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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120097521 - Nanostructured apparatus and methods for producing carbon-containing molecules as a renewable energy resource: Nanostructured arrays having a metal catalyst (e.g., cobalt) are irradiated with light to initiate the an artificial photosynthetic reaction resulting in the formation of carbon-containing molecules, for example, long chained hydrocarbons or amino acids. A nanostructure having one or more structural elements having a high aspect ratio can formed over... Agent: University Of Massachusetts

20120097522 - Synthesis of zinc-oxide nanoparticles and their use for photo catalytic degradation of cyanide: A simple, room-temperature method of producing zinc oxide nanoparticles was established by reacting zinc nitrate hexahydrate and cyclohexylamine (CHA) in either aqueous or EtOHic medium. Particles of polyhedra morphology were obtained for zinc oxide, prepared in EtOH (ZnOE), while an irregular spherical morphology, mixed with some chunky particles forzinc oxide... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology(kacst)

20120097523 - Method and system for purifying silicon: After conducting a first treatment of either removing boron by water-vapor added plasma arc heating or low-pressure oxygen plasma arc heating upon raw silicon contained in a hearth in a chamber to thereby putting the raw silicon into a high temperature molten state to thereby oxidizing and removing boron by... Agent: Umk Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120097524 - Rf impedance matching network with secondary frequency and sub-harmonic variant: Embodiments of the disclosure may provide a matching network for physical vapor deposition. The matching network may include a first RF generator coupled to a deposition chamber target through a first impedance matching network having a first tuning circuit. The first RF generator may be configured to introduce a first... Agent: Comet Technologies Usa, Inc.

20120097527 - Film formation apparatus and film forming method: A film formation apparatus includes: a chamber in which both a body to be processed and a target are disposed; a first magnetic field generation section generating a magnetic field; and a second magnetic field generation section including a first generation portion to which a current defined as “Iu” is... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120097525 - Method and apparatus to control ionic deposition: A sputtering source having a bias field generated between the substrate and the sputtering source. A conductive louver or grid arrangement is positioned in front of the substrate, and is biased by an RF or DC source. The substrate itself may or may not be biased, as needed. The conductive... Agent:

20120097526 - Rotary magnetron: A rotary magnetron is provided with an end block for rotatably supporting a target on an axis of rotation. An elongate magnetic bar assembly is disposed within the target. A stator shaft is affixed in the end block; one end of the stator shaft is coupled to the elongate magnetic... Agent:

20120097528 - Deposition of material to form a coating: The invention relates to apparatus and a method which allows the creation and maintenance of a closed field system in which magnetrons and/or magnet assemblies are provided in a form to create a magnetic field around an area in which the substrate to be coated is located. The method also... Agent:

20120097529 - Magnetron coating module and magnetron coating method: The invention relates to a new basic technology for magnetron sputtering of ceramic layers, in particular for optical applications. The new concept enables the construction of magnetron sputtering sources which, in comparison with the known methods, such as reactive DC-, MF- or RF magnetron sputtering or the magnetron sputtering of... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120097530 - Target of sintered compact, and method of producing the sintered compact: (C) one or more IVb-group elements or IIIb-group elements selected from Ge, Si, C, Ga, and In. Also provided is a technology enabling stable DC sputtering, and stable and high-speed sputtering by applying high electric power, by improving heat accumulation and diffusion of volatile components due to the sputtering target... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120097531 - Oxygen generator: An oxygen generator having a honeycomb body composed of an oxygen ion conducting material is disclosed. The honeycomb body includes one or more air channels, each of which is composed of a plurality of the first channels and the first connecting holes therebetween to form a tortuous air flow path... Agent: National Taipei University Of Technology

20120097532 - Apparatus for hot fusion of fusion-reactive gases: A generally concentric sealed reactor vessel defining a volume. A concentric target electrode 12 centered within a nonconductive vessel 24. This vessel is suspended in insulating and cooling medium 242 composed of transformer oil. Deuterium gas 235 is contained within the volume at a predetermined pressure. High voltage, high frequency... Agent:

20120097533 - Double-layer shutter sputtering apparatus: A sputtering apparatus including a target holder configured to hold at least two targets; a substrate holder configured to hold a substrate; a first shutter plate arranged between the target holder and the substrate holder, the first shutter plate having at least two holes and being capable of rotating around... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20120097534 - Magnetron sputtering cathode and film formation apparatus: A magnetron sputtering cathode includes: a yoke; a magnetic circuit having a central magnet portion, a peripheral edge magnet portion, an auxiliary magnet portion, and a parallel area; and a backing plate. The central magnet portion, the peripheral edge magnet portion, and the auxiliary magnet portion are disposed so that... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120097535 - Sputtering target of ferromagnetic material with low generation of particles: A ferromagnetic sputtering target comprising metal having a composition containing 20 mol % or less of Cr, and Co as the remainder; wherein the target structure includes a basis metal (A), and flat phases (B), containing 90 wt % or more of Co, within the basis metal (A), the average... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120097536 - System and method for quality assurance of a biosensor test strip: The present invention provides a test strip for measuring a signal of interest in a biological fluid when the test strip is mated to an appropriate test meter, wherein the test strip and the test meter include structures to verify the integrity of the test strip traces, to measure the... Agent:

20120097537 - Sensor: A sensor (1) including a plate-shaped sensor element (21) extending in a front-rear direction and having at least 3 electrode terminals (25) provided on at least one side surface (24) of the sensor element at intervals in a lateral direction; a plurality of metallic terminal members (51a, 51b) connected to... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20120097538 - Metallation enhancements in tumor-imaging and pdt therapy: A compound in the form of a metallized tetrpyrollic photosensizer linked to a fluorescent dye where the photosensitizer (PS), is linked by a structure that does not have detrimental radiation emmitance or absorbing characteristics, to a fluorophore, usually a cyanine dye (CD). The photosensitizer in accordance the invention is a... Agent: Health Research, Inc.

20120097539 - Nanopore-based nanoparticle translocation devices: A nanoparticle translocation device includes a first reservoir having a first reservoir electrode, a second reservoir having a second reservoir electrode, and at least one nanopore providing fluid communication between the first and second reservoirs. The device also includes one or more inner electrode portions on an inner wall of... Agent: Old Dominion University Research Foundation

20120097540 - Materials and methods for resolving polyhydric species by electrophoresis: Materials and methods employing a polymerisable boronic acid species and a polymerisable linker are disclosed for making gels for resolving polyhydric species present in a sample by electrophoresis. The electrophoresis gels are capable of improving the effective separation of polyhydric species, especially those that show similar mobilities in standard electrophoresis... Agent:

20120097541 - Apparatus and process for separation and selective recomposition of ions: A device and process are disclosed for the separate removal of oppositely charged ions from electrolyte solutions and recombining them to form new chemical compositions. The invention provides the ability to create multiple ion flow channels and then form new chemical compositions therefrom. The process is accomplished by selectively combining... Agent:

20120097542 - Mixing method and system for increased coalescence rates in a desalter: The present invention relates to crude oil-water separation processes, specifically desalting in a petroleum refinery. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method and system for increase coalescence rates of water drops in a desalter.... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20120097543 - Method for predicting drop size distribution: The present invention relates to crude oil-water separation processes, specifically desalting in a petroleum refinery. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method and system for increase coalescence rates of water drops in a desalter... Agent: Conocophillips Company

04/19/2012 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120090982 - System and method for producing graphene: An improved system and method for generating graphene involves producing a plurality of ionized carbon atoms in a plasma generation chamber and providing the plurality of ionized carbon atoms to a graphene generation chamber having a magnetic structure. The graphene generation chamber generates graphene from said plurality of ionized carbon... Agent: Cedar Ridge Research, LLC

20120090983 - Continuous method for acylating amino group-carrying organic acids: The invention relates to a continuous method for N-acylating amino group-carrying organic acids by reacting at least one carboxylic acid of formula (I) R1—COOH (I), wherein R1 represents hydrogen or an optionally substituted hydrocarbon group with 1 to 50 carbon atoms, with at least one at least one amino group-carrying... Agent: Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited

20120090984 - Method and apparatus for purifying a silicon feedstock: e

20120090985 - Non-equilibrium gliding arc plasma system for co2 dissociation: A reactor for dissociating carbon dioxide, and associated processes and systems, are described herein. In one example, a reactor is provided that is configured to use non-equilibrium gliding arc discharge plasma. In another example, the reactor uses a vortex flow pattern. A diaphragm may be used at the output of... Agent: Drexel University

20120090986 - Method of fabricating composite field emission source: A method of fabricating a composite field emission source is provided. A first stage of film-forming process is performed by using RF magnetron sputtering, so as to form a nano structure film on a substrate, in which the nano structure film is a petal-like structure composed of a plurality of... Agent: Tatung Company

20120090987 - Combinatorial electrochemical deposition: Combinatorial electrochemical deposition is described, including dividing a wafer into a plurality of substrates for combinatorial processing, immersing the plurality of substrates at least partially into a plurality of cells, within one integrated tool, including electrolytes, the cells also including electrodes immersed in the electrolytes, depositing layers on the substrates... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20120090988 - Anti-pollution electrocatalysis composite membrane and membrane reactor: The present invention relates an antifouling electrocatalytic composite membrane and a membrane reactor. The electrocatalytic composite membrane (3) consists of a substrate and a catalytic coating, wherein the substrate is selected from a conductive substrate or a nonconductive substrate coated with a conductive coating, and the substrate is a porous... Agent: Dalian Huaxinyuan Technology Development Limited Company

20120090989 - Water electrolysis system: A water electrolysis system includes a water electrolysis apparatus, a low-pressure gas-liquid separator, a high-pressure gas-liquid separator, water pipe, and a decompression water supply device. The high-pressure gas-liquid separator separates the hydrogen received from a cathode of the water electrolysis apparatus and permeation water that has permeated from the anode.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120090990 - Deposition apparatus and methods to reduce deposition asymmetry: One or more embodiments of the invention are directed to deposition apparatuses comprising a grounded top wall, a processing chamber and a plasma source assembly having a conductive hollow cylinder and a magnet outside the conductive hollow cylinder capable of affecting the current density on the conductive hollow cylinder.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120090991 - Magnetron sputtering apparatus: A magnetron sputtering apparatus comprising: a deposition chamber; a processing chamber in communication with the deposition chamber, wherein a target area composed of targets is located at the place where the processing chamber is connected with the deposition chamber; a transfer chamber provided adjacent to the processing chamber, wherein a... Agent: Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20120090992 - System and method for commercial fabrication of patterned media: A system is provided for etching patterned media disks for hard drive. The modular system may be tailored to perform specific processes sequences so that a patterned media disk is fabricated without removing the disk from vacuum environment. In some sequence the magnetic stack is etched while in other the... Agent: Intevac, Inc.

20120090993 - Automated system for continuously and automatically calibrating electrochemical sensors: An electrochemical sensor system that continuously monitors and calibrates the sensors included in the system. The invention also includes a method for determining failure patterns of a sensor and incorporating into an electrochemical sensor system the ability to recognize the failure pattern and initiate remedial action.... Agent:

20120090994 - Biosensor support: The invention relates to a biosensor support comprising a cylinder (1) consisting of a non-electroconductive material and having: a through-hole (2) coaxial to the axis of the cylinder (1); a metal rod (3) arranged in said opening (2), with its upper end (31) level with the top base (11) of... Agent: Biolan Microbiosensores, S.l.

20120090995 - Device for detecting an analyte: Devices for detecting an analyte comprising a redox active analyte sensitive material on a working electrode and computer assisted signal acquisition and processing.... Agent: Senova Systems, Inc.

20120090996 - Micro fluidic optic design: A DNA analyzer includes an interface for coupling a microfluidic chip to the DNA analyzer. The microfluidic chip includes a first separation channel for electrophoretic separation of DNA fragments in a first sample. Further, the DNA analyzer includes a first optical device. The first optical device includes an illuminating path... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120090997 - Microelectrode array: Microelectrode comprising a body formed from electrically non-conducting material and including at least one region of electrically conducting material and at least one passage extending through the body of non-conducting material and the region of conducting material, the electrically conducting region presenting an area of electrically conducting material to a... Agent:

20120090998 - Cell separation: A process for separating a cell type from a mixture of cell types by electrophoresis comprising providing a sample containing a mixture of cell types to a sample chamber of a membrane-based electrophoresis apparatus adapted to separate cells and applying an electric potential causing at least one cell type in... Agent: Nusep Holdings Ltd.

20120090999 - Polymeric sorbent sheets as ion reservoirs for electroblotting: Electroblotting for the transfer of electrophoretically separated species from a gel to a transfer membrane is performed in a semi-dry format with sheets of absorbent polyester or polyester/cellulose blend wetted with buffer solution in place of the traditional buffer-wetted filter paper. The result is effective electroblotting at a lower electric... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20120091000 - Electrolytic system and method for filtering an aqueous particulate suspension: An electrolytic filtration method and apparatus for the concentration and collection of suspended particulates from aqueous solutions is disclosed. The electrolytic cell contains at least an anode and a cathode, and in one embodiment contains a plurality of anodes and cathodes. The electrolytic cell also contains a filter, and in... Agent: Physical Sciences, Inc.

20120091002 - Electrolytic system and method for concentrating an aqueous particulate suspenson: An electrolytic method and apparatus for the concentration and collection of suspended particulates from solutions is disclosed. In one embodiment, the solution is an aqueous solution and the suspended particles are algae particles. The electrolytic cell contains at least an anode and a cathode, and in one embodiment contains a... Agent: Faraday Technology, Inc.

20120091001 - Method and apparatus for the separation and quantification of particles:

20120091003 - Open optoelectrowetting droplet actuation device and method: An open optoelectrowetting (o-OEW) device for liquid droplet manipulations. The o-OEW device is realized by coplanar electrodes and a photoconductor. The local switching effect for electrowetting resulting from illumination is based on the tunable impedance of the photoconductor. Dynamic virtual electrodes are created using projected images, leading to free planar... Agent:

20120091004 - Microfluidic systems: This invention relates to microfluidic systems and more particularly to methods and apparatus for accessing the contents of micro droplets (114) in an emulsion stream. A method of accessing the contents of a droplet (114) of an emulsion in a microfluidic system, the method comprising: flowing the emulsion alongside a... Agent: Cambridge Enterprise Limited

20120091005 - Detection of nucleic acid lesions and adducts using nanopores: Methods, systems, and compounds for detecting modified nucleic acid bases are disclosed and described. The methods provide for detecting a nucleic acid lesion and can include directing a nucleic acid adduct into a channel, wherein the nucleic acid adduct includes a nucleic acid having a lesion and a current modulating... Agent:

20120091006 - Electro-penetrative type sludge weight reducing apparatus: Disclosed is an electro-penetrative type sludge weight reducing apparatus, which can uniformly dehydrate sludge by gradually applying the same pressure over an entire surface of the sludge and applying the same voltage to the sludge and includes a sludge supplier, which can minutely and precisely control a compression height for... Agent: Dong-il Canvas Engineering Co., Ltd

04/12/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120085636 - Increased efficiency in the synthesis of carbon nanomaterial: Disclosed is a system or method of increased efficiency in carbon nanomaterial synthesis. In one embodiment, a system or method of automated collection of deposited carbon nanomaterial is disclosed. According to one or more embodiments, a method of automated collection of deposited nanomaterial may comprise using cleaner blades to clean... Agent: King Abdulaziz City Science And Technology

20120085637 - Method for generating ozone using hemimorphic crystal and apparatus for the same: A method and apparatus for easily generating ozone with a high concentration in the air without requiring a high voltage power supply or a vacuum apparatus, wherein an ozone gas with a high concentration is generated in the atmosphere around a hemimorphic crystal of which the direction of polarization is... Agent:

20120085638 - Multi-station sputtering and cleaning system: A multi-chamber processing system is described for depositing materials on multiple workpieces (wafers, display panels, or any other workpieces) at a time in a vacuum chamber. The system includes a sputtering chamber and a separate pre-clean chamber, where wafers can be transferred between the two chambers by a robotic arm... Agent: Tango Systems, Inc.

20120085639 - Cathode bottom, method for producing a cathode bottom, and use of the same in an electrolytic cell for producing aluminum: A cathode bottom for an electrolytic cell for producing aluminum, includes a material which can be disposed on at least one cathode block. The material includes a pre-compressed plate based on expanded graphite. A method for producing a cathode bottom includes providing at least one cathode block and placing a... Agent: Sgl Carbon Se

20120085640 - Fluorine gas generation device: A fluorine gas generation device includes an electrolytic cell that electrolyzes hydrogen fluoride in an electrolytic bath constituted of a molten salt containing hydrogen fluoride. The fluorine gas generation device liquefies and circulates a hydrogen fluoride gas vaporized from the molten salt and mist derived from the molten salt which... Agent: Central Glass Company, Limited

20120085641 - Sputtering target having amorphous and microcrystalline portions and method of producing same: A sputtering target is provided which ensures the production of unvaryingly homogenous layers of the sputtering material during the lifespan of the sputtering target. The sputtering target includes a mixture of oxides of indium, zinc, and gallium, the mixture containing at least one ternary mixed oxide of indium, zinc, and... Agent: Heraeus Materials Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120085643 - Electrolytic cell and method of use thereof: In one embodiment of the present invention an electrolytic cell is provided comprising a containment vessel; a first electrode; a second electrode; a source of electrical current in electrical communication with the first electrode and the second electrode; an electrolyte in fluid communication with the first electrode and the second... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20120085642 - Polarographic instrument system for oxygen and hydrogen measurement: A system for measuring hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) including a sample system, a signal processing and system control device, at least one polarograph device and a computing device equipped with software for environmental and biological data analysis incorporating both user-defined and environmental data acquired by the signal processing and... Agent: Colorado School Of Mines

20120085644 - Fluid delivery manifolds and microfluidic systems: Embodiments of fluid distribution manifolds, cartridges, and microfluidic systems are described herein. Fluid distribution manifolds may include an insert member and a manifold base and may define a substantially closed channel within the manifold when the insert member is press-fit into the base. Cartridges described herein may allow for simultaneous... Agent:

20120085645 - Digital microfluidic liquid-liquid extraction device and method of use thereof: Methods and devices for liquid-liquid extraction using digital microfluidic arrays are provided. A polar droplet is transported to a separation region containing a substantially non-polar solvent, where non-polar impurities may be extracted from the polar droplet while maintaining a distinct phase separation. In a preferred embodiment, biological samples containing hormones... Agent: The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto

20120085646 - Electrophoresis separation methods: An improved method of separating a macromolecule by isoelectric focusing comprising subjecting the macromolecule to electrophoresis in an isoelectric-focusing medium including a substantially thiol-free reducing agent, preferably a trivalent phosphorous compound and more preferably tributyl phosphine, the improvement being the solubility and focusing of the macromolecule is enhanced compared to... Agent:

20120085647 - Apparatus and method for mineralising biological materials: An apparatus and method for mineralising demineralised and hypo-mineralised biological material such as tooth or bone. The apparatus has a probe electrode for receiving a mineralisation agent and a counter electrode. It is also provided with a controller to control the electrical signal provided to the probe such that the... Agent: The University Of Abertay Dundee

20120085649 - Dielectrophoresis devices and methods therefor: Devices and methods for performing dielectrophoresis are described. The devices contain a sample channel which is separated by physical barriers from electrode channels which receive electrodes. The devices and methods may be used for the separation and analysis of particles in solution, including the separation and isolation of cells of... Agent: Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20120085648 - Microfluidic fluid separator and related methods: A microfluidic fluid separator for separating target components of a fluid by filtration is described. Methods for separating target components of a fluid by filtration and methods for processing blood on a large scale with the microfluidic fluid separator are provided.... Agent:

20120085650 - Apparatus and method for water and wastewater treatment using electrocoagulation: A system for treating wastewater using electrocoagulation in which fouling of the electrodes is greatly reduced or eliminated. The system comprises an anode comprising an anode surface, with an anode surface area, and a cathode comprising a cathode surface, with a cathode surface area greater than or equal to the... Agent:

20120085651 - Method of preparing neutrophil-depleted platelet-rich plasma: Methods of producing neutrophil-depleted platelet-rich plasma by passing a blood, platelet or platelet-rich plasma fraction through a narrow, twisted and/or charged environment to remove neutrophils and produce neutrophil-depleted platelet-rich plasma is described. The neutrophil-depleted platelet-rich plasma may be depleted in neutrophils by 75% or more and includes at least 0.5×106... Agent:

04/05/2012 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120080305 - Golden mean harmonized water and aqueous solutions: A composition of mater comprising a harmonized cluster of water molecules with Fibonacci chains between them and ordered water molecules based on hydrogen bonds that each water molecule interacts with three other water molecules having a magnetic spectra as shown in FIG. 13 or FIG. 14.... Agent: Dvb Global

20120080307 - Ion beam distribution: An ion beam system includes a grid assembly having a substantially elliptical pattern of holes to steer an ion beam comprising a plurality of beamlets to generate an ion beam, wherein the ion current density profile of a cross-section of the ion beam is non-elliptical. The ion current density profile... Agent: Veeco Instruments, Inc.

20120080306 - Photovoltaic device and method for making: One aspect of the present invention provides a method to make a film. The method includes providing a target comprising a semiconductor material within an environment comprising oxygen; applying a plurality of direct current pulses to the target to create a pulsed direct current plasma; sputtering the target with the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120080308 - Plume steering: Non-elliptical ion beams and plumes of sputtered material can yield a relatively uniform wear pattern on a destination target and a uniform deposition of sputtered material on a substrate assembly. The non-elliptical ion beams and plumes of sputtered material impinge on rotating destination targets and substrate assemblies. A first example... Agent: Veeco Instruments, Inc.

20120080309 - Systems and methods for forming a layer of sputtered material: The present disclosure describes a method of coating a substrate, the method including forming a layer of sputtered material on the substrate. Forming the layer of sputtered material may include: sputtering material from at least one target over the substrate; varying the relative position between the at least one target... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120080310 - Photoelectrochemical cell: A photoelectrochemical cell (1) includes: an optical semiconductor electrode (first electrode) (3) including a conductive substrate (3a) and an n-type semiconductor layer (3b) as an optical semiconductor layer disposed on the conductive substrate (3a); a counter electrode (second electrode) (4) disposed to face the surface of the optical semiconductor electrode... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120080311 - Non metalic salt chlorinator for spa or swimming pool: An Electrolytic cell to produce Electrolysis with the use of graphite, a non metallic electrolysis element in the cell, into water passing through the cell without the use of metallic electrolysis elements. Water passing through the cell is thereby affected by the electrolysis with the use of non metal components... Agent:

20120080312 - Biomolecules detection method and biomolecules detection chip: A biomolecules detection chip which detects a detection target biomolecule by an electrochemical response measurement, the chip including: a chamber which is able to accommodate either a standard solution containing an electrochemically reactive agent having a binding capacity to the detection target biomolecule, or a sample solution containing a sample... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20120080313 - Electroosmotic devices: Electroosmotic (EO) devices are provided which are not subject to mechanical wear and tear and with no moving parts, and having improved flow rates and electrical properties. Atomic layer deposition can be used to prepare three electrical terminal active zeta potential modulated EO devices from porous membranes. First, second, and... Agent: Old Dominion University Research Foundation

20120080314 - Split flow edi apparatus for treating second pass ro permeate water with high flow rate: We report an electro-deionization (EDI) device having split flow arrangement for the purification of second pass RO permeate water with high flow rate in which the feed water is fed through the center port and is diverted into each section of dilute chamber with equal flow rate, producing two product... Agent:

20120080315 - Fluidic devices having incorporated electrodes: The invention provides fluidic devices having incorporated electrodes, systems for using such devices, and methods for manufacturing such devices. The invention also provides fluidic devices configured to absorb joule heating within the device.... Agent:

20120080316 - System and method for the separation of analytes: A separation module operates to fractionate or separate an analyte into fractions according to pI, i.e., pI bands, utilizing capillary isoelectric focusing (“CIEF”) within a first microchannel. The fractions are stacked to form plugs, the number of which is determined by a number of parallel second microchannels integrally connected to... Agent:

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