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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds

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11/13/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140336427 - Methods of and apparatuses for upgrading a hydrocarbon stream including a deoxygenated pyrolysis product: Methods of and apparatuses for upgrading a hydrocarbon stream are provided. In an embodiment, a method of upgrading a hydrocarbon stream includes providing the hydrocarbon stream that includes a deoxygenated pyrolysis product. The hydrocarbon stream also includes a residual oxygen-containing compound content. The residual oxygen-containing compound content of the hydrocarbon... Agent:

20140336428 - Recycle gas scrubbing using ionic liquids: A method of removing CO2 from a gaseous mixture using ionic liquids is described. The ionic liquids can be regenerated by pressure reductions. A method of processing a renewable feedstock using the ionic liquids to remove CO2 is also described.... Agent: Uop LLC

20140336429 - Hydrogenation of aromatics and other unsaturated organic compounds: The present invention relates to supported Ni-catalysts optionally comprising Zn as a promoter, methods for the production of said catalysts and uses of said catalysts for the hydrogenation of a hydrocarbon feed.... Agent:

20140336430 - Alkylation unit and process: A process for producing alkylated hydrocarbons includes the steps of: (a) combining a first feed stream comprising an olefin and an isoparaffin with an alkylation catalyst stream in a first alkylation reactor, (b) removing heat of reaction from the first alkylation reactor, (c) passing an effluent of the first alkylation... Agent:

20140336431 - Process for the production of alkenes and/or aromatic compounds: Processes for the production of alkenes are provided. The processes make use of methane as a low cost starting material.... Agent:

20140336432 - Synthesis of olefins from oxygen-free direct conversion of methane and catalysts thereof: The present invention is related to the preparation of a metal lattice-doping catalyst in an amorphous molten state, and the process of catalyzing methane to make olefins, aromatics, and hydrogen using the catalyst under oxygen-free, continuous flowing conditions. Such a process has little coke deposition and realizes atom-economic conversion. Under... Agent:

20140336433 - Process for initiating operations of a separation apparatus: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for initiating operations of a separation apparatus. The process may include passing a hydrocarbon carrier having a sulfiding agent through an exchanger for heating the hydrocarbon carrier prior to entering a stripper.... Agent: Uop, LLC

20140336434 - Method for removal of organic amines from hydrocarbon streams: The present invention relates to a method for removal of an organic amine from a liquid hydrocarbon stream containing the amine, comprising: a) adding water to the hydrocarbon stream containing the amine, b) bubbling carbon dioxide through the hydrocarbon stream containing the amine, and c) separating a solid phase formed... Agent:

20140336435 - Flow processing and characterization of metal-organic framework (mof) membranes in hollow fiber and tubular modules: A reactor cell for measuring gas and liquid permeation is disclosed. The reactor cell comprises a reactor module having a reactor chamber and a cover. A first hole extends into the reactor chamber from a first surface, a second hole opposing the first hole extends into the reactor chamber from... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20140336436 - Treatment of aromatic hydrocarbon stream: The invention is directed to a process of contacting at least one zeolite, selected from the MWW family of zeolites, with an aromatic hydrocarbon stream in a system comprising at least one reactor containing the at least one zeolite, wherein the conditions in the reactor are adjusted in response to... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140330052 - Apparatus and method for processing any fluid or mixture of fluids or any gas or mixture of gases such as air, and in particular, a mixture of fluid or gaseous hydrocarbons with air: P

20140330053 - Hydroquinone compounds for inhibiting monomer polymerization: The polymerization of monomers may be at least partially reduced or inhibited by introducing an effective amount of an additive. The additive may be or include at least one hydroquinone, such as but not limited to, 2,6-di-tert-butyl hydroquinone, 2,5 di-tert-butyl hydroquinone, 3,5 di-tert-butyl hydroquinone, 3,5 di-methyl hydroquinone, 3,6 di-tert-butyl hydroquinone,... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140330054 - Method for inhibitng the plugging of conduits by gas hydrates: A method for inhibiting the plugging of a conduit containing a flowable mixture comprising at least an amount of hydrocarbons capable of forming hydrates in the presence of water and an amount of water, which method comprises adding to the mixture an amount of a functionalized dendrimer effective to inhibit... Agent:

20140330055 - Method and apparatus for improving heat transfer and reaction efficiency of gas hydrate reactor using scraper: The present invention relates to an apparatus comprising a reactor body to which gas and water are supplied to create a gas hydrate; an upper cover which is engaged to an upper portion of the reactor body, a scraper mounted rotationally within the reactor body, and a motor for providing... Agent: Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

20140330056 - Hyperbranched olefin oil-based dielectric fluid: The present invention generally relates to a dielectric composition which is a poly-α-olefin or poly(co-ethylene-α-ol-efin) having a backbone weight average molecular weight less than 10,000 daltons. The dielectric composition uses a metal-ligand complex as a precatalyst and exhibits a hyperbranched structure that enables low viscosity, and therefore good flow characteristics,... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140330057 - Process for converting a biomass material: A process for converting a biomass material comprising a) pyrolyzing a biomass material to produce a biomass-derived pyrolysis product; b) mixing at least part of the biomass-derived pyrolysis product and a petroleum-derived hydrocarbon composition, which petroleum derived hydrocarbon composition has a C7-asphaltenes content of equal to or more than 0.2... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20140330058 - Iridium-containing catalysts, their production and use: A process is described for producing a catalyst composition comprising an iridium component dispersed on a support. In the process, silica-containing support is treated with an iridium compound and an organic compound comprising an amino group to form an organic iridium complex on the support. The treated support is then... Agent:

20140330059 - Method of using carbon nanotubes fuel production: Use of a particular form of carbon—carbon nanotubes—as the catalyst. The present technology uses CNTs produced via air-assisted chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which can produce these extremely active catalysts (over an order higher in the magnitude of the activity of the catalyst as compared to the conventional Fe based catalyst)... Agent: Board Of Trustees, Southern Illinois University

20140330060 - Integrated nitrile poison adsorption and desorption system: In a feed clean-up process at least two adsorbents (2, 4) are installed in front of an oligomerization reactor (3). Olefin feed is sent over one adsorbent (2) and the nitrile poisons are adsorbed so that clean feed will enter the reactor (3). Before the adsorbent (2) will be saturated,... Agent:

20140330061 - Hydrocarbon conversion process and molecular sieve of mfs framework type with controllable average size: wherein (p) is in the range from 0.005 to 0.05, (q) is in the range from 0.01 to 3, (r) is in the range from 0.03 to 2 and (s) is in the range from 10 to 75 (based on total weight of said synthesis mixture); wherein the crystals of... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140323777 - Fuel oil base and aviation fuel composition containing same: The aviation fuel oil base of the present invention is obtained by hydrotreating an oil to be treated containing an oxygen-containing hydrocarbon compound derived from an animal or vegetable oils and fat and a sulfur-containing hydrocarbon compound and then hydroisomerizing the resultant hydrotreated oil, wherein a yield of a fraction... Agent: Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

20140323778 - Catalytic adsorbent for the capture of arsenic and the selective hydrodesulfurization of gasolines: A catalytic adsorbent, comprising at least cobalt and molybdenum deposited on a porous substrate in which the content of cobalt, expressed in terms of CoO oxide, is between 11 and 30% by weight relative to the total weight of said adsorbent and the content of molybdenum, expressed in terms of... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20140323779 - Process for the preparation of a catalyst based on tungsten for use in hydrotreatment or in hydrocracking: The invention concerns a process for the preparation of a catalyst for carrying out hydrogenation reactions in hydrotreatment and hydrocracking processes. Said catalyst is prepared from at least one mononuclear precursor compound based on tungsten (W), in its monomeric or dimeric form, having at least one W═O or W—OR bond... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20140323780 - Process for the preparation of a catalyst based on molybdenum for use in hydrotreatment or in hydrocracking: The invention concerns a process for the preparation of a catalyst for carrying out hydrogenation reactions in hydrotreatment and hydrocracking processes. Said catalyst is prepared from at least one mononuclear precursor based on molybdenum (Mo), in its monomeric or dimeric form, having at least one Mo═O or Mo—OR bond or... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20140323781 - Apparatuses and methods for reforming of hydrocarbons: Embodiments of apparatuses and methods for reforming of hydrocarbons are provided herein. In one example, a method comprises burning fuel gas to form a hot flue gas and heat a reforming-zone feedstock that contains (C5-C11) hydrocarbons to form a heated reforming-zone feed stream. The heated reforming-zone feed stream is partially... Agent:

20140323782 - Dehydrogenation process: Disclosed herein is a process for dehydrogenating a saturated cyclic hydrocarbon and/or 5-membered ring compound with a dehydrogenation catalyst. The dehydrogenation catalyst comprises: (i) 0.05 wt % to 5 wt % of a metal selected from Group 14 of the Periodic Table of Elements; and (ii) 0.1 wt % to... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

20140323783 - Coke gasification on catalytically active surfaces: A method and system for converting hydrocarbons into C2+ unsaturates is described. The method includes providing a structural member upstream of a reaction zone having a surface of a catalytic material, wherein the catalytic material is rendered catalytically active to promote the reaction of coke and/or coke precursors with hydrogen... Agent:

20140323784 - High productivity kolbe reaction process for transformation of fatty acids derived from plant oil and animal fat: Oils from plants and animal fats are hydrolyzed to fatty acids for a Kolbe reaction. The invention relates to a high productivity Kolbe reaction process for electrochemically decarboxylating C4-C28 fatty acids using small amounts of acetic acid to lower anodic passivation voltage and synthesizing C6-C54 hydrocarbons. The C6-C54 undergo olefin... Agent:

20140323785 - Catalyst composite for dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons and method of preparation thereof: The present invention provides a dehydrogenation catalyst composite that is capable of providing a dehydrogenated hydrocarbon product characterized by a bromine number of at least 19. for hydrocarbons. The dehydrogenation catalyst of the present invention comprises a nano-sized complex containing a Group VIII component; a group IVA component and a... Agent: Reliance Industries Limited

20140323786 - Continuous mixing reactor and method of use: A continuous mixing reactor has an outer shell having a cylindrical portion with a central section and two opposite conical end sections; a circulation tube within the shell so that an annular passage forms between the shell and the circulation tube; an impeller within and positioned adjacent to one end... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140323787 - Concentration system and method: A concentration system and method is disclosed. An example concentration system includes at least two material tubes configured to receive organic material. The example concentration system also includes a collection tank connected to at least one material tube at a time. The example concentration system also includes a recovery unit... Agent:

20140323790 - Method for removing high-boiling hydrocarbons from solvent flows: A method for removing high-boiling hydrocarbons from water-soluble solvent flows, wherein said solvent flows are produced in industrial processes which circulate a solvent as a part of the process, and the solvent must be periodically or permanently freed of high-boiling hydrocarbons which influence the quality or the desired properties of... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Uhde Gmbh

20140323789 - Methods and systems for processing crude oil using cross-flow filtration: Methods and systems for processing crude oil comprise adding water to the crude oil to produce an emulsion comprising brine and oil and solids; separating oil from brine including producing brine comprising a rag layer; separating the rag layer into a hydrocarbon emulsion having finer solids and brine comprising larger... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140323788 - Process for modifying an apparatus and for removing one or more contaminants: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for modifying an apparatus. The apparatus can include adding an adsorption zone upstream of a hydrocracking zone and a downstream of a vacuum distillation zone to adsorb polynuclear aromatic compounds originating from a feed provided to the vacuum distillation zone.... Agent: Uop, LLC

20140323791 - Process for removing oxygenated contaminates from an ethylene stream: e

10/23/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140316172 - Amine based additive composition for control and inhibition of polymerization of styrene, and method of use thereof: The present invention relates to amine based additive composition for controlling and inhibition of polymerization of aromatic vinyl monomers including styrene comprising (a) one or more of nitroxide (i.e. nitroxyl) compounds; and (b) one or more of aromatic nitro compounds, characterized in that the said composition further comprises one or... Agent: Dorf Ketal Chemicals (india) Private Limited

20140316173 - Process for producing jet fuel from a hydrocarbon synthesis product stream: e

20140316174 - Treating c8-c10 aromatic feed streams to prepare and recover trimethylated benzenes: Methods are provided for the treatment of a feed stream containing C9 aromatic components to produce mesitylene-containing products. The methods include hydrodealkylating the feed stream to remove C2 and higher alkyl groups from the aromatic components and transalkylating the feed stream to rearrange the distribution of methyl groups among the... Agent:

20140316176 - Deep deoxygenation of biocrudes utilizing fluidized catalytic cracking co-processing with hydrocarbon feedstocks: A system and method produce hydrocarbons from biomass by fluid catalytic cracking. In one embodiment, the system is a fluid catalytic cracking system. The system includes a riser. The riser contains a catalyst. The system also includes a biological feed comprising biomass-derived liquid for the riser. In addition, the system... Agent: Phillips 66 Company

20140316175 - Process for extracting lycopene: A process for extracting lycopene, comprising the following steps: pressing and dehydrating tomato pomace which is the by-products of tomato processing production, then drying it to control the water content in the range from 10% to 20%; crushing the dried tomato pomace, and separating tomato skins and tomato seeds by... Agent: Chenguang Biotech Group Co. Ltd.

20140316177 - Catalyst for use in production of hydrocarbons: A modified catalyst is described which can be used as a dehydration/hydrogenation catalyst in a multistage catalyst system for the catalysed production of saturated hydrocarbons from carbon oxides and hydrogen. The modified catalyst comprises: an acidic substrate comprising an M1-zeolite or M1-silicoalumino phosphate (SAPO) catalyst, where M1 is a metal;... Agent: Bp P.L.C

20140316178 - Process stream upgrading: The invention generally relates to processes for upgrading a process stream, such as those containing C2+ olefin and one or more acidic gases, to equipment useful in such processes, and to upgraded process streams.... Agent:

20140316179 - Method of preparing hydrocarbon aromatization catalyst, the catalyst, and the use of the catalyst: In one embodiment, a formed catalyst can comprise: a Ge-ZSM-5 zeolite; a binder comprising silica with 1 to less than 5 wt % non-silica oxides; less than or equal to 0.1 wt % residual carbon; 0.4 to 1.5 wt % platinum; and 4.0 to 4.8 wt % Cs; wherein the... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140316180 - Apparatuses and methods for hydrodynamic cavitation treatment of liquids: An apparatus for breaking molecular bonds of a liquid may include a first arrangement configured to create macroscopic flow of a liquid such that a molecule of the liquid has a velocity corresponding to a bond disassociation energy of the molecule. The apparatus may also include a second arrangement configured... Agent: Quantum Vortex, Inc.

20140316181 - Process for removing oxygen from c4-hydrocarbon streams: In a process for removing oxygen from a C4-hydrocarbon stream comprising free oxygen by catalytic combustion, in which the hydrocarbon stream comprising free oxygen is reacted by catalytic combustion over a catalyst bed in the presence or absence of free hydrogen to give an oxygen-depleted hydrocarbon stream, the catalytic combustion... Agent: Basf Se

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