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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds

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02/05/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150038751 - Bimetal catalysts: The present disclosure discloses bimetal catalysts.... Agent: Wayne State University

20150038752 - Systems and methods of producing aromatic products: Systems and methods for producing aromatic products are provided. An aromatic stream is provided with aromatic compounds and olefins. The olefins are reacted with aromatic compounds to form colored bodies, and the aromatic stream is distilled to produce an overhead stream and reboiler stream. The colored bodies are in the... Agent: Uop LLC

20150038753 - Olefin oligomerization process: The invention provides an olefin oligomerization process comprising the steps of: i) reducing the level of nitriles in an olefin feed by contacting the feed with a guard bed comprising gamma alumina having a surface area greater than 250 m2/g; and ii) contacting the olefin feed obtained in step i)... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

20150038754 - Phosphorus modified molecular sieves, their use in conversion of organics to olefins: A phosphorous modified zeolite (A) can be made by a process that includes selecting a zeolite, steaming the zeolite, leaching the zeolite, separating solids from liquid, and calcining. An olefin product can be made from an oxygen-containing, halogenide-containing or sulphur-containing organic feedstock by contacting the feedstock with the phosphorous modified... Agent:

20150038755 - Processes and systems for separating streams to provide a transalkylation feed stream in an aromatics complex: A process and system for the production of at least one xylene isomer is provided. The process includes passing a first stream to one side of a split shell fractionation column and a second stream to the other side of the column. The first stream has a higher ratio of... Agent:

20150038756 - Itq-49 material, method for the production thereof and use of same: in which: X is a trivalent element such as Al, B, Fe, In, Ga, Cr, or mixtures thereof, where (y+z)/x can have values of between 9 and infinity; Z corresponds to a tetravalent element selected from Si, Ge or mixtures thereof; and Y corresponds to a tetravalent element such as... Agent:

20150038757 - Method for quenching paraffin dehydrogenation reaction in counter-current reactor: A process is presented for quenching a process stream in a paraffin dehydrogenation process. The process comprises cooling a propane dehydrogenation stream during the hot residence time after the process stream leaves the catalytic bed reactor section. The process includes cooling and compressing the product stream, taking a portion of... Agent:

20150038758 - Preparation method of platinum/tin/metal/alumina catalyst for direct dehydrogenation of n-butane and method for producing c4 olefins using said catalyst: The provided is a method for preparing a platinum-tin-metal-alumina catalyst by comprising: as an active ingredient, platinum which has a high activity in a direct dehydrogenation reaction of n-butane, tin which can increase the catalyst stability by preventing carbon deposition; additionally metal for reducing the level of catalyst inactivation over... Agent:

20150038759 - Removal of sulfur compounds in an acid gas stream generated from solvent-based gas treating process: The invention involves a process for treating a natural gas stream comprising sending the natural gas stream first to an adsorbent unit for removal of mercury. Then the gas stream is sent to an absorbent unit containing a chemical solvent and a physical solvent for removal of carbon dioxide, hydrogen... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150031927 - Renewable high density turbine and diesel fuels from sesquiterpenes: A fuel and method for conversion of sesquiterpenes to high density fuels. The sesquiterpenes can be either extracted from plants or specifically produced by bioengineered organisms from waste biomass. This approach allows for the synthesis of high performance renewable fuels.... Agent:

20150031928 - Processes and apparatuses for preparing aromatic compounds: Processes and apparatuses for preparing aromatic compounds are provided herein. In an embodiment, a process for preparing aromatic compounds includes providing a first stream that includes an aromatic component, a non-aromatic component, and a sulfur-containing component. The aromatic component and the sulfur-containing component are separated from the non-aromatic component of... Agent: Uop LLC

20150031929 - Method for producing fuel oil: Provided is a method that is for producing fuel oil and that can cheaply and highly efficiently produce a fuel oil—or starting material thereof—having as the primary component n-paraffin or isoparaffin from a starting material oil containing a fatty acid alkyl ester, even while reducing hydrogen pressure. The method for... Agent:

20150031930 - Method for isolation of cymene: The invention relates to a method of isolating cymene comprising the following steps: a) providing a solution comprising cymene and monoterpenes, b) adding sulphuric acid to the solution in a) such that the concentration of sulphuric acid in the solution is at least 0.5% (w/w), such as 1-25% (w/w), c)... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150025283 - Process and catalyst for c9+ aromatics conversion: The invention is directed to a multimetallic catalyst and its use in a reactor system in a C9+ aromatics conversion process in order to reduce the saturation of aromatic species, reduce the production of C6+ non-aromatics byproducts, and achieve higher benzene purity. The multimetallic catalyst exhibits improved selectivity towards aromatic... Agent:

20150025284 - Oxygenate removal from light hydrocarbon processing: Processes for eliminating water and oxygenates from a light hydrocarbon processing system, wherein oxygenates are removed from a light hydrocarbon stream by adsorption of the oxygenates on a primary oxygenate adsorption unit to provide a deoxygenated hydrocarbon stream, the primary oxygenate adsorption unit is regenerated via a first regenerant stream... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150025285 - Regeneration of olefin treating adsorbents for removal of oxygenate contaminants: Processes for eliminating oxygenates and water from a light hydrocarbon processing system, wherein oxygenates are removed from a light hydrocarbon stream by adsorption of the oxygenates on an oxygenate adsorption unit to provide a deoxygenated hydrocarbon stream, the oxygenate adsorption unit is regenerated via a regenerant stream to provide an... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150025286 - Production of monoalkyl aromatic compounds: The present disclosure relates to a process for production of a monoalkyl aromatic compound by alkylation of alkylatable aromatic compounds with an alkylating agent in a reactor comprising at least a first and a second series-connected alkylation reaction zones and a cooler disposed between the first and the second series-connected... Agent: Exxonmobile Chemical Patents Inc.

20150025287 - Uzm-39 aluminosilicate zeolite: where “n” is the mole ratio of Na to (Al+E), M represents a metal or metals from zinc, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 and or the lanthanide series of the periodic table, “m” is the mole ratio of M to (Al+E), “k” is the average charge of the metal... Agent:

20150025288 - Process for the dehydration of aqueous bio-derived terminal alcohols to terminal alkenes: A method and apparatus for dehydrating bio-1-alcohols to bio-1-alkenes with high selectivity. The bio-1-alkenes are useful in preparing high flashpoint diesel and jet biofuels which are useful to civilian and military applications. Furthermore, the bio-1-alkenes may be converted to biolubricants useful in the transporation sector and other areas requiring high... Agent:

20150025290 - Method and device for generating an alkene: The invention relates to a method for generating an alkene, in which a hydrocarbon-comprising feed material is subjected to a dehydrogenation and a product material comprising at least one alkene is generated. A gas stream coming from an adsorber is cooled by a gas stream which comprises the feed material,... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20150025289 - Production of propene: The disclosure relates to catalytically active carbocatalysts, e.g., a graphene oxide or graphite oxide catalyst suitable for use in production of propene.... Agent: Graphea, Inc.

20150025291 - Molecular sieve material, its synthesis and use: e

20150025292 - Separation sequence for hydrocarbons from a gentle thermal cleavage: The invention describes a method for separating hydrocarbons in an installation for generating hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon-containing charge by cleavage. The product gas of the cleavage, which contains gaseous hydrocarbons, is compressed, dried, and supplied as charge material into a separation stage (a front end C3/C4 separation). The front end... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20150025293 - Membrane separation of olefin and paraffin mixtures: A metal exchanged fluorinated ionomer is a copolymer minimally including repeating units of (i) a polymerized derivative of a perfluorinated cyclic or cyclizable monomer and (ii) a strong acid highly fluorinated vinylether compound in which the acid moiety is exchanged with a cation of a Group 11 metal. Metal exchanged... Agent: Cms Technologies Holdings, Inc.

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150018588 - Method for production of hydrocarbons by increasing hydrocarbon chain length: The present invention provides a method for increasing hydrocarbon chain length. The method comprises providing a feedstock comprising fatty acids and/or fatty acid esters with hydrocarbon chain length below C23 into a reaction zone in which ketonisation is conducted in the presence of a hydrotreatment catalyst under hydrogen pressure. The... Agent: Neste Oil Oyj

20150018589 - Manufacture of butadiene from ethylene: A method of producing butadiene includes: (1) dimerizing ethylene to butene followed by (2) oxidatively dehydrogenating the butene to butadiene and (3) recovering the butadiene by (i) absorbing the product with a hydrocarbon absorber oil and (ii) stripping a crude product stream from the absorber oil. The absorber oil is... Agent:

20150018590 - Catalyst for conversion of hydrocarbons, process of making and process of using thereof - ge zeolite: In an embodiment a catalyst comprises a medium or large pore zeolite having germanium incorporated into the zeolite framework. The zeolite can have a pore structure that is one dimensional, two dimensional or three dimensional. A metal selected from Group 10 can be deposited on the zeolite. In an embodiment,... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20150018592 - Direct synthesis of dme at equilibrium: The invention relates to a process for production of DME (17) comprising the steps of: generating a syngas (12) containing CO and H2 in a device (11) for syngas generation, passing the syngas (12) into a DME reactor (13) for direct synthesis of DME by catalysed conversion of the syngas... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20150018591 - Method of converting oxygenates to olefins: A method of converting an oxygenate comprising feedstock to olefins comprising: feeding an oxygenate comprising feedstock into a reactor containing an oxygenate to olefins conversion catalyst; contacting the feedstock with the catalyst at oxygenate conversion conditions to produce olefins; removing an effluent comprising the olefins from the reactor; passing the... Agent:

20150018593 - Catalyst, process for the preparation of said catalyst and use of said catalyst in a process and in a device for the preparation of olefins: The present invention relates to a catalyst characterized in that it comprises a) at least one metal compound selected from a group consisting of metal carbide, -nitride, -silicide, -phosphide and -sulfide or mixtures thereof, wherein the metal is selected from a group consisting of molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, vanadium, titanium, niobium,... Agent:

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