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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150144480 - Industrial microwave ultrasonic reactor: An industrial microwave ultrasonic reactor has an inner wall liner. A microwave generation device is formed by microwave units distributed on an outer sidewall, or by a microwave pipe disposed outside the reactor and microwave units distributed on the microwave pipe. One end of the microwave pipe communicates with the... Agent: Exploiter Molybdenum Co., Ltd.

20150144481 - Production of bn-composite materials: The invention comprises a process comprising infiltrating or infiltrating and coating a substrate with a boron-comprising precursor, and contacting the boron-comprising precursor with a nitrogen-comprising reactant to convert the boron-comprising precursor to BN or other a boron-nitrogen reaction product in the surface porosity or in the surface porosity and on... Agent: Auckland Uniservices Limited

20150144482 - Modularized health gas generator: The present invention discloses a modular health gas generator, more particularly, to a modular health gas generator with an automatic circulation and a cooling function. Then, the gas production rate of the hydrogen-oxygen gas can be controlled by a plurality of freely detachable electrolytic tanks. The invention comprises an inner... Agent:

20150144483 - Gas generator: The present invention discloses a gas generator with a cooling system and comprises an outer tank, an inner tank, and an electrolytic tank module. The outer tank is accommodated a coolant for cooling the electrolytic tank module and inner tank configured in the outer tank, whereby the temperature of the... Agent:

20150144484 - Replaceable multistrip cartridge and biosensor meter: A blood glucose monitor includes a can, a replaceable sensor cartridge that includes a frame, an upper spring disposed between the frame and the can, a case for housing the can and sealing the frame, a lower spring disposed between the can and the case, and a meter housing for... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20150144485 - Disposable system for ion selective electrodes for long term monitoring: An ion sensitive system has sets of microfluidic microchannels forming ion sensitive electrodes by the assembly of a substrate with structured microchannels and another substrate including metal contacts on its surface. The integrated ion sensitive sensors are each composed of a microfluidic microchannel to contain an electrolyte, another microfluidic microchannel... Agent: Csem Centre Suisse D'electronique Et De Microtechnique Sa - Recherche Et Developpment

20150144486 - Polymeric film composition for non-enzymatic glucose sensor and non-enzymatic glucose sensor including the same: A polymeric film composition and a non-enzymatic glucose sensor including the functional polymeric film are provided. The polymeric film composition includes polyurethane and perfluorosulfonic acid polymer.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150144487 - Exhaust gas sensor: An exhaust gas sensor (100; 200) is configured so as to detect an oxygen concentration or air-fuel ratio in exhaust gas. The exhaust gas sensor includes a sensor element (10) and a manganese reaction layer (20). The sensor element detects an oxygen concentration or air-fuel ratio. The manganese reaction layer... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150144488 - Method and apparatus for sperm enrichment: Methods and apparatus for electrophoretic or electrophoretically assisted enrichment of sperm cells along a channel placed between two chambers. According to certain preferred embodiments, the methods and apparatuses may be used, simultaneous to sperm cell enrichment for the separation of said sperm cells from a pre-treatment chemical compound with which... Agent:

20150144489 - Disposable cartridge for microfluidics systems: A disposable cartridge used in a digital microfluidics system has a bottom layer with first hydrophobic surface, a rigid cover plate with second hydrophobic surface, and a gap there-between. The bottom layer is a flexible film on an uppermost surface of a cartridge accommodation site of a system, attracted to... Agent: Tecan Trading Ag

20150144490 - Methods and compositions for preparing biological specimens for microscopic analysis: Methods and compositions are provided for preparing a biological specimen for microscopic analysis. These methods find many uses, for example in medicine and research, e.g., to diagnose or monitor disease or graft transplantation, to study healthy or diseased tissue, to screen candidate agents for toxicity and efficacy in disease modification.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Standford Junior University

20150144491 - Solid-liquid separation method: To separate solid matter contained in a liquid phase in a membrane separation tank 2, a pH of the liquid phase is adjusted to make a surface charge of the solid matter electrically homopolar with a surface charge of a ceramic flat membrane 3 to separate the solid matter from... Agent: Meidensha Corporation

20150144492 - Electrophoresis gel cassette with at least one removable section: Electrophoresis gel cassette comprising a first and a second face wall member and one or more side wall members, defining a gel compartment for a gel member with a first and second face, wherein the first face wall member has high gel adhesion compared to the second face wall member,... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

05/21/2015 > 25 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150136583 - Device for generating plasma and directing an electron beam towards a target: A device (2; 2I; 2II; 2IV; 2V; 2VI; 2VII; 2VIII) for generating plasma and for directing an electron beam towards a target (3); the device (2; 2I; 2II; 2IV; 2V; 2VI; 2VII; 2VIII) comprises a hollow element (5); an activation group (21), which is designed to impose a difference in... Agent: Noivion S.r.l.

20150136584 - Methods of depositing thin films using molybdenum sputtering targets: In various embodiments, tubular sputtering targets comprising molybdenum are provided and sputtered to produce thin films comprising molybdenum. The sputtering targets may be formed by forming a tubular billet having an inner diameter IDI and an outer diameter ODI, the formation comprising pressing molybdenum powder in a mold and sintering... Agent:

20150136585 - Method for sputtering for processes with a pre-stabilized plasma: A method of depositing a layer of a material on a substrate is described. The method includes igniting a plasma of a sputter target for material deposition while the substrate is not exposed to the plasma, maintaining the plasma at least until exposure of the substrate to the plasma for... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150136586 - Method for producing a polycrystalline ceramic film: The invention relates to a method for producing a polycrystalline ceramic film on a surface (12) of a substrate (10), in which a particle stream is directed onto the surface (12) and the ceramic film is formed by deposition of the particles onto the surface (12), wherein the particle stream... Agent:

20150136587 - Method and apparatus for electroplating metal parts: A supply of metal parts are electroplated by progressively transferring the parts with a computer controlled robot into a series of open top tanks containing solutions. The tanks have submerged metal fixtures which temporarily support the parts, and each fixture in the electroplating tank is individually connected to a direct... Agent:

20150136588 - Apparatus with cold anode for high-temperature electrolytic hydrogen loading and hydrogen generation: An apparatus comprising a vessel containing an electrically conductive electrolyte. The electrolyte contains hydrogen. A cathode and anode are disposed in the electrolyte and are connected to a source of electrical power. A portion of the vessel interior is in a hot zone, and a portion is in a cool... Agent:

20150136590 - Electro plating device: An electro plating device includes a pipe inside seal mechanism which occludes an inner channel of a steel pipe, a tubular insoluble electrode which is disposed in a pipe end so as to be opposite to a female screw, a plating solution feed mechanism which includes a plurality of nozzles... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20150136589 - Electrochemical system: An electrochemical system has two separator plates as well as a membrane-electrode assembly arranged at least in regions between the separator plates. The separator plates and the membrane-electrode assembly each have at least two passage openings for a flush arrangement of the separator plates and the membrane-electrode assembly at positioning... Agent:

20150136591 - Electrolytic cell with advanced oxidation process and electro catalytic paddle electrode: Electrolytically treating water through influent inlet arrangements for cavitation and one or more pairs of electrodes. The electrodes can provide continuous anodic and cathodic operation for treating water. The pressurized influent premixed with oxidant gas can be pumped into the reactor vessel through the mixing nozzles arranged radially along the... Agent:

20150136593 - Production method of electroconductive mayenite compound having high electron density, and target: A production method of an electroconductive mayenite compound having an electron density greater than or equal to 5×1020 cm−3 includes preparing an object of processing containing a mayenite compound or a precursor of a mayenite compound, placing aluminum foil on at least part of a surface of the object of... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150136592 - Sintered body and sputtering target: Provided is a sintered body containing Fe, Pt, C and Ag, wherein, when a composition of Fe, Pt, C and Ag is represented by an expression: (Fex/100Pt(100-x)/100)100-y-zAgyCz, expressions: 35≦x≦65, 1≦y≦20 and 13≦z≦60 are satisfied, a relative density is in the range of 95% or more, an oxygen content is in... Agent:

20150136594 - Sputtering target and manufacturing method thereof, and transistor: One object is to provide a deposition technique for forming an oxide semiconductor film. By forming an oxide semiconductor film using a sputtering target including a sintered body of a metal oxide whose concentration of hydrogen contained is low, for example, lower than 1×1016 atoms/cm3, the oxide semiconductor film contains... Agent:

20150136595 - Sputtering target for forming wiring film of flat panel display: A copper alloy wiring film of a flat panel display of the present invention and a sputtering target for forming the same have a composition including Mg: 0.1 to 5 atom %; either one or both of Mn and Al: 0.1 to 11 atom % in total; and Cu and... Agent:

20150136596 - Magnetron sputtering device, magnetron sputtering method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: A magnetron sputtering apparatus includes a target disposed to face a substrate mounted on a mounting part in a vacuum vessel and a magnet arrangement assembly installed at a back side of the target and having an array of magnets, the magnetron sputtering apparatus including: a gas supply part configured... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150136597 - Glass coating system: A system for coating a glass board is disclosed. The coating system includes a coating chamber, a conveying unit and a support module. The conveying unit is located at a lower portion of the coating chamber and has two rollers for conveying a sheet of glass to be coated. The... Agent: Csg Holding Co., Ltd.

20150136598 - Glass coating system: A system for coating a sheet of glass is disclosed. The system includes a first coating chamber, a second coating chamber, an intermediary chamber and three conveying units. The intermediary chamber is sandwiched between the first and second chambers and has a gap plate and an elevator connected to the... Agent:

20150136599 - Systems and methods for detection and quantification of analytes: Devices, systems, and methods for detecting molecules of interest within a collected sample are described herein. In certain embodiments, self-contained sample analysis systems are disclosed, which include a reusable reader component, a disposable cartridge component, and a disposable sample collection component. In some embodiments, the reader component communicates with a... Agent:

20150136600 - Gas sensing system: A gas sensing system includes an air intake hole which comprises a plurality of micro-flow channels, a replaceable sensor for receiving an air from the air intake hole and detecting the received air, and a processing unit coupled to the replaceable sensor and doing determination for the component of the... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20150136601 - Nanochannel arrays and their preparation and use for high throughput macromolecular analysis: Nanochannel arrays that enable high-throughput macromolecular analysis are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of preparing nanochannel arrays and nanofluidic chips. Methods of analyzing macromolecules, such as entire strands of genomic DNA, are also disclosed, as well as systems for carrying out these methods.... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20150136602 - Universal sample preparation system and use in an integrated analysis system: The invention provides a system that can process a raw biological sample, perform a biochemical reaction and provide an analysis readout. For example, the system can extract DNA from a swab, amplify STR loci from the DNA, and analyze the amplified loci and STR markers in the sample. The system... Agent:

20150136603 - Water-soluble, uv-absorbing and/or flourescent components with very high isoelectric points: Water-soluble, UV-absorbing and/or fluorescing compound having an isoelectric point greater than 10, can be obtained using molecules chosen from the group of molecules consisting of those containing at least one secondary alcohol OH group with a pKa value greater than 10 and at least one amino group with a pKb... Agent:

20150136604 - Sample preparation, processing and analysis systems: This disclosure provides an integrated and automated sample-to-answer system that, starting from a sample comprising biological material, generates a genetic profile in less than two hours. In certain embodiments, the biological material is DNA and the genetic profile involves determining alleles at one or a plurality of loci (e.g., genetic... Agent:

20150136605 - Electrophoresis tray and a method of running an electrophoresis experiment: Electrophoresis tray arranged to support an electrophoresis cassette for miming electrophoresis experiments, the electrophoresis cassette comprising a gel member in a housing with a front and a back face, wherein the tray comprises a cassette support surface for supporting at least the separation zone of the electrophoresis cassette during electrophoresis,... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20150136606 - Devices and methods for electric field driven on-demand separation of liquid-liquid mixtures: Devices and methods for electric field driven on-demand separation of liquid-liquid mixtures are provided. For example, methods for separating liquid-liquid mixtures, such as free oil and water, oil-in-water emulsions and water-in-oil emulsions, are provided that have separation efficiencies up to about 99.9%. The liquid-liquid mixture is contacted with a separator... Agent:

20150136607 - Method and apparatus for characterizing and counting particles, in particular biological particles: Methods and apparatus are described for the processing (for example washing, incubation, etc.) of particles in which the particles suspended in a first fluid are introduced under laminar flow conditions into at least one first microchamber or first region of the same, in which a second fluid is introduced under... Agent:

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