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Chemistry: fertilizers

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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331727 - Fertilizer granules having polymeric coating with organic carbonate: A controlled release fertilizer composition and methods to produce the controlled release fertilizer composition. The controlled release fertilizer composition includes a fertilizer core that is coated with a polymeric layer, such as polyurethane, that includes an organic carbonate additive.... Agent:

20140331728 - Agricultural blend and process of forming an agricultural blend: Agricultural blends are described. The agricultural blend includes synthetic gypsum having ammonium sulfate and a by-product of slag, the slag being selected from the group consisting of steel slag, stainless steel slag, alloy steel slag, carbon steel slag, and phosphate slag. Additionally or alternatively, the agricultural blend is delivered to... Agent: Harsco Corporation

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140326029 - Cellulose blends with enhanced water retention and their use in irrigation: Water-retaining gel compositions, methods of making water-retaining gel compositions, and the uses thereof for enhancing soils, preparing plant growth media and facilitating the growth of plants therein are disclosed.... Agent:

20140326030 - Urease inhibitor formulations: There is provided a liquid urease inhibitor formulation comprising an urease inhibitor and a primary solvent selected from the group consisting of dialkyl sulfones, polymethylene cyclic sulfones, and mixtures thereof. A method for inhibiting urease hydrolysis of urea containing fertiliser or waste using said liquid urease inhibitor formulation is also... Agent:

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318201 - Treatment of organic waste: The present invention relates to a process for treating organic waste, which comprises the step of contacting an organic waste with one or more microorganisms from at least three of the following microorganism species: Bacillus sp. microorganisms, Pseudomonas sp. microorganisms, Bifidobacterium sp. microorganisms and Lactobacillus sp. microorganisms, the contacting being... Agent: Biomax Holdings Pte Ltd

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311199 - Method for multiplying phytobenefical microorganisms: P

20140311198 - Pressurised recirculation of organic material: An apparatus (10) for the pressurised recirculation of organic material comprising a reactor vessel (12) capable of being pressurised and in which both anaerobic digestion and aerobic composting of organic material may occur, the reactor vessel (12) having both an inlet (14) and an outlet (16) for organic material, together... Agent: Anaeco Limited

20140311200 - Fluid ionized compositions, methods of preparation and uses thereof: Disclosed herein are fluid ionized compositions, such as fluid calcium cyanamide fertilizer compositions, methods of preparation and uses thereof. In some examples, a fluid composition includes a mixture of about 40 to 20 parts of dissolved acid or acid-formed approximately neutral pH nitrogen plant nutrient compounds (such as urea ammonium... Agent: Bi-en Corp.

20140311201 - Method for removal of toxic waste from timber: A flow wood processing extracting lignin from woody plant material and converting delignified cellulosic residue to crude bio-oils, that removes toxic preservative chemicals from waste timber, and provides conversion to useful or nontoxic forms. Wood is chipped and fed into a lignin extractor using ethanol at high temperatures to dissolve... Agent: Solray Holdings Limited

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