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Classifying, separating, and assorting solids

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01/22/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150021236 - Mineral ore flotation using carboxymethyl cellulose with different characteristics in different flotation cells: A flotation method for mineral processing is disclosed. The method for floating includes a first step of using a first carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) in a first flotation cell, and a subsequent step includes using a second CMC in a subsequent flotation cell, the first and second CMCs having different characteristics.... Agent: Cp Kelco Oy

20150021237 - Underwater mineral sorting methods and systems: Provided are systems and methods for sorting crushed material by gravitationally separating components of the crushed material according to component densities in a liquid column having a bottom layer of a heavy water-immiscible liquid, an intermediate layer of an aqueous salt solution and a top layer of a light water-immiscible... Agent: S.g.b.d. Technologies Ltd.

20150021238 - Method and apparatus for sorting fibers: An apparatus and methods for sorting and determining the length distribution of fibers in a sample are disclosed. One method of sorting and determining the length distribution of fibers includes immersing the fibers in a liquid to form a mixture; placing the mixture into a stack of sieves; progressively applying... Agent:

20150021239 - Screen surface forming system: A screen system having a plurality of screen elements that can be readily removed and replaced to vary one or more characteristics of the screen surface formed by the screen system. The screen system includes a support system for supporting at least one screen element to prevent deformation of the... Agent:

20150021240 - Woven wire screening and a method of forming the same: A woven wire screening for use in classifying material flowing therethrough and a method of forming the same. The woven wire screening includes a plurality of warp wires and a plurality of weft wires. The plurality of warp wires and the plurality of weft wires are interwoven to form an... Agent: Lumsden Corporation

20150021241 - Screen frame: A screen support frame comprising, a perimeter disposed in a horizontal plane, defining a vertical direction normal to said plane, said perimeter reinforced by an arrangement of reinforcing wires, said arrangement comprising a first array of substantially parallel structural wires extending between opposing regions of the perimeter in a first... Agent:

20150021242 - Card handling devices and methods of using such devices: A card-handling device reads a suit and value of individual cards that are moved through the card-handling device. Reading of the cards is effected after the cards have been received into a card holding area and before the cards have been delivered into a card collection area from which cards... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150014224 - High gradient, oil-cooled iron removal device with inner circulation: A high-gradient internal-circulating oil-cooled Magnetic Separator, includes magnetic system coils, an internal-circulating oil path system, an external-cooling system and an oil conservator. The magnetic system coils are used for generating excitation magnetic field to achieve the iron-absorption function, the magnetic paths of the magnetic system coils being an open magnetic... Agent:

20150014225 - Method for recovering chromite, and method for wet smelting of nickel oxide ore: A method for recovering chromite from ore slurry obtained by processing nickel oxide ore, the raw material, in a plant for the wet smelting of nickel oxide ore. In the method chromite is separated and recovered from an ore slurry obtained from a nickel oxide ore when nickel and cobalt... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

20150014226 - Apparatus for cleaning field crops: A cleaning apparatus is provided for cleaning crops, such as potatoes or beets, with adhering particles of soil and the like. The apparatus comprises a charging and or supply hopper with an opening at its underside from which the crops enter for cleaning; a housing with a cleaning region, wherein... Agent:

20150014227 - Sifter apparatus: A sifter attachment for a stand mixer that sifts directly into a mixer bowl. Sifting can be done simultaneously while mixing wet mix. The sifting attaches to and is driven by an auxiliary hub of the mixer. The hopper body is in close physical proximity with the mixer's mixing chamber,... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150008162 - Menthol detection on tobacco: A method for detecting mentholated tobacco, comprising irradiating tobacco containing menthol and a fluorescent taggant with radiation and observing the tobacco for fluorescence from the taggant. A system and method for detecting and separating mentholated tobacco from non-mentholated tobacco within a product stream is also provided.... Agent:

20150008163 - Sorting apparatus for arthropods and method of use thereof: There is provided an apparatus for sorting arthropod larvae and pupae and in particular, although not necessarily, to sorting arthropod pupae on the basis of size, especially in mosquitoes. The apparatus comprises two parallel bars (14) pivotally mounted in a frame such that the distance between the bars is adjustable.... Agent:

20150008164 - Device for monitoring the empty condition of a container cell of a container cleaning machine: A device for monitoring the empty condition of a container cell of a container cleaning machine, preferably a container cleaning machine for cleaning returnable bottles in a beverage filling plant, comprising at least one foreign body ejection device for ejecting a foreign body that is present in a container cell... Agent:

20150008165 - Sorting machine for sorting flat articles on edge, with article bunching being detected: A sorting machine (1) for sorting flat articles (2) on edge, which machine includes an upstream conveyor (10), and a downstream conveyor (30) that conveys the flat articles (2) by nipping them, the upstream conveyor (10) and the downstream conveyor (30) being separated by detector means (100) including an intermediate... Agent:

20150008166 - Sifting and grading device: A sifting and grading device includes an accommodation module, a pushing module, a detection module, an image unit, and a transmission module. The accommodation module is used to accommodate pellets and convey the pellets to the pushing module. The pushing module is connected to the accommodation module to move the... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150001136 - Apparatus for repairing sifting or filtering screens: An apparatus, suitable for use as a plug for a screen frame e.g. as used in the oil and gas drilling industry, comprising a screen frame blocking surface having a first expanded screen frame blocking form, said first form being operatively compressible to form a second compressed form, said second... Agent:

20150001137 - Sortation systems and related methods: A conveying system for intended use in sorting articles and related methods of conveying and sorting articles are disclosed. In one embodiment, the system comprises a first conveyor extending in a first direction and a second conveyor extending in a second direction, with the directions intersecting. A transfer conveyor, such... Agent:

20150001138 - Apparatus for singulating load items: An apparatus for singulating load items, with a group of delivery apparatuses for delivering load items, wherein there is associated with each delivery apparatus a first singulation apparatus for singulating the load items delivered with that delivery apparatus and there is, downstream of the first singulation apparatuses of the group... Agent:

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