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Chemistry of inorganic compounds December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130343969 - Particulate materials for uranium extraction and related processes: Extraction method for recovering metals. Phosphoric acid is contacted with an extractant suspension of solid particulate material comprising a para- or ferromagnetic material core surrounded by an outer shell of a chelating polymer whereby a metal is the solution is adsorbed on the chelating polymer, thereby removing it from the... Agent:

20130343971 - Method for co-producing alumina and activated calcium silicate from high-alumina fly ash: A method for co-producing alumina and activated calcium silicate from high-alumina fly ash, comprising the steps that: high-alumina fly ash reacts with sodium hydroxide solution to obtain desiliconized solution and desiliconized fly ash; lime cream is added to the desiliconized solution to obtain activated calcium silicate; limestone and sodium carbonate... Agent: Inner Mongolia Datang International Recycling Resource Development Co., Ltd.

20130343970 - Reducing aluminosilicate scale in the bayer process: The invention provides methods and compositions for inhibiting the accumulation of DSP scale in the liquor circuit of Bayer process equipment. The method includes adding one or more particular silane based small molecules to the liquor fluid circuit. These scale inhibitors reduce DSP scale formation and thereby increase fluid throughput,... Agent: Nalco Company

20130343972 - Method for treating liquid effluents and recovering metals: A method for treating liquid effluents and recovering metals is described, which comprises the steps of: a) liquid effluent equalization; b) sulphide addition and precipitation of metals in the form of metal sulphides; c) solid/liquid separation of the metal sulphides produced in step (b) and formation of a metal-free liquid... Agent: Vale S.a.

20130343973 - Absorbent for optics and electrical components: The invention general provides a method of absorbing gases from manufactured articles comprising providing a gas absorbent in gaseous contact with the manufactured article wherein the gas absorber comprises activated carbon, molecular sieve, and alkaline salt.... Agent:

20130343974 - Acid gas absorbent, acid gas removal method, and acid gas removal device: where R1, R2, R4 and R5 represent any of: a cyclic alkyl group having carbon number from 3 to 6; an alkyl group having carbon number from 1 to 4; a hydroxyalkyl group; and a hydrogen atom, R3 represents any of: the hydrogen atom; a methyl group; and an ethyl... Agent:

20130343975 - Ammonia oxidation catalyst having low n2o by-product formation: The present invention relates to a catalytic composition comprising a noble metal on an acidic tungsten-containing mixed oxide, a method for producing the catalytic composition and the use of the catalytic composition as oxidation catalyst. The invention further relates to a catalyst shaped body, which has the catalytic composition on... Agent: Clariant Produkte(deutschland) Gmbh

20130343976 - Carbon dioxide recovery device and carbon dioxide recovery method: According to one embodiment, a carbon dioxide recovery device includes an absorption tower configured to cause carbon dioxide-containing gas to come in contact with absorbing solution and to generate rich solution absorbing the carbon dioxide, a regeneration tower configured to heat the rich solution, to disperse steam containing the carbon... Agent:

20130343977 - Continuous diffusion denuding with moving denuding surface: A duct can be configured to receive a denuding gas flow. A solid denuding surface that is connected to a drive system can be configured to move the solid denuding surface within the duct while the solid denuding surface is continuously concentrating one or more gas-phase species from the denuding... Agent: Cooper Environmental Services LLC

20130343978 - Sour gas and acid natural gas separation membrane process by pre removal of dissolved elemental sulfur for plugging prevention: Methods for removing sulfur from a gas stream prior to sending the gas stream to a gas separation membrane system are provided. Two schemes are available. When the sulfur content is high or flow is relatively high, a scheme including two columns where one tower is regenerated if the sulfur... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20130343979 - Highly efficient method for producing ceramic microparticles: Provided is a more suitable method for producing ceramic microparticles. The present invention uses at least two types of fluids to be processed; at least one of the fluids to be processed is a fluid containing a ceramic starting material liquid that mixes and/or dissolves a ceramic starting material in... Agent: M. Technique Co., Ltd.

20130343980 - Method for preparing a composition including synthetic inorganic particles: A method for preparing a composition including synthetic mineral particles, in which: a hydrogel that is a precursor of the synthetic mineral particles is prepared, and the hydrogel is subjected to a hydrothermal treatment, characterized in that at least one step of the hydrothermal treatment is carried out with the... Agent: Universite Paul Sabatier Toulouse Iii

20130343981 - Extraction and sequestration of carbon dioxide: The present disclosure provides a method and apparatus for extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) from a fluid stream and for delivering that extracted CO2 to controlled environments for utilization by a secondary process. Various extraction and delivery methods are disclosed specific to certain secondary uses, included the attraction of CO2-sensitive insects,... Agent: Kilimanjaro Energy, Inc.

20130343982 - Process for making multi-walled carbon nanotubes and multi-walled carbon nanotubes formed therefrom: A process for making multi-walled carbon nanotubes includes contacting a hydrocarbon-containing gas with an electron beam-treated fly ash catalyst. The electron beam-treated fly ash catalyst contains a total amount of iron oxide and vanadium oxide of up to 5 wt. %. The multi-walled carbon nanotubes may be formed in a... Agent:

20130343983 - Lithium-titanium complex oxide and manufacturing method thereof, and battery electrode using same: A lithium-titanium complex oxide whose total water generation amount and total carbon dioxide generation amount measured by thermal decomposition GC-MS are preferably 1500 wt ppm or less and 2000 wt ppm or less, respectively, is obtained by subjecting a mixture of titanium compound and lithium compound to a heat treatment... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20130343984 - Device for making nano-scale particles of titanium dioxide and method of making nano-scale particles of titanium dioxide using the device: A device for making nano-scale particles of titanium dioxide includes a vacuum chamber; an evaporator, a gas supplier, a vacuum pump assembly, and a product collecting device. The evaporator is mounted in the vacuum chamber. The gas supplier communicates with the vacuum chamber. The vacuum pump assembly communicates with the... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130343985 - Catalyst-containing reactor system and associated methods: In accordance with one or more embodiments, a tubular catalyst-containing reactor system is provided. The system includes a housing and a vaporizer unit in the housing comprising a helically wound tubular assembly for receiving and at least partially vaporizing a liquid chemical reactant stream. A reformer unit in the housing... Agent: Hy9 Corporation

20130343986 - Method for producing mtw-type zeolite: Provided is a method for producing an MTW-type zeolite. The reaction mixture contains a silica source, an alumina source, an alkali source, and water is reacted with a seed crystal of a zeolite to produce an MTW-type zeolite. The reaction mixture has a composition, which makes a synthesized zeolite contain... Agent: Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

12/19/2013 > 26 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130336854 - Compositions and methods for treating nuclear fuel: Compositions are provided that include nuclear fuel. Methods for treating nuclear fuel are provided which can include exposing the fuel to a carbonate-peroxide solution. Methods can also include exposing the fuel to an ammonium solution. Methods for acquiring molybdenum from a uranium comprising material are provided.... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20130336855 - Advanced dry head-end reprocessing of light water reactor spent nuclear fuel: A method for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel from a light water reactor includes the step of reacting spent nuclear fuel in a voloxidation vessel with an oxidizing gas having nitrogen dioxide and oxygen for a period sufficient to generate a solid oxidation product of the spent nuclear fuel. The reacting... Agent:

20130336856 - System and method for rare earths extraction: It is described a method for recovering rare earth elements from low grade ores including a first metal selected group containing at least one of iron and aluminum and a second metal selected from the group consisting of at least of the rare earth elements (lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, promethium,... Agent:

20130336857 - Sustainable process for reclaiming precious metals and base metals from e-waste: Processes for recycling electronic components removed from printed wire boards, whereby precious metals and base metals are extracted from the electronic components using environmentally friendly compositions. At least gold, silver and copper ions can be extracted from the electronic components and reduced to their respective metals using the processes and... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials Inc.

20130336858 - Tantalum recovery method: There is provided a technology for decreasing copper and tungsten contained in tantalum-containing wastes, and recovering a high-purity tantalum. The present invention is a tantalum recovery method for recovering tantalum from a tantalum-containing waste, the method comprising subjecting the tantalum-containing waste to an acid treatment in an oxidizing atmosphere, thereafter... Agent: Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd

20130336859 - Production of high purity precipitated calcium carbonate: The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of precipitated calcium carbonate comprising the steps of a) providing and calcining calcium carbonate comprising material; b) slaking the reaction product obtained from step a) with an aqueous ammonium chloride solution; c) separating insoluble components from the calcium chloride solution... Agent:

20130336861 - Method and apparatus for treating a raw ucg product stream: This invention relates to a method and apparatus for treating a raw product stream (raw synthesis gas/raw syngas) generated by underground coal gasification (UCG). In one aspect, the invention concerns a method and apparatus for cooling and initial cleaning of raw syngas gas, so that the treated UCG product stream... Agent: Linc Energy Ltd

20130336860 - Wet scrubber for cleaning an effluent gas: A wet scrubber for removal of at least one gaseous pollutant from an effluent gas includes an inlet opening. A gas distributor is arranged in a wet scrubber housing and comprises a diffuser having a cover plate. The cover plate is arranged in the path of the effluent gas flowing... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20130336862 - Variable exhaust gas aftertreatment system: Systems and method for adjusting a cone angle of injected reductant directed into an engine exhaust upstream of a catalytic device based on the temperature distribution within the catalytic device are disclosed. In one particular example, a dosing unit comprising an adjustable piston is described whose adjustment further controls the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20130336863 - Scr catalytic converter having improved hydrocarbon resistance: A catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides in diesel engine exhaust gases using ammonia or a precursor compound decomposable to ammonia is described. The catalyst comprises two superposed coatings applied to a support body, of which the first coating applied directly to the support body comprises a... Agent: Umicore Ag & Co. Kg

20130336866 - Catalytically active material and catalytic converter for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides: The invention relates to a catalytically active material for reacting nitrogen oxides with ammonia in the presence of hydrocarbons. The material consists of an inner core (1) made of a zeolite exchanged with one or more transition metals or a zeolite-like compound exchanged with one or more transition metals. The... Agent: Umicore Ag & Co. Kg

20130336864 - Composites of mixed metal oxides for oxygen storage: Provided are composites of mixed metal oxides comprising: a ceria-zirconia-alumina composite, wherein the alumina is present in an amount in the range of 1 to less than 30% by weight of the composite and the mixed metal oxide composite has a ceria reducibility of at least 50% after 12 hours... Agent: Basf Corporation

20130336865 - Nox absorber catalyst: A NOx absorber catalyst comprising a substrate monolith coated with one or more washcoat layers and comprising a first component comprising a nitrogen oxide storage component, at least one precious metal and a dispersed rare earth oxide supported on a refractory support material, and a second component comprising a precious... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

20130336867 - Carbon dioxide capturing system and method of operating same: In one embodiment, a carbon dioxide capturing system includes an absorption tower to bring a gas containing carbon dioxide into contact with an absorbing liquid to discharge the absorbing liquid which has absorbed the carbon dioxide and discharge the gas whose carbon dioxide concentration is reduced. The system includes a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130336868 - Dry processes, apparatus, compositions and systems for reducing sulfur oxides and hcl: Dry processes, apparatus, compositions and systems are provided for reducing emissions of sulfur oxides, and sulfur dioxide in particular, and/or HCl in a process employing a combination of a dolomite hydrate sorbent and a sorbent doping agent administered to achieve coverage of a three-dimensional cross section of a passage carrying... Agent:

20130336869 - System & method for preventing scaling in a flue gas desulphurization system: A system & Method for Preventing Scaling in a Flue Gas Desulphurization System is provided. The system includes an injector configured to direct a barrier fluid toward a surface that is otherwise susceptible to scaling when it comes in contact with super-saturated alkaline solutions such as slurry used to capture... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20130336870 - Advanced tritium system for separation of tritium from radioactive wastes and reactor water in light water systems: Systems, methods, and processes for a high throughput, low concentration processing of low activity tritiated light water include the electrolysis of at least some of the tritiated water to produce hydrogen and tritium gas. The hydrogen and tritium gas produced by electrolysis in some cases are combined with heated water... Agent: Kurion, Inc.

20130336871 - Cosmetic material and its production method: A cosmetic material that exhibits sufficient shielding effects against UV-A and UV-B, does not color a resultant cosmetic product even when blended in cosmetic materials, and will not result in a non-powdery finish when applied to the skin, and a method for producing such a cosmetic material are provided. It... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20130336872 - Method for removing n2o and nox from the nitric acid production process, and an installation suitable for same: c

20130336873 - Diamond growth using diamondoids: Methods of growing diamond and resulting diamond nanoparticles and diamond films are described herein. An example of a method of growing diamond includes: (1) anchoring diamondoids to a substrate via chemical bonding between the diamondoids and the substrate; (2) forming a protective layer over the diamondoids; and (3) performing chemical... Agent:

20130336874 - Quinone radicals for enriching specific species of carbon nanotubes: The present invention is directed to a method for enriching specific species of carbon nanotubes, comprising contacting a composition of carbon nanotubes with one or more quinone compounds, reacting the carbon nanotubes with the quinone compounds, and separating the carbon nanotubes reacted with the quinone compounds from the unreacted carbon... Agent:

20130336875 - Apparatus and method for continuously producing carbon nanotubes: Advantageously, the apparatus and method for continuously producing carbon nanotubes enable rapid processing, exhibit superior productivity and excellent conversion rate of a carbon source, significantly reduce production costs, reduce energy consumption due to decrease in reactor size relative to capacity, and generate little or no waste gas and are thus... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20130336876 - Low temperature sulphur dioxide oxidation catalyst for sulfuric acid manufacture: Improved catalysts for oxidation of sulfur dioxide which are alkali metal-promoted vanadium catalysts which are further promoted by gold. Improved methods employing such catalyst for oxidation of sulfur dioxide and for manufacture of sulfuric acid. Improved methods for multiple step oxidation of sulfur dioxide in which the last oxidation step... Agent:

20130336877 - Systems and methods for removing finely dispersed particles from mining wastewater: Disclosed are systems and methods of removing particulate matter from a fluid, comprising: pre-activating the particulate matter to form a pre-activated particulate matter; providing an activating material capable of being affixed to the pre-activated particulate matter; affixing the activating material to the pre-activated particulate matter to form an activated particle;... Agent:

20130336878 - Metal eutectic supported metal catalyst system and reactions with the metal catalyst system: A eutectic supported catalyst system is used in catalyzed chemical reactions. A metal catalyst particle is supported in a eutectic medium. The system may have a) a eutectic composition of at least two metals forming the eutectic composition; and b) metal catalyst particles, preferably of nanometer dimensions, such as from... Agent:

20130336879 - Hydrogen production catalyst, method for producing hydrogen and hydrogen production apparatus using the same: A hydrogen production catalyst used for generating hydrogen by splitting water, the catalyst comprising a composite metal oxide of cerium oxide and praseodymium oxide.... Agent:

12/12/2013 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130330255 - Method for collection of ruthenium or ruthenium compound: According to the present invention, ruthenium or a ruthenium compound, which is expensive, can be collected with high efficiency even from an aqueous solution containing a water-soluble salt, a lower alcohol, an organic acid or the like, by adding at least one specific inorganic adsorbent to an aqueous solution containing... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20130330256 - Recycle of titanium diboride materials: A method to recycle TiB2 articles, and in particular, a method to recycle a TiB2 feedstock including TiB2 articles and Ti-ore and/or Ti-slag by chlorination.... Agent:

20130330257 - Sorbents for removal of mercury: Methods and systems for reducing mercury emissions from fluid streams are provided herein, as are adsorbent materials having high volumetric iodine numbers.... Agent:

20130330258 - Base metal catalyst and method of using same: Aspects of the invention relate to a base metal catalyst composition effective to catalyze the abatement of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides under both rich and lean engine operating conditions comprising a support including at least 10% by weight of reducible ceria doped with up to about 60% by... Agent: Basf Corporation

20130330259 - Method and system using a filter for treating exhaust gas having particulate matter: A filter for filtering particulate matter (PM) from exhaust gas emitted from a positive ignition engine or a compression ignition engine, which filter comprising a porous substrate having inlet surfaces and outlet surfaces, wherein the inlet surfaces are separated from the outlet surfaces by a porous structure containing pores of... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

20130330260 - Alumina-based sulfur recovery catalyst and preparation method for the same: Provided is an alumina-based sulfur recovery catalyst as well as its preparation method, characterized in that the catalyst has a specific surface area of at least about 350 m2/g, a pore volume of at least about 0.40 ml/g, and the pore volume of pores having a pore diameter of at... Agent: China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

20130330261 - Active material and positive electrode and lithium-ion second battery using same: A method for manufacturing an active material containing a triclinic LiVOPO4 crystal particle that has a spherical form and an average particle size of 20 to 200 nm. The method includes a step of manufacturing the crystal particle by hydrothermal synthesis.... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20130330262 - Method for producing porous silica material: A method of producing a porous silica material includes: preparing a raw material solution containing silicon alkoxides including diisobutyldimethoxysilane and tetramethoxysilane in such a mass ratio that a mass of the diisobutyldimethoxysilane is 0.25 or more and 1 or less per mass of the tetramethoxysilane, and a solvent; obtaining a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130330263 - Hydrogen production catalyst containing ni3si-based intermetallic compound, method for activating the catalyst, and hydrogen production method and device using the catalyst: A catalyst according to the present invention exhibits a catalytic action to a methanol decomposition reaction or a hydrocarbon steam-reforming reaction in a short time. The present invention provides a catalyst for producing hydrogen gas, using an Ni3Si-based intermetallic compound.... Agent: Osaka Prefecture University Public Corporation

20130330264 - Crystal growth method, crystal growth apparatus, group-iii nitride crystal and group-iii nitride semiconductor device: A crystal growth method, comprising the steps of: a) bringing a nitrogen material into a reaction vessel in which a mixed molten liquid comprising an alkaline metal and a group-III metal; and b) growing a crystal of a group-III nitride using the mixed molten liquid and the nitrogen material brought... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20130330265 - Plasma treatment to strengthen diamonds: The cationic elemental plasma may exemplary be selected from the group consisting of as H+, Na+, Li+ K+. It is preferred that no plasma is projected from a source at the diamond and that the plasma is provided as an environment surrounding the diamond.... Agent:

20130330266 - Recovery of sulfur from sulfur-containing waste: The invention provides an environmentally friendly industrial process for treating sulfur-containing waste, resulting in recovered pure sulfur and a sulfur-free ash for landfilling.... Agent: Environmental Services Company Ltd.

20130330267 - Ito film, ito powder used in manufacturing same ito film, manufacturing method of ito powder, and manufacturing method of ito film: An ITO film having a band gap in a range of 4.0 eV to 4.5 eV.... Agent:

20130330268 - Electrolytic manganese dioxide and method for producing same, and method for producing lithium-manganese complex oxide: The invention provides electrolytic a manganese dioxide with a BET specific surface area of 20 to 60 m2/g, and a volume of at least 0.023 cm3/g for pores with pore diameters of 2 to 200 nm. Also provided is a method for producing an electrolytic manganese dioxide including a step... Agent: Tosoh Corporation

20130330269 - Hydrogen production process: A method for producing hydrogen from water is provided. The hydrogen production process includes splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, wherein the process includes decomposing sulfuric acid into water, sulfur dioxide and oxygen through a reaction of formula (X1) by using solar thermal energy, wherein at least a part of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20130330270 - Hydrogen storage material and method of using the same: In one embodiment, a method of using hydrogen includes forming a crystalline solid mixture of a metal halide M2(HL)y with a metal borohydride M1(BH4)x; and forming an amorphous liquid mixture from the crystalline solid mixture.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20130330271 - Method for making aluminosilicate zeolite ssz-33: Aluminosilicate zeolite SSZ-33 is directly prepared using a 1,1′-(pentane-1,5-diyl)bis(3-methylcyclohexyl)piperidinium dication as a structure directing agent.... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20130330272 - Method for making aluminosilicate zeolite ssz-56: Aluminosilicate zeolite SSZ-56 is directly prepared using a 1-butyl-1-(3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexyl)piperidinium cation as a structure directing agent.... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20130330273 - Method for the preparation of mww type zeolite: The present invention relates to a method for preparing MWW type zeolite; said method comprising i) intimately mixing together, in the absence of any organic structure directing agent or crystalline MWW type zeolite seeds, a predetermined quantity of a compound containing silicon dioxide, a compound containing metal oxide, water and... Agent: Reliance Industries Limited

12/05/2013 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130323142 - Method for recovering active material from waste battery material: Method of recovering active material from waste battery materials comprises: (1) an electrode material mixture recovery step of separating an electrode from the waste battery material to recover an electrode material mixture including the active material, a conductive material, and a binder from the electrode; (2) an activation agent mixing... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20130323143 - Using alkaline fly ash and similar byproducts in an ion-exchange/reverse osmosis process for the production of sodium carbonate: The proposed invention uses industrial byproducts such as fly ash in an ion exchange/reverse osmosis (IE/RO) patented technology to sequester carbon dioxide CO2 gas and produce 6 to 7% sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) liquor. Similar materials encompass alkaline Fly Ash (AFA) liquor, alkaline red mud (ARM), coal ash, wood ash, and... Agent:

20130323144 - Apparatus, system and method for cleaning air: An apparatus for cleaning air includes a housing having a chamber. The scrubber includes a carbon dioxide scrubber layer disposed in the chamber which claims carbon dioxide from air passing through the scrubber layer. The scrubber includes a forcing element which draws the air into the scrubber and forces the... Agent: Strata Products Worldwide, LLC

20130323145 - Base metal catalyst composition and methods of treating exhaust from a motorcycle: Aspects of the invention relate to a method of treating a gas stream generated by a motorcycle, the method comprising: contacting a gas stream containing hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides and generated by a motorcycle under both rich and lean engine operating conditions with a base metal catalyst composition,... Agent: Basf Corporation

20130323146 - Small pore molecular sieve supported copper catalysts durable against lean/rich aging for the reduction of nitrogen oxides: A method of using a catalyst comprises exposing a catalyst to at least one reactant in a chemical process. The catalyst comprises copper and a small pore molecular sieve having a maximum ring size of eight tetrahedral atoms. The chemical process undergoes at least one period of exposure to a... Agent:

20130323147 - Co2 recovery system and method: A CO2 recovery system includes an absorption tower and a regeneration tower. CO2 rich solution is produced in the absorption tower by absorbing CO2 from CO2-containing gas. The CO2 rich solution is conveyed to the regeneration tower where lean solution is produced from the rich solution by removing CO2. A... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20130323148 - Integrated co2 phase changing absorbent for co2 separation system: A method and system for removing carbon dioxide from a power plant exhaust (such as a power plant, coal boilers, natural gas combined cycle plants or a gas turbine engine exhaust), where the method includes the steps of contacting the exhaust gas with a lean amino-silicone absorbent in an absorber,... Agent:

20130323149 - Iodine absorbent material containing salt and radioactive iodine removal system using the same: An apparatus for filtering airborne radioactive iodine is provided. The apparatus includes a housing defining an interior space and comprising an inlet for receiving air and an outlet for discharging the air; and a composition placed in the interior space for trapping airborne radioactive iodine between the inlet and the... Agent:

20130323150 - Method of forming high-quality hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet using multi component eutectic point system: The method of manufacturing a hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet includes (a) obtaining an alkali metal ion or alkali earth metal ion from a salt mixture including at least two kinds of alkali metal salt or alkali earth metal salt, (b) preparing a hexagonal boron nitride interlayer compound by inserting the... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20130323151 - Monochlorosilane, process and apparatus for the preparation thereof: The invention relates to a process for preparing monochlorosilane by reaction of monosilane and dichlorosilane in the presence of a catalyst. In the process of the invention, monochlorosilane is formed by comproportionation of monosilane and dichlorosilane. The invention further relates to the use of the monochlorosilane produced and also a... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20130323152 - Readily sinterable silicon carbide powder and silicon carbide ceramic sintered body: Provided are: a readily sinterable silicon carbide powder substantially having a stoichiometric composition and from which a dense sintered body can be obtained; a silicon carbide ceramic sintered body having a low specific resistance; and a production method thereof. This readily sinterable silicon carbide powder has a carbon/silicon elemental ratio... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20130323153 - Silicon single crystal wafer: The present invention provides a silicon single crystal wafer sliced out from a silicon single crystal ingot grown by a Czochralski method, wherein the silicon single crystal wafer is sliced out from the silicon single crystal ingot having oxygen concentration of 8×1017 atoms/cm3 (ASTM' 79) or less and includes of... Agent: Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

20130323155 - Process for producing fluorine-containing sulfonylimide salt: By reacting a fluorine-containing sulfonylimide ammonium salt such as ammonium N,N-di(fluorosulfonyl)imide with an alkali metal hydroxide such as lithium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide under reduced pressure and at a low temperature of approximately 40° C., a fluorine-containing sulfonylimide alkali metal salt such as lithium N,N-di(fluorosulfonyl)imide, potassium N,N-di(fluorosulfonyl)imide or... Agent: Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.

20130323154 - Process for production of fluorosulfonylimide ammonium salt: A compound [I] such as ammonium N-(chlorosulfonyl)-N-(fluorosulfonyl)imide is reacted with hydrogen fluoride to obtain a compound [II] such as ammonium N,N-di(fluorosulfonyl)imide. The obtained compound [II] is reacted with an alkali metal compound or the like to obtain a compound [IV] such as an N,N-di(fluorosulfonyl)imide alkali metal salt.... Agent: Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.

20130323156 - Method and apparatus for sequencing-batch purification of potassium nitrate from solid waste produced by glass-strengthening process: Provided is a method and an apparatus for purifying potassium nitrate from the solid waste produced by a chemical glass-strengthening process. In the method, the solid waste is melted into a liquid waste at first. Potassium nitrate of various purity grades can be obtained by batch processing the liquid waste... Agent: National Formosa University

20130323157 - Apparatus and methods for the synthesis of graphene by chemical vapor deposition: An apparatus is provided for synthesizing a film on a substrate in a reactor that defines an outer reaction space. The apparatus comprises a vessel body and one or more vessel closures. The one or more vessel closures are adapted to be removably attached to the vessel body to form... Agent:

20130323158 - Method of laser direct synthesis of graphene: A method of forming single and few layer graphene on a quartz substrate in one embodiment includes providing a quartz substrate, melting a portion of the quartz substrate, diffusing a form of carbon into the melted portion to form a carbon and quartz mixture, and precipitating at least one graphene... Agent:

20130323159 - Novel graphene oxide reducing agent and method for preparing reduced graphene oxide using the same: An agent for reducing graphene oxide and a method for preparing reduced graphene oxide or graphene are provided. An agent for reducing graphene oxide include a mixture of a reducing agent containing a halogen element with trifluoroacetic acid (CF3COOH).... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20130323160 - Carbonates as relic pore formers in aluminum titanate: The disclosure relates to aluminum titanate-forming batch materials comprising inorganic batch components comprising at least one alkaline earth carbonate having a specified particle size distribution, methods of making ceramic bodies using the same, and ceramic bodies made in accordance with said methods.... Agent:

20130323161 - Method of manufacturing hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder and its usage: An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of manufacturing hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder, which comprises preparing a melt by melting a starting material mixture comprising a hexagonal ferrite-forming component and a glass-forming component and rapidly cooling the melt to obtain a solidified product, heating the solidified product... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20130323162 - Membrane reactor and process for the production of a gaseous product with such reactor: The invention provides an integrated catalyst and membrane reactor for the production a predetermined gas such as hydrogen. The reactor comprises a gas flow channel, comprising a plurality of alternating catalyst sections and membrane sections, wherein each catalyst section comprises a catalyst bed and each membrane section comprises a plurality... Agent: Stichting Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland

20130323163 - Method for producing titano-(silico)-alumino-phosphate: The invention relates to a method for producing titano-(silico)-alumino-phosphate, a catalyst shaped body which contains titano-(silico)-alumino-phosphate, a washcoat containing titano-(silico)-alumino-phosphate, the use of the washcoat to produce a catalyst by coating a support body, and to the use of titano-(silico)-alumino-phosphate or of the catalyst shaped body to produce a catalyst.... Agent: Clariant Produkte (deutschland) Gmbh

20130323164 - Cha-type zeolite materials and methods for their preparation using cycloalkyammonium compounds: e

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