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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/11

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01/27/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110021850 - Renewable base oil composition: The present invention relates to a base oil composition comprising at least one or more hydrogenated polymethylated triterpenes of the general formula CnH(2n+2).... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20110021851 - Process or system for desorbing an adsorbent bed: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for desorbing an adsorbent bed. The process can include passing a desorbent stream through the adsorbent bed to remove at least one of a nitrile compound and an oxygenate compound. Generally, the desorbent stream after desorbing is combined with a feed stream for... Agent: Honeywell/uop Patent Services

20110021852 - Catalyst systems and selective hydrogenation processes: In Formula (I), M is transition metals. R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5 are the same or different, including hydrogen, C1-8 alkyl, and C1-8 alkoxy, or two of R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5 are linked together to form a ring. X1, X2 and X3 are a cyclic group, hydrogen,... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20110021853 - Process for the conversion of ethane to aromatic hydrocarbons: A process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons which comprises (a) contacting ethane with a dehyroaromatization aromatic catalyst which is comprised of 0.005 to 0.1% wt platinum, an amount of iron which is equal to or greater than the amount of the platinum, from 10 to 99.9% wt of an aluminosilicate, and... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20110021854 - Method of converting ethylbenzene and process for producing p-xylene: A process converts ethylbenzene in a C8 aromatic hydrocarbon mixture containing a large amount of non-aromatic hydrocarbons, mainly to benzene, by which the xylene loss is small, the deactivation rate of the catalyst can be reduced, and a high conversion rate to p-xylene can be attained. The process for converting... Agent: Ip Group Of Dla Piper LLP (us)

20110021856 - Method of preparing a molecular sieve composition: (c) crystallizing said pre-formed extrudate under vapor phase conditions in a reactor to form said crystalline molecular sieve whereby excess alkali metal hydroxide is removed from the pre-formed extrudate during crystallization. The crystalline molecular sieve product is useful as catalyst in hydrocarbon conversion processes.... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Company Law Technology

20110021855 - Process for manufacturing mcm-22 family molecular sieves: wherein Y is a tetravalent element, X is a trivalent element, M is an alkali metal; (b) treating said mixture at crystallization conditions for less than 72 hr to form a treated mixture having said molecular sieve, wherein said crystallization conditions comprise a temperature in the range of from about... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Company Law Technology

20110021857 - Method and apparatus for regenerating catalyst during oxygenates to olefins reaction: Disclosed herein is a method of recovery of the activity of a molecular sieve catalyst following use of the catalyst in an OTO conversion process. This is achieved by a regeneration apparatus and a method of regenerating a molecular sieve catalyst, comprising two stages. In a pretreatment stage, the catalyst... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Company

20110021858 - Catalyst for metathesis of ethylene and 2-butene and/or double bond isomerization: A process for the double-bond isomerization of olefins is disclosed. The process may include contacting a fluid stream comprising olefins with a fixed bed comprising an activated basic metal oxide isomerization catalyst to convert at least a portion of the olefin to its isomer. The isomerization catalysts disclosed herein may... Agent: Osha Liang LLP / Lummus

01/20/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110015454 - Hydroprocessing of biocomponent feedstocks with fcc off-gas: A biocomponent feedstock can be hydroprocessed using an FCC off-gas as a hydrogen source. A relatively low cost catalyst, such as a water gas shift catalyst and/or spent hydrotreating catalyst, can be used as a hydrogenation catalyst for the process. The hydroprocessing can allow for olefin saturation and/or deoxygenation of... Agent: Exxonmobil Research & Engineering Company

20110015455 - Process for producing mixed gas hydrate: The composition of raw mixed gas and the gas composition of produced mixed gas hydrate are uniformed as rapidly as possible. The process for producing a mixed gas hydrate comprises the gas hydrate forming step of reacting a mixed gas (g) with water (w) to thereby obtain a gas hydrate... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20110015456 - Gas treatment apparatus-water flooded screw compressor: A gas treatment system for hydrocarbon upgradation comprising a water flooded screw type compressor to receive and discharge water and gas to be treated, a scrubber to receive a gas discharged from the compressors and scrubbing water, a stripper/flasher to receive water and gas discharged from the scrubber and recycle... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20110015457 - Process for producing cyclohexylbenzene: In a process for producing cyclohexylbenzene, benzene and hydrogen are contacted under hydroalkylation conditions with a catalyst system comprising a MCM-22 family molecular sieve and at least one hydrogenation metal. The conditions comprise a temperature of about 140° C. to about 175° C., a pressure of about 135 psig to... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Company

20110015458 - Conversion of hydrogen bromide to elemental bromine: A method is provided for converting hydrogen bromide to elemental bromine. A portion of an initial hydrogen bromide-rich gas is thermally oxidized at a thermal oxidation temperature to produce a first fraction of elemental bromine and a remainder of the initial hydrogen bromide-rich gas. At least a portion of the... Agent: Marathon Oil Company C/o Law Office Of Jack E. Ebel

20110015459 - Process for the preparation of light fuels: In the process of the invention, an aliphatic C2-C14 hydrocarbon product is prepared from natural fats or derivatives thereof. The process comprises the steps of: (i) providing a natural fat or derivative thereof, (ii) deoxygenating a natural fat or derivative thereof originating from step (i) to yield an aliphatic C9-C28... Agent: Andrus, Sceales, Starke & Sawall, LLP

20110015460 - Processes and systems for recovery of styrene from a styrene-containing feedstock: In various embodiments, the present disclosure describes processes and systems for recovery of styrene from a styrene-rich feedstock. The processes and systems maintain performance of an extractive solvent used in the styrene recovery. In general, the processes include introducing a styrene-rich feedstock to an extractive distillation column, removing a styrene-rich... Agent: Winstead PC

20110015461 - Ionic liquids for separation of olefin-paraffin mixtures: wherein m and n are independently 0 or an integer of 1 or above, and p is 0 or 1, provided that when p is 0, the group —N—SO2—(CF2)nCF3 subtended by p is replaced with an oxide atom connected to the shown sulfur atom. The invention is also directed to... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser PC

20110015462 - Methods for inhibiting polymerization of vinyl aromatic compounds during extractive distillation: High temperatures and oxygen exposure during extractive distillation can result in polymerization of vinyl aromatic compounds. In various embodiments, the present disclosure relates to methods for inhibiting polymerization of vinyl aromatic compounds during extractive distillation. In various embodiments, the methods include a) providing a mixture containing at least one vinyl... Agent: Stanley R. Moore Winstead PC

01/13/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110009679 - Tunable ferroelectric supported catalysts and method and uses thereof: Disclosed are tunable catalysts and methods of controlling the activity of a catalyst. For example, disclosed are methods of controlling the activity of a catalyst, comprising providing a catalyst, comprising a ferroelectric substrate of finite thickness comprising two opposing surfaces, the ferroelectric substrate being characterized as having a polarization; an... Agent: Woodcock Washburn LLP

20110009680 - Molecular sieve composition and method of making and using the same: s

20110009681 - Methane conversion to higher hydrocarbons: The present invention provides a process for the manufacture of acetylene and other higher hydrocarbons from methane feed using a reverse-flow reactor system, wherein the reactor system includes (i) a first reactor and (ii) a second reactor, the first and second reactors oriented in a series relationship with respect to... Agent: Exxonmobile Chemical Company Law Technology

20110009682 - Method of producing para-substituted aromatic hydrocarbon: This invention relates to a method of efficiently producing a high-purity para-substituted aromatic hydrocarbon while suppressing caulking without requiring isomerization-adsorption separation steps, and more particularly to a method of producing a para-substituted aromatic hydrocarbon, characterized in that a methylating agent and an aromatic hydrocarbon are reacted in the presence of... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20110009683 - Synthesis of substituted fluorene ligands: The present invention describes a cost-efficient method for preparing di-substituted fluorenes in high yield.... Agent: Fina Technology Inc

20110009684 - Multi-stage membrane separation process: The invention concerns a process for the removal of gaseous acidic contaminants, especially carbon dioxide and/or hydrogen sulphide, in two or more stages from a gaseous hydrocarbonaceous feedstream (1) comprising hydrocarbons and said acidic contaminants, using one or more membranes in each separation stages. The gaseous hydrocarbonaceous feedstream is especially... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20110009685 - Mfi molecular sieve composition and the method of making the same: The disclosure relates to a substantially uniform molecular sieve having MFI topology and quasi parallelepiped morphology. This disclosure also relates to a method of making the crystalline molecular sieve of this disclosure.... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Company

01/06/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110004036 - Heterogeneous dimerization of alpha-olefins with activated metallocene complexes: Methods for dimerizing alpha-olefins utilizing immobilized buffered catalysts wherein the catalytic component is of the form (ligand)2-M-X2 where X is a halogen, M is selected from the group of Ti, Zr, and Hf and ligand is selected from the group consisting of cyclopentadienyl, substituted cyclopentadienyl, indenyl, and substituted indenyl, wherein... Agent: Cp / Baker & Mckenzie LLP

20110004037 - Use of mixed activity dehydrogenation catalyst following oxidative reheat: Methods are disclosed for the dehydrogenation of feed streams, such as in the manufacture of styrene from ethylbenzene, using a catalyst bed having catalyst with differing activities. In particular, the use of upstream and downstream catalyst beds of relatively low and high activities, respectively, can reduce the production of unwanted... Agent: Honeywell/uop Patent Services

20110004038 - Process to make base oil from thermally cracked waxy feed using ionic liquid catalyst: We provide a process for making a base oil, comprising: a) selecting an olefin feed produced by thermal cracking of a waxy feed; b) oligomerizing the olefin feed in an ionic liquid oligomerization zone at a set of oligomerization conditions to form an oligomer; and c) alkylating the oligomer in... Agent: Chevron Corporation

20110004040 - Organometallic complexes as catalyst precursors for selective olefin dimerization and processes therefor:

20110004039 - Selective olefin dimerization with supported metal complexes activated by alkylaluminum compounds or ionic liquids: where X is a halogen, n=2 or 3, M=Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co and Ni and R1, R2, R3 and R4 are selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, alkyl, aryl, alkenyl, alkinyl, alkyloxy, substituted aryl, and X are provided. A method for dimerizing alpha-olefins utilizing the immobilized buffered... Agent: Cp / Baker & Mckenzie LLP

20110004041 - Method of producing 1,3-butadiene from n-butene using continuous-flow dual-bed reactor: A method of producing 1,3-butadiene by the oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butene using a continuous-flow dual-bed reactor designed such that two kinds of catalysts charged in a fixed-bed reactor are not physically mixed. More particularly, a method of producing 1,3-butadiene by the oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butene using a C4 mixture including... Agent: Ip Group Of Dla Piper LLP (us)

20110004042 - Crystalline composition, preparation and use: A porous crystalline composition having a molar composition as follows: YO2:mX2O3:nZO, wherein Y is a tetravalent element selected from the group consisting of silicon, germanium, tin, titanium and combinations thereof, X is a trivalent element selected from the group consisting of aluminum, gallium, boron, iron and combinations thereof, Z is... Agent: Bachman & Lapointe, P.C.

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