF), obtaining a second image of the scene from a second image capture unit, the second image having
Inventors: Claus Molgaard, Thomas E. Bishop

Temporal multi-band noise reduction

03/09/17 - 20170069060 - Systems, methods, and computer readable media to fuse digital images are described. In general, techniques are disclosed that use multi-band noise reduction techniques to represent input and reference images as pyramids. Once decomposed in this manner, images may be fused using novel low-level (noise dependent) similarity measures. In some implementations
Inventors: Farhan A. Baqai, Fabio Riccardi, Russell A. Pflughaupt, Claus Molgaard, Gijesh Varghese

Automated selection of keeper images from a burst photo captured set

01/05/17 - 20170006251 - Systems and methods for improving automatic selection of keeper images from a commonly captured set of images are described. A combination of image type identification and image quality metrics may be used to identify one or more images in the set as keeper images. Image type identification may be used
Inventors: Brett Keating, Vincent Wong, Todd Sachs, Claus Molgaard, Michael Rousson, Elliott Harris, Justin Titi, Karl Hsu, Jeff Brasket, Marco Zuliani

Method and apparatus for finding and using video portions that are relevant to adjacent still images

12/08/16 - 20160358634 - The invention relates to systems, methods, and computer readable media for responding to a user snapshot request by capturing anticipatory pre-snapshot image data as well as post-snapshot image data. The captured information may be used, depending upon the embodiment, to create archival image information and image presentation information that is
Inventors: Claus Molgaard, Brett M. Keating, George E. Williams, Marco Zuliani, Vincent Y. Wong, Frank Doepke, Ethan J. Tira-thompson

Mobile camera system

01/07/16 - 20160007008 - Some embodiments include methods and/or systems for using multiple cameras to provide optical zoom to a user. Some embodiments include a first camera unit of a multifunction device capturing a first image of a first visual field. A second camera unit of the multifunction device simultaneously captures a second image
Inventors: Claus Molgaard, Iain A. Mcallister

Method for dynamically calibrating rotation offset in a camera system

02/05/15 - 20150035991 - A method for dynamically calibrating rotational offset in a device includes obtaining an image captured by a camera of the device. Orientation information of the device at the time of image capture may be associated with the image. Pixel data of the image may be analyzed to determine an image
Inventors: Todd S. Sachs, Kevin L. Hunter, Marco Zuliani, Claus Molgaard

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