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Classifying, separating, and assorting solids

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10/02/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140291210 - Recycling electrochemical cells and batteries: Processes for separating and recycling battery and electrochemical cell materials are disclosed.... Agent: Rsr Technologies, Inc.

20140291211 - Method and apparatus for sorting carbon nanotubes: A process of sorting metallic single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) from semiconducting types by disposing the SWNTs in a dilute fluid, exposing the SWNTs to a dipole-inducing magnetic field which induces magnetic dipoles in the SWNTs so that a strength of a dipole depends on a conductivity of the SWNT... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140291212 - Microwave applicator: A microwave radiation applicator for exposing mined material to microwave radiation is disclosed. The applicator includes side walls 3 and end walls 5 that define a chamber. One end wall has an opening that forms an inlet for mined material to be supplied to the chamber and the other end... Agent:

20140291213 - Process and system for dry coal separation by coal gangue removal: The process for coal separation includes two steps of size grading and oversize raw coal separating. A size range is obtained through size grading, then the obtained raw coal is separated by a sensor system, and coal briquettes with high impurity contents are blown into an impurity chamber through high-speed... Agent: Shangdong Borun Process Industrial Technology Corp. Co., Ltd.

20140291214 - Vibratory screener cleaning system: A vibratory screener including a screen with an upper surface, a lower surface, and a plurality of apertures, an attachment post extending above the upper surface of the screen, and a cleaning system positioned above the upper surface of the screen. The cleaning system includes a support plate, a plurality... Agent:

20140291215 - Ore screening panel: A modular screening panel in which the apertures in the screening surface extend through the surface and the shape of the aperture parallel the plane of the panel surface varies with the depth of the aperture so that as the surface wears the visible shape of the aperture changes. The... Agent: Schenck Process Australia Pty Ltd

20140291216 - Screen comprising a plurality of stacked decks and means for vertically separating the decks from one another: A screen including a plurality of decks vertically stacked above one another, at least one of the decks bearing at least one sieve, the screen including means for vertically separating the decks from one another, suitable for selectively adjusting a vertical distance between each deck of the plurality of decks... Agent:

20140291217 - Sorting system and sorting method with two storage areas: Objects are sorted according to a predetermined sorting feature. A first storage area and a second storage area each have a plurality of storage devices. A storage device of the first storage area has a storage device output and an emptying transport path, which leads to a storage device of... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140284252 - Vegetation byproduct extraction apparatus: A vegetation byproduct extraction apparatus includes an apparatus frame; an extraction assembly mount frame pivotally carried by the apparatus frame; an extraction assembly including a container carried by the extraction assembly mount frame; an agitation motor mechanically engaging the container; at least one classifier carried by the container, the at... Agent: Enovators, LLC

20140284253 - Ceramic wear tile and method of using same: The present subject matter provides colored wear tiles for use in optical sorting apparatuses and related methods that separate an associated material into a desired product and an undesired product. The colored wear tiles have a color and/or lightness value that permeates the entire body of the wear tile and... Agent:

20140284254 - Sorting plant and sorting method with two types of sorting terminals: A sorting plant and a sorting method sort objects according to a predefined sort criterion. The sorting plant has a plurality of transfer sites, a plurality of upper pick-up units which can be swiveled into a pick-up position and into a park position, and a plurality of lower pick-up units.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140284255 - Sorting and inspection apparatus and method with determination of product velocity: A sorting and inspection apparatus comprising a feed system for delivering a product stream sequentially through an imaging zone and a sorting zone, at least one tight source for illuminating a product at the imaging zone, at least one optical sensor and detector circuit for viewing at least a portion... Agent: Buhler Sortex Ltd.

09/18/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140262966 - On-line oil and foreign matter detection system and method: A system for detecting oil contaminated product and foreign matter within a product stream is provided. The system includes a first conveying means for delivering a product stream; a first detection apparatus for detecting oil contaminated product, the first detection apparatus positioned proximate the product stream, the first detection apparatus... Agent:

20140262967 - Separating a powder mixture: A method of separating a powder mixture is disclosed. A first magnetic field is applied to the powder mixture which may contains a non-magnetic metal powder and a contaminant powder. A field strength of the first magnetic field magnetizes the non-magnetic metal powder and leaves the contaminant powder non-magnetized. A... Agent: General Electric Company

20140262968 - System and method for recovery of valuable constituents from steel-making slag fines: A system and method directed to the economical recovery of valuable iron constituents from iron blast furnace and steel-making slag fines wherein the slag is obtained and subjected to a series of classification steps which progressively sort the slag fines by various physical characteristics, including magnetism, size, and density, into... Agent: Fritz Enterprises, Inc.

20140262969 - Method and apparatus for separating plastics from compost and other recyclable materials: There is disclosed a method and apparatus for separating plastics from compost material. In an embodiment, the method comprises: providing an inclined trough having a feed entry at a top end and a materials discharge end at a bottom end, the inclined trough including a plurality of riffles positioned substantially... Agent:

20140262970 - Sorting apparatus and sorting method: Provided is a sorting apparatus including: a flow channel device including a flow channel through which a fluid including particles flows and an operation electrode portion that causes a dielectrophoretic force to act on the particles in the flow channel; and a controller configured to detect characteristics of the particles... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140262971 - Tubular structure component with patterned resistive film on interior surface and systems and methods: The present invention relates to a component comprising a tubular structure having interior and exterior surfaces with the interior surface defining an interior passage through the tubular structure, said tubular structure extending longitudinally between opposed ends. The component also includes a resistive film bound to the interior surface of the... Agent:

20140262972 - Metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotube sorting: A method of separating metallic semiconducting carbon nanotubes includes providing a source of a mixture of semiconducting and metallic carbon nanotubes in a carrier liquid with one of the semiconducting and metallic carbon nanotubes being functionalized to carry a charge. The mixture is pressurized to cause a liquid jet of... Agent:

20140262973 - Method and system for stacking and sealing hydrodynamic separation layers: An assembly for a high output hydrodynamic separation unit includes, in one form, several components or parts. Top and bottom plates serve as caps for and distribute force through layers of separation channels. The compressive forces seal the channels and prevent leakage from the channels. An optional middle plate may... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140262974 - Composition and method for improvement in froth flotation: The invention provides methods and compositions for improving a froth flotation type separation. The method involves adding a hydrocarbon reaction product to slurry to enhance the separation. The method is particularly effective with coal separation because it increases yield without increasing ash content of flotation concentrate.... Agent:

20140262975 - Backing screen panels for vibrating screen separator: A vibrating screen separator machine including a frame bounding a first screening assembly, the first screening assembly forming a first sifting plane. The first screening assembly comprises a mesh screen and a planar backing panel proximate the mesh screen, the backing panel having a plurality of perforations. The screen separator... Agent:

20140262976 - Heavy machine-operated sieve screen bucket: The invention relates to a heavy machine-operated sieve screen bucket. A plurality of screening plates (3) are spaced from each other and establish a screening surface (2), which is provided with screening slots and on top of which the material to be screened can be placed. There are rotatable shafts... Agent:

20140262977 - Material separator: A system and method for separating mixed materials employing an angled screen that is moved through a vertically oriented circular path by a single drive element.... Agent:

20140262978 - Injection molded screening apparatuses and methods: Screening members, screening assemblies, methods for fabricating screening members and assemblies and methods for screening materials are provided for vibratory screening machines that incorporate the use of injection molded materials. Use of injection molded screen elements provide, inter alia, for: varying screening surface configurations; fast and relatively simple screen assembly... Agent: Derrick Corporation

20140262979 - Tray engine and methods for transferring trays to and from tools and in sorters: A tray engine includes a vertical drive column, a rotation mechanism for rotating the vertical drive column, and an end effector attached to the vertical drive column. The end effector includes an end effector base attached to the vertical drive column. The end effector further includes a slide attached to... Agent:

20140262980 - Sheet processing method and sheet processing system: According to one embodiment, a sheet processing method in a sheet processing apparatus, the method includes, reading images of the sheets being conveyed, discriminating whether the sheets are exclusion pieces or not based on the images of the sheets, recognizing the identification information based on an image read from the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140262981 - Systems and methods for reducing dust in granular material: A method of removing dust from granular polysilicon includes introducing a stream of granular polysilicon, dispersing the longitudinal stream of granular polysilicon by redirecting the stream into a radially outward flow having a circular pattern, and introducing a counter flow of gas in an opposite direction to that of the... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 10 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140251876 - Method and apparatus for components removal: The proposed invention relates to an apparatus and a method of separating all the parts including but not limited to electronic components, mechanical components, and electromechanical components, modules etc either individually or in sections and modular parts from the main input PCB. The proposed invention is an apparatus and method... Agent:

20140251877 - Aluminum can system: An aluminum can cleaning system for separating magnetic materials and other debris from aggregate comprising aluminum cans comprises a conveyor having a magnet to cause the conveyor to retain a magnetic portion of the aggregate along a portion of the conveyor to separate the magnetic portion from a non-magnetic portion... Agent:

20140251878 - Separator for granular materials: The present invention relates to a dynamic air separator for separating materials consisting of particles of different sizes into particle-size fractions, said separator including a rotary housing (1) and a chamber (2) for recovering the fine particles, which is coaxially arranged in alignment with the rotary housing, characterized in that:... Agent: Magotteaux International S.a.

20140251879 - Method and apparatus for sorting particles: A method and apparatus for sorting particles moving through a closed channel system of capillary size comprises a bubble valve for selectively generating a pressure pulse to separate a particle having a predetermined characteristic from a stream of particles. The particle sorting system may further include a buffer for absorbing... Agent: Cytonome/st, LLC

20140251880 - Isotope specific arbitrary material sorter and flow meter: A laser-based mono-energetic gamma-ray source is used to provide a rapid and unique, isotope specific method for sorting materials. The objects to be sorted are passed on a conveyor in front of a MEGa-ray beam which has been tuned to the nuclear resonance fluorescence transition of the desired material. As... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC.

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