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Chemistry: fertilizers

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08/07/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140216115 - Low-maintenance lawn seed mixtures and use thereof: The present invention is directed in part to grass seed mixtures for low maintenance lawns and uses thereof. Lawns established from seeds blended in certain proportions as described in the disclosure have a slow growth rate and deep roots and grow well in many regions around the world. Because these... Agent: Pearl's Premium, Inc.

20140216116 - Sieved compost and hydrogel-based method and composition for seed priming: Provided is a method for seed priming comprising the steps of treating seed with a seed priming composition comprising sieved compost, hydrogel and water in a ratio of sieved compost:hydrogel:water of from about 5:1:4.75 to about 9:1:11 by weight in an amount sufficient to result in priming of the seed.... Agent: Temple University - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20140216117 - Method for reclaiming usable products from biosolids: The method of reclaiming usable products from sludge is disclosed. A predetermined level of solvent within an extractor is heated, below boiling point, and dried sludge is immersed within the headed solvent. The solvent is a non-polar or polar aprotic solvents, such as ethyl acetate. The non-solid products, an oil/solvent... Agent: Nowa Technology, Inc.

20140216118 - Compositions and methods for making and biocontaining auxotrophic transgenic plants: Compositions and methods are described for making and using transgenic plants and plant parts having at least one auxotrophic requirement for an essential compound such as an amino acid, carbohydrate, fatty acid, nucleic acid, vitamin, plant hormone, or precursor thereof. Transgenic plants and plants parts having at least one auxotrophic... Agent: Synthon Biopharmaceuticals B.v.

20140216119 - Process for producing a coated fertilizer comprising boron: A process for producing polyurethane coated fertilizer granules having core granules comprising at least 0.2 wt % of boron, the process having the step of applying a polyol and an isocyanate to the core granules, wherein an acidic component is applied to the core granules no later than the polyol.... Agent: Ekompany Agro B.v.

20140216120 - Sulphur-based fertilizer composition with low rock phosphate content: A fertilizer composition is provided that includes sulphur and rock phosphate. The fertilizer composition can be a controlled release fertilizer that includes elemental sulphur, a rock phosphate, and a swelling material. The rock phosphate is present in the fertilizer composition in low amounts, e.g., 5% by weight or less. The... Agent: Tiger-sul Products (canada) Co.

07/31/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202222 - Wastewater sludge treatment device: A tank or bed has a plurality of sidewalls that create a bed cavity and a Fresnel panel frame that includes at least one Fresnel panel. The Fresnel panel frame may be adjacent to the bed cavity and may cover at least a portion of the bed cavity. An amount... Agent:

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196512 - Method of aerobic treatment of poultry manure and apparatus for producing organic fertilizer: A bio-chamber and a method of making organic fertilizer from poultry manure. The bio-chamber has a chamber body that defines a receiving chamber and an aeration chamber. The aeration chamber underlies the receiving chamber and is divided therefrom by a partition. The partition has a plurality of holes formed therein.... Agent: 1867239 Ontario Corp.

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