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Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology

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04/16/2015 > 95 patent applications in 58 patent subcategories.

20150104781 - Organ storage solution: The invention relates to a storage solution for the preservation of organs, tissue or organ systems to be transplanted, said solution being based on the known HTK, UW or Celsior solutions. In accordance with the invention it has been determined that ischemia and reperfusion injury could be reduced through the... Agent: Bitop Ag

20150104782 - Activity replenishment and in situ activation for enzymatic co2 capture packed reactor: A method for CO2 capture may include operating a packed reactor comprising a reaction chamber containing packing including immobilized enzymes, by contacting a CO2 containing gas with a liquid solution in the reaction chamber to produce an ion-loaded solution and a CO2 depleted gas by an enzymatically catalyzed hydration reaction;... Agent: C02 Solutions Inc.

20150104783 - Apparatus and method for virus detection: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method comprising obtaining a radio frequency response of a lab-on-chip based resonator with virus deposited within a recess of the resonator, determining at least one parameter of the radio frequency response and identifying a type of the virus or a group to... Agent:

20150104784 - Magnetic and/or electric label assisted detection system and method: A detection system (100) is described for detecting analytes in a fluid sample. The detection system (100) comprises a transporting means (6) for transporting magnetic and/or electric labels (5) after interaction between the sample fluid and the reagents towards a detection receptacle (1). The detection receptacle (1) is initially substantially... Agent:

20150104786 - Cell analysis method, cell analyzer and sample screening method: Disclosed is a cell analysis method comprising: extracting target cells from a population of cells derived from an epithelial tissue on the basis of N/C ratio representing a relative size of a nucleus to a cytoplasm; classifying the target cells into at least a first group and a second group... Agent:

20150104785 - Methods for analysis of protamine: The invention provides a method for analyzing a protamine sample for the presence or amount of at least one nucleotidic impurity. The invention also provides a method for the quantitation of peptides in a sample of protamine comprising four major peptides and at least one related impurity.... Agent:

20150104787 - Non-replicative transduction particles and transduction particle-based reporter systems: Methods and systems are provided for packaging reporter nucleic acid molecules into non-replicative transduction particles for use as reporter molecules. The non-replicative transduction particles can be constructed from viruses and use viral transduction and replication systems. The reporter nucleic acid molecules include a reporter gene, such as a reporter molecule... Agent:

20150104789 - Antibiotic susceptibility testing using probes for preribosomal rna: Described are probes and methods for detecting antibiotic susceptibility of a specimen. The method comprises contacting the specimen with an oligonucleotide probe that specifically hybridizes with a target nucleic acid sequence region of ribosomal RNA. The target sequence is at the junction between a pre-ribosomal RNA tail and mature ribosomal... Agent: The United States Government Represented By The Department Of Veteran Affairs

20150104788 - Compositions and methods quantifying a nucleic acid sequence in a sample: The present invention features compositions and methods for quantifying detection of a target oligonucleotide in a sample in real time. These methods are compatible with target oligonucleotides amplified using a NEAR reaction.... Agent: Envirologix, Inc.

20150104793 - Non-invasive fetal genetic screening by digtal analysis: The present methods are exemplified by a process in which maternal blood containing fetal DNA is diluted to a nominal value of approximately 0.5 genome equivalent of DNA per reaction sample. Digital analysis is then be used to detect aneuploidy, such as the trisomy that causes Down Syndrome. Since aneuploidies... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20150104792 - Portable fluorimetric apparatus, method and system: A fluorimetric system, apparatus and method are disclosed to measure an analyte concentration in a sample. A sensor reagent housing is also disclosed which comprises a channel and a porous medium having an analysis chemistry reagent, such as a nucleic acid analysis chemistry reagent. The apparatus and system are portable... Agent:

20150104791 - Process and device for separating biological particles contained in a fluid by means of filtration: The invention relates to a method of separating biological particles from the liquid containing same for purification, analysis and optionally diagnostic purposes. The inventive method comprises at least one step involving vertical filtration through a filter having a porosity that is adapted to the type of biological particles to be... Agent:

20150104790 - Reverse transcriptase with enhanced properties: Compositions and methods are provided for improved reverse transcriptases and their uses in reverse transcription where the improvement may include increased temperature, increased salt, increased activity and/or increased dUTP tolerance.... Agent: New England Biolabs, Inc.

20150104805 - Assay for trichomonas vaginalis by amplification and detection of trichomonas vaginalis ap65-1 gene: A region of the Trichomonas vaginalis AP65-1 gene has been identified which is useful for performing amplification assays to determine specifically whether T. vaginalis is present in the sample being tested. Oligonucleotides useful for performing thermal Strand Displacement Assay (tSDA) reactions on this gene are disclosed. The disclosed oligonucleotides can... Agent:

20150104795 - Biogenic fuel gas generation in geologic hydrocarbon deposits: A method of increasing biogenic production of a combustible gas from a subterranean geologic formation is described. The method may include extracting formation water from the geologic formation, where the extracted formation water includes at least a first species and a second species of microorganism. The method may also include... Agent:

20150104797 - Composite visible colorant and method for quantitative amplification: Methods and compositions for using colorants with real-time amplification reactions and normalization passive dyes are provided.... Agent:

20150104803 - Compositions and methods for obtaining nucleic acids from sputum: The present invention relates to compositions and methods for preserving and extracting nucleic acids from saliva. The compositions include a chelating agent, a denaturing agent, buffers to maintain the pH of the composition within ranges desirable for DNA and/or RNA. The compositions may also include a reducing agent and/or antimicrobial... Agent:

20150104799 - Dna-based detection and identification of eight mastitis pathogens: LAMP primer sets for detecting eight mastitis pathogens are disclosed. Methods and kits of using the primer sets to simultaneously detecting at least two of the eight mastitis pathogens are also described.... Agent:

20150104794 - Genetically engineered yarrowia lipolytica with enhanced extracellular secretion of a-ketoglutarate: The present invention provides four keto acid transporter encoding sequences selected from 6611 protein coding sequences of Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122 database. Also provided are recombinant Yarrowia lipolytica strains overexpressing the keto acid transporters, which have increased extracellular secretion of α-ketoglutarate. The present invention can be used to increase extracellular levels... Agent: Jiangnan University

20150104804 - Method for manufacturing cubic diamond nanocrystals: e

20150104801 - Methods and compositions for exosome isolation: Disclosed are methods, compositions and kits for the isolation of exosomes from biological fluids and tissues. Volume-excluding polymers are used to precipitate exosomes from biological samples thereby allowing exosome isolation by low-speed (benchtop) centrifugation or filtration. Further fractionation of exosomes after precipitation is also described.... Agent:

20150104798 - Microdroplet-manipulation systems and methods for automated execution of molecular biological protocols: Disclosed herein are automated systems for performing various biochemical and molecular biological procedures, including processor-controlled execution of protocols involving multiple steps performed in, on, or with liquid microdroplets. Example protocols are the various Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) protocols, but the subject systems are not limited to performing PCR protocols. Formation... Agent: The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona

20150104800 - System and method for marking textiles with nucleic acids: In an alternative embodiment, the media is used as a topical treatment for the fibrous material. In another alternative embodiment, the media is a carrier media that can be added to one or more fiber manufacturing processes without affecting each of the manufacturing processes. In yet another alternative embodiment, a... Agent: Apdn (b.v.i.) Inc.

20150104796 - System comprising at least two laboratory instruments for instrument-controlled handling of a partial problem in a treatment process containing treatments of at least one laboratory sample, laboratory instrument and method: The invention relates to a laboratory instrument for the instrument-controlled handling of a partial problem in a treatment process which contains treatments of at least one laboratory sample. The invention moreover relates to a system containing a plurality of such laboratory instruments, wherein the system serves for the instrument-controlled handling... Agent:

20150104802 - Systems and methods for developing quantifiable material standards for feedstocks and products used in additive manufactruing processes: Methods and systems for enabling additive manufacturing feedstock materials to communicate with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems by way of molecular markers. Markers can be DNA encoded with information or other small molecules that emit a biochemical, chemical, fluorescent, or conductive signal; markers also include additives that transmit... Agent:

20150104813 - Materials and methods for evaluating and treating neuromyelitis optica (nmo): The invention provides prognostic methods for evaluating the severity of NMO and NMO-associated diseases as well as methods of treating NMO and NMO-associated diseases.... Agent:

20150104811 - Method for pretreating biological sample containing protein: The present invention provides a method for pretreatment of a biological sample in the immunoassay of a protein contained in the biological sample. The method includes the steps of: (1) freezing the biological sample at a temperature higher than −80° C., in particular at −70° C. or higher; (2) thawing... Agent:

20150104812 - Micro-engineered hydrogels: A polyacrylamide hydrogel includes co-polymerized acrylamide, bisacrylamide and N-hydroxyethylacrylamide... Agent:

20150104815 - Porphyrin-lipid stabilized nanoparticles for surface enhanced raman scattering based imaging: Herein are provided nano-particles comprising a nanocore of Raman-scattering material stabilized by a bilayer comprising a porphyrin-phospholipid conjugate, methods of making the same and their use in Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering.... Agent: University Health Network

20150104814 - Sample analysis methods and apparatuses and dynamic valve operation methods: Disclosed are sample analysis apparatus and methods. A sample analysis apparatus includes a first unit that rotates a microfluidic apparatus including: a chamber having a space accommodating a sample, a channel that provides a path through which the sample flows; and a valve that selectively opens and closes the channel,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150104807 - Kits for diagnostic and therapeutic uses of augmenter of liver regeneration in inflammatory conditions: The present invention provides for methods and kits for detecting sepsis, trauma/hemorrhage or inflammation in a subject. It is based, at least in part, on the discovery that Augmenter of Liver Regeneration (“ALR”) is an early marker of these conditions. Accordingly, in other embodiments, the present invention provides for a... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20150104806 - Parkinson's disease biomarker: The present invention relates to a biomarker for Parkinson's disease. The biomarker and products associated with the biomarker may be used to assist diagnosis or to assess onset and/or development of Parkinson's disease. The invention also relates to use of the biomarker in clinical screening, assessment of prognosis, evaluation of... Agent: University Of Dundee

20150104808 - Cysteine engineered fibronectin type iii domain binding molecules: Cysteine engineered monospecific and bispecific EGFR and/or c-Met FN3 domain containing molecules comprising one or more free cysteine amino acids are prepared by mutagenizing a nucleic acid sequence of a parent molecule and replacing one or more amino acid residues by cysteine to encode the cysteine engineered FN3 domain containing... Agent:

20150104809 - Detection and treatment of cancer: The present invention relates to a method for diagnosing, evaluating the prognosis of a cancer patient and evaluating the aggressiveness of a cancer. The methods comprise detecting the phosphorylation status of a Scribble protein, a fragment or variant thereof, wherein the phosphorylation status is indicative of cancer, prognosis and the... Agent: University Of Essex Enterprises Ltd.

20150104810 - Lateral flow strip assay with immobilized conjugate: The present invention discloses analyte detection devices for detecting one or more analytes present in test samples, especially biological samples. In particular, the devices of the invention are lateral flow assay devices comprising immobilized metal nanoparticle conjugates as the detection means. Methods of using the devices and kits comprising the... Agent:

20150104818 - Gemcitabine immunoassay: The present invention comprises novel conjugates and immunogens derived from gemcitabine and unique antibodies generated by using gemcitabine linked immunogens, which conjugates immunogens and antibodies, are useful in immunoassays for the quantification and monitoring of gemcitabine in biological fluids.... Agent: Saladax Biomedical Inc.

20150104817 - Hydroxycholesterol immunoassay: Provided is a derivative of 22-hydroxycholesterol, 24S-hydroxycholesterol, 25-hydroxycholesterol, 26-hydroxycholesterol or 27-hydroxycholesterol. Also provided is a protein conjugated to the above derivative. Further provided is an antibody composition comprising antibodies that specifically bind to 22-hydroxycholesterol, 24S-hydroxycholesterol, 25-hydroxycholesterol, 26-hydroxycholesterol or 27-hydroxycholesterol. Additionally, a method of making antibodies that specifically bind to 22-hydroxycholesterol,... Agent: Enzo Life Sciences, Inc. C/o Enzo Biochem, Inc.

20150104816 - Marker for detecting pancreatic cancer: A marker for detecting pancreatic cancer, said marker comprising a glycoprotein C4BPA or PIGR, whereby a pancreatic cancer patient can be distinguished from a chronic pancreatitis patient or a normal subject and thus specifically diagnosed. Also, the marker is usable in monitoring the postoperative prognosis of a pancreatic cancer patient.... Agent: Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd.

20150104819 - Methods of using isoniazid for the diagnosis of lung infections: The present invention is directed to methods of diagnosing the presence or absence of a bacterial infection in a patient, in particular, a tuberculosis infection, by measuring exhaled, isotopically labeled nitrogen gas after administration of isotopic ally labeled isoniazid.... Agent:

20150104823 - Composition and method for measuring thallium influx and efflux: The present invention relates to methods for detecting the activity of an ion channel in a cell. The methods comprise providing a loading buffer solution to a cell that has an ion channel. The loading buffer comprises at least one thallium indicator (e.g., an environmentally sensitive, luminescent dye) and a... Agent:

20150104821 - Device and method for sorting and labeling of biological systems based on the ionic-electric dynamics: The present invention relates to a method and a device for creating digital copies of the ionic-electric dynamics of cells or cell compartments, such as organisms, or an at least partly identifying dataset that allows sorting decisions in vitro and in vivo. Sorting of cells and cell compartments based on... Agent:

20150104820 - Method for production of eosinophil from pluripotent stem cell: The present invention relates to a method for producing human eosinophils from human pluripotent stem cells. More specifically, the present invention provides a method for producing human eosinophils from human pluripotent stem cells, which method comprises the steps of: (1) co-culturing, in the presence of VEGF, human pluripotent stem cells... Agent: Kyoto University

20150104822 - Yeast strains capable of metabolizing xylose and resistant to inhibitors, method for obtaining same and use thereof: The subject matter of the present invention is novel yeast strains capable of metabolizing xylose and resistant to at least one fermentation inhibitor, and also to the method of obtaining same. The subject of the present invention is also the yeasts obtained by culturing said yeast strains and the use... Agent:

20150104825 - Capture, disruption, and extraction apparatus and method: A cell capture, disruption, and extraction apparatus includes a disruption chamber configured to receive cell solution and having therein a plurality of abrasives, which can include diamond powder, variably and multi dimensionally disbursed therein, and a pestle positioned in the disruption chamber. The apparatus includes an actuation device configured to... Agent:

20150104824 - Fixed chamber separator with adjustment withdrawal member: A separation device that can include a separation tube or container that has a wall defining an internal volume into which a material can be placed is disclosed. The material can include a multi-component mixture or solution. A secondary tube or withdrawal cannula can be placed and/or moved within the... Agent:

20150104826 - Devices and cartridges for extracting bio-sample regions and molecules of interest: Methods, devices, and systems for integrating extraction and purification of bio-sample regions and materials with patient analysis, diagnosis, follow up, and treatment. The invention provides a means to insert disclosed substrates, cartridges, and cartridge-processing instrument or instruments into a standard clinic or pathology laboratory workflow. Specifically, we disclose methods, devices,... Agent: Xmd, LLC

20150104829 - Labeled biomolecular compositions and methods for the production and uses thereof: Disclosed herein is a set of E. coli single-protein production (SPP) technologies with protein NMR (SPP-NMR) for (i) using isotope-enriched membrane proteins produced with the SPP system in screening detergent conditions suitable for purification and/or three-dimensional structure analysis without the requirement for protein purification, (ii) producing 2H, 13C, 15N enriched... Agent:

20150104828 - Levels and/or sustainability of dna-based gene expression: The invention encompasses methods for improving the level and/or sustainability of expression for a target nucleic acid in a eukaryotic cell comprising: (a) modifying the target nucleic acid to introduce or to comprise signals that limit or constrain the positions of nucleosome cores, and (b) introducing the modified target nucleic... Agent:

20150104827 - Scalable fermentation process: This invention provides a robust fermentation process for the expression of a capsid protein of a bacteriophage which is forming a VLP by self-assembly, wherein the process is scalable to a commercial production scale and wherein the expression rate of the capsid protein is controlled to obtain improved yield of... Agent: Cytos Biotechnology Ag

20150104830 - Avian cell line and its use in production of protein: The invention provides a process for generating an avian cell line of duck origin by a process comprising: —cultivating embryonic avian cells in cell culture medium, preferably comprising fetal calf serum (FBS) for more than 40 passages while reducing the concentration of FBS to 1-2% vol/vol FBS, —transferring passaged cells... Agent:

20150104831 - Antibodies and uses thereof: The present invention provides antibodies which bind to an epitope in the extracellular domain of human CC chemokine receptor 4 (CCR4) and which are capable of inhibiting the binding of macrophage-derived chemokine (MDC) and/or thymus and activation regulated chemokine (TARC) to CCR4. Also provided are inter alia immunoconjugates and compositions... Agent: Affitech Research As

20150104832 - Method for modulating gene expression by modifying the cpg content: The invention relates to nucleic acid modifications for a directed expression modulation by the targeted insertion or removal of CpG dinucleotides. The invention also relates to modified nucleic acids and expression vectors.... Agent:

20150104833 - Novel protein having b-glucosidase activity and uses thereof: By combination of hydrophobic chromatography and strongly basic anion-exchange chromatography, a novel, highly hydrophobic β-glucosidase was successfully identified from Acremonium cellulolyticus. Further, a gene corresponding to the identified β-glucosidase was isolated. When multiple modifications were introduced into the base sequence of the gene, the gene was successfully expressed in Trichoderma... Agent: Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

20150104834 - Culture medium and methods for producing alginate from stable mucoid strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa: A specialized culture medium for the promotion of alginate production by stable mucoid Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterial strains and methods for the production and purification of industrial, commercial, and pharmaceutical grade alginate from bacteriological sources are provided herein. Alginate produced using the media and methods disclosed herein is structurally uniform and... Agent:

20150104835 - Static solid state bioreactor and method for using same: A static solid state bioreactor and method of using same. The bioreactor comprises a vessel having an upper end and a lower end, the upper end having a sealable opening. A gas distribution system in communication with the upper end and the lower end of the vessel. A liquid distribution... Agent: Geosynfuels, LLC

20150104837 - Genes encoding biofilm formation inhibitory proteins and a method for producing l-lysine using a bacterial strain with the inactivated genes: The present invention relates to a novel isolated gene (polynucleotide) which encodes a protein having a biofilm formation inhibitory activity derived from Coryneform bacteria, a L-lysine-producing strain in which the polynucleotide is inactivated, and a method for producing L-lysine using the same.... Agent:

20150104836 - Method of producing l-amino acids: Provided is a method of producing L-amino acids by using a recombinant coryneform microorganism in which the expression of a target gene is weakened by using a gene transcription inhibition method.... Agent:

20150104838 - Recombinant microorganism having improved putrescine producing ability and method for producing putrescine by using same: The present invention relates to a recombinant microorganism having enhanced ability of producing putrescine at high yield, which is generated by weakening the activity of NCgl1469 in a microorganism of Corynebacterium genus that is modified to produce putrescine, and a method for producing putrescine using the same.... Agent:

20150104839 - Powdery lipase preparation, method for producing the same and use thereof: The present invention discloses a powdery lipase preparation which is a granulated material comprising a lipase derived from Rhizopus oryzae and/or a lipase derived from Rhizopus delemar and a soybean powder having a fat content of 5 mass % or more. A lipase activity is improved by using this powdery... Agent:

20150104840 - Method of continuous fermentation process for succinic acid by microbial cells of actinobacillus succinogenes: The present invention relates to a continuous fermentation process using Actinobacillus succinogenes. It was confirmed that in a cell recycled process, a production amount of succinic acid was about 60 g/L and productivity was about 3.873 g/L per hour. It was confirmed that a cell recycled fermentation process was increased... Agent: Kangwon National University University-industry Cooperation Foundation

20150104841 - Genes related to xylose fermentation and methods of using same for enhanced biofuel production: The present invention provides isolated gene sequences involved in xylose fermentation and related recombinant yeast which are useful in methods of enhanced biofuel production, particularly ethanol production. Methods of bioengineering recombinant yeast useful for biofuel production are also provided.... Agent:

20150104842 - Fuel compositions containing lignocellulosic biomass fermentation process syrup: A solid lignocellulosic fuel composition is produced from combining the syrup co-product of a lignocellulosic biomass fermentation process and an additional fuel component. The syrup is an excellent binder for a powdery fuel material that is not readily handled. The fuel composition is further processed to form briquettes, pellets and... Agent:

20150104843 - Processing biomass: Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful products, such as fuels. For example, systems can use feedstock materials, such as cellulosic and/or lignocellulosic materials and/or starchy or sugary materials, to produce ethanol and/or butanol, e.g., by fermentation.... Agent:

20150104844 - Materials for magnetizing cells and magnetic manipulation: A material comprising positively and negatively charged nanoparticles, wherein one of said nanoparticles contained a magnetically responsive element, are combined with a support molecule, which is a long natural or synthetic molecule or polymer to make a magnetic nanoparticle assembly. When the magnetic nanoparticle assembly is combined with cells, it... Agent:

20150104845 - Acoustic manipulation process and acoustic manipulation device: An acoustic manipulation process and acoustic manipulation device are disclosed. The acoustic manipulation process includes providing a device having a pathway positioned to receive a flow of a particle-containing fluid, transporting the particle-containing fluid into the pathway, and applying standing surface acoustic waves to the particle-containing fluid while the particle-containing... Agent:

20150104846 - Method for preserving components of pancreatic juice in a sample, and kit for preserving components of pancreatic juice in a sample: The present invention provides a method for preserving biological components in pancreatic juice, and a kit suited for this method. The method involves adding, to a pancreatic juice-containing biological sample, at least one sulfonyl fluoride-containing protease inhibitor and at least one trypsin-like serine protease inhibitor belonging to a group of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150104847 - Method for stabilizing cholesterol oxidase: The present invention provides a method for stabilizing a cholesterol oxidase, a method for preserving a cholesterol oxidase, and a stabilized composition of cholesterol oxidase. A method for stabilizing a cholesterol oxidase and a method for preserving a cholesterol oxidase which comprises allowing the cholesterol oxidase to coexist with an... Agent: Kyowa Medex Co., Ltd.

20150104848 - Nucleic acid-free thermostable enzymes and methods of production thereof: The present invention provides thermostable enzymes, such as DNA polymerases and restriction endonucleases, that are substantially free from contamination with nucleic acids. The invention also provides methods for the production of these enzymes, and kits comprising these enzymes which may be used in amplifying or sequencing nucleic acid molecules, including... Agent:

20150104849 - Methods of purifying recombinant adamts13 and other proteins and compositions thereof: Provided herein are methods for purifying recombinant A Disintegrin-like and Metallopeptidase with Thrombospondin Type 1 Motif 13 (ADAMTS13) protein from a sample. The method comprises enriching for ADAMTS13 protein by chromatographically contacting the sample with hydroxyapatite under conditions that allow ADAMTS13 protein to appear in the eluate or supernatant from... Agent:

20150104850 - Protein manipulation: A method of improving the folding of an enzyme comprising a thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP) binding domain, the method comprising: providing a nucleic acid encoding the enzyme comprising a TPP binding domain, in which one or more of the TPP binding domains in the enzyme monomer are replaced with a TPP... Agent: Rebiotechnologies Limted

20150104851 - Method for the biocatalytic cyclization of terpenes and cyclase mutants employable therein: The present invention relates to novel mutants with cyclase activity and use thereof in a method for biocatalytic cyclization of terpenes, such as in particular for the production of isopulegol by cyclization of citronellal; a method for the preparation of menthol and methods for the biocatalytic conversion of further compounds... Agent:

20150104852 - Controlled activation of the reuterin-production machinery of lactobacillus reuteri: Methods for the control led activation of the reuterin-production machinery of Lactobacillus reuteri by adding glycerol and other substances during the manufacture of cell-cultures and keeping the produced reuterin in the bacterial cell during preservation and storage. In particular this invention relates to the manufacture of large amounts of L.... Agent:

20150104853 - Compositions and methods of pgl for the increased production of isoprene: Provided herein are improved compositions and methods for the increased production of isoprene. Also provided herein are improved compositions and methods for the increased production of heterologous polypeptides capable of biological activity.... Agent:

20150104854 - Metabolically engineered methanotrophic, phototrophic microorganisms: This disclosure relates to the engineering of phototrophic microorganisms for conversion of alkanes into higher-value products. Recombinant phototrophic organisms such as cyanobacteria can be engineered, optionally in a modular format, to express enzymes involved in converting methane to methanol, methanol to formaldehyde, formaldehyde to central metabolic pathway intermediates, and such... Agent:

20150104855 - Enhanced combination method for phytoremediation of petroleum contaminated soil by impatiens balsamina l. associated with the indigenous microorganisms: A plant-microorganism combined method for phhytoremediation of organic contaminated soil; i.e., an ornamental plant (Impatiens balsamina L.)—microorganisms (petroleum hydrocarbon degrading mixed microbes) combined method for enhanced phytoremediation of petroleum contaminated soil is disclosed. The inoculated petroleum degrading mixed microbes can not only degrade contaminants in soil directly but also secretes... Agent: Nankai University

20150104856 - Detergent compositions: A detergent composition comprising a polypeptide having protease activity is disclosed. The composition may be used in laundry or hard surface cleaning such as automated dish wash, and it has improved performance compared with a commercial protease.... Agent:

20150104857 - Photobioreactor system for air purification: The present invention relates to air purification. The present invention provides a system for reducing carbon dioxide concentration in air in locations with sub-tropical to temperate climates and method of reducing carbon dioxide concentration using the system.... Agent:

20150104858 - Nucleic acid sample preparation: The present invention includes methods, devices and systems for isolating a nucleic acid from a fluid comprising cells. In various aspects, the methods, devices and systems may allow for a rapid procedure that requires a minimal amount of material and/or results in high purity nucleic acid isolated from complex fluids... Agent:

20150104859 - Rapid thermal cycling for pcr reactions using enclosed reaction vessels and linear motion: A system for fast, accurate and inexpensive thermal cycling is disclosed including a set of thermally conductive plates that are maintained in a fixed spatial relationship to each other, and separated from each other by a thermal insulating space. A hole having a size approximately equal to a size of... Agent:

20150104860 - Smartphone biosensor: A mobile computing device that includes an image sensor may be used to detect the result of a biomolecular assay. The biomolecular assay may be performed in an optical assay medium that provides an optical output in response to light from a light source, with the optical output indicating result.... Agent:

20150104861 - System and method for detection of a contaminated beverage: An apparatus may be configured to test a beverage, the apparatus may include but is not limited to, a beverage container that may be configured to hold a beverage, wherein the beverage container may include a material. An indicator may be chemically bonded to at least a portion of the... Agent:

20150104862 - Methods for gasification of carbonaceous materials: The present disclosure is generally directed to process of gasification of carbonaceous materials to produce synthesis gas or syngas. The present disclosure provides improved methods of gasification comprising: adding one or more carbonaceous materials, adding a molecular oxygen-containing gas, adding carbon dioxide gas and optionally adding water into said gasifier.... Agent: Ineos Usa LLC

20150104863 - Vectors and sequences for the treatment of diseases: The present invention provides new sequences, gene constructions, vectors and pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of diseases and specially, for the treatment of mucopolysaccharidoses.... Agent:

20150104864 - Method for generating cancer stem cells from immortalized cell lines: A method is described for generating a novel cancer stem cell line that possesses characteristics associated with stem cells, by co-culturing a human immortalized cell line and bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells, and the novel cancer stem cell line established thereby. This method is able to readily generate cancer stem... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20150104865 - Engineered heterodimeric protein domains: The present invention provides an engineered multidomain protein including at least two nonidentical engineered domains, each of which contains a protein-protein interaction interface containing amino acid sequence segments derived from two or more existing homologous parent domains, thereby conferring on the engineered domains assembly specificities distinct from assembly specificities of... Agent:

20150104866 - Ip-10 antibodies and their uses: The present invention provides isolated monoclonal antibodies, particularly human antibodies, that bind to IP-10 with high affinity, inhibit the binding of IP-10 to its receptor, inhibit IP-10-induced calcium flux and inhibit IP-10-induced cell migration. Nucleic acid molecules encoding the antibodies of the invention, expression vectors, host cells and methods for... Agent:

20150104867 - Animal protein-free media for cultivation of cells: The present invention relates to animal protein-free cell culture media comprising polyamines and a plant- and/or yeast-derived hydrolysate. The invention also relates to animal protein-free culturing processes, wherein cells can be cultivated, propagated and passaged without adding supplementary animal proteins in the culture medium. These processes are useful in cultivating... Agent: Baxter Healthcare Sa

20150104868 - Methods of maintaining and improving biological cell function and activity: The present invention relates to methods of using meso-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroxybutane for the maintenance and/or improvement of biological cell function and activity, and for the prevention of improper cell functioning or cell death, in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo over time and/or during exposure to stress. Meso-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroxybutane can be used to... Agent: Cargill, Inc.

20150104869 - Small activating rna molecules and methods of use: The present invention provides compositions, pharmaceutical preparations, kits and methods for increasing expression of a gene product in a cell by contacting the cell with a small activating RNA (saRNA) molecule comprising a ribonucleic strand that is complementary to a non-coding nucleic acid sequence of the gene.... Agent:

20150104871 - Medium comprising transforming growth factor beta 1 and basic fibroblast growth factor: The present invention is of methods of establishing and propagating human embryonic stem cell lines using feeder cells-free, xeno-free culture systems and stem cells which are capable of being maintained in an undifferentiated, pluripotent and proliferative state in culture which is free of xeno contaminants and feeder cells.... Agent:

20150104870 - Neuronal differentiation promoter: The present invention provides an agent for promoting neuronal differentiation of neural stem cells, which contains a p38 inhibitor. In addition, the present invention provides a method of promoting neuronal differentiation of neural stem cells, which includes cultivating neural stem cells in the presence of a p38 inhibitor. Neural stem... Agent:

20150104872 - Cell-support matrix having narrowly defined uniformly vertically and non-randomly organized porosity and pore density and a method for preparation thereof: A cell-support matrix having narrowly defined uniformly vertically and non-randomly organized porosity and pore density and a method for preparation thereof. The matrix suitable for preparation of cellular or acellular implants for growth and de novo formation of an articular hyaline-like cartilage. A gel-matrix composite system comprising collagen-based matrix having... Agent:

20150104874 - Akt ligands and polynucleotides encoding akt ligands: The invention relates to kinase ligands and polyligands. In particular, the invention relates to ligands, homopolyligands, and heteropolyligands that modulate AKT activity. The ligands, homopolyligands, and heteropolyligands are utilized as research tools or as therapeutics. The invention includes linkage of the ligands, homopolyligands, and heteropolyligands to a cellular localization signal,... Agent:

20150104873 - Genome surgery with paired, permeant endonuclease construct: e

20150104875 - Algal elongase 6: Provided herein are exemplary isolated nucleotide sequences encoding polypeptides having elongase activity, which utilize fatty acids as substrates.... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 43 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20150099260 - Crosslink breakers for preservation of biological substances: P

20150099262 - Flow cytometer biosafety hood and systems including the same: Flow cytometer systems are provided that mitigate aerosols generated during operation of a flow cytometer. A flow cytometer system can include various combinations of: a flow cytometer instrument base, a flow cytometer, and a biosafety hood (BSH). In some embodiments, a subject flow cytometer system includes a flow cytometer instrument... Agent:

20150099261 - Respiratory infection assay: The present invention provides nucleic acid products and corresponding methods for screening a biological sample for the presence of a respiratory infection-causing microorganism.... Agent:

20150099263 - Selective detection of human rhinovirus: A process for detecting human rhinovirus nucleic acid in a biological sample, includes producing an amplification product by amplifying an human bocavirus nucleotide sequence using a forward primer of SEQ ID NO: 1, and a reverse primer of SEQ ID NO: 2, and measuring said amplification product to detect human... Agent:

20150099264 - Device and method for pressure-driven plug transport and reaction: The present invention provides microfabricated substrates and methods of conducting reactions within these substrates. The reactions occur in plugs transported in the flow of a carrier-fluid.... Agent:

20150099265 - Detection signal and capture in dipstick assays: Improved dipstick assays for testing for the presence of a target nucleic acid in a sample solution are described. A dipstick is provided which comprises a contact end for contacting the sample solution and a capture zone remote from the contact end for capturing target nucleic acid. Sample solution is... Agent: Diagnostics For The Real World, Ltd.

20150099266 - Digital analysis of nucleic acid modification: In certain aspects, methods of the invention involve performing modification state specific enzymatic reaction of nucleic acid in a sample, determining a value associated with efficiency of the modification state specific enzymatic reaction based on a control, determining an amount of target nucleic acid in the sample, and normalizing the... Agent:

20150099268 - Amplification and detection of ribonucleic acids: Compositions, methods, and kits for detecting one or more species of RNA molecules are disclosed. In one embodiment, a first adaptor and a second adaptor are ligated to the RNA molecule using a polypeptide comprising double-strand specific RNA ligase activity, without an intervening purification step. The ligated product is reverse... Agent:

20150099267 - Immortalization of epithelial cells and methods of use: The present invention is directed towards methods of culturing non-keratinocyte epithelial cells, with the methods comprising culturing non-keratinocyte epithelial cells in the presence of feeder cells and a calcium-containing medium while inhibiting the activity of Rho kinase (ROCK) in the feeder cell, the non-keratinocyte epithelial cells or both during culturing.... Agent:

20150099269 - Hybridization- independent labeling of repetitive dna sequence in human chromsomes: The present invention discloses a transcription activator-like effector-based strategy, termed “TALEColor”, for labeling specific repetitive DNA sequences in human chromosomes. TALEs were custom designed for human telomeric repeats and fused with any of numerous fluorescent proteins (FPs). TALE-telomere-FP fusion proteins were used to detect telomeric sequence in both living cells... Agent:

20150099270 - Method of screening pharmaceuticals for drug interactions and nephrotoxicity: A method of determining nephrotoxicity of pharmaceuticals by conducting a metabolite formation study in cells using PAH in a control group; measuring metabolite formation; exposing cells to pharmaceuticals in the treatment group; conducting the metabolite formation study using PAH; measuring the metabolite formation in the treatment group; comparing the metabolite... Agent:

20150099271 - Fluorescent proteins, split fluorescent proteins, and their uses: Disclosed herein are fluorescent proteins and Split-Fluorescent proteins (SFPs) including Split-Green Fluorescent Proteins, such as tripartite split-GFPs. Nucleic acid molecules encoding the fluorescent proteins and SFPs, as well as methods of using the fluorescent proteins and SFPs, are also disclosed. For example, methods of detecting protein-protein interactions are disclosed herein.... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20150099272 - Apparatus for measuring floating microorganisms in a gas phase in real time using a system for dissolving microorganisms and atp illumination, and method for detecting same: The present invention relates to a method for measuring airborne microorganisms in real time using a microorganism lysis system and ATP bioluminescence, the method including sampling the airborne microorganisms in a particle classification device to which an ATP-reactive luminescent agent is applied and, at the same time, lysing the microorganisms... Agent:

20150099273 - Bacterium: The present invention relates to a bacterial cell with texturizing property, starter cultures comprising the cell, and dairy products fermented with the starter culture.... Agent: Chr. Hansen A/s

20150099274 - Method and system for use in monitoring biological material: An optical system for determining the concentration of a metabolic gas in a container sealed to biological contamination and enclosing a biological material. The optical system has a broadly tunable coherent infrared light source, a detection module, and a control system connected to the light source and detection module and... Agent:

20150099275 - Systems and methods for converting biomass to biocrude via hydrothermal liquefaction: Systems and processes of providing novel thermal energy sources for hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) reactors are described herein. According to various implementations, the systems and processes use concentrated solar thermal energy from a focused high-energy beam to provide sufficient energy for driving the HTL biomass-to-biocrude process. In addition, other implementations convert... Agent:

20150099276 - Prokaryotic xylose isomerase for the construction of xylose-fermenting yeasts: The present invention relates to the use of nucleic acid molecules coding for a bacterial xylose isomerase (XI), preferably coming from Clostridium phytofermentans, for reaction/metabolization, particularly fermentation, of recombinant microorganisms of biomaterial containing xylose, and particularly for the production of bioalcohols, particularly bioethanol, by means of xylose fermenting yeasts. The... Agent:

20150099277 - Novel tetrazines and method of synthezising the same: Provided herein, inter alia, are compositions and methods of synthesis and detection of tetrazines and diazonorcaradienes.... Agent:

20150099278 - Polynucleotides encoding antibodies: The present invention relates to antagonizing the activity of IL-17A, IL-17F and IL-23 using bispecific antibodies that comprise a binding entity that is cross-reactive for IL-17A and IL-17F and a binding entity that binds IL-23p19. The present invention relates to novel bispecific antibody formats and methods of using the same.... Agent:

20150099279 - Nucleic acid amplification method, nucleic acid extraction device, nucleic acid amplification reaction cartridge, and nucleic acid amplification reaction kit: A nucleic acid amplification method includes: adsorbing a nucleic acid onto fine particles by mixing a chaotropic substance-containing adsorbent liquid and the fine particles with a nucleic acid-containing sample; washing the fine particles adsorbing the nucleic acid with a first washing liquid; eluting the nucleic acid adsorbed to the fine... Agent:

20150099280 - Variants of beta-glucosidase: The present invention relates to variants of a parent beta-glucosidase, comprising a substitution at one or more positions corresponding to positions 142, 183, 266, and 703 of amino acids 1 to 842 of SEQ ID NO: 2 or corresponding to positions 142, 183, 266, and 705 of amino acids 1... Agent:

20150099281 - Method for producing l-lysine using microorganisms having ability to produce l-lysine: The present invention relates to a modified polynucleotide encoding aspartate kinase (EC:; hereinafter, referred to as LysC), transketolase (EC:; hereinafter, referred to as Tkt) or pyruvate carboxylase (EC:; hereinafter, referred to as Pyc), in which the initiation codon is substituted with ATG, a vector including the same, a microorganism transformed... Agent:

20150099282 - Nadp-dependent alanine dehydrogenase: The present invention relates to a polypeptide comprising the amino acid sequence of the Bacillus subtilis alanine dehydrogenase or a variant thereof, where Leu197 or an amino acid which is located at a homologous position in the amino acid sequence is exchanged for an amino acid with a positively charged... Agent: Evonik Industries Ag

20150099283 - Method for producing patchoulol and 7-epi-alpha-selinene: A method of producing patchoulol and 7-epi-α-selinene by contacting at least one polypeptide with farnesyl phyrophosphate (fpp). The method may be carried out in vitro or in vivo to produce patchoulol and 7-epi-α-selinene, compounds which can be useful in the field of perfumery.... Agent: Firmenich Sa

20150099284 - Alpha-amylase mutants with altered properties: The present invention relates to variants (mutants) of parent Termamyl-like alpha-amylases, which variant has alpha-amylase activity and exhibits altered stability, in particular at high temperatures and/or at low pH relative, and/or low Ca2+ to the parent alpha-amylase.... Agent:

20150099285 - Systems and methods for producing energy: The present invention relates to systems and methods for producing energy. Specifically, the present invention relates to systems and methods for producing energy, such as energy in the form of electricity, and fuels, such as, for example, biodiesel and/or cellulosic ethanol in a small scale energy center. Moreover, the systems... Agent:

20150099287 - Biogas generation system and method for generating biogas and carbon dioxide reduction product using the same: Provided is a biogas generation system comprising a fermenter for generating a biogas containing carbon dioxide and methane by decomposing an organic waste by the action of methane bacteria; a biogas refinery for condensing the methane contained in the biogas by dissolving the carbon dioxide contained in the generated biogas... Agent:

20150099286 - Means and methods for methane production: A solid state fermentation process for producing methane, and a bioreactor and solid support for use in the process are disclosed.... Agent:

20150099289 - Carbonic anhydrase xerogel particles: The present invention generally relates to carbonic anhydrase xerogel particles comprising a polysilicate-polysilicone copolymer and carbonic anhydrase. The carbonic anhydrase xerogel particles can be used for carbon dioxide capture.... Agent:

20150099288 - Porous membrane having immobilized enzyme, porous membrane composite including the same, and preparation method thereof: Disclosed herein is a porous membrane having an immobilized enzyme wherein the enzyme is immobilized within pores which are three-dimensionally connected to each other. The porous membrane having the immobilized enzyme is three-dimensionally crosslinked in a molecular level wherein nanopores of 5 to 100 nm are interconnected, so that the... Agent:

20150099290 - Insertion of charge in the hydrophobic interior of proteins as a strategy for engineering ph-sensitive switches: Methods are provided for engineering non-naturally occurring proteins comprising artificial pH-sensitive conformational switches that respond to a change in pH by causing a global unfolding of the proteins. Non-naturally occurring proteins comprising artificial pH-sensitive conformational switches that respond to a change in pH by causing a global unfolding of the... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20150099291 - Self-contained biological analysis: Devices, containers, and methods are provided for performing biological analysis in a closed environment. Illustrative biological analyses include nucleic acid amplification and detection and immuno-PCR.... Agent:

20150099292 - Spectrometer: A spectroscopic system is provided. In one embodiment, the spectroscopic system comprises a light source adapted to provide a beam of illumination; an optical system adapted to provide the beam of illumination to a sample and receive a spectroscopy signal from the sample and direct the spectroscopy signal to at... Agent: Mks Technology (d/b/a Snowy Range Instruments)

20150099293 - Buoyant protein harvesting device: A buoyant device containing chromatography media performs the function of protein harvesting replacing the steps of cell separation and volume reduction; the device can be loaded into columns for further purification.... Agent: Therapeutic Proteins International, LLC

20150099294 - Method and apparatus for reducing co2 in a stream by conversion to a syngas for production of energy: A system and method for producing Syngas from the CO2 in a gaseous stream, such as an exhaust stream, from a power plant or industrial plant, like a cement kiln, is disclosed. A preferred embodiment includes providing the gaseous stream to pyrolysis reactor along with a carbon source such as... Agent:

20150099296 - Promoter-regulated differentiation-dependent self-deleting cassette: Targeting constructs and methods of using them are provided for differentiation-dependent modification of nucleic acid sequences in cells and in non-human animals. Targeting constructs comprising a promoter operably linked to a recombinase are provided, wherein the promoter drives transcription of the recombinase in an differentiated cell but not an undifferentiated... Agent:

20150099295 - Recombinant production of authentic human proteins using human cell expression systems: The present invention relates to novel expression cassettes and vectors for efficiently producing authentic recombinant human proteins from stable cultures of novel human cell lines, the authentic recombinant proteins produced therefrom, and antibodies raised against those authentic recombinant proteins.... Agent: Humanzyme Limited

20150099297 - Chimeric proteins for treatment of diseases: A chimeric protein is made from the combination of (i) a pathogen recognition module derived from a scavenger receptor and (ii) an anchor domain from a different scavenger receptor. The chimeric protein binds to specific pathogens and is useful in various treatments.... Agent:

20150099298 - Antibodies capable of binding to the coagulation factor xi and/or its activated form factor xia and uses thereof: The present invention relates to antibodies capable of binding to the coagulation Factor XI and/or its activated form factor XIa and methods of use thereof, particularly methods of use as agents inhibiting platelet aggregation and by this inhibits thrombus formation.... Agent:

20150099299 - Compositions for treatment of cancer: The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating cancer in a human. The invention includes relates to administering a genetically modified T cell to express a CAR wherein the CAR comprises an antigen binding domain, a transmembrane domain, a costimulatory signaling region, and a CD3 zeta signaling domain.... Agent:

20150099300 - Use of adipose tissue-derived stromal cells for chondrocyte differentiation and cartilage repair: Methods and compositions for directing adipose-derived stromal cells cultivated in vitro to differentiate into cells of the chondrocyte lineage are disclosed. The invention further provides a variety of chondroinductive agents which can be used singly or in combination with other nutrient components to induce chondrogenesis in adipose-derived stromal cells either... Agent:

20150099301 - Cell culture fluid: The present invention relates to a cell culture medium and more particularly, to a safe, stable, and effective cell culture medium for cell therapy products.... Agent:

20150099302 - Clonal expansion of b cells: The present invention provides recombinant proteins comprising the amino acid sequence of an intracellular segment of CD40 and an amino acid sequence mediating the association of the recombinant protein with the constant region of an immunoglobulin heavy chain. The recombinant proteins according to the present invention are useful for inducing... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 94 patent applications in 58 patent subcategories.

20150093738 - Administration and monitoring of nitric oxide in ex vivo fluids: Described are systems and methods for monitoring administration of nitric oxide (NO) to ex vivo fluids. Examples of such fluids include blood in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) circuits or perfusion fluids used for preserving ex vivo organs prior to transplanting in a recipient. The systems and methods described herein provide... Agent:

20150093739 - Systems and methods for processing complex biological materials: Method and systems, for processing biological material, that contain a biological material in a vessel; add an aggregating agent to the material in the vessel and allow the material to separate into two or more distinct submaterials; extract one or more of the submaterials from the vessel; automatically transport one... Agent:

20150093741 - Gas control in automated bioreactor system: A totipotent plant tissue multiplication system can include a plurality of bioreactors, an agitator to agitate culture in the bioreactors, and a gas source and control system. The gas source and control system can include a dissolved gas sensor in each of the bioreactors, gas sources, a manifold connected to... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20150093740 - Independent ports in automated bioreactor system: A totipotent plant tissue multiplication system can include a sterile enclosure and a bioreactor in the sterile enclosure. The bioreactor can include a number of ports. A sensor can be inserted into a first port. A matter insertion system can input matter into the bioreactor via tubing configured to be... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20150093742 - Antibodies for oncogenic strains of hpv and methods of their use: The subject invention provides antibodies, including polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, that bind to E6 proteins from at least three oncogenic strains of HPV. In general, the antibodies bind to amino acids motifs that are conserved between the E6 proteins of different HPV strains, particularly HPV strains 16 and 18. The... Agent:

20150093744 - Capture of human norovirus from clinical environmental and food samples and measurement of infectivity: The present invention relates to human noroviruses.... Agent:

20150093743 - On-demand particle dispensing system: Systems, including apparatus and methods, for the microfluidic manipulation, dispensing, and/or sorting of particles, such as cells and/or beads.... Agent:

20150093745 - Optoelectronic detection system: The invention relates to optoelectronic systems for detecting one or more target particles. The system includes a reaction chamber, a specimen collector, an optical detector, and a reservoir containing cells, each of the cells having receptors which are present on the surface of each cell and are specific for the... Agent:

20150093746 - Virus causing respiratory tract illness in susceptible mammals: The invention relates to the field of virology. The invention provides an isolated essentially mammalian negative-sense single-stranded RNA virus (MPV) within the subfamily Pneumovirinae of the family Paramyxoviridae and identifiable as phylogenetically corresponding to the genus Metapneumovirus and components thereof.... Agent:

20150093752 - Conversion of alpha-hydroxyalkylated residues in biomolecules using methyltransferases: The present invention relates to targeted conversion of alpha-hydroxyalkylated residues in biomolecules in the presence of a directing methyltransferase, namely to targeted removal of the alpha-hydroxyalkyl moieties to give unmodified residues, or targeted derivatization of the alpha-hydroxyalkyl groups by covalent coupling of non-cofactor compounds represented by formula HQ-LX, wherein X... Agent:

20150093750 - Magnetically assisted processing of a medium: The invention relates to a processing device (100) and a method for processing a medium in a processing chamber (121). The processing comprises the addition of magnetic particles (M) to the medium and the mixing of the medium by manipulating said magnetic particles with a time-variable magnetic field (B), particularly... Agent:

20150093747 - Maize event dp-004114-3 and methods for detection thereof: The invention provides DNA compositions that relate to transgenic insect resistant maize plants. Also provided are assays for detecting the presence of the maize DP-004114-3 event based on the DNA sequence of the recombinant construct inserted into the maize genome and the DNA sequences flanking the insertion site. Kits and... Agent: Pioneer Hi Bred International Inc

20150093748 - Method and primers for the detection of microcystin-producing toxic cyanobacteria: The present invention provides a method for detecting the presence of microcystin-producing toxic cyanobacteria in a sample comprising the step of contacting nucleic acid obtained from an environmental sample with primers specifically hybridizing with the nucleic acid sequence of mcy B gene present in Microcystis aeruginosa, Anabaena sp. and Planktothrix... Agent:

20150093753 - Methods for quantitative amplification and detection over a wide dynamic range: Disclosed are compositions and methods for making differentiable amplicon species at unequal ratios using a single amplification system in a single vessel. The number of differentiable amplicons and their ratios to one another are chosen to span the required linear dynamic range for the amplification reaction and to accommodate limitations... Agent:

20150093751 - Primers for diagnosing avellino corneal dystrophy: The present invention relates to a real-time PCR primer pair and probe for diagnosing Avellino corneal dystrophy, and more particularly to a real-time PCR primer pair and probe for diagnosing Avellino corneal dystrophy, which can accurately diagnose the presence or absence of a mutation in exon 4 of BIGH3 gene,... Agent: Avellino Co., Ltd.

20150093749 - Real-time pcr detection of streptococcus pyogenes: The present invention relates to assays, diagnostic kits and methods for real-time PCR detection of S. pyogenes.... Agent:

20150093754 - Analyzer, analyzing method, and tip container: Disclosed is an analyzer comprising: a liquid container mounting section in which a liquid container are set; a container mounting section in which at least one tip container accommodating a plurality of pipette tips is set; a cover detecting section that detects a presence of a cover mounted on the... Agent:

20150093755 - Method for assessing juice/cider quality and/or safety: A novel method for isolating DNA from juices and ciders is described. This method is low cost and yield large quantities of highly purified DNA even though one uses a small quantity of juice or cider. A method for determining if a juice or cider is safe to consume and/or... Agent:

20150093756 - Thermophilic helicase dependent amplification technology with endpoint homogenous fluorescent detection: Disclosed herein are methods of amplifying a target nucleic acid in a helicase-dependent reaction. Also disclosed are methods of amplifying and detecting a target nucleic acid in a helicase-dependent reaction as well as modified detection labels to assist in the detection.... Agent:

20150093757 - Thermophilic helicase dependent amplification technology with endpoint homogenous fluorescent detection: Capillary electrophoresis methods for determining the relative amount of protein in a sample comprising a population of proteins are provided. The methods comprise charge and/or size separation of a target protein or a plurality of target proteins present in a sample, for example a biological sample, by capillary electrophoresis in... Agent: Protein Simple

20150093764 - Blocking reagent compositions and methods of making and using the same: Blocking reagent compositions, as well as methods of making and using the same, are provided. Aspects of the composition include a blocking reagent that binds to the cell surface but does not specifically bind to a targeted first cell surface antigen. Also provided are system and kits that include the... Agent:

20150093761 - Cartridge and system for detecting of glycated protein in sample and method of detecting glycated protein using the same: A Method for inducing human neural stem/progenitor cells to differentiate into oligodendrocyte progenitor cells and application thereof comprises following steps of: pre-treating neural stem cells derived from different resources in pre-treatment medium including bFGF and EGF for culturing; and inducing neural stem cells after pre-treating with inducing medium including PDGF-AA,... Agent:

20150093762 - Hepatic stellate cell precursors and methods of isolating same: The present invention relates to precursor cells to hepatic stellate cells, compositions comprising same and methods of isolating same. The surface antigenic profile of the precursors is MHC class Ia negative, ICAM-1+, VCAM-1+, β3-integrin+. In addition to expression of these surface markers, the cells also express the intracellular markers desmin,... Agent: University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20150093763 - Method for diagnosis of pulmonary involvement in systemic sclerosis: A method for the diagnosis and/or therapy control of systemic sclerosis is disclosed wherein soluble CD90 is detected in body fluids. By measuring the concentration of soluble CD90 certain forms of diseases can be differentiated by applying the ex vivo method.... Agent: Universitaetsklinikum Freiburg

20150093765 - Method of prognosis: The present invention relates to the use of soluble CD163 as a prognostic marker for the assessment of the risk for contracting a disorder, in particular for contracting diabetes and/or a liver disorder. The invention also relates to the use of CD163 as a prognostic marker for assessing lifetime expectancy.... Agent:

20150093766 - Diagnostic reagents: There is provided a diagnostic reagent useful to determine whether an animal has a tuberculosis infection or has been exposed to a tuberculosis agent, for example a Mycobacterium. The reagent is useful to distinguish between such an animal and an animal which has been vaccinated against a tuberculosis infection.... Agent:

20150093759 - Compositions and methods for detecting nitration of pkg-1a and methods of use thereof: Antibodies for detecting nitration of nitrotyrosine 247 PKG-1α and antibodies for detecting nitrotyrosine 425 of PKG-1α are disclosed. Methods of detecting nitrotyrosine 247 PKG-1α and nitrotyrosine 425 of PKG-1α, and uses thereof are also disclosed for identification and diagnosis or phenotypes, pathologies, diseases and disorders associated with protein nitration of... Agent:

20150093758 - Psa capture agents, compositions, methods and preparation thereof: Disclosed herein are novel synthetic prostate specific antigen (PSA)-targeted capture agents that specifically bind PSA. In certain embodiments, these PSA capture agents are biligand or triligand capture agents containing two or three target-binding moieties, respectively.... Agent:

20150093760 - Cartridge and system for detecting of glycated protein in sample and method of detecting glycated protein using the same: A cartridge for measuring a concentration of a glycated protein in a wide measurement range, a system for measuring a glycated protein, and a method of measuring a glycated protein using same.... Agent:

20150093768 - Detection of prostate and bladder cancer: The present invention relates to a method for the diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of cancer, such as early or late stage prostate cancer and bladder cancer, in a subject by detecting Bcl-2 in a biological sample from the subject, preferably a urine or blood sample. Bcl-2 may be measured using... Agent: University Of South Florida

20150093767 - Methods for diagnosis and prognosis of epithelial cancers: The present invention is based on the discovery that three proteins, Cystatin B, Chaperonin 10, and Profilin are present in the urine of patients with bladder cancer, a cancer of epithelial origin. Accordingly, the present invention is directed to methods for prognostic evaluation of cancers of epithelial origin and to... Agent:

20150093769 - Method for determining the concentration of the adipocytic form of the fatty acid binding protein (a-fabp, fabp4, p2): Products and methods for the research, diagnosis, risk assessment, course monitoring, treatment and prophylaxis of various metabolic disorders and their early forms, concomitant diseases and secondary diseases are provided. Metabolic diseases include, for example, metabolic syndrome, non-insulin-dependent diabetes, (type II diabetes), insulin resistance, obesity (adiposis), in addition to diseases that... Agent: Biovendor Laboratory Medicine, Inc.

20150093770 - Method and device for the determination of platelet function under flow conditions: The invention lies in the area of platelet function diagnostics and relates to a method for the determination of platelet function under flow conditions as well as a device for the implementation of this method. The method is particularly suitable for the determination of the effect of clopidogrel and of... Agent:

20150093771 - Microfluidic analytical device for analysis of chemical or biological samples, method and system thereof: An analytical device for analysis of chemical or biological samples, a method of using such a device, based on rotation of the device, integrated sample dosing and optical detection, and a system comprising such a device are disclosed. The analytical device comprises a device body having a liquid processing unit.... Agent:

20150093772 - Method for evaluating cosmetic: It is an object of the invention to provide a method for evaluating cosmetics that allows development of cosmetics that can contribute to beautiful healthy skin. The object is achieved by a method of evaluating improvement in skin by an applied cosmetic, using as the index the change in stratum... Agent: Shiseido Company, Ltd.

20150093773 - Method of inserting dna fragments into genome by using marker gene expression: Provided is a method of inserting a target sequence into a genome of a cell through positive selection or negative selection based on whether a marker is expressed.... Agent:

20150093774 - Sensors and methods for capture, killing, and release of bacteria: There is provided a renewable sensor for sensing or selectively capturing a targeted bacteria in a fluid. The renewable sensor includes a surface, the surface includes a substrate, a biologically or bacterially non-adhesive feature disposed on or in functional proximity to at least a portion of the substrate; and an... Agent:

20150093777 - Methods for determining and/or monitoring conditions of a three dimensional cell culture system and optical sensor device for conducting said methods: A method for at least one of determining and monitoring at least one condition of/in a three dimensional cell culture system comprising at least one growth section, the at least one condition being selected from the group consisting of a physiological condition, a vitality, and a metabolism status, the method... Agent: Tissuse Gmbh

20150093776 - Polyphenol, terpenoid, glycoside, and alkaloid production by crocus sativus cell cultures: A method for producing metabolites of Crocus sativus (C. sativus) includes (i) selecting a cell line of C. sativus that produces one or more saffron metabolites in cell suspension culture, and (ii) growing the selected cell line in a suspension cell culture to produce the saffron metabolite.... Agent:

20150093779 - System and device for characterizing cells: A diagnostic device includes a microscope configured to obtain image data on a plurality of cells and a computing device. The computing device is configured to receive the image data, identify at least a portion of each of the plurality of cells based on the received image data, determine at... Agent: University Of Florida

20150093775 - System and method for analyte sensing and monitoring: An analyte sensing and monitoring system and method is provided that is particularly applicable to monitoring of analytes in cell cultures. The system and method relies on the initial diffusion rates of the analytes from the medium that contains the analytes being measured (e.g., cell culture) into a diffusion chamber... Agent:

20150093778 - Vibrio assay methods and kits: Methods and kits for detection of bacteria, especially Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus, are provided using a unique combination of selective ingredients and two-phase culture (solid-phase culture gel and liquid-phase culture/enrichment broth) allows for high sensitivity and specificity of the kits for growth of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus in... Agent:

20150093780 - Preparation of thin tissue sections for imaging mass spectrometry: The invention relates to the preparation of thin tissue sections for mass spectrometric (MALDI) imaging, and proposes a method wherein a microcrystalline layer of the matrix material is produced on the surface of the thin tissue sections, and soluble analyte molecules are transported orthogonally through the thin tissue section to... Agent:

20150093781 - Microorganism for expressing a human membrane protein: The invention relates to an isolated, genetically modified, living non-mammal organism, having increased HMG-CoA-reductase activity compared to the wild type, and having reduced C24-methyltransferase and/or delta22-desaturase activity compared to the wild type. The invention is characterized in that the organism has increased dehydrocholesterol-delta70-reductase activity compared to the wild type. The... Agent:

20150093784 - Cell culture improvements: The invention describes improved methods and compositions for producing a recombinant protein, e.g., an antibody, in mammalian cell culture. In addition, the invention provides improved cell culture media, including improved production media, feed solutions, and combination feeds, which may be used to improve protein productivity in mammalian cell culture.... Agent:

20150093782 - Compositions and methods for reducing fucosylation of glycoproteins in insect cells and methods of use thereof for production of recombinant glycoproteins: Compositions for reducing fucosylation of glycoproteins in insect cells are provided. Also disclosed are methods of use of such compositions for the production of recombinant humanized proteins.... Agent:

20150093783 - Humanized antibodies to ca215: Provided herein are humanized forms of murine RP215 monoclonal antibodies and methods of using the same. These humanized RP215 monoclonal antibodies were characterized in terms of their respective affinity and specificity to the corresponding tumor-associated antigen, CA215, and shown to be comparable to those of murine RP215.... Agent:

20150093785 - System and method for processing biological material: The invention provides apparatus and processes for cultivating algae.... Agent:

20150093787 - Compositions and methods for use in recombinational cloning of nucleic acids: The present invention relates generally to compositions and methods for use in recombinational cloning of nucleic acid molecules. In particular, the invention relates to nucleic acid molecules encoding one or more recombination sites or portions thereof, to nucleic acid molecules comprising one or more of these recombination site nucleotide sequences... Agent:

20150093786 - Laboratory apparatus and method of using a laboratory apparatus: The invention is related to a laboratory apparatus and method for the automated processing of liquid samples, in particular for the program controlled handling of liquid samples, having an electronic control device, which is adapted to process a program code for the program controlled processing of fluid samples, at least... Agent:

20150093788 - Methods and reagents for molecular cloning: The present invention provides compositions, methods, and kits for covalently linking nucleic acid molecules. The methods include a strand invasion step, and the compositions and kits are useful for performing such methods. For example, a method of covalently linking double stranded (ds) nucleic acid molecules can include contacting a first... Agent:

20150093789 - Method for enhancing oil production from grain: A process for increasing oil yield from grain that includes passing a grain-based liquid stream of an alcohol production process through a cavitation apparatus to apply cavitational energy to the grain-based liquid stream, wherein the cavitational energy is applied to the grain-based liquid stream prior to a distillation phase of... Agent: Arisdyne Systems, Inc.

20150093792 - Polypeptides having glucoamylase activity and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having glucoamylase activity and isolated polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides.... Agent:

20150093791 - Thermocellulases for lignocellulosic degradation: Thermostable cellulase enzyme systems comprising at least one each of a thermostable endoglucanase, an exo-processive-endoglucanase, and a β-glucosidase carry out the complete, coordinated hydrolysis of crystalline cellulose to monomeric glucose.... Agent:

20150093790 - Thermostable c. bescii enzymes: The disclosure provides thermostable enzymes isolated from Caldicellulosiruptor bescii and fragments thereof useful for the degradation of cellulose and/or hemicellulose, including thermostable cellulases and hemicellulases. The disclosure further provides nucleic acids encoding the thermostable enzymes of the disclosure. The disclosure also provides methods for the conversion of cellulose and hemicellulose... Agent: The Board Pf Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20150093793 - Novel method for producing metabolites from omeprazole using bacterial cytochrome p450, and composition for same: The present invention relates to a novel method for producing metabolites from omeprazole using bacterial cytochrome P450, and a composition therefor, and more specifically, to a composition and a kit for producing a 5′-hydroxyl product from omeprazole, containing bacterial cytochrome P450 BM3 (CYP102A1) or mutants thereof, and to a method... Agent:

20150093794 - Cellular production of glucaric acid: The invention relates to the production of glucuronic and glucaric acid in cells through recombinant expression of myo-inositol 1-phosphate synthase, myo-inositol oxygenase and uronate dehydrogenase. Cloning and characterization of the gene encoding uronate dehydrogenase is also disclosed.... Agent:

20150093795 - Cutinase variants and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention relates tocutinasevariants. The present invention also relates to polynucleotides encoding the variants; nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides; and methods of using the variants.... Agent:

20150093796 - Clostridium acetobutylicum and application thereof: The present invention provides Clostridium acetobutylicum and an application thereof. A preservation number of the Clostridium acetobutylicum provided in the invention is CGMCC No. 5234. The Clostridium acetobutylicum provided in the present invention can be used for cogeneration of acetone, butanol, ethanol, and 3-hydroxy butanone through fermentation, so as to... Agent:

20150093797 - Production of acetyl-coenzyme a derived isoprenoids: Provided herein are compositions and methods for the heterologous production of acetyl-CoA-derived isoprenoids in a host cell. In some embodiments, the host cell is genetically modified to comprise a heterologous nucleotide sequence encoding an acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, acetylating (ADA, E.C. and an MEV pathway comprising an NADH-using HMG-CoA reductase. In... Agent: Amyris, Inc.

20150093798 - Microorganism capable of producing 1,4-butanediol and method of producing 1,4-butanediol using the same: A microorganism capable of producing 1,4-butanediol and a method of producing 1,4-butanediol using the same.... Agent:

20150093799 - Histidyl-trna synthetases for treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases: The present invention relates generally to compositions and methods comprising histidyl-tRNA synthetase polypeptides or other specific blocking agents for the treatment autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory diseases, including those related to Jo-1 antibodies.... Agent:

20150093800 - Method for chromatography reuse: The present invention provides methods for cleaning or regenerating a chromatography materiel for reuse. The methods of the invention can be used for cleaning or regenerating chromatography columns for reuse in the large-scale manufacture of multiple polypeptide products.... Agent:

20150093801 - Solubilized phospholipids for stabilizing nucleic acid polymerases: Compositions and methods are provided that relate to solubilized phospholipids and their use in stabilizing nucleic acid polymerases. For example, a phospholipid with a tail containing at least 8 carbons can be solubilized in the presence of an amphipathic molecule.... Agent:

20150093802 - Zinc finger nuclease for the cftr gene and methods of use thereof: The present invention provides new zinc finger proteins and zinc finger nuclease (ZFNs) that find particular using in repairing the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene.... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation D/b/a Massachusetts General Hospital

20150093803 - Nitrile hydratase variant: A nitrile hydratase variant of the present invention comprises substitution of at least one amino acid with another amino acid to improve two or more properties of nitrile hydratase by substitution of one amino acid.... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

20150093804 - Method for preparing virus-like particle and recombinant baculovirus used therein: A recombinant baculovirus is provided for preparing picornavirus virus-like particles (VLP), wherein Chitinase A (ChiA) and Cathepsin V (v-cath) genes of the recombinant baculovirus are functionally disrupted and the recombinant baculovirus includes a picornavirus capsid protein gene under control of a strong promoter, and includes a protease gene configured for... Agent:

20150093805 - Polypeptides having alpha-amylase and granular starch hydrolyzing activity: The present invention relates to a polypeptide having alpha-amylase activity obtained from a strain of Aspergillus niger.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20150093806 - Method for photoculturing and harvesting microalgae: The present invention relates to a method for photoculturing and harvesting microalgae, and more particularly to a method for photoculturing and harvesting microalgae, in which a light emitting diode (LED) is used as a light source to increase the efficiency with which microalgae are cultured, and the cultured microalgae are... Agent:

20150093807 - Method for controlling degradation of biodegradable polyester and degradation-controlled biodegradable polyester: The present disclosure relates to a method for controlling degradation of biodegradable polyester. To be specific, biodegradation caused by a depolymerase is suppressed by capping a carboxyl terminal in biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) having the carboxyl group at one terminal or its copolymer, and, thus, it is possible to easily suppress... Agent:

20150093808 - Enzyme-assisted effluent remediation: This invention relates to methods to reduce the levels of contaminants in effluent produced in industrial operations, e.g., refinery operations. In particular, the invention relates to method to reduce the level of organic contaminants in industrial effluent wherein said effluent lacks sufficient dissolved oxygen to support enzymatically-catalyzed removal of organic... Agent:

20150093809 - Apparatus for enhanced recovery of regenerative cells from tissue sample: This document describes methods and an apparatus for recovery of a cell-enriched matrix and cells (e.g., regenerative cells) from a tissue sample. In some embodiments, at least two rounds of acceleration and deceleration are performed.... Agent: Ingeneron, Inc.

20150093811 - Mixing device for a container, container and method for installing the mixing device in a container: A mixing device for an application in a container including a rotatable shaft; a drive device through which the rotatable shaft is drivable; and at least one mixing element arranged at the shaft, wherein the mixing element is rotatable together with the shaft, wherein the shaft includes a support device... Agent:

20150093810 - Particle manipulation system with out-of-plane channel and focusing element: A particle manipulation system uses a MEMS-based, microfabricated particle manipulation device, which has an inlet channel, output channels, and a movable member formed on a substrate. The movable member moves parallel to the fabrication plane, as does fluid flowing in the inlet channel. The movable member separates a target particle... Agent: Owl Biomedical, Inc.

20150093812 - Bioartificial filtration organ: A bioartificial filtration organ can be produced from an organ scaffold by re-seeding the scaffold with endothelial cells or cell progenitors and with epithelial cells or cell progenitors in a negative pressure environment. The negative pressure encourages the re-seeding over a greater extent of the scaffold.... Agent:

20150093813 - Electroporator having an elongated hollow member: An electroporation apparatus comprising an elongated hollow member in order to provide a uniform electric field during electroporation, wherein specifically, electroporation is carried out by applying electric pulses through a couple of electrodes from both end parts of the elongated hollow member, after the hollow member is charged with fluid... Agent:

20150093814 - System, an apparatus and a computer program product for obtaining an information related to eosinophilic airway inflammation: The present invention provides a system adapted to obtain an information related to eosinophilic airway inflammation. The system comprises a processor and a memory which is under control of said processor. The memory comprises software instructions adapted to enable the computer system to perform operations comprising: receiving an information related... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20150093816 - Compact fluid analysis device and method to fabricate: The present disclosure relates to a device for analyzing a fluid sample. In one aspect, the device includes a fluidic substrate that comprises a micro-fluidic component embedded in the fluidic substrate configured to propagate a fluid sample via capillary force through the device and a means for providing a fluid... Agent: Imec Vzw

20150093815 - Microfluidic cartridge devices and methods of use and assembly: Methods and systems for controlling fluid flow through a cartridge for use in an assay of a fluid sample for detection of a target analyte. In one aspect, the cartridge includes a microfluidic device having a network of microfluidic channels, one or more reservoirs and one or more actuatable valves... Agent:

20150093817 - Particle manipulation system with out-of plane channel: A particle manipulation system uses a MEMS-based, microfabricated particle manipulation device which has an inlet channel, output channels, and a movable member formed on a substrate. The movable member moves parallel to the fabrication plane, as does fluid flowing in the inlet channel. The movable member separates a target particle... Agent: Owl Biomedical, Inc.

20150093818 - Method for generating microscopic patterns of protein and other macromolecules: Methods and apparatuses for generating microscopic patterns of macromolecules such as proteins on a solid surface are described. Pulsed laser light is used to alter surface portions of a solid surface substrate in a predetermined pattern by removing macromolecules from surface portions of the substrate where the light is focused.... Agent:

20150093819 - Bioreactor system and methods for alternative cell culture between static and dynamic: The invention relates to a bioreactor system characterized by its capacity in cultivating cells in all three states: static, dynamic, or alternating between static and dynamic states in the same cell culture container or containers, with the even distribution of cells in cell static culture following a dynamic culture. In... Agent:

20150093820 - Methods for detection of target using affinity binding: A method of recovering a target from a sample is provided. The method comprises the adding a substrate coupled binding element to the sample comprising the target to form a substrate coupled binding element-target complex; precipitating the complex by changing one or more environmental conditions of the substrate and recovering... Agent: General Electric Company

20150093821 - Biodegradable polyurethanes and use thereof: A biodegradable and biocompatible polyurethane composition synthesized by reacting isocyanate groups of at least one multifunctional isocyanate compound with at least one bioactive agent having at least one reactive group —X which is a hydroxyl group (—OH) or an amine group (—NH2). The polyurethane composition is biodegradable within a living... Agent:

20150093822 - Compositions for treatment of cancer: The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating cancer in a human. The invention includes relates to administering a genetically modified T cell to express a CAR wherein the CAR comprises an antigen binding domain, a transmembrane domain, a costimulatory signaling region, and a CD3 zeta signaling domain.... Agent:

20150093825 - Anti-heparan sulfate peptides that block herpes simplex virus infection in vivo: wherein X represents any amino acid. In some embodiments, peptides comprise at least 10 amino acids of the sequence LRSRTKIIRIRH (SEQ ID NO: 1), HRIRIIKTRSRL (SEQ ID NO: 7), MPRRRRIRRRQK (SEQ ID NO: 3), and/or KQRRRIRRRRM (SEQ ID NO: 9). Peptides may be coupled to one or more therapeutic compound(s)... Agent:

20150093823 - Environmentally responsive microstructured hybrid actuator assemblies for use in mechanical stimulation of cells: A method for mechanical stimulation of cells includes providing a substrate comprising a plurality of microactuators embedded in an environmentally responsive hydrogel polymer layer disposed on a region of the surface; adhering at least one cell to the substrate; and exposing the environmentally responsive hydrogel polymer layer to a stimulus,... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20150093824 - Methods and compositions for inhibiting the function of polynucleotide sequences: A therapeutic composition for inhibiting the function of a target polynucleotide sequence in a mammalian cell includes an agent that provides to a mammalian cell an at least partially double-stranded RNA molecule comprising a polynucleotide sequence of at least about 200 nucleotides in length, said polynucleotide sequence being substantially homologous... Agent: Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150093826 - Cell culture carrier and cell culture vessel: A cell culture carrier comprises an anodic oxide film having a plurality of micropores penetrating the anodic oxide film in a thickness direction, wherein an average density of the plurality of micropores is from 1 micropore/μm2 to 15,000 micropores/μm2, and an average opening ratio of the anodic oxide film is... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150093827 - Cell culture carrier and cell culture vessel: A cell culture carrier comprises an anodic oxide film having a plurality of micropores penetrating in a thickness direction from a front surface to a rear surface, wherein an average opening diameter A of a front surface-side opening portion of the plurality of micropores and an average opening diameter B... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150093828 - Cell culturing article and method for manufacturing thereof: The disclosure provides a cell culturing article. The cell culturing article includes a substrate having a surface, a hydrophilic copolymer layer positioned on the surface of the substrate, and a plurality of peptide chains individually conjugated to a surface of the hydrophilic copolymer layer. The hydrophilic copolymer layer is copolymerized... Agent: National Central University

20150093829 - Culture harvesting in automated bioreactor system: A system for harvesting totipotent plant tissue culture can include a sterile enclosure, a plurality of bioreactors in the sterile enclosure, at least one agitator in the sterile enclosure, and a culture harvest system. The at least one agitator can be configured to agitate culture within the plurality of bioreactors.... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20150093830 - Transformation of algal cells: Exemplary methods include a method for transforming an algal cell by preparing a transformation construct, preparing a particle for bombarding the algal cell, adhering the transformation construct to the particle, bombarding the algal cell with the particle, and growing the algal cell into a colony. The transformation construct is replicated... Agent:

20150093831 - Construction of fully-deleted adenovirus-based gene delivery vectors and uses thereof: The embodiments disclosed herein relate to the construction of fully-deleted Adenovirus-based gene delivery vectors packaged without helper Adenovirus, and more particularly to their use in gene therapy for gene and protein expression, vaccine development, and immunosuppressive therapy for allogeneic transplantation. In an embodiment, a method for propagating an adenoviral vector... Agent:

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20150086969 - Treatment of transfusion blood: Blood is treated externally to a human or animal body, the blood having been extracted from a first human or animal body for delivery to a second human or animal body. The temperature and/or composition of the blood are controlled.... Agent:

20150086970 - Whole blood analytic device and method therefor: Devices and methods are presented in which a plasma separation device with a first and second portion separates a blood containing fluid. Most preferably, the first portion produces a cell fraction and a plasma fraction, and the second portion captures the plasma fraction. A first actuator then fluidly isolates a... Agent: Qualigen, Inc.

20150086971 - Automated selection of microorganisms and identification using maldi: A method and apparatus for locating and selecting a colony of microorganisms on a culture dish and identifying microorganisms in said selected colony using MALDI. The method comprises the automated steps of locating and selecting a colony of microorganisms on a culture dish; obtaining a sample of said selected colony... Agent: Bd Kiestra B.v.

20150086977 - Graphene composition, method of forming a graphene composition and sensor system comprising a graphene composition: A device including a composition formed by oxidation of graphene oxide to form holey graphene oxide having defects therein and reduction of the holey graphene oxide. A composition includes graphene oxide sheets including holes therein formed by oxidation to form a network of interconnected graphene oxide nanoribbons.... Agent:

20150086974 - Immunochromatographic test strip and detection method using immunochromatography for detecting target in red blood cell-containing sample: A problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide an immunochromatographic test strip and a detection method using immunochromatography avoiding aggregation of colloidal gold conjugates while red blood cells in whole blood are agglutinated and then separated and removed in the case of using polybrene as a... Agent: Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

20150086975 - Immunological analysis method and reagent: Disclosed are an immunoassay method which can measure an antigen with high sensitivity and accuracy; and a reagent therefor. In the immunoassay method, an antigen-antibody reaction and/or a measurement is(are) carried out in the presence of a polycarboxylic acid type surfactant. The immunoassay reagent for use in the method is... Agent: Denka Seiken Co., Ltd.

20150086978 - Methods and materials for the detection of dengue virus infection: The present invention provides monoclonal antibodies that are specific for the Dengue non-structural glycoprotein NS1 in monomeric and/or oligomeric (primarily dimeric) form, together with methods, including ELISA and lateral flow assays, that employ the disclosed antibodies for the early detection of Dengue virus infection. Diagnostic kits for the detection of... Agent:

20150086972 - Molecular detection assay: A molecular detection assay including treating a biological sample directly with a bisulphite agent under conditions that allow cell disruption and nucleic acid treatment; removing the bisulphite agent from the treated sample; and detecting a target nucleic acid in the treated sample.... Agent: Human Genetic Signatures Pty. Ltd.

20150086973 - Monoclonal antibody against duck tembusu virus, hybridoma cell line and application thereof: A monoclonal antibody against the Duck Tembusu virus and a hybridoma cell line secreting the monoclonal antibody, a reagent kit and method for detecting a Duck Tembusu virus antibody, and application of the monoclonal antibody in preparing products for diagnosing the Duck Tembusu virus disease. The monoclonal antibody may bind... Agent: Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute, Caas

20150086976 - Self-catalytic reaction based assay: A method for determining the presence or concentration of an analyte in a sample is described, including the steps of associating an initiator with the analyte to form an analyte associated initiator, contacting the analyte associated initiator with a reagent adapted to undergo a self-catalytic reaction which produces a product,... Agent: Utah State University

20150086980 - Device and method for analyzing streptavidin: The present invention provides a novel sensor for detecting streptavidin (SA). The nucleic acid sensor for analyzing SA of the present invention includes the following nucleic acid element that includes a catalyst nucleic acid molecule (D) that exerts a catalytic function and a binding nucleic acid molecule (A) that binds... Agent: Nec Solution Innovators, Ltd.

20150086979 - Method for detecting single molecules in living cells and system for use: The present invention relates in a first aspect to a method for detecting single molecules in living cells based on tracking single molecules labelled with SWNTs (Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube). In a further aspect, the present invention provides a kit comprising at least a SWNT for use in time resolved determination... Agent: Georg-august-universitat Gottingen Stiftung Offenlichen Rechts

20150086985 - Cellular uptake control systems: Aspects of the invention relate to novel methods and compositions for assessing the level of cellular uptake of a nanoparticle construct, assessing the level of target binding of a nanoparticle construct and assessing the levels of RNAs and proteins in a given cell.... Agent: Aurasense, LLC

20150086982 - Compositions and methods for detecting and discriminating between yeast or mold: The invention features compositions, methods, and kits for detecting and distinguishing between yeast or mold in a sample suspected of being contaminated with yeast or mold.... Agent: Roka Bioscience, Inc.

20150086988 - Compositions and methods of selective nucleic acid isolation: The invention relates to methods for isolating and/or identifying nucleic acids. The invention also provides kits for isolating and/or identifying nucleic acids.... Agent:

20150086990 - Detection of bacterial (mollicutes) contamination: The present disclosure provides a method and system for the PCR amplification of a target sequence which suppresses non-specific amplification products. The disclosure concerns the use of a primer pair optimized to amplify a nucleic acid of a contaminant in the background of genomic DNA of a first organism. When... Agent:

20150086984 - Detection of target nucleic acid sequences by pto cleavage and extension assay: The present invention relates to the detection of a target nucleic acid sequence by a PTOCE (PTO Cleavage and Extension) assay. The present invention detects a target nucleic acid sequence in which the PTO (Probing and Tagging Oligonucleotide) hybridized with the target nucleic acid sequence is cleaved to release a... Agent:

20150086983 - Method of using microfluidic chip for nucleic acid hybridization: The present invention relates to method of using a microfluidic chip for rapid nucleic acid hybridization, comprising: activating a porous substrate with positive charges; injecting a mixed solution of a test nucleic acid and a nucleic acid probe into the microfluidic chip for maintaining the test nucleic acid hybridized to... Agent:

20150086986 - Method to predict the presence of inflammation or itaconic acid, irg1 and/or protein irg1 in a subject and pharmaceutical composition for treating or preventing inflammation: The present invention is directed to in vitro methods to predict the presence of inflammation, gene IRG1 or protein encoded by IRG1 in a subject by determining presence of itaconic acid in a biological sample isolated from the subject. The invention is also directed to methods to predict the ability... Agent:

20150086989 - Methods and nucleic acids for analyses of cellular proliferative disorders: Aspects of the invention provide methods, nucleic acids and kits for detecting, or for detecting and distinguishing between or among liver cell proliferative disorders or for detecting, or for detecting and distinguishing between or among colorectal cell proliferative disorders. Particular aspects disclose and provide genomic sequences the methylation patterns of... Agent:

20150086981 - Nucleoside-triphosphate conjugate and methods for the use thereof: The invention relates to a novel method for the enzymatic marking of nucleic acid chains (target sequences) with nucleotide conjugates. Under reaction conditions, said nucleotide conjugates are able to bind to a target sequence, and can be incorporated into the complementary growing strand by way of a polymerase. The nucleotide... Agent: Genovoxx Gmbh

20150086987 - Real-time pcr for the detection of pathogens: Disclosed herein are methods for detecting presence of one or more of Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Toxoplasma gondii, Moraxella catarrhalis, Escherichia coli, Shigella, Staphylococcus aureus, Pneumocystis jirovecii, Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureaplasma urealyticum, Ureaplasma parvum, Ureaplasma spp., Bartonella spp., Streptococcus agalactiae, and Neisseria meningitidis nucleic acids in a sample, such... Agent:

20150086991 - Uses of anti-cd40 antibodies: The methods of the present invention find use in treatment of cancers and pre-malignant conditions that are associated with CD40-expressing cells. These methods are particularly advantageous with respect to cancers and pre-malignant conditions that are associated with cells expressing both CD40 and CD20, as the methods enable the treatment of... Agent: Novartis Ag

20150086994 - Field-switch sequencing: The present invention provides novel compositions, methods and apparatus for DNA sequencing that can be performed, e.g., in a two-electrode chamber. The present invention also provides a method for sequencing a nucleic acid comprising immobilizing a plurality of complexes comprising a target nucleic acid, a primer nucleic acid, and a... Agent:

20150086995 - Method for detection of microorganism and kit for detection of microorganism: e

20150086992 - Microchip for nucleic acid analysis: There is provided a microchip including a reaction region and a detection region connected to the reaction region by a flow passage, the detection region including copper.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150086993 - Microfluidic three-dimensional osteocyte network reconstructed with microbeads as scaffold: A bed of microbeads is used as a foundation for reconstructing a three-dimensional osteocyte network by culturing osteocytes within the bed. The osteocytes are cultured such that they form a network among the microbeads that is capable of simulating the osteocyte network of natural bone. The osteocytes are cultured in... Agent: The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology

20150086996 - Aptamers and diagnostic methods for detecting the egf receptor: The present invention provides aptamers that specifically bind to the EGF receptor in a sample, and diagnostic and analytical methods using those aptamers. In some embodiments, the aptamers include a 3′ cap. In some embodiments, the 3′ cap is an inverted deoxythymidine. In some embodiments the aptamers include a spacer... Agent:

20150086997 - Systems and devices for analysis of samples: Systems and methods for analysis of samples, and in certain embodiments, microfluidic sample analyzers configured to receive a cassette containing a sample therein to perform an analysis of the sample are described. The microfluidic sample analyzers may be used to control fluid flow, mixing, and sample analysis in a variety... Agent: Opko Diagnostics, LLC

20150087000 - Diagnostic kits to detect sp22 and sp22 antibodies: Oral, topical and injectable contraceptives, which are based on sperm protein 22 kDa (SP22) polypeptides and antibodies and infertility diagnostics and kits are provided.... Agent:

20150087001 - Methods for phenotyping of intact whole tissues: In various embodiments, the present application teaches methods and compositions for tissue clearing in which whole organs and bodies are rendered macromolecule-permeable and optically-transparent, thereby exposing their cellular structure with intact connectivity. In some embodiments, the present application teaches PACT, a protocol for passive tissue clearing and immunostaining of intact... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20150086999 - Long shelf-life kits and methods for standardizing, verifying, calibrating or recalibrating detection of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase a2: Long shelf-life kits, value-assigned solutions, and methods for standardizing, verifying, calibrating or recalibrating detection of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 having using them are described herein. In particular, described herein are methods of using solutions of rLp-PLA2 that are stable for an extended period of time to standardize, verify, calibrate or recalibrate... Agent:

20150086998 - Value-assigned solutions of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase a2 having a long shelf-life: Value-assigned solutions having predetermined concentrations of recombinant Lp-PLA2 are described herein. In particular, described herein are solutions of rLp-PLA2 that are stable for an extended period of time. Kits and assays include these calibration solutions, as well as methods of making and using them are described.... Agent:

20150087002 - Methods and kits for detection of o-glcnac and n-glcnac modification of peptides and proteins: Methods and kits for detecting the presence of GlcNAc modification of a peptide or protein. The steps of detection may include combining the peptide or protein with PAP35S and a sulfotransferase to produce a reaction product including 35S labeled GlcNAc modified protein or peptide, removing background labeling with a glycosidase,... Agent:

20150087003 - Method for obtaining peptides: The present invention relates to a method of obtaining peptides from procaryotic and/or eucaryotic cells.... Agent: Commissariat &#xe0 I'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20150087006 - Cellular cis-co-culture systems and methods: The invention relates to systems and methods for studying patient cancer samples in cis-co-culture. For example, the invention provide systems and methods for testing therapeutic agents in vitro in an environment that simulates an in vivo environment to identify agents that are therapeutically effective for the patient.... Agent:

20150087009 - Live cell viability modification system and method: An apparatus, system, and method are provided for selectively altering the viability characteristics of a live cell. In some embodiments, an electrical signal acquisition array, electrically coupled to a high gain amplifier, is used in conjunction with an analog to digital converter and a computer to record natural electrical signals... Agent:

20150087008 - Method for monitoring a reaction and to reaction system for implementing same: A method for monitoring a reaction and a reaction system are provided. The reaction system includes at least one vessel for the reaction medium, which is in fluid communication with an injection tube; at least one vessel for a carrier fluid that is immiscible with the reaction medium, which is... Agent:

20150087004 - Microfabricated 3d cell culture system: Device for 3D cell culture using an extracellular matrix including a substrate having at least one interior chamber, at least one opening providing access to the interior chamber for introduction of an extracellular matrix, and at least one channel disposed through at least a portion of the extra cellular matrix.... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20150087007 - Microfluidic electrocage device and cell medium for trapping and rotating cells for live-cell computed tomography (ct): A microfluidic device useable for performing live cell computed tomography imaging is fabricated with a cover portion including a first wafer with at least one metal patterned thereon, a base portion including a second wafer with at least one metal patterned thereon and negative photoresist defining recesses therein, and a... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Of The State Of Arizona, Acting For And On Behalf Of Ariz

20150087005 - Phosphorothioate oligonucleotide-labeling of white blood cells: The present invention provides labeling and capture reagents that comprise phosphorothioate oligonucleotides ODN). The PS-ODN bind to all white blood cells (leukocytes) in an indiscriminative fashion and enable the labeling, capture, or concentration of leukocytes in a manner that preserves the antigenic integrity of the cells. Methods for the use... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150087010 - Filter member and a method of obtaining cells using the same: The present invention provides a filter member. The filter member comprises: a filter for discriminating cells to be analyzed in a sample from other components; a first filter holding member which comprises a first through hole and has a plate-like shape; and a second filter holding member which comprises a... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20150087011 - Device and method for the determination and monitoring of water toxicity: A device for analysis and monitoring of toxicity in waters is described. The device is specifically devised for determining toxicity in waters in several samples at the same time and in quick time with a high degree of accuracy and precision. The device has application in the field of controlling... Agent:

20150087012 - Method for quantitatively evaluating antimicrobial activity of antimicrobial sample using disc diffusion method and system for measuring antimicrobial activity using the same: A method for quantitatively evaluating the antimicrobial activity of an antimicrobial sample using a disc diffusion method, and a measurement system using the method are provided. The method comprises: (a) measuring a maximum inhibition zone width (IZWmax) for a first sample, in which a colony is expected not to be... Agent:

20150087013 - Ura5 gene and methods for stable genetic integration in yeast: A novel gene encoding P. pastoris orotate-phosphoribosyl transferase (URA5) is disclosed. Methods for producing and selecting yeast strains capable of stable genetic integration of heterologous sequences into the host genome are also provided.... Agent:

20150087015 - Closing element for closing a container for samples for analysis: The application relates to a closing element for closing a container for samples for analysis, particularly biological samples. The application also relates to an assembly of a container and a closing element connected to the container. The application also relates to a device and method for analysing samples. The closure... Agent:

20150087017 - Device for bacteria classification and pretreatment device for bacteria test: When automatically classified results are different from judgment of a laboratory technician, the laboratory technician has to reselect the bacterial colonies one-by-one to be a pickup colony through watching the displayed image. To get rid of the inconvenience, provided is a pretreatment device for a bacteria test comprising: a specification... Agent:

20150087016 - Method for processing blood sample: A method for processing a blood sample is provided that can improve the recovery rate of deformable rare cells that would easily pass through a filter and small rare cells while reducing the filtration area of the filter, and that can recover the rare cells alive.... Agent: Arkray Inc.

20150087014 - Methods of selecting algae strains for productivity and robustness: Systems and methods are provided to select strains of algal cells for biomass accumulation. Based on synthetic algae sample trajectories, an illumination profile is developed. Strains of algal cells co-cultured in a vessel can then be exposed to the illumination profile under controlled conditions. Properties of algae can be measured... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20150087018 - Cassette: A histology processing cassette comprising a box comprising a compartment for holding a biological tissue sample, the box having a bottom face comprising at least in part a sample support surface and being transmissible to radiation, an open top face, and two side walls, a back wall and a front... Agent:

20150087019 - Processing method and cassette: A method of avoiding deformation and providing for a more consistent thickness of a biological tissue sample during preparation for analysis comprising providing a histology processing cassette comprising a box defining a compartment for holding a biological tissue sample, the box having a bottom face comprising a sample support surface... Agent:

20150087020 - Novel prongf mutants and uses thereof in the production of beta-ngf: The present invention relates to a proNGF mutant and to uses thereof, in particular the use of a proNGF mutant for producing human beta-NGF. The present invention discloses a method of preparing a biologically active human beta-NGF from an inactive insoluble proNGF mutant. A proNGF mutant of the invention is... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20150087021 - Nucleic acid construct and use of the same: an expression unit for the expression of E1B, wherein the expression unit comprises a promoter, a nucleotide sequence coding for E1B, and a 3′UTR, wherein the promoter is operatively linked to the nucleotide sequence coding for E1B, wherein the 3′UTR comprises 30 or less than 30 Exonic Enhancer Elements (ESEs),... Agent:

20150087023 - Protein isolation: A general method and strains of bacteria are described by means where the endogeneous DNAK protein or homolog of the DNAK protein is tagged with a recognizable amino acid sequence and that through this tag, DNAK may be efficiently removed, and as such, recombinant protein purification may be greatly improved... Agent:

20150087022 - Spontaneously immortalized avian cell line: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a spontaneously immortalized avian cell line, designated ZS-1. Immortalized avian cell line, ZS-1 is derived from primary chicken embryo fibroblasts (CEF). The ZS-1 cell line is free of endogenous retroviruses, including Avian Leukosis Viruses (ALV), and particularly ALV sub-group E. Moreover, the ZS-1... Agent:

20150087024 - Cell culture improvements: The invention describes improved methods and compositions for producing a recombinant protein, e.g., an antibody, in mammalian cell culture. In addition, the invention provides improved cell culture media, including improved production media, feed solutions, and combination feeds, which may be used to improve protein productivity in mammalian cell culture.... Agent:

20150087025 - Method and apparatus for automated sample manipulation: The present teachings provide apparatuses and methods for automated handling of samples, e.g., biological or chemical samples. The apparatuses and the methods of the present teachings allow automated performance of various sample manipulation steps without manual intervention. In a preferred embodiment, the present teachings provide apparatuses and methods for automated... Agent:

20150087026 - Thermal cycler and control method of thermal cycler: An attachment unit for attachment of a reaction container including a channel filled with a reaction solution and a liquid having a specific gravity different from that of the reaction solution and being immiscible with the reaction solution, the reaction solution moving close to opposed inner walls, a first heating... Agent:

20150087027 - Methods and compositions for size-controlled homopolymer tailing of substrate polynucleotides by a nucleic acid polymerase: The present invention is directed to methods and compositions for adding tails of specific lengths to a substrate polynucleotide. The invention also contemplates methods and compositions for immobilization of tailed substrates to a solid support. The disclosure contemplates that the attenuator molecule is any biomolecule that associates with a tail... Agent:

20150087028 - Cbh1a variants: The invention relates to recombinant expression of variant forms of M. thermophila CBH1a and homologs thereof, having improved thermoactivity, specific activity, and other desirable properties. Also provided are methods for producing ethanol and other valuable organic compounds by combining cellobiohydrolase variants with cellulosic materials.... Agent:

20150087029 - Genes encoding cellulase for hydrolyzing guar fracturing fluids under extreme well conditions: Polynucleotide sequences encoding a thermostable cellulase and directing its increased expression are provided, and hydraulic fracturing compositions comprising such thermostable cellulase.... Agent:

20150087031 - Methods for treating lignocellulosic materials: The present invention relates to methods of processing lignocellulosic material to obtain hemicellulose sugars, cellulose sugars, lignin, cellulose and other high-value products. Also provided are hemicellulose sugars, cellulose sugars, lignin, cellulose, and other high-value products.... Agent:

20150087030 - Pretreatment composition for biomass conversion process: A pretreatment composition and pretreatment process utilizing the composition is described. The pretreatment composition includes an aqueous organic solvent in combination with an alkaline component and an oxidizing agent. The pretreatment composition is useful for treating biomass as may be utilized in forming biofuel, paper, or other useful products. The... Agent:

20150087032 - Yeast cell with increased pyruvate pool in cytosol and method of producing pyruvate-based metabolite using the same: A genetically engineered yeast cell that produces a pyruvate-based metabolite from pyruvate, wherein activity of a mitochondrial pyruvate carrier (MPC) is reduced compared to a parent yeast cell and a method of producing the pyruvate-based metabolite using the yeast cell.... Agent:

20150087033 - Methods for making tocoflexols and analogues thereof: Methods for the synthesis of tocoflexols of Formula (I) and (II) and a number of related tocol analogues are provided herein. The methods are economical and amenable to large scale production and can be performed using either pure of partially purified tocotrienols as the starting material.... Agent:

20150087034 - Method for producing polybutylene terephthalate: The present invention aims to provide a method for producing polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) with an excellent color using biomass-derived 1,4-butanediol (BG). The invention relates to a method for producing PBT comprising a step of subjecting a diol component containing raw material 1,4-BG having a nitrogen content of 0.01 to 50... Agent: Genomatica, Inc.

20150087035 - Biological methods for preparing adipic acid: The technology relates in part to biological methods for producing adipic acid and engineered microorganisms capable of such production.... Agent: Verdezyne, Inc.

20150087036 - Host cells and method for making acrylate and precursors thereof using an odd-numbered alkane feedstock: Provided herein is an alkane-metabolizing cell that is unable to convert propionyl-CoA into methylmalonyl-CoA or 2-metylcitrate synthase. Depending on which enzymes are present in the cell, the cell can produce acrylate or a precursor for the same (e.g., propionate, 3-hydroxypropionyl-CoA, 3-hydroxypropionate, acrylyl-CoA) that can be readily converted to acrylate enzymatically... Agent:

20150087037 - Fermentation process: A methods for altering the metabolite profile of a fermentation, by increasing flux through acetolactate. The methods comprises increasing production of one or more products derived from acetolactate. Further provided is a method for increasing the production of 2,3-butandiol by microbial fermentation of gaseous substrates, the method comprising providing a... Agent:

20150087038 - Production method for 1,4-butanediol: An object of the present invention is to provide high-quality 1,4BG capable of working out to a raw material of PBT with good color tone, by efficiently removing and refining impurities mixed when producing a biomass-derived 1,4BG on an industrial scale and the present invention relates to a production method... Agent: Genomatica, Inc.

20150087039 - Methods for enhancing the recovery of oil during biofuel production: Methods for producing biofuels that involve enhanced separation of oil in co-product process streams are disclosed. In some embodiments, separation is enhanced by addition of an additive such as a surfactant, yeast and/or salt to the co-product process stream.... Agent: Abengoa Bioenergy New Technologies, LLC

20150087040 - Production of ethanol and recycle water in a cellulosic fermentation process: Processes for producing ethanol from fermentation systems employing cellulosic feedstocks are provided, where water is processed for recycle. The water handling portion of the process employs multi-effect evaporators where the first effect evaporator is maintained at temperatures in excess of 105° C., and the evaporation train, beer column form a... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20150087041 - Production of ethanol with reduced contaminants in a cellulosic biomass based process: Processes for producing ethanol from fermentation systems employing cellulosic feedstocks are provided, where contaminants prevalent from biomass hydrolysate fermentation are managed. The management of contaminants allows recycle of process water between the fermenter vent scrubber and rectification column, thereby removing the need for fresh water to the scrubber.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20150087042 - Genetically modified host cells and use of same for producing isoprenoid compounds: The present invention provides genetically modified eukaryotic host cells that produce isoprenoid precursors or isoprenoid compounds. A subject genetically modified host cell comprises increased activity levels of one or more of mevalonate pathway enzymes, increased levels of prenyltransferase activity, and decreased levels of squalene synthase activity. Methods are provided for... Agent:

20150087043 - Monomers capable of multimerizing in an aqueous solution that employ bioorthogonal chemistries, and methods of using same: Described herein are monomers capable of forming a biologically useful multimer when in contact with one, two, three or more other monomers in an aqueous media. In one aspect, such monomers may be capable of binding to another monomer in an aqueous media (e.g. in vivo) to form a multimer,... Agent: Cornell University

20150087045 - Crystal structure of hcv polymerase complexes and methods of use: The present disclosure includes a crystalline form and a crystal structure of HCV RNA polymerase and HCV RNA polymerase in a complex with an RNA template primer molecule. In other aspects, the disclosure provides methods of using the crystal structures and structural coordinates to identify homologous proteins and to design... Agent:

20150087044 - Polyhedral cage-containing mesoporous metal-organic frameworks as platform for biocatalysis, methods of making these frameworks, and methods of using these frameworks: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide compositions including polyhedral mesoporous metal-organic framework including a biomolecule (e.g., enzyme), methods of making these compositions, methods of use, and the like.... Agent:

20150087046 - Spider silk fusion protein structures without repetitive fragment for binding to an organic target: A recombinant fusion protein comprising the moieties Band CT is provided. B is a non-spidroin moiety which provides the capacity of selective interaction with an organic target. CT is a moiety of from 70 to 120 amino acid residues and is derived from the C-terminal fragment of a spider silk... Agent: Spiber Technologies Ab

20150087047 - Process for production of recombinant proteins as a soluble form: A target protein is prepared as soluble protein using a recombinant protein expression system. An expression vector is used that includes (1) an expression-inducible promoter sequence; (2) a first coding sequence including a polynucleotide coding for a polypeptide that is represented by the formula (Z)n; and (3) a second coding... Agent: Jnc Corporation

20150087048 - Apparatus and method of processing microorganisms: A method and apparatus for processing microorganisms is provided. The method comprises mixing microorganisms with a working fluid to form an working fluid slurry, and injecting a transport fluid through a transport fluid nozzle into the working fluid slurry in order to disrupt the cellular structure of the microorganisms.... Agent:

20150087049 - Research photobioreactor: The invention relates to a research photobioreactor for growth at extremely high cell densities in axenic cultures of cyanobacteria and microalgae exposed to a high light intensity. A hydrophobic gas-permeable first membrane situated at the bottom of the reaction chamber serves for the entry of CO2 into the cell suspension.... Agent:

20150087050 - Functionalized porous silicon nanoparticles and use thereof in photodynamic therapy: Disclosed are nanovectors of formula (I) that can be used simultaneously for the targeting, imaging and treatment, by photodynamic therapy, of cancer cells, and to biodegradable silicon nanoparticles containing a variety of photosensitizing molecules, in particular porphyrins, capable of targeting diseased cells and inducing cell death by excitation in the... Agent: Ecole National Superieure De Chimie De Montpellier

20150087051 - System and method for generating invasively hyperpolarized images: The present invention includes a system and method for generating images of at least one Unhyperpolarized portion of a specimen by indirectly hyperpolarizing the at least one portion by irradiating the unhyperpolarized portion by radiation emitted from the de-excitation of excited nuclei of a hyperpolarized substance. The hyperpolarized substance is... Agent:

20150087052 - Cryopreservation container: A container includes an inner bag, where the interior of the inner bag includes a sterile environment for storing a material, at least one access port configured to provide fluid access to the interior of the inner bag, an overwrap bag, where the interior of the overwrap bag includes a... Agent:

20150087055 - Analog and mixed-signal computation and circuits in living cells: Provided herein are molecular analog gene circuits that exploit positive and negative feedback to implement logarithmically linear sensing, addition, subtraction, and scaling thus enabling multiplicative, ratiometric, and power-law computations. The circuits exhibit Weber's Law behavior as in natural biological systems, operate over a wide dynamic range of up to four... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150087053 - Compositions and methods for increasing the expression and signalling of proteins on cell surfaces: The present invention relates to the field of protein expression. More specifically, the present invention provides compositions and methods for increasing the expression and signaling of proteins on cell surfaces. In particular embodiments, the present invention provides nucleic acids and amino acid sequences useful for improving/increasing protein expression on the... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20150087054 - Importation of mitochodrial protein by an enhanced allotopic approach: An expression vector containing appropriate mitochondrion-targeting sequences (MTS) and appropriate 3′UTR sequences provides efficient and stable delivery of a mRNA encoding a protein (CDS) to the mitochondrion of a mammalian cell. The MTS and 3′UTR sequences guide the CDS mRNA from the nuclear compartment of the cell to mitochondrion-bound polysomes,... Agent:

20150087056 - Cryopreservation of cells, tissues and organs: The present invention provides a method for cryoprotecting a biological specimen comprising the step of freezing said biological specimen in the presence of a hydrogel and in the absence of cryoprotectant.... Agent:

20150087057 - In vitro method for culturing stem cells: There is provided a method for culturing a stem cell in vitro. The method comprises providing a substrate surface coated with a coating comprising a molecule having a catechol moiety or a polymer thereof; and growing a stem cell on said coated substrate surface in a growth medium.... Agent:

20150087058 - Stem cell culture medium and method for culturing stem cells using same: The present invention relates to a stem cell culture medium which can be substituted for a conventional stem cell culture medium containing the heterologous protein fetal bovine serum, and more particularly to a stem cell culture medium containing a basal medium and a knockout serum replacement and a method of... Agent: Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation

20150087059 - Hiv vpr-specific t-cell receptors: The instant invention provides TCRs having one or more amino acid substitutions that bind to the AL9 epitope of the HIV protein vpr (AIIRILQQQL).... Agent:

20150087060 - Method for inducing erythropoietin-producing cell: An object of the present invention is to provide a method for inducing the differentiation of erythropoietin-producing cells from human pluripotent stem cells. The above object is achieved by providing a method for inducing the differentiation of erythropoietin-producing cells from human pluripotent stem cells using a medium containing a specific... Agent: Kyoto University

20150087061 - Methods of preparing tissues for xenotransplantation using alpha-galactosidases: This invention relates to novel α-galactosidases for the enzymatic removal of the immunodominant monosaccharides on blood products and tissues. Specifically this invention provides a novel family of α3 glycosidases, used for the enzymatic removal of type B antigens from blood group B and AB reactive blood products, and the Galili... Agent:

20150087062 - System and method for electrospun biodegradable scaffold for bone repair: This invention relates a structure and system for growth factor incorporation which can improve the osteogenic differentiation of hMSCs, for potential bone regeneration and bone growth applications or used alone for bone repair or growth applications. The system comprises a biodegradable polyester, a hydrophilic polymer, a growth factor and optionally... Agent:

20150087063 - Method of obtaining high purity stem cells from tissue: The present invention relates to a method of obtaining high purity stem cells from tissue, comprising: providing an impurity-containing cell mass obtained from a tissue; providing a filter device which comprises a cylinder structure, wherein the cylinder structure comprise an inlet and an outlet below and a content configured inside... Agent:

20150087065 - Method for generation of conditionally immortalized hematopoietic progenitor cell lines with multiple lineage potential: The present invention is a method and kits for generating a homogenous population of hematopoietic progenitor cells capable of differentiating into a hematopoietic cell lineage. Whereas the combination of Homeobox-B8 protein and FMS-like tyrosine kinase 3 ligand generate cells with the potential to differentiate into different myeloid and lymphoid cell... Agent: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

20150087067 - Methods and compositions for inactivating glutamine synthetase gene expression: Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for inactivating a glutamine synthetase (GS) gene, using fusion proteins comprising a zinc finger protein and a cleavage domain or cleavage half-domain. Polynucleotides encoding said fusion proteins are also provided, as are cells comprising said polynucleotides and fusion proteins.... Agent:

20150087066 - Methods and compositions for producing active vitamin k-dependent proteins: The present invention provides a method of identifying a human subject having increased or decreased sensitivity to warfarin, comprising detecting in the subject the presence of a single nucleotide polymorphism in the VKOR gene, wherein the single nucleotide polymorphism is correlated with increased or decreased sensitivity to warfarin, thereby identifying... Agent:

20150087064 - Nucleic acids encoding inactive variants of human telomerase: The invention provides compositions and methods related to human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTRT), the catalytic protein subunit of human telomerase. Catalytically inactive variants comprising deletions or other mutations are provided.... Agent:

20150087068 - Methods of genetically modifying animal cells: This invention relates to improved methods of genetically modifying animal cells by decreasing the distance between cells and genetic modification agents in order to increase the efficiency of genetic modification and/or reduce use of gene modification agents.... Agent:

20150087069 - Down-regulation of gene expression using artificial micrornas: Isolated nucleic acid fragments comprising precursor miRNAs, and artificial miRNAs and their use in down-regulating gene expression are described.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20150087070 - High expression zymomonas promoters: Synthetic, derivative promoters for expression of chimeric genes in Zymomonas, Zymobacter, and related bacteria were created. The promoters have a C to T change in the nucleotide at position 90 of the Z. mobilis glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene promoter. Promoters with this change have higher expression as compared to the native... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

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