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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/10

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02/25/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100048963 - Method and system for jointly producing and processing hydrocarbons from natural gas hydrate and conventional hydrocarbon reservoirs: A method, system, and method for developing the system, for producing hydrocarbons from a plurality of hydrocarbon containing reservoirs is described. The system includes at least one conventional hydrocarbon reservoir and at least one natural gas hydrate reservoir. The system also includes a production facility, including water separation apparatus, which... Agent: Chevron Corporation

20100048964 - Compositions and methods for producing isoprene free of c5 hydrocarbons under decoupling conditions and/or safe operating ranges: The invention features methods for producing isoprene from cultured cells wherein the cells in the stationary phase. The invention also provides compositions that include these cultured cells and/or increased amount of isoprene. The invention also provides for systems that include a non-flammable concentration of isoprene in the gas phase. Additionally,... Agent: Morrison & Foerster LLP

20100048965 - Integrated oxygenate conversion and product cracking: Improved processing of an oxygenate-containing feedstock for increased production or yield of light olefins. Such processing involves oxygenate conversion to olefins and subsequent cracking of heavier olefins wherein at least a portion of the products from each of the reactors is elevated in pressure, using a common compressor, prior to... Agent: Honeywell/uop Patent Services

20100048966 - Alkylation slurry reactor: A process for alkylation of benzene, including: feeding benzene, a polyalkylate, and a catalyst to a reactor comprising a first and a second reaction zone; reacting the benzene and the polyalkylate in the first reaction zone under transalkylation conditions to form a monoalkylate product; feeding a C2-C4 olefin to the... Agent: Osha Liang LLP / Cdtech

20100048968 - Process for the conversion of lower alkanes to aromatic hydrocarbons and ethylene: The present invention provides an integrated process for producing ethylene and aromatic hydrocarbons, specifically benzene, which comprises: (a) contacting a mixed lower alkane feed with an aromatic hydrocarbon conversion catalyst to produce a product mixture which is comprised of aromatic reaction products including benzene, unreacted ethane and non-aromatic products, (b)... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20100048967 - Process for the conversion of lower alkanes to ethylene and aromatic hydrocarbons: The present invention provides an integrated process for producing ethylene and aromatic hydrocarbons, specifically benzene, which comprises: (a) introducing a mixed lower alkane feed into a cracker to produce a product mixture which is comprised of ethylene and C3+ products and possibly unreacted ethane, (b) separating and recovering ethylene, (c)... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20100048969 - Process for the conversion of lower alkanes to aromatic hydrocarbons: A process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons which comprises (a) contacting one or more lower alkanes with a dehydroaromatization aromatic catalyst which is comprised of 0.005 to 0.1% wt platinum, not more than 0.2% wt of an amount of an attenuating metal wherein the amount of platinum is not more than... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20100048970 - Reformate benzene reduction via alkylation: A process for reformate benzene reduction, the process including: feeding a light reformate fraction, an olefin feed, and an alkylation catalyst to an alkylation reaction zone; contacting the light reformate fraction and the olefin feed in the presence of the alkylation catalyst in the alkylation reaction zone to convert at... Agent: Osha Liang LLP / Cdtech

20100048971 - Separation of olefins from olefins/paraffins mixed gas: The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for the separation of C4 olefins (butene-1, trans-2-butene, cis-2-butene, etc.) and C4 paraffins (normal butane, isobutane, etc.) from a C4 hydrocarbon mixed gas including butene-1, trans-2-butene, cis-2-butene, normal butane, isobutane, etc. The method of the present invention produces C4 olefins... Agent: Lrk Patent Firm

20100048972 - Process for purification of ethylene-containing feedstreams: A method for purification of ethylene-containing feedstreams from steam crackers or fluid catalytic crackers (FCC), wherein the feedstreams further comprises hydrogen, carbon monoxide, acetylenes, oxygen, nitric oxides, is disclosed. The method comprises contacting an ethylene-comprising gas stream with a Ru-based catalyst at reaction temperatures of at least 120°C. The process... Agent: Sud-chemie Inc.

20100048973 - Process and device for separation in a simulated moving bed with a bypass fluid flow rate that is not regulated automatically: whereby the device comprises external bypass lines Li/i+1 directly joining two successive plates Pi, Pi+, that are equipped with non-automated means for adjusting flow rate and closing means, in which the degree of opening of the restriction means of the scavenging flow rate of the bypass lines Li/i+1 is adjusted... Agent: Millen, White, Zelano & Branigan, P.C.

02/18/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100041929 - Selective hydrogenation processes using functional surface catalyst composition: Selective hydrogenation processes using a catalyst composition which, preferably comprises a glass substrate, with one or more functional surface active constituents integrated on and/or in the substrate surface. A substantially nonporous substrate has (i) a total surface area between about 0.01 m2/g and 10 m2/g; and (ii) a predetermined isoelectric... Agent: Honeywell/uop Patent Services

20100041930 - Integrated propylene production: A process for the production of propylene, the process including: fractionating a hydrocarbon stream comprising n-butenes, isobutylene, and paraffins into at least two fractions including a light C4 fraction comprising isobutylene and a heavy C4 fraction comprising n-butenes and paraffins; contacting at least a portion of the heavy C4 fraction... Agent: Osha Liang LLP / Lummus

20100041931 - Method for production of styrene from toluene syngas: A method for the production of styrene comprising reacting toluene and syngas in one or more reactors is disclosed.... Agent: Fina Technology Inc

20100041932 - Process for converting an oxygenated feed to high octane gasoline: A process of modifying a zeolite catalyst to produce a modified zeolite catalyst wherein the modified zeolite catalyst has blocked pore sites. An oxygenated feed is flowed over the modified zeolite catalyst, wherein the oxygenated feed comprises hydrocarbons, methanol and dimethyl ether or a mixture thereof. The hydrocarbons, methanol and... Agent: Conocophillips Company -IPServices Group Attention: Docketing

20100041933 - Catalyst and process for hydrocarbon conversions: A nickel-mordenite catalyst promoted with Rhodium that is useful in the conversion of hydrocarbons is disclosed. The catalyst and methods for its use can provide hydrocarbon conversion with an extended catalyst life as compared to nickel-mordenite catalyst not promoted with Rhodium.... Agent: Fina Technology Inc

20100041934 - Toluene disproportionation using nb/mordenite catalyst: A molecular sieve catalyst useful in the conversion of hydrocarbons containing niobium is disclosed, along with a process for the disproportionation of toluene to benzene and xylene using such catalyst.... Agent: Fina Technology Inc

20100041935 - Use of a catalyst based on itq-6 zeolite to isomerize an aromatic c8 cut: m

20100041936 - Melt-crystallization separation and purification process: Processes for separating a solid from a solids-liquids slurry under conditions that prevent ingress of molecular oxygen are advantageous where the presence of molecular oxygen would otherwise reduce efficiencies, contribute to limited product yields, and potentially compromise safe operation of the process or downstream unit operations. Among the various embodiments... Agent: Carol Wilson Bp America Inc.

02/11/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100036181 - Conversion of biomass feedstocks into hydrocarbon liquid transportation fuels: Methods for converting a carbon-containing feedstock into a fluid transportation fuel are described. The methods may include converting the carbon-containing feedstock into a producer gas comprising H2, CO, CO2, and N2, and reacting the producer gas with a substrate catalyst to produce a combination of Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) products, the F-T... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20100036182 - Process of direct conversion of a charge comprising olefins with four and/or five carbon atoms, for the production of propylene with co-production of gasoline: t

20100036183 - Process for hydrogenation of carboxylic acids and derivatives to hydrocarbons: A process for hydrogenating a carboxylic acid or derivative thereof comprising feeding a carboxylic acid or derivative thereof and hydrogen to a reactor, maintaining conditions therein such that hydrogen reacts with the carboxylic acid and/or derivative thereof to a product stream comprising one or more hydrocarbons and one or more... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100036184 - catalyst composition and its use thereof in aromatics alkylation: This disclosure relates to a catalyst composition comprising (a) a crystalline MCM-49 molecular sieve; and (b) a binder comprising at least 1 wt. % of a titanium compound. In one aspect of this disclosure, the titanium compound comprises at least one of titanium oxide, titanium hydroxide, titanium sulfate, titanium phosphate,... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Company

20100036185 - Production method of ethylene low polymer: i

20100036186 - Process for the synthesis of hydrocarbon constituents of gasoline: Process for the synthesis of hydrocarbon constituents of gasoline comprising catalytic conversion in a gasoline synthesis step of an oxygenate-containing feed comprising methanol and/or dimethyl ether and a mixture of at least on a total oxygenate basis 0.05 wt % C3+ higher alcohols and/or their oxygenate equivalents to hydrocarbon constituents... Agent: Dickstein Shapiro LLP

20100036187 - Method and plant for treating crude gas, in particular biogas, containing methane and carbon dioxide in order to produce methane: A method for treating crude gas, in particular biogas, containing methane and carbon dioxide, in order to produce methane, and a plant suitable for carrying out the method. The method is characterized by improved profitability, produces high-purity methane of over 99.5% by volume, and at the same time distinctly lowers... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

02/04/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100029998 - Synthesis of a crystalline silicoaluminophosphate: The present invention is a method for synthesizing non-zeolitic molecular sieves which have a three dimensional microporous framework comprising [AlO2] and [PO2] units. In preparing the reaction mixture, a surfactant is used, coupled with non-aqueous impregnation to prevent acid sites from being destroyed by water during Pt impregnation. The superior... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc. Law - Intellectual Property Group

20100029999 - Zeolite-binder catalyst composition: Catalyst composition comprising a zeolite and a binder, wherein the zeolite is a Ga containing zeolite and the binder is a La modified kaolin and process for converting lower alkanes to aromatic hydrocarbons, using said catalyst composition. Preferably the aromatic hydrocarbons consist of at least 45 wt % of benzene,... Agent: Sabic Americas, Inc.

20100030000 - Production method of alpha-olefin low polymer and storage method of pyrrole compound: The object of the present invention is to provide production method of an α-olefin low polymer using a chromium series catalyst comprising a pyrrole compound as a component. The present invention relates to that in producing an α-olefin low polymer such as 1-hexene using an α-olefin such as ethylene as... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100030002 - Ethylene production from acetic acid utilizing dual reaction zone process: A process for selective formation of ethylene from acetic acid includes contacting a feed stream containing acetic acid and hydrogen at an elevated temperature with a first catalytic composition including a suitable hydrogenating catalyst in a first reaction zone to form an intermediate mixture including ethanol and ethyl acetate; and... Agent: Ferrells, PLLC

20100030001 - Process for catalytically producing ethylene directly from acetic acid in a single reaction zone: A process for the selective production of ethylene by vapor phase reaction of acetic acid over a hydrogenating catalyst composition to form ethylene in a single reaction zone is disclosed and claimed. In an embodiment of this invention reaction of acetic acid and hydrogen over either a copper supported on... Agent: Ferrells, PLLC

20100030003 - Process for manufacturing neohexene: The present invention relates to a process for manufacturing neohexene, comprising contacting isobutene with a supported catalyst comprising a tungsten compound chosen from tungsten hydrides, organometallic tungsten compounds and organometallic tungsten hydrides, and a support comprising an oxide of aluminium, so as to form a reaction mixture comprising neohexene, and... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100030004 - Hybrid autothermal catalytic process for converting alkanes to alkenes and catalysts useful for same: The present invention relates to a thermally integrated multi-zone process for conversion of alkanes to their corresponding alkenes, involving endothermically converting an alkane to its corresponding alkene by soft oxidant conversion in an endothermic reaction zone, in the presence of a weak oxidant, a suitable catalyst, and heat, to produce... Agent: Rohm And Haas Company Patent Department

20100030005 - Processes for producing higher hydrocarbons from methane and bromine: Processes for producing C2+ hydrocarbons are provided. Such processes use Br2, HBr, and/or heat that are produced by such processes, thus providing commercially efficient processes. The process can comprise (a) producing HBr and methyl bromide using a bromine source and a gas stream comprising methane; (b) heating the methyl bromide... Agent: Albemarle Corporation Patent Department

20100030006 - Membrane-mediated extraction of olefins: The present disclosure provides processes for the recovery of olefins from a mixture. Such processes include: (1) passing the mixture to a first surface of a porous membrane, wherein the porous membrane is in a first contactor; (2) passing a complexing composition to a second surface of the porous membrane... Agent: Winstead PC

20100030007 - Method for the removal of acetylenes from olefins using ionic liquid-based solution: The present invention relates to a process for removing acetylenes from olefins by using an ionic liquid-based solution, and particularly to a process for removing a small amount of acetylenes contained in olefins by using an ionic liquid-based solution where copper halide (CuX, X=halogen atom) is dissolved. In an ionic... Agent: Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP

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