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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds

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12/04/2014 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140357908 - Unleaded gasoline formulations including mesitylene and pseudocumene: The present invention provides an unleaded, piston engine fuel formulation comprising a blend of mesitylene, pseudocumene and isopentane having a MON of at least 94 and an RVP of 38 to 49 kPa at 37.8° C. In certain aspects, the formulation comprises specific weight percentages of each of the mesitylene,... Agent:

20140357909 - Process for preparing a mesopores-containing catalyst, catalyst thus obtained and use thereof in a hydroconversion process: The invention relates to a process for preparing a hydroconversation catalyst consisting of a modified zeolite Y, comprising the steps of a treatment of a modified zeolite Y by suspension thereof in a basic pH solution, stopping the previous treatment by neutralization of the modified zeolite Y containing solution with... Agent: Total Raffinage France

20140357910 - Surface modification of catalystic surface by organic molecules and metal cations for selective catalysis: An article and method of manufacture of a catalyst. The article includes a nanoparticle of a noble metal based on material with a primary alkylamine layer disposed on the surface of the nanoparticle catalyst. The alkylamine layer of at least about one monolayer establishes a minimum level of selectivity for... Agent:

20140357911 - Substantially nonporous substrate supported noble metal- and lanthanide-containing catalysts for hydrogenation reactions: Aspects of the invention relate to hydrogenation catalysts, and hydrogenation processes using these catalysts, having particular characteristics, in terms of the amount and type of metal hydrogenation component (or catalytic constituent), as well as the support or substrate. The catalyst compositions, comprising both a noble metal and a lanthanide element... Agent:

20140357912 - Process for catalytic conversion of low value hydrocarbon streams to light olefins: A process for catalytic conversion of low value hydrocarbon streams to light olefins in comparatively higher yields is disclosed. Propylene is obtained in amounts higher than 20 wt. % and ethylene higher than 6 wt. %. The process is carried out in a preheated cracking reactor having a single riser... Agent: Reliance Industries Limited

20140357913 - Naphtha cracking: A process for increasing the yields of light olefins and the yields of aromatics from a hydrocarbon stream is presented. The process includes a first separation to direct the light components that are not reformable to a cracking unit, with the remainder passed to a second separation unit. The second... Agent: Uop LLC

20140357914 - Naphtha cracking: A process for increasing the yields of light olefins and the yields of aromatics from a hydrocarbon stream is presented. The process includes a first separation to direct the light components that are not reformable to a cracking unit, with the remainder passed to a second separation unit. The second... Agent: Uop LLC

20140357915 - Method for reducing organic halide contamination in hydrocarbon products using a metal chloride: b. contacting the hydrocarbon comprising the organic halide with a metal chloride under anhydrous conditions in a halide removal vessel to produce a contacted hydrocarbon having from 50-100 wt % of a total halide in the hydrocarbon removed. We also provide an apparatus for performing this process.... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140357916 - Rhenium promoted catalyst: A group V metal/rhenium-modified molecular sieve catalyst can be used in hydrocarbon conversion reactions. Embodiments can provide a toluene conversion of at least 30 wt % with selectivity to benzene above 40 wt % and to xylenes above 40 wt % and non-aromatics selectivity of less than 2.0 wt %.... Agent:

20140357917 - Extended contact time riser: A riser includes a housing in communication with a entry conduit and an exit conduit. The housing is defined by a holdup chamber having a volume of between about 1133 liters and about 45307 liters. The riser is designed to receive a hydrocarbon feed and a catalyst. An apparatus for... Agent: Uop LLC

20140357918 - Process for producing low molecular weight ethylene- and alpha-olefin-based materials: The present invention generally relates to a process that prepares polyethylenes, poly-α-olefins or poly(co-ethylene-?-olefin) having backbone weight average molecular weights less than 2500 daltons. The process uses a metal-ligand complex as a precatalyst and can be carried out at temperatures ranging from 30° C. to 300° C. The relatively low... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140357919 - Process for the oxidative regeneration of a deactivated catalyst and an apparatus therefor: The present invention relates to a process for the oxidative regeneration of a deactivated catalyst comprising molecular sieve to provide a regenerated molecular sieve catalyst, wherein said deactivated catalyst is from one or both of an oxygenate to olefin process and a olefin cracking process, said regeneration process comprising at... Agent:

20140357921 - Dehydroxylation of crude alcohol streams using a halogen-based catalyst: Crude alcohol streams are converted to olefins under reductive or non-reductive dehydroxylation conditions, in the presence of a halogen-based catalyst. The process includes autogenous gas pressure or a gas pressure from 1 psig (˜6.89 KPa) to 2000 psig (˜13.79 MPa), a temperature from 50° C. to 250° C., a liquid... Agent:

20140357920 - Iodine-based catalyst for reductive dehydroxylation of vicinal polyols to olefins: Olefins are produced by the reductive dehydroxylation of vicinal polyols or esters thereof, or a combination thereof, in a liquid reaction medium, under a hydrogen atmosphere, at a temperature from 50° C. to 250° C., in the presence of a halogen-based, preferably iodine-based, catalyst. Examples of the catalyst, which may... Agent:

20140357922 - Olefin metathesis process using a catalyst containing tungsten fluorine bonds: A process for the metathesis of olefins has been developed. The process comprises contacting a hydrocarbon feedstock with a catalyst at metathesis conditions. The catalyst comprises a tungsten compound, which contains at least one tungsten-fluoro bond, dispersed or grafted onto a support. A specific example of the catalyst is the... Agent:

20140357923 - Vapor-liquid separation: The invention generally relates to vapor-liquid separation, such as disengaging liquid from vapor containing C2-4 olefin. The invention also relates to processes for separating liquid and vapor, to equipment useful in such processes, and to the use of such equipment in vapor-liquid separation systems.... Agent:

20140357924 - Method for producing fuel oil: Provided is a method that is for producing fuel oil and that is able to cheaply and highly efficiently produce a fuel oil—or starting material thereof—having as the primary component n-paraffin or isoparaffin from a starting material oil containing triglyceride fatty acids, even while reducing hydrogen pressure. The method for... Agent:

20140357925 - Lng pretreatment: A natural gas feedstream containing contaminants such as carbon dioxide is purified by passing the contaminated natural gas stream through a membrane to remove the bulk of the contaminant, passing the purified natural gas stream to a TSA unit to remove additional contaminant from the natural gas stream to a... Agent:

20140357926 - Removal of sulfur compounds from natural gas streams: A process for treatment of a natural gas stream, or other methane containing stream that passes through a guard bed for removal of mercury and hydrolysis of COS, followed by treatment with an absorbent unit containing an amine solvent for removal of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. The gas is... Agent: Uop LLC

20140357927 - Apparatus and process for removal of sulfur-containing compounds from a hydrocarbon stream: A process for removing sulfur compounds from a liquid hydrocarbon stream includes the steps of feeding the hydrocarbon stream to a recirculation section of an extraction vessel wherein the recirculation section contains a first alkaline solution; passing the hydrocarbon stream through the recirculation section; recirculating at least a part of... Agent: Uop LLC

11/27/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140350313 - Additive composition for control and inhibition of polymerization of aromatic vinyl monomers, and method of use thereof: The present invention relates to an improved additive composition for control and inhibition of polymerization of aromatic vinyl monomers including styrene comprising one or more of aromatic nitro compounds and one or more of aliphatic tertiary amines. In one embodiment, the present invention also relates to method of use of... Agent: Dorf Ketal Chemicals (india) Private Limited

20140350314 - Biorenewable naphtha: The present technology generally relates to a method for producing a naphtha product from a biorenewable feedstock. The method includes hydrotreating the biorenewable feedstock to produce a hydrocarbon product stream, hydrocracking hydrocarbons from the hydrocarbon product stream to produce a distribution of cracked hydrocarbons, and separating a biorenewable naphtha fraction... Agent:

20140350315 - Method for conversion of aromatic hydrocarbons: A method of converting hydrocarbons requires contacting a hydrocarbon stream containing alkylated aromatic hydrocarbons with a catalyst of a phosphorus-containing pentasil zeolite in a reactor. The phosphorus-containing pentasil zeolite having a phosphorus content of 7.5% or less by weight of zeolite, a pore volume of at least 0.2 ml/g, and... Agent:

20140350316 - Production of paraxylene: The process concerns ethylbenzene conversion and xylene isomerization with a catalyst pretreated by sulfiding.... Agent:

20140350317 - Hydrogenation of carboxylic acids to increase yield of aromatics: The present invention provides methods, reactor systems, and catalysts for increasing the yield of aromatic hydrocarbons produced while converting carboxylic acids to aromatic hydrocarbons. The invention includes methods of using catalysts to increase the yield of benzene, toluene, and mixed xylenes in the hydrocarbon product.... Agent: Virent, Inc.

20140350318 - Ni/cgo and ni-ru/cgo based pre-reforming catalysts formulation for methane rich gas production from diesel processing for fuel cell applications: In one aspect, the invention provides a catalyst for converting diesel type liquid hydrocarbons to methane rich gas. The catalyst includes a nickel component, a cerium oxide component, and gadolinium oxide component. The catalysts provide high conversion, selectivity, and stability compare to the state of the art commercial catalysts. The... Agent:

20140350319 - Process for removing oxygenated contaminants from an hydrocarbonstream:

11/20/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140343332 - Inhibitors of top-of-line corrosion of pipelines conveying crudes from extraction of hydrocarbons: A composition for inhibiting corrosion of the upper part (or roof) of a pipeline for conveying wet hydrocarbons, i.e. hydrocarbons comprising a variable amount of water, comprises at least one Amine 1 with vapour pressure greater than or equal to 10 mmHg, and at least one Amine 2 with vapour... Agent: Ceca S.a.

20140343333 - Process for converting a solid biomass material: A process for converting a solid biomass material comprising: a) providing a solid biomass material; b) contacting a feed comprising the solid biomass material and a petroleum-derived hydrocarbon composition, which petroleum derived hydrocarbon composition has a C7-asphaltenes content of equal to or more than 1.0 wt %, based on the... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20140343334 - Catalyst with supplement component for hydroprocessing of bio-feedstock: A process for hydrogenation of oxygen-containing organic products, oil refinery products or mixtures thereof, wherein the process comprises bringing the organic products, oil refinery products, or mixtures thereof into contact with a catalyst according to claim 1 in the presence of hydrogen gas at a temperature in the range of... Agent:

20140343335 - System and method for reducing fouling rate in a hydrogenation reactor: Fouling rate inhibition for a hydrogenation reactor. A hydrocarbon hydrogenation method comprises passing a liquid feedstream through a magnetic field to separate magnetically susceptible particles, and introducing the magnetically lean stream into a fixed catalyst bed under hydrogenation conditions to saturate carbon-carbon double bonds in the hydrocarbon. Also, a hydrogenation... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

20140343336 - Process for the oxidative regeneration of a deactivated catalyst and an apparatus therefor: The present invention relates to a process for the oxidative regeneration of a deactivated catalyst comprising providing a catalyst comprising molecular sieve in hydrogen form to a guard zone; passing a regeneration gas stream comprising oxidant through the guard zone to remove part of one or both of any alkali... Agent:

20140343337 - Catalyst for producing paraxylene by co-conversion of methanol and/or dimethyl ether and c4 liquefied gas, method for preparing the same and method for using the same: This application provides a catalyst for producing paraxylene by co-conversion of methanol and/or dimethyl ether and C4 liquefied gas, and preparation and application thereof. The catalyst is an aromatization molecular sieve catalyst with a shape-selective function co-modified by bimetal and siloxane compound. Methanol and/or dimethyl ether and C4 liquefied gas... Agent: Dalian Institute Of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

20140343338 - Catalyst return apparatus and process for reacting a feedstock: A catalyst return apparatus is disclosed as well as a riser reactor system comprising the conduit apparatus and a riser reactor, the conduit apparatus comprising a catalyst return conduit and at least two flow control devices in series, each flow control device arranged to control the flow of fluid through... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20140343340 - Dehydroxylation of polyether polyols and their derivatives using a halogen-based catalyst: Polyether polyols, derivatives and combinations thereof are converted to olefins under reductive or non-reductive dehydroxylation conditions, in the presence of a halogen-based catalyst. Derivatives include polyether polyols incorporated in polyurethanes. The process includes gas pressure from 1 psig (˜6.89 KPa) to 2000 psig (˜13.79 MPa), a temperature from 50° C.... Agent:

20140343339 - Method for obtaining olefins from furnace gases of steel works: The invention relates to a method for processing furnace gas (4) from a steel and/or iron works, wherein said furnace gas (4) contains carbon dioxide and/or carbon monoxide and is at least partially integrated into a method (7) for the formation of dimethyl ether in conjunction with a hydrogen-containing gas... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20140343341 - Purification method and purification system for propane: [SOLUTION] Water, carbon dioxide, at least one of ethane and propylene, and at least one of isobutane and normal butane present in low-purity propane in a gaseous phase are adsorbed by means of a zeolite molecular sieve that preferentially adsorbs water and carbon dioxide over propane, an activated carbon molecular... Agent: Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd.

11/13/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140336427 - Methods of and apparatuses for upgrading a hydrocarbon stream including a deoxygenated pyrolysis product: Methods of and apparatuses for upgrading a hydrocarbon stream are provided. In an embodiment, a method of upgrading a hydrocarbon stream includes providing the hydrocarbon stream that includes a deoxygenated pyrolysis product. The hydrocarbon stream also includes a residual oxygen-containing compound content. The residual oxygen-containing compound content of the hydrocarbon... Agent:

20140336428 - Recycle gas scrubbing using ionic liquids: A method of removing CO2 from a gaseous mixture using ionic liquids is described. The ionic liquids can be regenerated by pressure reductions. A method of processing a renewable feedstock using the ionic liquids to remove CO2 is also described.... Agent: Uop LLC

20140336429 - Hydrogenation of aromatics and other unsaturated organic compounds: The present invention relates to supported Ni-catalysts optionally comprising Zn as a promoter, methods for the production of said catalysts and uses of said catalysts for the hydrogenation of a hydrocarbon feed.... Agent:

20140336430 - Alkylation unit and process: A process for producing alkylated hydrocarbons includes the steps of: (a) combining a first feed stream comprising an olefin and an isoparaffin with an alkylation catalyst stream in a first alkylation reactor, (b) removing heat of reaction from the first alkylation reactor, (c) passing an effluent of the first alkylation... Agent:

20140336431 - Process for the production of alkenes and/or aromatic compounds: Processes for the production of alkenes are provided. The processes make use of methane as a low cost starting material.... Agent:

20140336432 - Synthesis of olefins from oxygen-free direct conversion of methane and catalysts thereof: The present invention is related to the preparation of a metal lattice-doping catalyst in an amorphous molten state, and the process of catalyzing methane to make olefins, aromatics, and hydrogen using the catalyst under oxygen-free, continuous flowing conditions. Such a process has little coke deposition and realizes atom-economic conversion. Under... Agent:

20140336433 - Process for initiating operations of a separation apparatus: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for initiating operations of a separation apparatus. The process may include passing a hydrocarbon carrier having a sulfiding agent through an exchanger for heating the hydrocarbon carrier prior to entering a stripper.... Agent: Uop, LLC

20140336434 - Method for removal of organic amines from hydrocarbon streams: The present invention relates to a method for removal of an organic amine from a liquid hydrocarbon stream containing the amine, comprising: a) adding water to the hydrocarbon stream containing the amine, b) bubbling carbon dioxide through the hydrocarbon stream containing the amine, and c) separating a solid phase formed... Agent:

20140336435 - Flow processing and characterization of metal-organic framework (mof) membranes in hollow fiber and tubular modules: A reactor cell for measuring gas and liquid permeation is disclosed. The reactor cell comprises a reactor module having a reactor chamber and a cover. A first hole extends into the reactor chamber from a first surface, a second hole opposing the first hole extends into the reactor chamber from... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20140336436 - Treatment of aromatic hydrocarbon stream: The invention is directed to a process of contacting at least one zeolite, selected from the MWW family of zeolites, with an aromatic hydrocarbon stream in a system comprising at least one reactor containing the at least one zeolite, wherein the conditions in the reactor are adjusted in response to... Agent:

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