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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

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04/10/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140097079 - Film forming method by sputtering apparatus and sputtering apparatus: The present invention provides a film forming method which can reduce deterioration of film thickness distribution even if the thickness of a film to be formed is extremely small while improving use efficiency of a target and a sputtering apparatus. A film forming method by a sputtering apparatus according to... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20140097080 - Sputtering magnetron and method for dynamically influencing the magnetic field: A sputtering magnetron for coating a substrate includes a target and a magnet system that can be displaced relative to one another. The magnet system forms a magnetic field that penetrates the target, and has a support apparatus, a support plate with magnets arranged thereon, and actuators. The support apparatus... Agent: Von Ardenne Anlagentechnik Gmbh

20140097081 - Methods of forming a thin film resistor: Methods of forming a thin film are disclosed. One such method can include sputtering a target material to form a first thin film resistor and adjusting a parameter of deposition to modulate a property of a subsequently formed second thin film resistor. For instance, a substrate bias and/or a substrate... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20140097082 - Wind turbine for installation in buildings: In general a building, preferably a skyscraper, is situated with a face toward the prevailing winds of the area. Within the building is a system for capturing the prevailing winds and converting the prevailing winds into energy for use by the building or for local energy needs. The system is... Agent:

20140097083 - Transient stimulated three body association reactions for controlling reaction rates and reaction branches: A transient distribution of electron quasiparticles with elevated effective mass is created by adding a targeted range of both crystal momentum and electron energy in a conductor to place electrons into regions of the electronic band structure diagram having a chosen, desired curvature. Effective mass scales as the inverse of... Agent:

20140097084 - High-purity copper-manganese-alloy sputtering target: Provided is a high-purity copper-manganese-alloy sputtering target comprising 0.05 to 20 wt % of Mn and the remainder being Cu and inevitable impurities. The high-purity copper-manganese-alloy sputtering target is characterized in that the in-plane variation (CV value) in Mn concentration of the target is 3% or less. It is thus... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20140097085 - Reagent applying device and reagent applying method for electrophoresis analysis: To provide a reagent applying device and a reagent applying method for electrophoresis analysis which make it possible to apply a reagent with a simple configuration at low cost. A reagent supplying device for supplying a reagent to the surface of a gel in electrophoresis analysis includes a reagent applying... Agent: Helena Laboratories Co., Ltd

20140097086 - Methods for production of proteins: The current invention provides methods for producing a polypeptide as inclusion bodies in bacterial host cells. The present methods are carried out by forming a gene construct comprising the genetic sequence encoding a polypeptide operatively linked to that of an inclusion partner protein, such that host cells comprising the gene... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

04/03/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140090972 - Direct photoconversion of carbon dioxide to liquid products: A photocatalytic process is disclosed for the reduction of carbon dioxide and water. The process comprises reacting carbon dioxide and water in the presence of a photocatalytic composition that is irradiated with electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength in the range of from 200 to 700 nm. The photocatalytic composition is... Agent: Antecy B.v.

20140090973 - Device and method for ion beam sputtering: The invention relates to a device for depositing a selected material on a substrate by means of ion beam sputtering, which include a plurality of targets of a selected material, each of which is bombarded by an ion beam, the lateral dimensions of each of the ion beams being less... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20140090974 - Temperable and non-temperable transparent nanocomposite layers: The invention concerns a transparent substrate carrying a layer of a transparent dielectric nanocomposite, comprising a matrix of SiNyOz, y being in the range 0 to 4/3, z being in the range 0 to 2 and y and z not being equal to 0 simultaneously, said matrix including nanoparticles selected... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20140090975 - Stress-induced bandgap-shifted semiconductor photoelectrolytic/photocatalytic/photovoltaic surface and method for making same: Titania is a semiconductor and photocatalyst that is also chemically inert. With its bandgap of 3.0, to activate the photocatalytic property of titania requires light of about 390 nm wavelength, which is in the ultra-violet, where sunlight is very low in intensity. A method and devices are disclosed wherein stress... Agent: Nanoptek Corporation

20140090976 - Ultrathin film solar cells: A radiation conversion device is presented comprising at least one radiation conversion cell. The radiation conversion cell comprises a photo-absorber unit having a predetermined absorption spectrum for absorbing radiation of a certain wavelength range thereby converting the absorbed radiation into charge carriers, and at least partially reflective layer structure configured... Agent: Technion Research And Development Foundation Ltd.

20140090977 - Lead-free oxygen sensor: An electrochemical sensor cell is disclosed. The cell comprised of a diffusion membrane, a cathode, an anode, an electrolyte, electronic circuit board with electronic leads contained in housing. The anode is made of substantially pure bismuth. The electrolyte may be either solid or aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH) solution... Agent:

20140090978 - Potentiometric sensor: A potentiometric sensor includes an elongate non-glass, non-metal housing having opposite first and second longitudinal ends and a length extending between the first and second longitudinal ends. The housing defines a lumen extending along the length of the housing. A measuring half-cell assembly is received in the lumen of the... Agent: Invensys Systems Inc.

20140090979 - Paired laser and electrokinetic separation, manipulation, and analysis device: The combined value of integrating optical forces and electrokinetics allows for the pooled separation vectors of each to be applied, providing for separation based on combinations of features such as size, shape, refractive index, charge, charge distribution, charge mobility, permittivity, and deformability. The interplay of these separation vectors allow for... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140090980 - High speed, high resolution compositions, methods and kits for capillary electrophoresis: The invention provides compositions, methods and kits for high speed, high resolution of analytes by capillary electrophoresis starting with uncoated capillaries. The compositions comprise a sieving component, comprising a non-crosslinked acrylamide polymer, and a surface interaction component, comprising at least one uncharged and non-crosslinked water-soluble silica-adsorbing polymer. Methods for employing... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140090981 - Flow control method and apparatuses: Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to the flow of analytes, particles or other materials. As consistent with one or more embodiments described herein, an apparatus includes a membrane having one or more pores in a membrane. First and second electrodes facilitate electrophoretic flow of analytes through the pore,... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

03/27/2014 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140083840 - Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method: A film deposition apparatus includes: a chamber including a chamber wall that is formed with a window; a target holder disposed in the chamber for supporting a target; a radio frequency power device; a pole plate unit disposed in the chamber and including a first pole plate that is electrically... Agent: National Chi Nan University

20140083841 - Thin film-forming method: A method of forming a thin-film includes: a normal deposition step of depositing a thin-film on a substrate by performing discharge among a plurality of targets, and by providing an inert gas and a reactive gas into a processing chamber, with a magnet section being reciprocated along a target section... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140083842 - Serial plating system: A serial plating system includes a plurality of nozzles that are disposed in a plating tank at a position opposite to a plurality of workpieces, and that discharge a plating solution toward the plurality of workpieces, and a plurality of anodes that are disposed in the plating tank at a... Agent: Almex Pe Inc.

20140083843 - Preparation apparatus for porous alumina template: Disclosing is a preparation apparatus of a porous alumina plate, including an electrolytic tank, an aluminum substrate, a negative electrode, a thermostatic apparatus, a circulation apparatus, and a power supply. The electrolytic tank includes an accommodating space and connects to a first opening and a second opening of the accommodating... Agent: Southern Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20140083844 - Fluorine gas generator: A fluorine gas generating device 100 which is characterized by having a cylindrical member 31a for circulating therein the main-product gas, a gas feed port 51a for introducing the main-product gas into the cylindrical member 31a, a gas discharge port 52a for discharging the main-product gas from the cylindrical member... Agent: Central Glass Company, Limited

20140083845 - Apparatus for generating fine bubbles having a positive charge and water treatment apparatus using same: Provided is a water treatment apparatus using an apparatus for generating fine bubbles having a positive charge. The water treatment apparatus comprises: an apparatus for generating fine bubbles having a positive charge; a treatment bath into which the fine bubbles generated in the apparatus for generating fine bubbles are supplied... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20140083846 - Water treatment apparatus and method for controlling water treatment apparatus: Provided are water treatment apparatus and method for controlling water treatment apparatus. The water treatment apparatus includes a filtering unit including a deionizing filter removing total dissolved solids contained in inflow water by an application of power, a water output unit outputting water filtered by the filtering unit; and a... Agent:

20140083847 - Fe-pt-c based sputtering target: Provided is a sintered sputtering target having a composition by atomic ratio represented by the formula: (Fe100-X—PtX)100-ACA (wherein A and X satisfy 20≦A≦50 and 35≦X≦55, respectively), wherein C particles are finely dispersed in a matrix alloy, and an oxygen content is 300 wt ppm or less. An object of the... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20140083848 - System and apparatus for determining temperatures in a fluid analyte system: A test sensor includes a body, a first conductive trace, a second conductive trace, and a third conductive trace. The body includes a first region that has a fluid-receiving area, a second region separate from the first region, and a first temperature sensing interface disposed at or adjacent to the... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20140083849 - Organism sample measurement sensor and housing container that houses same: The present invention is provided with sensor body (2) having a long plate shape, measurement part (3) provided in a front end section of sensor body (2), and connection terminal (4) provided in a rear end section of sensor body (2). Close contact prevention parts (10) having the same plate... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140083850 - Electrochemical cell: Devices and methods are provided for determining the concentration of a reduced form of a redox species. For example, a device can include a working electrode and a counter electrode spaced by a predetermined distance so that reaction produces from the counter electrode arrive at the working electrode. An electric... Agent: Lifescan, Inc.

20140083851 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor comprises a layered structure with an ionic conductive film and a high gas-permeability interlayer film, a first catalyst electrode and a second catalyst electrode, a conductivity promotion structure, a high-k layer and a current detecting unit. The ionic conductive film includes a material with ionic conductivity ranging... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20140083852 - Electrochemical gas sensor and mounting structure therefor: A sensor body of an electrochemical gas sensor having no water reservoir is housed in a metal can including a sensing electrode on one surface of a proton-conducting membrane or a separator retaining an electrolyte and a counter electrode on the opposite surface thereof. The counter electrode is supported by... Agent: Figaro Engineering Inc.

20140083853 - Electrochemical sensors: s

20140083854 - Electrolytic eluent recycle device, apparatus and method of use: Electrolytic eluent recycle systems for ion chromatography using a multi-channel electrolytic ion exchange device which integrates suppression, eluent generation, and eluent recycle. The systems recycle the eluent into the analytical system without passing the eluent through the electrode chambers. Also, such systems with a channel for electrolytic removal of ions... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20140083855 - Bio-chip and method for separating and concentrating particles using the same: A bio-chip adapted for separating and concentrating particles in a solution includes a chip body defining a receiving space therein for receiving the solution, an inner electrode disposed in the receiving space, an outer electrode unit disposed in the receiving space of the chip body and including a first outer... Agent: National Applied Research Laboratories

20140083856 - Device and method for applying a continuous electric field: A device comprises an electric field applying assembly adapted to generate an electric field having a discrete electric field profile; a conducting volume and an electrical interface region provided between the conducting volume and the electric field applying assembly such that the discrete electric field is applied to the material... Agent: Genetic Microdevices Limited

20140083857 - Fracture water treatment method and system: A method and system for treatment of flow-back and produced water from a hydrocarbon well in which fracturing operations are carried out using a phase separation and creating of positive charge in the water.... Agent: Mbj Water Partners

20140083859 - Biofunctional nanofibers for analyte separation in microchannels: A method is provided for producing, in a substrate, an enclosed channel or enclosed cavity comprising at least one functional nanofiber, the method comprising the steps of providing a first substrate and a second substrate; forming a channel or cavity on the first substrate or the second substrate; electrospinning at... Agent: Cornell University

20140083858 - Heterogeneous integration of microfluidic devices in package structures: Methods of forming a microelectronic packaging structure and associated structures formed thereby are described. Those methods may include attaching a microfluidic die to a package structure, wherein the microfluidic die comprises a plurality of asymmetric electrodes that may be coupled with signal pads disposed within the package structure.... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140076712 - Plasma pouch: A device with a pouch having a pouch wall with an inner side and an outer side, the pouch wall defining an interior of the pouch. A plurality of electrodes embedded in the pouch wall with at least one electrode partially exposed within the interior of the pouch. The plurality... Agent:

20140076713 - Edge ramping: Systems and methods for performing edge ramping are described. A system includes a base RF generator for generating a first RF signal. The first RF signal transitions from one state to another. The transition from one state to another of the first RF signal results in a change in plasma... Agent:

20140076714 - Sputtering device: A sputtering device includes: a sputtering target; a substrate supporter facing the sputtering target and upon which a substrate is disposed; an anode mask between the sputtering target and the substrate which is on the substrate supporter; and a gas distribution member between the anode mask and the sputtering target,... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140076715 - Low pressure arc plasma immersion coating vapor deposition and ion treatment: A coating system includes a vacuum chamber and a coating assembly. The coating assembly includes a vapor source, a substrate holder, a remote anode electrically coupled to the cathode target, and a cathode chamber assembly. The cathode chamber assembly includes a cathode target, an optional primary anode and a shield... Agent: Vapor Technologies, Inc.

20140076716 - Low pressure arc plasma immersion coating vapor deposition and ion treatment: A vacuum coating and plasma treatment system includes a magnetron cathode with a long edge and a short edge. The magnetic pole of the magnetron results in an electromagnetic barrier. At least one remote arc discharge is generated separate from the magnetron cathode and in close proximity to the cathode... Agent: Vapor Technologies, Inc.

20140076717 - Charged particle beam device and sample production method: Provided is a technique to perform FIB milling, in spite of its sample dependency, effectively into a desired shape without influences of individual differences among operators. A charged particle beam device includes an ion beam optical system device configured to irradiate a sample with an ion beam generated at an... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140076718 - Remote arc discharge plasma assisted processes: A coating system includes a vacuum chamber and a coating assembly positioned within the vacuum chamber. The coating assembly includes a vapor source that provides material to be coated onto a substrate, a substrate holder to hold substrates to be coated such that the substrates are positioned in front of... Agent: Vapor Technologies, Inc.

20140076720 - Electropolishing fixture with lever arm: An electropolishing system that includes electropolishing fixtures. The electropolishing fixtures include pendulum assemblies configured to establish electrical contact between a device being electropolished and an anode and to reposition the device during the electropolishing process.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140076719 - Electropolishing method including multi-finger contacts: Systems and methods for electropolishing devices are disclosed. The electropolishing system includes electropolishing fixtures configured to reposition the devices during the electropolishing process.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140076721 - Electrochemical etching apparatus: An electroplating etching apparatus includes a power to output current, and a container configured to contain an electrolyte. A cathode is coupled to the container and configured to fluidly communicate with the electrolyte. An anode is electrically connected to the output, and includes a graphene layer. A metal substrate layer... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140076722 - Systems for the recovery of gas and/or heat from the melting of metals and/or the smelting of ores and conversion thereof to electricity: Systems recover gas and/or heat and convert the recovered gas and/or heat to electrical power. The systems recover gas and/or heat from metal melting and/or smelting processes used in the manufacturing and/or refining of metals and/or their by-products. The recovered gas and/or heat are converted into electrical power. The heat... Agent:

20140076723 - Electrolysis cell and cathode with irregular surface profiling: An electrolysis cell for the production of aluminum has a liquid aluminum layer on a cathode, a melt layer on the liquid aluminum, and an anode above the melt layer. An upper side of the cathode has surface profiling with two or more elevations provided at at least two of... Agent: Sgl Carbon Se

20140076724 - Cell module, ozone generator thereof and methods for generating ozone using the same: A cell module includes an anode, a cathode and a proton exchange membrane. The anode adheres to one side of the proton exchange membrane while the cathode adheres to the opposite side thereof. The anode comprises a substrate and at least one diamond-like carbon layer covering the substrate. The present... Agent: Cashido Corporation

20140076725 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor including a sensor element constituted by an oxygen-ion conductive solid electrolyte as a main component and detecting a predetermined gas component in a measurement gas includes: an external communication part having an opening opened to the outside, and introducing the measurement gas from the outside under a... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140076726 - Detection of immobilized nucleic acid: The present invention provides methods for determining the presence of immobilized nucleic acid employing unsymmetrical cyanine dyes that are derivatives of thiazole orange, a staining solution and select fluorogenic compounds that are characterized as being essentially non-genotoxic. The methods comprise immobilizing nucleic acid, single or double stranded DNA, RNA or... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140076727 - Electrophoresis-gel-forming monomer solution, solution ejecting method, method for forming electrophoresis gel, electrophoresis gel, and electrophoresis reaction instrument: A solution ejecting method includes a first ejection step of ejecting an electrophoresis-gel-forming monomer solution containing at least a monomer that forms a gel structure and a gel polymerization accelerator that activates a gel polymerization initiator and a second ejection step of ejecting a gel polymerization initiating solution containing the... Agent:

20140076728 - Concentration polarization identification and mitigation for membrane transport: Disclosed herein is a membrane separation apparatus with reduced concentration polarization and enhanced permeate flux. Also disclosed is a method for separating permeate from retentate in a fluid using the disclosed membrane separation apparatus. Also disclosed is a method for inhibiting or preventing concentration polarization of a permeable membrane used... Agent: Ohio State Innovation Foundation

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