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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

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01/15/2015 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150014151 - Method of fabricating sputtering target, sputtering target using the method, and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus using the sputtering target: A method of fabricating a sputtering target includes preparing a first powder material including at least one of a tin oxide and a mesh-forming oxide; mixing the first powder material and a second powder material comprising carbon or a tin oxide to prepare a mixture; simultaneously performing a primary compression... Agent:

20150014152 - Selective sputtering for pattern transfer: Methods of patterning conductive layer with a mask are described. The methods include low-ion-mass sputtering of the conductive layer by accelerating (e.g. helium or hydrogen containing ions) toward a substrate which includes the patterned mask and the underlying conductive layer. The sputtering processes described herein selectively remove conductive layers while... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150014153 - Apparatus for chlorine dioxide generation: Apparatus for producing chlorine dioxide comprises an electrolysis cell having an anode and a cathode which receives sodium chlorite solution as an anolyte flow and water as a catholyte flow, a chlorine dioxide gas separator which releases chlorine dioxide gas from the anolyte flow which leaves the cell and a... Agent:

20150014154 - Processing unit having condenser, and fully automatic gravure platemaking processing system using same: Provided is a processing unit including a condenser, which is capable of condensing, during a plate-making process to be performed by the processing unit in a fully automatic gravure plate-making processing system, a processing solution vaporized into the form of mist so as to reuse the resultant as the processing... Agent:

20150014155 - Ferromagnetic material sputtering target containing chromium oxide: Provided is a ferromagnetic material sputtering target containing a matrix phase made of cobalt, or cobalt and chromium, or cobalt and platinum, or cobalt, chromium and platinum, and an oxide phase including at least a chromium oxide, wherein the sputtering target contains one or more types of Zr and W... Agent:

20150014157 - Oxide sintered compact and sputtering target, as well as its production processes: The Li-containing transition metal oxide sintered compact of the present invention includes Li and a transition metal, and further includes Al, Si, Zr, Ca, and Y as impurity elements, of which contents are controlled to the following ranges: Al≦90 ppm; Si≦100 ppm; Zr≦100 ppm; Ca≦80 ppm; and Y≦20 ppm, wherein... Agent: Toshima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150014156 - Sputtering target and process for producing same: Provided is a sputtering target which contains Na in high concentration and, despite this, is inhibited from discoloration, generating spots, and causing abnormal electrical discharge and which has high strength and rarely breaks. Also provided is a method for producing the sputtering target. The sputtering target has a component composition... Agent:

20150014158 - Magnetic field generation apparatus and sputtering apparatus: Provided is a magnetic field generation apparatus including: two or more main magnetic pole portions configured to generate a main magnetic field; one or more secondary magnetic pole portions including a plurality of first divisional magnets obtained by a division, that generate a secondary magnetic field for adjusting the generated... Agent:

20150014160 - Apparatus for supporting an array of layers of amphiphilic molecules and method of forming an array of layers of amphiphilic molecules: An apparatus for supporting an array of layers of amphiphilic molecules, the apparatus comprising: a body (11), formed in a surface of the body, an array of sensor wells (10) capable of supporting a layer of amphiphilic molecules (30) across the sensor wells, the sensor wells each containing an electrode... Agent: Oxford Nanopore Technologies Limited

20150014159 - Biological information measurement device: An engagement component that engages with the rear part of a sensor mounted to a sensor connector, and a manipulation body that moves this engagement component to a sensor insertion opening side are provided. In addition, there are provided a manipulation rod that is engaged at one end with the... Agent: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20150014161 - Concentration measuring device: A concentration measuring device having a spot-application region, and a configuration capable of measuring the concentration of an object component in the sample liquid dropped on the spot-application region, the concentration measuring device including: a light irradiation device, which is provided on a side below the spot-application region, for emitting... Agent:

20150014162 - Connector for connecting bio-sensor and measuring instrument thereof: Disclosed herein is a connector for connecting a biosensor and a measuring device thereof. The connector includes an insertion guide to prevent a connection electrode from being damaged due to a mis-insertion of the biosensor when the biosensor is inserted into the connector, and also may further include an integrated... Agent:

20150014163 - Stop for sealing a housing of an exhaust gas sensor, exhaust gas sensor, and exhaust gas sensor production: A stopper for sealing a housing of an exhaust gas sensor has: at least one axial through-channel for guiding through a connecting cable; a basic body that has a fluoroelastomer; and at least one outer seal situated radially externally on the stopper and having at least one thermoplastically processable fluoropolymer-containing... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150014164 - Analyte sensing device: Analyte sensing devices suitable for measuring pH or other analytes are provided in a variety of form factors, including a hand-held device.... Agent: Senova Systems, Inc.

20150014167 - Electrochemical gas sensor comprising an anion-exchange membrane: a

20150014166 - Galvanic cell type oxygen sensor: Provided is a galvanic cell type oxygen sensor including a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an electrolyte solution, and a first oxygen permeable membrane, wherein the concentration of oxygen detected before ordinary use of the sensor is controlled into the range of 0.1 to 4.0% by volume both inclusive, or... Agent:

20150014165 - Solid state amperometric chloramine sensor: A monochloramine microsensor includes an elongated housing defining a central axis and an open interior and having a capillary opening at one end. A semi-permeable membrane covers the capillary opening, the semi-permeable membrane allowing diffusion of chloramines there-through while preventing water from entering into the interior of the housing. A... Agent:

20150014168 - Control method, control device, control system, and recording medium: An electrophoresis control device, on the basis of a current value of current flowing due to applying a voltage to a conducting medium, controls an amount of electric power to supply to that conducting medium.... Agent:

20150014169 - Electrochemical processes to separate products derived from biological conversions: The disclosure relates to efficient methods of controlling biological conversions while simultaneously removing and converting some of the generated products. More specifically, and, for example, the disclosure discloses electrochemical processes to remove and capture potentially toxic ammonium during anaerobic digestions and to remove and capture carboxylic acids during bioethanol production.... Agent:

20150014170 - Microstructured polymer devices: A method of manufacturing a device with a planar electrode structure, the method comprising: (a) forming a microfluidic channel on a substrate; (b) applying a primer layer to at least part of the microfluidic channel, (c) applying a conductive liquid to the microfluidic channel, the conductive liquid comprising electrically conductive... Agent: Sony Dadc Austria Ag

20150014171 - Microfluidic particle separation device: A microfluidic particle separation device includes a substrate and a plurality of electrode bars formed on the substrate, disposed around as array center, angularly spaced apart from one another, and extending radially with respect to the array center so as to form a radially-extending electrode array that is capable of... Agent: National Taiwan University

01/08/2015 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150008117 - Convection-free flow-type reactor and flow-type synthesis method: A convection-free flow-type reactor includes a reactor body. The reactor body includes a reaction chamber to house a fluid. An inlet is in communication with the reaction chamber to allow input of a reactant fluid. An outlet is in communication with the reaction chamber to allow output of a product... Agent:

20150008118 - Method for the coating of a substrate: Method for the coating of a substrate (S) in a process chamber (3), in which a gas atmosphere is set up and maintained in the process chamber (3) and an anode (6, 61) and a cylindrical vaporization cathode (2, 21, 22) formed as a target (2, 21, 22) are provided... Agent: Sulzer Metaplas Gmbh

20150008119 - Electrochemical deposition apparatus and methods for controlling the chemistry therein: An electrochemical deposition system is described. The electrochemical deposition system includes one or more electrochemical deposition modules arranged on a common platform for depositing one or more metals on a substrate, and a chemical management system coupled to the one or more electrochemical deposition modules. The chemical management system is... Agent:

20150008120 - In-vacuum rotational device: This invention relates to the in-vacuum rotational device on a cylindrical magnetron sputtering source where the target or target elements of the target construction of such device are enabled to rotate without the need of a vacuum to atmosphere or vacuum to coolant dynamic seal. This invention relates to the... Agent:

20150008121 - Ion milling device: The present invention aims at providing an ion milling device that can set a high-precision processing area with a simple structure. In order to achieve the above object, there is proposed an ion milling device including a sample holder that holds a sample and a mask partially restricting irradiation of... Agent: Hitachi High- Technologies Corporation

20150008122 - Patient serum/plasma sample resistivity for electrolyte result verification: Verification of patient sample electrolyte results using a separate quantitative measurement of sample resistivity. Sample resistivity may be used to measure small differences in resistivity of one sample to the next, and in comparison to a standard solution, in order to verify the results of sample electrolyte measurements being measured... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150008123 - Electrowetting on dielectric using graphene: An electrowetting device and a method of electrowetting may be provided. An electrode may be provided. The electrode has a graphene layer having a first side and a second side that opposes the first side. The electrode also has a dielectric layer disposed on the first side of the graphene... Agent: Wayne State University

20150008124 - Devices and methods for determining the length of biopolymers and distances between probes bound thereto: Devices and methods for detecting the length of analytes and/or sequencing analytes are provided in which two or more electrical signals are obtained as an analyte traverses a fluidic channel. Detection of the relative position of probes hybridized to a biopolymer and/or the length of the analyte (e.g., a biopolymer)... Agent:

20150008125 - Electrodeposition coating composition, and catalyst for electrodeposition coating composition: An object of the present invention is to provide a cationic electrodeposition coating composition which does not contain organic tin compound, and can sustain a superior coating curability under currently used baking conditions. According to the present invention, an electrodeposition coating composition containing a titanium compound (A) and a base... Agent: Nitto Kasei Co., Ltd.

20150008126 - Methods of enhancing translocation of charged analytes through transmembrane protein pores: The invention relates to enhancing translocation of a charged analyte through a transmembrane protein pore. Translocation is enhanced by increasing the net opposing charge of the barrel or channel and/or entrance of the pore. The invention also relates to pores enhanced in accordance with the invention.... Agent:

20150008127 - Measuring apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for measurement are disclosed. The apparatus and method separate solutes and suspended solids in a mixture using a dielectrophoretic force provided by an electrode and a conductive layer, and then perform quantitative or qualitative analysis on at least one of the solutes using the electrode or... Agent:

20150008128 - Bead manipulation techniques: The invention provides a method of redistributing magnetically responsive beads in a droplet. The method may include conducting on a droplet operations surface one or more droplet operations using the droplet without removing the magnetically responsive beads from the region of the magnetic field. The droplet operations may in some... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20150008129 - Electrowetting dispensing devices and related methods: A method for dispensing liquid for use in biological analysis may comprise positioning liquid to be dispensed via electrowetting. The positioning may comprise aligning the liquid with a plurality of predetermined locations. The method may further comprise dispensing the aligned liquid from the plurality of predetermined locations through a plurality... Agent:

20150008130 - System and method for the separation of analytes: A separation module operates to fractionate or separate an analyte into fractions according to pI, i.e., pI bands, utilizing capillary isoelectric focusing (“CIEF”) within a first microchannel. The fractions are stacked to form plugs, the number of which is determined by a number of parallel second microchannels integrally connected to... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150001063 - Homogeneous hipims coating method: The invention relates to a HiPIMS method by means of which homogeneous layers can be deposited over the height of a coating chamber. Two partial cathodes are used for said purpose. According to the invention, the length of the individual power pulse intervals applied to the partial cathodes is chosen... Agent:

20150001064 - Low temperature arc ion plating coating: Coating method for arc coating or arc ion plating coating of substrates in a vacuum chamber in which using an arc evaporator solid material that functions as cathode is evaporated, during arc evaporation the motion of the cathode spot on the solid material surface is accelerated using a magnetic field... Agent:

20150001065 - Porous electrode for proton exchange membrane: A process for manufacturing a catalytic electrode includes depositing an electrocatalytic ink on a carrier, wherein the electrocatalytic ink includes an electrocatalytic material and a product polymerizable into a protonically conductive polymer. The process also includes solidifying the electrocatalytic ink so as to form an electrode wherein the composition of... Agent:

20150001066 - Anti-microbial disinfectant wipe and method of use: A wipe for anti-microbial disinfecting includes a flexible substrate and an anti-microbial ion source integrated on the substrate. The flexible substrate is made entirely or in part of woven fiber cloth, non-woven fiber cloth, woven synthetic cloth, non-woven synthetic cloth, or natural fiber cloth. The anti-microbial ion source is configured... Agent:

20150001067 - Electrolyzer: An electrolyzer (2) includes at least one electrolysis cell (4), arranged between two end plates (6.8), in a polymer electrolyte membrane construction manner, and a pressing device for producing a pressing force between the end plates (6.8). The pressing force at least partly is controlled in a manner dependent on... Agent: H-tec Systems Gmbh

20150001068 - Manufacturing apparatus: The present invention provides a manufacturing apparatus which can realize so-called sequential substrate transfer and can improve throughput, even when one multi-layered thin film includes plural layers of the same film type. A manufacturing apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a transfer chamber, three sputtering deposition... Agent:

20150001069 - Polycrystalline silicon sputtering target: Provided is a polycrystalline silicon target produced by a melting method. In the polycrystalline silicon sputtering target, the average amount of nitride or carbide grains having a size of 100 μm or more for samples of 100×100 mm taken from an arbitrary plane of the target is less than three.... Agent:

20150001070 - Transient signal error trap for an analyte measurement determined from a specified sampling time derived from a sensed physical characteristic of the sample containing the analyte: Various embodiments for methods, systems, and meters that allow for a more accurate analyte concentration with a biosensor by determining at least one physical characteristic of the sample and determining whether at least one output transient signal of the biosensor is erroneous by monitoring the biosensor and flagging an error... Agent:

20150001071 - Absolute temperature method for disposable glucose strip: A bio-fluid test strip includes a fluid receiving area and a contact pad area for interfacing with a fluid sensing device. The test strip includes a fluid sensing electrodes and a first temperature sensing resistor in the fluid receiving area. The test strip further includes a second temperature sensing resistor... Agent:

20150001072 - Chemically reactive enzyme immobilization: An analyte sensor for the continuous or semi-continuous monitoring of physiological parameters and a method for making the analyte sensor are disclosed. The analyte sensor includes a crosslinked, hydrophilic copolymer sensing layer in contact with a surface of an electrode, where the sensing layer includes methacrylate-derived backbone chains having covalent... Agent:

20150001074 - Enzyme immobilization by crosslinking: An analyte sensor for the continuous or semi-continuous monitoring of physiological parameters and a method for making the analyte sensor are disclosed. In one aspect, the analyte sensor includes an electrode, a sensing layer in contact with a surface of the electrode, and a protective membrane. The sensing layer is... Agent:

20150001073 - Porous polymeric formulation prepared using monomer: An analyte sensor for the continuous or semi-continuous monitoring of physiological parameters and a method for making the analyte sensor are disclosed. In one aspect, the analyte sensor includes a crosslinked, hydrophilic copolymer in contact with a surface of an electrode, and an analyte sensing component embedded within the crosslinked,... Agent:

20150001075 - Combo bio and temperature disposable sensor on flexible foil: A bio-fluid sensor is formed by depositing polyimide on a glass substrate. Gold and platinum are deposited on the polyimide and patterned to form fluid sensing electrodes, signal traces, and a temperature sensor. The fluid sensor is then fixed to a flexible tape and peeled off of the glass substrate.... Agent:

20150001076 - Integrated gas sensor device, in particular for detecting carbon monoxide (co): It is described an integrated gas sensor device comprising a silicon substrate and an oxide layer on the silicon substrate, as well as a working electrode, a counter electrode and a reference electrode, on the oxide layer, the working electrode and the counter electrode having respective active area exposed to... Agent:

20150001077 - Heater and gas sensor element: A heater which realizes both reduction of power consumption and improvement of durability against thermal shock. The heater includes a ceramic substrate formed of a ceramic material containing alumina as a main component; and a heat-generating resistor provided on the ceramic substrate and having a heat-generating portion and a lead... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150001078 - Cartridge, kit and method for processing biological samples and manipulating liquids having biological samples: Cartridge has a container with at least one well having a channel from a well opening to a container base side, protrusions on the container base side, and a flat polymer film with a hydrophobic upper surface kept at a distance from the base side by the protrusions. The container... Agent: Tecan Trading Ag

20150001079 - Tunneling junction to distinguish targeted dna segment: A nanodevice includes a nanochannel disposed through a dielectric material. A first electrode is disposed on a first side of the nanochannel, is formed within the dielectric material and has a surface exposed within the nanochannel. A second electrode is disposed on a second side of the nanochannel, is formed... Agent:

20150001080 - Electrophoresis devices and methods of making and using the same: Embodiments of an electrophoresis device and methods for using the same in analyte separation applications are provided. Certain embodiments of the present disclosure include microfluidic devices having a single electrophoretic separation channel containing a separation medium. Systems according to embodiments of the present disclosure are configured to monitor analyte fronts... Agent:

20150001081 - Dielectrophoresis-based cell destruction to eliminate unwanted subpopulations of cells: A method for enriching a heterogeneous population of cells includes loading one or more sample chambers containing DEP electrodes therein with a solution containing the heterogeneous population of cells, wherein the heterogeneous population of cells comprises a first subpopulation of cells having a first crossover frequency and a second subpopulation... Agent:

20150001082 - Nucleic acid sample preparation: The present invention includes methods, devices and systems for isolating a nucleic acid from a fluid comprising cells. In various aspects, the methods, devices and systems may allow for a rapid procedure that requires a minimal amount of material and/or results in high purity nucleic acid isolated from complex fluids... Agent:

20150001083 - Microfluidic devices and methods for fabricating microfluidic devices: The present disclosure relates generally to microfluidic devices and methods for fabricating the devices. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to microfluidic devices having encapsulated fluidic tubing and encapsulated electrodes, microfluidic devices having encapsulated fluidic tubing, encapsulated capillary loops and encapsulated electrodes, and methods of fabricating devices having encapsulated fluidic... Agent:

20150001084 - Two dimensional nanofluidic ccd arrays for manipulation of charged molecules in solution: The invention generally relates to methods and apparatus for manipulation of charged molecules in solution. More particularly, the invention provides nanofluidic CCD arrays that are capable of manipulate one or a group of molecules on an individual bases such that they undergo controlled physical and/or chemical movements and/or transformations.... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20150001085 - Apparatus and method: An apparatus for investigating a molecule comprising a channel provided in a substrate, a metallic moiety capable of plasmon resonance which is associated with the channel in a position suitable for the electromagnetic field produced by the metallic moiety to interact with a molecule passing therethrough, means to induce a... Agent:

12/25/2014 > 27 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140374236 - Liquid treatment device: A liquid treatment device comprising: two antennae; an enclosure for holding a liquid including a solvent and a solute; a generator operatively connected to the two antennae to generate an oscillating voltage in each antenna, wherein each voltage is out of phase with the other to create an oscillating electric-field;... Agent:

20140374237 - Processing biomass and petroleum containing materials: Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful products, such as fuels. For example, systems can use feedstock materials, such as cellulosic and/or lignocellulosic materials and/or starchy materials, to produce ethanol and/or butanol, e.g., by fermentation.... Agent:

20140374238 - Control apparatus for dispensing small precise amounts of liquid reagents: A precision volumetric liquid dispensing instrument is disclosed that includes two pressure sensors and a fluid passageway with a defined volume portion in communication with the two sensors for receiving and distributing liquid in relatively small volumes. One of the pressure sensors is positioned to measure pressure at one portion... Agent:

20140374239 - Method for producing metal film of touch panel: A method for producing a metal film of a touch panel provided by the present invention has the steps of: preparing a base plate; coating a mask on the surface of the base plate; using a sputtering process to sputter a metal material on the part of the base plate... Agent:

20140374240 - Multifunctional electrode: A nonvolatile memory element is disclosed comprising a first electrode, a near-stoichiometric metal oxide memory layer having bistable resistance, and a second electrode in contact with the near-stoichiometric metal oxide memory layer. At least one electrode is a resistive electrode comprising a sub-stoichiometric transition metal nitride or oxynitride, and has... Agent:

20140374241 - Method for depositing a lipon coating on a substrate: A method for depositing a LiPON coating on a substrate is provided, wherein the vaporization material, which is located in a vessel and which includes at least the chemical elements lithium, phosphorus and oxygen, is vaporized within a vacuum chamber. Here the vaporization material is heated by means of a... Agent:

20140374242 - Transparent conductive layer and transparent electrode comprising the same: Disclosed are a transparent conductive layer and a transparent electrode comprising the same, and in particular, a zinc oxide-based transparent conductive layer having a textured surface, wherein the textured surface has protrusions, each protrusion having a ridge forming an arc in its protruding direction, or having an apex at an... Agent:

20140374243 - Gas generator for health use: A gas generator for health use is provided. The gas generator for health use includes an electrolysis device for electrolyzing water and producing a gas mixture that includes hydrogen and oxygen. The gas generator for health use further includes a gas mixing system coupled to the electrolysis device to receive... Agent:

20140374244 - Fluid chamber device for a reaction unit of a redox device: A fluid chamber device for a reaction unit of a redox device, includes at least one first wall element and at least one second wall element which at least partially delimit a fluid chamber, and a sealing region which closes off the fluid chamber against a fluid exchange, in particular... Agent:

20140374245 - Electrolysis recombination mask and related methods: A recombination mask integrated onto an electrolysis chip tunes electrolysis parameters by masking off portions of the electrodes exposed to an electrolyte solution. This prevents electrolysis gases from reaching the catalyst on the electrodes and recombining.... Agent:

20140374246 - Liquid - gas cycling system for electrolytic tank of health gas generator: A liquid/gas cycling system utilized in water electrolysis to generate a gas mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is disclosed. The liquid/gas cycling system comprises an electrolytic tank having a first liquid inlet and a first gas outlet which is mounted on the upper portion of the electrolytic tank, wherein the... Agent:

20140374247 - Cathode plate edge protector and methods of manufacture: A method of manufacturing an edge protector for a cathode plate includes inserting a first retention plate into a slit in a first edge strip, proximate an end of the first edge strip. The first retention plate is also inserted into a slit in a second edge strip, proximate a... Agent: Clim-a-tech Industries, Inc.

20140374248 - Method for the dry production of a membrane electrode unit, membrane electrode unit, and roller arrangement: A method for the dry production of a membrane-electrode unit includes assembling a layered configuration including a centrally positioned membrane produced by extrusion and pre-dried at a temperature between 80° C. and 100° C. for 15 min to 30 min, a substrate-electrode unit on each side of the membrane having... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140374249 - Anode for oxygen generation and manufacturing method for the same: The present invention aims to provide an anode for oxygen generation and a manufacturing method for the same used for industrial electrolyses including manufacturing of electrolytic metal foils such as electrolytic copper foil, aluminum liquid contact and continuously electrogalvanized steel plate, and metal extraction. The present invention features an anode... Agent:

20140374250 - Sputtering apparatus: A sputtering apparatus includes a deposition preventing plate arranged between a substrate stage and a plurality of cathode electrodes, and a shutter plate arranged between the deposition preventing plate and the substrate stage. The deposition preventing plate has holes at positions respectively facing a plurality of targets held by the... Agent:

20140374251 - Integrated ph and conductivity sensor and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed is a pH and conductivity sensor including a carrier comprising a plurality of conductive tracks and an exposed conductive area defining a reference electrode connected to a first track of said plurality of conductive tracks, a sensing device mounted on the carrier and connected to at least a second... Agent:

20140374252 - Systems and methods for forming a nanopore in a lipid bilayer: Techniques for forming a nanopore in a lipid bilayer are described herein. In one example, an agitation stimulus level such as an electrical agitation stimulus is applied to a lipid bilayer wherein the agitation stimulus level tends to facilitate the formation of nanopores in the lipid bilayer. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20140374253 - Systems and methods for manipulating a molecule in a nanopore: Techniques for manipulating a molecule in a nanopore embedded in a lipid bilayer are described. In one example, an acquiring electrical stimulus level is applied across a lipid bilayer wherein a region of the lipid bilayer containing the nanopore is characterized by a resistance and wherein the acquiring electrical stimulus... Agent:

20140374254 - Use of stationary phase comprising fibril cellulose in separation methods: Separation methods based on electrophoresis or chromatography that use a stationary phase including fibril cellulose.... Agent: Upm-kymmene Corporation

20140374255 - Single particle analyzer and single particle analysis method: According to one embodiment, provided is a single particle analyzing device including a measuring vessel, first and second chambers in the vessel defined by an insulating membrane, a pore opening in the membrane to connect the chambers, and first and second electrodes in the chambers. Electric current flows between the... Agent: Osaka University

20140374257 - Method for melt processing sulfonated block copolymers and articles comprising optionally amine modified sulfonated block copolymers: c

20140374256 - Process and apparatus for osmotic flow control in electrodialysis systems: An electrodialysis process and apparatus is presented for improving the current efficiency of salty water desalination. The process includes reducing the osmotic and the electro-osmotic flow of water from diluate compartments to concentrate compartments, and between electrode compartments and adjacent compartments, by confinement and hydraulic isolation of their contents in... Agent:

20140374258 - Polyphase alternating current bi-ionic propulsion system for desalination and marine transportation: A system and method of using a traveling electric wave generated by means of intertwined helically wound electrodes powered by a polyphase alternating current, such that the traveling electric wave attracts both anions and cations in alternating bands of anions and cations, providing an electromotive force for these ions along... Agent:

20140374259 - Electrowetting dispensing devices and related methods: A method for dispensing liquid for use in biological analysis may comprise positioning liquid to be dispensed via electrowetting. The positioning may comprise aligning the liquid with a plurality of predetermined locations. The method may further comprise dispensing the aligned liquid from the plurality of predetermined locations through a plurality... Agent:

20140374260 - Two-dimensional electrophoresis kit, method for manufacturing two-dimensional electrophoresis kit, two-dimensional electrophoresis method, and two-dimensional electrophoresis chip: With intent to increase the number of sample spots separated through two-dimensional electrophoresis and to enhance the intensity in detection of the spots, a two-dimensional electrophoresis kit includes a first medium 7 for first dimensional electrophoresis, a second medium 8 for second dimensional electrophoresis, and a casing 20 that contains... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140374261 - Semi-permeable membrane and a method of manufacturing the semi-permeable membrane thereof: The invention discloses a biocompatible semi-permeable membrane. The semi-permeable membrane is manufactured by: providing an eggshell membrane; and immersing the eggshell membrane in an aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution with a concentration of 0.35 to 35% for 8 to 144 hours.... Agent: National Sun Yat-sen University

20140374262 - Liquid transport membrane: A liquid transport membrane includes a porous layer having conductive electrodes on the opposite surfaces. The electrodes are arranged so as to induce an electric field across the membrane when a driving voltage is applied to the electrodes. The conductive electrodes each include a thin conductive layer which is coated... Agent: Osmotex Ag

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