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Chemistry: natural resins or derivatives; peptides or proteins; lignins or reaction products thereof

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05/21/2015 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150141615 - Aldehyde acetal based processes for the manufacture of macrocyclic depsipeptides and new intermediates: P

20150141616 - Disulfide stabilized foldon polypeptides: Intermolecular disulfide stabilized foldon polypeptides are provided.... Agent:

20150141617 - Production and purification of active eukaryotic formylglycinegenerating enzyme (fge) variants: The invention features compositions and methods for generation and uses of formylglycine generating enzyme (FGE) variants.... Agent:

20150141618 - Solution-dyed protein fiber and method for producing same: A solution-dyed protein fiber of the present invention includes 0-100 mass % of silk fibroin and 100-0 mass % of a polypeptide derived from spider silk proteins when the protein fiber is assumed to be 100 mass %, wherein the solution-dyed protein fiber contains a solution-dyeing colorant. The fiber is... Agent:

20150141619 - Cross-linked collagen comprising metallic anticancer agents: The disclosure describes collagen constructs comprising anticancer agents, preferably, platinum, and related methods.... Agent:

20150141622 - Flt4 (vegfr-3) as a target for tumor imaging and anti-tumor therapy: The present invention provide purified Flt4 receptor tyrosine kinase polypeptides and fragments thereof, polynucleotides encoding such polypeptides, antibodies that specifically bind such polypeptides, and uses therefor.... Agent:

20150141620 - Methods related to rituximab: The present invention relates to the characterization and production of rituximab.... Agent:

20150141621 - Stabilized human igg4 antibodies: A highly stable mutant of human IgG4 antibody is provided. Such antibody is an antibody in which the CH3 domain of human IgG4 is substituted with the CH3 domain of human IgG1 and which exhibits inhibited aggregate formation, an antibody in which the CH3 and CH2 domains of human IgG4... Agent: Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd

20150141623 - Protein purification methods to reduce acidic species: The instant invention relates to the field of protein production and purification, and in particular to compositions and processes for controlling the amount of charge variants, aggregates, and fragments of a protein of interest, as well as host cell proteins, present in purified preparations by applying particular chromatography conditions during... Agent:

20150141624 - Anti-cd70 antibody drug conjugates: This invention relates to anti-CD70 antibodies and antibody drug conjugates comprising at least one non-naturally-encoded amino acid. Disclosed herein are αCD70 antibodies with one or more non-naturally encoded amino acids and further disclosed are antibody drug conjugates wherein the αCD70 antibodies of the invention are conjugated to one or more... Agent: Ambrx, Inc.

20150141625 - Immune response modifier conjugates: The present invention provides IRM conjugates that includes an IRM moiety and a second active moiety covalently linked to the IRM moiety in which the covalent link does not depend on UV irradiation.... Agent:

20150141626 - Reducing the immunogenicity of fusion proteins: Disclosed are compositions and methods for producing fusion proteins with reduced immunogenicity. Fusion proteins of the invention include a junction region having an amino acid change that reduces the ability of a junctional epitope to bind to MHC Class II, thereby reducing its interaction with a T-cell receptor. Methods of... Agent:

20150141627 - Method for antigen delivery: The present invention relates to a novel method for an antigen and/or bioactive molecule delivery and a composition that functions in the antigen and/or bioactive molecule delivery comprising the ASC speck carrier and the antigen and/or bioactive molecule, carried by the ASC speck carrier.... Agent:

20150141628 - Methods for treating lignocellulosic materials: The present invention relates to methods of processing lignocellulosic material to obtain hemicellulose sugars, cellulose sugars, lignin, cellulose and other high-value products. Also provided are hemicellulose sugars, cellulose sugars, lignin, cellulose, and other high-value products.... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 15 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150133630 - Screening method for peptide binding to target molecule in ph-dependent manner: An object of the present invention is to provide molecules that bind to a target molecule in a pH dependent manner and a screening method for selecting such molecules. Provided is a screening method for selecting peptides that bind to a target molecule at a first pH and do not... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20150133631 - Compositions and methods for conjugating oligonucleotides: An oligonucleotide derivative having the structure of formula (A) and methods for preparing the oligonucleotide derivative are disclosed. wherein R3 is a first oligonucleotide; R1 is selected from the group consisting of alkyl, cycloalkyl, aryl, heterocyclyl, heteroaryl, a polyethylene glycol, a peptide, a protein, a polysaccharide, and a second oligonucleotide;... Agent:

20150133632 - Conformationally dynamic peptides: Disclosed are novel peptides that are useful, for example, for detecting target proteins having a β-sheet secondary structure which may be associated with a disease, and for diagnosing and treating such a disease. Related methods and kits also are disclosed.... Agent: Adlyfe, Inc.

20150133633 - Modification of peptides using a bis(thioether)arylbridge approach: This invention provides novel methods of stabilizing peptides and peptides so stabilized. In certain embodiments the methods involve providing a peptide containing at least two S bearing residues within the peptide; and reacting the peptide with a di-halogen-aryl-compounds to form a bis(thioether)-aryl-bridge between said two residues.... Agent:

20150133634 - Kit and method for producing a radiopharmaceutical: A kit for producing a radiopharmaceutical, having: a cation exchange cartridge; a reaction vial having a marker precursor; a solution vial having a solvent; an elution vial having a sterile solution including common salt (NaCl) and hydrochloric acid (HCl); and a buffer salt. A method for producing a radiopharmaceutical is... Agent:

20150133635 - Bacterial toxin vaccine: A bacterial toxin protein such as a Shiga toxin protein is efficiently produced using plant cells. The plant cells are transformed using a DNA construct containing DNA encoding a hybrid protein in which the bacterial toxin proteins such as the Shiga toxin proteins are tandemly linked through a peptide having... Agent: National University Corporation Nara Institute Of Science And Technology

20150133636 - Purification of biological molecules: The present invention relates to improved processes and systems for purification of biological molecules, where the processes can be performed in a continuous manner.... Agent:

20150133637 - P2x7 receptor antagonists and agonists: The present invention relates to biological materials against P2X7 and more in particular to polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding such polypeptides; to methods for preparing such polypeptides; to host cells expressing or capable of expressing such polypeptides; to compositions and in particular to pharmaceutical compositions that comprise such polypeptides, for prophylactic,... Agent: Ablynx N.v.

20150133640 - Production of t cell retargeting hetero-dimeric immunoglobulins: The present invention describes novel hetero-dimeric immunoglobulins or fragments thereof which bind to CD3 and a disease associated antigen. These hetero-dimeric immunoglobulins have been engineered to promote hetero-dimer formation during expression and can be purified to a high degree using a Protein A differential purification technique.... Agent:

20150133638 - Single-chain antibodies and other heteromultimers: The invention provides engineered heteromultimeric protein complexes constructed using one, two, or three tethers and methods for making, using, and purifying such complexes, such as antibodies with different binding properties.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20150133641 - Transgenic non-human vertebrate for the in vivo production of dual specificity immunoglobulins or hypermutated heavy chain only immunoglobulins: The invention relates, in one aspect, generally to novel concept of guided selection of antibody variable domains, combination and expression entirely in vivo. An application is to produce multivalent polypeptides. The present invention relates to multivalent (eg, multispecific) antibodies, antibody chains and polypeptides, as well as heavy chain-only antibodies (H2... Agent:

20150133639 - Use of metal ions for modulation of protein glycosylation profiles of recombinant proteins: Protein glycosylation greatly influences the structure, function, and pharmacokinetics of recombinant proteins. Here, growth media supplemented with metal ions is shown to modulate the protein glycosylation profile of recombinant proteins expressed in a variety of eukaryotic cell lines. In particular, millimolar amounts of ferric salts (e.g. ferric nitrate, ferric citrate,... Agent:

20150133642 - Crystallization methods for purification of monoclonal antibodies: This application teaches methods for crystallizing antibodies from cell-free culture supernatants. They produce high purity, stable, crystallized monoclonal antibodies suitable for formulation in pharmaceutical products in high yield from cell-free culture supernatant without the use of costly steps or equipment.... Agent:

20150133643 - Low organic extractable depth filter media processed with solvent extraction method: Provided is a primary clarification depth filtration process of cell-culture feeds, including chemically treated flocculated feeds, containing target biomolecules of interest such as mAbs, mammalian cell cultures, or bacterial cell cultures, utilizing a primary clarification depth filtration device containing a media with significantly lower flushing requirements, resulting in lower levels... Agent:

20150133644 - Method to produce an immunoglobulin preparation with improved yield: The present invention provides improved methods for the manufacturing of IVIG products. These methods offer various advantages such as reduced loss of IgG during purification and improved quality of final products. In other aspects, the present invention provides aqueous and pharmaceutical compositions suitable for intravenous, subcutaneous, and/or intramuscular administration. In... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150126706 - Alkynes and methods of reacting alkynes with 1,3-dipole-functional compounds: 1,3-Dipole-functional compounds (e.g., azide functional compounds) can be reacted with certain alkynes in a cyclization reaction to form heterocyclic compounds. Useful alkynes (e.g., strained, cyclic alkynes) and methods of making such alkynes are also disclosed. The reaction of 1,3-dipole-functional compounds with alkynes can be used for a wide variety of... Agent:

20150126707 - Daptomycin analogues and a method for the preparation of daptomycin or a daptomycin analogue: A method for the synthesis of daptomycin or a daptomycin analogue is carried out on a resin to form a linear precursor followed by a serine ligation macrocyclization in solution. Daptomycin analogues can differ from daptomycin by substitution of amino acids residues and/or deletion or addition of amino acid residues.... Agent: The University Of Hong Kong

20150126708 - Radiofluorination method: The present invention provides a method of radio fluorination of biological targeting molecules (BTMs) with the radioisotope 18F. Also provided are novel conjugates useful in the 18F-radio fluorination method, and the use of such conjugates and automated synthesizer apparatus including cassettes for carrying out the method.... Agent: Ge Healthcare Limited

20150126710 - Fusion proteins forming trimers: The present invention refers to fusion proteins comprising a neck region and carbohydrate recognition domain of a collectin trimerization domain, a linker element and an effector polypeptide. Further the invention refers to a nucleic acid encoding the said fusion protein. The fusion proteins, the nucleic acid, and the cell are... Agent:

20150126709 - Trail collectin fusion proteins: The present invention refers to a fusion protein comprising a TNF-superfamily (TNFSF) cytokine or a receptor binding domain thereof fused to a collectin trimerization domain, to a nucleic acid molecule encoding the fusion protein, and to a cell comprising the nucleic acid molecule. The fusion protein is present as a... Agent:

20150126711 - Method for obtaining plant proteins: A method for concentrating plant proteins from an aqueous liquid is provided in which gas bubbles are generated in the liquid from a gas containing a hydrogen gas and a foam is thereby formed in which plant proteins are concentrated and extracted as a result. The gas bubbles are generated... Agent:

20150126712 - Methods of extracting chemical compounds from organisms with resistant cell walls: A method is provided for extraction of chemical compounds from an organism having a cell wall that includes adding nanomaterials, which may be at least one of metallic nanofibers, silica nanofibers, carbon nanofibers and metal doped silica and carbon nanofibers, wherein the nanofibers are generally doped with silver but may... Agent: Board Of Supervisors Of Louisiana State University And Agricultural And Mechanical College

20150126714 - Method for producing complete human neutralizing antibody for high mobility group box 1 (hmgb1) and the use to treat or inhibit hmgb1-associated neuromyelitis: The present invention relates to methods of making human anti-HMGB1 antibodies, compositions comprising these antibodies and methods of using the antibodies and compositions in HMGB1 associated-neuropathy.... Agent:

20150126713 - Novel anti-human il-23 receptor antibody: e

20150126715 - Highly glycosylated long-acting human growth hormone protein and production method for same: The present invention relates to a long-acting human growth hormone NexP-hGH protein and its production method. More specifically, it relates to a specific isoform of long-acting human growth hormone NexP-hGH protein in which human growth hormone is fused with a highly glycosylated alpha-1 antitrypsin mutant whereby long-acting properties in vivo... Agent:

20150126716 - Nitrated lignin ester and process of making the same: The present invention is related to a nitrated lignin ester, comprising a structure including ester groups derived from hydroxy groups of lignin, nitric acid ester groups and nitro-group substituted aromatic moieties. The present invention is furthermore related to a process of making said nitrated lignin ester.... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150119551 - Stabilized p53 peptides and uses thereof: Cross-linked peptides related to human p53 and bind to HMD2 or a family member of HDM2 useful for promoting apoptosis, e.g., in the treatment of and identifying therapeutic agents that binding to HMD2 or a family member of HDM2.... Agent: Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

20150119552 - Aromatic-cationic peptides and uses of same: Disclosed herein are compositions and methods related to aromatic-cationic peptides. In particular, the compositions and methods relate to aromatic-cationic peptides in conjunction with cytochrome c. In some embodiments, the aromatic-cationic peptide comprises one or more of D-Arg-Tyr-Lys-Phe-NH2 (P-231), DArg-D-Dmt-D-Lys-D-Phe-NH2, and D-Arg-D-Tyr-D-Lys-D-Phe-N H2 (P-2310). In some embodiments, the method relates to... Agent:

20150119553 - Bioconjugates of cyanine dyes: s

20150119554 - Spider silk fusion protein structures incorporating immunoglobulin fragments as affinity ligands: A recombinant fusion protein comprising the moieties Band CT, and optionally REP, wherein B is comprising at least one immunoglobulin fragment, which provides the capacity of selective interaction with an organic target; CT is a moiety of from 70 to 120 amino acid residues and is derived from the C-terminal... Agent: Spiber Technologies Ab

20150119555 - Bispecific antibody molecule: The present invention relates to a bispecific antibody molecule, as well as a method for producing the same, its use and a nucleic acid molecule encoding the bispecific antibody molecule. The invention in particular provides an antibody molecule that is capable of mediating target cell restricted activation of immune cells.... Agent: Synimmune Gmbh

20150119556 - Histidine engineered light chain antibodies and genetically modified non-human animals for generating the same: A genetically modified non-human animal is provided, wherein the non-human animal expresses an antibody repertoire capable of pH dependent binding to antigens upon immunization. A genetically modified non-human animal is provided that expresses human immunoglobulin light chain variable domains derived from a limited repertoire of human immunoglobulin light chain variable... Agent:

20150119557 - In vitro culture conditions for t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma: We describe cell culture media for in vitro culture of a human cancer cell of the lymphocyte lineage (e.g., leukemia, lymphoma, or other blasts) or a precursor thereof, especially T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia lymphoma (T-ALL), as well as methods for at least maintenance, propagation, or both of the human cancer... Agent: The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.

20150119558 - Cho-gmt recombinant protein expression: The present invention provides modified cells for producing proteins with modified glycosylation patterns. Proteins produced in such cells, and the use of such proteins in medicine, and particularly in the treatment of cancer, is also provided.... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20150119559 - Method for lignin separation from black liquor: The method is for separation of lignin from original black liquor (BLIN) that has a first precipitation phase (PR1/PR2) for precipitation of lignin by a first acidification using acidifier, CO2, at alkaline conditions, then separating a lignin cake with subsequent suspension of the lignin cake in a strong acid in... Agent:

20150119560 - Method for production of lignin: A method for the preparation of lignin, characterized in that an acid is added to an alkaline alcoholic solution of lignin and the precipitated lignin is separated, and, optionally, from the filtrate alcohol is removed in order to get further lignin; as well as a method for the preparation of... Agent: Annikki Gmbh

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