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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110259730 - Device and method for microstructured plasma treatment: The invention relates to a device for the microstructured plasma treatment of a film substrate, especially of a plastic film Said device comprises a rotatably received cylindrical electrode the surface of which contains or consists of metal, especially chromium, the surface having microstructured depressions, a planar high-voltage electrode the surface... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschft Zur Forderrung Der Angewand Forschung E.v.

20110259731 - Method and apparatus for dissociating hydrogen and oxygen from water: Water is dissociated into hydrogen and oxygen preferably using an adjacent plasma at or near atmosphere pressure and ambient temperature and generated preferably by a caduceus coil driving a frequency that creates a plasma shear and/or induces resonance in the water molecules.... Agent:

20110259733 - Magnetic field control for uniform film thickness distribution in sputter apparatus: When a film is formed by using a sputter method, distribution variation due to a progress of target erosion generated during the film formation is suppressed, and film thickness distribution and resistance value distribution are corrected to an optimal state. In order to maintain the magnetic flux density formed on... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110259732 - Methods for high-rate sputtering of a compound semiconductor on large area substrates: Methods are generally provided for sputtering thin films on individual substrates. Individual substrates can be conveyed into a vacuum chamber to draw a sputtering pressure that is less than about 50 mTorr. Then, the individual substrates can be conveyed into a sputtering chamber and past a planar magnetron continuously sputtering... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20110259734 - Apparatus for electrochemical plating semiconductor wafers: An electroplating apparatus for depositing a conductive material on a semiconductor wafer includes a vessel for holding an electroplating bath, a support for holding a semiconductor wafer within the vessel and beneath a surface of the bath; first and second electrodes within the vessel, between which an electrical current may... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20110259735 - Elementary cell and relevant modular electrolyser for electrolytic processes: An electrolysis cell provided with a separator, suitable for chlor-alkali electrolysis, has a planar flexible cathode kept in contact with the separator by an elastic conductive element pressed by a current distributor and an anode consisting of a punched sheet or mesh supporting the separator suitable for being individually pre-assembled... Agent:

20110259736 - Electrolytic cell for making alkali alcoholates using ceramic ion conducting solid membranes: Disclosed are electrolytic cells for making solutions of metal alcoholates in their corresponding alcohols using an electrolytic process. In one embodiment, sodium methylate in methanol is made from methanol and sodium hydroxide solution. The sodium hydroxide solution is placed in the anolyte compartment and the methanol is placed in the... Agent:

20110259737 - Permanent cathode: A permanent cathode that is to be used as electrode in the electro-refining and/or recovery of metals, such as copper, zinc, cobalt or nickel. The permanent cathode comprises a planar mother plate that is made of metal and comprises two sides. The mother plate comprises an edge, which at least... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110259738 - Magnetron sputtering device: A magnetron sputtering device includes a holding compartment, a target assembly, a supporting base, and a rotation module. The holding compartment is divided to a reactive chamber and a receiving chamber. The target assembly includes two cooling plates, two magnetic units, and a target. The two cooling plates define a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110259739 - Method and system for large scale manufacture of thin film photovoltaic devices using multi-chamber configuration: A method for large scale manufacture of photovoltaic devices includes loading a substrate into a load lock station and transferring the substrate in a controlled ambient to a first process station. The method includes using a first physical deposition process in the first process station to cause formation of a... Agent: Stion Corporation

20110259740 - Sputtering apparatus: A sputtering apparatus includes a support assembly and posts. The support assembly includes an upper base, a lower base, seat members, and connection posts interconnected between the upper base and the lower base. The upper base defines cutouts. The seat members are rotatably mounted on the lower base and aligned... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110259741 - Biosensor: A biosensor includes a first working electrode that a biocatalyst, which has a property that reacts on a specified ground substance, is disposed, a second working electrode that the biocatalyst, which the property is lost, is disposed, and at least one counter electrode for respectively applying a voltage to the... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20110259742 - Droplet based miniaturized device with on-demand droplet-trapping, -fusion, and -releasing: The present invention refers to a droplet-based miniaturized device with on-demand droplet-trapping, -fusion, and -releasing. The device makes use of different electrical fields for directing droplets into microwells and releasing them from the same. In another aspect, the present invention refers to a system comprising such a microfluidic device and... Agent: Nanyang Technological University

20110259743 - Method for determination of oxidative stress: Provided is a biomarker that enables easy and rapid detection of oxidative stress on a living organism and enables prevention of tissue damage or cell necrosis by drug administration, and which is a powerful marker for the study of toxicity and pharmacokinetics of various agents. Oxidative stress is determined by... Agent: Keio University

20110259744 - Sensors for biomolecular detection and cell classification: A sensor device is provided for detecting an analyte in a sample in which an analyte is bound to a detection reagent to form a bound complex. The device comprises (a) a sample (5) comprising an ionic analyte and a detection reagent in a conductive fluid, wherein the detection reagent... Agent:

20110259746 - Electrode for dielectrophoretic apparatus, dielectrophoretic apparatus, method for manufacturing the same, and method for separating substances using the electrode or dielectrophoretic apparatus: To provide an electrode for a dielectrophoretic apparatus in which a background detected by reflecting an excited light on an electrode present under the substance (molecule) is reduced and an S/N ratio is enhanced. Also, there is provided an dielectrophoretic apparatus, in an apparatus in which a liquid containing substances... Agent: Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20110259745 - Three dimensional microelectrode system for dielectrophoresis: A dielectrophoresis apparatus for separating particles from a sample, including an apparatus body; a dielectrophoresis channel in the apparatus body, the dielectrophoresis channel having a central axis, a bottom, a top, a first side, and a second side; a first mesa projecting into the dielectrophoresis channel from the bottom and... Agent:

20110259747 - Water sterilization devices including nanostructures and uses thereof: A water sterilization device includes: (1) a conduit including an inlet to provide entry of untreated water and an outlet to provide exit of treated water; (2) a porous electrode housed in the conduit and disposed between the inlet and the outlet, the porous electrode including a porous support and... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20110259748 - System and method for using ac and dc sensors for water treatment: A system and method are disclosed for automatically operating a high voltage resonance circuit. An embodiment of the system includes one or more coils each coil can be an alternating current (AC) coil or a direct current (DC) coil. An embodiment of the system further includes a microprocessor that issues... Agent:

20110259749 - Flow cytometer and flow cytometry: One embodiment of the present invention is to provide a system for sorting cell particles in a liquid flow, which comprises a flow-defining block including a flow chamber receiving a sample conduit and a flow cell having a flow channel. The system also comprises a strobe block including a imaging... Agent: Bay Bioscience Kabushiki Kaisha

10/20/2011 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20110253523 - Sputtering apparatus and method: A sputtering apparatus includes a preheating chamber, a deposition chamber, a connection assembly connecting the preheating chamber to the deposition chamber, a first supporting assembly received in the preheating chamber, a second supporting assembly received in the deposition chamber, a number of posts capable of mounting on each of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110253524 - Aluminum-scandium alloy film applied to vehicle lamps and manufacturing method thereof: An aluminum-scandium (Al—Sc) alloy film applied to vehicle lamps and a manufacturing method thereof are revealed. The Al—Sc alloy film contains a trace of scandium so that both temperature for grain refinement and temperature for recrystallization of the film are increased. This results in a fine and smooth surface of... Agent:

20110253525 - Thin film shape memory alloy device and method: A thin film device, such as an intravascular stent, is disclosed. The device is formed of a seamless expanse of thin-film (i) formed of a sputtered nitinol shape memory alloy, defining, in an austenitic state, an open, interior volume, having a thickness between 0.5-50 microns, having an austenite finish temperature... Agent:

20110253526 - Electrolytic cell and method of use thereof: In one embodiment of the present invention an electrolytic cell is provided comprising a containment vessel; a first electrode; a second electrode; a source of electrical current in electrical communication with the first electrode and the second electrode; an electrolyte in fluid communication with the first electrode and the second... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20110253527 - Electrolytic cell for generating chlorine in a pool: Disclosed herein is an improved electrolytic cell. The cell includes at least one pair of electrodes, an anode and a cathode. In general the anode includes at least one dimension, which is substantially greater than the cathode. In an exemplary embodiment, the length and the width of the anode are... Agent:

20110253528 - Halogen generator for above ground pools: Disclosed herein is an improved electrolytic cell. The cell includes at least one pair of electrodes, an anode and a cathode. In general the anode includes at least one dimension, which is substantially greater than the cathode. In an exemplary embodiment, the length and the width of the anode are... Agent:

20110253529 - Ring cathode for use in a magnetron sputtering device: The present invention relates to a magnetron sputtering device including a large ring cathode having a defined inner radius. The position of the ring cathode is offset in relation to a center point of a planetary drive system. An anode or reactive gas source may be located within the inner... Agent: Jds Uniphase Corporation

20110253531 - Composite coating apparatus: A composite coating apparatus includes a main body, two carrying boards, and two actuators. The main body defines a first chamber and a second chamber with a separating board intervening therebetween. The separating board defines a coating opening intercommunicating with the chambers. The carrying boards are received in the first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110253530 - Substrate holding device and sputtering apparatus having same: A holding device includes a spindle, a number of aligned adapting members and a number of holders. The adapting members are mounted on the spindle. Each holder is movably coupled with a corresponding adapting member such that the distance between each holder and the spindle is adjustable.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110253532 - Analyte meter protectors and methods: Analyte meter protectors, meters that include the same, and methods.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110253533 - Device and method for determining analyte levels: Devices and methods for determining analyte levels are described. The devices and methods allow for the implantation of analyte-monitoring devices, such as glucose monitoring devices, that result in the delivery of a dependable flow of blood to deliver sample to the implanted device. The devices comprise a unique microarchitectural arrangement... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20110253534 - Electrochemical gas sensor with an ionic liquid electrolyte system including at least one monoalkylammonium, dialkylammonium, or trialkylammonium cation: An electrochemical gas sensor includes an ionic liquid as electrolyte. The ionic liquid includes at least one cation selected from the group of a monoalkylammonium cation, a dialkylammonium cation, and a trialkylammonium cation. The individual alkyl groups of the cation can be branched or unbranched and have 1 to 4... Agent: Msa Auer Gmbh

20110253535 - Non-gel based two-dimensional protein separation multi-channel devices: Provided is a multi-channel apparatus for non-gel based two-dimensional protein separation. One or more flat channels are arranged in parallel and have an isoelectric focusing section for primarily separating proteins from protein samples according to isoelectric point (pI) and a flow field-flow fractionation section for secondarily separating the primarily separated... Agent: Yonsei University - Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation

20110253536 - Method for increasing measurement precision of two-dimensional protein: A method for increasing measurement precision of two-dimensional protein electrophoresis is provided, in which the electrical conductivity of a protein sample under test is measured for calculating the electrical energy required to enable salt and protein focusing. The method is characterized by a set of equations for calculating the electrical... Agent:

20110253537 - Device and method for electrochemical treatment: The present invention relates to a method and device for the electrochemical treatment of at least one component, which has a treatment chamber and at least one feed unit for an electrolyte to the treatment chamber, and at least one way for setting the pH value of the electrolyte being... Agent: Extrude Hone Gmbh

20110253538 - Deionization and desalination using electrostatic ion pumping: The present invention provides a new method and apparatus/system for purifying ionic solutions, such as, for example, desalinating water, using engineered charged surfaces to sorb ions from such solutions. Surface charge is applied externally, and is synchronized with oscillatory fluid movements between substantially parallel charged plates. Ions are held in... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20110253539 - Electrostatic coalescer with resonance tracking circuit: An electrostatic coalescer includes an outer wall defining a flow path for receiving a process fluid. A plurality of electrode plates is disposed within the flow path. A controller includes an inductor and a signal generator. The inductor is coupled in parallel with the plurality of electrode plates. The inductor... Agent:

20110253540 - Bio-analysis using ball-ended incident and output optical fibers: A detection optics configuration for bio-analysis, in which the direction of incident radiation, the axis of the separation channel, and the direction of collection of the output radiation are coplanar at the detection zone. The detection configuration incorporates ball-end optical fibers to direct incident radiation at and collection of output... Agent: Bioptic, Inc.

20110253541 - Illuminator for visualization of fluorophores: The present invention discloses apparatuses and methods for the visualization of fluorophores in biological systems such as electrophoresis gels and cell cultures. Preferred embodiments of the apparatuses consists of a tray or tank having one or more light sources disposed to direct light through an electrophoresis gel disposed within the... Agent:

20110253542 - Static electromagnetic apparatus for accelerating electrically neutral molecules utilizing their dipolar electric moment: An electromagnetic device for accelerating electrically neutral molecules of a substance is characterized by the fact of comprising: a Treating Tube (14) in non-conducting material, into which the substance to treat is introduced; static electromagnetic circuits that surround the above Treating Tube exerting on the substance to treat electromagnetic actions... Agent: Achille Zanzucchi Editore Di Achille Zanzucchi

10/13/2011 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110247928 - Sputtering apparatus and sputtering method: The sputtering apparatus has: a vacuum chamber in which a substrate is disposed; a cathode unit which is disposed inside the vacuum chamber so as to lie opposite to the substrate. The cathode unit has mounted a bottomed cylindrical target material 4 from a bottom side thereof into at least... Agent:

20110247929 - Diamond electrode and method for manufacturing diamond electrode: A diamond electrode having an oxidation resistant diamond film which will not separate from the electrode during electrolysis with highly oxidizing materials. The thickness of the diamond film is 20 pm or more and the diamond film should preferably cover opposite side surfaces of a substrate in such a manner... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd

20110247930 - Nonmagnetic material particle-dispersed ferromagnetic material sputtering target: A nonmagnetic material particle-dispersed ferromagnetic material sputtering target comprising a mixture of an alloy containing 5 mol % or more and 20 mol % or less of Cr, 5 mol % or more and 30 mol % or less of Pt, and Co as the remainder thereof, and nonmagnetic material... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110247931 - Sputtering bracket and sputtering apparatus having same: A sputtering bracket includes a curved plate body, a plurality of frames, and a plurality of fastening members. The body defines a plurality of through holes and has an inner concave side. The frames are pivotally connected with the curved plate body and received in the respective through holes. Each... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110247932 - Ion sensing circuit: An ion sensing circuit includes an ion sensing element configured for exposure to an electrolytic solution and control of a sensing current through the ion sensing element according to an ion concentration of the electrolytic solution. The ion sensing circuit further includes a current-to-voltage converter coupled electrically to the ion... Agent: National Chi Nan University

20110247933 - Methods and apparatus for measuring analytes using large scale fet arrays: Methods and apparatus relating to very large scale FET arrays for analyte measurements. ChemFET (e.g., ISFET) arrays may be fabricated using conventional CMOS processing techniques based on improved FET pixel and array designs that increase measurement sensitivity and accuracy, and at the same time facilitate significantly small pixel sizes and... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110247934 - Microelectrode array architecture: Disclosed herein is a device A device of the microelectrode array architecture, comprising: (a) a bottom plate comprising an array of multiple microelectrodes disposed on a top surface of a substrate covered by a dielectric layer; wherein each of the microelectrode is coupled to at least one grounding elements of... Agent: Sparkle Power Inc.

20110247935 - Electrophoretic device for separation of charged molecules using a petri dish: The present invention provides a portable circular electrophoretic device having uniform electric field over a small surface area. It also provides a multidirectional process of electrophoresis for separation of charged molecules thereby increasing the resolution of macromolecules.... Agent:

20110247936 - Technology for the deposition of electrically and chemically active layers for use in batteries, fuel cells and other electrochemical devices: e

20110247937 - Method and apparatus for permeating flow desalination: A water desalination system and method in accordance with the principles of the present invention employs capacitive deionization to remove ions from source water to produce deionzed and waste water. The process employs charged electrodes to attract ions of opposite polarity from the source water. The process of discharging the... Agent:

20110247938 - Field-programmable lab-on-a-chip based on microelectrode array architecture: The system relates to filed-programmable lab-on-chip (FPLOC) microfluidic operations, fabrications, and programming based on Microelectrode Array Architecture are disclosed herein. The FPLOC device by employing the microelectrode array architecture may include the following: (a) a bottom plate comprising an array of multiple microelectrodes disposed on a top surface of a... Agent: Sparkle Power Inc.

10/06/2011 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110240459 - Jacketed ultrasound system: An ultrasound system is disclosed that includes a tub, a reaction chamber, an ultrasound probe positioned within the reaction chamber, and a cooling jacket surrounding the tub for exchanging heat with the tub.... Agent:

20110240460 - Device and method for generating a plasma flow: The invention relates to a device generating a plasma flow comprising an electrically conductive housing, tubular in shape, forming a central channel traversed by a vortex gas, a central electrode arranged coaxially in said channel and an electric power source intended to apply an electric voltage V between the electrode... Agent:

20110240461 - Deposition system and methods having improved material utilization: A method for substrate processing includes producing a magnetic field by a magnetron across the full width of a sputtering surface of a target in a first direction. The magnetron can produce two erosion grooves separated by a distance S on the sputtering surface. The method includes moving the magnetron... Agent:

20110240462 - Deposition apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device: An object of one embodiment of the present invention is to provide a deposition apparatus for depositing an oxide semiconductor film into which impurities are not mixed. Another object is to provide a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device including an oxide semiconductor film into which impurities are not mixed.... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110240463 - Bipolar membrane and method of manufacturing the same:

20110240464 - Apparatus for physical vapor deposition having centrally fed rf energy: In some embodiments, a feed structure to couple RF energy to a target may include a body having a first end to receive RF energy and a second end opposite the first end to couple the RF energy to a target, the body further having a central opening disposed through... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110240465 - End-block and sputtering installation: An end-block and a deposition apparatus including an end-block are provided. The end-block includes a base body which is adapted to be connected to the deposition apparatus in a non-rotational manner. The end-block further includes a rotary bearing arranged around the base body and a rotor which is arranged around... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110240466 - Physical vapor deposition chamber with rotating magnet assembly and centrally fed rf power: Embodiments of the present invention provide improved methods and apparatus for physical vapor deposition (PVD) processing of substrates. In some embodiments, an apparatus for physical vapor deposition (PVD) may include a target assembly having a target comprising a source material to be deposited on a substrate, an opposing source distribution... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110240467 - Cylindrical sputtering target, and method for manufacturing same: A multi-divided cylindrical sputtering target formed by bonding a cylindrical base and a plurality of cylindrical target materials together with a bonding material has a divided portion where adjacent cylindrical target materials are arranged with a gap therebetween, while outer peripheral faces of the adjacent cylindrical target materials have a... Agent: Tosoh Corporation

20110240468 - Target utilization improvement for rotatable magnetrons: Rotatable magnetron sputtering apparatuses are described for depositing material from a target while reducing premature burn through issues. The rotatable magnetron sputtering apparatus includes electric coils wound on pole pieces to modulate the magnetic fields at the ends of the magnetron magnetic assembly. Changing the direction of electric current moves... Agent:

20110240469 - Gas sensor element and method of manufacturing the same: A gas sensor element (100) includes a base member (101) comprising a plurality of laminated solid electrolyte layers, and having a space that communicates with the outside of the gas sensor element and allows introduction of the gas to be measured into the gas sensor element, and a porous measurement... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110240470 - Electrochemical sensor: An electrochemical sensor is provided that includes a housing defining a cavity for a reference electrolyte and defining an opening to the cavity configured to be proximate to a target fluid. The sensor further includes a junction plug comprising a porous material and a cross member impermeable to a target... Agent: Georg Fischer Signet LLC

20110240471 - Exchangeable carriers pre-loaded with reagent depots for digital microfluidics: The present invention provides exchangeable, reagent pre-loaded carriers (10), preferably in the form of plastic sheets, which can be temporarily applied to an electrode array (16) on a digital microfluidic (DMF) device (14). The carrier (10) facilitates virtually un-limited re-use of the DMF devices (14) avoiding cross-contamination on the electrode... Agent: The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto

20110240472 - Capacitive deionization cell with through-flow: The electrodes of the described CDI cell are porous and permeable. The liquid to be deionized (e.g. salt water to be desalinated) flows through the electrodes. The electrodes are arranged in a stack, alternating anode/cathode, and water being treated passes through every electrode in the whole stack. For regeneration, the... Agent: Enpar Technologies Inc.

20110240473 - Dielectrophoretic cell chromatography device with spiral microfluidic channels and concentric electrodes, fabricated with mems technology: This dielectrophoretic micro cell chromatography device with concentric electrodes and spiral microfluidic channels, produced according to MEMS technology subject to this invention; is composed of 4 groups of effect electrodes, inlet electrodes, spiral zone and central span, having exterior upper electrode (1), interior sub electrode with 3D geometry (2), upper... Agent:

20110240474 - Capacitive deionization cell with radial flow: A water treatment apparatus comprising a stack of circular electrodes with a central through hole, the electrodes are supplied with electricity so as to form anodes and cathodes in alternating intercalation. The anodes and cathodes so arranged to lie in such close-spaced parallel face to face relationship as to form... Agent: Enpar Technologies Inc.

20110240475 - Conductivity meter and liquid treatment device: A conductivity measurement device, at least for the determination of the fill height of electrically conductive liquids. There are provided a measuring element with at least one carrier body and at least two electrodes having a first and a second end and extending in the vertical direction, wherein the electrodes... Agent:

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