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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

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04/16/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.
04/09/2015 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150096881 - Sputtering apparatus and sputtering method: An objective of the present invention is to provide a sputtering apparatus capable of obtaining an adequate film thickness distribution on a substrate surface even if a target projection plane is kept from being projected on the substrate. A sputtering apparatus includes: a process chamber; a substrate holder being rotatable... Agent:

20150096882 - Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method: A plasma processing apparatus 1 includes a central inlet unit that introduces a processing gas containing at least one of an Ar gas, a He gas and an etching gas toward a central portion of a wafer W; a peripheral inlet unit 61 that introduces the processing gas toward a... Agent:

20150096883 - Apparatus for wetting pretreatment for enhanced damascene metal filling: Disclosed are pre-wetting apparatus designs and methods. These apparatus designs and methods are used to pre-wet a wafer prior to plating a metal on the surface of the wafer. Disclosed compositions of the pre-wetting fluid prevent corrosion of a seed layer on the wafer and also improve the filling rates... Agent:

20150096884 - Humidification control device: A humidification control device and an apparatus implementing the humidification control device is provided. The device includes a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) for the control of humidity in an enclosed space via electrolysis. The MEA includes an anode, a cathode and a proton exchange membrane (PEM) disposed between the anode... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20150096885 - Systems and methods for preparing and plating of work rolls: The present embodiments are directed to systems and methods for plating of work rolls. In one embodiment, a system includes an inner tank having an inner diameter dimensioned to receive a work roll, and an outer tank, wherein the inner tank is disposed coaxially within the outer tank. The inner... Agent: Neo Industries, Inc.

20150096886 - Electrolyzed hydrogen gas for fuel-fired boilers and hot water heaters: A system for hydrogen gas enhancement of hydrocarbon fuel combustion employs a closed electrolyzer vessel into which water is circulated, and an electrode plate assembly immersed in the vessel to dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. Only water is used as the electrolyte fluid without any additives. An air... Agent:

20150096887 - Electrodes containing iridium nanoparticles for the electrolytic production of oxygen from water: Electrodes employing as active material iridium nanoparticles synthesized by a novel route are provided. The nanoparticle synthesis is facile and reproducible, and provides iridium nanoparticles of very small dimension and high purity for a wide range of metals. The electrodes utilizing these nanoparticles have excellent efficiency catalyzing the electrolytic production... Agent:

20150096888 - Bg meter lens attachment and seal: A blood glucose test device with viewing lens seal includes a meter body rigid portion of a first polymeric material and an opening. A resilient portion of a second polymeric material more compressible than the first polymeric material integrally connected to the rigid portion defines a rigid portion outer covering.... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20150096889 - Corrosion monitoring device of reinforced concrete construction: Provided herein is a device for monitoring corrosion of steel for a steel concrete construction, the device including a battery provided with a first electrode, a second electrode made of a metal material having a higher electric potential than concrete steel reinforcement and spaced from the first electrode, and an... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20150096890 - Manipulating the size of liquid droplets in digital microfluidics: A biological sample processing system (1) includes a liquid droplet manipulation instrument (20) with an electrode array (21) for inducing a movement of a liquid droplet (19) by electrowetting; a substrate (22); and a control unit (23). An electrode selector (34) of the control unit (23) is configured to individually... Agent: Tecan Trading Ag

20150096891 - Method, apparatus and system for desalinating saltwater: The present disclosure is directed at an apparatus, method and plant for desalinating saltwater and contaminated saltwater. The apparatus includes a stack and a manifolding assembly. The stack includes a product chamber, a first and second concentrate chamber, an anion exchange membrane forming a boundary between the first concentrate chamber... Agent:

20150096892 - Method and apparatus to measure blood thickness level and blood constituent concentration: In described embodiment a method and an apparatus are provided for blood characterization. A closed loop electrical circuit employs as part of the circuit, a time varying resistive path that is made out of blood constituents and other chemicals. As the blood characteristics are changing, the resistance of the electrical... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150090582 - Laser water transfer printing film and making method thereof: A method of making a laser water transfer printing film contains steps of: providing a substrate material; coating a release layer on one side surface of the PET film by ways of a first coating apparatus; semi-solidifying a lacquer by using a heat solidifying apparatus; printing an ink layer on... Agent:

20150090583 - Ion beam processing method and ion beam processing apparatus: The present invention has an objective to provide a processing method and an ion beam processing apparatus capable of inhibiting deposition of redeposited films even for fine patterns. In an embodiment of the present invention, ion beam processing is performed such that an etching amount of an ion beam incident... Agent:

20150090584 - Plating apparatus and cleaning device used in the plating apparatus: A plating apparatus for plating a substrate is disclosed. The plating apparatus includes: a dip-type plating bath; a dry-type plating bath having a hole in a sidewall thereof; and a pressing mechanism configured to press a substrate holder, holding a substrate, against the sidewall of the dry-type plating bath to... Agent:

20150090585 - Anodizing and plating system and method: An anodizing or plating system is provided that has a bath with an electrolytic solution into which a production part is at least partially disposed. For the anodizing process, an anodizing monitoring device is present and has a control panel at least partially disposed within the electrolytic solution. A power... Agent:

20150090586 - Surface modified stainless steel cathode for electrolyser: Sodium chlorate is produced industrially via electrolysis of brine and is thus an energy intensive process. An improved cathode for this and other industrial processes is a low nickel content stainless steel whose surface has been suitably modified. With an appropriate amount of surface roughening, the cathode provides for improved... Agent: Chemetics Inc.

20150090587 - Rotatable sputter target: A target arrangement for providing material to be deposited on a substrate is provided. The target arrangement includes a target part (210) made of the material to be deposited. The target part may substantially have the shape of a hollow cylinder having an inner (260) and an outer (250) diameter,... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150090588 - Systems and methods for biological ion channel interfaces: Method for interfacing an integrated circuit with a biological ion channel, the integrated circuit being at least partially disposed within an electrolytic solution and including an amplifier and one or more electrodes on a surface thereof, includes forming one or more microwells proximate the one or more electrodes, applying a... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20150090589 - Devices, systems, and methods to compensate for effects of temperature on implantable sensors: Systems and methods for compensating for effects of temperature on implantable sensors are provided. In some embodiments, systems and methods are provided for measuring a temperature to determine a change in temperature in a sensor environment. In certain embodiments, a temperature compensation factor is determined based on a change in... Agent:

20150090590 - Cationic polymer based wired enzyme formulations for use in analyte sensors: Embodiments of the invention include analyte-responsive compositions and electrochemical analyte sensors having a sensing layer that includes an analyte-responsive enzyme and a cationic polymer. Also provided are systems and methods of making the sensors and using the electrochemical analyte sensors in analyte monitoring.... Agent:

20150090591 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for capillary electrophoresis: An apparatus includes a body portion that defines a reservoir and a set of substantially flexible capillaries. The set of substantially flexible capillaries are fixedly coupled to the body portion and in fluid communication with the reservoir. A connector is configured to be coupled to the body portion to be... Agent: Proteinsimple

20150090592 - Split-sensor dielectrophoretic/magnetophoretic cytometer: Embodiments of an improved sensor for dielectrophoretic cytometry are presented. In one embodiment, the sensor includes a plurality of sensor electrodes as well as an actuation electrode. Embodiments of microfluidic systems incorporating such sensor are also described. Additionally, embodiments of methods or performing cytometry analysis are also presented.... Agent:

20150090593 - Fluid conditioning: A fluid conditioning control system for driving one or more coils in a fluid conditioning system with a target load current to generate an alternating magnetic field directed at a fluid, the control system comprising a controller, a switch mode power supply circuit and a push pull AC drive circuit,... Agent:

20150090594 - Methods and apparatus for solid liquid separation: Described herein are methods and apparatus for solid-liquid separation with high efficiency, especially in treating spent filter backwash and sedimentation tank sludge produced in the water treatment process. It combines and applies gravity, electromagnetic force, dynamic filtration, and gravity condensation, magnetic and gravitational compression in one integrated device that produces... Agent: Shanghai Yuanqing Environmental Engineering Ltd

20150090595 - Fitting for elastically-biasing a capillary for a fluid-tight connection to a fluidic conduit: A fitting (200) for providing a fluid connection between a capillary (202) and a fluidic conduit (204) of a fluidic component (30), the fitting (200) comprising a male piece (240) and a female piece (250) for connection with the male piece (240), wherein the male piece (240) comprises a housing... Agent: Agilent Technologies , Inc.

20150090596 - Microfluidic process monitor for industrial solvent extraction system: The present invention provides a system for solvent extraction utilizing a first electrode with a raised area formed on its surface, which defines a portion of a microfluidic channel; a second electrode with a flat surface, defining another portion of the microfluidic channel that opposes the raised area of the... Agent: Uchicago Argonne, LLC

03/26/2015 > 19 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150083579 - Geometry enhancement of nanoscale energy deposition by x-rays: A principle is established to show that nanoscale energy deposition in water by X-rays can be greatly enhanced via the geometry of nanostructures. The calculated results show that enhancement over background water can reach over 60 times for a single nanoshell made of gold. Other geometries and nanostructures are investigated,... Agent:

20150083580 - Plasma processing method: A method includes: etching a target layer of a target object in a processing chamber by generating a plasma of a first gas containing at least one of SF6, ClF3 and F2 supplied into the processing chamber to; and forming a protective film on the target layer by generating a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150083581 - Techniques for processing substrates using directional reactive ion etching: A method of treating a substrate includes directing ions to the substrate along at least one non-zero angle with respect to a perpendicular to a substrate surface in a presence of a reactive ambient containing a reactive species where the substrate includes a surface feature. At least one surface of... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20150083582 - Ion to neutral control for wafer processing with dual plasma source reactor: The disclosed techniques relate to methods and apparatus for etching a substrate. A plate assembly divides a reaction chamber into a lower and upper sub-chamber. The plate assembly includes an upper and lower plate having apertures therethrough. When the apertures in the upper and lower plates are aligned, ions and... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20150083583 - Partial surface treatment apparatus: A partial surface treatment apparatus includes a first electrode member electrically connected to a treatment object including an outer circumferential surface and a circumferential groove, a second electrode member including an inner circumferential surface, a pair of annular-shaped elastic sealing members configured to seal a clearance between the outer circumferential... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150083584 - Electrolysis cell, in particular for the production of aluminum: An electrolysis cell, particularly for the production of aluminum, contains a cathode, a layer of liquid aluminum arranged on the upper side of the cathode, a melt layer thereon and an anode on the top of the melt layer. The cathode is composed of at least two cathode blocks, wherein... Agent:

20150083585 - Molybdenum and tungsten nanostructures and methods for making and using same: The present invention provides molybdenum and tungsten nanostructures, for example, nanosheets and nanoparticles, and methods of making and using same, including using such nanostructures as catalysts for hydrogen evolution reactions.... Agent: Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC

20150083586 - Deposition apparatus: A deposition apparatus comprises a source unit having a function of generating a plasma by an arc discharge; and a filter unit configured to transport the plasma generated by the source unit toward a material to be deposited, wherein the filter unit includes a duct configured to transport the plasma,... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20150083587 - Measuring device and methods for use therewith: The ability to switch at will between amperometric measurements and potentiometric measurements provides great flexibility in performing analyses of unknowns. Apparatus and methods can provide such switching to collect data from an electrochemical cell. The cell may contain a reagent disposed to measure glucose in human blood.... Agent:

20150083588 - Gas concentration detector: A gas concentration detector includes a gas sensor and an abnormality detecting section. The gas sensor includes a single solid electrolyte body having oxygen ion conductivity and electrodes formed on both surfaces of the single solid electrolyte body. The abnormality detecting section is configured to apply an AC voltage to... Agent:

20150083589 - Bio sensing device: The present invention relates to a bio sensing device having a reaction part and a measuring device which are integrated therein. The bio sensing device includes: a main substrate, a reaction part, a signal processing part, a screen display part, and a housing. The reaction part includes a reaction reagent... Agent: Ceragemmedisys Inc.

20150083590 - Portable device assembly for measuring blood samples and a device cover: A device assembly for measuring and monitoring glucose content of blood, and a cover of such an assembly. The assembly is especially applicable for users with diabetes disease. The assembly includes a resilient cover on a measurement device. The cover has a slit at the input for a blood sample... Agent: Modz Oy

20150083591 - Voltammetric systems for assaying biological analytes: The present invention relates to systems, methods, and devices for determining the concentration of an analyte in a sample. The use of linear, cyclic, or acyclic voltammetric scans and/or semi-integral, derivative, or semi-derivative data treatment may provide for increased accuracy when determining the concentration of an analyte in a sample.... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20150083592 - Gas sensor using an ionic liquid electrolyte: A gas sensor having a housing with first and second chambers featuring a porous separator located there between. The first chamber of the sensor being connected to atmosphere via a gas diffusion aperture. The gas sensor having a sensing electrode disposed within the first chamber and at least a second... Agent:

20150083593 - Electrophoretic matrix staining composition and method: Staining compositions and methods for use with a matrix, such as an electrophoretic gel, containing separated biopolymers. The compositions including an acid, an organic solvent, and a generally planar, fluid-permeable gel contact sheet consisting primarily of a non-cellulosic material. The acid and organic solvent may be sorbed to the fluid-permeable... Agent:

20150083594 - Electrophoresis controllers, sensors, and methods for controlling electrophoresis processes: An electrophoresis controller for use with an electrophoresis apparatus having a gel matrix disposed between electrodes for separation of particles along with a tracking dye. The electrophoresis controller includes a sensor system and a controller. The sensor system includes a support, a light emitter, and a light receiver. The support... Agent: The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

20150083595 - Nucleic acid sample preparation: The present invention includes methods, devices and systems for isolating a nucleic acid from a fluid comprising cells. In various aspects, the methods, devices and systems may allow for a rapid procedure that requires a minimal amount of material and/or results in high purity nucleic acid isolated from complex fluids... Agent:

20150083596 - Device and method for killing bacteria and viruses in blood: A device, system and method for killing viruses and bacteria in blood. An iontophoretic cartridge destroys blood borne viruses and bacteria using ionized silver nanoparticles. Blood from the arm of the patient is routed to a holding bladder. From the bladder, the blood is pumped to the iontophoretic cartridge. In... Agent:

20150083597 - Perforated mos structure for single biomolecule detection: A perforated metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) structure for single biomolecule, virus, or single cell detection is disclosed. The structure includes a nanochannel formed through a sensing region configured to allow a solution containing particles to pass through the perforated MOS sensor. First and second terminals are configured to measure electrical... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

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