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Chemistry: fertilizers

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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140290318 - Chemical agent for reduction of vector attraction: The present invention describes a process involving a new method of use for methyl isothiocyanate (MITC)-generating compounds in the treatment of organic waste material to reduce vector attraction. The present invention results in waste that is more suitable for use as a fertilizer and meets the standard for vector attraction... Agent:

20140290319 - Controlled-release fertilizer: A controlled-release fertilizer comprising fertilizer particles encapsulated in a biodegradable polyurethane obtained from a reaction between a polyisocyanate and an isocyanate-reactive component, which is formed by a polyol and a methyl ester derivative of a natural oil, in the presence of an amine catalyst.... Agent:

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283569 - Endophytic yeast strains, methods for ethanol and xylitol production, methods for biological nitrogen fixation, and a genetic source for improvement of industrial strains: The present invention provides novel endophytic yeast strains capable of metabolizing both pentose and hexose sugars. Methods of producing ethanol and xylitol using the novel endophytic yeast are provided herein. Also provided are methods of fixing nitrogen and fertilizing a crop using the novel endophytic yeast strains provided herein.... Agent: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140260463 - Use of pseudomonas diazotrophicus as a soil inoculant: The invention provides an inoculant comprising Pseudomonas diazotrophicus and a carrier, which is useful for enhancing plant growth. The invention also provides a method of producing a plant which comprises applying an inoculant comprising Pseudomonas diazotrophicus and a carrier to plant or the growth medium of the plant.... Agent: Teks Inc.

20140260462 - Using phyllosilicate-fe(ii)-oxidizing soil bacteria to improve fe and k plant nutrition: Methods of increasing the amount of iron (Fe) and potassium (K) available in soil to plants residing in the soil. A composition comprising at least one microorganism capable of oxidizing Fe(II) bound in at least one phyllosilicate and releasing Fe and K from the at least one phyllosilicate to increase... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140260464 - Methods and systems for stabilizing organic material: The present application relates to systems and methods for processing organic material. The methods may include extraction of biochemical nutrients from organic material, such as food scraps. The method can include comminuting the organic material to form a slurry from components comprising liquid and organic material; combining the slurry with... Agent: Wiserg Corporation

20140260465 - Medicinal plant fertilizing soil: A method of preparing a pre-mix composition for delivering a pro-growth medium to promote an enhanced growth pattern for particular plants, and in particular, medicinal plants and herbs.... Agent:

20140260466 - Plant-based compositions and uses thereof: The present invention relates to compositions comprising a plant material and methods for using the same. The methods include extracting or removing a substance from a substrate, or remediating a substrate from a substance. The substance can comprise a hydrocarbon-containing substance, a protein, lipid, wax, fatty acid or fatty alcohol,... Agent: Greenstract, LLC

20140260467 - Fertilizer composition and method for preparing the same: A method of producing a granulated and compacted fertilizer having incorporated micronutrients in which the granulated primary nutrient and micronutrients are mixed at smaller particle sizes before being compacted into a larger, easier to handle particle sizes.... Agent:

20140260468 - Iron-functionalized alginate for phosphate and other contaminant removal and recovery from aqueous solutions: A biodegradable iron-crosslinked alginate is useful as a remediation agent for environmental contaminants such as phosphate. When charged with phosphate, or other nutrients, the iron-functionalized alginate can be used as an agricultural fertilizer.... Agent: Ndsu Research Foundation

20140260469 - Method of making controlled release fertilizer particles: The invention pertains to a method of making urea-containing particles wherein with a lower degree of cooling, high mechanical strengths are obtained. The method comprises the steps of (a) providing a first polymer 10 layer; (b) feeding urea droplets onto said first polymer layer, (c) cooling the droplets provided on... Agent: Stamicarbon B.v.

20140260470 - Nitrogen fertilizer composition and method to improve detection and lessen the explosive potential of nitrogen-based fertilizers: A nitrogen fertilizer composition includes urea and a nitrate-based fertilizer such as ammonium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate and mixtures of ammonium nitrate and calcium ammonium in which the urea and total nitrogen are at concentrations of 20 percent by weight or greater and the concentration of ammonium nitrate is at... Agent: University Of Kentucky Research Foundation

20140260471 - Cleaning stack gas: A method and apparatus for cleaning carbon oxides, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, from stack gas, from combustion of coal, combustion of natural gas or propane, or from a cement kiln by reaction using calcium zeolite and sodium zeolite catalysts. The method also includes cleaning the catalytic beds with nitrogen... Agent: Three D Stack, LLC

20140260472 - Cleaning stack gas: A method and apparatus for cleaning and recycling stack gas from coal-fired power plants, from natural or propane burning heating plants, or from cement kilns by using renewable catalysts of zeolite to separate pollutants into recyclable and reusable materials. The method reduces from the stack gas carbon monoxide (CO), carbon... Agent: Three D Stack, LLC

09/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140250961 - Reducible fertilizer: Provided is a high-value added fertilizer using a microorganism or a component of a microorganism and especially a fertilizer capable of promoting the bearing of fruit trees and fruit vegetables. A reducing fertilizer obtained by subjecting a mixture of a microorganism or a component of a microorganism with phosphoric acid... Agent: Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

20140250962 - System and method for drying biosolids and enhancing the value of dried biosolids: A system and process for drying biosolids and wherein nutrients and/or minerals are blended into partially dried biosolids. Further, the system and method compresses the mixture of biosolids and nutrients into a selected form and this is followed by completion of the drying process. In the end, a more uniform... Agent: I. Kruger Inc.

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