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Classifying, separating, and assorting solids

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12/18/2014 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140367312 - Apparatus and a method for sorting a particulate material: The present disclosure provides an apparatus for sorting a particulate material. The apparatus comprises a receiving portion for receiving the particulate material having a particle size within a predetermined range of sizes. The apparatus also comprises a distributor for receiving the particulate material at an upper end thereof and having... Agent: Curtin University Of Technology

20140367313 - Dirt sifting attachment for wheelbarrows: Disclosed is a dirt sifting device for placement over a wheelbarrow, comprising a frame, a plurality of trusses, and a filter screen that allows dirt to pass through but not larger matter. The frame is continuous and is substantially planar, and the frame has first and second sides that are... Agent:

20140367314 - Dirt sifting attachment for wheelbarrows: Disclosed is a dirt sifting device for placement over a wheelbarrow, comprising a frame and a filter screen disposed over the frame. In an embodiment of the present invention, the dirt sifting device comprises a first frame connected by a hinge to a second frame. The hinge allows the first... Agent:

20140367315 - System for sorting microscopic objects using electromagnetic radiation: There is presented a system 10,100 for sorting microscopic objects 76, 78, 80, where the system comprises a fluid channel 66 with an inlet 68 and an outlet 70, where the fluid channel is arranged for allowing the fluid flow to be laminar. The system furthermore comprises a detection system... Agent:

20140367316 - Methods and apparatus for identifying and sorting materials using terahertz waves: A terahertz-based material identification system includes a terahertz source for transmitting a terahertz wave for interaction with an object. The interaction results in a resulting terahertz wave that is influenced by the object. A terahertz detector receives the resulting terahertz wave and is configured to output measurement data corresponding to... Agent: Tetechs Inc.

12/11/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140360924 - Systems and methods for aggregating serialized goods: In some embodiments, aggregated serialized goods may be loaded into the serialization/aggregation system via a conveyor, and the aggregated serialized goods may be scanned and authenticated. The aggregated serialized goods that are determined to be authentic may be diverted to at least one aggregation line, where the aggregated serialized goods... Agent:

20140360925 - Woody biomass beneficiation system: A beneficiation process and apparatus for the continuous treatment of comminuted woody biomass, particularly hog fuel, to substantially remove mineral impurities and bark and to recover white wood therefrom for use as industrial feedstocks.... Agent: Forest Concepts, LLC

20140360926 - Mail carrier sequencer: A mail sortation system that can process mail, either letter or flat, from random order to delivery point sequence (DPS) order, in a single sortation pass. The system has a first sortation assembly comprising a plurality of individual open-topped receptacles into which mail is received, each receptacle having a trap... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140353217 - Aggregate analysis techniques and apparatus: A device, method, and system for analyzing aggregate are described. An exemplary device may include a housing with one or more grading screens. Aggregate and liquid may be received by a port within the housing. The liquid and any suspended fines, after passing through the one or more grading screens... Agent:

20140353218 - Separation of luminescent nanomaterials: The invention relates to analysis of photon upconversion luminescent inorganic lanthanide-doped nanomaterials and/or separation and/or purification of them from other materials such as biomolecules and/or chemicals used e.g. for bioconjugation in preparation of reagents based on upconverting lanthanide nanoparticles for bioanalytical assays. The invention utilizes a high gradient magnetic separator... Agent: Kaivogen Oy

20140353219 - Separating machine for separating loose mixtures in a fluid: A separating machine for separating loose mixtures in a fluid, comprising loose mixture loading and feeding means, a fluid oscillator with nozzles and air blowers placed thereunder, a separation chamber with a cover, an air flow baffle placed on the separation chamber rear wall and ready and recycled fractions collectors... Agent:

20140353220 - Device and method for separating feedstock into at least one light material fraction and a heavy material fraction: A fractionating device comprises at least one inlet for feedstock, at least one light material outlet for a light material fraction and at least one heavy material outlet for a heavy material fraction. A flow generator for generating gas flow in the fractionating device for separating the light and heavy... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140346091 - Processing mined material: An apparatus for processing mined material that includes an applicator assembly (2) is disclosed. The applicator assembly includes a plurality of applicators (12) for exposing a moving bed of fragments of mined material to electromagnetic radiation as the bed of fragments moves through the applicator assembly. The applicators are arranged... Agent: Technological Resources Pty. Limited

20140346092 - Rotary drum type litter separating apparatus: In a rotary drum type litter separating apparatus including a cylindrical unit supported rotatably and having a peripheral surface formed in a mesh form as a part of the cylindrical unit, the cylindrical unit includes a bottomed part which closes one end of the cylindrical unit and a loaning/unloading port... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140346093 - Banknote recognition and counting machine and banknote recognition and counting method: Banknotes are taken into a banknote recognition and counting machine (10), a recognition and counting process for the banknotes is performed by a recognition and counting unit (24), judgment for the banknotes is performed by using a first judgment threshold value, based on the recognition result on each banknote recognized... Agent: Glory Ltd.

20140346095 - High-speed, high-resolution, triangulation-based, 3-d method and system for inspecting manufactured parts and sorting the inspected parts: A high-speed, high-resolution, triangulation-based, 3-D method and system for inspecting manufactured parts and sorting the inspected parts are provided. The method includes consecutively transferring the parts so that the parts move along a path which extends from a supply of parts and through an imaging station. A triangulation-based sensor head... Agent: Gii Acquisition, LLC Dba General Inspection, LLC

20140346094 - High-speed, triangulation-based, 3-d method and system for inspecting manufactured parts and sorting the inspected parts: High-speed, triangulation-based, 3-D method and system for inspecting manufactured parts and sorting the inspection parts are provided. A plurality of angularly-spaced, triangulation-based, sensor heads are located at an imaging station to simultaneously deliver focused lines of radiation onto a plurality of exterior side surfaces of the part during motion of... Agent:

20140346096 - Routing of an unknown mail item: Apparatus, methods, media and code for routing a mail item part are provided. A receiver may receive an image of the mail item part. A processor may decompose a segment of the mail item part into a string vector; quantify a first closeness between the string vector and a first... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20140346097 - High speed method and system for inspecting a stream of parts: A high-speed method and system for inspecting a stream of parts using at least one transparent traveling carrier of a conveyor subsystem are provided. The subsystem has a forward reach and a return reach. The method includes controllably receiving a stream of parts in rapid succession on the at least... Agent:

20140346098 - Stone separator with air separator: A device for processing a material mixture, with a first conveyor belt which is connected to a chamber, has at least one pressure blower provided in the internal space of the chamber for generating an airflow aimed from below at the material mixture falling into the chamber. At least two... Agent: Komptech Umwelttechnik Deutschland Gmbh

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