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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

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08/28/2014 > 21 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140238842 - Laser-induced dissociative stitching (lds) for synthesis of carbon and carbon based nanocomposites: Disclosed herein is a process for the synthesis of carbon and carbon based nanocomposites comprising Laser-induced Dissociative Stitching (LDS) from liquid halogen containing aromatic compounds at room temperature.... Agent: Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research

20140238844 - Methods and apparatus for generating strongly-ionized plasmas with ionizational instabilities: A plasma generator includes a chamber for confining a feed gas. An anode is positioned inside the chamber. A cathode assembly is positioned adjacent to the anode inside the chamber. A pulsed power supply comprising at least two solid state switches and having an output that is electrically connected between... Agent: Zond, Inc.

20140238843 - Variable radius dual magnetron: A dual magnetron particularly useful for RF plasma sputtering includes a radially stationary open-loop magnetron comprising opposed magnetic poles and rotating about a central axis to scan an outer region of a sputter target and a radially movable open-loop magnetron comprising opposed magnetic poles and rotating together with the stationary... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140238845 - Electrochemical cell having a cascade seal configuration and hydrogen reclamation: An electrochemical cell includes a pair of bipolar plates and a membrane electrode assembly between the bipolar plates. The electrochemical cell further includes a first seal defining a high pressure zone, wherein the first seal is located between the bipolar plates and configured to contain a first fluid within the... Agent: Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.

20140238846 - Electrochemical treatment based surface modification device: The invention provides an electrochemical treatment based surface modification device that comprises a solution tank, a cathode terminal, and an anode terminal. The solution tank is filled with an acidic solution which contains first valence metal ions. The first valence metal ions are partially reduced to second valence metal ions... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20140238847 - Light absorbing layer for photoelectrode structure, photoelectrode structure including the same, and photoelectrochemical cell including the photoelectrode structure: A light absorbing layer for a photoelectrode structure, the light absorbing layer including copper oxide, wherein metallic copper (Cu) is present at a grain boundary of the copper oxide. Also, a photoelectrode structure including the light absorbing layer, a photoelectrochemical cell including the photoelectrode structure, and a solar cell including... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140238848 - Sputtering apparatus: A sputtering apparatus for depositing a material on a substrate through a sputtering process includes a vacuum chamber, a target positioned in the vacuum chamber and capable of sputtering a material to be deposited, a first plate attached for a substrate to be coupled thereto or decoupled therefrom and installed... Agent:

20140238849 - Methods and apparatus for controlling dopant concentration in thin films formed via sputtering deposition: Sputtering chambers including one or more first sputtering targets within the sputtering chamber and one or more second sputtering targets are generally provided. Each first sputtering target comprises a source material, and each second sputtering target comprises the source material and a dopant. A conveyor system is configured to transport... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20140238850 - Tubular target and method of producing a tubular target: A tubular target is formed of refractory metal or a refractory metal alloy. The target has at least one tubular portion X with a relative density RDx and at least one tubular portion Y with a relative density RDy. At least one tubular portion X has, at least in some... Agent: Plansee Se

20140238851 - Structure of reaction chamber of semiconductor sputtering equipment: A structure of reaction chamber of semiconductor sputtering equipment is disclosed, including a chamber case, an elevation platform, a plurality of target fixing elements, a carrier ring and a covering protective ring, wherein the contact surface of the target fixing element, the ring-shaped protruding surface of the carrier ring and... Agent: Shih Her Technologies Inc.

20140238852 - Cylindrical evaporation source: Cylindrical evaporation source which includes, at an outer cylinder wall, target material to be evaporated as well as a first magnetic field source and a second magnetic field source which form at least a part of a magnet system and are arranged in an interior of the cylindrical evaporation source... Agent: Sulzer Metaplas Gmbh

20140238853 - Gas sensor control apparatus and gas sensor system: A gas sensor control apparatus for controlling a gas sensor element, the gas sensor element including first and second measuring chambers and the gas sensor control apparatus including first chamber control unit for controlling an oxygen concentration in the first chamber; second chamber control unit for applying a second chamber... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140238854 - Electrode strip and sensor strip and system thereof: The present disclosure relates to an electrode strip, a sensor strip and a system thereof. The electrode strip includes a substrate, an electrode layer, an insulation layer and a cover. The electrode layer is disposed on the substrate. The electrode layer includes a first electrode set and a second electrode... Agent: Apex Biotechnology Corp.

20140238855 - Sensor for fluid-soluble gas: For measuring concentrations of fluid-soluble gases with improved drift stability and low production costs, thus dispensing with tedious calibration and/or drift correction routines and re-membraning procedures, a sensor and a system are provided, comprising at least two electrodes, which are covered by sensor fluid at at least one detection site;... Agent:

20140238856 - Nanofluidic devices with integrated components for the controlled capture, trapping, and transport of macromolecules and related methods of analysis: Devices for controlling the capture, trapping, and transport of macromolecules include at least one fluidic transport nanochannel that intersects and is in fluid communication with at least one transverse nanochannel with (shallow) regions and/or with integrated transverse electrodes that enable fine control of molecule transport dynamics and facilitates analyses of... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20140238857 - Modified arsenite oxidase and a biosensor for detecting arsenite: The present invention provides an arsenite oxidase enzyme modified to prevent translocation by modification of a translocation signal sequence. A microorganism modified to express the heterologous arsenite oxidase enzyme is also provided by the invention, together with a device for detecting the presence of arsenite in a sample.... Agent: The Bio Nano Centre Limited

20140238858 - Dielectrophoresis and electrodeposition process for selective particle entrapment: A method of creating a structure on an electrode includes exposing an electrode to a solution containing a polymerizable monomer and particles and applying an AC voltage to the electrode so as to induce positive DEP on the particles and to draw the particles toward the electrode. An offset voltage... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140238859 - Nucleic acid sequencing by electrochemical detection: Provided herein is technology relating to sequencing nucleic acids and particularly, but not exclusively, to devices, methods, and systems for sequencing-by-synthesis using changes in pH to monitor base addition. In some embodiments the electrochemical hydrogen ion sensor is a microfabricated mixed metal oxide electrode and in some embodiments the electrochemical... Agent: Ibis Biosciences, Inc.

20140238860 - Nucleic acid sample preparation: The present invention includes methods, devices and systems for isolating a nucleic acid from a fluid comprising cells. In various aspects, the methods, devices and systems may allow for a rapid procedure that requires a minimal amount of material and/or results in high purity nucleic acid isolated from complex fluids... Agent: Biological Dynamics, Inc.

20140238861 - System, method and apparatus for treating mining byproducts: The present invention provides various systems, methods and apparatuses for recovering mining fluids, providing enhanced oil recovery and treating produced water. Plasma arc torches and electrolysis cells are used in various combinations. The plasma arc torch includes a cylindrical vessel, a first tangential inlet/outlet connected to or proximate to a... Agent: Foret Plasma Labs, LLC

20140238862 - Apparatus and method for removal of ions: An apparatus to remove ions including a plurality of capacitive electrode stacks. Each capacitive electrode stack may have: a plurality of first electrodes including a plurality of first current collectors; a plurality of second electrodes including a plurality of second current collectors; and a spacer between the first and second... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 21 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140231241 - Method for effecting a photocatalytic or photoelectrocatalytic reaction: The invention provides a method for effecting a photocatalytic or photoelectrocatalytic reaction of a reactant comprising contacting a metallic material having an electrical conductivity of 105 to 106 S/m with the reactant and exposing the metallic material and the reactant to visible light so as to catalyse the reaction of... Agent: University Court Of The University Of St Andrews

20140231242 - Tool and process for treating an object by plasma generators: An apparatus for treating a surface of an object comprises a vacuum chamber in which the object is intended to be placed, and means, in communication with the vacuum chamber, for treating the surface of the object, comprising at least two plasma generator. The apparatus also comprises means for controlling... Agent:

20140231243 - Charge removal from electrodes in unipolar sputtering system: This disclosure describes a non-dissipative snubber circuit configured to boost a voltage applied to a load after the load's impedance rises rapidly. The voltage boost can thereby cause more rapid current ramping after a decrease in power delivery to the load which results from the load impedance rise. In particular,... Agent: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

20140231244 - Method for producing film member: A film member includes a substrate formed of a resin film and an aluminium oxynitride film arranged on either, front or back sides of the substrate, in which the aluminium oxynitride film is composed of 39 at % to 55 at % of Al, 7 at % to 60 at... Agent: Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20140231245 - Adjustable current shield for electroplating processes: One illustrative plating apparatus disclosed herein includes a substrate holder that is adapted to receive a substrate, an anode and an adjustable current shield positioned between the substrate holder and the anode. In this illustrative embodiment, the adjustable current shield includes a stationary member, a moveable member that is adapted... Agent: Globalfoundries Inc.

20140231246 - Cathode-driven or assisted solar cell: In one form, a photoelectrochemical cell comprising a p-type sensitized photocathode including a sensitizer dye and a water-based electrolyte. In another form, the sensitizer dye and an adjacent semiconductor may have a reduction potential that is sufficiently high to either reduce a desired chemical feedstock in the cell or reduce... Agent: Univeristy Of Wollongong

20140231247 - Metal plating method and apparatus: An apparatus and a method suited for metal plating aircraft engine components that allows the creation a local environment for plating by covering a localized area to be plated so that the localized area to be plated is sealed from remaining parts of the component, thereby eliminating the need for... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140231248 - Drop-in chlorinator for portable spas: An oxidizer generating apparatus comprising a cylindrical housing and an electrode assembly attached at one end of the housing comprising at least three vertically disposed electrodes, the electrodes being spaced apart so as to define a water flow path between them, the electrodes comprising titanium outer electrodes and at least... Agent: Watkins Manufacturing Corporation

20140231249 - Chlorine evolution anode: Provided is a chlorine evolution anode in which a main reaction of the anode is chlorine evolution, and the chlorine evolution anode which is low in potential of the anode for chlorine evolution, thereby being able to decrease an electrolytic voltage and lower an electric energy consumption rate. The chlorine... Agent: The Doshisha

20140231250 - C particle dispersed fe-pt-based sputtering target: Provided is a sputtering target for a magnetic recording film, the sputtering target comprising 5 mol % or more and 60 mol % or less of Pt, 0.1 mol % or more and 40 mol % or less of C, 0.05 mol % or more and 20 mol % or... Agent:

20140231251 - Gas supply member, plasma processing apparatus and method of fabricating gas supply member: An aspect of the present embodiment, there is provided a gas supply member includes a body, and a gas supply path penetrating into the body, the gas supply path including a first channel at an inlet side and a second channel connected to the first channel at an outlet side,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140231252 - Integrated blood glucose measurement device: A portable combination for measuring a glucose concentration value in a sample has a portable glucose meter (GM) having a test strip port for receiving a disposable electrochemical test strip, means for calculating a glucose concentration value in a sample applied to a test strip received in the test strip... Agent: Agamatrix, Inc.

20140231253 - Lead-free electrochemical galvanic oxygen sensor: A lead-free, self-corrosion-free electrochemical galvanic oxygen sensor is provided. The preferred sensor includes a container, the container including a lead-free anode, an alkali electrolyte, a carbon platinized with platinum cathode and a nickel wire current collector, wherein the container further includes a diffusion barrier that causes the sensor to operate... Agent: Life Safety Distribution Ag

20140231254 - Method of fabricating a nanochannel system for dna sequencing and nanoparticle characterization: A process for fabricating a nanochannel system using a combination of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) microfabrication techniques, atomic force microscopy (AFM) nanolithography, and focused ion beam (FIB). The nanochannel system, fabricated on either a glass or silicon substrate, has channel heights and widths on the order of single to tens of... Agent:

20140231255 - Electroblotting device: An electroblotting system including a cassette configured to receive a membrane and a material impregnated with at least one of proteins or nucleic acids. The cassette is connectable to a base such that a current is passable through the cassette to cause at least some of the proteins or nucleic... Agent:

20140231256 - Liquid to liquid biological particle fractionation and concentration: The present disclosure provides for devices, systems and methods for fractionation and concentration of particles from a fluid sample. This includes a cartridge containing staged filters having porous surface in series of decreasing pore size for capture of particles from a fluid sample; and a permeate pressure source in fluid... Agent: Innovaprep LLC

20140231257 - Droplet actuator apparatus and system: Droplet actuator apparatus and system are provided. An apparatus comprises: a microfluidics system having an insertion slot for insertion of a droplet actuator; a bottom plate against which the droplet actuator would slide when inserting the droplet actuator into the insertion slot; and means for forcing a substrate in the... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20140231258 - Electrokinetic pump having capacitive electrodes: An electrokinetic pump achieves high and low flow rates without producing significant gaseous byproducts and without significant evolution of the pump fluid. A first feature of the pump is that the electrodes in the pump are capacitive with a capacitance of at least 10−4 Farads/cm2. A second feature of the... Agent:

20140231259 - Filler fluids for droplet operations: The present invention relates to filler fluids for droplet operations. According to one embodiment of this aspect, a droplet microactuator including an opaque filler fluid and a transparent droplet thereon is provided. The droplet microactuator may further include a first substrate comprising electrodes configured to effect electrowetting mediated droplet operations... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20140231260 - Electrophoresis gel cassette and comb: Provided herein is an apparatus for gel electrophoresis comprising a cassette and a comb having at least one wedge-shaped tooth.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140231261 - Dialyzer clamp: A clamping device for a dialyzer includes a holding member having a supply port and a discharge port for permitting a liquid to be treated to flow through the desalination chambers and the concentration chambers; a clamping member for clamping the holding member by a certain clamping pressure; a lattice... Agent: Agc Engineering Co., Ltd.

08/14/2014 > 18 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140224641 - Metal-enhanced photoluminescence from carbon nanodots: The present invention relates to enhancement of detectable emissions from carbon nanodots or variants thereof by using the techniques of MEF to further enhance carbon nanodot brightness, photostability, and thus, potentially detectability in biological imaging applications by using plasmon supporting materials, such as silver island films and positioning of the... Agent:

20140224642 - Production of carbon nanostructures from functionalized fullerenes: Electromagnetic irradiation of functionalized fullerenes in an oxygen-free environment induces conversion of the functionalized fullerenes to carbon nanotubes, carbon nanohorns, carbon onions, diamonds and/or carbon schwarzites. The carbon nanotubes can be multi-wall carbon nanotubes. Advantageously, the subject invention can be used for in-situ synthesis of carbon nanostructures within a matrix... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140224643 - Homogenous plasma chemical reaction device: A plasma system is disclosed. The system includes: a plasma device including at least one electrode; an ionizable media source coupled to the plasma device and configured to supply ionizable media thereto; a precursor source configured to supply at least one precursor feedstock to the plasma device, wherein the at... Agent: Colorado State University Research Foundation

20140224644 - Deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus using the same: A deposition apparatus includes a chamber, a chamber, a substrate placing unit which is located in the chamber and on which a substrate is placed, and a sputter unit for forming a thin film on the substrate. The sputter unit includes a first target unit and a second target unit... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140224645 - Multifunctional electrode: A nonvolatile memory element is disclosed comprising a first electrode, a near-stoichiometric metal oxide memory layer having bistable resistance, and a second electrode in contact with the near-stoichiometric metal oxide memory layer. At least one electrode is a resistive electrode comprising a sub-stoichiometric transition metal nitride or oxynitride, and has... Agent: Sandisk 3d LLC

20140224646 - Silver selenide film stoichiometry and morphology control in sputter deposition: A method of sputter depositing silver selenide and controlling the stoichiometry and nodular defect formations of a sputter deposited silver-selenide film. The method includes depositing silver-selenide using a sputter deposition process at a pressure of about 0.3 mTorr to about 10 mTorr. In accordance with one aspect of the invention,... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140224647 - Electrolyzing cell for generating hydrogen and oxygen and method of use: An electrolytic cell used to electrolyze water and produce hydrogen and oxygen. The cell comprises nonconductive dividers, sandwiching neutral electrodes and designed for rapid flow of electrolyte through the cell to limit voltage loss. A positive electrode plate is disposed in the interstitial space of a nonconductive housing, adjacent to... Agent: Global Hydrogen Technologies, Inc.

20140224648 - Apparatus and method for treating aqueous solutions and contaminants therein: The present disclosure is generally directed to devices and methods of treating aqueous solutions to help remove or otherwise reduce levels, concentrations or amounts of one or more contaminants. The present disclosure relates to a system and apparatus which is adapted to receive components including at least one counterelectrode (e.g.... Agent: Aquamost, Inc.

20140224649 - Membrane-electrode assembly, electrolytic cell employing the same, electrolytic-water sprayer, and method of sterilization: The present invention provides a membrane-electrode assembly which includes: at least one rod-form or tubular electrode; a tubular diaphragm disposed around the periphery of the electrode; and a wire-form counter electrode disposed around the periphery of the diaphragm, the diaphragm being fixed to the rod-form or tubular electrode with the... Agent: Institute Of National Colleges Of Technology, Japan

20140224650 - Corrosion resistant and electrically conductive surface of metallic components for electrolyzers: Methods for providing a metal surface structure and treatment process to prevent the corrosion (e.g., high electrochemical potential oxidization and hydrogen embrittlement) of a metallic component used in electrolyzer operational conditions. The oxide surface scale of a metal plate is used to prevent the corrosion, and electrical conductive materials such... Agent:

20140224651 - Aluminum electrolytic tank anode carbon block of irregularly-shaped structure with exhaust passage and preparation method thereof: An aluminum electrolytic tank anode carbon block characterized by edges of top surface carbon block are provided with chamfers, a row or two rows of carbon bowls are uniformly distributed on the top surface. Each row of carbon bowls are longitudinally arranged along the anode carbon block and consist of... Agent: Shenyang Beiye Metallurgical Technology Co.,ltd.

20140224652 - Working electrode printed on a substrate: Device comprising a substrate (1), an electrode (2), a track (4) and a recess (3), wherein the substrate extends over a first thickness, between a first face and a second face, wherein the electrode is printed on the first face, wherein the track is printed on the second face, wherein... Agent: Easy Life Science

20140224653 - Silver nanowire-containing composition, biosensor strip comprising the same and its preparation method: Provided is a silver nanowire-containing composition for a biosensor strip, a biosensor strip comprising the same and its preparation method. The biosensor strip comprises a conductive pattern layer made of the silver nanowire-containing composition. With the aspect ratio of 50 to 500, the silver nanowire-containing composition has good dispersion and... Agent: K Cubic Research Co., Ltd.

20140224654 - Microfluidic channel device with array of drive electrodes: Technologies are generally described for microfluidic channel devices. Some example devices may include a substrate having a substrate surface, with an array of drive electrode assemblies disposed upon the substrate surface. The drive electrode assemblies may be arranged along a path. Each drive electrode assembly may include one or more... Agent: Empire Technology Development, LLC

20140224655 - Electroblot transfer buffer: A semi-dry, one step electroblot transfer buffer composition for rapid transfer of proteins or polypeptides from polyacrylamide gel to a suitable membrane such as nitrocellulose or polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF). The composition contains components that minimized electrical resistance and enabled high efficiency rapid semi-dry transfer using conventional readily available filter paper,... Agent:

20140224656 - Micro-hydraulic device: A micro-hydraulic device includes an enclosure. The enclosure includes a substrate having a first surface and a second surface distal to the first surface. The enclosure further includes a chamber defined between the first surface and the second surface. The chamber is defined by a wall substantially from the first... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140224657 - Sample separation and adsorption appliance: A sample separation and adsorption appliance (100) includes a negative electrode (2), a positive electrode (3), a sample separation unit (6) that has a first opening (17) opened to a side facing the negative electrode (2) and a second opening (18) opened to a side facing the positive electrode (3),... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140224658 - Fluid filters and methods of use: Multiple staged filters are provided herein. A filter may include a plurality of panels that each include a filtering front surface and a flat back surface, the filtering front surface having a first row of vertically extending protrusions spaced apart from one another to form vertical channels, a second row... Agent: Imagine Tf, LLC

08/07/2014 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140216917 - Magnetically susceptible particles and apparatuses for mixing the same: The present invention includes a magnetically susceptible polymer component, a method of making the same, and apparatuses and systems for mixing, separating or localizing a magnetically susceptible polymer compound in a reaction. The magnetically susceptible polymer component includes a polymer and a magnetically susceptible particle of a predetermined size, which... Agent: Stc.unm

20140216918 - Method for fabricating gold/titanium dioxide core-shell structured photocatalyst and application thereof to photocatalytic decomposition of organic compounds: This invention discloses a method for fabricating a gold/titanium dioxide core-shell structured photocatalyst and the application thereof to photocatalytic decomposition of organic compounds under ultraviolet irradiation. The method comprises steps: fabricating a solution of gold ions; fabricating gold/titanium dioxide core-shell structured nanoparticles; and crystallizing the gold/titanium dioxide core-shell structured nanoparticles,... Agent: Bioptik Technology, Inc.

20140216919 - Method and apparatus for fabricating graphene using a plurality of light sources: A method of fabricating graphene using a plurality of light sources, and an apparatus for fabricating graphene are provided. The apparatus for fabricating graphene includes a first light source configured to irradiate a graphite oxide layer on a substrate, a second light source configured to further irradiate the irradiated graphite... Agent: Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea Corporation

20140216920 - Method of producing nanoparticles: A method is provided of producing nanoparticles in the size range 1 nm to 1000 nm through the synthesis of one or more precursor fluids. The method includes providing a fluid medium comprising at least one precursor fluid and generating an electrical spark within said fluid medium to cause pyrolysis... Agent: Pst Sensors (proprietary) Limited

20140216921 - Method of forming a target for deposition of doped dielectric films by sputtering: A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method in which a selection is made for a first major constituent, a second major constituent and a minor constituent for forming a desired material. The method can include mixing the first major constituent, the second... Agent: Research In Motion Rf, Inc.

20140216922 - Rf delivery system with dual matching networks with capacitive tuning and power switching: Apparatus and method for delivering power to a substrate processing chamber may include a target and a substrate support pedestal disposed in the chamber, a pedestal impedance match device coupled between the substrate support pedestal and ground, wherein the pedestal impedance match device is configured to adjust a bias voltage... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140216923 - Pvd rf dc open/closed loop selectable magnetron: Methods and apparatus for a magnetron assembly are provided herein. In some embodiments, a magnetron assembly includes a first plate having a first central axis, the first plate rotatable about the first central axis, a first open loop magnetic pole coupled to the first plate, a second plate having a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140216924 - Method and system for manufacturing a transparent body for use in a touch panel: A process for manufacturing a transparent body for use in a touch panel is provided. The process includes: The process includes depositing a first transparent layer stack over a substrate with a first silicon-containing dielectric film, a second silicon-containing dielectric film, and a third silicon-containing dielectric film. The first and... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140216925 - Single target sputtering of copper zinc tin sulfide selenide, czt(s, se): A method of forming a CZT(S,Se) thin film from a quaternary target involves sputtering a quaternary target onto a substrate, wherein the quaternary target comprises (a) copper, (b) zinc, (c) tin, and (d) selenium and/or sulfur, wherein each component (a) through (d) is present in the quaternary target within ±50%... Agent:

20140216926 - Electrolysis water-making apparatus: The electrolysis water-making apparatus (A) which is an apparatus for making electrolysis water (W5) by electrolyzing a raw material solution (W1, W3) including a chlorine ion includes: an electrolytic cell (2); a raw material solution feed pump (3) used to supply the raw material solution (W1, W3) to the electrolytic... Agent: Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

20140216927 - Acidic component generator: An acidic component generator includes a discharge electrode and a voltage supply. The voltage supply is configured to apply a high frequency voltage to the discharge electrode to discharge electricity, thereby generating an acidic component.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140216928 - Thin-film formation sputtering device: A thin-film formation sputtering device capable of forming a high-quality thin film at high rates is provided. A sputtering device includes a target holder provided in a vacuum container, a substrate holder facing the target holder, a means for introducing a plasma generation gas into the vacuum container, a means... Agent: Emd Corporation

20140216929 - Doped zinc target: The present invention generally relates to a sputtering target comprised of zinc and a dopant. Zinc is utilized for metal oxide semiconductor materials, such as IGZO, zinc oxide and zinc oxynitride. The zinc may be delivered by sputtering a zinc target in a desired atmosphere. If a pure zinc sputtering... Agent:

20140216930 - Underfill recognition biosensor: A biosensor with an underfill recognition system assesses whether to analyze a sample for one or more analytes in response to the volume of the sample. The underfill recognition system applies polling and test excitation signals to the sample. The polling signals generate one or more polling output signals, which... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20140216931 - Electron-conducting crosslinked polyaniline-based redox hydrogel, and method of making: A polymer matrix that may coated on an electrode is created by co-crosslinking (1) an adduct of a polyaniline formed by templated oxidative polymerization on a polymer acid; (2) a water-soluble crosslinker; and (3) a redox enzyme. The polymer matrix may be hydrated, and the absorbed water may make it... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140216932 - Droplet actuator with improved top substrate: The invention provides a droplet actuator. The droplet actuator may include a base substrate and a top substrate separated to form a gap. The base substrate may include electrodes configured for conducting droplet operations in the gap; and the top substrate may include a glass substrate portion coupled to a... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20140216933 - High contrast signal to noise ratio device components: Provided are device components, devices and methods characterized by a high contrast signal to noise ratio (CNR).... Agent: Electronic Biosciences, Inc.

20140216934 - Electrochemical desalination for oil recovery: Electrically-driven separation systems and methods for use in oil recovery.... Agent: Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

20140216935 - Dielectrophoretic tweezers as a platform for molecular force spectroscopy in a highly parallel format: Provided herein are methods of performing force spectroscopy, the methods comprising the steps of providing dielectrophoretic tweezers having at least one set of macroscopic electrodes, at least one of the electrodes having a microfabricated dielectric structure comprising a microwell; depositing force probes on a surface; binding the force probes to... Agent: Lehigh University

20140216936 - Devices, systems and methods for treatment of water with electromagnetic fields: Electromagnetic water treatment devices for applying electromagnetic fields to liquids, such as water are disclosed. The water treatment devices may include a water-immersible probe configured to generate electromagnetic output fields effective to remove scale, prevent the growth of scale and/or eliminate microbes in a water supply system. Systems and methods... Agent: Reverse Ionizer, Inc.

20140216937 - Method and apparatus for treating fluid columns: Methods and apparatuses are disclosed including a method of neutralizing charges of solid contaminants and weakening cell walls and membranes of biological contaminants in a fluid, comprising the steps of: establishing a flow of a fluid through a fluid treatment chamber surrounded by a sidewall of a fluid treatment vessel... Agent: Wilsa, Inc.

20140216938 - Micro-chemical mixing: A device comprising, a substrate having a droplet thereover, and an electrical source coupleable to the substrate. The electrical source is configured to apply a voltage between the substrate and the droplet using an electrode. The electrode has a first portion and a second portion non-symmetric to the first portion,... Agent:

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