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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

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02/05/2015 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150034475 - Method for forming oxide semiconductor film: A method for forming an oxide semiconductor film including the steps of making an ion collide with a target containing a crystalline In—Ga—Zn oxide to separate a sputtered particle including a flat-plate In—Ga—Zn oxide particle, and depositing it over a substrate while keeping crystallinity. The method is performed in a... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150034477 - Fine grained, non banded, refractory metal sputtering targets with a uniformly random crystallographic orientation, method for making such film, and thin film based devices and products made therefrom: In various embodiments, a sputtering target initially formed by ingot metallurgy or powder metallurgy and rejuvenated by, e.g., cold spray, is utilized in sputtering processes to produce metallic thin films.... Agent:

20150034476 - Deposition of thick magnetizable films for magnetic devices: A PVD chamber for growing a magnetic film of NiFe alloy at a growth rate of greater than 200 nm/minute produces a film exhibiting magnetic skew of less than plus or minus 2 degrees, magnetic dispersion of less than plus or minus 2 degrees, DR/R of greater than 2 percent... Agent:

20150034478 - Cathodic arc deposition: The present invention provides a method for depositing a wear resistant coating on a cutting tool substrate. Cathodic arc deposition is performed using one or more plate-shaped targets and a high arc current of at least 200 A, preferably at least 400 A, whereby a high total ion current of... Agent:

20150034479 - Electrolyzer: An exemplary electrolyzer includes an electrode plate assembly including a plurality of perforated electrode plates and electrically conductive busbars. The plurality of electrode plates includes one or more positive electrode plates interleaved with one or more negative electrode plates. Each electrode plate has a first aperture and a second aperture,... Agent:

20150034480 - Panel frame carrier: A panel frame carrier, comprises: a frame body; a transverse first rail assembly arranged at a front side of the frame body; a transverse second rail assembly arranged at a rear side of the frame body; a transformed rail arranged on a support plate; a longitudinal carrying assembly provided for... Agent:

20150034481 - Fastening member and vacuum device: The present invention provides a fastening member which involves only a low risk of contamination even after repeatedly performing a detachment operation, and to provide a vacuum device including it. One embodiment is a fastening member comprising: a head section including a head-upper-face portion, a seating face portion, and a... Agent:

20150034482 - Copper alloy sputtering target and manufacturing method of copper alloy sputtering target: A copper alloy sputtering target is formed by a copper alloy including the content of Ca being 0.3 to 1.7% by mass, the total content of Mg and Al being 5 ppm or less by mass, the content of oxygen being 20 ppm or less by mass, and the remainder... Agent:

20150034483 - Fe-co-based alloy sputtering target material, and method of producing same: Provided is a Fe—Co-based alloy sputtering target material having a composition represented as an atomic ratio by the compositional formula: (Fea—Co100-a)100-b-c-d—Tab—Nbc-Md, wherein 0<a≦80, 0≦b≦10, 0≦c≦15, 5≦b+c≦15, 2≦d≦20, 15≦b+c+d≦25, and M represents one or more elements selected from the group consisting of Mo, Cr and W, with the balance consisting of... Agent:

20150034484 - Gas sensor: Provided is a gas sensor capable of accurately obtaining the concentrations of water vapor and carbon dioxide in a measurement gas. A main pumping cell adjusts an oxygen partial pressure of a first internal space such that water vapor and carbon dioxide in the measurement gas are all decomposed in... Agent:

20150034485 - Bead incubation and washing on a droplet actuator: The present invention relates to bead incubating and washing on a droplet actuator. Methods for incubating magnetically responsive beads that are labeled with primary antibody, a sample (i.e., analyte), and secondary reporter antibodies on a magnet, on and off a magnet, and completely off a magnet are provided. Also provided... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20150034486 - Polarizable connection structure and device including the same: Provided is a device capable of functionalizing a micro-motion of a polarizable microstructure. A structure includes a plurality of polarizable structures, each having an electrically polarizable conductive part on a surface thereof, and a connector body having one of mobility and deformability, for connecting the plurality of polarizable structures to... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150027874 - Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis: An instrument and method for accelerating the solid phase synthesis of peptides are disclosed. The method includes the steps of deprotecting a protected first amino acid linked to a solid phase resin by admixing the protected linked acid with a deprotecting solution in a microwave transparent vessel while irradiating the... Agent:

20150027875 - Deposition apparatus and method for manufacturing display apparatus using the deposition apparatus: A deposition apparatus may include a first substrate mounting member and a second substrate mounting member that may overlap the first substrate mounting member. The deposition apparatus may further include a sputter unit disposed in a space located between the first substrate mounting member and the second substrate mounting member.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150027876 - Sputtering system and method of fabricating display device using the same: A sputtering system includes a chamber, a plurality of targets, and a substrate holder. The targets are disposed in the chamber. Each target includes a magnet unit disposed therein. The substrate holder is configured to support a substrate in the chamber. The magnet units are configured to generate a magnetic... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150027877 - Magnetic disk and method for manufacturing same: Provided is a method of manufacturing a magnetic disk comprising a granular magnetic recording layer which causes less noise even with a recording capacity thereof of 250 G or more bits per square inch; and a method for manufacturing the same. The magnetic disk according to the present invention comprises:... Agent:

20150027878 - Electrolysis cell and electrolysis tank: Provided is an electrolysis cell capable of suppressing the degradation of a cathode by the reverse current at the time of stopping electrolysis. According to an aspect of the invention, there is provided an electrolysis cell comprising an anode chamber, a cathode chamber, a partition wall separating the anode chamber... Agent:

20150027879 - System and method for treating aqueous solutions and contaminants therein: The present disclosure is generally directed to point of service devices and methods of treating aqueous solutions to help remove or otherwise reduce levels, concentrations or amounts of one or more contaminants. The present disclosure relates to a system including an apparatus including a substantially self-contained housing or container which... Agent:

20150027880 - No membrane electrolytic device: The invention is a no membrane electrolytic device to produce subacid hypochlorous acid water by electrolyzing diluted hydrochloric acid, in which the electrode plates could be cooled by dilution water to produce subacid hypochlorous acid water more effectively.... Agent: Miraklin Co., Ltd

20150027881 - Long-acting composite-basket anode combination device: A long-acting composite-basket anode combination device comprising an outer frame for combination, two or more composite-basket anodes that allow feeding in batches, and an insoluble anode plate electrically connected with a power supply and mounted on each of the composite-basket anodes; the two or more composite-basket anodes are fixed on... Agent:

20150027882 - Sputtering target for magnetic recording medium, and process for producing same: A sputtering target for a magnetic recording medium, wherein an average grain area of a B-rich phase is 90 μm2 or less. A process for producing a sputtering target for a magnetic recording medium, wherein an alloy cast ingot is subject to heat treatment, thereafter subject to primary rolling which... Agent:

20150027883 - Facing target sputtering apparatus: A sputtering apparatus includes a plurality of targets arranged to face each other and a magnetic unit producing magnetic field. A space between the targets is disposed on a substrate on which a deposition is being made during a sputtering process. The magnetic unit includes at least two magnet members.... Agent:

20150027884 - Method of compressing fuel cell electrodes, resultant fuel cell, and a housing for the fuel cell which utilizes electrolyte reservoirs: An electrode element and fuel cell and a new method of manufacturing a fuel cell, particularly for use in a breath alcohol detector. This new element includes a reservoir for extra electrolyte that can allow near perfect capillary action to keep the electrode substrate full of electrolyte for long periods... Agent:

20150027885 - Devices, systems and methods for high-throughput electrophysiology: Electrophysiology culture plates are provided and are formed from a transparent microelectrode array (MEA) plate. The MEA plate comprises a substrate, a first layer and a first insulating layer. The substrate has a plurality of vias extending from an upper to a lower surface, each via being in electrical contact... Agent:

20150027886 - Biosensor: Provided is a technique capable of suppressing reduction of a mediator in a stored state. A reagent layer (an enzyme layer 106b, a mediator layer 106c) stacked separately on a hydrophilic layer 106a containing a hydrophilic polymer having a double bond of oxygen atoms contains an enzyme, a mediator, and... Agent:

20150027887 - Analyte sensor: Matrix materials such polymers derivatives to contain a redox active material can be used to form electrodes and probes suitable for use in pH meters and other analyte sensing devices.... Agent:

20150027888 - Exhaust gas sensor: A stopper is described for sealing a housing of an exhaust gas sensor, in which the stopper has a base body which contains a fluoroelastomer, and in which the stopper has at least one through channel for leading through a connecting cable. A seal is situated, at least in places,... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150027889 - Droplet actuator and method: The invention provides droplet actuators and droplet actuator cassettes including reagent storage capabilities, as well as methods of making and using the droplet actuators and cassettes. The invention also provides continuous flow channel elements and techniques for using electrodes to manipulate droplets in flowing streams. The invention also discloses methods... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20150027890 - Performance enhancement of electrochemical deionization devices by pre-treatment with cation exchange resins: The methods and systems disclosed here relate to treating water. In certain embodiments, a treatment system comprises an electrochemical water treatment device, a recirculating concentrate stream in fluid communication with the electrochemical water treatment device, a flow control device in fluid communication with a first flow path comprising acidic water... Agent: Hydronovation, Inc.

20150027891 - Methods for electroelution of biomolecules: A method of eluting biomolecules, such as nucleic acids from a biological sample by electroelution is provided. An example of a method includes various steps, such as loading the biological sample to a device comprising a housing, at least two conductive redox polymer electrodes operationally coupled to the housing and... Agent: General Electric Company

20150027892 - Manipulation of microfluidic droplets: The invention provides methods for assessing one or more predetermined characteristics or properties of a microfluidic droplet within a microfluidic channel, and regulating one or more fluid flow rates within that channel to selectively alter the predetermined microdroplet characteristic or property using a feedback control.... Agent:

20150027893 - Micro-channel chip: On the front face side of a plate-like body 11, a groove-shaped introduction channel 12 and separation channel 14 are formed. In this micro-channel chip 10, on the inner faces of a groove constituting the separation channel 14 formed in a surface of the plate-like body 11, there is formed... Agent:

20150027894 - Devices and systems for elution of biomolecules: A device and a system for eluting biomolecules from biological sample by electroelution are provided. The device for electroelution of biomolecules from a biological sample is constituted with a housing configured to receive an electrolyte and the biological sample, at least two electrodes comprising conductive redox polymers operationally coupled to... Agent: General Electric Companyschenectady

20150027895 - Method and apparatus for programmable fluidic processing: A method and apparatus for microfluidic processing by programmably manipulating a packet. A material is introduced onto a reaction surface and compartmentalized to form a packet. A position of the packet is sensed with a position sensor. A programmable manipulation force is applied to the packet at the position. The... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 29 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150021161 - Continuously producing digital micro-scale patterns on a thin polymer film: A liquid thin film is disposed on a conveyor surface (e.g., a roller or belt) that moves the thin film into a precisely controlled gap (or nip) region in which the liquid thin film is subjected to an electric field that causes the liquid to undergo Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) patterning deformation,... Agent:

20150021162 - Ozone-generating system and ozone generation method: A system including: an ozone generating device including discharge electrodes forming a discharge space; a gas supplying device; a power source device that supplies power to the discharge electrodes; a temperature adjustment device that adjusts temperature of the discharge electrodes; a control unit that controls the ozone generating device; and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150021163 - Apparatus and method for producing solar cells with a heater apparatus: A method and apparatus for forming a solar cell can include a heater apparatus having one or more heater elements in a deposition processing system, a front cover covering the one or more heater elements from a front side, and a back metal reflector mating with the front cover on... Agent:

20150021165 - Coating layer with low-friction for vehicle component and method for producing the same: The present invention provides a low-friction coating layer for vehicle components comprising: a Ti layer on a surface of a base material; a TiN layer on the Ti layer surface; a TiAgN layer on the TiN layer surface; and an Ag layer transferred on the TiAgN layer surface, and a... Agent:

20150021164 - Sputtering device and method for producing long film with thin layer: A sputtering device includes: a vacuum chamber; a vacuum pump for evacuating the vacuum chamber; a supply roll for supplying a long film; a storage roll for storing the long film; a film depositing roll that is provided in the vacuum chamber and conveys the long film along a surface... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150021166 - Sputtering apparatus and method: A deposition apparatus for depositing a layer of deposition material on a substrate is provided. The apparatus includes a substrate support adapted for holding the substrate; a target support (520) adapted for holding a target assembly. The target assembly includes a backing element and at least two target elements (510,... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150021167 - System and method for balancing consumption of targets in pulsed dual magnetron sputtering (dms) processes: A sputtering system and method are disclosed. The system has at least one dual magnetron pair having a first magnetron and a second magnetron, each magnetron configured to support target material. The system also has a DMS component having a DC power source in connection with switching components and voltage... Agent:

20150021168 - Inline deposition control apparatus and method of inline deposition control: An inline deposition control apparatus for a vacuum deposition apparatus having one or more deposition sources for depositing one or more deposition layers on a substrate, includes one or more light sources adapted to illuminate the substrate having the one or more deposition layers; a detection arrangement adapted for spectrally... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150021169 - Double coupon reference cell and methods of making same: A cathodic protection device enclosing a reference cell and a conductive media and having two coupon assemblies mounted, facing opposing direction, on an exterior surface thereof is disclosed. The coupon assemblies each have a disc-shaped coupon seated in a coupon jacket and are electrically coupled to a wire. The coupon... Agent: Aps Materials, Inc.

20150021170 - Electrolysis device: An electrolysis device (7) includes a water circuit (6), in which an electrolyzer (5), a collection container (1) and at least one pump (2) are arranged. The water is pumped by way of the at least one pump (2) out of the collection container (1) to the electrolyzer (5). The... Agent: H-tec Systems Gmbh

20150021171 - Electrolysis bath for acidic water and method for using the acidic water: An electrolytic bath for manufacturing acidic water capable of ensuring sufficient conductivity through wide surfaces of electrodes and stability of the surfaces of the electrodes to electrolyze tap water as well as RO water or DI water, especially, by coupling electrodes having the same polarity as one to apply a... Agent: Seems Bionics Inc.

20150021172 - Thin film forming apparatus: A thin film forming apparatus includes: a gas supply device for supplying a gas for film deposition configured to include a plurality of gas supply sections arranged side by side in a width direction of a film substrate in a vacuum chamber, and a supply amount adjustment section for adjusting... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150021173 - Sputtering device: At least two gas supply pipes are connected to one gas pipe in a sputtering device. The sputtering device includes: a plurality of gas supply pipes provided outside a plurality of walls for surrounding a target, a plurality of gas pipes, and a plurality of gas supply ports each provided... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150021174 - High-purity titanium ingots, manufacturing method therefor, and titanium sputtering target: Provided is a high-purity titanium ingot having a purity, excluding an additive element and gas components, of 99.99 mass % or more, wherein at least one nonmetallic element selected from S, P, and B is contained in a total amount of 0.1 to 100 mass ppm as the additive component... Agent:

20150021175 - Magnetic material sputtering target and manufacturing method for same: A magnetic material sputtering target characterized in that, in a plane for observing the oxide in the target, oxide grains in the target have an average diameter of 1.5 μm or less, and that 60% or more of the oxide grains in the observing plane of the target have a... Agent:

20150021176 - Sputtering device: In a sputtering device of the present invention, a long film is guided by a plurality of concave guide rolls. Pressure imposed on the long film from the plurality of concave guide rolls is strong as near as an end and is weak as near as the center. Accordingly, the... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150021177 - Sputtering device: A sputtering device includes a vacuum chamber; a film depositing roll; at least one target material; a gas supply mechanism; three drive rolls (downstream conveying rolls); and three temperature control mechanisms for maintaining a temperatures of the drive rolls substantially constant in a range where the temperature is 80° C.... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150021178 - Biosensor, biosensor chip and biosensor device: A biosensor includes a working electrode 101, a counter electrode 102 opposing the working electrode 101, a working electrode terminal 103 and a working electrode reference terminal 10 connected to the working electrode 101 by wires, and a counter electrode terminal 104 connected to the counter electrode 102 by a... Agent:

20150021179 - Electrochemical strip and manufacturing method thereof: An electrochemical strip is disclosed. The electrochemical strip includes a substrate and an electrode deposited on the substrate. The electrode includes a conductive paste layer, a first metal layer, a second metal layer, a third metal layer, and a fourth metal layer. The conductive paste is made of a material... Agent:

20150021180 - Highly proton-conductive polymer film, method for producing same, and humidity sensor: A proton conductive film, a method of producing the proton conductive film, and a highly sensitive humidity sensor are provided. The proton conductivity (room temperature, 95% RH) of the proton conductive film is 3×10−21 Scm−1 or more, and the proton conductive film is usable under a neutral-solvent atmosphere. A highly... Agent:

20150021181 - Hydrogen measurement sensor having junction structure of solid oxygen ion conductor and solid hydrogen ion conductor in molten metal: Provided is a hydrogen measurement sensor capable of monitoring a content of hydrogen within molten metal in real-time using an aluminum or magnesium alloy casting method, and, more particularly, a hydrogen measurement sensor having a junction structure of a solid oxygen ion conductor and a solid hydrogen ion conductor in... Agent:

20150021182 - Methods of maintaining droplet transport: The invention provides a method for reducing or preventing droplet pinning as the droplet is transported across a boundary between a ground electrode region and a non-ground electrode region on a droplet actuator. The invention also provides a method for reducing or preventing droplet super-movement as the droplet is transported... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20150021183 - Method and apparatus for the analysis and identification of molecules: An apparatus and method for performing analysis and identification of molecules have been presented. In one embodiment, a portable molecule analyzer includes a sample input/output connection to receive a sample, a nanopore-based sequencing chip to perform analysis on the sample substantially in real-time, and an output interface to output result... Agent:

20150021184 - Carbon dioxide capture using resin-wafer electrodeionization: The present invention provides a resin-wafer electrodeionization (RW-EDI) apparatus including cathode and anode electrodes separated by a plurality of porous solid ion exchange resin wafers, which when in use are filled with an aqueous fluid. The apparatus includes one or more wafers comprising a basic ion exchange medium, and preferably... Agent: Uchicago Argonne, LLC

20150021185 - Capacitive deionization apparatus and methods of treating fluid using the same: An electrode material may include a porous carbon material and an organic clay. An electrode for a capacitive deionization apparatus may include the electrode material. A method of removing ions from a fluid may include using the capacitive deionization apparatus.... Agent:

20150021186 - Devices for flow step focusing (fsf): Flow step focusing isolates and concentrates a molecule of interest by flowing a liquid comprising a molecule of interest through a main channel having an inlet and an outlet with application of a first pressure at the inlet; applying a voltage along the channel during the flowing, wherein the voltage... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150021188 - Microfluidic devices and methods of manufacture thereof: A microfluidic device comprising: a substrate having a microfluidic channel, an electrically conductive feature comprising an electrically conductive layer arranged on a primer layer and positioned with reference to the microfluidic channel, wherein the primer layer comprises: (i) an organic polymer selected from the group consisting of: (a) a homopolymer... Agent: Sony Dadc Austria Ag

20150021187 - Nanofluidic channels with gradual depth change for reducing entropic barrier of biopolymers: A device for passing a biopolymer molecule includes a nanochannel formed between a surface relief structure, a patterned layer forming sidewalls of the nanochannel and a sealing layer formed over the patterned layer to encapsulate the nanochannel. The surface relief structure includes a three-dimensionally rounded surface that reduces a channel... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150021189 - Multiplexed detection schemes for a droplet actuator: A droplet actuator configured to improve the throughput of droplet operations in a detection spot of the droplet actuator and/or to reduce carryover problems is provided. The droplet actuator may include electrodes configured for effecting droplet operations transporting droplets on a surface; a sensor arranged in proximity to one or... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

01/15/2015 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150014151 - Method of fabricating sputtering target, sputtering target using the method, and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus using the sputtering target: A method of fabricating a sputtering target includes preparing a first powder material including at least one of a tin oxide and a mesh-forming oxide; mixing the first powder material and a second powder material comprising carbon or a tin oxide to prepare a mixture; simultaneously performing a primary compression... Agent:

20150014152 - Selective sputtering for pattern transfer: Methods of patterning conductive layer with a mask are described. The methods include low-ion-mass sputtering of the conductive layer by accelerating (e.g. helium or hydrogen containing ions) toward a substrate which includes the patterned mask and the underlying conductive layer. The sputtering processes described herein selectively remove conductive layers while... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150014153 - Apparatus for chlorine dioxide generation: Apparatus for producing chlorine dioxide comprises an electrolysis cell having an anode and a cathode which receives sodium chlorite solution as an anolyte flow and water as a catholyte flow, a chlorine dioxide gas separator which releases chlorine dioxide gas from the anolyte flow which leaves the cell and a... Agent:

20150014154 - Processing unit having condenser, and fully automatic gravure platemaking processing system using same: Provided is a processing unit including a condenser, which is capable of condensing, during a plate-making process to be performed by the processing unit in a fully automatic gravure plate-making processing system, a processing solution vaporized into the form of mist so as to reuse the resultant as the processing... Agent:

20150014155 - Ferromagnetic material sputtering target containing chromium oxide: Provided is a ferromagnetic material sputtering target containing a matrix phase made of cobalt, or cobalt and chromium, or cobalt and platinum, or cobalt, chromium and platinum, and an oxide phase including at least a chromium oxide, wherein the sputtering target contains one or more types of Zr and W... Agent:

20150014157 - Oxide sintered compact and sputtering target, as well as its production processes: The Li-containing transition metal oxide sintered compact of the present invention includes Li and a transition metal, and further includes Al, Si, Zr, Ca, and Y as impurity elements, of which contents are controlled to the following ranges: Al≦90 ppm; Si≦100 ppm; Zr≦100 ppm; Ca≦80 ppm; and Y≦20 ppm, wherein... Agent: Toshima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150014156 - Sputtering target and process for producing same: Provided is a sputtering target which contains Na in high concentration and, despite this, is inhibited from discoloration, generating spots, and causing abnormal electrical discharge and which has high strength and rarely breaks. Also provided is a method for producing the sputtering target. The sputtering target has a component composition... Agent:

20150014158 - Magnetic field generation apparatus and sputtering apparatus: Provided is a magnetic field generation apparatus including: two or more main magnetic pole portions configured to generate a main magnetic field; one or more secondary magnetic pole portions including a plurality of first divisional magnets obtained by a division, that generate a secondary magnetic field for adjusting the generated... Agent:

20150014160 - Apparatus for supporting an array of layers of amphiphilic molecules and method of forming an array of layers of amphiphilic molecules: An apparatus for supporting an array of layers of amphiphilic molecules, the apparatus comprising: a body (11), formed in a surface of the body, an array of sensor wells (10) capable of supporting a layer of amphiphilic molecules (30) across the sensor wells, the sensor wells each containing an electrode... Agent: Oxford Nanopore Technologies Limited

20150014159 - Biological information measurement device: An engagement component that engages with the rear part of a sensor mounted to a sensor connector, and a manipulation body that moves this engagement component to a sensor insertion opening side are provided. In addition, there are provided a manipulation rod that is engaged at one end with the... Agent: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20150014161 - Concentration measuring device: A concentration measuring device having a spot-application region, and a configuration capable of measuring the concentration of an object component in the sample liquid dropped on the spot-application region, the concentration measuring device including: a light irradiation device, which is provided on a side below the spot-application region, for emitting... Agent:

20150014162 - Connector for connecting bio-sensor and measuring instrument thereof: Disclosed herein is a connector for connecting a biosensor and a measuring device thereof. The connector includes an insertion guide to prevent a connection electrode from being damaged due to a mis-insertion of the biosensor when the biosensor is inserted into the connector, and also may further include an integrated... Agent:

20150014163 - Stop for sealing a housing of an exhaust gas sensor, exhaust gas sensor, and exhaust gas sensor production: A stopper for sealing a housing of an exhaust gas sensor has: at least one axial through-channel for guiding through a connecting cable; a basic body that has a fluoroelastomer; and at least one outer seal situated radially externally on the stopper and having at least one thermoplastically processable fluoropolymer-containing... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150014164 - Analyte sensing device: Analyte sensing devices suitable for measuring pH or other analytes are provided in a variety of form factors, including a hand-held device.... Agent: Senova Systems, Inc.

20150014167 - Electrochemical gas sensor comprising an anion-exchange membrane: a

20150014166 - Galvanic cell type oxygen sensor: Provided is a galvanic cell type oxygen sensor including a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an electrolyte solution, and a first oxygen permeable membrane, wherein the concentration of oxygen detected before ordinary use of the sensor is controlled into the range of 0.1 to 4.0% by volume both inclusive, or... Agent:

20150014165 - Solid state amperometric chloramine sensor: A monochloramine microsensor includes an elongated housing defining a central axis and an open interior and having a capillary opening at one end. A semi-permeable membrane covers the capillary opening, the semi-permeable membrane allowing diffusion of chloramines there-through while preventing water from entering into the interior of the housing. A... Agent:

20150014168 - Control method, control device, control system, and recording medium: An electrophoresis control device, on the basis of a current value of current flowing due to applying a voltage to a conducting medium, controls an amount of electric power to supply to that conducting medium.... Agent:

20150014169 - Electrochemical processes to separate products derived from biological conversions: The disclosure relates to efficient methods of controlling biological conversions while simultaneously removing and converting some of the generated products. More specifically, and, for example, the disclosure discloses electrochemical processes to remove and capture potentially toxic ammonium during anaerobic digestions and to remove and capture carboxylic acids during bioethanol production.... Agent:

20150014170 - Microstructured polymer devices: A method of manufacturing a device with a planar electrode structure, the method comprising: (a) forming a microfluidic channel on a substrate; (b) applying a primer layer to at least part of the microfluidic channel, (c) applying a conductive liquid to the microfluidic channel, the conductive liquid comprising electrically conductive... Agent: Sony Dadc Austria Ag

20150014171 - Microfluidic particle separation device: A microfluidic particle separation device includes a substrate and a plurality of electrode bars formed on the substrate, disposed around as array center, angularly spaced apart from one another, and extending radially with respect to the array center so as to form a radially-extending electrode array that is capable of... Agent: National Taiwan University

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