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Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology

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08/07/2014 > 144 patent applications in 74 patent subcategories.

20140220547 - Methods and compositions for vein harvest and autografting: The leading cause of graft failure is the subsequent development of intimal hyperplasia, which represents a response to injury that is thought to involve smooth muscle proliferation, migration, phenotypic modulation, and extracellular matrix (ECM) deposition. Surgical techniques typically employed for vein harvest—stretching the vein, placing the vein in low pH,... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20140220550 - Apparatus, system and method for conditioning and preserving an organ from a donor: A donor organ treatment apparatus has a container for holding an organ and a perfusion liquid circuit. The perfusion circuit includes a supply conduit downstream of an oxygenator and a heat exchanger for supplying perfusion liquid from the oxygenator and the heat exchanger to an organ in the container and... Agent: Organ Assist B.v.

20140220548 - Methods and compositions to modify the immunogenicity of a vascularized organ or tissue: Disclosed herein is an RGD-enriched solubilized extracellular matrix composition derived from endothelial cell culture that can be used to modify the immunogenicity or thrombogenicity of an organ intended for transplant. The RGD-enriched solubilized extracellular matrix composition is applied to the lumen of the vasculature of the organ, thereby placing a... Agent: Orgamend, Inc.

20140220549 - Organ preservation and/or perfusion: The present invention relates to a solution for preservation, perfusion, and/or reperfusion of an organ, especially the heart, for transplantation. The solution contains peptide inhibitor(s) of protein kinase C ε (PKC ε). Methods for using the inventive solution are also disclosed, including methods for preserving an organ for transplantation, for... Agent: Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine

20140220551 - Cryopreservation of cells and tissue for clinical application: Disclosed herein are methods for cryopreserving cells and tissues under clinical conditions, allowing production of viable cell products suitable for transplantation.... Agent: Primegen Biotech LLC

20140220552 - Blood collection devices containing contact pathway inhibition additives: Disclosed are devices for collecting blood that contain an anti-coagulant and an additive that delays clotting by inhibiting the contact pathway for thrombin generation. The additive is a coagulation contact pathway inhibitor additive that is at least one of a Factor XI inhibitor, a Factor XII inhibitor, a kallikrein inhibitor... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140220553 - Enzymatic conversion of blood group a, b, and ab red blood cells using alpha-n-acetylgalactosaminidases and alpha-galactosidases with unique substrate specificities and kinetic properties: This invention relates to enzymatic removal of type A and B antigens from blood group A, B, and AB reactive cells in blood products, and thereby converting these to non-A and non-B reactive cells. The invention further relates to using unique α-N-acetylgalactosaminidases and α-galactosidases with superior kinetic properties for removing... Agent: Velico Medical, Inc.

20140220555 - In vitro microphysiological system for high throughput 3d tissue organization and biological function: Techniques for generating microtissues, including a micro-fabricated platform including at least one micro-well including a plurality of micro-cantilevers coupled thereto and surrounded by a plurality of ridges, each micro-cantilever including a cap at a terminal end thereof. The platform can be immersed in a suspension of cells. The suspension of... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20140220554 - Processes and compositions for detecting human papilloma virus types: Provided herein are compositions and processes that allow for sensitive detection of up to fifteen individual HPV sequences or types in a single, multiplexed test. High risk types that can be detected are HPV 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68, and 73.... Agent: Sequenom, Inc.

20140220557 - Device and method for laser analysis and separation (las) of particles: A device and method for particle separation. The device includes at least one collimated light source operable to generate at least one collimated light source beam. The device further includes a first channel in a first plane and a focused particle stream nozzle operably connected to the first channel. The... Agent:

20140220556 - Method of design and synthesis of a new drug: A method of design and synthesis of a new drug. This invention may be used in human and veterinary medicine for the design of new drugs that are effective in the treatment of oncological and viral human and animal illnesses and for the design of new medicines. In the method... Agent:

20140220559 - Method to determine dna mismatch repair function: This invention relates to a quantitative method for determining whether a human subject has an impaired DNA mismatch repair function; providing a diagnostic sample taken from said human and producing a nuclear extract from said sample; providing MMR proficient and MMR deficient nuclear extracts as positive and negative controls, respectively;... Agent: Helsingin Yliopisto

20140220558 - Methods and systems for nucleic acid sequence analysis: Disclosed are new and improved methods and systems for nucleic acid sequence analysis that can analyze data indicative of natural by-products of nucleotide incorporation events without the need for exogenous labels or dyes to identify nucleic acid sequences of interest. In particular, the methods and systems of the present teachings... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140220560 - Methods for rna detection and quantification: The present invention relates to novel nucleic acid molecules, called aptamers, that bind specifically to a small molecule fluorophore and thereby enhance the fluorescence signal of the fluorophore upon exposure to radiation of suitable wavelength. Molecular complexes formed between the novel fluorophores, novel nucleic acid molecules, and their target molecules... Agent: Cornell University

20140220575 - Artificial selection method and reagents: The present invention provides methods for estimating the breeding value of individuals in populations such as those having small effective population size (Ne) e.g., to identify selection candidates having high breeding values, wherein the methods comprise inferring one or more genotypes for one or more markers at a locus or... Agent: Agriculture Victoria Services Pty Limited

20140220576 - Combinatorial dna taggants and methods of preparation and use thereof: DNA taggants in which the nucleotide sequences are defined according to combinatorial mathematical principles. Methods of defining nucleotide sequences of the combinatorial DNA taggants, and using such taggants for authentication and tracking and tracing an object or process are also disclosed.... Agent: Jeansee LLC

20140220569 - Digital assay for telomere length: Digital assay system, including methods and apparatus, for characterizing telomere length.... Agent:

20140220567 - Discrimination of blood type variants: The present invention provides a method for detecting the presence or absence of, or for discriminating between, blood type variants, including RHD*r′s, RHD*DIIIa, RHD*DIVa-2, RHCE*css and RHCE*ce733G. The method comprises genotyping a sample obtained from a human subject at one or more positions in intron 7 of the RHD gene... Agent: Progenika Biopharma, S.a.

20140220573 - Embodiments of a probe and method for targeting nucleic acids: Disclosed embodiments concern a probe comprising one or more pairs of monomers capable of targeting a nucleic acid target. The pair of monomers may be arranged in a manner that promotes thermoinstability of the probe complex, thus producing a probe capable of locating and/or detecting a target. The probe also... Agent: University Of Idaho

20140220563 - Fluid identification system and production and use thereof: A fluid identification system comprising a plurality of particles, each particle encapsulating therein at least one tracer material having an identifiable DNA, the at least one tracer material being encapsulated by an encapsulation material, wherein the particles are adapted to retain the at least one tracer material in an encapsulated... Agent: Tracesa Ltd.

20140220566 - Materials and methods for determining sensitivity potential of compounds: The invention concerns in vitro proteomic analysis of cells to determine the sensitizing potential (including allergic potential) of compounds on said cells. Several protein markers are provided that allow assays to be performed to determine whether a chemical has a sensitizing potential of contact and/or respiratory sensitizers.... Agent: Electrophoretics Limited

20140220568 - Means and methods for the determination of prediction models associated with a phenotype: The disclosure provides methods and means for identifying plants comprising a plant phenotype of interest. In particular, the disclosure provides breeding tools that can be used for the selection of a plant comprising a phenotype of interest and for the selection of an optimal plant genotype for the introduction of... Agent: Vib Vzw

20140220572 - Method and system to detect, diagnose, and monitor the progression of alzheimer's disease: Various embodiments provide methods for the detection, the diagnosis, and/or the progression monitoring of Alzheimer's disease by observing the epigenetic markers in leukocytes. Methods for determining a state of Alzheimer's disease are provided. Accordingly, these methods can comprise the steps of placing a sample comprising at least one blood component... Agent:

20140220562 - Method of predicting responsiveness of b cell lineage malignancies to active immunotherapy: Predictive biomarkers identify those patients suffering from immunoglobulin positive (Ig+) B lineage malignancies that are responsive to active immunotherapy, where the active immunotherapy comprises vaccination with a tumor-specific idiotype-immunogen. It is shown herein that patient responsiveness to the idiotype-immunogen is dependent upon the sequence of the immunogen, where an immunogen... Agent:

20140220570 - Methods and compositions for risk prediction, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of pulmonary disorders: The invention provides diagnostic and therapeutic targets for pulmonary disease, in particular, fibrotic lung disease. The inventors have found that a genetic variant MUC5B gene is associated with increased expression of the gene, increased risk of developing a pulmonary disease, and an improved prognosis and survival among those developing the... Agent: National Jewish Health

20140220574 - Methods for fixing and detecting rna: The invention provides a method for fixing an RNA molecule in a biological sample. The method comprises contacting the biological sample with an aldehyde-containing fixative, and subsequently contacting the sample with a solution comprising a carbodiimide and a heterocyclic derivative selected from the group consisting of an imidazole, pyrazole, triazole... Agent:

20140220565 - Microbe detection via hybridizing magnetic relaxation nanosensors: Disclosed herein are methods and materials for facilitating the detection of nucleic acid analytes of interest. Specifically exemplified herein are methods for detecting mycobacterial microorganisms, namely Mycobacterium avium spp. paratuberculosis. Also disclosed is new hybridizing magnetic relaxation nanosensor (hMRS) particularly adapted to detect a target nucleic acid analyte of interest.... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140220561 - Quantitative multiplex methylation-specific pcr: Methods are provided for diagnosing in a subject a condition, such as a carcinoma, sarcoma or leukemia, associated with hypermethylation of genes by isolating the genes from tissue containing as few as 50 to 1000 tumor cells. Using quantitative multiplex methylation specific PCR (QM-MSP), multiple genes can be quantitatively evaluated... Agent:

20140220571 - Transgenic plant event detection: The present invention relates to detection of materials derived from transgenic plant events. In particular, the invention provides methods, reagents, kits and reference materials for detecting the presence or absence in a sample of genetic material derived from and attributable to select transgenic plant events.... Agent: Scientific Institute Of Public Health

20140220564 - Tt1 and ttg1 control seed coat color in brassica: Seed coat color is a very important trait in oilseed type Brassica crops. Identification of the genes controlling the seed coat color is essential to the manipulation of these genes to develop new yellow-seeded germ plasm for oilseed breeding. The Brassica TTG1 and TT1 genes may be used to control... Agent:

20140220578 - Amplification of trp1 for specific detection of phytophthora ramorum: Phytophthora ramorum is currently a devastating disease for many plant species and infection presents significant economic problems, and in particular has lead to devastating effects on many specie of oak trees. The present invention provides methods and kits for selective detection of Phytophthora ramorum by amplification of indole-3-glycerol-phosphate synthase N-5′-phosphoribosyl... Agent: Agdia

20140220585 - Biologic sample collection devices and methods of production and use thereof: Collection devices and kits for biological sample collection include a biologic sample collection device having a hydrophilic swab matrix that includes a modified polycaprolactone (PCL). Methods of production and use thereof are also described herein. The biologic sample collection devices, kits and methods described herein are used to collect a... Agent: Diomics Corporation

20140220580 - Biomarker compositions and methods: Biomarkers can be assessed for diagnostic, therapy-related or prognostic methods to identify phenotypes, such as a condition or disease, or the stage or progression of a disease, select candidate treatment regimens for diseases, conditions, disease stages, and stages of a condition, and to determine treatment efficacy. Circulating biomarkers from a... Agent:

20140220586 - Filtering small nucleic acids using permeabilized cells: Filtering small nucleic acids using permeabilized cells and methods for using the filtering to detect genomic DNA accessibility are described.... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140220582 - Location analysis using fire retardant-protected nucleic acid-labeled tags: A nucleic acid tag comprising a nucleotide-support platform attached to a nucleic acid molecule, a fire retardant, and an encapsulant. Unique nucleic acid-containing tags containing a fire- or heat-protective element are seeded at one or more geographic locations. Using sequence analysis techniques, the person or object of interest is examined... Agent: Src, Inc.

20140220577 - Methods of using improved polymerases: This invention provides for methods of sequencing and performing polymerase reactions using an improved generation of nucleic acid polymerases. The improvement is the fusion of a sequence-non-specific nucleic-acid-binding domain to the enzyme in a manner that enhances the processivity of the polymerase.... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140220583 - Nucleic acid-labeled tags associated with odorant: A nucleic acid tag comprising a nucleotide-support platform attached to a nucleic acid molecule, an odorant, and an encapsulant. Unique nucleic acid-containing tags containing an odorant are seeded at one or more geographic locations. Using odorant-detection systems, the person or object of interest is examined for the presence of one... Agent: Src, Inc.

20140220581 - Pcr reaction cleanup buffers: The present disclosure relates to buffers containing polyols for use with affinity-binding and/or magnetically susceptible thermoplastic particles and methods of making and use thereof.... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140220579 - System for and method of changing temperatures of substances: A temperature control device for controlling a temperature of a substance to obtain a first temperature and to change to a second temperature has first and second heating blocks and a heating device. The heating device heats the first and second heating blocks to the first and second temperatures, respectively.... Agent: Ingeny PCr B.v.

20140220584 - Systems and methods for minimization or elimination of diffusion effects in a microfluidic system: The present invention relates to systems and methods for minimizing or eliminating diffusion effects. Diffused regions of a segmented flow of multiple, miscible fluid species may be vented off to a waste channel, and non-diffused regions of fluid may be preferentially pulled off the channel that contains the segmented flow.... Agent: Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.

20140220587 - Methods for genome assembly and haplotype phasing: The disclosure provides methods to assemble genomes of eukaryotic or prokaryotic organisms. The disclosure further provides methods for haplotype phasing and meta-genomics assemblies.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140220588 - Fluorescent dyes with phosphorylated hydroxymethyl groups and their use in light microscopy and imaging techniques: e

20140220590 - Methods of using benzothiazole derivative compounds and compositions: This invention provides benzothiazole derivative compounds, compositions comprising such compounds, methods of preparing such compounds, and methods of using such compounds for detecting amyloid deposit(s) and for diagnosing a disease, disorder or condition characterized by amyloid deposit(s).... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20140220591 - Ubiquitin chain analysis: There is described a method for analyzing ubiquitin polymers using linkage-specific deubiquitinase enzymes. Novel specificities of deubiquitinase enzymes are also provided.... Agent: Medical Research Council

20140220589 - Ultrasensitive detection of beta hemolytic streptococcus: The present invention is directed to a method for the ultrasensitive detection of beta hemolytic Streptococcus, a bacterium implicated in strep throat, using a specific protease marker. Also disclosed is a device as well as a biosensor, both of which are useful for the detection of beta hemolytic Streptococcus. The... Agent: Systagenix Wound Management (us) Inc.

20140220592 - Method of calibration: The following processes are performed to improve the accuracy of the process of estimating the volume of a cell clump from an image including the cell clump. First, the image including the cell clump is acquired, and the optical density of the cell clump in the image is measured. Cross-section... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140220598 - Biological substance detection method: The present invention provides a biological substance detection method for specifically detecting a biological substance from a pathological specimen, by which method, when immunostaining using a fluorescent label and staining for morphological observation using a staining agent for morphological observation are simultaneously performed, the results of fluorescence observation and immunostaining... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140220597 - Neuregulin-1-based prognosis and therapeutic stratification of colorectal cancer: The present invention relates to the prognosis, therapeutic stratification and treatment of colorectal cancer. More in particular, the present invention discloses that significantly increased levels of transmembrane type 1 neuregulin-1 in tumor-associated mesenchymal cells present in a sample of a patient indicate that the patient has a worse prognosis when... Agent: Universiteit Gent

20140220599 - Diagnosis method of active tuberculosis: The present invention relates to a method for the in vitro diagnosis of active tuberculosis, comprising a step of contacting lymphocytes of a patient suspected to have active tuberculosis with at least one protein of mycobacteria, said protein being an enzyme having a lipolytic activity, and a step of detecting... Agent: Universite Montpellier 1

20140220600 - Proteins expressed by mycobacterium tuberculosis and not by bcg and their use as diagnostic reagents and vaccines: The present invention is directed to reagents useful for generating immune responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis and for diagnosing infection and disease in a subject that has been exposed to M. tuberculosis.... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20140220593 - Inhibition of peroxidase enzymatic activity: The present invention deals with reagents and compositions capable of effectively inhibiting peroxidase activity. According to the invention, peroxidase enzymatic activity is blocked with an acidic aqueous solution of a protein denaturing agent. Preferred protein denaturing agents are detergents and chaotropic substances.... Agent:

20140220594 - Nmr methods for endotoxin analysis: The invention features a method of monitoring a clotting process by measuring a signal characteristic of the NMR relaxation of water in a sample undergoing endotoxi-induced clotting to produce NMR relaxation data and determining from the NMR relaxation data a magnetic resonance parameter of water in the sample characteristic of... Agent:

20140220595 - Competition-based detection assays: Disclosed herein are methods and kits which are useful for detecting presence of an enzyme and the relative amount of glycan associated with the enzyme in a test sample based upon the enzyme's ability to competitively inhibit the binding of a ligand in such test sample. The present invention provides... Agent: Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc.

20140220596 - Method for screening an agent preventing or treating cancer using glycyl-trna synthetase and cadherin: The present invention relates to a novel method of screening an agent for preventing or treating cancer using glycyl-tRNA synthetase (GRS) and cadherin (CDH). More particularly, it relates to a method of screening and test agent which modulates the binding level of GRS or their fragment with CDH. As can... Agent: Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center

20140220601 - Cell mediated immune response assay with enhanced sensitivity: This disclosure relates generally to the field of immunological-based diagnostic assays including an assay to measure cell-mediated immunoresponsiveness. The present disclosure teaches diagnosis of a subject's exposure to an antigen based on cell-mediated immunoresponsiveness with enhanced sensitivity. Lymphocytes from a subject are contacted with at least a first set of... Agent: Cellestis Limited

20140220603 - Compositions and methods for detecting microbial infections: Provided herein are vaccine compositions for control of Trypanosoma cruzi infection and Chagas disease. The compositions comprise plasmids encoding o GPI-anchored genes ASP-2, TcG-1, TcG2 and TcG4 from Trypanosoma cruzi; plasmids encoding cytokines IL12 and GM-CSF; and plasmids encoding a gene expression system. Certain vaccine compositions comprise recombinant proteins, selected... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

20140220604 - Troponin and bnp based diagnosis of risk patients and cause of stroke: Method for early differentiation of whether a subject suffers from cardioembolic stroke or from non-cardioembolic ischemic stroke based on the determination of the amount of a cardiac Troponin in a sample from a subject who is suffering from ischemic stroke, the sample obtained not more than 24 hours after the... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140220602 - Vaccinia virus polypeptides: This document provides methods and materials related to polypeptides present in a vaccinia virus (e.g., polypeptides that can be isolated from naturally processed and presented class I polypeptides originating from vaccinia virus, a member of the Orthopoxvirus family). For example, methods for generating a vaccine comprising one or more of... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20140220605 - Vmp-like sequences of pathogenic borrelia species and strains: The present invention relates to DNA sequences encoding Vmp-like polypeptides of pathogenic Borrelia, the use of the DNA sequences in recombinant vectors to express polypeptides, the encoded amino acid sequences, application of the DNA and amino acid sequences to the production of polypeptides as antigens for immunoprophylaxis, immunotherapy, and immunodiagnosis.... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140220606 - Microfluidic assay devices and methods: Microfluidic microplate devices and methods for assay systems such as immunoassays, to achieve improvements particularly of higher sensitivity and more repeatable performance, are disclosed. In preferred embodiments, also disclosed are the use of a range of coating buffers for the capture antibody and the use of coating buffers with specific... Agent:

20140220607 - Signal amplification for immunoassays by use of avidin-biotin linkages: In sandwich-type immunoassays that capture a protein analyte between a capture antibody, typically bound to a solid phase, and a detection antibody that is coupled to a reporter group, the number of reporter groups associated with each molecule of analyte is increased by a variety of methods that utilize avidin-biotin-type... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140220608 - Reagentless ceria-based colorimetric sensor: A colorimetric reagent in the form of nanoparticles, composite nanoparticles, and nanoparticle coatings, including methods of use, methods of preparation, deposition, and assembly of related devices and specific applications. The colorimetric reagent comprises cerium oxide nanoparticles which are used in solution or immobilized on a solid support, either alone or... Agent: Clarkson University

20140220609 - Systems and methods for predicting response to minoxidil for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia: Methods, processes, systems, and apparatuses are disclosed for predicting minoxidil response in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia based on colorimetric assay for sulfotransferase activity. In particular, SULT1A1 activity may be used as an indicator of minoxidil response. A genetic test for alleles of the SULT1A1 gene may be performed to... Agent: Follea International Ltd.

20140220610 - Method and culture device for detecting yeasts and molds: A thin film culture device for detecting yeast and mold microorganisms in a sample is provided. The culture device comprises a body comprising a self-supporting substrate having a first major surface and a second major surface; a first adhesive composition disposed on a portion of the first major surface of... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140220611 - Determination of direct thrombin inhibitors in fluids like serum or urine: The present invention relates to a method for detecting at least one direct thrombin inhibitor in a sample other than citrate plasma, comprising the step of mixing a sample containing a thrombin inhibitor with a composition containing thrombin under conditions which allow the thrombin to release a detectable substance from... Agent:

20140220612 - Fluorinated resorufin compounds and their application: The invention provides novel fluorinated resorufin compounds that are of use in a variety of assay formats. Also provided are methods of using the compounds and kits that include a compound of the invention and instructions detailing the use of the compound in one or more assay formats.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140220613 - Cancer phospholipidome: In general, the present invention relates to identification of lipidome biomarkers for cancer analysis and it provides prognostic and predictive methods and kits for cancer diagnosis and subtyping and for diagnosing and/or predicting the evolution of a tumor and its response to lipid metabolism-targeted or other types of therapy in... Agent: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

20140220614 - Non-invasive prenatal gender testing: Prenatal gender testing apparatus, system and method for a fetus. The gender testing utilizes organic wheat seeds and organic barley seeds in a nutrient-rich soil, all contained within clay pots. A prospective mother supplies each soil-seed mixture with her own urine (diluted with water at an approximate 1:1 ratio) over... Agent: Organic Gender, LLC

20140220615 - Optical control of protein activity and localization by fusion to photochromic protein domains: Engineered fusion proteins comprising photochromic protein domains are disclosed. In particular, the inventors have constructed fusion proteins containing photoswitchable photochromic fluorescent protein domains linked to selected proteins and shown that such fusion proteins can be used to control the activity or localization of selected proteins with light.... Agent: Office Of Technology Licensing

20140220616 - Methods for inoculating culture media on petri dishes by means of vibration frequencies: The present invention relates to a method for inoculating at least one agar culture medium, contained in a Petri dish, with at least one sample likely to contain microorganisms. The method includes the steps of: providing at least one agar culture medium contained in a Petri dish; providing the sample... Agent: Biomerieux

20140220619 - Abnormal syngamy phenotypes observed with time lapse imaging for early identification of embryos with lower development potential: Methods, compositions and kits for determining the developmental potential of one or more embryos are provided. These methods, compositions and kits find use in identifying embryos in vitro that are most useful in treating infertility in humans.... Agent: Auxogyn, Inc.

20140220621 - Characterization of motion-related error in a stream of moving micro-entities: Apparatus and methods for detecting and characterizing motion-related error of moving micro-entities are described. Motion-related error may occur in streams of moving micro-entities, and may represent a deviation in and expected arrival time or an uncertainty in position of a micro-entity. Motion-related error of micro-entities is observed in a flow... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140220617 - Dialysis like therapeutic (dlt) device: A dialysis like therapeutic (DLT) device is provided. The DLT device includes at least one source channel connected at least one collection channels by one or more transfer channels. Fluid contacting surface of the channels can be an anti-fouling surface such as slippery liquid-infused porous surface (SLIPS). Fluids can be... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140220618 - Measuring embryo development and implantation potential with timing and first cytokinesis phenotype parameters: Methods, compositions and kits for determining the developmental potential of one or more embryos are provided. These methods, compositions and kits find use in identifying embryos in vitro that are most useful in treating infertility in humans.... Agent: Auxogyn, Inc.

20140220620 - Multi-channel system and methods for sorting particles: A multi-channel system and methods for sorting particles according to one or more characteristics of the particles. The system includes multiple flow cytometry units, each unit can have a nozzle for producing a fluid stream containing a desired population of particles in a mixture of particles. Each of the units... Agent: Inguran, LLC

20140220622 - Digital holographic microscopy apparatus and method for clinical diagnostic hematology: An apparatus, method, and apparatus for hematology analysis comprising using a holographic microscope, in one embodiment a transmission-type holographic microscope. In one aspect, laser light is provided and split into first and second sample beams, the first sample beam for imaging with a first magnification, the second sample beam for... Agent: Wet Labs, Inc.

20140220623 - Methods and compositions for estimating soil microbial load: Methods and compositions for the preparation of soil samples and the determination of the number of microbes within a soil sample are disclosed. The methods include measuring, solubilizing, bleaching and filtering soil samples and measuring the turbidity of the filtered solution. The turbidity of the sample can be determined by... Agent: Prolific Earth Science Corporation

20140220624 - System and method for retrieval treatment of proteins in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section: A protein retrieval treatment system used for activating proteins contained in a deparaffinized tissue section obtained by removing paraffin from a formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section. The protein retrieval treatment system includes: a dispensing unit for dispensing a retrieval treatment solution over a dispensing area including a measurement area on the... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140220625 - Ubiquitin chain assembly: There is provided a method for producing free polyubiquitin chains linked through a single desired lysine residue, comprising the steps of: (a) selecting an E3 ubiquitin ligase enzyme which is homologous to mammalian HECT E3 ligases and possesses the desired lysine residue specificity; (b) incubating the E3 enzyme with an... Agent: Medical Research Council

20140220627 - Degradable clostridial toxins: The specification discloses Clostridial toxins or Clostridial toxin chimeras comprising an inactivation cleavage site, polynucleotide molecules encoding such toxins or chimeras, compositions comprising such toxins or chimeras, and method of producing such toxins or chimeras.... Agent:

20140220628 - Expression method: The aim is to increase the protein product yield in microbial fermentation. This is achieved by a method which introduces into a microorganism not only a first expression construct which encodes the protein, but also a second expression construct which encodes an auxiliary protease which differs from the protein, is... Agent: Basf Se

20140220630 - Hybrid scfa-hydroxyl-derivatized monosaccharides, methods of synthesis, and methods of treating disorders: Described herein are fatty acid carbohydrate-hydroxyl-hybrid compounds and derivatives thereof, and methods of treating or preventing disease and disease symptoms using the compounds and compositions thereof.... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140220629 - Novel branchiostoma derived fluorescent proteins: The present invention provides compositions, combinations, methods, sequences and kits for use of novel fluorescent proteins derived from the genus Branchiostoma. Specifically, polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences encoding fluorescent proteins isolated from Branchiostoma floridae, including harmonized sequences, which permit enhanced expression of the encoded polypeptides in mammalian cells in vivo are... Agent: Stowers Institute For Medical Research

20140220626 - Peptide, use of the peptide, method for the production of the peptide, solid support having the peptide immobilized thereon, and method for production of the solid support: Provided is a peptide containing a variable region and improved in production efficiency. The peptide contains a variable region to which an antigen-binding site is to be formed and has an amino acid sequence expressing a specific adsorption function to a solid phase at a site closer to the C-terminal... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140220631 - Rapid screening method of translational fusion partners for producing recombinant proteins and translational fusion partners screened therefrom: Disclosed are a method for rapid screening of suitable translational fusion partners (TFPs) capable of inducing expression or secretory production of non-producible proteins, which are difficult to produce in conventional recombinant production methods, from a variety of genetic sources, and protein secretion-inducing TFPs obtained using the method.... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Bioscience And Biotechnology

20140220632 - Engineered sequences to facilitate expression of antigens in neisseria and methods of use: The present disclosure generally provides non-naturally-occurring polynucleotide sequences that facilitate high-level expression of one or more gene products (e.g., polypeptides, RNA) of interest in Neisseria meningitidis. Methods of use of such sequences, e.g., use in vaccine production, are also provided.... Agent: Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland

20140220633 - Purification of not-glycosylated polypeptides: The current invention reports a method for the purification of a not-glycosylated, heterologous polypeptide, which has been recombinantly produced in a prokaryotic cell, wherein the method comprises three chromatography steps of which the first chromatography step selected from i) hydrophobic charge induction chromatography, or ii) hydrophobic interaction chromatography, or iii)... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

20140220635 - Alpha-amylase variants and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention also relates to polynucleotides encoding the variants; nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides; and methods of using the variants.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20140220634 - Antibodies binding human collagen ii: The present invention relates to antibodies against human collagen II, polypeptides and polynucleotides encoding human collagen II antibodies or fragments thereof, and methods of making and using the foregoing.... Agent: Janssen Biotech, Inc.

20140220637 - Method for secretory production of protein: A novel technique for improving secretory production of a heterologous protein by coryneform bacteria is described, and thereby a method for secretory production of a heterologous protein is provided. A coryneform bacterium is cultured so that it secretes a heterologous protein, the bacterium having a genetic construct which includes a... Agent: Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

20140220636 - Phage &phgr;mru polynucleotides and polypeptides and uses thereof: The invention encompasses phage φmru including phage induction, phage particles, and the phage genome. Also encompassed are phage polypeptides, as well as polynucleotides which encode these polypeptides, expression vectors comprising these polynucleotides, and host cells comprising these vectors. The invention further encompasses compositions and methods for detecting, targeting, permeabilising, and... Agent: Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Limited

20140220638 - Algal mutants having a locked-in high light acclimated phenotype: Mutant photosynthetic microorganisms having reduced chlorophyll and increased photosynthetic efficiency are provided. The mutants have a locked in high light-acclimated phenotype, in which many of the photosynthetic parameters characteristic of high light acclimated wild type cells are found in the LIHLA mutants when acclimated to low light, such as reduced... Agent: Synthetic Genomics, Inc.

20140220639 - Dna polymerases with increased 3'-mismatch discrimination: Disclosed are mutant DNA polymerases having increased 3′-mismatch discrimination relative to a corresponding, unmodified polymerase. The mutant polymerases are useful in a variety of disclosed primer extension methods. Also disclosed are related compositions, including recombinant nucleic acids, vectors, and host cells, which are useful, e.g., for production of the mutant... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20140220640 - Method for manufacturing detoxificated lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysate with decreased or eliminated toxicity and method for manufacturing organic or and biofuel using the same: Disclosed is a method for detoxifying a lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysate, including: preparing a hydrolysate by pretreating a lignocellulosic biomass by hydrolysis; and decreasing or removing toxicity by adding a surfactant to the hydrolysate. The detoxifying method according to the present disclosure may effectively remove toxicity of compounds derived from lignin... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140220642 - Polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention provides isolated polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also provides nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides.... Agent: Novozymes Inc.

20140220641 - Transcription factors for cellulosic enzyme production: Provided herein are methods and compositions for increasing the production of one or more cellulases from a fungal host cell. The disclosure is based, on the surprising discovery that mis-expression of the transcriptional regulator clr-2 in a filamentous fungal cell was able to induce expression of cellulase genes under non-inducing... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140220643 - Method and apparatus for the production of an arabinoxylan-enriched preparation and other co-products: A method for the production of an arabinoxylan-enriched preparation from a pentosan fraction derived from a wheat flour comprising the following sequential steps: mixing the pentosan fraction with water to obtain a pentosan slurry; centrifuging the slurry to obtain liquid and solid phases; and drying the liquid phase to provide... Agent: Manchester Metropolitan University

20140220644 - Improved nitrile hydratase: Provided is an improved nitrile hydratase with improved catalytic activity. Also provided are DNA for coding the improved nitrile hydratase, a recombinant vector that contains the DNA, a transformant that contains the recombinant vector, nitrile hydratase acquired from a culture of the transformant, and a method for producing the nitrile... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd

20140220646 - Apparatus for treating food waste and extracting bio oil: An apparatus for treating food waste and extracting bio oil includes: a fermentation dryer which ferments and decomposes food waste for 24 hours to reduce moisture contained in the food waste to 40 to 50%, a crusher which crushes the food waste into small particles, a distillation tank which heats... Agent: G&p Biotech Co., Ltd.

20140220645 - Down-regulation of a polynucleotide encoding a sou2 sorbitol utilization protein to modify lipid production in microbial cells: Recombinant microbial cells are disclosed herein that comprise (i) a down-regulation of an endogenous polynucleotide sequence encoding Sou2 sorbitol utilization protein, and (ii) a polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) biosynthetic pathway. The down-regulation of the polynucleotide sequence encoding Sou2 sorbitol utilization protein can increase the lipid content of the microbial cells... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140220647 - Microorganism over-expressing lactic acid transporter gene and having inhibitory pathway of lactic acid degradation, and method of producing lactic acid using the microorganism: A recombinant microorganism comprising a lactic acid (LA) transporter, wherein the expression of the LA transporter in the recombinant microorganism is increased relative to a parent microorganism, and a method of producing lactic acid using same.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140220648 - Recombinant production systems for aromatic molecules: The invention relates to the production of aromatic molecules in prokaryotic and eukaryotic hosts such as E. coli, yeasts, filamentous fungi, algae, microalgae, other plant cells.... Agent: Rho Renewables

20140220649 - Method for producing c4 oxygentates by fermentation using high oxidation state sulfur: The invention relates to improvements in the production of butanol and butyrate by microbial fermentation, particularly to production of alcohols by microbial fermentation of a substrate comprising CO and the addition of an inorganic sulfur additive. It more particularly relates to the provision of an inorganic organic sulfur source to... Agent: Coskata, Inc.

20140220651 - Biomass hydrolysis: High-yielding method for chemical hydrolysis of lignocellulose into monosaccharides. The process of the invention can additionally be applied to cellulose, xylan and related biomass polysaccharides, such as galactan, mannan, or arabinan. The method is employed for hydrolysis of a biomass polysaccharide substrate. The process is carried out in an ionic... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140220650 - Recovery of desired co-products from fermentation stillage streams: Processes and methods of recovering desired products from fermentation stillage are presented, including processes and methods of recovering lipids and aqueous materials.... Agent: Primafuel, Inc.

20140220653 - Closed-loop system for growth of aquatic biomass and gasification thereof: Processes, systems, and methods for producing combustible gas from wet biomass are provided. In one aspect, for example, a process for generating a combustible gas from a wet biomass in a closed system is provided. Such a process may include growing a wet biomass in a growth chamber, moving at... Agent: Genifuel Corporation

20140220652 - Methods and systems for absorbing co2 and converting same into gaseous oxygen by microorganisms: Methods and systems are described for the purification of contaminated air containing CO2, converting it into O2 by means of the use of microorganisms. Said methods and systems comprise the initial steps of capturing the air proceeding from a source of contaminated air containing CO2, such as an industrial plant,... Agent: Cybel Holding S.a.

20140220654 - Microbially-mediated method for synthesis of non-oxide semiconductor nanoparticles: The invention is directed to a method for producing non-oxide semiconductor nanoparticles, the method comprising: (a) subjecting a combination of reaction components to conditions conducive to microbially-mediated formation of non-oxide semiconductor nanoparticles, wherein said combination of reaction components comprises i) anaerobic microbes, ii) a culture medium suitable for sustaining said... Agent:

20140220655 - Method for forming nanoparticles having predetermined shapes: Articles and methods for forming nanostructures having unique and/or predetermined shapes are provided. The methods and articles may involve the use of nucleic acid containers as structural molds. For instance, a pre-designed nucleic acid container including a cavity may be used to control the shape-specific growth of nanoparticles. Growth of... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140220656 - Constructs and methods for the production and secretion of polypeptides: Described herein are molecules, constructs and methods for the production and secretion of polypeptides of interest by host cells, preferably bacterial host cells, and more particularly gram positive bacteria. In particular, the present invention is related to a polynucleic acid encoding a fusion protein and to uses thereof for the... Agent:

20140220657 - Glucose dehydrogenase and glucose sensor with same: A glucose dehydrogenase, which is an enzyme that has high substrate specificity, can be produced at a low cost, is not affected by oxygen dissolved in a measurement sample and, in particular, has superior thermal stability is obtained by culturing a microorganism belonging to the genus Burkholderia. A glucose sensor... Agent:

20140220658 - Recombinant butyrylcholinesterases and truncates thereof: Isolated nucleic acids encoding polypeptides that exhibit butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) enzyme activity are disclosed, along with molecular criteria for preparing such nucleic acids, including codon optimization. Methods of preparing modified and/or truncated BChE molecules having selected properties, especially selective formation of monomers, are also described. Vectors and cells containing and/or expressing... Agent: Pharmathene Inc.

20140220659 - The method of obtaining a strain of bacteriofage, specific strains of bacteriophage and use thereof: A method for obtaining a strain of bacteriophage specific to a selected strain of bacteria was found as well as bacteriophage strains obtained in this way. Moreover, application of bacteriophages in manufacturing of the preparation for preventing and fighting infections of farm animals, especially poultry, with pathogenic strains of bacteria... Agent: Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.a.

20140220660 - Process for the production of filamentous bacteriophage: The invention relates to culture conditions and methods that allow reproducible production of high titers of filamentous bacteriophage. Culture media comprising high titers of filamentous bacteriophage, as we methods of producing high titers of filamentous phage on a large scale are encompassed.... Agent:

20140220661 - Live bacterial vaccines for prophylaxis or treatment of infection: A live bacterium, having a DNA construct stabilized against transduction of other bacteria, having a promoter sequence and encoding a fusion peptide, comprising a bacterial secretion peptide portion and a non-bacterial immunogenic polypeptide portion, having a nucleotide sequence coding for the non-bacterial immunogenic polypeptide portion which has at least one... Agent: Aviex Technologies LLC

20140220662 - Dried spore germinative compound mixtures: In one aspect, the present invention is directed to a dried intimate mixture comprising a bacteria spore and a germinative compound, and methods for preparing the intimate mixture. In another aspect, this invention is directed to a composition comprising such an intimate mixture. The invention also relates to methods for... Agent: Envera, LLC

20140220663 - Method for reducing the viscosity of a microorganism-containing suspension or concentrate: The present invention provides a method for reducing the viscosity of a microorganism-containing suspension or concentrate and a method for obtaining a microorganism concentrate, wherein a monosaccharide and/or disaccharide and/or sugar alcohol is added to said microorganism-containing suspension or concentrate.... Agent: Dupont Nutrition Biosciences Aps

20140220664 - Systems and methods for culturing algae with bivalves: Provided herein are systems and methods for extracting lipids and/or producing biofuel from algae in marine and freshwater environments, wherein algae and bivalves are co-cultured in a system of enclosures comprising water that comprises recycled nutrients that are essential for algal growth. The system also include enclosures for culturing fishes... Agent: Livefuels, Inc.

20140220665 - Dynamic mixing and electroporation chamber and system: The present invention relates to an apparatus for mixing cells and exogenous material for delivery of the exogenous material into cells using electroporation in a manner that preserves cell viability and integrity of the exogenous material. The exogenous material can be polynucleotides, peptides, proteins or other pharmaceutical molecules. It further... Agent:

20140220666 - Self contained in-vitro diagnostic device: A portable apparatus for measuring a glucose level of a user having: a card-like member; a processor within the card-like member; at least one glucose sensor comprising a reagent, the glucose sensor generating a signal indicative of a measured glucose level upon application of a blood sample to the glucose... Agent: Impak Health, LLC

20140220667 - Device for pathogen detection: There is provided a portable device for detecting pathogens in a sample, the detection being based on an assay involving one or more reagents and heat. The device comprises a flexible substrate having a plurality of spaced apart reservoirs along its length, each reservoir adapted for receiving reagents and the... Agent:

20140220669 - Instrument and method for the automated thermal treatment of liquid samples: An instrument and a method for the automated thermal treatment of liquid samples are disclosed. An inter-distance between a temperature-controlled receptacle for loading with a plurality of vessels for containing the samples and end portions of optical fibers can be varied, wherein the receptacle is configured to form a thermal... Agent:

20140220668 - Microfluidic device: To provide a microfluidic device which does not apply a meandering reaction channel and thus can be reduced in size, the microfluidic device comprising a reaction channel is characterized in that a plurality of thermal cycle regions which respectively comprise at least two thermal regions with different temperatures are repeatedly... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140220670 - Method of component assembly on a substrate: A method of component assembly on a substrate, and an assembly of a bound component on a substrate. The method comprises the steps of forming a free-standing component having an optical characteristic; providing a pattern of a first binding species on the substrate or the free standing component; and forming... Agent: Newsouth Innovations Pty Limited

20140220671 - System and method for diagnosing lymphoma in cats: The invention provides a method and a system for diagnosing lymphoma in cats. The system allows a care giver to measure the enzymatic activity of thymidine kinase in a blood sample. The invention teaches that when the enzymatic activity of thymidine kinase in the blood stream of a cat is... Agent: Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, Inc.

20140220672 - Hardware for magnetic 3d culture: Devices for magnetic 3d culture are described including magnetic lids/bases for single Petri plates, adjustable height cap for same, as well similar devices for multi-magnet culture plates. A pen-like device for sterilely lifting and moving cells is also described, and this magnetic pipettor can also exist in multi-well magnetic pipettor... Agent: Nano3d Biosciences, Inc

20140220673 - Methods and apparatus for the isolation and enrichment of circulating tumor cells: Embodiments in accordance with the present invention relate to methods and apparatuses for concentrating and isolating Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) from body fluids. One embodiment of the present invention includes a micro-fabricated or nano-fabricated device having channels configured for separating and excluding. Embodiments in accordance with the present invention utilize... Agent: University Of Washington

20140220674 - System for expression of genes in plants: The present invention provides trans-complementation systems for expressing gene products in plants. In general, the invention provides systems including a carrier vector and a producer vector, both based on plant viruses. The producer vector is defective for at least one function needed for successful systemic infection of a plant, e.g.,... Agent: Ibio, Inc.

20140220677 - Agents and method for treating inflammation-related conditions and diseases: Gene-modified, inflammation-specific monocytes that comprise a 1-alpha-hydroxylase gene, where the 1-alpha-hydroxylase gene is expressed to produce functional 1-alpha-hydroxylase enzyme when the monocytes transdifferentiate into gene-modified, inflammation-specific macrophages. Gene-modified, inflammation-specific macrophages that comprise a 1-alpha-hydroxylase gene. A method for treating one or more than one inflammation-related condition or disease, the method... Agent: Loma Linda University

20140220676 - Method and medicament for inhibiting the expression of a given gene: The invention relates to an isolated RNA that mediates RNA interference of an mRNA to which it corresponds and a method of mediating RNA interference of mRNA of a gene in a cell or organism using the isolated RNA.... Agent: Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140220675 - Platform of dendritic cell (dc)-based vaccination: The present invention discloses novel dendritic cell maturation-inducing cytokine cocktails, and methods for inducting type-1 polarized dendritic cells in serum-free conditions which enhance the desirable properties of DC1s generated in serum-supplemented cultures. The invention further discloses methods and systems using IFNγ and other ligands of the IFNγ receptor, in combination... Agent:

20140220678 - Methods and compositions relating to improved lentiviral vectors and their applications: The present invention provides HIV-derived lentivectors which are safe, highly efficient, and very potent for expressing transgenes for human gene therapy, especially, in human hematopoietic progenitor cells as well as in all other blood cell derivatives. The lentiviral vectors comprise a self-inactivating configuration for biosafety and promoters such as the... Agent:

20140220679 - Methods and compositions for categorizing patients: The disclosure provides, among other things, molecular markers for categorizing the neoplastic state of a patient, methods for using the molecular markers in diagnostic tests, nucleic acid and amino acid sequences related to the molecular markers, reagents for detection of molecular markers, and methods for identifying candidate molecular markers in... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140220681 - Cell culture platform for single cell sorting and enhanced reprogramming of ipscs: The invention provides cell culture conditions for culturing stem cells, including feeder-free conditions for generating and culturing human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). More particularly, the invention provides a culture platform that allows long-term culture of pluripotent cells in a feeder-free environment; reprogramming of cells in a feeder-free environment; single-cell... Agent: Fate Therapeutics, Inc.

20140220682 - Isolation, expansion and use of autologous pluripotent stem cells: The present invention relates to methods of isolating and culturing autologous pluripotent stem (aPS) cells. The present invention also provides isolated aPS cells, populations of aPS cells and cultures of aPS cells. Further provided are culture media for expanding aPS cells and methods of culturing aPS cells. The invention also... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20140220683 - Use of annelid haemoglobin for maintaining stem cells in the undifferentiated state: A method for maintaining stem cells in the undifferentiated state by mixing the stem cells with at least one extracellular hemoglobin, globin or globin protomer from annelids.... Agent: Hemarina

20140220680 - Xeno-free and a feeder free self-renewal extracellular matrix for long-term maintenance of undifferentiated human pluripotent stem cells and method of synthesizing the same: The embodiments herein provide a xeno-free and a feeder free self-renewal extracellular matrix for long-term maintenance of undifferentiated Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs) and undifferentiated Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (hPSCs) and a method of synthesizing the same. The extracellular matrix includes a conditioned medium comprising a neurobasal medium, a DMEM/F12... Agent: Royan Research

20140220684 - Composition comprising oxygen-releasing microcapsules containing hydrogen peroxide for enhancing cell protection and viability at room temperature: The present invention provides a composition comprising oxygen-releasing microcapsules containing hydrogen peroxide for protection of cells at room temperature. The oxygen-releasing microcapsules containing hydrogen peroxide according to the present invention has an excellent effect of improving the viability of cells at room temperature and thus can be effectively used as... Agent:

20140220685 - Self-assembling multicellular bodies and methods of producing a three-dimensional biological structure using the same: Structures and methods for tissue engineering include a multicellular body including a plurality of living cells. A plurality of multicellular bodies can be arranged in a pattern and allowed to fuse to form an engineered tissue. The arrangement can include filler bodies including a biocompatible material that resists migration and... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20140220686 - Method for undifferentiated growth of mesenchymal stem cell and method for concentration of mesenchymal stem cell: A method in accordance with the present invention includes the steps of: concentrating cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells; and causing the mesenchymal stem cells thus concentrated to grow with use of a particular factor while maintaining undifferentiated state of the mesenchymal stem cells.... Agent:

20140220687 - Methods and systems for forming biocompatible materials: Methods and systems forming biocompatible materials are disclosed herein. Forming a biocompatible material may include contacting a liquid, having a linking material, with an adjoining material having embedded therein a nucleating material that causes the linking material to nucleate and grow into the liquid. After a time sufficient to cause... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140220688 - Thermally induced gelation of collagen hydrogel and method of thermally inducing gelling a collagen hydrogel: The present invention relates to collagen hydrogels. Particularly, the invention relates to hydrogels comprising a telopeptide collagen (“telo-collagen”) and an atelopeptide collagen (“atelo-collagen”); hydrogels comprising collagen and chitosan; methods of making the hydrogels; methods of reducing gelation of a hydrogel mixture at room temperature; methods of reducing compaction of cells;... Agent: Medtrain Technologies, LLC

20140220689 - Filamentous fungi having an altered viscosity phenotype: Described are compositions and methods relating to variant filamentous fungi having altered growth characteristics. Such variants are well-suited for growth in submerged cultures, e.g., for the large-scale production of enzymes and other proteins for commercial applications.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140220690 - Mammalian genes involved in infection: The present invention relates to nucleic acid sequences and cellular proteins encoded by these sequences that are involved in infection or are otherwise associated with the life cycle of one or more pathogens.... Agent: Vanderbilt University

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20140205996 - Dissolvable films and methods including the same: A method includes providing a container, introducing a substance into the container, and introducing a readily dissolvable film into the container such that the dissolvable film overlies the substance within the container. An alternative method includes providing a container, providing a readily dissolvable film, the film comprising a substance carried... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140205997 - Fluidic connectors and microfluidic systems: Fluidic connectors, methods, and devices for performing analyses (e.g., immunoassays) in microfluidic systems are provided. In some embodiments, a fluidic connector having a fluid path is used to connect two independent channels formed in a substrate so as to allow fluid communication between the two independent channels. One or both... Agent: Opko Diagnostics, LLC

20140205994 - Methods, devices, kits and compositions for detecting roundworm, whipworm, and hookworm: Methods, devices, kits and compositions for detecting the presence or absence of one or more helminthic coproantigens in a sample are disclosed herein. The methods, devices, kits and compositions of the present invention may be used to confirm the presence or absence of roundworm, whipworm and/or hookworm in a fecal... Agent: Idexx Laboratories, Inc.

20140205995 - Molecular conjugate: A method is disclosed for making a conjugate of two molecules using a hydrazide thiol linker. In a particular working embodiment, an Fc-specific antibody-enzyme conjugate is made using the method and demonstrated to provide exceptional staining sensitivity and specificity in immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization assays.... Agent: Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

20140205993 - Recombinant avian influenza vaccine and uses thereof: The present invention encompasses influenza vaccines, in particular avian influenza vaccines. The vaccine may be a subunit vaccine based on the hemagglutinin of influenza. The hemagglutinin may be expressed in plants including duckweed. The invention also encompasses recombinant vectors encoding and expressing influenza antigens, epitopes or immunogens which can be... Agent: Merial Limited

20140205999 - Compositions for detecting small rnas: Compositions and reaction mixtures are provided for the detection of small RNA target nucleic acids, preferably miRNA target nucleic acids, wherein the compositions and reaction mixtures provide for sensitive and specific detection of the target nucleic acids. The compositions and reaction mixtures include one or more of a first amplification... Agent: Gen-probe Incorporated

20140206003 - Genetic lesion associated with cancer: The invention comprises methods for identifying mutations within the 3′UTR of genes that lead to increased risk or probability of developing cancer.... Agent: Yale University

20140206005 - Method and kit for dna typing of hla gene: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a method and kit for highly precise DNA typing, in which ambiguity derived from phase ambiguity is eliminated. The present invention provides a method for the DNA typing of HLA, which is characterized by comprising: (1) a step of preparing a... Agent: Genodive Pharma Inc.

20140205998 - Method for enhancing extraction efficiency of mirna from cells by the addition of triton x-100: The present invention relates to a method for improving detection efficiency of miRNAs existing in cells in trace amounts by adding Triton X-100. In accordance with the present invention, miRNAs existing in a sample in trace amounts can be quantitatively analyzed in short time. Further, the miRNA detection method according... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140206001 - Methods and compositions for enrichment of nucleic acids in mixtures of highly homologous sequences: Provided are methods of enrichment and detection of target nucleic acids during target amplification in the presence of excess amounts of highly homologous sequences, said methods having substantial diagnostic utility (e.g., cancer diagnostics). Provided are amplification reaction mixtures having at least one cleavage-directing oligonucleotide, the respective binding sites of which,... Agent:

20140206002 - Methods of diagnosing breast cancer: The disclosed subject matter is based on the discovery that a mutation (a single nucleotide polymorphism or “SNP”) in the gene encoding Abraxas (also referred to as ABRA1, CCDC98 or FAM175A), is associated with susceptibility to cancer, e.g., breast cancer. In particular, the disclosed subject matter is based on the... Agent:

20140206004 - Rationale, methods, and assays for identifying human and non-human primate taste specific genes and use thereof in taste modulator and therapeutic screening assays: This invention relates to novel rationale and methods for identifying human and primate taste-specific genes, including genes involved in salty taste perception, especially human salty taste perception, but also genes involved in sweet, bitter, umami, and sour taste perception, and genes involved in other taste cell or taste receptor related... Agent: Senomyx, Inc.

20140206000 - Sequence amplification with linear primers: The present disclosure relates to the amplification of target nucleic acid sequences for various sequencing and/or identification techniques. The use of these primers, as described herein, allows for the reduction in the amplification of nonspecific hybridization events (such as primer dimerization) while allowing for the amplification of the target nucleic... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140206006 - Single cell classification method, gene screening method and device thereof: Provided are a single cell classification method, a gene screening method and a device for implementing the method. In that, the single cell classification method includes the following steps: sequencing the whole genomes of a plurality of single cell samples from the same group, respectively, so as to obtain reads... Agent: Bgi Shenzhen Co., Limited

20140206007 - Electromagnetically actuated droplet microfluidic chip and system: A microfluidic system includes a microfluidic cartridge and an electromagnetic droplet actuator arranged proximate the microfluidic cartridge. The microfluidic cartridge includes a plurality of droplet wells with topological barrier structures between adjacent wells. The topological barrier structures are configured to allow magnetic particles and material attached to the magnetic particles... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140206010 - Methods and kits for detecting mastitis: Methods and kits for determining if one or more animals have mastitis and for monitoring animals and the quality of the milk they produce are disclosed. Kits and test assays disclosed are used to determine the quantity of proteasomes and proteins thereof, the activity of proteasome enzymes, the quantity of... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20140206009 - Microfluidic device-based nucleic acid purification method: A method is provided for purifying nucleic acid from a sample in a microfluidic device. The method can be used to purify nucleic acids from any source known in the art that comprises nucleic acids, such as prokaryotic or eukaryotic organisms, viruses, cell, tissues, organs, etc. In a specific example,... Agent: Rheonix, Inc.

20140206008 - Salivary protein biomarkers for human oral cancer: The present invention relates to the identification of novel oral cancer and periodontal disease biomarkers. Further, the present invention provides novel methods of diagnosing and for providing a prognosis for oral cancer and periodontal disease. The present invention additionally provides novel methods of distinguishing between oral cancer and periodontal disease.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140206011 - Methods and compositions of diagnosing and treating fusobacterium nucleatum related disorders: A method of identifying a subject with increased risk of colorectal cancer includes obtaining a biological sample from the subject, measuring the level of Fusobacterium nucleatum in the biological sample, and comparing the measured level to a control level, wherein an increased measured level compared to the control level is... Agent:

20140206012 - Method for identifying agents that inhibit cell migration, promote cell adhesion and prevent metastasis: Disclosed are methods for identification of agents that modulate cell attachment, cell migration and cell viability. Cancer and primary cells adhered to a matrix are treated with agent(s) that modulate ActRII signaling and cell adhesion. Agents are tested that modulate cell adhesion, detachment, invasion and viability. Agents that modulate the... Agent: Genremedy LLC

20140206015 - Method for detecting nucleosomes: The invention relates to a method for detecting and measuring the presence of mono-nucleosomes and oligo-nucleosomes and the use of such measurements for the detection and diagnosis of disease.... Agent: Singapore Volition Pte Limited

20140206014 - Method for detecting nucleosomes containing histone variants: The invention relates to a method for detecting and measuring the presence of mono-nucleosomes and oligo-nucleosomes and nucleosomes that contain particular histone variants and the use of such measurements for the detection and diagnosis of disease. The invention also relates to a method of identifying histone variant biomarkers for the... Agent: Singapore Volition Pte Limited

20140206013 - Split peroxidases and methods of use: An imaging method utilizing a split peroxidase is described herein. Imaging methods involve contacting a cell with a split peroxidase and a substrate thereof to allow conversion of a substrate into a product via an enzymatic reaction catalyzed by the reconstitute split peroxidase. Also disclosed herein are split peroxidases, related... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140206016 - Rapid method for detection of pathogen: The present specification discloses methods of detecting a pathogen of interest and components useful in carrying out these methods, including a pre-enrichment media, and enrichment media and a detection solution.... Agent: Imicroq, S.l.

20140206019 - Fc-function assay: The present invention discloses a method of assaying Fc-function in an immunoglobulin containing sample by contacting the sample, in the presence of a complement, with red blood cells modified to incorporate a F-S-L peptide-lipid construct. The F-S-L peptide construct comprises a functional group (F) that is a target antigen for... Agent: Kode Biotech Limited

20140206018 - Antibodies against fatty acid synthase: The present invention relates to antibodies that immunospecifically bind to FAS and certain FAS related proteins. The invention encompasses human and humanized forms of the antibodies and their use in treating cancers and other proliferative disorders. The invention also relates to FAS-derived peptides useful for preparing the antibodies. Methods and... Agent: Nuclea Biotechnologies, Inc.

20140206017 - Lysyl oxidase-like 2 assay and methods of use thereof: The present disclosure provides an assay to detect and/or quantify circulating lysyl oxidase-like 2 (LOXL2) poly-peptides in an individual. The assay is useful in diagnostic and prognostic applications, which are also provided.... Agent:

20140206020 - Voriconazole immunoassays: Methods, compositions and kits are disclosed directed at voriconazole derivatives, immunogens, signal generating moieties, antibodies that bind voriconazole and immunoassays for detection of voriconazole.... Agent:

20140206023 - Methods, kits & antibodies for detecting intact fibroblast growth factor 21: Disclosed are methods, compositions and kits related to immunoassays for detection of FGF21 using antibodies specific to the N-terminal and/or C-terminal of FGF21. The present invention provides antibodies specific to N-terminal or C-terminal peptide of FGF21. Also provided are immunoassays for specifically measuring intact FGF21 or FGF21 with an untruncated... Agent:

20140206021 - Prion protein ligands and methods of use: Ligands that bind to prion proteins and methods for using the ligands for detecting or removing a prion protein from a sample, such as a biological fluid or an environmental sample. The ligands are capable of binding to one or more forms of prion protein including cellular prion protein (PrPc),... Agent: Pathogen Removal And Diagnostic Technologies, Inc.

20140206022 - Three-dimensional cell culture methods for test material assessment of cell differentiation: The present specification discloses three-dimensional in vitro cell-based methods to assess a test matrix polymer ability to support differentiation of a population of cells methods of screening a material for its ability to stimulate cell growth and/or differentiation.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20140206024 - Stable nad/nadh derivatives: The present invention provides for stable nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD/NADH) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP/NADPH) derivatives of formula (I), enzyme complexes of these derivatives and their use in biochemical detection methods and reagent kits.... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140206025 - Use of detection of aspartate transaminase and lactate dehydrogenase in early evaluation of clinical efficacy of antitumor intervention measure: The present invention relates to a method for early evaluation of clinical efficacy of antitumor intervention measure, comprising evaluating the efficacy of the antitumor intervention measure by assaying whether the content of a tumor-damaging biomarker(s) in the blood of a patient having tumor rises as compared to the baseline level... Agent: Beijing Sunbio Biotech Co., Ltd.

20140206026 - Method for screening alpha-amylases: The present invention relates to variants of a parent alpha-amylase. The present invention also relates to polynucleotides encoding the variants; nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides; and methods of using the variants.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20140206027 - Method for quantification of allergens: e

20140206030 - Dual barcode labeling facilitating automated decapping: A specimen collection assembly and method for detecting the same are disclosed. The specimen collection assembly includes a specimen collection container having an open top end, a closed bottom end, and a sidewall extending therebetween defining an interior adapted to receive a biological specimen. The specimen collection container also includes... Agent:

20140206029 - In vitro cardiovascular model: The present invention relates to a tubule forming platform and an in vitro cardiovascular model for use in pharmacological studies. Furthermore, the invention relates to methods for the preparation said platform and model, and to a method of determining a biological activity of a test substance in said platform and... Agent: Tampereen Yliopisto

20140206032 - Method to identify disease resistant quantitative trait loci in soybean and compositions thereof: The present invention is in the field of plant breeding and genetics, particularly as it pertains to the genus, Glycine. More specifically, the invention relates to a method for screening soybean plants containing one or more quantitative trait loci for disease resistance, species of Glycine having such loci and methods... Agent: Monsanto Technology LLC

20140206033 - Methods and apparatus for analysis of aquatic chemical and/or biological systems: A preferred test system includes a chemical and/or biological sample in a liquid test medium and contains both a liquid and a gas phase that simulates air-water gas exchanges. It operates intermittently, with additions and eliminations of liquids being decoupled in time so that to make sure the medium is... Agent: Universite De Mons

20140206028 - Stable electrically active neurons from adult tissue: Disclosed are compositions and methods of making stable electrically active adult neurons from adult neural tissue. The disclosed compositions can be used with microelectrode arrays in vitro to represent in vivo neural function for drug discovery and for studying neuronal degenerative diseases, neuronal development, and neuronal regeneration.... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140206031 - Systems and methods for high-resolution imaging: In one aspect, methods of imaging are described herein. In some embodiments, a method of imaging described herein comprises disposing a population of ultrasound-switchable fluorophores in a biological environment, the fluorophores having a switching threshold between an off state and an on state; exposing the biological environment to an ultrasound... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140206034 - Electrokinetic device for capturing assayable agents in a dielectric fluid: Electrokinetic devices and methods are described with the purpose of collecting assayable agents from a dielectric fluid medium. Electrokinetic flow may be induced by the use of plasma generation at high voltage electrodes and consequent transport of charged particles in an electric voltage gradient. The agents are directed by creation... Agent:

20140206035 - Polypeptides having glucoamylase activity and polynucleotides encoding same: Provided are isolated polypeptides having glucoamylase activity, catalytic domains, and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, catalytic domains. Also provided are nucleic acid constructs, vectors and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides, catalytic domains.... Agent:

20140206036 - Use of proline specific endoproteases to hydrolyse peptides and proteins: The present invention relates to a process for the proteolytic hydrolysis of a peptide or a polypeptide, said peptide or polypeptide comprising 4 to 40, preferably 5 to 35, amino acid residues and said peptide or polypeptide is not hydrolysable by subtilisin whereby said peptide or polypeptide is hydrolysed by... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140206037 - Dna vector production system: A vector production system is provided. The system comprises recombinant cells designed to encode at least a first recombinase under the control of an inducible promoter and the cells include an expression vector encoding a nucleic acid of interest within the regulatory elements of the expression vector which are flanked... Agent:

20140206038 - Cell culture improvements: The invention describes improved methods and compositions for producing a recombinant protein, e.g., an antibody, in mammalian cell culture. In addition, the invention provides improved cell culture media, including improved production media, feed solutions, and combination feeds, which may be used to improve protein productivity in mammalian cell culture.... Agent: Abbvie Inc.

20140206039 - Methods of synthesizing heteromultimeric polypeptides in yeast using a haploid mating strategy: Methods are provided for the synthesis and secretion of recombinant hetero-multimeric proteins in mating competent yeast. A first expression vector is transformed into a first haploid cell; and a second expression vector is transformed into a second haploid cell. The transformed haploid cells, each individually synthesizing a non-identical polypeptide, are... Agent: Keck Graduate Institute

20140206040 - Streptococcus dysgalactiae id9103 and method for production of hyaluronic acid using the same: Provided is a Streptococcus dysgalactiae ID9103 strain having accession number KCTC11818BP, and a method of producing hyaluronic acid by culturing the strain to produce hyaluronic acid having an average molecular weight of 10,000,000 Da or more.... Agent: Ildong Pharm Co., Ltd.

20140206041 - Polycarbonate microfluidic articles: Microfluidic devices, and methods for their use are described. The microfluidic devices include articles formed from a thermoplastic composition comprising a poly(aliphatic ester)-polycarbonate comprising soft block ester units, derived from monomers comprising an alpha, omega C6-20 aliphatic dicarboxylic acid or derivative thereof, a dihydroxyaromatic compound, and a carbonate source.... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140206042 - Method of enzymatically synthesizing 3' -phosphoadenosine-5'-phosphosulfate: The invention provides a method for producing 3′-phosphoadenosine 5′-phosphosulfate (PAPS), the method including subjecting ATP to sulfation and phosphorylation by use of adenosine 5′-triphosphate sulfurylase (ATPS) and adenosine 5′-phosphosulfate kinase (APSK), wherein an adenosine 5′-triphosphate (ATP) supply/regeneration system including adenosine 5′-monophosphate (AMP), polyphosphate, polyphosphate-driven nucleoside 5′-diphosphate kinase (PNDK), and polyphosphate:AMP... Agent: Yamasa Corporation

20140206043 - Dispersing feedstocks and processing materials: Biomass feedstocks (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) are processed to produce useful products, such as fuels. For example, systems are described that can convert feedstock materials to a sugar solution, which can then be fermented to produce ethanol. Biomass feedstock is dispersed in a liquid medium... Agent: Xyleco, Inc.

20140206046 - Methods of hydrolyzing and fermenting cellulosic material: Described herein are improved methods of degrading or converting cellulosic material into fermentable sugars using dithionite. Also described are improved methods of fermentation in the presence of dithionite.... Agent:

20140206044 - Processing materials: Biomass feedstocks (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) are processed to produce useful products, such as fuels. For example, systems are described that can convert feedstock materials to a sugar solution, which can then be fermented to produce ethanol. Biomass feedstock is saccharified in a vessel by... Agent: Xyleco, Inc.

20140206045 - Thermostable alpha-amylases: o

20140206047 - Compositions and methods for producing chemicals and derivatives thereof: The present invention provides methods for producing a product of one or more enzymatic pathways. The pathways used in the methods of the invention involve one or more conversion steps such as, for example, an enzymatic conversion of guluronic acid into D-glucarate (Step 7); an enzymatic conversion of 5-ketogluconate (5-KGA)... Agent: Synthetic Genomics, Inc.

20140206048 - Compositions and methods for biofermentation of oil-containing feedstocks: The present invention provides compositions and methods for the use of oil-containing materials as feedstocks for the production the bioproducts by biofermentation. In one preferred embodiment, surfactants are not used in compositions and the methods of the invention. In one preferred embodiment the oil-containing feedstocks are the by-products of other... Agent: Glycos Biotechnologies, Inc.

20140206049 - Method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoic acid: Embodiments of the invention relate to the microbial production of polyhydroxyalkanoic acids, or polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), from substrates which cannot be used as a source of carbon and/or energy for microbial growth or PHA synthesis and which have microbial and environmental toxicity. According to one embodiment of the invention, a process... Agent: Newlight Technologies, LLC

20140206050 - 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose synthase: b

20140206051 - Production of stilbenoids: A method for the production of a stilbenoid, such as resveratrol or pinosylvin, by fermenting plant material such a grape must using a yeast having a metabolic pathway producing said stilbenoid, separating a solids waste material from said fermentation and extracting said stilbenoid.... Agent: Evolva Sa

20140206052 - Method for production of n-butanol from syngas using syntrophic co-cultures of anaerobic microorganisms: This invention provides methods and systems for the production of butanol. Specifically, the methods and systems of the present invention use syntrophic co-cultures for the production of butanol from syngas.... Agent: Coskata, Inc.

20140206054 - Genes encoding key catalyzing mechanisms for ethanol production from syngas fermentation: Gene sequences of key acetogenic clostridial species were sequenced and isolated. Genes of interest were identified, and functionality was established. Key genes of interest for metabolic catalyzing activity in clostridial species include a three-gene operon coding for CODH activity, a two-gene operon coding for PTA-ACK, and a novel acetyl coenzyme... Agent:

20140206053 - Novel kluyveromyces marxianus strains and method of using strains: Described are novel Kluyveromyces marxianus strains NRRL Y-50798 and Y-50799, that were obtained by UV-C irradiation of wild-type K. marxianus NRRL Y-1109 cultures. The UV-C-mutagenized strains were incubated under anaerobic conditions on xylose or glucose medium for a period of 5 months at 46° C. before being selected. These mutagenized... Agent: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of Agriculture

20140206055 - Method for viscosity reduction in co-fermentation ethanol processes: The present disclosure provides methods and compositions for reducing the viscosity of biomass process streams in an ethanol production process. The method comprises adding cellulase enzymes to a biomass feedstock that is fermented to produce ethanol, generating whole stillage and thin stillage streams from the post-fermentation biomass, and adding an... Agent: Edeniq, Inc.

20140206056 - Installation and method for biomass conversion into methane: The present invention relates to apparatuses, such as small and medium scale processing plants, for conversion of biomass into methane and other high-grade products such as fertiliser. The present invention further relates to methods and uses of the present apparatuses for conversion of biomass into methane and other high-grade products... Agent: Red Patent B.v.

20140206057 - Novel yeast strains: There is provided an alkene-producing yeast cell comprising a bacterial fatty acid decarboxylase enzyme, which may comprise the amino acid sequence SEQ ID NO:1 or a functional variant or portion thereof. The alkene may have 15, 17 or 19 carbon atoms. The cell may have a genome comprising a polynucleotide... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20140206058 - Systems and methods for improving stillage: Systems and methods for improving stillage are disclosed. Stillage may include either whole stillage or thin stillage. The system includes taking the stillage and placing it within a bioreactor with an inoculation of fungi. The fungi may include any of Aspergillus niger, Phanerochaete chrysosporium and Yarrowia lipolytica. The fungi and... Agent: Poet Research, Inc.

20140206059 - Transcriptome transfer produces cellular phenotype conversion: The present invention includes methods for effecting phenotype conversion in a cell by transfecting the cell with phenotype-converting nucleic acid. Expression of the nucleic acids results in a phenotype conversion in the transfected cell. Preferably the phenotype-converting nucleic acid is a transcriptome, and more preferably an mRNA transcriptome.... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20140206060 - Continuous sonication for biotechnology applications and biofuel production: A system and method for sonication of multiple samples and continuous sonication of an input fluid stream in flow-through arrangements useful for economical breakdown of particulates and organisms present in large volumes with relatively low-power sonication devices such as production of oil from algae. The system includes an electrical wave... Agent:

20140206061 - Bioactive carbon nanotube composite functionalized with b-sheet polypeptide block copolymer, and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a bioactive carbon nanotube composite functionalized with a β-sheet polypeptide block copolymer by combination self-assembly, which shows excellent water dispersion, and has biological activity so as to be used as stimulus-responsive and adaptable biomaterials or in the manufacture of CNT-based electronic biosensor devices. In addition,... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20140206062 - Recombinant influenza viruses for vaccines and gene therapy: The invention provides compositions and methods useful to prepare segmented, negative strand RNA viruses, e.g., orthomyxoviruses such as influenza A viruses, entirely from cloned cDNAs and in the absence of helper virus.... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140206063 - Automated biological growth and dispensing apparatus: An automated biological growth and dispensing apparatus utilizing a modular growing tank which is removable for replacement by another growing tank. Mechanisms for the delivery of air, water and/or nutrients are adapted to permit the growing tank to be readily coupled and uncoupled for easy and inexpensive replacement. Mechanisms for... Agent:

20140206064 - Bacterial methods: A bacterial spore comprising a modified prkC protein, wherein the extracellular domain of the modified prkC protein binds an agent which is not bound by the extracellular domain of the wild-type prkC protein, and wherein the agent is a germinant that stimulates germination of the bacterial spore, or a bacterial... Agent: Imperial Innovations Limited

20140206065 - Uracil-requiring moorella bacteria and transforming-gene-introduced moorella bacteria: The present invention provides uracil-requiring Moorella bacteria obtained by destroying a gene coding for orotidine-5-phosphate decarboxylase; and transforming-gene-introduced Moorella bacteria obtained by introducing a gene coding for orotidine-5-phosphate decarboxylase and a transforming-gene to a chromosome of the uracil-requiring Moorella bacteria. The present invention was accomplished by uracil-requiring Moorella bacteria, comprising... Agent: Hiroshima University

20140206068 - Process for the fermentative preparation of l-ornithine: A process for the fermentative preparation of L-ornithine using microorganisms characterized by an increased export of the amino acid.... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20140206069 - Biological synthesis of difunctional alkanes from carbohydrate feedstocks: Aspects of the invention relate to methods for the production of difunctional alkanes in host cells. In particular, aspects of the invention describe components of genes associated with the difunctional alkane production from carbohydrate feedstocks in host cells. More specifically, aspects of the invention describe metabolic pathways for the production... Agent: Celexion, LLC

20140206066 - Syntrophic co-culture of anaerobic microorganism for production of n-butanol from syngas: This invention provides compositions for the production of butanol. Specifically, the compositions of the present invention use syntrophic co-cultures for the production of butanol from syngas.... Agent: Coskata, Inc.

20140206067 - Method for purifying bacterial cells: The present invention relates to a process for providing purified bacteria-containing concentrates, comprising at least the steps of adding an aqueous solution to a first bacteria-containing concentrate to provide a bacteria-containing suspension, wherein the volume of the added aqueous solution is in the range of 0.3 liters to 10 liters... Agent: Chr. Hansen A/s

20140206070 - Vector with codon-optimised genes for an arabinose metabolic pathway for arabinose conversion in yeast for ethanol production: The present invention relates to novel expression cassettes and expression vectors, comprising three nucleic acid sequences for araA, araB and araD, each coding for a polypeptide of an L-arabinose metabolic pathway, in particular, a bacterial L-arabinose metabolic pathway. The invention particularly relates to expression cassettes and expression vectors, comprising codon-optimised... Agent: Butalco Gmbh

20140206071 - Metabolically engineered yeasts for the production of ethanol and other products from xylose and cellobiose: The present invention provides yeast cells that produce high concentrations of ethanol, culture media and bioreactors comprising the yeast cells, and methods for making and using the yeast cells in efficiently producing ethanol.... Agent:

20140206072 - Methods and system for obtaining algal biomass and cultivation medium: The present invention relates to a method for obtaining algal biomass, a system for obtaining algal biomass and a cultivation medium for cultivating algae. The method comprises the step of culturing algae in a culturing medium having a pH above 8 such that lipid accumulation and/or carbohydrate accumulation is increased,... Agent:

20140206074 - Cartridge for conducting a chemical reaction: A cartridge for conducting a chemical reaction includes a body having at least one flow path formed therein. The cartridge also includes a reaction vessel extending from the body for holding a reaction mixture for chemical reaction and optical detection. The vessel comprises a rigid frame defining the side walls... Agent:

20140206076 - Micro-fluidic device: Embodiments described herein provide micro-fluidic systems and devices for use in performing various diagnostic and analytical tests. According to one embodiment, the micro-fluidic device includes a sample chamber for receiving a sample, and a reaction chamber for performing a chemical reaction. A bubble jet pump is structured on the device... Agent: Incube Labs, LLC

20140206073 - Microfluidic system for nucleic acid analysis: A microfluidic system for analyzing nucleic acid, the microfluidic system including a reagent supply device including a sample chamber into which a sample can be injected, one or more reagent chambers for containing one or more reagents for extracting nucleic acid from the sample, and a waste chamber in which... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140206075 - Voltage gated metal-enhanced fluorescence, chemiluminescence or bioluminescence methods and systems: In the present invention, it is demonstrated for the first time, the influence of electrical current on the ability of surface plasmons to amplify fluorescence signatures. An applied direct current across silver island films (SiFs) of low electrical resistance perturbs the fluorescence enhancement of close-proximity fluorophores. For a given applied... Agent: University Of Maryland, Baltimore County

20140206077 - Processing biomass: Biomass feedstocks (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) are processed to produce useful products, such as fuels. For example, systems are described that can convert feedstock materials to a sugar solution, which can then be fermented to produce ethanol. Biomass feedstock is saccharified in a vessel by... Agent: Xyleco, Inc.

20140206078 - Culture flask: A culture flask comprising a culture chamber in a flask body comprising an even bottom wall with a growth surface on the top side, an even cover wall at a section from the bottom wall, and side walls that bridge the distance between the margins of the bottom wall and... Agent: Eppendorf Ag

20140206079 - Microwell plate: A microwell plate comprises a skirt and frame portion having a top surface and a bottom surface, and having a plurality of holes; and a well and deck portion comprising a plurality of wells integrated with a planar deck; wherein the well and deck portion is overmolded or adhered onto... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140206080 - Composition and method for delivery of living cells in a dry mode having a surface layer: The present invention generally relates to compositions and methods of delivering living cells in a dry mode, wherein the compositions include a surface layer disposed on the outer surface of the composition that is permeable to carbon dioxide and oxygen. The compositions may be used to deliver living cells to... Agent: Dairy Manufacturers, Inc.

20140206081 - Variable domains of camelid heavy-chain antibodies directed against glial fibrillary acidic proteins: The present invention relates to the use of variable domains of camelid heavy-chain antibodies (VHH domains) directed against an intracellular target and having an isoelectric point of at least 8.5, for targeting said intracellular target or for the preparation of a peptide vector. Particularly, it concerns VHH domains directed against... Agent: Institut Pasteur

20140206082 - Composition for embryo culture: e

20140206083 - Human pluripotent stem cells induced from undifferentiated stem cells derived from a human postnatal tissue: Establishment of human pluripotent stem cells having properties close to human ES cells with the genome of the patient per se that can circumvent immunological rejection of transplanted cells from cells derived from a postnatal human tissue are described. Human pluripotent stem cells can be induced by introducing three genes... Agent: Kyoto University

20140206085 - Cassette including promoter sequence of target gene and method of gene manipulation using the same: Provided is a cassette for deleting a target gene comprising (a) a promoter-specific homologous region having a sequence identity to a portion of a promoter region of the target gene, wherein the degree of sequence identity is sufficient to drive homologous recombination therebetween, (b) a marker gene operably linked to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140206086 - Methods for obtaining positive transformants of a filamentous fungal host cell: The present invention relates to methods for obtaining positive transformants of a filamentous fungal host cell, comprising: transforming a tandem construct into a population of cells of the filamentous fungal host a tandem construct and isolating a transformant of the filamentous fungal host cell comprising the tandem construct. The present... Agent: Novozymes, Inc.

20140206084 - Primer set and method for homologous recombination: The present invention provides a primer set used for transformation that imparts a uracil requiring property by deleting or destroying a gene coding for orotidine-5-phosphate decarboxylase in Moorella bacteria. The present invention is accomplished by a primer set that is used for creating a uracil requiring strain obtained by deleting... Agent: Hiroshima University

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