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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120073956 - Method of preparation of uranium nitride: Method for producing terminal uranium nitride complexes comprising providing a suitable starting material comprising uranium; oxidizing the starting material with a suitable oxidant to produce one or more uranium(IV)-azide complexes; and, sufficiently irradiating the uranium(IV)-azide complexes to produce the terminal uranium nitride complexes.... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20120073958 - Tubular target and production method: A tubular target formed of molybdenum or a molybdenum alloy has an oxygen content of less than 50 μg/g, a density of greater than 99% of the theoretical density, and an average grain size of less than 100 μm. The molybdenum or molybdenum alloy tube may be produced by extrusion.... Agent: Plansee Se

20120073957 - Use of a process for deposition by sputtering of a chalcogenide layer: A deposition process includes sputtering of a layer of a material having a chalcogenide compound, the chalcogenide being composed of at least one chalcogen on and at least one electropositive element, in order to increase or to decrease the atomic proportion (%) of the chalcogen ion with respect to the... Agent:

20120073959 - Tubular target and production method: A tubular target is formed of molybdenum or a molybdenum alloy which has an oxygen content of less than 50 μg/g, a density of greater than 99% of the theoretical density and an average grain size of less than 100 μm. The molybdenum or molybdenum alloy tube may be produced... Agent: Plansee Se

20120073960 - Magnetron sputtering apparatus and electronic component manufacturing method: A magnetron sputtering apparatus includes a cathode electrode having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, a target attachable to the first surface of the cathode electrode, and a magnet unit which is adjacent to the second surface of the cathode electrode and forms a... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20120073961 - Electric corrosion preventing structure of marine vessel propelling machine: In a electric corrosion preventing structure of a marine vessel propelling machine, a cylinder is integrally formed in a cylinder block, an electric connection portion is provided in a portion in which a rod guide is fixed to the cylinder, an electric connection portion is provided in a portion in... Agent: Showa Corporation

20120073962 - High-pressure water electrolysis apparatus: A high-pressure water electrolysis apparatus includes a plurality of unit cells each having an anode separator, a cathode separator, and a membrane electrode assembly which is sandwiched between the anode separator and the cathode separator. The membrane electrode assembly includes a solid polymer electrolyte membrane, and an anode current collector... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120073963 - Sputtering apparatus having shielding device: An exemplary sputtering apparatus includes a deposition chamber, a anode support, a cathode support, and a shield device all received in the deposition chamber. The anode support supports workpieces. The cathode support is positioned opposite to the anode support and supports a target. The shield includes a rotary disk, a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120073964 - Titanium target for sputtering: This invention is able to solve foregoing problems using a high purity titanium target for sputtering containing, as additive components, 3 to 10 mass ppm of S and 0.5 to 3 mass ppm of Si, and in which the purity of the target excluding additive components and gas components is... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120073965 - Magnet mounting system and magnetron sputtering device having same: A magnetron sputtering device includes a main body and a magnet mounting system for receiving magnets. The magnet mounting system comprises a first annular member, a second annular member coaxially encasing the first member, a third annular member coaxially encasing the second member, a first driving device connected to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120073966 - Electrochemical sensor strip: An electrochemical sensor strip includes an electrode support and a cover plate, which cooperatively defines a sample receiving space, an opening, and a sample passage. The electrode support has a downstream recessed region defining the sample receiving space and formed with a plurality of through holes. Electrodes are disposed respectively... Agent: Bionime Corporation

20120073967 - Apparatus for measuring biomaterial and method for manufacturing same: The present invention relates to an apparatus for measuring biomaterial and a method for manufacturing thereof. The apparatus of the present invention comprises: a first substrate having a recess in one side thereof; a second substrate having a plurality of reaction electrodes where a biochemical reaction of a biomaterial occurs,... Agent: Ceragem Medisys Inc.

20120073968 - Sensor used together with a detector to measure biomaterial, and apparatus using same: The present invention relates to a sensor used together with a detector to measure biomaterial, and to an apparatus using same. A sensor of the present invention comprises: a body portion with a three-dimensional shape, having a biomaterial introduction hole, and attachable and detachable to/from a detector; a sensor portion... Agent: Ceragem Medisys Inc.

20120073969 - Amelioration of heterophile antibody immunosensor interference: The invention is directed to methods and devices for reducing interference from heterophile antibodies in an analyte immunoassay. In one embodiment, the invention is to a method comprising the steps of (a) amending a biological sample such as a whole blood sample with non-human IgM or fragments thereof by dissolving... Agent: Abbott Point Of Care Inc.

20120073970 - Amperometric oxygen sensor: An amperometric oxygen sensor for sensing the partial pressure of oxygen is disclosed. The amperometric oxygen sensor having a multilayered body which comprises a plurality of oxygen ion conductor layers interposed between a plurality of oxygen-porous electrode layers. Oxygen from a sample gas enters porous cathode layer of the sensor,... Agent: National Taipei University Of Technology

20120073971 - Self-assembly of coatings utilizing surface charge: An apparatus and method for measuring the isoelectric pH for materials deposited on or otherwise affixed onto and in contact with an electrode surface, and a method for utilizing the isoelectric pH to form nanometer thickness, self-assembled layers on the material, are described. Forming such layers utilizing information obtained about... Agent: Colorado State University Research Foundation

20120073972 - Apparatus for high-throughput suspension measurements: A high-throughput optical suspension characterization instrument is disclosed, which can include hydraulically separate and at least partially transparent sample containers. A selection mechanism is operative to selectively direct light from a light source (12) through different ones of the sample containers along an optical axis, and an off-axis scattering detector... Agent:

03/22/2012 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120067716 - Method and apparatus for detecting ionisable gases in particular organic molecules, preferably hydrocarbons: The invention relates to a method for detecting gases that can be ionized wherein an atmospheric plasma jet is produced, wherein a gas mixture is brought into interaction with the plasma jet, and wherein an electrical quantity is measured as a measure of the concentration of the gas in the... Agent: Plasmatreat Gmbh

20120067717 - Method of co-sputtering alloys and compounds using a dual c-mag cathode arrangement and corresponding apparatus: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to techniques for sputter-depositing a thin film(s) including two or more materials using targets such as rotating cylindrical sputtering targets, including a method and apparatus. Magnet bar assemblies in first and second adjacent sputtering targets are oriented differently. The different orientations of the... Agent: C.r.v.c.

20120067718 - Method and apparatus for producing three dimensional nano and micro scale structures: A three-dimensional milling method and apparatus is disclosed for milling micrometre and a nanometre scale three-dimensional structures. The apparatus includes an ion column operable to generate a milling beam onto a substrate held on an instrument stage. A patterning computer is operable to control the ion column to generate varying... Agent: The Secretary Of State For Business Innovation 7 Skills Of Her Majesty's Britannic Government

20120067719 - System for the superposition of alternating current in electrolysis processes: A system is submitted here that permits superimposing an alternating current in the process of electrolytic refining of metals based on the use of power semiconductors without requiring an external source and which minimizes the utilization of passive elements, achieving a high efficiency solution applicable to high power industrial processes.... Agent: Ingenieria Y Desarrollo Tecnologico S.a.

20120067720 - Filter device for purifying fluids: The invention relates to a filter device for purifying fluids, especially fuels, that are contaminated with organic substances. Said filter device is characterised in that hydroxyl radicals are formed from water molecules contained in the fluids, by means of a separating device (10, 14, 22), said hydroxyl radicals oxidising the... Agent:

20120067721 - Target assembly: A target assembly includes a base comprising a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The base defining a threaded hole; a magnetron mounted on a first surface; a target movably mounted to the second surface, the target defining an opening corresponding to the threaded hole,... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120067722 - Biosensor for measuring biomaterial: The present invention relates to an apparatus for measuring a biomaterial, comprising: a first substrate having a recess in one side thereof; a second substrate having reference and operating electrodes where a biochemical reaction of a biomaterial occurs, and first and second delivery electrodes delivering electric signals from the reaction... Agent: Ceragem Medisys Inc.

20120067723 - Temperature control of chemical detection system: An apparatus for detecting chemical reactions may be provided. The apparatus may comprise a chemical detection device. The chemical detection device may include a chemical sensor, which may be mounted on the chemical detection device. The apparatus may further comprise a valve block. The valve block may fluidly couple a... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120067724 - Electrochemical sensors: Described herein are substrates, sensors and systems related to measuring the concentration of an analyte such as hydrogen ion in a sample. Redox active moieties whose reduction and/or oxidation potentials are sensitive to the presence of an analyte are immobilized onto a surface of an electrode. Immobilized redox active moieties... Agent:

20120067725 - Apparatuses and methods for control and self-assembly of particles into adaptable monolayers: Apparatuses and methods for the control and self-assembly of particles into adaptable monolayers and changing the relative position of a plurality of particles at an interface between two fluids, including applying an electric field perpendicular to the interface; moving the particles vertically in the interface in response to applying the... Agent: Carnegie Mellon University

20120067726 - Treatment of fluids with wave energy from a carbon arc: A method of and apparatus for treating liquids flowing in a thin film around a source of wave energy to directly expose the liquid to the wave energy, preferably generated in whole or part by an electrical arc between carbon electrodes. In addition to the wave energy generated by the... Agent: Foret Plasma Labs, LLC

20120067727 - apparatus for preventing scaling and removing scale: The present invention relates to an apparatus for preventing scaling and/or removing scale in a housing defining a hydraulic environment. The apparatus includes a non-metallic element, at least two coils wound around the element, and a control means. The non-metallic element is retrofittable or incorporable into the housing. The control... Agent: Calclear Investments Pty Ltd.

03/15/2012 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120061230 - Suction device for gases or fumes, in particular welding fumes, having an oxidation apparatus, welding system and associated method: A suction device has a suction pipe for aspirating fumes containing metal particles, in particular welding fumes, which aims to allow safe control of the fumes with a minimum of equipment expense and operational expense. For this purpose, an oxidation apparatus is provided according to the present invention. The particles... Agent: Advanced Nuclear Fuels Gmbh

20120061231 - Gas sensor element and method of manufacturing the same: A gas sensor element includes a solid electrolyte body having oxygen ion conductivity and electrode layers formed on both surfaces of the solid electrolyte body configuring a pair of electrodes. The gas sensor element detects concentration of a selected component included in a measured gas. In the gas sensor element,... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120061232 - Infrared assisted hydrogen generation: This invention relates to a system and a method for achieving efficient production of hydrogen in a hydrogen generator, comprising at least a hydrogen generator, a liquid in said hydrogen generator to produce hydrogen from, and a ceramic that emits infrared at wavelengths covering at least a portion of 3-20... Agent:

20120061233 - Apparatuses and methods for reducing pollutants in gas streams: Apparatuses and methods for reducing pollutants in a gas stream are disclosed. The gas stream is introduced into a condensation chamber to condense the gas stream. It then proceeds into a first reaction chamber adapted to electrochemically alter the gas stream. From there, the gas stream is directed into a... Agent: Global Solutions Technology, Inc.

20120061234 - Deposition chamber cleaning method including stressed cleaning layer: A method for cleaning a deposition chamber includes forming a deposited layer over an interior surface of the deposition chamber, wherein the deposited layer has a deposited layer stress and a deposited layer modulus; forming a cleaning layer over the deposited layer, wherein a material comprising the cleaning layer is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120061235 - Mixed sputtering target of cadmium sulfide and cadmium telluride and methods of their use: Mixed targets are generally disclosed for sputtering an intermixed layer of cadmium sulfide and cadmium telluride. The mixed target can include cadmium sulfide, and cadmium telluride. Methods of forming the mixed target are also provided. For example, a powdered blend can be formed from powdered cadmium sulfide and powdered cadmium... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20120061236 - Method for machining a substrate by means of an ion beam, and ion beam device for machining a substrate: In a method of machining a substrate by an ion beam, the ion beam is guided by an orifice plate formed at least partly of carbon-containing material. Between the orifice plate and the substrate, an educt that is reactive with carbon is guided such that carbon released from the orifice... Agent: Asphericon Gmbh

20120061237 - Cathode for electrolytic processes: The invention relates to a cathode for electrolytic processes with evolution of hydrogen comprising a metal substrate with a noble metal-based activation layer and two protective layers, one interposed between the activation layer and the substrate and one external, containing an electroless-depositable alloy of a metal comprising one of nickel,... Agent: Industrie De Nora S.p.a.

20120061238 - Sputtering cathode having a non-bonded semiconducting target: A sputtering cathode is generally provided. The sputtering cathode can include a semiconducting target (e.g., a cadmium sulfide target, a cadmium tin oxide target, etc.) defining a sputtering surface and a back surface opposite to the sputtering surface. A backing plate can be positioned facing the back surface of the... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20120061239 - Electronic and fluidic interface: An electronic fluidic interface for use with an electronic sensing chip is provided. The electronic fluidic interface provides fluidic reagents to the surface of a sensor chip. The electronic sensing chip typically houses an array of electronic sensors capable of collecting data in a parallel manner. The electronic fluidic interface... Agent:

20120061240 - Electrotaxis methods and devices: A method of controlling nematode response in a microfluidic environment is provided comprising exposing the nematode to an electric field that induces a nematode response. In one embodiment, a method of sorting a group of nematodes based on a selected parameter is provided comprising the step of exposing the nematodes... Agent:

20120061241 - Apparatus and associated methods: m

20120061242 - Isotachophoresis having interacting anionic and cationic shock waves: Improved electrophoretic analysis is provided by interaction of anionic and cationic isotachophoresis (ITP) shock waves that propagate toward each other, and analysis of the resulting interaction zones. These shock wave interactions can provide qualitatively different capabilities from conventional ITP methods. Shock wave interaction can enable a single assay to identify... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

03/08/2012 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120055780 - Polysaccharide pseudo-sponge: A photocrosslinked polysaccharide pseudo-sponge exhibiting a low swelling property and a high degradation ability in vivo while retaining a suitable strength. The polysaccharide pseudo-sponge is produced by a crosslinking reaction of a photoreactive polysaccharide obtained by introducing a photoreactive group into a polysaccharide, and exhibits a low swelling property and... Agent: Seikagaku Corporation

20120055781 - Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis: An instrument and method for accelerating the solid phase synthesis of peptides are disclosed. The method includes the steps of deprotecting a protected first amino acid linked to a solid phase resin by admixing the protected linked acid with a deprotecting solution in a microwave transparent vessel while irradiating the... Agent: Cem Corporation

20120055782 - Self-regenerating particulate trap systems for emissions and methods thereof: A method and system for treating emissions includes charging particles in an exhaust stream, producing one or more radicals, and oxidizing at least a portion of the charged particles with at least a portion of the produced radicals. At least a portion of the charged particles in the exhaust stream... Agent: Rochester Institute Of Technology

20120055783 - Process for producing a target by thermal spraying: Process for producing a target by thermal spraying, especially by plasma spraying, said target comprising at least one compound chosen from refractory metals, resistive oxides and volatile oxides, characterized in that at least one fraction of said compound in the form of a powder composition of said compound is sprayed... Agent: Saint-gobain Coating Solutions

20120055784 - Preparation method of palladium alloy composite membrane for hydrogen separation: Disclosed herein is a method of preparing a palladium alloy composite membrane for hydrogen separation, including (a) providing a first metal coating layer on a porous support using an electroplating process; (b) providing a palladium coating layer on the first metal coating layer using a dry plating process; and (c)... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20120055785 - Equipment for stirring the electrolyte in electrolytic production cells: The generation of gases in situ by electrolysis, by the electric energization of one or more circuits of conductors placed underneath the anodes and cathodes, and mounted in the traditional cells or in an independent support structure, in which the anodes and cathodes are installed, permits the stirring of the... Agent: New Tech Copper S.a.

20120055786 - Holding unit, assembly system, sputtering unit, and processing method and processing unit: Because an electromagnetic chuck supplies current to a specific microcoil among a plurality of microcoils and makes an object exert an electromagnetic force working together with a magnet of the object, the object can be held in a state where the object is set at a desired position (a position... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120055787 - Sputtering target and method of processing a sputtering target: [Solving Means] A method of processing a sputtering target according to the present invention performs a hydrogen embrittlement process with respect to a sputtering target 1 including a first target portion 3 made of a first material being a non hydrogen embrittlement material and a second target 4 portion made... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120055788 - Target for sputtering: A transparent electroconductive film having a low resistivity is provided. In a film-forming method of the present invention, a transparent electroconductive film is formed on a surface of a substrate by sputtering, in a vacuum atmosphere, a target in which ZnO is a main component and Al2O3 and TiO2 are... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120055789 - Amperometric electrochemical cells and sensors: Amperometric ceramic electrochemical cells comprise, in one embodiment, an electrolyte layer, a sensing electrode layer comprising a ceramic phase and a metallic phase, and a counter electrode layer, wherein the cell is operable in an oxidizing atmosphere and under an applied bias to exhibit enhanced reduction of oxygen molecules at... Agent:

20120055790 - Gas sensor assembly with interior heat dissipation, sealing, and support plug: A gas sensor assembly including a substrate located in a housing. The substrate includes a high temperature gas sensor end and a lower temperature electronics end. A heat transfer, sealing, and support plug is mounted in the housing to the substrate. The plug seals the sensor end from the electronics... Agent:

20120055791 - Device for detecting an analyte in a flowable sample: A pH sensor device for continuously measuring pH in a flowable sample, the device including a housing having a channel and cavity for capturing and directing a sample aliquot to a pH sensor. The pH sensor device may further include a porous material placed adjacent to the pH sensor to... Agent: Senova Systems, Inc.

20120055792 - Msp nanopores and related methods: Provided herein are Mycobacterium smegmatis porin nanopores, systems that comprise these nanopores, and methods of using and making these nanopores. Such nanopores may be wild-type MspA porins, mutant MspA porins, wild-type MspA paralog porins, wild-type MspA homolog porins, mutant MspA paralog porins, mutant MspA homolog porins, or single-chain Msp porins.... Agent: University Of Washington

20120055793 - Emulsions of ionic liquids: The present teachings provide emulsions using ionic liquids for separation of biomolecules and related methods, compositions, and devices.... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20120055794 - Monolithic electrophoresis flat gel system: Apparatus, systems and methods for performing gel electrophoresis using a horizontal monolithic electrophoresis unit that at least includes first and second buffer chambers containing buffer solution and a gel chamber containing a pre-cast flat gel, whereby all of these chambers are integrated into a pre-fabricated single unit that is ready... Agent:

20120055795 - Method for synthesizing metal oxide nanocyrstals: Method for synthesizing metal oxide nanocrystals. The method includes forming a precursor solution including the metal oxide cation and introducing a selected metal oxide binding virus into the solution. Electrical pulses are generated across the solution whereby highly crystalline nanowires are formed.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120055796 - Method of fabricating electrode structures on substrate: Methods for fabricating electrode structures on a substrate are presented. The fabrication method includes providing a substrate with a patterned metal layer thereon, defining an electrode area. A passivation glue is formed on the patterned metal layer. An electrode layer is formed in the electrode area. A filling process is... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120055797 - Method and apparatus for increasing the efficiency of electro-dewatering: It is an object of the present invention to provide an improved method of electro-dewatering substances by increasing the efficiency with which water is removed from the substances, thus permitting substances to attain higher dryness levels with the same energy input and surface area, or to attain similar dryness levels... Agent: Gl&v Canada Inc.

20120055798 - Unitary biochip providing sample-in to results-out processing and methods of manufacture: A biochip for the integration of all steps in a complex process from the insertion of a sample to the generation of a result, performed without operator intervention includes microfluidic and macrofluidic features that are acted on by instrument subsystems in a series of scripted processing steps. Methods for fabricating... Agent: Netbio, Inc.

03/01/2012 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120048721 - Microwave reactor and method of producing polymer compound using the same: Provided is a microwave reactor including a reaction container for receiving a reaction solution, a microwave radiator for irradiating the reaction solution received in the reaction container with microwaves, and a cooler for cooling the reaction solution received in the reaction container, wherein a heat-generating medium generating heat by absorbing... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120048722 - System and/or method for heat treating conductive coatings using wavelength-tuned infrared radiation: Certain example embodiments relate to systems and/or methods for preferentially and selectively heat treating conductive coatings such as ITO using specifically tuned near infrared-short wave infrared (NIR-SWIR) radiation. In certain example embodiments, the coating is preferentially heated, thereby improving its properties while at the underlying substrate is kept at low... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20120048723 - Sputter target feed system: An apparatus includes an arc chamber housing defining an arc chamber, and a feed system configured to feed a sputter target into the arc chamber. A method includes feeding a sputter target into an arc chamber defined by an arc chamber housing, and ionizing a portion of the sputter target.... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20120048724 - Cylindrical magnetron sputter source utilizing halbach magnet array: A cylindrical magnetron sputtering cathode comprises a rotatable cylindrical sputtering target, a magnet assembly that includes a plurality of Halbach magnet arrays disposed within the rotatable cylindrical sputtering target and a magnetic magnet support and field shaper disposed within the sputtering target and to which the magnet assembly is attached.... Agent:

20120048725 - Non-bonded rotary semiconducting targets and methods of their sputtering: A rotary sputtering cathode, including a tubular member having a length in a longitudinal direction and defining an external surface, a first longitudinal bracket extending in the longitudinal direction along the length of the tubular member, and a second longitudinal bracket extending in the longitudinal direction along the length of... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20120048726 - Methods of sputtering using a non-bonded semiconducting target: A sputtering cathode is generally provided. The sputtering cathode can include a semiconducting target (e.g., a cadmium sulfide target, a cadmium tin oxide target, etc.) defining a sputtering surface and a back surface opposite to the sputtering surface. A backing plate can be positioned facing the back surface of the... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20120048727 - Semiconductor wafer holder and electroplating system for plating a semiconductor wafer: A semiconductor wafer holder includes first and second holding members between which a semiconductor wafer is held. The second holding member includes a second conductive element placed in contact with a first conductive element of the first holding member and the semiconductor wafer. A ring clamp is used to press... Agent:

20120048728 - Electrolytic regeneration device: The regeneration unit includes a tubular portion having the inner circumferential surface functioning as an anode, and a cathode provided inside the tubular portion and extending along the extension direction of the tubular portion in a state of separation from the inner circumferential surface. The treatment liquid used for desmearing... Agent: C. Uyemura & Co., Ltd.

20120048729 - Electrically non-conductive materials for electrochemical cells: Articles, systems, and methods related to the configuration of electrically non-conductive materials and related components in electrochemical cells are generally described. Some inventive electrochemical cell configurations include an electrically non-conductive material (e.g., as part of the electrolyte) that is configured to wrap around the edge of an electrode to prevent... Agent: Sion Power Corporation

20120048730 - Electrochemical cell for the production of synthesis gas using atmospheric air and water: A method is provided for synthesizing synthesis gas from carbon dioxide obtained from atmospheric air or other available carbon dioxide source and water using a sodium-conducting electrochemical cell. Synthesis gas is also produced by the coelectrolysis of carbon dioxide and steam in a solid oxide fuel cell or solid oxide... Agent:

20120048731 - Water electrolysis system: A water electrolysis system includes a high-pressure water electrolysis apparatus, a water circulation apparatus and a vapor-liquid separation apparatus. The high-pressure water electrolysis apparatus generates oxygen and hydrogen The hydrogen has a pressure higher than a pressure of the oxygen. The water circulation apparatus circulates water to the high-pressure water... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120048732 - Sample cartridge and device for measuring electrical characteristics of liquid sample: A sample cartridge for measuring the electrical characteristics of a liquid sample, which is made by forming an insulating material into a tubular body and is capable of holding the liquid sample in a region that is constituted by the surfaces of electrodes that are respectively inserted from openings of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120048733 - Ion sensor for measuring ion concentration of a solution: An ion sensor includes: a conductive base structure including a substrate and an electrode film formed on the substrate; a plurality of ion-sensitive nanorods protruding from the electrode film; and an encapsulant enclosing the conductive base structure, surrounding the ion-sensitive nanorods, and formed with a window for exposing the ion-sensitive... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20120048734 - Analysis apparatus and analysis method: An analysis apparatus is provided with a storage tank, an injection nozzle, a syringe, a collection nozzle, a test sample tank, a microchip having two or more separation channels, detectors, a waste liquid tank, a controller, and a power supply. The collection nozzle collects a specimen which becomes a test... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20120048735 - System and methods for detection of particles: Particles of interest such as DNA, RNA may be detected in trace quantities by subjecting the particles to concentration by scodaphoresis, detecting a signal indicative of the presence of the particles in a scodaphoresis focus spot and performing phase-sensitive detection on the signal using a reference signal tied to the... Agent: The University Of British Columbia

20120048736 - Device with intermittent contact improved by dielectrophoresis: The device comprises first and second contact pads having a contact surface. The first and second contact pads move with respect to one another between an ohmic contact position between these contact surfaces and another position. The device further comprises means for applying a non-uniform electric field around the first... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120048737 - Particle characterization cell and particle characterization instrument: The present invention is configured to be provided with: a bottom-equipped tubular cell main body that forms an internal space S1 that extends in a longer direction, and has one end part that is opened; a pair of applying electrodes that are arranged so as to face to each other... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

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