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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 20 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120271071 - Transalkylation of methylated aromatic hydrocarbon-enriched fractions in c8 aromatic hydrocarbon production: Methods are disclosed for producing C8 aromatic hydrocarbons. Representative methods comprise (a) fractionating an aromatic hydrocarbon containing feed stream (e.g., a feed stream comprising C9 and/or C10 aromatic hydrocarbons), to provide at least one methylated aromatic hydrocarbon-enriched fraction; and (b) reacting at least a portion of the at least one... Agent: Uop LLC

20120271072 - Hydromethanation of a carbonaceous feedstock: The present invention relates to processes for hydromethanating a carbonaceous feedstock to a methane-enriched synthesis gas and a char by-product, with catalyst recovery from the by-product char to generate a spent char, and with treatment of the spent char to generate a carbon rich portion which is ultimately recycled to... Agent: Greatpoint Energy, Inc.

20120271074 - Process for converting a solid biomass material: A process for converting a solid biomass material is provided. The solid biomass material and a fluid hydrocarbon feed is contacted with a catalytic cracking catalyst at a temperature of more than 400° C. in a riser reactor to produce one or more cracked products. The solid biomass material is... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20120271073 - Process for regenerating a coked catalytic cracking catalyst: A process for regenerating a coked catalytic cracking catalyst which the carbon-containing deposits on the catalyst contains at least 1 wt % bio-carbon, based on the total weight of carbon present in the carbon-containing deposits is provided. Such coked catalytic cracking catalyst is contacted with an oxygen containing gas at... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20120271075 - Separation of product streams: A method of purifying a vapour product stream obtained from cracking of biomass catalysed by a fluidised solid catalyst is provided. The catalyst is separated from the vapour product stream to provide a de-catalysed vapour product stream. Solid biomass residue is cyclonically separated from the de-catalysed vapour product stream to... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20120271077 - Dehydrogenation process: In a dehydrogenation process a hydrocarbon stream comprising at least one non-aromatic six-membered ring compound and at least one five-membered ring compound is contacted with a dehydrogenation catalyst produced by a method comprising treating the support with a liquid composition comprising the dehydrogenation component or a precursor thereof and at... Agent: Exxonmobile Chemical Patents Inc.

20120271078 - Dehydrogenation process: In a dehydrogenation process a hydrocarbon stream comprising at least one non-aromatic six-membered ring compound and at least one five-membered ring compound is contacted with a dehydrogenation catalyst comprising: (i) a support; (ii) a first component comprising at least one metal component selected from Group 1 and Group 2 of... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

20120271079 - Dehydrogenation process: A processes for producing a dehydrogenation reaction product stream comprising the step of contacting a hydrocarbon stream comprising cyclohexane and methyl cyclopentane with a dehydrogenation catalyst comprising at least one metal or compound thereof and at least one molecular sieve and under conditions effective to convert at least a portion... Agent:

20120271076 - Iridium-containing catalysts, their production and use: A process is described for producing a catalyst composition comprising an iridium component dispersed on a support. In the process, silica-containing support is treated with an iridium compound and an organic compound comprising an amino group to form an organic iridium complex on the support. The treated support is then... Agent:

20120271081 - Method for the production of c10+ hydrocarbons from heteroatomic organic compounds: The invention relates to a process for producing distillate from a charge of heteroatomic organic compounds comprising at least one heteroatom chosen from oxygen, sulfur and halogen, alone or in combination, in which the treatment of the charge comprises at least one step of conversion of the heteroatomic organic compounds... Agent: Total Raffinage Marketing

20120271080 - Processes for producing propylene from paraffins: Embodiments of processes for producing propylene from paraffins are provided. The process comprises the steps of combining an effluent that comprises propylene and propane from a paraffin dehydrogenation reactor with an offgas stream that comprises propane to form a combined effluent stream. The combined effluent stream is separated into a... Agent: Uop LLC

20120271082 - Variations on prins-like chemistry to produce 2,5-dimethylhexadiene from isobutanol: The method of the present invention provides a high yield pathway to 2,5-dimethylhexadiene from renewable isobutanol, which enables economic production of renewable p-xylene (and subsequently, terephthalic acid, a key monomer in the production of PET) from isobutanol. In addition, the present invention provides methods for producing 2,5-dimethylhexadiene from a variety... Agent: Gevo, Inc.

20120271083 - Production of aromatics from noncatalytically cracked fatty acid based oils: A method for producing aromatic compounds from fatty acid oils including heating a fatty acid oil to a temperature between about 100° C. to about 800° C. at a pressure between about vacuum conditions and about 200 psia for a time sufficient to crack the oil and produce a cracked... Agent: University Of North Dakota

20120271084 - Recycle of transalkylation effluent fractions enriched in trimethylbenzene: Methods are disclosed for producing C8 aromatic hydrocarbons. Representative methods comprise fractionating a transalkylation effluent, exiting a transalkylation reaction zone and comprising C8 and C9 aromatic hydrocarbons, to provide a C8 aromatic hydrocarbon-enriched fraction and a C9 aromatic hydrocarbon-enriched fraction. The methods may further comprise (i) recycling the C9 aromatic... Agent: Uop LLC

20120271085 - Method for producing distillate from a hydrocarbon feed, comprising alcohol condensation: The invention relates to a method for converting a hydrocarbon feed containing C3-C10 olefins into a distillate, whereby the quantities of olefins having a chain length that is too short can be reduced in order to be exploited (typically C10 or even less) and the C10+ molecule yields can be... Agent: Total Raffinage Marketing

20120271086 - Process for reacting iso-alkane to make naphtha and middle distillate: e

20120271087 - Activation for oligomerization: The oligomerization of ethylene using a chromium catalyst and an aluminoxane activator is well known. The undesired formation of polyethylene as a by-product is also known to occur during prior oligomerization processes. We have discovered that the use of an aluminoxane that is prepared by non-hydrolytic means provides a highly... Agent: Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

20120271088 - Process for producing lower alkenes with methanol or dimethyl ether: Disclosed is a process for producing light olefins from methanol or dimethyl ether. In the process, the fresh catalyst or the regenerated catalyst is pretreated to deposit a certain amount of coke onto its interior pore surface in advance, to reduce the generation of alkane and heavy olefins, so as... Agent: Sure Billion Corporation Limited

20120271089 - Process for the dehydration of aqueous bio-derived terminal alcohols to terminal alkenes: A method and apparatus for dehydrating bio-1-alcohols to bio-l-alkenes with high selectivity. The bio-1-alkenes are useful in preparing high flashpoint diesel and jet biofuels which are useful to civilian and military applications. Furthermore, the bio-1-alkenes may be converted to biolubricants useful in the transporation sector and other areas requiring high... Agent:

20120271090 - Isomerization of linear alpha-olefins: Process for isomerizing linear alpha-olefins having from 10 to 25 carbon atoms over a heterogeneous catalyst.... Agent: Basf Se

10/18/2012 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120264985 - Process for inhibiting polymerization of an aromatic vinyl compound: A process for inhibiting polymerization of an aromatic vinyl compound during the stage of producing, purifying, storing or transporting the aromatic vinyl compound which not only inhibits an initial polymerization but also inhibits polymerization efficiently over a long period of time and which is excellent in handleability. The process involves... Agent: Hakuto Co., Ltd.

20120264986 - Non-catalytic recuperative reformer: A non-catalytic recuperative reformer has a flue gas flow path for conducting hot flue gas from a thermal process and a reforming mixture flow path for conducting a reforming mixture. At least a portion of the reforming mixture flow path is embedded in the flue gas flow path to permit... Agent: American Iron And Steel Institute

20120264987 - Process for manufacturing molecular sieve of mfs framework type and its use: A crystalline molecular sieve of MFS framework type manufactured by the method disclosed herein. A hydrocarbon conversion process using the crystalline molecular sieve is disclosed.... Agent:

20120264988 - Cineole: The present invention relates to a process for producing unsaturated cyclic and/or aromatic compounds from 1,8-cineole, the process comprising pyrolysing 1,8-cineole in the presence of gamma-alumina supported transition metal catalyst.... Agent: Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Or

20120264989 - Method for distillate production by means of catalytic oligomerization of olefins in the presence of methanol and/or dimethyl ether: The invention relates to a process for producing distillate by oligomerization starting with a hydrocarbon-based charge in the presence of methanol and/or dimethyl ether, which may especially be of plant origin. By addition of an oxygenated compound, this process makes it possible to reduce the amounts of olefins whose chain... Agent: Total Raffinage Marketing

20120264990 - olefin metathesis process using a treated tungsten oxide catalyst: A process for olefin metathesis is disclosed. The process involves contacting a feedstock comprising a first olefin and a second olefin having a carbon number at least two greater than that of the first olefin with a catalyst comprising a tungsten component on a refractory oxide support, e.g. silica at... Agent: Uop LLC

20120264991 - Alkylating iso-pentane with a converted olefinic feedstock: A process for reacting an iso-pentane, comprising: alkylating the iso-pentane with a converted olefinic feedstock comprising at least 5 wt % C5 olefins, wherein the C5 olefins in the converted olefinic feedstock are predominantly 2-pentene, to make a naphtha and a middle distillate, and wherein a formation of iso-butane during... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20120264992 - Aluminosilicate x-type zeolite compositions with low lta-type zeolite: A zeolite X having (a) a Si/Al framework mole ratio in a range from 1.0 to 1.5; (b) a mean diameter not greater than 2.7 microns; and (c) a relative LTA intensity not greater than 0.35, as determined by x-ray diffraction (XRD). The relative LTA intensity is calculated as 100... Agent: Uop LLC

20120264993 - Binder-converted aluminosilicate x-type zeolite compositions with low lta-type zeolite: A zeolitic binder-converted composition comprising (a) a zeolite X composition having at least a first zeolite X having a mean diameter not greater than 2.7 microns, and a second zeolite X, wherein the second zeolite X is obtained by converting a binder material to the second zeolite X and the... Agent: Uop LLC

20120264994 - Para-xylene-separation with aluminosilicate x-type zeolite compositions with low lta-type zeolite: A process for separating para-xylene from a mixture of C8 alkylaromatics comprises contacting the mixture of C8 alkylaromatics with a zeolitic binder-converted composition comprising (a) a zeolite X composition having at least a first zeolite X having a mean diameter not greater than 2.7 microns, and a second zeolite X,... Agent: Uop LLC

10/11/2012 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20120259146 - Renewable compositions: The present invention is directed to renewable compositions derived from fermentation of biomass, and integrated methods of preparing such compositions.... Agent:

20120259147 - Hydrocarbon cracking furnace with steam addition to lower mono-nitrogen oxide emissions: An apparatus and method is presented for reducing mono nitrogen oxide emissions in a hydrocarbon processing furnace. A preferred embodiment hydrocarbon cracking furnace includes a firebox with a set of wall burners and a set of floor burners, the floor burners comprising secondary burner tips burning a fuel-rich mixture and... Agent:

20120259148 - Process for the alkylation of organic compounds: The present invention relates to a process for the alkylation of an organic compound comprising: (a) providing a catalyst comprising one or more zeolitic materials having a BEA framework structure, wherein the BEA framework structure comprises YO2 and optionally comprises X2O3, wherein Y is a tetravalent element, and X is... Agent: Basf Se

10/04/2012 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120253087 - Catalytic isomerisation of linear olefinic hydrocarbons: Gallium-niobium oxide catalysts are disclosed herein for converting linear olefinic hydrocarbons to branched olefinic hydrocarbons through isomerisation, the latter being capable for use fuel for their desirable properties.... Agent:

20120253088 - Methods and compositions for producing olefins: Compositions and methods for producing olefins are described herein. The olefins can be used to produced biofuels.... Agent: Ls9, Inc.

20120253089 - Process for the conversion of lower alkanes to aromatic hydrocarbons: The present invention provides a process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons which comprises: (a) alternately contacting a lower alkane feed with an aromatization catalyst under aromatization reaction conditions in a reactor for a short period of time, preferably 30 minutes or less, to produce aromatic reaction products and then contacting the... Agent:

20120253090 - Spherical zeolitic catalyst for converting methanol into olefins: A catalyst containing a pentasil-type alumosilicates and a binder, in the form of spheres having an average diameter between 0.3 and 7 mm, wherein the BET surface area of the catalyst ranges from 300 to 600 m2/g. Also disclosed is a method for producing the catalyst, wherein primary crystallites of... Agent: Sud-chemie Ag

20120253091 - Method for making hydrocarbons by using a lipid derived from a biological organisim and hydrotalcite: The present invention relates to a method in which a catalytic reaction is used in order to produce hydrocarbons from renewable starting material derived from biological organisms such as vegetable lipids, animal lipids, and lipids extracted from macroalgae and microalgae, and more specifically relates to a method for selectively making... Agent:

20120253092 - Method and system for removal of foulant precursors from a recycle stream of an olefins conversion process: A post fractionation process for removing heavy hydrocarbons from the C4+ olefins conversion process reactor effluent, which act as foulants when recycled to the C4+ olefins conversion reactor. This simple and effective process improves the run length of the reactor by reducing catalyst fouling, which also improves yields in a... Agent: Stone & Webster Process Technology, Inc.

20120253093 - Method of alkylation using catalyst on ceramic foam support: This invention relates to an alkylation catalyst, a method for preparing the alkylation catalyst, and a method for alkylating olefins and paraffins. The alkylation catalyst includes a foam catalyst support wherein active catalyst particles have been appended to the surface of the foam support.... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

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