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Chemistry: natural resins or derivatives; peptides or proteins; lignins or reaction products thereof

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09/25/2014 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140288266 - Synthesis of cyclosporin analogs: The invention is directed to isomeric mixtures of cyclosporine analogues that are structurally similar to cyclosporine A. The mixtures possess enhanced efficacy and reduced toxicity over the individual isomers and over naturally occurring and other presently known cyclosporines and cyclosporine derivatives. Embodiments of the present invention are directed toward cis... Agent: Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140288267 - Compositions and methods for modulating rsv infection and immunity: Compositions and methods are provided for the treatment or prevention of RSV disease by modulating RSV infection and immunity. In particular, amino acid sequences in the RSV G glycoprotein, containing the chemokine motif defined as C-X-X-X-C (or CX3C), are identified that are essential in causing RSV infection and disease. The... Agent: The U.s.a., As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Service

20140288268 - Method of producing peptide: The present invention is related to a method of producing a peptide, characterized in contacting a reaction mixture with a base after a condensation reaction to hydrolyze while a basic condition is maintained until a ratio of a remaining unreacted active ester of an acid component is decreased to 1%... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20140288269 - Process for the preparation of random polypeptides and employing circular dichroism as a guidance tool for the manufacture of glatiramer acetate: The present invention discloses novel process for the preparation of mixture of polypeptides comprising L-Glutamaic acid, L-Alanine, L-Tyrosine, and L-Lysine. by employing circular dichroism as a guidance tool.... Agent:

20140288270 - Isolated chromoprotein of stichodactyla haddoni: The present application provides a chromoprotein (shCP), comprising amino acid sequences with greater than 96% consistency of SEQ ID NO: 1. The chromoprotein is derived from Stichodactyla haddoni and has an absorption spectrum of 350˜650 nm. The present application also provides a nucleic acid sequence, comprising a nucleic acid sequence... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140288271 - Method for producing a collagen membrane and uses thereof: The present invention relates to a method of producing a collagen membrane that has particular mechanical properties. In particular, the present invention relates to a method A of producing a collagen membrane comprising the steps of (i) isolating a collagen-containing tissue and incubating same in an ethanol solution; (ii) incubating... Agent: University Of Western Australia

20140288272 - Antibody purification and purity monitoring: Processes for producing and purifying recombinant proteins are disclosed. In particular, the present disclosure provides processes of producing and purifying multi-subunit proteins expressed in yeast or filamentous fungal cells. The production and/or purification of such proteins are monitored for impurities, preferably using lectin binding assays, such that one or more... Agent: Alderbio Holdings LLC

20140288274 - Human monoclonal antibody neutralizing vascular endothelial growth factor receptor and use thereof: The present invention relates to human monoclonal antibodies neutralizing vascular endothelial growth factor receptor and the use thereof. More specifically, relates to human ScFv molecules neutralizing vascular endothelial growth factor receptor, and a composition for inhibiting angiogenesis and a composition for treating cancer, which contain the human ScFv molecules. The... Agent:

20140288276 - Humanized anti-ccr2 antibodies and methods of use therefor: The present invention relates to a humanized antibody or functional fragment thereof which binds to a mammalian (e.g., human) CC-chemokine receptor 2 (CCR2) or a portion of the receptor and blocks binding of a ligand to the receptor. The invention further relates to a method of inhibiting the interaction of... Agent: Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140288273 - Macromolecular compositions that cross the blood-brain barrier and methods of use thereof: The invention provides diagnostic and therapeutic macromolecular compositions that cross the blood-brain barrier, in some embodiments in both directions, while allowing their activity to remain substantially intact once across the barrier. Also provided are methods for using such compositions in the diagnosis or treatment of CNS disorders such as Alzheimer's... Agent: Armagen Technologies, Inc.

20140288275 - Novel heterodimeric proteins: The invention provides novel heterodimeric proteins including heterodimeric antibodies.... Agent: Xencor, Inc.

20140288277 - Compositions and methods for comprising an rna-specific fab library: Methods and compositions are provided for studying and targeting RNA structures. In particular, antibodies and antibody fragments that contain an Fab were produced. Phage display libraries that were engineered to produce RNA-specific antibody and antibody fragments were made. Antibodies, or fragments thereof, that have at least one Fab that specifically... Agent:

20140288278 - Chromatography process for resolving heterogeneous antibody aggregates: Disclosed are methods and processes utilizing multi-modal chromatography as a polishing step to separate heterogeneously charged (basic and acidic) aggregates and other impurities from partially a partially purified bulk product monoclonal antibody product. The resulting chromatographic process provides a scaleable production process that is cost effective and increases the productivity... Agent:

20140288279 - M-dc8+ monocyte depleting agent for the prevention or the treatment of a condition associated with a chronic hyperactivation of the immune system: The invention relates to the prevention or the treatment of a condition associated with a chronic hyperactivation of the immune system, in particular to a M-DC8+ monocyte depleting agent for the prevention or treatment of chronic inflammatory or infectious diseases.... Agent:

20140288280 - Cysteine engineered antibodies and conjugates: Cysteine engineered antibodies comprising a free cysteine amino acid in the heavy chain or light chain are prepared by mutagenizing a nucleic acid sequence of a parent antibody and replacing one or more amino acid residues by cysteine to encode the cysteine engineered antibody; expressing the cysteine engineered antibody; and... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140288281 - Production of glycoproteins with low n-glycolylneuraminic acid (neu5gc) content: The present invention relates to a medium for the cultivation of eukaryotic cells, the medium comprising as (an) additive(s) DMSO, N-acetylmannosamine (NAcMan), N-acetylglucosamine (NAcGlc), or any combination of two or more of these additives, including the combination of NAcMan and NAcGlc.... Agent: Lek Pharmaceuticals D.d.

20140288282 - Processes for producing protein microparticles: Processes and apparatuses for producing biologically-active, protein-rich microparticles under ambient conditions are disclosed. A protein solution is atomized and collected in a dehydration solvent that is being mixed. The resulting protein microparticles retain high specific activity without the need for large amounts of stabilizing excipients.... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20140288283 - Truncated l1 protein of human papillomavirus type 6: The invention relates to a truncated L1 protein of the Human Papillomavirus Type 6, a virus-like particle consisting of the protein, a vaccine comprising said virus-like particle, and the use of the vaccine in the prevention of condyloma acuminatum or HPV infections.... Agent: Xiamen University

20140288284 - Method for lignin separation from black liquor comprising multiple acidification steps: The method is for separation of lignin from original black liquor (BLIN) having the following phases in sequence; a first precipitation phase (PR1) for precipitation of lignin by a first acidification of the original black liquor by adding a first acid or mixture of acids (G1a); followed by a second... Agent:

20140288285 - Process for obtaining low molecular lignin (lml): A process for obtaining resin or plastics using a lignocellulosic material by treating a lignocellulosic material with an aqueous extraction solution having a content of a C1-4-alcohol of from 70% v/v to 95% v/v at a pH-value of from 12 to 14, whereby a first aqueous solution of low-molecular lignin... Agent: Annikki Gmbh

09/18/2014 > 26 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140275476 - Crystalline insulin-conjugates: The present disclosure provides crystalline insulin-conjugates. The present disclosure also provides formulations, methods of treatment, methods of administering, and methods of making that encompass these crystalline insulin-conjugates.... Agent: Smartcells, Inc.

20140275477 - Modification and compositions of human secretoglobin proteins: Novel compositions of recombinant human CC10 protein have been generated by chemically modifying the pure protein in vitro. Several new synthetic preparations containing isoforms of chemically modified rhCC10 have been generated by processes that utilize reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species. These preparations contain novel isoforms of rhCC10 which... Agent: Clarassance, Inc.

20140275478 - Vaccines against chlamydia sp.: The present invention describes an efficient vaccine against a Chlamydia trachomatis (Ct). The vaccine is based on recombinant fusion molecules that are capable of generating a high titered neutralizing antibody response that is protective against various Ct serovars. Our invention furthermore describe the combination of these antibody promoting fragments with... Agent: Statens Serum Institut

20140275479 - Specific binding agents of human angiopoeitin-2: Disclosed are peptides that bind to Ang-2. Also disclosed are peptibodies comprising the peptides, methods of making such peptides and peptibodies, and methods of treatment using such peptides and peptibodies.... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20140275480 - Novel processes for producing sovaprevir: s

20140275481 - Solid phase peptide synthesis processes and associated systems: Systems and processes for performing solid phase peptide synthesis are generally described. Solid phase peptide synthesis is a known process in which amino acid residues are added to peptides that have been immobilized on a solid support. In certain embodiments, the inventive systems and methods can be used to perform... Agent:

20140275482 - Novel benzophenone-based chromophoric crosslinkers and reagents for incorporation of biotin or other haptens into macromolecules: Compounds for UV-Vis detectable incorporation of a crosslinker a hapten into a protein or macromolecules are disclosed. The compounds comprise bis heterofunctional crosslinkers or haptens containing a chromophoric group that is incorporated into the linker that is positioned between a reactive linking moiety and a biotin molecule. The incorporation of... Agent:

20140275483 - Algal oil compositions: Provided herein are exemplary total algal oil compositions comprising by total weight between approximately 0% and 99% EPA, and one or more of the following: between approximately 0% and 99% POA, less than approximately 20% saturated fats (including 0% saturated fats or substantially saturated fat free), between approximately 0% and... Agent: Aurora Algae, Inc.

20140275484 - Method for producing factor h from a plasma precipitation fraction: The present disclosure provides, among other aspects, improved methods for the manufacture of Factor H compositions from plasma precipitation fractions. In some aspects, the methods include an improved process step for extracting Factor H from a plasma precipitate fraction with reduced co-extraction of amidolytic activities. In other aspects, the methods... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20140275489 - Apelin fusion proteins and uses thereof: The invention provides a fusion protein or polypeptide comprising an apelin peptide fused to a multimerizing component. The invention also provides a fusion protein or polypeptide comprising an apelin peptide fused to an Fc domain, a fragment of an Fc domain, or a variant of an Fc domain. Apelin Fc-fusion... Agent: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140275487 - Binding domains directed against gpcr:g protein complexes and uses derived thereof: The present invention relates to the field of G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) structural biology and signaling. In particular, the present invention relates to binding domains directed against and/or specifically binding to GPCR:G protein complexes. Also provided are nucleic acid sequences encoding such binding domains and cells expressing or capable... Agent:

20140275486 - Human antibodies that bind human tnf-alpha and methods of preparing the same: Methylglyoxal (MGO)-modified recombinant TNF-alpha antibodies (e.g., Adalimumab) are identified. MGO modification decreases binding between Adalimumab and TNF-alpha. Methods are disclosed for reducing the presence of MOO-modified antibodies in the production of Adalimumab TNF-alpha antibodies.... Agent:

20140275488 - Human monoclonal antibody neutralizing vascular endothelial growth factor receptor and use thereof: The present invention relates to human monoclonal antibodies neutralizing vascular endothelial growth factor receptor and the use thereof. More specifically, relates to human ScFv molecules neutralizing vascular endothelial growth factor receptor, and a composition for inhibiting angiogenesis and a composition for treating cancer, which contain the human ScFv molecules. The... Agent: Pharmabcine Inc.

20140275485 - Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase a2 antibody compositions and methods of use: The invention provides isolated anti-Lp-PLA2 antibodies that bind to Lp-PLA2. The invention also encompasses compositions comprising an anti-Lp-PLA2 antibody. These compositions can be provided in an article of manufacture or a kit. Another aspect of the invention is an isolated nucleic acid encoding an anti-Lp-PLA2 antibody, as well as an... Agent: Diadexus, Inc.

20140275491 - Antibodies recognizing human timp1 protein: The present invention is directed to anti-human antibodies recognizing human TIMP1 and the method for making the same. Specifically, the anti-human antibodies are produced using chicken IgY antibodies. The antibodies described herein can be used for the detection and quantification of human TIMP1 protein in patient samples, including bodily fluids,... Agent: Corgenix Medical Corporation

20140275490 - Novel anti-human il-23 receptor antibody: [Means for Solution] An anti-human IL-23R antibody comprising a heavy-chain variable region consisting of the amino acid sequence shown by SEQ ID NO:5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25 or 29 and a light-chain variable region consisting of the amino acid sequence shown by SEQ ID NO:7, 11, 15, 19, 23,... Agent: Astellas Pharma Inc.

20140275493 - Anti-tfpi antibody variants with differential binding across ph range for improved pharmacokinetics: Antibodies are disclosed that bind to and inhibit the anti-coagulant function of TFPI and have a lower affinity for TFPI at pH 6.0 than at pH 7.4. The lower affinity at pH 6 improves circulating half-life (T½) due to reduced target mediated clearance, a process by which an antibody/antigen complex... Agent:

20140275492 - Human monoclonal antibodies and methods for producing the same: The present invention provides for methods of producing human monoclonal antibodies against a wide variety of antigens including bacterial and viral antigens, as well as tumor antigens, and various autoantigens. Also provided are the antibodies themselves, nucleic acids encoding such antibodies, cells producing such antibodies, and methods of using such... Agent: Musc Foundation For Research Development

20140275494 - Protein purification using displacement chromatography: Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for the isolation and purification of proteins from a sample. In particular, the present invention relates to compositions and methods for isolating and purifying proteins incorporating a displacement chromatographic step. The present invention is also directed toward pharmaceutical compositions comprising one or more antibodies... Agent: Abbvie Inc.

20140275495 - Humanized antibodies that recognize alpha-synuclein: The present application discloses humanized 9E4 antibodies. The antibodies bind to human alpha synuclein and can be used for immunotherapy of Lewy body disease.... Agent: Neotope Biosciences Limited

20140275496 - Isolation of factor h from fraction i paste: Among other aspects, the present disclosure provides methods for preparing enriched compositions of plasma-derived Factor H from fractions formed during the manufacturing processes of established plasma-derived therapeutic compositions. Specifically, methods are provided for the isolation of Factor H from Fraction precipitates commonly discarded during the manufacture of commercial IgG therapeutics.... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20140275497 - Methods for making cytokine compositions from tissues using non-centrifugal methods: Apparatus and methods for generating a solution rich in interleukin-1 receptor antagonist from a tissue comprising cytokine-producing cells. The apparatus can include a filter used with a separation system. The separation system can include a float.... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

20140275501 - High purity lignin, lignin compositions, and higher structured lignin: Disclosed are lignins and lignin compositions having high purity. Also disclosed are lignins having unique structural characteristics, including less structural degradation than conventional lignins.... Agent: Renmatix, Inc.

20140275498 - Method for precipitating lignin from black liquor by utilizing waste gases: The method is for separation of lignin from original black liquor. Lignin is precipitated in a first acidification stage followed by dewatering a first lignin suspension while forming a first filter cake. The first lignin filter cake is suspended in a second acidification stage whereupon a second lignin suspension is... Agent:

20140275499 - Method for production of dry hydrolytic lignin: A method of drying hydrolytic lignin is provided. The hydrolytic lignin may be dried using a pre-drying step, followed by an additional drying step in a drying apparatus. The dry hydrolytic lignin powder may have a moisture content of below 30%.... Agent: Synergy Horizon Limited

20140275500 - Method for production of dry hydrolytic lignin: A method of drying hydrolytic lignin is provided. The hydrolytic lignin may be dried using a pre-drying step, followed by an additional drying step in a drying apparatus. The dry hydrolytic lignin powder may have a moisture content of below 30%.... Agent: Synergy Horizon Limited

09/11/2014 > 22 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140256910 - Neutral zwitterionic displacer molecules for hydrophobic displacement chromatography: A process for separating organic compounds from a mixture by reverse-phase displacement chromatography, including providing a hydrophobic stationary phase; applying to the hydrophobic stationary phase a mixture comprising organic compounds to be separated; displacing the organic compounds from the hydrophobic stationary phase by applying thereto an aqueous composition comprising a... Agent:

20140256911 - Preparation of oligo conjugates: Conjugated molecules are prepared that comprise a predetermined number of oligo conjugation components. The conjugated molecules also may comprise one or more detectable labels. Preparation of these molecules can be implemented according to an asymmetric or a symmetric conjugation strategy.... Agent:

20140256912 - Stabilized variant maml peptides and uses thereof: Internally cross-linked peptides derived from human MAML and derivatives thereof which exhibit affinity for the ICN1-CSL complex are described and characterized. The peptides can interfere with NOTCH signaling and are thus useful for treating various disorders, including certain cancers.... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140256913 - Msp nanopores and related methods: Provided herein are Mycobacterium smegmatis porin nanopores, systems that comprise these nanopores, and methods of using and making these nanopores. Such nanopores may be wild-type MspA porins, mutant MspA porins, wild-type MspA paralog porins, wild-type MspA homolog porins, mutant MspA paralog porins, mutant MspA homolog porins, or single-chain Msp porins.... Agent: University Of Washington

20140256914 - Production of pulse protein product: A pulse protein product having a protein content of at least about 50 wt % (N×6.25) d.b. is recovered in the processing of pulse protein source material to form pulse protein products wherein the pulse protein source is extracted in one embodiment with calcium salt solution. The resulting pulse protein... Agent:

20140256916 - Immuno imaging agent for use with antibody-drug conjugate therapy: The invention relates to a companion diagnostic antibody-like binding protein based on the humanized monoclonal antibody, DS6, to be used as diagnostic tool for in vivo detection and quantification of the tumor-associated MUC1-sialoglycotope, CA6.... Agent:

20140256915 - Velocity factor: The current invention is directed to the velocity factor. Based on the velocity factor antibodies can be classified, i.e. antibodies can be characterized on their binding properties as e.g. entropic or enthalpic antigen binder. A velocity factor based classification does not require detailed thermodynamic determinations and/or calculations. The velocity factor... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

20140256917 - Compositions and methods for osteogenic gene therapy: The present disclosure provides compositions and methods for increasing bone growth and/or enhancing wound healing, for example, fracture repair. The disclosure provides recombinant nucleic acids useful for promoting bone growth. For example, the disclosure provides recombinant nucleic acids that encode a fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) analog. The disclosure also provides... Agent: Loma Linda University

20140256918 - Method for immobilizing membrane proteins on surfaces: Disclosed herein are methods for immobilizing membrane proteins or membrane protein complexes on analytical surfaces, which in some aspects comprise: obtaining a membrane protein or membrane protein complex comprising a capture moiety; immobilizing the membrane protein or membrane protein complex on the analytical surface by means of the capture moiety;... Agent:

20140256919 - Device for carrying out chemical and/or biochemical processes: A device for carrying out chemical and/or biochemical processes comprises at least two bodies which are arranged axially on top of one another and have in each case at least one cavity. The bodies are rotatable against one another on the basis of a centrifugal force or a similarly acting... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140256920 - Method for separating lignin from black liquor: A method was developed for: a) improving the filterability of acid-precipitated lignin from kraft black liquors, b) increasing the dry solids content of the final lignin product, c) reducing the acid requirements and d) minimizing or eliminating TRS emissions during the acidification of black liquor to produce lignin and/or the... Agent: Fpinnovations

09/04/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140249292 - Modulation of structured polypeptide specificity: The invention describes a method for selecting a polypeptide ligand having a desired level of specificity for a target, wherein the polypeptide ligand comprises a polypeptide comprising at least three reactive groups, separated by at least two loop sequences, and a molecular scaffold which forms covalent bonds with the reactive... Agent: Bicycle Therapeutics Limited

20140249293 - Absent and rare peptides and therapeutic uses thereof: The present invention relates to methods for searching and identifying absent and rare peptide sequences from public databases and their uses in the treatment of pathological diseases. One embodiment of the present invention provides a method that includes: a) storing, in a memory or storage of a computing device, a... Agent: Boise State University

20140249294 - Process for production of peptide thioester: A process for chemically converting a peptide chain into a peptide thioester includes, when a —C(═X)—R1 group is introduced to the thiol group of the cysteine residue and then the resulting peptide is reacted with a compound having a leaving group represented by the formula: —NH—C(═Y)NHR3 in an organic solvent,... Agent: Glytech, Inc.

20140249295 - Light-inducible system for regulating protein stability: Disclosed herein are a light-inducible system and method for rapidly and reversibly modulating protein stability and function. This system and method employs conditionally stable protein domains that regulate the degradation of a fusion protein depending upon the presence or absence of a particular light source.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20140249297 - Antibodies with modified isoelectric points: The invention relates generally to compositions and methods for altering the isoelectric point of an antibody, and in some cases, resulting in improved plasma pharmacokinetics, e.g. increased serum half-life in vivo.... Agent: Xencor, Inc.

20140249296 - Using sortases to install click chemistry handles for protein ligation: Methods and reagents for the installation of click chemistry handles on target proteins are provided, as well as modified proteins comprising click chemistry handles. Further, chimeric proteins, for example, bi-specific antibodies, that comprise two proteins conjugated via click chemistry, as well as methods for their generation and use are disclosed... Agent: Whitehead Institute For Biomedical Research

20140249298 - Anti-human equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1 (hent1) antibodies adn methods of use thereof: This invention provides monoclonal antibodies that recognize hENT1. The invention further provides methods of using such monoclonal antibodies as a therapeutic, diagnostic, and/or prophylactic in disorders associated with aberrant hENT1 expression and/or activity.... Agent:

20140249299 - Hybrid polypeptides with selectable properties: The present invention relates generally to novel, selectable hybrid polypeptides useful as agents for the treatment and prevention of metabolic diseases and disorders which can be alleviated by control plasma glucose levels, insulin levels, and/or insulin secretion, such as diabetes and diabetes-related conditions. Such conditions and disorders include, but are... Agent: Amylin Pharmaceuticals, LLC

20140249300 - Metal catalyzed oxidation of lignin and related compounds: Disclosed are methods for the benzylic oxidation of the lignin and related compounds. The methods include contacting lignin with a mixture containing manganese and iron, in the presence of oxygen to produce a carboxylic acid from lignin or a related compound. In some embodiments, the mixture includes cobalt.... Agent: University Of Tennessee Research Foundation

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