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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130341178 - Method and apparatus for removing contaminants from nitrogen trifluoride: A highly pure nitrogen fluoride process fluid having an impurity content of 10 ppm or less can be effectively obtained by using radiation to cause the dissociation of chemical bonds in the impurity to form dissociation products and thereby make the removal of the dissociation products from the process fluid... Agent:

20130341179 - Production of methane from abundant hydrate deposits: Methods of dissociating and recovering methane from solid hydrate deposits are provided. A method for recovering methane from a methane hydrate includes at least applying electromagnetic radiation to the methane hydrate to dissociate the methane-water bond. Further provided is an apparatus for dissociating methane from a methane hydrate. The apparatus... Agent:

20130341180 - Sputtering target and method for using the same: To form an oxide film with a high degree of crystallinity, which includes a plurality of metal elements. Further, to provide a sputtering target which enables the oxide film to be formed and a method for using the sputtering target. The sputtering target includes a polycrystalline oxide containing a plurality... Agent:

20130341181 - Zinc oxide-based sputtering target, method of manufacturing the same, and thin-film transistor having barrier layer deposited using the same: A zinc oxide (ZnO)-based sputtering target, a method of manufacturing the same, and a thin-film transistor (TFT) having a barrier layer deposited using the same. The zinc oxide-based sputtering target includes a sinter containing zinc oxide doped with gallium oxide, the content of the gallium oxide ranging, by weight, from... Agent:

20130341182 - Modular systems for producing pressurized gases from polar molecular liquids at depth or under pressure: A system for producing pressurized gas(es) from polar molecular liquids. A first embodiment incorporates an electrolysis cell positioned at depth within the liquid. The assembly includes first and second electrodes positioned in spaced relationship and a bell shaped collection vessel arranged above the electrodes. At least one collection vessel includes... Agent:

20130341184 - Co-cr-pt-b-based alloy sputtering target and method for producing same: Provided is a Co—Cr—Pt—B-based alloy sputtering target having no more than 10 cracks of 0.1 to 20 μm in a B-rich phase in a 100 μm×100 μm area (field of view). Additionally provided is a method for producing this Co—Cr—Pt—B-based alloy sputtering target including the steps of hot forging or... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20130341183 - Oxide sintered body and sputtering target: Provided are an oxide sintered body and a sputtering target that are ideal for the production of an oxide semiconductor film for a display device. The oxide sintered body and sputtering target that are provided have both high conductivity and high relative density, are capable of forming an oxide semiconductor... Agent: Kobelco Research Institute Inc.

20130341185 - Micro-stimulation and data acquisition from biological cells: The present invention relates to a method for fabricating a semiconductor device for stimulation and/or data recording of biological material to a such semiconductor device. The method comprises providing a semiconductor substrate comprising a first insulating layer; providing a patterned conductive layer on top of the first insulating layer; depositing... Agent:

20130341186 - Test strip and detecting device: A test strip and a detecting device are disclosed. The test strip can be used with an electrochemical instrument to accurately detect the viscosity and concentration of an analyte of a specimen. The test strip includes a first specimen path, a first electrode set, a redox reagent, a second specimen... Agent: Hmd Biomedical Inc.

20130341187 - Measurement device for determining a process variable: A measurement device (1) for determining a process variable with a sensor element (2) and a circuit board (3) in which the arrangement of the components, and especially of at least one circuit board, is protected against the effects of potting by the measurement device having a retaining element (5)... Agent:

20130341188 - Fuel cell and analysis device that comprise it: A fuel cell comprising: at least one microfluidic channel that allows the capillary flow of at least one suitable fluid for generating electricity, at least one receiving absorbent region coupled to each microfluidic channel, at least one collecting absorbent region coupled to each microfluidic channel, a cathodic zone coupled to... Agent:

20130341189 - Microchip for analyzing nucleic acid and method of nucleic acid analysis using the same: A method for nucleic acid analysis including injecting a slight amount of nucleic acid sample for analysis, characterized in that most of a nucleic acid sample which is not used, excluding the slight amount of the nucleic acid sample which is used for analysis, can be obtained as a pure... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20130341190 - Method and apparatus for analysis and sorting of polynucleotides based on size: The invention relates to a microfabricated device and methods of using the device for analyzing and sorting polynucleotide molecules by size.... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20130341192 - Compensated patch-clamp amplifier for nanopore polynucleotide sequencing and other applications: A compensated patch-clamp system for polynucleotide sequencing and other applications.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20130341191 - Performance of an analyser for biological samples: An apparatus (11) for processing a sample, circuit board (8008) suited to use in such an apparatus and a method of processing are provided in which the apparatus (11) is provided with alignment features to assist in provided the circuit board and a sample cartridge (9) in the correct position... Agent: Forensic Science Service Limited

20130341193 - Device for the treatment of a product by a pulsed electric field:

12/19/2013 > 21 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130334030 - Ionization method, mass spectrometry method, extraction method, and purification method: The present invention has an object to achieve soft ionization more easily when a slight amount of substance is ionized under an atmosphere pressure. The present invention provides an ionization method for a substance contained in a liquid, including: supplying the liquid to a substrate from a probe and forming... Agent: A School Corporation Kansai University

20130334031 - Process for making of glass articles with optical and easy-to-clean coatings: A process in which both an optical coating, for example, an AR coating, and an ETC coating are deposited on a glass substrate article, in sequential steps, with the optical coating being deposited first and the ETC coating being deposited second, using the same apparatus and without exposing the article... Agent:

20130334032 - Compliant implantable medical devices and methods of making same: Implantable medical grafts fabricated of metallic or pseudometallic films of biocompatible materials having a plurality of microperforations passing through the film in a pattern that imparts fabric-like qualities to the graft or permits the geometric deformation of the graft. The implantable graft is preferably fabricated by vacuum deposition of metallic... Agent:

20130334033 - Method for manufacturing razor blade edge and razor blade for razor: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a razor blade edge and a razor blade for a razor, and more specifically, to a method for manufacturing razor blade edge of a razor blade provided with a light complex thin film having metallic and ceramic properties for improving durability... Agent: Dorco Co., Ltd.

20130334034 - Ion beam device and machining method: Provided are a device and method capable of machining a machining target such as a sample, a probe, or a sample table without requiring a high degree of device operation skill. First, a shape generation process of determining a shape of a machining target on the basis of an ion... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20130334035 - Electrochemical ozonizer and hydrogen generator: The electrochemical ozonizer comprising at least one cell, each consisting of an anode, a cathode and an interposed full-area, cation-conducting membrane which is chemically stable to ozone as a solid electrolyte, is characterized in that the membrane conductively connects the anode and the cathode while forming flow channels for water... Agent:

20130334036 - Apparatus for fluid processing a workpiece: A method of fluid processing a semiconductor workpiece, including disposing a workpiece holder with a housing capable of containing a fluid, the workpiece holder retaining the workpiece, providing an agitation system connected to the housing and comprising a member disposed within the housing adjacent the workpiece holder, and agitating the... Agent: Tel Nexx, Inc.

20130334037 - Electrode for electrolysis, electrolytic cell and production method for electrode for electrolysis: An electrode for electrolysis includes a conductive substrate, a first layer formed on the conductive substrate, and a second layer formed on the first layer. The first layer contains at least one oxide selected from the group consisting of ruthenium oxide, iridium oxide, and titanium oxide. The second layer contains... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20130334038 - Wafer processing deposition shielding components: Embodiments described herein generally relate to components for a semiconductor processing chamber, a process kit for a semiconductor processing chamber, and a semiconductor processing chamber having a process kit. In one embodiment a lower shield for encircling a sputtering target and a substrate support is provided. The lower shield comprises... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20130334039 - Oxide sintered body and sputtering target: Provided are an oxide sintered body and a sputtering target which are suitable for use in producing an oxide semiconductor film for display devices and combine high electroconductivity with a high relative density and with which it is possible to form an oxide semiconductor film having a high carrier mobility.... Agent: Kobelco Research Institute, Inc.

20130334041 - Device for measuring biological sample: The objective of the invention is to enhance measurement accuracy in a device for measuring a biological sample. To attain this objective, the invention is provided with a main case (2) having a sensor insertion section (1), a measurement section (7) connected to the sensor insertion section (1), a controller... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130334040 - Methods and systems for detecting the hydration of sensors: A sensor system includes a sensor and a sensor electronics device. The sensor includes a plurality of electrodes. The sensor electronics device includes a connection detection device, a power source, and a delay circuit. The connection detection device determines if the sensor electronics device is connected to the sensor and... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20130334042 - Pathogen sensor: A pathogen sensor comprising a growth medium upon which and/or within which a pathogen may grow, the growth medium comprising nutrients which facilitate growth of the pathogen, wherein the pathogen sensor further comprises an electronic detection apparatus configured to detect an electrochemical change mediated by the pathogen.... Agent: Syngenta Limited

20130334043 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor including a detection element (6), wherein a detection electrode (63D) and a reference electrode (62B) are provided on an outer circumferential surface (61A) and an inner circumferential surface, respectively, of a closed-bottomed tubular solid electrolyte body (61). A heater inserted into the tubular hole of the detection... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20130334044 - Deep sea ph sensor: Systems and methods are provided for a deep sea pH sensor. In one embodiment, a method for manufacturing a pH sensor comprises forming a sensor electrode in a working surface of a die wherein the sensor electrode is able to sense the pH of a liquid and forming at least... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130334045 - Distributable chemical sampling and sensing system: The present invention relates to a distributable sampling and sensing instrument for chemical analysis of consumable foods and other agricultural products. The distributed sampling system is used to separate and concentrate the chemicals of interest obtained from samples at remote locations via thermal desorption onto a detachable target substrate that... Agent: Chemisensor LLP

20130334046 - Nanopore device wetting: A method for wetting a nanopore device includes filling a first cavity of the nanopore device with a first buffer solution having a first potential hydrogen (pH) value, filling a second cavity of the nanopore device with a second buffer solution having a second pH value, wherein the nanopore device... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20130334047 - Device for determining a monomer molecule sequence of a polymer comprising different electrodes and use thereof: Provided is a device for determining a monomer molecule sequence of a polymer including different electrodes, and a method of efficiently determining a monomer molecule sequence of a polymer.... Agent:

20130334048 - Nanopore device wetting: A method for wetting a nanopore device includes filling a first cavity of the nanopore device with a first buffer solution having a first potential hydrogen (pH) value, filling a second cavity of the nanopore device with a second buffer solution having a second pH value, applying a voltage in... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20130334049 - Multi-color detection system for multiplexed capillary electrophoresis: A multi-wavelength detector for a multiplex capillary electrophoresis system comprising a linear filter placed in between the capillary detection windows and a 2-dimensional detector. The linear filter is oriented such that the change in wavelength of the filter is in the direction of flow of the fluid within the capillary... Agent:

20130334050 - Main body of electrophoresis device having glass gel cell fast assemble structure: A electrophoresis device having glass gel cell fast assemble structure is provided, including a main body, a pair of electrode connection terminals attached to the main body, and side clamping parts pivotally connected to the main body on respective side of the main body for maintaining at least one glass... Agent:

12/12/2013 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130327632 - Photochemical reaction device and isotope enrichment method using the device: The present invention includes: a light-transmissive reaction cell (21) into which a process gas is supplied and the process gas is photochemically reacted by laser light; a metal mirror (19) which is set up outside of the light-transmissive reaction cell (21) so as to encompass the light-transmissive reaction cell (21),... Agent: Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation

20130327633 - Microchannel gel electrophoretic separation systems and methods for preparing and using: A micro-analytical platform for performing electrophoresis-based immunoassays was developed by integrating photopolymerized cross-linked polyacrylamide gels within a microfluidic device. The microfluidic immunoassays are performed by gel electrophoretic separation and quantifying analyte concentration based upon conventional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). To retain biological activity of proteins and maintain intact immune complexes,... Agent: Sandia Corporation

20130327634 - Misaligned sputtering systems for the deposition of complex oxide thin films: Thin film sputtering apparatus and methods for depositing thin films using the apparatus are provided. The sputtering apparatus comprise a sputtering chamber that houses a deposition substrate and a sputtering source configured to deposit a thin film of material onto the deposition substrate. The deposition substrate has a deposition surface... Agent:

20130327635 - Magnetron electrode for plasma processing: The invention aims to provide a magnetron electrode for plasma treatment that is free of significant abnormal electrical discharge and able to perform electrical discharge with long-term stability. A second electrode is provided only at a position outside the inner side surface of the outer magnetic pole of a first... Agent:

20130327636 - Pattern transfer with self-assembled nanoparticle assemblies: In one aspect, a method comprises: providing a substrate having at least one layer in which the patterned dot array is to be fabricated; depositing a nanoparticle layer, wherein the nanoparticle layer comprises one or more surfactants and nanoparticles coated with the one or more surfactants; treating the one or... Agent: Carnegie Mellon University

20130327637 - System and method for mass production of graphene platelets in arc plasma: A system and method for producing graphene includes a heating block, substrate, motor and collection device. The substrate is arranged about the heating block and is configured to receive heat from the heating block. A motor is connected to the substrate to rotate the substrate about the heating block. A... Agent: The George Washington University

20130327638 - Electrolytic cell and an electrode cartridge thereof: An electrolytic cell comprising, a housing having a channel extending there through and an opening formed in the housing for receiving an electrode cartridge, an inlet allowing water to pass into the channel, an outlet allowing water to pass from the channel, and a removable electrode cartridge comprising, a support... Agent: Poolrite Research Pty Ltd

20130327639 - Electrolytic cathode assemblies with hollow hanger bar: An electrolytic cathode assembly includes a hollow hanger bar, and a deposition plate including an upper edge attached to the hanger bar. The hanger bar can be formed substantially of copper. At least one supporting element can be configured to support the hanger bar. The supporting element(s) can be internally... Agent: Epcm Services Ltd.

20130327640 - Diamond based electrochemical sensors: A diamond based electrochemical band sensor comprising: a diamond body; and a plurality of boron doped diamond band electrodes disposed within the diamond body, wherein at least a portion of each of the plurality of boron doped diamond band electrodes is doped with boron to a level suitable to achieve... Agent: Element Six Limited

20130327641 - Protective offset sputtering: Sputtering in a physical vapor deposition (PVD) chamber may, in one embodiment, utilize a target laterally offset from and tilted with respect to the substrate. In another aspect, target power may be reduced to enhance film protection. In yet another aspect, magnetron magnets may be relatively strong and well balanced... Agent:

20130327642 - Arc evaporation source: An arc evaporation source (101) according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a ring-shaped circumferential magnet (103) which is so arranged as to surround the outer circumference of a target (102) along a direction in which the direction of magnetization becomes parallel with the front surface of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20130327643 - Expulsion of trapped matter: Herein is described a process method and device used for nonporous, or porous media, that is metallic, ceramic, or of rock based compositions, such as geologic materials which may house inclusions such that under electromigration, thermophoresis, electrophoresis, magnetophoresis, electromagnetics, leads to combined advection, convection, electro-magnetic kinetics, osmosis, and diffusion. Meaning... Agent:

20130327645 - Devices and methods for sequencing nucleic acids: Methods and devices for sequencing nucleic acids are disclosed herein. Devices are also provided herein for measuring DNA with nano-pores sized to allow DNA to pass through the nano-pore. The capacitance can be measured for the DNA molecule passing through the nano-pore. The capacitance measurements can be correlated to determine... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20130327644 - Modified base detection with nanopore sequencing: Methods, compositions, and systems are provided for characterization of modified nucleic acids. Nanopore sequencing is performed using a processive enzyme to control the rate of translation of a single strand of a nucleic acid through a nanopore. The presence and identity of a modified base can be determined by monitoring... Agent:

20130327646 - High velocity electrostatic coalescing oil/water separator: An apparatus and method for separating water from an oil-and-water mixture includes at least two elongated separator vessels oriented at an incline and connected to one another so that an upwardly flowing oil predominant fluid passes from the first separator vessel to the second separator vessel where further electrostatic separation... Agent:

20130327647 - Pretreatment device for dissolved ions analysis and dissolved ion analysis system: Provided is a pretreatment device for analysis of dissolved ions, which enables the separation of dissolved ions to be analyzed from a sample solution in a short period of time and which is applicable to both a case in which the dissolved ions to be measured is a cation and... Agent:

12/05/2013 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130319847 - Methods and apparatuses for low resistivity ag thin film using collimated sputtering: A method for making low emissivity panels, comprising forming highly smooth layers of silver on highly smooth layers of base or seed films. The highly smooth layers can be achieved by collimated sputtering, lowering the angular distribution of the sputtered particles when reaching the substrate.... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20130319848 - Sputtering process: In a process for coating a substrate, the substrate is arranged opposite a removal surface of a target and the coating material is atomized by sputtering under an inert or reactive-gas-containing process gas and deposited on the substrate. The coating takes place from a mixed target with at least one... Agent:

20130319850 - Nanoimprint lithography method for making a bit-patterned media magnetic recording disk using imprint resist with enlarged feature size: A method for making a patterned-media magnetic recording disk using nanoimprint lithography (NIL) enlarges the size of the imprint resist features after the imprint resist has been patterned by NIL. The layer of imprint resist material is deposited on a disk blank, which may have the magnetic layer already deposited... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20130319849 - Preparation of lamellae for tem viewing: A method and apparatus for producing thin lamella for TEM observation. The steps of the method are robust and can be used to produce lamella in an automated process. In some embodiments, a protective coating have a sputtering rate matched to the sputtering rate of the work piece is deposited... Agent: Fei Company

20130319852 - System and method for isotope selective chemical reactions: A system providing selective spin modification and reaction in an electrolytic cell. An electrolytic cell is coupled to a magnet that provides a level-splitting magnetic field in a region of electrolyte adjacent to a working electrode, thus establishing a spin resonance for an unpaired electron associated with a chemical species... Agent:

20130319851 - System, method and apparatus for measuring electrolysis cell operating conditions and communicating the same: System, method and apparatus for measuring electrolysis cell operating conditions and communicating the same are disclosed. The system includes a selectively positionable member coupled to an analytical apparatus, wherein the selectively positionable is configured to move the analytical apparatus into and out of physical communication with a bath. The system... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20130319853 - Cathode configuration, cathode block with a groove, and production method: A cathode configuration for an aluminum electrolysis cell has at least one cathode block based on carbon and/or graphite. At least one groove is formed in the cathode block and the groove is lined with a graphite foil, at least in certain regions. At least one busbar is disposed in... Agent: Sgl Carbon Se

20130319854 - Substrate support with radio frequency (rf) return path: Embodiments of substrate supports having a radio frequency (RF) return path are provided herein. In some embodiments, a substrate support may include a dielectric support body having a support surface to support a substrate thereon and an opposing second surface; a chucking electrode disposed within the support body proximate the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20130319855 - Magnetron sputtering system: A magnetron sputtering system is disclosed in the present invention. A chamber includes a target holder, a substrate holder and a magnetic-field generating component. The magnetic-field generating component is configured to generate a magnetic field in a surrounding area of a substrate to be sputtered and deposited. The present invention... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20130319856 - Method for manufacturing target material for copper lead of tft-lcd array substrate and target material: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing target material for copper lead of TFT-LCD array substrate and a target material. The method includes (1) providing copper powder and a spark plasma activated sintering device; and (2) placing the copper powder in the spark plasma activated sintering device for... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20130319857 - Gas sensor control apparatus: A gas sensor control apparatus (1) for a gas sensor (2) including an electromotive force cell (24) and a pump cell (14) includes current control means (69) for feedback-controlling the pump current Ip, voltage setting means S5, S13 for setting a target voltage Vr to either of first and second... Agent:

20130319858 - Electrochemical gas detector with carbon element: An electrochemical detector includes a carbon based element located between a separator and a current collector of an adjacent electrode. Elements can take the form of a carbon fabric located between the separator and the collector, or a linear, or, circular carbon deposit on a surface of the separator adjacent... Agent:

20130319859 - Electrorheological fluids incorporated into polymeric articles and tires: A polymeric article includes an electrorheological (ER) fluid in a polymer medium. In some applications, the polymer medium forms a body ply of a tire. The ER fluid can be incorporated into the polymeric article in a number of particular ways. The ER fluid may simply fill a pocket in... Agent: The University Of Akron

20130319860 - Method and apparatus for sensing ion concentrations in a fluid sample: The invention provides a method for the measurement of a concentration of a charged species in a sample, the sample having a plurality of types of charged species and at least one insoluble component. The method comprises: providing the sample on a surface of a partly permeable layer; allowing components... Agent: Medimate Holding B.v.

20130319862 - Leakage current sense circuit for error detection in an improved capillary electrophoresis-electrospray ionization- mass spectrometry system: Aspects of the present innovations relate to improved systems that may perform capillary electrophoresis (CE) and CE in conjunction with electrospray ionization (ESI) as an input to a mass spectrometry system (MS). Embodiments may use a current sense circuit at a high voltage output from an MS-ESI power supply in... Agent:

20130319861 - Outputting a droplet of liquid medium from a device for processing micro-objects in the medium: A micro-fluidic device can include a processing mechanism for processing micro-objects in a liquid medium and an outputting mechanism for expressing from the device a droplet of the medium containing one or more of the micro-objects. The outputting mechanism can include an expressing mechanism having a reservoir for holding a... Agent: Berkeley Lights, Inc.

20130319863 - Methods, compositions, and kits for protein crystallization: The present invention provides methods, compositions, and kits for protein crystallization. The present invention involves electrophoretically focusing at least a first protein species within a matrix comprising at least 2 regions of different pH, the protein being present in amount sufficient to permit crystallization within said pH gradient.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20130319864 - Composition and method for gel electrophoresis with in-situ calibration: The invention relates to, among other things, a method for performing electrophoresis with in-situ calibration. The method includes combining a volume of a test sample with a volume or quantity of a calibrating sample to form a final volume, where the volume of the calibrating sample includes a known concentration... Agent:

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