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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120325646 - Advanced nano technology for growing metallic nano-clusters: An apparatus for growing nano-clusters includes a pair of electrodes separated by an electrode pair spacing and a field generation module that generates a corona discharge across the electrodes. The corona discharge generates an electromagnetic field near the electrodes. A voltage potential across the electrodes is a medium voltage. The... Agent: Jtw, LLC

20120325647 - Methods for increasing the kinetic activity of water and other liquids, so as to render the liquids more useful in enhancing the alternative cellular energy pathway and in various other agricultural and industrial applications: A method for energizing water and other liquids is described. It is based on previous studies showing the use of ultraviolet (UV) light illuminated of alcohol containing neutral red dye as a means of activating the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. Rather than directly activating the patient, the method's ACE... Agent:

20120325648 - Reactor and method for obtaining carbon material by short circuit electric current: The present invention refers to a new and low cost method for producing single wall nanotubes and other allotropic forms of carbon. Said method uses a high electric current and 127 VAC or 220 VAC power supplies to sublimation of a solid precursor, which material can be made of graphite.... Agent: Universidade Federal Do Par&#xc1

20120325649 - Method of supporting a workpiece during physical vapour deposition: Methods and related apparatus support a work piece during a physical vapour deposition. An aluminium support having a support surface coated with a heat absorbent coating is provided. The support is cooled to around 100° C. and a PVD process is performed such that, with cooling, the work piece temperature... Agent: Spts Technologies Limited

20120325650 - Sputtering target, method for manufacturing sputtering target, and method for forming thin film: There have been cases where transistors formed using oxide semiconductors are inferior in reliability to transistors formed using amorphous silicon. Thus, in the present invention, a semiconductor device including a highly reliable transistor formed using an oxide semiconductor is manufactured. An oxide semiconductor film is deposited by a sputtering method,... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120325651 - Sputtering apparatus and method of manufacturing electronic device: It is an object of this invention to prevent a deposited film from adhering to an exhaust chamber so as to suppress the generation of particles. A sputtering apparatus (1) includes a shutter accommodation unit (23) which is detachably placed in an exhaust chamber (8) and accommodates a shutter (19)... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20120325652 - Device for high-temperature water electrolysis having improved operation: A device for high temperature electrolysis of water, including: at least one elementary electrolysis cell formed from a cathode, an anode, and an electrolyte intermediate between the cathode and the anode; a first device forming an electric and fluid interconnector including a metallic part delimited by at least one plane,... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120325653 - Hydrogen producing apparatus: A hydrogen producing apparatus includes a pump, a heating assembly, an electrolyser, at least one radiator, and a converting unit. The heating assembly includes at least one front heater, a middle heater, and a solar heater. The at least one front heater is connected to the pump. The middle heater... Agent:

20120325654 - High temperature electrolyzer (hte) having a stack of electrolysis cells and improved operating reliability and high efficiency: A high-temperature module for electrolysis of water with improved operational safety, in which steam containing at most 1% hydrogen can be made to flow simultaneously in each cathode and in each anode, as a draining gas, of a stack of cells. The stack of cells is housed in a sealed... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120325655 - A1-based alloy sputtering target: The present invention provides a technique capable of suppressing generation of splash even at high-speed deposition by an Al-based alloy sputtering target containing Ni and a rare earth element, wherein when crystallographic orientations <001>, <011>, <111>, <012> and <112> in a normal direction of each sputtering surface at a surface... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20120325656 - Electron beam sculpting of tunneling junction for nanopore dna sequencing: A technique for a nanodevice is provided that includes a reservoir filled with a conductive fluid and a membrane separating the reservoir. The membrane includes an electrode layer having a tunneling junction formed therein. A nanopore is formed through the membrane, and the nanopore is formed through other layers of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120325657 - Sensor device: A sensor device includes a substrate and a sensor chip held on the substrate. The substrate includes a flow channel. The sensor chip includes a plate. The plate includes a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. A plurality of through holes each penetrates through the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120325658 - Detection device: A detection device that is used to detect a sample includes: a base component having on its surface a sample supply position to which the sample is supplied; an electrode system formed at a distance from the sample supply position on the surface of the base component; a sliding component... Agent: Nippon Kayaku Kabushiki Kaisha

20120325659 - Measuring transducer for determining a measured variable representing a content of h+ and/or oh- ions in a measured medium: A measuring transducer, which is embodied to produce and output a measurement signal dependent on the content of W and/or OH− ions present in a measured medium, wherein the measuring transducer has, in a region provided for contact with the measured medium, at least one polymer membrane selectively conducting W... Agent: Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft F&#xfc R Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

20120325660 - Combination electrode for ion concentration measurement: A combination electrode for ion concentration measurement is provided including a glass electrode and a reference electrode whose internal electrode is made of silver-silver chloride, wherein a sealing means is provided configured to seal an upper surface of a reference electrode chamber formed in an outer tube which houses an... Agent: Able Corporation

20120325661 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor includes a plate-like gas sensor element, a tubular metallic shell which holds the gas sensor element, and a seal member disposed between the inner surface of the metallic shell and outer surface of the gas sensor element. The gas sensor further includes a metal packing having a... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20120325662 - Oxygen sensor control apparatus: In an oxygen sensor control apparatus, a CPU obtains a correction coefficient for calibrating the relation between output value of an oxygen sensor and oxygen concentration when a fuel cut operation is performed. When the amount of scavenging air (total supply amount of air) becomes equal to or greater than... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20120325663 - Complex electrokinetic decontamination equipment for decontaminating radionuclide and decontamination method using the same: A complex electrokinetic decontamination equipment is disclosed, which removes a radionuclide from contaminated soil with a high efficiency, using a combination of a washing decontamination method performed in an electrokinetic unit using electrolyte and an electrokinetic decontamination method performed by the electrokinetic unit. pH values in an anode chamber and... Agent:

20120325665 - Microfluidic devices with flexible optically transparent electrodes: Microfluidic devices in which electrokinetic mechanisms move droplets of a liquid or particles in a liquid are described. The devices include at least one electrode that is optically transparent and/or flexible.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120325664 - Nanosensor and method of manufacturing the same: A nanosensor comprising a substrate having a hole; a first insulating layer disposed on the substrate and having a first nanopore at a location corresponding to the hole in the substrate; first and second electrodes disposed on the first insulating layer, wherein the first and second electrodes are spaced apart... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

12/20/2012 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120318660 - Clean green fuel technology: We disclose herein a viable, cost efficient method for the instantaneous production of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas production is increased by utilizing solar and lunar energy. The hydrogen gas is generated spontaneously by the reaction of sodium hydroxide and aluminum as corrosion occurs, forming a layer of aluminum oxide upon... Agent: Jackson State University

20120318661 - Method for modification of a methane-containing gas stream: A method for modification of a methane-containing gas stream, comprising the steps of: i) withdrawal of at least one substream from a methane-containing gas stream; ii) treatment of the substream with an electrically generated plasma, generating a modified gas composition which comprises a lower fraction of methane than the methane-containing... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20120318662 - Method for forming bond between different elements: The present invention provides a doping technique that forms a stable amorphous silicon film and a stable polycrystalline silicon film at a low temperature and simultaneously that imparts conductivity in an atmospheric pressure environment. A method for producing a compound containing a bond between different elements belonging to Group 4... Agent: Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20120318663 - Methods for forming metal fluoride film and for manufacturing optical device: In a method for forming a metal fluoride film, a metal fluoride film is formed on a substrate by sputtering using a metal target and a mixed gas containing O2 gas and a reactive gas being a fluorocarbon gas.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120318664 - Pinhole-free dielectric thin film fabrication: A method of depositing a dielectric thin film may include: depositing a thin layer of dielectric; stopping deposition of the dielectric layer, and modifying the gas in the chamber if desired; inducing and maintaining a plasma in the vicinity of the substrate to provide ion bombardment of the deposited layer... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120318665 - Apparatus for generating fluorine gas: [Solving means] A fluorine gas generating system characterized by including a purification apparatus 20 for adsorbing and removing hydrogen fluoride vaporized from a molten salt of an electrolysis tank 1 and mixed in fluorine gas generated at an anode 7, in which the purification apparatus 20 includes a cylindrical member... Agent: Central Glass Company, Limited

20120318666 - Method and apparatus for electroplating on soi and bulk semiconductor wafers: An electroplating apparatus and method for depositing a metallic layer on the surface of a wafer is provided wherein said apparatus and method do not require physical attachment of an electrode to the wafer. The surface of the wafer to be plated is positioned to face the anode and a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120318667 - Electrolytic cell for producing primary aluminum by using inert anode: An electrolytic cell for producing primary aluminum by using inert anodes is disclosed, in which an electrolyte system KF—NaF—AlF3 is used and the operating temperature of the cell is 700-850° C. The electrolytic cell comprises a cell shell, heat insulating refractory lining, a melting pot, a heat insulating cover, inert... Agent: Aluminum Corporation Of China Limited

20120318668 - Tantalum coil for sputtering and method for processing the coil: Provided is a tantalum coil for sputtering disposed between a substrate and a sputtering target, wherein the tantalum coil has irregularities so that the surface roughness Rz of the tantalum coil is 150 μm or more and the number of threads is 15 to 30 TPI (Threads per inch) in... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120318669 - Sputtering target-backing plate assembly: By simultaneously performing sintering and bonding, a sputtering target-backing plate assembly has a shorter manufacturing process, can shorten manufacturing period, and does not cause a problem of detachment due to an increase in temperature during sputtering. In addition, it is also an object of the present invention to provide a... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120318670 - No calibration analyte sensors and methods: A meter and sensors, for use in combination, where no calibration code has to be entered by the user or is read by the meter. The meter is configured with a predetermined slope and y-intercept built into the meter. If the slope and y-intercept of the sensor are within a... Agent: Abbott Diabetics Care Inc.

20120318671 - Electrohydraulic and shear cavitation radial counterflow liquid processor: Axially fed fluid is sheared during long residence time in a radial workspace between counter-rotating coaxial disk-shaped centrifugal impellers. Gases evolve in the fractal turbulence of a shear layer, which is forced between laminar boundary layers, and an axial suction pump axially extracts evolved noncondensables and volatiles through cores of... Agent: Mccutchen Co.

20120318672 - Systems for microchip capillary electrophoresis absent electrokinetic injection: Microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) utilizing a sample injector based on a mechanical valve rather than electrokinetic injection can provide improved sample injections, enhanced capabilities, and can eliminate the need for changing the electric field in the separation channel to induce sample injection. In one instance CE electrodes continuously apply an... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

12/13/2012 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120312681 - Sputtering target, method for manufacturing sputtering target, and method for forming thin film: There have been cases where transistors formed using oxide semiconductors are inferior in reliability to transistors formed using amorphous silicon. Thus, in the present invention, a semiconductor device including a highly reliable transistor formed using an oxide semiconductor is manufactured. An oxide semiconductor film is deposited by a sputtering method,... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120312682 - Solid electrode: The present invention provides a solid diamond electrode, a reactor, in particular a reactor comprising an anode, a cathode and at least one bipolar electrode having first and second major working surfaces positioned therebetween wherein the at least one bipolar electrode consists essentially of diamond, and methods in which the... Agent:

20120312683 - Electrode for electrochemical processes and method for obtaining the same: An electrode suitable for use as hydrogen-evolving cathode in electrolytic processes is obtained by thermal decomposition of a precursor consisting of an acetic solution of nitrates of ruthenium, and optionally of rare earths. The electrode displays a low cathodic hydrogen evolution overpotential, an improved tolerance to current reversal phenomena and... Agent: Industrie De Nora S.p.a.

20120312684 - Multiple-biosensor article: An article suitable for conducting one or more assays with an apparatus, e.g., a meter, for determining the presence or concentration of an analyte in a sample of biological fluid. The article contains a plurality of biosensors arranged in such a manner that each of the biosensors can be utilized... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120312685 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor has a cylindrical housing case, a gas sensor element as a sensor component, and a filler portion. The filler portion is formed between the inner surface of the cylindrical housing case and the outer surface of the gas sensor element. The filler portion is filled with filler... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120312686 - Technical measure for gel electrophoresis shaping: A technical measure for gel electrophoresis shaping that can make the gel electrophoresis generate no bubbles including in the gel, and can make a gradient gel being more accurate and more stable in quality. When liquid gel enters a collecting trough under continuous driving of a roller in the collecting... Agent: Wealtec Bioscience Co., Ltd.

20120312688 - Cation exchange membrane having enhanced selectivity, method for preparing same and uses thereof: t

20120312687 - Functional and reusable electrodeposited coatings on porous membranes: Functionalized membranes for use in applications, such as electrodeionization, can be prepared simply and efficiently by coating a conductive carbon nanotube and polymer membrane with a metal layer; and contacting the coated membrane with a solution comprises at least one electrochemically active and functional compound under conditions suitable for electrochemically... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120312689 - Pump: A pump includes a flow passage through which a liquid containing an electrolytic solution is conveyed, a pair of electrodes in the flow passage to apply an electric field along the direction in which the liquid is conveyed, and a conductive member connected to one of the pair of electrodes... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120312690 - Method and apparatus for separating particles by dielectrophoresis: Particle separation apparatus separate particles and particle populations using dielectrophoretic (DEP) forces generated by one or more pairs of electrically coupled electrodes separated by a gap. Particles suspended in a fluid are separated by DEP forces generated by the at least one electrode pair at the gap as they travel... Agent:

12/06/2012 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120305383 - Process for the treatment of crude oil and petroleum products: There is provided a process, and a device, for the treatment of crude oil, component(s) of crude, or mixtures thereof, to convert components of said hydrocarbon liquid to products having boiling points that are lower than the boiling points of said components prior to treatment. The process comprises subjecting crude... Agent:

20120305384 - Self-sustaining cracking of hydrocarbons: The present disclosure provides a simple and efficient method for the self-sustaining radiation cracking of hydrocarbons. The method disclosed provides for the deep destructive processing of hydrocarbon chains utilizing hydrocarbon chain decomposition utilizing self-sustaining radiation cracking of hydrocarbon chains under a wide variety of irradiation conditions and temperature ranges (from... Agent: Petrobeam, Inc.

20120305385 - Plasma sputtering process for producing particles: A high production rate plasma sputtering process for producing particles having a size of 10 μm or less is disclosed. The process causes ionization of at least a part of the sputtered target atoms and is performed at such parameters that the pick-up probability of ionized sputtered target atoms on... Agent: Ti&#xc5 Ab

20120305386 - Cathodic protection system for marine applications: An anode assembly for an impressed current cathodic protection system is disclosed. The anode assembly is arranged to protect a structure in a body of water. It includes an anode, an anode support and a base and is arranged to be electrically connected to the cathodic protection system. The base... Agent: Matcor, Inc.

20120305387 - Plating apparatus: A plating apparatus for plating a surface of a substrate includes a plurality of plating tanks for holding a plating solution therein, a plurality of pumps combined respectively with the plating tanks, for circulating the plating solution through the plating tanks, a plurality of suction pipes connecting respective suction ports... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20120305388 - Hydrogen generator: A hydrogen generator (1) comprising a plurality of electrodes (15) arranged in a sequence. The sequence comprises a first an anode (17) or a cathode (19), which is followed in the sequence by an isolated member (21). The isolated member (21) is made of similar conductive material to the anode... Agent:

20120305390 - Electrode and method of forming the master electrode: An electrode for forming an electrochemical cell with a substrate and a method of forming said electrode. The electrode comprises a carrier provided with an insulating layer which is patterned at a front side. Conducting material in an electrode layer is applied in the cavities of the patterned insulating layer... Agent: Replisaurus Group Sas

20120305389 - Activated cathode for hydrogen evolution: The present invention relates to a cathode for hydrogen evolution with a catalyst layer formed on the cathode substrate, having, at least, three elements comprising platinum, cerium and palladium, as essential element, in a state of metal, metal oxide, or hydroxide, contained, where the mole fraction of respective element being... Agent: Permelec Electrode Ltd.

20120305392 - manufacturing method for licoo2, sintered body and sputtering target: Provided is a method for stably manufacturing high-density sintered LiCoO2. Said method uses a CIP-and-sintering method, which has a forming step using cold hydrostatic pressing and a sintering step. The pressing force is at least 1000 kg/cm2, the sintering temperature is between 1050° C. and 1120° C., and the sintering... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120305391 - Manufacturing method for licoo2 sintered body and sputtering target: Disclosed are a manufacturing method for a LiCoO2 sintered body, said manufacturing method enabling the safe manufacturing of a high density sintered body, and a sputtering target. The LiCoO2 sintered body manufacturing method includes a step in which LiCoO2 powder is filled into a mold. The pressure inside the mold... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120305393 - Sputter target: In one aspect of the invention, a sputter target is provided comprising a backing plate (40) comprising a front surface and a back surface; and a sputtering plate mounted on said backing plate, the sputtering plate comprising a sputtering surface and a back surface. At least one of the back... Agent: Tosoh Smd, Inc.

20120305394 - Biosensor having identification information and apparatus for reading identification information of biosensor: An apparatus for reading identification information of a biosensor is provided, including a biosensor sensing unit detecting the biosensor, a light-emitting unit emitting light on an identification information recording unit when the biosensor sensing unit detects the biosensor, the identification information recording unit having the identification information of the biosensor... Agent: Infopia Co., Ltd.

20120305395 - Device for the determination of glycated hemoglobin: An electrochemical device for determining the percentage of glycated hemoglobin in a blood sample is provided. The device includes a cathode and anode and one or more cells. The device may include an enzyme capable of reducing oxygen to water for determining the total amount of hemoglobin in a sample... Agent: Abbbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120305396 - Electrochemical cell and method of making an electrochemical cell: Electrochemical test cells are made with precision and accuracy by adhering an electrically resistive sheet having a bound opening to a first electrically conductive sheet. A notching opening is then punched through the electrically resistive sheet and the first electrically conductive sheet. The notching opening intersects the first bound opening... Agent: Agamatrix, Inc.

20120305397 - Gas sensor element and gas sensor employing the gas sensor element: In a gas sensor element, a measurement gas is introduced to a measurement electrode through a porous diffusion-resistant layer. A catalyst layer is formed on an outer surface of the diffusion-resistant layer via which the measurement gas flows into the diffusion-resistant layer. In the catalyst layer, the percentage content of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120305398 - Methods and devices for separating particles in a liquid flow: Methods and devices for the separation of particles (20, 21, 22) in a compartment (30) of a fluidic microsystem (100) are described, in which the movement of a liquid (10) in which particles (20, 21, 22) are suspended with a predetermined direction of flow through the compartment (30), and the... Agent: Perkinelmer Cellular Technologies Germany Gmbh

20120305399 - Electrokinetic pumping of nonpolar solvents using ionic fluid: Techniques are generally described that include electrokinetic pumping an emulsion comprising an ionic fluid and a nonpolar fluid to promote flow of the ionic fluid by electro-osmotic flow and drag the nonpolar fluid by viscous drag forces. In some examples, the electrokinetic pump may be utilized to deliver one or... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120305400 - Monolithically formed ewod device and method of making the same: A monolithic fabrication method of parallel-plate electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWOD) chips for digital microfluidics of picoliter droplets is disclosed. Instead of assembling a second substrate to form a top plate, the top plate is generated in situ as a thin-film membrane that forms a monolithic cavity having a gap height on the... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

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