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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150148521 - Insulins with an acyl moiety comprising repeating units of alkylene glycol containing amino acids: Acylated insulins wherein an acyl moiety is attached to the parent insulin and wherein said acyl moiety comprises repeating units of alkylene glycol containing amino acids and wherein there is only one lysine residue (K & Lys) in the parent insulin have satisfactory properties when administered pulmonary.... Agent:

20150148520 - Single-chain insulin agonists exhibiting high activity at the insulin receptor: Single chain insulin analogs are provided having high potency and specificity for the insulin receptor. As disclosed herein optimally sized linking moieties can be used to link human insulin A and B chains, or analogs or derivatives thereof, wherein the carboxy terminus of the B25 amino acid of the B... Agent:

20150148522 - Somatostatin-dopamine chimeric analogs: The present invention relates to novel somatostatin-dopamine chimeric analogs and their therapeutic uses for the inhibition, prevention, and/or treatment of neoplasia, neuroendocrine tumors, Cushing's disease/syndrome, and other conditions.... Agent: Ipsen Pharma S.a.s.

20150148523 - Gamma amino acid building blocks: The Michael adducts can bear a single substituent or dual substituents adjacent to the carbonyl. The Michael adducts can be efficiently converted to cyclically constrained protected γ-amino acid residues, which are essential for systematic conformational studies of γ-peptide foldamers. New methods are also provided to prepare other γ-amino acids and... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20150148524 - Amino acid analogues and methods for their synthesis: A method for the synthesis of an amino acid analogue or a salt, solvate, derivative, isomer or tautomer thereof comprising the steps of: (i) subjecting an amino acid containing a metathesisable group to metathesis with a compound containing a complementary metathesisable group of formula (I) or (II): (Formulae (I), (II))... Agent:

20150148525 - Methods of incorporating an amino acid comprising a bcn group into a polypeptide using an orthogonal codon encoding it and an orthorgonal pylrs synthase: The invention relates to a polypeptide comprising an amino acid having a bicyclo[6.1.0]non-4-yn-9-ylmethanol (BCN) group, particularly when said BCN group is present as: a residue of a lysine amino acid. The invention also relates to a method of producing a polypeptide comprising a BCN group, said method comprising genetically incorporating... Agent:

20150148526 - Methods for reducing levels of protein-contaminant complexes and aggregates in protein preparations by treatment with electropositive organic additives: Methods for reduction of aggregate levels in antibody and other protein preparations through treatment with low concentrations of electropositive organic additives (e.g., ethacridine, chlorhexidine, or polyethylenimine) in combination with ureides (e.g., urea, uric acid, or allantoin) or organic modulators (e.g., nonionic organic polymers, surfactants, organic solvent or ureides). Some aspects... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150141615 - Aldehyde acetal based processes for the manufacture of macrocyclic depsipeptides and new intermediates: P

20150141616 - Disulfide stabilized foldon polypeptides: Intermolecular disulfide stabilized foldon polypeptides are provided.... Agent:

20150141617 - Production and purification of active eukaryotic formylglycinegenerating enzyme (fge) variants: The invention features compositions and methods for generation and uses of formylglycine generating enzyme (FGE) variants.... Agent:

20150141618 - Solution-dyed protein fiber and method for producing same: A solution-dyed protein fiber of the present invention includes 0-100 mass % of silk fibroin and 100-0 mass % of a polypeptide derived from spider silk proteins when the protein fiber is assumed to be 100 mass %, wherein the solution-dyed protein fiber contains a solution-dyeing colorant. The fiber is... Agent:

20150141619 - Cross-linked collagen comprising metallic anticancer agents: The disclosure describes collagen constructs comprising anticancer agents, preferably, platinum, and related methods.... Agent:

20150141622 - Flt4 (vegfr-3) as a target for tumor imaging and anti-tumor therapy: The present invention provide purified Flt4 receptor tyrosine kinase polypeptides and fragments thereof, polynucleotides encoding such polypeptides, antibodies that specifically bind such polypeptides, and uses therefor.... Agent:

20150141620 - Methods related to rituximab: The present invention relates to the characterization and production of rituximab.... Agent:

20150141621 - Stabilized human igg4 antibodies: A highly stable mutant of human IgG4 antibody is provided. Such antibody is an antibody in which the CH3 domain of human IgG4 is substituted with the CH3 domain of human IgG1 and which exhibits inhibited aggregate formation, an antibody in which the CH3 and CH2 domains of human IgG4... Agent: Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd

20150141623 - Protein purification methods to reduce acidic species: The instant invention relates to the field of protein production and purification, and in particular to compositions and processes for controlling the amount of charge variants, aggregates, and fragments of a protein of interest, as well as host cell proteins, present in purified preparations by applying particular chromatography conditions during... Agent:

20150141624 - Anti-cd70 antibody drug conjugates: This invention relates to anti-CD70 antibodies and antibody drug conjugates comprising at least one non-naturally-encoded amino acid. Disclosed herein are αCD70 antibodies with one or more non-naturally encoded amino acids and further disclosed are antibody drug conjugates wherein the αCD70 antibodies of the invention are conjugated to one or more... Agent: Ambrx, Inc.

20150141625 - Immune response modifier conjugates: The present invention provides IRM conjugates that includes an IRM moiety and a second active moiety covalently linked to the IRM moiety in which the covalent link does not depend on UV irradiation.... Agent:

20150141626 - Reducing the immunogenicity of fusion proteins: Disclosed are compositions and methods for producing fusion proteins with reduced immunogenicity. Fusion proteins of the invention include a junction region having an amino acid change that reduces the ability of a junctional epitope to bind to MHC Class II, thereby reducing its interaction with a T-cell receptor. Methods of... Agent:

20150141627 - Method for antigen delivery: The present invention relates to a novel method for an antigen and/or bioactive molecule delivery and a composition that functions in the antigen and/or bioactive molecule delivery comprising the ASC speck carrier and the antigen and/or bioactive molecule, carried by the ASC speck carrier.... Agent:

20150141628 - Methods for treating lignocellulosic materials: The present invention relates to methods of processing lignocellulosic material to obtain hemicellulose sugars, cellulose sugars, lignin, cellulose and other high-value products. Also provided are hemicellulose sugars, cellulose sugars, lignin, cellulose, and other high-value products.... Agent:

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