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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110284364 - Aluminum doped zinc oxide sputtering targets: A sputtering target precursor material comprises a homogeneous distribution of a ZnAl2O4 phase in a hexagonal ZnO phase, said ZnO phase further comprises less than 1 wt % of elemental Al in solid solution, expressed versus the total weight of said target material.... Agent: Umicore

20110284365 - Lanthanoid aluminate film fabrication method: A method of fabricating by co-sputtering deposition a lanthanoid aluminate film with enhanced electrical insulativity owing to suppression of deviation in composition of the film is disclosed. Firstly within a vacuum chamber, hold two separate targets, one of which is made of lanthanoid aluminate (LnAlO3) and the other of which... Agent: Kabushiki Kaiska Toshiba

20110284366 - Coated article with high visible transmission and low emissivity: A coated article that can be used in applications such as insulating glass (IG) units, so that resulting IG units can achieve high visible transmission of at least 70% (e.g., when using clear glass substrates from 1.0 to 3.5 mm thick), combined with at least one of: (a) SHGC no... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110284368 - System for protecting gasifier surfaces from corrosion: According to various embodiments, a system includes a gasifier that includes a shell made of a first material exposed to a gasification region inside the gasifier and a patterned anode layer coupled to the shell inside the gasifier. The patterned anode layer is made of a second material, and the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110284367 - System for protecting turbine engine surfaces from corrosion: According to various embodiments, a system includes a turbine engine component that includes a first material having a surface exposed to a fluid flow path and a sacrificial anode layer disposed on the surface. The sacrificial anode layer includes a second material that is electrochemically more active than the first... Agent: General Electric Company

20110284369 - Double contact bar insulator assembly for electrowinning of a metal: In various embodiments, the present invention provides an electrolytic cell contact bar having a first pole and a pair of second poles. The second poles are opposite in charge to the first pole and each of the pair of second poles are adjacent to and parallel to the first pole.... Agent: Freeport-mcmoran Corporation

20110284370 - Device for increasing the rate of electrolysis in electrolyzer: A device electrically connected to one terminal of a DC source and immersed in electrolyte of an electrolytic vessel for increasing the rate of electrolysis includes a first half and a second half releasably secured to the first half to form a space therein; a plurality of surface apertures formed... Agent:

20110284371 - Method and apparatus for extracting noble metals from inorganic granular waste catalysts: The leaching and precipitation of noble metals when circulating an electrolyte through a vertical cylindrical electrolytic cell comprising a fixed granular catalyst bed and a three-dimensional cathode filled with activated carbon granules are performed in the same step. Because the electrochemical leaching process and the electrochemical sorption process are performed... Agent:

20110284372 - Cu-ga alloy material, sputtering target, method of making cu-ga alloy material, cu-in-ga-se alloy film, and method of making cu-in-ga-se alloy film: According to one embodiment of the invention, a Cu—Ga alloy material has an average composition consisting of not less than 32% and not more than 53% by mass of gallium (Ga) as well as the balance consisting of copper (Cu) and an inevitable impurity. In the Cu—Ga alloy material, a... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20110284373 - Inorganic-particle-dispersed sputtering target: Provided is an inorganic-particle-dispersed sputtering target in which inorganic particles are dispersed in a Co base material, wherein the inorganic particles have an electric resistivity of 1×101 Ω·m or less and the volume ratio of the inorganic particles in the target is 50% or less. The sputtering target thus adjusted... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110284374 - Electrochemical sensor comprising a substrate and an injection moulded reaction vessel and method of its manufacture: An electrochemical sensor is described, containing a sensor substrate and at least one set of electrodes comprising a working electrode, a reference electrode and optionally an auxiliary electrode, further containing at least one reaction vessel, which is tightly connected to the sensor substrate and inside which is located at least... Agent:

20110284375 - Microfluidic device and analyzing device using the same: The conventional micropump and the conventional micromixer have the following problems. In a mechanical or hydrodynamic method, the structure of the inside of a flow path is complex so as to easily cause clogging, and manufacturing cost is high, and dead volume is large. Additionally, in an electrical method, the... Agent: Fluid Incorporated

20110284376 - Systems and techniques for electrodialysis: Electrochemical separation devices are configured for lower energy consumption. Techniques for reducing shadow effect may involve providing distance between a spacer screen and an adjacent ion-selective membrane. A spacer having a screen that is thin relative to a surrounding frame may be used. Mild pressure may also be applied to... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20110284377 - Systems and methods for removing hydrogen peroxide from water purification systems: Systems and methods for removing hydrogen peroxide from water purification systems are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a water purification system including a water treatment unit, an electrodeionization unit and a hydrogen peroxide decomposition catalyst in fluid connection with the electrodeionization unit. The water purification system... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110284378 - Apparatus and microchip for sorting micro particles: In one example embodiment, a micro-particle sorting apparatus includes: (a) a microchip in which a flow path through which liquid containing a micro particle flows and an orifice through which the liquid flowing through the flow path is discharged into a space outside the chip; (b) an oscillating element for... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110284379 - Direct determination of carbohydrates, amino acids and antibiotics by microchip electrophoresis with pulsed amperometric detection: The present invention provides a microchip for performing electrophoresis with pulsed amperometric detection (PAD) for the separation and detection of underivatized carbohydrates, amino acids, sulfur-containing antibiotics, etc. PAD allows for the direct detection of amines, thiols, alcohols and carbohydrates and therefore is a useful technique for the development of electrochemical... Agent: Colorado State University Research Foundation

20110284380 - Methods for nanowire alignment and deposition: The present invention provides methods and systems for nanowire alignment and deposition. Energizing (e.g., an alternating current electric field) is used to align and associate nanowires with electrodes. By modulating the energizing, the nanowires are coupled to the electrodes such that they remain in place during subsequent wash and drying... Agent:

11/17/2011 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110278154 - Liquid storage system, liquid container, and liquid lead-out controll method: A liquid storage system includes a liquid container having a plurality of through holes of a nano-size from which volatile liquid contained in the liquid container is led outside by capillary action, and photocatalytic films provided on surfaces of the through holes, the photocatalytic films being hydrophilic during light irradiation,... Agent:

20110278153 - Viscosity reduction: The present invention relates to a method for reducing the viscosity of a product by applying highly propagating ultrasonic energy to said product, the method comprising contacting at least a portion of said product with an highly propagating ultrasonic energy emitting assembly; and emitting highly propagating ultrasonic energy from the... Agent: Cavitus Pty Ltd

20110278155 - Electrochemical control of chemical catalysis using single molecule motors and digital logic: Methods for controlling catalysis of a chemical reaction generally includes electrostatically controlling position of a first linear single-molecule polymer inside at least one nanopore fluidly coupled to a reaction chamber comprising a reaction medium and at least one reactant, wherein the first linear single-molecule polymer is coupled to a first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110278156 - Multiple anode ion source: An ion source is provided. The ion source comprises a first cylindrical anode and a second cylindrical anode. The first cylindrical anode is concentric with the second cylindrical anode. The ion source further comprises an electron source positioned within the first cylindrical anode or the second cylindrical anode.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110278157 - Method for pretreating substrates for pvd methods: The invention relates to a method for surface treatment of work pieces in a vacuum treatment system having a first electrode embodied as a target, which is part of an arc vaporization source; by means of the first electrode, an arc is operated with an arc current and vaporizes material... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Tr&#xdc Bbach

20110278158 - Electrolytic chlorinator: A method of cleaning one or more electrodes (30) of an electrolytic chlorinator (10). The electrodes are immersed in water within a chamber (120). The method includes the steps of substantially stopping water flow through the chamber; supplying a volume of cleaning agent into the chamber; and agitating the water... Agent:

20110278159 - Cation exchange membrane, production process thereof and electrolytic cell using the same: the value of the ratio (the thickness of the second layer)/(the total thickness of the first and second layers) in the attachment region is larger than the value of the ratio in the main region. Further, its production process and an electrolytic cell to which the cation exchange membrane is... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110278160 - Hydrogen generator: The invention relates to a hydrogen generator comprising a stack (1) of least one functional element with an anode (2) for the production of oxygen, a cathode (3) for the production of hydrogen and a membrane (4) positioned between the anode (2) and the cathode (3). In said generator the... Agent: Hydrogen Works, S.l.

20110278161 - Doping bath for fabricating the energy storage device: Disclosed herein is a doping bath for fabricating an energy storage device, including: a doping bath that receives an electrolyte; a lithium foil that is provided in the doping bath; and a power supply means that supplies power to the lithium foil and at least one cell laminate provided to... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110278162 - system for plating a conductive substrate, and a substrate holder for holding a conductive substrate during plating thereof: A system for plating a conductive substrate is provided. The system comprises a conductive substrate, comprising a first and a second conductive side, wherein said first side of the conductive substrate is to be plated. Furthermore, the system comprises a substrate holder with an attachment means, for attaching the conductive... Agent:

20110278163 - Gas supply system and sputtering apparatus having same: An exemplary gas supply system, includes a plurality of first input lines for supplying gas, a plurality of second input lines, a plurality of third input lines, a first mixing tank communicating with the second input lines, a second mixing tank communicating with the third input lines, and a plurality... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110278164 - Sputtering device: A sputtering device includes a chamber having a number of targets mounted therein, a supporting frame, and a gas supplying frame. The chamber defines an engaging hole and a gas input hole therein. The supporting frame is capable of having a revolution in the chamber, the supporting frame includes a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110278165 - Process kit shield for improved particle reduction: Apparatus for improved particle reduction are provided herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus may include a process kit shield comprising a one-piece metal body having an upper portion and a lower portion and having an opening disposed through the one-piece metal body, wherein the upper portion includes an opening-facing surface... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110278166 - Chamber for physical vapour deposition and door for a physical vapour deposition chamber: A chamber for physical vapour deposition is provided. The chamber includes a housing, a door for opening and closing the housing, and a bearing for receiving a target, wherein the bearing is oriented in a first direction. Further, the chamber is adapted so that the target is at least partially... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110278167 - Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method: The so-constructed biosensor can be formed by a simple method, and a biosensor which is excellent in a measuring accuracy as well as a biosensor in which a reagent layer is placed uniformly on the electrodes regardless of a reagent liquid composition, and which has a uniform performance can be... Agent:

20110278168 - Composite material for use in a sensing electrode for measuring water quality: A composite material for use in a sensing electrode. The composite material comprises a first phase and a second phase. The first phase consists essentially of Bi2Ru2O7+x wherein x is a value between 0 and 1 and the second phase consists essentially of RuO2.... Agent: Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation

20110278169 - Gas sensor element and gas sensor equipped with the same: A gas sensor element with a bottom part is composed of at least a solid electrolyte body of oxygen ion conductivity, a reference electrode, a detection electrode, an electrode protection layer which supports noble metal catalyst, and a heater. The electrode protection layer is composed of a covering layer, a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110278170 - Battery structures, self-organizing structures and related methods: An energy storage device includes a first electrode comprising a first material and a second electrode comprising a second material, at least a portion of the first and second materials forming an interpenetrating network when dispersed in an electrolyte, the electrolyte, the first material and the second material are selected... Agent: A123 Systems, Inc.

20110278171 - Method and system for improved process parameter control of a liquid composition in a reverse electro-enhanced dialysis (reed) system: A method and a system for process parameter control of a liquid composition in a reverse electro-enhanced dialysis (REED) system comprising at least two Reverse Electro-Enhanced Dialysis (REED) membrane stacks, wherein the direction of the electric field within any one membrane stack is reversed at asynchronical intervals of time relative... Agent: Jurag Separation A/s

11/10/2011 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110272271 - Apparatus and method for injecting microfluidic: Provided is a microfluidic injection device and a method for injecting microfluidic. The microfluidic injection device includes a fluid injection chamber, a gas generation chamber applying pressure to the fluid injection chamber, and a channel connecting the fluid injection chamber to the gas generation chamber.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110272272 - Method of producing molybdenum-99: Method of producing molybdenum-99, comprising accelerating ions by means of an accelerator; directing the ions onto a metal target so as to generate neutrons having an energy of greater than 10 MeV; directing the neutrons through a converter material comprising technecium-99 to produce a mixture comprising molybdenum-99; and, chemically extracting... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20110272273 - Lanthanide-mediated photochemical water splitting process for hydrogen and oxygen generation: The application generally relates to a process for generating hydrogen, oxygen or both from water. More particularly, the application generally relates to a lanthanide-mediated photochemical process for generating hydrogen, oxygen or both from water.... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20110272274 - Method for producing hydrogen peroxide: The present invention relates to a method for preparing an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide from oxygen, hydrogen and optionally water. The invention more particularly relates to a method for preparing an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide in which at least a portion of the reactor is cooled down to... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20110272275 - System for sputtering and method thereof: A sputtering method includes receiving etch time information for a first substrate detected in a dry etching process, calculating a deposition time for a second substrate from the etch time information for the first substrate, and executing sputtering for the second substrate based the calculated deposition time. The thickness of... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110272276 - Implant with antimicrobial coating: In a coated implant that releases silver ions in the human body and thereby has an antimicrobial effect, a first surface component of the coating is formed by an anode material. A second surface component of the coating is formed by a cathode material. The cathode material is higher in... Agent: Deru Gmbh

20110272277 - Electrolytic cell and related methods of making and use: An electrolytic cell includes a plate stack including a plurality of plates spaced apart to define a plurality of channels extending therebetween, a housing arranged around the plurality of plates, and a plurality of terminals connected to the plate stack for placing an electrical potential thereacross. The cell can also... Agent: The Cell, Inc.

20110272278 - Sputtering apparatus: The present invention provides a sputtering apparatus and a film-forming method capable of forming a magnetic film having a reduced variation in the orientation of the magnetic anisotropy. The sputtering apparatus of the present invention is equipped with a rotatable cathode and a rotatable stage. The stage can have an... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110272279 - Apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device by using the same: In a process for manufacturing a hyperfine semiconductor device, an apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device such as a schottky barrier MOSFET and a method for manufacturing the semiconductor device using the same are provided. Two chambers are connected with each other. A cleaning process, a metal layer forming process,... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110272280 - Ion sensor: Provided is an ion sensor with which the concentration of ions in a solution can be determined without any reference electrode. The ion sensor is equipped with: a first electrode plate; a second electrode plate which has been disposed opposite the first electrode plate and has one or multiple openings;... Agent: National University Corporation Okayama University

20110272281 - Microfluidic device for separating, fractionating, or preconcentrating analytes contained in an electrolyte: A microfluidic device for separating, fractionating, or preconcentrating analytes contained in an electrolyte having at least two reservoirs separated by at least one microchannel and/or nanochannel. At least part of the wall of the microchannel is made of and/or coated interiorly with a conducting and polarizable material or group of... Agent:

20110272282 - Systems and methods for enhanced scoda: Methods and apparatus for concentrating particles may be applied, for example, to concentrating DNA, RNA, proteins and the like. Proteins may be pre-treated to facilitate concentration by scodaphoresis. The pre-treatment may comprise, for example, heating or chemical treatment to denature and/or apply a net charge to the protein, binding handle... Agent: University Of British Columbia

11/03/2011 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110266136 - Doped titanium dioxide as a visible and sun light photo catalyst: Methods for preparing and using a photocatalyst are described. The catalyst is prepared by oxidation of a metal salt which has been doped in situ to form a photocatalyst active in visible light. The photocatalyst is used for degrading toxic and irritating compounds and infectious agents.... Agent:

20110266137 - Electrochromic devices: Conventional electrochromic devices frequently suffer from poor reliability and poor performance. Improvements are made using entirely solid and inorganic materials. Electrochromic devices are fabricated by forming an ion conducting electronically-insulating interfacial region that serves as an IC layer. In some methods, the interfacial region is formed after formation of an... Agent: Soladigm, Inc.

20110266138 - Electrochromic devices: Conventional electrochromic devices frequently suffer from poor reliability and poor performance. Improvements are made using entirely solid and inorganic materials. Electrochromic devices are fabricated by forming an ion conducting electronically-insulating interfacial region that serves as an IC layer. In some methods, the interfacial region is formed after formation of an... Agent: Soladigm, Inc.

20110266139 - Film forming apparatus and method of producing substrate using same: Provided is a film forming apparatus C, wherein a vacuum chamber 7 is divided by a partition plate 8 into a film forming chamber 9a including a conveying path for the substrate(s) 1 and an exhaust chamber 9b connected to an exhaust device 18; the film forming chamber 9a is... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110266140 - Process for producing reflective mask blank for euv lithography: A process for producing an EUV mask blank wherein an electrostatic chuck for clamping a glass substrate has a main body and a lower dielectric layer made of an organic polymer film, and electrode portion made of an electrically conductive material and an upper dielectric layer made of an organic... Agent: Asahi Glass Company Limited

20110266141 - System and methods for high-rate co-sputtering of thin film layers on photovoltaic module substrates: Systems and methods for deposition of a thin film layer on photovoltaic (PV) module substrates are generally provided. The system can include a sputtering chamber configured to receive the substrates, at least two targets positioned within the sputtering chamber, and an independent power source connected to each target. Each target... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20110266142 - Unitized electrolyzer apparatus: A unitized electrolyzer apparatus for generating hydrogen gas at high pressure. According to one embodiment, the apparatus includes a pressure-containment vessel, a water electrolyzer stack, and a water supply. The water electrolyzer stack is mounted on or in the vessel and is used to generate hydrogen gas for containment in... Agent:

20110266143 - Sputtering system: A sputtering system includes at least two treatment chambers, at least two antechambers, a gas withdrawal device, a placement device, a removal device, and a transport device. The antechambers and the treatment chambers are connected to each other alternatively to form a loop. Each of the treatment chambers includes arcing... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110266144 - Sputtering apparatus: A sputtering apparatus for coating workpieces includes a preheating case defining a preheating cavity, a deposition case defining a deposition cavity, a bridge assembly connecting the preheating case to the deposition case, two supporting assemblies, posts for fixing the workpieces, and a transmission assembly positioned in the preheating case. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110266145 - Tantalum sputtering target: Provided is a tantalum sputtering target containing 1 mass ppm or more and 100 mass ppm or less of niobium as an essential component, and having a purity of 99.999% or more excluding niobium and gas components. Thereby obtained is a high purity tantalum sputtering target comprising a uniform and... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110266146 - Sputtering apparatus: A sputtering apparatus includes a preheating chamber, a deposition chamber, a passage in communication with the preheating chamber and the deposition chamber, a first support assembly received in the preheating chamber, a second support assembly received in the deposition chamber, a number of posts capable of mounting on each of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110266147 - Sputtering device with rotatable targets: A sputtering apparatus includes a housing having an enclosure and a plurality of gas-introduction holes defined in the sidewalls of the enclosure, a substrate holder for holding substrates, a plurality of targets surrounding the substrate holder, the targets and the substrate holder are accommodated in the housing, and a driving... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110266148 - Target base and sputtering apparatus using same: A target base includes a fixed carrier, a rotatable carrier, a number of target housings, and a number of target supports. The rotatable carrier is rotatably mounted on the fixed carrier. The target housings are mounted on the fixed carrier around the rotatable carrier, and define receiving spaces adjacent to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110266149 - Electrochemical sensor module: A sensor module includes a flexible linkage; an analysis cell housing; a member anchor; a piercing member; and an electrode arrangement. The analysis cell housing defines an analysis cell and a passageway providing access to the analysis cell from a sample port of the analysis cell housing. The member anchor... Agent: Pepex Biomedical, LLC

20110266150 - Biosensor strip: The present invention discloses a biosensor strip, which comprises: a base plate layer defining a first strip end and a second strip end; a conductive layer being disposed on the base plate layer and partitioned into at least two electrode paths; a reagent containing layer being disposed on the conductive... Agent: Pensiero Medical Electronics Corp.

20110266151 - Microfluidic systems with electronic wettability switches: The present invention concerns microfluidic systems with printed surface structured electronically controllable wettability switches for efficient manipulation of small amounts of fluids. The high performance microfluidic systems of the invention can be used in many applications, e.g. in rapid DNA separation and sizing, cell manipulation, cell sorting and molecule detection.... Agent:

20110266152 - Electrostatic coalescing device: The invention concerns an electrostatic coalescing device that includes a vessel or a pipe through which a mixture of fluids flows. At least one metal electrode plate and transformer are arranged inside the pipe/vessel. The electrode plate and transformer are fully enclosed by insulation, and the transformer is energized from... Agent: Hamworthy PLC

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