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Chemistry: fertilizers

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12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352376 - Fertilizer compositions methods of making and using same: The present invention relates mixed bacterial compositions for their use in fertilizer applications.... Agent: Biowish Technologies, Inc.

20140352377 - Method for retreating dewatered sludge: The present invention discloses a method of retreating a viscous semi-solid dewatered sludge having a water content of 70-85%, which is characterized by comprising the steps of (1) adding a desiccant into said dewatered sludge, and stirring the resulting mixture to produce a mixed sludge having a water content of... Agent: Guangzhou New Extend Rising Environmental Protec- Tion Technologies Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140352378 - Biochar: The invention provides for methods, devices, and systems for pyrolyzing biomass. A pyrolysis unit can be used for the pyrolysis of biomass to form gas, liquid, and solid products. The biomass materials can be selected such that an enhanced biochar is formed after pyrolysis. The biomass can be pyrolyzed under... Agent:

20140352379 - Method of forming fertilizer: A system and method of forming high nutritional fertilizer form swine feces in a reservoir underneath a swine facility. A pump system has a pump that conveys the feces to a remote location where the swine feces first goes through a filter and then into a treatment tank. The treatment... Agent:

20140352380 - Dewatering of phosphate precipitates: The present invention describes a process for the treatment of a precipitate starting material comprising magnesium ammonium phosphate, magnesium potassium phosphate or potassium phosphate, or any derivate thereof, or a mixture thereof, said process comprising dewatering of the precipitate starting material, wherein the dewatering is performed by use of a... Agent: Ekobalans Fenix Ab

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345340 - Variable rate chemical management methods for agricultural landscapes using multiform growth response function: A method for applying agrochemicals within a geographical area, the method includes determining identify of a first hybrid or variety within the geographical area, determining identify of a second hybrid or variety within the geographical area, and applying agrochemicals to the geographical area using a variable rate controller based on... Agent:

20140345341 - Integrated processes for producing fuels and biofertilizers from biomass and products produced: An IBTL system having a low GHG footprint for converting biomass to liquid fuels in which a biomass feed is converted to liquids by direct liquefaction and the liquids are upgraded to produce premium fuels. Biomass residues from the direct liquefaction, and optionally additional biomass is pyrolyzed to produce structured... Agent: Shanghai Advanced Research Institute Of The Chinese Academy Of Science

20140345342 - Concentrated sugar additive as anti-dusting agent: The present invention generally concerns a concentrated sugar additive comprising (a) raffinate derived from citric acid recovery industry and (b) sugar-containing solution useful for controlling dust emission from particulate materials during manufacturing, handling, storage or transportation. Such particulate materials comprise fertilizers, minerals, coal, etc.... Agent: Cargill, Incorporated

20140345343 - Enhancing biochar performance using pyrolysis acid stream: A method of producing a modified biochar and the use of the biochar as a soil amendment. The modified biochar can be produced by contacting biochar with an acid-containing solution obtained from an acid containing stream produced in a pyrolysis process, which produces biochar. In accordance with one aspect, a... Agent: Cool Planet Energy Systems, Inc.

20140345344 - Anhydrous ammonia supplemented with agricultural actives: Agriculturally useful compositions comprise individual quantities of anhydrous ammonia, ammonia solution, and one or more agricultural actives different than anhydrous ammonia. The compositions may include polyanionic polymers, fertilizers, and/or biocidal agents. Preferably, the compositions are created in pressurized tanks and are applied in the same fashion as anhydrous ammonia.... Agent: Specialty Fertilizer Products, LLC

20140345345 - Method for drying spent filter media: Disclosed is a process of stabilizing spent filter material that comprises mixing the filter media with a dry media to produce a composition having a moisture content that is sufficiently low to retard microbial growth. The composition comprises spent filter media and a dry material, and preferably comprises diatomaceous earth.... Agent:

20140345347 - Fertilizer composition containing sulfur and boron: A fertilizer composition is provided that includes boron and sulfur. The fertilizer composition can be a controlled release fertilizer that includes elemental sulfur, an anhydrous boron-containing compound, and a swelling material. The fertilizer composition can be produced by mixing molten elemental sulfur with the anhydrous boron-containing compound and cooling the... Agent: Tiger-sul Products (canada) Co.

20140345346 - Molten phosphorus-potassium fertilizer, and its preparation process: The present invention relates to an amorphous, vitreous phosphorus-potassium fertilizer obtained by melting raw materials containing phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5), potassium oxide (K20), providers of Si02 and silicates, and providers of MgO and CaO. The fertilizer of the present invention is produced by a process of melting the raw materials, followed... Agent: Minera&#xc7 &#xc3 O Curimbaba Ltda.

20140345348 - Alkali metal ion source with moderate rate of ion release and methods of forming: An alkali metal ion source with a moderate rate of release of the ion (e.g. potassium) is formed by a method that includes: 1) combining an particulate ore that contains at least one of an alkali metal ion-bearing framework silicate (e.g. syenite ore) with at least one of an oxide... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140345349 - Integrated process for the production of clinker with treatment of bypass dusts produced by the kiln: It is described an integrated process for the production of clinker by dry process, with treatment in continuous of by-pass dusts produced by the kiln, wherein the solid matter to treat consists of bypass dusts of a clinker production process, containing compounds of chloride, sodium, potassium and sulphur, such a... Agent:

11/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140338411 - Process, apparatus and system for treatment of animal effluent: A process of preparing a microbe digested liquid plant nutrient containing metabolites, amino acids and polypeptides, comprising the steps of partial composting of animal effluent solids; adding the partially composted animal effluent to a vessel containing water and held in suspension; the aqueous dispersion is thoroughly aerated for up to... Agent:

11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331727 - Fertilizer granules having polymeric coating with organic carbonate: A controlled release fertilizer composition and methods to produce the controlled release fertilizer composition. The controlled release fertilizer composition includes a fertilizer core that is coated with a polymeric layer, such as polyurethane, that includes an organic carbonate additive.... Agent:

20140331728 - Agricultural blend and process of forming an agricultural blend: Agricultural blends are described. The agricultural blend includes synthetic gypsum having ammonium sulfate and a by-product of slag, the slag being selected from the group consisting of steel slag, stainless steel slag, alloy steel slag, carbon steel slag, and phosphate slag. Additionally or alternatively, the agricultural blend is delivered to... Agent: Harsco Corporation

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