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Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds June invention type 06/09

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06/25/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090163747 - Process for upgrading kerosene to gasoline by ring contraction - ring opening - dehydrogenation: A process is disclosed for converting distillate to gasoline-range hydrocarbons using a two-stage catalyst system including a first catalyst containing a Group VIII metal and a zeolite, and a second catalyst containing a Group VIII metal, tin and an inorganic oxide support.... Agent: Conocophillips Company -IPServices Group Attention: Docketing

20090163748 - Tube bundle reactor: In a tube bundle reactor for carrying out endothermic or exothermic gas phase reactions, comprising a tube bundle of reactor tubes filled with catalyst, having their ends fastened tightly in tube sheets (3, 4), a fluid heat carrier (10) flowing around the tubes during operation, a shell (5) enclosing the... Agent: Thomas, Raring, & Teague, P.C.

20090163749 - Conversion of methane into c3˜c13 hydrocarbons: A process for converting methane into C3˜C13 hydrocarbons is provided including the steps of reacting methane with oxygen and HBr/H2O over a first catalyst in a first reactor to methane bromides and converting the methane bromides into C3˜C13 hydrocarbons and HBr over a second catalyst in a second reactor. The... Agent: Baker & Mckenzie LLP

20090163750 - Reduction of organic halide contamination in hydrocarbon products: A method for reducing halide concentration in a hydrocarbon product made by a hydrocarbon conversion process using an ionic liquid catalyst comprising a halogen-containing an acidic ionic liquid comprising: (i) separating at least a portion of the hydrocarbon product from the ionic liquid catalyst used in the hydrocarbon conversion process... Agent: Chevron Corporation

20090163751 - Methods of converting methanol feedstock to olefins: A method of converting methanol feedstock to olefins is provided and includes contacting the methanol feedstock in a first conversion zone with a catalyst at reaction conditions effective to produce a first reaction zone effluent comprising DME, unreacted methanol and water; cooling the first reaction zone effluent to separate DME... Agent: Honeywell International Inc Patent Services

20090163752 - Methods of isomerizing xylenes with a catalyst reduced in the presence of hydrogen and a base: A xylene isomerization process includes introducing gas comprising hydrogen and a base to a reaction zone in which a catalyst comprising a Group VIII metal and a zeolite support resides. In one embodiment, the base may be formed in situ within the reaction zone from nitrogen and hydrogen that are... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

20090163753 - Hydrocarbon conversion process using emm-10 family molecular sieve: This disclosure relates to a process for hydrocarbon conversion comprising contacting, under conversion conditions, a feedstock suitable for hydrocarbon conversion with a catalyst comprising an EMM-10 family molecular sieve.... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Company

20090163754 - Method of making a synthetic alkylaryl compound: A process for alkylating an aromatic compound comprising reacting at least one aromatic compound with a mixture of olefins having from about 8 to about 100 carbon atoms, in the presence of a strong acid catalyst wherein the resulting product comprises at least about 60 weight percent of a 1,... Agent: Chevron Corporation

20090163755 - Processes for dimerizing or isomerizing olefins: A process for dimerizing alpha olefins comprising contacting (i) an alpha olefin having at least 3 carbon atoms, (ii) a hexadentate bimetallic catalyst, and (iii) a cocatalyst, and dimerizing the alpha olefin in a reaction zone at conditions effective to dimerize an alpha olefin to form a reaction zone effluent... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

20090163756 - Reactor cooler: A reactor for converting a feedstream having one or more oxygenated compounds to a product containing olefins is provided. The reactor comprises a fluidized reaction zone defined by a reactor wall and a feedstream inlet located adjacent the reaction zone. The feedstream inlet is operative to feed the reaction zone... Agent: Honeywell International Inc Patent Services

20090163757 - Linear olefin isomer isomerization using molecular sieve catalysts: The present disclosure describes methods for isomerizing olefins which produce isomerized products having low levels of skeletal isomerization. The methods use a combination of molecular sieve catalyst and isomerization reaction temperature, and weight hourly space velocity to achieve the low levels of skeletal isomerization.... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

20090163758 - Sulfuric acid alkylation process: A process for the sulfuric acid catalyzed alkylation of C3-C5 olefins with isobutane is disclosed wherein the requisite mixing is accomplished by the use of eductors within the reactor. In addition the alkylate product is subjected to primary and secondary coalescers for removal of entrained sulfuric acid. The vaporized unreacted... Agent: Richard L. Moseley

20090163759 - Reduction of organic halide contamination in hydrocarbon products: A method for reducing halide concentration in a hydrocarbon product having an organic halide content from 50 to 4000 ppm which is made by a hydrocarbon conversion process using an ionic liquid catalyst comprising a halogen-containing acidic ionic liquid comprising contacting at least a portion of the hydrocarbon product with... Agent: Chevron Corporation

06/18/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090156870 - Process for the conversion of ethane to mixed lower alkanes to aromatic hydrocarbons: A process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons which comprises a) contacting ethane or mixed lower alkanes with an aromatic hydrocarbon conversion catalyst to produce reaction products including benzene, b) separating methane, hydrogen, and C2-5 hydrocarbons from the reaction products of step a), and c) hydrodealkylating the remaining reaction products to produce... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20090156871 - Catalyst having an improved crush strength and methods of making and using same: A method of preparing a catalyst comprising selecting a zeolite having a mean particle size of equal to or less than about 6 microns, blending the zeolite with a binder and water to form a paste, shaping the paste into a bound zeolite support, adding a metal to the bound... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

20090156872 - Method for photocatalytic isomerization of 1,2-diphenylethylene analogues: The present invention relates to methods for accelerating the trans-cis isomerization of 1,2-diphenylethylene analogues by using photocatalyst. According to this invention, in the presence of polypyridyl platinum(II) complex with catalytic dosage, a solution containing trans-1,2-diphenylethylene analogues or mixture of cis- and trans-1,2-diphenylethylene analogues is irradiated by visible light to prepare... Agent: Volpe And Koenig, P.C.

20090156873 - Method for extending catalyst life in processes for preparing vinyl aromatic hydrocarbons: Methods and systems for extending the life of a dehydrogenation catalyst are described herein. For example, one embodiment includes providing an alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon feed stream to a reaction chamber, contacting the feed stream with a dehydrogenation catalyst to form a vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon, the dehydrogenation catalyst including iron oxide... Agent: Fina Technology Inc

20090156874 - Process for synthetic lubricant production: A process for the preparation of oligomeric poly alpha-olefins comprises oligomerizing low molecular weight PAO in the presence of an ionic liquid catalyst under oligomerization conditions. The low molecular weight PAOs used as a feed or feed component of the present process are the light olefinic by-product fraction including the... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20090156875 - Methane separation method, methane separation apparatus, and methane utilization system: A methane separation method of the present invention at least includes: mixing the biogas and an absorbing liquid that absorbs carbon dioxide in a mixer so as to form a mixed fluid of a gas-liquid mixed phase; introducing the mixed fluid into a first gas/liquid separator so as to separate... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090156876 - Apparatus and process for cracking hydrocarbonaceous feed treated to adsorb paraffin-insoluble compounds: An apparatus and process are provided for thermally cracking hydrocarbon feeds containing paraffin insoluble compounds by selectively adsorbing paraffin-insoluble compounds with solid particulate adsorbents, prior to cracking. An aromatics-containing stream such as one derived from cracked product is used to desorb the paraffin insoluble compounds from the adsorber stage.... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Company

20090156877 - System and method of separating hydrocarbons: A system for separating hydrocarbons from a solid source, the system including a mixer configured to produce a slurry including the solid source and a liquid, and a first separator in fluid communication with the mixer, the first separator configured to separate hydrocarbons from the slurry. Additionally, a second separator... Agent: Osha Liang/mi

06/11/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090149682 - Process for inhibiting polymerization of an aromatic vinyl compound: P

20090149683 - Methods for using material from biodiesel production in hydrocarbon production and refining: An oil or gas treating fluid is provided by processing the waste stream from biodiesel production. The waste stream may be used to treat for hydrate formation in hydrocarbon gas streams, to prevent or break oil and water emulsions formed in hydrocarbon streams, to prevent or remove scales in hydrocarbon... Agent: Burleson Cooke L.L.P.

20090149684 - Oligomerization of hydrocarbons: Methods of oligomerizing hydrocarbons are disclosed. These methods include contacting olefins with an oligomerization catalyst in an oligomerization zone under oligomerization reaction conditions.... Agent: Conocophillips Company -IPServices Group Attention: Docketing

20090149685 - Treatment of alkylation catalyst poisons with dehydrogenation: Methods and processes for reducing alkylation catalyst poisoning are described herein. Such methods generally include providing a dehydrogenation system including a dehydrogenation reactor and a separation system, wherein the separation system includes a first column and a second column, introducing an alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon into the dehydrogenation reactor, contacting the... Agent: David J. Alexander

20090149686 - Process for separation of c8 aromatic compounds with limited recycling: A recycling of raffinate to the SMB separation stage after isomerization, in which R is separated in membrane separation means to obtain a first fraction F1 that is relatively high in ethylbenzene, which is purged, and an additional fraction F2 that is relatively low in ethylbenzene, which is recycled to... Agent: Millen, White, Zelano & Branigan, P.C.

20090149687 - Propylene recovery during regeneration of an oxygenate removal unit: Processes and systems are disclosed that relate to the removal of impurities and separation the light olefins from an MTO product vapor stream. Specifically, the processes and systems relate to recovery of light olefins during regeneration of an adsorber in an oxygenate removal unit. Processes and systems for recovering light... Agent: Honeywell International Inc Patent Services

20090149688 - Purging of regenerated adsorbent from an oxygenate removal unit: The processes and systems disclosed herein relate to the removal of contaminants from the effluent of an oxygenate removal unit (ORU). More particularly, the processes and systems disclosed herein relate to the removal of contaminants resulting from the regeneration of adsorbers in an ORU. Processes and systems are provided for... Agent: Honeywell International Inc Patent Services

06/04/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090143629 - Cracking c5+ paraffins to increase light olefin production: A process for increasing the light olefin production from light paraffins is presented. The process includes separating paraffins from olefin streams and separately processing the paraffins.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc Patent Services

20090143630 - Diisobutene process: A process comprising reacting a feed comprising isobutene and a modifier in the presence of an acidic solid catalyst to produce diisobutene is disclosed. The amount of the modifier in the feed is reduced as the catalyst ages. Lower reaction temperature is maintained throughout the catalyst life, which is less... Agent: Lyondellbasell Industries

20090143631 - Process for the production of olefins by autothermal cracking: The present invention provides a process for the production of olefins by autothermal cracking of a paraffinic hydrocarbon-containing feedstock in the presence of a molecular oxygen-containing gas, wherein said process comprises (a) providing a pre-heated, mixed feedstream comprising said paraffinic hydrocarbon containing feedstock and said molecular oxygen-containing gas, (b) subsequently... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090143632 - Sorbents and processes for separation of olefins from paraffins: In one embodiment, the present invention relates generally to a method for separating olefins from paraffins. In one embodiment, the method includes providing a mixture comprising olefins and paraffins, providing a gas separation agent to associatively, reversibly and selectively bind the olefin and dissociating the olefin from the gas separation... Agent: Wall & Tong, LLP Sri International

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