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Chemistry: natural resins or derivatives; peptides or proteins; lignins or reaction products thereof

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04/10/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140100353 - Aldehyde acetal based processes for the manufacture of macrocyclic depsipeptides and new intermediates: P

20140100354 - Peptoid compositions and methods of using the same:

20140100355 - Solution phase processes for the manufacture of macrocyclic depsipeptides and new intermediates:

20140100356 - Novel immunoglobulin-binding polypeptide: An object of the present invention is to provide novel polypeptides that are capable of binding to an immunoglobulin and have high stability against alkali. The present invention relates to proteins having the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID No:1 or 2.... Agent:

20140100357 - Compositions containing, methods involving, and uses of non-natural amino acids and polypeptides: Disclosed herein are non-natural amino acids and polypeptides that include at least one non-natural amino acid, and methods for making such non-natural amino acids and polypeptides. The non-natural amino acids, by themselves or as a part of a polypeptide, can include a wide range of possible functionalities, but typical have... Agent: Ambrx, Inc.

20140100358 - Antibody production method: Provided is an antibody production method whereby it is possible to repeatedly acquire antibodies produced by fish without killing the fish. Specifically provided is an antibody production method whereby it is possible to repeatedly acquire the antibodies produced by a fish, without killing the fish, by administering antigens to fish... Agent: National University Corporation Mie University

20140100359 - Dual variable domain immunoglobulin and uses thereof: The present invention relates to engineered multivalent and multispecific binding proteins, methods of making, and specifically to their uses in the prevention and/or treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory and other diseases.... Agent: Abbvie Inc.

04/03/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140094586 - Hla-binding peptide, and dna fragment and recombinant vector coding for said hla-binding peptide: An HLA-binding peptide binding to a HLA-A type molecule, the HLA-binding peptide includes at least one type of amino acid sequence selected from the group consisting of SEQ ID NOS: 1 to 80, and consists of not less than 8 and not more than 11 amino acid residues. All of... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140094587 - Filamentous fungi having an altered viscosity phenotype: Described are compositions and methods relating to variant filamentous fungi having altered growth characteristics. Such variants are well-suited for growth in submerged cultures, e.g., for the large-scale production of enzymes and other proteins for commercial applications.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140094588 - Prognostic and therapeutic signature for malignant melanoma: The present invention relates to a method of predicting the course of disease in a patient having a malignant melanoma, the method comprising determining in melanoma cells comprised in a sample obtained from said malignant melanoma the presence or amount of at least five biomarkers selected from the group comprising... Agent: Universit&#xe4 T Regensburg

20140094589 - Method for producing web protein, a fused protein, recombinant dna, an expression vector, a host cell and strain-producers: The invention also relates to fused proteins comprising sequences of recombinant proteins of the orb-weaving spider silk and of ubiquitin-like proteins, to recombinant DNAs encoding the fused proteins, to host yeast cells and to expression vectors suitable for carrying out the method, and also to producer strains of recombinant proteins... Agent:

20140094590 - Cell-adhesive protein: It is an object of the present invention to provide a protein having high cellular adhesiveness that is useful as a cell adhesion support. The present invention provides a cell-adhesive protein comprising methionine, wherein at least a portion of the methionine residues is oxidized.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140094591 - Methods for purification of alpha-1-antitrypsin and apolipoprotein a-1: This invention relates to protein separation and purification methods for both alpha-1-antitrypsin (AAT, also known as alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor, API, and A.sub.1-PI) and Apolipoprotein A-I (ApoA-1) from, for example, a fraction of human blood plasma. In certain embodiments, the invention provides methods for separating AAT from ApoA-1 at the initial... Agent: Csl Behring Gmbh

20140094592 - Recombinant pokeweed antiviral proteins, compositions and methods related thereto: The present invention provides novel, modified pokeweed antiviral proteins, nucleic acids that encode the proteins, conjugates that incorporate the proteins, and methods to make and use the proteins. The present invention also provides methods to administer the conjugates to animals, for the purpose of directing toxin to particular cells.... Agent: Cedus, Inc.

20140094593 - Purification method for proteins, in particular antibodies, utilizing a wash solution comprising arginine at high ph for the affinity chromatography step: The invention provides a washing method for affinity chromatography in which a wash solution comprising arginine, or an arginine derivative, at pH greater than 8.0, is effective in removing impurities without the presence of a nonbuffering salt, while simultaneously increasing product concentration in the eluate and maintaining a high percent... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140094594 - Immunoaffinity isolation of modified peptides from complex mixtures: The invention provides methods for isolating a modified peptide from a complex mixture of peptides, the method comprising the steps of: (a) obtaining a proteinaceous preparation from an organism, wherein the preparation comprises modified peptides from two or more different proteins; (b) contacting the preparation with at least one immobilized... Agent:

20140094595 - Protein scaffolds for antibody mimics and other binding proteins: Disclosed herein are proteins that include an immunoglobulin fold and that can be used as scaffolds. Also disclosed herein are nucleic acids encoding such proteins and the use of such proteins in diagnostic methods and in methods for evolving novel compound-binding species and their ligands.... Agent: Bristol-myers Squibb Company

03/27/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140088290 - Novel melanoma antigen peptide and uses thereof: The present invention relates to novel melanoma antigen peptides and specific T lymphocytes directed to said peptides and the use thereof for treating melanoma.... Agent: Universite De Nantes

20140088291 - Method for producing peptide: (1) removing N-terminal Fmoc group of N-Fmoc C-protected amino acid or N-Fmoc C-protected peptide wherein a C-terminal carboxy group is protected by an anchor group derived from an anchor soluble in halogenated solvents or ether solvents, insoluble in polar solvents and having a molecular weight of not less than 300,... Agent: Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

20140088292 - Water-soluble polypeptides comprised of repeat modules, method for preparing the same and method for a target-specific polypeptide and analysis of biological activity thereof: The present invention relates to a soluble polypeptide comprised of repeat modules. More particularly, the present invention relates to a soluble fusion polypeptide of the N-terminal domain of internalin and LRR (Leucine rich repeat) family protein, a method for preparing the polypeptide, a vector comprising a nucleic acid sequence encoding... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20140088293 - Photosynthetic organisms and compositions and methods of generating same: An isolated polynucleotide is provided. The isolated polynucleotide comprising a nucleic acid sequence encoding a polypeptide of a Type II reaction center of a photosynthetic organism, the nucleic acid sequence being capable of imparting the type II reaction center with an activity under a temperature range different than that of... Agent: Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.

20140088294 - Production of glycoproteins using manganese: Culture media comprising manganese and methods of culturing cells to improve sialylation and glycosylation of glycoproteins are provided.... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20140088295 - Anti-cd3 antibodies, bispecific antigen-binding molecules that bind cd3 and cd20, and uses thereof: The present invention provides antibodies that bind to CD3 and methods of using the same. According to certain embodiments, the antibodies of the invention bind human CD3 with high affinity and induce human T cell proliferation. The invention includes antibodies that bind CD3 and induce T cell-mediated killing of tumor... Agent: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140088296 - Il-18 binding proteins: The present invention encompasses IL-18 binding proteins, particularly antibodies that bind human interleukin-18 (hIL-18). Specifically, the invention relates to antibodies that are entirely human antibodies. Preferred antibodies have high affinity for hIL-18 and/or that neutralize hIL-18 activity in vitro and in vivo. An antibody of the invention can be a... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

03/20/2014 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140080995 - Processes for the manufacture of macrocyclic depsipeptides and new intermediates: P

20140080997 - Novel mite allergen:

20140080996 - Skin or hair binding peptides: The invention is directed to peptides. Specifically, the invention is directed to peptides which bind skin and do not bind hair. Alternatively, the invention is drawn to peptides which bind hair and do not bind skin.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140080998 - Acid-cleavable linkers exhibiting altered rates of acid hydrolysis: An acid-cleavable peptide linker comprising aspartic acid and proline residues is disclosed. The acid-cleavable peptide linker provides an altered sensitivity to acid-hydrolytic release of peptides of interest from fusion peptides of the formula PEP1-L-PEP2. The inventive linker, L, is described in various embodiments, each of which provides substantially more rapid... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140080999 - Method for producing peptide: The present invention provides a production method of a protected amino acid, protected peptide or peptide, including precipitation and solid-liquid separation of C-protected amino acid or C-protected peptide in a solvent containing water-containing acetonitrile, after removing the N-terminal protecting group from N-protected C-protected amino acid or N-protected C-protected peptide wherein... Agent: Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

20140081001 - Dual affinity polypeptides for purification: The present invention relates to a process for purification of a target biomolecule, comprising the steps: (a) contacting (i) a target biomolecule, (ii) a dual affinity polypeptide, and (iii) a solid support comprising a catching ligand, wherein the ratio between the equilibrium dissociation constants of the dual affinity polypeptide, [KD,t/KD,s],... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20140081000 - Ion exchange chromatography with improved selectivity for the separation of polypeptide monomers, aggregates and fragments by modulation of the mobile phase: Herein is reported a method for producing a polypeptide in monomeric form comprising the following step: recovering the polypeptide in monomeric form from an ion exchange chromatography material by applying a solution comprising a non-ionic polymer and an additive.... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

20140081002 - Protein complex including bi-specific antibody: Provided is a protein complex including a bi-specific antibody, and a method of preparing the protein complex, which can provide a system that simultaneously targets two antigens.... Agent:

20140081003 - Methods and compositions for preventing norleucine misincorporation into proteins: The present invention relates to methods and compositions for preventing incorporation of norleucine into proteins during recombinant protein production in bacteria. The present invention also provides microorganism host cells and nucleic acid molecules for use with the methods and compositions provided herein.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140081004 - Glycosylated specificity exchangers: The present invention is directed to ligand/receptor and antigen/antibody specificity exchangers comprising a saccharide or glycoconjugate. Methods of making these specificity exchangers and methods of using said specificity exchangers to treat or prevent human disease are described herein.... Agent:

20140081005 - Antibody-drug conjugates: Disclosed are anti-5T4 antibody drug conjugates and methods for preparing and using the same.... Agent: Wyeth LLC

20140081006 - Method for producing mullerian inhibitor substance in plants: The present invention provides, in one aspect, a method for producing Mullerian Inhibitor Substance in a plant comprising incubating or growing a plant into which has been introduced or infiltrated a nucleic acid construct comprising, consisting or consisting essentially of a nucleic acid sequence encoding a Mullerian Inhibitor Substance fusion... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20140081007 - Methods for the detection, analysis and isolation of nascent proteins: This invention relates to non-radioactive markers that facilitate the detection and analysis of nascent proteins translated within cellular or cell-free translation systems. Nascent proteins containing these markers can be rapidly and efficiently detected, isolated and analyzed without the handling and disposal problems associated with radioactive reagents. Preferred markers are dipyrrometheneboron... Agent: Ambergen, Inc.

20140081008 - Scalable process for protein purification: The invention provides a process for the purification recombinantly expressed, self-assembled VLP from the homogenate of a bacterial host, wherein the process can be scaled up to a commercial production scale in a cost effective manner. The process comprises a first chromatography using an anion exchange matrix, a second chromatography... Agent: Cytos Biotechnology Ag

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