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Classifying, separating, and assorting solids

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05/21/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150136661 - Method and system for processing low grade shredder residue fines: Processing shredder residue fines to recover valuable metals, such as copper, from waste materials. The disclosed systems and methods employ processes that further refine the waste materials to concentrate the metallic material after the waste materials are initially processed. Processes include employing a destoner, and optionally multiple destoners and screens,... Agent:

20150136662 - Method and system for recovering recyclable materials from an asr landfill: Processing excavated ASR from an ASR landfill. The processing includes excavating the ASR and co-mingled material, sizing the excavated material, separating the excavated, sized material into a heavy and light fraction, and further processing the heavy fraction to recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals.... Agent:

20150136663 - Method and system for separating aluminum and magnesium from asr zorba: Processing automobile shredder residue (ASR) zorba to separate aluminum and magnesium from the other non-ferrous metals. The system and method employs a destoner to separate the magnesium and aluminum from other non-ferrous metals in the ASR zorba. The resulting magnesium and aluminum product may be further processed by a destoner... Agent:

20150136664 - Controlling froth flotation: A method of controlling a froth flotation cell in a froth flotation circuit for separating substances is disclosed. The method includes controlling flotation gas flow rate to the cell based on changes in cell conditions to maintain the operation of the cell at a peak froth stability of the cell... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150129466 - Processing of waste incineration ashes: The invention relates to a method for processing waste incineration ashes (A), in particular domestic waste incineration ashes (HMVA), in which the ashes are classified into a plurality of fractions of different grain size distributions in a processing plant (11) separated from the actual waste incineration process. The ashes (A)... Agent:

20150129467 - Adjustable spring grizzly bar material separator: An adjustable spring grizzly bar material separator provided and includes a plurality of flexible tines, a cassette, wherein the plurality of flexible tines are each coupled on an end to the cassette, and a first set of spacers removably coupled within the cassette between the plurality of tines, wherein the... Agent:

20150129468 - Combined auger and screening apparatus for screening and conveyance of granular fertilizer or the like: A combined auger conveyor and screening apparatus features an inlet hopper mounted to an auger housing adjacent an inlet end thereof, and a screen support frame disposed atop the inlet hopper and supporting a screen over an area of the inlet hopper. A screen drive mechanism is removably mounted to... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150122705 - Method and apparatus for sorting and upgrading mined material: A method of sorting a parcel of ore comprising the steps of first sorting the parcel of ore into one of at least two grades based on a characteristic of the parcel of ore, and a second sorting step wherein the parcel of ore is further sorted.... Agent:

20150122706 - Dedusting apparatus having actuator controlled inlet deflectors to provide adjustable product flow regulation: A dedusting apparatus is provided with movable inlet deflectors that are positionally controlled by actuators to vary the rate of flow of particulate material over the wash decks. The inlet deflectors are formed with a fixed member that extends between the front and rear walls of the dedusting apparatus and... Agent: Pelletron Corporation

20150122707 - Method and apparatuses for screening: A screening machine includes wall members, screen assembly guide members, a screen assembly and a compression assembly. The screen assembly includes a frame with a plurality of side members and a screen supported by the frame. The compression assembly is attached to at least one wall member and forms the... Agent: Derrick Corporation

20150122708 - Pin sorter: A system for sorting merchandise tags. The system includes a housing configured to receive a first portion of the merchandise tag and a second portion of the merchandise tag, the first portion and the second portion configured to attach to one another. The system also includes a separator configured to... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150114886 - Method and computer program product for distinguishing and sorting seeds containing a genetic element of interest: Seeds containing a genetic element of interest can be distinguished and sorted from a bulk sample of seeds. In certain embodiments, a marker is associated with at least some of the seeds containing a genetic element of interest, the seeds are excited using an photonic emitting device, and at least... Agent:

20150114887 - Apparatus for prewashing comminuted plastic parts: An apparatus for prewashing comminuted plastic parts and for separating heavy materials or mineral constituents such as sand, silt, etc., comprises a material feed (1) for the plastic parts to be prewashed, a separating region (2) for the heavy materials, which comprises a separating chamber (3) that is filled with... Agent:

20150114888 - Waste foundry sand to frac sand process: Foundries utilize quartz foundry sand and generate waste foundry sand as a by-product. Frac sand exists with other components within the waste foundry sand. A configuration of machinery processing a flow of quartz waste foundry sand into frac sand includes a screening device separating the flow and providing the frac... Agent:

20150114889 - Method of separating workpieces from chips: There is provided a workpiece separation apparatus permitting input of a mixture of workpieces and chips stably within a flow current and separating them accurately and efficiently. The workpiece separation apparatus includes an input cylinder inserted within a separating container, and a fluid supplying means arranged so as to supply... Agent: Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.

20150114890 - Apparatus and method for opening and sorting envelopes: An apparatus is provided for processing mail by severing an edge of each envelope in a stack of mail. The apparatus includes an input bin for receiving a stack of mail. A feeder feeds the bottom envelope from the input bin to a transport that conveys the envelope along an... Agent:

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