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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

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05/21/2015 > 25 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150136583 - Device for generating plasma and directing an electron beam towards a target: A device (2; 2I; 2II; 2IV; 2V; 2VI; 2VII; 2VIII) for generating plasma and for directing an electron beam towards a target (3); the device (2; 2I; 2II; 2IV; 2V; 2VI; 2VII; 2VIII) comprises a hollow element (5); an activation group (21), which is designed to impose a difference in... Agent: Noivion S.r.l.

20150136584 - Methods of depositing thin films using molybdenum sputtering targets: In various embodiments, tubular sputtering targets comprising molybdenum are provided and sputtered to produce thin films comprising molybdenum. The sputtering targets may be formed by forming a tubular billet having an inner diameter IDI and an outer diameter ODI, the formation comprising pressing molybdenum powder in a mold and sintering... Agent:

20150136585 - Method for sputtering for processes with a pre-stabilized plasma: A method of depositing a layer of a material on a substrate is described. The method includes igniting a plasma of a sputter target for material deposition while the substrate is not exposed to the plasma, maintaining the plasma at least until exposure of the substrate to the plasma for... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150136586 - Method for producing a polycrystalline ceramic film: The invention relates to a method for producing a polycrystalline ceramic film on a surface (12) of a substrate (10), in which a particle stream is directed onto the surface (12) and the ceramic film is formed by deposition of the particles onto the surface (12), wherein the particle stream... Agent:

20150136587 - Method and apparatus for electroplating metal parts: A supply of metal parts are electroplated by progressively transferring the parts with a computer controlled robot into a series of open top tanks containing solutions. The tanks have submerged metal fixtures which temporarily support the parts, and each fixture in the electroplating tank is individually connected to a direct... Agent:

20150136588 - Apparatus with cold anode for high-temperature electrolytic hydrogen loading and hydrogen generation: An apparatus comprising a vessel containing an electrically conductive electrolyte. The electrolyte contains hydrogen. A cathode and anode are disposed in the electrolyte and are connected to a source of electrical power. A portion of the vessel interior is in a hot zone, and a portion is in a cool... Agent:

20150136590 - Electro plating device: An electro plating device includes a pipe inside seal mechanism which occludes an inner channel of a steel pipe, a tubular insoluble electrode which is disposed in a pipe end so as to be opposite to a female screw, a plating solution feed mechanism which includes a plurality of nozzles... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20150136589 - Electrochemical system: An electrochemical system has two separator plates as well as a membrane-electrode assembly arranged at least in regions between the separator plates. The separator plates and the membrane-electrode assembly each have at least two passage openings for a flush arrangement of the separator plates and the membrane-electrode assembly at positioning... Agent:

20150136591 - Electrolytic cell with advanced oxidation process and electro catalytic paddle electrode: Electrolytically treating water through influent inlet arrangements for cavitation and one or more pairs of electrodes. The electrodes can provide continuous anodic and cathodic operation for treating water. The pressurized influent premixed with oxidant gas can be pumped into the reactor vessel through the mixing nozzles arranged radially along the... Agent:

20150136593 - Production method of electroconductive mayenite compound having high electron density, and target: A production method of an electroconductive mayenite compound having an electron density greater than or equal to 5×1020 cm−3 includes preparing an object of processing containing a mayenite compound or a precursor of a mayenite compound, placing aluminum foil on at least part of a surface of the object of... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150136592 - Sintered body and sputtering target: Provided is a sintered body containing Fe, Pt, C and Ag, wherein, when a composition of Fe, Pt, C and Ag is represented by an expression: (Fex/100Pt(100-x)/100)100-y-zAgyCz, expressions: 35≦x≦65, 1≦y≦20 and 13≦z≦60 are satisfied, a relative density is in the range of 95% or more, an oxygen content is in... Agent:

20150136594 - Sputtering target and manufacturing method thereof, and transistor: One object is to provide a deposition technique for forming an oxide semiconductor film. By forming an oxide semiconductor film using a sputtering target including a sintered body of a metal oxide whose concentration of hydrogen contained is low, for example, lower than 1×1016 atoms/cm3, the oxide semiconductor film contains... Agent:

20150136595 - Sputtering target for forming wiring film of flat panel display: A copper alloy wiring film of a flat panel display of the present invention and a sputtering target for forming the same have a composition including Mg: 0.1 to 5 atom %; either one or both of Mn and Al: 0.1 to 11 atom % in total; and Cu and... Agent:

20150136596 - Magnetron sputtering device, magnetron sputtering method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: A magnetron sputtering apparatus includes a target disposed to face a substrate mounted on a mounting part in a vacuum vessel and a magnet arrangement assembly installed at a back side of the target and having an array of magnets, the magnetron sputtering apparatus including: a gas supply part configured... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150136597 - Glass coating system: A system for coating a glass board is disclosed. The coating system includes a coating chamber, a conveying unit and a support module. The conveying unit is located at a lower portion of the coating chamber and has two rollers for conveying a sheet of glass to be coated. The... Agent: Csg Holding Co., Ltd.

20150136598 - Glass coating system: A system for coating a sheet of glass is disclosed. The system includes a first coating chamber, a second coating chamber, an intermediary chamber and three conveying units. The intermediary chamber is sandwiched between the first and second chambers and has a gap plate and an elevator connected to the... Agent:

20150136599 - Systems and methods for detection and quantification of analytes: Devices, systems, and methods for detecting molecules of interest within a collected sample are described herein. In certain embodiments, self-contained sample analysis systems are disclosed, which include a reusable reader component, a disposable cartridge component, and a disposable sample collection component. In some embodiments, the reader component communicates with a... Agent:

20150136600 - Gas sensing system: A gas sensing system includes an air intake hole which comprises a plurality of micro-flow channels, a replaceable sensor for receiving an air from the air intake hole and detecting the received air, and a processing unit coupled to the replaceable sensor and doing determination for the component of the... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20150136601 - Nanochannel arrays and their preparation and use for high throughput macromolecular analysis: Nanochannel arrays that enable high-throughput macromolecular analysis are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of preparing nanochannel arrays and nanofluidic chips. Methods of analyzing macromolecules, such as entire strands of genomic DNA, are also disclosed, as well as systems for carrying out these methods.... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20150136602 - Universal sample preparation system and use in an integrated analysis system: The invention provides a system that can process a raw biological sample, perform a biochemical reaction and provide an analysis readout. For example, the system can extract DNA from a swab, amplify STR loci from the DNA, and analyze the amplified loci and STR markers in the sample. The system... Agent:

20150136603 - Water-soluble, uv-absorbing and/or flourescent components with very high isoelectric points: Water-soluble, UV-absorbing and/or fluorescing compound having an isoelectric point greater than 10, can be obtained using molecules chosen from the group of molecules consisting of those containing at least one secondary alcohol OH group with a pKa value greater than 10 and at least one amino group with a pKb... Agent:

20150136604 - Sample preparation, processing and analysis systems: This disclosure provides an integrated and automated sample-to-answer system that, starting from a sample comprising biological material, generates a genetic profile in less than two hours. In certain embodiments, the biological material is DNA and the genetic profile involves determining alleles at one or a plurality of loci (e.g., genetic... Agent:

20150136605 - Electrophoresis tray and a method of running an electrophoresis experiment: Electrophoresis tray arranged to support an electrophoresis cassette for miming electrophoresis experiments, the electrophoresis cassette comprising a gel member in a housing with a front and a back face, wherein the tray comprises a cassette support surface for supporting at least the separation zone of the electrophoresis cassette during electrophoresis,... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20150136606 - Devices and methods for electric field driven on-demand separation of liquid-liquid mixtures: Devices and methods for electric field driven on-demand separation of liquid-liquid mixtures are provided. For example, methods for separating liquid-liquid mixtures, such as free oil and water, oil-in-water emulsions and water-in-oil emulsions, are provided that have separation efficiencies up to about 99.9%. The liquid-liquid mixture is contacted with a separator... Agent:

20150136607 - Method and apparatus for characterizing and counting particles, in particular biological particles: Methods and apparatus are described for the processing (for example washing, incubation, etc.) of particles in which the particles suspended in a first fluid are introduced under laminar flow conditions into at least one first microchamber or first region of the same, in which a second fluid is introduced under... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150129415 - Magnetic recording medium, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus: According to one embodiment, a perpendicular magnetic recording layer comprises a granular film type recording layer and a continuous film type recording layer. The granular film type recording layer comprises a first granular film type recording layer in which magnetic crystal grains in a film plane has an average crystal... Agent:

20150129414 - Process kit of physical vapor deposition chamber and fabricating method thereof: A physical vapor deposition (PVD) chamber, a process kit of a PVD chamber and a method of fabricating a process kit of a PVD chamber are provided. In various embodiments, the PVD chamber includes a sputtering target, a power supply, a process kit, and a substrate support. The sputtering target... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150129416 - Method for using sputtering target and method for manufacturing oxide film: A method for using a sputtering target which enables an oxide film with a high degree of crystallinity, which contains a plurality of metal elements, to be formed is provided. In the method for using a sputtering target including a polycrystalline oxide containing a plurality of crystal grains which include... Agent:

20150129417 - Electrochemical machining apparatus: An electrochemical machining apparatus includes a support assembly, a machining electrode assembly, a tank configured to hold an electrolyte, a workpiece holder positioned in the tank, a movable feed assembly, and a connecting member. The machining electrode assembly includes a first machining electrode and a second machining electrode. The movable... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150129418 - Electrochemical deposition apparatus with remote catholyte fluid management: Techniques disclosed herein include an electro-chemical deposition apparatus that provides an efficient circulation system, chemical management that provides reliable and uniform plating, and a configuration that provides short maintenance times and greater tool availability. Techniques include a processing tank containing an anolyte fluid, and one or more plating cells each... Agent: Tel Nexx, Inc.

20150129419 - Ozone water generating device: An ozone water generating device provided with a first housing (1), a second housing (2), and a catalyst electrode (3), in which the catalyst electrode (3) is provided with a positive electrode (32), a positive ion exchange membrane (31), and a negative electrode (33) in this order from the first... Agent: Nikka Micron Co., Ltd.

20150129420 - Substrate processing system with a damage preventing function:

20150129421 - Hybrid deposition system: A hybrid deposition system includes a chamber, a pump, a gas source, a cathodic arc source, a high power impulse magnetron sputtering source and a substrate. The pump is connected with an interior of the chamber for changing a pressure of the interior of the chamber. The gas source is... Agent: Mingdao University

20150129422 - Ruthenium sputtering target and ruthenium alloy sputtering target: A ruthenium sputtering target, wherein a Si content is 10 to 100 wtppm, a total content of unavoidable impurities excluding gas components is 50 wtppm or less, and a remainder is Ru. By suppressing the crystal growth of ruthenium or a ruthenium alloy and reducing the generation of coarse crystal... Agent:

20150129423 - Gap detection apparatus: A gap detection apparatus for determining in real time the gap required for electrochemical machining gap includes a tooling electrode, a plurality of tool adjusting electrodes, a feedback circuit, a processing feed mechanism for controlling the tooling electrode, a three-dimensional driving mechanism, and an automatic control and measurement system. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150129424 - Systems and methods for improved stability of electrochemical sensors: Methods for determining a concentration of an analyte in a sample, and the devices and systems used in conjunction with the same, are provided herein. In one exemplary embodiment of a method for determining a concentration of an analyte in a sample, a sample including an analyte is provided in... Agent:

20150129425 - Enzyme electrode: An enzyme electrode includes an electrode, and a detection layer that is in contact with the electrode and includes an oxidoreductase, a water-soluble conductive polymer, and conductive particles, electrons being transferred between the enzyme and the electrode by direct electron transfer in the detection layer.... Agent: Bioengineering Laboratories, LLC

20150129426 - Electrochemical sensing nanocomposite: A zinc oxide-carbon nanotube composite is provided, the nanotube composite being selective and sensitive for detection of hydrogen peroxide, which is important for screening for early cancer detection, monitoring cardiovascular disease, detecting onset of food spoilage, and enzymatic reactions that produce hydrogen peroxide as a byproduct. Also provided are methods... Agent: Middle Tennessee State University

20150129427 - Electroextraction: The present invention relates to a process for the extraction of analyte compounds from a sample comprising one or more analytes in a donor phase into an acceptor phase, comprising the steps of: a) providing an electrically conductive donor phase comprising the compounds in a first electrically conductive solvent or... Agent:

20150129428 - Curable compositions and membranes: e

05/07/2015 > 26 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150122632 - Apparatus for flow-through of electric arcs: A flow-through electric arc system includes a chamber within an insulated sleeve having an anode at one end of the insulated sleeve and a cathode at a distal end of the insulated sleeve. Fluid flows from an inlet of the chamber, through the insulated sleeve where it is exposed to... Agent:

20150122633 - High-power pulse coating method: The invention relates to a method for determining the reactive gas consumption in a coating process using plasma, comprising the following steps: a) admitting reactive gas into a coating chamber, wherein the corresponding reactive gas flow is measured and, at the same time, the partial pressure prevailing in the coating... Agent:

20150122634 - Electrochemical machining apparatus: An electrochemical machining apparatus includes a fastening bracket, a first drive member positioned on the fastening bracket, a connecting member, a first electrode connected to the connecting member, a second driving member, a second electrode connected to the second driving member, a moving assembly positioned on the fastening bracket, an... Agent:

20150122635 - Semiconductor wafer holder and electroplating system for plating a semiconductor wafer: A semiconductor wafer holder includes first and second holding members between which a semiconductor wafer is held. The second holding member includes a second conductive element placed in contact with a first conductive element of the first holding member and the semiconductor wafer. A ring clamp is used to press... Agent:

20150122636 - Electrochemical machining device: An electrochemical machining device includes an electrode bundle, an electrode sleeve used for receiving the electrode bundle therein, and an electrolytic tank. The electrode bundle includes a number of columnar electrodes. Each of the columnar electrodes can move along an axial direction of the electrode sleeve. The electrode sleeve includes... Agent:

20150122637 - Differential pressure water electrolysis apparatus: A differential pressure water electrolysis apparatus includes a cell unit, a first end plate, a second end plate, and a pressing mechanism. The pressing mechanism is provided between the first end plate and a first end of the cell unit to press the cell unit in a stacking direction and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150122638 - Method for uniform flow behavior in an electroplating cell: Apparatuses and methods are provided for depositing a metal layer on a wafer. A secondary weir is positioned at a region below the primary weir such that overflowed plating solution over the primary weir during electroplating flows in a substantially azimuthally uniform manner. Methods are provided for electroplating wafers by... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20150122639 - Chemically passivated zinc oxide photoelectrode for photoelectrochemical water splitting: A chemically passivated photoelectrode, having a conductive substrate, a layer of conductive oxide, preferably zinc oxide (ZnO), over the conductive substrate, and an ultrathin layer of a chemically inert semiconductor material coating the conductive oxide layer, is disclosed. The ultrathin layer of chemically inert semiconductor material, which may be less... Agent:

20150122640 - Electrochemical devices employing novel catalyst mixtures: An electrochemical device comprises an anode and a cathode. An electrocatalyst mixture is placed between said anode and cathode. The electrocatalyst mixture comprises at least one Catalytically Active Element and, separately, at least one Helper Catalyst comprising an organic molecule, an organic ion, or a mixture of organic molecules and... Agent:

20150122641 - Elastic cushion material and ion exchange membrane electrolytic cell utilizing same: Provided are an elastic cushion member and an ion exchange membrane electrolyzer using the same, which elastic cushion member can be installed even in an ion exchange membrane electrolyzer having such a small gap between an electrode and an electrode current collecting plate that a conventional elastic cushion member cannot... Agent: Chlorine Engineers Corp., Ltd.

20150122642 - Sputtering target and method for producing the same: A sputtering target which is made of an alumina sintered body having a purity of not less than 99.99% by mass %, a relative density of not less than 98%, and an average grain size of less than 5 μm or is made of an alumina sintered body having a... Agent: Ferrotec Ceramics Corporation

20150122643 - Supporting member for magnetron sputtering anode bar and magnetron sputtering device including the same: The present disclosure relates to a supporting member for a magnetron sputtering anode bar and a magnetron sputtering device including the supporting member. The supporting member comprises a supporting bar and a sputtering shield which can be fixedly connected with the supporting bar. A first end portion of the supporting... Agent:

20150122644 - Arc evaporation source: Provided is an arc evaporation source equipped with a target, a ring-shaped magnetic field guide magnet and a back side magnetic field generation source. The magnetic field guide magnet is aligned in a direction perpendicular to the evaporation face of the target and has a polarity that is the magnetization... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150122645 - Enzyme matrices for biosensors: Embodiments of the invention provide analyte sensors formed from layered materials that include polymeric enzyme compositions selected to provide advantageous material properties, as well as methods for making and using such sensors. Typical embodiments of the invention include glucose sensors used in the management of diabetes.... Agent:

20150122647 - Enzyme matrices for use with ethylene oxide sterilization: The invention pertains to analyte sensors designed to include layered compositions that provide these sensors with enhanced functional and/or material properties including, for example, resistance to damage caused by ethylene oxide during sterilization processes. Embodiments of the invention include polyvinyl alcohol N-methyl-4(4′-formylstyryl)pyridinium (SbQ) polymer materials and methods for employing such... Agent:

20150122646 - Mediator-less electrochemical glucose sensing procedure employing the leach-proof covalent binding of an enzyme(s) to electrodes and products thereof: The present disclosure generally relates to devices and procedures for the development of glucose oxidase-bound electrodes by a covalent binding of glucose oxidase on amine-functionalized electrodes. More particularly, the present disclosure is related to covalently-bound enzyme-coated electrodes that are leach-proof and highly stable for continuous glucose monitoring. The glucose oxidase-bound... Agent:

20150122648 - Apparatus for detecting sodium in a liquid: There is provided an apparatus for detecting sodium in a liquid. A concentration of a very small amount of sodium can be repeatedly and accurately measured by correcting baseline fluctuation and sodium concentration variation due to temperature variation on the basis of measured temperature and minimizing noise influence on the... Agent:

20150122649 - Support for electrode stack & provision for venting of a gas sensor using an internally mounted table: A sensor with a sensor housing or body, a plastic molded table positioned in the sensor housing; and a counter electrode carried on a first end of the table.... Agent:

20150122650 - Polypeptide markers for the diagnosis of bladder cancer: A method for the diagnosis of bladder cancer (BC) and/or for determining a tumor stage of bladder cancer, comprising the step of determining the presence or absence or amplitude of at least six polypeptide markers in a sample, wherein said polypeptide markers are selected from markers 1 to 836, which... Agent:

20150122651 - Method and fluidic microsystem for generating droplets dispersed in a continuous phase: A method of generating droplets of a dispersed phase fluid in a continuous phase fluid includes flowing the dispersed phase fluid and the continuous phase fluid to a channel junction of at least one dispersed phase channel and at least one continuous phase channel, applying at least one alternating voltage... Agent:

20150122652 - Nanocomposite polymer hydrogel with aligned nanoparticles: Nanocomposite polymeric hydrogels comprising polyacrylamide (PAAm) formulated in combination with magnetically-susceptible anisotropic microparticles are described, as are method of making and using said hydrogels.... Agent: Tennessee Technological University

20150122653 - Method for the separation of polarizable bioparticles: The invention relates to a method for the separation of a polarisable bioparticle comprising the steps: a) dielectrophoretic preseparation of a polarisable bioparticle from a suspension of bioparticles; b) fluidic separation of the selected bioparticle by fixing the bioparticle in a dielectrophoretic field cage and circulating fluid around the bioparticle;... Agent: Technische Universitat Dortmund

20150122654 - System and method for improving oil-water separator performance: A system for improving oil-water separator performance wherein an electrostatic coalescer (15) is located upstream of a cyclonic oil-water separator (16). Preferably, the electrostatic coalescer is able to be bypassed and/or is located in parallel with a mechanical coalescer (17). In the case of parallel arrangement, selection of the flow... Agent: Caltec Limited

20150122655 - Two-dimensional fluid separation with controlled pressure: A sample separation apparatus (200) for separating a fluidic sample, the sample separation apparatus (200) comprising a first separation unit (204) for separating the fluidic sample, a first fluid drive (202) configured for conducting the fluidic sample to be separated through the first separation unit (204), a second separation unit... Agent:

20150122656 - Mass based filtration devices and method of fabrication using bursts of ultrafast laser pulses: A mass separation device includes a transparent substrate and a plurality of small diameter cylindrically shaped orifices in the transparent substrate. The small diameter cylindrically shaped orifices include smooth wall surfaces and are not tapered. The small diameter cylindrically shaped orifices are drilled by photoacoustic compression and are clean and... Agent: Rofin-sinar Technologies Inc.

20150122657 - Electrical purification apparatus having a blocking spacer: An electrical purification apparatus and methods of making same are disclosed. The electrical purification apparatus may provide for increases in operation efficiencies, for example, with respect to current efficiencies and membrane utilization.... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 19 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150114820 - Method and apparatus for producing non-local physical, chemical and biological effects: A method and apparatus are disclosed which produce physical, chemical and/or biological non-local effect on a target substance through non-local processes mediated by quantum entanglement. In one broad embodiment, the apparatus includes a target substance, a first container holding said target substance; an originating substance, a second container holding said... Agent:

20150114821 - Method for modifying properties of graphene: A method for modifying properties of graphene includes a graphene film provision step and a modification step. In the graphene film provision step, a graphene film is provided, and the graphene is formed on a substrate. In the modification step, the graphene film is placed in a vacuum environment and... Agent: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

20150114822 - Photocatalytic oxidation apparatus for oxidizing volatile organic compounds: The present invention provides a method of oxidizing VOCs to carbon dioxide and water in a photo catalytic environment by passing the VOC laden industrial effluent through a filter tube containing a porous inorganic substrate, impregnated and surface coated with TiO2 powder, present within an Ultra Violet light/ozone/hydroxyl flux field.... Agent:

20150114823 - Bipolar collimator utilized in a physical vapor deposition chamber: The present invention provides an apparatus including a bipolar collimator disposed in a physical vapor deposition chamber and methods of using the same. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a chamber body and a chamber lid disposed on the chamber body defining a processing region therein, a collimator disposed in... Agent:

20150114824 - Physical vapor deposition tile arrangement and physical vapor deposition arrangement: In various embodiments, a physical vapor deposition tile arrangement is provided. The physical vapor deposition tile arrangement may include a plurality of physical vapor deposition tiles arranged next to each other; and a resilient structure configured to press the plurality of physical vapor deposition tiles together.... Agent: Von Ardenne Gmbh

20150114826 - Pvd apparatus for directional material deposition, methods and workpiece: Directional material deposition in physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology. In particular, the invention concerns PVD apparatus, which comprises a vacuum tight outer vessel accommodating a material source, at least two substrates arranged to define a substrate plane spaced apart from said material source, substrates facing the material source with a... Agent: Oerlikon Advanced Technologies Ag

20150114825 - Systems and method of coating an interior surface of an object: A system for use in coating an interior surface of an object, the system including a vacuum chamber enclosure defining an interior cavity configured to receive the object, a first electrode positioned within the interior cavity of the vacuum chamber enclosure, and a second electrode positioned within the interior cavity... Agent: General Electric Company

20150114827 - Methods of forming a metal dielectric etching stop layer on a substrate with high etching selectivity: Methods for forming a metal dielectric etching stop layer onto a substrate with good etching selectivity and low wet etching rate. In one embodiment, a method of sputter depositing a metal dielectric etching stop layer on the substrate includes transferring a substrate in a processing chamber, supplying a gas mixture... Agent:

20150114828 - Systems and method of coating an interior surface of an object: A system for use in coating an interior surface of an object is provided. The system includes a vacuum chamber enclosure defining an interior cavity configured to receive the object, an anode positioned within the interior cavity of the vacuum chamber enclosure, and a cathode positioned within the interior cavity... Agent: General Electric Company

20150114829 - Electrochemical compressor based heating element and hybrid hot water heater employing same: An electrochemical compressor type heat pump system is described. An electrochemical compressor compresses a mixed gas refrigerant whereby heat from the compression can be used to heat an object. The electrochemical compressor is capable of producing high pressure gas from a mixed fluid system including an electrochemically-active component, such as... Agent:

20150114830 - Cell for ion exchange membrane electrolysis: Provided is a cell for ion exchange membrane electrolysis obtained by improving the performance in electrolysis of an existing bipolar cell for ion exchange membrane electrolysis, in which a cathode partition wall and a rigid cathode being connected together by a plurality of intermediating V-shaped springs, by a simple method.... Agent: Chlorine Engineers Corp., Ltd.

20150114831 - High pressure water electrolysis device: A high pressure water electrolysis device includes an electrolyte membrane, an anode power supplying body, a cathode power supplying body, an anode separator, a cathode separator, a cathode chamber, a seal member, and a protective sheet member. The protective sheet member is interposed between the electrolyte membrane and the anode... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150114832 - Electrochemical device for producing hydrogen: The present invention provides an electrolytic device and apparatus comprising the same, where the electrolytic device includes a means for generating a first gas stream that is enriched with a first gas. In particular, the electrolytic device of the invention comprises a first tubular electrode and a second tubular electrode... Agent:

20150114833 - Preheating connector: This preheating connector for electrically connecting an anode stern to an anode frame of an electrolytic cell during the warm-up phase of the electrolytic cell, includes means of fixing to the anode frame, and bearing means designed to exert pressure on the anode stem in order to keep it pressed... Agent: Rio Tinto Alcan International Limited

20150114834 - Surface modified electrodes for electrochemical syngas production: An electrode for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide and water forming carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The electrode includes a metal substrate. A self-assembled monolayer is bonded to the metal substrate. A selectivity of reaction products of carbon monoxide and hydrogen produced by the electrode is regulated relative to a bare... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150114835 - Film forming apparatus: A film forming apparatus includes a stage provided in the processing chamber; three or more targets uniformly arranged along a circle centering around a vertical axis line that passes through a center of the stage, each of the targets having a substantially rectangular shape; a shutter provided between the targets... Agent:

20150114836 - Measurement device with reader and disposable probe: A system for obtaining a pH measurement comprises a disposable probe and a reader. The disposable probe includes at least one indicating electrode and at least one reference electrode. The reader is configured to operably engage with the disposable probe and provide pH information of a sample.... Agent:

20150114837 - Capillary electrophoresis for reservoir fluid analysis at wellsite and laboratory: A method improves the capability for testing a fluid sample, e.g. testing a reservoir sample of hydrocarbon fluid. The methodology comprises positioning a capillary electrophoresis system within an enclosed chamber system. The enclosed chamber system preserves the desired downhole reservoir conditions during testing of the reservoir sample. In some applications,... Agent:

20150114838 - Electrostatic coalescer for coalescing a dispersed phase from a continuous phase in an emulsion: An electrostatic coalescer for coalescing of a dispersed phase from a continuous phase in an emulsion is presented. The electrostatic coalescer includes at least one inlet for receiving the emulsion; at least one outlet for discharging the emulsion after coalescing the dispersed phase; and at least one electrode disposed between... Agent: General Electric Company

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