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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 17 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110319682 - Gas hydrate inhibitor and method of inhibiting gas hydrate formation: The present invention relates to an ionic liquid compound that inhibits a formation of a gas hydrate. The compound of the present invention changes an equilibrium temperature and pressure of a gas hydrate in small quantity into a lower temperature and/or a higher pressure, and simultaneously retards the formation of... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20110319683 - Biorenewable naphtha composition and methods of making same: The present invention generally relates to a method for producing a naphtha product from a renewable feedstock. The method includes hydrotreating the renewable feedstock to produce a hydrotreating unit heavy fraction that includes n-paraffins, and hydrocracking the hydrotreating unit heavy fraction to produce a hydrocracking unit product that includes the... Agent: Syntroleum Corporation

20110319684 - Method for selective hydrogenation of phenylacetylene using composite bed in the presence of styrene: The present invention discloses a process for the selective hydrogenation of phenylacetylene in the presence of styrene conducted in a combined bed, which process comprises under hydrogenation reaction conditions, passing a hydrocarbon fraction feedstock containing phenylacetylene and styrene through a combined bed reactor containing a catalyst A and a catalyst... Agent:

20110319685 - Catalytic processes and systems for base oil production from light feedstock: Processes and catalyst systems are provided for dewaxing a light hydrocarbon feedstock to form a lubricant base oil. A layered catalyst system of the present invention may comprise a first hydroisomerization dewaxing catalyst disposed upstream from a second hydroisomerization dewaxing catalyst. Each of the first and second hydroisomerization dewaxing catalysts... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc

20110319686 - Process and plant for producing c2-c4 olefins from methanol and/or dimethyl ether with increased yield: A process and a plant for producing C2-C4 olefins, in particular propylene, from an educt mixture containing steam as well as methanol vapor and/or dimethyl ether vapor. The educt mixture is reacted in at least one first reactor on a granular, form-selective zeolite catalyst to obtain a reaction mixture including... Agent: Lurgi Gmbh

20110319687 - Method for production of styrene from toluene and syngas: A method for the production of styrene comprising reacting toluene and syngas in one or more reactors is disclosed.... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20110319688 - Paraxylene production process and apparatus: The invention concerns a process for the production of paraxylene and an apparatus suitable for said process. The process separates the overhead from a xylenes re-run into a xylene-rich stream and a xylene-lean stream. The xylene-lean stream is isomerized under conditions such that the xylenes are in the liquid phase.... Agent:

20110319689 - Process to control product selectivity: e

20110319690 - Method for converting carbon and hydrocarbon cracking and apparatus for hydrocarbon cracking: A method for converting carbon into a carbon oxide, comprises: contacting carbon with steam in presence of a carnegieite-like material of formula (Na2O)xNa[Al2Si2O8], wherein 0<x≦1. Method and apparatus for hydrocarbon cracking are also described herein.... Agent:

20110319691 - Reduced fluidization of solid particles in radial flow fluid/solid contacting: Apparatuses and methods are disclosed for contacting radially flowing fluids with solid particles (e.g., catalyst) with reduced tendency for fluidization of the particles, and especially a sealing portion of the particles at the top of a particle retention zone disposed between screens at upstream and downstream positions relative to radial... Agent: Uop LLC

20110319692 - Method for quenching paraffin dehydrogenation reaction in counter-current reactor: A process is presented for quenching a process stream in a paraffin dehydrogenation process. The process comprises cooling a propane dehydrogenation stream during the hot residence time after the process stream leaves the catalytic bed reactor section. The process includes cooling and compressing the product stream, taking a portion of... Agent: Uop LLC

20110319693 - Ionic liquid catalyzed alkylation with ethylene in ethylene containing gas streams: An alkylation process comprising contacting in an alkylation zone under alkylation conditions an olefin containing gas stream with an isoparaffin in the presence of an ionic liquid catalyst composition to provide an alkylate product. In an embodiment, the olefin stream may comprise offgas containing ethylene together with one or more... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20110319694 - Startup procedures for ionic liquid catalyzed hydrocarbon conversion processes: Methods for starting and operating ionic liquid catalyzed hydrocarbon conversion processes and systems to provide maximum process efficiency, system reliability and equipment longevity may include: purging air and free water from at least a portion of the system; introducing at least one reactant into the at least a portion of... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20110319695 - Supported liquid phase ionic liquid catalyst process: t

20110319696 - Hydroisomerization process using molecular sieve ssz-81: The present invention is directed to a hydroisomerization process using a new crystalline molecular sieve designated SSZ-81, which is synthesized using a structure directing agent selected from 1,5-bis(1-azonia-bicyclo[2.2.2]octane)pentane dications, 1,5-bis(1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane)pentane dications, and mixtures thereof.... Agent: Chevron U.s.a

20110319697 - Sorption processes: Toxic substances such as heavy metals are extracted from a medium using a sorbent composition. The sorbent composition is derived by sulfidation of red mud, which contains hydrated ferric oxides derived from the Bayer processing of bauxite ores. Exemplary sulfidizing compounds are H2S, Na2S, K2S, (NH4)2S, and CaSx. The sulfur... Agent: J. I. Enterprises, Inc.

20110319698 - Process for upgrading sweetened or oxygen-contaminated kerosene or jet fuel, to minimize or eliminate its tendency to polymerize or foul when heated: A process is presented for the removal of oxygen from a hydrocarbon stream. The oxygen can react and cause polymerization of the hydrocarbons when the hydrocarbon stream is heated. Controlling the removal of the oxygen from the hydrocarbon stream produces a hydrocarbon stream that is substantially free of oxygen and... Agent: Uop LLC

12/22/2011 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110313219 - Deoxygenation of biomass derived oxygenates to hydrocarbons via direct methane intervention: The application describes a process where methane or any short chained hydrocarbon could be catalytically coupled with an oxygenate (preferably derived from thermal processing of biomass) to dehydrate and produce a deoxygenated hydrocarbon. The presence of oxygen in biomass derivatives adversely affects its ability to be further processed into hydrocarbon... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20110313218 - Systems, apparatus and methods of a dome retort: A system, apparatus and method for hydrocarbon extraction from feedstock material that is or includes organic material, such as oil shale, coal, lignite, tar sands, animal waste and biomass. A retort system including at least one retort vessel may include a monolithic dome structure surrounded by a process isolation barrier,... Agent:

20110313220 - Selective catalytic hydrogenation of alkynes to corresponding alkenes: The invention relates to a process for selectively hydrogenating an alkyne to the corresponding alkene comprising a step of contacting a gaseous feed comprising hydrogen and 0.1 to 20 mass % of alkyne with a catalyst comprising at least one Group 10 element on a boron-modified support. The process shows... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20110313221 - Flexible process for transformation of ethanol into middle distillates implementing a homogeneous catalytic system and a heterogeneous catalytic system: The invention describes a process for the production of middle distillate hydrocarbon bases from an ethanol feedstock that is produced from a renewable source that is obtained from biomass, comprising a stage for purification of said feedstock, a stage for dehydration of said purified feedstock into an effluent that is... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20110313222 - Apparatus and process for isomerizing a hydrocarbon stream: One exemplary embodiment can be an apparatus for isomerizing a hydrocarbon stream rich in a C4 hydrocarbon and/or at least one of a C5 and C6 hydrocarbon. The apparatus can include: a first drier and a second drier adapted to receive a fluid including at least one reactant; and a... Agent: Uop LLC

20110313223 - Process for xylene and ethylbenzene isomerization using uzm-35: e

20110313224 - Process for the preparation of an olefinic product and an oxygenate conversion catalyst: A process for the preparation of an olefinic product in the presence of a catalyst comprising an aluminosilicate having one-dimensional 10-membered ring channels and a silica-to-alumina-ratio of less than 170, and at least one Group IB metal at a metal loading of between 0.1 and 10 wt % of the... Agent:

20110313225 - Process for the preparation of an olefinic product, oxygenate conversion catalyst particles, and process for the manufacutre thereof: The invention provides a process for the preparation of an olefinic product, the process comprising reacting an oxygenate feedstock in the presence of formulated oxygenate conversion catalyst particles to produce the olefinic product, the formulated catalyst particles comprising a combination of at least a molecular sieve having one-dimensional 10-membered ring... Agent:

20110313226 - Zeolitic materials of the lev-type structure and methods for their production: e

20110313227 - Alkylation catalyst and related process: A solid alkylation catalyst having a hydrogenation metal and a solid acid in the form of a rare earth exchanged molecular sieve, wherein the catalyst is at least characterized by a porosity of less than 0.20 ml/g in pores below 100 nm in diameter, and a total porosity of greater... Agent: Albemarle Europe Sprl

12/15/2011 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20110306808 - Process for conversion of organic, waste, or low-value materials into useful products: The present invention addresses the processing of waste and low-value products to produce useful materials in reliable purities and compositions, at acceptable cost, without producing malodorous emissions, and with high energy efficiency. In particular, the invention comprises a multi-stage process that converts various feedstocks such as offal, animal manures, municipal... Agent: Ab-cwt, LLC

20110306809 - Process for the reduction of gasoline benzene content by alkylation with dilute ethylene: The process converts ethylene in a dilute ethylene stream and dilute benzene in an aromatic containing stream via alkylation to heavier hydrocarbons. The catalyst may be a zeolite such as UZM-8. The catalyst is resistant to feed impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon oxides, and hydrogen and selectively converts benzene.... Agent: Uop LLC

20110306810 - Processes for synthesizing ethylbenzene from ethanol and benzene: 3) reacting a third mixture with at least one transalkylation catalyst in a transalkylation reactor, wherein the third mixture comprises at least some of the separated benzene and at least some of the separated diethylbenzene at a weight ratio ranging from about 2:1 to about 10:1.... Agent:

20110306811 - Processes for producing light olefins: A process for producing at least one light olefin, comprising converting three raw materials in the presence of at least one catalyst comprising at least one molecular sieve and regenerating said at least one catalyst into three separate product streams.... Agent:

20110306812 - Process for the cooligomerization of olefins: In a process for the cooligomerization of olefins, an olefin starting material comprising olefins having n carbon atoms and olefins having 2n carbon atoms is reacted over an olefin oligomerization catalyst to give a reaction product. The process is carried out under such conditions that the conversion of olefins having... Agent: Basf Se

20110306813 - Dilute ethylene alkylation of benzene: Methods of forming ethylbenzene are described herein. In one embodiment, the method includes contacting dilute ethylene with benzene in the presence of an alkylation catalyst to form ethylbenzene, wherein such contact occurs in a reaction zone containing a gaseous phase and recovering ethylbenzene from the reaction zone.... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20110306815 - Metathesis catalyst and process for use thereof: This invention also relates to a process to make linear alpha-olefins comprising contacting a feed material and an optional alkene (such as ethylene) with the catalyst described above, wherein the feed material is a triacylglyceride, fatty acid, fatty acid alkyl ester, and/or fatty acid ester, typically derived from seed oil... Agent:

20110306814 - Riser reactor system and a process for the preparation of an olefinic product: A riser reactor system comprising a riser reactor and a catalyst feed device for fluidized catalyst, the riser reactor having a riser interior in which catalyst is flowing during normal operation, and the feed device comprising an annular trough surrounding the riser interior, the annular trough having an up-stream opening... Agent: Internationale Research Maatschappij B.v.

20110306816 - Heavy hydrocarbon removal systems and methods: Apparatuses and systems for removing heavy hydrocarbons from a solvent stream are disclosed herein. The apparatuses extract heavy hydrocarbons into light hydrocarbons and provide a solvent stream having the heavy hydrocarbons removed. Two water washing steps are used to remove residual solvent from the heavy hydrocarbon solution in light hydrocarbons.... Agent: Gtc Technology Us, LLC

12/08/2011 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110301391 - Fuel composition for use in gasoline engines: A fuel composition for use in gasoline engines which has excellent acceleration characteristics at high speeds and excellent fuel consumption. The fuel composition of this invention for use in gasoline engines satisfies the conditions: (1) the research octane number is not less than 90; (2) the density is in the... Agent:

20110301392 - Variation of tin impregnation of a catalyst for alkane dehydrogenation: A catalyst for the dehydrogenation of alkanes or alkyl substituents of hydrocarbons, is a shaped body having at least one oxide from the elements of the main or secondary group II to IV of the periodic table or of a mixed oxide thereof serving as base material of the shaped... Agent: Uhde Gmbh

20110301393 - Two stage oxygenate conversion reactor with improved selectivity: A process and apparatus is presented for the improved selectivity of oxygenate conversion to olefins. The process includes passing a process stream through a two stage reactor, wherein the process stream is separated from the catalyst in the first stage before passing the process stream to the second stage. The... Agent: Uop LLC

20110301394 - Process for the conversion of lower alkanes to aromatic hydrocarbons: A process is provided for producing aromatic hydrocarbons which comprises: (a) contacting a lower alkane feed with a solid particulate aromatic hydrocarbon conversion catalyst in a fixed bed reaction zone to produce aromatic hydrocarbons and other products, whereby the catalyst is at least partially deactivated by the formation of undesirable... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20110301395 - Processes for preparing triphenylene: Processes are provided for producing triphenylene by combining at least dodecahydrotriphenylene, a dehydrogenation catalyst such as palladium on carbon, and an aliphatic solvent having a boiling point greater than 180° C. to form a reaction mixture, heating the reaction mixture to at least about 180° C. but lower than the... Agent: Albemarle Corporation

20110301396 - Processes for the reduction of alkylation catalyst deactivation utilizing low silica to alumina ratio catalyst: Alkylation systems and methods of minimizing alkylation catalyst regeneration are described herein. The alkylation systems generally include a preliminary alkylation system adapted to receive an input stream including an alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon and contact the input stream with a preliminary alkylation catalyst disposed therein to form a first output stream.... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20110301397 - Process for alkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons using uzm-35: k

20110301398 - Oligomerisation of olefins: Olefins are oligomerized by bringing at least one C2 to C8-olefin into contact with a nickel-containing heterogeneous catalyst. The catalyst is conditioned before contact with the olefin by passing an inert gas flow over the same, until the inert gas flow has a water content of less than 1000 ppm.... Agent: Basf Se

12/01/2011 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20110295046 - Method of converting ethanol to base stock for diesel fuel: P

20110295047 - Method for producing compound: A method for producing a compound according to the present invention includes synthesizing a compound represented by general formula (3): R—Ar1—X1, which is an intermediate a, by subjecting a compound represented by general formula (1): Ar1—X1 and an alkyl bromide represented by general formula (2): R—Br to an alkylation reaction,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110295048 - Rhenium promoted catalyst: A group V metal/rhenium-modified molecular sieve catalyst can be used in hydrocarbon conversion reactions. Embodiments can provide a toluene conversion of at least 30 wt % with selectivity to benzene above 40 wt % and to xylenes above 40 wt % and non-aromatics selectivity of less than 2.0 wt %.... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20110295049 - Catalyst return apparatus, and process for reacting a feedstock: A catalyst return apparatus is disclosed as well as a riser reactor system comprising the conduit apparatus and a riser reactor, the conduit apparatus comprising a catalyst return conduit and at least two flow control devices in series, each flow control device arranged to control the flow of fluid through... Agent:

20110295050 - Method for preparing crystalline metalloaluminophosphate (meapo) molecular sieve from amorphous materials: c

20110295051 - Method and reactor for cracking hydrocarbon: A method for cracking hydrocarbon, comprises: providing steam and hydrocarbon; and feeding steam and hydrocarbon into a reactor accessible to hydrocarbon and comprising a perovskite material of formula AaBbCcDdO3-δ, wherein 0<a<1.2, 0≦b≦1.2, 0.9<a+b≦1.2, 0<c<1.2, 0≦d≦1.2, 0.9<c+d≦1.2, −0.5<δ<0.5; A is selected from calcium, strontium, barium, and any combination thereof; B is... Agent:

20110295052 - Processes for olefin/paraffin separation utilizing porous, hydrophobic poly(ether ether ketone) membranes: Processes for olefin/paraffin separation utilizing porous, hydrophobic poly(ether ether ketone) (PEEK) membranes are provided. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a process for olefin/paraffin separation comprises providing a porous membrane formed of PEEK polymer functionalized with hydrophobic groups, the porous membrane having a first surface and a second surface. The... Agent: Uop LLC

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