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20110123975 - Device for automatically adjusting the bacterial inoculum level of a sample: Various embodiments of the present invention provide, for example, a system and method for automatically adjusting the inoculum level of a sample. Certain embodiments of the present invention may measure a concentration of particles present in a preliminary sample using a sensor device and determine an amount of diluent to... Agent:

20110123976 - Biomarkers and identification methods for the early detection and recurrence prediction of breast cancer using nmr: A method is provided for the parallel identification of one or more metabolite species within a biological sample. The method comprises analyzing the sample to produce a spectrum containing individual spectral peaks representative of the one or more metabolite species contained within the sample; subjecting each of the individual spectral... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20110123979 - Detection of microorganisms: A method of collecting, detecting and enumerating microorganisms in a fluid comprising subjecting a sample of the fluid to dielectrophoresis and collecting the microorganisms onto a microelectrode, scanning the microelectrode using a scanning laser and determining the number of microorganisms present on the microelectrode. Alternatively, the microorganisms may be spun... Agent:

20110123978 - Human papilloma virus (hpv) detection using nucleic acid probes, microbeads and fluorescent-activated cell sorter (facs): The present invention relates generally to the field of diagnostic and detection assays. More particularly, the present invention provides methods, and reagents including biochips for detecting the presence of, or distinguishing between, one or more analytes in a sample.... Agent: Genera Biosystems Limited

20110123977 - Method for taking a plurality of samples: The invention provides a method for taking a plurality of samples (200) from a substrate (40) with sample material (20) by using an optical microscope (1000) and a stamp (50). At least part of the stamp (50) is transparent and the stamp (50) is arranged in front of the objective... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20110123988 - Antisense compounds and methods for diagnostic imaging: Compounds comprising a diagnostic or therapeutic moiety can be retained inside a cell by conjugating the moiety to at least one PNA that is targeted to the transcripts from a gene of interest. The diagnostic or therapeutic moiety is also conjugated to at least one targeting moiety specific for an... Agent: Geneseen LLC

20110123985 - Column enrichment of pcr beads comprising tethered amplicons: An enrichment module and method are provided for enriching a population of templated beads and separating them from non-templated beads. The method can include hybridizing a templated bead with an enrichment bead to form a complex, trapping the complex in a filtration medium, washing non-templated beads through the filtration medium... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20110123984 - Fam26c polymorphisms and use thereof for the diagnostic and treatment of late onset alzheimer's disease: Provided are methods of determining the likelihood that a subject will be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Also provided are isolated and purified mammalian CALHM I, CALHM2, and CALHM3 proteins, vectors comprising a nucleic acid sequence encoding the CALHM 1, CALHM2, and CALHM3 proteins, and mammalian cells transfected with the vectors.... Agent:

20110123981 - Fto gene polymorphisms associated to obesity and/or type ii diabetes: The present invention provides means and methods for risk assessment and/or diagnosis and/or prognosis of obesity and/or type II diabetes in humans, based on the detection of nucleic acid biomarkers belonging to, or associated with, a set of SNPs in the fatso (FTO) gene. The present invention also provides means... Agent: Institut Pasteur De Lille

20110123991 - Isothermal nucleic acid amplification: An isothermal process for amplifying a nucleic acid target molecule that relies on an upstream primer, a downstream primer, a strand invasion system and an oligonucleotide, wherein the upstream and downstream primers are not substrates for the strand invasion system during the amplification process and do not amplify the target... Agent: Geneform Technologies Limited

20110123989 - Method for the detection of schizophrenia related gene transcripts in blood: The present invention is directed to detection and measurement of gene transcripts and their equivalent nucleic acid products in blood. Specifically provided is analysis performed on a drop of blood for detecting, diagnosing and monitoring diseases using gene-specific and/or tissue-specific primers. The present invention also describes methods by which delineation... Agent: Genenews, Inc.

20110123986 - Methods for the diagnosis of metabolic disorders using epimetabolic shifters, multidimensional intracellular molecules, or environmental influencers: Methods and formulations for diagnosing metabolic disorders in humans using epimetabolic shifters, multidimensional intracellular molecules or environmental influencers are described.... Agent:

20110123987 - Methods for the diagnosis of oncological disorders using epimetabolic shifters, multidimensional intracellular molecules, or environmental influencers: Methods and formulations for diagnosing onocological disorders in humans using epimetabolic shifters, multidimensional intracellular molecules or environmental influencers are described.... Agent:

20110123983 - Methods of using genetic markers and related epistatic interactions: The present invention provides methods for improving desirable animal traits including improved fitness and productivity in dairy animals. Also provided are methods for determining a dairy animal's genotype with respect to multiple markers associated with fitness and/or productivity. The invention also provides methods for selecting or allocating animals for predetermined... Agent: Pfizer Inc.

20110123990 - Methods to predict clinical outcome of cancer: The present invention provides methods to determine the prognosis and appropriate treatment for patients diagnosed with cancer, based on the expression levels of one or more biomarkers. More particularly, the invention relates to the identification of genes, or sets of genes, able to distinguish breast cancer patients with a good... Agent:

20110123982 - Nucleic acid based fluorescent sensor for copper detection: A nucleic acid enzyme responsive to copper, comprising an oligonucleotide comprising a nucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:1, wherein the nucleic acid enzyme is not self-cleaving.... Agent:

20110123992 - Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method: A probe, a set of probes, and a probe carrier on which the probe or the set of probes is immobilized, are provided for classification of fungus species. The probe or the set of probes is capable of collectively detecting fungus of the same species and distinguishingly detecting those fungus... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110123980 - Sequence-specific detection of nucleotide sequences: A method for detecting the presence of a target nucleotide sequence in a sample of DNA is described herein in which a test sample comprising single stranded DNA is exposed to a DNA probe and a nicking endonuclease under conditions that would permit sequence-specific hybridization of the probe to a... Agent: Georgetown University

20110123993 - Expression vector for mass production of foreign gene-derived protein using animal cell and use thereof: The present inventors successfully constructed expression vectors that enable high-level production of foreign gene-derived proteins in mammalian host cells, which comprise a translation-impaired drug resistance gene cistron whose expression has been attenuated by altering the codons to the least frequently used codons in mammals; and a gene cassette which has... Agent:

20110123994 - Screening for compounds having immunosuppressant activity by testing impact on leukocyte-specific calcium fluxes: The invention relates to an assay for the identification of a compound having immunosuppressant activity, wherein a candidate compound is analyzed whether it blocks the Ca2+ flux in coronin 1 expressing cells and/or in coronin 1 negative cells. A candidate compound is identified as having immunosuppressant activity if it blocks... Agent: University Of Basel

20110124001 - Compositions for use in detection of multiple analytes: Methods, compositions and kits are disclosed. The methods are directed to determining the presence or relative amounts of two or more components in a medium. A combination is provided comprising a medium suspected of containing the components, at least two sensitizer reagents and at least one reactive reagent activatable by... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products Gmbh

20110123998 - Materials and methods for treatment of cancer: Glypican 5 is shown for the first time to have a role in proliferation of cancer cells, including tumours which do not show chromosomal amplification at 13q31. The use of glypican 5 (GPC5) antagonists and binding agents for the treatment of cancer, particularly rhabdomyosarcoma and breast cancer, is disclosed.... Agent:

20110124000 - Methods and compositions for vitamin k epoxide reductase: The present invention provides a method of identifying a human subject having increased or decreased sensitivity to warfarin, comprising detecting in the subject the presence of a single nucleotide polymorphism in the VKOR gene, wherein the single nucleotide polymorphism is correlated with increased or decreased sensitivity to warfarin, thereby identifying... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20110123996 - Methods and compositions to evaluate antibody treatment response: The present invention relates to methods and compositions to evaluate or assess the response of a subject to particular therapeutic treatment. More particularly, the invention provides methods to determine the response of subjects, or to adapt the treatment protocol of subjects treated with therapeutic antibodies. The invention is based on... Agent:

20110123997 - Molecular diagnosis and classification of malignant melanoma: The present invention provides methods for diagnosing and providing a prognosis of melanoma using molecular markers that are overexpressed in melanoma cells. The invention provides kits for diagnosis and prognosis. Also provided are methods to identify compounds that are useful for the treatment or prevention of melanoma and melanoma progression.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110123999 - Novel polymorphism in bovine prion protein gene sequence: A specific, non-synonymous SNP in the Prnp gene encoding the bovine prion protein affects the susceptibility of bovine animals to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). Depending on the number of octapeptide repeat units present in the Prnp gene, the position of the SNP is either nucleotide 631 of exon 3 (codon... Agent:

20110123995 - Treatment of disease: The invention relates to the use of angiogenin, or a fragment or variant thereof, to treat diseases or conditions characterised by neuronal injury or death, or axonal degeneration, especially neurodegenerative diseases such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The invention also describes a plurality of mutations of the human angiogenin gene... Agent: Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland

20110124003 - Cytological methods for detecting cancer: The present invention relates to methods for diagnostics, detection or research analysis of cancer. In particular, the present invention is in the field of analysis of the levels of gene expression in normal or noncancerous cells because of their prosximity to cancer cells. The present invention further provides for analysis... Agent: Integrated Bioscience Solutions, LLC

20110124002 - Fluid processing device comprising radial channels: The present invention provides, in one aspect, an apparatus that comprises a disc-shaped substrate defining (1) a central reservoir region, (2) a plurality of channels in fluid communication with, and emanating substantially radially from, the central reservoir region, the channels being coplanar with each other, and each channel having (i)... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110124005 - Reagent for detecting abnormal cell in cervix of uterus, and method for detecting abnormal cell in cervix of uterus by using same: Disclosed is a reagent for detecting an abnormal cell in the cervix of uterus, which can detect an abnormal cell contained in a biological sample that contains cells collected from the cervix of uterus. The reagent comprises a dye represented by general formula (I).... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20110124004 - Utility of high molecular weight melanoma associated antigen in diagnosis and treatment of cancer: HMW-MAA antibody cocktails and their uses in detecting cancer and isolating cancer cells are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of detecting cancer based on the presence of an HMW-MAA genomic sequence in circulating DNA, as well as the increased expression of the HMW-MAA gene and the reduced methylation of the... Agent:

20110124006 - Method for screening of therapeutic agent for cancer: A screening method for a therapeutic agent for cancer, the method including: a step of measuring an interaction between NLRR1 and EGFR under each condition of being in the presence of a test substance and in the absence of a test substance; and a step of determining that the test... Agent: Hismitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

20110124008 - Novel au/ag core-shell composite useful for biosensor: In accordance with an aspect of the present invention, there is provided an Au/Ag core-shell composite including an Au nanoparticle; an Ag nanoparticle layer surrounding the Au nanoparticle; and a receptor having a target material recognition site bondable or reactable with a target material, wherein one end of the receptor... Agent: Seoul National University Industry Foundation

20110124007 - Utility of high molecular weight melanoma associated antigen in diagnosis and treatment of cancer: HMW-MAA antibody cocktails and their uses in detecting cancer and isolating cancer cells are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of detecting cancer based on the presence of an HMW-MAA genomic sequence in circulating DNA, as well as the increased expression of the HMW-MAA gene and the reduced methylation of the... Agent:

20110124015 - Aptamer-based methods for identifying cellular biomarkers: In this invention, a biomarker discovery method has been developed using specific biotin-labeled oligonucleotide ligands and magnetic streptavidin beads. In one embodiment, the oligonucleotide ligands are firstly generated by whole-cell based SELEX technique. Such ligands can recognize target cells with high affinity and specificity and can distinguish cells that are... Agent:

20110124016 - Diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms: The invention features a method of inhibiting tumor growth and/or tumor invasiveness in a mammal by administering to a mammal a compound (e.g., an antagonistic antibody) which inhibits expression or enzymatic activity of human aspartyl (asparaginyl) beta-hydroxylase (HAAH). The invention also features a method for diagnosing the growth of a... Agent:

20110124014 - Tissue differentiation method based on surface enhanced raman scattering: This invention is related to sample preparation by a tissue differentiation method based on surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) which enables fast and accurate pathological identification for tissue differentiation by means of surface-enhanced Raman scattering. The preparation of the sample includes homogenising a tissue sample by adding liquid nitrogen (104), crushing... Agent: Yeditepe Universitesi

20110124017 - Kit for diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring the immune status, of patients with chronic inflammatory diseases: Provided is a method and a kit for testing the immune status of patients with chronic inflammatory diseases by measuring the TCR zeta chain (CD247) expression levels, and in particular a method and a kit for testing the selective downregulation of TCR zeta chain expression in T cells, NK cells,... Agent: Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew Of Jerusalem

20110124009 - Composition, kit and method for assaying neuropathy: The present invention relates to a method for detecting a disease accompanied with neuropathy such as glaucoma, comprising measuring and/or detecting one or more of polypeptides shown in SEQ ID NOS: 1 to 15, mutants thereof, or fragments thereof in a biological sample from a subject, and also to a... Agent: Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

20110124010 - Diagnostic method: A method of detecting the presence, or monitoring the severity of a condition characterised by the presence of fragments of a marker protein in the brain of a patient. The method comprises: (i) providing a sample comprising macrophages obtained from the patient; and (ii) detecting the presence of the marker... Agent: Medinnova As

20110124011 - Method for determining sumoylation: The present invention relates to a method for determining SUMOylation and utilizing said SUMOylation patterns for identifying specific interaction between different binding partners. In another aspect, the present invention relates to systems allowing the determination of SUMOylation and for determining specific interaction between binding partners. Furthermore, the present invention relates... Agent:

20110124012 - Assays for human nt-pro b-type natriuretic peptide, human pro b-type natriuretic peptide and human b-type natriuretic peptide: The present disclosure relates to assays for detecting and/or quantifying the amount of human NT-pro B-type natriuretic peptide, human pro B-type natriuretic peptide and human B-type natriuretic peptide in a test sample.... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20110124013 - Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose-macromolecule conjugates and methods employing same: Methods and reagents are disclosed for conducting assays for IgE. Embodiments of the present reagents comprise a conjugate of a macromolecule and a compound comprising a galactose-α-1,3-galactose epitope. Embodiments of the present methods are directed to determining the presence and/or amount of an IgE specific for a galactose-α-1,3-galactose epitope in... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20110124018 - Detection of pathogenic polypeptides using an epitope protection assay: The invention relates to an epitope protection assay for use in diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic intervention in diseases, for example, involving polypeptide aggregation, such as prion infections. The methods of the invention first block accessible polypeptide target epitope with a blocking agent. After denaturation of the polypeptide, a detecting agent... Agent: Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd.

20110124019 - Method of using carbonic anhydrase to detect hemolysis: A method and a test for using carbonic anhydrase (CA), particularly CA-I or CA-II, as a biomarker of hemolysis. The method and test detect hemolysis by determining a percentage erythrocyte hemolysis in a specimen or sample of blood based upon quantification of carbonic anhydrase present in the extracellular portion of... Agent: The Charlotte-mecklenburg Hospital Authority

20110124020 - Methods for detecting antibodies: Methods for detection of any antibody utilizing a standardized approach applicable to any antibody which provides highly specific assays specific for individual or multiple antibodies. The methods enable improved pharmacokinetic analysis during development and clinical use of antibody-based therapies as well as determination of diagnostic and/or prognostic factors.... Agent:

20110124022 - Methods for detecting pre-diabetes and diabetes: Non-invasive methods are provided herein for the diagnosis of pre-diabetes and diabetes using biomarkers identified in a biological fluid, such as saliva. These biomarkers can be identified using proteomic methods, including but not limited to antibody based methods, such as an enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA), a radioimmunoassay (RIA), or a... Agent: Diabetomics, LLC

20110124021 - Phosphorylated fatty acid synthase and cancer: The disclosed invention relates to the detection of phosphorylated fatty acid synthase as a diagnostic and a component in the identification and treatment of cancer. The disclosed methods permit early and accurate diagnosis of cancer to enable more effective therapy and to enhance patient survival and quality of life.... Agent:

20110124023 - Device, kit and method for detection of cholinesterase-inhibiting substance: A detection device comprises a basal layer fixed at the bottom of a container therein, and a cholinesterase-containing reaction layer is fixed on the basal layer. A sample is added to the detection device, and the presence of a cholinesterase-inhibiting substance in the sample is visually determined through coloring reaction.... Agent:

20110124024 - Proteolysis resistant antibody preparations: Antibody preparations with substantially homogeneous and unsialylated glycoforms, such as G0 and G2, are prepared by enzymatic treatment, expression under certain conditions, use of particular host cells, and contact with serum. These antibody preparations resist cleavage by proteases, such as papain, ficin, bromolein, pepsin, a matrix metalloproteinase, such as MMP-7,... Agent:

20110124029 - Automated loading mechanism for microbial detection apparatus: The present invention is directed to a method and automated loading mechanism for loading an apparatus. The apparatus of the present invention may include a means for automated loading, a means for automated transfer and/or a means for automated unloading of a container (e.g., a specimen container). In one embodiment,... Agent: Biomerieux, Inc.

20110124030 - Automated loading mechanism for microbial detection apparatus: The present invention is directed to a method and automated loading mechanism for loading an apparatus. The apparatus of the present invention may include a means for automated loading, a means for automated transfer and/or a means for automated unloading of a container (e.g., a specimen container). In one embodiment,... Agent: Biomerieux, Inc.

20110124028 - Automated microbial detection apparatus: A method and automated apparatus for rapid non-invasive detection of a microbial agent in a test sample is described herein. The apparatus may include one or more means for automated loading, automated transfer and/or automated unloading of a specimen container. The apparatus also includes a detection system for receiving a... Agent: Biomerieux, Inc.

20110124025 - Cell collecting devices and methods for collecting cells: A cell collecting device having a housing with an inlet for receiving cells, a cell attractant cavity have a cell attractant, a cell collection channel running from the inlet to the cell attractant cavity, and a plurality of electrodes positioned to detect the presence of cells is disclosed. The cell... Agent: College Of Nanoscale Science And Engineering

20110124035 - Device for exposing a sensor to a cell culture population in a bioreactor vessel: Devices and methods for exposing a sensor to a cell culture or microbial population are disclosed. In one embodiment, a sensor well for use with a bioreactor vessel includes a sheath; a sensing element disposed on or in a portion of the sheath; a signal transmitter disposed within at least... Agent: Broadley-james Corporation

20110124034 - Enrichment of process feedstock: The subject invention relates to novel methods for treating microbial biomass and uses thereof. In particular, this invention provides methods for production of lipids using ionic liquid solutions, and subsequent uses of biomass components in food, biofuels, and as chemical precursors. Further, this invention provides methods for recovering the ionic... Agent:

20110124033 - Fluorescence based assay to detect sodium/calcium exchanger (ncx ) \"reverse mode\" modulating compounds: Transporters are an emerging target family with enormous potential, offering scientific and economic opportunities The sodium/calcium exchanger is an important mechanism for removing Ca2+ from diverse cells. In heart, it extrudes Ca2+ that has entered through Ca2+ channels to initiate contraction, while Na+ enters the heart cell. It is of... Agent: Sanofi-aventis

20110124031 - Marker detection for characterizing the risk of cardiovascular disease or complications thereof: The present invention provides methods, systems, devices, and software for determining values for one or more markers in order to characterize a subject's risk of developing cardiovascular disease or experiencing a complication thereof (e.g., within the ensuing one to three years). In certain embodiments, the markers are those derived from... Agent:

20110124036 - Method for measurement of physiologically active substance derived from organism and measurement apparatus: Disclosed is a measurement method which can largely reduce the time required for the detection of a physiologically active substance derived from an organism (e.g., an endotoxin, β-D-glucan) or the determination of the concentration of the physiologically active substance by utilizing the reaction between the physiologically active substance and LAL.... Agent: Kowa Company, Ltd.

20110124032 - Methods and compositions for treating carcinoma stem cells: Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have been prospectively isolated or identified from primary tumor samples, and shown to possess the unique properties of self-renewal and differentiation, and can form unique histological microdomains useful in cancer diagnosis. Such cancer stem cells are shown herein to have the phenotype of containing decreased levels... Agent:

20110124026 - Multi-purpose substrates useful for cell culture and methods for making and using the same: Described herein are multi-purpose substrates composed of (1) a base coated with a calcium phosphate coating and (2) a fluorophore-labeled collagen adsorbed on the calcium phosphate coating. The multi-purpose substrates are useful in culturing and studying the activity of a variety of cells. The multi-purpose substrates described herein can be... Agent:

20110124027 - Probe arrangement for exchanging in a controllable way liquids with micro-sized samples of material like biological cells: The invention relates to a probe arrangement (10g) for exchanging in a controllable way liquids with micro-sized samples of material like biological cells, especially in connection with an scanning probe microscope, said probe arrangement (10g) comprising a probe holder (11) with at least one embedded first channel (18) and a... Agent: Eth Zurich / Eth Transfer

20110124037 - Method and device for automated removal of cells and/or cell colonies: In order to be able to select special cells and/or cell colonies having special properties from the detected cells and/or cell colonies, at least one second detection step for detecting at least one further parameter of the cells and/or cell colonies is then executed, comparative data from the data of... Agent: Aviso Gmbh

20110124038 - Automated transfer mechanism for microbial detection apparatus: The present invention is directed to a method and automated transfer means for transferring a container within an apparatus. The apparatus of the present invention may include a means for automated loading, a means for automated transfer and/or a means for automated unloading of a container (e.g., a specimen container).... Agent: Biomerieux, Inc.

20110124039 - Staining process and apparatus used in bacteriology: The apparatus comprises peristaltic pumps to provide each reagent, sensors to indicate plate presence, switches to indicate the time the pumps were operating, a motor along with an external gear set to make the plate move for the staining processes, fan to help drying the plate after the process, buttons... Agent: Hemogram Ind. Com. Prods Hospitalares Ltda.

20110124040 - Fixative of polymerized carbon nanotubes encapsulating osmium nanoparticles for biological tissue: A fixative for biological tissue made up of polymerized carbon nanotubes encapsulating osmium nanoparticles and its method of synthesis are disclosed. Carbon nanotubes are first oxidized. Next, the oxidized carbon nanotubes and monohydrated citric acid are mixed to synthesize carbon nanotubes grafted with poly(citric acid). The carbon nanotubes grafted with... Agent:

20110124042 - Method of producing tibolone metabolites by fermentation with fusarium lini: Method of producing Δ4-Tibolone by contacting tibolone with Fusarium lini (ATCC 9593) is reported.... Agent: International Center For Chemical Sciences

20110124041 - Method of producing tibolone metabolites by fermentation with rhizopus stolonifer: A new method of producing metabolites of tibolone comprising fermenting tibolone with Rhizopus stolonifer (ATCC 12938) resulting in the formation of Δ4-Tibolone (C21H28O2), 6β-Hydroxytibolone, and 15β-Hydroxytibolone (C21H28O3) is reported.... Agent: International Center For Chemical Sciences

20110124043 - Method of producing tibolone metabolites by fermentation with gibberella fujikuroi: Method of producing Δ5-Tibolone (C21H28O2), 6β-Hydroxy-Δ4-tibolone (C21H28O3), 6α-Hydroxy-Δ4-tibolone (C21H28O3), 15α-Hydroxy-Δ4-tibolone (C21H28O3), 6α-Hydroxy-Δ1,4-tibolone (C21H28O3) and 6β-Methoxy-Δ4-tibolone (C22H30O3) contacting tibolone with Gibberella fujikuroi (ATCC 10704) is reported.... Agent: International Center For Chemical Sciences

20110124044 - Method of producing tibolone metabolites by fermentation with cunninghamella elegans: A method of producing Δ1,4-Tibolone (C21H26O2), 10β-Hydroxy-Δ4-tibolone (C21H28O3). 11α,15β-Dihydroxytibolone (C21H28O4) and 11α,15β-Dihydroxy-Δ5-tibolone (C21H28O4) by contacting tibolone and 3β,6β-Dihydroxytibolone (C21H32O3) by contacting 3β-hydroxytibolone with Cunninghamella elegans (ATCC 10028b) is reported.... Agent: International Center For Chemical Sciences

20110124046 - Extracellular secretion of recombinant proteins: Nucleic acids encoding secretion signals, expression vectors containing the nucleic acids, and host cells containing the expression vectors are disclosed. Also disclosed are polypeptides that contain the secretion signals and methods of producing polypeptides, including methods of directing the extracellular secretion of the polypeptides. Exemplary embodiments include cellulase proteins fused... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20110124045 - Nucleic acids encoding recombinant protein a: Disclosed are new recombinant nucleic acids encoding protein A polypeptides and methods of using these nucleic acids.... Agent: Repligen Corporation, A Delaware Corporation

20110124047 - Vmp-like sequences of pathogenic borrelia species and strains: The present invention relates to DNA sequences encoding Vmp-like polypeptides of pathogenic Borrelia, the use of the DNA sequences in recombinant vectors to express polypeptides, the encoded amino acid sequences, application of the DNA and amino acid sequences to the production of polypeptides as antigens for immunoprophylaxis, immunotherapy, and immunodiagnosis.... Agent:

20110124048 - Methods for effectively coexpressing il-12 and il-23: Disclosed is a method for coexpressing IL-12 (interleukin-12) and IL-23 (interleukin-23), which comprises the steps of: (a) preparing vectors comprising monocistronic expression constructs of each of nucleotide sequences encoding the p35 subunit, the p40 subunit and the p19 subunit, or preparing a vector comprising a polycistronic expression construct of nucleotide... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation

20110124049 - Integrated microfluidic device for gene synthesis: We report making an integrated micro-fluidic device for synthesizing double stranded DNA from short oligo-nucleotides. We demonstrate successful synthesis of a 760 bp gene segment from a pool of 39 oligonucleotides on a micro-fluidic device using both the one-step and two-step synthesis processes. We also describe purifying the double stranded... Agent:

20110124050 - Method for synthesizing a cdna in a sample in an enzymatic reaction: The present invention relates to a method for synthesizing a cDNA in a sample in an enzymatic reaction, characterized in that the method comprises the steps: simultaneously providing of a first enzyme with polyadenylation activity, a second enzyme with reverse transcriptase activity, a buffer, at least one ribonucleotide, at least... Agent: Qiagen Gmbh

20110124052 - Multiplex targeted amplification using flap nuclease: Methods for multiplex amplification of a plurality of targets of distinct sequence from a complex mixture are disclosed. In one aspect targets are circularized using a single circularization probe that is complementary to two regions in the target that flank a region to be amplified. The targets may hybridize to... Agent: Affymetrix, Inc.

20110124053 - Polymerase incorporation of non-standard nucleotides: The disclosed invention teaches processes to amplify oligonucleotides by contacting templates and primers with DNA polymerases and triphosphates of non-standard nucleotides, which form nucleobase pairs fitting the standard Watson-Crick geometry, but joined by hydrogen bonding patterns different from those that join standard A:T and G:C pairs. Thus, this invention relates... Agent:

20110124051 - Pyrophosphorolysis activated polymerization (pap): A novel method of pyrophosphorolysis activated polymerization (PAP) has been developed. In PAP, pyrophosphorolysis and polymerization by DNA polymerase are coupled serially for each amplification by using an activatable oligonucleotide P* that has a non-extendible 3′-deoxynucleotide at its 3′ terminus. PAP can be applied for exponential amplification or for linear... Agent: City Of Hope

20110124054 - Methods and compositions for inhibiting undesired cleaving of labels: The invention provides methods and compositions, including, without limitation, algorithms, computer readable media, computer programs, apparatus, and systems for determining the identity of nucleic acids in nucleotide sequences using, for example, data obtained from sequencing by synthesis methods. The methods of the invention include correcting one or more phenomena that... Agent: Intelligent Bio-systems, Inc.

20110124055 - Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules: In a method for synthesizing a long nucleic acid molecule, a first immobilized nucleic acid has a first 5′ region and a first 3′ region and a second immobilized nucleic acid has a second 5′ region and a second 3′ region, wherein the second 3′ region and the first 5′... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110124056 - Pretreatment of ligno-cellulosic biomass with sulfonation: Provided are methods for the pretreatment of ligno-cellulosic biomass such as softwoods with bisulfite such as ammonium bisulfite without the need for exogenous acid. In one variation, a method of pretreating ligno-cellulosic biomass is provided including the following steps: a) providing ligno-cellulosic biomass; b) contacting the ligno-cellulosic biomass with a... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20110124057 - Organic material production system using biomass material and method: An organic material production system using biomass material includes: a hydrothermal decomposition apparatus (13) that causes the biomass material (11) and hot compressed water (12) to countercurrently contact with each other and undergo hydrothermal decomposition, and that transfers a lignin component and a hemicellulose component into the hot compressed water,... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110124058 - Recombinant thermoascus aurantiacus beta-glucosidase variants for production of fermentable sugars from cellulosic biomass: The present invention provides compositions and methods for the expression of recombinant β-glucosidase variants, as well as their use in the production of fermentable sugars from cellulosic biomass.... Agent: Codexis, Inc.

20110124059 - Method for production of l-glutamine: According to the present invention, it is possible to provide a microorganism belonging to the genus Corynebacterium, wherein the activity of (1) a protein having the amino acid sequence shown by any one of SEQ ID NO:1 to 3, or (2) a protein having a homology of 80% or more... Agent: Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd.

20110124060 - Yeast production host cells: Crabtree positive yeast cells that have endogenous expressed pyruvate decarboxylase genes inactivated and an engineered biosynthetic pathway utilizing pyruvate were found to have improved growth and product yield when glucose repression was reduced. These cells were able to grow in media containing a high glucose concentration.... Agent: Butamax(tm) Advanced Biofuels LLC

20110124061 - Method for preparation of polyunsaturated fatty acid-containing phosphatidylserine: A method for the preparation of the polyunsaturated fatty acids-containing phosphatidylserine, the method comprising: combining L-serine with a fish liver phosphatidylcholine having a polyunsaturated fatty acid to form a mixture; reacting the mixture with phospholipase D to effect transphosphatidylation of L-serine and the phosphatidylcholine having polyunsaturated fatty acids to produce... Agent:

20110124062 - Method of producing reduced coenzyme q10: The present invention relates to a method of producing high-quality reduced coenzyme Q10 converted from oxidized coenzyme Q10 by natural reductase. It is stable, completely natural and can be used on injection. This method is suitable for large-scale industrial production without special protective environment/atmosphere. The method of producing reduced coenzyme... Agent: Zhejiang Zhongning Business Co., Ltd.

20110124063 - Methods, systems, and compositions for microbial bio-production of biomolecules using syngas components, or sugars, as feedstocks: This invention relates to microorganism cells that are modified to increase conversion of carbon dioxide and/or carbon monoxide to a product, such as a fatty acid methyl ester, and to related methods and systems. A pathway from the Calvin Benson Cycle to the product is provided, which in various embodiments... Agent: Opx Biotechnologies, Inc.

20110124064 - Esterification process of prostaglandins and analogues thereof: The invention relates to a process for enzymatically catalyzed esterification of prostaglandins or analogues thereof.... Agent:

20110124065 - Cellular production of glucaric acid: The invention relates to the production of glucuronic and glucaric acid in cells through recombinant expression of myo-inositol 1-phosphate synthase, myo-inositol oxygenase and uronate dehydrogenase. Cloning and characterization of the gene encoding uronate dehydrogenase is also disclosed.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110124066 - Production of itaconic acid: The invention relates to a nucleic acid sequence encoding an Aspergillus mitochondrial tricarboxylic acid transporter that can be used in the production of itaconic acid in micro-organisms. Preferably said transporter protein is the protein encoded by the nucleic acid which is located on a chromosome segment of A. terreus that... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurweteenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20110124067 - Production of stilbenoids: A method for the production of a stilbenoid, such as resveratrol or pinosylvin, by fermenting plant material such a grape must using a yeast having a metabolic pathway producing said stilbenoid, separating a solids waste material from said fermentation and extracting said stilbenoid.... Agent: Fluxome Sciences A/s

20110124068 - Recovery of higher alcohols from dilute aqueous solutions: This invention is directed to methods for recovery of C3-C6 alcohols from dilute aqueous solutions, such as fermentation broths. Such methods provide improved volumetric productivity for the fermentation and allow recovery of the alcohol. Such methods also allow for reduced energy use in the production and drying of spent fermentation... Agent:

20110124069 - Production method: The invention relates to the development of microorganisms that produce 1,2-propanediol (1,2-PD) from glycerol, whereas glycerol is simultaneously the substrate carbon source for 1,2-PD- and biomass production. The invention demonstrates that any type of glycerol serves as carbon substrate for 1,2-PD biosynthesis. The microorganism is a recombinant organism, preferentially an... Agent:

20110124070 - Process for alcohol and co-product production from grain sorghum: Described herein are methods for producing alcohol and particularly ethanol from milled sorghum.... Agent:

20110124071 - Methods and compositions for producing hydrocarbons: Provided are compositions and methods for producing hydrocarbons, including aldehydes, alkanes and alkenes. The hydrocarbons can be used in biofuels.... Agent: Ls9, Inc

20110124072 - Methods and compositions for producing squalene using yeast: Provided herein compositions and methods for producing isoprenoids, including squalene. In certain aspects and embodiments provided are genetically converted yeast and uses therefore. In some aspects and embodiments, the genetically converted yeast produce isoprenoids, preferably squalene. Also are provided methods of producing squalene using a genetically converted yeast or a... Agent: Cibus Oils, LLC

20110124074 - Heterologous expression of fungal cellobiohydrolases in yeast: The present invention provides for heterologous expression of polypeptides encoded by wild-type and codon-optimized variants of cbh1 and/or cbh2 from the fungal organisms Talaromyces emersonii (T. emersonii), Humicola grisea (H. grisea), Thermoascus aurantiacus (T. aurantiacus), and Trichoderma reesei (T. reesei) in host cells, such as the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The... Agent: Stellenbosch University

20110124073 - Hyperphotosynthetic organisms: The present disclosure identifies pathways and mechanisms to confer improved industrial fitness on engineered organisms. It also discloses engineered organisms having improved industrial fitness. Synthetic biologic engineering modules are disclosed that provide for light capture, carbon dioxide fixation, NADH production, NADPH production, thermotolerance, pH tolerance, flue gas tolerance, salt tolerance,... Agent: Joule Unlimited, Inc.

20110124075 - Construction of genetically tractable industrial yeast strains: Embodiments of the present invention include genetically tractable industrial yeast strains and methods for their construction. In certain preferred embodiments, the genetically tractable industrial yeast strain is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, such as a derivative of the K1-V1116 wine yeast strain.... Agent: Arbor Fuel Inc.

20110124077 - Mobile magnetic traps and platforms for micro/nano particle manipulation: Magnetic array platforms such as nano or micro-wire networks that produce trapping, manipulation, and transport of micro- or nano-scale particles such as non-biological entities such as magnetic particles and cells, viruses, DNA, proteins, and other biological entities having magnetic particles labeled or tethered thereto are provided. Methods of manipulating, transporting,... Agent: The Ohio State University

20110124076 - Targeted separation of cultured cells: Embodiments described herein relate to separating and/or concentrating target cells from a carrier fluid that may include other non-target cells. Embodiments include a cell separator with a flow surface having indentations formed thereon. The indentations are configured to capture target cells by physical and/or chemical interactions. The indentations may also... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110124078 - Scalable cell culture bioreactor and cell culture process: The present invention relates to a scaleable bioreactor comprising at least one cassette comprising a manifold and an arrangement of hollow fibre membranes; an upper headplate; and a lower headplate, wherein the cassette(s) are modular components adapted to co-operate with each other and the headplates to define an internal extracapillary... Agent: Synexa Life Sciences (proprietary) Limited

20110124079 - Sorption reinforced catalytic coating system and method for the degradation of threat agents: Sorption reinforced catalytic coating system for the degradation of threat agents including a synzyme coating about a material configured for the degradation of the threat agents, the synzyme coating including bucket-shaped molecules configured for the sorption of the threat agents A binding agent is configured for synzyme immobilization to maximize... Agent:

20110124080 - Selective incorporation of 5-hydroxytryptophan into proteins in mammalian cells: This invention provides methods and compositions for incorporation of an unnatural amino acid into a peptide using an orthogonal aminoacyl tRNA synthetase/tRNA pair. In particular, an orthogonal pair is provided to incorporate 5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan in a position encoded by an opal mutation.... Agent: The Scripps Research Institute

20110124081 - Nuclear factor of activated t cells receptor: The present invention provides a novel transmembrane protein, which is a nuclear factor of activated T cells (“NEAT”) receptor, and related compositions and methods.... Agent: Genentech, Inc

20110124082 - Mutant glycoprotein resistant to modification with asparagine-linked sugar chain: To obtain a mutant protein of an asparagine-linked glycoprotein, which has no N-linked sugar chain under ordinary circumstance, and remains a physiological activity of the glycoprotein before the mutation was introduced, at least one of the amino acids contained in the amino acid sequence motif (I) and/or (II) in the... Agent: Seikagaku Corporation

20110124083 - Methods and kits for nucleic acid amplification: Compositions and methods are provided for amplifying nucleic acid molecules. The nucleic acid molecules can be used in various research and diagnostic applications, such as gene expression studies involving nucleic acid microarrays.... Agent: Genisphere, LLC

20110124084 - Proteases: The invention relates to a novel class of serine proteases of peptidase family S2A or S1E that are stable in the presence of copper (Cu2+) and/or inhibited by copper only to a limited extent. Structural features of potential relevance for this effect are also disclosed. This class of proteases includes... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20110124085 - Unsymmetrical cyanine dimer compounds and their application: Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and nucleic acid reporter molecules for the detection of nucleic acid in a sample. The nucleic acid reporter molecule comprises two unsymmetrical cyanine monomer moieties, which may be the same or different, that are covalently attached by a linker comprising at least one... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110124086 - Hepatitis c virus culture system: This disclosure provides compositions and methods for producing infectious hepatitis C virus (HCV). The produced HCV can be infectious in vivo and in vitro. In one aspect, the disclosure provides an immortalized primary hepatocyte transformed with a DNA construct comprising a cDNA sequence of HCV.... Agent: National Institutes Of Health

20110124087 - Photobioreactor: A method of operating a closed photobioreactor for cultivation of phototrophic microorganisms. The photobioreactor comprises a culture liquid and is partially or completely surrounded by water of a water body. A density difference between the culture liquid and the surrounding water is provided so that the position of the photobioreactor... Agent: Aveston Grifford Ltd.

20110124088 - Expression vector for expressing recombinant protein in cyanobacterium: The present invention provides a universal vector for expressing a protein in a Cyanobacterium that includes an erythromycin promoter and a homologous recombination DNA fragment, and further provides a transformed E. coli and a genetically modified Cyanobacterium. In addition, the present invention also provides a method for expressing a protein... Agent:

20110124090 - Gene involved in the biosyntheses of lycopene, recombinant vector comprising the gene, and transformed microorganism with the recombinant vector: There are provided genes involved in the biosynthesis of lycopene and having DNA sequences set forth in SEQ ID NO: 1, SEQ ID NO: 3 and SEQ ID NO: 5 encoding proteins required for the biosynthesis of lycopene, a recombinant vector comprising at least one of the genes, and a... Agent: Amicogen Co., Ltd.

20110124089 - Process to grow and concentrate algae: A method to grow and concentrate algae by adding a bacterium to an aqueous algal solution. After the bacteria are added, the algae and bacterial precipitate out of solution and produce a viable algal concentration that is 30 to 45 percent algae by wet weight.... Agent:

20110124091 - Industrialized algae culturing method and system thereof: An industrialized algae culturing method is provided, which comprises the following steps of: placing algae and a culture solution into a pipeline photosynthesis unit for photosynthesis; introducing the photosynthesized algae and the culture solution into a gas intake/venting unit by means of a powered liquid transport unit to remove oxygen... Agent:

20110124092 - Raceways for producing microalgae species: A system for producing a hydrocarbon-producing photosynthetic organism. The system comprises a substantially closed conduit system enclosing a fluid, a fluid-moving mechanism adapted to move the fluid through at least a portion of the conduit system, and a harvester adapted to remove at least a portion of the hydrocarbon-producing photosynthetic... Agent: Cleanergy Corp.

20110124093 - Constant-temperature equipment: Provided is constant-temperature equipment wherein maintenance is facilitated with the least failure, and highly reliable culturing and testing can be carried out. Mechanical and electrical structures are eliminated from the inside of a temperature-controlled chamber (15) by using a non-contact magnetic arrangement as a drive transmission for a sample table... Agent:

20110124094 - Fluid cell and gene sequencing reaction platform and gene sequencing system: In the invention, a fluid cell, used for sequencing reaction between DNA fragments and reagents, comprises: a reaction chamber, one inner side of which is fixed with multiple DNA fragments; a reagent inlet and a reagent outlet, which are separately located at each end of the other inner side of... Agent: Shenzhen China Gene Technologies Company, Ltd.

20110124095 - Method and apparatus for high throughput diagnosis of diseased cells with microchannel devices: The method and apparatus of the present invention detects changes in cell biomechanics caused by any of a variety of diseases and conditions. In one embodiment, the method and apparatus of the invention detect infection of red blood cells. In one embodiment, the invention is a method and apparatus comprising... Agent:

20110124096 - Automated container management device for microbial detection apparatus: The present invention is directed to a method and container locator means for moving a container among one or more work-flow stations within an apparatus. The apparatus of the present invention may include a means for automated loading, a means for automated transfer and/or a means for automated unloading of... Agent: Biomerieux, Inc.

20110124097 - Apparatus for reducing carbon dioxide contained in combustion smokes: The present invention relates to an apparatus (1) for reducing the carbon dioxide contained in combustion smokes which comprises at least one smoke inlet conduit (2) inside at least one operating chamber (3) and at least one ejection conduit (4) for the gases treated. The at least one chamber (3)... Agent: Leon Engineering S.p.a.

20110124098 - Modular microfluidic system for biological sample preparation: A reconfigurable modular microfluidic system for preparation of a biological sample including a series of reconfigurable modules for automated sample preparation adapted to selectively include a) a microfluidic acoustic focusing filter module, b) a dielectrophoresis bacteria filter module, c) a dielectrophoresis virus filter module, d) an isotachophoresis nucleic acid filter... Agent:

20110124099 - Ikkalpha and ikkbeta specific inhibitors: A method for modulating NF-κB dependent gene transcription in a cell comprised of modulating IKKα and IKKβ protein and protein activity in the cell. The present invention also provides siRNA compositions and methods thereof for modulating NF-κB dependent gene transcription.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110124101 - Methods and devices for producing biomolecules: A scalable process and device for producing a bio molecule, in particular pharmaceutical grade plasmid DNA is described. The process includes the steps of alkaline lysis, neutralization and clarification and can be further extended. For separating the lysate and the precipitate an improved floatation method is disclosed. This method is... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Rcv Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110124100 - Translation enhancer-element dependent vector systems: A translation enhancer-driven positive feedback vector system is disclosed which is designed to facilitate identification of a Translational Enhancer Element (TEE) and to provide a means for overexpression of gene products. The system exploits both transcriptional and translational approaches to control the expression levels of genes and/or gene products. Methods... Agent: The Scripps Research Institute

20110124103 - Macrocyclic derivative and assemblies formed therefrom: The present invention is directed to a macrocyclic derivative which is formed by modification of a macrocycle. The invention further relates to assemblies formed by the self-assembly of such macrocyclic derivatives in aqueous solvent, and includes bilayer vesicles, micelles, monolayers, nanoparticles, colloidal assemblies and surface-coated assemblies.... Agent: University College Cork, National University Of Ir

20110124102 - Rage fusion proteins and methods of use: Disclosed are RAGE fusion proteins comprising RAGE polypeptide sequences linked to a second, non-RAGE polypeptide. The RAGE fusion protein may utilize a RAGE polypeptide domain comprising a RAGE ligand binding site and an interdomain linker directly linked to an immunoglobulin CH2 domain. Such fusion proteins may provide specific, high affinity... Agent:

20110124104 - Inducing cell death by inhibiting adaptive heat shock response: Provided herein is a method for inducing cell death by inducing heat shock response in a cell in combination with inhibiting adaptive heat shock response. Also provided are methods for preventing cancer, treating intracellular parasite infections, and inflammation-associated conditions.... Agent:

20110124105 - Mixed cell populations for tissue repair and separation technique for cell processing: The present invention provides a fluid exchange cell culture technique and tissue repair cells (TRCs) made by these methods, as well as methods using these cells. The method includes a new wash step which increases the tissue repair properties of the TRCs of the invention. This wash step allows for... Agent: Aastrom Biosciences, Inc.

20110124106 - Separation device: A separation device for separating a wanted end product from a liquid sample comprises a container (2) having a first end (5) and a second end (7), the first end having a central orifice (6), a plunger (3) slideably disposed in the container (2) to define a variable liquid receiving... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20110124107 - Method of high frequency regeneration of sorghum: The present invention relates generally to the regeneration of sorghum involving organogenesis. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method of regenerating sorghum, particularly Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench, via organogenesis that yields a high frequency of regenerants. In addition to providing high frequency regeneration, the present invention can be... Agent: Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Limited

20110124108 - Epigenetic engineering: e

20110124109 - Dna molecules and methods: The present application discloses a DNA molecule comprising a modified Group II intron which does not express the intron-encoded reverse transcriptase but which contains a modified selectable marker gene in the reverse orientation, wherein the marker gene comprises a Group I intron in forward orientation of causing expression in a... Agent:

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20110117538 - Bioreactors for fermentation and related methods: Bioreactors suitable for housing a predetermined volume of liquid comprising nutrient medium and biological culture comprising: (a) a container having at least one interior wall; (b) at least one nutrient medium inlet; (c) at least one liquid outlet; (d) at least one gas inlet; (e) at least one gas outlet;... Agent:

20110117539 - Detection of an analyte in a sample: There is provided mechanisms for the detection of an analyte in a sample. The mechanisms utilize at least a first measurement channel comprising a detection reactant corresponding to the analyte to be detected, and at least a microstructure associated with the first measurement channel. When the mechanisms are in use,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110117540 - Highly simplified lateral flow-based nucleic acid sample preparation and passive fluid flow control: Highly simplified lateral flow chromatographic nucleic acid sample preparation methods, devices, and integrated systems are provided for the efficient concentration of trace samples and the removal of nucleic acid amplification inhibitors. Methods for capturing and reducing inhibitors of nucleic acid amplification reactions, such as humic acid, using polyvinylpyrrolidone treated elements... Agent: Los Alamos National Laboratory

20110117541 - Method for screening of agents for the prevention of hepatitis c virus infection with cell culture tool: The invention relates to an improved method of screening of anti-HCV agents that may have an efficacy for prevention of hepatitis C virus. The method involves the isolation and cryopreservation of HCV-infected hepatocytes from multiple infected individuals. The isolated and cryopreserved hepatocytes are stored in a cryopreservation bank made up... Agent:

20110117542 - Real time electronic cell sensing system and applications for cytotoxicity profiling and compound assays: The invention provides methods of investigating a mechanism of action of a compound, which includes providing a device for monitoring cell-substrate impedance; attaching the device to an impedance analyzer; adding cells to two or more wells; adding a test compound to at least one of the wells and providing at... Agent: Acea Biosciences, Inc

20110117563 - Antiviral therapy: The application relates to treatments for improving antiviral therapies and to method for determining whether or not antiviral therapies will be effective. In particular, the present application provides a method for determining the likelihood that a subject having a viral infection of the liver will be responsive to antiviral therapy... Agent:

20110117560 - Assessing left ventricular remodeling via temporal detection and measurement of microrna in body fluids: Disclosed are methods and materials for assessing cardiac failure, cardiac hypertrophy, and left ventricular remodeling using microRNA levels. The level of microRNAs can be measured in a body fluid, such as plasma and serum.... Agent: Musc Foundation For Research Development

20110117555 - Cd38 as a prognostic indicator in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: The subject invention discloses a method for determining the prognosis and probable clinical course of a subject diagnosed with B-CLL. Specifically, the invention involves comparing CD38 expression in a biological sample from the subject containing B-CLL cells to a baseline level of CD38 expression, wherein an elevated level of CD38... Agent:

20110117564 - Compositions, kits and related methods for the detection and/or monitoring of salmonella: Provided are compositions, kits, and methods for the identification of Salmonella. In certain aspects and embodiments, the compositions, kits, and methods may provide improvements in relation to specificity, sensitivity, and speed of detection.... Agent: Gen-probe Incorporated

20110117548 - Detecting fetal chromosomal abnormalities using tandem single nucleotide polymorphisms: The invention provides tandem single nucleotide polymorphisms and methods for their use, for example, in diagnosing Down Syndrome.... Agent: University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

20110117551 - Detection and prognosis of lung cancer: Methods and tools are provided for detecting and predicting lung cancer. The methods and tools are based on epigenetic modification due to methylation of genes in lung cancer or pre-lung cancer. The tools can be assembled into kits or can be used seperately. Genes found to be epigentically silenced in... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20110117562 - Diagnosis and treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll): The present invention provides diagnostic methods and kits for diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) by determining expression levels of isoforms of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases (PDEs) associated with CLL, particularly, PDE7B and/or PDE3B, and a ratio of mRNA expression of PDE7B to PDE3B. The present invention provides that CLL lymphocytes... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110117558 - Diagnosis of hereditary spastic paraplegias (hsp) by identification of a mutation in the zfyve26 gene or protein: The Invention relates to an ex vivo method of diagnosing or predicting a hereditary spastic paraplegias (HSP), in a subject, which method comprises detecting a mutation in the ZFYVE26 gene or protein (spastizin), wherein said mutation is indicative of a hereditary spastic paraplegias (HSP).... Agent:

20110117543 - Diagnostic method and products useful therein: A method for simultaneous detection and identification of Bacillus anthracis, Yersinia pestis and Francisella tularensis, in a single real time PCR assay using species-specific primers and Taqman MGB probes. Also, a kit for the diagnosis of bacterial bioterrorism agents. In addition, an infection-free control plasmid to verify the result of... Agent: Simo Nikkari

20110117554 - Formamide-containing mixtures for detecting nucleic acids: Specific sequences of DNA are often detected by a process that comprises a step where the sequence to be detected (the “analyte”) binds to give a duplex with a DNA molecule or analog that is complementary in the Watson-Crick sense to some portion of the analyte in an aqueous “assay... Agent:

20110117545 - Genetic variants on chr2 and chr16 as markers for use in breast cancer risk assessment, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment: The invention pertains to certain genetic variants on Chr2q14, Chr2q35 and Chr16q12 as susceptibility variants of breast cancer. Methods of risk assessment and diagnosis of increased and/or decreased susceptibility to breast cancer, using such variants are described. The invention further relates to kits for diagnosing a susceptibility to breast cancer.... Agent: Decode Genetics Ehf

20110117556 - High-sensitive fluorescent energy transfer assay using fluorescent amino acids and fluoresent proteins: The disclosure provides method and composition utilizing fluorescent amino acids and endogenous fluorescent proteins comprising a moiety capable of undergoing FRET. The methods and compositions of the disclosure are useful in analyzing protein structure and function, and screening molecular inhibitors.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110117546 - Increase of signal sensitivity using dual probes in pcr reactions: A method increases the signal strength generated when performing real-time PCR on a target nucleic acid sequence. The method performs real-time PCR using forward primers, forward probes, reverse primers, reverse probes, nucleotides for strand/antistrand extension, and nucleic acid polymerase. Two different types of probes are used, a forward probe configured... Agent: Microfluidic Systems, Inc.

20110117561 - Magnetic pigment: Magnetic particles with an outer glass surface being essentially poreless or having pores of a diameter of less then 10 nm as well as ferromagnetic particles with a glass surface are preferentially useful for the isolation of biological material from samples. They provide a quick and reliable purification.... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Gmbh

20110117568 - Method for amplifying target nucleic acid sequence, method for detecting mutation using the same, and reagent used for the same: The present invention provides a method for detecting a mutation capable of detecting a mutation with high sensitivity and high reliability in one reaction system. Using primers (Xmt) and (Xwt), a target nucleic acid sequence whose objective base to be detected is a mutant-type is amplified with amplification efficiency higher... Agent: Arkray, Inc

20110117549 - Method for detecting nucleic acid, and device or kit: The present invention relates to a method for detecting a nucleic acid in a sample, comprising the steps of: (1) contacting a sample with a dye to react with each other; and (2) observing a substance produced by the reaction with visible light, and evaluating the presence of a nucleic... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20110117544 - Method for producing an amplified polynucleotide sequence: There is a method for converting at least a part of a target polynucleotide sequence into a different sequence, comprising the steps of: (i) hybridising two or more first polynucleotides to adjacent positions on the target and linking first polynucleotides together, wherein at least one of the first polynucleotides comprises... Agent: Lingvitae As

20110117550 - Method of determining anti-hypertensive drug therapy by genetic profiling: The present invention comprises a method for determining an anti-hypertension therapy for an individual based upon the presence or absence of specific alleles affecting baseline blood pressure and sensititivity to different therapeutic formulations.... Agent:

20110117570 - Methodologies, processes and automated devices for the orientation, sampling and collection of seed tissues from individual seed: Apparatus, methods, and systems for high throughput, useful sampling of seed, wherein viability is optionally maintained, are disclosed. Seed from one generation in a plant advancement experiment is individually sampled by removal and collection of tissue from the seed. The tissue is then processed to derive one or more biochemical,... Agent: Pioneer Hi-bred International, Inc.

20110117557 - Methods and compositions for diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration: The invention generally concerns methods and compositions for screening individuals for susceptibility to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). In particular, association with the various markers including complement factor H, LOC387717/ARMS2, C2/CFB, C3 and VEGF, indicates that a subject is at risk of AMD.... Agent:

20110117553 - Methods for pcr and hla typing using raw blood: Provided are methods for amplifying a gene or RNA or sets thereof of interest using a tandem PCR process. The primers in the first PCR or set of PCR reactions are locus-specific. The primers in the second PCR or set of PCR reactions are specific for a sub-sequence of the... Agent:

20110117552 - Methods of using a nod2/card15 haplotype to diagnose crohn's disease: The present invention provides a method of diagnosing or predicting susceptibility to Crohn's disease in an individual by determining the presence or absence in the individual of a disease-predisposing haplotype containing a JW1 variant allele at the NOD2/CARD15 locus, where the presence of the disease-predisposing haplotype is diagnostic of or... Agent: Cedars-sinai Medical Center

20110117567 - Micro-rna associated with rheumatoid arthritis: An object of the present invention is to provide a novel marker for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and more specifically, to provide a marker whose expression may be specifically increased or decreased in RA. Another object of the present invention is to confirm whether or not miRNA serving as the marker... Agent: National University Corporation Kobe University

20110117566 - Model system for diagnosing lipid metabolism: The invention relates to a population model for the analysis of blood lipoprotein physiology in a test subject comprising: a. a submodel for the production of blood lipoproteins; b. a submodel for the lipolysis of blood lipoproteins; c. a submodel for the reabsorption of blood lipoproteins; and d. a submodel... Agent:

20110117569 - Polymide nucleic acid derivatives, and agents and processes for preparing them: The present invention relates to PNA derivatives which carry, at the C terminus, or at both the C and N termini of the PNA backbone, one or more phosphoryl radicals. The phosphoryl radicals carry, where appropriate, one or more labeling groups, groups for crosslinking, groups which promote intracellular uptake, or... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20110117565 - Serum or plasma microrna as biomarkers for non-small cell lung cancer: The present invention provides non-small cell lung cancer markers and the use thereof. The non-small cell lung cancer markers in the present invention include at least one of the 26 selected detectable mature microRNAs existing stably in human serum or plasma. The invention also provides a probe combination, kit and... Agent: Micromedmark Biotech Co., Ltd.

20110117559 - Small rna detection assays: The present invention comprises use of cleavable primers to perform qPCR detection of cDNA made from small RNA species. The cleavable primers offer improved specificity over standard PCR primers and are the method is compatible with a variety of methods to introduce priming sites at the 5′-end and 3′-end of... Agent: Integrated Dna Technologies, Inc.

20110117547 - Target dna detection method and target dna detection kit: The present invention provides a method for detecting a target DNA easily and highly accurately through simultaneous analysis of a sense strand and an antisense strand of the target DNA, and a kit therefor. The target DNA detection method of the present invention is a method for detecting a target... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110117572 - Antibody specific to the aimp2-dx2: The present invention relates to a variant of AIMP2 lacking exon 2 gene, named as AIMP2-DX2 gene, which is specifically expressed in cancer cells. The AIMP2-DX2 gene and siRNA targeting AIMP2-DX2 can be successfully used in the development of diagnosis and treatment of cancer... Agent: Neomics Co., Ltd.

20110117571 - Transporter assay: This invention concerns a non-radioactive homogenous proximity assay for cellular transport system. The assay format disclosed here takes advantageous of the fact that ABC transporters have two similar ATP binding sites, and thus allowing two ATP molecules to bind simultaneously to these adjacent sites.... Agent: Wallac Oy

20110117573 - Cell division marker: This application relates to a newly identified animal cell structure, the midbody scar. This structure is a remnant of the midbody that is retained by one daughter cell following cytokinesis and persists through multiple subsequent cell cycles. The midbody scar can be useful as a marker of dividing cells or... Agent: University Of Massachusetts

20110117574 - Fluorescence based assay to detect sodium/calcium exchanger \"forward mode\" modulating compounds: Transporters are an emerging target family with enormous potential, offering scientific and economic opportunities. The sodium/calcium exchanger is an important mechanism for removing Ca2+ from diverse cells. In heart, it extrudes Ca2+ that has entered through Ca2+ Channels to initiate contraction, while Na+ enters the heart cell. It is of... Agent: Sanofi-aventis

20110117575 - Isolation and/or identification of stem cells having adipocytic, chondrocytic and pancreatic differentiation potential: The present invention relates to a method for isolating and/or identifying stem cells having adipocytic, chondrocytic and pancreatic differentiation potential, wherein an antibody is used that binds to the antigen TNAP, alone or in combination with an antibody that binds to the cell surface antigen CD56. The invention also relates... Agent:

20110117576 - Mct-1, a human oncogene: A novel gene, designated MCT-1 (for Multiple Copies in T-cell malignancy), is provided. A protein encoded by MCT-1, designated MCT-1, is also provided. Antisense oligonucleotides complementary to or homologous with a portion of MCT-1, substantially purified MCT-1, and methods of determining whether a cell is a tumor cell are also... Agent:

20110117577 - Microfluidic system for trapping and detection of a biological entity in a sample: According to embodiments of the present invention, a microfluidic system for detecting a biological entity in a sample volume is provided. The microfluidic system includes: an inlet configured to receive the sample volume; at least one microchannel in fluid communication with the inlet; a magnetic trapping region comprising the at... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110117578 - Biomarker for selecting patients and related methods: The present invention concerns methods for inducing an immune response to an antigen in a patient for treating human disease by administering an immunogenic composition wherein said patient is selected in a patient population of interest. The present invention further concerns methods for determining whether a subject is or is... Agent:

20110117579 - System and method for quantitative assessment of biological migration behavior: The present invention provides systems and methods for assessing migration behavior of biological particles, such as neutrophils, under the effect of a gradient. The systems can include one or more migration chambers, one or more gradient sources configured to generate particular gradients, e.g., of chemokines or the like across the... Agent:

20110117581 - Reducing leukocyte interference in competitive immunoassays: The invention is directed to methods and devices for reducing interference from leukocytes in an competitive analyte immunoassays. In one embodiment, the invention is to a method comprising the steps of (a) amending a biological sample such as a whole blood sample with sacrificial beads opsonized for leukocytes; and (b)... Agent: Abbott Point Of Care Inc.

20110117580 - Reducing leukocyte interference in non-competitive immunoassays: The invention is directed to methods and devices for reducing interference from leukocytes in an analyte immunoassay, and in particular in non-competitive immunoassays. In one embodiment, the invention is to a method comprising the steps of (a) amending a biological sample such as a whole blood sample with sacrificial beads;... Agent: Abbott Point Of Care Inc.

20110117584 - Detection of chronic kidney disease patients or coronary artery disease using bone morphogenic protein-4: The invention is a method of detecting CAD in a CKD diagnosed human patient or CKD in a CAD diagnosed human patient, or detection of the presence of both CKD and CAD by assaying a plasma or serum sample of a human patient for elevated levels of BMP-4.... Agent:

20110117583 - Method for detecting the existence of renal calculi and/or inflammation of the excretory urinary tracts: A non-invasive method for detecting disease of the excretory urinary tract and presence of renal calculi is provided. According to the method, the presence or concentration of one or more TFF peptides from among TFF1, TFF2, and TFF3 is determined in a urine sample, the presence or concentration being indicative... Agent:

20110117582 - Multi-biomarker biosensor: Nanosubstrates as biosensors, methods of making such nanosubstrates, and methods of using such nanosubstrates to detect biomarkers are described.... Agent: Northeastern University

20110117585 - Quantitative multiplex detection of pathogen biomarkers: The present invention addresses the simultaneous detection and quantitative measurement of multiple biomolecules, e.g., pathogen biomarkers through either a sandwich assay approach or a lipid insertion approach. The invention can further employ a multichannel, structure with multi-sensor elements per channel.... Agent:

20110117586 - Protocol for risk stratification of ischemic events and optimized individualized treatment: A hemostasis analyzer, such as the Thrombelastograph® (TEG®) hemostasis analyzer is utilized to measure continuously in real time, the hemostasis process from the initial fibrin formation, through platelet-fibrin interaction and lysis to generate blood hemostasis parameters. The measured blood hemostasis parameters permit preparation of an individualized assessment of ischemic event... Agent: Cora Healthcare, Inc.

20110117587 - Single molecule detection platform, manufacturing method thereof and method using the same: A single molecule detection platform is disclosed. The single molecule detection platform comprises a light-transmissive substrate, a plurality of spherical particles and a thin film. The surface of the light-transmissive substrate is etched to form a plurality of cone-shaped structures. Each spherical particle is disposed on top of each cone-shaped... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20110117588 - Method of predicting drug-induced phospholipidosis: The present invention provides a method of predicting drug-induced phospholipidosis, comprising a step of contacting a mammalian cell with a test compound, a step of measuring extracellular and/or intracellular lysosomal enzyme level or activity, or measuring intracellular LC3 level, and a step of selecting a test compound that has enhanced... Agent: Kyushu University, National University Corporation

20110117589 - Use of procalcitonin (pct) in prognosis following acute coronary syndromes: Subject of the present invention are assays and in vitro methods for determining a prognosis for a patient having an acute coronary syndrome, whereby the level of procalcitonin or fragments thereof is measured in a sample obtained from said patient. Said level of procalcitonin or fragments thereof may then be... Agent: B.r.a.h.m.s Ag

20110117593 - Cell dispersion method, cell dispersing agent and cell measurement method: A cell dispersion method, a cell dispersing agent and a cell measurement method, each of which can disperse a cell mass while reducing damage to a cell are provided. Upon dispersing a cell mass, a fluororesin particle is used. A cell mass composed of an aggregated of multiple cells is... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20110117591 - Chemical probe compounds that become fluorescent upon reduction, and methods for their use: Chemical stain compounds containing a fluorophore and a reducible quenching unit are disclosed. The reducible quenching unit quenches the fluorophore while in its oxidized state. Upon reduction, the quenching properties of the quenching unit are diminished or eliminated. The chemical compounds can be used in a variety of applications, including... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110117590 - Heavy metal biosensor: Compositions and methods are provided for detection of certain heavy metals using bacterial whole cell biosensors.... Agent:

20110117592 - Methods for natural product optimization: Methods and compositions for natural product optimization are provided. In particular, methods and compositions for selecting bacterial strains (e.g., predatory bacteria such as myxobacteria) which produce a desired compound (e.g., antibiotic, antifungal, or anticancer agent) are provided.... Agent:

20110117594 - Probe connector assembly and mehtod of use: A probe assembly includes a tubular sleeve having a passage extending between a first end and an opposing second end. The tubular sleeve is movable between an extended position wherein the first end and the opposing second end are spaced apart and a collapsed position wherein the first end and... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110117595 - Testing unit and method for testing a sterilization packaging unit: A testing unit and a method of testing a sterilization packaging unit for microbial contamination of sterilized objects after they have been sterilized are disclosed. The testing unit includes a dry matrix for accommodating a nutrient medium and a receptacle containing a liquid. By applying the liquid onto the matrix,... Agent:

20110117596 - Composite sorbent material, its preparation and its use: A composite sorbent material is disclosed which comprises A) a housing of a dense, insoluble material having openings therein and B) a porous polymer gel housed within said housing, said housing being provided with openings therein for fluid communication between said porous monolithic polymer gel and the surroundings, and said... Agent:

20110117597 - Enhancement of in vitro translation by nanoparticle conjugates: Provided herein are kits and methods suitable for enhancing in vitro translation of a nuclei acid sequence of interest.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110117599 - Artificial entropic bristle domain sequences and their use in recombinant protein production: Compositions and methods for recombinant protein production and, more particularly, fusion polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding fusion polypeptides, expression vectors, kits, and related methods for recombinant protein production.... Agent: Molecular Kinetics Incorporated

20110117598 - Enhanced protein production in bacillus: The present invention relates to cells that have been genetically manipulated to have an altered capacity to express and/or produce proteins of interest. In particular, the present invention relates to modified host cells of Gram-positive microorganisms, such as Bacillus species that are capable of overexpressing ymaH. The invention encompasses polynucleotide... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20110117600 - Process for obtaining aspart insulin using a pichia pastoris yeast strain: The present invention refers to a method for producing a human insulin analogue with high efficiency and excellent yield, by means of a biotechnological process comprising transformation of a Pichia pastoris yeast strain. In particular, the invention refers to a biotechnological process for obtaining aspart insulin.... Agent: Laboratorios Beta S.a.

20110117601 - Glycosylation profile analysis: The present invention provides a method for the production of a glycosylated heterologous polypeptide comprising the steps of obtaining a sample from a crude fermentation broth, incubation of the sample with magnetic affinity beads, releasing glycans from the immobilized glycosylated polypeptides, measuring a glycosylation profile, comparing the glycosylation profile with... Agent:

20110117602 - Human antibody capable of inducing apoptosis: A human antibody that has a specific reactivity with multiple tumor cell lines including ATL cells and possesses both safety and therapeutic efficacy and a fragment of said antibody are provided. A human antibody and a fragment of said antibody that may recognize HLA-DR β chain expressed on the surface... Agent: Juridical Fdn The Chemo-sero-therapeutic Res Inst

20110117603 - Enhancement of cellular production through mechanotransduction: Disclosed herein are methods of modulating protein production via the application of tensegrity forces on cells and cell cultures. The methods of the invention increase production of protein from cells and cell culture. The tensegrity forces can be stress that is applied to the cells, and can include one or... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20110117604 - Copper-enriched biomass, method for the preparation thereof and pro-biotic , cosmetic, dietary and nutraceutic products comprising the same: The invention relates to a method for the preparation of a copper-enriched biomass, comprising, in a first step, culturing Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells in a liquid nutrient medium comprising a carbon source, a nitrogen source, at least one amino acid and a copper salt, so as to obtain copper-enriched yeast... Agent: Bioman S.r.l.

20110117605 - Methods for manufacturing a polyclonal protein: The invention relates to methods for manufacturing drug products comprising at least two distinct members of a polyclonal protein, for example a polyclonal antibody, where each distinct member is expressed by a separate population of cells. The methods involve at least an initial step in which the cell populations expressing... Agent: Symphogen A/s

20110117606 - Nrps-pks gene cluster and its manipulation and utility: The present invention provides a nucleic acid molecule comprising: (a) a nucleotide sequence as shown in SEQ ID No. 1; or (b) a nucleotide sequence which is the complement of SEQ ID No. 1; or (c) a nucleotide sequence which is degenerate with SEQ ID No. 1; or (d) a... Agent:

20110117607 - Annular compression systems and methods for sample processing devices: Systems and methods for processing sample processing devices. The system can include a base plate adapted to rotate about a rotation axis. The base plate can include at least one first magnetic element. The system can further include an annular cover, and a sample processing device comprising at least one... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110117608 - Double-stranded nucleic acid: The invention is directed towards constructs for RNAi techniques. The invention provides a ribonucleic acid (RNA) for use as interfering RNA in gene silencing techniques to silence a target gene comprising in a 5′ to 3′ direction at least a first effector sequence, a second effector sequence, a sequence substantially... Agent: Benitec Australia, Ltd.

20110117609 - Homologous recombination method, cloning method, and kit: Disclosed is a method which can achieve the homologous recombination of a gene of interest selectively. Also disclosed is a recombinant DNA molecule produced by the method. Specifically disclosed is a homologous recombination method which uses a PCR product and a linearized vector. The PCR product comprises a sequence for... Agent: National University Corporation University Of Toyama

20110117610 - Modified dicer polypeptide and methods of use thereof: A modified Dicer polypeptide is provided, which modified Dicer polypeptide exhibits enhanced catalytic activity. Also provided is a method for producing small regulatory RNAs from a dsRNA, involving contacting a dsRNA with a subject modified Dicer. Small regulatory RNAs produced by a subject method find use in a variety of... Agent:

20110117612 - Coryneform bacterium transformant having improved d-xylose-utilizing ability: A coryneform bacterium transformant prepared by transferring an exogenous gene which encodes a protein having a sugar transporter function into a coryneform bacterium capable of utilizing D-xylose.... Agent:

20110117611 - Nucleotide sequences which code for the tal gene: c

20110117613 - Method for production of l-amino acid: An L-amino acid can be produced by culturing a bacterium which belongs to the Enterobacteriaceae family, and has an enhanced ability to use a fatty acid. The bacterium is capable of producing the L-amino acid in a culture medium containing a fatty acid or a hydrolysate of an oil-and-fat as... Agent:

20110117614 - Production process for methionine using microorganisms with reduced isocitrate dehydrogenase activity: The present invention is directed to a method utilizing a microorganism with reduced isocitrate dehydrogenase activity for the production of methionine.... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110117616 - Method for producing (1s,2r)-2-chloro-2-fluorocyclopropanecarboxylic acid: The present invention provides a method for producing (1S,2R)-2-chloro-2-fluorocyclopropanecarboxylic acid with a high yield and high selectivity. Specifically, disclosed is a method for producing (1S,2R)-2-chloro-2-fluorocyclopropanecarboxylic acid, wherein (1S)-2-chloro-2-fluorocyclopropanecarboxylic acid ester is hydrolyzed using an esterase derived from Burkholderia cepacia.... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110117615 - Production process: The invention relates to a process for producing organic acids, acid derivatives thereof and/or organic alcohols. In particular, the invention relates to a process for culturing a butyric acid-producing micro-organism in a culture vessel; transferring a portion of the butyric acid which is produced in the culture vessel to a... Agent: Green Biologics Limited A Corporation

20110117617 - Methods and genetically engineered micro-organisms for the combined production of pdo, bdo and php by fermentation: The present invention relates to methods and genetically engineered micro-organisms for the combined production of PDO, BDO, and PHP by fermentation. The micro-organism is characterized in that its D-lactate dehydrogenase gene has been deleted or functionally inactivated, and it comprises heterogenous polynucleotides encoding the Coenzyme A-dependent Aldehyde dehydrogenase and the... Agent: Hunan Rivers Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

20110117619 - Method for pretreatment of cellulosic and lignocellulosic materials for conversion into bioenergy: A process for converting organic waste materials into usable products and products thereof is disclosed. According to the process, organic waste materials are contacted with an oxidant to form a product and then an amount of the oxidant is removed from the product to form a reactor-ready feedstock. The oxidant... Agent: Brigham Young University

20110117618 - Methods and compositions for the recombinant biosynthesis of n-alkanes: The present disclosure identifies methods and compositions for modifying photoautotrophic organisms as hosts, such that the organisms efficiently convert carbon dioxide and light into n-alkanes, and in particular the use of such organisms for the commercial production of n-alkanes and related molecules.... Agent: Joule Unlimited, Inc.

20110117620 - Process for producing methane from process water and biogenic material: A process for producing methane from process water and biogenic material such as that occurring in the production of sugar and ethanol, wherein at least one mixing/preliminary tank is supplied with process water and biomass, and optionally with washing and/or fresh water and/or substrate water to produce a mash, the... Agent:

20110117621 - Aldehyde tags, uses thereof in site-specific protein modification: The invention features compositions and methods for site-specific modification of proteins by incorporation of an aldehyde tag. Enzymatic modification at a sulfatase motif of the aldehyde tag through action of a formylglycine generating enzyme (FGE) generates a formylglycine (FGly) residue. The aldehyde moiety of FGly residue can be exploited as... Agent:

20110117622 - Seamless capsule: The seamless capsule of the invention is obtained by immersing in an aqueous fluid a two-layered seamless capsule comprising an inner layer comprising a suspension composition comprising a biocatalyst suspended in an oily substance and an outer layer comprising a shell composition comprising a water permeable substance. The seamless capsule... Agent:

20110117623 - Dynamic thermoresponsive nanoparticles for stabilization of enzymes at high temperatures: The present invention provides a thermoresponsive nanoparticle useful for the stabilization of enzymes in environments having a temperature greater than thirty degrees Centigrade. The thermoresponsive nanoparticle has (a) a functionalized enzyme conjugate having one or more enzymes or biological catalysts, the enzymes or biological catalysts are modified with palmitic acid... Agent:

20110117624 - Proteases and variants thereof: The present invention relates to isolated proteases of the RP-II type and variants of RP-II proteases exhibiting improved properties in comparison to the parent RP-II protease, DNA constructs and vectors coding for the expression of said proteases and variants, host cells capable of expressing the proteases and variants from the... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20110117625 - Engineered nucleases and their uses for nucleic acid assembly: Aspects of the invention provide engineered endonucleases that are characterized by both a long recognition sequence and specific cleavage outside of the recognition site. Engineered endonucleases of the invention are useful for manipulating long pieces of DNA.... Agent:

20110117626 - Hydrophobic interaction chromatography membranes, and methods of use thereof: Described herein are composite materials and methods of using them for hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC). In certain embodiments, the composite material comprises a support member, comprising a plurality of pores extending through the support member; and a macroporous cross-linked gel, comprising a plurality of macropores, and a plurality of pendant... Agent:

20110117627 - Regulation of apoptosis by neural specific splice variants of ig20: Pro-apoptotic signaling caused by down-modulation of KIAA0358 or expression of IG20-SV4 effectively induces spontaneous apoptosis and sensitization to TNFα-induced apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells. Methods and composition to enhance cell death in neuroblastoma are provided. Methods and compositions to reduce cell death in neurodegenerative disorders are provided.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20110117628 - Method for concentrating and isolating biomolecules or viruses: A simple and convenient method for concentrating a biomolecule, including protein or nucleic acid molecules, from a sample. Purified and isolated biomolecules obtained by this method. Methods for improving the specificity or sensitivity of detecting a biomolecule by concentration and/or purification or isolation of the biomolecule according to the method... Agent: Aj Innuscreen Gmbh

20110117630 - Method for producing extracellular multi-enzyme complexes in host cells: A polycistronic expression cassette encoding proteins necessary for constructing a multi-enzyme complex was developed. Also disclosed herein is a host cell containing this polycistronic expression cassette and uses thereof in degrading biomass.... Agent: Academia Sinica

20110117629 - Lactobacillus plantarum bb9 capable of adhering to gastrointestinal tract and cholesterol removal: A Lactobacillus plantarum BB9 capable of adhering to gastrointestinal tract and cholesterol removal is isolated from fruits and exhibits high BSH activity. In-vitro tests demonstrate that Lactobacillus plantarum BB9 has good acid and bile tolerance, and strong ability to adhere to intestinal cells. In-vivo tests show that hamsters fed high... Agent: Family Medicine Interantional Co., Ltd.

20110117631 - Photo bioreactor with light distributor and method for the production of a photosynthetic culture: The invention provides a photo bioreactor comprising an aqueous liquid comprising a photosynthetic culture and light distributors (30). Each light distributor has a surface arranged to receive light and a tapered surface arranged to emit at least part of the received light. At least part of the tapered surface is... Agent: Feyecon B.v.

20110117632 - Photo bioreactor with light distributor and method for the production of a photosynthetic culture: The invention provides a photo bioreactor comprising an aqueous liquid comprising a photosynthetic culture and a light distributor (30). Each light distributor has a surface arranged to receive light and a surface arranged to emit at least part of the received light. At least part of the surface is submerged... Agent:

20110117634 - Flat cell carriers with cell traps: Cell carrier structures using dynamic flow of cell bearing, washing, or nourishing fluid, from an input reservoir region to an output reservoir region. A common feature of the several structures by which this can be achieved is the presence of channels generally having low height or other cross section, such... Agent:

20110117635 - Multipurpose micro electric field network cell processing device: A multipurpose micro electric field network cell processing device comprises: a hollow frame structure; transparent film layers which are respectively correspondingly arranged on the upper side surface and the lower side surface of the frame; electrode groups which are arranged on the transparent film layer on at least one side... Agent:

20110117633 - Stripping absorption module: In a process, a portion of a liquid mixture flow is vaporized to produce a vapor and a depleted flow of liquid. The vapor is introduced to a brine which is adapted to exothermically absorb one or more components therefrom, and heat is withdrawn, to produce at least a flow... Agent:

20110117636 - Lateral flow immunoassay device with a more rapid and accurate test result: The present invention provides a lateral flow immunoassay device for qualitative or quantitative analysis of an analyte of interest in a whole blood sample with a more rapid and accurate result. This device includes a sample receiving pad, a conjugate pad, a flow delaying pad and a wicking membrane in... Agent: Infopia Co., Ltd.

20110117637 - Zero-mode waveguides with non-reflecting walls: The application relates to improved optical containment structures, methods of manufacture and use, and systems for employing same. The optical containment structures generally comprise zero-mode waveguide structures having non-reflective walls. The non-reflective walls allow the preparation of optical containment regions in which the optical containment dimensions can be decoupled from... Agent: Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.

20110117638 - Photobioreactor: A photobioreactor for growing algae comprises a tank for holding a volume of growth medium. A plurality of light sources are disposed either within the tank or externally to it in a manner to illuminate substantially uniformly the entire volume of growth medium when the tank is in operation. At... Agent: Biovantage Resources, Inc.

20110117639 - Taylor vortex flow bioreactor for cell culture: The invention concerns a rotating wall vessel bioreactor (100) using Taylor vortex flow for cell culture in the annular space between the two concentric cylindrical bodies, wherein the internal one (2) is rotating and the external one (1) is stationary. The internal rotating body (2) is composed of an external... Agent:

20110117641 - Plasmid dna isolation: The invention provides apparatus, reagents, and methods for rapidly isolating plasmid DNA from a bacterial alkaline lysate.... Agent: Zymo Research Corporation

20110117643 - Recombinant expression vector for animal cell: The present invention relates to a recombinant expression vector for an animal cell containing a dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) coding nucleotide sequence operatively linked to a DHFR promoter, to an animal cell line transformed by the vector, and to a method for preparing a target protein using the same. As compared... Agent: Aprogen Inc.

20110117642 - Trap vectors and gene trapping method by using the same: A trap vector containing a loxP sequence composed of inverted repeat sequence 1, a spacer sequence and inverted repeat sequence 2 in this order, the loxP sequence being a mutant loxP wherein a part of the inverted repeat sequence 1 or 2 is mutated.... Agent: Transgenic Inc.

20110117640 - Tumor antigens bfa4 and bcy1 for prevention and / or treatment of cancer: The present invention relates to a nucleic acid encoding a polypeptide and the use of the nucleic acid or polypeptide in preventing and/or treating cancer. In particular, the invention relates to improved vectors for the insertion and expression of foreign genes encoding tumor antigens for use in immunotherapeutic treatment of... Agent: Aventis Pasteur, Ltd.

20110117644 - Dr5 gene promoter and siah-1 gene promoter: The inventors discovered for the first time the nucleotide sequence of the human DR5 gene promoter, the nucleotide sequence of the human Siah-1 gene promoter and what appear to be the core promoter regions thereof. The present invention further provides a screening method for substances which regulate promoter activity, comprising... Agent: Oncolys Biopharma Inc.

20110117645 - Method for proliferation of pluripotent stem cells: For efficient proliferation of pluripotent stem cells in a system free from any animal-derived material such as feeder cells or serum, the present invention provides a method for proliferation of pluripotent stem cells, which comprises culturing the pluripotent stem cells in a medium free from both feeder cells and serum... Agent: Kyoto University

20110117646 - Antisense modulation of c-reactive protein expression: Antisense compounds, compositions and methods are provided for modulating the expression of C-reactive protein. The compositions comprise antisense compounds, particularly antisense oligonucleotides, targeted to nucleic acids encoding C-reactive protein. Methods of using these compounds for modulation of C-reactive protein expression and for treatment of diseases associated with expression of C-reactive... Agent: Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110117647 - Red blood cell storage medium for extended storage: Synthetic aqueous storage solutions are disclosed for use in the processing and the storing of red blood cells prepared from whole blood including cells derived from whole blood held for an extended period at room temperature.... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20110117649 - Catalytic enantioselective synthesis of flavanones and chromanones: Various chromanone, flavanone and abyssinone compounds as can be prepared enantioselectively using a chiral thiourea catalyst.... Agent:

20110117648 - Single cell surgery tool and a cell transfection device utilizing the photothermal properties of thin films and/or metal nanoparticles: This invention provides novel tools for surgery on single cells. In certain embodiments the tools comprise a microcapillary having at and/or near the tip a metal coating or a plurality of nanoparticles that can be heated by application of electromagnetic energy. In certain embodiments substrates are provided that facilitate the... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110117650 - Vessel and method for isolating cells from tissue portions: A vessel is adapted to be used in a procedure for isolating and collecting cells from a tissue portion using a centrifuge by providing a sealable chamber separated into two sections by a mesh screen, the chamber having a conical bottom inner surface, with a port at the apex in... Agent:

20110117651 - Cell adhesion promoting agent and method of promoting cell adhesion: The subject invention discloses an agent for promoting cell adhesion to a support, comprising a dispirotripiperazine derivative represented by Formula I below or a salt thereof; a method for promoting cell adhesion to a support comprising adding the dispirotripiperazine derivative represented by Formula I below or a salt thereof to... Agent:

20110117652 - Somatic embryogenesis of jatropha curcas from ovules: The present invention relates to the field of somatic embryo production, particularly to methods for somatic embyrogenesis of Jatropha from ovules. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method and media compositions for somatic embryogenesis of Jatropha curcas from ovules of unopened flower buds. The method is well suited... Agent: Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Limited

20110117653 - Method for production of pluripotent stem cell: The present invention relates to a method for production of a cell population containing a pluripotent stem cell, said method comprising a step of treating a somatic cell which has been contacted with nuclear reprogramming factors under nutrient-starved condition, and/or a step of treating the somatic cell with an agent... Agent: Takara Bio Inc.

20110117654 - Buffer solution for electroporation and a method comprising the use of the same: A method for introducing biologically active molecules into animal or human cells using an electric current includes suspending the cells and dissolving the biologically active molecules in a buffer solution including HEPES and at least 10 mmol×1−1 magnesium ions (Mg2+), the buffer solution having a buffer capacity of at least... Agent: Lonza Cologne Ag

20110117655 - Methods and compositions for genetically manipulating clostridia and related bacteria with homologous recombination associated proteins: Methods for effecting homologous recombination in a bacterium of the Clostridia family are described. These methods provide enhanced capability to genetically modify clostridia.... Agent:

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20110111386 - Cervical cell collection method: The present invention relates to sample collection and preservation. More specifically, the invention provides methods for the collection and preservation of at least one nucleic acid molecule in a test sample comprising one or more cells or tissues obtained from the cervix of a subject.... Agent: Norchip As

20110111387 - High-efficiency viable sampler for ultrafine bioaerosols: Exemplary embodiments provide bioaerosol detection systems and methods for detecting bioaerosols. In one embodiment, the bioaerosol detection system can include a humidifier to increase the humidity of a continuously flowing sample volume of a bioaerosol sample using a biologically compatible liquid medium, and an amplifier to deposit vapor on the... Agent:

20110111392 - Integrated enhanced chemiluminescence biosensors: A method and apparatus for determining the concentration of an analyte in a sample is provided. This method involves combining enhanced chemiluminescence with microchip capillary electrophoresis or microchip liquid chromatography.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110111390 - Method for in vitro detection and/or quantification and/or identification of infectious compounds in a biological material: Method for in vitro detection and/or quantification and/or identification of infectious compounds present in a fluid medium M constituting a biological material, in which method a suspension of microbeads of solid polymer material capable of binding proteins is prepared; the microbeads are loaded with β2GPI proteins by coupling with a... Agent: Apoh Technologies Sa

20110111388 - Method for the sensitive detection of polyamino acids and other macro-molecules: The invention relates to a method for the detection of an analyte containing polyamino acid. The object of the invention is to detect polyamino acids in a highly sensitive manner. The object is achieved in that an LM is coupled to a protein after chemical activation, and is complexed using... Agent:

20110111391 - Newly identified human rhinovirus of hrv-c and methods and kits for detecting hrv-cs: The characterization of a new strain of human rhinovirus of genetic group C(HRV-C) as well as methods and kits for detecting the presence of HRV-C by PCR amplification are provided.... Agent: Beijing Children's Hospital Affiliated To Capital Medical University

20110111389 - Rapid genotyping analysis for human papillomavirus and the device thereof: The present invention discloses methods and devices for rapid genotyping. In one embodiment, the present invention is applied to human papillomavirus (HPV) genotyping, comprising the use of viral genotype-specific-oligonucleotide probes, reversed-dot-blotting genotype array format and flow through hybridization process, thereby providing a more efficient, faster and less expensive method for... Agent: Diagcor Bioscience Incorporation Limited

20110111406 - Antigen-binding molecule capable of binding to two or more antigen molecules repeatedly: The present inventors discovered that antibodies having weaker antigen-binding activity at the early endosomal pH in comparison with that at the pH of plasma are capable of binding to multiple antigen molecules with a single antibody molecule, have long half-lives in plasma, and have improved durations of time in which... Agent: Chugai Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha

20110111396 - Biomarkers for monitoring the treatment by quinazolinone compounds: Provided herein are the biomarkers for monitoring the treatment by quinazolinone compounds. For example, the use of SPARC, p21, and cyclin D1 mRNA levels as biomarkers to predict whether a quinazolinone compound is likely to be successful in treating certain types of cancer, such as NHL is provided. Further, the... Agent:

20110111395 - Cd4+cells with cytolytic properties: The present invention relates to CD4+ T cells, more specifically cytolytic or cytotoxic CD4+ T-cells and methods of obtaining and identifying them.... Agent:

20110111397 - Connexin allele detection assays: The present invention provides compositions and methods for the detection and characterization of mutations associated with non-syndromic hearing impairment. More particularly, the present invention provides compositions, methods and kits for using invasive cleavage structure assays (e.g. the INVADER assay) to screen nucleic acid samples, e.g., from patients, for the presence... Agent: Third Wave Technologies, Inc.

20110111419 - Copy number variations predictive of risk of schizophrenia: The present invention relates to genomic copy number variations as risk factors for schizophrenia. The invention provides methods and kits for risk management of schizophrenia, by assessing such copy number variations in the genome of individuals.... Agent: Decode Geneties Ehf.

20110111420 - Corn event mir604: A novel transgenic corn event designated MIR604, is disclosed. The invention relates to DNA sequences of the recombinant constructs inserted into the corn genome and of genomic sequences flanking the insertion site that resulted in the MIR604 event. The invention further relates to assays for detecting the presence of the... Agent:

20110111394 - Ctgf as a biomarker, therapeutic and diagnostic target: The invention provides CTGF which is associated with the cardiovascular diseases and hematological diseases. The invention also provides assays for the identification of compounds useful in the treatment or prevention of cardiovascular diseases and hematological diseases. The invention also features compounds which bind to and/or activate or inhibit the activity... Agent: Bayer Schering Pharma Aktiengesellschaft

20110111414 - Detecting agent and therapeutic agent for highly malignant breast cancer: A detection agent for high malignancy breast cancer includes an antibody against collagen XIV, or a variant or derivative or fragment of the antibody. A therapeutic agent for high malignancy breast cancer includes a conjugate of an anticancer drug and an antibody against that protein, or a variant or derivative... Agent: Jcl Bioassay Corporation

20110111421 - Gene expression markers for colorectal cancer prognosis: A method of predicting clinical outcome in a subject diagnosed with colorectal cancer comprising determining evidence of the expression of one or more predictive RNA transcripts or their expression products in a biological sample of cancer cells obtained from the subject.... Agent:

20110111402 - Kifs as modifiers of the rho pathway and methods of use: Human KIF23 genes are identified as modulators of the RHO pathway, and thus are therapeutic targets for disorders associated with defective RHO function. Methods for identifying modulators of RHO, comprising screening for agents that modulate the activity of KIF23 are provided.... Agent: Exelixis Inc.

20110111407 - Method for analysing the epigenetic status of the htra 1 gene in a biological sample: The invention relates to a method for analysing a biological sample, wherein the epigenetic status of at least one section of the HtrA 1 gene is analysed. Furthermore, diagnostic kits as well as a screening method for identifying a molecule which inhibits the binding of an epigenetic factor to at... Agent:

20110111400 - Method for enhancing chemical sensitivity or radiosensitivity of cancer cells by inhibiting expression of tspyl5: Disclosed herein is a method for enhancing sensitivity of cancer cells to compounds or radiation by inhibiting the expression of testis-specific protein, Y-encoded like 5 (TSPYL5). More specifically, because methylation of TSPYL5 protein expressed in lung cancer cell line was inhibited to increase the expression level of the gene, resistance... Agent: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

20110111401 - Method for sequencing nucleic acid molecules: The present invention is directed to a method of sequencing a target nucleic acid molecule having a plurality of bases. In its principle, the temporal order of base additions during the polymerization reaction is measured on a molecule of nucleic acid, i.e. the activity of a nucleic acid polymerizing enzyme... Agent: Cornell University

20110111413 - Method of optimizing codon usage through dna shuffling: The present invention relates to codon optimization utilizing DNA shuffling. A method of producing gene sequences optimized for a desired functional property is described involving synthesizing a library of parental codon variant genes encoding some or all codon choices at some or all amino acid positions of a gene, reassorting... Agent:

20110111408 - Methods and composition for secretion of heterologous polypeptides: The present invention relates generally to the fields of molecular biology and protein technology. More specifically, the invention concerns signal sequences for the secretion of heterologous polypeptide from bacteria. The invention also concerns recombinant polypeptides and uses thereof.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20110111399 - Methods and compositions including diagnostic kits for the detection of staphylococcus aureus: Methods and compositions, including diagnostic kits, for the detection of Staphylococcus Aureus (SA) and clinically important antibiotic resistant forms thereof, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA), mupirocin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (mupSA), and the like, from individuals in a sample population are disclosed Also disclosed are cost effective... Agent:

20110111417 - Methods and kits for monitoring the effects of immunomodulators on adaptive immunity: The invention provides for noninvasive assessment of immunocompetence in various situations, for example, when modified by disease or by immunomodulators. The assessment determines the functional activity of germinal centers via measuring levels of immunogolublin isotype class switching. The invention provides for assessment of therapeutic efficacy of immunomodulators and for selection... Agent: Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110111409 - Methods for depleting rna from nucleic acid samples: The invention relates to methods of depleting RNA from a nucleic acid sample. The RNA may be any RNA, including, but not limited to, rRNA, tRNA, and mRNA. The method is useful for depleting RNA from a nucleic acid sample obtained from a fixed paraffin-embedded tissue (FPET) sample. The method... Agent:

20110111403 - Multi-primer assay for mycoplasma detection: Disclosed is a multi-primer amplification assay, method and kits for detecting Mycoplasma species and closely related species utilizing a plurality of oligonucleotide primers in contact with a sample in a single vessel and detecting the amplification product, wherein the presence of an amplification product indicates Mycoplasma in the sample.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110111415 - Multi-stage nutrigenomic diagnostic food sensitivity testing in animals: A multi-stage method for diagnosing an immunologic food sensitivity or intolerance in a companion animal. Firstly a saliva or blood spot or other non-serum bodily fluid sample is collected. The screening the saliva or blood spot or other non-serum bodily fluid sample detects the presence of at least one of... Agent:

20110111404 - Novel genes and markers in type 2 diabetes and obesity: Genes, SNP markers and haplotypes of susceptibility or predisposition to T2D and subdiagnosis of T2D and related medical conditions are disclosed. Methods for diagnosis, prediction of clinical course and efficacy of treatments for T2D, obesity and related phenotypes using polymorphisms in the risk genes are also disclosed. The genes, gene... Agent:

20110111405 - Novel genes and markers in type 2 diabetes and obesity: Genes, SNP markers and haplotypes of susceptibility or predisposition to T2D and subdiagnosis of T2D and related medical conditions are disclosed. Methods for diagnosis, prediction of clinical course and efficacy of treatments for T2D, obesity and related phenotypes using polymorphisms in the risk genes are also disclosed. The genes, gene... Agent:

20110111398 - Nucleic acid probe-based diagnostic assays targeting ssra genes of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms: Use of the ssrA gene or tmRNA, an RNA transcript of the ssrA gene, or fragments thereof as target regions in a nucleic acid probe assay for the detection and identification of prokaryotic and/or eukaryotic organisms is described. Nucleotide sequence alignment of tmRNA sequences from various organisms can be used... Agent:

20110111416 - Peptide nucleic acid probes, kits and methods for expression profiling of micrornas: Disclosed are peptide nucleic acid (PNA) probes, a kit and a method for expression profiling of microRNAs (miRNAs), which play an important role in regulation of expression of genes encoding proteins.... Agent: Panagene Inc.

20110111393 - Pna probes, mixtures, methods and kits pertaining to the determination of mycoplasma and related mollicutes: This invention is related to PNA probes, probe sets, mixtures, methods and kits pertaining to the determination of Mycoplasma and related Mollicutes.... Agent:

20110111411 - Protein-responsive rna control devices and uses thereof: The invention described herein relates to an RNA-based control device that senses the presence and/or concentration of at least one protein ligand, preferably through its protein-binding aptamer domain, and regulates a target gene expression through alternative splicing of the target gene in which the RNA-based control device is integrated. The... Agent:

20110111410 - Stabilization of rna in intact cells within a blood sample: A method for preserving and processing nucleic acids located within a blood sample is disclosed, wherein a blood sample containing nucleic acids is treated to reduce both blood cell lysis and nuclease activity within the blood sample. The treatment of the sample aids in increasing the integrity and amount of... Agent: Streck, Inc.

20110111418 - Use of iron-related pathways and genes for treatment and diagnosis of parkinson's disease: A collection of genetic variants having susceptability to, or protection from, Parkinson's Disease is provided. The variants are useful in method of diagnosing, prognosing, and treating Parkinson's Disease and related conditions... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110111412 - Uses of parylene membrane filters: The invention provides parylene membrane filters, filter devices and methods of making them and using them in the mechanical separation of cells and particles by size. The provision of parylene membrane filters with high figures of merit and finely controlled hole sizes allows the separation of cells and particles in... Agent: University Of Southern California

20110111424 - Analysis of ubiquitinated polypeptides: The invention relates to antibody reagents that specifically bind to peptides carrying a ubiquitin remnant from a digested or chemically treated biological sample. The reagents allow the technician to identify ubiquitinated polypeptides as well as the sites of ubiquitination on them. The reagents are preferably employed in proteomic analysis using... Agent: Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

20110111423 - Demethylated and / or oxidized membrane dna: e

20110111425 - Enhanced immunoassay sensor: Disclosed herein are devices for detecting the presence of a target analyte in a fluid sample. The biosensor device can comprise at least a reaction chamber and a detection chamber. The device can comprise a amplifying mechanism such that one target analyte molecule present in the fluid sample can lead... Agent: Universal Birosensors Pty Ltd.

20110111422 - Sensor proteins and assay methods: The present invention relates to biosensors. In some embodiments, the biosensors are modified ligand binding molecules. In some embodiments, the modified ligand binding molecule is a phosphate binding protein (PBP). In some embodiments, the modified ligand binding molecules are labeled to be capable of RET, e.g., comprising a donor and... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110111426 - Method of bioassaying yokukansan: The invention intends to find out a bioassay system with an in-vitro test capable of ensuring the higher quality of yokukansan, and provides a bioassay method for yokukansan, comprising competitively reacting a labeled ligand and yokukansan with cells or cell membranes expressing glutamate receptors, measuring the binding activity of yokukansan,... Agent: Tsumura & Co.

20110111434 - Colon stem cells associated with colitisand colorectal cancer and methods of use: The disclosure provides methods of isolating and propagating self-renewing colonic stem/progenitor cells (CS/PCs) that express aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH1), from colon cancer and colitis tissues, as well as from normal colon tissue, methods of identifying agents for modulating the proliferative status of such cells, an methods of screening patients having colitis... Agent:

20110111432 - Diagnostic method for peanut allergy: The present invention provides novel methods and tools to differentiate between true allergy and false positive allergy tests. In particular, parameters that can be statistically associated with true peanut allergy have been identified. These include wheal size in response to a skin prick test and total IgE. Further parameters may... Agent:

20110111429 - Fluorescent carbazole compounds for cancer diagnosis: e

20110111430 - Method for diagnosing liver fibrosis: Provided herein are methods and devices for nonsurgically predicting, diagnosing, and monitoring liver fibrosis in an individual. Methods utilize biomarkers, age and sex to determine a diagnostic score. The diagnostic score is then used to predict, diagnose, or assess liver fibrosis in the individual.... Agent: Quest Diagnostrics Investments, Inc.

20110111431 - Method for identifying pre-neoplastic and/or neoplastic states in mammals: The present invention relates to methods of identifying pre-neoplastic and/or neoplastic states in mammals and in particular to a method for identifying pre-neoplastic and neoplastic cells in tissues and body fluids, based on differential expression of purinergic receptors in these cells.... Agent: Biosceptre Pty. Ltd.

20110111433 - Piezoelectrical characterization of materials: One aspect of the disclosure is a method of characterizing a surface. In an exemplary embodiment, the method includes: (a) positioning a piezoelectric sensor near the surface; (b) obtaining by the sensor a resonant acoustic profile (RAP) of the surface; and (c) analyzing the obtained RAP to characterize the surface.... Agent: Amendis Ltd.

20110111435 - Detecting cell surface markers: In one aspect, the present invention provides a method for detecting an expression level of a cell surface marker in a sample, comprising staining the sample with a reagent that labels the cell surface marker; obtaining an image of the stained sample; and determining a value for continuity of cell... Agent: Slidepath Limited

20110111436 - Methods for assessing cancer for increased sensitivity to 10-propargyl-10-deazaaminopterin: Sensitivity of a patient's cancer to treatment with 10-propargyl-10-deazaaminopterin is assessed and patients are selected for treatment of cancer with 10-propargyl-10-deazaaminopterin, by determining the amount of a selected polypeptide expressed by the cancer and comparing the amount with the amount of the selected polypeptide expressed by a reference cancer. The... Agent: Sloan-kettering Institute For Cancer Research

20110111437 - Biomarkers for prognosis of pulmonary diseases: The present invention relates to biomarkers that may be used to evaluate the prognoses of patients suffering from pulmonary diseases and assist in the determination of appropriate therapeutic regimens. It is based, at least in part, on the discovery that a number of T-cell antigens are differentially expressed in chronic... Agent: The University Of Pittsburgh-of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20110111427 - Biomarker for the estimation of acute renal disorder and prognosis of the disorder, and use of the biomarker: To provide a novel biomarker that is useful for prediction of early onset of acute kidney injury, estimation of prognosis associated with a renal function, and differentiation of acute kidney injury. Furthermore, to provide use of the novel biomarker. Midkine is used as a biomarker. The determination of a possibility... Agent:

20110111428 - Method for sensing a chemical: The present invention relates to a method for detecting an analyte (10) in a sample, comprising the steps of: (i) providing a transducer (3) comprising a pyroelectric or piezoelectric element and electrodes which is capable of transducing a change in energy to an electrical signal, and a first reagent (9)... Agent: Vivacta Ltd.

20110111439 - Elevation of induced heat shock proteins in patient's cerebral spinal fluid: a biomarker of risk/onset of ischemia and/or paralysis in aortic surgery: Provided are methods for intra-operatively predicting, detecting or diagnosing the risk or onset of spinal cord ischemia and/or associated permanent paralysis in a patient, based upon the stress-induced elevation of levels of heat shock proteins, specifically HSP70 and/or HSP27 in the cerebral spinal fluid of the patient, as measured during... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110111440 - Elisa kit for detecting lincomycin: The present invention provides an ELISA kit for detecting lincomycin comprising a coating antigen and an enzyme labeled reagent, wherein the coating antigen is selected from the group consisting of a lincomycin hapten-carrier protein conjugate, a lincomycin antibody and a lincomycin anti-antibody; when the coating antigen is the lincomycin hapten-carrier... Agent: Beijing Wanger Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

20110111438 - Method and device for immunoassay: e

20110111441 - Method and kit for measurement of endotoxin level: The present invention provides a method comprising allowing a reaction of a sample, a reagent containing Factor C, which can be activated by binding with endotoxin, and a synthetic luminescent substrate comprising a luminescent substrate bound to a peptide, for release of the luminescent substrate from the synthetic luminescent substrate,... Agent:

20110111442 - Intein-modified enzymes, their production and industrial applications: A method of predicting an intein insertion site in a protein that will lead to a switching phenotype is provided. The method includes identifying a plurality of C/T/S sites within the protein; selecting from the plurality of C/T/S/ sites those that are ranked 0.75 or higher by a support vector... Agent: Agrivida, Inc.

20110111443 - Apparatus for auto-pretreating sugar chain: To provide an autoanalyzer for analyzing a sugar chain contained in a biological sample, in particular, serum. Namely, it is intended to provide a method of analyzing a sugar chain in a sample, which comprises the following steps: A) the sugar chain-releasing step of releasing the sugar chain in the... Agent: Shionogi & Co., Ltd.

20110111444 - Method of screening for compounds which affect the processing of epha4 by gamma-secretase: The present invention provides a method of screening for compounds which affect the processing of EphA4 by γ-secretase, comprising the following steps: (i) contacting a first biological composition containing γ-secretase or a biologically active fragment thereof with a second biological composition containing EphA4 in the presence and absence of a... Agent: Eisai R&d Management Co., Ltd

20110111448 - Device comprising a field of tips used in biotechnology applications: A method for manufacturing a device including a field of micrometric tips, including forming a polycrystalline layer on a support; performing an anisotropic plasma etching of all or part of the polycrystalline layer by using a gas mixture including chlorine and helium, whereby tips are formed at the surface of... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (crolles 2) Sas

20110111450 - Diagnostic device and method: A method of separating a cell-containing sample into a substantially cell-depleted portion, and a cell-containing portion comprising at least one of a stem cell, a lymphocyte, and a leukocyte comprises a step in which the sample is received in a vessel with at least one flexible wall. In another step,... Agent: Qualigen, Inc.

20110111449 - In vitro determination of analyte levels within body fluids: A reagentless whole-blood analyte detection system that is capable of being deployed near a patient has a source capable of emitting a beam of radiation that includes a spectral band. The whole-blood system also has a detector in an optical path of the beam. The whole-blood system also has a... Agent:

20110111447 - One to one identification system: The present invention relates to a system arranged for assisting secure handling of cells in order to minimize the risk of handling mistakes resulting in mix-up of cell samples. The system allows for one to one identification of cells during a whole culturing period. This is obtained by providing a... Agent: Unisense Fertilitech A/s

20110111445 - Peptide for determining actin structures in living cells: The present invention relates to novel peptides capable of binding to action. The peptides are useful in methods for detecting actin in vitro or in living cells.... Agent: Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.

20110111446 - Thiol detection method: e

20110111451 - Gross hematuria evaluator and methods for making and using same: A device for evaluating the blood content in a plurality of media may include a display having a plurality of columns, each column having a plurality of color-block rows, where the colors are created by diluting blood in the respective medium to obtain a color, and then substantially matching that... Agent:

20110111452 - Method and kit for diagnosis of male fertility: A method and kit are disclosed for the diagnosis of male fertility.... Agent:

20110111453 - Compositions for saccharification of cellulosic material: The present invention relates to enzyme compositions for high temperature saccharification of cellulosic material and to uses thereof.... Agent: Novozymes, Inc.

20110111454 - Engineered versions of cgtb (beta-1,3 galactosyltransferase) enzymes, with enhanced enzymatic properties: CgtB proteins with enhanced beta 1,3-galactosaminyltransferase activity, nucleic acids that encode the CgtB proteins and methods for use of the CgtB proteins.... Agent: National Research Council Of Canada

20110111455 - Polymer-von willebrand factor-conjugates: The present invention relates to a proteinaceous construct (also designated as polymer-VWF-conjugate) comprising plasmatic and/or recombinant von Willebrand factor (VWF), said VWF being bound to at least one physiologically acceptable polymer molecule, as well as to a complex between said proteinaceous construct and at least one factor VIII (FVIII) protein.... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110111456 - Processing biomass: Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful products, such as fuels. For example, systems can use feedstock materials, such as cellulosic and/or lignocellulosic materials and/or starchy or sugary materials, to produce ethanol and/or butanol, e.g., by fermentation.... Agent: Xyleco, Inc.

20110111459 - Compositions and methods for nucleic acid delivery: Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for preparing a lipid encapsulated nucleocapsid delivery composition capable of delivering a nucleic acid to a mammalian cell. The nucleocapsid delivery compositions disclosed herein are useful for large-scale protein production, expression of genes in a mammalian expression system, and/or pharmaceutical production of a recombinant... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110111458 - Industrially useful microorganism: An object of the present invention is to provide an E. coli mutant strain having a chromosomal DNA not less than 1040 kbp shorter than that of a wild-type Escherichia coli, and a production method of a useful substance using the variant.... Agent: Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.

20110111457 - Methods for microbial production of terpenoids: The invention relates to recombinant expression of terpenoid synthase enzymes and geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase (GGPPS) enzymes in cells and the production of diterpenoids.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110111460 - Method for making mature insulin polypeptides: The invention is related to a method for making human insulin analogues by culturing an fungi cell comprising a DNA vector encoding a precursor for human insulin analogue, wherein the said precursor comprises a connecting peptide flanked with cleavage sites at both junctions with the A- and the B-chain of... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20110111461 - Antigen binding molecules that bind egfr, vectors encoding same, and uses thereof: The present invention relates to antigen binding molecules (ABMs). In particular embodiments, the present invention relates to recombinant monoclonal antibodies, including chimeric, primatized or humanized antibodies specific for human EGFR. In addition, the present invention relates to nucleic acid molecules encoding such ABMs, and vectors and host cells comprising such... Agent:

20110111462 - Composition and method for synthesizing a deoxyribonucleotide chain using a double stranded nucleic acid complex with a thermostable polymerase: The present invention relates to the field of molecular biology, and more particular, to a nucleic acid construct for use in amplification processes. More precisely, the invention enhances the specificity of amplification of nucleic acids by means of a double stranded oligonucleotide modified with a molecule having the ability to... Agent:

20110111463 - Lysis and reverse transcription for mrna quantification: The present invention is directed to a method for performing an RT-PCR for amplifying a target RNA including the steps of (i) cultivation of a population of adherent cells in a cell culture vessel (ii) lysis of the population of adherent cells which is supposed to contain the target RNA... Agent:

20110111464 - Methods and compositions for cloning nucleic acid molecules: The present invention is directed generally to methods facilitating the cloning of nucleic acid molecules. In particular, the invention relates to the use of polymerase inhibitors, including but not limited to anti-polymerase antibodies (such as anti-Taq antibodies) and fragments thereof, to inactivate residual polymerase activity remaining after the amplification (particularly... Agent:

20110111465 - Pseudopterosin-producing bacteria and methods of use: Clonal strains of bacteria derived from Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae are capable of making pseudopterosins in in vitro cultures without requiring the presence of other bacteria, algae, or animal cells that are normally present in P. elisabethae.... Agent: Florida Atlantic University Board Of Trustees

20110111466 - Microorganisms for producing l-amino acids and process for producing l-amino acids using them: The present invention relates to a transformed microorganism producing an L-amino acid using sucrose as a main carbon source, and a method for producing an L-amino acid using the same.... Agent: Cj Cheiljedang Corporation

20110111467 - Method for preparation of carbamic acid (r)-1-aryl-2-tetrazolyl-ethyl ester: Disclosed is a method for the preparation of carbamic acid (R)-1-aryl-2-tetrazolyl-ethyl esters, comprising the enantioselective enzyme reduction of a 1-aryl-2-tetrazolyl-ethyl ketone to form a (R)-1-aryl-2-tetrazolyl-ethyl alcohol and the carbamation of said alcohol.... Agent:

20110111468 - Variant lovd polypeptides and their uses: The present disclosure provides acyltransferases useful for synthesizing therapeutically important statin compound... Agent: Codexis, Inc.

20110111469 - Process for the production of n-acyl-phosphatidyl-ethanolamine: The document describes a process for the preparation of N-Acyl-Phosphatidyl-Ethanolamine of formula (I) on an industrial scale, In which R1, R2 and R3 are, independently from each other, saturated, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated acyls C10-C30, pure or mixed together, and X=OH or OM, where M=alkaline metal or alkaline earth, ammonium or... Agent: Chemi S.p.a.

20110111470 - Methods and compositions for the recombinant biosynthesis of fatty acids and esters: The present disclosure identifies methods and compositions for modifying photoautotrophic organisms, such that the organisms efficiently convert carbon dioxide and light into compounds such as esters and fatty acids. In certain embodiments, the compounds produced are secreted into the medium used to culture the organisms.... Agent: Joule Unlimited, Inc.

20110111471 - Noven thermostable gluconate dehydratase and use thereof: The present invention relates to a novel thermostable gluconate dehydratase from the thermoacidophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus, a coding sequence, and an expression system. The gluconate dehydratase has a molecular weight of about 320,000 to 380,000 daltons as the native protein, and about 40,000 to 50,000 daltons as the monomer protein,... Agent:

20110111472 - Fermentive production of four carbon alcohols: Methods for the fermentative production of four carbon alcohols is provided. Specifically, butanol, preferably isobutanol is produced by the fermentative growth of a recombinant bacterium expressing an isobutanol biosynthetic pathway.... Agent: Butamax(tm) Advanced Biofuels LLC

20110111473 - Yeast cells and methods for increasing ethanol production: Provided herein are methods for producing ethanol using yeast to ferment pretreated solid lignocellulosic materials such as pretreated solid lignocellulosic materials obtained from softwoods like pine. The pretreated solid lignocellulosic material is present at a concentration of at least 12% solids, and at least 30 grams ethanol per liter, preferably... Agent: University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc

20110111474 - Method for producing ethanol by fermentation from lignocellulosic biomass: The description relates to a method of producing bioethanol by separating lignin from a crushed lignocellulose biomass and obtaining cellulose and, if required, hemicellulose and additionally processing the cellulose or the mixture of cellulose and hemicellulose to form sugars and subsequently form bioethanol. The method is characterised in that crushed... Agent:

20110111475 - Biological/electrolytic conversion of biomass to hydrocarbons: Hydrocarbon and hydrogen fuels and other products may be produced by a process employing a combination of fermentation and electrochemical stages. In the process, a biomass contained within a fermentation medium is fermented with an inoculum comprising a mixed culture of microorganisms derived the rumen contents of a rumen-containing animal.... Agent:

20110111476 - Blood cell sorting methods and systems: The invention relates to methods of isolating white blood cells (WBCs) from a sample, e.g., whole blood, using magnetic particles that specifically bind to WBCs and a series of specific steps and conditions. The methods can include one or more of decreasing the viscosity of the sample prior to WBC... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110111477 - Long acting formulation of biopharmaceutical: The invention relates to a long-acting formulation of biopharmaceutical, more specifically an aptamer therapeutics. A branched PEGylated aptamer or a hyaluronic acid (HA) derivative of which degradation in vivo is regulated is linked by the bioconjugation with biopharmaceutical to produce the long-action formulation.... Agent:

20110111478 - Amides as inhibitors of human secreted phospholipase a2: Methods and compounds useful for inhibiting a phospholipase A2 are provided, the methods comprising contacting the phospholipase A2 with a compound having the structure A, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof: wherein R1 is H, F, NH2, or COOH; R2 is, H, linear saturated or unsaturated alkyl, alkenyl, or alkynyl; each... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110111479 - Botulinum neurotoxin serotype b activatable botulinum neurotoxin serotype bs: The specification discloses modified Clostridial toxins comprising a Clostridial toxin substrate cleavage site located within the di-chain loop region; polynucleotide molecules encoding such modified Clostridial toxins comprising a Clostridial toxin substrate cleavage site located in the di-chain loop region; and method of producing modified Clostridial toxins comprising Clostridial toxin substrate... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110111480 - Telomelysin/gfp-expressing recombinant virus: The present invention provides a reagent for cancer cell detection or cancer diagnosis. The present invention relates to a reagent for cancer cell detection, comprising a recombinant virus where a replication cassette comprising a promoter from human telomerase, an E1A gene, an IRES sequence and an E1B gene in this... Agent: Oncolys Biopharma Inc.

20110111481 - Enabling the use of long dsrna for gene targeting in mammalian and other selected animal cells: The present invention provides a method of enabling the use of long dsRNA for gene silencing in mammalian cells through bacteria, preferably non-pathogenic or therapeutic strains of bacteria. DNA that encodes long double-strand RNAs are transformed into bacteria and processed in the bacterial cells into a mixture of smaller RNA... Agent:

20110111482 - High viscosity xanthan polymer preparations: Increasing the molecular length of xanthan polymer makes a higher viscosity xanthan composition. Xanthan with higher specific viscosity characteristics provides more viscosity at equivalent concentration in food, industrial and oilfield applications. Methods for increasing the viscosity of xanthan include inducing particular key genes and increasing copy number of particular key... Agent: Cp Kelco U.s., Inc.

20110111483 - Optimizing expression of active botulinum toxin type e: Nucleic acid molecules that comprise modified open reading frames providing increased expression of the encoded active BoNT/E in a heterologous cell, expression constructs and cells comprising such nucleic acid molecules and methods useful for expressing the encoding active BoNT/E from such nucleic acid molecules, expression constructs and cells.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110111484 - Reaction jacket for a photosynthetic reactor and related photosynthetic reactor: Reaction jacket for a photosynthetic reactor, configured to float on an expanse of water and to define a gas/liquid culture medium diphasic flow path between first and second openings of the reaction jacket, the jacket including two sheaths, outer and inner, respectively, at least partially made from a material transparent... Agent: Microphyt

20110111485 - System and process to treat biomass piles with enzymes: A method for processing biomass including: conveying biomass to a pile of biomass on a platform; maintaining the biomass in the pile in a wetted condition, such that the biomass has a pH level in a predetermined pH range and a temperature in a predetermined temperature range; applying an enzyme... Agent: Andritz Inc.

20110111486 - Bioreactor systems and disposable bioreactor: The present invention is in the field of cell bioreactors, and specifically in the field of disposable bioreactors.... Agent: Mayfair Technology Limited Liability Company D/b/a/ Pendotech

20110111487 - Mehtod and apparatus for assay based on light diffraction: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for detecting analytes in a medium, and more particularly the present invention relates to an assay based on light diffraction which appears or changes upon the binding of analytes to their specific receptors laid out in patterns on a substrate, which... Agent: Axela Biosensors Inc.

20110111488 - Biosensor: Disclosed herein is a biosensor, in which sensing electrodes are formed on an upper insulating substrate and a lower insulating substrate such that, using the sensing electrodes, a measuring device can determine whether a sample (e.g., blood) injected through a sample injection port is completely filled in a sample path... Agent: All Medicus Co., Ltd.

20110111489 - Sensor adapter, method for the manufacture thereof, method for the use of a sensor in this sensor adapter and bioreactor with this sensor adapter: A sensor adapter is described for the noninvasive positioning of a sensor, especially of an electrochemical sensor, in a medium. The sensor adapter comprises an accommodating channel, in which the sensor can be positioned and the one end region of which is closed off by a semipermeable membrane. Moreover, the... Agent: Eppendorf Ag

20110111490 - Light transformation particle and photobioreactor: A light transformation particle is provided. The light transformation particle of the invention includes a light-shifting layer containing at least one light-emitting material, wherein the light-emitting layer transforms ultraviolet light, yellow-green light, or infrared light to red-orange light or blue-violet light. The light transformation particle further includes a core layer... Agent:

20110111493 - Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of a target gene: The present invention relates to a double-stranded ribonucleic acid (dsRNA) having a nucleotide sequence which is substantially identical to at least a part of a target gene and which is no more than 49, preferably less than 25, nucleotides in length, and which comprises a complementary (antisense) RNA strand having... Agent:

20110111494 - Multimeric tnf receptors: The present invention refers to fusion proteins comprising a TNF receptor family extracellular domain fused to a trimerization domain, and a nucleic acid molecule encoding the fusion protein. The fusion protein may be present as a trimeric complex. It is suitable for therapeutic, diagnostic and/or research applications.... Agent:

20110111491 - Rna interference suppresion of neurodegenerative diseases and methods of use thereof: The present invention is directed to small interfering RNA molecules (siRNA) targeted against nucleic acid sequence that encodes huntingtin or ataxin-1, and methods of using these siRNA molecules.... Agent: University Of Iowa Research Foundation

20110111492 - Stem cell aggregates and methods for making and using: The invention is directed to compositions of cell aggregates and methods for making and using the cell aggregates where the aggregates comprise cells that are not embryonic stern cells but can differentiate into cell types of at least two of ectodermal, undo dermal, and mesodermal embryonic germ layers, e.g., stem... Agent: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

20110111495 - Concentrated medium and its usage: This invention discloses a kind of concentrated medium for large-scale culture of Chinese Hamster Ovary cell. The said medium comprises basic medium and high dose additives. This invention also discloses the method of adding the described concentrated medium in large-scale fed-batch culture of CHO cells.... Agent: Shanghai Cp Guojian Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

20110111496 - Bacteria-mediated gene modulation via microrna machinery: The present invention provides a method of synthesizing, processing, and/or delivering miRNA or its precursors to eukaryotic cells using bacteria, preferably non-pathogenic or therapeutic strains of bacteria, to effect gene modulation in eukaryotic cells.... Agent:

20110111497 - Cell separation apparatus, method for activating fat-derived cells, graft material producing process, and graft material: The therapeutic effect of a final product is improved while guaranteeing sterility. Provided is a cell separation apparatus comprising a decomposition treatment unit for producing a cell suspension by digesting living body tissue to release living body-derived cells from the living body tissue; a cell concentrating unit for generating a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110111499 - Mesenchymal stem cell and method for production thereof: The present invention provides a method for producing a mesenchymal stem cell having an ability to differentiate into a myoblast by culturing a pluripotent stem cell derived from a human or animal, including: i) preparing the pluripotent stem cell that has been cryopreserved, ii) sub-culturing the prepared pluripotent stem cell... Agent: National University Corporation Nagoya University

20110111498 - Microcarriers for stem cell culture: We disclose a particle comprising a matrix coated thereon and having a positive charge, the particle being of a size to allow aggregation of primate or human stem cells attached thereto. The particle may comprise a substantially elongate, cylindrical or rod shaped particle having a longest dimension of between 50... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110111500 - 3-dimensional feeders for single cell co-culture in microarray slides: This invention provides a co-culture method using 3-dimensional feeders to support single cell in microwells of microarray chips. Microbeads are utilized as carrier to manipulate feeders into 3-dimensional layers in a microwell, to retain feeders at desired location, to keep feeders away from single cell at a desired distance, to... Agent:

20110111501 - Complex of polysaccharide and double-stranded rna: The cellular uptake and the resistance to enzymatic degradation of a complex of a polysaccharide having a β-1,3-glucan skeleton and double-stranded RNA can be significantly improved while maintaining the RNA interference effect, by fulfilling the following conditions (i) to (iii): (i) the double-stranded RNA has a sense strand consisting of... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20110111502 - Elimination of immune responses to viral vectors: The present invention relates to the use of immunogenic peptides comprising a T-cell epitope derived from a viral vector antigen and a redox motif such as C-(X)2-[CST] or [CST]-(X)2-C in the prevention and/or suppression of immune responses to viral vectors and in the manufacture of medicaments therefore.... Agent:

20110111503 - Method for excising biological samples on a solid support: The present invention provides a method for excising a biological sample on a solid support while minimizing risk of carry over contamination. Furthermore, analytical kits and systems as well as an excising device for excising a biological sample on a solid support are provided.... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20110111504 - Bioreactor and method for cultivating cells and tissues: The invention relates to a bioreactor (1) for cell and tissue culture for the mechanical stimulation and for perfusion of tissue or cell cultures, comprising an upper part (3) and a lower part (4) which is connected to said upper part (4) and which comprises a tissue culture chamber (8),... Agent: Greiner Bio - One Gmbh

20110111505 - Genetically engineered cells which express bone morphogenic proteins: The present invention describes methods of producing cell lines which express recombinant DNA encoding bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP). The cell lines are capable of being implanted in order to enhance the regeneration of tissues through both autocrine and paracrine effects. The cells may further contain DNA encoding receptor proteins which... Agent:

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20110104656 - Artificial kidney precursor and process for production thereof: The present invention provides an artificial kidney precursor containing a non-human mammalian metanephros separated out from a living body, wherein the metanephros has been subjected to freezing and thawing treatments outside a living body, and contains mammalian mesenchymal stem cells transferred outside a living body, and a method of production... Agent: Tokyo Women's Medical University

20110104661 - Degradable polyacrylamide gel: A degradable polyacrylamide gel for analyzing or separating at least one macromolecule in a sample using electrophoresis includes a polyacrylamide cross-linked with at least one degradable cross-linker having a ketal or acetal group with the formula (I), wherein R1 and R2 are the same or different and are hydrogen, an... Agent:

20110104659 - Device for biochemical processing and analysis of a sample: A device including a sample compartment, a coil and an arm for mechanical manipulation of a sample vessel placed in the sample compartment and containing a sample is described. In at least one embodiment, the coil is surrounding the sample compartment and the sample compartment has an opening for insertion... Agent:

20110104660 - Mal, a molecular diagnostic marker for hpv-induced invasive cancers and their high-grade precursor lesions: The inventors now have developed a (molecular) diagnostic marker based on MAL alterations, in particular reduced MAL mRNA and protein expression as well as MAL promoter hypermethylation, to identify human papillomavirus (HPV)-induced high-grade precancerous lesions such as premalignant cervical lesions of invasive cervical cancer, and high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV)-induced precursor... Agent: Vereniging Voor Christelijk Hoger Onderwijs, Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek En Patientenzorg

20110104657 - Method of detecting malignancy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and a nasopharyngeal carcinoma malignancy biomarker: A method of detecting malignancy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and a nasopharyngeal carcinoma malignancy biomarker are disclosed. Firstly, a specimen is obtained from a testee. Next, the specimen is tested for its MIP-3α expression level. Then, the MIP-3α expression level of the specimen is compared with that of a control. Finally,... Agent:

20110104662 - Methods of detecting inhibitors of vif-mediated apobec3g degradation and hiv: The invention comprises methods and cell lines for assaying APOBEC3G degradation and methods for identifying inhibitors of APOBEC3G degradation. The invention also provides methods of identifying inhibitors of HIV infection. The methods of the invention are useful for identifying inhibitors of viral infection, in particular, the methods of the invention... Agent: Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110104658 - Synthetic microfluidic blood-brain barrier: An apparatus and method for assaying blood-brain barrier properties for drug and drug delivery vehicle screening comprising of a microfluidic apparatus with gaps separating lumen and tissue space enabling formation of tight junctions similar to in vivo conditions using endothelial cells and brain cells.... Agent: Cfd Research Corporation

20110104691 - Androgenetic alopecia: The present invention relates to methods for testing for a predisposition or presence of androgenetic alopecia comprising testing a sample obtained from a prospective patient or from a person suspected of carrying a predisposition for androgenetic alopecia. The invention also relates to a genetic marker for androgenetic alopecia characterised in... Agent: Rheinische Friedrich-wilhelms-universitat

20110104704 - Association of edg5 polymorphism v286a with type ii diabetes mellitus and venous thrombosis/pulmonary embolism and the use thereof: The present invention relates to a method of identifying an increase in risk for type II Diabetes mellitus, venous thrombosis, or pulmonary embolism in a subject, wherein the presence of an amino acid exchange at position 286 from valine (Val) to alanine (Ala) in the EDG5 protein in a biological... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20110104664 - Biomarkers and methods for determining sensitivity to micortubule-stabilizing agents: Biomarkers that are useful for identifying a mammal that will respond therapeutically or is responding therapeutically to a method of treating cancer that comprises administering a microtubule-stabilizing agent. In one aspect, the cancer is breast cancer, and the microtubule-stabilizing agent is an epothilone or analog or derivative thereof, or ixabepilone.... Agent: Bristol-myers Squibb Company

20110104694 - Compositions and methods for detecting cancer: The present invention provides methods and compositions involving detecting the presence of and/or assessing the risk of cancer in a subject. These methods include methods of detecting and diagnosing cancer in an individual; methods of identifying individuals at risk of developing a cancer; and methods of staging a cancer. The... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20110104690 - Engineered nitrile hydratase-producing bacterium with amidase gene koucked-out, the construction and the use thereof: An engineered nitrile hydratase-producing bacterium and its construction method as well as its applications, wherein the engineered nitrile hydratase-producing bacterium is a mutant strain of an original nitrile hydratase-producing bacterium strain obtained by knocking-out or inhibiting the amidase gene in the original strain. The construction method of the engineered bacterium... Agent: Tsinghua University

20110104676 - Hybridization chain reaction amplification for in situ imaging: The present invention relates to the use of fluorescently labeled nucleic acid probes to identify and image analytes in a biological sample. In the preferred embodiments, a probe is provided that comprises a target region able to specifically bind an analyte of interest and an initiator region that is able... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20110104666 - Insulin resistance marker: It is provided an insulin resistance marker, a method of evaluating insulin resistance, a method of screening a substance that improves insulin resistance, and a pharmaceutical composition for improving insulin resistance. An insulin resistance marker including a polypeptide comprising at least any 15 continuous amino acids in the specific amino... Agent:

20110104696 - Kit for detection of bacterial species by means of dna analysis: The present invention relates to the detection and identification of different bacterial species, all of which cause zoonosis, based on DNA analysis. More specifically, the invention provides the primers, probes, genes and genic regions required to apply a method for the simultaneous detection of bacteria and bacterial groups belonging to... Agent: Instituto De Salud Carlos Iii

20110104698 - Markers for determining dna damage and telomere dysfunction for the determination of the biological age, regenerative capacity, cancer risk, the risk of developing age-related diseases and the prognosis of chronic diseases in humans and animals: e

20110104672 - Method for detection and/or analysis of yeast and mold in filterable liquids: This invention is an improved process for preparing a food or beverage sample containing yeast or mold cells for analytical testing. The food sample is prepared into the form of a filterable liquid, and then filtered using a glass microfiber filter. The filter containing the fungal cell retentate is then... Agent:

20110104699 - Method for detection of paecilomyces variotii: (b) a nucleotide sequence which includes a nucleotide sequence set forth in any one of SEQ ID NOS: 1 to 4 and 22 to 33 which has a deletion, substitution, or addition of one to several nucleotides and can be used for detecting Paecilomyces variotii, or a complementary sequence thereof.... Agent: Kao Corporation

20110104685 - Method for testing microorganism or the like and testing apparatus therefor: A means for accurately counting desired cells or microorganisms (viable bacteria) in a sample fluid in which contaminants are included is provided. One or plural types of membrane-permeable fluorochromes whose fluorescence amount is amplified by binding to a nucleic acid and glycerin are added to a sample fluid containing cells... Agent:

20110104663 - Method for the quantification of methylated dna: The method according to the invention concerns in particular a method for the quantification of methylated DNA. For this purpose, the DNA to be examined is first transformed such that unmethylated cytosine is converted to uracil while 5-methylcytosine remains unchanged. Subsequently, the transformed DNA is amplified in the presence of... Agent: Epigenomics Ag

20110104669 - Method to predict iris color: The invention comprises a method to predict iris color of a human from a nucleic acid/protein sample comprising assaying for one or more polymorphisms in the region 5′ proximal of the OCA2 gene up to and including the HERC2 gene on chromosome 15 between basepairs 26018062 and 26240890 according to... Agent:

20110104670 - Method, device and molecular biology kit for extracting amplified genetic material: A method for collecting cellular material from particular cells present in a liquid, that includes: a step (210) of inserting the liquid into a compartment (105) through an upper opening (106) in the compartment, the compartment having a lower opening (107) while between the openings is provided a filter (115)... Agent: Metagenex

20110104671 - Methods and compositions for assessing responsiveness of b-cell lymphoma to treatment with anti-cd40 antibodies: The invention provides methods and kits useful for predicting or assessing responsiveness of B-cell lymphoma to treatment with anti-CD40 antibodies.... Agent:

20110104697 - Methods and compositions for diagnosing and monitoring transplant rejection: Methods of diagnosing or monitoring transplant rejection, particularly cardiac transplant rejection, in a patient by detecting the expression level of one or more genes in a patient, are described. Diagnostic oligonucleotides for diagnosing or monitoring transplant rejection, particularly cardiac transplant rejection and kits or systems containing the same are also... Agent: Xdx, Inc.

20110104675 - Methods and compositions for diagnosing carcinomas: The invention is directed to compositions and methods for the detection of a malignant condition, and relates to the discovery of soluble forms of mesothelin polypeptides, including mesothelin related antigen (MRA). In particular the invention provides a nucleic acid sequence encoding MRA and an MRA variant. The invention also provides... Agent: Pacific Northwest Research Institute

20110104684 - Methods and compositions for identifying sulfur and iron modifying bacteria: The invention relates to methods and compositions for identifying specific bacterial species, which are sulfur and iron oxidizers and/or reducers, from wall board (e.g., dry wall) and/or a patient tissue or body fluid. The method comprises the steps of extracting and recovering DNA of the bacterial species from the wall... Agent:

20110104679 - Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of angiogenic disorders: The invention provides methods and compositions for determining whether an individual is at risk of developing, or has, one or more angiogenic disorders. The methods detect the presence and/or amount of one or more genes or gene products in a sample, including a RORA, CRIM1, CXCR4, C5orf26, IGHG3, NALP2, PLA2G4A,... Agent:

20110104687 - Methods and kits for detecting congenital stationary night blindness and selecting different coat patterns: The present application describes biomarkers and methods useful for screening for, diagnosing or detecting congenital stationary night blindness in a subject. The present application also provides methods for selecting or detecting horse coat patterns.... Agent:

20110104667 - Methods for identifying nucleic acid ligands: The present invention generally relates to methods for identifying nucleic acid ligands of a target molecule. In certain embodiments, the invention provides methods for identifying a nucleic acid ligand of a target molecule from a candidate mixture of nucleic acids, including contacting at least one target molecule with a candidate... Agent: Infoscitex Corporation

20110104702 - Methods for predicting tumor response to chemotherapy and selection of tumor treatment: Methods of selecting a treatment for further treatment of a tumor that has been exposed to chemotherapy and methods of predicting response of a tumor to chemotherapy are disclosed. Some of the methods involve performing gene expression analysis on a sample obtained from a patient having a tumor that has... Agent: National University Hospital

20110104695 - Methods of predicting therapeutic efficacy of cancer therapy: The present invention relates to novel methods and kits for predicting, prognosing, and/or monitoring therapeutic efficacy of cancer therapy on a subject having malignant tumor or cell proliferative disorder.... Agent: Technische Universit&#xe4 T M&#xfc Nchen

20110104688 - Microfluidic flow cell: A microfluidic flow cell having a body with a fluid transport channel disposed therein, the fluid transport channel having a proximal end and a distal end defining a fluid flow path, a fluid inlet port disposed at the proximal end of the fluid transport channel at a central portion of... Agent:

20110104700 - Molecular signature for fibrosis and atrophy: Materials and Methods involved in assessing tissue fibrosis and atrophy in mammals. For example, materials and methods involved in detecting organ (e.g., kidney) fibrosis/atrophy due to organ rejection are provided, as are materials and methods for determining the extent of fibrosis/atrophy in mammals such as humans, for example.... Agent:

20110104665 - Mutant sodium channel nav 1.7 and methods related thereto: Described are mutant Nav1.7 sodium channel alpha-subunits and nucleic acid sequences encoding such mutants. Further described are methods for characterizing a nucleic acid sequence that encodes a Nav1 sodium channel alpha-subunit, methods for determining a Nav1.7 haplotype, methods for determining a subject's predisposition to a neurologic disorder associated with a... Agent:

20110104681 - Novel transgene assay using stable agrobacterium rhizogenes transformation: A novel method is described for the screening of gene elements of interest using hairy roots of chimeric plants transformed with Agrobacterium rhizogenes.... Agent:

20110104703 - Nucleic acid analyzer, automatic analyzer, and analysis method: This invention relates to a nucleic acid analyzer comprising: reaction containers capable of containing nucleic-acid-containing samples and reagents; an incubation mechanism capable of controlling temperatures of reaction containers set at different levels; an analysis mechanism for analyzing the samples contained in the reaction containers; and a transport mechanism for transporting... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20110104668 - Nucleic acid ligands against infectious prions: The invention generally relates to nucleic acid ligands that specifically bind to infectious prions, and methods of diagnosing a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy disease in a subject. In certain embodiments, the invention provides an isolated nucleic acid ligand that binds to an infectious prion. In other embodiments, the invention provides a... Agent: Infoscitex Corporation

20110104673 - Nucleic acid sequences and methods for identifying compounds that affect rna/rna binding protein interactions and mrna functionality: Disclosed herein are nucleic acid sequences and their optimized subfragments which are located in the mRNA untranslated regions of therapeutically-relevant genes. These sequences specifically bind RNA binding proteins (RBPs) and/or regulate the mRNA functionality. Also disclosed are methods of optimizing a subfragment of a parent nucleic acid sequence such that... Agent:

20110104692 - Oligonucleotide primers: Disclosed herein is a method of amplifying a target nucleotide sequence in 16S rRNA or in 16S rDNA that includes (a) contacting a sample comprising a 16S rDNA and/or the reverse transcription product of a 16S rRNA with an oligonucleotide primer comprising the nucleotide sequence of TCC TAC GGG AGG... Agent: Genetic Analysis As

20110104683 - Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (pai-1) haplotypes useful as indicators of patient outcome: The invention provides methods and kits for obtaining a prognosis for a patient having or at risk of developing an inflammatory condition. The method generally comprises determining a Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) genotype of a patient for one or more polymorphisms in the PAI-1 gene of the patient, comparing the... Agent: The University Of British Columbia

20110104678 - Polymerase inhibitor and method of using same: The present invention provides nucleic acid based polymerase inhibitors and methods for reducing non-specific polymerase extension and amplification in nucleic acid amplification reactions. The polymerase inhibitors provide a double stranded nucleic acid portion that is recognized by a polymerase enzyme as a template for extension but is incapable of being... Agent:

20110104701 - Protein disulfide isomerase assay method for the in vitro diagnosis of colorectal cancer: A method for the in vitro diagnosis of colorectal cancer by determining the presence of the protein disulfide isomerase tumor marker in a biological sample taken from a patient suspected of having colorectal cancer using at least one anti-PDI monoclonal antibody directed against a PDI epitope chosen from the epitopes... Agent: Biomerieux

20110104693 - Quantitative nuclease protection sequencing (qnps): The present invention provides a new approach, quantitative Nuclease Protection Sequencing (qNPS™), for addressing several challenges that face sequencing and which provides improvements for research and diagnostic applications. The method uses a lysis-only nuclease protection assay to generate nucleic acid, e.g., DNA probes for sequencing, which can be coupled to... Agent: High Throughput Genomics, Inc.

20110104686 - Rapid detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell culture samples: The present invention provides for methods of detecting mycoplasma, for example in cell culture media.... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20110104680 - Recurrent gene fusions in lung cancer: The present invention relates to compositions and methods for cancer diagnosis, research and therapy, including but not limited to, cancer markers. In particular, the present invention relates to recurrent gene fusions as diagnostic markers and clinical targets for lung cancer.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110104682 - Rna detection assays: The present invention provides novel cleavage agents and polymerases for the cleavage and modification of nucleic acid. The cleavage agents and polymerases find use, for example, for the detection and characterization of nucleic acid sequences and variations in nucleic acid sequences. In some embodiments, the 5′ nuclease activity of a... Agent: Third Wave Technologies, Inc.

20110104677 - Selective restriction fragment amplification: fingerprinting: The invention relates to a process for the controlled amplification of at least one part of a starting DNA containing a plurality of restriction sites for a determined specific restriction endonuclease, and of which at least part of its nucleic acid is unknown. This technology can be applied to human,... Agent: Keygene N.v.

20110104689 - Single nucleotide polymorphisms and the identification of lactose intolerance: The present invention relates generally to methods, kits, genotyping and/or nucleic acid molecules associated with the identification of a predisposition for lactase persistence, lactase non-persistence, lactose tolerance and/or lactose intolerance. The methods of the present invention comprise in general determining the presence or absence of at least one variant allele... Agent:

20110104674 - Snp detection and other methods for characterizing and treating bipolar disorder and other ailments: The present application relates to the use of SNPs and differential exon expression to characterize, diagnose or treat bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses, such as major depressive disorder and schizophrenia.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20110104710 - Construction of expression system for rna polymerase derived from influenza virus, crystallization of the rna polymerase, and screening method for anti-influenza agent: The present invention provides a complex comprising a polypeptide consisting of an amino acid sequence at positions 239-716 of the RNA polymerase PA subunit in influenza A/Puerto Rico/8/1934 H1N1 and a polypeptide consisting of an amino acid sequence at positions 1-81 of the RNA polymerase PB1 subunit in influenza A/Puerto... Agent:

20110104708 - Method for sensing a chemical: The present invention relates to a method for detecting an analyte (10) in a sample, comprising the steps of: providing a transducer comprising a pyroelectric or piezoelectric element and electrodes which is capable of transducing a change in energy to an electrical signal, a first reagent immobilised on the transducer,... Agent: Vivacta Ltd.

20110104707 - Methods and products for diagnosing autoimmune disease and gastric cancer linked with atrophic gastritis: The present invention relates to a method for examining a person having symptoms and/or biomarker indicating an autoimmune disease for the presence of atrophic gastritis. The biomarker combination, which diagnoses atrophic gastritis, acts also as a part of a biomarker panel that helps diagnosis and assessment of autoimmune disease as... Agent:

20110104705 - Musclin receptor and use thereof: The present invention provides a receptor of musclin and a screening system for an agonist and/or antagonist of the receptor by means of the interaction of musclin and the receptor. Hence, provided is a screening method for a substance that alters the bindability (i) a protein containing the same or... Agent: Osaka University

20110104706 - Novel kinases and uses thereof: Novel kinase polypeptides, proteins, and nucleic acid molecules are disclosed. In addition to isolated, full-length kinase proteins, the invention further provides isolated kinase fusion proteins, antigenic peptides, and anti-kinase antibodies. The invention also provides kinase nucleic acid molecules, recombinant expression vectors containing a nucleic acid molecule of the invention, host... Agent: Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110104709 - Porous solid phase for binding assay, and binding assay method using the same: A porous solid phase for binding assay that enables a test sample such as whole blood to be analyzed promptly, conveniently, accurately, and inexpensively without requiring a pretreatment, and a binding assay method using said porous solid phase are disclosed. At least one surfactant is incorporated into the porous solid... Agent: Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

20110104711 - Gpr81-ligand complexes and their preparation and use: Complexes of GPR81 receptor components and ligand components, such as L-lactate or GHB, may be used as an assay reagent for screening for modulators of GPR81 receptor activity.... Agent:

20110104715 - Cytotoxic peptides and peptidomimetics based thereon, and methods for use thereof: In accordance with the present invention, it has been discovered that the β-amyloid precursor protein (APP), and two APP-like proteins (APLP1 and APLP2) are proteolytically cleaved by caspases in the C terminus to generate an approximately 31 amino acid peptide. It has been further discovered that the resultant C-terminal peptide... Agent:

20110104717 - Methods for diagnosis, prognosis and methods of treatment: The present invention provides an approach for the determination of the activation states of a plurality of proteins in single cells. This approach permits the rapid detection of heterogeneity in a complex cell population based on activation states, expression markers and other criteria, and the identification of cellular subsets that... Agent: Nodality, Inc.

20110104716 - Novel method for screening brain-active compounds: The invention relates to a novel screening method for brain-active substances and mixtures using hippocampal slices.... Agent:

20110104718 - Analysis of circulating tumor cells, fragments, and debris: The methods and reagents described in this invention are used to analyze circulating tumor cells, clusters, fragments, and debris. Analysis is performed with a number of platforms, including flow cytometry and the CellSpotter® fluorescent microscopy imaging system. Analyzing damaged cells has shown to be important. However, there are two sources... Agent: Veridex, LLC

20110104719 - Methylarginine detection in cells and tissues: The present invention provides a method for identifying a biological sample as cancerous or normal by comparing the methylation status of arginine proteins in a test sample with the normal sample. A different level of binding or pattern of binding of antibodies which are specific for arginine containing proteins in... Agent:

20110104720 - Detection of analytes present in exosomes: The invention provides methods for detection in stored biological samples of PrPsc and other analytes that are present in exosomes.... Agent: Idexx Laboratories, Inc.

20110104721 - Human abo blood group-binding lactobacilli: Lactobacillus screening methods were carried out using surface plasmon resonance spectrums and human intestinal mucin and blood group antigens as probes. A trial to set selection criteria in the above-mentioned methods of screening for lactobacilli was made to adapt the methods to mass screening, and it was discovered that lactobacilli... Agent:

20110104712 - Method for assaying plasma enzymes in whole blood: The present invention relates to a method for assaying catalytic plasma enzymes, such as transaminases and NADH-dependent enzymes, in a sample of whole blood, by measuring, in a microfluidic chamber, the decrease in the fluorescence of NADH consumed during the enzymatic reactions catalyzed by the NADH-dependent enzymes.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110104713 - Products and processes for modulating peptide-peptide binding domain interactions: The present invention relates to therapeutic compounds and methods of use of these therapeutic compounds for treating cellular proliferative disorders. The invention also provides three-dimensional structures of a Polo-like kinase and methods for designing or selecting small molecule inhibitors using these structures, and the therapeutic use of such compounds. The... Agent:

20110104714 - Non-proteolytic method for the determination of analytes in keratinized structures: Methods that permit the rapid release of one or more analytes from head or body hair or other keratinized structures of an individual (who may previously have ingested one or more of the analytes) are provided. The methods can include contacting the keratinized structure with a reducing agent but not... Agent:

20110104723 - Biomarkers: The invention provides binding agents and assays for insulin signal peptide. The agents and assays are useful in methods for predicting, diagnosing, assessing or monitoring acute cardiac disorders, glucose handling disorders and diabetes in a subject. Also provided are nucleotides, polypeptides, and kits useful in the methods of the invention.... Agent:

20110104724 - Biomarkers of mild cognitive impairment and alzheimer's disease: A method for quantifying a neurodegenerative disorder in a patient that includes obtaining a fluid sample from the subject; measuring a protein biomarker complex in said fluid sample and correlating the measurement with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's disease status. The biomarkers include those that comprise at least one of... Agent: University Of Kentucky Research Foundation

20110104722 - Method for identifying a subject at risk of developing heart failure by determining the level of galectin-3 or thrombospondin-2: The present invention relates to a method for identifying a subject at risk of developing hypertensive end organ damage, such as and in particular heart failure, comprising: a) obtaining a biological sample of said subject; b) determining the level of at least one non-myocytal marker in said sample; c) comparing... Agent:

20110104725 - Method of effecting coagulation in a droplet: The invention provides techniques for coagulating blood on a droplet actuator. The invention also provides methods of manipulating the coagulated blood including a variety of droplet operations that may be conducted using the coagulated blood. Further, the invention provides a variety of assays that make use of the coagulated blood... Agent: Children's Medical Center Corporation

20110104726 - Methods and compositions for monitoring and risk prediction in cardiorenal syndrome: The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in subjects. In particular, the invention relates to methods and compositions selected to monitor cardiorenal syndrome using assays that detect NGAL, preferably together with assays that detect natriuretic peptides such as BNP. Such... Agent: Alere International

20110104727 - Assays for diagnosing and evaluating treatment options for fabry disease: Provided are in vitro and in vivo methods for determining whether a patient with Fabry disease will respond to treatment with a specific pharmacological chaperone.... Agent: Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.

20110104728 - Biliverdin from a non-animal source: Methods for producing biliverdin in a microorganism, methods for producing biliverdin from a non-animal source, cells for producing biliverdin and methods for producing cells for producing biliverdin are disclosed.... Agent: Utah State University

20110104739 - Biomarkers for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: The invention provides a method for diagnosing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in a subject, a method for assessing the effectiveness of a drug in treating ALS, and a method for determining the site of onset of ALS in a subject. Each method comprises (a) obtaining a sample from the subject,... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20110104738 - Blood viscosity analysis: A blood analyzing device (100) comprises a holder (110) for receiving a cuvette (20) with a blood sample (30). The device (100) induces a movement of the blood cells in the sample (30) by applying a field (230) over the cuvette (20). A detector (130) detects, based on output light... Agent:

20110104729 - Cell culture system, cell culture method, cell culture vessel and method for manufacturing cell culture vessel: A cell culture system comprising a light source for emitting light, a light intensity regulator for regulating the light intensity of the light emitted by the light source, a cell activity-measuring device for measuring the activity of cells cultured on a photocatalytic film irradiated with the light, and an association... Agent:

20110104740 - Fluorescent protein and chromoprotein: It is an object of the present invention to provide a novel chromoprotein and a novel fluorescent protein. The present invention provides chromoproteins derived from Anthopleura inornata, which have certain property, and fluorescent proteins from Trachyphyllia geoffroyi and Scolymia vitiensis, which have certain fluorescent property.... Agent: Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.

20110104735 - Human omental mesothelial cells, methods of isolation and uses thereof: The present invention discloses novel methods and omental, myocardial, liver, lung, renal, peritoneal, intestinal and pancreatic mesothelial cells which are useful for a number of procedures including drug discovery, co-culturing, cell therapy and bioassay. The invention provides a method for isolating these cells that improves upon the methods previously used... Agent: Zenbio, Inc.

20110104730 - Mesoscale bioreactor platform for perfusion: Disclosed is a mesoscale bioreactor platform including two or more liquid reservoirs in fluid communication with a culture chamber which chamber is in fluid communication with an exit. The platform allows the chamber to be perfused with a flow of liquid from one or more of the liquid reservoirs. The... Agent: Smart Biosystems Aps

20110104733 - Method for increasing the biomass and the metabolic activity of microorganisms by the combined adjustment of the oxidation-reduction potential and of the oxygen dissolved during the fermentation process: The invention relates to a method for cultivating microorganisms, particularly of the type that comprises the step of seeding a culture medium with one or more microorganism strains, and the step of cultivating the medium thus seeded, characterized in that it comprises, during the entirety or a portion of the... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20110104734 - Novel strategy to reduce lactic acid production and control ph in animal cell culture: The present disclosure provides a method for culturing cells in exogenous lactic acid. Certain aspects of the present disclosure include the production of recombinant proteins, such as antibodies and fragments thereof. Certain aspects of the present disclosure also relate to methods of controlling lactic acid production, pH stability and osmolality... Agent: Keck Graduate Institute

20110104737 - Photometric measuring method for a sample liquid, a photometric measuring device, and a mixing container for a photometric measuring device: The invention relates to a mixing container (1) for a photometric measuring device, comprising a closing element (2) that can be removed from a filling hole (3) and a first liquid (5) which is located in the interior (4) of the mixing container (1), with the mixing container (1) comprising... Agent:

20110104731 - Reaction cassette, assay device, and assay method: A reaction cassette for biochemical assay, a biochemical assay device including the reaction cassette, and a biochemical assay method performed by using the biochemical assay device are provided. The reaction cassette includes a first space, a second space, a third space, and an inner wall. The first space is configured... Agent: Apex Biotechnology Corp.

20110104741 - Screening method for inhibitors of cancer cell invasion and screening system thereof: This invention relates to a screening method for an inhibitor to cancer cell invasion, comprising the steps of: (a) co-culturing cancer cells and a carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) in a multi-chamber containing a upper-chamber, a lower-chamber and a porous filter separating the upper-chamber from the lower-chamber; in which each cancer cells... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University

20110104736 - Selection of organisms capable of fermenting mixed substrates: The present invention relates to a method for selecting a strain of an organism capable of improved consumption of a mixed substrate comprising two or more carbon sources as compared to a reference strain of the organism, which method comprises: growing a population of the reference strain of the organism... Agent:

20110104732 - Surface-structured device for life-science applications: Embodiments of the invention relate a surface-structured device for life-sciences and a life-science method applying the surface-structured device. The surface-structured device has a substrate with a frontside surface corresponding to a first surface; and a plurality of protrusions arranged on the frontside surface. A shortest dimension of the protrusions at... Agent: Sony Dadc Austria Ag

20110104742 - Integrated sequential sample preparation system: The invention provides an integrated sequential sample preparation system using a sequential centrifuge for preparing samples for analysis. Methods of more efficiently preparing discrete samples sequentially for subsequent analysis are also provided. The apparatus and methods for sequentially preparing discrete samples provide improved operating efficiencies over conventional preparation processes that... Agent:

20110104743 - Dynamic light scattering for in vitro testing of bodily fluids: A method of diagnosing a pathological condition by detecting microparticles in a sample of bodily fluid using dynamic light scattering (DLS) is disclosed. The detection of microparticles in the bodily fluid by DLS may be used as an indicator of existing disease, to evaluate a risk of disease, as well... Agent: Canadian Blood Services

20110104744 - Cell analyzing apparatus and cell analyzing method: A cell analyzing apparatus, comprising: a parameter obtaining section for obtaining a characteristic parameter from a cell in a measurement sample; an imaging section for capturing an image of the cell in the measurement sample; an analyzing section for counting a cell in which the characteristic parameter meets a predetermined... Agent:

20110104746 - Diluting solution for suspension for use in the measurement of number of living microbial cells contained in sample, and method for measurement of number of living microbial cells: A dilution buffer for suspension and an enumeration method, which, for the measurement of the viable cell count of a microorganism contained within a sample, and particularly a powdered product such as a milk powder, yield more accurate measurement values than have conventionally been obtainable. A dilution buffer for suspension,... Agent: Morinaga Milk Industry, Co., Ltd.

20110104745 - Method of expressing recombinant protein in cho cells: Method for enhancing the transfection rate of a mammalian expression vector in CHO cells.... Agent: Lonza Biologics PLC.

20110104747 - Method of concentrating beads in a droplet: Methods of concentrating beads in a droplet and/or loading beads on a fluidic device are provided, including among other things, a method of concentrating beads in a droplet, the method comprising: (a) providing a droplet actuator comprising: (i) an interior droplet operations volume; and (ii) a reservoir exterior to the... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20110104748 - Process for the preparation of beta-lactam compounds: The present invention describes a process for the synthesis of a semi-synthetic β-lactam compound from a nucleus and a side chain selected from the group consisting of D-phenylglycine and D-dihydro-phenylglycine in the form of a side chain ester and an enzyme catalyzing the coupling of the side chain ester to... Agent:

20110104749 - Modified yeasts and uses thereof, in particular for producing steroid derivatives: The present invention relates to novel yeast strains, methods and genetic constructs for their preparation, and their use for the synthesis or modification of steroidal compounds. More particularly, the invention describes strains having a reduced 20αHSD type activity, in particular by modifying the GCY1 and/or YPR1 genes. The yeast strains... Agent: Sanofi-aventis

20110104754 - Cell culture medium: We describe a method of growing an animal cell in a culture medium, in which the culture medium comprises an elevated concentration of a thymidine family member, in which the growth or viability of the animal cell is increased as a result of the elevated concentration of the thymidine family... Agent: Genetix Limited

20110104750 - Filamentous fungi having reduced udp-galactofuranose content: A filamentous fungal cell having reduced UDP-galactofuranose is provided. The fungal cell may, in certain embodiments, contain a nuclear genome comprising an inactivated UDP-galactopyranose mutase (UDP-galp mutase) gene and a recombinant nucleic acid for expression of a protein. Also provided are methods of producing a protein using the subject fungal... Agent:

20110104753 - Soluble recombinant influenza antigens: The present invention provides a recombinant soluble trimeric hemagglutinin (rHA) protein comprising a hemagglutinin ectodomain and an oligomerization domain. The rHA is produced as a soluble homotrimer, and may further comprises a signal peptide and/or an endoplasmic reticulum (ER) retention signal. The invention is also directed to nucleic acids encoding... Agent: Medicago Inc.

20110104751 - Variant form of urate oxidase and use thereof: The present invention relates to genetically modified proteins with uricolytic activity. More specifically, the invention relates to proteins comprising truncated urate oxidases and methods for producing them, including PEGylated proteins comprising truncated urate oxidases.... Agent: Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110104752 - Variation of recombinant expression titres by optimising bacterial ribosome binding sites: The present invention provides a method for optimising the ribosome binding site of a promoter for the expression of a gene encoding a polypeptide of interest, placed under the control of said promoter. The invention also relates to a vector containing such optimised promoters, a prokaryotic host cell transformed by... Agent: Merck Serono S.a.

20110104755 - Antibodies immunoreactive with mutant hydroxypenylpyruvatedioxygenase: Antibodies immunoreactive to mutant Pseudomonas HPPD are provided, and in an embodiment the mutant HPPD is one in which the wild-type HPPD is substituted at residue 336 with tryptophan for glycine. Also provided are hybridomas producing the antibodies, as well as methods of making and using the antibodies.... Agent: Ms Technologies, LLC

20110104757 - Human anti-b7rp1 neutralizing antibodies: This invention provides antibodies that interact with or bind to human B7 related protein-1 (B7RP1) and antibodies that bind to and neutralize the function of B7RP1 thereby. The invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions of said antibodies and methods for neutralizing B7RP1 function, and particularly for treating immune disorders (e.g., inappropriate... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20110104756 - Human igm antibodies, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof particularly in the central nervous system: Antibodies, and particularly human antibodies, are disclosed that demonstrate activity in the treatment of demyelinating diseases as well as other diseases of the central nervous system that are of viral, bacterial or idiopathic origin, including neural dysfunction caused by spinal cord injury. Neuromodulatory agents are set forth that include and... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20110104758 - Recombinant cell clones having increased stability and methods of making and using the same: Disclosed are a stable recombinant cell clones which are stable in serum- and protein-free medium for at least 40 generations, a biomass obtained by multiplying the stable cell clone under serum- and protein-free culturing conditions, and a method of preparing recombinant proteins by means of the biomass. Furthermore, the invention... Agent: Baxter Aktiengesellschaft

20110104759 - Enzymes for starch processing: The present invention relates to polypeptides comprising a carbohydrate-binding module amino acid sequence and an alpha-amylase amino acid sequence as well as to the application of such polypeptides.... Agent: Novozymes North America, Inc.

20110104762 - Detection probe acting by molecular recognition: e

20110104760 - Methods and compositions for improving efficiency of nucleic acids amplification reactions: The present invention provides methods and compositions for improving the efficiency of nucleic acid amplification reactions. The invention encompasses hybrid polymerases that show increased processivity over wild type polymerases as well as decreased exonuclease activity. The invention also encompasses methods, compositions and kits for conducting nucleic acid synthesis and amplification... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20110104763 - Sequential addition of short dna oligos in dna-polymerase-based synthesis reactions: A method of fabricating a DNA molecule of user-defined sequence. The method comprises the steps of preselecting a multiplicity of DNA sequence segments that will comprise the DNA molecule of user-defined sequence, separating the DNA sequence segments temporally, and combining the multiplicity of DNA sequence segments with at least one... Agent:

20110104761 - Thermostable dna polymerase from palaeococcus helgesonii: There is provided a polypeptide having thermostable DNA polymerase activity and comprising or consisting of an amino acid sequence with at least 78% identity to Palaeococcus helgesonii DNA polymerase shown in SEQ ID NO: 1 or SEQ ID NO:39.... Agent: Genesys Ltd

20110104764 - Method for synthesising omega-amino-alkanoic acids or the esters thereof from natural fatty acids: The invention relates to a method for synthesizing ω-amino-alkanoic acids or the esters thereof from mono-unsaturated natural fatty acids comprising at least one step of forming the unsaturated diacid corresponding to the original fatty acid.... Agent: Arkema France

20110104765 - Stereoselective synthesis of metyrosine: Provided herein are compositions including diastereomers in substantially diastereomerically pure form and enantiomers in substantially enantiomerically pure form, and processes for preparing them and converting them to metyrosine.... Agent: Aton Pharma, Inc.

20110104766 - Use of bacteria for the production of bioenergy: The present invention relates to composition and methods of producing bioenergy. More specifically, the invention relates to the use of bacterium of the genus Deinococcus and/or related genera for the modification of biomass or biomass derivatives with a view to producing bioenergy products and metabolites.... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20110104767 - Method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoate (phas) using halobacterium and halobacterium: Disclosed are a method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) using a halobacterium belonging to the genus Halomonas, wherein the halobacterium can grow in a medium consisting of an inorganic salt and a single organic carbon source and having a pH of 8.8 to 11, and produce PHAs in an amount of... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20110104768 - Method for production of polyester copolymer using recombinant microorganism: (2) collecting the polyester copolymer from the culture product obtained in step (1). According to the production method of the present invention, a polyester copolymer consisting of 3HB and LA can be efficiently produced using an inexpensive carbon source as a starting material, and thus the production cost of a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110104769 - Improved yeast strains for organic acid production: The present invention relates to the production of organic acids with yeasts that overexpress at least one sugar transporter. The yeast might express further genes related to the production of the desired organic acid. The organic acid is produced by cultivation of the yeast overexpressing a sugar transporter in an... Agent: Universita' Degli Studi Di Milano-bicocca

20110104770 - Process for controlling sulfur in a fermentation syngas feed stream: Ethanol and other liquid products are produced from biomass using gasification of the biomass to produce a syngas containing CO2, CO, H2 and sulfur or sulfur compounds that passes the syngas to a fermentation step for the conversion of the CO and CO2 and H2 to ethanol. Sulfur and sulfur... Agent:

20110104771 - Process for the production of a dicarboxylic acid: The present invention relates to a process for the production of a dicarboxylic acid wherein a eukaryotic cell is fermented in a suitable fermentation medium. The invention further relates to a eukaryotic cell comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding an enzyme which catalyses the conversion of isocitric acid to succinic acid,... Agent:

20110104772 - Method of cultivating yeast for enhancing pentitol production: A method for culturing the yeast for enhancing pentitol production is provided. The yeast cultured according to the present disclosure is Pichia stipitis. Application of the yeast in pentitol production by fermention of the lignocellulosic hydrolysate or the xylose-to-pentitol production yield can be enhanced 3 to 6 times from the... Agent: Atomic Energy Council-institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

20110104773 - Processing method for fractionally converting pennisetum hydridum into fuel ethanol with co-production of electricity generation and paper pulp: The invention relates to a method for fractionally converting pennisetum hydridum into fuel ethanol with co-production of electricity generation and paper pulp, which comprises subjecting the pennisetum hydridum having been cut into segments to steam explosion treatment by utilizing a steam explosion device to obtain a steam explosion product, and... Agent: Green Resources Technology Limited

20110104774 - Recycling and reuse of carbon dioxide for temperature control of a fermentation process: Methods and apparatus for improving the fermentation process by controlling the temperature of the fermentation tanks. Waste byproduct carbon dioxide from the fermentation process is recycled and used as a coolant medium for the fermentation process. These methods and apparatus are particularly useful for maintaining temperatures of the fermentation process... Agent:

20110104775 - Method to increase the ethanol concentration from the conversion of lignocellulose: The present disclosure is related to a method for increasing the ethanol concentration from the conversion of lignocellulose. The pretreated solid residues are mixed with ethanol-containing broth from the fermentation of xylose hydrolysate by Pichia stipitis and then are performed under the process of simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) with... Agent: Atomic Energy Council-institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

20110104776 - Processes for producing h2s using sulphur-reducing bacteria: There is provided a process for producing H2S comprising: a) continuously providing an electron donor at a variable rate to a biosolution comprising sulphur-reducing bacteria; b) reacting elemental sulphur with HS− to from soluble polysulphide; c) providing said polysulphide to a bioreactor having the biosolution, thereby producing H2S gas in... Agent: Bioteq Environmental Technologies Inc.

20110104777 - Method of making an artificial micro-gland that is anisotropic: A method is disclosed for making an artificial micro-gland having a continuous anisotropic membrane of two or more types of living cells. A first step includes forming a carrier fluid in a microchannel in a laminar flow of two distinct fluid flows. Another step includes introducing a template, which may... Agent:

20110104778 - Method for magnetic separation of red blood cells from a patient sample: A method for separating components from a patient sample is provided. In particular, the present invention provides a method for the separation of red blood cells or red blood cell components from a patient sample by the use of magnetic beads.... Agent:

20110104779 - Heat-stable carbonic anhydrases and their use: The present invention relates to use of heat-stable carbonic anhydrase in CO2 extraction, e.g., from flue gas, natural gas or biogas. Furthermore, the invention relates to isolated polypeptides having carbonic anhydrase activity at elevated temperatures and isolated polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors,... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20110104780 - Encapsulation of living cells within an aerosolized sol-gel matrix: A method of encapsulating a population of cells in a porous matrix is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of providing a silica sol mixture, aerosolizing the silica sol mixture to form a silica sol vapor, and coating the cell population with the silica sol vapor, wherein the vapor condenses... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20110104781 - Isolated phospholipid-protein particles: Systems and methods are provided for producing a protein of interest that is typically not amenable to expression in soluble form in in vitro expression systems. In some aspects, the invention provides methods of synthesizing proteins using in vitro protein synthesis systems that include a scaffold protein such as apolipoprotein... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110104782 - Crystal structure of aurora-2 protein and binding pockets thereof: The present invention provides crystalline molecules or molecular complexes which comprise binding pockets of Aurora-2 or its homologues. The invention also provides crystals comprising Aurora-2. The present invention also relates to a computer comprising a data storage medium encoded with the structural coordinates of Aurora-2 binding pockets and methods of... Agent: Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

20110104783 - Stereoisomer peptides, ligand-targeted multi- stereoisomer peptide polymer conjugates, and uses thereof: The invention provides compounds of the formula Poly-([SP-LI]n-PL-L2) including a collection of 152 peptides useful to create the compounds, and their uses thereof for the treatment of a variety of mammalian diseases. The compound, a novel ligand-targeted multi-stereoisomer peptide polymer conjugate, comprises two or more stereoisomer peptides and a peptide-ligand... Agent:

20110104784 - Methods for storing compositions useful for synthesizing nucleic acid molecules: In one aspect, the present invention provides methods for storing a composition useful for synthesizing nucleic acid molecules. The methods of this aspect of the invention include the steps of: (a) freezing multiple aliquots of a liquid composition comprising from 1000 units/mL to 5000 units/mL of a reverse transcriptase, or... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110104785 - Methods and kits for 3'-end-tagging of rna: The present innovation provides methods and kits that enable rapid and efficient dual end-tagging of RNA to prepare libraries for analysis by applications such as next-generation RNA sequencing, qPCR, microarray analysis, or cloning. The methods do not require time-consuming and inefficient gel-purification steps that are common to methods known in... Agent:

20110104786 - Use and production of neutral metalloproteases in a serine protease-free background: The present invention provides methods and compositions comprising at least one neutral metalloprotease enzyme in the relative absence of serine protease enzyme contaminants. In some embodiments, the neutral metalloprotease finds use in cleaning and other applications. In some particularly preferred embodiments, the present invention provides methods and composi-tions comprising Bacillus... Agent:

20110104787 - Fusion peptides that bind to and modify target nucleic acid sequences: Novel methods and compositions for altering target nucleic acid (e.g., DNA e.g., genomic DNA) sequences are provided. Fusion proteins including one or more DNA binding domains and one or more DNA modifying domains are provided. Isolated polynucleotides encoding fusion proteins including one or more DNA binding domains and one or... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20110104788 - Modulation of adenoviral tropism: The invention provides materials and methods for modulating adenoviral tropism for hepatocytes and other cell types such as splenocytes. It relates to the findings that hypervariable regions (HVRs) of the viral hexon protein interact with the Gla domain of the blood clotting factor FX as part of the infective process... Agent:

20110104789 - Non-integrating rev-dependent lentiviral vector and methods of using the same: Non-integrating, Rev-dependent (NIRD) lentiviral vectors and NIRD lentiviral particles carrying a therapeutic gene, such as DT-A or TRAF6 and methods of making the same are disclosed. The intracellular expression of DT-A or TRAF6 results in the selective killing of HIV-positive cells and, thus, these NIRD lentiviral vectors and lentiviral particles... Agent:

20110104791 - Media and process for culturing algae: The present invention is directed towards curtailing the use of harsh saline atmosphere and producing algal biomass free from salinity. It provides a salinity free medium and a process for culturing and producing algal biomass preferably Dunaliella biomass free from salinity and rich in natural mixed carotenoid content.... Agent: Innovative Creations Business Modules Pvt. Ltd.

20110104790 - Photobioreactor system and method of using the same: A photobioreactor assembly, including a first generally horizontal manifold, a second generally horizontal manifold positioned below the first generally horizontal manifold, an array of generally parallel, generally transparent tubes extending between the manifolds, an air supply operationally connected to at least one manifold, a water filter, a water purifier, a... Agent:

20110104792 - Low-temperature solidification of radioactive and hazardous wastes: Treatment of a radioactive waste stream is provided by adding sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and/or potassium hydroxide (KOH) together with a rapidly dissolving form of silica, e.g., fumed silica or fly ash. Alternatively, the fumed silica can be first dissolved in a NaOH/KOH solution, which is then combined with the waste... Agent: Energysolutions, Inc.

20110104793 - Device for applying electromagnetic energy to a reactive medium: The invention relates to a device (7) for applying electromagnetic energy to a reactive medium, with said device being designed to be connected to an electromagnetic radiation generator using a means of transmission (4) of said radiation, with the device being remarkable in that it includes at least one loss... Agent:

20110104794 - Apparatus for performing biochemical processing using container having wells: A biochemical processing apparatus includes a thermal cycle section, a processing section for performing a processing not requiring heating or cooling, and a cooling section. These sections are arranged in that order and opposed to a container with a plurality of wells.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110104795 - Compost turning and aerating machine: A compost windrow turning machine disintegrates an existing windrow of compost material, conveys the disintegrated material rearwardly, aerates the rearwardly conveyed material with a positive displacement of air into the rearwardly conveyed compost material, and re-forms a new windrow of remixed and aerated compost material rearwardly of the machine in... Agent: Terra-gro, Inc.

20110104796 - Photobioreactor: A photobioreactor system including a light source, a plurality of interconnected pipes, and a liquid slurry containing an algae disposed within the pipes. The pipes are formed from a translucent polyvinyl chloride material that allows light having a plurality of wavelengths emitted from the light source that stimulate growth of... Agent: Harvel Plastics, Inc.

20110104797 - Arrangement for transport and/or safekeeping of a human or animal tissue sample: An arrangement far the transport and/or safekeeping of a human or animal tissue sample 15 comprises a tablet 1 and one or more fixing pins 6, 6.1 for fixing the tissue sample, 15 to the tablet 1, each of said pins having a tip 7 for piercing the pins into... Agent: Klinika Medical Gmbh

20110104798 - Compliant surface multi-well culture plate: A multi-well plate can be loaded with a range of compliant substrates. Commerically-available assays can be used to test cellular responses across a plate with shear modulus from 50 to 51200 Pascals. Cells can be grown in the plates, and can be manipulated and analyzed. Hydrogels can be attached to... Agent:

20110104800 - Method and device for isolating tissue cells from a liquid: A method and device for isolating tissue cells from a liquid is provided for integrating a mixture of the tissue cells and the liquid into a vacuum stream and isolating again from the vacuum stream in a tissue collection container (13). The tissue cells are filtered out of the mixture... Agent: Human Med Ag

20110104799 - Multifunctional alleles: Nucleic acid constructs and methods for rendering modifications to a genome are provided, wherein the modifications comprise null alleles, conditional alleles and null alleles comprising COINs. Multifunctional alleles (MFA) are provided, as well as methods for making them, which afford the ability in a single targeting to introduce an allele... Agent: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110104801 - Methods and compositions for cell-cycle regulation: In some aspects, the invention provides methods and compositions including HTm4, an HTm4 activator, and/or an HTm4 variant to potentiate a KAP phosphatase activity and or inhibit a CDK2 kinase activity. In some embodiments, a functional C-terminal fragment of HTm4 is provided. In other aspects, the invention provides methods and... Agent:

20110104802 - Procedure for the undifferentiated or myeloid lineage biased expansion of haematopoietic stem cells from umbilical cord blood, mobilized peripheral blood or bone marrow: Procedure for the undifferentiated or myeloid lineage biased expansion of haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). More specifically, the present invention relates to a procedure of expansion of HSCs from umbilical cord blood, bone marrow or mobilized peripheral blood. Said procedure comprises the steps of expansion culturing of the purified CD34+ cells... Agent: Banc De Sang I Teixits

20110104803 - Method for collecting functional cells in vivo with high efficiency: Biologically low invasive vessels are filled with biological factors that have the activity of mobilizing specific functional cells in the body. The vessels are indwelled in the body. After specific functional cells are mobilized into the vessels, the vessels are removed from the body to collect functional cell populations mobilized... Agent:

20110104804 - Mixing device: A mixing device for mixing a first and second material together to create an output mixture. The device includes a first chamber containing the first material coupled to a mixing chamber defined between a rotor and a stator. The rotor is disposed inside the stator and rotates therein about an... Agent: Revalesio Corporation

20110104805 - Pluripotent stem cells: The present invention provides methods to produce pluripotent stem cells from adult cells. In particular, the present invention provides methods to produce pluripotent stem cells from somatic cells without the use of a feeder-cell layer or an agent that increases efficiency of retroviral transfection.... Agent: Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc.

20110104806 - Regulating the production of long chain hydrocarbons: The invention relates to isolated polypeptides that include amino acid sequences within botryococcene synthase from different algal species. In another aspect, the invention relates to a method for increasing the production level of a botryococcene hydrocarbon molecule in a cell. The method includes increasing expression of a polynucleotide sequence that... Agent: Research Foundation Of The City Univeristy Of New York

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