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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

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08/07/2014 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140216917 - Magnetically susceptible particles and apparatuses for mixing the same: The present invention includes a magnetically susceptible polymer component, a method of making the same, and apparatuses and systems for mixing, separating or localizing a magnetically susceptible polymer compound in a reaction. The magnetically susceptible polymer component includes a polymer and a magnetically susceptible particle of a predetermined size, which... Agent: Stc.unm

20140216918 - Method for fabricating gold/titanium dioxide core-shell structured photocatalyst and application thereof to photocatalytic decomposition of organic compounds: This invention discloses a method for fabricating a gold/titanium dioxide core-shell structured photocatalyst and the application thereof to photocatalytic decomposition of organic compounds under ultraviolet irradiation. The method comprises steps: fabricating a solution of gold ions; fabricating gold/titanium dioxide core-shell structured nanoparticles; and crystallizing the gold/titanium dioxide core-shell structured nanoparticles,... Agent: Bioptik Technology, Inc.

20140216919 - Method and apparatus for fabricating graphene using a plurality of light sources: A method of fabricating graphene using a plurality of light sources, and an apparatus for fabricating graphene are provided. The apparatus for fabricating graphene includes a first light source configured to irradiate a graphite oxide layer on a substrate, a second light source configured to further irradiate the irradiated graphite... Agent: Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea Corporation

20140216920 - Method of producing nanoparticles: A method is provided of producing nanoparticles in the size range 1 nm to 1000 nm through the synthesis of one or more precursor fluids. The method includes providing a fluid medium comprising at least one precursor fluid and generating an electrical spark within said fluid medium to cause pyrolysis... Agent: Pst Sensors (proprietary) Limited

20140216921 - Method of forming a target for deposition of doped dielectric films by sputtering: A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method in which a selection is made for a first major constituent, a second major constituent and a minor constituent for forming a desired material. The method can include mixing the first major constituent, the second... Agent: Research In Motion Rf, Inc.

20140216922 - Rf delivery system with dual matching networks with capacitive tuning and power switching: Apparatus and method for delivering power to a substrate processing chamber may include a target and a substrate support pedestal disposed in the chamber, a pedestal impedance match device coupled between the substrate support pedestal and ground, wherein the pedestal impedance match device is configured to adjust a bias voltage... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140216923 - Pvd rf dc open/closed loop selectable magnetron: Methods and apparatus for a magnetron assembly are provided herein. In some embodiments, a magnetron assembly includes a first plate having a first central axis, the first plate rotatable about the first central axis, a first open loop magnetic pole coupled to the first plate, a second plate having a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140216924 - Method and system for manufacturing a transparent body for use in a touch panel: A process for manufacturing a transparent body for use in a touch panel is provided. The process includes: The process includes depositing a first transparent layer stack over a substrate with a first silicon-containing dielectric film, a second silicon-containing dielectric film, and a third silicon-containing dielectric film. The first and... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140216925 - Single target sputtering of copper zinc tin sulfide selenide, czt(s, se): A method of forming a CZT(S,Se) thin film from a quaternary target involves sputtering a quaternary target onto a substrate, wherein the quaternary target comprises (a) copper, (b) zinc, (c) tin, and (d) selenium and/or sulfur, wherein each component (a) through (d) is present in the quaternary target within ±50%... Agent:

20140216926 - Electrolysis water-making apparatus: The electrolysis water-making apparatus (A) which is an apparatus for making electrolysis water (W5) by electrolyzing a raw material solution (W1, W3) including a chlorine ion includes: an electrolytic cell (2); a raw material solution feed pump (3) used to supply the raw material solution (W1, W3) to the electrolytic... Agent: Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

20140216927 - Acidic component generator: An acidic component generator includes a discharge electrode and a voltage supply. The voltage supply is configured to apply a high frequency voltage to the discharge electrode to discharge electricity, thereby generating an acidic component.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140216928 - Thin-film formation sputtering device: A thin-film formation sputtering device capable of forming a high-quality thin film at high rates is provided. A sputtering device includes a target holder provided in a vacuum container, a substrate holder facing the target holder, a means for introducing a plasma generation gas into the vacuum container, a means... Agent: Emd Corporation

20140216929 - Doped zinc target: The present invention generally relates to a sputtering target comprised of zinc and a dopant. Zinc is utilized for metal oxide semiconductor materials, such as IGZO, zinc oxide and zinc oxynitride. The zinc may be delivered by sputtering a zinc target in a desired atmosphere. If a pure zinc sputtering... Agent:

20140216930 - Underfill recognition biosensor: A biosensor with an underfill recognition system assesses whether to analyze a sample for one or more analytes in response to the volume of the sample. The underfill recognition system applies polling and test excitation signals to the sample. The polling signals generate one or more polling output signals, which... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20140216931 - Electron-conducting crosslinked polyaniline-based redox hydrogel, and method of making: A polymer matrix that may coated on an electrode is created by co-crosslinking (1) an adduct of a polyaniline formed by templated oxidative polymerization on a polymer acid; (2) a water-soluble crosslinker; and (3) a redox enzyme. The polymer matrix may be hydrated, and the absorbed water may make it... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140216932 - Droplet actuator with improved top substrate: The invention provides a droplet actuator. The droplet actuator may include a base substrate and a top substrate separated to form a gap. The base substrate may include electrodes configured for conducting droplet operations in the gap; and the top substrate may include a glass substrate portion coupled to a... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20140216933 - High contrast signal to noise ratio device components: Provided are device components, devices and methods characterized by a high contrast signal to noise ratio (CNR).... Agent: Electronic Biosciences, Inc.

20140216934 - Electrochemical desalination for oil recovery: Electrically-driven separation systems and methods for use in oil recovery.... Agent: Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

20140216935 - Dielectrophoretic tweezers as a platform for molecular force spectroscopy in a highly parallel format: Provided herein are methods of performing force spectroscopy, the methods comprising the steps of providing dielectrophoretic tweezers having at least one set of macroscopic electrodes, at least one of the electrodes having a microfabricated dielectric structure comprising a microwell; depositing force probes on a surface; binding the force probes to... Agent: Lehigh University

20140216936 - Devices, systems and methods for treatment of water with electromagnetic fields: Electromagnetic water treatment devices for applying electromagnetic fields to liquids, such as water are disclosed. The water treatment devices may include a water-immersible probe configured to generate electromagnetic output fields effective to remove scale, prevent the growth of scale and/or eliminate microbes in a water supply system. Systems and methods... Agent: Reverse Ionizer, Inc.

20140216937 - Method and apparatus for treating fluid columns: Methods and apparatuses are disclosed including a method of neutralizing charges of solid contaminants and weakening cell walls and membranes of biological contaminants in a fluid, comprising the steps of: establishing a flow of a fluid through a fluid treatment chamber surrounded by a sidewall of a fluid treatment vessel... Agent: Wilsa, Inc.

20140216938 - Micro-chemical mixing: A device comprising, a substrate having a droplet thereover, and an electrical source coupleable to the substrate. The electrical source is configured to apply a voltage between the substrate and the droplet using an electrode. The electrode has a first portion and a second portion non-symmetric to the first portion,... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140202848 - Method for removing impurities from inside of vacuum chamber, method for using vacuum apparatus, and method for manufacturing product: A method for using a vacuum apparatus that includes a vacuum chamber and a pump, the vacuum chamber housing an object, the pump reducing an internal pressure of the vacuum chamber, the method including: ventilating inside the vacuum chamber by introducing a gas into the vacuum chamber and discharging the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140202849 - Modular manifold for an electrolyzed water processor: An electrolyzed water processor chamber with an anodic chamber having an anode plate held in an anode tray, and a cathodic chamber having a cathode plate held within a cathode tray. The plates are charged by an electrical current, to separate an incoming water stream into its electromagnetically ionized alkaline... Agent:

20140202850 - Photoelectrode for solar water oxidation: This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus related to photoelectrodes. In one aspect, a photoelectrode may include a substrate including an electrically conductive surface and at least one nanostructure in electrical contact with the surface of the substrate. The nanostructure may include an impurity. The impurity may impart a light-absorbing... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140202851 - Boron-doped zinc oxide sputtering target and its application: A boron-doped zinc oxide sputtering target, BZO sputtering target, is provided to deposit a BZO film by direct current sputtering. The BZO sputtering target has an amount of B/(B+Zn) ranging from 1.15 atomic % to 6.74 atomic % and a second phase ranging from 2% to 25% relative to a... Agent: Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp.

20140202852 - Sputtering target: A method for casting a reactive material PVD target, as well as targets thus obtained and a mold for casting. The method includes providing a mold defining an opening, placing a reactive material ingot in to a reservoir (140) proximate the mold, forming a vacuum and melting the reactive material... Agent: Soleras, Ltd.

20140202854 - Measurement method using oxidase: A method for measuring a target object in a sample by using an oxidase, wherein the influence of dissolved oxygen in the sample can be corrected, is provided. The method comprises: obtaining measurement values by causing the target object in the sample to react with the oxidase under different conditions... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20140202853 - Small volume test strips with large sample fill ports, supported test strips, and methods of making and using same: The present disclosure provides small volume analyte sensors having large sample fill ports, supported analyte sensors, analyte sensors having supported tip protrusions and methods of making and using same.... Agent:

20140202855 - Electrochemical sensor device: There is disclosed an electrochemical sensor device comprising: an integrated electrochemical sensor element having: a substrate; first and second electrodes formed on the upper surface of the substrate; and an electrolyte layer formed on the first and second electrodes so as to electrically contact both the first and second electrodes;... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140202856 - Miniaturised electrochemical sensor: A miniaturised electrochemical sensor for detection of a component in a gas is provided. The sensor comprises a reference electrode, a counter electrode and a structure comprising a plurality of passages delineated by walls extending along the passages. A working electrode covers the walls of the structure and a layer... Agent:

20140202857 - Device and single-molecule analysis method by means of detection of the collisions of a target molecule on functionalized nanopores: The present invention concerns a device and a method of single-molecule analysis by detection of a target molecule on functionalized nanopores in such a way that it interacts with the target molecule and has an effective diameter smaller than the dimension of the target molecule.... Agent: Universita Degli Studi Di Genova

20140202858 - Sample analysis method and solution to be used therein: Provided are a sample analysis method using capillary electrophoresis capable of enhancing analysis accuracy, a solution for capillary electrophoresis, and a sample analysis kit. The sample analysis method includes separating and/or detecting a substance to be analyzed in a sample through capillary electrophoresis, in which the substance to be analyzed... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20140202859 - Automated size selection of nucleic acids: Apparatus and methods for size selecting nucleic acid molecules having wide range of applications including the production of DNA libraries for sequencing technologies. An automated high throughput system for size selection of multiple nucleic acid samples that uses imaging technique to detect the progress of a target fraction and feedback... Agent: British Columbia Cancer Agency Branch

20140202860 - System and method for integrating a single nanowire into a nanocircuit: A non-volatile bistable nano-electromechanical switch is provided for use in memory devices and microprocessors. The switch employs carbon nanotubes as the actuation element. A method has been developed for fabricating nanoswitches having one single-walled carbon nanotube as the actuator. The actuation of two different states can be achieved using the... Agent: Northeastern University

20140202861 - Apparatus and process for separation and selective recomposition of ions: A device and process are disclosed for the separate removal of oppositely charged ions from electrolyte solutions and recombining them to form new chemical compositions. The invention provides the ability to create multiple ion flow channels and then form new chemical compositions therefrom. The process is accomplished by selectively combining... Agent:

20140202862 - Apparatus and process for separation and selective recomposition of ions: A device and process are disclosed for the separate removal of oppositely charged ions from electrolyte solutions and recombining them to form new chemical compositions. The invention provides the ability to create multiple ion flow channels and then form new chemical compositions therefrom. The process is accomplished by selectively combining... Agent:

20140202863 - Am-ewod device and method of driving with variable voltage ac driving: An active matrix electrowetting on dielectric (AM-EWOD) device includes a substrate electrode and a plurality of array elements, each array element including an array element electrode. The AM-EWOD device further includes thin film electronics disposed on a substrate. The thin film electronics includes first circuitry configured to supply a first... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140202864 - Fuel magnetization treatment method: A fuel magnetization treatment method includes mounting electromagnetic coils on a supply system through which fuel is supplied to a combustion device of an engine (7), connecting two joints of the electromagnetic coils with an electromagnetic generating device, and providing alternating current to the electromagnetic coils through the electromagnetic generating... Agent: Zhenjiang Keyue Ene-tech Co., Ltd.

20140202865 - Electroosmotic movable device: An electroosmotic movable device is provided, which includes a liquid chamber that houses a liquid, a conductive movable structure that is placed in the liquid chamber and has a rotating shaft or a supporting point and further has a conductive portion, and an electrode for applying an electric field to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140202866 - Nanosensor and method of manufacturing same: A nanosensor may include a substrate that has a hole formed therein, a first insulating layer that is disposed on the substrate and has a nanopore formed therein, first and second electrodes that are disposed on the first insulating layer and are spaced apart from each other, first and second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140202867 - Electrodeionization apparatus for producing deionized water: Provided is an electrodeionization apparatus for producing deionized water, capable of removing or reducing a biased flow of electric current in a deionization chamber. In the electrodeionization apparatus for producing deionized water, at least one deionization treatment unit including the deionization chamber and a pair of concentration chambers adjacent to... Agent: Organo Corporation

07/17/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140197024 - Microwave induced single step green synthesis of some novel 2-aryl aldehydes and their analogues: A microwave-induced process for the preparation of 2-aryl and 2,2-diaryl aldehydes and analogues wherein halohydrin formation and subsequent rearrangement to 2-aryl aldehydes from corresponding aryl alkanols occurs without formation of an intermediate epoxide or use of transition metal catalysts or lewis acids/bases.... Agent: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

20140197025 - Hot tile sputtering system: A method of sputter coating a glass substrate includes providing a glass substrate and providing a sputtering assembly for sputtering a coating onto the glass substrate in a vacuum deposition chamber. The sputtering assembly includes a backing plate and a separating element disposed on the backing plate. At least one... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20140197026 - Sputtering apparatus and method for forming a transmissive conductive layer of a light emitting device: There is provided a method for manufacturing a nitride semiconductor light emitting device, including: forming a light emitting structure including first and second conductive nitride semiconductor layers on a substrate and an active layer formed therebetween; forming the first conductive nitride semiconductor layer, the active layer, and the second conductive... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140197027 - Electroplating aid board and electroplating device using same: An electroplating device includes a plating solution, at least one anode basket located in the plating solution, and a workpiece to be plated. An electroplating aid board is arranged between the anode basket and the workpiece to be plated. The electroplating aid board has at least one side that has... Agent:

20140197028 - Efficient dilution method, including washing method for immunoassay: A method of droplet manipulation utilizing a droplet manipulation device includes activating elements of the device to bring a first droplet into proximity of a second droplet, controlling the elements of the device to alter the shape of at least one of the first and second droplets, and further controlling... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140197029 - Method, apparatus and system for desalinating saltwater: An apparatus, method and plant for desalinating saltwater and contaminated saltwater. The apparatus includes a stack and a manifolding assembly. The stack includes a product chamber, a first and second concentrate chamber, an anion exchange membrane forming a boundary between the first concentrate chamber and the product chamber and a... Agent: Saltworks Technologies, Inc.

20140197030 - Apparatus and method for density separator for drilling fluid: An apparatus is disclosed for separating minerals in drilling fluid based primarily on density. The separator creates and maintains a slurry with a controllable density for separating minerals from drill cuttings. The density is controlled through the use of an electrode array. The separator comprises a primary separation chamber containing... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140197031 - Disposable capillary electrophoresis detecting device: A disposable capillary electrophoresis detecting device includes a fixing device, a capillary electrophoresis microchip, and an electrochemical sensor microchip. The fixing device includes two chip-fixing bases having a first chip-holding cavity horizontally arranged and a second chip-holding cavity vertically arranged. The second chip-holding cavity is substantially perpendicular to the first... Agent:

20140197032 - Anion exchange block copolymers, their manufacture and their use: d

20140197033 - Device and process for improved recovery of deionised water through capactive deionisation cell: Disclosed is a process for improved recovery of deionised water from a feed water stream, comprising the steps of: (i) delivering the feed water stream in to a capacitive deionisation cell; (ii) measuring the salt concentration of the water exiting the capacitive deionisation cell; (iii) collecting the water exiting the... Agent:

20140197034 - Capacitive conveyor-belt desalination: Described herein is a novel deionization process for seawater desalination: Seawater is contained in—or streams through—a semi-rectangular ionizing-chamber, two of its facing walls are wide electrostatic charged belts that continuously move through this chamber in a loop. The ions within the seawater separate under the force of the electrostatic field,... Agent:

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