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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120267235 - Method and device for performing quantum control on infinitesimal quanta: A method for performing quantum control on infinitesimal quanta includes: an independent reaction space provision step, wherein at least one three-dimensional closed space is provided; an infinitesimal-quantum kinetic energy enhancement step, wherein differently shaped reaction elements are provided on at least one inner surface of each closed space, each reaction... Agent:

20120267234 - Nanostructures, systems, and methods for photocatalysis: The present invention generally relates to nanostructures and compositions comprising nanostructures, methods of making and using the nanostructures, and related systems. In some embodiments, a nanostructure comprises a first region and a second region, wherein a first photocatalytic reaction (e.g., an oxidation reaction) can be carried out at the first... Agent: Sun Catalytix Corporation

20120267237 - Production of nanoparticles: We have found that a pulsed DC supply is surprisingly beneficial in the use of sputter deposition for creating nanoparticles. The deposition rate is increased, and the particle size can be tuned so that it clusters around a specific value. A method of sputter deposition is therefore disclosed, comprising the... Agent: Mantis Deposition Limited

20120267236 - Tantalum sputtering target and method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing semiconductor element: In one embodiment, a method for manufacturing a tantalum sputtering target includes a first knead forging step, a first heating step, a second knead forging step, a cold rolling step, and a second heating step. In the first knead forging step, a tantalum material is subjected to two sets or... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120267238 - Process for deposition of amorphous carbon: A method for increasing oil-out survivability in a mechanical system having a plurality of components each having a least one surface, includes placing at least one of the plurality of components into a vacuum chamber having at least one broad-beam ion gun; supplying an inert gas to the broad-beam ion... Agent:

20120267240 - Photoelectrode with a polymer layer: A photoelectrode including at least one polymer layer is provided. The at least one polymer layer defines the surface of the photoelectrode, or it defines an interlayer within the photoelectrode. The polymer layer can be made of a non-conductive polymer and have a thickness of 100 nm or less.... Agent: Agency For Science Technology And Research

20120267239 - Single-layer pcb microfluidics: A printed circuit board structure is coated with an encapsulant within which microfluidic channels have been formed. The microfluidic channels are formed by soldering fluidic connections to metal traces on a surface of the printed circuit board structure prior to encapsulation. The metal traces are removed by etching after encapsulation... Agent:

20120267241 - Master electrode and method of forming it: A master electrode is arranged on substrate and comprises a pattern layer at least partly of an insulating material and a first surface provided with a plurality of cavities in which a conducting material is arranged, said electrode conductor being electrically connected to at least one electrode current supply; said... Agent: Replisaurus Technologies Sas

20120267242 - Spherical electrode and electrolysis cell including same: The present invention relates to a spherical electrode and to a spherical electrode cell, and more particularly, to a method for forming an electrode on an ion-exchange resin or forming an electrolysis cell on an ion-exchange resin. The spherical electrode or spherical electrolysis cell of the present invention can be... Agent: Elchem Tech Co, Ltd.

20120267243 - Systems and methods for a target and backing plate assembly: A target and backing plate assembly and method of making the same. The target and backing plate assembly provides a mechanical interlock between the target and backing plate in addition to diffusion bonding between dissimilar materials comprising the target and backing plate. An interlayer may also be used between the... Agent: Tosoh Smd, Inc.

20120267244 - Sample receiving device for sample materials in ultra-high vacuum chambers: The disclosure relates to a sample-receiving device for sample materials in ultra-high vacuum chambers, in particular for sputter coating installations.... Agent: Deutsches Elektronen-synchrotron Desy

20120267245 - Electrochemical sensors with carrier: An electrochemical sensing apparatus and methods are provided. In one embodiment, an apparatus is provided having a carrier that supports an electrochemical module and that communicates between electrodes on the electrochemical module and an analyte measurement device.... Agent: Lifescan, Inc.

20120267246 - Methods and apparatus for improving the sensitivity of capillary zone electrophoresis: The present invention relates to novel methods and apparatus for improving the sensitivity of capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE). The invention particularly concerns devices comprising a channel that contains an in-line sol-gel column to concentrate samples being subjected to capillary zone electrophoresis, and the use of such devices to enhance the... Agent: Beckman Coulter, Inc.

20120267247 - Ruggedized apparatus for analysis of nucleic acid and proteins: The invention provides methods and systems for ruggedizing a nucleic acid analyzing apparatus. The ruggedized apparatus can be used reliably and effectively in uncontrolled environments, such as, for example at a crime scene to collect and analyze forensic data, as well as in semi-controlled environments, such as, for example at... Agent: Netbio Inc.

20120267248 - Method for producing a sulfonated block copolymer composition: Sulfonated block copolymer composition formed by dissolving in an aprotic polar solvent at least one sulfonated block copolymer having at least one end block A and at least one interior block B wherein each A block contains essentially no sulfonic acid or sulfonate ester functional groups and each B block... Agent:

20120267249 - Surface charge enabled nanoporous semi-permeable membrane for desalination: A filter includes a membrane having a plurality of nanochannels formed therein. A first surface charge material is deposited on an end portion of the nanochannels. The first surface charge material includes a surface charge to electrostatically influence ions in an electrolytic solution such that the nanochannels reflect ions back... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

10/18/2012 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120261253 - Rotary magnetron magnet bar and apparatus containing the same for high target utilization: An apparatus for coating a substrate is provided that includes a racetrack-shaped plasma source having two straight portions and at least one terminal turnaround portion connecting said straight portions. A tubular target formed of a target material that forms a component of the coating has an end. The target is... Agent:

20120261254 - Method and apparatus for filling interconnect structures: Methods, apparatus, and systems for depositing copper and other metals are provided. In some implementations, a wafer substrate is provided to an apparatus. The wafer substrate has a surface with field regions and a feature. A copper layer is plated onto the surface of the wafer substrate. The copper layer... Agent:

20120261255 - Electrolysis water-making apparatus: The invention relates to an electrolysis water-making apparatus where an electrolytic cell in which a unit cell is provided in a casing, is fixed to an installation base by a fixture attached to the electrolytic cell, and, through a pipe group, electrolyte solution is supplied into the electrolytic cell, and... Agent:

20120261256 - Sample holders and analytical instrument for point-of-care qualification of clinical samples: This invention has two synergistic elements for simultaneous use in point-of-care or field analyses of diverse substances important to clinical medicine and other applications. The first element is a sample holder in which are stored the several reagents need for quantification of target molecules. The onboard storage of reagents in... Agent:

20120261257 - Low cost electrochemical disposable sensor for measuring glycated hemoglobin: Design of a disposable screen printed electrode (SPE) for sensing percentage glycated hemoglobin using electrochemistry is disclosed. SPE has four electrodes, one working electrode for the detection of glycated hemoglobin, one working electrode for the detection of hemoglobin and the other two electrodes are counter and reference electrodes that are... Agent: Indian Institute Of Science

20120261259 - Potentiometric sensor and analytical element: A potentiometric sensor with suppressed leak current on the surface of an electrode and improved for a dynamic range and a response speed, in which a redox compound is immobilized through insulative molecules on the surface of a gold electrode, and a current between a source and drain of an... Agent:

20120261258 - Test strips, methods, and system of manufacturing test strip lots having a predetermined calibration characteristic: Various embodiments of a technique in which test strip lots can be prepared without requiring a user to input any calibration information before performing a test measurement with a test strip from the test strip lots. In a first aspect, a method of manufacturing a plurality of test strips by... Agent:

20120261260 - Electrolyte analyzer: The fluctuation patterns of each measured item are extracted from the results of daily electrolyte calibration. The electromotive force balance ratio between the internal standard solution and high/low-concentration standard solutions is calculated as well as its fluctuation pattern. The obtained fluctuation patterns are compared against atypical fluctuation patterns stored in... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20120261261 - Ultrafast sequencing of biological polymers using a labeled nanopore: Methods and systems for sequencing a biological molecule or polymer, e.g., a nucleic acid, are provided. One or more donor labels, which are attached to a pore or nanopore, may be illuminated or otherwise excited. A polymer having a monomer labeled with one or more acceptor labels, may be translocated... Agent: Quantapore, Inc.

20120261262 - Purifying apparatus and purifying method: A vessel in which an electroconductive liquid including impurities is stored has an electromagnetic force generation device which produces an electromagnetic force that circulates the electroconductive liquid in the electroconductive liquid, and a discharge device which discharges a non-metallic impurity and a deemed non-metallic impurity and collected in a low-pressure... Agent: Central Research Institute Of Electric Power Industry

20120261263 - Three-dimensional nanochannel device and method of manufacturing the same: A three-dimensional nanochannel device and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. In the device, a first substrate, a second substrate, and a channel layer sandwiched by the first and the second substrates are included. At least one channel is constituted by the first and the second substrates and... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120261264 - Droplet operations device: The invention provides droplet actuators with droplet operations surfaces for manipulating droplets, e.g., by conducting droplet operations. The droplet operations surfaces are typically exposed to a droplet operations gap. One or more regions of a droplet operation surface may include patterned topographic features. The invention also provides a droplet actuator... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20120261265 - Fluid treatment device: A fluid treatment device is disclosed. The fluid treatment device includes at least a first electrode and a second electrode in direct contact with the fluid. The fluid treatment device may include a control device which adjusts a parameter of an alternating potential difference provided between the first electrode and... Agent:

10/11/2012 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120255853 - Method for producing superoxide, method for evaluating superoxide scavenging ability, device for producing superoxide, and device for evaluating superoxide scavenging ability: A method for easily and stably producing a superoxide by selectively generating the superoxide or a radical containing the superoxide at a high purity; a method for easily evaluating the superoxide scavenging ability of a subject sample; a device for easily and stably producing a superoxide by selectively generating the... Agent: Sapporo Medical University

20120255854 - Process for plasma treatment employing ceramic-filled polyamideimide composite parts: Internal components of plasma reactors are composed of a toleratable, ceramic filled plasma-useful polymer such as a high temperature engineering thermoplastic, preferably a polyamideimide. The parts exhibit a low erosion rate upon exposure to plasma at low pressure.... Agent: Quadrant Epp Ag

20120255855 - Method of controlling lithium uniformity: A method and apparatus for providing uniform coatings of lithium on a substrate are provided. In one aspect of the present invention is a method of selectively controlling the uniformity and/or rate of deposition of a metal or lithium in a sputter process by introducing a quantity of reactive gas... Agent: Sage Electrochromics, Inc.

20120255856 - Electrolytic cell: My electrolytic cell is uniquely designed to improve the ionic flow of the dissociated ions present in the electrolytic bath when a direct current is present. The cell consists of an outer cylinder made of palladium, a middle cylinder made of platinum, and a center electrode also made of palladium.... Agent:

20120255857 - Agriculture kit: Disclosed herein is a method for reducing hardened chemical salts in soil and also for improving water quality in irrigating water. The method comprises an electrolysis system in contact with soil to reduce hardened chemical salts. The system also can reduce pest's activity in water through electrolysis and the release... Agent:

20120255858 - Activated carbon for electrochemical element and electrochemical element using the same: Activated carbon used for an electrochemical element in which when W1 and W2 satisfy 1.0 nm≦W1<W2≦2.0 nm, a total pore volume of the activated carbon in which a slit width obtained by an MP method is W1 or more and W2 or less is 15% or more of a total... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120255859 - Gadolinium sputtering target and production method of said target: An assembly of a gadolinium target and a titanium backing plate, wherein the gadolinium target-titanium backing plate assembly has a solid-phase diffusion-bonded interface at a bonding interface between the gadolinium target and the titanium backing plate. An object of the present invention is to discover a backing plate that is... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120255860 - Carbon-based electrodes with graphene modification: Certain embodiments of the present application describe a carbon-based electrode with graphene platelets. The addition of graphene platelets is intended to improve properties of the electrode. These properties include, but are not limited to, physical, electrical, and biochemical properties of the electrode. Enhanced reproducibility of these properties can also result... Agent: Proxim Diagnostics

20120255861 - Growth tube microchip electrophoresis system: This technology is a method and apparatus for the semi-continuous measurement of the concentration of constituents of airborne particles which couples a laminar flow, water condensation particle collector to a microfluidic device for assay of particle chemical composition by electrophoresis. The technology has been used for the assay of sulfates,... Agent:

20120255862 - Methods for voltage-induced protein incorporation into planar lipid bilayers: Disclosed here are methods useful for incorporating protein into lipid bilayers using voltage induced insertion. The methods presented herein can decrease time and costs associated with incorporation of proteins into naturally derived or artificially created lipid bilayers. A method for incorporating a protein capable of translocating a ligand also is... Agent: Electronic Biosciences, LLC

10/04/2012 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120247945 - Hydrocarbon cracking antenna: An aspect of at least one embodiment of the present invention is a device for cracking heavy hydrocarbons. A linear applicator is positioned within heavy oil containing aromatic molecules. A radio frequency electrical current source is electrically connected to the applicator at a first connection point and a second connection... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120247947 - Cavitation reactor within resonator: A system including an ultrasonic resonance chamber containing a cavitation reaction chamber therein is described. In some embodiments, the resonance chamber or resonator comprises a spherical metal shell having fluid and other couplings and containing a first liquid that carries an acoustic field within the resonator. A second fluid or... Agent: Impulse Devices, Inc.

20120247946 - Monolithic photocatalyst system for generating electricity: Described is a monolithic catalyst system (1) for the cleavage of water into hydrogen and oxygen with the aid of light, comprising a first photoactive material (50) capable by itself or together with one or more auxiliary catalysts when irradiated with light having a wavelength ≧420 nm of generating oxygen... Agent: Cfso Gmbh

20120247948 - Sputtering target of multi-component single body and method for preparation thereof, and method for producing multi-component alloy-based nanostructured thin films using same: The present invention relates to a sputtering target of a multi-component single body, a preparation method thereof, and a method for fabricating a multi-component alloy-based nanostructured thin film using the same. The sputtering target according to the present invention comprises an amorphous or partially crystallized glass-forming alloy system composed of... Agent:

20120247949 - Film forming method, resputtering method, and film forming apparatus: A film forming method includes depositing a metal thin film on a target substrate by generating an inductively coupled plasma in a processing chamber while introducing a plasma generating gas in the processing chamber with the substrate disposed on a placing table, by supplying DC power to a metal target... Agent:

20120247950 - Mold for nanoimprinting, its production process, and processes for producing molded resin having fine concavo-convex structure on its surface and wire-grid polarizer: To provide a mold for nanoimprinting capable of accurately transcribing a fine concavo-convex structure, available at a low cost and having high durability, its production process, and processes for producing a molded resin having a fine concavo5 convex structure on its surface having the fine concavo-convex structure of the mold... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20120247951 - Barrel apparatus for barrel plating: A barrel apparatus for barrel plating in which a non-open type barrel is used, a workpiece is accommodated in the barrel and is immersed in a plating liquid, a negative electrode that is arranged within the barrel and a positive electrode that is arranged in the plating liquid are electrically... Agent: Mitaka Seisaku Co., Ltd.

20120247952 - Film forming method by sputtering apparatus and sputtering apparatus: The present invention provides a film forming method which can reduce deterioration of film thickness distribution even if the thickness of a film to be formed is extremely small while improving use efficiency of a target and a sputtering apparatus. A film forming method by a sputtering apparatus according to... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20120247953 - Film-coating system: The invention relates to a film coating system. The system includes serially arranged working zones including a rough vacuum feeding section, a high vacuum feeding section, an optical layer coating zone, a pretreatment zone, a transparent conductive layer coating zone and a pressure balanced exhausting zone. The system further includes... Agent:

20120247954 - Plasma processing apparatus: Disclosed is a capacitively-coupled plasma etching apparatus, in which a focus ring is provided surrounding a substrate placing area of a placing table for adjusting a state of plasma. A ring type insulating member is installed along the focus ring between the top surface of the placing table and the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120247955 - Electrode assembly: The electrode assembly is provided with: a rod-like body 1 that extends along a predetermined axis ; a substrate that is formed with a through-hole penetrating between a front surface and a back surface and attached to a fore end part of the body; and a sensor chip for electrochemical... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20120247956 - Biosensor strip and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention is related to a biosensor strip and a manufacturing method thereof. The biosensor strip comprises an electrode layer that has a first electrode pattern and a second electrode pattern. The two electrode patterns are provided on a base by different manufacturing methods. The first electrode pattern is... Agent: Taidoc Technology Corpora

20120247957 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor is provided with a multilayer body of solid electrolyte layers, a measurement electrode, a reference electrode, a reference gas introduction layer, a detection unit and a heater. The reference electrode and the measurement electrode are formed directly on the same first solid electrolyte layer. Thus, heat from... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20120247958 - Gel processing systems for electrophoresis, imaging, and analysis, software and methods: The present teachings describe gel processing systems comprising at least an electrophoresis device and a computer system operably linked to perform electrophoresis. Systems of the disclosure may also comprise gel imaging systems, image capture systems, gel illumination systems and/or gel/image analysis systems. A computer system of the disclosure may comprise... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120247959 - Through-flow capacitive deionization cell: The capacitive electrodes of the CDI cell are arranged to form a tube. Water to be treated flows through the tube-walls. The CDI electrodes are permeable, and form the tube-walls, whereby the flow passes through the thicknesses of the electrodes and of the spacers. The electrodes may be in the... Agent: Enpar Technologies Inc

20120247960 - Bidirectional electrowetting actuation with voltage polarity dependence: A novel electrowetting system for the smooth continuous movement of a droplet across a single circuit using a continuous applied voltage regardless of polarity. The actuation of the droplet is achieved by introducing a diode into the idealized electrical circuit of the electrowetting system. The diode is in parallel with... Agent: University Of South Florida

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