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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120078021 - Anti-agglomerate gas hydrate inhibitors for use in petroleum and natural gas systems: A method of inhibiting gas hydrate formation in petroleum and natural gas production systems through the use of low dosage hydrate inhibitors which include reaction products of non-halide-containing inorganic acids, organic acids, and organic amines. The use of these non-halide-containing reaction products rather than chloride containing acids or alkylating agents... Agent: Multi-chem Group, LLC

20120078022 - Method for producing olefin dimer, and olefin dimer: The process for producing an olefin dimer of the present invention includes a first step of carrying out a dimerization reaction of an olefin in the presence of a solid phosphoric acid catalyst in which phosphoric acid is supported on inorganic support particles at a reaction temperature of 55 to... Agent: Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

20120078023 - Process for the preparation of hydrocarbons from synthesis gas: A process for the preparation of hydrocarbon products comprising the steps of (a) providing a synthesis gas comprising hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide; (b) reacting the synthesis gas to an oxygenate mixture comprising methanol and dimethyl ether in presence of one or more catalysts which together catalyse a reaction... Agent:

20120078024 - Removal of hydrogen from dehydrogenation processes: A process and system for dehydrogenating certain hydrocarbons is disclosed. The process includes contacting a dehydrogenatable hydrocarbon with steam in the presence of a dehydrogenation catalyst to form hydrogen and a dehydrogenated hydrocarbon. Some of the hydrogen is then removed and some of the remaining dehydrogenatable hydrocarbon is dehydrogenated.... Agent: Fina Technology Inc.

20120078025 - Use of a direct heating device with a reheater in a dehydrogenation unit: Methods and processes for increasing the efficiency and/or expanding the capacity of a dehydrogenation unit by use of at least one direct heating unit are described.... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20120078026 - Method for production of conjugated diolefin: t

20120078027 - Functional fluid and process for the preparation of the functional fluid: A functional fluid for the removal of contaminates such as but not limited to, acid causing components in gas, sulfur components and carbon oxides from fluid streams, and removal and treatment of NOX & SOX from post combustion emissions. Also described is the manufacturing process to produce the functional fluid... Agent: Specialist Process Technologies Limited

03/22/2012 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20120071700 - Catalysts for hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons and preparations and uses thereof: Disclosed are catalysts for hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons comprising at least one carrier, at least one active metallic component supported on the at least one carrier, and at least one silane group; and wherein the at least one active metallic component is chosen from palladium, platinum, nickel, copper, and ruthenium;... Agent:

20120071701 - Integration of cyclic dehydrogenation process with fcc for dehydrogenation of refinery paraffins: A process for increasing light olefin yields from the fluidized catalytic cracking process. The process combines small units to treat the paraffinic components in the product streams from the fluidized cracking process. The paraffins are dehydrogenated and light olefins are separated. Heavier olefins are passed to an olefin cracking unit... Agent: Uop LLC

20120071702 - Chemical reactor system and method using regenerative turbine pump to produce fuel gas: A pump system and controller for a chemical reactor for converting water and carbon dioxide into a fuel gas is provided. Carbon dioxide gas bubbles are created and introduced into pumped water and delivered to a regenerative turbine pump where bubbles are collapsed to produce an ionized gas and ionized... Agent:

03/15/2012 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120065439 - System for photobiosynthetic production, separation and saturation of carbonaceous chemicals and fuels: The present invention provides new energy solutions that are sustainable both environmentally and economically. The invention relates to photo-biocatalytic (PBC) methods and systems designed to produce and isolate carbonaceous chemicals using carbon dioxide, sunlight, and genetically engineered photosynthetic microorganisms. The PBC system comprises of procedural, mechanical and biological components designed... Agent: Zuvachem, Inc.

20120065440 - Apparatus for conducting thermolysis of plastic waste and method of thermolysis in continuous manner: The subject of the invention is apparatus and method for thermolysis of waste plastics where reaction residue and carbonization products are removed continuously. Apparatus according to the invention characterized in that after the plastic feeding system (1) the extruder (2) and pyrolysis reactor (3) which is equipped in dual propeller... Agent: Clariter Poland Sp. Zo.o.

20120065441 - Device for distributing a polyphase mixture comprising a jet breaker tray perforated with different types of holes: The present invention concerns a device for distributing a polyphase mixture constituted by at least one gas phase and at least one liquid phase, said mixture being in downflow mode passing through at least one bed of solid particles, and said device comprising at least one tray (1) located above... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20120065442 - Hydrogenation of aromatics and other unsaturated organic compounds: The present invention relates to supported Ni-catalysts optionally comprising Zn as a promoter, methods for the production of said catalysts and uses of said catalysts for the hydrogenation of a hydrocarbon feed.... Agent:

20120065443 - Monolith catalyst and use thereof: The invention relates to a catalyst comprising a monolith composed of a catalytically inert material with low BET surface area and a catalyst layer which has been applied to the monolith and comprises, on an oxidic support material, at least one noble metal selected from the group consisting of the... Agent: Basf Se

20120065444 - Method for controlling 2-phenyl isomer content of linear alkylbenzene and catalyst used in the method: A method for controlling 2-isomer content in linear alkylbenzene obtained by alkylating benzene with olefins and catalyst used in the method.... Agent: Uop LLC

20120065445 - Process for synthesis of 9,9'-dianthracene: This invention, which involves “the synthetic method of 9, 9′-biantnthracine”, belongs to the field of synthetic technology of organic electroluminesent materials. Synthetic method of 9, 9′-bianthracine is to add anthraquinone as raw material and zinc as reducing agent in glacial acetic acid solution, then batch addition of hydrochloric acid at... Agent:

20120065446 - Catalysts, processes for preparing the catalysts, and processes for transalkylating aromatic hydrocarbon compounds: A catalyst comprising an aluminosilicate zeolite having an MOR framework type, an acidic MFI molecular sieve component having a Si/Al2 molar ratio of less than 80, a metal component comprising one or more elements selected from groups VIB, VIIB, VIII, and IVA, an inorganic oxide binder, and a fluoride component.... Agent: Uop LLC

20120065447 - Oligomerization of olefin feed comprising propylene and propane to produce base oil: c

20120065448 - Oligomerization of propylene and longer chain alpha olefins to produce base oil products:

20120065449 - Hydroisomerization catalysts for biological feedstocks: Provided are hydroisomerization catalysts for processing a bio-based feedstock into biodiesel fuels. These catalysts comprise a catalytic material and a matrix component. The catalytic material is made up of a molecular sieve that has a pre-loaded platinum group metal. The catalytic material and the matrix component are processed together to... Agent: Basf Corporation

20120065450 - Process that utilizes combined distillation and membrane separation in the separation of an acidic contaminant from a light hydrocarbon gas stream: Disclosed is a process for separating an acidic contaminant and light hydrocarbon of a light hydrocarbon feed having a large contaminating acidic contaminant content. Among other features, the process uses a combination of distillation and membrane separation arranged in a unique way to yield a high-purity light hydrocarbon product and... Agent:

20120065451 - Process for the regeneration of a copper, zinc and zirconium oxide-comprising adsorption composition: The invention relates to a process for the regeneration of a copper-, zinc- and zirconium oxide-comprising adsorption composition after use thereof for the adsorptive removal of carbon monoxide from substance streams comprising carbon monoxide and at least one olefin, in which the adsorption composition is heated to a temperature in... Agent: Basf Se

20120065452 - Process for the activation of a copper-, zinc- and zirconium oxide-comprising adsorption composition: e

03/08/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120059205 - Biogenic fuel and method of making same: A method of producing from a biomass mesitylene-isopentane fuel is provided. A biomass may be fermented to form acetone. The acetone is converted in a catalytic reactor to mesitylene and mesityl oxide. The mesitylene is separated in a phase separator and the organic face containing mesityl oxide is sent to... Agent: Swift Enterprises, Ltd.

20120059206 - Process for production of ethylbenzene from toluene and methane: A process for making ethylbenzene and/or styrene by reacting toluene with methane is disclosed. In one embodiment the process can include reacting toluene with methane to form a product stream comprising ethylbenzene and further processing the ethylbenzene to form styrene in an existing styrene production facility.... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20120059207 - Production of polyolefins: A method for preparing a liquid polyolefin includes contacting a feedstock comprising at least one olefin monomer with a catalyst system to produce a reactor effluent stream, filtering the reactor effluent stream, washing a created filter cake with a wash fluid comprising at least one hydrocarbon liquid; and recovering the... Agent:

20120059208 - Modified zinc ferrite catalyst and method of preparation and use: A catalyst for oxidative dehydrogenation of organic compounds is provided by forming a solution of catalyst precursor components comprised of Fe+3 and Zn+2 cations and at least one other modifier element cation in water to form an aqueous solution of the catalyst precursor components. The modifier element cation has a... Agent:

20120059209 - Process for the continuous hydrogenation of triglyceride containing raw materials using a nickel and molybdenum-based catalyst: Process for the continuous hydrogenation of triglyceride containing raw materials in a fixed bed reactor system having several catalyst beds arranged in series and comprising at least e hydrogenation catalyst comprising an active phase constituted by a nickel and molybdenum element. The raw material feed, hydrogen containing gas and diluting... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

03/01/2012 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120053375 - Heat treating oil composition: The present invention provides a refrigerating machine oil, a compressor oil composition, a hydraulic oil composition, a metalworking oil composition, a heat treating oil composition, a lubricating oil composition for machine tools and a lubricating oil composition which comprise a lubricating oil base oil having % CA of not more... Agent: Nippon Oil Corporation

20120053376 - Gasoline compositions: e

20120053377 - Multi-stage co-processing of biofeeds for manufacturing of diesel range hydrocarbons: Processes for producing diesel fuel having sulfur content of 10 ppm by weight or less from feed sources including up to 20% by weight of a biocomponent feedstock. The process includes hydrotreating the feed sources in a first reaction zone under hydrotreating conditions, separating the first hydrotreated stream effluent from... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20120053378 - Process for conversion of methanol into gasoline: A method of converting methanol into gasoline is disclosed. A stream of methanol at is received at a gasoline production facility. The stream is split into a first stream for use in a methanol to gasoline (MTG) facility and a second stream for use in a methanol to olefin (MTO)... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20120053379 - Method for producing olefinic monomers from bio oil: The deoxygenation in the bed can be followed by a catalytic cracking or, with a suitable catalyst, the deoxygenation and cracking can be simultaneous. The separated hydrogen-bearing gas phase can be circulated in the process.... Agent: Stora Enso Oyj

20120053380 - Process to make base oil from fischer-tropsch condensate by concurrent oligomerization and alkylation: A process comprising contacting an olefin feed from a Fischer-Tropsch condensate with an isoparaffin, an acidic chloroaluminate ionic liquid catalyst, and a Brönsted acid; whereby a base oil is produced by concurrent oligomerization and alkylation.... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20120053381 - Integrated process to produce c4+ hydrocarbons with removal of brominated organic impurities: The present invention provides an integrated process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons and/or C4+ non-aromatic hydrocarbons from low molecular weight alkanes, which includes contacting the low molecular weight alkanes with a halogen and coupling the monohaloalkanes to form aromatic hydrocarbons and/or C4+ non-aromatic hydrocarbons.... Agent:

20120053382 - Catalyst and process for producing light aromatic hydrocarbons and light alkanes from hydrocarbonaceous feedstock: The present invention provides a catalyst comprising metallic Pt and/or Pd supported on a binder-free zeolite for producing light aromatic hydrocarbons and light alkanes from hydrocarbonaceous feedstock, wherein the amount of metallic Pt and/or Pd is of 0.01-0.8 wt %, preferably 0.01-0.5 wt % on the basis of the total... Agent: China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

20120053383 - Method for producing olefins by dilute feed cracking of refinery off-gas and other light hydrocarbons: The present invention is directed to a method for producing, inter alia, olefins from refinery saturated and unsaturated off-gas. Furthermore, said refinery streams are not required to undergo deoxygenation reaction in a separate reactor system provided they are fed to the pyrolysis furnace. The refinery off-gases are treated to produce... Agent: Stone & Webster Process Technology, Inc.

20120053384 - Process for selectively making olefins from energy dense alcohols: A process to perform selective catalytic oxidation of four-carbon alcohols to produce four-carbon olefins with yields greater than 90%. The process includes providing a supply of oxygen gas and a butanol fuel, atomizing and evaporating the fuel to produce a vapor, mixing the vapor with the oxygen to form a... Agent: U.s. Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20120053385 - Method and device for reducing olefin losses during the removal of carbon dioxide from an olefin flow from dehydrogenation reactions: The product gas from a dehydrogenation reaction is treated by a downstream gas scrub followed by depressurization in a high-pressure flash vessel equipped with mass transfer elements, wherein a fuel gas flows upwardly through the mass transfer elements in the high-pressure flash vessel countercurrent to depressurized solvent so that absorbed... Agent: Uhde Gmbh

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