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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

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12/04/2014 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140353139 - Application of metallic glass and metallic glass thin film coating on the sharpness enhancement of cutting tools: P

20140353140 - Method for manufacturing transparent electroconductive film: Disclosed is a manufacturing method for a transparent electroconductive film having excellent light-transmitting properties and low specific resistance. The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a transparent electroconductive film which comprises a film substrate and a crystallized indium tin oxide layer formed on the film substrate. The method comprises:... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140353141 - Method for manufacturing holographic blazed grating: A method for fabricating a holographic blazed grating is provided. The method includes: coating a photoresist layer on a substrate; performing lithography on the photoresist layer to form a photoresist grating; performing vertical ion beam etching on the substrate by using the photoresist grating as a mask, to form a... Agent:

20140353142 - Substrate processing apparatus, etching method of metal film, and manufacturing method of magnetoresistive effect element: In order to easily exchange a depleted dielectric member in a substrate processing apparatus, a faraday shield provided opposite to an antenna across a component member made of a dielectric, a first dielectric member provided opposite to the antenna across the component member and the faraday shield, and a second... Agent:

20140353143 - Heat pump hot-water supply device: A heat pump hot-water supply device includes: a tank; a refrigerant circuit having a water heat exchanger; water conduits; an electrolysis device having an electrode pair provided in a water channel upstream of the water heat exchanger, in a flow channel of water that includes the water conduits; and a... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140353144 - Carbon-based material, electrode catalyst, oxygen reduction electrode catalyst, gas diffusion electrode, aqueous solution electrolysis device, and method of preparing carbon-based material: A carbon-based material in accordance with the present invention includes graphene doped with metal atoms and at least one type of non-metal atoms selected from a group consisting of nitrogen atoms, boron atoms, sulfur atoms, and phosphorus atoms. A diffraction pattern obtained by X-ray diffraction measurement of the carbon-based material... Agent:

20140353145 - Apparatus for producing dissolved hydrogen water and providing sterilization: Apparatus for producing dissolved hydrogen water and providing sterilization is disclosed. Hydrogen radicals are dissolved in water and converted to weak alkaline hydrogen water, and particles of the water passing through media become smaller and softer in reaction to the modifying magnetic field impulse and thus can be easily absorbed... Agent:

20140353146 - Electrochemical hydroxide systems and methods using metal oxidation: There are provided methods and systems for an electrochemical cell including an anode and a cathode where the anode is contacted with a metal ion that converts the metal ion from a lower oxidation state to a higher oxidation state. The metal ion in the higher oxidation state is reacted... Agent:

20140353147 - Electrode for use with manufacturing apparatus: An electrode for use with a manufacturing apparatus to deposit a material onto a carrier body with the carrier body having a first end and a second end spaced from each other with a socket disposed at each end of the carrier body. The electrode includes a shaft having a... Agent:

20140353148 - Anode for oxygen generation and manufacturing method for the same: The present invention aims to provide an anode for oxygen generation and a manufacturing method for the same used for industrial electrolyses including manufacturing of electrolytic metal foils such as electrolytic copper foil, aluminum liquid contact and continuously electrogalvanized steel plate, and metal extraction. The present invention features an anode... Agent:

20140353149 - Tunnel magneto-resistance element manufacturing apparatus: The present invention provides a TMR element manufacturing apparatus capable of reducing contamination of impurities in magnetic films. According to an embodiment of the present invention, a tunnel magneto-resistance element manufacturing apparatus includes: a load lock device to load and unload a substrate from and to an outside; a first... Agent:

20140353150 - Sputtering apparatus: A sputtering apparatus for depositing a deposition material on a substrate, the sputtering apparatus including a chamber; a target in the chamber, the target including the deposition material; and a shield between the substrate and an inner wall of the chamber, the shield including a plurality of sub-shields.... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140353151 - Charged particle beam irradiation apparatus: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a charged particle beam irradiation apparatus of a relatively simple structure which performs cooling on a sample or a sample stage. An aspect of the present invention comprises: a charged particle source; a sample stage; and a driving mechanism that comprises... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140353152 - Biosensor and method for manufactruing same: Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a biosensor comprising (a) forming an insulating layer in an electrode region; (b) coating the first photoresist layer on the insulating layer; (c) performing the firs exposing process on the first electrode region through the first photomask; (d) removing unexposed area of the first... Agent: Unist Academy-industry Research Corporation

20140353153 - Preparation and maintenance of sensors: Apparatus and methods are described for preparing, maintaining, and stabilizing sensors. The apparatus and methods for preparing sensors for use are utilized in advance of the sensor being removed from a sealed, sterilized package. The apparatus include packaging materials having electrical circuits capable of stabilizing a sensor to prepare the... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140353154 - Nanoelectronic electrochemical test device: Nanoelectronic devices for the detection and quantification of biomolecules are provided. In certain embodiments, the devices are configured to detect and measure blood glucose levels. Also provided are methods of fabricating nanoelectronic devices for the detection of biomolecules.... Agent:

20140353155 - Gas sensor element and gas sensor: A cross-sectional shape of a gap of a gas sensor element has an end point A which is one of contact points at which the cross-sectional shape is in single-point contact with a virtual straight line parallel to a lamination direction, the one contact point being closest to one side... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140353156 - Microelectrodes for electrochemical gas detectors: An electrochemical gas sensor having an electrode with a catalyst distributed on a porous surface is described. The porous surface can be a polytetrafluoroethylene tape. Alternate embodiments include layered or stacked electrodes.... Agent: Life Safety Distribution Ag

20140353158 - Device and method for controlled adhesion upon moist substrate: A device for generating an adjustable adhesion force on a wet substrate is described. The device has a main body with an adhesion surface which, in use, arranges itself facing the substrate, at such adhesion surface the main body having a plurality of channels generating a capillary return for water... Agent:

20140353157 - Disposable cartridge for microfluidics system: A digital microfluidics system for manipulating samples in liquid droplets within a gap between a first hydrophobic surface of a bottom layer and a second hydrophobic surface of at least one disposable cartridge. Disposable cartridges comprise a body and/or a rigid cover plate. The bottom layer of each disposable cartridge... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140346034 - Solar thermochemical reactor, methods of manufacture and use thereof and thermogravimeter: Disclosed herein is a solar thermochemical reactor comprising an outer member, an inner member disposed within an outer member, wherein the outer member surrounds the inner member and wherein the outer member has an aperture for receiving solar radiation and wherein an inner cavity and an outer cavity are formed... Agent:

20140346035 - Electroplating apparatus with improved throughput: One embodiment provides an electroplating apparatus, which includes a tank filled with an electrolyte solution, a number of anodes situated around edges of the tank, a cathode situated above the tank, and a plurality of wafer-holding jigs attached to the cathode. A respective wafer-holding jig includes a common connector electrically... Agent:

20140346036 - Electrolysis device and heat pump hot-water supply device provided with same: An electrolysis device is used in a heat pump hot-water supply device provided with a water heat exchanger for heating water and is also used for removing a scale component included in the water. The electrolysis device includes a container that has a water inlet and a water outlet, a... Agent:

20140346037 - Sputter device: There is provided a sputter device in which a conductive target having a planar and circular shape is disposed so as to face a workpiece substrate mounted on a mounting part located within a vacuum chamber, includes: a direct current power supply configured to apply a negative direct current voltage... Agent:

20140346038 - Crystalline alloy having glass-forming ability, preparation method thereof, alloy target for sputtering, and preparation method thereof: Provided are a crystalline alloy having significantly better thermal stability than an amorphous alloy as well as glass-forming ability, and a method of manufacturing the crystalline alloy. The present invention also provides an alloy sputtering target that is manufactured by using the crystalline alloy, and a method of manufacturing the... Agent:

20140346039 - Sputtering target for magnetic recording film: Provided is a sputtering target for a magnetic recording film. The sputtering target has a peak intensity ratio (IG/ID) of a G-band to a D-band of 5.0 or more in Raman scattering spectrometry. It is an object of the present invention to produce a magnetic thin film having a granular... Agent:

20140346040 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus can easily control a plasma intensity distribution in a processing space. A substrate processing apparatus 10 generates an electric field E in a processing space S between a susceptor 12 to which a high frequency power is applied and an upper electrode 13 provided to face... Agent:

20140346041 - Control device for exhaust gas sensor: A control device for an exhaust gas sensor includes first means for estimating a temperature of a sensor element in accordance with impedance of a solid electrolyte, and second means for estimating the temperature of the sensor element in accordance with resistance of a heater. A first element temperature according... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140346042 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor that can enhance gas detection sensitivity more than the conventional sensors with a simple configuration is proposed. An electric double layer including a gate insulating layer is formed in an ionic liquid (IL), a change of a state of the gate insulating layer in the ionic liquid... Agent:

20140346043 - Method of providing a charge barrier flow-through capacitor system: Flow-through capacitors are provided with one or more charge barrier layers. Ions trapped in the pore volume of flow-through capacitors cause inefficiencies as these ions are expelled during the charge cycle into the purification path. A charge barrier layer holds these pore volume ions to one side of a desired... Agent: Biosource, Incorporated

20140346044 - Systems and methods for separating metallic and nonmetallic particles in a mixed-particle suspension: A continuous flow particle separation system for separating metallic and nonmetallic particles from a mixed-particle suspension includes a fluid channeling component defining an input channel and first and second output channels fluidly connected to the input channel at a bifurcated junction, a first electrode and a second electrode arranged proximate... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140346045 - Systems and methods for separating metallic and nonmetallic particles in a mixed-particle suspension: A continuous flow particle separation system for separating metallic and nonmetallic particles from a mixed-particle suspension includes a fluid channeling component defining an input channel and first and second output channels fluidly connected to the input channel at a bifurcated junction, a first electrode and a second electrode arranged proximate... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140346046 - Polarized electrode for flow-through capacitive deionization: The polarized electrode flow through capacitor comprises at least one each electrode material, with a pore volume that includes meso and micropores, with contained anionic or cationic groups. The polarized electrodes are in opposite polarity facing pairs, separated by a flow path or flow spacer. Both polarities of the particular... Agent: Mespilus Inc.

20140346047 - Apparatus and microchip for sorting micro particles: A micro-particle sorting apparatus is provided including a microchip in which a flow path through which liquid containing a micro particle flows and an orifice; an oscillating element configured to transform the liquid into a liquid drop; a charge means for adding an electric charge to the discharged liquid drop;... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140339072 - Photocatalytic co2 reduction system: A system employing sunlight energy for reducing CO2 into methane and water is disclosed. The system may include the use of a photoactive material including plasmonic nanoparticles and photocatalytic capped colloidal nanocrystals (PCCN). A method for producing the PCCN may include a semiconductor nanocrystal synthesis and an exchange of organic... Agent: Sunpower Technologies LLC

20140339073 - Sputtering target and oxide semiconductor film: A sputtering target containing oxides of indium (In), gallium (Ga) and zinc (Zn), which includes a compound shown by ZnGa2O4 and a compound shown by InGaZnO4.... Agent: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

20140339074 - Wafer clamp assembly for holding a wafer during a deposition process: A wafer clamp assembly for holding a wafer during a deposition process comprises an outer annular member defining a central recess that has a diameter slightly greater than the diameter of the wafer. A plurality of finger members are carried by the outer annular member and extend radially inwardly from... Agent:

20140339075 - Electrochemical methods and products: The use, in corrosion protection systems, dewatering systems, and systems to reduce biofouling, of an anode which comprises a conductive polymer composition comprising a polymer and, mixed with the polymer, a conductive filler which comprises an exfoliated graphite.... Agent:

20140339076 - Novel apparatus and methods to improve infection control in facilities: An Apparatus that generates onsite three antimicrobial solutions by electrolyzing a dilute brine solution. At least one of the generated solutions can be used to dissolve protein, emulsify oils and fats making it an effective general purpose cleaner. A second solution can be used as a non-corrosive, fast active general... Agent: Aquaox, Inc.

20140339077 - Plating device: Disclosed is a plating device that has a plating tank that retains a plating fluid and carries out magnetic metal plating on a shaft shaped member immersed in the plating fluid as a negative electrode. The plating device is provided with: a plurality of shielding jigs that are fitted to... Agent:

20140339078 - Glucose sensor including noble metal-graphene composites: Provided is a glucose sensor. The glucose sensor according to the present invention includes noble metal-graphene composites, and has high sensitivity and significantly excellent current flow as compared to titanium dioxide-graphene composites. In addition, the noble metal-graphene composite manufactured by aerosol spray pyrolysis serves as an improved glucose sensor having... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

20140339079 - Ionophore and polymer membrane selective for aluminum (iii) ion: The ionophore may be used as a dopant in a polymer membrane formed from a polymer matrix, e.g., poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC), and that may also include a plasticizer, such as dioctylphthalate (DOP) and o-nitrophenylloctyl ether (o-NPOE). The polymer membrane may be incorporated into an ion selective electrode (ISE) that... Agent: Umm Al-qura University

20140339080 - Micromechanical sensor device: A sensor device for detecting and/or measuring gases includes two electrodes. A thin-layered proton-conductive material is fitted between the two electrodes. The gas can be detected and/or measured by a proton gradient that arises due to different gas concentrations.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140339081 - Gas sensor: Disclosed is a gas sensor including a metal shell, a ceramic holder placed in an axial inner hole of the metal shell and a sensor element inserted through an insertion hole of the ceramic holder. The ceramic holder has a recessed hole recessed toward the rear from a front-facing surface... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140339082 - Droplet manipulation system and method: Methods are provided for manipulating droplets. The methods include providing the droplet on a surface comprising an array of electrodes and a substantially co-planer array of reference elements, wherein the droplet is disposed on a first one of the electrodes, and the droplet at least partially overlaps a second one... Agent: Duke University

20140339083 - Bioimaging nucleic acids, proteins and enzymes: Systems and methods for labeling, staining, and bioimaging of nucleic acids, their fragments, proteins, polypeptides and enzymes are described. In one aspect, a percentage concentration agarose gel or polyacrylamide gel is generated with agarose or polyacrylamide powder respectively. Silicon nanoparticles are added to the agarose or polyacrylamide gel at a... Agent: King Saud University

20140339084 - Instrument for independent electrotransfer in multiple cassettes: Electrotransfer is performed in an instrument that receives electroblotting cassettes and that contains an integrated power supply, controls, and a display that allows the user to monitor and control each of a plurality of cassettes individually through electrical contacts within the housing that mate with corresponding electrical contacts on the... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140339085 - Method for producing dense thin films by electrophoresis: e

20140339086 - Apparatus and method for electrokinetic in-situ leaching remediation of soil: This invention relates to environment protection, and discloses apparatus and method for electrokinetic in-situ leaching remediation of contaminated soil. The apparatus includes a DC electrical source, electrode chambers, electrodes, permeable reactive barriers (PRBs), electrode solution pH testers, electrode solution extraction tubes, a heating pipe network, a heat exchanger, leacheate sprayers,... Agent: North China Electric Power University

20140339087 - Supercapacitor desalination cells, devices and methods: A supercapacitor desalination cell comprises a first electrode, a second electrode, a spacer disposed between the first and second electrodes, and a monovalent ion selective layer disposed on at least one of the first and second electrodes. A supercapacitor desalination device and a method for desalination of a liquid are... Agent:

20140339088 - Dielectrophoresis methods for determining a property of a plurality of cancer cells: Provided are dielectrophoresis (DEP) devices and methods that allow cell sorting to identify, isolate, and/or separate cells of interest based on electrical and physical properties of the cells. Particularly, provided are systems and methods for manipulating particles suspended in a fluid, e.g., cells, micro- or nano-particles, using their electrical signatures.... Agent: Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20140339089 - Electrostatic coalescer and method for electrostatic coalescence: The invention relates to a device for electrostatic coalescence of liquid particles in a flowing fluid mixture, comprising: a tube having an feed opening located at the front side of the tube and a discharge opening located on the opposite side of the tube and a least one arrangement with... Agent:

20140339090 - Electric controlled micro-fluidic device: An example micro-fluidic device includes a micro-fluidic channel having an inner surface and a plurality of pillars positioned along the inner surface. The device further includes a plurality of power supplies connected to the pillars. Another example micro-fluidic device includes a micro-fluidic channel having an inner surface and a plurality... Agent: Imec

20140339091 - Gel cassette adaptor: A gel cassette adaptor for use with an electrophoresis system gel cassette is disclosed herein. The gel cassette adaptor allows a single gel cassette to be compatible with more than one electrophoresis system. In one example embodiment, the gel cassette adaptor includes an open sided trough having an attachment perimeter... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

11/13/2014 > 24 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140332368 - Supramolecular complexes as photocatalysts for reduction: Supramolecular complexes, methods and systems for photocatalysis of the reduction of substrates are described. The supramolecular complexes of the invention have a light absorbing metal center, an electron collector ligand and a catalytically active metal. When the supramolecular complexes are exposed to radiant energy, the light absorbing metal center creates... Agent: Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20140332369 - Multidirectional racetrack rotary cathode for pvd array applications: A cathode assembly for a sputter deposition apparatus and a method for coating a substrate is provided. The cathode assembly has a coating side for coating on a substrate. Further, the cathode assembly includes a rotary target assembly adapted for rotating a target material around a rotary axis; at least... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140332370 - Filtered cathodic arc deposition apparatus and method: Vacuum deposition apparatus including cathodic arc source for application of coatings on the substrate. Cathodic arc source comprises focusing magnetic source for generating magnetic field, arc cathode containing film forming material and anode. The focusing magnetic source is placed between arc cathode and substrate. Arc spot generated on the cathode... Agent: Platit A.s.

20140332371 - Transparent conductive oxides: A method of deposition of a transparent conductive film from a metallic target is presented. A method of forming a transparent conductive oxide film according to embodiments of the present invention include depositing the transparent conductive oxide film in a pulsed DC reactive ion process with substrate bias, and controlling... Agent:

20140332372 - Plasma etching method: An isotropic etching process can be performed with high uniformity. A plasma etching method of etching an etching target layer containing silicon includes preparing a processing target object having the etching target layer in a processing chamber; removing an oxide film on a surface of the etching target layer by... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140332373 - Device for the cathodic protection of a metal wall against corrosion in a saline environment: A device for the cathodic protection of a metal wall against corrosion in a saline environment, includes an anode and means for connecting said anode to said wall. The anode has a higher electrochemical potential than the wall, wherein the anode is placed in a compartment delimited by a wall... Agent:

20140332374 - Stable photoelectrode surfaces and methods: Disclosed herein are methods of treating a semiconductor surface by nitridation and deposition of a ruthenium alloy. Also disclosed are semiconductors treated with these methods, their incorporation into photoelectrochemical cells, and their use in photoelectrochemical water splitting.... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20140332375 - Assembly for feeding in hf current for tubular cathodes: An arrangement is provided for feeding in HF current for rotatable tubular cathodes in a vacuum chamber of a plasma coating system as well as a high frequency current source. Located inside the tubular cathode is a magnet arrangement that extends along said tubular cathode for generating a magnetic field.... Agent:

20140332376 - Sputtering system and method using counterweight: A system for depositing material from a target onto substrates, comprising a processing chamber; a sputtering target having length L and having sputtering material provided on front surface thereof; a magnet operable to reciprocally scan across the length L in close proximity to rear surface of the target; and a... Agent: Intevac, Inc.

20140332377 - Sample-retainable biosensor test strip: A biosensor test strip includes: a first working electrode and a second working electrode formed on a base plate, having the second working electrode circumferentially surrounding the first working electrode to define a reaction pool within the second working electrode having a biological reagent provided in the reaction pool. Upon... Agent: Rapha Bio Ltd.

20140332378 - Hydrocarbon gas sensor: Provided is a gas sensor capable of accurately obtaining a hydrocarbon gas concentration even if a measurement gas contains water vapor. A main pumping cell adjusts an oxygen partial pressure of a first internal space such that a hydrocarbon gas in a measurement gas is not substantially burned in the... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140332379 - Hydrocarbon gas sensor: Provided is a gas sensor capable of accurately obtaining a hydrocarbon gas concentration even if a measurement gas contains water vapor. A main pumping cell adjusts an oxygen partial pressure of a first internal space such that a hydrocarbon gas in a measurement gas is not substantially burned in the... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140332380 - Capacitance detection in a droplet actuator: A method, circuit and apparatus for detecting capacitance on a droplet actuator, inter alia, for determining the presence, partial presence or absence of a droplet at an electrode on a droplet actuator by: (a) providing a droplet actuator comprising: (i) a substrate comprising electrodes arranged on the substrate for conducting... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20140332381 - Faster resistive-pulse sensing together with physical and mechanical characterization of particles and cells: A method for multiplex characterization of individual particles by their size, shape, mechanical properties (deformability), and chemical affinity to recognition agents. The analysis can be performed from concentrated solutions. The method detects transient sticking of particles in the pore and points to its location along a pore axis. If a... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140332382 - Two-dimensional microfluidic devices and methods of using the same: Microfluidic devices and methods for using the same are provided. Embodiments include microfluidic devices that have a first separation region configured to separate a sample along a first directional axis based on a first property, and a second separation region in fluid communication with the first separation region and configured... Agent:

20140332383 - Free-standing microfluidic gel electrophoresis devices and methods: Provided are devices that include a support, a free-standing polymeric separation medium associated with the support and configured to separate a sample along a directional axis, and a sample-loading element associated with the polymeric separation medium. Systems that include the devices, as well as methods of using the devices, are... Agent:

20140332384 - Biomarkers related with a supra-nutritional metabolic state of selenium and diagnosis method in which said biomarkers are identified: The disclosure provides methods and kits for diagnosing the nutritional state of selenium, using six proteins as biomarkers for which the expression increases when the metabolic state is supra-nutritional.... Agent: Universidad De Santiago De Chile

20140332385 - Electro-separation of oil-based drilling fluids: A method and apparatus for separating drilling fluid is provided. A housing is provided with a number of vertical parallel spaced apart electrode plates within. The housing is filled with a batch of drilling fluid so that the drilling fluid fills up the spacings between the electrode plates and the... Agent:

20140332386 - Method of building massively-parallel ion concentration polarization separation device: Ion Concentration Polarization (ICP) purification devices and methods for building massively-parallel implementations of the same, said devices being suitable for separation of salts, heavy metals and biological contaminants from source water.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140332387 - Current efficient electrolytic device and method: A sandwich suppressor in an ion chromatography system in which loosely packed ion exchange resin of low density is disposed in the central sample stream flow channel. Also, a method of using the suppressor is described.... Agent:

20140332388 - Method for producing high purity crystalline carbamide: The invention relates to the method for producing high purity crystalline carbamide. The method comprises the crystallization and drying of carbamide, wherein an aqueous carbamide solution is preheated from +30° C. to +130° C., and thereafter the solution is purified by electrodialysis at a voltage in the range of 400... Agent:

20140332389 - Kit for co-purification and concentration of dna and proteins using isotachophoresis: A kit for separating and concentrating nucleic acid and protein targets includes labeled reagents which affect simultaneous co-purification and concentration of a nucleic acid and a protein, a gel isotachophoresis separation unit to which a sample comprising the nucleic acid and the protein is added, a detection unit for the... Agent:

20140332390 - Prefabricated, self-contained gel electrophoresis module: An electrophoresis system is provided. The system includes a buffer chamber box having a front surface. The buffer chamber box is divided into a first chamber and a second chamber by a divider. The system also includes a gel plate. A gel chamber is formed by the gel plate and... Agent: Biozax, Inc.

20140332391 - Fracture water treatment method and system: A method and system for treatment of flow-back and produced water from a hydrocarbon well in which fracturing operations are carried out using a phase separation and creating of positive charge in the water.... Agent: Mbj Water Partners

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