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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120043198 - Film formation apparatus and film formation method: There have been cases where transistors using oxide semiconductors are inferior in reliability to transistors using amorphous silicon. There have also been cases where transistors using oxide semiconductors show great variation in electrical characteristics within one substrate, from substrate to substrate, or from lot to lot. Therefore, an object is... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120043199 - Fluid-confining apparatus and method of operating the same: The fluid-confining apparatus includes at least a substrate holder, at least a confining fluid supplying tube, at least a confining fluid recovering tube, at least a process fluid supplying tube, and at least a process fluid recovering tube. The process fluid supplying tube supplies at least a process fluid, and... Agent:

20120043200 - Substrate holder and plating apparatus: A substrate holder enables easy maintenance, especially easy replacement of seal members. The substrate holder includes a fixed holding member and a movable holding member for detachably holding a substrate by gripping a peripheral portion of the substrate therebetween, and an inner seal member and an outer seal member which... Agent:

20120043201 - Method and apparatus for measuring sample reaction results on biosensor: Disclosed is a method of measuring sample reaction results on a biosensor having a working electrode and other electrodes, including: applying voltage between the working electrode and each of the other electrodes and detecting the amount of current flowing through the working electrode to determine whether or not a sample... Agent: Infopia Co., Ltd.

20120043202 - Cell analysis cartridge: Not only a downsized cartridge but also an aperture constituted simply and at low cost using a downsized configuration of the cartridge is provided. A measurement channel includes a front-surface-side channel unit provided on a front surface of a cartridge main body; a rear-surface-side channel unit provided on a rear... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20120043203 - Sensors for long-term and continuous monitoring of biochemicals: The disclosed subject matter relates to a sensor or system for monitoring a target analyte by using a polymer solution that is capable of binding to the analyte. The sensor of the disclosed subject matter includes a viscosity-based sensor or a permittivity-based sensor. The viscosity-based sensor contains a semi-permeable membrane,... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120043204 - Enzymatic reagent inks for use in test strips having a predetermined calibration code: The invention provides an enzyme ink useful in test strips that provides a test strip bias, at the low and high glucose ends, falling within a desired target range. The ink of the invention permits an improved method for the production of single calibration code strip lots with good yields.... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Ltd.

20120043205 - Gas sensor control apparatus controlling output characteristic of gas sensor: A gas sensor control apparatus is provided which controls an operation of a gas sensor made up of a solid electrolyte body and a pair of electrodes to output a signal indicating the concentration of a given gas component contained in gas. The gas sensor control apparatus includes a constant... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120043206 - Device and method for improving sample injection and stacking: The invention provides devices and methods for isolating one or more sample components of a sample material following separation of the sample material into a plurality of sample components. A device includes a separation channel having a sample loading well. A low-conductivity buffer is disposed in the loading well, the... Agent: Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.

20120043207 - Measurement method utilizing internal standard substance: A subject of the present invention is to provide a measurement method using an internal standard substance in an electrophoresis where an analyte is a protein or a compound. The present invention relates to a measurement method for an analyte by an electrophoresis, characterized in that a peak of the... Agent: Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20120043208 - Apparatus and methods for high throughput biomolecule separation and analysis: A multi-channel gel electrophoresis apparatus for efficiently collecting molecules isolated by gel electrophoresis so they can be further analyzed, identified, or used as reagents or medications. The apparatus using a novel “tagless” strategy that combines multi-dimensional separation of endogenous complexes with mass spectrometric monitoring of their composition. In this procedure,... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120043209 - Microfluidic control apparatus and operating method thereof: A microfluidic control apparatus and operating method thereof. The microfluidic control apparatus includes a photoconductive material layer and a flow passage. When a light with a specific optical pattern is emitted toward the photoconductive material layer, at least three virtual electrodes are formed on the photoconductive material layer according to... Agent:

20120043210 - Apparatus for purifying molecules: The invention provides devices for trapping and collecting separated biomolecules following a separation step. The invention also provides methods of using the devices to trap and collect separated biomolecules.... Agent:

20120043211 - Capillary electrophoresis apparatus: Provided is a capillary electrophoresis apparatus capable of avoiding electric discharge even when a conductive component is arranged near a cathode end of a capillary. The capillary electrophoresis apparatus of the present invention has a structure in which a spatial distance and a creeping distance between an electrode attached to... Agent:

20120043212 - Real-time fluorescent electrophoresis apparatus: A real-time fluorescent electrophoresis apparatus, comprising: an electrophoresis tank comprising a platform, an electrophoresis liquid, a positive electrode and a negative electrode, the platform carrying a gel with a biological sample, the gel comprising a plurality of charged molecules of the biological sample, and the gel, the platform, the positive... Agent:

02/16/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120037491 - Antenna for inductively coupled plasma generation, inductively coupled plasma generator, and method of driving the same: In one embodiment, the antenna for inductively coupled plasma generation includes a first end connected to an alternating current (AC) power supply, a second end connected to a ground terminal, and an antenna coil unit connected to the first end and the second end and configured to generate an induced... Agent:

20120037492 - Magnet transportation system, sputtering apparatus including the same and sputtering method: A sputtering apparatus for uniformly eroding a sputtering target is disclosed. The sputtering apparatus includes a substrate, a sputtering target having a first surface facing the substrate, a magnet configured to apply a magnetic field to the sputtering target, and facing a second surface of the sputtering target, a guide... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20120037493 - Arc evaporation source and film forming method using the same: Provided is an arc evaporation source wherein film-forming speed is increased by inducing magnetic lines in the substrate direction. The arc evaporation source is provided with: at least one outer circumferential magnet (3), which is disposed such that the outer circumferential magnet surrounds the outer circumference of a target (2)... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20120037494 - Installation for the surface treatment of parts: The invention relates to a machine for the surface processing of metal parts by immersion into at least one processing liquid contained in a processing tank comprising a plurality of tanks arranged in series and to a device for transferring the parts between the tanks, said tanks each including a... Agent: Tomos Management Holding Sa

20120037495 - Deplating contacts in an electrochemical plating apparatus: An electroplating apparatus having improved contact deplating features includes a bowl assembly having a bowl for holding an electroplating solution. A head having a rotor including a contact ring and a head motor for rotating the rotor cooperates with the bowl assembly during plating operations. A lift/rotate actuator may be... Agent:

20120037496 - Apparatus for electrochemical modification of liquid streams: An apparatus for electrochemical modification of liquid streams employing an electrolytic cell having an oxidation site defined by an anode, an anode compartment comprising liquid electrolyte anolyte where oxidation is effected, a cathode compartment comprising liquid electrolyte catholyte where reduction is effected, a cathode comprising conducting cathode particulates forming a... Agent: Blue Planet Strategies, L.L.C.

20120037498 - Device for galvanic processing of drinking water: A galvanic processing device includes a flow container having an inlet, an outlet and a longitudinal axis. Anodes are made from a first metal. Cathodes are made from a second, different metal. The electrodes may be disk-shaped. The cathodes and anodes are alternately placed perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. Dielectric... Agent:

20120037497 - Disk device for galvanic processing of drinking water: An improved galvanic processing device includes disk shaped electrodes made from a metal which have circumferential segments aligned at an angle α relative to the plane of the circumference of the electrode. The circumferential segments may have portions aligned at a different angle β relative to the plane of the... Agent:

20120037499 - Composite oxygen electrode and method for preparing same: The present invention provides a composite oxygen electrode, comprising—a porous backbone structure comprising two separate but percolating phases, the first phase being an electronic conducting phase, the second phase being an oxide ion conducting phase; and—an electrocatalytic layer on the surface of said backbone structure, wherein said electrocatalytic layer comprises... Agent:

20120037500 - Hollow target assembly: A hollow target assembly has a support tube, a target body and a plurality of elastic elements. The target body includes a plurality of hollow target materials and they pass through the support tube sequentially and locate at the outer surface of the support tube. By the grooves formed and... Agent: Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp.

20120037502 - Sintered body for zno-ga2o3-based sputtering target and method of producing the same: [Solving Means] The present invention includes the steps of forming a powder mixture of a zinc oxide powder and a gallium oxide powder, housing the compact of the powder mixture in an inside of a container 20 to be installed in an inside of a sintering furnace 10, raising a... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120037501 - Tantalum sputtering target: Provided is a tantalum sputtering target containing 1 mass ppm or more and 100 mass ppm or less of molybdenum as an essential component, and having a purity of 99.998% or more excluding molybdenum and gas components. Additionally provided is a tantalum sputtering target according to the above further containing... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120037503 - Rotatable sputter target base, rotatable sputter target, coating installation, method of producing a rotatable sputter target, target base connection means, and method of connecting a rotatable target base device for sputtering installations to a target b: A rotatable target base device for sputtering installations is provided, wherein the target base device is adapted for receiving thereon a solid target cylinder, the rotatable target base device comprising a target base cylinder (4) having a lateral surface (3), a middle part (12), a first end region (7) and... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120037504 - Multiply divided anode wall type plasma generating apparatus and plasma processing apparatus: When the plasma (P) generated between the cathode (2) and the anode (3) is ejected forward from the cathode (2) and diffuses, the diffusing material (41) recrystalizes, adheres, and deposits on the inner wall of an electrode cylindrical body, and detaches and falls as a carbon flake (40). The inner... Agent: Ferrotec Corporation

20120037505 - Diamond microelectrodes: A microlectrode comprising a diamond layer formed from electrically non-conducting diamond and containing one or more pins or projections of electrically conducting diamond extending at least partially through the layer of non-conducting diamond presenting areas of electrically conducting diamond.... Agent:

20120037506 - Method of measuring hematocrit (hct), sensor used in the method, and measuring device: The present invention provides a method of electrochemically measuring a hematocrit (Hct) value using a sensor, capable of achieving excellent measurement accuracy and reliability and also provides a sensor used in the method. The method of electrochemically measuring a hematocrit (Hct) value of blood include: providing an electrode system having... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120037507 - Method and marker for diagnosis of tubular kidney damage and illnesses: A method for the diagnosis of tubular kidney diseases comprising the step of determining the presence or absence or amplitude of at least three polypeptide markers in a urine sample, the polypeptide marker being selected from the markers characterized in Table 1 by values for the molecular masses and migration... Agent:

20120037508 - Electrophoresis apparatus and control method thereof: An electrophoresis apparatus that applies voltage from electrodes that are provided in a capillary flow channel and causes component separation by performing electrophoresis on a specimen that is injected into the capillary flow channel comprises: a physical quantity acquisition unit and a physical quantity determination unit. The physical quantity acquisition... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

02/09/2012 > 16 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120031748 - Film forming apparatus and film forming method: The present invention provides a film forming apparatus and a film forming method which are unlikely to be affected by changes in size and shape of a shield board caused by a recovery process. A film forming apparatus includes a shield board surrounding a sputtering space between a process-target substrate... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20120031749 - Reactive sputtering with multiple sputter sources: e

20120031750 - Multipurpose segmented sacrificial anode: A Segmented Sacrificial Anode Assembly (SSAA) includes anode segments made from an anodic material containing an electrically conductive core with electrically conductive threaded female connectors at each end, Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) isolators, and male threaded connectors. A number of the anode segments are connected by short male threaded connectors.... Agent:

20120031751 - Multipurpose segmented titanium mixed metal oxide (mmo) coated anode with integrated vent: A multi purpose segmented Titanium Mixed Metal Oxide coated impressed current cathodic protection anode assembly (Ti MMO anode assembly). The Ti MMO anode assembly includes combinations selected from four anode components and four connection components. The various components may be assembled for different applications in liquid or soil environments for... Agent:

20120031752 - Fluorine gas generating device: A fluorine gas generating device 100 is provided which facilitates the maintenance operation of recovery and replacement of an adsorbing material that adsorbs hydrogen fluoride and supplies fluorine gas in a stable manner. The device comprises a refining line 20 that includes refining devices that, with the aid of adsorbing... Agent: Central Glass Company, Limited

20120031753 - Electrode configuration of electrolysers to protect catalyst from oxidation: The invention relates to an electrode configuration of electrolysers using oxygen storage material to prevent oxidation of anodic active catalyst layer where oxygen storage material will be preferentially oxidised prior to anodic active catalyst. The inventions also relates to the use of hydrogen storage material with cathodic active catalyst to... Agent:

20120031754 - Electrolyzer having radial flowing passage: Electrolytic equipment in the form of radiation mode that is provided with pluralities of baffles (13) in the form of radiation mode on the top surface of the seat (10) and acidic water passage (131) is formed between the baffles (13). The top surface of the seat (10) has through... Agent:

20120031755 - Deposition system capable of processing multiple roll-fed substrates: A deposition system includes a chamber, a plurality of targets in a center region in the chamber and a plurality of substrates in the chamber. The targets are sequentially positioned when viewed in a first direction. At least one of the targets includes a sputtering surface facing outward. The substrates... Agent:

20120031756 - Tantalum sputtering target: Provided is a tantalum sputtering target containing 1 mass ppm or more and 100 mass ppm or less of tungsten as an essential component, and having a purity of 99.998% or more excluding tungsten and gas components. Additionally provided is a tantalum sputtering target according to according to the above... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120031757 - Selective ion transport device: A device for controlled transport of ions comprising a first source element arranged to receive ions of a first class from an ion source, a first target element arranged to release ions of said first class to an ion target, wherein each of said first source element and said first... Agent: Oboe Ipr Ab

20120031758 - Nanofabricated structures for electric field-assisted nucleic acid extraction: Embodiments of the invention provide devices and methods for extracting nucleic acid molecules from solution using electric fields. The structures and methods of embodiments of the invention are suited to incorporation into micro and nano fluidic devices, such as lab-on-a-chip devices and micro total analysis systems.... Agent:

20120031759 - Dielectrophoretic device with actuator: A dielectrophoretic fractionation device having a channel defining a direction of flow therethrough for the fractionation of particles in a liquid particle suspension is disclosed. The device also has a deflector unit affixed to a wall of the channel and arranged to generate an electric field gradient in the channel... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20120031760 - Method and apparatus for removal of particles from lubricating oil: A method for removing soot, sludge and other insoluble particulates from an engine oil is provided, the method comprising: disposing an oil containing the particulates between a pair of electrodes, wherein one of the electrodes is a positive electrode; wrapping a surface of the positive electrode with a media, wherein... Agent:

20120031761 - Analysis apparatus: An analysis apparatus enables a plurality of analysis processes to be accurately and efficiently performed. The analysis apparatus includes a detention tank in which a specimen is stored, and a voltage applier. The voltage applier includes a power source and a contact tip to be brought into contact with the... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20120031762 - Electrophoresis device and pump: Bubbles can be removed regardless of an individual difference of a pump to fill an electrophoresis medium into a capillary. Of flow passages formed between an inner side surface of a container for accommodating the electrophoresis medium and a side surface of a plunger, one of the flow passages causing... Agent:

20120031763 - Electrodialyzer: An object of this invention is to provide an electrodialyzer which is effective in saving electric power. According to this invention, there is provided an electrodialyzer which electrically dialyzes water to be processed while a voltage causing substantially no current to flow is applied between an anode and a cathode.... Agent:

02/02/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120024691 - Method for supporting and/or intensifying a physical and/or chemical reaction, and a reaction device for carrying out said method: A new and effective method for supporting and/or intensifying a physical and/or chemical reaction in a reaction volume of a reactor (13), which is filled with a plurality of substances, comprises the steps of: providing a reactor (13) having a reaction volume, filling said reaction volume of said reactor (13)... Agent: Philippe Saint Ger Ag

20120024692 - Mixed sputtering targets and their use in cadmium sulfide layers of cadmium telluride vased thin film photovoltaic devices: n

20120024693 - Reactive sputtering chamber with gas distribution tubes: A sputtering apparatus for processing large area substrates is provided. By introducing gas across the entire target surface, a uniform composition film may be formed on the substrate. When the gas is introduced merely at the perimeter, the gas distribution is not uniform. By providing a gas introduction tube across... Agent:

20120024694 - Triangular scanning magnet in sputtering tool moving over larger triangular target: A sputtering chamber contains a plurality of substantially triangular targets supported by a top wall. The targets have narrow ends pointing toward a center of the top wall. Above each target is a relatively small substantially triangular magnet. Each magnet is connected to a single central actuator that scans all... Agent: Tango Systems, Inc.

20120024695 - Systems and methods for high-rate deposition of thin film layers on photovoltaic module substrates: Apparatus and processes for sequential sputtering deposition of a target source material as a thin film on a photovoltaic module substrate are provided. The apparatus includes a first sputtering deposition chamber and a second sputtering deposition chamber that are integrally connected such that the substrates being transported through the apparatus... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20120024696 - Electroplating apparatus: An apparatus and method for simultaneously electroplating at least two parts in a series electrical configuration in an electroplating system using a shared electrolyte with excellent consistency in thickness profiles, coating weights and coating microstructure. Parts in high volume and at low capital and operating cost are produced as coatings... Agent: Integran Technologies Inc.

20120024697 - Membranes: Process for manufacturing a composite membrane comprising a porous support and a polymeric separation layer having acidic or basic groups comprising the steps of: (i) applying a composition to a porous support; and (ii) curing the composition to form the polymeric separation layer thereon; wherein the composition comprises the components... Agent: Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.v.

20120024698 - Self supporting isobaric structure for electrolyte aeration in cells for electrorefining or electrowinning non ferrious metals: The invention provides a self supporting isobaric structure for electrolyte aeration in an electrodeposition cell for electrolytic refining or winning of non-ferrous metals, and a method of fabrication thereof. The structure is constructed using thermoplastic material pipes the external surface of which is wrapped in a thermosetting polymer composite material... Agent:

20120024699 - Composite target material and method for producing the same: A composite target material includes titanium oxide in a range between about 50 wt % and about 85 wt % and the remaining comprising stannic oxide or aluminum oxide or a combination of stannic oxide and aluminum oxide. A method for manufacturing composite target material includes the steps of: providing... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120024700 - Sensor device and manufacturing method: Disclosed is a sensor device (10) comprising a substrate (100) carrying a sensing element (110), and a metallization stack on said substrate for providing interconnections to said sensing element, the metallization stack comprising a plurality of patterned metal layers (130a-d) separated by insulating layers (120a-d), wherein a first metal layer... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120024702 - Charged particle motion inducing apparatus: Apparatus for inducing motion of charged particles in a liquid or gel using an electric field includes a region in which the motion is to be induced, first and second electrodes for generating the electric field in the region whereby a current passes between the electrodes so as to induce... Agent:

20120024701 - General procedure for the identification of dna sequences generating electromagnetic signals in biological fluids and tissues: A general method for producing EMS positive samples or samples containing nanostructures characteristic of self-replicating molecules like DNA by dilution and agitation. Methods of transduction into DNA information or for inducing EMS in an originating sample and transducing the EMS signal once induced into a naïve receiving sample. Diagnostic methods... Agent:

20120024703 - Compositions useful for electrocoating metal substrates and electrodeposition processes using the coatings: g

20120024704 - Modular apparatus for a saltwater desalinating system, and method for using same: The present disclosure is directed at a modular apparatus for a saltwater desalinating system, and a method for using same. The apparatus includes multiple internal modules that are compressively coupled to each other. Each of the internal modules includes a pair of rigid end plates located at opposing ends of... Agent: Saltworks Technologies Inc.

20120024705 - Process for treating waste water and nozzle therefor: In an apparatus including two opposite conductive electrodes mounted in an opening of an insulating shroud filled with pressurized air, a support for supporting the shroud, the support being in communication with the opening to define an aerating zone adjacent to the opening, a collection tank under the aerating zone,... Agent:

20120024706 - Apparatus for the measurement of a concentration of a charged species in a sample: An apparatus (1) for the measurement of a concentration of a charged species in a sample (10) is disclosed. The sample (10) comprises a plurality of types of charged species and at least one insoluble component. The apparatus (1) comprises a first circuit with a voltage control device (54) connectable... Agent:

20120024707 - Capillary electrophoresis apparatus: The solution reservoir apparatus of the capillary electrophoresis apparatus securely affixes an evaporation-preventing membrane to a container when a capillary is inserted or withdrawn, without extending the cathode end of the capillary. The solution reservoir apparatus comprises a container for reserving a sample or solution, a cover having a bore... Agent:

20120024708 - Single-sided continuous optoelectrowetting (sceow) device for droplet manipulation with light patterns: A single-sided continuous optoelectrowetting (SCOEW) device for manipulating droplets retained in a fluid over the SCOEW device with dynamic patterns of low intensity light, such as from a display screen, is described. A single pair of lateral electrodes are utilized for providing a lateral electric field bias, with transport motion... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

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