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Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology

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04/10/2014 > 95 patent applications in 55 patent subcategories.

20140099628 - High pressure sperm sorting and flow cytometer methods: Cell sorting methods that improve sorting efficiency and productivity by elevating sorting pressures and incorporate certain steps to help the cells better survive such elevated pressures. In the case of sperm, sorting the steps of standardizing sperm samples, staining sperm samples in a single step, calibrating a flow cytometer to... Agent: Inguran, LLC

20140099627 - Methods of processing sperm for sex sorting: Methods for processing and sorting sperm are disclosed. Portions of sperm sorting or staining processes may include standardizing sperm samples by adjusting the concentration of the sperm sample to a predetermined concentration and adjusting the pH of the sample to a predetermined value. Sperm may also be stained in a... Agent: Inguran, LLC

20140099629 - Platelet additive solution having a beta-galactosidase inhibitor: The present invention relates to a platelet additive solution (PAS) having an amount of one or more β-galactosidase inhibitors with or without an amount of one or more sialidase inhibitors, and optionally one or more glycan-modifying agents; and one or more of PAS components that include a salt, a citrate... Agent: Velico Medical, Inc.

20140099631 - Apparatus and method for processing biological samples and a reservoir therefor: An apparatus for processing at least one biological sample accommodated on at least one carrier member (15) in a chamber includes, at least one reservoir (18) able to accommodate a fluid on a surface inside the chamber adjacent to and/or facing a substantial part of the at least one biological... Agent: Dako Denmark A/s

20140099630 - Quantitative determination method for target particles, photometric analysis device, and computer program for photometric analysis: The method of the present invention includes: preparing a sample solution containing the target particles and luminescent probes to be bound to the target particles, and binding these in the sample solution; moving a position of a light detection region of the optical system in the sample solution using a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140099632 - Preparation and use of nucleated red blood cell simulating particles and hematology control mixtures: The present disclosure provides a nucleated red blood cell simulating particle, which may be leukocytes bound to a fluorescent-staining inhibitor capable of stably binding to the nucleus or a nucleic acid in a cell so as to reduce the binding capacity of the particles to a fluorescent dye during their... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140099638 - Brassica gat event and compositions and methods for the identification and/or detection thereof: Compositions and methods related to transgenic glyphosate tolerant Brassica plants are provided. Specifically, the present invention provides Brassica plants having a DP-073496-4 event which imparts tolerance to glyphosate. The Brassica plant harboring the DP-073496-4 event at the recited chromosomal location comprises genomic/transgene junctions within SEQ ID NO: 2 or with... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140099640 - Detecting fetal chromosomal abnormalities using tandem single nucleotide polymorphisms: The invention provides tandem single nucleotide polymorphisms and methods for their use, for example, in diagnosing Down Syndrome.... Agent: University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

20140099633 - Detection of mirna using capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection: Disclosed is a method for detecting a miRNA present in a sample in trace amounts and a kit for detecting the same. According to the present invention, the miRNA present in the sample in trace amounts can be quantitatively analyzed in short time. The detection method of the present invention... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140099637 - Detection of target nucleic acids in a cellular sample: Methods of assaying cells of a cellular sample for the presence of a target nucleic acid are provided. Aspects of the methods include evaluating a cellular sample that has been contacted with a nuclease inhibitor for the presence of a target nucleic acid. Also provided are devices and kits that... Agent:

20140099635 - Detection units and methods for detecting a target analyte: The present application relates to detection units and methods for detecting one or more target analytes in a sample. In certain embodiments, the detection unit provides a first and second surface connected by a filament which is capable of binding the target analyte in the sample. In other embodiments, the... Agent:

20140099636 - Field-based qpcr microbial monitoring: DNA/RNA monitoring of microbes at an oil field to determine the presence and activity of harmful microbes is accomplished with a portable qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction) machine. This permits the monitoring to occur on-site in the field and reduces the variability that may occur from the transportation of samples.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140099639 - Panel for the detection and differentiation of renal cortical neoplasms: The present invention provides a novel, highly sensitive and specific probe panel which detects the type of renal cortical neoplasm present in a biopsy sample. As such, the invention permits diagnosis of the predominant subtypes of renal cortical neoplasms without the use of invasive methods. The present invention further provides... Agent: Cancer Genetics, Inc.

20140099634 - Use of pre-mrna splicing in platelet cells for the diagnosis of disease: The invention relates to materials and procedures for identifying or using tissue factor (TF) pre-mRNA splicing, Clk 1 activity or TF-dependent coagulation in platelet cells for the diagnosis, prognosis, or prediction of a disease or disorder associated with disordered coagulation. Since activated platelets splice pre-mRNAs to generate inflammatory and thrombotic... Agent:

20140099645 - Chemically-enhanced primer compositions, methods and kits: A composition is provided comprising a negatively charged group, an oligonucleotide sequence and at least none or one nuclease-resistant linkage group to form a chemically-enhanced primer. The chemically-enhanced primer can be used for sequencing and fragment analysis. Methods for synthesizing the primer as well as a method of preparing DNA... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140099646 - Method and system for sample preparation: A method for preparing a sample by utilizing a shearing force in the presence of a size stabilizer to break apart the sample to obtain nucleic acid molecules in a usable size range. Once nucleic acid molecules are obtained, magnetic nanoparticles are used to concentrate and clean the nucleic acid... Agent: Integrated Nano-technologies, LLC

20140099647 - Method for early diagnosis of liver cancer: Disclosed is a method for early diagnosis of liver cancer. The method comprises the steps of:(A) providing a sample obtained from a subject; (B) assessing the expression level of four subtypes of α-mannosidase genes consisting of MAN1C1 in the sample; (C) comparing the expression level of α-mannosidase genes in the... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20140099648 - Mitochondrial nucleic acid as a marker for autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases: The present invention relates to a method for increasing the diagnostic likelihood of the presence or absence of, or monitoring the progression or activity of an inflammatory autoimmune disease (AID), comprising detecting mitochondrial NA (e.g. mtDNA) in a sample from an individual suffering from the AID or suspected of suffering... Agent: Universitaetsklinikum Freiburg

20140099642 - Noninvasive detection of fetal genetic abnormality: The current invention is directed to methods for noninvasive detection of fetal genetic abnormalities by large-scale sequencing of nucleotides from maternal biological sample. Further provided are methods to remove GC bias from the sequencing results according to the difference in GC content of a chromosome. The current invention not only... Agent: Bgi Shenzhen Co., Limited

20140099644 - Novel compositions, methods and kits for real time polymerase chain reaction (pcr): The present disclosure is directed to compositions, methods and kits for amplifying target nucleic acids while reducing non-specific amplification and undesired amplification products using a dual hot start reaction mixture that comprise at least two different hot start mechanisms.... Agent:

20140099641 - Primers for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis, and method for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis using the same: The present invention relates to primer sets for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis and the method for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis using the same. Particularly, the present invention provides primer sets for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis as follows: (a) a primer set comprising a primer having at least 95% sequence homology with SEQ ID... Agent: Kist-europe Fgmbh

20140099643 - Use of perturbants to facilitate incorporation and recovery of taggants from polymerized coatings: The invention provides methods for increasing the recoverability of taggants from an object. The methods include the steps of incorporating a taggant into a solution; mixing the solution including the taggant with a perturbant to form a first perturbant taggant solution; mixing the first perturbant taggant solution with a polymer... Agent: Applied Dna Sciences, Inc.

20140099649 - Vesicle capturing devices and methods for using same: Provided is a device that collects vesicles and vesicle-like materials from biological fluids. Such devices comprise at least one sample loading region; at least one corresponding vesicle-capture material, wherein said vesicle-capture material comprises glass-like materials; and at least one corresponding sample receiving region, wherein passage of the biological fluid from... Agent:

20140099652 - Composition for monitoring vesicle, kit and method of monitoring vesicle using the same: Provided is a method of monitoring a vesicle in a sample, including contacting a vesicle in a sample with a membrane permeable marker that is converted into a detectable marker in the vesicle, measuring a signal of the detectable marker, and monitoring the vesicle based on the measured signal.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140099653 - Dual-target biosensor cell assays: A method and apparatus, as defined herein, for use in compound screening, compound profiling, or both assays, for example, against two different cellular targets in, for example, a single cell-type.... Agent:

20140099650 - Monoclonal antibodies and detection methods for enzymes that confer resistance to phosphinothricin-n-acetyl-transferase: Described herein are monoclonal antibodies and methods useful for determining and quantitating the presence of a phosphinothricin-N-acetyl-transferase enzyme. The claimed antibodies and methods are particularly useful for identifying and quantitating the presence of phosphinothricin-N-acetyl-transferase expressed in trangenic plants.... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

20140099651 - Immunoassays for meperidine and metabolites: The invention provides novel haptens and immunogens for the preparation of novel monoclonal antibodies, which detect the synthetic opioid meperidine and its active metabolite normeperidine. These antibodies enable methods and kits, which are useful in an immunoassay for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and in extending the window of detection for... Agent:

20140099654 - Real-time monitoring: Provided herein are methods for the real-time monitoring of an intracellular event or response. In particular, the methods provided herein monitor the conversion of a pro-substrate to a substrate for a protein sensor as a result of an intracellular event or response.... Agent: Promega Corporation

20140099655 - Methods for assaying enzyme activities: The present invention provides compounds and methods for assaying activities of enzymes such as histone deacetylases and histone acetyltransferases. In some embodiments, the methods may be performed in one step. The compounds described herein features peptide-based compounds having at least one blocked lysine or arginine residue which are coupled to... Agent: Promega Corporation

20140099656 - Rapid detection of histamine in food and beverages: Described herein is a rapid, semi-quantitative sampling device which may rapidly detect histamine in food, beverage and feed samples. The device uses an enzyme (impregnated in a sampling pad) to specifically convert histamine present in samples to a visual colorimetric signal. The color change of the pad is proportional to... Agent: Bioo Scientific Corporation

20140099661 - Method of staging a tissue sample cassette: A method of staging a tissue sample cassette, including a cassette body and a lid, from an upper position in a frame used during a tissue embedding process to a lower position in the frame. The method comprises coupling the cassette with the frame such that the cassette is in... Agent: Biopath Automation, L.L.C.

20140099657 - Methods for bacillus spore preparation: A preparation method for strains of Bacillus including Bacillus anthracis, Bacillus anthracis V770-NPI-R, and Bacillus thuringiensis using an aerated media of a protein-rich sporulation broth inoculated with a live Bacillus strain. The inoculated protein-based sporulation broth is incubated, centrifuged and washed to isolate high-purity spores.... Agent: United States Government, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140099659 - Multiview light-sheet microscopy: A live biological specimen is imaged by generating a plurality of light sheets; directing the plurality of light sheets along an illumination axis through the biological specimen such that the light sheets spatially and temporally overlap within the biological specimen along an image plane, and optically interact with the biological... Agent:

20140099658 - Particle processing: The invention concerns a method for processing magnetic particles, which selectively interact with a substance present in a liquid medium. The particles are collected with a probe (2) comprising a hollow shield (4) and a probe magnet (3) moveable up and down. The lower end of the probe with the... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy

20140099660 - Tdp-43-storing cell model: Disclosed is a transformed cell (a cell model) which can form a cytoplasmic inclusion body derived from TAR DNA-binding protein of 43 kDa (TDP-43) that is found in the brain of a patient suffering from a neurodegenerative disease such as FTLD and ALS. The transformed cell is characterized by having,... Agent: Tokyo Metropolitian Institute Of Medical Science

20140099662 - Phototoxicity test method: The present invention provides a phototoxicity test method using human retinal pigment epithelial cells, and so on.... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20140099663 - Gmr sensor: A system includes a first sensor, a field source, and a processor. The first sensor includes a surface and has an electrical resistance determined by a magnetic field at the surface. The field source is configured to provide a biasing magnetic field to the surface. The biasing magnetic field is... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20140099664 - High efficiency methods of sex sorting sperm: This disclosure relates to cell sorting methods, and particularly cell sorting methods that improve the efficiency or productivity of sorting in a particle sorting instrument utilizing a measured parameter of sorting efficiency. In one embodiment, minimum productivity and minimum purity may be established and maintained while attempting to maximize the... Agent: Inguran, LLC

20140099665 - Paenibacillus spp. and methods for fermentation of lignocellulosic materials: Provided herein are methods for producing a fermentation product, such as ethanol, by co-culture of a member of the genus Paenibacillus and an ethanologenic microbe, such as yeast or E. coli. Also provided are methods for making enzymes useful in the saccharification of a pretreated lignocellulosic material. The enzymes may... Agent: University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

20140099667 - Bacteriorhodopsin fusion membrane protein expression system: An expression vector is disclosed, which comprises: a) a polynucleotide sequence encoding a bacteriorhodopsin or a mutant bacteriorhodopsin; b) a multiple cloning site; c) a T7 promoter, d) a polyhistidine tag; e) a first protease cleavage site; f) optionally a second protease cleavage site; and g) optionally a linker; wherein... Agent: Academia Sinica

20140099666 - Compositions and methods for enhancing production of a biological product: The invention provides compositions and methods for producing a biological product from a host cell. In various embodiments, the biological product is a polypeptide, a metabolite, a nutraceutical, a chemical intermediate, a biofuel, a food additive, or an antibiotic. In one aspect, the invention provides for a method for producing... Agent: Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140099668 - Erk ligands and polynucleotides encoding erk ligands: The invention relates to kinase inhibitor ligands and polyligands. In particular, the invention relates to ligands and polyligands that modulate ERK activity. The ligands and polyligands are utilized as research tools or as therapeutics. The invention includes linkage of the ligands and polyligands to a cellular localization signal, epitope tag... Agent: Intrexon Corporation

20140099669 - Promoter variants for expressing genes in a fungal cell: The present invention relates to methods for producing a biological substance, comprising: (a) cultivating a fungal host cell in a medium conducive for the production of the biological substance, wherein the fungal host cell comprises a first nucleic acid sequence encoding the biological substance operably linked to a second nucleic... Agent:

20140099671 - Il-1 binding proteins: Proteins that bind IL-1α and IL-1β are described along with their use in compositions and methods for treating, preventing, and diagnosing IL-1-related disorders and for detecting IL-1α and IL-1β in cells, tissues, samples, and compositions.... Agent: Abbvie, Inc.

20140099670 - Rankl antibody-pth/pthrp chimeric molecules: Chimeric molecules comprising receptor activator of NF-κB ligand (RANKL) antibodies and parathyroid hormone/parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTH/PTHrP) peptides are described. Compositions and methods for the treatment of bone diseases are also described.... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20140099672 - Method for preparing polymeric protein composed of monomeric protein produced by fusing protein having immunoglobulin fold structure to protein capable of serving as subunit structure: i

20140099673 - Process for the production of hyaluronic acid in escherichia coli or bacillus megaterium: The present invention relates to a method of producing hyaluronic acid (HA) in Escherichia coli and Bacillus megaterium through episomal plasmid vectors wherein the gene is under the control of strong promoter T7, preferably under the control of strong promoter T7 of bacteriophage T7, and a system for the selection... Agent: Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.a.

20140099674 - Recombinase polymerase amplification: This disclosure describes related novel methods for Recombinase-Polymerase Amplification (RPA) of a target DNA that exploit the properties of recombinase and related proteins, to invade double-stranded DNA with single stranded homologous DNA permitting sequence specific priming of DNA polymerase reactions. The disclosed methods have the advantage of not requiring thermocycling... Agent: Alere San Diego Inc.

20140099675 - Reusable pcr amplification system and method: A DNA amplification device utilizing a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and silicon substrate coated with spin-on glass (SOG) is provided. This PDMS layer is irreversibly bonded to the SOG layer of the silicon substrate using oxygen plasma. The amplification device is an inexpensive, microfluidic device, which can be utilized as a portable... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20140099676 - Microorganisms and methods for producing acrylate and other products from homoserine: This invention relates to microorganisms that convert a carbon source to acrylate or other desirable products using homoserine and 2-keto-4-hydroxybutyrate as intermediates. The invention provides genetically engineered microorganisms that carry out the conversion, as well as methods for producing acrylate by culturing the microorganisms. Also provided are microorganisms and methods... Agent:

20140099677 - Altering enzyme balance through fermentation conditions: This present disclosure relates to methods for improved production of proteins from a cell culture, particularly to culture components and conditions that can preferentially increase the expression of proteins produced from genes under the control of xylanase gene promoter sequences. The improved methods can be used for the production of... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140099678 - Fungal endoglucanases, their production and use: Novel fungal endoglucanases Cel5 and Cel12 are disclosed. The endoglucanases are conveniently produced by recombinant technology, and means for their production are described. The endoglucanases are used for treating cellulosic material, especially in textile industry, e.g. in biofinishing or biostoning. They may also be used in detergents, in animal feed... Agent: Ab Enzymes Oy

20140099679 - System and method for producing biomaterials: A bioreactor system for manufacturing and extracting a desired biomaterial from a microorganism by fermenting the microorganism in the bioreactor. The system includes a horizontal reactor vessel, one or more vertical discs rotatably mounted around a hollow shaft, a motor to power the shaft, and one or more spray nozzles... Agent: Renewable Process Technologies LLC

20140099680 - Corynebacterium sp. transformed with a fructokinase gene derived from escherichia sp. and process for preparing l-amino acid using the same: The present invention relates to Corynebacterium sp. that is transformed with an Escherichia sp.-derived fructokinase gene to express fructokinase showing a sufficient activity of converting fructose into fructose-6-phosphate, thereby preventing unnecessary energy consumption, and a method for producing L-amino acids using the strain. The transformed Corynebacterium sp. of the present... Agent: Cj Cheiljedang Corporation

20140099681 - Process for producing optically active succinimide derivatives and intermediates thereof: A process for producing optically active succinimide derivatives as key intermediates of (3R)-2′-(4-bromo-2-fluorobenzyl)spiro{pyrrolidine-3,4′(1′H)-pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazine}-1′,2,3′,5(2′H)-tetraone, which comprises the following reaction steps.... Agent: Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.

20140099682 - Enzymatic synthesis of optically active chiral amines: The present invention relates to method of production of optically active chiral amine from alpha hydroxy ketone using enzyme transaminase as the biocatalyst. In particular the present invention relates to production of (1R, 2S)-Norephedrine and its salts from R-Phenylacetylcarbinol (R-PAC) by employing S-transaminase as the biocatalyst and Isopropylamine as the... Agent: Embio Limited

20140099685 - Bioreactors apparatus, system and method: The present invention provides a bioreactor having a reactor chamber and one or more support chambers. The reactor chamber can have one or more flexible walls for enclosing microorganisms and culture medium. The reactor chamber provides an enclosure for microorganism and culture medium. The support chamber can also have one... Agent:

20140099684 - Engine worthy fatty acid methyl ester (biodiesel) from naturally occuring marine microalgal mats and marine microalgae cultured in open salt pans together with value addition of co-products: The invention teaches the obtained specifications and process of production of engine worthy marine microalgal fatty acid methyl ester (biodiesel) using naturally occurring marine microalgal mats and also marine microalgae cultivated in cost-effective manner in solar salt pans. Utility of co-product streams adds to the attractiveness of the invention.... Agent: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

20140099683 - Omega-3 desaturase used in the biosynthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids: The present invention provides novel fatty acid desaturases genes used for synthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3 desaturases (FADS15). The present invention also provides nucleic acid sequence coding the above-described desaturases, expression vector of the above-described desaturases and recombinant microorganism expressing above-described desaturases.... Agent: University Of Jiangnan

20140099687 - Processes for extracting carbohydrates from biomass and converting the carbohydrates into biofuels: A process for extracting carbohydrates from biomass and creating bioalcohol from the extracted carbohydrates. Subjecting the biomass to acid or alkali hydrolysis in a first hydrodynamic cavitation process. Filtering the first cavitated biomass to separate a first filtrate containing extracted carbohydrates. Fermenting the first filtrate to create a bioalcohol and... Agent: Cavitation Technologies, Inc.

20140099686 - Production of fatty alcohols with fatty alcohol forming acyl-coa reductases (far): The disclosure relates to methods of producing fatty alcohols from recombinant host cells comprising genes encoding heterologous fatty acyl-CoA reductase (FAR) enzymes. The disclosure further relates to FAR enzymes and functional fragments thereof derived from marine bacterium and particularly marine gamma proteobacterium such as Marinobacter and Oceanobacter; polynucleotides encoding the... Agent: Codexis, Inc.

20140099688 - Process to remove product alcohol from a fermentation by vaporization under vacuum: A fermentation liquid feed including water and a product alcohol and optionally CO2 is at least partially vaporized such that a vapor stream is produced. The vapor stream is contacted with an absorption liquid under suitable conditions wherein an amount of the product alcohol is absorbed. The portion of the... Agent: Butamax Advanced Biofuels LLC

20140099689 - Contaminant control in zymomonas fermentation using virginiamycin: Contamination was controlled in fermentations using Zymomonas mobilis as the biocatalyst, without negative impact on fermentation production, by the addition of virginiamycin. The effective concentration of virginiamycin was found to be dependent upon the type of fermentation medium used.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140099690 - Process for alcoholic fermentation of lignocellulosic biomass: A process for the production of ethanol wherein a hydrolyzed lignocellulosic biomass is fermented in the presence of a stillage residue. The fermentation of cellulosic hydrolysates is improved by adding prior to and/or during fermentation a stillage residue side stream from a corn starch-to-ethanol process as a nutrient source for... Agent: Greenfield Specialty Alcohols Inc.

20140099691 - Process for producing liquid hydrocarbon: The invention relates to a continuous process for converting carbonaceous material contained in one or more feedstocks into a liquid hydrocarbon product, said feedstocks including the carbonaceous material being in a feed mixture including one or more fluids, said fluids including water and further liquid organic compounds at least partly... Agent: Steeper Energy Aps

20140099692 - Integrated method of producing calcite and biomass using cyanobacteria for energy valorization and mineral sequestration of co2: e

20140099693 - High concentration h2s elimination system and high concentration h2s elimination method: A high concentration H2S elimination system and a method using the same are disclosed. The system of the present invention comprises: a chemical H2S elimination module with a gas inlet, a gas outlet and a liquid outlet, wherein H2 S-containing gas is introduced into the chemical H2S elimination module; a... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140099694 - Method for obtaining a tissue-engineering product for regeneration of cartilaginous tissue: The present invention relates to a method for obtaining a tissue engineering product designed to regenerate cartilage tissue, said product comprising expanded bone marrow mesenchymal cells, a non-cellular matrix and a fibrin gel, the method comprising the steps of: (a) expanding the mesenchymal cells; (b) conjugating the mesenchymal cells to... Agent: Banc De Sang I Teixits

20140099695 - Cell-adhering light-controllable substrate: An object of the present invention is to enable simpler operation in real time and culture while removing unnecessary cells from cultured cells for purification in analyzing, fractionating, and culturing the cells alive and to analyze and fractionate desired cells from the cultured cells to increase the purity, recovery rate,... Agent: Toho University

20140099697 - Method for preventing the unfolding of a (poly)peptide and/or inducing the (re-)folding of a (poly)peptide: The present invention relates to a method for preventing the unfolding of a (poly)peptide during drying and/or inducing the (re-)folding of a (poly)peptide after drying, comprising the step of embedding the (poly)peptide in an aqueous solution, wherein the solution comprises (i) at least three different amino acids; or (ii) at... Agent: Leukocare Ag

20140099696 - Technology for the preparation of microparticles: Microspheres are produced by contacting a solution of a macromolecule or small molecule in a solvent with an antisolvent and a counterion, and chilling the solution. The microspheres are useful for preparing pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetic products and the like of defined dimensions.... Agent: Ansun Biopharma, Inc.

20140099698 - Thermolysin variants and detergent compositions therewith: The present invention provides methods and compositions comprising at least one thermolysin-like neutral protease enzyme with improved storage stability and/or catalytic activity. In some embodiments, the thermolysin finds use in cleaning and other applications comprising detergent. In some particularly preferred embodiments, the present invention provides methods and compositions comprising thermolysin... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140099699 - Non-naturally occurring t cell receptors: A T cell receptor (TCR) having the property of binding to the gp100 YLEPGPVTA peptide-HLA-A2 complex and comprising a TCR alpha variable domain and/or a TCR beta variable domain, characterized in that the domains are mutated relative to a TCR having the extracellular alpha and beta chain sequences SEQ ID... Agent: Immunocore Limited

20140099700 - Apparatus and system for bioreactor cultivating microorganisms and reducing carbon dioxide: A bioreactor includes a support structure and a translucent liner. A containing system of bioreactors includes a plurality of bioreactors. A contained bioreactor system includes a plurality of containing systems of interconnected bioreactors, an industrial blower, an air filter, a microbial filter, a gas delivery system, and a harvesting station.... Agent: Energaia, Inc.

20140099701 - Formulation and process for biocatalytic co2 capture using absorption compounds such as dimethylmonoethanolamine, diethylmonoethanolamine or dimethylglycine: A formulation and process for capturing CO2 use an absorption mixture containing water, biocatalysts and an absorption compound selected from dimethylmonoethanolamine (DMMEA), diethylmonoethanolamine (DEMEA), and dimethylglycine. The process may include contacting a CO2-containing gas with the absorption mixture to enable dissolution and transformation of CO2 into bicarbonate and hydrogen ions,... Agent: Co2 Solutions Inc.

20140099702 - Divider for use with biolistic bombardment device: The present invention is designed for use with a biolistic bombardment device having a cold gas shock wave splitter that divides a cold gas shock wave into two or more separate pressure waves that burst into one or more macrocarrier disks so as to create two or more separate microparticle... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140099703 - Capillary waveguide cuvette: A cuvette for use with a spectophotometer having a capillary sample chamber having a volume of from 1 microliter to 1 femtoliter.... Agent:

20140099704 - Increase in storage lifetime of a thrombin sensor: A blood coagulation time measuring sensor comprising a surface, a resin layer applied thereto, including at least one substance with a detection function, characterized in that the resin layer comprises a lacquer system, wherein said lacquer system i) is suitable for immobilization of the at least one substance with a... Agent: The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd.

20140099705 - Cell culture and gradient migration assay methods and devices: A number of novel improved microfluidic configurations and systems and methods of manufacture and operation for a microfluidic invasion assay system.... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20140099706 - Photobioreactor with a thermal system, and methods of using the same: The invention relates to a photobioreactor system for a phototrophic microorganism, and culture medium therefor, comprising a reactor chamber and a thermal system. The thermal system includes a convection chamber in thermal contact with the reactor chamber and having a first port and a second port; a heat storage reservoir... Agent: Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc.

20140099707 - Antibody polypeptides that antagonize cd40l: Antibody polypeptides that specifically bind human CD40L are provided. The antibody polypeptides do not activate platelets. The antibody polypeptides are useful in the treatment of diseases involving CD40L activation, such as graft-related diseases and autoimmune diseases. The antibody polypeptides may be domain antibodies (dAbs) comprising a single VH or VK... Agent: Bristol-myers Squibb Company

20140099708 - Anti-il12rbeta1 antibodies and their use in treating autoimmune and inflammatory disorders: The present invention relates to antibodies that specifically bind to IL12Rβ1, the non-signal transducing chain of both the heterodimeric IL12 and IL23 receptors. The invention more specifically relates to specific antibodies that are IL12 and IL23 receptor antagonists capable of inhibiting IL12/IL18 induced IFNγ production of blood cells and compositions... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140099709 - Engineered three-dimensional connective tissue constructs and methods of making the same: Disclosed are engineered, living, three-dimensional connective tissue constructs comprising connective tissue cells. In some embodiments, the connective tissue cells are derived from multi-potent cells such as mesenchymal stem/stromal cells. In some embodiments, the cells are cohered to one another. In some embodiments, the multi-potent cells have been exposed to one... Agent: Organovo, Inc.

20140099710 - Compositions for the in vitro derivation and culture of embryonic stem (es) cell lines with germline transmission capability and for the culture of adult stem cells: The present invention is directed to a method of deriving pluripotent embryonic stem cells from mouse blastocysts or from primordial germ cells from a post-implantation mouse embryo, or of maintaining or growing pluripotent embryonic stem cells from a mouse, or of expanding human hematopoietic stem cells or human hematopoietic precursor... Agent: Thrombogenics Nv

20140099711 - Methods and systems for optimizing perfusion cell culture system: Methods and perfusion culture systems are disclosed. The systems and methods relate to decreasing the starting perfusion rate, resulting in increased residence time of the cells in the bioreactor and the cell retention device, and/or concomitantly increasing the starting bioreactor volume or decreasing the starting cell retention device volume, or... Agent:

20140099713 - Methods and compositions for feeder-free pluripotent stem cell media containing human serum: The present invention provides compositions and methods for the culture and maintenance of pluripotent stem cells. More particularly, the present invention provides for compositions and methods for culturing, maintaining, growing and stabilizing primate pluripotent stem cells in a feeder-free defined media further comprising human serum, or a soluble attachment component... Agent: Viacyte, Inc.

20140099712 - Methods and compositions for targeting progenitor cell lines: The invention provides methods, compositions and kits for the identification and enrichment of progenitor cell lines obtained from pluripotent stem cells.... Agent: Mandala Biosciences, LLC

20140099715 - High potency sirnas for reducing the expression of target genes: The present invention provides improved methods of attenuating gene expression through the phenomenon of RNA interference. The invention provides methods of synthesis of double stranded RNAs (dsRNAs) of increased potency for use as small interfering RNA (siRNA). Surprisingly and unexpectedly, siRNAs made by the methods of the invention are significantly... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140099716 - Monoclonal antibody capable of binding integrin alpha 10 beta 1: The present invention provides a monoclonal antibody or a fragment thereof binding to the extracellular I-domain of integrin alpha10beta1 and a hybridoma cell line deposited at the Deutsche Sammlung von Microorganismen and Zellkulturen GmbH under the accession number DSM ACC2583. Furthermore, the present invention also provides a monoclonal antibody or... Agent: Xintela Ab

20140099714 - Natural killer cell lines and methods of use: This invention relates to a natural killer cell line termed NK-92. The invention provides a vector for transfecting a mammalian cell which includes a nucleic acid sequence encoding a cytokine that promotes the growth of NK-92. Additionally, the invention provides an NK-92 cell, or an NK-92 cell modified by transfection... Agent: Conkwest, Inc.

20140099717 - Enhanced oxygen cell culture platforms: Provided is a cell culture apparatus for culturing cells, that provides enhanced oxygen delivery and supply to cells without the need for stirring or sparging. Oxygen diffusion occurs on both sides of the culture vessel, top and bottom. A gas-permeable membrane that includes perfluorocarbons or fluorocarbon derivatives (e.g., fluorinated silane,... Agent:

20140099718 - Single-crystal apatite nanowires sheathed in graphitic shells and synthesis method thereof: Heterogeneous nanowires having a core-shell structure consisting of single-crystal apatite as the core and graphitic layers as the shell and a synthesis method thereof are provided. More specifically, provided is a method capable of producing large amounts of heterogeneous nanowires, composed of graphitic shells and apatite cores, in a reproducible... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20140099721 - Filamentous fungi having an altered viscosity phenotype: Described are compositions and methods relating to variant filamentous fungi having altered growth characteristics. Such variants are well-suited for growth in submerged cultures, e.g., for the large-scale production of enzymes and other proteins for commercial applications.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140099719 - Method for producing yeast expressed hpv types 6 and 16 capsid proteins: Mosaic VLPs of viral capsid proteins from different virus types are described, as are methods of making the same. Specifically, a diploid yeast strain that coexpresses the L1 and L2 capsid proteins of both HPV-6 and HPV-16 as mosaic VLPs is described. The mosaic VLPs induced the production of conformational... Agent: Novartis Vaccines And Diagnostics, Inc.

20140099720 - Microorganism expressing xylose isomerase: The present invention relates to a transformed microorganism capable of (a) a higher xylose isomerase activity than the equivalent microorganism prior to transformation; and/or (b) a higher growth rate in or on a growth medium comprising xylose than the equivalent microorganism prior to transformation; and/or (c) a faster metabolism of... Agent: Terranol A/s

04/03/2014 > 103 patent applications in 66 patent subcategories.

20140093863 - Transparent cooling gel: Therefore, it was necessary to produce a cooling preparation for transplantation medicine, which in a temperature range from −5° C. to 4° C. is gel-like and soft, transparent and sufficiently mechanically stable and yet remains formable. In accordance with the invention, such preparation can be produced from gelatin solutions in... Agent: Fresenius Kabi Deutschland Gmbh

20140093864 - Increasing the viability and stress tolerance of viable biological material: The present invention relates to a method for improving viability and/or stress tolerance of viable biological material and using the said material comprising applying hydrostatic pressure to said biological material; keeping the said viable biological material at the hydrostatic pressure for a predetermined time period; releasing the hydrostatic pressure; and... Agent:

20140093868 - Chromatography method: A chromatographic kit is provided including a labeling substance holding area having a labeling substance modified with a first binding substance of a test substance, and a labeling substance capturing area having a second binding substance of the test substance or a binding substance of the first binding substance in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140093866 - Fluid mixing and delivery in microfluidic systems: The specification generally discloses systems and methods for mixing and delivering fluids in microfluidic systems. The fluids can contain, in some embodiments reagents that can participate in one or more chemical or biological reactions. Some embodiments relate to systems and methods employing one or more vent valves to controllably flow... Agent: Opko Diagnostics, LLC

20140093865 - Lateral flow assays for tagged analytes: Methods of determining whether an analyte is present in a sample using a competitive assay are provided. Aspects of the methods include employing a competitor that provides for the obtainment of signal which is directly proportional to the amount of analyte in the sample. Also provided are devices and kits... Agent:

20140093867 - Particle separation and concentration using spiral inertial filtration: A spiral inertial filtration device is capable of high-throughput (1 mL/min), high-purity particle separation while concentrating recovered target particles by more than an order of magnitude. Large fractions of sample fluid are removed from a microchannel without disruption of concentrated particle streams by taking advantage of particle focusing in inertial... Agent: Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.

20140093869 - Design and synthesis of cleavable fluorescent nucleotides as reversible terminators for dna sequencing by synthesis: This invention provides novel azido linkers for deoxynucleotide analogues having a detectable marker attached thereto.... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140093870 - Single molecule imaging techniques to aid crystallization: This invention relates to a method to rapidly find crystallization conditions for a biomolecule in a desired conformation using single-molecule, fluorescent resonance energy transfer (smFRET) imaging techniques. The method provides significant cost and time advantages over the empricial exploration for crystallization conditions.... Agent: Cornell University

20140093875 - Mammalian cytokines; receptors; related reagents and methods: Nucleic acids encoding mammalian cytokine receptor, e.g., for cytokine IL-B50, purified proteins and fragments thereof. Antibodies, both polyclonal and monoclonal, are also provided. Methods of using the compositions for both diagnostic and therapeutic utilities are described.... Agent: Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

20140093871 - Method for detecting mitochondria alterations: The present invention relates to a method for detecting mitochondria alterations, which comprises the following steps: (A) providing a separation element and a sample; (B) mixing the separation element and the sample, wherein a detecting sample is obtained through the binding of a DNA fragment on the separation element to... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20140093874 - Method for detecting nucleic acid molecule in biosample: A method for detecting a nucleic acid molecule comprises: preparing a sample solution which contains a nucleic acid probe which is specifically hybridizable with the nucleic acid molecule to be analyzed, and a biosample; associating the nucleic acid molecule with the nucleic acid probe in the sample solution that has... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140093872 - Method of mutation detection in blood cell-free dna using primer extension (pe) and pcr: A method of detecting mutation in blood cell-free DNA, includes providing a serum sample, isolating DNA from the serum sample, amplifying the DNA by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), subjecting the PCR product to primer extension (PE), and separating the PE reaction product and identifying the mutation by gel electrophoresis. In... Agent: U.s. Department Of Veterans Affairs

20140093876 - Multiplex nucleic acid detection methods and systems: The present invention relates to methods and systems for single molecule based nucleic acid amplification and subsequent detection of nucleic acid molecules, and particularly to the determination of SNPs, mutations, and to the diagnosis of diseases associated with the changes of these nucleic acid molecules.... Agent:

20140093873 - Processes and compositions for methylation-based enrichment of fetal nucleic acid from a maternal sample useful for non-invasive prenatal diagnoses: Provided are compositions and processes that utilize genomic regions that are differentially methylated between a mother and her fetus to separate, isolate or enrich fetal nucleic acid from a maternal sample. The compositions and processes described herein are particularly useful for non-invasive prenatal diagnostics, including the detection of chromosomal aneuploidies.... Agent: Sequenom, Inc.

20140093880 - Compositions, kits, and methods for isolating vesicles: A composition, a kit, and a method of isolating a vesicle from a sample using a compound comprising zwitterion moieties, which may be used to analyze vesicles, and proteins, glycoprotein, lipids, or nucleic acids thereof.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140093877 - Cross priming amplification of target nucleic acids: The present invention relates to methods of amplification of nucleic acid sequences; more particularly, it relates to methods of amplifying target sequences by utilizing cross priming isothermal amplification. The present invention relates to methods of marking the amplification target sequence during the amplification reaction and rapid detection of the target... Agent:

20140093879 - Method and apparatus for generating thermal melting curves in a microfluidic device: The present invention provides novel methods and devices that employ microfluidic technology to generate molecular melt curves. In particular, the devices and methods in accordance with the invention are useful in providing for the analysis of PCR amplification products.... Agent: Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.

20140093881 - Methods and computer program products for compression of sequencing data: A compression method includes: measuring a waveform associated with a chemical event occurring on a sensor array, wherein the waveform comprises a plurality of measured values and the chemical event is indicative of a number of nucleotide incorporations in a genetic sequencing reaction; applying a first compression process to the... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140093882 - Methods of depleting a target nucleic acid in a sample and kits for practicing the same: Provided are methods of depleting a target nucleic acid in a sample. The methods include contacting a target nucleic acid with two or more polymers that specifically hybridize to the target nucleic acid, and cleaving the hybridized regions of the target nucleic acid to deplete the target nucleic acid in... Agent:

20140093878 - Mutant endonuclease v enzymes and applications thereof: Provided herein are mutant endonuclease V enzymes that are capable of nicking an inosine-containing DNA sequence. Nucleic acid assays and agents that employ such mutant endonuclease V enzymes to introduce a nick into a target DNA including one or more inosine, and uses a DNA polymerase to generate amplicons of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140093883 - Nicking and extension amplification reaction for the exponential amplification of nucleic acids: The invention is in general directed to the rapid exponential amplification of short DNA or RNA sequences at a constant temperature.... Agent: Ionian Technologies, Inc.

20140093884 - Process for identifying novel anti-inflammatory molecules with reduced direct transrepression of genes induced by glucocorticoids: e

20140093885 - Method of anaerobic tissue-targeted gene expression initiated by alcohol dehydrogenase promoter and the application thereof: A proteomic screening method for anaerobic-specific and expression-effective promoter, and a method of specially delivering and selectively stably expressing target gene in anaerobic tissue by an alcohol dehydrogenase promoter and uses thereof. The latter comprises an anaerobically-induced alcohol dehydrogenase promoter which is used as target gene promoter, anaerobic target bacteria... Agent:

20140093886 - Method of diagnosing cancer using a nucleolin specific aptamer: Improved G-rich oligonucleotide (GRO) aptamers specific to nucleolin, a method of preparing the aptamers, and a use of the aptamers for diagnosing and/or treating a nucleolin-associated disease, are provided.... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20140093887 - Porphyrinic compounds for use in flow cytometry: The present invention provides a method of detecting (e.g., by flow cytometry) a target compound, cell or particle, wherein the target is labelled with a detectable luminescent compound. The method comprises utilizing as the detectable luminescent compound a compound comprising a porphyrinic macrocycle such as a porphyrin, chlorin, bacteriochlorin, or... Agent: North Carolina State University

20140093889 - Anti-notch3 agonist antibodies and their use in the treatment of notch3-related diseases: The present invention relates to agonist antibodies that specifically bind to Notch 3 and activate signaling. The present invention includes antibodies binding to an epitope comprising the first Lin12 domain. The present invention also includes uses of these antibodies to treat or prevent Notch 3 related diseases or disorders.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140093890 - Quantitative assays for ras p21 in body fluids: The present invention is directed to the detection and quantification of total ras p21 in body fluids, particularly serial changes of total ras p21 levels in a subject's body fluids. Further, the invention is directed to detecting and quantitating total ras p21 in conjunction with one or more other proteins,... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20140093888 - Highly pure plasmid dna preparations: The present disclosure generally relates to highly pure plasmid compositions having low, or undetectable, levels of colanic acid and other contaminants made by a process that includes the steps of obtaining a crude lysate of a plasmid DNA from a bacteria that makes colanic acid; treating the partially purified or... Agent: Gradalis, Inc.

20140093891 - Device for performing a biochemical analysis, especially in outer space: A device for performing a biochemical analysis, especially in outer space, more particularly an immunoassay, in which analysis at least one analyte in a sample is determined selectively, having at least one reaction container which has at least one work volume which is intended for taking in a liquid volume... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

20140093893 - In situ heat induced antigen recovery and staining method: An automated in situ heat induced antigen recovery and staining method and apparatus for treating a plurality of microscope slides. The process of heat induced antigen recovery and the process of staining the biological sample on the microscope slide are conducted in the same apparatus, wherein the microscope slides do... Agent:

20140093892 - Marker comprising anti-ck8/18 complex autoantibody and its use for diagnosing cancer: The present invention relates to a cytokeratin 8/18 complex-specific autoantibody or a fragment comprising an antigen-binding site (paratope) thereof, the use thereof in the diagnosis of breast cancer, a polypeptide having an amino acid sequence of an epitope specifically binding to the autoantibody, a composition for diagnosing breast cancer comprising... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Bioscience And Biotechnology

20140093894 - Compounds and methods for assaying redox state of metabolically active cells and methods for measuring nad(p)/nad(p)h: The present invention provides compounds and methods for assaying redox state of metabolically active cells and methods for assaying enzyme activity and/or metabolite level by coupling to redox defining co-factor NAD(P)/NAD(P)H measurement.... Agent: Promega Corporation

20140093895 - Self-contained test sensor: A test strip to assist in determining the concentration of an analyte in a fluid sample comprises a base, at least one tab and a break line. The base includes a capillary channel and a test element. The capillary channel is in fluid communication with the test element. The test... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20140093896 - Point-of-care, medical condition screening kit: A point-of-care, screening kit for use by a heath care worker to create custom test strips for screening the bodily fluids of an individual for various, medical conditions includes: (a) a plurality of reagents (12), (b) a substrate (18) configured to: i) receive one of the reagents and react with... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140093897 - Aromatic-cationic peptides and uses of same: The present disclosure provides aromatic-cationic peptide compositions and methods of using the same. The methods comprise use of the peptides in electron transport and electrical conductance.... Agent: Cornell University

20140093898 - Reducing insoluble deposit formation in ethanol production: The present inventors have surprisingly discovered that phytic acid tenaciously precipitates with soluble metals in food or fuel ethanol-processing fluid, producing insoluble organometallic salt deposit or scale on the processing equipment that must be removed in order to facilitate further ethanol processing. The present invention relates to converting phytic acid... Agent: U.s. Water Services, Inc.

20140093899 - Thyroglobulin quantitation by mass spectroscopy: Provided are methods for determining the amount of thyroglobulin in a sample using various purification steps followed by mass spectrometry. The methods generally involve purifying thyroglobulin in a test sample, digesting thyroglobulin to form peptide T129, purifying peptide T129, ionizing peptide T129, detecting the amount of peptide T129 ion generated,... Agent: Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated

20140093900 - Steroid profile in ovarian follicular fluid for diagnosis, prognosis and determining strategies for treatment: Concentrations of endogenous steroids in ovarian follicular fluid are used to develop steroid profiles which provide means for the diagnosis and prognosis of endocrine-related conditions and for identifying and developing appropriate treatments for related conditions, including the identification and development of suitable protocols for in vitro fertilization (IVF), treatment and... Agent:

20140093901 - Genome-scale metabolic network model reconstruction of kluyveromyces marxianus and strategies for engineering non-native pathways for 3-hydroxypropionate production in kluyveromyces marxianus: Use of a metabolic network model for analyzing metabolic characteristics of microorganisms for producing a metabolic product, such as 3HP enabling estimation of productivity and cell growth speed of microorganisms, optimizing new metabolic pathway, and providing transformed microorganisms that may produce a specific metabolic product with high efficiency.... Agent:

20140093907 - Fluorescent probes for monitoring voltage by photo-induced electron transfer: Compounds and methods for determining transmembrane potential, monitoring changes in transmembrane potential, and/or drug screening are provided. In one aspect, compounds of the invention have a structure according to the formula: E-M-A, wherein A is a fluorophore, selected from xanthenes, eoumarins, cyanines, bimanes, and difluoroboradizaindacenes, charged at physiological pH; M... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140093904 - Method of singulating embryos: A method of sinuglating embryos is provided. The method includes providing a plurality of embryos (40) within a system (20) and sensing (34) at least one of the plurality of embryos in a fluid. The method also includes dispensing (26) at least one of the plurality of embryos on a... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20140093903 - Methods for diagnosis, prognosis and methods of treatment: The invention provides methods, compositions, and systems for diagnosis, prognosis, evaluation of status, and/or determination of treatment for pathological conditions.... Agent: Nodality, Inc.

20140093905 - Organ mimic device with microchannels and methods of use and manufacturing thereof: System and method includes a body having a central microchannel separated by one or more porous membranes. The membranes are configured to divide the central microchannel into a two or more parallel central microchannels, wherein one or more first fluids are applied through the first central microchannel and one or... Agent: Children's Medical Center Corporation

20140093906 - Organ mimic device with microchannels and methods of use and manufacturing thereof: System and method includes a body having a central microchannel separated by one or more porous membranes. The membranes are configured to divide the central microchannel into a two or more parallel central microchannels, wherein one or more first fluids are applied through the first central microchannel and one or... Agent: Children's Medical Center Corporation

20140093902 - Silk transistor devices: The invention relates to ecosustainable and biocompatible, low cost, ambient friendly electronic and optoelectronic devices, such as transistors and light-emitting transistors, made with silk fibroin or blended with other biopolymers, methods for fabrication and methods of using the silk-based electronics and optoelectronics. The silk-based electronics and optoelectronics can be implanted... Agent: Tufts University

20140093909 - Polycationic quaternary ammonium polymer coatings for immobilizing biological samples: The present invention is directed to a pre-coated substrate, such as a slide, that is useful for immobilizing a sample. The invention is further provides methods of preparing such pre-coated substrates and methods of analyzing biological samples immobilized on such pre-coated substrate. The substrate is coated with a polycationic polymeric... Agent: Tripath Imaging, Inc.

20140093908 - Sample preparation apparatus and sample preparation method: A sample preparation apparatus is provided. The apparatus comprises a first receiving part, a second receiving part, a filter part, a third receiving part, a flow path, a first moving means and a second moving means. The first receiving part is configured to accept a pipette and to receive a... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140093910 - D5 desaturase-defective mutant gene and use thereof: It is an object of the present invention to provide a delta-5 desaturase-defective gene and uses of the gene and/or the mutant in algal transformation.... Agent: Bengurion University Of The Negev Research And Development Authority

20140093911 - Method and apparatus for image-based prediction and sorting of high-performing clones: A method of predictive identification and separation of high-performing cells from a mixed population of cells includes distributing cells belonging to the mixed population to a plurality of open chambers; identifying open chambers containing desired cells and open chambers containing undesired cells; selectively sealing at least one open chamber containing... Agent:

20140093912 - Methods of making bioactive collagen medical scaffolds such as for wound care dressings, hernia repair prosthetics, and surgical incision closure members: A method of preparing a crosslinked, collagen-based medical scaffold is provided, comprising: (a) immersing a sample of fibrous and/or non-fibrous collagen in a buffered acidic, aqueous solution comprising an alcohol; (b) contacting the collagen in solution with a catalytic component comprising 1-ethyl-3-[3-dimethylaminopropyl]carbodiimide hydrochloride for a time at least sufficient to... Agent:

20140093914 - Expression vector for animal cells including csp-b 5'-sar factor and method for producing recombinant proteins using same: The present invention relates to an expression vector for animal cells, comprising: (a) CSP-B (Cytotoxic Serine Protease-B) 5′-SAR (Scaffold or Matrix Attachment Region); (b) a promoter operable in animal cells; and (c) a polyadenylation sequence, and to a method for producing recombinant proteins using same. The vector of the present... Agent: Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp.

20140093913 - Methods and compositions for treatment of a genetic condition: Methods and compositions for a genetic disease are provided.... Agent:

20140093915 - Il-18 receptor antigen binding proteins: Provided herein are IL-18 receptor antigen binding proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same. Expression vectors and host cells comprising the same for production of the antigen binding proteins are also provided. In addition, provided are compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating diseases mediated by IL-18 receptor.... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20140093916 - Immobilized transposase complexes for dna fragmentation and tagging: The present invention provides a simple and rapid method for preparing purified transposase complexes that are highly suited for fragmenting DNA. The method includes forming transposase complexes with oligonucleotide adapters in cell lysate, then purifying the complexes from the other substance in the cell lysate. Purification is accomplished using a... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140093917 - Methods for converting lignocellulosic material to useful products: The present invention provides compositions and methods for the pretreatment of lignocellulosic material. The present invention further provides for pretreated lignocellulosic material that can be used to produce useful products, such as fermentable sugars.... Agent: Syngenta Participations Ag

20140093918 - Methods for converting lignocellulosic materials to useful products: The present invention provides compositions and methods for the pretreatment of lignocellulosic material. The present invention further provides for pretreated lignocellulosic material that can be used to produce useful products, such as fermentable sugars.... Agent: Syngenta Participations Ag

20140093919 - Polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides.... Agent: Novozymes Inc.

20140093920 - Methods for treating lignocellulosic materials: The present invention provides compositions and methods for the pretreatment of lignocellulosic material. The present invention further provides for pretreated lignocellulosic material that can be used to produce products, such as fermentable sugars.... Agent: Syngenta Participations Ag

20140093921 - Bacteria and method for synthesizing fatty acids: There is provided a recombinant bacterium comprising at least one overexpressed acyl-ACP thioesterase gene, and wherein at least one gene from the tricarboxylic acid cycle or glycolysis or both is inactivated. There is also provided a method for producing fatty acids, said method comprising culturing bacteria comprising at least one... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20140093923 - Methods and compositions for the extracellular transport of biosynthetic hydrocarbons and other molecules: The present disclosure identifies methods and compositions for modifying photoautotrophic organisms as hosts, such that the organisms efficiently convert carbon dioxide and light into hydrocarbons, e.g., n-alkanes and n-alkenes, wherein the n-alkanes are secreted into the culture medium via recombinantly expressed transporter proteins. In particular, the use of such organisms... Agent: Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc.

20140093922 - Microbial culture medium and cultural method: The present invention discloses a microbial culture medium and a cultural method. The culture medium comprises a combination of strong acid-weak alkali salts and strong alkali-weak acid salts so that pH value thereof can be regulated and controlled in a stable and suitable range by itself, thus decreasing or eliminating... Agent: Enn Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd.

20140093924 - Biofilm photobioreactor system and method of use: Flat panel biofilm photobioreactor systems with a photosynthetic, autofermentative microorganism that forms a biofilm and methods for using the same to make metabolic intermediate compound(s) through photosynthesis and to convert metabolic intermediate compound(s) into chemical product(s) such as a biofuel or a feedstock through autofermentation.... Agent: Algenol Biofuels Switzerland Gmbh

20140093925 - Recombinant microorganisms for producing organic acids: Recombinant microorganisms that co express enzymatic glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and malate dehydrogenase are generated to produce organic acids.... Agent: The Michigan Biotechnology Institute

20140093926 - Integrated systems and methods for organic acid production: Crude bio-based organic acid-producing feedstock is used to produce a bio-based organic acid. Related systems and methods are also described such as an integrated method including a step of producing a crude polyol product and then processing the crude polyol product to produce a bio-based organic acid.... Agent: The Michigan Biotechnology Institute

20140093927 - Variant sucrose transporter polypeptides that enable faster sucrose utilization in bacteria: Variant sucrose transporter polypeptides that enable faster sucrose utilization in bacteria are described. Additionally, variant or recombinant bacteria comprising these variant sucrose transporter polypeptides, and methods of utilizing the bacteria to produce products such as glycerol and glycerol-derived products are provided.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140093929 - Fatty alcohol forming acyl reductases (fars) and methods of use thereof: The present disclosure provides methods useful for producing fatty alcohol compositions from recombinant host cells. The disclosure further provides variant fatty acyl-CoA reductase (FAR) enzymes, polynucleotides encoding the variant FAR enzymes, and vectors and host cells comprising the same.... Agent:

20140093928 - Methods and systems for biologically producing methanol: A method for biologically producing methanol is disclosed. In some embodiments, the method includes the following: providing a biomass including ammonia oxidizing bacteria having ammonia monooxygenase enzymes and hydroxylamine oxidoreductase enzymes; feeding ammonia to the ammonia oxidizing bacteria; feeding a non-substrate-organic compound including methane to the ammonia oxidizing bacteria; feeding... Agent:

20140093930 - Polypeptides with ketol-acid reductoisomerase activity: Polypeptides having ketol-acid reductoisomerase activity are provided. Also disclosed are recombinant host cells comprising isobutanol biosynthetic pathways employing such polypeptides. Methods for producing isobutanol employing host cells comprising the polypeptides having ketol-acid reductoisomerase activity are also disclosed.... Agent: Butamaxtm Advanced Biofuels LLC

20140093931 - Production of fermentation products: The invention relates to processes for the production of fermentation products such as alcohols including ethanol and butanol, and the development of microorganisms capable of producing fermentation products via an engineered pathway in the microorganisms.... Agent: Butamax Advanced Biofuels LLC

20140093932 - Devices, systems, and methods for the fabrication of tissue utilizing uv cross-linking: Described herein are bioprinters comprising: one or more printer heads, wherein a printer head comprises a means for receiving and holding at least one cartridge, and wherein said cartridge comprises contents selected from one or more of: bio-ink, and support material; a UV light module for optionally exposing the contents... Agent: Organovo, Inc.

20140093933 - Microbial cell and particle selection system and method of use: The invention comprises two key components: dielectrophoresis (DEP) and reversible binding surfaces. DEP has become an important tool for trapping dielectric particles. Moreover, DEP can manipulate cell movement as dictated by the intrinsic dielectric constant of the cell without modification. DEP therefore provides a mechanism by which to force targets... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140093934 - Substrates comprising switchable ferromagnetic nanoparticles: In a process for producing organic substrate particles bonded to switchable ferromagnetic nanoparticles with a mean particle diameter in the range from 10 to 1000 nm, the ferromagnetic nanoparticles used are those nanoparticles which are nonferromagnetic at first, but become ferromagnetic when the temperature is lowered, these at first nonferromagnetic... Agent: Basf Se

20140093935 - Charged triplet-state quenchers for mitigation of photo-induced damage: Mitigation of photo-induced damage in excitation illuminated reactions and analyses utilizing such reactions results in an enhanced performance for the reactions and the analyses. There is provided a novel class of triplet-state quenchers for mitigating photo-induced damage which are both simple in structure and effective at preventing and/or reducing photo-induced... Agent: Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.

20140093936 - Type ii restriction modification system methylation subunit of alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius: Isolated and/or purified polypeptides and nucleic acid sequences encoding polypeptides from Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius are provided. Further provided are methods for modulating or altering recombination inside or outside of a cell using isolated and/or purified polypeptides and/or nucleic acid sequences from Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius.... Agent: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

20140093938 - Method of removing nucleic acid contamination in reverse transcription and amplification reactions: The invention provides methods of removing nucleic acid contamination from reverse transcription reactions and hot-start PCR, wherein said hot-start PCR is a barrier hot-start PCR set up and/or involves a hot-start DNA polymerase, which methods comprise use of a DNase that is substantially irreversibly inactivated by heating at a temperature... Agent: Biotec Pharmacon Asa

20140093937 - Protein removal agent: The present invention provides compositions, methods and kits for the removal of proteins from complex reaction mixtures useful in majority workflows of molecular biology research experiments. More specifically, such compositions, methods and kits are useful in such processes as purification of nucleic acids from biological samples or after their treatment... Agent:

20140093939 - Tannase, gene encoding same, and process for producing same: Disclosed is a thermostable tannase derived from a microorganism. Specifically disclosed is a thermostable tannase derived from Aspergillus awamori or Aspergillus niger. A preferred embodiment of the tannase has the following chemoenzymatic properties: (1) activity: to act on a depside bond to thereby cause hydrolysis; (2) molecular weight: about 230,000... Agent: Amano Enzyme Inc.

20140093940 - Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and nucleic acids encoding same: The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and isolated polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods for producing and using the polypeptides.... Agent: Novozymes, Inc.

20140093941 - Prokaryotic rnai-like system and methods of use: Provided herein are methods for inactivating a target polynucleotide. The methods use a psiRNA having a 5′ region and a 3′ region. The 5′ region includes, but is not limited to, 5 to 10 nucleotides chosen from a repeat from a CRISPR locus immediately upstream of a spacer. The 3′... Agent: University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

20140093942 - Gene, ars-r anchorage cassette, ars-r expression-anchorage cassette, recombinant plasmid, bacterial transgenic lineage, use of said gene, use of said lineage in environmental bioremediation processes: The present invention relates to the construction and insertion of a DNA plasmid vector of broad spectrum for Gram-Negative bacteria, that carries a gene sequence which, when expressed, enables the anchorage of a chelator protein for arsenic ions on the Gram-Negative bacteria cellular surface. For that end, the structural sequence... Agent:

20140093943 - Methods of treating a surface and compositions for use therein: This invention relates to compositions comprising certain fungal serine proteases and methods of treating a surface, preferably a textile using such compositions including the use of such compositions to clean a surface.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140093944 - Post protein hydrolysis removal of a potent ribonuclease inhibitor and the enzymatic capture of dna: The present invention concerns compositions and methods of extracting infectious pathogens from a volume of blood. In one embodiment, the method includes the steps of creating a fibrin aggregate confining the pathogens and introducing a fibrin lysis reagent to expose the pathogens for analysis. The present invention also concerns materials... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140093945 - Fractionation of oil-bearing microbial biomass: The invention generally relates to the production of hydrocarbon compositions, such as a lipid, in microorganisms. In particular, the invention provides methods for extracting, recovering, isolating and obtaining a lipid from a microorganism and compositions comprising the lipid. The invention also discloses methods for producing hydrocarbon compositions for use as... Agent: Solazyme, Inc.

20140093946 - System for optimizing the introduction of nucleic acids into cells using magnetic particles: An embodiment of a system is provided herein, wherein the system allows for the analysis and selection of numerous experimental conditions to optimize transfection efficiency and cell viability. The system is used for magnetic particle based nucleic acid delivery by optimizing various parameters. The system comprises a control module; an... Agent: General Electric Company

20140093947 - Nucleic acid amplification apparatus and nucleic acid analysis apparatus: According to a conventional technique, when a calibrated temperature measuring probe is used for correcting the temperature absolute values of individually temperature-controllable thermal control blocks, a temperature difference of a maximum of 0.5° C. remains between the thermal control blocks. According to the present invention, the melting temperature of a... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140093949 - Absorbance spectrum scanning flow cytometry: The present invention provides systems and methods for analyzing the excitation spectra of fluorescent particles in a flowing stream. The system uses a white light laser and color separation optics to provide a spatially-distributed, continuous color-spectrum excitation light system that is used to illuminate a region of a flowing stream.... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140093948 - Light source module and analytical instrument for analyzing a sample: A light source module for use in an analytical instrument for analyzing at least one sample is disclosed. The light source module includes at least one light-emitting diode and at least one light guiding rod adapted to guide and shape light emitted by the light-emitting diode. The light source module... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20140093951 - Algae processing: A method for culturing algae comprising, forming an emulsion comprising a gaseous stream and a media utilizing a high shear device, wherein the emulsion comprises gas bubbles, and wherein the high shear device comprises at least one toothed rotor and at least one stator; introducing the emulsion into a bioreactor;... Agent: H R D Corporation

20140093950 - Photobioreactor: An invention proposes a photobioreactor with a cultivation chamber in the form of a shallow closed trough that is irradiated by the sun light. The bottom section of the shallow closed trough comprises an elongated polymer flexible film, which is arranged with small inclination to the horizontal plane; the middle... Agent:

20140093952 - Bioreactor tangential flow perfusion filter system: A bioreactor hollow fiber perfusion system increases the capacity of standard fed batch bioreactors. The bioreactor hollow fiber perfusion system cycles bioreactor mass through a hollow fiber tangential flow filter which separates the metabolic wastes (as well as proteins) from the biomass material allowing the reactions in the bioreactor to... Agent:

20140093953 - Non-adherent cell support and manufacturing method: A non-adherent cell support for use as a substrate in fluidic chambers used for cell culturing and assays. The non-adherent cell support allows for the formation of sphere cultures from single cells, which can better mimic primary tumor-like behavior in the study of cancer stem cells. The non-adherent cell support... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140093954 - Immunomodulatory minicells and methods of use: The present disclosure is related to immunomodulatory bacterial minicells and methods of using the minicells.... Agent:

20140093955 - Method for culturing mycoplasma contamination-free cells and method for removing mycoplasma contamination of cells: Provided is a method for culturing cells, which prevents the possibility of mycoplasma contamination by culturing the cells using biomass extract obtained by culturing a strain with amphidinol productivity, preferably a strain such as Amphidinium klebsii, Amphididinium carterae, and the like belonging to Dinoflagellates, or using a fraction obtained from... Agent: Cellsafe Co., Ltd.

20140093956 - Modified human thymic stromal lymphopoietin: Modified, furin resistant human TSLP polypeptides and polynucleotides encoding the modified human TSLP polypeptides are provided. Pharmaceutical compositions, B and T cell activation agents, assays and methods of use are also described.... Agent: Immunex Corporation

20140093957 - Cells useful for immuno-based botulinum toxin serotype a activity assays: The present specification discloses clonal cell lines susceptible to BoNT/A intoxication, methods of producing such clonal cell lines, and methods of detecting Botulinum toxin serotype A activity using such clonal cell lines.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20140093958 - Hydrogel composition and uses thereof: Hydrogel composition comprising gelatin, poly-glutamic acid and epiregulin suitable for cultivating keratinocytes, preferably human keratinocytes.... Agent: Universit&#xc0 Degli Studi Del Piemonte Orientale "amedeo Avogadro"

20140093959 - Fc mutants: The present invention provides reagents, methods and systems for predicting the inhibitory activity of an antibody or variant thereof comprising: determining a binding affinity of the antibody or variant thereof to a Fc activating receptor; determining a binding affinity of the antibody or variant thereof to a Fc inhibitory receptor,... Agent: The Rockefeller University

20140093960 - Cell differentiation inducer and differentiation inducing method: The objective of the present invention is to provide a cell differentiation inducer which is a low-molecular compound, which can be chemically synthesized easily and which can efficiently induce a differentiation of an undifferentiated cell into a nervous system cell with high selectivity. In addition, the objective of the present... Agent: The University Of Tokushima

20140093961 - Method of washing adherent cell using trehalose-containing cell-washing solution: Methods of washing adherent cells, capable of effectively suppressing cell death due to proteolytic enzyme treatment for detaching the adherent cell from a culture vessel and subsequent cell treatment; cell-washing solutions used for the washing method; methods of producing cell suspensions for transplantation using the cell-washing solution; and kits comprising... Agent: Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc.

20140093962 - Non-adherent cell support and manufacturing method: A non-adherent cell support for use as a substrate in fluidic chambers used for cell culturing and assays. The non-adherent cell support allows for the formation of sphere cultures from single cells, which can better mimic primary tumor-like behavior in the study of cancer stem cells. The non-adherent cell support... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140093963 - Cellular substrate for nuclear reprogramming: This invention relates to the use of late out-growth endothelial progenitor cells (L-EPCs) as a cellular substrate for the generation of Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). This may be useful in the production of patient-specific tissues for disease modelling, drug and toxicology screening, tissue replacement and delivery of gene therapy.... Agent: Cambridge Enterprise Limited

20140093964 - Delivery of biological materials into cellular organelles: Systems, devices, and methods for delivering a biological material into an organelle of a cell are provided. In one aspect, for example, a method for introducing biological material into an organelle of a cell includes bringing into proximity a lance and a preselected biological material outside of a cell and... Agent: Brigham Young University

20140093965 - Expression systems and methods of producing spider silk proteins: An expression system, including a host cell, a synthetic spider silk polypeptide-encoding nucleotide sequence, at least one synthetic tRNA molecule-encoding nucleotide sequence or a synthetic serine hydroxymethyl transferase (SHMT)-encoding nucleotide sequence.... Agent: Utah State University

03/27/2014 > 114 patent applications in 67 patent subcategories.

20140087357 - Organ transplant solutions and methods for transplanting organs: A preservation solution for organs waiting to be transplanted is disclosed; the method of using the solution in a transplantation procedure is also disclosed. The preservation solutions comprise a balanced isotonic aqueous solution comprising sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate ions in a physiologically acceptable amount, together with an effective... Agent: Children's Hospital Medical Center

20140087360 - Method and insert for density gradient separation: An insert for a centrifuge tube suitable for use in density gradient separation is described. The insert includes a member sized to fit within the tube for dividing the tube into a top portion and a bottom portion. Optionally the insert has a support extending or depending from the member... Agent: Stemcell Technologies, Inc.

20140087358 - Methods and compositions for detecting rare cells from a biological sample: The present invention provides methods and compositions for isolating and detecting rare cells from a biological sample containing other types of cells. In particular, the present invention includes a debulking step that uses a microfabricated filters for filtering fluid samples and the enriched rare cells can be used in a... Agent: Aviva Biosciences Corporation

20140087359 - Methods and devices for sample lysis: Disclosed herein are methods and systems for use in preparing a sample. The methods and systems may be used for lysing one or more structures in a sample (e.g., cells, viral particles, etc.). The methods and compositions may comprise a microfluidic chip or use thereof. The microfluidic chips disclosed herein... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140087361 - Selective lysis of cells by ionic surfactants: The present invention discloses methods, kits-of-parts, and devices for the selective lysis of eukaryotic cells in a sample comprising micro-organisms such as bacteria unicellular fungi. The selective lysis is obtained by incubating the sample in an ionic surfactant under alkaline conditions.... Agent: Biocartis Sa

20140087367 - Chromatography method and chromatographic kit: The chromatography method includes a step of forming a composite with a test substance and a labeling substance containing a metal modified by a first binding substance of the test substance and then developing the composite on an insoluble carrier; a step of capturing the test substance and the labeling... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140087365 - Immunochromatographic detection method capable of determining sample without specimen as improperly operated sample and test strip used therewith: An object of the present invention is to provide an immunochromatographic detection method comprising a step of detecting the failure to add a specimen and an immunochromatographic test strip comprising a means for detecting the failure to add a specimen. The inventers provides an immunochromatographic detection method and an immunochromatographic... Agent: Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

20140087369 - Infection detection methods and systems and related compounds and compositions:

20140087364 - Method and kit for determining the time of seroconversion of a patient infected with a virus: The present invention provides a method for determining the time of infection, and a method for determining if a microbial infection is in the early stages comprising the step of determining the ratio of in vitro stimulated anti-microbial immunoreactivity and un-stimulated anti-microbial immunoreactivity in blood samples from said subject and... Agent:

20140087363 - Method for generating, storing, transporting, eluting and detecting clinical relevant information in plasma using filter paper: The present invention relates to a method that enables simpler, easier and more accurate determination cell mediated immune (CMI) responses using the biomarker IP-10 together with a simple and safe “dried blood spot” filter paper method of storing and shipping samples. The method is useful for the diagnosis and prognostication... Agent: Hvidovre Hospital

20140087368 - Methods for antimicrobial resistance determination: The present invention relates to methods and systems for determining the antibiotic-resistance status of microorganisms. The invention further provides methods for determining the antibiotic-resistance status of microorganisms in situ within a single system.... Agent: Biomerieux, Inc.

20140087362 - Methods for assessing effectiveness and monitoring oncolytic virus treatment: Diagnostic methods for in vivo and ex vivo detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer are provided. The diagnostic methods employ oncolytic viruses alone or in combination with one or more tumor cell enrichment and/or detection methods. Combinations and kits for use in the... Agent:

20140087366 - Use of divalent ions, proteases, detergents, and low ph in the extraction of nucleic acids: The present invention provides methods of extracting target nucleic acids from a biological sample using divalent salts and acidic conditions.... Agent:

20140087370 - Sample treatment device, sample treatment method, and reaction container for use therein: Reaction containers (110) each comprising a plurality of treatment parts (wells) (501-506) are placed side by side in a reaction container set so as to be movable independently of each other in the direction of arrangement of the treatment parts (wells). A plurality of stems (401) correspond to the respective... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140087375 - Bioprobes and methods of use thereof: Disclosed are biomolecule based bioprobes that exhibit improved water solubility and monolayer-forming properties with substantially little or no aggregation that can appreciably interfere with binding of the bioprobes to a target nucleotide. The bioprobes may be used in conjunction with a suitable reporter system to detect very small quantities of... Agent: The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto

20140087371 - Compositions and methods for detection of clostridium difficile: Methods for the rapid detection of the presence or absence of Clostridium difficile in a biological or nonbiological sample are described. The methods can include performing an amplifying step, a hybridizing step, and a detecting step. Furthermore, primers, probes, and kits are provided that are designed for the detection of... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20140087384 - Distinguishing pca3 messenger rna species in benign and malignant prostate tissues: This invention concerns the discovery of two distinct PCA3 mRNA sequences. One of these sequences corresponds to a short PCA3 mRNA molecule whereas the other PCA3 RNA molecule is longer as it comprises an additional sequence between exon 3 and exon 4a. The short RNA is associated with prostate cancer... Agent: Diagnocure Inc.

20140087381 - Double stranded linear nucleic acid probe: A double-stranded nucleic acid hybridization probe and methods of using the same are described. The probe described is particularly suited for real-time RT-PCR reactions and has high tolerance to mismatches.... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140087379 - Electrochemical polynucleotide detection comprising ligation: Disclosed, for example, are methods comprising cleaving an uncleaved probe to form a cleaved oligonucleotide flap, forming a hybridization complex between the cleaved oligo-nucleotide flap, a bridging oligonucleotide, and a capture oligonucleotide that is immobilized on a surface, such that the oligonucleotide flap and the capture oligonucleotide are hybridized to... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140087373 - Enclosed unit for rapid detection of a target nucleic acid amplification product: The invention relates to a method for rapid detection of a target nucleic acid amplification product while preventing cross-contamination between target nucleic acid amplification products and avoiding false positives, comprising the steps of: a) leaving the reaction tube unopened after the amplification reaction is finished, so as to prevent the... Agent:

20140087377 - Method of identifying nucleic acid-containing object: The present invention relates to a method of identifying nucleic acid-containing object, more precisely a method of identifying nucleic acid-containing object which comprises the following steps: (1) preparing nucleic acid-containing object having the nucleotide sequence complementary to the nucleotide sequence of RNA-dual probe; (2) reacting the nucleic acid included in... Agent: Bioneer Corporation

20140087378 - Method, probe and kit for dna in situ hybridation and use thereof: The invention relates to a method for the detection of the occurrence of initiation of replication events in genomic DNA in a eukaryotic cell, involving contacting said eukaryotic cell comprising said genomic DNA with a first nucleotide probe, under conditions enabling in situ hybridization of said first nucleotide probe with... Agent: Institut Pasteur

20140087376 - Methods of detecting aneuploidy in human embryos: Methods, compositions and kits for determining the developmental potential of one or more embryos or pluripotent cells and/or the presence of chromosomal abnormalities in one or more embryos or pluripotent cells are provided. These methods, compositions and kits find use in identifying embryos and oocytes in vitro that are most... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20140087380 - Mutation detection probe, mutation detection method, method of evaluating drug efficacy, and mutation detection kit: The present invention provides a probe for detecting a mutation in the ALK gene, which is at least one fluorescently labeled oligonucleotide selected from the group consisting of P1 to P4, P7 and P8 oligonucleotides; an application thereof; and an oligonucleotide for the application.... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20140087382 - Normalization of polymerase activity: Provided herein is technology relating to the amplification-based detection of nucleic acids and particularly, but not exclusively, to methods and compositions for minimizing variability in the activity between different samples or manufacturing lots of DNA polymerases, such as Taq DNA polymerase.... Agent: Exact Sciences Corporation

20140087383 - Nucleic acid probes and methods for detecting plasmodium parasites: This invention relates to novel nucleic acid probes and methods for detecting Plasmodium parasites as well as detecting different Plasmodium parasites selectively from one another.... Agent: Id-fish Technology, Inc.

20140087372 - Probe, kit, and method for detecting pathogenic microorganism: Disclosed herein is a hairpin probe for detecting a target pathogenic microorganism in a sample. The hairpin probe includes a microbead and an oligonucleotide having its 3′-end coupled to the microbead. The oligonucleotide includes, from 5′ to 3′, a Tag sequence hybridizable to a specific identification sequence of the pathogenic... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20140087385 - System and method for cleaning noisy genetic data from target individuals using genetic data from genetically related individuals: A system and method for determining the genetic data for one or a small set of cells, or from fragmentary DNA, where a limited quantity of genetic data is available, are disclosed. Genetic data for the target individual is acquired and amplified using known methods, and poorly measured base pairs,... Agent: Natera, Inc.

20140087374 - The use of microfluidic systems in the electrochemical detection of target analytes: The invention relates generally to methods and apparatus for conducting analyses, particularly microfluidic devices for the detection of target analytes.... Agent:

20140087386 - Methods and systems for performing digital measurements: Methods, devices and systems for performing digital measurements are provided.... Agent: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

20140087387 - Methods for the treatment, the prognostic assessment and the staging of non-small cell lung cancer: The present invention relates to methods for the treatment, the prognosis and the diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer.... Agent: Inserm (institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale)

20140087388 - Methods of nucleic acid liquid-phase extraction and detection: The invention discloses a method of extracting nucleic acid analyte solution from biological sample, comprising: placing the biological sample into a heating container; optionally, adding solvent medium into the biological sample; heating the biological sample under high pressure; optionally, centrifuging the biological sample; and obtaining the solution including the nucleic... Agent: Peking University

20140087389 - Detection apparatus and method for the automatic detection of particles: A detection apparatus and method for the automatic detection of particles, in particular biological particles, in a sample. The detection apparatus comprises a detection device for recording the particles, and a fluidic device for automatically conveying the sample to the detection device. The fluidic device comprises a treatment device for... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20140087390 - Method and system for analysis of protein and other modifications on dna and rna: A protocol and system for determining sites at which proteins directly bind to DNA or RNA, modify other proteins including histones, or bind to other proteins as well as determining sites at which DNA or RNA is modified is described herein. A simplified, highly accurate method for studying protein interactions... Agent: Nabsys, Inc.

20140087391 - Detection of tumor stem cells and tumor cells in epithelial-mesenchymal transition in body fluids of cancer patients: The present invention relates to the detection of tumor stem cells and tumor cells in epithelial-mesenchymal transition and uses of such methods. According to the present invention said method comprises a selecting step for selection or enrichment of said predetermined cells from the sample wherein the sample is contacted with... Agent:

20140087394 - Instrument setup system for a fluorescence analyzer: The present invention reagents and methods for setting up an instruments having a multiplicity of detector channels for analyzing a multiplicity of fluorescent dyes. The present invention is particularly applicable in the field of flow cytometry.... Agent:

20140087395 - Method for distinguishing between species within the genus staphilococcus: The object was to provide a method for distinguishing between species within the genus Staphylococcus; binding affinities between many types of lectins and bacteria belonging to the genus Staphylococcus were examined; and lectins of Tachylectin-2, LEL, KAA1, BCL11, CBA, HAA, HPA, STL, proBCA1, proBCA2, ULL, DSA, PWM, UDA, WFL, hypninA3,... Agent: Glyence Co., Ltd.

20140087392 - Glycosyl transferase from chinese hamster and related methods: A glycosyl transferase from Chinese hamster and related methods are described.... Agent: Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140087393 - Methods for predicting pregnancy outcome in a subject by hcg assay: The present invention provides a method of predicting pregnancy outcome in a subject by determining the amount of an early pregnancy associated molecular isoform of hCG in a sample. The present invention further provides a method for determining the amount of early pregnancy associated molecular isoforms of human chorionic gonadotropin... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140087399 - Assay method for peptide specific t-cells: A method of assaying for peptide-specific T-cells comprises adding peptide to a fluid sample of fresh peripheral blood mononuclear cells, and detecting a cytokine such as interferon-y produced by T-cells that have been pre-sensitised to the peptide. The assay method is quick and cheap and is expected to be useful... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20140087401 - Biomarkers for assessment of the molecular quality in biospecimens: The present invention provides compositions and methods for assessing the amount of degradation in a biospecimen. The invention relates to the discovery that dynamic changes in protein biomarkers correlate to the amount of degradation in a biospecimen. The present invention also provides kits for assessing the amount of degradation in... Agent:

20140087397 - Biomarkers for fanconi anemia: A method for adjusting therapy given to a patient having cancer by diagnosing Fanconi Anemia (FA), and/or predicting bone marrow failure (BMF) or predicting cancer susceptibility in the patient by determining a level of at least one biomarker. In one embodiment the biomarker is at least one of 3-hydroxyisovalerate, acetate,... Agent: Children's Hospital Medical Center

20140087400 - Diagnosis and prognosis of triple negative breast and ovarian cancer: In one aspect, the present disclosure provides a method of predicting disease progression comprising: (a) obtaining a sample of breast tissue that is estrogen receptor negative, progesterone receptor negative and does not over-express human epidermal growth factor 2 receptor protein; and (b) determining the expression of glia maturation factor beta,... Agent: Alper Biotech, LLP.

20140087396 - Health diagnostic compact disc: A modified health diagnostic compact disc (HDCD) comprising (a) a protective layer; (b) a reflective layer; (c) a dye layer (d) a polycarbonate layer; and (e) a micro fluidic layer. In a certain aspect, the polycarbonate layer of the HDCD contains a data layer. The micro fluidic layer of the... Agent:

20140087398 - Oxidized cardiolipin and uses to detect cardiolipin antibodies: Compositions, methods and devices for the detection of anti-lipoidal antibodies and the diagnosis of disease, for example, syphilis, are described. In particular, oxidized cardiolipins, which may be conjugated with a variety of attachment molecules, such as BSA, KLH, biotin, synthetic protein MAPS, IgY, streptavidin, or avidin, are described. Such oxidized... Agent: Government Of The U.s.a. As Represented By The Secretary Of The Dept. Of Health And Human Service

20140087402 - Synthetic luciferase gene and protein: A codon optimized and stabilized luciferase gene and a novel recombinant DNA characterized by incorporating this new gene coding for a novel luciferase into a vector DNA for improved activities in mammalian cells, are disclosed. This new luciferase exhibits long-wavelength light emission, as well as improved thermostability and higher expression... Agent: Marker Gene Technologies, Inc.

20140087403 - Low-volume coagulation assay: Compositions and methods for measuring coagulation parameters using very small volumes of blood are provided. Advantageously, the methods described herein can be performed from a single drop of blood (about 20 μL) while generally leaving enough sample to perform other measurements, optionally in a multiplexed format. The methods and devices... Agent: Theranos, Inc.

20140087404 - Method for assaying arylsulfatase activity: Provided is a method for determining activity of arylsulfatase in an aqueous system, which comprises a step in which arylsulfatase is subjected to reaction with a substrate, from which fluorophore or chromophore is liberated by suffering an action of the arylsulfatase, in an aqueous reaction system having high ionic strength.... Agent: Godo Shusei Co., Ltd.

20140087405 - Modified alpha-glucosidase and applications of same: The object is to provide an α-glucosidase in which a transglycosylation activity predominates, and use thereof, and the like. A modified α-glucosidase consisting of an amino acid sequence in which one or two or more of the amino acid(s) is selected from a group of specific amino acids.... Agent: Amano Enzyme Inc.

20140087406 - Salmonella detection articles and methods of use: An article for detecting Salmonella microorganisms is provided. The article comprises a highly selective nutrient medium and a plurality of indicator systems. A method of using the article to detect Salmonella microorganisms is also provided.... Agent:

20140087407 - Methods of measuring protein and/or fat digestibility and uses thereof: The present invention provides methods for continuous measurement of protein and/or triglyceride digestibility during a meal. Stable isotope of 15N-spirulina protein and 2H5-phenylalanine was added to the nutritional supplement. Protein digestibility is calculated by measuring the ratio [15N]PHE to [2H5]PHE in plasma and the nutrition. In another embodiment, [1,1,1-13C3]tripalmitin and... Agent:

20140087408 - Information acquisition method: The present invention relates to an information acquisition method of acquiring information of distribution of a protein or peptide in a sample based on mass information obtained by mass spectrometry of the protein or peptide. The method includes mass spectrometry of a definite region of the sample after limited proteolysis... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140087413 - Automatic aseptic sampling valve for sampling from enclosed containers: A sample can be collected from an enclosed container by opening a sample collection valve and drawing the sample from the enclosed container. After delivery of the sample out of a fluid flow path, a sanitizing fluid can be directed along the fluid flow path to sanitize the fluid flow... Agent: Bend Research, Inc.

20140087410 - Culture container, culture observation apparatus and culture observation method: A culture container includes a first transparent member being capable of keeping a predetermined temperature; a second transparent member facing to the first transparent member; a housing member to which the first transparent member and the second transparent member are adhered forming a culture space being capable of housing a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140087415 - Embryo quality assessment based on blastomere cleavage and morphology: The present invention relates to a method and to a system for selecting embryos for in vitro fertilization based on the timing, and duration of observed cell cleavages and associated cell morphology. One embodiment of the invention relates to a method for determining embryo quality comprising monitoring the embryo for... Agent: Unisense Fertilitech A/s

20140087414 - Magnetophoretic analyte selection and concentration: Devices and methods for magnetophoretic analyte selection and concentration are described. Magnetically marked analytes (e.g., cells) may be separated out of a sample dynamically in flux, such that the magnetically marked analytes are present in a highly concentrated manner in a reduced sample volume. The analyte selection may be followed... Agent:

20140087412 - Method and device for application of fluid forces to cells: A system and method of determining biomechanical properties of a cell. A cell is introduced into a multiport flow device, the device being configured such that during fluid flow at least one stagnation zone arises in an expected location within the device. The cell is trapped in the stagnation zone... Agent: 4dx Pty Ltd

20140087409 - Near-infrared silver sulfide quantum dot, preparation method therefor and biological application thereof: Provided are near-infrared silver sulfide quantum dots, a preparation method thereof and a biological application thereof. The silver sulfide quantum dots have hydrophilic groups derived from a mercapto-containing hydrophilic reagent attached on the surface thereof, and the hydrophilic reagent is any one of mercaptoacetic acid, mercaptopropionic acid, cysteine, cysteamine, thioctic... Agent: Suzhou Institute Of Nano-bionics, Shinese Academy Of Sciences

20140087411 - System and method for determining tumor invasiveness: A method of determining invasion potential of a tumor cell includes exposing a tumor cell to an activity sensor; after exposing the tumor cell to the activity sensor, stimulating the tumor cell to cause a response in the cell that is reported by the activity sensor; detecting the level of... Agent: University Of Southern California

20140087416 - Methods and compositions for producing induced hepatocytes: The present invention relates to methods and compositions for use in generating induced hepatocytes by reprogramming non-hepatocyte cells.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140087418 - Organic-inorganic nanoflowers, their synthesis and use: Organic-inorganic nanoflowers, methods of synthesis, and uses of the nanoflowers are described. It has been found that organic-inorganic nanoflowers can be grown in the presence of a solid substrate containing copper without the requirement for added copper ion. The method includes exposing bacteria to a solid substrate containing copper in... Agent:

20140087417 - Personal care products with visual indicator of vaginitis: There is provided a personal care product having a body side liner, a baffle and an indicator strip with two ends. The indicator has an amine sensitive dye near at least one end. The indicator extends from the target area just below the liner to just above the baffle such... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140087419 - Method for making biological material transparent and use thereof: A method for making a biological material transparent according to the present invention includes: a first permeation step of causing a first solution to permeate into a biological material, the first solution containing at least one compound selected from the group consisting of urea and urea derivatives at a predetermined... Agent: Riken

20140087420 - Novel microorganism rhizobium sp. kb10 having properties of promoting growh of botryococcus braunii and increasing fatty acid content: The present invention relates to Rhizobium sp. KB10 strain having properties of promoting growth of Botryococcus braunii, which is an alga capable of producing biodiesel, and also enhancing production performance of biodiesel. Mores specifically, it relates to novel Rhizobium sp. KB10 strain which has properties of promoting growth of Botryococcus... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Bioscience And Biotechnology

20140087421 - Novel 7beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase mutants and process for the preparation of ursodeoxycholic acid: The invention relates to novel 7β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase mutants, to the sequences which encode these enzyme mutants, to processes for the preparation of the enzyme mutants and to their use in enzymatic reactions of cholic acid compounds, in particular in the preparation of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCS). The invention also relates to... Agent: Pharmazell Gmbh

20140087422 - Nucleic acids related to fusion proteins: The present invention concerns a family of nucleic acids, polypeptides and cloning vectors which direct expression of fusion proteins that can mimic aggregated IgG (AIG) and immune complex function with respect to their interactions with FcγR and which allow for the inclusion and targeting of a second protein domain to... Agent: Iterative Therapeutics, Inc.

20140087423 - Method for controlling the main complex n-glycan structures and the acidic variants and variability in bioprocesses producing recombinant proteins: The present invention relates to a method of controlling quality and quantity of posttranslational modification of a recombinantly produced polypeptide/protein (glycoprotein), wherein the posttranslational modification affects the glycosylation profile and/or the acidic variants profile, as manifested in CEX profiles, wherein the polypeptide/protein (glycoprotein) production is in eukaryotic host cells, the... Agent: Lek Pharmaceuticals D.d.

20140087424 - Process for cell culturing by continuous perfusion: The invention relates to a process for the culturing of cells by continuous perfusion culturing of a cell culture comprising cell culture medium and cells, wherein cell culture medium is added to the cell culture, the cell culture is circulated over a filter module comprising hollow fibers resulting in an... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140087425 - Methods for preparing purified lipopeptides: The present invention relates to crystalline and crystal-like forms of lipopeptides, including daptomycin, a lipopeptide antibiotic with potent bactericidal activity against gram-positive bacteria, including strains that are resistant to conventional antibiotics. The present invention relates to methods of purifying lipopeptides, including daptomycin, a lipopeptide antibiotic with potent bactericidal activity against... Agent: Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140087427 - Dsrna endoribonucleases: The invention relates to a new double-stranded RNA endoribonuclease, its derivative and/or variant, which has a loop locating in and interacting with the major groove of the double-stranded RNA, exhibiting sequence specific properties in the double-stranded RNA cleavage.... Agent: Miedzynarodowy Instytut Biologii Molekulamej I Komorkowej

20140087426 - Transcription activator-like effector nucleases (talens): This application provides transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs), polynucleotide sequences encoding the TALENs, expression cassettes for producing TALENs to target cleavage of nucleic acids, and methods of producing and using the TALENs.... Agent: The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

20140087428 - Microorganisms and methods for producing substituted phenols: The present invention is concerned with methods for producing vanillin, feroyl-CoA, ferulic acid, coniferyl aldehyde and/or coniferyl alcohol. Also, the invention relates to microorganisms useful in such production method, and to the construction of such microorganisms.... Agent:

20140087429 - Alpha-amylase blend for starch processing and method of use thereof: The present disclosure relates to an enzyme blend comprising a low pH, thermostable alpha-amylase and a Bacillus licheniformis alpha-amylase. The blend can include at least about 1.0 Liquefon Unit (LU) of the B. licheniformis alpha-amylase for every 5.0 Modified Wohlgemuth Unit (MWU) of the low pH, thermostable alpha-amylase. The enzyme... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140087430 - Single ph process for starch liquefaction and saccharification for high-density glucose syrups: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a process for producing downstream products, such as high-density glucose syrups and high-glucose fermentation feedstock, from a starch-containing substrate without a pH adjustment before the saccharification step. The saccharification is effectively catalyzed by a glucoamylase at a pH in the range of 5.2... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140087431 - Glucosyltransferase enzymes for production of glucan polymers: Reaction solutions are disclosed herein comprising water, sucrose and a glucosyltransferase enzyme that synthesizes poly alpha-1,3-glucan. The glucosyltransferase enzyme can synthesize insoluble glucan polymer having at least 50% alpha-1,3 glycosidic linkages and a number average degree of polymerization of at least 100. Further disclosed are methods of using such glucosyltransferase... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140087432 - Methods for conditioning pretreated biomass: Methods for producing ethanol from cellulosic biomass and, in particular, methods for conditioning pretreated biomass are disclosed. In some embodiments, pretreated biomass is contacted with a cooling fluid in a flash vessel to cool the biomass. The amount of alkaline solution contacted with the biomass may be based on the... Agent: Abengoa Bioenergy

20140087433 - Processing biomass: Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful intermediates and products, such as energy, fuels, foods or materials. For example, systems are described that can use feedstock materials, such as cellulosic and/or lignocellulosic materials, to produce an intermediate or product, e.g., by fermentation.... Agent: Xyleco, Inc.

20140087434 - Method for producing aqueous acrylamide solution: There is provided a method for producing an aqueous acrylamide solution by reacting a composition including acrylonitrile with water to produce acrylamide, in which the composition including acrylonitrile includes 3 to 15 mg of propionitrile per 1 kg of the total weight of the composition including acrylonitrile. According to the... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20140087435 - Novel microbial biocatalysts that enables use of cellodextrin as biofuel: The present disclosure provides genetically engineered biocatalysts which enable intracellular assimilation of cellodextrin. The genetically engineered biocatalyst co-expresses a cellodextrin phosphorylase (CDP) gene and a cellobiose phosphorylase (CBP) gene. Further, the genetically engineered biocatalyst includes a first synthetic promoter used to express the cellodextrin phosphorylase (CDP) gene and a second... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20140087436 - Autotrophic hydrogen bacteria and uses thereof: In an aspect, the invention relates to compositions and methods production of n-butanol by aerobic hydrogen bacteria. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present invention.... Agent: Ohio State Innovation Foundation

20140087437 - Process for the crystallisation of a water-soluble compound: A process for the crystallisation of a water-soluble compound from a solution of water and a solvent is provided. A process for the manufacture of crystalline sucrose from sugar palm juice or sucrose-containing biomass comprising such crystallisation process is also disclosed.... Agent: Wageningen Universiteit

20140087438 - Isolated yeast strain having high xylose consumption rate and process for production of ethanol using the strain: The invention utilizes cloning and transformation techniques in combination with mutation and strain taming techniques to obtain yeasts having high xylose consumption rate and ethanol yield. The cloning and transformation used in the invention are to transform xylose metabolism genes to yeasts to solve the problem that some yeast strains... Agent: Far Eastern New Century Corporation

20140087439 - Complex and uses thereof: The present invention provides a complex of a metal reducing substance and a culture medium component, which is produced in the culturing process of reducing bacteria and the use thereof. The complex of the present invention is a complex produced in the culturing process of reducing bacteria and a compound... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140087440 - Magnetic three-dimensional cell culture apparatus and method: A culture apparatus and method for growing cells and tissue in a three-dimensional configuration harnesses magnetic, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic and diamagnetic forces. The cells or tissue are grown with magnetized core particles and are suspended via magnetic forces in a native, non-restricted, three-dimensional configuration while being maintained in a normal gravity... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140087441 - Novel application of fibrinogen-420 and its active domain: The invention discloses a novel application of fibrinogen-420 and its active domain (alpha EC domain), and a separate alpha EC domain protein has the same or similar function with fibrinogen-420. Fibrinogen-420 and its active domain can be widely used in inhibiting protein aggregation, helping protein refolding, drugs which can prevent... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140087442 - Glucoamylase variants: The present invention relates to glucoamylase variants. In particular, the invention relates to variants in the starch binding domain (SBD) of a glucoamylase. The invention also relates to variants having altered properties (e.g., improved thermostability and/or increased specific activity) as compared to a corresponding parent glucoamylase. The present invention also... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140087443 - Over expression of foldases and chaperones improves protein production: The present teachings provide methods for increasing protein secretion, e.g., chymosin in filamentous fungi by co-expressing certain chaperone(s) and/or foldase(s). The present teachings also provide filamentous fungi containing certain chaperone(s) and/or foldase(s) and a protein of interest for increased secretion.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140087444 - Proviral plasmids and production of recombinant adeno-associated virus: Proviral plasmids contain a modular gene expression cassette with one or a combination of (i) a wildtype 5′ AAV2 ITR sequence flanked by unique restriction sites that permit ready removal or replacement of said ITR; (ii) a promoter flanked by unique restriction sites that permit ready removal or replacement of... Agent:

20140087445 - Method of making ligand functionalized substrates: Ligand functionalized substrates, methods of making ligand functionalized substrates, and methods of using functionalized substrates are disclosed.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140087446 - Compositions and methods for culturing spirochetes: The present invention relates to methods for culturing spirochetes, in particular Borrelia burgdorferi. The present invention also provides methods of identifying spirochetes present in a biological sample. The present invention further provides methods of diagnosing diseases cause by a spirochete infection, such as Lyme disease, syphilis, and multiple sclerosis. The... Agent: Advanced Laboratory Services, Inc.

20140087447 - Cell modeling of heme deficiency using ferrochelatase mutations: Provided herein, is a means for development of ferrochelatase variants with improved tolerance towards N-methyl protoporphyrin. Also disclosed are cell assay systems utilizing the variants, as the variants would confer resistance to N-methyl protoporphyrin inhibition and thereby keep heme synthesis uninterrupted. The variants contain loop mutations that affect the NMPP-ferrochelatase... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140087448 - Process for obtaining a brown algae lyophilisate, and cosmetic preparations thereof: A process for obtaining a freeze-dried product of gametophytes cells of brown algae, and a cosmetic preparation for tropical use including the freeze-dried product of gametophytes cells of brown algae obtained.... Agent: Biotech Marine

20140087449 - Method for providing dna fragments derived from an archived sample: Aspects of the present invention relate to compositions and methods for providing DNA fragments from an archived sample (e.g., paraffin-embedded and/or fixed-tissue biopsies, etc.). Particular aspects provide methods whereby high yields of DNA are isolated as well as a substantial portion of the DNA consists of long DNA fragments, and... Agent: Epigenomics Ag

20140087450 - Deposition device, and collection device: A Film (7) is provided on at least a part of a surface of each of a vapor deposition preventing plate (3) and a shutter (4) of a vacuum chamber (5) on which surface vapor deposition particles are vapor-deposited, the film (7) being provided so as to be peeled off... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140087451 - Acoustic wave (aw) sensing devices using live cells: In one embodiment according to the invention, there is provided a method of sensing a response of a living cell or virus to a change in conditions. The method comprises applying an essentially constant external electromotive force that causes oscillation of an acoustic wave device at essentially constant amplitude and... Agent: University Of Massachusetts

20140087452 - In-vitro contact lens testing: Contact lens testing apparatuses and method for testing contact lenses for analytes are presented. In an aspect, a device is provided that includes a housing configured to hold one or more contact lenses, and a testing compartment provided within the housing and comprising a reagent, the reagent configured to facilitate... Agent:

20140087453 - Microparticle analysis apparatus and microparticle analysis method: There is provided a microparticle analysis apparatus including a light detection unit configured to detect forward-scattered light generated from a microparticle that is an analysis target. The light detection unit includes a circuit having a high-pass filter that removes low frequency noise included in light entering the light detection unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140087454 - Hepatic lobule-like bioreactor: The present invention provides a hepatic lobule-like bioreactor. The bioreactor includes a nanofiber scaffold enclosed within a housing. An intrahepatic fibrous vascular network, a bile capillary network, upper hepatic bile ducts, lower hepatic bile ducts, a common bile duct connecting the upper and the lower hepatic bile ducts, and collagen... Agent: Zhejiang University

20140087455 - Cell culture device and transport device: The present invention provides a carrier device including a culture vessel and a flow channel, which have a closed structure, for supplying cell liquid or a culture medium into the flow channel; and a method of aseptically injecting liquid, such as the cell or the culture medium, into the culture... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140087456 - Isolating target cells from a biological fluid: A micro-fluidic device operable to isolate target cells from a biological fluid comprises: an inlet operable to receive the biological fluid, the biological fluid comprising target cells and other components; a waste outlet operable to receive at least the other components of the biological fluid; a plurality of parallel arrays... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20140087457 - Gas spargers and related container systems: A container system includes a bag having of one or more sheets of flexible polymeric material, the bag having an interior surface at least partially bounding a chamber that is adapted to hold a fluid. A sparger is secured to the interior surface of the bag so that a compartment... Agent: Hyclone Laboratories, Inc.

20140087458 - Methods and compositions for producing vitamin k dependent proteins: The present invention relates to methods and compositions for improving the productivity of recombinant vitamin K dependent protein expression in host cells.... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20140087459 - Expansion medium for cd34-negative stem cells: This invention provides a cell growth medium comprising (a) a human platelet lysate free of solid matter greater than 0.22 μm in diameter; (b) a human fresh frozen plasma (FFP) filtrate free of solid matter greater than 0.22 μm in diameter; (c) heparin; (d) L-glutamine; and (e) a serum-free, low... Agent: Apceth Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140087460 - Induction of human embryonic stem cell derived cardiac pacemaker or chamber-type cardiomyocytes by manipulation of neuregulin signaling: The present invention is directed to methods of producing cardiomyocytes having a nodal/pacemaker phenotype and cardiomyocytes having an atrial/ventricular phenotype. Isolated populations of nodal/pacemaker and atrial/ventricular cardiomyocytes are also disclosed. Methods of treating a subject having cardiac arrhythmia and a subject in need of cardiac tissue repair using the isolated... Agent: University Of Washington

20140087461 - Carbon-nanotube modulation of myocyte cells: Embodiments include compositions of carbon nanotubes complexed with myocyte cells. Embodiments also include methods for making compositions of carbon nanotubes, and methods for modulating the electrophysical, proliferative, and viability potential of myocytes.... Agent: The Regents Ofthe University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

20140087462 - Method for polyclonal stimulation of t cells by flexible nanomatrices: The present invention provides a method polyclonal stimulation of T cells, the method comprising contacting a population of T cells with a nanomatrix, the nanomatrix comprising a) a flexible matrix, wherein said matrix is of polymeric material; and b) attached to said polymeric flexible matrix one or more polyclonal stimulatory... Agent: Miltenyi Biotec Gmbh

20140087463 - Optical control of cell signaling: The present invention discloses methods of spatiotemporally controlling G protein signaling in a cell using an artificial optical input. Also disclosed are methods of manipulating cell behavior that is controlled by asymmetrical G protein signaling in a cell.... Agent:

20140087464 - Multipotent neural cells: The inventions disclosed herein are based on the identification of novel cell populations derived from human embryonic stem cells and other pluripotent cells. The inventive cell populations may be used for cell therapies for the treatment of various neurological diseases and as substrates in pharmacological assays.... Agent: The Mclean Hospital Corporation

20140087465 - Cell culture method and cell culture kit: Provided is a means suitable for mass culture of adherent cells and which allows easy and safe collection of the cultured adherent cells. A cell culture kit has a culture bag having flexibility, such a level of hydrophilicity that the culture of adherent cells can be achieved, and permeability into... Agent: Nipro Corporation

20140087466 - Micro blood vessels and tissue ducts: A fiber includes one or more layers of polymer surrounding a central lumen, and living animal cells disposed within the lumen and/or within at least one of the one or more layers, wherein the fiber has an outer diameter of between 5 and 8000 microns and wherein each individual layer... Agent:

20140087467 - Ferromagnetic cell and tissue culture microcarriers: A porous, collagen coated, ferromagnetic cell culture microcarrier, which is suitable for in vitro cell and tissue culture and which facilitates 3D multicellular construct generation. Also provided is a method for creating batches of microcarriers which have inserted within them magnetite (Fe3O4) in the presence of collagen, thus creating a... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140087468 - Methods and compositions for generating an immune response by inducing cd40 and pattern recognition receptor adapters: Provided are methods for activating an antigen-presenting cell and eliciting an immune response by inducing an inducible pattern recognition receptor adapter, or adapter fragment, and CD40 activity. Also provided are nucleic acid compositions comprising sequences coding for chimeric proteins that include an inducible CD40 peptide and an inducible pattern recognition... Agent: Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140087469 - System and process for genetic and epigenetic treatment: Transplantation of total or partial organs or tissues from one person to another creates severe immunologic problems and does not obtain a genetic rejuvenation, for example, of half the biological age of the donor's selected tissue. The invention permits, without a return to an embryonic stage, to develop an autologous... Agent:

20140087470 - Reversible immortalization: A gene complex for reversibly immortalizing cells contains an immortalizing gene region, which possesses at least a resistance gene, an immortalizing gene and, preferably, a suicide gene, and also two sequences which flank the gene region and which function as recognition sites for homologous intramolecular recombination, and at least one... Agent: Heart Biosystems Gmbh

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