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Chemistry: natural resins or derivatives; peptides or proteins; lignins or reaction products thereof

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04/16/2015 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150105535 - Control of copolymer compositions: Methods of making copolymers are described.... Agent:

20150105536 - Obtaining products from feedstocks containing toxic algae: Systems, methods, and other embodiments are described herein for obtaining products from heterogeneous feedstocks containing toxic algae. In one embodiment, a method includes collecting a heterogeneous feedstock. The heterogeneous feedstock is then processed. The embodiment further includes calculating a toxic value for the processed heterogeneous feedstock. It is then determined... Agent: Beagle Bioproducts, Inc.

20150105537 - Codon optimized sequence for an antiviral protein: A codon optimized nucleic acid sequence for Interferon Alpha-2a is provided which can be used for expression of Interferon Alpha-2a in E. Coli.... Agent: Biogenomics Limited

20150105538 - Nanolipoprotein particles and related methods and systems for protein capture, solubilization, and/or purification: Provided herein are methods and systems for assembling, solubilizing and/or purifying a membrane associated protein in a nanolipoprotein particle, which comprise a temperature transition cycle performed in presence of a detergent, wherein during the temperature transition cycle the nanolipoprotein components are brought to a temperature above and below the gel... Agent:

20150105541 - Antibody-active agent conjugates and methods of use: The invention provides protein-active agent conjugates having an amino acid motif that can be recognized by an isoprenoid transferase. The invention also provides compositions containing the conjugates. The invention further provides methods for using the conjugates to deliver the active agent to a target cell, as well as methods for... Agent:

20150105540 - Drug-conjugates with a targeting molecule and two different drugs: There is disclosed an improved ADC (antibody drug conjugate) type composition having at least two different drug payloads conjugated to a single targeting protein. More specifically, the present disclosure attaches a first drug conjugate to a dual Cysteine residue on a targeting protein and a second drug conjugate with a... Agent: Sorrento Therapeutics Inc.

20150105539 - Drug-conjugates, conjugation methods, and uses thereof: In one aspect, an active agent-conjugate, methods of preparing the active agent-conjugate, and uses thereof is provided.... Agent: Concortis Biosystems, Corp., A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc.

20150105542 - Method and system for polypeptide purification: The present invention provides a method and automated system for the purification of polypeptides including the direct filtration of solutions containing the polypeptides after purification.... Agent: Lonza Biologics PLC

04/09/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150099859 - Deletion mutants of flagellin and methods of use: Compositions that include at least a portion of a flagellin and an antigen can be employed in methods that stimulate an immune response in a subject, in particular, a protective immune response in a subject. Compositions can be associated with particles and employed in the methods in relatively low doses... Agent:

20150099860 - Methods for separating and purifying endogenous, exogenous and recombinant proteins/peptides from plants and animals using aqueous-free, anhydrous strategies: The present invention relates to recombinant proteins/peptides from plant and animal materials, compositions comprising the proteins/peptides and methods for making them.... Agent: Proteins Easy Corp

20150099861 - Anti alphabetatcr antibody: The present invention relates to humanized monoclonal antibodies comprising the CDRs of murine antibody BMA031, which bind to the apTCR.CD3 complex and possess improved biological properties.... Agent: Genzyme Corporation

20150099863 - Fc variants with altered binding to fcrn: The present application relates to a variant Fc region comprising at least one modification relative to a wild-type human Fc region, where the modification selected from the group consisting of 434S, 252Y/428L, 252Y/434S, and 428L/434S, and the numbering is according to the EU index.... Agent:

20150099862 - Novel human control antibodies and uses therefor: The present invention provides novel, rationally designed human control antibodies for use in various in vivo and in vitro applications. The antibodies of the present invention have well characterized variable domains that have been designed to minimize or eliminate antigen binding without altering gross antibody structure. Using the antibodies of... Agent: Ab Biosciences, Inc.

20150099864 - Preparation of organophosphate peptide adducts: Disclosed are methods for the synthesis of organophosphorus-adducted peptides. Such peptides may be useful as biomarkers of organophosphate exposure, or for the synthesis of antibodies. Also disclosed are peptide adducts including peptide adducts of tabun, and aged adducts.... Agent:

20150099865 - Processes for making hydrazides: A method is disclosed for preparing hydrazides from hydrazine and an acyl chloride which comprises the steps of (a) preparing a stirred substantially uniform slurry comprising hydrazine and an inert solvent at low temperature; and (b) adding an acyl chloride continuously to said slurry. The method avoids or limits production... Agent: Wyeth LLC

20150099866 - Functional protein derived from animal muscle tissue or mechanically deboned meat and method for making the same: A process for producing a protein product for addition to raw meat wherein the source of the protein product is animal muscle or mechanically deboned meat. The animal muscle tissue is mixed with water and homogenized. Protein in the homogenate is solubilized. Solubilized homogenate is heated to a temperature required... Agent:

20150099867 - Cellulose hydrolysis via modified lignosulfonate catalysts: Biopolymer catalysts, methods of synthesizing a biopolymer catalyst, and methods of catalyzing the hydrolysis of cellulose with a biopolymer catalyst are described.... Agent:

20150099868 - Apparatus and process for preparing reactive lignin with high yield from plant biomass for production of fuels and chemicals: Provided are methods for aqueous isolation of depolymerized lignin in high yield from a lignin-containing biomass composition, comprising positioning a lignin-containing biomass composition into a flowthrough thermal reactor chamber to provide for passage of an aqueous fluid therethrough, contacting the lignin biomass composition with the aqueous fluid under elevated temperature... Agent: Washington State University

04/02/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150094449 - Detection of degradative enzymes and biomolecules in bodily fluids: Provided herein are compositions useful in detecting degradative enzymes and biomolecules in bodily fluid samples.... Agent:

20150094450 - Repebody for novel interleukin-6 and use thereof: The present invention relates to an repebody capable of binding specifically to interleukin-6 (IL-6) to inhibit the biological activity of IL-6, a polynucleotide encoding the repebody, a vector comprising the polynucleotide, a recombinant microorganism having introduced therein the polynucleotide or the vector, a method of producing the repebody using the... Agent: Korea Basic Science Institute

20150094451 - Readily isolated bispecific binding molecules with native format having mutated constant regions: The invention provides heterodimer bispecific antigen-binding molecules that include a first polypeptide that does not include an IgG CH1 domain and a second polypeptide having an immunoglobulin constant region where there is at least one mutation in the IgG CH3 domain that abolishes the ability of the second polypeptide to... Agent:

20150094452 - Compositions comprising fibrous polypeptides and polysaccharides: Isolated polypeptides are disclosed comprising an amino acid sequence encoding a monomer of a fibrous polypeptide attached to a heterologous polysaccharide binding domain. Composites comprising same, methods of generating same and uses thereof are all disclosed.... Agent:

20150094453 - Isolated egg protein and egg lipid materials, and methods for producing the same: A method for separating proteins and fats from an egg mixture is disclosed herein. The method includes a step of microfiltration of the egg mixture, wherein microfiltration includes pumping across a filter an egg mixture containing egg yolk and egg whites (albumen). An egg powder obtained from egg and a... Agent:

20150094454 - Antibodies that bind cell-associated ca 125/o772p: The present invention provides antibodies, and antigen-binding fragments of antibodies, fusion polypeptides and analogs that preferentially bind cell-associated CA 125/O772P polypeptides relative to shed CA 125/O772P polypeptides. The present invention further provides methods of preventing, managing, treating or ameliorating one or more symptoms associated with a CA 125/O772P-related disorder. In... Agent:

20150094455 - Human antibody specific for il-1alpha: Fully human monoclonal Abs includes (i) an antigen-binding variable region that exhibits very high binding affinity for IL-1α and (ii) a constant region that is effective at both activating the complement system though C1q binding and binding to several different Fc receptors.... Agent:

20150094456 - Anthracycline-antibody conjugates for cancer therapy: The invention relates to therapeutic conjugates with the ability to target various antigens. The conjugates contain a targeting antibody or antigen binding fragment thereof and an anthracycline chemotherapeutic drug. The targeting antibody and the chemotherapeutic drug are linked via a linker comprising a hydrazide moiety.... Agent:

20150094457 - Compositions containing, methods involving, and uses of non-natural amino acids and polypeptides: Disclosed herein are non-natural amino acids and polypeptides that include at least one non-natural amino acid, and methods for making such non-natural amino acids and polypeptides. The non-natural amino acids, by themselves or as a part of a polypeptide, can include a wide range of possible functionalities, but typical have... Agent: Ambrx, Inc.

20150094458 - Highly efficient lignin-based water-reducing agent with high degree of sulfonation and high molecular weight, and preparation method thereof: This invention discloses a high-performance lignin-based water reducer with high degree of sulfonation and high molecular weight and its preparation method. This water reducer exhibits an excellent water-reducing performance, its water-reducing rate of this lignin-based water reducer reaches 25% at a dosage of 0.70 wt %, which is higher than... Agent:

20150094459 - Pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass and recovery of substituents using natural deep eutectic solvents/compound mixtures with low transition temperatures: Low transition temperature mixtures (LTTMs) or solvents are provided that can be used in methods and systems to dissolve and bydrolyze certain components from lignin-containing biomass (e.g., lignin) at mild conditions so that further degradation is prevented. The solvents, methods and systems according to the invention have various advantages over... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150087806 - Glycopeptide and uses thereof: A glycolipopeptide comprising a carbohydrate component, a peptide component and a lipid component, for use as a therapeutic or prophylactic vaccine. Also provided are monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that recognize the glycolipopeptide of the invention, as well as uses thereof.... Agent: University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

20150087807 - Lipopolysaccharide-targeted peptide mimic vaccine against q fever: A vaccine and method of vaccination for conferring immunity to Q fever is described. The vaccine comprises a polypeptide with a sequence of SLTWHKHELHRK (m1E41920) or SPPWHKHELHRK (m1E44), or at least 90% identity to m1E41920 or m1E44. Constructs are also provided for use in vaccination and treatment of Q fever.... Agent:

20150087808 - Process for the manufacture of cyclic undecapeptides: The present invention relates to processes and intermediates useful for the manufacture of cyclic undecapeptides, such as Alisporivir.... Agent: Novartis Ag

20150087809 - Hla-binding peptides, precursors thereof, dna fragments and recombinant vectors that code for those peptide sequences: An HLA-binding peptide binding to an HLA-A type molecule, said HLA-binding peptide comprising at least one type of amino acid sequence selected from the group consisting of SEQ ID NOS: 1 to 183, and not less than 8 and not more than 11 amino acid residues is provided. Any of... Agent: Kochi University

20150087811 - Glycoprotein synthesis and remodeling by enzymatic transglycosylation: A chemoenzymatic method for the preparation of a homogeneous glycoprotein or glycopeptide, including (a) providing an acceptor selected from the group consisting of GlcNAc-protein and GlcNAc-peptide; and (b) reacting the acceptor with a donor substrate including an activated oligosaccharide moiety, in the presence of a catalyst comprising endoglycosidase (ENGase), to... Agent:

20150087810 - Matrix metalloproteinase substrates and other cleavable moieties and methods of use thereof: The invention relates generally to polypeptides that include a cleavable moiety that is a substrate for at least one matrix metalloprotease (MMP), to activatable antibodies and other larger molecules that include the cleavable moiety that is a substrate for at least one MMP protease, and to methods of making and... Agent:

20150087812 - Human autotaxin antibodies and methods of use: Antibodies and compositions capable of binding and, in a particular aspect, inhibiting the lysophosphatidylipase D activity of human autotaxin protein. The antibodies or are useful in detecting human autotaxin protein and treating diseases and disorders associated with unwanted lysophosphatidylipase D and the presence of lysophosphatidic acid, such as cancer and... Agent: Janssen Biotech, Inc.

20150087813 - Ligand: The invention provides a dual-specific ligand comprising a first immunoglobulin variable domain having a first binding specificity and a complementary or non-complementary immunoglobulin variable domain having a second binding specificity.... Agent: Domantis Limited

20150087814 - Chemoenzymatic glycoengineering of antibodies and fc fragments thereof: The present invention provides for recombinant Endo-S mutants that exhibit reduced hydrolysis activity and increased transglycosylation activity for the synthesis of glycoproteins wherein a desired sialylated oxazoline or synthetic oligosaccharide oxazoline is added to a core fucosylated or nonfucosylated GlcNAc-protein acceptor. Such recombinant Endo-S mutants are useful for efficient glycosylation... Agent:

20150087815 - Vaccine compositions: The present disclosure relates to vaccine compositions, particularly KLH-peptide conjugates, and methods of making such compositions. The present disclosure further relates to methods of reducing abnormal cell growth using the compositions described herein.... Agent:

20150087816 - Doped materials for reverse phase chromatography: A material for reverse phase chromatography comprises surface modifying apolar and charged groups bound to a solid support, said charged groups being present in amounts of about 0.25 to about 22% of the surface modifying groups, or in amounts of about 0.01 μmol/m2 to 0.8 μmol/m2 referred to the surface... Agent: Zeochem Ag

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