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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120022304 - Fuel composition for use in gasoline engines: A fuel composition for use in gasoline engines which has excellent acceleration characteristics at high speeds and excellent fuel consumption. The fuel composition of this invention for use in gasoline engines satisfies the conditions: (1) the research octane number is not less than 99; (2) the density is in the... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20120022305 - Hydrocracking process for making renewable diesel from oils and/or fats: Methods for producing C3-C30 hydrocarbons from fatty materials, such as triglyceride compounds, are provided. Hydrocarbon compounds, particularly those boiling in the temperature range of between about 80° F. to about 1000° F., are produced by contacting a fatty material, under hydrocracking conditions, with at least one catalyst comprising a Group... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20120022306 - Process and system for converting biogas to liquid fuels: A method of producing a hydrocarbon fuel from a hydrocarbon-containing gas is disclosed and described. A hydrocarbon-containing gas is produced (10) containing from about 25% to about 50% carbon dioxide and can be reformed (12) with a steam gas to form a mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.... Agent: Synch Energy Corporation

20120022307 - Co-processing solid biomass in a conventional petroleum refining process unit: Preparing solid biomass particles for catalytic conversion includes agitating solid biomass particles and providing a biomass-catalyst mixture to a conventional petroleum refinery process unit. The biomass-catalyst mixture includes the solid biomass particles and a catalyst. Agitating solid biomass particles includes flowing a gas to provide a velocity to at least... Agent: Kior, Inc.

20120022308 - Process for preparing acetylene by the sachsse-bartholome process: A process is proposed for preparing acetylene by the Sachsse-Bartholomé process by combustion of a natural gas/oxygen mixture in one or more burners to obtain a cracking gas which is cooled in two or more stages in burner columns, each burner having one or more burner columns assigned thereto, and... Agent: Basf Se

20120022309 - Method for producing aromatic hydrocarbon: [Solving Means] In a method of producing aromatic hydrocarbon, including repeating a reaction step for obtaining aromatic hydrocarbon upon making a contact reaction between lower hydrocarbon and a catalyst and a regeneration step for regenerating the catalyst used in the reaction step, carbon dioxide in an amount of 0.33 to... Agent: Meidensha Corporation

20120022310 - Process for preparing aromatics from methane: The present invention relates to a process for carrying out endothermic, heterogeneously catalyzed reactions in which the reaction of the starting materials is carried out in the presence of a mixture of inert heat transfer particles and catalyst particles, where the catalyst particles are regenerated in a nonoxidative atmosphere at... Agent: Basf Se

01/19/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120016167 - Hydroprocessing of biocomponent feeds with low pressure hydrogen-containing streams: The invention relates to a method for forming an at least partially renewable diesel product, comprising: hydrodeoxygenating a feedstock comprising about 0.1 wt % to about 50 wt % of a fresh biocomponent portion with a relatively pure hydrogen treat gas in the presence of a hydrodeoxygenation catalyst under relatively... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20120016168 - Processing and analysis techniques involving in-vessel material generation: In at least one embodiment, the inventive technology relates to in-vessel generation of a material from a solution of interest as part of a processing and/or analysis operation. Preferred embodiments of the in-vessel material generation (e.g., in-vessel solid material generation) include precipitation; in certain embodiments, analysis and/or processing of the... Agent: The University Of Wyoming Research Corporation D/b/a Western Research Institute

20120016169 - Method for producing waxes and grease base stocks through catalytic depolymerisation of waste plastics: A process of depolymerization of mixed polyethylene waste is disclosed. In one embodiment, in a process for converting mixed polyethylene waste to make waxes and grease base stocks through catalytic depolymerization, the mixed polyethylene waste is preheated to form a molten mixed polyethylene waste. Then depolymerization reaction of the molten... Agent:

20120016170 - Process for preparing a core-layer material having good mechanical strength: A process is described for preparing a spherical material comprising a porous core coated with a continuous and homogeneous porous layer, the degree of attrition of said material being less than 20%. Said preparation process comprises a) bringing a bed of spherical particles constituting the core of said material into... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20120016171 - Supported oxidative dehydrogenation catalyst: The present invention provides a process for the manufacture of an efficient and robust catalyst for the oxidative dehydrogenation of paraffins to olefins, preferably lower C2-4 paraffins. The present invention provides a process for the preparation of an oxidative dehydrogenation catalyst of C2-4 paraffins to olefins comprising comminuting: from 10... Agent: Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

20120016172 - Method for manufacturing olefin: A method for manufacturing an olefin through reaction between the same type of or different types of raw material olefins to obtain an olefin having a structure different from the structure of the raw material olefins, the method including using a catalyst containing at least one type of metal element... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

01/12/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120010450 - Hybrid system and process for converting whole tires and other solid carbon materials into reclaimable and reusable components: A system and method of converting tires or other solid carbon based material is disclosed, wherein the system and method includes providing a chamber, feeding tires or other solid carbon based material or both into the chamber, rotating the chamber and heating and reducing the material in the chamber, collecting... Agent:

20120010451 - Process for obtaining high-purity 1-butene from c4 hydrocarbon mixtures: A process is described for obtaining high-purity 1-butene starting from C4 hydrocarbon mixtures containing isobutene, n-butane, isobutane, 1,3-butadiene, 1-butene, 2-butenes and also optionally C3 and C5 hydrocarbons, comprising the following stages: conversion of isobutene effected in a double stage, wherein each stage consists of one or more reactors followed by... Agent: Saipem S.p.a.

20120010452 - Heterogeneous supports for homogeneous catalysts: A method of making a heterogenously supported catalyst useful in dimerization, oligomerization or polymerization is provided in which a catalyst precursor containing a metal and an aromatic group are alkylated onto an oligomeric support having at least one terminal unsaturated group by Friedel Crafts alkylation.... Agent: Conocophillips Company -IPServices Group

20120010453 - Olefin production process: The olefin production process according to the present invention includes reacting a ketone and hydrogen in the presence of at least one dehydration catalyst and a silver-containing catalyst, and the at least one dehydration catalyst is selected from metal oxide catalysts containing a Group 6 element, zeolites, aluminas and heteropoly... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

01/05/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120004476 - Fullerene derivatives and organic electronic device comprising the same: The present invention relates to fullerene derivatives and an organic electronic device using the same, and more specifically, to a novel fullerene derivative incorporating an aromatic fused ring compound and to an organic electronic device with excellent electrical properties by employing the fullerene derivative. In more detail, the novel fullerene... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology

20120004477 - Liquid phase distillate dewaxing: Hydrocarbon feeds can be hydrotreated in a continuous gas-phase environment and then dewaxed in a liquid-continuous reactor. The liquid-continuous reactor can advantageously be operated in a manner that avoids the need for a hydrogen recycle loop. A contaminant gas can be added to the hydrogen input for the liquid-continuous reactor... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20120004478 - Two stage hydroprocessing with divided wall column fractionator: A divided wall column can allow for fractionation of multiple streams while maintaining separate product qualities. Effluents from multiple stages of a reaction system can be processed in a single divided wall column. The divided wall column can produce multiple cuts from each separated area, as well as at least... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20120004479 - Gas and liquid phase hydroprocessing for biocomponent feedstocks: Diesel fuel is produced from a feedstock that is at least partially biocomponent in origin. A feedstock is treated in a reactor including one or more hydrotreating zones having a continuous gas phase. The liquid effluent from the hydrotreating zones is then hydroprocessed in a hydroprocessing zone having a continuous... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20120004480 - Adsorbent for feed and products purification in benzene saturation process: The service life and deactivation rate of a benzene saturation catalyst is improved through use of a new sulfur guard bed containing a chloride additive. This sulfur guard bed, which contains supported CuO material having an increased resistance to reduction, shows such improvement. Thus, the danger of run-away reduction followed... Agent: Uop LLC

20120004481 - Flexible process for transformation of ethanol into middle distillates: The invention describes a process for the production of middle distillate hydrocarbon bases from an ethanol feedstock that is produced from a renewable source that is obtained from biomass, whereby said process comprises a stage for purification of said feedstock, a stage for transformation of said purified feedstock into a... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20120004482 - Method for reacting natural gas to aromatics while electrochemically removing hydrogen and electrochemically reacting the hydrogen water: b) electrochemical removal of at least part of the hydrogen formed in the reaction from the product stream P by means of a gastight membrane-electrode assembly comprising at least one selectively proton-conducting membrane and at least one electrode catalyst on each side of the membrane, where at least part of... Agent: Basf Se

20120004483 - Aromatic alkylation process using uzm-5, uzm-5p and uzm-6 zeolites: where M is an alkali or alkaline earth metal, E is an optional framework element, C organic nitrogen containing cation template, and R is an organic cation crystallization template. The zeolites have at least two x-ray diffraction peaks, one at a d-spacing of 3.9±0.12 Å and one at a d-spacing... Agent: Uop LLC

20120004484 - Uzm-7 aluminosilicate zeolite, method of preparation and processes using uzm-7: where M is an alkali, alkaline earth, or rare earth metal such as lithium, potassium and barium, R is an organoammonium cation such as the choline or the diethyldimethylammonium cation and E is a framework element such as gallium. These zeolites are characterized by unique x-ray diffraction patterns and compositions... Agent: Uop LLC

20120004485 - Uzm-5, uzm-5p, and uzm-6 crystalline aluminosilicate zeolites and methods for preparing the same: The method includes forming a Charge Density Mismatch (CDM) reaction mixture comprising reactive sources of Al, Si, optionally a framework element, E, and at least one organic nitrogen containing cation template, C, in the hydroxide form. After the CDM mixture is mixed while aging, an organic cation crystallization template, R,... Agent: Uop LLC

20120004487 - Catalyst for producing para-substituted aromatic hydrocarbon and method for producing para-substituted aromatic hydrocarbon using the same: This invention relates to a novel catalyst which enables an efficient production of a high-purity para-substituted aromatic hydrocarbon even without conducting isomerization step and/or adsorption separation step, and more particularly to a catalyst for producing a para-substituted aromatic hydrocarbon, which is formed by coating an MFI-type zeolite having an SiO2/Al2O3... Agent: Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

20120004486 - Uzm-45 aluminosilicate zeolite, method of preparation and processes using uzm-45: where M is an alkali, alkaline earth, or rare earth metal such as lithium and strontium, R is an organoammonium cation such as the choline cation and E is a framework element such as gallium. These zeolites are characterized by unique x-ray diffraction patterns and compositions and have catalytic properties... Agent: Uop LLC

20120004488 - Method for enhancing the performance of a catalyzed reaction: A method for improving performance of a catalyzed reaction carried out in a moving bed system having a reaction zone. A process stream is introduced into the reaction zone at a temperature, and the temperature of the catalyst introduced to the reaction zone is different from the process stream introduction... Agent: Uop LLC

20120004489 - Polyolefin manufacturing system including a membrane fractionation system for diluent recovery: A fractionation system for a polymerization reactor includes a membrane separation system designed to separate light components, such as unreacted monomer and inerts, from diluent. The membrane separation system may employ one or more membrane modules designed to separate hydrocarbons based on size, solubility, or combinations thereof. The fractionation system... Agent: Chevron Philips Chemical Company Lp

20120004490 - Method for producing propylene: f

20120004491 - Adsorptive process for separation of c8 aromatic hydrocarbons: A method for separating a xylene from a feed mixture by contacting the feed mixture with a bed of adsorbent comprising metal organic framework crystals selective to the xylene.... Agent: Uop LLC

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