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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

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11/13/2014 > 24 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140332368 - Supramolecular complexes as photocatalysts for reduction: Supramolecular complexes, methods and systems for photocatalysis of the reduction of substrates are described. The supramolecular complexes of the invention have a light absorbing metal center, an electron collector ligand and a catalytically active metal. When the supramolecular complexes are exposed to radiant energy, the light absorbing metal center creates... Agent: Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20140332369 - Multidirectional racetrack rotary cathode for pvd array applications: A cathode assembly for a sputter deposition apparatus and a method for coating a substrate is provided. The cathode assembly has a coating side for coating on a substrate. Further, the cathode assembly includes a rotary target assembly adapted for rotating a target material around a rotary axis; at least... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140332370 - Filtered cathodic arc deposition apparatus and method: Vacuum deposition apparatus including cathodic arc source for application of coatings on the substrate. Cathodic arc source comprises focusing magnetic source for generating magnetic field, arc cathode containing film forming material and anode. The focusing magnetic source is placed between arc cathode and substrate. Arc spot generated on the cathode... Agent: Platit A.s.

20140332371 - Transparent conductive oxides: A method of deposition of a transparent conductive film from a metallic target is presented. A method of forming a transparent conductive oxide film according to embodiments of the present invention include depositing the transparent conductive oxide film in a pulsed DC reactive ion process with substrate bias, and controlling... Agent:

20140332372 - Plasma etching method: An isotropic etching process can be performed with high uniformity. A plasma etching method of etching an etching target layer containing silicon includes preparing a processing target object having the etching target layer in a processing chamber; removing an oxide film on a surface of the etching target layer by... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140332373 - Device for the cathodic protection of a metal wall against corrosion in a saline environment: A device for the cathodic protection of a metal wall against corrosion in a saline environment, includes an anode and means for connecting said anode to said wall. The anode has a higher electrochemical potential than the wall, wherein the anode is placed in a compartment delimited by a wall... Agent:

20140332374 - Stable photoelectrode surfaces and methods: Disclosed herein are methods of treating a semiconductor surface by nitridation and deposition of a ruthenium alloy. Also disclosed are semiconductors treated with these methods, their incorporation into photoelectrochemical cells, and their use in photoelectrochemical water splitting.... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20140332375 - Assembly for feeding in hf current for tubular cathodes: An arrangement is provided for feeding in HF current for rotatable tubular cathodes in a vacuum chamber of a plasma coating system as well as a high frequency current source. Located inside the tubular cathode is a magnet arrangement that extends along said tubular cathode for generating a magnetic field.... Agent:

20140332376 - Sputtering system and method using counterweight: A system for depositing material from a target onto substrates, comprising a processing chamber; a sputtering target having length L and having sputtering material provided on front surface thereof; a magnet operable to reciprocally scan across the length L in close proximity to rear surface of the target; and a... Agent: Intevac, Inc.

20140332377 - Sample-retainable biosensor test strip: A biosensor test strip includes: a first working electrode and a second working electrode formed on a base plate, having the second working electrode circumferentially surrounding the first working electrode to define a reaction pool within the second working electrode having a biological reagent provided in the reaction pool. Upon... Agent: Rapha Bio Ltd.

20140332378 - Hydrocarbon gas sensor: Provided is a gas sensor capable of accurately obtaining a hydrocarbon gas concentration even if a measurement gas contains water vapor. A main pumping cell adjusts an oxygen partial pressure of a first internal space such that a hydrocarbon gas in a measurement gas is not substantially burned in the... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140332379 - Hydrocarbon gas sensor: Provided is a gas sensor capable of accurately obtaining a hydrocarbon gas concentration even if a measurement gas contains water vapor. A main pumping cell adjusts an oxygen partial pressure of a first internal space such that a hydrocarbon gas in a measurement gas is not substantially burned in the... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140332380 - Capacitance detection in a droplet actuator: A method, circuit and apparatus for detecting capacitance on a droplet actuator, inter alia, for determining the presence, partial presence or absence of a droplet at an electrode on a droplet actuator by: (a) providing a droplet actuator comprising: (i) a substrate comprising electrodes arranged on the substrate for conducting... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20140332381 - Faster resistive-pulse sensing together with physical and mechanical characterization of particles and cells: A method for multiplex characterization of individual particles by their size, shape, mechanical properties (deformability), and chemical affinity to recognition agents. The analysis can be performed from concentrated solutions. The method detects transient sticking of particles in the pore and points to its location along a pore axis. If a... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140332382 - Two-dimensional microfluidic devices and methods of using the same: Microfluidic devices and methods for using the same are provided. Embodiments include microfluidic devices that have a first separation region configured to separate a sample along a first directional axis based on a first property, and a second separation region in fluid communication with the first separation region and configured... Agent:

20140332383 - Free-standing microfluidic gel electrophoresis devices and methods: Provided are devices that include a support, a free-standing polymeric separation medium associated with the support and configured to separate a sample along a directional axis, and a sample-loading element associated with the polymeric separation medium. Systems that include the devices, as well as methods of using the devices, are... Agent:

20140332384 - Biomarkers related with a supra-nutritional metabolic state of selenium and diagnosis method in which said biomarkers are identified: The disclosure provides methods and kits for diagnosing the nutritional state of selenium, using six proteins as biomarkers for which the expression increases when the metabolic state is supra-nutritional.... Agent: Universidad De Santiago De Chile

20140332385 - Electro-separation of oil-based drilling fluids: A method and apparatus for separating drilling fluid is provided. A housing is provided with a number of vertical parallel spaced apart electrode plates within. The housing is filled with a batch of drilling fluid so that the drilling fluid fills up the spacings between the electrode plates and the... Agent:

20140332386 - Method of building massively-parallel ion concentration polarization separation device: Ion Concentration Polarization (ICP) purification devices and methods for building massively-parallel implementations of the same, said devices being suitable for separation of salts, heavy metals and biological contaminants from source water.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140332387 - Current efficient electrolytic device and method: A sandwich suppressor in an ion chromatography system in which loosely packed ion exchange resin of low density is disposed in the central sample stream flow channel. Also, a method of using the suppressor is described.... Agent:

20140332388 - Method for producing high purity crystalline carbamide: The invention relates to the method for producing high purity crystalline carbamide. The method comprises the crystallization and drying of carbamide, wherein an aqueous carbamide solution is preheated from +30° C. to +130° C., and thereafter the solution is purified by electrodialysis at a voltage in the range of 400... Agent:

20140332389 - Kit for co-purification and concentration of dna and proteins using isotachophoresis: A kit for separating and concentrating nucleic acid and protein targets includes labeled reagents which affect simultaneous co-purification and concentration of a nucleic acid and a protein, a gel isotachophoresis separation unit to which a sample comprising the nucleic acid and the protein is added, a detection unit for the... Agent:

20140332390 - Prefabricated, self-contained gel electrophoresis module: An electrophoresis system is provided. The system includes a buffer chamber box having a front surface. The buffer chamber box is divided into a first chamber and a second chamber by a divider. The system also includes a gel plate. A gel chamber is formed by the gel plate and... Agent: Biozax, Inc.

20140332391 - Fracture water treatment method and system: A method and system for treatment of flow-back and produced water from a hydrocarbon well in which fracturing operations are carried out using a phase separation and creating of positive charge in the water.... Agent: Mbj Water Partners

11/06/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140326594 - Extended lifetime ion source: An ion source includes an ion source chamber, a cathode disposed within the ion source chamber and configured to emit electrons to generate an arc plasma, and a repeller configured to repell electrons back into the arc plasma. The ion source chamber and cathode may comprise a refractory metal. The... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140326595 - Roll-to-roll electrochemical polish apparatus: A roll-to-roll electrochemical polish apparatus has a first rotator, a transporting device, a pre-treatment device, an electrochemical polish device, a post-treatment device, and a second rotator. The first rotator serves to rotatably spread out a metal foil roll to a metal foil. The transporting device receives and delivers the metal... Agent: Chung Shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments Bureau, Ministry Of National Defense

20140326596 - Fluorine gas generation apparatus: A fluorine gas generating device comprises an electrolytic tank that generates at an anode side a main-product containing as a main component fluorine gas and at a cathode side a by-product gas containing as a main component hydrogen gas by subjecting, in an electrolytic bath, hydrogen fluoride in a molten... Agent: Central Glass Company, Limited

20140326597 - Systems and methods for sustainable economic development through integrated full spectrum production of renewable material resources using solar thermal: In one embodiment of the present invention, a system for providing a renewable source of material resources is provided comprising: a first source of renewable energy; first stream of materials from a first materials source; an electrolyzer coupled to the first source of renewable energy and the first stream of... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20140326598 - Module-type biosensor: Provided is a module type biosensor which is easily coupled with and separated from a detector. The module type biosensor includes a reaction substrate which reacts with an introduced sample and generates a reaction signal, a first structure body which is formed as a pole-shaped figure having an opening formed... Agent:

20140326599 - Electrochemical test sensor with light guide: An electrochemical test sensor for detecting the analyte concentration of a fluid test sample includes a base, a dielectric layer, a reagent layer, a light guide area, and a lid. The base provides a flow path for the test sample haying on its surface a counter electrode and a working... Agent:

20140326600 - Carbon nanostructure electrochemical sensor and method: Carbon nanostructures may be protected and functionalized using a layer-by-layer method whereby functional groups on the carbon nanostructure surface may be further derivatized to incorporate additional functional moieties. Carbon nanostructures functionalized using such a layer-by-layer method may be used to disperse, sort, separate and purify carbon nanostructures and may be... Agent: Nanoselect, Inc.

20140326601 - Analytical device, method for manufacturing the same, and measuring apparatus using the same: Provided are an analytical device comprising a pair of hematocrit electrodes (first pair of electrodes) and a pair of glucose electrodes (second pair of electrodes) that allows a sample to sufficiently reach as far as the second pair of electrodes that are provided on a downstream side in a flow... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20140326602 - Amperometric gas sensor: An amperometric gas sensor for determining oxygen content in a gas mixture includes a solid-state electrolyte. A first electrode configured as a cathode and a second electrode configured as an anode are disposed on the solid-state electrolyte and exposed to the gas mixture. The cathode is in contact with the... Agent: E+e Elektronik Ges.m.b.h

20140326603 - Carbon dioxide permeation device and method of transporting carbon dioxide: The carbon dioxide permeation device in accordance with the present invention includes a first gas diffusion electrode, a second gas diffusion electrode, an electrolyte membrane which is between the first gas diffusion electrode and the second gas diffusion electrode, and a DC power source. The carbon dioxide permeation device accelerates... Agent:

20140326604 - Integrated nanowire/nanosheet nanogap and nanopore for dna and rna sequencing: A technique is provided for base recognition in an integrated device is provided. A target molecule is driven into a nanopore of the integrated device. The integrated device includes a nanowire separated into a left nanowire part and a right nanowire part to form a nanogap in between, a source... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 27 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140318946 - Apparatus and method for reducing viscosity: An apparatus for reducing viscosity of a hydrocarbon liquid containing paraffin molecules or asphaltene molecules in suspension. The apparatus includes a conduit having an inner cavity dimensioned to accommodate a flow of the hydrocarbon liquid along a flow direction, and a series of electrically charged plates housed within the inner... Agent: Save The World Air, Inc.

20140318947 - Sputter target and sputtering methods: The present disclosure concerns sputter targets and sputtering methods. In particular, sputter targets and methods of sputtering using conventional sputter targets as well as sputter targets described herein, for highly uniform sputter deposition, are described.... Agent: View, Inc.

20140318948 - Silicon target for sputtering film formation and method for forming silicon-containing thin film: A silicon target for sputtering film formation which enables formation of a high-quality silicon-containing thin film by inhibiting dust generation during sputtering film formation is provided. An n-type silicon target material 10 and a metallic backing plate 20 are attached to each other via a bonding layer 40. A conductive... Agent:

20140318949 - Method of making, and, analyte sensor: The subject invention provides conductive stripes, suitable for use as electrodes, and methods of making conductive stripes.... Agent:

20140318950 - System and reactor vessel for treatment of fluid medium containing biological matter: A system and reactor vessel for electrical treatment of a fluid medium are described. The fluid medium to be treated comprises various industrial or domestic waste waters. The reactor vessel is provided with a housing being closed from one side thereof by a removable closure carrying secured thereon electrodes. The... Agent: Decant Treatment Systems LLC

20140318951 - Systems and methods for generating germicidal compositions: The present invention relates to systems and methods for generating germicidal compositions for use in a wide variety of settings, including agricultural settings, food production settings, hospitality settings, health care settings, health club settings, exercise facility settings, research based settings, veterinarian settings, medical settings, hydraulic fracturing settings, and/or any setting... Agent: Zurex Pharmagra, LLC

20140318952 - Inert anodes for aluminum electrolysis and method of production thereof: An inert anode for Al electrolysis, made of Cu—Ni—Fe—O based materials, comprising Fe in a range between about 10 and 20% by weight, Cu in a range between about 60 and about 80% by weight, Ni in a range between about 20 and about 30% by weight, and oxygen in... Agent: Institut National De La Rechereche Scientifique

20140318953 - Sputtering target and manufacturing method therefor: A backing plate integrated sputtering target includes a flange part having a Vicker's hardness (Hv) of 90 or more and a 0.2% yield stress of 6.98×107 N/m2 or more. Enhancing the mechanical strength of only the flange part of the target inhibits the target from being deformed during sputtering, and... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20140318954 - Fept-based sputtering target: An FePt-based sputtering target has a structure in which an FePt-based alloy phase, a C phase containing unavoidable impurities, and a metal oxide phase containing unavoidable impurities are mutually dispersed, the FePt-based alloy phase containing Pt in an amount of 40 at % or more and 60 at % or... Agent:

20140318955 - Fept-based sputtering target: An FePt-based sputtering target contains Fe, Pt, and a metal oxide, and further contains one or more kinds of metal elements other than Fe and Pt, wherein the FePt-based sputtering target has a structure in which an FePt-based alloy phase and a metal oxide phase containing unavoidable impurities are mutually... Agent:

20140318956 - Sputtering target and method for producing the same: A sputtering target which is made of a magnesium oxide sintered body having a purity of not less than 99.99% or not less than 99.995% by mass %, a relative density of not less than 98%, and an average grain size of not more than 8 μm. The average grain... Agent:

20140318957 - Electrochemical sensing well: A well is formed in a body of dielectric material and has a chamfered edge about a top side of the well. A top electrode layer is on a top face of the body and on the chamfered edge of the well. A bottom electrode is on a floor of... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140318958 - Integrated electro-analytical biosensor array: A biosensor pixel for measuring current that flows through the electrode surface in response to electrochemical interactions and a biosensor array architecture that includes such biosensor pixels. The biosensor pixel includes an electrode transducer configured to measure a current generated by electrochemical interactions occurring at a recognition layer placed directly... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140318959 - Electrochemical probe with coated, fingered electrodes for corrosion monitoring in oil-water mixtures and gas systems containing hydrogen sulfide: Electrochemical probes for corrosion monitoring in an environment that may cause the formation of electron conducting deposits and the method for making such probes were disclosed. The probes have exposed fingered electrodes. Except for the sensing areas at the tip sections, all surfaces of the exposed electrodes are coated with... Agent:

20140318960 - Micromachined oxygen sensor and method of making the same: The design and manufacture method of an oxygen concentration sensor made with silicon micromachining (a.k.a. MEMS, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) process for applications of oxygen measurement with fast response time and low power consumption is disclosed in the present invention. The said silicon oxygen concentration sensor operates with an yttrium... Agent: Wisenstech Inc.

20140318961 - Gas detector: A gas detector gas that fuse both the function of an oxygen sensor and the function of a lean air fuel ratio sensor, includes a cover layer, a gas diffusion resistance layer, a buffer, a partitioning layer, a solid electrolyte layer, an air passage layer, and a heating layer stacked... Agent:

20140318965 - Macromolecule positioning by electrical potential: Provided herein is technology relating to depositing and/or placing a macromolecule at a desired site for an assay and particularly, but not exclusively, to methods and systems for placing or guiding a macromolecule such as a protein, a nucleic acid, or a protein:nucleic acid complex to an assay site, such... Agent:

20140318963 - Methods for ionophorically screening pore forming bacterial protein toxins and receptors: One embodiment of the present invention is directed to methods for ionophorically screening pore forming bacterial protein toxins and receptors. The method includes: a) forming a membrane comprising a lipid and a receptor, b) contacting the membrane with the pore forming bacterial protein toxin and an ion solution, and c)... Agent:

20140318962 - Nanopore device for drug-like molecule screening or lead optimization to a targeted protein: A nanosensor for detecting molecule characteristics includes a membrane having an opening configured to permit a charged molecule to pass but to block a protein molecule attached to a ligand connecting to the charged molecule, the opening being filled with an electrolytic solution. An electric field generator is configured to... Agent: International Business Corporation

20140318964 - Two-chamber dual-pore device: Provided is a device comprising a channel through and defined by a plurality of layers surrounding the channel, the channel connecting a first and a second chambers separated by the plurality of layers, wherein the plurality of layers comprise a first layer, a second layer; and a conductive middle layer... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140318966 - Silicon oxide nanopore wetting and stabilization by molecular coating: wherein n is an integer from 1 to 12; R2 and R3 are each independently a methyl group, an ethyl group, a propyl group, an isopropyl group, a butyl group, or a tert-butyl group; and R4 is a chloride, a carboxylic acid group, an amine group, an amide group, a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140318967 - Damascene template for directed assembly and transfer of nanoelements: Damascene templates have two-dimensionally patterned raised metal features disposed on an underlying conductive layer extending across a substrate. The templates are topographically flat overall, and the patterned conductive features establish micron-scale and nanometer-scale patterns for the assembly of nanoelements into nanoscale circuits and sensors. The templates are made using microfabrication... Agent:

20140318968 - Nanopore sensor for detecting molecular interactions: A nanosensor for detecting molecule characteristics includes a membrane having an opening configured to permit a charged carbon nanotube to pass but to block a molecule attached to the carbon nanotube. The opening is filled with an electrolytic solution. An electric field generator is configured to generate an electric field... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140318969 - Upgrading process streams: Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful intermediates and products, such as energy, fuels, foods or materials. Systems, methods and equipment are described for upgrading process streams using electrodialysis or electrodialysis reversal.... Agent:

20140318970 - Nanopore device for drug-like molecule screening or lead optimization to a targeted protein: A nanosensor for detecting molecule characteristics includes a membrane having an opening configured to permit a charged molecule to pass but to block a protein molecule attached to a ligand connecting to the charged molecule, the opening being filled with an electrolytic solution. An electric field generator is configured to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140318971 - Nanopore sensor for detecting molecular interactions: A nanosensor for detecting molecule characteristics includes a membrane having an opening configured to permit a charged carbon nanotube to pass but to block a molecule attached to the carbon nanotube. The opening is filled with an electrolytic solution. An electric field generator is configured to generate an electric field... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140318972 - Desalination and purification system: A liquid electrolyte can be desalinated and purified using a system that includes a first electrode and a configuration selected from (a) a second electrode and at least one distinct ion-selective boundary and (b) a second electrode that also serves as the ion-selective boundary. The ion-selective boundary is contained in... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140311890 - Photoacid compounds, and related compositions, methods and systems: A photoacid compound having a light absorbing moiety attaching a payload moiety through a linker, in which the linker comprises a geminal dialkyl linked to a carbonyl group attaching the payload moiety, and the linker is configured to present the carbonyl oxygen for reaction with a hydroxyl group presented on... Agent:

20140311891 - Tubular floating electrode dielectric barrier discharge for applications in sterilization and tissue bonding: Disclosed is a device and method for contacting a biological substrate. A non-thermal plasma device delivers a non-thermal plasma discharge using a dielectric conduit, an igniter electrode and a RF electrode. The dielectric conduit fluidicly communicates a gas therethrough and an igniter electrode ionizes at least a portion of the... Agent:

20140311892 - Reactive sputtering process: Reactive sputtering in which, by ion bombardment, material is ejected from the surface of a target and transitions to the gas phase. Negative voltage pulses are applied to the target to establish electric current having a current density greater than 0.5 A/cm2 at the target surface, such that the material... Agent:

20140311893 - Sputtering system and method using direction-dependent scan speed or power: A sputtering system having a processing chamber with an inlet port and an outlet port, and a sputtering target positioned on a wall of the processing chamber. A movable magnet arrangement is positioned behind the sputtering target and reciprocally slides behind the target. A conveyor continuously transports substrates at a... Agent: Intevac, Inc.

20140311895 - Glow discharge apparatus and method with lateral rotating arc cathodes: To improve the result of a glow discharge process is disclosed to be performed in a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating apparatus comprising a door, at least 2 lateral rotating cathodes with targets. The apparatus is equipped by rotating shields or tube shutters (4). The method comprises the steps of... Agent:

20140311894 - Method for manufacturing a graphene layer: A method for manufacturing a graphene layer includes performing a sputtering process to form a graphite layer on a substrate, and performing a lithography process on the graphite layer for thinning the graphite layer and thereafter making the graphite layer thinned to become a graphene layer.... Agent:

20140311896 - Electrorecovery of gold and silver from thiosulphate solutions: The present invention is related to the mining industry and treatment of mineral and materials that contain gold and silver. Specifically, it is related to a process to recover gold and silver, from copper thiosulfate solutions with a autogenerated electrolysis process. The advantages of the present invention, relative to those... Agent:

20140311897 - Highly efficient sodium hypochlorite generation apparatus capable of decreasing disinfection by-products: The present invention can provide a highly efficient sodium hypochlorite generation apparatus capable of decreasing disinfection by-products which can minimize the generation of chlorate ions (ClO3−), by-products, by increasing the chlorine generation efficiency of an anode and adjusting a material balance in case of gas/liquid contact. In addition, since it... Agent:

20140311898 - Mini cleaning appliance for cleaning two-phase or three-phase aerosol flows generated in an electrolytic cell for producing metals: One embodiment of the present disclosure includes enclosing the upper area of the anodes using a fabric sleeve, open at its upper and lower ends, located inside unitary bells with side holes that face the holes of perforated extraction ducts located on both sides of the cell, in an anode... Agent:

20140311899 - Ferromagnetic material sputtering target: Provided is a sputtering target which comprises a metal matrix phase comprising Co and Pt, Co and Cr, or Co, Cr and Pt; and an oxide phase at least containing Cr2O3, wherein Cr2O3 is contained in amount of 1 to 16 mol %. The sputtering target is characterized in that... Agent:

20140311902 - Magnetic material sputtering target and manufacturing method thereof: Provided is an oxide-containing magnetic material sputtering target wherein the oxides have an average grain diameter of 400 nm or less. Also provided is a method of producing an oxide-containing magnetic material sputtering target. The method involves depositing a magnetic material on a substrate by the PVD or CVD method,... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20140311901 - Magnetron sputtering target and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a magnetron sputtering target having a ferromagnetic metal element. This magnetron sputtering target includes: a magnetic phase containing the ferromagnetic metal element; a plurality of non-magnetic phases that each contain the ferromagnetic metal element and that are different in constituent elements or a content ratio of constituent elements;... Agent:

20140311900 - Silicon sputtering target with special surface treatment and good particle performance and methods of making the same: A sputter target assembly comprising a Si target and a backing plate is provided wherein the backing plate is bonded to the target. The Si target comprises a smooth, mirror-like surface and has a surface roughness of less than about 15.0 Angstroms. Methods are provided for producing silicon target/backing plate... Agent:

20140311903 - Electrochemical sensors and a method for their manufacture: The invention provides electrochemical-based modules useful for the determination of an analyte in a bodily fluid sample. The modules of the invention provide opposed electrodes, but the contact areas for making electrical contact between the electrodes and the analyte measurement device are coplanar.... Agent: Cilag Gmbh International

20140311904 - Biosensor for point-of-care diagnostic and on-site measurements: Disclosed herein is a biosensor for detection of a target substance in a sample with impedance spectroscopy, the biosensor comprising 1) a first non-conducting substrate comprising a primary substrate surface; 2) a conducting polymer electrode layer comprising one or more conducting polymers layers, the conducting polymer electrode layer comprising a... Agent:

20140311906 - Electrode for gas sensor, and gas sensor: Provided are: an electrode for a gas sensor formed as a porous electrode so as to stably allow reduction in electrode resistance for excellent low-temperature activity; and a gas sensor. The electrode (108, 110) for the gas sensor is adapted for use on a surface of a solid electrolyte body... Agent:

20140311905 - Printed gas sensor: A printed gas sensor is disclosed. The sensor may include a partially porous substrate, an electrode layer, an electrolyte layer, and an encapsulation layer. The electrode layer comprises one or more electrodes that are formed on one side of the porous substrate. The electrolyte layer is in electrolytic contact with... Agent: Kwj Engineering, Inc.

20140311907 - Systems and methods for assay of bio-contaminants in water: A method of determining water quality of a water sample, comprising exposing the water sample to a test cell system; generating at least one profile of ensuing changes in activities of transcription factors in said test cell system in response to said exposing; and determining from the generated at least... Agent: Attagene, Inc.

20140311908 - Native protein electrophoresis and methods of use: A method of characterizing proteins has been developed that includes providing a sample that contains a plurality of proteins to be characterized, wherein at least a first protein of the plurality of proteins is in its native form. Additionally, the method includes contacting the sample containing the plurality of proteins... Agent:

20140311909 - Protein standard: Disclosed herein is a protein standard for gel electrophoresis. The standard may be detected using multiple modalities. These modalities include, for example, observation of color or fluorescence arising from dyes, porphyrins, or haloalkylated tryptophan residues covalently linked to proteins of the standard; or detection of fluorescence or chemiluminescence arising from... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc

20140311910 - Microchip and method of manufacturing microchip: Provided is a microchip including: an inlet part to which a liquid is injected; a plurality of analysis areas to which the liquid is supplied from the inlet part; and a flow channel which is formed to supply the liquid to the plurality of analysis areas at the same time.... Agent: Sony Corporation

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