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Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 105 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20120244518 - Organ cold storage composition and methods of use: The present invention provides compositions and methods for decreasing oxidative damage to an organ during cold storage.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20120244519 - System and method for time-related microscopy of biological organisms: The invention relates to a system and a method for determination of a value for at least one parameter describing microbial activity of individual biological organisms in a liquid sample. Images, wherein individual biological organisms may be identified, are combined to provide optical sectionings of the biological organisms and the... Agent: Unisensor A/s

20120244520 - D-serine dehydratase and use thereof: A novel D-serine quantification method that can overcome various disadvantages of a conventional D-serine quantification method; a novel enzyme that can be used in the D-serine quantification method; a gene encoding the enzyme; and the like. Specifically, a novel D-serine dehydratase including (a) a protein having an amino acid sequence... Agent: National University Corporation Nagoya University

20120244522 - Compositions for use in identification of alphaviruses: The present invention provides oligonucleotide primers and compositions and kits containing the same for rapid identification of alphaviruses by amplification of a segment of viral nucleic acid followed by molecular mass analysis.... Agent: Ibis Biosciences, Inc.

20120244524 - Method for counting and segmenting viral particles in an image: The method is for intracellular counting and segmentation of viral particles or infectious agents in an image. An image is provided that has a plurality of items therein. A radius range of viral particles is determined. Items in the image having a radius within the predetermined radius range are identified.... Agent:

20120244521 - Methods for identifying a virulent strain of a virus: The present invention relates to methods for identifying a virulent strain of a virus, particularly and influenza virus, by detecting specific mutations in the amino acid sequence of the hemagglutinin (HA) protein and by determining the case fatality rate for hospitalization (CFR/H) as the number of persons hospitalized for infection... Agent:

20120244523 - System and method for detection of hiv integrase variants: An embodiment of a method for detecting low frequency occurrence of one or more HIV sequence variants associated with integrase is described that comprises the steps of: (a) generating a cDNA species from a plurality of RNA molecules in an HIV sample population; (b) amplifying a plurality of first amplicons... Agent: 454 Life Sciences Corporation

20120244526 - Identification of tissue for debridement: Provided are methods of determining whether a cell in a tissue site is viable or nonviable. Also provided are methods of debriding tissue from a tissue site. Further provided are kits comprising a compound that distinguishes between viable and nonviable cells and instructions for using the compound on a tissue... Agent:

20120244525 - Oligonucleotide adapters: compositions and methods of use: Compositions are provided that include a synthetic oligonucleotide characterized by a double-stranded region, a single-stranded region, a forward primer site, a reverse primer site and one or more cleavage sites therebetween. Methods of use for these compositions include adapters for the amplification of DNA fragments.... Agent: New England Biolabs, Inc.

20120244534 - Closed-system multi-stage nucleic acid amplification reactions: The invention is directed to systems, methods, and apparatus for carrying out multi-stage amplification reactions, especially under fluidly closed conditions. In one aspect, methods of the invention are carried out in a fluidly closed reaction system that permits the isolation of a portion of a first (or prior) reaction mixture... Agent: Cephied

20120244527 - Compositions, kits and methods for synthesis and/or detection of nucleic acids: A composition comprising a thermostable DNA polymerase; and a PCR inhibitor blocking agent, wherein the PCR inhibitor blocking agent is present in an amount effective to enhance tolerance of an assembled PCR to a PCR inhibitor.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120244533 - Detection of aad1 event das-40278-9: This invention relates in part to detecting herbicide tolerant plants—more specifically, an aad-1 transformation event in corn plants. The subject invention also provides assays for detecting the presence of the subject event in a sample (of corn grain, for example). Kits and conditions useful in conducting the assays are also... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

20120244536 - Detection of bladder cancer recurrence: The present invention generally relates to methods of screening for cancer recurrence. Methods of the invention involve identifying a threshold parameter of a protein and of two or more nucleic acids, where the threshold parameters are indicative of the absence of cancer, conducting an assay in a sample to determine... Agent: Predictive Biosciences, Inc.

20120244532 - Device and methods for epigenetic analysis: Provided herein are methods and devices for single object detection. The methods and devices can be used to identify a plurality epigenetic markers on a genetic material, or a chromatin, encompassing fragments thereof. The invention provides for the characterization of the genetic material flowing through a channel in a continuous... Agent:

20120244535 - Functionalized 3-alkynyl pyrazolopyrimidine analogues as universal bases and methods of use: 3-alkynyl inosine analogs and their uses as universal bases are provided. The inosine analogues can be incorporated into nucleic acid primers and probes. They do not significantly destabilize nucleic acid duplexes. As a result, the novel nucleic acid primers and probes incorporating the inosine analogues can be used in a... Agent: Elitech Holding B.v.

20120244538 - Method for detecting gene modifications by means of asymmetrical pcr and blocking agents: A method of detecting at least one gene modification such as a mutation in a gene includes carrying out an asymmetric polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with a combined use of at least one detectable mutation-specific hybridization probe (sensor probe) and at least one wild-type specific blocking agent which inhibits a... Agent:

20120244531 - Method for providing information for diagnosing cancer using quantitative real-time pcr and kit for diagnosing cancer for the same: There is provided a method for providing information for diagnosing cancer using Real-Time RT-PCR, and a kit for diagnosing cancer for the method.... Agent: M&d, Inc

20120244539 - Method for screening of therapeutic agent for hyperlipemia: Disclosed are a highly safe treatment method for hyperlipidemia and a therapeutic agent for hyperlipidemia. Specifically, the invention provides a novel method for screening an agent for treating hyperlipidemia, more specifically, a method for screening a substance that can inhibit the production or function of gangliosides, particularly GM3, or inhibit... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20120244530 - Methods of detecting lung cancer: Methods of detecting lung cancer, such as non-small cell lung cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma, are provided. Methods of detecting changes in the levels of one or more small RNAs associated with lung cancer are also provided. Compositions and kits are also provided.... Agent: Cepheid

20120244529 - Multiplex analysis of cells, particles, and other analytes: In general, the invention features multiplexed devices, systems, methods, and kits for analysis of cells, particles, and other analytes on a porous membrane. Preferred devices detect, identify and quantify low levels of microorganisms in complex biological samples, such as blood. An exemplary device includes a housing having a fluid inlet... Agent:

20120244537 - Nanowire-based system for analysis of nucleic acids: System for detection and/or analysis of nucleic acids using nanowires to detect covalent modification of nucleic acids.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120244540 - Probe for detecting polymorphism in disease-related gene and use of the probe: The present invention provides a polymorphism detection probe that can identify a different polymorphism in a K-ras gene easily with high reliability and use of the polymorphism detection probe.... Agent: Arkray , Inc.

20120244528 - Susceptibility genes for age-related maculopathy (arm) on chromosome 10q26: Allelic variations in the genes PLEKHA1 and LOC387715 are identified herein as risk factor for Age Related Maculopathy (ARM). A method is therefore provided for identifying a risk of development of ARM in an individual that comprises identification of allelic variations in PLEKHA1 and/or LOC387715. Related apparatus, such as an... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20120244541 - Instrument and process for the storing and/or processing of liquid samples: An instrument and process for the automated storing and/or processing of liquid samples are disclosed. The instrument may comprise an instrument casing forming an internal space, a moving mechanism for moving at least one microplate for receiving the samples into and/or out of the internal space, and/or at least one... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120244544 - Method for detecting microorganisms belonging to mycoplasma pneumoniae and/or mycoplasma genitalium: A detection method and a detection kit for rapidly and specifically diagnosing Mycoplasma pneumoniae and/or Mycoplasma genitalium infections are provided. The DnaK of Mycoplasma pneumoniae or Mycoplasma genitalium is used as an indicator.... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation

20120244545 - Method for screening active agents that stimulate the expression of cert to improve the skin's barrier function: A method for screening an active agent intended for preventing or combating the cutaneous signs resulting from a non-pathological impairment of barrier function, which includes the selection of active agents that stimulate the expression of the ceramide transport protein CERT in cultured human keratinocytes.... Agent:

20120244543 - Methods for in vitro differentiation of th-17+ cells: The present invention is directed to an in vitro method for promoting differentiation and proliferation of human T helper lymphocytes that express IL17 (Th-IL17+ cells). The instant method may be used to generate a population of human T helper lymphocytes that express IL17 (Th-IL17+ cells) in vitro. Methods for screening... Agent: New York University

20120244542 - Splice variants of human il-23 receptor (il-23r) mrna and use of a delta9 isoform in predicting inflammatory bowel diseases: There is disclosed the cloning and identification of human IL-23R splice variants caused by alternative splicing of the IL-23R mRNA in human. Alternative mRNA forms occur through skipping one, multiple full exons or partial exons, within the IL-23R gene. A total of twenty-five (25) different IL-23R transcripts were identified. A... Agent: Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, L.L.C.

20120244546 - Antibodies specific to carbamazepine: The present disclosure is directed to antibodies specific to carbamazepine, immunogens used to produce the antibodies, and immunoassay kits and methods for using the antibodies.... Agent: Guangzhou Kingmed Center For Clinical Laboratory

20120244547 - Biosensor: Disclosed herein are biosensors for the detection of airborne biomolecules. The biosensors include a housing, a sensing component, and optionally a sample capture component. The biosensors may utilize a gel-based detection platform.... Agent:

20120244549 - Detection method for methyltransferase enzymatic activity: This invention provides methods to determine the activity of methyltransferase enzymes which employ S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) as a substrate and transfer a methyl group to convert this substrate to S-adenosylhomocysteine (SAH), by measuring SAH conversion to AMP.... Agent: Bellbrook Labs, LLC

20120244550 - Image-based quantitation of molecular translocation: The use of an imaging system, cell compartment markers, and molecular markers in methods for correlating the movement of molecules within a cell to a particular compartment are provided, including measuring and correlating molecule movement in adherent and non-adherent cells.... Agent: Amnis Corporation

20120244548 - Methods of determining skeletal maturity: The present invention provides methods to determine skeletal maturity.... Agent:

20120244552 - Modified method of agglutination to detect infections caused by microorganisms: Provided herein is a modified method of agglutination to detect infections caused by microorganisms including the steps of staining the test serum, plasma or blood or purified antibodies with a protein stain; mixing serum, plasma or blood with stained antibodies with an equal quantity of colored antigen particles on a... Agent: Department Of Biotechnology

20120244551 - Porphyrinic compounds for use in flow cytometry: The present invention provides a method of detecting (e.g., by flow cytometry) a target compound, cell or particle, wherein the target is labelled with a detectable luminescent compound. The method comprises utilizing as the detectable luminescent compound a compound comprising a porphyrinic macrocycle such as a porphyrin, chlorin, bacteriochlorin, or... Agent:

20120244556 - Markers for identifying tumor cells, methods and kit thereof: The present disclosure relates to a combination of biological markers for identification of prognosis of cancer. The present disclosure further relates to a method of identifying the said markers, a method of predicting prognosis and a method of planning personalized treatment for cancer. The present disclosure further relates to a... Agent: Oncostem Diagnostics (mauritius) Pvt. Ltd.

20120244553 - Biomarker of allergic disease and use of the same: A biomarker is provided for an allergic disease caused by an allergic reaction that is caused not exclusively by histamine release, such as pruritus, and use of the same. Use of Granzyme A as a biomarker makes it possible to provide an indication for chronic itching skin disease, for which... Agent: University Of Toyama

20120244554 - Method for the direct measure of molecular interactions by detection of light reflected from multilayered functionalized dielectrics: Method and apparatus for the quantitative determination of molecular interactions between ligands in solution and receptors immobilized on the surface of a solid transparent material coated by one or more antireflective dielectric layers, through direct measurement of the light reflected by the interface between the surface and the solution.... Agent: Proxentia S.r.l.

20120244555 - Method of diagnosing mild traumatic brain injury: The present invention relates to a method of determining whether a subject has suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. The method comprises selecting a subject exposed to a head trauma; and determining whether a body fluid sample obtained from the selected subject comprises smaller than normal high density lipoprotein (HDL)... Agent: University Of Rochester

20120244561 - Biochemical serum marker: The present invention relates to a method for detecting the presence and/or concentration of the soluble BAG3 protein in an unknown biological sample and the assay is preferably carried by ELISA assay with antibodies, preferably monoclonal antibodies. The presence of said protein in a soluble form is associated with heart... Agent: Biounversa S.r.l.

20120244557 - Immunoassays using antibodies specific to carbamazepine: The present disclosure is directed to antibodies specific to carbamazepine, immunogens used to produce the antibodies, and immunoassay kits and methods for using the antibodies.... Agent: Guangzhou Kingmed Center For Clinical Laboratory

20120244558 - Methods for diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome: The invention provides an ELISA assay for the determination of serum mast cell β-tryptase levels using rabbit anti-tryptase as the capture antibody and alkaline phosphatase conjugated G3 as the detecting antibody. Luminescent substrate CPSD was used to enhance the assay sensitivity. Also provided are methods for aiding in the diagnosis... Agent: Prometheus Laboratories Inc.

20120244560 - Monoclonal antibody against human hig-1 polypeptide: This invention relates to a monoclonal antibody against a human HIG-1 polypeptide, the antibody binding to at least one epitope included in the amino acid sequence at positions 1-19 of a human HIG-1 polypeptide; an antibody fragment derived from the antibody; a DNA comprising a base sequence encoding a variable... Agent: Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

20120244559 - Nanobeads covered with plasminogen as a direct support for cyclic amplification of the prion protein prpsc: The present invention relates to an in vitro method for detecting a pathogenic conformational isomer of the prion protein in a sample, said method comprising a preliminary step for capturing the pathogenic conformational isomer by putting the sample into contact with nanobeads covered with a ligand of the pathogenic conformational... Agent: Etalissement Fran&#xe7 Ais Du Sang

20120244562 - method for diagnosing primary biliary cirrhosis (pbc) using novel autoantigens: Methods and compositions are described for the diagnosis of primary biliary cirrhosis. Novel autoantigens are described for use in assays which employ test samples from individuals.... Agent: Massachusetts General Hospitial

20120244563 - Method of detecting pancreatic cancer: To provide a method of accurately detecting pathological haptoglobin using a lectin having strong affinity and high specificity for fucose. The method of the present invention for detecting pancreatic cancer is characterized in that a fucose α1→6 specific lectin is allowed to act on pathological haptoglobin contained in a sample... Agent:

20120244564 - Ultrasound-based method and related system to evaluate hemostatic function of whole blood: Method and systems for of evaluating a mechanical property of a material by applying force to the material sufficient to physically displace a portion of the material, measuring displacement of the material, adaptively adjusting the force when the displacement measured is not within a predetermined range of displacement values, wherein... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20120244565 - Mutant enzyme and application thereof: An object is to provide a novel enzyme that exhibits glucose dehydrogenase activity. Furthermore, another object is to provide a novel method pertaining to enzyme modification. Provided is a mutated enzyme containing an amino acid sequence wherein one or at least two amino acids selected from the group consisting of... Agent: Amano Enzyme Inc.

20120244567 - Human embryonic stem cells for high throughout drug screening: Methods of culturing embryonic stem cells in a format suitable for high-throughput screening (HTS) are provided. In addition compounds that show differential cytotoxic/protective activity on embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and neurological stem cells (NSCs) are provided.... Agent: Buck Institute For Research On Aging

20120244566 - Methods and materials for in vitro analysis and/or use of membrane-associated proteins, portions thereof or variants thereof: Methods and materials use template-directed assembly of polypeptides and optionally additional reagents to analyze the functionality of membrane-associated proteins, such as, for example, portions of transmembrane proteins, membrane-associated proteins (including receptor tyrosine kinases, and non-receptor tyrosine and serine-threonine kinases), and other proteins that bind to transmembrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins,... Agent:

20120244568 - Label-free rigid cell assay method: Also disclosed are assay methods for contacting the rigid cells with a substance and determining the response of the contacted rigid cells to the substance, such as a drug candidate or modulator compound, as defined herein.... Agent:

20120244570 - Methods for determining microbial contamination of allograft products: A method for determining microbial contamination of allograft products comprises providing an extraction vessel having an outer container and a removable inner basket, place the allograft product into the inner basket, providing an abstraction fluid in the outer container of the extraction vessel, positioning the inner basket in the outer... Agent: Allosource

20120244569 - Quantum dot carrier peptide conjugates suitable for imaging and delivery applications in plants: Provided are methods for introducing a molecule of interest into a plant cell having a cell wall by using a QD-peptide conjugate having a quantum dot (QD) with one or more cell penetrating peptides (CPPs). Methods are provided for genetically or otherwise modifying plants and for treating or preventing disease... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

20120244574 - Illumination apparatus and methods for a biological growth plate scanner: Illumination apparatus for illuminating growth plates in a biological growth plate (122) scanner are described herein, the apparatus including one or more illumination modules (140) for illuminating the front surface of the biological growth plate located (122) on a plate support surface (120) in the scanner. The illumination modules may... Agent:

20120244571 - Measurement method for viable cell count, and culture medium: There are provided a method of identifying a microorganism belonging to Bifidobacterium breve alone and measuring the viable cell count thereof, amongst the bacterial cells to be tested which include a microorganism belonging to the genus Bifidobacterium by using a culture medium that contains at least one sugar alcohol selected... Agent: Morinaga Milk Industry Co. Ltd

20120244572 - Method and apparatus for enhanced detection of toxic agents: A water quality analyzer for real-time detection according to the invention comprises a biased AC electro-osmosis (ACEO) cell for receiving a fluid to be analyzed having a plurality photosynthetic organisms therein, and concentrating the plurality photosynthetic organisms into at least one concentrated region. A photodetector is provided for obtaining a... Agent:

20120244573 - Sample measuring apparatus and sample measuring method: A method for analyzing blood cells in a whole blood sample obtained from a cat is provided. An electrical measurement result and an optical measurement result of the whole blood sample are acquired. The electrical measurement result is obtainable by electrically measuring blood cells in the whole blood sample and... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20120244575 - Cyclotide genes in the fabaceae plant family: The present invention relates to cyclotides and cyclotide-encoding genes from the Fabaceae plant family, and to the expression of cyclotides in Fabaceae. The present invention further relates to isolated nucleic acids configured to express cyclotides comprising heterologous peptide grafts in plants of the Fabaceae family.... Agent:

20120244576 - Compositions and methods for improved protein production: The present invention relates to the identification of novel nucleic acid sequences, designated herein as 7p, 8k, 7E, 9G, 8Q and 203, in a host cell which effect protein production. The present invention also provides host cells having a mutation or deletion of part or all of the gene encoding... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20120244578 - Monomeric antibody fc: The invention relates to monomeric Fc polypeptides and methods of making and using such polypeptides. The polypeptides comprise substitution of one or more hydrophobic interface residues in the CH3 region with a polar amino acid.... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20120244577 - Multivalent heteromultimer scaffold design and constructs: Provided herein are multifunctional heteromer proteins. In specific embodiments is a heteromultimer that comprises: at least two monomeric proteins, wherein each monomeric protein comprises at least one cargo polypeptide, attached to a transporter polypeptide, such that said monomeric proteins associate to form the heteromultimer. These therapeutically novel molecules comprise monomers... Agent: Zymeworks Inc.

20120244579 - Process for production of monosaccharide: A monosaccharide production method of producing a monosaccharide from a lignocellulosic raw material comprising: obtaining a saccharified liquid obtained from a lignocellulosic raw material and a saccharification enzyme; recovering the saccharification enzyme from the saccharified liquid by allowing the saccharification enzyme to be adsorbed on the lignocellulosic raw material; and... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

20120244580 - Immobilization of psicose-epimerase and a method of producing d-psicose using the same: The present invention relates to a method of successively producing D-psicose from D-fructose or D-glucose by using a psicose-epimerase derived from Agrobacterium tumefaciens which is expressed in a food safety form.... Agent: Cj Cheiljedang Corporation

20120244581 - Biocatalytic processes for the preparation of stereomerically pure fused bicyclic proline compounds: e

20120244582 - Lov-d acyltransferase mediated acylation: Methods for the improved acylation of chemical substrates using LovD acyltransferases, thioesters having acyl groups, and (i) thiol scavengers and/or (ii) precipitating agents are presented. An improved method for the production of simvastatin using (i) activated charcoal as a thiol scavenger and/or (ii) ammonium hydroxide as a precipitating agent is... Agent: Codexis, Inc.

20120244583 - Method for preparing high purity l-alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine: Disclosed is a method for preparing L-α-Glycerylphosphorylcholine with high yields and purity. The method uses phospholipase A1-based enzymatic hydrolysis, ion-exchange resin purification and silica gel column chromatography to prepare L-α-glycerylphosphorylcholin with purity up to 99.8% and a final yield up to 78.4%. The method disclosed is simple, cost-effective, environmentally friendly,... Agent:

20120244584 - Engineering microorganisms: The present disclosure provides, inter alia, Thraustochytrium and relevant methods and reagents, including engineered regulatory sequences from and/or operative in Thraustochytrid or Thraustochytrium, selectable markers useful for engineering microorganisms such as Thraustochytrids, means for mutagenizing microorganisms, novel strains produced by mutagenesis, and methods and compositions related to production of particular... Agent: Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited

20120244585 - Methods of and systems for producing biofuels from algal oil: A method for producing biofuels is provided that includes dewatering intact algal cells to make an algal biomass, extracting neutral lipids from the algal biomass, and esterifying the neutral lipids with a catalyst in the presence of an alcohol. The method also includes separating a water soluble fraction comprising glycerin... Agent: Heliae Development, LLC

20120244586 - 3-hydroxypropionic acid and other organic compounds: Methods and materials related to producing 3-HP as well as other organic compounds are disclosed. Specifically, isolated nucleic acids, polypeptides, host cells, and methods and materials for producing 3-HP and other organic compounds are disclosed.... Agent: Cargill, Incorporated

20120244587 - Fermentation process at reduced pressure: A fermentation process includes contacting a carbohydrate source with a microorganism in an aqueous fermentation broth to form a fermentation product which is a salt or a product with a boiling point above the boiling point of water. The fermentation process is carried out at a pressure which is below... Agent: Purac Biochem Bv

20120244588 - Method of producing 3-hydroxypropionic acid using malonic semialdehyde reducing pathway: A method of producing 3-hydroxypropionic acid (“3-HP”) with a high yield using a recombinant microorganism having an activity of reducing malonyl CoA into malonic semialdehyde and an activity of reducing malonic semialdehyde into 3-HP and/or an NADPH regeneration activity is provided.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120244589 - Photoalkanogens with increased productivity: The present disclosure identifies methods and compositions for modifying photoautotrophic organisms as hosts, such that the organisms efficiently convert inorganic carbon and light into n-alkanes, and in particular the use of such organisms for the commercial production of n-alkanes and related molecules.... Agent: Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc.

20120244590 - Dry grind ethanol production process and system with front end milling method: A dry grind ethanol production process and system with front end milling method is provided for improving alcohol and/or by-product yields, such as oil and/or protein yields. In one example, the process includes grinding corn kernels into particles then mixing the corn particles with a liquid to produce a slurry... Agent: Lee Tech LLC

20120244591 - Process and system for producing ethanol from a byproduct of an ethanol production facility: A process of producing ethanol from whole stillage, includes obtaining a supply of whole stillage from an ethanol production facility after ethanol has been extracted therefrom; pre-treating the whole stillage to convert hemicellulose portions of the whole stillage into sugars; adding enzymes to the whole stillage to convert cellulose portions... Agent: Quad County Corn Processors

20120244592 - Method for amplifying the pentose phosphate pathway in yeast strains, the resulting yeast and uses thereof: The invention relates to a method for obtaining mutant yeast strains having an amplified PPP, characterised in that it comprises the culture of the strains on a substrate containing a gluconic acid salt.... Agent:

20120244593 - Method, device and apparatus for inducing self-adjusting cell electroporation: The invention provides methods, devices and apparatuses for providing cell electroporation. In accordance with an aspect of the invention, self-adjusting cell electroporation may be provided. A cell transfection apparatus may be provided. The cell transfection apparatus may include a plate comprising a plurality of chambers configured to receive and confine... Agent:

20120244594 - Immunoaffinity isolation of modified peptides from complex mixtures: The invention provides methods for isolating a modified peptide from a complex mixture of peptides, the method comprising the steps of: (a) obtaining a proteinaceous preparation from an organism, wherein the preparation comprises modified peptides from two or more different proteins; (b) contacting the preparation with at least one immobilized... Agent: Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

20120244596 - Anticalins: The invention relates to the production of novel proteins exhibiting bonding activity for certain ligands, the so-called anticalins. To this end, the structure of peptides of the lipocalin family is modified by amino acid replacement in their natural ligand binding pocket using generic engineering methods. Alike immunoglobulin, the anticalin thus... Agent: Pieris Ag

20120244595 - Artificial peptidoglycan lysing enzymes and peptidoglycan binding proteins: The present invention relates to recombinant polypeptides having the activity of binding and lysing of bacteria, comprising at least one enzymatically active domain and at least two bacterial cell binding domains. The present invention further relates to recombinant polypeptide having the activity of binding bacteria, comprising at least two bacterial... Agent:

20120244597 - Polymer factor viii moiety conjugates: Conjugates of a Factor VIII moiety and one or more water-soluble polymers are provided. Typically, the water-soluble polymer is poly(ethylene glycol) or a derivative thereof. Also provided are compositions comprising the conjugates, methods of making the conjugates, and methods of administering compositions comprising the conjugates to a patient.... Agent: Nektar Therapeutics

20120244598 - Stabilization of thermolysin in aqueous solution: The present invention deals with the proteolytic enzyme thermolysin which tends to be unstable in aqueous solution. The invention provides methods and compositions to enhance the stability of dissolved thermolysin in aqueous solution. Thermolysin, crude thermolysin or a lyophilisate containing thermolysin and one or more salts, is contacted with an... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120244599 - Reaction mixture for polymerase chain reaction: A reaction mixture for a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) includes water, DNA polymerase, deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates (dNTPs), tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane hydrochloride (Tris-HCl), potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, dithiothreitol (DDT), and an additive agent. The reaction mixture is capable of enhancing the sensitivity and specificity of PCR and increasing the yield of correct nucleic acid... Agent:

20120244600 - Swine influenza hemagglutinin variants: Polypeptides, polynucleotides, methods, compositions, and vaccines comprising influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants are provided.... Agent: Medimmune, LLC

20120244601 - Riboswitch based inducible gene expression platform: The present disclosure provides a synthetic translation regulator, as well as gene expression cassettes and gene expression constructs comprising the synthetic translation regulator. The present disclosure further provides genetically modified bacterial host cells comprising a subject synthetic translation regulator; and methods of regulating gene expression in such host cells.... Agent:

20120244602 - Method for culturing cells or microorganisms: A method for culturing cells or microorganisms by dissolving oxygen or carbon dioxide in a culture solution containing a nutrient including: supplying gas containing oxygen or carbon dioxide into inside of a glass porous body being configured to have cylindrical shape and a large number of uniformly fine pores in... Agent: Jgc Corporation

20120244603 - Production of cyanobacterial or algal biomass using chitin as a nitrogen source: A process of growing a culture of cyanobacteria or algae using chitin or chitosan as a source of nitrogen for photosynthetic growth is described. This process can be used to remove pollutants from nitrogen-deficient natural waters or wastewaters. Biomass that results from photosynthetic growth on chitin can be used, either... Agent:

20120244605 - Apparatus for regulating the temperature of a biological and/or chemical sample and method of using the same: The invention provides an apparatus for regulating the temperature of a chemical and/or biological sample and a method of using the same. The apparatus includes at least one temperature control module. The temperature control module includes a heater, a conductor of caloric, and a temperature sensor. The heater of the... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20120244604 - Polymerase chain reaction systems: In one embodiment, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) system includes a mixture chamber, a denature chamber, an annealing chamber, an extension chamber, and a product chamber, that are fluidically coupled to one another through a plurality of microfluidic channels. An inertial pump is associated with each microfluidic channel, and each... Agent:

20120244606 - Microorganism number-measuring apparatus: A microorganism number-measuring apparatus includes a container holder holding container that accommodates a liquid into which microorganisms are released, power supply unit applying a microorganism-collecting voltage and a microorganism number-measuring voltage to measurement electrode that is dipped in container held by the container holder, and reuse prevention unit that makes... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120244607 - Disc-like assay chip: The present invention provides a disc-like assay chip, and more specifically, the present invention provides an assay chip which can effectively clean a cleaned object existing in a fluid loop, and can be appropriately applied to a detection method of a reaction system using a step of necessarily cleaning the... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120244608 - Composite sensor assemblies for single use bioreactors: e

20120244609 - Composite sensor assemblies for single use bioreactors:

20120244610 - Photo-damage apparatus for sorting particles: A system and apparatus for sorting a mixture of stained particles in a fluid flow path, including stained particles. The system can include a pulsed electromagnetic radiation source for exciting fluorescence emissions from the stained particles, a photodetector for detecting the fluorescence emissions from the stained particles, a processor for... Agent: Inguran, LLC

20120244612 - Composter: In a rotary composter having a horizontally elongated rotatable cylindrical drum, material is fed from a hopper into the drum through an opening in a stationary end plate having an annular marginal area which overlaps, in sealing relationship, an annular intake end wall extending inward from the internal wall of... Agent: Rotary Composters, LLC

20120244611 - Vermicomposting device: A vermicomposting device for vermicomposting organic material, comprises a casing including an annular hollow body member defining an internal cavity, a head member mounted to an upper end portion of the body member and a base member removably attached to a lower end portion of the body member, and a... Agent:

20120244613 - Human micrornas and methods for inhibiting same: The invention relates to isolated DNA or RNA molecules comprising at least ten contiguous bases having a sequence in a microRNA shown in SEQ ID NOs: 1-94; 281-374; 467-481; 497-522; or 549, except that up to thirty percent of the bases may be wobble bases, and up to 10% of... Agent: Rockefeller University

20120244614 - Method for culturing mycoplasma contamination-free cells and method for removing mycoplasma contamination of cells: Provided is a method for culturing cells, which prevents the possibility of mycoplasma contamination by culturing the cells using biomass extract obtained by culturing a strain with amphidinol productivity, preferably a strain such as Amphidinium klebsii, Amphididinium carterae, and the like belonging to Dinoflagellates, or using a fraction obtained from... Agent: Cellsafe Co., Ltd.

20120244615 - Isolated a-type fhf n-terminal domain peptides and methods of use: Isolated peptides are provided that are effective in inducing long-term inactivation of voltage-gated sodium channels (VGSCs) in mammalian cells. Such peptides are useful in reducing the action potentials of these excitable cells, for example, neurons, myocytes, and tonic muscle cells, in mammals in need thereof.... Agent:

20120244616 - Method of oocyte cryopreservation using antifreeze protein: Disclosed is a method for cryopreserving an oocyte by adding an antifreeze protein to a cryopreservation liquid (equilibrium solution, vitrification solution). The disclosed cryopreservation method of an oocyte minimizes damage to the oocyte, which increases the survival rate of the oocyte after freezing and thawing of the oocyte, and improves... Agent: Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

20120244617 - Mesh enclosed tissue constructs: Described is a scaffold that is strong enough to resist forces that exist inside a body, while possessing biocompatible surfaces. The scaffold is formed of a layer of mesh (e.g., Stainless Steel or Nitinol) that is tightly enclosed by a multi-layer biological matrix. The biological matrix can include three layers,... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120244619 - Composition for promoting differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into cardiac muscle cells which comprises nitrovin: The present invention provides a composition for promoting differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into cardiac muscle cells which comprises nitrovin, a method for inducing differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into cardiac muscle cells by using nitrovin and a method for preparing cardiac muscle cells by using nitrovin.... Agent: Kyoto University

20120244618 - Methods and systems for identifying micro-rna targets and synthesizing novel micro-rnas and uses of the same: Method of identifying a microRNA-recognition element and of generating microRNAs are disclosed. System and computer programs for performing such methods are disclosed. Recombinant nucleic acid molecule comprising a heterologous coding sequences and one or more MREs are also disclosed as are isolated nucleic acid molecule comprising one or more MRE... Agent:

20120244620 - Compositions and methods for inducing the activation of immature monocytic dendritic cells: The present invention provides methods for inducing the maturation of immature dendritic cells (DC) and for activating those cells without the use of a dendritic cell maturation agent. The activated DC can be used for inducing an antigen specific T cell response. Methods of the invention can also comprise the... Agent: Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.

20120244622 - Regulated gene expression systems and constructs thereof: Compositions and methods for nitrogen sensitive regulation of expression of a transcribable nucleic acid molecule. One aspect provides a nitrogen-sensitive expression system that includes a transcription factor region comprising an NtcA binding site and a core promoter region comprising a RuBisCo promoter or a variant or a functional fragment thereof.... Agent: Proterro, Inc.

20120244621 - Tumor-specific bacterial promoter elements: The invention relates to bacterial promoter elements which constitute or which are comprised in promoter regions and which confer tumour specificity to the promoter region activity, resulting in transcription of a transgene, which can be a heterologous or a homologous gene, which transgene is functionally arranged downstream of the promoter... Agent: Helmholtz-zentrum Fur Infektionsforschung Gmbh

09/20/2012 > 104 patent applications in 66 patent subcategories.

20120237921 - Full genome dna of human cytomegalovirus strain jhc isolated from korean patient and open reading frames thereof: Provided are a full genome DNA of a human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) strain JHC isolated from Korean patients and open reading frames (ORFS) thereof and, more particularly, UL1, UL119 and RL6.... Agent: Mogam Biotechnology Research Institute

20120237923 - Lateral flow immunoassay controls: Rapid lateral flow immunoassays have an extensive history of use in both the clinical and home settings. These devices are used to test for a variety of analytes, such as drugs of abuse, hormones, proteins, urine or plasma components and the like. The present invention provides an improved procedural control... Agent: Alere Switzerland Gmbh

20120237922 - Viral diagnostics: The present disclosure provides methods for determining whether a subject is infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV). These methods include obtaining a sample from a subject with increased susceptibility to LCMV infection, contacting the sample with one or more compositions for detecting LCMV, and determining whether the one or more... Agent:

20120237924 - Method to prevent missing pcr template and/or reaction mixture and its further use of preventing missing solution(s) in experiment: This invention discloses a method by colored solution to prevent missing a solution in experiment.... Agent:

20120237925 - Portable sample disruptor apparatus, kits, and methods: Apparatuses, kits, and methods for portable sample disruption (e.g., for encouraging cell lysis).... Agent: Zymo Research Corporation

20120237931 - Identification and monitoring of circulating cancer stem cells: The present invention comprises a method of detecting circular tumor cells and methods of detecting, evaluating, or staging cancer in a patient, as well as a method of monitoring treatment of cancer in a patient using the claimed method. The method comprises contacting a sample with a ALDH1 binding agent;... Agent:

20120237929 - Long interspersed nuclear elements (line-1) and alu hypomethylation as biomarkers for colorectal cancer metastasis: A method for determining a colorectal cancer metastasis in a human subject suffering from a primary colorectal cancer (CRC) is described herein. The method of the present invention comprises the steps of: i) identifying the human subject suffering from the primary CRC, ii) obtaining one or more biological samples from... Agent: Baylor Research Institute

20120237928 - Method for determining copy number variations: The invention provides a method for determining copy number variations (CNV) of a sequence of interest in a test sample that comprises a mixture of nucleic acids that are known or are suspected to differ in the amount of one or more sequence of interest. The method comprises a statistical... Agent: Verinata Health, Inc.

20120237933 - Method for screening active agents for treating at least one cutaneous sign of aging by determing the ability to stimulate fn3k and/or fn3kp expression: A method for screening active agents capable of treating at least one cutaneous sign of aging. The agents are identified based on their ability to stimulate fructosamine-3-kinase (FN3K) and/or fructosamine-3-kinase-related protein (FN3K RP) expression.... Agent: Chanel Parfums Beaute

20120237930 - Method of analyzing chromosomal translocations and a system therefore: The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for analyzing chromosomal translocations, and in particular to analysis of chromosomal translocation by in situ hybridization.... Agent:

20120237927 - Method of mapping of mrna distribution with atomic force microscopy comprising dendron: The present invention relates to a method of mapping of mRNA distribution, comprising the steps of a preparing a probe DNA attached to a apical liner region of the dendron on AFM cantilever where the probe DNA can specifically hybridize a target mRNA and measuring specific adhesive force between the... Agent:

20120237932 - Methods and materials for assessing the cis/trans nature of humans having cyp2c19*2 and cyp2c19*17 alleles: This document provides methods and materials involved in determining if a human heterozygous for CYP2C19*2 and heterozygous for CYP2C19*17 contains one CYP2C19 allele with both CYP2C19*2 and CYP2C19*17 (e.g., a cis relationship) or contains one CYP2C19 allele with CYP2C19*2 and one CYP2C19 allele with CYP2C19*17 (e.g., a trans relationship).... Agent:

20120237936 - Methods and related devices for single molecule whole genome analysis: Provided are methods of labeling and analyzing features along at least one macro molecule such as a linear biopolymer, including methods of mapping the distribution and frequency of specific sequence motifs or the chemical or proteomic modification state of such sequence motifs along individual unfolded nucleic acid molecules. The present... Agent: Bionano Genomics, Inc.

20120237934 - Methods of detecting mutations associated with ataxia-ocular apraxia 2 (aoa2): Methods of identifying polymorphisms associated with ataxia-ocular apraxia 2 (AOA2), are described. The polymorphisms associated with AOA2 include specific mutations in the senataxin (SETX) gene. Also described are methods of diagnosis of AOA2, as well as methods of assessing an individual for carrier status for AOA2.... Agent: Athena Diagnostics, Inc.

20120237926 - Rapid screening of biologically active nucleases and isolation of nuclease-modified cells: Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for rapidly identifying active nucleases and cells having nuclease-mediated genomic modifications.... Agent: Sangamo Biosciences, Inc.

20120237935 - Reagent kit for quantitatively detecting the mutations of epidermal growth factor receptor(egfr): The present invention relates to a detection method and a detection kit for EGFR gene mutations, which relates to the therapeutic efficacy of molecular-targeted anti-cancer drugs. Particularly, the present invention relates to a fluorescent quantitative PCR method and kit for detecting mutations at hotspots of EGFR gene, together with the... Agent: Beijing Accb Biotech Ltd.

20120237940 - Apparatus and method: An apparatus for investigating a molecule comprising a channel provided in a substrate, a metallic moiety capable of plasmon resonance which is associated with the channel in a position suitable for the electromagnetic field produced by the metallic moiety to interact with a molecule passing therethrough, means to induce a... Agent:

20120237939 - Devices and processes for nucleic acid extraction: Devices, processes, and kits for the extraction of nucleic acids from biological samples are disclosed. The devices comprise a first port, a second port, and a binding chamber intermediate and in fluid communication with the first port and the second port. The binding chamber comprises an unmodified flat glass surface... Agent: Blood Cell Storage, Inc.

20120237941 - Method for screening active agents that stimulate the expression of arnt2 to improve the skin's barrier function: A method for screening an active agent intended for preventing or combating the cutaneous signs resulting from a non-pathological impairment of the barrier function, which includes the selection of active agents that stimulate the expression of ARNT2 in cultured human keratinocytes.... Agent: Chanel Parfums Beaute

20120237938 - Methods for improved dna release from binding substrates and/or decreasing pcr inhibition in pathogen detection: Disclosed herein are processes for collecting nucleic acids from particulate samples. One embodiment disclosed herein relates to the use of ultrasonic energy to simultaneously shear large nucleic acid molecules and large particulates to very small sizes prior to or during a chemical binding step to a nucleic acid binding surface.... Agent:

20120237937 - Methods to detect cancer in animals: Some embodiments of the invention include methods for detecting the presence of cancer in animal tissue in an animal that was administered a labeled molecule. Some of the methods disclosed comprise obtaining an NMR spectrum, an MS spectrum, or both. In some instances, spectra can be taken of a cancer... Agent: University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

20120237942 - Methods affecting markers in patients having vascular disease: Marker levels and forms can be modulated in patients having vascular disease when sufficient vascular tissue is removed. The markers can be, e.g., from tissue, blood or lymph. The markers are typically involved in molecular pathways which are in turn modulated. Atherectomy catheters are used for accomplishing sufficient removal of... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120237943 - Method for differentiation of polynucleotide strands: Objective of the present invention is to provide a method for keeping of directional information in double-stranded DNA. We suggest to convert polynucleotide into a hybrid double-stranded DNA. One particular strand of this hybrid double-stranded DNA should be synthesised using at least one modified nucleotide. Thus, this particular strand would... Agent:

20120237945 - Chimeric pcsk9 proteins, cells comprising same, and assays using same: A chimera protein comprising in the following order: a signal peptide, a proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 preproprotein (PCSK9) sequence consisting of amino acid residues at positions 35 to 696 of SEQ ID NO: 38, a transmembrane domain and a cytosolic domain, wherein said cytosolic (CT) domain comprises a sequence... Agent: Adaerata Limited Partnership

20120237944 - Detection device for the in vivo and/or in vitro enrichment of sample material: The present invention refers to a detection device for the in vivo and/or in vitro enrichment of sample material, the detection device comprising a functional surface equipped with detection receptors. To further improve the enrichment of sample material by using a detection device of the aforementioned type, it is provided... Agent: Gilupi Gmbh

20120237946 - Mesenchymal stem cell and the method of use thereof: Demyelinated axons were remyelinated in the demyelinated rat model by collecting bone marrow cells from mouse bone marrow and transplanting the mononuclear cell fraction separated from these bone marrow cells.... Agent: Nc Medical Research Inc.

20120237951 - Analgesia with minimal tolerance and dependence by a mu opioid receptor agonist that also binds filamin a: A composition and method are disclosed that utilize an isolated polypeptide or analog thereof to inhibit the interaction of a mu-opioid receptor with filamin A. A contemplated polypeptide has an amino acid residue sequence illustrated by the formula: W—[X1X2X3 . . . X43X44X45]nValAlaX48GlyLeu[X51X52X53 . . . X94X95X96]m—Y wherein the various... Agent:

20120237953 - Methods to identify modulators: Sucralose-binding TAS2R bitter taste receptors have been identified. Novel methods to identify modulators and in particular inhibitors to the bitter taste of sucralose, and an inhibitor, are provided.... Agent: Givaudan S.a.

20120237952 - Myosin-iia s1943 phosphorylation as a marker of tumor invasion: Methods and kits are provided for determining if cells of a tumor in an organ or a tissue in a subject are likely to invade another organ or tissue in the subject and for determining if a cancer in a subject is likely to metastasize.... Agent:

20120237954 - Biomarkers for prognoses of pulmonary diseases: The present invention relates to biomarkers that may be used to evaluate the prognoses of patients suffering from pulmonary diseases and assist in the determination of appropriate therapeutic regimens. It is based, at least in part, on the discovery that a number of T-cell antigens are differentially expressed in chronic... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20120237948 - Collagen neoepitope antibody: The present invention provides a novel monoclonal antibody that is specific for a C-terminal neoepitope of a collagen fragment and has substantially equal binding affinity whether proline contained in the neoepitope is in a non-hydroxylated form or in a hydroxylated form, and an immunoassay, a measurement method, a kit and... Agent: Shionogi & Co., Ltd.

20120237947 - Glutathione s-transferase omega 1 wild type specific antibody: The invention relates to a novel antibody which binds to wild type (wt) Glutathione S-transferase Omega 1 (wtGSTO1) but not to mutant (mut) GSTO1 and methods and uses based on the antibody. The antibody is based on novel haptens and immunogens.... Agent:

20120237955 - Methods for identifying inhibitors of botulinum neurotoxins: A system and method for identifying a botulinum neurotoxin inhibitor employing a botulinum neurotoxin substrate complex having a peptide substrate, preferably SNAP-25, a reporter domain on one side of said peptide substrate and an immobilization domain on the opposite side of said peptide substrate. The botulinum neurotoxin inhibitor is identified... Agent:

20120237949 - Specific detection and quantification of phosphatidic acid using an arabidopsis trigalactosyldiacylglycerol-4 (tgd4) protein: The present invention is related to the field of phospholipid detection. In particular, certain embodiments provide the detection of phosphatidic acid. For example, certain proteins are capable of binding phosphatidic acid and can be used as a diagnostic and/or research tool to identify and quantitate phosphatidic acid. Phosphatidic acid may... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20120237950 - Analysis chip, analysis system, and analysis method: An analysis chip for quantitative analysis by using a competitive reaction is provided. The analysis chip for analyzing a target substance to be identified in a liquid sample includes a base, and a flow path formed on the base. The flow path includes an introduction portion, for introducing the liquid... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120237957 - Method for enhancing enzyme assays: Additives capable of controlling the reaction rate between substrate and enzyme to form a dye in enzyme assays with absorbance, chemiluminescence, and fluorescence are effective tools for optimizing enzyme assays. A dye can be formed rapidly from the reaction between enzyme and substrate in the presence of a catalyst. Using... Agent: Luminescent Md, LLC

20120237958 - Methods for identifying animals with a reduced ability to digest lipid and protein: The invention provides methods for identifying animals with a reduced ability to digest fat or protein by determining various blood and physical factors for the animals and comparing the determined values to standard values that are indicative of a reduced ability to digest fat and protein.... Agent:

20120237956 - Treponema pallidum triplet antigen: A Treponema pallidum triplet antigen construct is disclosed which includes three Treponema pallidum antigens (TP15, TP17, and TP47), as well as a ten amino acid leader sequence (tag 261) and human copper zinc superoxide dismutase (hSOD). This construct is optimized for in vitro diagnosis of syphilis infection. Plasmids containing DNA... Agent:

20120237959 - Tumor endothelial marker 5-alpha molecules and uses thereof: The present invention provides Tumor Endothelial Marker 5α (TEM5α) polypeptides and nucleic acid molecules encoding the same. The invention also provides selective binding agents, vectors, host cells, and methods for producing TEM5α polypeptides. The invention further provides pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the diagnosis, treatment, amelioration, or prevention of diseases,... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20120237960 - Devices and methods for determining the platelet function in a centrifugal analyzer: The invention lies in the field of platelet function diagnostics and relates to devices and methods for determining the platelet function in a centrifugal analyzer.... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products Gmbh

20120237961 - Labelling of fusion proteins with synthetic probes: wherein R1 is an aromatic or a heteroaromatic group, or an optionally substituted unsaturated alkyl, cycloalkyl or heterocyclyl group with the double bond connected to OCH2—; R2 is a linker; and L is a label or a plurality of same or different labels. The invention further relates to methods of... Agent:

20120237962 - Mcam as a biomarker for fluid homeostasis: The application discloses MCAM as a new biomarker for fluid homeostatic imbalance; methods for predicting, diagnosing, prognosticating and/or monitoring fluid homeostatic imbalance based on measuring said biomarker; and kits and devices for measuring said biomarker and/or performing said methods.... Agent: Pronota N.v.

20120237963 - Apparatus and method for assessing compostability or biodegradability: An apparatus and method for performing compostability tests that provides significantly more data and reveals trends much more quickly than previously described apparatus. In a first aspect, the invention provides an apparatus, comprising: a flowmeter for metering a flow of oxygen-containing gas to a humidifier; a bioreactor comprising a body,... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120237966 - Light controlled protein dimerization in cells: Compositions and methods for light controlled protein-protein interactions in a living cell. Two interacting PICL (protein interaction controlled by light) polypeptides are provided. The first polypeptide comprises an LOV (Light, Oxygen or Voltage) domain, which domain is a light sensor that uses flavin mononucleotide (FMN) as a chromophore. The second... Agent:

20120237964 - Luminogen compounds and the use of the same for biosensing and cellular imaging: Provided herein are a luminogen compound of formula (I) including a AIE luminophore moiety conjugated with a maleimide moiety and a use of the same for detecting thiol groups in biomolecules. Also provided is a dye molecule, a biosensor or a bioprobe comprising the luminogen compound of formula (I) in... Agent: The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

20120237965 - Systems and methods for a continuous culture biosensor: A continuous culture system of genetically modified yeast or another biological organism detects contaminants in water through production of a fluorescent chemical continuously produced by the organism after it is contacted with a threshold concentration of a contaminant. Alternatively, a biological organism can detect toxins or extra nutrients by detecting... Agent: University Of Notre Dame Du Lac

20120237968 - Detector and method for detection of h. pylori: An inexpensive, portable, hand held, point-of-care, non-invasive breath-analyzer for the detection of H. Pylori in adults and children by measuring ammonia in breath using a polyaniline-carbon nanotube sensor.... Agent:

20120237967 - Method for microbiological testing: Costly enrichment medium used for microbiological testing of nuts and other moisture-absorbing food products is conserved by saturating the product with water or other inexpensive liquid prior to contacting the product with enrichment medium.... Agent:

20120237969 - Method of preparing cells susceptible to transmissible spongiform encephalopathy and the creation of tse persistently infected cells: Disclosed is a method for preparation of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) susceptible cells, and such cells may be efficiently used in diagnosis of TSE, etiology studies and development of novel therapeutics, etc.... Agent: Animal, Plant And Fisheries Quarantine And Inspect Agency

20120237970 - Method for obtaining natural extracts, oleoresins, condiments, colorants, flavoring substances and aromas from aromatic plant substances, alfalfa, flowers with pigments, and vegetables: A method for obtaining natural extracts, oleoresins, colorants flavors and aromas from aromatic plant substances, alfalfa, flowers with pigments, and vegetables, which includes washing the plant substances and vegetables, rinsing with water, milling and sifting the resulting product yielding a pulp phase and a cellulose phase. The pulp phase is... Agent:

20120237971 - Methods, cells and systems for incorporating non-canonical amino acids into proteins: The present disclosure pertains to methods of incorporating one or more non-canonical amino acids into a protein during a translation of the protein in bacterial cells. The present disclosure also pertains to methods of incorporating one or more non-canonical amino acids into a protein during an in vitro translation of... Agent: Waterstone Pharmaceuticals

20120237972 - Mammalian-type glycosylation in plants: The invention relates to the field of glycoprotein processing in transgenic plants used as cost efficient and contamination safe factories for the production of recombinant biopharmaceutical proteins or pharmaceutical compositions comprising these. The invention provides a plant comprising a functional mammalian enzyme providing N-glycan biosynthesis that is normally not present... Agent: Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek

20120237974 - Method for the expression of a recombinant protein in a mammalian cell: The invention relates to methods for the production of a recombinant protein in a mammalian cell and methods to enhance the production of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells. More in particular, the invention provides a cell for the production of a recombinant protein of interest wherein said cell is permissive... Agent: Amarna Holding B.v.

20120237973 - Production of glycoproteins with reduced o-glycosylation: A method is described for producing protein compositions having reduced amounts of O-linked glycosylation. The method includes producing the protein in cells cultured in the presence of an inhibitor of Pmt-mediated O-linked glycosylation and/or in the presence of one or more α-1,2-mannosidases.... Agent: Glycofi, Inc.

20120237977 - Activatable binding polypeptides and methods of identification and use thereof: Activatable binding polypeptides (ABPs), which contain a target binding moiety (TBM), a masking moiety (MM), and a cleavable moiety (CM) are provided. Activatable antibody compositions, which contain a TBM containing an antigen binding domain (ABD), a MM and a CM are provided. Furthermore, ABPs which contain a first TBM, a... Agent:

20120237975 - Engineered nucleic acids and methods of use thereof: Provided are compositions and methods for delivering biological moieties such as modified nucleic acids into cells to modulate protein expression. Such compositions and methods include the use of modified messenger RNAs, and are useful for production of proteins.... Agent:

20120237976 - Mammalian expression vectors and uses thereof: The present invention features nucleic acids for recombinant protein expression in mammalian cell culture. The episomal vectors of the invention promote high protein production in mammalian cells expressing the SV40 T Ag or Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen (e.g., COS7 or HEK293-6E cells). The methods and systems are useful, for example,... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120237978 - Gpcr fusion protein containing an n-terminal autonomously folding stable domain, and crystals of the same: Certain embodiments provide a GPCR fusion protein. In particular embodiments, the GPCR fusion protein comprises: a) a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR); and b) an autonomously folding stable domain, where the autonomously folding stable domain is N-terminal to the GPCR and is heterologous to the GPCR. The GPCR fusion protein is... Agent:

20120237979 - Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and isolated polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20120237980 - Continuous counter-current organosolv processing of lignocellulosic feedstocks: A modular process for organosolv fractionation of lignocellulosic feedstocks into component parts and further processing of said component parts into one or more of a de-lignified cellulose stream, a sugar stream, small-chain alcohol streams and four structurally distinct classes of lignin derivatives. The modular process comprises a first processing module... Agent: Lignol Innovations Ltd.

20120237981 - Amylases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them: In one aspect, the invention is directed to polypeptides having an amylase activity, polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, and methods for making and using these polynucleotides and polypeptides. In one aspect, the polypeptides of the invention can be used as amylases, for example, alpha amylases, to catalyze the hydrolysis of starch... Agent: Verenium Corporation

20120237982 - Glucoamylase variants: The invention relates to a variant of a parent fungal glucoamylase, which exhibits improved thermal stability and/or increased specific activity using saccharide substrates.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20120237983 - Method for introducing cellulase enzyme to lignocellulosic feedstock slurry: The present invention provides a method for producing glucose from a lignocellulosic feedstock. The method comprises the steps of (i) providing a pretreated lignocellulosic feedstock slurry; (ii) moving the pretreated feedstock slurry through a pipe, which slurry has an undissolved solids content of between about 15 and about 30 wt... Agent: Iogen Energy Corporation

20120237984 - Processing biomass: Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful products, such as fuels. For example, systems are described that can use feedstock materials, such as cellulosic and/or lignocellulosic materials, to produce ethanol and/or butanol, e.g., by fermentation.... Agent: Xyleco, Inc.

20120237985 - Method for producing l-amino acid: A method for producing an L-amino acid by culturing a coryneform bacterium having an L-amino acid-producing ability in a medium to produce and accumulate the L-amino acid in the medium or cells of the bacterium, and collecting the L-amino acid from the medium or cells, wherein said coryneform bacterium has... Agent:

20120237986 - Method for producing an l-cysteine, l-cystine, a derivative or precursor thereof or a mixture thereof using a bacterium of enterobacteriaceae family: The present invention provides a method for producing L-cysteine, L-cystine, a derivative or precursor thereof or a mixture thereof using a bacterium of Enterobacteriaceae family which has been modified to have enhanced expression of the genes involved in the process of sulphur assimilation.... Agent:

20120237987 - Bacterium for production of fatty acids: The present invention encompasses a bacterium that produces fatty acids.... Agent: The Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20120237988 - Butanol strain improvement with integration of a polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide that catalyzes pyruvate to acetolactate conversion: The invention relates to recombinant host cells having at least one integrated polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide that catalyzes a step in a pyruvate-utilizing biosynthetic pathway, e.g., pyruvate to acetolactate conversion. The invention also relates to methods of increasing the biosynthetic production of isobutanol, 2,3-butanediol, 2-butanol or 2-butanone using such host... Agent: Butamax(tm) Advanced Biofuels LLC

20120237990 - Microorganisms and methods for the biosynthesis of fumarate, malate, and acrylate: A non-naturally occurring eukaryotic or prokaryotic organism includes one or more gene disruptions occurring in genes encoding enzymes imparting increased fumarate, malate or acrylate production in the organism when the gene disruption reduces an activity of the enzyme. The one or more gene disruptions confers increased production of acrylate onto... Agent: Genomatica, Inc.

20120237989 - Separation of lignin from hydrolyzate: A method for the production water insoluble reactive lignin having low sulfur content and lignosulfonates from lignocellulosic material in a batch or continuous process. Lignocellulosic material is fractionated to produce water insoluble native lignin and lignosulfonates in various ratios, while preserving the cellulose and hydrolyzed hemicelluloses using water, ethanol and... Agent: Api Intellectual Property Holdings, LLC

20120237991 - Method for the biocatalytic cyclization of terpenes and cyclase mutants employable therein: The present invention relates to novel mutants with cyclase activity and use thereof in a method for biocatalytic cyclization of terpenes, such as in particular for the production of isopulegol by cyclization of citronellal; a method for the preparation of menthol and methods for the biocatalytic conversion of further compounds... Agent: Basf Se

20120237992 - Isopropyl alcohol-producing bacterium and method for producing isopropyl alcohol: The present invention provides an isopropyl alcohol-producing Escherichia coli that includes at least a sucrose hydrolase gene that belongs to a sucrose non-PTS gene group, and an imparted or enhanced isopropyl alcohol production system, and an isopropyl alcohol production method of producing isopropyl alcohol from a sucrose-containing plant-derived raw material... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

20120237993 - Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase 1 activity and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention relates to polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase I activity and polynucleotides having a nucleotide sequence which encodes for the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the nucleic acid constructs as well as methods for producing and using the polypeptides.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20120237994 - Biochars, methods of using biochars, methods of making biochars and reactors: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for biochar impregnated with microbes, methods of making biochar impregnated with microbes, methods of using biochar impregnated with microbes, methods of using biochar to produce gas, reactors using biochar and/or biochar impregnated with microbes, methods of using the reactors, and the like.... Agent: University Of Georia Research Foundation, Inc.

20120237995 - Process of treatment for oxidizing an acidic solution containing an iodide ion and an iron (ii) ion: (b) a step wherein sedimentation of the solution obtained in the step (a) is performed in a sedimentation tank to obtain the solution containing the iron (III) ion and concurrently the sediment of the microbes immobilizing carrier to which said iron oxidizing microbes have attached is recovered and then reintroduced... Agent:

20120237996 - Method for producing grown materials and products made thereby: The composite material is comprised of a substrate of discrete particles and a network of interconnected mycelia cells bonding the discrete particles together. The mycelia cells are selected from the group consisting of at least one of Agrocybe brasiliensi, Flammulina velutipes, Hypholomoa capnoides, Hypholoma sublaterium, Morchella angusticeps, Macrolepiota procera and... Agent:

20120237997 - Label-free cellular manipulation and sorting via biocompatible ferrofluids: A device for separating a sample of cells suspended in a bio-compatible ferrofluid is described. The device includes a microfluidic channel having a sample inlet, at least one outlet and a length between the same inlet and the at least one outlet, wherein a sample can be added to the... Agent: Yale Univeristy

20120237998 - Conjugation reactions: We describe methods that allow either carbodiimides or other carboxyl-reactive substances to be mixed with solutions of carboxylic acids or phosphates or amines or combinations thereof, so as to form a homogeneous mixture which is then dried, preferably in a freeze drying process. The mixture is then contacted with an... Agent: Innova Biosciences Limited

20120237999 - Herpes simplex viruses and methods of viral replication: A herpes simplex virus is disclosed in which the herpes simplex virus genome comprises a nucleic acid sequence encoding an ING4 polypeptide.... Agent: Virttu Biologics Limited

20120238000 - Immortalized avian cell lines: This invention relates to immortalized avian cells, including those deposited under accession numbers 09070701, 09070702, and 09070703 at the ECACC, and to the use of these cells for the production of viruses. The cells according to the invention are particularly useful for the production of recombinant viral vectors which can... Agent: Transgene S.a.

20120238001 - Production of viral vaccines in suspension on avian embryonic derived stem cell lines: The present invention relates to the development and manufacturing of viral vaccines. In particular, the invention relates to the field of industrial production of viral vectors and vaccines, more in particular to the use of avian embryonic stem cells, preferably the EBx® cell line derived from chicken embryonic stem cells,... Agent: Vivalis

20120238002 - Photobioreactors comprising membrane carbonation modules and uses thereof: Apparatuses, systems, and methods for using membrane carbonation modules and photobioreactors. Membrane carbonation modules and systems use gas-transfer membranes to supply inorganic carbon for photoautotrophic microorganism growth in a photobioreactor and to withdraw gases from a photobioreactor.... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20120238003 - Microorganism concentrating apparatus and method: A microorganism-concentrating apparatus according to one embodiment includes a mixing device, a filtering device, and a magnetic separation device. The mixing device is configured to mix an aqueous suspension of microorganisms with a particulate filter aid includes magnetic particles to prepare an aqueous slurry of the microorganisms and the particulate... Agent:

20120238004 - Reducing insoluble deposit formation in ethanol production: The present inventors have surprisingly discovered that phytic acid tenaciously precipitates with soluble metals in food or fuel ethanol-processing fluid, producing insoluble organometallic salt deposit or scale on the processing equipment that must be removed in order to facilitate further ethanol processing. The present invention relates to converting phytic acid... Agent: Global Process Technologies, Inc.

20120238005 - Storage-stable liquid washing or cleaning agent containing proteases: Phosphonate-containing liquid washing or cleaning agent exhibiting advantageous proteolytic activity and improved storage stability comprising a protease having an amino acid sequence which is at least 80% identical to the amino acid sequence stated in SEQ ID NO. 1 and which comprises in position 99 in the numbering according to... Agent:

20120238006 - Process for removal of carbon dioxide from a gas stream: A process for reducing the carbon dioxide concentration of a carbon dioxide-containing gas which process includes, in a first stage, contacting the carbon dioxide-containing gas with a treating solution including an alkali metal carbonate and/or hydroxide and with a catalyst to promote the absorption of carbon dioxide to form a... Agent: Lafarge

20120238007 - Culture bottles with internal sensors: Specimen containers incorporating a sensor are provided with features for decreasing the volume of polymer matrix material required for the sensor. Such volume-reducing features can take the form of scallop-like indentations projecting inwards towards the interior of the container formed in the transition between the side wall of the container... Agent: Biomerieux, Inc.

20120238009 - Biosensor method and system based on feature vector extraction: A system for biosensor-based detection of toxins includes providing at least one time-dependent control signal generated by a biosensor in a gas or liquid medium, and obtaining a time-dependent biosensor signal from the biosensor in the gas or liquid medium to be monitored or analyzed for the presence of one... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20120238008 - Rapid detection of pathogens using paper devices: A kit for the rapid detection of pathogens in food supplies. The kit includes a microspot device and one or more indicator reagents to be applied to a well of the microspot device. The employed indicator reagent produces a detectable change upon contact with a pathogen of interest. The microspot... Agent: Colorado State University Research Foundation

20120238010 - Automated biological growth and dispensing apparatus: An automated biological growth and dispensing apparatus utilizing a modular growing tank which is removable for replacement by another growing tank. Mechanisms for the delivery of air, water and/or nutrients are adapted to permit the growing tank to be readily coupled and uncoupled for easy and inexpensive replacement. Mechanisms for... Agent:

20120238011 - Continuous recovery harvest bag: Disclosed herein is a single use continuous recovery, flow-through harvest vessel and corresponding method for harvesting culture medium and simultaneously either leaving the microcarrier beads behind in the vessel or flowing microcarrier beads and medium back into a bioreactor.... Agent: Xcellerex, Inc.

20120238012 - Cytotoxic t lymphocyte: The present invention relates to a T lymphocyte having an activity to induce a T lymphocyte recognizing an antigen and a technique to use the T lymphocyte.... Agent:

20120238013 - Fusion partner for production of monoclonal rabbit antibodies: The invention provides a rabbit-derived immortal B-lymphocyte capable of fusion with a rabbit splenocyte to produce a hybrid cell that produces an antibody. The immortal B-lymphocyte does not detectably express endogenous immunoglobulin heavy chain and may contain, in certain embodiments, an altered immunoglobulin heavy chain-encoding gene. A hybridoma resulting from... Agent:

20120238014 - Pluripotent cells from the mammalian late epiblast layer: The invention relates to the isolation and propagation of pluripotent cells isolated from the mammalian late epiblast layer, termed Epiblast Stem Cells (EpiSCs). These cells are useful in a range of applications, including the generation of transgenic animal species.... Agent:

20120238015 - Methods and materials for increasing potency of cells: Disclosed herein are methods and materials for producing a more developmentally potent cell from a less developmentally potent cell. Specifically exemplified herein are methods that comprise introducing an expressible dedifferentiating polynucleotide sequence into a less developmentally potent cell, wherein the transfected less developmentally potent cell becomes a more developmentally potent... Agent:

20120238016 - Specific nnos inhibitors for the therapy and prevention of human melanoma: Methods for melanoma treatment and prevention with selective nitric oxide synthase inhibitor compounds and related pharmaceutical compositions, alone or in conjunction with one or more other melanoma therapies.... Agent:

20120238018 - Caged ceramide-1-phosphate derivatives: The invention relates to novel caged ceramide 1-phosphate (C1P) and the method of using them for delivering C1P intracellularly in vitro and in vivo, for research and therapeutic purposes.... Agent: Research Foundation Of The City University Of New York

20120238017 - Novel sirna structure for minimizing off-target effects and relaxing saturation of rnai machinery and the use thereof: The present invention relates to a novel siRNA structure and the use thereof. More particularly, the invention relates to a double-stranded small interfering RNA molecule (siRNA molecule) comprising a 19-21 nucleotide (nt) antisense strand and a 15-19 nt sense strand having a sequence complementary to the antisense sequence, wherein the... Agent:

20120238020 - Megakaryocyte and platelet production from stem cells: Methods for obtaining purified populations of megakaryocytes and platelets by ex vivo culture of stem cells are provided herein.... Agent:

20120238019 - Stem cell culture media for maintaining stemness or inducing differentiation of stem cells: The present invention provides a medium for maintaining stemness of stem cells comprising a protein kinase C inhibitor in a basal medium; and a method for culturing stem cells while maintaining stemness thereof, using the same. And also, the present invention provides a medium for inducing differentiation of stem cells... Agent: College Of Medicine Pochon Cha University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20120238021 - Methods of synthesizing three-dimensional heteroatom-doped carbon nanotube macro materials and compositions thereof: Methods for synthesizing macroscale 3D heteroatom-doped carbon nanotube materials (such as boron doped carbon nanotube materials) and compositions thereof. Macroscopic quantities of three-dimensionally networked heteroatom-doped carbon nanotube materials are directly grown using an aerosol-assisted chemical vapor deposition method. The porous heteroatom-doped carbon nanotube material is created by doping of heteroatoms... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20120238022 - Inducible systems and methods for controlling sirna expression: An inducible system and methods for controlling expression of siRNA are provided. An inducible system for producing siRNA only in the presence of HIV TAT, and methods for inhibiting HIV-1 gene expression in cells comprising such inducible system also are provided.... Agent: City Of Hope

20120238023 - Novel method for producing differentiated cells: The present invention has an object of providing a method for producing specific cells by amplifying cells in a desired differentiation stage. The present invention provides a method for producing specific cells by inducing differentiation of cells, wherein an oncogene is forcibly expressed in cells in a desired differentiation stage... Agent:

20120238024 - Anti-microbial biotherapeutic agents: alternatives to conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics: Novel antimicrobial agents that can serve as replacements to conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics are disclosed. The antimicrobial agents comprise conjugatively transmissible plasmids that kill targeted pathogenic bacteria, but are not harmful to donor bacteria. Two types of lethal transmissible plasmids are disclosed. One type kills recipient bacteria by unchecked (“runaway”) replication... Agent:

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20120231443 - Microcapsules for cell microencapsulation: In accordance with certain embodiments of the present disclosure, a method for formation of a microcapsule is described. The method includes encapsulating a cell in a microcapsule, the microcapsule having a diameter of less than about 100 μm. The method further includes coating the microcapsule with chitosan and alginate.... Agent: University Of South Carolina

20120231446 - Method for selectively enriching and isolating microbial and optionally additional viral nucleic acids: The present invention relates to a method for selectively enriching and/or isolating microbial and optionally additionally viral nucleic acids from samples that contain a mixture of microbial cells, freely circulating nucleic acids and higher eukaryotic cells, and optionally additionally viruses, in a liquid, and to a kit for selectively enriching... Agent: Qiagen Gmbh

20120231444 - Microfabricated crossflow devices and methods: This invention provides microfabricated devices and methods for detecting, analyzing and sorting biological materials and particles. Droplets containing the particles are provided in an extrusion fluid, passed through a detection region, and then directed into a branch channel according to predetermined characteristics. For example, cells or viral particles contained in... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20120231445 - Oligonucleotides and process for detection of swine flu virus: A rapid, sensitive and cost effective process of detection of swine flu virus H1 type in a sample is provided herein. The present invention further provides highly specific oligonucleotides useful for rapid detection of swine flu virus in a sample. Swine flu virus specific isothermal gene amplification assay disclosed in... Agent: Defence Research & Development Organisation

20120231451 - Induction of germ cells from pluripotent cells: Methods and compositions are provided for promoting germ cell differentiation from pluripotent cells, and for identifying agents that modulate germ cell differentiation.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20120231448 - Low cell toxicity antibiotic hygromycin b: A preparation of antibiotic hygromycin B with low cell toxicity and high purity, and methods of preparing such a preparation, are provided. More specifically, an isolated antibiotic hygromycin B with a purity of greater than 98% and impurities C, D and E individually less than 0.5% and impurity F less... Agent: Toku-e Company

20120231450 - Novel pacemaker cell: The present invention provides a pacemaker cell which possesses HCN4 channel and Na channel, the beating rate of which can be controlled by regulation of Na channel, wherein the cell is derived from embryonic stem (ES) cells, induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, or primordial germ cell-derived versatile cells. The present... Agent:

20120231449 - Products and methods for enhanced transgene expression and processing: Disclosed are methods and eukaryotic host cells for transgene expression. The cells may be treated and/or modified to increase homologous recombination (HR), decrease non homologous end joining (NHEJ) and/or to enhance a HR/NHEJ ratio in said cell. Such cells can be transfected with vectors comprising the transgene, which advantageously integrates... Agent: Selexis S.a.

20120231447 - Surface passivation methods for single molecule imaging of biochemical reactions: The present disclosure provides methods for treating a surface for single-molecule imaging.... Agent: Howard Hughes Medical Institute

20120231462 - Artificial base pair capable of forming specific base pair: The present invention provides a double-stranded nucleic acid in which at least one nucleic acid strand includes an unnatural base that forms a self-complementary base pair or an unnatural base that forms a base pair with any natural base with substantially the same thermal stability. The present invention also provides... Agent:

20120231452 - Assay for methylation in the gst-pi gene: A diagnostic or prognostic assay is disclosed for a disease of condition characterized by abnormal methylation of cytosine at side or sites within the glutathione-S-transferase (GST) Pi gene and/or its regulatory flanking sequences (e.g., prostate cancer and liver cancer). The assay comprises: (i) isolating DNA from said subject, and (ii)... Agent: Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation

20120231453 - Brownian microbarcodes for bioassays: An encoded microparticle carrying a spatial code is provided; and a set of encoded microparticles are provided with distinguishable spatial codes, wherein the codes comply with a pre-determined coding scheme. Presented are also methods of using the encoded microparticles in various biological assays, such as various multiplex quantitative PCR (real-time... Agent: Affymetrix, Inc.

20120231459 - Chemiluminescent probes for multiplex molecular quantification and uses thereof: A novel method is disclosed for simultaneous detection and quantification of two or more nucleic acid targets, without need for amplification. The method depends on spectral-temporal resolution of chemiluminescence emitted from independent hybridization-induced chemiluminescent signal (HICS) probes. The utility of this method has been demonstrated by use of resolvable N-linked... Agent: Gen-probe Incorporated

20120231457 - Compositions and methods for assessing a genetic risk of developing late-onset alzheimer's disease (load): The described invention provides compositions and methods for assessing a genetic risk of developing late-onset Alzheimer's disease (LOAD) in a subject by analyzing haplotypes of human Apolipoprotein E (APOE) and Translocase of Outer Mitochondrial Membrane 40 homolog (TOMM40) genes using a PCR- and restriction digest-based approach.... Agent:

20120231461 - Detection of nucleic acids: The present invention relates to compositions and methods for the detection and characterization of small nucleic acid molecules (e.g., RNA (e.g., small RNAs such as micro RNAs (miRNAs) and small interfering RNAs (siRNAs)) and other short nucleic acid molecules). More particularly, the present invention relates to methods for the detection... Agent: Third Wave Technologies, Inc.

20120231456 - Instruments and methods for mixing the contents of a detection chamber: A receptacle having interconnected chambers arranged to permit multiple process steps to be performed independently or simultaneously. The receptacles are manufactured to separate liquid from dried reagents and to maintain the stability of the dried reagents. An immiscible liquid, such as an oil, is included to control loading of process... Agent: Gen-probe Incorporated

20120231460 - Method and apparatus for predicting pharmacological efficacy of human anti-tnfa antibody drug against rheumatoid arthritis: A method for predicting pharmacological efficacy of a human anti-TNFα antibody drug against rheumatoid arthritis, the method including: measuring a level of at least one of ADAMTS4 and ADAMTS5 in a sample derived from a subject, and determining whether or not the human anti-TNFα antibody drug is efficacious against rheumatoid... Agent:

20120231458 - Method of acquiring standard curve in real-time pcr: A method of acquiring a standard curve for quantifying polynucleotide is provided. The method includes: (a) performing a real-time polynucleotide chain reaction (PCR) for plural samples having different initial polynucleotide concentrations, the PCR being performed with respect to plural amplification cycle numbers using detectable probes providing a signal according to... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20120231455 - Peptide nucleic acid probes, kit and method for detecting helicobacter pylori and/or clarithromycin resistance profile and applications: Four peptide nucleic acid probes (PNA) are for the detection of Helicobacter pylori and/or response analysis of Helicobacter pylori strains to clarithromycin. The probes are based in molecular biology methods, namely fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) that are used in H. pylori clarithromycin susceptibility diagnosis in several sample types, including... Agent: Universidade Do Minho

20120231463 - Primer set for amplification of mthfr gene, mthfr gene amplification reagent containing the same, and use of the same: The present invention provides a primer set for specifically amplifying a target region in a MTHFR gene by a nucleic acid amplification method, a MTHFR gene amplification reagent containing the primer set, and use of the primer set.... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20120231454 - Production of beta-cells: The present invention relates to in vitro and in vivo methods for the generation of pancreatic β-cells, comprising the step of providing at least one pancreatic α-cell or at least one precursor cell with Pax-4 or a nucleic acid encoding Pax-4. Furthermore, the invention relates to a screening method for... Agent:

20120231465 - nucleic acid quantitation method: The present invention relates to methods of quantifying nucleic acids and in particular to an improved universal method of quantifying nucleic acids for gene expression studies without the need for normalising data to a housekeeping gene or to a synthetic gene of interest.... Agent:

20120231467 - Aptamers for c. difficile diagnostics: The present disclosure relates generally to the field of nucleic acids and, more particularly, to aptamers capable of binding to toxins produced by Clostridium difficile; diagnostic kits and methods comprising such aptamers; and methods of making and using such aptamers.... Agent: Somalogic, Inc.

20120231464 - Heatable droplet device: A heatable droplet device is used to embody real-time detection by means of the device's temperature control and surface treated and trimmed. A temperature causing internal stability disturbed is immediately detected with a designed sensor while affecting a specific area.... Agent: Instrument Technology Research Center, National Applied Research Laboratories

20120231466 - Methods and compositions for isolating nucleic acid: The present invention relates to compositions and methods for isolating and purifying nucleic acid. In particular, the present invention relates to methods of isolating nucleic acid from cells for use in further analysis.... Agent: Northwestern University

20120231468 - Rna from cytology samples to diagnose disease: The invention relates to methods and kits for detecting the likelihood that a subject has cancer, e.g., squamous cell carcinoma, by assaying the expression levels of tumor associated genes. More specifically, the expression levels of nucleic acids or proteins can be assayed in the tumor associated genes, e.g., over-expression of... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20120231473 - Flow cytometry method through the control of fluorescence intensities: Provided is a flow cytometry method including adjusting cell populations targeted by antibodies conjugated with a same-color fluorochrome to show different fluorescence intensities according to types of the antibodies. Unlike a conventional flow cytometry method capable of classifying a positive and negative of one target using one antibody per color,... Agent: Catholic University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation

20120231469 - Formalin-fixed isotope-labeled reference standards and methods for fabrication and use thereof: One or more cells are labeled with minor stable isotopes, characterized, and preserved for subsequent use as a bio-specimen reference standard. The one or more cells are grown in culture media supplied with minor stable isotopes in concentrations substantially different from normally occurring concentrations, thereby supplanting major stable isotopes that... Agent: Bioproximity, LLC

20120231471 - Marker associated with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: Disclosed is a novel NASH marker for use in a method for detecting NASH or evaluating the severity of NASH, which utilizes at least one factor selected from the group consisting of an IL-1 receptor antagonist, sCD40, HMGB1, sPLA2 group IIA and an sPLA2 activity as the marker. Also disclosed... Agent:

20120231472 - Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of renal injury and renal failure: The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in subjects suffering from or suspected of having a renal injury. In particular, the invention relates to using a one or more assays configured to detect a kidney injury marker selected from the... Agent: Astute Medical, Inc.

20120231470 - Methods and systems associated with detection of fatty acid elongation in a cell: Methods and systems to identify compounds capable of altering a fatty acid elongation pathway and for identifying conditions under which fatty acids elongation can occur in a cell are described. The methods and systems comprise labeled fatty acid precursors and cells capable of elongating fatty acids. Methods for providing suitable... Agent:

20120231474 - Constructs that allow for detection and quantitation of membrane proteins: A construct is described that allows for detection and quantitation of membrane-bound polypeptides.... Agent:

20120231477 - Blood biomarkers for bone fracture and cartilage injury: Blood biomarkers are described for use in methods and compositions to determine whether an individual has sustained a bone fracture or a cartilage injury.... Agent: Genera Instrazivanja D.o.o.

20120231478 - Tivozanib response prediction: A diagnostic method for predicting whether a human tumor will be sensitive or resistant to treatment with tivozanib (AV-951) is disclosed. The method is based on measurement of macrophage content in a tissue sample from a tumor. Measurement of macrophage content can be based on analysis of macrophage marker gene... Agent:

20120231475 - Immunoassay for determining the release of neurotensin into the circulation: The invention relates to an immunodiagnostic determination method for determining the release of neurotensin into the circulation of mammals during which an immunoreactivity of the N-terminal portion of a mammal proneurotensin (PNT immunoreactivity) is selectively determined in a serum sample or plasma sample of a test mammal, this immunoreactivity not... Agent: Sphingotec Gmbh

20120231476 - Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of renal injury and renal failure: The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in subjects suffering from or suspected of having a renal injury. In particular, the invention relates to using a one or more assays configured to detect a kidney injury marker selected from the... Agent: Astute Medical, Inc.

20120231479 - Combination methods of diagnosing cancer in a patient: The present disclosure relates to methods for determining the presence, activity, and/or concentrations of certain cancer biomarkers and their use in determining the presence of cancer.... Agent:

20120231480 - Materials and methods for the differential diagnosis of pacreatic lesions: Levels of VEGF-A, VEGF-C and PGE2 were measured in patient groups presenting with different types of pancreatic lesions. Pancreatic fluids that exhibited high levels of VEGF-A and relative low levels of VEGF-C correlated well with a diagnosis of serous cystadenoma. Pancreatic fluids collected from cysts in patients that did not... Agent: Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation

20120231482 - Method, kit or diagnostic for the detection of reagents which induce altered contractility: A method of screening for compounds that enhance or depress contractile function, based on measuring the formation of heterodimers of contractile fibers (e.g. Tm and actin, myosin heavy and myosin light chains), for example through disulfide bond formation. Diagnostic and prognostic methods and kits are also provided.... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120231481 - Methods of evaluating baff: The present disclosure provides compositions and methods relating to the evaluation of BAFF in a biological sample from a subject.... Agent: Biogen Idec Ma Inc.

20120231483 - Method and apparatus for reducing luminescent test result intereferences (continuation): This application involves detecting luminescence. Various methods and devices are described that reduce interference of ambient light, including UV radiation, on test results. Such methods and devices include using UV blocking material and covering test components prior to use.... Agent:

20120231484 - Method and marker for determination degree of risk of onset of high-functioning autism: The present invention relates to a method for determining the degree of risk of onset of autism, comprising the step of measuring the triglyceride concentration or the cholesterol concentration in a very low-density lipoprotein fraction of plasma or serum isolated from a subject, or the triglyceride concentration or the cholesterol... Agent:

20120231485 - Method for monitoring anticoagulant therapy: A method of measuring the combined activity of both and only coagulation factors II and X for the purpose of monitoring anticoagulant therapy, and kits for using the method. The method involves mixing of test plasma from a human to be tested with specially prepared plasma deficient in both and... Agent:

20120231486 - Method and apparatus to perform hydrogen-deuterium exchange: Further described is a chemical analysation device for analysing chemical compositions and/or compounds, and a method for analysing chemical compounds and a computer program product for inducing a computer to perform steps in the method. Also described is a method for analyzing interactions between analytes and charged molecules, and calculating... Agent: Biomotif Ab

20120231488 - Fluid sample collection device: Disclosed herein is a sample collection device for an aqueous fluid, such as whole blood, serum, plasma and urine. The device comprises a cartridge body defining an elongate sample collection passage that has open ends. The passage is arranged to draw the fluid into the passage by capillary action. The... Agent: Vivacta Ltd.

20120231489 - Iridescent surfaces and apparatus for real time measurement of liquid and cellular adhesion: Described is a method and apparatus for determining the adhesion of an object to an iridescent surface based on the detected scattered light scattered by the interface region for the iridescent surface and the object.... Agent: Florida State University Research Foundation

20120231487 - Method for preparing an invasive test of an egg and for determining a gender of an embryo in an egg: The present invention relates to a method for preparing an invasive test on an egg, such as determining the gender of an embryo in an egg, comprising the step of: providing a passage to the interior of an egg. The present invention also relates to a method for determining the... Agent:

20120231490 - Method of differentiation from stem cells to hepatocytes: Disclosed are: a gene transduction method for use in the induction of the differentiation of stem cells such as ES cells or iPS cells into hepatocytes effectively; stem cells into each of which a gene useful for the induction of the differentiation into hepatocytes is introduced; and hepatocytes produced from... Agent: Japan Health Sciences Foundation

20120231491 - Method for evaluating toxicity of chemical using alga: The present invention provides a method for evaluating the toxicity of a chemical by using an alga, comprising: (a) a thawing step of thawing frozen algal cells by heating, and diluting the obtained suspension of the cells by adding a culture medium thereto; (b) a recovery culture step of culturing... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20120231492 - Sensor for detecting microorganisms and corresponding process: Microbial fuel cells generate an electrical signal when microbes enter the cells through a semipermeable membrane. By reading and analyzing the signal from one or more such fuel cells can indicate infection in people or animals, indicate pathogens growing in food or show mold growth. Insofar as different microbes have... Agent:

20120231493 - Apparatus for chemiluminescent assay and detection: An apparatus includes a system for guiding chemiluminescence and a system for preventing a variation in dark currents. The apparatus includes a first light shielding BOX having a sample container holder and a shutter unit therein, the shutter unit including a top plate which is partly formed by a movement... Agent:

20120231494 - Combined liquid to solid-phase anaerobic digestion for biogas production from municipal and agricultural wastes: Biogas is obtained in a solid-state anaerobic digester from a solid organic biomass and a digestion effluent produced in an associated liquid anaerobic digester. The solid organic biomass and digestion effluent are mixed to produce an effluent-biomass mixture. The effluent-biomass mixture is then incubated in the solid state anaerobic digester,... Agent: The Ohio State University Research Foundation

20120231495 - Production of non-yeast sterols by yeast: This invention relates to the production of 7-dehydrocholesterol, 25-hydroxy-7-dehydrocholesterol, and 25-hydroxy ergosterol in yeast such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It also related to various enzymes catalyzing the reduction of the double bond at position 24 of lanosterol, dimethyl zymosterol, methyl zymosterol, zymosterol, cholesta-7, 24-dienol, or cholesta-5,7,24-trienol; or the hydroxylation at position... Agent:

20120231496 - Composition for synthesizing protein with reduced lipopolysaccharide contamination, method for producing protein using said composition: According to the present invention, a composition possessing cell-free protein synthesis activity with reduced contaminating lipopolysaccharide, and a method for producing a protein using the same are provided. When ribosome display is performed using the composition and method for protein production of the present invention, the background that is caused... Agent: Genefrontier Corporation

20120231498 - Processing enzymes fused to basic protein tags: The invention is related to processing enzyme comprising an N-terminally attached tag derived from highly basic proteins from thermophilic bacteria. The processing enzymes are useful for modifying proteins. They can be produced in high yields and can be effectively separated from the modified protein after use.... Agent: Novo Nordisk Health Care Ag

20120231497 - Selective enzymatic hydrolysis of c-terminal tert-butyl esters of peptides: The present invention relates to a process for the selective enzymatic hydrolysis of C-terminal esters of peptide substrates in the synthesis of peptides, comprising hydrolysing C-terminal tert-butyl esters using the protease subtilisin. This process is useful in the production of protected or unprotected peptides.... Agent: Merck

20120231500 - Cells for transient expression and uses thereof: e

20120231499 - High-molecular-weight recombinant silk or silk-like protein and micro- or nano-sized spider silk or silk-like fiber produced therefrom: A high-molecular-weight recombinant silk or silk-like protein having a molecular weight which is substantially similar to that of native silk protein, and a micro- or nano-sized spider silk or silk-like fiber having improved physical properties, produced therefrom. The recombinant silk or silk-like protein according to the invention has high molecular... Agent:

20120231502 - Method for producing therapeutic proteins in pichia pastoris lacking dipeptidyl aminopeptidase activity: The present invention related to methods and compositions for producing therapeutic proteins in yeast cell lines, and in particular Pichia pastoris, lacking dipeptidyl aminopeptidase (DAP) activity. DAP activity has been eliminated by genetically modifying a Pichia pastoris cell line such that STE13 and DAP2 have been deleted.... Agent: Merck Sharpe & Dohme Corp.

20120231501 - Methods for increasing homologous recombination of a nucleic acid sequence: The present invention relates to methods for increasing homologous recombination of a nucleic acid sequence introduced into a host cell, comprising: (a) introducing into a population of filamentous fungal host cells a first nucleic acid sequence encoding a recombination protein and a second nucleic acid sequence comprising one or more... Agent: Novozymes, Inc.

20120231503 - Gene expression technique: e

20120231505 - Gene expression technique:

20120231504 - Multiuse reactors and related methods: A septum is positioned within a disposable vessel and defines a lower chamber and an upper chamber. The septum includes a plurality of apertures that provide fluid communication between the upper chamber and lower chamber. Compressed gas is introduced in the lower chamber to produce fine bubbles rising up throughout... Agent: Therapeutic Proteins Inc.

20120231506 - Multistep final filtration: Herein is reported a method for the final filtration of concentrated polypeptide solutions comprising the combination of two immediately consecutive filtration steps with a first filter of 3.0 μm and 0.8 μm pore size and a second filter of 0.45 μm and 0.22 μm pore size.... Agent:

20120231507 - Novel cellulases with high activities: Two novel cellulases and nucleotide sequences encoding the same are disclosed. Also disclosed are compositions and methods for using the same for hydrolyzing cellulosic waste materials.... Agent: Academia Sinica

20120231508 - Novel multiplex barcoded paired-end ditag (mbped) sequencing approach and its application in fusion gene identification: A method of generating a barcoded Paired-End Ditag (bPED) nucleic acid fragment is disclosed. The method comprises: a) performing a first ligation by ligating a half-adaptor with one or two 3′-overhanging ends to a target nucleic acid to obtain a nucleic acid fragment with two ends each attached to one... Agent: Academia Sinica

20120231509 - Primers and probes for the amplification and detection of hiv gag, rev and nef polynucleotides: The invention relates to improved methods and compositions for the nucleic acid amplification of one or multiple variants (strains) of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) present in a sample, and preferably in a sample from a pathogen infected individual. In particular, novel primers, methods and kits for the amplification of one... Agent: Argos Therapeutics, Inc.

20120231510 - Multi-cellulase enzyme compositions for hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass: The invention relates to a multi-cellulase enzyme composition for the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass said composition comprising a cellobiohydrolase (CBH) enzyme, an endoglucanase (EG) enzyme and a β-glucosidase (BG) enzyme.... Agent: Codexis, Inc.

20120231511 - Preparation method for bio-fuel materials and bio-chemicals: Disclosed is a preparation method for bio-fuel materials and bio-chemicals comprising the following steps: preparing a medium comprising fermentation waste generated in an alcohol production process; inoculating a first microorganism into the medium; and culturing the medium wherein the first microorganism was inoculated. More specifically, the preparation method for bio-fuel... Agent: Gs Caltex Corporation

20120231512 - Preparation of alpha-ketopimelic acid: The present invention relates to a method for preparing alpha-ketopimelic acid, comprising converting 2-hydroxyheptanedioic acid into alpha-ketopimelic acid, which conversion is catalysed using a biocatalyst. Further, the invention relates to a heterologous cell, comprising a nucleic acid sequence encoding an enzyme having catalytic activity in the conversion of 2-hydroxyheptanedioic acid... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20120231513 - Systems and methods for culturing algae with bivalves: Provided herein are systems and methods for extracting lipids and/or producing biofuel from algae in marine and freshwater environments, wherein algae and bivalves are co-cultured in a system of enclosures comprising water that comprises recycled nutrients that are essential for algal growth. The system also include enclosures for culturing fishes... Agent:

20120231514 - Fermentation method to produce a lignocellulose-based sugar stream with enriched pentose content: A method for producing a fermented solution enriched in xylose is provided. The sugar stream that is fermented results from the hydrolysis of a lignocellulosic feedstock and comprises at least a hexose and a pentose. The method comprises fermenting the sugar stream resulting from the hydrolysis of the lignocellulosic feedstock... Agent: Iogen Energy Corporation

20120231515 - Butanol dehydrogenase enzyme from the bacterium achromobacter xylosoxidans: From a bacterial strain isolated from an environmental sample, after enrichment in medium containing 1-butanol as the carbon source, a new enzyme with butanol dehydrogenase activity was identified. The enzyme can convert butyraldehyde to 1-butanol, isobutyraldehyde to isobutanol, as well as 2-butanone to 2-butanol and thus is useful for biosynthesis... Agent: Butamax(tm) Advanced Biofuels LLC

20120231516 - Adapted culture for cellulosic fermentation: A method for producing ethanol by fermentation includes the preparation of a starter culture, inoculation of a mash with the starter culture, fermentation of mash, and recovery of ethanol from the mash. The starter culture includes a tallow base with Chinese tallow tree parts and water which are inoculated with... Agent: Alternative Green Technologies, LLC

20120231517 - Miniaturized electroporation-ready microwell aray for high-throughput genomic screening: Methods of introducing exogenous molecules into cells including cell lines and primary cells are provided. Additionally, miniaturized electroporation-ready microwell arrays are provided. These tools provide a miniaturized high-throughput functional genomics screening platform to carry out genome-size screens in a variety of cell types.... Agent: The Scripps Research Institute

20120231518 - Compositions and methods for modifying a silicone surface for prolonged interference against pathogen colonization: According to some embodiments, the present invention provides a modified silicone surface for interference to pathogen colonization comprising: an activated silicone layer; a plurality of cross-linking dendrimers adsorbed onto to the activated silicone layer; a plurality of ligand derivatives, each bound to at least one of the plurality of cross-linking... Agent: University Of Houston

20120231519 - Molecular surface design of tyrosine-derived polycarbonates for attachment of biomolecules: Methods for constructing tyrosine-derived biotinylated polymers. Biotinylated polymers and polymer scaffolds constructed with the biotinylated polymers are also disclosed.... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20120231520 - Novel fusion proteins and method of expression thereof: The present invention relates to novel Prolipase-Bovine trypsinogen (PLBTR) fusion proteins, the genes encoding them, and the production and uses thereof. More specifically, the present invention relates to methods of producing in optimal quantities PLBTR fusion proteins which comprise a heterologous polypeptide which is normally susceptible to autocatalytic activity. More... Agent: Biocon Limited

20120231521 - Transducible polypeptides for modifying metabolism: Methods and compositions for modifying the metabolism of a subject are provided. One embodiment provides a recombinant polypeptide having a polynucleotide-binding domain, a protein transduction domain, and a targeting domain. In a preferred embodiment, the polynucleotide-binding domain includes one or more HMG box domains.... Agent: Gencia Corporation

20120231522 - Amplicon melting analysis with saturation dyes: Methods are provided for nucleic acid analysis wherein a target nucleic acid that is at least partially double stranded is mixed with a dsDNA binding dye having a percent saturation of at least 50% to form a mixture. In one embodiment, the nucleic acid is amplified in the presence of... Agent: Idaho Technology, Inc.

20120231523 - Recombinant factor x with no glycosylation and method for preparing the same: A Factor X (hereinafter referred to as “FX”) with a high activity is provided. The present invention relates to a method for efficiently preparing a recombinant, two-chain FX which comprises intervening glycosylation at such an amino acid sequence that is essential for glycosylation in FX to thereby allow for expression... Agent: Juridical Fdn The Chemo-sero-therapeutic Res Inst

20120231524 - Chimeric adenoviruses for use in cancer treatment: The present invention relates to oncolytic adenoviruses having therapeutic applications. Recombinant chimeric adenoviruses, and methods to produce them are provided. The chimeric adenoviruses of the invention comprise nucleic acid sequences derived from adenoviral serotypes classified within the subgroups B through F and demonstrate an enhanced therapeutic index.... Agent: Psioxus Therapeutics Limited

20120231525 - Multivalent phage display systems and methods: The present invention relates to vectors, methods and systems for polypeptide display and selection. Specifically, the present invention relates to vectors, methods, and systems for multivalent phage display using pIX protein of filamentous phage and helper phage.... Agent: University Of Oslo

20120231526 - Method for the purification of alphavirus replicon particles: Methods of production and purification for viruses and virus-derived vectors, including those related to alphaviruses, are disclosed. In one aspect, methods of purification that subject alphavirus replicon particle preparations to one or more steps of chromatographic purification, such as using an ion exchange resin, are provided. Also disclosed are methods... Agent:

20120231528 - Reaction casing for a photosynthetic reactor and associated photosynthetic reactor: “A reaction casing for a photosynthetic reactor designed firstly to float on a body of water and secondly to delimit a biphasic flow pathway for gas/liquid culture medium between a first and a second opening of the casing, where the casing includes two claddings, respectively outer and inner, made at... Agent: Microphyt

20120231527 - System and process for the treatment of gas emissions and effluents, and production of algal biomass: The present application generally relates to a process for the reduction of gas emissions, treatment of effluents and production of algal biomass, and to a system for the reduction of gas emissions, treatment of effluents and production of algal biomass.... Agent: Alga-labs Inc.

20120231529 - Fluid concentrator with removable cartridge: A fluid concentrator includes a main housing and a cartridge removably engaged to the main housing. The main housing includes a first end portion having a first port and a second port, an oppositely disposed second end portion and a separation chamber that extends between the first and second end... Agent:

20120231530 - Methods of chromosome drying and spreading: The present invention provides for a method of drying and spreading chromosomes from various biological samples to yield optimal chromosomal spreading. The method requires preparing a biological sample for treatment, providing a cytogenetic chamber capable of setting predetermined conditions, pre-testing a portion of the biological sample in the cytogenetic chamber,... Agent:

20120231531 - Biochemical detection unit and biochemical device having the same: A biochemical detection unit for detecting a sample and a biochemical device having the biochemical detection unit and a releasing unit are provided. The biochemical detection unit includes a photoconductor plate, a receptor, and a resistance sensing component. The receptor specifically binds to the sample so that the illumination projected... Agent:

20120231532 - Optical scanning system: An optical scanning system including a switchable light source, a detector, a substrate and a plurality of optical sensing sites, as well as methods and kits for use thereof are provided. The substrate is coupled to and in optical communication with the switchable light source and the detector. Additionally, the... Agent:

20120231533 - Device and method for the study of cell and tissue function: A chamber device for analyzing living cell(s). The chamber device includes a base and a lid that when reversibly pressed closed create a chamber. The base is configured with an optically transparent well to contain at least one cell. The lid has a breadth greater than the base and is... Agent:

20120231534 - Spectrometric device: The present invention provides improved spectrometric devices useful for measuring optical quantities of a component, including a solid state LED emitter, having at least one wavelength that is matched to the wavelength that is useful for the spectral analysis of the component of interest, a photodetection cell and an optimizing... Agent:

20120231535 - Organic forward osmosis system: An organic forward osmosis system includes an acid treatment stage comprising an acid treatment operation configured to produce an acid treated, digester centrate stream in a forward osmosis reject loop and a fertilizer stream. A forward osmosis stage is coupled to the acid treatment stage and includes a forward osmosis... Agent: Hydration Systems LLC

20120231536 - Chimeral internal ribosomal entry site sequence and uses thereof: An improved baculovirus vector capable of expressing genes in mammalian or insect host cells, and the uses thereof are disclosed. The improved baculovirus vector includes in sequence: a promoter; a first nucleic acid operably linked to the promoter for expressing a first protein in the mammalian or insect host cells;... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20120231537 - Highly pure plasmid dna preparations: The present disclosure generally relates to highly pure plasmid compositions having low, or undetectable, levels of colanic acid and other contaminants made by a process that comprises purifying plasmid DNA by chromatography, treating the purified plasmid DNA with a polypeptide that digests colanic acid under conditions that digest the colonic... Agent: Gradalis, Inc.

20120231538 - Lipophilic dye-based fret assays for clostridial toxin activity: Compositions useful for detecting Clostridial toxin activity comprising a cell that comprises a membrane-associated Clostridial toxin substrate comprising a first member of a fluorescence resonance energy transfer pair; and a Clostridial toxin recognition sequence including a cleavage site; and a membrane-associated second member of the FRET pair and methods useful... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120231540 - Non-simian cells for growth of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs) virus: Disclosed are compositions and methods relating to growth of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) using non-simian cells. In a particular example, porcine alveolar macrophage cells are described as having a capability of supporting infectivity and reproduction by PRRSV. Cells and cell lines of the invention are disclosed in... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20120231539 - Replication stable and rnase resistant chimeras of pestivirus with insertion in 3' nontranslated region (3'ntr): The invention relates to the field of nucleic acid amplification, particularly to quality control materials for use in viral RNA assays. It specifically relates to the construction of a recombinant Pestivirus by the identification of a region in the 3′NTR of the viral RNA genome where additional sequence elements can... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120231541 - Fluorescence polarization herg assay: Disclosed are assays, methods, and kits for the screening of test compounds for their capability to induce cardiotoxicity in a subject. In particular, whether a test compound has the effect to prolong the Q-T interval as measured by an electrocardiogram in a human. The assays, methods, and kits disclosed herein... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120231542 - Biologically active human umbilical cord blood cell extract compounds and methods: Compositions and methods for culturing therapeutic cells are provided herein. According to at least one embodiment, compositions comprising cord blood plasma and lysed platelets and methods for making and using same are provided herein.... Agent: General Biotechnology, LLC

20120231543 - Novel opioid antagonists: Certain quinolizidine and octahydropyridopyrazine compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of their use, inter alia, as opioid receptor antagonists are disclosed.... Agent: Adolor Corporation

20120231544 - Cell growth apparatus and use of aerogels for directed cell growth: This invention describes a cell growth apparatus, particularly neuronal printed circuit board apparatus comprising an aerogel base and a pre-printed cellular growth pattern. The cellular growth pattern is comprised of combinations of layers of cellular adhesion promoting materials, cellular adhesion inhibiting materials, and/or cellular signal promoting materials. The invention further... Agent: University Of Memphis Research Foundation

20120231545 - Method for modifying bovine embryo stem cells and method for purifying proteins produced by modified bovine embryo stem cells: The present invention relates to the modification process of bovine embryonic stem cells and purification process of proteins generated by modified stem cells. In particular, the present invention lies in the field of medicine and veterinary.... Agent:

20120231546 - Novel acetyl coa carboxylases: Provided herein are novel ACCases and nucleotides encoding the same, that when introduced into a cell or organism results in an increase and/or accumulation of fatty acids, glycerol lipids, and/or oils in the cell or organism, and/or a change in the types of fatty acids, glycerol lipids, and/or oils that... Agent: Sapphire Energy, Inc.

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20120225418 - Apparatus and method for selecting particles: The invention provides a device and a method for flow cytometric fractionation of particles contained in a fluid stream, wherein sections of the fluid stream, especially droplets if the fluid stream is a droplet stream, are irradiated with a laser. The laser disposed for the irradiation of the sections of... Agent: Masterrind Gmbh

20120225416 - Method for enhancing red blood cell quality and survival during storage: The present invention is a method for enhancing the quality and survival of red blood cells during storage by depleting the red blood cells of both carbon dioxide and oxygen and maintaining 2,3-diphosphoglycerate acid levels.... Agent:

20120225419 - Methods and systems for providing red blood cell products with reduced plasma: Methods and systems for processing and conditioning red blood cells are disclosed. The methods and systems may be used to make a readily transfusible red blood cell product with reduced plasma. In general, the plasma content of the supernatant of the red blood cell product is no greater than about... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20120225417 - Methods, compositions and kits for the evaluation and preservation of sperm: The invention concerns methods and kits for evaluating the semen quality. The invention also concerns compounds and compositions for preserving a sperm sample, especially during cryopreservation. The invention is based on a correlation between sperm phosphodiesterase (PDE) activity and sperm fertility and on the use of selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors, more... Agent: Universit&#xe9 Laval

20120225420 - Bio vapor stimulation system: The organic material in a landfill's incoming solid waste is converted into a useful biogas (methane). A bio vapor stimulation system comprises components for mixing bacteria and nutrients and for growing bacteria, as well as process sensors, and a delivery system to provide an appropriate balance of: (1) anaerobic bacteria,... Agent:

20120225424 - Device and method for electroporation-based delivery of molecules into cells and dynamic monitoring of cell responses: The present invention includes devices and methods for transfecting a cell or cell population and dynamic monitoring of cellular events. A variety of microelectronic devices are provide that incorporate functions such as electroporation, modulation of a transmembrane potential and dynamic monitoring of cellular functions and mechanisms.... Agent: Acea Biosciences, Inc.

20120225421 - Kit and method for sequencing a target dna in a mixed population: Methods and kits for sequencing a target DNA sequence in a sample having a related reference sequence are provided herein. In particular, kits and methods for sequencing cancer and cancer therapy associated mutations are described. Also provided are kits and methods for detecting mitochondrial mutations and for differentiating between closely... Agent: Transgenomic, Inc.

20120225422 - Method and device employing a non-receptor ligand interaction with nanoparticles or other solid phase followed by specific detection: A method and apparatus for conducting specific binding assays are claimed. This invention relates to an initial non-receptor ligand interaction with nanoparticles or other solid phases followed by specific detection methods used for detecting biological, chemical or environmental entities. This invention employs an on-device ligand attachment to nanoparticles or other... Agent: Romonics, LLC

20120225423 - Pathogen detection biosensor: The invention described herein provides methods for the detection of target particles, such as pathogens, soluble antigens, nucleic acids, toxins, chemicals, plant pathogens, blood borne pathogens, bacteria, viruses and the like. Also described is an emittor cell comprising a receptor, wherein the receptor can be an antibody or an Fc... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120225426 - Baalc expression as a diagnostic marker for acute leukemia: Overexpression of the gene, BAALC, in biological samples from a patient is prognostic for tumor aggressiveness and unfavorable patient outcome. The present invention provides polynucleotide primers and probes for assaying for overexpression of BAALC transcripts. Kits containing the primers and probes are also provided. Also provided are antibodies for assaying... Agent:

20120225425 - Cathepsin e as a marker of colon cancer: Elevated levels of cathepsin E (catE) are demonstrated to be diagnostic of intestinal forms of cancer, such as colorectal cancer. Elevated levels of cathepsin E (catE, monomeric forms) are demonstrated to be detectable in the urine of animals having colorectal cancer, and a diagnostic/screening method for identifying and/or detecting colorectal... Agent: University Of Notre Dame Du Lac

20120225430 - Methods for detecting human papilloma virus-associated cancers: The present invention provides probes and methods of use thereof in the diagnosis and/or prognosis of certain types of cancers, particularly human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated cancers. The probes are designed for hybridization with genomic material in a manner indicative of one or more aberrations in the genetic material present in the... Agent: Cancer Genetics, Inc.

20120225429 - Methods, compositions and kits for detection and analysis of antibiotic-resistant bacteria: The present invention relates generally to detection of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in a sample. In particular, the invention provides methods, compositions and kits for detecting and analyzing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other methicillin-resistant bacteria in a sample.... Agent: Molecular Detection, Inc.

20120225427 - Spla2 iia polymorphism analysis for the diagnosis/prognosis of a cardiovascular disease/event: The invention relates to a method of identifying a subject having or at risk of having or developing a cardiovascular disease and/or a cardiovascular event, comprising determining, in a sample obtained from said subject, the presence or absence of a variant allele of nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) of the sPLA2 type... Agent: Inserm (institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale)

20120225428 - Type of universal probe for the detection of genomic variants: The present disclosure relates to a composition comprising a first set of probes and a second set of probes, composed of one or more DNA nucleotide(s) and five or more LNA (locked nucleic acid) nucleotides, wherein the base at a discriminating position differs for a first probe of the first... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120225433 - Gene expression markers for breast cancer prognosis: The present invention provides gene sets the expression of which is important in the diagnosis and/or prognosis of breast cancer.... Agent:

20120225432 - Method and kit for the prognosis of mantle cell lymphoma: The method and the kit are useful as tools for classifying a patient diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma into the category of: indolent or conventional. The method comprises: a) providing a sample from a patient suffering from mantle cell lymphoma; b) determining the level of expression of at least one... Agent:

20120225431 - Methods of synthesizing and labeling nucleic acid molecules: The present invention is generally related to composition, kits and methods for synthesizing nucleic acid molecules and particularly for synthesizing labeled nucleic acid molecules. Specifically, the invention relates to methods, kits and compositions for synthesizing indirectly labeled nucleic acid molecules. The labeled nucleic acid molecules produced in accordance with the... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120225434 - Screening method for selected amino lipid-containing compositions: The invention features a method of identifying therapeutically relevant compositions which include a therapeutic agent and 2,2-Dilinoley 1-4-dimethylaminomethyl-[1,3]-dioxolane by screening for an effect of the agent on the liver of a model subject.... Agent: Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation

20120225436 - Immuno-based botulinum toxin serotype a activity assays: The present specification discloses SNAP-25 compositions, methods of making α-SNAP-25 antibodies that bind an epitope comprising a carboxyl-terminus at the P1 residue from the BoNT/A cleavage site scissile bond from a SNAP-25 cleavage product, α-SNAP-25 antibodies that bind an epitope comprising a carboxyl-terminus at the P1 residue from the BoNT/A... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120225435 - Nanopipette apparatus for manipulating cells: Disclosed herein are methods and systems for controlled ejection of desired material onto surfaces including in single cells using nanopipettes, as well as ejection onto and into cells. Some embodiments are directed to a method and system comprising nanopipettes combined with an xyz controller for depositing a user defined pattern... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120225439 - Protein markers for detecting liver cancer and method for identifying the markers thereof: The present invention relates to the diagnosis of liver cancer. It discloses the use of protein ERBB3 and protein IGFBP2 in the diagnosis of liver cancer. It relates to a method for diagnosis of liver cancer from a liquid sample, derived from an individual by measuring ERBB3 protein and IGFBP2... Agent: Chang Gung Medical Foundation, Linkou Branch

20120225437 - Methods for identifying inhibitors of mannan-binding lectin associated serine protease (masp) proteins and uses thereof: This disclosure is directed to methods and compositions to inhibit MASP protein activity using small molecule inhibitors. In one aspect, the disclosure is directed to methods for identifying inhibitors of MASP protein activity, including methods of screening capable of inhibiting MASP protein activity.... Agent:

20120225438 - Systems and methods for detecting animal pregnancy: Testing systems and methods are disclosed for detecting a pregnancy marker of an animal. A test kit may include a first standard with a first concentration of the marker, a second standard with a second concentration of the marker lower than the first concentration, and at least three test surfaces... Agent: Biotracking, LLC

20120225440 - Hepatocellular carcinoma protein marker, and method for detection of hepatocellular carcinoma using the same: A method of detecting hepatocellular carcinoma includes using an isolated protein including an amino acid sequence represented by SEQ ID NO: 1.... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120225442 - New markers for the diagnosis of celiac disease: The invention relates to new peptides and to their use in the diagnosis of celiac disease.... Agent:

20120225441 - Protein markers for detecting liver cancer and method for identifying the markers thereof: The present invention relates to the diagnosis of liver cancer. It discloses the use of protein ERBB3 and protein IGFBP2 in the diagnosis of liver cancer. It relates to a method for diagnosis of liver cancer from a liquid sample, derived from an individual by measuring ERBB3 protein and IGFBP2... Agent: Chang Gung Medical Foundation, Linkou Branch

20120225443 - Stabilized standards for busulfan immunoassay: Use of busulfan amide as stabilized standards in immunoassays for quantifying the amount of busulfan in samples of human biological fluids, methods for carrying out said immunoassay and kits for use in said immunoassay.... Agent:

20120225444 - Methods and apparatus for fractionation-based chemical analyses: A method for analyzing chemicals includes fractionating a complex sample into at least two sample portions that each include portions of two polypeptides though in different concentration ratios, digesting and performing LC/MS on each of the sample portions, and associating precursor ions observed via LC/MS with their corresponding polypeptide in... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20120225447 - Compositions and methods for quantitatively monitoring lipids: Provided herein are fluorescent lipid binding proteins (FLBPs). The FLBPs comprise a lipid binding domain linked to a fluorophore, whrereby the fluorophore's fluorescence emission undergoes a spectral change upon lipid binding. Said fluorophore is selected from the group consisting of 2-dimethylamino-6-acyl-naphthalene (DAN) and RED fluorophore and said lipid binding protein... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Iiiinois

20120225446 - Preparation of thin layers of a fluid containing cells for analysis: Apparatus for producing thin layers of a fluid sample for analysis, has a two dimensional array of analysis chambers (45), and a branching pattern of entry channels (25) coupled to the array to enable the analysis chambers to be filled in parallel. The analysis chambers are planar with a height... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120225445 - Sebocytes, sebocyte cell lines and applications thereof: Adipose cells (sebocytes) are described, The invention especially relates to sebaceous gland cells and to a sebaceous gland cell line with the property of being continuously grown over many sub-cultures. The sebocytes are excellently suited for useful applications.... Agent:

20120225448 - Substrate with photo-controllable cell adhesion property, method for analyzing and fractionating cells, and device for analysis and fractionation of cells: When cells are analyzed, fractionated, and incubated while keeping the cells alive, real-time operations can be performed more easily and the cells can be incubated while removing unnecessary cells from the incubated cells to purify the cells being incubated. Furthermore, desired cells are separated through analysis from the incubated cells,... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20120225449 - Method and appraratus utilizing enzyme substrates producing slow diffusing fluorescent product appearances and chromogens, and use in combination with fast diffusing product appearances: A new method of rapid detection of cells, microorganisms, or other items is described using various combinations of indicator enzyme substrates which can yield fluorophoric and chromophoric appearances due to reaction with enzymes. An aspect of the invention is the use of a family of compounds producing both slow diffusing... Agent:

20120225450 - Carboxyl-containing polymers with improved storage stability and processability: The present invention relates to carboxyl-containing polymers having higher storage stability and improved processability in the form of powders, pellets or granules and to their use in laundry detergents and cleaners, and also in further fields of use.... Agent: Basf Se

20120225452 - nucleic acid molecule for encoding xylose isomerase and xylose isomerase encoded by the nucleic acid molecule: A novel xylose isomerase nucleotide sequence obtained from a bovine rumen fluid metagenomic library and also provides the amino acid sequence encoded by the nucleotide sequence, and a vector and a transformant containing the nucleotide sequence. When the xylose isomerase is expressed, a host cell is endowed with the capability... Agent: Shan Dong University

20120225451 - Metabolic engineering of xylose-fermenting eukaryotic cells: The present invention relates to genetic modifications in eukaryotic host cells that have been transformed to express a xylose isomerase that confers on the host cell the ability to isomerize xylose to xylulose. These genetic modifications are aimed at improving the efficiency of xylose metabolism and include. e.g., reduction of... Agent: Technische Universiteit Delft

20120225453 - Systems and methods for the secretion of recombinant proteins in gram negative bacteria: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for producing recombinant proteins utilizing mutant E. coli strains containing expression vectors carrying nucleic acids encoding the proteins, and secretory signal sequences to direct the secretion of the proteins to the culture medium. Host cells transformed with the expression vectors are also provided.... Agent:

20120225454 - Synthetic operon: The present invention relates to synthetic operons. In particular, the present invention relates to a synthetic operon for integration into a bacterial chromosome of a bacterium comprising a promoter operably-linked to at least two genes, wherein at least one gene is a gene of interest and at least one gene... Agent: Ondek Pty Ltd

20120225455 - Method for producing sugar: Disclosed is a process for producing a sugar, whereby any non-sugar component can be removed from a sugar solution with high efficiency and the color value of the sugar solution can be reduced. Specifically disclosed is a process for producing sugar, which is characterized by comprising: adding ethanol to a... Agent: Asahi Groups Holdings, Ltd.

20120225456 - Method for conducting multiple reactions in a single reaction tube: There is disclosed a method for conducting at least two reactions in a reaction tube, said method comprising the steps of providing at least two reaction phases within said reaction tube for allowing said reactions to occur therein, providing a separation phase that is immiscible with said two reaction phases... Agent: Biochip Devises Pte Ltd.

20120225457 - Nanoparticle-nucleic acid complex and method of linearizing target nucleic acid: A nanoparticle-nucleic acid complex and a method of linearizing a target nucleic acid by using the nanoparticle-nucleic acid complex are disclosed. By using the nanoparticle-nucleic acid complex and the method, nucleotide sequence analysis and mapping of a target nucleic acid may be efficiently performed.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20120225458 - Microorganisms having enhanced sucrose mutase activity: The invention relates to the biotechnological production of isomaltulose and isomaltulose-containing compositions and improved means, therefore particularly microbial cells.... Agent: Sudzucker Aktiengesellschaft Mannheim/ochsenfurt

20120225459 - Fructanase: The present invention relates to a novel protein and a method for the manufacture thereof. The novel protein according to the invention is a recombinant protein with fructanase activity. The recombinant protein according to the invention is an engineered protein derived from recombinant DNA encoding for the protein. The recombinant... Agent:

20120225460 - System and method for processing biomass: A method for processing biomass that includes forming a first pile comprising biomass; inoculating said first pile comprising biomass; circulating a liquid in said first pile; fermenting the biomass in said first pile to produce a carboxylate salt; and extracting at least a portion of the liquid in the first... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20120225461 - Organic acid production in microorganisms by combined reductive and oxidative tricaboxylic acid cylce pathways: This invention relates to succinic acid production from renewable feedstock using microbial biocatalysts genetically modified to produce succinic acid in commercially significant quantities. More specifically, this invention relates to the genetic manipulations in the pathway of carbon from renewable feedstock to succinic acid.... Agent: Myriant Corporation

20120225462 - Nutrient composition for saccharomyces cerevisiae and method for using the same: Nutrient composition for saccharomyces cerevisiae and a method of using the same. The nutrient composition includes a yeast extract in 62-98 weight parts; an acid protease in 1.5-20 weight parts; and magnesium sulfate in 0.1-2.5 weight parts. The nutrient composition stimulates strong growth and reproduction of saccharomyces cerevisiae in various... Agent:

20120225463 - Microorganisms for the production of 1,4-butanediol and related methods: The invention provides non-naturally occurring microbial organisms comprising a 1,4-butanediol (BDO) pathway comprising at least one exogenous nucleic acid encoding a BDO pathway enzyme expressed in a sufficient amount to produce BDO and further optimized for expression of BDO. The invention additionally provides methods of using such microbial organisms to... Agent: Genomatica, Inc.

20120225464 - Specific arabinose transporter of the plant arabidopsis thaliana for the construction of pentose-fermenting yeasts: The present invention relates to methods for conferring upon a cell the ability to take up L-arabinose, wherein said method comprises transforming the cell with a nucleic acid molecule comprising a nucleic acid sequence that codes for a plant pentose transporter, wherein the transformation enables the cell to take up... Agent:

20120225465 - Fermentation of carbohydrate: A high yield method for fermenting carbohydrate to ethanol, comprising a) treating carbohydrate with a composition containing 10-90 wt. % of an aldehyde selected from the group consisting of an formaldehyde, para-formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and mixtures thereof, 1-50 wt. % of a surfactant having an I JLB from 4 to 18,... Agent:

20120225466 - Microorganisms and methods for the biosynthesis of butadiene: The invention provides non-naturally occurring microbial organisms having a butadiene pathway. The invention additionally provides methods of using such organisms to produce butadiene.... Agent: Genomatica, Inc.

20120225468 - Hafnia phytase variants: The present invention relates to phytases having at least 76% identity to a phytase derived from Hafnia alvei and comprises at least one modification in the amino acid sequence thereof. These phytase variants have modified, preferably improved, properties, such as, reduced protease sensibility, preferably they exhibit improved properties in respect... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20120225467 - Modified dnase compositions and methods of use thereof: Modified DNase polypeptides and methods of their use are provided.... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20120225469 - Acid fungal proteases: The present invention is directed to novel acid proteases and more specifically to NSP24 family proteases and NSP25 family proteases including biologically active fragments thereof and to nucleic acid molecules encoding said proteases. Also provided are vectors and host cells including nucleic acid sequences coding for the proteases, methods for... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20120225470 - Methods of propagating monkey adenoviral vectors: The invention provides methods for propagating a monkey adenovirus in a cell including a human cell, comprising one or more gene products isolated from a human adenovirus. Also provided are methods for propagating wherein the monkey adenovirus comprises a nucleic acid sequence encoding a human adenovirus gene product. The invention... Agent: Genvec, Inc.

20120225471 - Method for producing a composite material: A plant essential oil emulsion is used to disinfect the raw material used in making a self-supporting composite material formed by the growth of the hyphae of a fungus into and about the discrete particles of the raw material.... Agent:

20120225472 - Preservation and composition of bioprocess algae for production of lipids, seedstock, and feed: The present invention relates to compositions and uses of a novel Dunaliella salina HT04 microorganism. In addition, the present invention relates to novel methods for culturing harvesting, preservation, storage, and production of algae seedstock and uses thereof.... Agent: Kuehnle Agrosystems, Inc.

20120225473 - Devices and method for enrichment and alteration of cells and other particles: The invention features devices and methods for the deterministic separation of particles. Exemplary methods include the enrichment of a sample in a desired particle or the alteration of a desired particle in the device. The devices and methods are advantageously employed to enrich for rare cells, e.g., fetal cells, present... Agent:

20120225475 - Cytometry system with quantum cascade laser source, acoustic detector, and micro-fluidic cell handling system configured for inspection of individual cells: This disclosure concerns a cytometry system including a handling system that presents single cells to at least one quantum cascade laser (QCL) source. The QCL laser source is configured to deliver light to a cell within the cells in order to induce resonant mid-IR vibrational absorption by one or more... Agent: 1087 Systems, Inc.

20120225474 - System and method for pathogen detection and identification: This disclosure concerns a pathogen inspection system that includes a handling system that presents single cells from a sample to at least one QCL laser source. The QCL laser source is configured to deliver light to a cell within the cells in order to induce vibrational bond absorption in one... Agent: 1087 Systems, Inc.

20120225476 - Systems for the utilization of ruminant animal methane emissions: A process for the utilization of the methane produced by enteric fermentation, specifically to a process that utilizes methane produced by ruminant animals through enteric fermentation as a source of carbon and/or energy for the directed production of methane-based goods or processes is provided.... Agent: Newlight Technologies, LLC

20120225477 - Viral and viral associated mirnas and uses thereof: Described herein are novel polynucleotides associated with viral infections. The polynucleotides are miRNAs and miRNA precursors. Related methods and compositions that can be used for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of those medical conditions are disclosed. Also described herein are methods that can be used to identify modulators of viral infections.... Agent:

20120225478 - Anti-amyloid beta antibodies and their use: The present invention relates to antibody molecules capable of specifically recognizing two regions of the β-A4 peptide, wherein the first region comprises the amino acid sequence AEFRHDSGY as shown in SEQ ID NO: 1 or a fragment thereof and wherein the second region comprises the amino acid sequence VHHQKLVFFAEDVG as... Agent:

20120225479 - Thermostable variants of fibroblast growth factors: The present technology relates to engineered human Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 (FGF2) proteins and methods of using the same. In particular, the methods and compositions relate to FGF2 mutants with increased thermostability compared to the wild-type protein and method for using the proteins in the culturing of embryonic stem cells.... Agent: Humanzyme Limited

20120225480 - Culture media, cell cultures and methods of culturing pluripotent stem cells in an undifferentiated state: Provided are serum-free culture media which comprise basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), transforming growth factor beta-3, ascorbic acid, xeno-free serum replacement and a lipid mixture. The media may also comprise an IL6R/IL6 chimera, or leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF); wherein the culture medium is capable of maintaining pluripotent stem cells in... Agent: Technion Research & Development Foundatio Ltd.

20120225481 - T cell receptors: A T cell receptor (TCR) having the property of binding to the gp100 YLEPGPVTA peptide-HLA-A2 complex and comprising a TCR alpha variable domain and/or a TCR beta variable domain, characterized in that the domains are mutated relative to a TCR having the extracellular alpha and beta chain sequences SEQ ID... Agent:

20120225482 - Mammalian cx3c chemokine antibodies: Nucleic acids encoding a new family of chemokines, the CX3C family, from a mammal, reagents related thereto, including specific antibodies, and purified proteins are described. Methods of using said reagents and related diagnostic kits are also provided.... Agent: Schering Corporation

20120225483 - Microsphere-containing cell aggregate: The present invention relates to a microsphere-containing cell aggregate including: hydrogel microspheres being obtained by chemical cross-linking of one or more water-soluble synthetic macromolecules selected from the group consisting of water-soluble synthetic polymers, polysaccharides, and proteins; and cells. The present invention also relates to a method for producing the microsphere-containing... Agent: Hitachi-high-technologies

20120225484 - Human placental collagen compositions, and methods of making and using the same: The present invention provides compositions comprising human placental telopeptide collagen, methods of preparing the compositions, methods of their use and kits comprising the compositions. The compositions, kits and methods are useful, for example, for augmenting or replacing tissue of a mammal.... Agent:

20120225485 - Methods for producing synthetic surfaces that mimic collagen coated surfaces for cell culture: The present invention discloses methods for producing synthetic surfaces that mimic collagen coated surfaces for cell culture comprising: providing a monomer source comprising one or more organic compounds which are capable of polymerization, wherein at least one organic compound is prolinol; creating a plasma of said monomer source; and contacting... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

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