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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110077436 - Pretreatment of oils and/or fats: Disclosed are methods for pretreating triglyceride containing material prior to contacting with a hydrotreating catalyst to produce fuel range hydrocarbons without causing reactor fouling or catalyst plugging.... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20110077437 - Process for sulfur removal from refinery off gas: Organic sulfur compounds contained in refinery off gas streams having either high ort low concentrations of olefins are converted to hydrogen sulfides which can be then be removed using conventional amine treating systems. The process uses a catalytic reactor with or without a hydrotreater depending on the olefin concentration of... Agent:

20110077438 - Hydroalkylation of aromatic compounds using emm-13: This disclosure relates to a process for manufacturing a mono-cycloalkyl-substituted aromatic compound, said process comprising contacting a feedstock comprising an aromatic compound and hydrogen under hydroalkylation reaction conditions with a catalyst system comprising a molecular sieve, wherein said molecular sieve comprises a framework of tetrahedral atoms bridged by oxygen atoms,... Agent:

20110077439 - Process for the production of low-concentration ethylene for chemical use: Process for the production of ethylene for chemical use starting with a hydrocarbon source according to which: a) the hydrocarbon source is subjected to a first cracking step, namely a pyrolysis step carried out in a cracking oven, thus producing a mixture of cracking products; b) the mixture of cracking... Agent: Solvay (societe Anonyme)

20110077440 - Process for producing alkyl substituted indanes: The present invention relates to an improved process for producing alkyl substituted indanes which are used in the synthesis of fragrance ingredients for perfumery applications.... Agent:

20110077441 - Production of aromatics from methane: A catalyst for the conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons including aromatic hydrocarbons comprises particles of a porous refractory material, crystals of a zeolite material grown within the pores of the refractory material, and at least one catalytically active metal or metal compound associated with the zeolite crystals.... Agent:

20110077442 - Aromatic alkylation catalyst: A aromatic alkylation catalyst, processes for producing the catalyst, and aromatic alkylation processes employing the catalysts are disclosed. The catalyst comprises a UZM-8 zeolite and nitrogen, and the catalyst has a nitrogen to zeolite aluminum molar ratio of at least about 0.015. In an exemplary alkylation process, the catalyst provides... Agent: Uop LLC

20110077443 - Process for catalyst regeneration and extended use: A method of producing an alkylaromatic by the alkylation of an aromatic with an alkylating agent, such as producing ethylbenzene by an alkylation reaction of benzene, is disclosed. The method includes using an H-beta catalyst to minimize process upsets due to alkylation catalyst deactivation and the resulting catalyst regeneration or... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20110077444 - Metathesis catalyst for olefin production: A catalyst includes a metathesis catalyst and an isomerization catalyst. In one embodiment, WO3 is supported on MgO. Alternate embodiments include an inert support, such as alumina or silica, where either one or both of WO3 and MgO are supported on said inert support. The metathesis catalyst can be used... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20110077445 - Generating natural gas from heavy hydrocarbons: Methods for producing in a reactor natural gas from heavy hydrocarbons. A mixture of heavy hydrocarbons and a catalyst comprising a transition metal are heated under an anoxic condition in a reactor. Natural gas, e.g., catalytic natural gas, is generated from the heavy hydrocarbons by a disproportionation reaction promoted by... Agent:

20110077446 - Membrane separation of a mixture of close boiling hydrocarbon components: Disclosed are membrane-based systems and methods for the separation of mixtures containing close-boiling hydrocarbon components that overcome certain issues associated with prior art devices.... Agent: American Air Liquide, Inc.

20110077447 - Method and apparatus for the removal of a sorbate component from a process stream: Method of, and an apparatus for the removal of a sorbate component from a process stream comprising one or more sorbate components. Sorbate component(s) are captured using a sorbent. The loaded sorbent (200, 206, 228) is regenerated using solar thermal energy collected in a concentrated solar power system (10).... Agent:

20110077448 - Energy efficiency in adsorptive separation: The present process comprises a means for energy savings in a process pump by combining the pump with a power-recovery turbine. The invention is particularly useful in the separation of a desired product from a mixture of components using simulated-moving-bed adsorption associated with a large circulating stream with a power-recovery... Agent: Uop LLC

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110071327 - Process for co-producing jet fuel and lpg from renewable sources: The present invention generally relates to a method for producing an isoparaffinic product useful as jet fuel from a renewable feedstock. The method may also include co-producing a jet fuel and a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fraction from a renewable feedstock. The method includes hydrotreating the renewable feedstock to produce... Agent:

20110071328 - Selective hydrogenation of dienes in the manufacture of mlab: A process and catalyst are presented for the selective hydrogenation of branched diolefins and acetylenes to olefins. The process uses a catalyst having large pores, and a minimal amount of micropores. The catalyst is designed to have minimal diffusional resistance through the large pores, and to minimize the hydrogenation of... Agent: Uop LLC

20110071329 - Hydroalkylation of aromatic compounds using emm-12: This disclosure relates to a process for manufacturing a mono-cycloalkyl-substituted aromatic compound, said process comprising contacting a feedstock comprising an aromatic compound and hydrogen under hydroalkylation reaction conditions with a catalyst system comprising a molecular sieve and at least one metal with hydrogenation activity, wherein said molecular sieve has, in... Agent:

20110071330 - Offgas stream direct contact condenser: Methods and systems for the dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons include a direct contact condenser to remove compounds from an offgas process stream. The reduction of compounds can decrease duty on the offgas compressor by removing steam and aromatics from the offgas. The dehydrogenation reaction system can be applicable for reactions such... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20110071331 - Process for converting ethane into liquid alkane mixtures: The invention relates to a process for converting ethane into liquid mixture of (C4+) alkanes having 4 carbon atoms and more, preferably (C5+) alkanes having 5 carbon atoms and more. The process comprises a stage (1) comprising simultaneous ethane self- and cross-metathesis reactions carried out by contacting ethane with a... Agent:

20110071332 - Absorber demethanizer for fcc process: A process for recovering ethylene is disclosed, the process including: recovering a ethylene-containing stream comprising methane, ethylene, and nitrogen oxides from at least one of an ethylene production process and an ethylene recovery process; separating the ethylene-containing stream via extractive distillation using at least one C2+ hydrocarbon absorbent to produce... Agent: Lummus Technology Inc.

20110071333 - Process for neutralization of a cationic zeolite: The invention relates to a process for neutralization of a cationic zeolite that is at least partially exchanged with one or more monovalent and/or multivalent cations. The neutralization process comprises at least the stages for dissolution of a basic salt in an anhydrous organic solvent, degassing this solution by bubbling... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110065969 - Method and system for oxidatively increasing cetane number of hydrocarbon fuel: High energy (e.g., ultrasonic) mixing of a liquid hydrocarbon feedstock and reactants comprised of an oxidation source, catalyst and acid yields a diesel fuel product or additive having substantially increased cetane number. Ultrasonic mixing creates cavitation, which involves the formation and violent collapse of micron-sized bubbles, which greatly increases the... Agent: Cetamax Ventures Ltd.

20110065970 - Dimerization process: A process for the dimerization of isoolefins is disclosed. The process may include: contacting an isoolefin with sulfurous acid in a reaction zone at conditions of temperature and pressure sufficient to dimerize at least a portion of the isoolefin... Agent: Catalytic Distillation Technologies

20110065971 - Process for cooling the stream leaving an ethylbenzene dehydrogenation reactor: p

20110065972 - Alkylaromatic production process: The present disclosure provides a process for selectively producing a desired monoalkylated aromatic compound comprising the step of contacting in a reaction zone an alkylatable aromatic compound with an alkylating agent in the presence of catalyst comprising a porous crystalline material under at least partial liquid phase conditions, said catalyst... Agent:

20110065973 - Double transition joint for the joining of ceramics to metals: The invention is directed to effective means for joining materials having dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion, such as advanced ceramics with metallic compounds. Moreover, the present invention relates to furnace tubes and methods of fabricating a joint between two different materials, which is compositionally graded to provide a substantially graded... Agent: Stone & Webster Process Technology, Inc

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110060174 - catalyst, a process for selective hydrogenation of acetylene to ethylene and a method for the manufacture of the catalyst: Provided is a catalyst including a mixture of metal A selected from Fe, Co and Ni, and metal B selected from Zn and Ga, and a support material, where the two metals are present in an intermetallic composition; A method for the manufacture of the catalyst; and the use of... Agent: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet - Dtu

20110060175 - Method for manufacturing compounds having an adamantane structure: o

20110060176 - Method for the dehydroaromatisation of mixtures containing methane by regenerating the corresponding catalysts that are devoid of precious metal: The present invention relates to a process for nonoxidative dehydroaromatization of aliphatic hydrocarbons by converting a reactant stream comprising aliphatic hydrocarbons in the presence of a catalyst which comprises at least one metallosilicate as a support, at least one element selected from the group of Mo, W and Re as... Agent: Base Se

20110060177 - Aromatic hydrocarbon purification method: In a process for reducing the amount of benzene produced in a startup procedure for purification of an aromatic feedstream, the improvement comprising a start-up procedure including contacting said catalyst with said feedstream at elevated LHSV for a period of time sufficient to reduce benzene and/or toluene levels to a... Agent:

20110060178 - Slurry column gasoline alkylation using gas phase olefin injection: Alkylation systems and processes are provided herein that include a slurry reactor. The slurry reactor receives a reactor feed slurry including catalyst and liquid isobutane, a olefin feed, and a circulating reactor vapor stream, where the slurry reactor produces a reactor liquid effluent stream, the reactor liquid effluent stream including... Agent:

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110054227 - Process to protect hydrogenation and isomerization catalysts using a guard bed: Processes and an apparatus for hydrogenating highly unsaturated hydrocarbons contained in an effluent stream to an unsaturated hydrocarbons or isomerizing the highly unsaturated hydrocarbons to other highly unsaturated hydrocarbons are provided. The effluent stream is contacted with a guard bed to remove at least a portion of impurities contained within... Agent:

20110054228 - Blue electroluminescent compounds with high efficiency and display device using the same: The present invention relates to novel organic electroluminescent compounds and display devices comprising the same. The organic electroluminescent compounds according to the present invention exhibit high luminous efficiency and excellent life property, so that an OLED device having very good operation life can be prepared therefrom.... Agent:

20110054229 - Luminescent compounds and electroluminescent device using the same: The present invention relates to organic electroluminescent compounds and organic electroluminescent devices employing the same. More specifically, the invention relates to organic electroluminescent compounds containing an anthracenyl group or an aryl group having an anthracenyl substituent m the aryl ring of fluorene or indenofluorene, as a blue electroluminescent material in... Agent:

20110054230 - Reducing hydrogen consumption in hydrotreating of biocomponent feeds: Processes are provided for deoxygenation of a biocomponent feedstock with reduced hydrogen consumption. The biocomponent feedstock can be processed under relatively low hydrogen partial pressures and at a relatively low treat gas ratio compared to the hydrogen need of the feedstock. The relatively low pressure, relatively low treat gas ratio... Agent:

20110054231 - Process for the conversion of natural gas to acetylene and liquid fuels with externally derived hydrogen: A process for converting natural gas from which contaminants have been sufficiently removed to acetylene includes heating the purified gas through a selected range of temperature for adequate time or combustion of the purified gas at adequate temperature within a suitable environment during an adequate reaction time to convert a... Agent:

20110054232 - Production of aromatics from methane: A catalyst for the conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons including aromatic hydrocarbons comprises molybdenum or a compound thereof dispersed on an aluminosilicate zeolite, wherein the amount of aluminum present as aluminum molybdate in the catalyst is less than 2700 ppm by weight.... Agent:

20110054233 - Method for oligomerization of ethylene and reactor system therefor: The present invention relates to a method and a reactor system, for the oligomerization of ethylene, comprising oligomerizing ethylene in a reactor in the presence of a solvent and a catalyst composition to produce a liquid product stream comprising linear alpha-olefins, solvent and catalyst composition, and deactivating and extracting the... Agent:

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