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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120241310 - Device and method for coating a substrate: An apparatus for coating a substrate has a vacuum chamber designed to receive the substrate and at least one sputtering target to be ablated during operation of the apparatus by particle bombardment. At least one window is arranged in the wall of the vacuum chamber. A device for determining the... Agent:

20120241311 - Sputtering device and sputtering method: According to the embodiment, a sputtering device and a sputtering method includes: a target of which a bottom surface is arranged so as to be opposed to a wafer substrate; a magnetic field forming portion which is arranged to be opposed to an upper surface of the target, and includes... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120241312 - Surface texturing using engineered structures: Active texturing systems adapted for selectively and reversibly modifying the texture of a surface utilizing a plurality of discrete mechanisms in communication with the reconfigurable structure.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120241313 - Fluorine gas generating apparatus: A fluorine gas generating apparatus generating a fluorine gas by electrolyzing hydrogen fluoride in molten salt, includes: an electrolytic cell including, above a liquid level of molten salt, a first gas chamber into which a product gas mainly containing the fluorine gas generated at an anode immersed in the molten... Agent: Central Glass Company, Limited

20120241314 - Electrolytic cathode structure and electrolyzer using the same: The electrolytic cathode structure includes a metal elastic cushion member 1 compressed and accommodated between an activated cathode 2 and a cathode current collector 3. At least a surface layer of the cathode current collector 3 consumes a larger oxidation current per unit area than the activated cathode. The electrolyzer... Agent:

20120241315 - Electrolysis device and refrigerator: an anode, a cathode having a nitrogen-containing carbon alloy catalyst, and an electrolysis cell having a membrane electrode assembly composed of an electrolyte present between the anode and the cathode so that voltage is applied to the anode and the cathode, wherein the electrolyte is any one of acidic, neutral,... Agent:

20120241317 - Sputtering target comprising oxide phase dispersed in co or co alloy phase, magnetic thin film made of co or co alloy phase and oxide phase, and magnetic recording medium using the said thin film: A sputtering target comprising an oxide phase is dispersed in Co or a Co alloy phase, wherein the sputtering target is configured from a metal matrix phase containing Co, and a phase containing SiO2 and having an oxide which forms particles and is dispersed in an amount of 6 to... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120241316 - Sputtering target of magnetic material: A magnetic sputtering target which contains B and is obtained by a melting and casting method, wherein the B content is 10 at % or more and 50 at % or less, and the remainder is one or more elements selected from Co, Fe, and Ni. Based on the method... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120241318 - System and methods for determining an analyte concentration incorporating a hematocrit correction: Methods and devices for determining the concentration of a constituent in a physiological sample are provided. The blood sample is introduced into a test strip with portions of the blood sample being directed to both a first capillary and a second capillary. The first capillary configured to electrochemically determine a... Agent:

20120241319 - Gas detector having bipolar counter/reference electrode: A gas detector includes at least two electrodes. The electrodes are carried on a common substrate having first and second spaced apart surfaces. The electrodes are formed on respective ones of the surfaces with the substrate sandwiched therebetween.... Agent: Life Safety Distribution Ag

20120241320 - Low-slope ph electrode: A low-slope pH electrode (100) is provided according to an embodiment of the invention. The low-slope pH electrode (100) includes an electrode body (102), a pH-sensitive glass (122) fused into the electrode body (102), with the pH-sensitive glass (122) including a predetermined area, and a mask (124) formed over a... Agent: Hach Company

20120241321 - Polypeptide marker for diagnosing and assessing vascular diseases: The invention relates to a method for diagnosing vascular diseases, comprising the step in which the presence, absence or amplitude of at least three polypeptide markers is determined in a urine sample, wherein the polypeptide markers are selected from the markers characterized in table 1 by values for the molecular... Agent:

20120241322 - Analysis apparatus and analysis method: An analysis apparatus is an apparatus that performs electrophoresis using a microchip provided with a channel. The analysis apparatus includes a cooling unit (an electron cooling element and a driving circuit) that cools the microchip, a voltage application unit (electrodes and a power supply circuit) that applies voltage to a... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20120241323 - Previously entitled \"fluid treatment method and system using flowing generator to treat water\" herein amended to \"fluid treatment\": Herein provided are methods, kits, systems, devices, etc. relating to the use of electrical energy for the treatment of fluids.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

09/20/2012 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120234668 - Systems and methods of generating energy from solar radiation using photocatalytic particles: A solar reflector assembly is provided for generating energy from solar radiation. The solar reflector assembly is configured to be deployed on a supporting body of liquid and to reflect solar radiation to a solar collector. A solar reflector assembly comprises an inflatable elongated tube having an upper portion formed... Agent: Combined Power Cooperative

20120234669 - Precast gel for electrophoresis, method for producing the same, and use of the same: This invention relates to a precast gel for electrophoresis comprising a support filled with an aqueous gel prepared by polymerizing an aqueous solution comprising a radically polymerizable monomer, a crosslinkable monomer, a buffer, a redox initiator comprising an oxidizer/reducer, and a photo sensitizer and having a pH level of 6.0... Agent: Hymo Corporation

20120234670 - Machine and method for metallization of three-dimensional objects of small sizes: A machine for metallization of three-dimensional objects of small sizes comprising a feeding device (2) to supply a succession of objects to be metallized (20), a metallizing device (3) comprising a main sputtering chamber (31) in a condition of permanent vacuum and a loading and unloading chamber (30) for a... Agent: Tapematic S.p.a.

20120234671 - Method and device for producing three-dimensional objects: The invention concerns a method for producing three-dimensional objects (3) layer by layer using a powdery material (5) which can be solidified by irradiating it with a high-energy beam.... Agent: Arcam Ab

20120234672 - Sputtering method and sputtering apparatus: This invention provides a sputtering method which can generate an electric discharge under practical conditions and maintain the pressure in a plasma space uniform, and a sputtering apparatus used for the same. The sputtering method includes a first gas introduction step (step S403) of introducing a process gas from a... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20120234673 - salt water chlorinator: A salt water chlorinator (30) for a swimming pool includes an electrolysis cell having two anodes (98) and a cathode (94). Two scrapers (102), each of which is of titanium and includes scraping portions in the form of ribs (106) in contact with the opposite surfaces of the cathode, are... Agent:

20120234674 - Cation exchange membrane, electrolysis vessel using the same and method for producing cation exchange membrane: s

20120234675 - Apparatus and method for controlling nucleation during electrolysis: In one embodiment of the present invention an electrolytic cell is provided comprising: a containment vessel; a first electrode; a second electrode; a source of electrical current in electrical communication with the first electrode and the second electrode; an electrolyte in fluid communication with the first electrode and the second... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20120234676 - Diaphragm of predefined porosity and method of manufacturing: The invention relates to a cathode for electrolytic processes provided with a catalytic coating based on ruthenium crystallites with highly controlled size falling in a range of 1-10 nm. The coating can be produced by physical vapour deposition of a ruthenium or ruthenium oxide layer.... Agent: Industrie De Nora S.p.a.

20120234677 - Biosensor, biosensor chip and biosensor device: A biosensor includes a working electrode 101, a counter electrode 102 opposing the working electrode 101, a working electrode terminal 103 and a working electrode reference terminal 10 connected to the working electrode 101 by wires, and a counter electrode terminal 104 connected to the counter electrode 102 by a... Agent:

20120234678 - Quantitative fluorescent protein standards: The present invention provides dual labeled protein standards useful for the simultaneous determination of the molecular weight of a subject protein as well as the relative mass (i.e., amount) of the subject protein present in an electrophoresis lane. The invention is also directed to methods suitable for the preparation of... Agent:

20120234679 - Nanometric material having a nanopore enabling high-sensitivity molecular detection and analysis: There is provided a substantially bare, self-supported single-layer graphene membrane including a nanopore extending through a thickness of the graphene membrane from a first to a second membrane surface opposite the first graphene membrane surface. A connection from the first graphene membrane surface to a first reservoir provides, at the... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20120234680 - Particle transporter: A particle transporter based on travelling-wave dielectrophoresis is provided. The particle transporter includes a plurality of turn-around electrodes. The turn-around electrodes are disposed on a substrate and arranged in a fan shape. The turn-around electrodes provide an arc channel for transporting a plurality of particles. Wherein, the turn-around electrodes are... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

09/13/2012 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120228120 - Photoreduction catalyst, and method for synthesizing ammonia and method for decreasing nitrogen oxides in water using the same: Disclosed are: a catalyst which is capable of reducing and converting nitrate ions into ammonia without adding a hydrogen gas thereto; a method for synthesizing ammonia using the catalyst, wherein nitrate ions are reduced without adding a hydrogen gas thereto; and a method for decreasing nitrogen oxide in water by... Agent: National University Corporation Hokkaido University

20120228121 - Printing of electrophoresis gels: The invention relates to a method to produce gels for electrophoresis, wherein at least two monomer solutions are printed in a pattern on a substrate and the printed substrate is exposed to electromagnetic or ionising radiation so as to initiate polymerisation. The gels are useful for electrophoretic separation of proteins,... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20120228122 - Sputtering apparatus and electronic device manufacturing method: A sputtering apparatus includes a target holder arranged in a vacuum chamber and holds a target to be deposited on a substrate, a substrate holder arranged in the vacuum chamber and supports the substrate, a shutter interposed between the target holder and the substrate holder, and that can set a... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20120228123 - Method and apparatus for plasma ion implantation of solid element: According to the apparatus and method, a sample is placed on a sample stage in a vacuum chamber, and the inside of the vacuum chamber is maintained as a vacuum state. And, gas is supplied in the vacuum chamber, a first pulsed DC power is applied to a magnetron sputtering... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120228124 - Method of creating pvd layers using a cylindrical rotating cathode and apparatus for carrying out this method: A method of depositing wear resistant layers, using PVD method, where the depositing is carried out from at least two working deposition sources, simultaneously, where at least one of said sources is a cylindrical rotating cathode working in an unbalanced magnetron regime and simultaneously, at least one of said sources... Agent:

20120228125 - Creation of magnetic field (vector potential) well for improved plasma deposition and resputtering uniformity: A physical vapor deposition (PVD) system includes N coaxial coils arranged in a first plane parallel to a substrate-supporting surface of a pedestal in a chamber of a PVD system and below the pedestal. M coaxial coils are arranged adjacent to the pedestal. Plasma is created in the chamber. A... Agent:

20120228126 - Gas decomposition apparatus: A gas decomposition apparatus having any one of the following structures: 1) a structure wherein an anode and a cathode on a solid electrolyte layer each have extended regions; the extended regions of the anode and those of the cathode are alternately extended to have a gap between the anode... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20120228127 - Systems, method and apparatus for reducing impurities in electrolysis cells: Systems, methods and apparatus for reducing impurities in electrolysis cells are disclosed. In one approach, a method includes feeding a particulate fines feed stream to a tank, mixing particulate fines (PF) with liquid, the liquid having a first liquid and a second liquid, and separating at least some of the... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20120228128 - Method and electrode for defining and replicating structures in conducting materials: The present invention concerns an electrochemical pattern replication method, ECPR, and a construction of a conductive electrode for production of applications involving micro and nano structures. An etching or plating pattern, which is defined by a conductive electrode, a master electrode, is replicated on an electrically conductive material, a substrate.... Agent: Replisaurus Technologies Sas

20120228129 - Apparatus for forming deposited film: First and second electrodes are apart from each other in a chamber. Plates are disposed on a substrate in the second electrode. Each of the plates comprises first and second parts for supplying first and second gas to a space between the first and second electrodes, respectively, a first supply... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120228130 - Ibad apparatus and ibad method: An IBAD apparatus includes, a target, a sputter ion source irradiating the target with sputter ions to sputter some of constituent particles of the target, a film formation region in which a base material for depositing thereon the particles sputtered from the target is disposed, and an assist ion beam... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20120228133 - In-ga-zn-o-based oxide sintered body sputtering target with excellent stability during long-term deposition: A sputtering target including an oxide sintered body including In, Zn and Ga, wherein a surface compound and an interior compound are essentially of the same crystal type(s).... Agent: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

20120228131 - Method for consolidating and diffusion-bonding powder metallurgy sputtering target: Methods for manufacturing sputtering target assemblies and assemblies thereof are provided, particularly targets made of powders. Powders are adhered to a backing plate by use of a vacuum hot press, the powder preferably contacted by non-planar surfaces, and is compressed with at least about 95% density and substantially simultaneously diffusion-bonded... Agent:

20120228132 - Sputtering target-backing plate assembly, and its production method: A sputtering target-backing plate assembly obtained by bonding a target material of Mg to a backing plate of Cu—Cr alloy, wherein the target material and the backing plate are bonded via a layer of Ni or an alloy comprising Ni as a main component at the interface therebetween. An object... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120228135 - System and method for coding information on a biosensor test strip: The present invention provides a test strip for measuring a concentration of an analyte of interest in a biological fluid, wherein the test strip may be encoded with information that can be read by a test meter into which the test strip is inserted. In one embodiment, a first test... Agent:

20120228134 - Electrode systems for electrochemical sensors: The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for improved electrochemical measurement of analytes. The preferred embodiments employ electrode systems including an analyte-measuring electrode for measuring the analyte or the product of an enzyme reaction with the analyte and an auxiliary electrode configured to generate oxygen and/or reduce electrochemical... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20120228136 - Array column integrator: Circuits are described for reading a chemically-sensitive field-effect transistor (chemFET) with an improved signal-to-noise ratio. In one embodiment, a device is described that includes a chemFET including a first terminal and a second terminal, and a floating gate coupled to a passivation layer. An integrator circuit is coupled to the... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120228137 - Ph sensor: A pH sensor includes an enclosed fluidic channel, an electrolyte solution within the fluidic channel, a first electrode exterior to the fluidic channel, a second electrode within the fluidic channel, a liquid junction extending between the fluidic channel and an exterior of the fluidic channel. The liquid junction is adapted... Agent:

20120228138 - Array-type nh3 sensor: An array-type sensor that senses NH3 includes non-Nernstian sensing elements constructed from metal and/or metal-oxide electrodes on an O2 ion conducting substrate. In one example sensor, one electrode may be made of platinum, another electrode may be made of manganese (III) oxide (Mn2O3), and another electrode may be made of... Agent:

20120228140 - Low water vapour transfer coating of thermoplastic moulded oxygen gas sensors: A gas sensor is disclosed. The gas sensor includes a gas sensing electrode and a counter electrode disposed within a housing, and respective conductors that connects the gas sensing electrode and the counter electrode to a sensing circuit. The housing includes walls defining a cavity containing electrolyte in fluid communication... Agent: Life Safety Distribution Ag

20120228139 - Vented oxygen cell: An electrochemical oxygen sensor is provided. The electrochemical sensor includes a housing having first and second compartments, a sensing electrode disposed within the first compartment of the housing, a consumable anode disposed within the second compartment of the housing, a porous separator between the sensing electrode and consumable electrode that... Agent: Life Safety Distribution Ag

20120228141 - Liquid and gel electrodes for transverse free flow electrophoresis: The present invention provides a mechanism for separating or isolating charged particles under the influence of an electric field without metal electrodes being in direct contact with the sample solution. The metal electrodes normally in contact with the sample are replaced with high conductivity fluid electrodes situated parallel and adjacent... Agent:

20120228142 - Fabrication and use of semipermeable membranes and gels for the control of electrolysis: Microfluidic devices having one or more membranes and methods of use for the microfluidic devices are disclosed. In one embodiment, a microfluidic device is disclosed that includes a body with first fluid passage and a membrane located between a first reservoir and the first fluid passage. A first electrode is... Agent:

09/06/2012 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120222951 - Artificial photosynthesis: P

20120222952 - Plasma immersion ion milling apparatus and method: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for low-temperature plasma immersion processing of a variety of workpieces using accelerated ions, wherein low-temperature plasma is distributed around a cylindrical workpiece placed in a chamber, the workpiece is enclosed with a housing including a multi-slot extracting electrode to isolate the workpiece from plasma,... Agent: Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

20120222953 - Systems and methods for producing pressurized gases from polar molecular liquids at depth: A system for producing pressurized gas(es) from polar molecular liquids without the need to compress the gas(es) through outside mechanical forces or through the use of electrical energy or otherwise. The system incorporates an electrolysis cell positioned at depth (greater than 16 feet) within the liquid. The electrolysis cell includes... Agent:

20120222954 - Electrolytic reaction system for generating gaseous hydrogen and oxygen: The invention relates to an electrolytic reaction system (1) for generating gaseous hydrogen and oxygen, comprising a reaction chamber (2) for accommodating an electrolyte and an electrode arrangement (3) comprising a plurality of anodic and cathodic electrodes (5, 6). The electrode arrangement (3) comprises a plurality of plate-shaped electrodes (5,... Agent: New Energy Ag

20120222955 - High-pressure hydrogen producing apparatus: A high-pressure hydrogen producing apparatus includes a first cell device and a second cell device. The first cell device includes an electrolyte membrane, an anode electrode catalyst layer and an anode current collector provided on a first surface of the electrolyte membrane, and a cathode electrode catalyst layer and a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120222956 - Method and apparatus for forming a cylindrical target assembly: Embodiments of the present invention generally comprise a method and apparatus for preparing and bonding a cylindrical sputtering target tube to a backing tube to form a rotary target assembly. In one embodiment, a cylindrical target assembly includes bonding material that has a cylindrical surface and is substantially concentric to... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120222957 - Coating device: A coating device includes a rotatable base, a board for holding workpieces, a positioning shaft positioned on the rotatable base, two eccentric wheels, a rack, and two reciprocating shafts. The two eccentric wheels are fixed on the positioning shaft and extend from the positioning shaft along two opposite directions. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120222958 - Nanopore device for reversible ion and molecule sensing or migration: Disclosed are methods and devices for detection of ion migration and binding, utilizing a nanopipette adapted for use in an electrochemical sensing circuit. The nanopipette may be functionalized on its interior bore with metal chelators for binding and sensing metal ions or other specific binding molecules such as boronic acid... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120222959 - Pinching channels for fractionation of fragmented samples: The invention provides a device, system, and method for isolating one or more sample components of a sample material following separation of the sample material into a plurality of sample components. The device includes first and second pinching channels, a separation channel extending between the first and second pinching channels,... Agent: Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.

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