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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds

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09/04/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140249337 - Method for extracting hydrocarbons with medium chain lengths, and the use of the same: The invention relates to a method for extracting hydrocarbon mixtures that have an increased proportion of hydrocarbons of a medium chain length (8 to 16 carbon atoms), or the corresponding pure compounds. Firstly, a starting material is provided that includes at least 50 wt. % unsaturated hydrocarbon compounds having oxygen.... Agent:

20140249338 - Compositions of matter comprising extracted algae oil: Crude algae oils produced by practical extraction techniques comprise a wide range of molecular species that can be characterized by advanced analytical techniques. The algae oils comprise a complex mixture of a large number of molecules having varying sizes and therefore varying boiling points, and comprise high nitrogen, oxygen, and... Agent:

20140249339 - Complex comprising oxidative dehydrogenation unit: Oxidative dehydrogenation of paraffins to olefins provides a lower energy route to produce olefins. Oxidative dehydrogenation processes may be integrated with a number of processes in a chemical plant such as polymerization processes, manufacture of glycols, and carboxylic acids and esters. Additionally, oxidative dehydrogenation processes can be integrated with the... Agent: Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

20140249340 - Process for the production of middle distillates from a feedstock comprising butanol and pentanol: i

20140249341 - Combined xylene isomerization and transalkylation process unit: The xylene isomerization process unit and the transalkylation process units are combined in the present invention. A fractionation column can be shared by the two units, reducing the capital cost of the complex. In some embodiments, a split shell fractionation column and a split separator can be used.... Agent: Uop LLC

20140249342 - Renewable fuels produced from oleaginous microorganisms: Disclosed herein are methods of manufacturing renewable chemicals through the manufacture of novel triglyceride oils followed by chemical modification of the oils. Methods such as transesterification, hydrogenation, hydrocracking, deoxygenation, isomerization, interesterification, hydroxylation, hydrolysis and saponification are disclosed. Novel oils containing fatty acid chain lengths of C8, C10, C12 or C14... Agent: Solazyme, Inc.

20140249343 - Method and catalyst for the alkylation of aromatic compounds with alkanes: Disclosed is a process for the direct alkylation of aromatic compounds with alkanes. To this end a judicious catalyst combination is provided. The composition comprises palladium as a catalytically active metal, and zinc as a promoter, or a metal such as tin having a comparable promoting action. The metals are... Agent: Universit&#xc4 T Stuttgart

20140249344 - Process for preparing a mesoporized catalyst, catalyst thus obtained and use thereof in a catalytic process: s

08/28/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140243564 - Method for inhibiting fouling in basic washing systems: Fouling in basic washing systems such as caustic scrubbers can be prevented or at least mitigated by treating the liquid washing phase used in a caustic scrubber with an additive having at least one compound selected from the group consisting of oxalyl dihydrazide, a disulfite salt, isopropyl hydroxylamine, chlorobenzhydrazide, aminobenzhydrazide,... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140243565 - Process for producing biohydrocarbons: u

20140243566 - Method and apparatus for reducing an aromatic concentration in a hydrocarbon stream: Methods and apparatuses for reducing an aromatic concentration in a hydrocarbon stream are provided. In an embodiment, a method for reducing an aromatic concentration in a hydrocarbon stream includes saturating aromatics in the hydrocarbon stream to form a low aromatic hydrocarbon stream comprising no more than about 2 weight percent... Agent: Uop LLC

20140243567 - Liquid phase alkylation process: The present invention provides a process for producing a monoalkylated benzene comprising the step of contacting benzene with an alkylating agent in the presence of a catalyst composition under effective alkylation conditions to form said monoalkylated benzene and polyalkylated benzene, said catalyst composition comprising MCM-56 and a binder, such that... Agent:

20140243568 - Method for making a catalyst comprising a phosphorous modified zeolite and use of said zeolite: A method to make a phosphorus modified zeolite can include providing a zeolite including at least one ten member ring in the structure steaming the zeolite, mixing the zeolite with one or more binders and shaping additives, and then shaping the mixture. The method can include making a ion-exchange. The... Agent: Total Research & Technology Feluy

20140243569 - Process and rotary machine type reactor: A rotary machine type shock wave reactor suitable for thermal cracking of hydrocarbon-containing materials includes a casing, a rotor whose periphery contains an axial-flow blade cascade, and a directing rim, provided with at least two stationary vane cascades, adjoining an axial-flow rotor cascade, wherein the casing substantially encloses the periphery... Agent: Coolbrook Oy

20140243570 - Use of a catalyst comprising a phosphorous modified zeolite in an alcohol dehydration process: A catalyst can be used to convert an alcohol in a dehydration process into an olefin having the same number of carbon atoms as the alcohol. The catalyst can include a phosphorus modified zeolite made by providing a zeolite with at least one ten member ring in the structure, steaming... Agent: Total Research & Technology Feluy

20140243571 - Sand separator: An apparatus and method for separating a natural gas production stream from hydrocarbon well operations into a gas component and a sand and liquid component is described. More specifically, a sand separator comprising a cylindrical body, a production stream inlet port, a gas outlet port and a solid and liquid... Agent:

20140243572 - Hybrid membrane system for gas streams with condensable hydrocarbons: A gaseous component is extracted non-cryogenically from a feed gas containing condensable hydrocarbons. The feed gas is passed first through a module containing polymeric fibers useful for removing water vapor from the gas. The gas is then passed through a module containing polymeric fibers selected such that they remove some,... Agent: Generon Igs, Inc.

20140243574 - Helium recovery from natural gas: Helium-containing natural gas is processed with three gas separation stages to produce a natural gas product and a Helium-containing gas that may be injected into the reservoir from which the Helium-containing natural gas is obtained. A permeate from the first gas separation membrane stage is compressed and fed to the... Agent: Air Liquide Advanced Technologies U.s. LLC

20140243573 - Oil quality using a microporous hollow fiber membrane: The present invention includes methods and systems for improving oil quality of a contaminated oil mixture by removing contaminants from a contaminated oil comprising the steps of: pretreating a membrane contactor system having a first and a second surface with an hydrophobic liquid, wherein the hydrophobic liquid is contacted to... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

08/21/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140235908 - Switchable hydrophilicity solvents and methods of use thereof: A solvent that reversibly converts from a hydrophobic liquid form to hydrophilic liquid form upon contact with water and a selected trigger, e.g., contact with CO2, is described. The hydrophilic liquid form is readily converted back to the hydrophobic liquid form and water. The hydrophobic liquid is an amidine or... Agent: Queen's University At Kingston

20140235909 - 1-decene/1-dodecene copolymer and lubricating-oil composition containing same: Provided are an α-olefin copolymer useful as a high-viscosity lubricant oil excellent in viscosity characteristics, low-temperature characteristics and oxidation stability, and a lubricant oil containing the copolymer. The α-olefin copolymer is a 1-decene/1-dodecene copolymer produced by the use of a doubly bridged metallocene catalyst.... Agent: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

20140235910 - Integrated process for the production of biofuels from solid urban waste: o

20140235911 - Catalyst for the preparation of aromatic hydrocarbons and use thereof: The present invention relates to catalyst composition comprising lanthanum and gallium containing zeolite and lanthanum modified binder, wherein said lanthanum and gallium containing zeolite comprises about 0.01-0.1 wt-% lanthanum and wherein said lanthanum modified binder comprises about 0.5-2 wt-% lanthanum. Furthermore, the present invention relates to a method for preparing... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140235912 - Method for obtaining branched alkanes and aromatic hydrocarbons: A method for the recovery of energy from synthesis gas waste products obtained from wet crushed coal, according to a gasification-pyrolysis process, which comprises the submission of the waste products obtained during the production of the synthesis gas to a subsequent treatment, to transform such products into other products of... Agent: Guradoor, S.l.

20140235913 - Process for metathesis of olefins obtained from fischer-tropsch fractions using a ruthenium complex comprising a symmetric n-heterocyclic diaminocarbene: This invention describes a process for metathesis of olefins from feedstocks obtained from the Fischer-Tropsch process, using as catalyst a ruthenium indenylidene complex comprising a saturated or unsaturated, symmetric N-heterocyclic carbene.... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20140235914 - Eggshell catalyst composites containing tungsten oxide or tungsten oxide hydrate: Provided are catalyst composites useful for the production of olefins during a metathesis reaction, as well as methods of making and using the same. Certain methods comprise a support comprising at least about 90% by weight silica; and an eggshell layer on the support comprising about 0.25 to about 10... Agent: Basf Corporation

20140235915 - Process for sulfur removal from refinery off gas: Organic sulfur compounds contained in refinery off gas streams having either high ort low concentrations of olefins are converted to hydrogen sulfides which can be then be removed using conventional amine treating systems. The process uses a catalytic reactor with or without a hydrotreater depending on the olefin concentration of... Agent:

08/14/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140228604 - Online monitoring of polymerization inhibitors for control of undesirable polymerization: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for monitoring and controlling a nitroxide-based polymerization inhibitor in vinyl-based monomers. A dosage of the nitroxide-based polymerization inhibitor is provided in the vinyl-based monomers. A residual concentration of the nitroxide-based polymerization inhibitor is measured substantially in real time, and an optimized dosage of the... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140228605 - Conversion of plastics to olefin and aromatic products using temperature control: A method of producing olefins and aromatic compounds from a feedstock includes introducing a hydrocarbon feedstock and a catalyst composition that is suitable for converting the feedstock to at least one of olefins and aromatic compounds within a reactor. The reactor has a reactor flow path having a length L... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140228606 - Conversion of plastics to olefin and aromatic products with product recycle: A method of producing olefins and aromatic compounds from a feedstock is accomplished by introducing a hydrocarbon feedstock and a catalyst composition within a reactor. At least a portion of the reactor is at a reactor temperature of from 470° C. to 730° C. The catalyst composition is comprised of... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140228607 - Furnace system and operation including fuel gas supply to furnace burners: An olefin production system having a pyrolysis furnace that is configured to thermally crack hydrocarbon feedstock into olefins and a fuel gas system having a hydrotreater system that is configured to hydrogenate process gas. The pyrolysis furnace has a burner and the fuel gas system is configured to supply the... Agent: Equistar Chemicals, Lp

20140228608 - Metalated ligand, catalyst composition, and use thereof in the oligomerization of ethylene: A process for oligomerization of ethylene, comprising subjecting a catalyst composition to a gas phase of ethylene and conducting an oligomerization, wherein the catalyst composition comprises (a) a chromium compound, (b) a metalated ligand, and (c) an activator or cocatalyst; and catalyst composition as well as a metalated ligand.... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140228609 - Method and system for producing olefins from dimethyl ether: To render the temperature profile over the catalyst stages as flat as possible, but close to the optimum operating temperature, gaseous dimethyl ether in a purity of 70-100 wt-% together with recycle gas, which contains olefinic, paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons, is charged to at least one downstream catalyst stage, wherein... Agent:

20140228610 - Installing monoliths in a reactor for conducting heterogeneously catalyzed gas phase reactions: A method is proposed for installing monoliths (2) each formed of a ceramic block having a multiplicity of mutually parallel channels wherethrough the reaction gas mixture of a heterogeneously catalyzed gas phase reaction can flow in a reactor (1) for conducting heterogeneously catalyzed gas phase reactions, wherein said monoliths (2)... Agent: Basf Se

20140228611 - Use of solvent to decrease caustic scrubber fouling: A method of reducing the formation of fouling deposits occurring in a caustic scrubber used to remove acid gases can include providing a caustic scrubber fed with an alkaline aqueous solution including essentially one or more of NaOH, KOH or LiOH. The method can include providing an olefin-containing hydrocarbon stream... Agent: Total Research & Technology Feluy

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