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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds May archived by USPTO category 05/12

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05/31/2012 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120136185 - Methods for producing fuels and solvents: Described herein are methods for producing fuels and solvents from fatty acid resources. Also disclosed herein are fuels and solvents produced by the methods described herein.... Agent: The Governors Of The University Of Alberta

20120136184 - Nucleic acid molecule: The invention relates to an isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a polypeptide capable of producing a triterpenoid hydrocarbon. The invention also relates to the encoded polypeptide, a vector comprising the nucleic acid molecule, a recombinant non-human organism comprising the nucleic acid molecule, and to methods of producing a triterpenoid hydrocarbon... Agent: Wwcc Limited

20120136186 - Method for producing low-odor n-butane: The invention relates to a method for producing low-odor n-butane by catalytic hydrogenation of a feed mixture. The aim of the invention is to provide such a method, wherein the feed material, in addition to n-butane, n-butene and up to 1 mass % formic acid and/or up to 1 mass... Agent: Evonik Oxeno Gmbh

20120136187 - Unit, system and process for catalytic cracking: One exemplary embodiment can be a fluid catalytic cracking unit. The fluid catalytic cracking unit can include a first riser, a second riser, and a disengagement zone. The first riser can be adapted to receive a first feed terminating at a first reaction vessel having a first volume. The second... Agent: Uop LLC

20120136188 - Alkylation unit and method of modifying: One exemplary embodiment can be a method of modifying an alkylation unit to increase capacity. The method may include combining a first alkylation zone with a second alkylation zone. Generally, the first alkylation zone includes a first settler having a height and a width. Typically, the width is greater than... Agent: Uop LLC

20120136189 - Buffered ionic liquids for olefin dimerization: The present invention relates generally to buffered ionic liquids that are very useful for dimerization of olefins, such as isopropene, wherein the buffer is a phosphine or a bismuthine or an arsine or an amine.... Agent: Conocophillips Company -IPServices Group

20120136190 - Production of 3-methylbut-1-en by means of dehydration of 3-methylbutane-1-ol: e

20120136191 - Catalyst and process: The invention is a method of dehydrogenating a hydrocarbon, especially an alkane, to form an unsaturated compound, especially an alkene, by contacting the alkane with a catalyst comprising a form of carbon which is catalytically active for the dehydrogenation reaction. The catalyst may be formed by passing a hydrocarbon over... Agent: Johnson Matthey PLC

20120136192 - Process for treatment of ethylene: A process for removing water from an ethylene stream comprising water, said process comprising: introducing an ethylene stream comprising water into, and circulating said ethylene stream through, a separation vessel; introducing a liquid diethyl ether stream into, and circulating said liquid diethyl ether stream through, the separation vessel, so that... Agent:

05/24/2012 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120130137 - Production process of conjugated diene: The present invention relates to a process of producing a conjugated diene including a step of mixing a raw material gas containing a monoolefin having a carbon atom number of 4 or more with a molecular oxygen-containing gas and supplying the mixture into a reactor, and a step of obtaining... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20120130138 - Method for manufacturing propylene and catalyst for manufacturing propylene: There are provided a catalyst for manufacturing propylene, which can keep stable activity for a prolonged period of time in manufacturing propylene by bringing an oxygen-containing compound into contact with the catalyst in the presence of an olefin having 4 or more carbon atoms, and a method for manufacturing propylene... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20120130139 - Process for cracking heavy hydrocaron feed: A process for cracking a heavy hydrocarbon feed is disclosed. The heavy hydrocarbon feed is passed to a first zone of a vaporization unit to separate a first vapor stream and a first liquid stream. The first liquid stream is passed to a second zone of the vaporization unit and... Agent:

20120130140 - Reactor for isoparaffin olefin alkylation: A reactor for the autorefrigerant alkylation process has a reactor vessel with a lower end inlet for the refrigerant reactant and the sulfuric acid and a series of inlets for the olefin reactant at vertically spaced intervals. A flow path for the reactants is provided by co-acting baffles which define... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20120130141 - Catalyst recovery in hydrothermal treatment of biomass: Biomass based feeds are processed under hydrothermal treatment conditions to produce a hydrocarbon liquid product and a solids portion. The hydrothermal treatment is performed in the presence of catalyst particles. The presence of the heterogeneous catalyst can modify the nature of the hydrocarbon products produced from the hydrothermal treatment. After... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20120130142 - Automatically measuring color changes in a stream: One exemplary embodiment can be an extraction process. The extraction process can include extracting with a solvent degradable due to contact with oxygen, and automatically measuring the solvent to detect changes in the solvent color due to degradation.... Agent: Uop, LLC

20120130143 - Process forthe conversion of a hydrocarbonaceous feestock: A hydrocarbon oil is hydrotreated in a process employing at least a first and a second reactor vessel, which process comprises: (i) contacting the hydrocarbon oil in the first reactor vessel at elevated temperature and pressure with a hydrotreating catalyst in the presence of a hydrogen-containing gas, thereby consuming hydrogen;... Agent:

05/17/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120123174 - Catalyst for selective hydrogenation of acetylene compounds: The present invention provides a catalyst for selective hydrogenation used to obtain 1,3-butadiene by selectively hydrogenating acetylene compounds contained in a C4 hydrocarbon compound reservoir which is obtained by steam cracking and mainly contains 1,3-butadiene. This catalyst composition mainly contains palladium and bismuth, or palladium, bismuth and tellurium.... Agent: Sued-chemie Catalysts Japan, Inc.

20120123175 - Processes for increasing the yield of ethylene and propylene: e

20120123176 - Methane aromatization catalyst, method of making and method of using the catalyst: A catalyst for converting methane to aromatic hydrocarbons is described herein. The catalyst comprises an active metal or a compound thereof, and an inorganic oxide support wherein the active metal is added to the support in the form of metal oxalate. The metal oxalate-derived catalyst exhibits superior performance in the... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20120123177 - Process for the preparation of hydrogenated hydrocarbon compounds: A process for the dehydrogenation of a paraffinic hydrocarbon compound, such as an alkane or alkylaromatic hydrocarbon compound to produce an unsaturated hydrocarbon compound, such as an olefin or vinyl aromatic compound or mixture thereof, in which a dehydrogenation catalyst contacts gaseous reactant hydrocarbons in a reactor at dehydrogenation conditions.... Agent:

20120123178 - Uzm-35hs aluminosilicate zeolite, method of preparation and processes using uzm-35hs: where M1 is at least one exchangeable cation selected from the group consisting of alkali, alkaline earth metals, rare earth metals, ammonium ion, hydrogen ion and mixtures thereof, “a” is the mole ratio of M1 to (Al+E), “n” is the weighted average valence of M1, E is an element selected... Agent: Uop LLC

20120123179 - Processes for producing light olefins: A process for producing light olefins. A feedstock enters a pre-reaction zone and contacts a catalyst comprising at least one silicon-aluminophosphate molecular sieve and produces a gas-phase stream and a catalyst to be regenerated; the gas-phase stream and catalyst to be regenerated enter at least one riser, and the gas-phase... Agent:

05/10/2012 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120116135 - Heat integrated process for producing high quality pyrolysis oil from biomass: This invention discloses a heat integrated and energy saving process for producing high quality pyrolysis oil from biomass by utilizing a torrefaction pretreatment step for biomass pyrolysis processing wherein the pretreatment step improves the quality of the pyrolysis oil by reducing acidity. This invention further utilizes the gaseous product of... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20120116134 - Methods for co-processing biorenewable feedstock and petroleum distillate feedstock: Methods for co-processing a biorenewable feedstock and a petroleum distillate feedstock are provided. The petroleum distillate feedstock containing sulfur is reacted with hydrogen gas in the presence of a hydrotreating catalyst thereby forming an effluent mixture comprising hydrogen sulfide. A combined feed comprising the effluent mixture, optionally a recycle liquid,... Agent: Uop LLC

20120116136 - Device for distributing a polyphase mixture comprising a jet breaker tray with a separating element: The present invention concerns a device for distributing a polyphase mixture constituted by at least one gas phase and at least one liquid phase, said mixture being in downflow mode passing through at least one bed of solid particles, and said device comprising at least one tray (1) located above... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20120116137 - Single loop multistage fuel production: Synthetic fuels are produced from synthesis gas in a four-stage reactor system with a single recycle loop providing the requisite thermal capacity to moderate the high heat release of the reactions and to provide the reactants and reaction environments for the efficient operation of the process. The first stage converts... Agent: Primus Green Energy Inc.

20120116138 - Methods of preparing oil compositions for fuel refining: Disclosed herein are methods and systems for upgrading (for example, removing heteroatoms, metals, or metalloids) an oil composition derived or extracted from a biomass. The upgraded oil composition can be used to make a desired product, for example, a fuel product.... Agent: Sapphire Energy, Inc

20120116139 - Multiple zeolite catalyst: The multiple zeolite catalyst is a catalytic composition used to convert C9+ alkylaromatic hydrocarbons to BTX, particularly commercially valuable xylenes. The catalyst is formed by mixing at least two zeolites selected from mordenite, beta zeolite, ZSM-5, ZSM-11, ZSM-12, ZSM-22, ZSM-23, MFI topology zeolite, NES topology zeolite, EU-1, MAPO-36, SAPO-5, SAPO-11,... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20120116140 - Work-up of a 3-methyl-1-butene-containing mixture: The invention is a method for processing a mixture containing water, 3-methyl-1-butene and at least one other methylbutene. The method comprises primary distillation of the mixture, giving a gaseous primary overhead product containing methylbutene and water and a water-free primary bottom product containing 3-methyl-1-butene; condensation of the gaseous primary overhead... Agent: Evonik Oxeno Gmbh

20120116141 - Oligomerisation of olefins with zeolite catalyst: The conversion and run length for oligomerisation of olefins over a molecular sieve catalyst in a tubular reactor is improved by controlling the peak temperature to not exceed 50 degrees C. above the temperature of the temperature control fluid exiting the shell side outlet of the reactor. A tubular reactor... Agent:

20120116142 - Method and system for performing chemical proceses: The invention relates to a method for performing chemical processes, where raw materials are heated, wherein a melt pool is produced in a tank or reactor using low-melting metals or metal alloys, wherein the raw materials are metered directly into the melt pool in the lower part of the tank... Agent:

20120116143 - Lower olefins producing catalyst and method for producing lower olefins using same: A lower olefin producing catalyst which has high olefin production efficiency and maintains its activity for a long period of time when lower olefins are produced from an oxygen-containing compound, which is a solid catalyst used in producing lower olefins from an oxygen-containing compound, includes a solid-state catalyst component containing... Agent: Jgc Corporation

20120116144 - Feedback and feedforward closed loop purity and recovery control: There is provided a closed loop purity and recovery control system and process for operating a xylene purification system such as a Parex unit.... Agent:

20120116145 - Method of producing a crude product: A method of producing a crude product from a hydrocarbon feed is provided. A hydrocarbon feed is contacted with a catalyst containing a Col. 6-10 metal or compound thereof to produce the crude product, where the catalyst has a pore size distribution with a median pore diameter ranging from 105... Agent: Shell Oil Company

05/03/2012 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120108861 - Process for conversion of biomass to fuel: The present invention is directed to processes for the direct conversion of lipidic biomass fuelstock to combustible fuels. In particular, the invention provides a process for the direct conversion of animal fats to transportations fuels suitable as replacement for petroleum-derived transportation fuels. In one embodiment, the method comprises the steps... Agent: North Carolina State University

20120108860 - Process for producing high quality pyrolysis oil from biomass: This invention relates to a process to utilize a torrefaction pretreatment step for biomass pyrolysis process. This pretreatment improves the quality of the pyrolysis oil by reducing acidity. The inventive process shows that as a pretreatment to pyrolysis, resulting pyrolysis oil obtained from torrefied biomass has approximately 25% lower acetic... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20120108862 - Recovery and use of conjunct polymers from ionic liquid catalysts: A process comprising regenerating a used ionic liquid catalyst, recovering conjunct polymer from the regenerated catalyst and using at least a portion of the conjunct polymer is disclosed.... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc

20120108863 - Depolymerizatin of plastic materials: A styrene monomer reclamation process and system is disclosed. The styrene monomer reclamation process includes providing a waste plastic. The waste plastic includes styrenic polymers. The waste plastic is formed into polymer particles. At least a portion of the polymer particles are dissolved in a solvent to form a polymer... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20120108864 - Integrated propylene production: A process for the production of propylene, the process including: fractionating a hydrocarbon stream comprising n-butenes, isobutylene, and paraffins into at least two fractions including a light C4 fraction comprising isobutylene and a heavy C4 fraction comprising n-butenes and paraffins; contacting at least a portion of the heavy C4 fraction... Agent: Lummus Technology Inc.

20120108865 - Water gas shift for acetylene converter feed co control: A process and apparatus are presented for the removal of carbon monoxide from ethylene streams. The removal of carbon monoxide before selective hydrogenation protects the catalyst in the selective hydrogenation reactor. Carbon monoxide levels are controlled with the water gas shift process to convert the carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide,... Agent: Uop LLC

20120108866 - process for the selective hydrogenation and hydrodesulferization of a pyrolysis gasoline feedstock: Disclosed is a process for the selective hydrogenation of diolefins and sulfur compounds that are contained in a pyrolysis gasoline feedstream. The process includes utilizing a single hydrotreating reaction stage by introducing the pyrolysis gasoline feedstock that includes a diolefin concentration and an organic sulfur concentration into a reactor that... Agent:

20120108868 - Process for the production of paraxylene: A process for the purification of aromatic feedstream to produce paraxylene is disclosed, including the separation of a C8+ aromatic feedstream into a steam comprising C8 aromatic species and a stream comprising C9+ aromatic species. After separation of PX from the C8 aromatic stream, a PX-depleted stream is separated and... Agent:

20120108867 - Process for the production of purified xylene isomers: The invention is directed to a process to produce paraxylene and orthoxylene, including reducing the amount of isomerate recycle from vapor phase xylenes isomerization by providing a parallel configuration of vapor phase and liquid phase isomerization units.... Agent:

20120108869 - Fuel and base oil blendstocks from a single feedstock: A method comprising the steps of providing a quantity of biologically-derived oil comprising triglycerides; processing the biologically derived oil so as to transesterify at least some of the triglycerides contained therein to yield a quantity of saturated monoesters and unsaturated monoesters; oligomerizing at least some of the unsaturated monoesters to... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20120108870 - Fuel and base oil blendstocks from a single feedstock: A method comprising the steps of providing a fatty acyl mixture comprising: (i) a C10-C16 acyl carbon atom chain content of at least 30 wt. % wherein at least 80% of the C10-C16 acyl carbon atom chains are saturated; and (ii) a C18-C22 acyl carbon atom chain content of at... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20120108871 - Fuel and base oil blendstocks from a single feedstock: A method comprising providing a fatty acyl mixture comprising: (i) a C10-C16 acyl carbon atom chain content of at least 30 wt. % wherein at least 80% of the C10-C16 acyl carbon atom chains are saturated; and (ii) a C18-C22 acyl carbon atom chain content of at least 20 wt.... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20120108872 - Heavy alkylbenzene transalkylation operating cost reduction: A process for increasing the production of monoalkylbenzenes is presented. The process includes utilizing a transalkylation process to convert dialkylbenzenes to monoalkylbenzenes. The transalkylation process recycles a portion of the effluent stream from the transalkylation reactor back to the feed of the transalkylation reactor. The recycled dialkylbenzenes and a portion... Agent: Uop LLC

20120108873 - Catalysts containing nano-materials and methods of making and using same: A method of making a catalyst containing nanosize zeolite particles supported on a support material is disclosed. A process for making styrene or ethylbenzene by reacting toluene with a C1 source over a catalyst containing nanosize zeolite particles supported on a support material is disclosed.... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20120108874 - Process for preparing a phenylcyclohexane: The present invention relates to an improved process for preparing a substituted or unsubstituted phenylcyclohexane by catalytic hydrogenation of a substituted or unsubstituted biphenyl.... Agent: Basf Se

20120108875 - Zeolite catalyst with deposited germanium, aluminum and platinum for aromatization of alkanes, process of making and process of using thereof: The present invention is for a catalyst, a process for making the catalyst and a process for using the catalyst in aromatization of alkanes having three to five carbon atoms per molecule, such as propane, to aromatics, such as benzene, toluene and xylene. The catalyst is an aluminum-silicon zeolite having... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20120108876 - Process and reactor system for the preparation of an olefinic product: A process and a reactor system for the preparation of an olefinic product by reacting an oxygenate feedstock in the presence of an oxygenate conversion catalyst within a reactor system under oxygenate-to-olefin conversion conditions, to obtain the olefinic product, wherein the reactor system has a contact surface coming in contact... Agent:

20120108877 - Propane dehydrogenation process utilizing fluidized catalyst system: A process for the production of propylene from a propane rich hydrocarbon source is presented. The process converts a propane rich stream and uses less equipment and energy for the separation and production of propylene. The process uses a non-noble metal catalyst and utilizes a continuous reactor-regeneration system to keep... Agent: Uop LLC

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