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Chemistry: natural resins or derivatives; peptides or proteins; lignins or reaction products thereof

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02/05/2015 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150038671 - Efficient synthesis of cn2097 and rc7 and their analogs: Synthesized macrocyclic ligand, CN2097 and analogs, optimized with systemic structure modifications to develop the compounds with lower molecular weights and less peptidic characters.... Agent:

20150038672 - Modular imaging agents containing amino acids and peptides: Targeting agents are derived from coupling together formed imaging amino acids or formed multi-modal, multi-chelating metal, multi-dye imaging agents, or combinations of these, that may be conjugated directly, or activated, or attached to linkers to which targeting groups, such as peptides, proteins, antibodies, aptamers, or small molecule inhibitors, may be... Agent: Rochester Institute Of Technology

20150038673 - Mutant double cyclized receptor peptides inhibiting beta1-adrenoceptor antibodies: The present invention relates to novel β-AR homologous cyclopeptide-mutants comprising only two cysteine residues able to form an intramolecular linkage, to linear peptides that can form these cyclopeptide-mutants and to nucleic acid molecules encoding these cyclopeptide-mutants and linear peptides. Moreover, vectors and recombinant host cells comprising said nucleic acid molecule... Agent:

20150038675 - Peptide having affinity for silicon nitride (si3n4), and use thereof: The purpose of the present invention is to provide: a peptide having an affinity for silicon nitride; a polynucleotide encoding the peptide; an expression vector for expressing the peptide having an affinity for silicon nitride; an expression vector for expressing a peptide fusion protein that comprises the peptide having an... Agent:

20150038674 - Use of glp-2 analogues in pulmonary diseases for therapeutic purpose: The present invention relates to the use of GLP-2 analogue in an efficient amount for the production of a drug specific to treat a pulmonary disease which IS caused by oxidative stress, inflammation and/or apoptosis in an organism.... Agent:

20150038676 - Biologically active peptides: e

20150038677 - Process for the synthesis of telaprevir, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates as well as intermediate products thereof: The invention relates to a process for the preparation of telaprevir, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof, wherein the process requires a smaller number of process steps and/or does not require the use of toxic and instable compounds compared to the known processes. Another embodiment refers to telaprevir,... Agent:

20150038678 - Interleukin-10 polypeptide conjugates and their uses: This invention relates to interleukin-10 (IL-10) polypeptide conjugates comprising at least one non-naturally-encoded amino acid.... Agent: Ambrx, Inc.

20150038679 - Interleukin-3 polypeptide conjugates and their uses: The disclosure provides methods for targeting interleukin-3 receptor-expressing cells, particularly inhibiting the growth of such cells by using an interleukin-3 (IL-3) variant conjugated to a toxin that will affect cells expressing the interleukin-3 receptor. Further disclosed are interleukin-3 (IL-3) variants comprising one or more non-naturally encoded amino acids, and the... Agent: Ambrx, Inc.

20150038680 - Spider silk dragline polynucleotides, polypeptides and methods of use thereof: The disclosure provides spider silk polypeptides and polynucleotides encoding the same. Methods of using such polypeptides and polynucleotides and designing novel biomaterials using repeat units of the polypeptides and polynucleotides.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150038681 - Method of preparing a product by dialysis: A method of preparing a product, preferably in the form of a functionalized high molecular weight component such as, for example, a functionalized protein includes passing a first liquid comprising a component A along one side of a semi-permeable membrane and passing a second liquid comprising a component B along... Agent:

20150038682 - Antibodies or fusion proteins multimerized via homomultimerizing peptide: The invention provides antibodies or fusion proteins with modified heavy chain IgG constant regions that promote assembly of multimeric complexes. Within an antibody or fusion protein unit there are two heavy chains each including at least CH2 and CH3 regions. The two heavy chains bear complementary modifications (e.g., knob and... Agent: Jn Biosciences LLC

20150038683 - Methods and compositions for the generation and use of conformation-specific antibodies: The present invention features methods and compositions for the generation and use of conformation-specific antibodies or fragments thereof.... Agent:

20150038684 - Bispecific chimeric antigen receptors and therapeutic uses thereof: The invention is directed to a bispecific chimeric antigen receptor, comprising: (a) at least two antigen-specific targeting regions; (b) an extracellular spacer domain; (c) a transmembrane domain; (d) at least one co-stimulatory domain; and (e) an intracellular signaling domain, wherein each antigen-specific targeting region comprises an antigen-specific single chain Fv... Agent: Seattle Children's Hospital (dba Seattle Children's Research Institute)

20150038685 - Multivalent pneumococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate composition: An immunogenic composition having 13 distinct polysaccharide-protein conjugates and optionally, an aluminum-based adjuvant, is described. Each conjugate contains a capsular polysaccharide prepared from a different serotype of Streptococcus pneumoniae (1, 3, 4, 5, 6A, 6B, 7F, 9V, 14, 18C, 19A, 19F and 23F) conjugated to a carrier protein. The immunogenic... Agent:

20150038686 - Polymeric carriers of therapeutic agents and recognition moieties for antibody-based targeting of disease sites: The present invention concerns methods and compositions for delivery of therapeutic agents to target cells, tissues or organisms. In preferred embodiments, the therapeutic agents are delivered in the form of therapeutic-loaded polymers that may comprise many copies of one or more therapeutic agents. In more preferred embodiments, the polymer may... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 14 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150031851 - Hmgn2 peptides and related molecules that selectively home to tumor blood vessels and tumor cells: The present invention provides a conjugate which contains a therapeutic moiety linked to a homing molecule that selectively homes to tumor blood vessels and tumor cells and that specifically binds the receptor bound by peptide KDEPQRRSARLSAKPAPPKPEPKPKKAPAKK (SEQ ID NO: 9). Methods of directing a conjugate of the invention to tumor... Agent: Sanford-bumham Medical Research Institute

20150031852 - Selective delivery molecules and methods of use: Disclosed herein is a selective delivery molecule comprising: (a) an acidic sequence (portion A) which is effective to inhibit or prevent the uptake into cells or tissue retention, (b) a molecular transport or retention sequence (portion B), and (c) a linker between portion A and portion B, and (d) at... Agent: Avelas Biosciences, Inc.

20150031853 - Method for the selective enrichment and labeling of phosphorproteins: The embodiments of the invention relate to a method for the introduction of a labeling structure such as a fluorescent molecules or a Raman tags to a compound. Imidazole functionalized resins or polymers are used to selectively immobilize phosphocompounds without protecting the carboxylic groups. Relying on the pKa difference between... Agent:

20150031854 - Novel derivatives of hemin with antibacterial and antiviral activity: The invention relates to novel hemin derivatives of general formula (I), preparing and use thereof as antibacterial and/or antiviral agents, including, as a component in a pharmaceutical compositions. Advantages of the novel antibacterial and antiviral agents based on the hemin derivatives are in their biocompatibility, biodegradability, a high efficacy against... Agent: Obsschestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennostiyu "pharmenterprises"

20150031856 - Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (alk) as an oncogene capable of transforming normal human cells: The present invention provides compositions and methods for transforming primary mammalian cells using an oncogenic form of ALK wherein the transformed cells display features of that of a corresponding tumor cell isolated from a cancer subject. The invention also provides a method for immortalizing normal CD4+ T lymphocytes with a... Agent:

20150031857 - Dengue serotype 2 attenuated strain: The invention relates to live attenuated VDV2 (VERO-Derived Vaccine Dengue serotype 2) strains which have been derived from the wild-type dengue-2 strain 16681 by passaging on PDK and Vero cells and nucleic acids thereof. The invention further relates to a vaccine composition which comprises a VDV2 strain.... Agent:

20150031855 - Methods for enhancing bacterial cell display of proteins and peptides: Methods of making and using bacterial display polypeptide libraries using circularly permuted OmpX (CPX) variants are disclosed. The invention further relates to methods for enhancing the display of proteins and peptides at the surface of bacteria by optimizing linkers and incorporating mutations at positions 165 and 166 of CPX.... Agent:

20150031858 - Methods of stimulating protective immunity employing dengue viral antigens: Compositions that include at least a portion of at least one pathogen-associated molecular pattern and at least a portion of at least one member selected from the group consisting of a Den1 viral envelope protein, a Den2 viral envelope protein, a Den3 viral envelope protein and a Den4 viral envelope... Agent:

20150031859 - Use of new recombinant interferons with altered spatial configuration and three-dimensional structure: This invention provides a crystalline recombinant interferon (rSIFN-co) having (i) the same amino acid sequence as that of human consensus interferon, and (ii) altered three-dimensional structure as compared to IFN-α2b. The interferon of the present invention exhibits enhanced biological activities. The present invention also provides a structure model of said... Agent:

20150031861 - Chemical modification of antibodies: The present invention relates to antibodies and antibody fragments, one or more of whose native inter-chain disulfide bridges have been replaced with a specific bridging moiety. The bridging moiety can be selectively targeted to inter-chain disulfide bonds within the antibody or antibody fragment, enabling the construction of more homogenously modified... Agent:

20150031860 - Human antibodies and proteins: The present invention provides composite proteins, including antibodies, which show reduced immunogenicity. In particular, composite antibodies for use in humans are provided, in particular antibodies which have been modified to remove one or more T-cell epitopes. Methods for generating such proteins are also provided.... Agent: Antitope Limited

20150031862 - Optimized fc variants: The present invention relates to Fc variants having decreased affinity for FcγRIIb, methods for their generation, Fc polypeptides comprising optimized Fc variants, and methods for using optimized Fc variants.... Agent: Xencor, Inc.

20150031863 - Conjugating amines: The disclosure provides directly conjugated polysaccharide vaccine molecules and methods related thereto.... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20150031864 - Modified adiponectin polypeptides and their uses: Modified adiponectin polypeptides and uses thereof are provided.... Agent: Ambrx, Inc.

01/22/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150025219 - Cyclic pentadepsipeptides and microorganism of fusarium strain producing the same: Disclosed is a Fusarium strain producing novel cyclic pentadepsipeptides which are of excellent multidrug resistance-reversing activity and inhibitory activity against cancer cells. Also, novel cyclic pentadepsipeptides are provided as active ingredients of the compositions useful in the treatment of cancer and diseases associated with multidrug resistance.... Agent: Chung-ang University Industry-academy Cooperation Foundation

20150025220 - Nucleosides with antiviral and anticancer activity: s

20150025221 - Skin permeating and cell entering (space) peptides and methods of use thereof: The present disclosure provides peptides and peptide compositions, which facilitate the delivery of an active agent or an active agent carrier wherein the compositions are capable of penetrating the stratum corneum (SC) and/or the cellular membranes of viable cells.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150025222 - Substituted anthraquinone dyes for cellular stains and enzyme detection: The invention discloses new substituted anthraquinone dyes that may be useful as cellular stains. In some aspect of the invention, the nuclear stains are useful for staining the nuclei of dead or fixed cells. Another aspect of the invention relates to substituted anthraquinone dyes comprising an enzyme substrate moiety that... Agent: Biotium, Inc.

20150025223 - System and method for producing interleukin receptor antagonist (ira): The present invention relates to a system and method for producing high levels of autologous IL-1RA cytokine, comprising: a blood collection vessel (1), a cover (4), a portion of separation gel (2), an anticoagulant portion (3), a plasma collection syringe comprising a sharp needle (9), a buffy coat collection syringe... Agent:

20150025224 - Antagonists of neuropilin receptor function and use thereof: The present invention relates to antagonists of neuropilin receptor function and use thereof in the treatment of cancer, particularly metastatic cancer, and angiogenic diseases.... Agent:

20150025225 - Monoclonal antibody against el which inhibits enzyme activity of el: Provided is a monoclonal antibody or a fragment thereof that selectively inhibits enzyme activity of EL and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same as an active ingredient useful for the treatment of arteriosclerosis or metabolic syndrome.... Agent:

20150025226 - Monoclonal antibody for analyzing high-molecular weight adiponectin and utilization of same: A monoclonal antibody that does not show a crossreactivity with middle-molecular weight (MMW) adiponectin and specifically reacts with high-molecular weight (HMW) adiponectin alone is disclosed. The monoclonal antibody of the present invention can be produced by using HMW adiponectin as an antigen. According to the monoclonal antibody of the present... Agent:

20150025227 - Igg fc fragment for a drug carrier and method for the preparation thereof: Disclosed is an IgG Fc fragment useful as a drug carrier. A recombinant vector expressing the IgG Fc fragment, a transformant transformed with the recombinant vector, and a method of preparing an IgG Fc fragment are disclosed. When conjugated to a certain drug, the IgG Fc fragment improves the in... Agent: Hanmi Science Co., Ltd.

20150025228 - Igg fc fragment for a drug carrier and method for the preparation thereof: Disclosed is an IgG Fc fragment useful as a drug carrier. A recombinant vector expressing the IgG Fc fragment, a transformant transformed with the recombinant vector, and a method of preparing an IgG Fc fragment are disclosed. When conjugated to a certain drug, the IgG Fc fragment improves the in... Agent: Hanmi Science Co., Ltd.

20150025229 - Process for separating biomass components: The present invention provides a process and System for Separation of biomass components into individual components such as cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. The present invention provides a process for separating lignin in its native form. The cellulose obtained by the process of the present invention is highly reactive for saccharification.... Agent: Nagarjuna Energy Private Limited

01/15/2015 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150018516 - Pro-drug form (p2pdox) of the highly potent 2-pyrrolinodoxorubicin conjugated to antibodies for targeted therapy of cancer: Disclosed are methods, compositions and uses of conjugates of prodrug forms of 2-pyrrolinodoxorubicin (P2PDox) with antibodies or antigen-binding fragments thereof (ADCs), with targetable construct peptides or with other targeting molecules that are capable of delivering the P2PDox to a targeted cell, tissue or pathogen. Once delivered to the target cell,... Agent:

20150018517 - Fluorescent imaging agents: Provided is a family of intramolecularly quenched imaging agents for use in both in vivo and in vitro imaging that contain at least one enzymatically cleavable oligopeptide and two fluorophores or a fluorophore and a quencher. When subjected to proteolytic cleavage, at least one fluorophore is unquenched and becomes capable... Agent:

20150018518 - Ghrelin analogues: The present invention relates, inter alia, to ghrelin analogues and their medical use, for example in the treatment of cachexia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, gastrointestinal disorders (e.g., gastroparesis and/or inflammatory disorders such as colitis, gut barrier dysfunction, and ischemia reperfusion injury), loss of body weight, and decreased appetite.... Agent: Zealand Pharma A/s

20150018519 - Peptide c alpha-amides, methods for preparing same and uses thereof as precursors of peptide c alpha- thioesters for protein synthesis: The subject matter of the present invention is peptide Cα-amides which are precursors of peptide Cα-thioesters, characterized in that they comprise the radical of general formula (I) in which X, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, n and A are as defined in Claim 1. The subject... Agent:

20150018520 - Inhibitors targeting human ghrelin o-acyltransferase: Grhelin O-acyltransferase inhibitors using a triazole linkage to incorporate aromatic and alkyl substituents to mimic the natural octanoyl group attached to ghrelin. Inhibitors include a triazole portion, an alkyl linker, and a hydrophobic aromatic group on a side chain. The hydrophobic aromatic group may include various length alkyl linkers.... Agent: Syracuse University

20150018522 - Catalytic domains of beta(1,4)-galactosyltransferase i having altered metal ion specificity: Disclosed are mutants of galactosyltransferases that can catalyze formation of oligosaccharides in the presence of magnesium; mutants of galactosyltransferases having altered donor and acceptor specificity which can catalyze formation of oligosaccharides in the presence of magnesium; methods and compositions that can be used to synthesize oligosaccharides; methods for increasing the... Agent: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Servic

20150018521 - Endoplasmic reticulum localization signals: The invention relates to cellular localization signals. In particular, the invention relates to endoplasmic reticulum localization signals in monomeric or multimeric form. The localization signals are utilized as research tools or are linked to therapeutics. Disclosed are methods of making and using polypeptides and modified polypeptides as signals to localize... Agent: Intrexon Corporation

20150018523 - Unnatural reactive amino acid genetic code additions: This invention provides compositions and methods for producing translational components that expand the number of genetically encoded amino acids in eukaryotic cells. The components include orthogonal tRNAs, orthogonal aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases, orthogonal pairs of tRNAs/synthetases and unnatural amino acids. Proteins and methods of producing proteins with unnatural amino acids in eukaryotic... Agent:

20150018524 - Wound screen: A binding screen comprising a gas-porous solid non-water-dispersible carrier, to which has been substantially irreversibly bound a compound having matrix metalloproteinase binding functionality, particularly doxycycline.... Agent:

20150018525 - Method of producing recombinant high molecular weight vwf in cell culture: Among other aspects, the present invention relates to cell culture conditions for producing high molecular weight vWF, in particular, highly multimericWF with a high specific activity and ADAMTS13 with a high specific activity. The cell culture conditions of the present invention can include, for example, a cell culture medium with... Agent:

20150018528 - Antibodies that bind peptidoglycan recognition protein 1: Disclosed herein is a method for identifying TREM-1's ligand and antibodies, or fragments thereof, which are capable of modifying the function of TREM-1's ligand. Antibodies that reduce or block TREM-1 activation may be identified and selected using this method. Antibodies that bind to TREM-1's ligand and reduce TREM-1 activity may... Agent:

20150018526 - Cytotoxins comprising modified bouganin toxin for the treatment of cancer: The invention provides modified forms of bouganin protein having biological activity and a reduced propensity to activate human T cells as compared to the non-modified bouganin protein. The invention also provides T-cell epitope peptides of bouganin, and modified T-cell epitope peptides of bouganin which have a reduced propensity to activate... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20150018527 - Methods and materials for assessing loss of heterozygosity: This document provides methods and materials involved in assessing samples (e.g., cancer cells) for the presence of a loss of heterozygosity (LOH) signature. For example, methods and materials for determining whether or not a cell (e.g., a cancer cell) contains an LOH signature are provided. Materials and methods for identifying... Agent:

20150018530 - Novel prodrug containing molecule compositions and their uses: Novel prodrug compositions and uses thereof are provided.... Agent: Ambrx, Inc.

20150018529 - Sequence symmetric modified igg4 bispecific antibodies: The present disclosure relates to a symmetric bispecific antibody of the class IgG4 comprising two heavy chains which each comprise a variable domain, CH1 domain and a hinge region, wherein in each heavy chain: the cysteine in the CH1 domain which forms an inter-chain disulphide bond with a cysteine in... Agent:

20150018531 - Anti sez6 antibodies and methods of use: Novel modulators, including antibodies and derivatives thereof, and methods of using such modulators to treat proliferative disorders are provided.... Agent: Stem Centrx, Inc.

20150018532 - Antibody: The invention relates to antibodies to Aspergillus species and to methods of producing those antibodies. The invention also relates to the use of such antibodies in identifying the presence of the Aspergillus species and to methods of treating an infection with the Aspergillus species.... Agent: University Of Exeter

20150018534 - Antibody-immobilized carrier, method of producing antibody-immobilized carrier, and use of said antibody-immobilized carrier: The present invention provides an antibody-immobilized carrier that can be used in antibody screening, a method of producing the antibody-immobilized carrier, and use of the antibody-immobilized carrier. Efficient antibody screening can be carried out particularly by an antibody-immobilized carrier including two or more antibody immobilized regions onto each of which... Agent:

20150018533 - Repebody against immunoglobulin g and uses thereof: The present invention relates to a polypeptide (repebody) selectively bound to an immunoglobulin G, a polynucleotide which encodes the repebody, a vector containing the polynucleotide, a recombinant microorganism in which the polynucleotide is introduced, a method for producing the repebody using the recombinant microorganism, and a method for immobilizing or... Agent:

20150018535 - Glycoprotein enriched composition as a food and/or feed additive and/or as a therapeutic agent: The present invention relates to glycoprotein enriched compositions and their use in the treatment and/or prevention of disease, more particular gastro-intestinal diseases. The present invention further relates to the use of a glycoprotein enriched composition as a food or feed additive.... Agent:

20150018536 - Method for processing of carbon dioxide contained in an exhaust gas flow: A method for processing carbon dioxide contained in an exhaust gas flow. The exhaust gas flow is brought in contact in a drying and cooling chamber with a moistened porous silicate material and admixed aluminum hydroxide and/or hydrated aluminum oxide and/or optionally other metal oxidizers to produce a basic aqueous... Agent: Commerzialbank Matterburg Im Burgenland Aktiengesellschaft

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