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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110233046 - Devices, apparatus and method for providing photostimulation and imaging of structures: According to exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure, it is possible to provide method, system, arrangement, computer-accessible medium and device to stimulate individual neurons in brain slices in any arbitrary spatio-temporal pattern, using two-photon uncaging of photo-sensitive compounds such as MNI-glutamate and/or RuBi-Glutamate with beam multiplexing. Such exemplary method and... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110233047 - Non-thermal plasma synthesis with carbon component: c

20110233048 - Photobase generator: (wherein, Ar represents any of groups with specific structures selected from the group consisting of an anthracenyl group, an anthraquinonyl group and a pyrenyl group; R1 and R2 each independently represent a hydrogen atom or a linear, branched or cyclic alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbon atoms, or represent... Agent: Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20110233050 - Magnetic lensing to improve deposition uniformity in a physical vapor deposition (pvd) process: A physical vapor deposition (PVD) system includes a chamber and a plurality of electromagnetic coils arranged around the chamber. First and second annular bands of permanent magnets are arranged around the chamber with poles oriented perpendicular to a magnetic field imposed by the electromagnetic coils. Each of the permanent magnets... Agent:

20110233049 - Sputtering system: The invention relates to a device (10) for sputtering at least one selected materialonto a substrate (5) and bringing about a reaction of this material, comprising a vacuum chamber (11), in which a substrate holder (12) is arranged, at least one magnetron sputtering mechanism (15), which is arranged in a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110233051 - Layout method of bridging electrode: In a layout method of a bridging electrode, the method includes the steps of: providing a substrate; forming a transparent electro-conductive layer on the substrate and the transparent electro-conductive layer having a plurality of neighboring patterned blocks; forming an alignment film layer on the substrate and the alignment film layer... Agent:

20110233052 - Electroplating apparatus: An electroplating apparatus includes an electroplating tank, a first supporting bar, a first holding element, two second supporting bars, a number of spaced crossbars, a number of second holding elements, and a power supply. The first holding element is suspended in the tank from the first supporting bar, and the... Agent: Foxconn Advanced Technology Inc.

20110233054 - Coupled electrochemical system for reduction of polyols to hydrocarbons: A coupled electrochemical system for its use is disclosed, where a polyol feed, especially a biomass polyol containing feed is reduced in a reducing solution including HI and a metal ion capable of converting I2 to HI during polyol reduction to hydrocarbon or iodohydrocarbon products and where the metal ions... Agent: Board Of Regents, University Of Texas System

20110233053 - Partial surface treatment apparatus: A partial surface treatment apparatus includes a first electrode member electrically connected to a treatment object having a circumferential groove at an outer circumferential surface thereof, a second electrode member having an annular-shaped inner circumferential surface facing the outer circumferential surface while keeping a distance therefrom, an elastic sealing member... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha.

20110233055 - cathode and a method of forming a cathode: A cathode for receiving electro deposition of metal, the cathode comprising a planar conductive sheet and raised portions disposed on at least one surface of the planar conductive sheet, wherein the planar conductive sheet and the raised portions are integrally formed.... Agent: Steelmore Holdingd Pty Ltd

20110233056 - Electroplating cup assembly: Embodiments of a closed-contact electroplating cup are disclosed. One embodiment comprises a cup bottom comprising an opening, and a seal disposed on the cup bottom around the opening. The seal comprises a wafer-contacting peak located substantially at an inner edge of the seal. The embodiment also comprises an electrical contact... Agent: Novellus Systems, Inc.

20110233057 - Homogeneous titanium tungsten alloys produced by powder metal technology: The present disclosure is related to homogeneous alloys comprising titanium and 9% to less than 20% by weight of tungsten, wherein the alloy has a yield strength of at least 120,000 psi and ductility of least 20% elongation; and with further alloying an ultimate tensile strength of at least 200,000... Agent: Dynamet Technology, Inc.

20110233058 - Magnetron plasma sputtering apparatus: A magnetron plasma sputtering apparatus includes a sputtering chamber having a loading portion and an engaging portion opposite to the loading portion. A substrate is mounted to the loading portion. A target is mounted to the engaging portion. A sputtering space is defined between the loading portion and the engaging... Agent:

20110233059 - Microfluid sensor: The invention relates to a microfluidic sensor which comprises a planar base sensor and a structured polymer film. The underside of the film, which faces the base sensor, comprises varyingly recessed geometric shapings and compartments which are produced, for example photolithographically, in micro injection molding, thermoforming or hot stamping processes.... Agent: Senslab Gesellschaft Zur Entwicklung Und Herstellung Bioelektrochemischer Sensoren Mbh

20110233060 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor including a sensor element constituted by an oxygen-ion conductive solid electrolyte as a main component and detecting a predetermined gas component in a measurement gas includes: an external communication part having an opening opened to the outside, and introducing the measurement gas from the outside under a... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110233061 - Amplification of energetic reactions: Methods and apparatus for energy production through the amplification of energetic reactions. A method includes amplifying an energy release from a dispersion of nanoparticles containing a concentration of hydrogen/deuterium nuclei, the nanoparticles suspended in a dielectric medium in a presence of hydrogen/deuterium gas, wherein an energy input is provided by... Agent:

20110233062 - Biological molecule separation apparatus: A biological molecule separation apparatus for separating a biological molecule of one embodiment of the present invention has a buffer solution chamber receiving a buffer solution, a separation electrode arranged in the buffer solution chamber, a biological molecule separation medium for separating a biological molecule, a biological molecule adsorption film... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

09/22/2011 > 17 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110226608 - High-pressure vessel: The invention describes a high-pressure vessel for holding samples which are to be heated, the high-pressure vessel having: a lower part (5, 104) and a lid part (6, 105) which can be locked together and when closed surround on all sides a reaction chamber for initiating and/or promoting chemical and/or... Agent: Mwt Mikrowellen Labor Technik Ag

20110226609 - System and method for producing nanomaterials: This system and method for producing nanomaterials allows for the production of relatively high concentrations of nanoparticles with a minimum of expense, time and energy. Ultrasonic waves, produced at a power of approximately 50 W with a frequency of 26.23 kHz, are projected on a material sample while, simultaneously, a... Agent:

20110226610 - Synthesis of nitrodibenzylfuran chromophore for photodeprotection of organic molecules: Inventors have developed a chromophore (nitrodibenzylfuranyl, or NBDF) for ultra efficient uncaging of a caged substrate (e.g., an organic molecule such as, for example, an amino acid, a biological molecules, such as, for example, second messengers inside cells). Photolysis of a NBDF derivative of EGTA (i.e. caged calcium) is about... Agent: Philadelphia Health & Education Corporation D/b/a Drexel University College Of Medicine

20110226611 - Closed drift magnetic field ion source apparatus containing self-cleaning anode and a process for substrate modification therewith: A process for modifying a surface of a substrate is provided that includes supplying electrons to an electrically isolated anode electrode of a closed drift ion source. The anode electrode has an anode electrode charge bias that is positive while other components of the closed drift ion source are electrically... Agent:

20110226612 - Method and device for reversing the feeding of sputter coating systems in clean rooms: The invention relates to a method and to a device for reversing the feeding of a sputter coating system, particularly when coating a photovoltaic module, in clean rooms, having the following characteristics: a) a transport frame (11) for receiving a substrate wafer (19) of a photovoltaic module, b) a rotary... Agent: Grenzebach Maschinenbau Gmbh

20110226613 - Electrolyte loop with pressure regulation for separated anode chamber of electroplating system: An electrolyte, and particularly anolyte, may be circulated via an open loop having a pressure regulator, so that the pressure in the plating chamber is maintained at a constant (or substantially constant) value with respect to atmospheric pressure. In these embodiments, a pressure regulator is in fluid communication with the... Agent:

20110226614 - Electrolyte loop with pressure regulation for separated anode chamber of electroplating system: An electrolyte, and particularly anolyte, may be circulated via an open loop having a pressure regulator, so that the pressure in the plating chamber is maintained at a constant (or substantially constant) value with respect to atmospheric pressure. In these embodiments, a pressure regulator is in fluid communication with the... Agent:

20110226615 - Electrochemical modular cell for processing electrolyte solutions: The invention relates to the production of different chemical products by the electrochemical processing of electrolyte solutions of different concentrations. A cylindrical electrochemical cell for processing solutions comprises an inner, hollow, tubular anode, an outer, cylindrical cathode, and a permeable, tubular, ceramic diaphragm that is arranged between said anode and... Agent:

20110226616 - Electrode for electrochemical reaction and production process thereof: The present invention provides a process for producing an electrode for electrochemical reaction, wherein a conductive diamond layer is formed on an electrode substrate in the electrode; and the electrode substrate on which the conductive diamond layer is formed is kept at a temperature of 400° C. or more and... Agent: Permelec Electrode Ltd.

20110226617 - Dielectric deposition using a remote plasma source: A sputter deposition system comprises a vacuum chamber including a vacuum pump for maintaining a vacuum in the vacuum chamber, a gas inlet for supplying process gases to the vacuum chamber, a sputter target and a substrate holder within the vacuum chamber, and a plasma source attached to the vacuum... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110226618 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor including an internal space, a first electrode, a second electrode, a pumping cell, a third electrode, a fourth electrode, a measuring cell, and a porous diffusion layer. The first and third electrodes, and the second and fourth electrodes are formed inside and outside the internal space, respectively.... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110226619 - Electrochemical gas sensors with ionic liquid electrolyte systems: An electrochemical gas sensor includes an electrolyte including at least one ionic liquid which includes an additive portion including at least one organic additive, at least one organometallic additive or at least one inorganic additive.... Agent: Msa Auer Gmbh

20110226620 - Highly homogeneous molecular markers for electrophoresis: The invention relates to marker molecules for identifying physical properties of molecular species separated by the use of electrophoretic systems. The invention further relates to methods for preparing and using marker molecules.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110226621 - Target recognition molecule and a method for immobilizing the same: There is provided a novel target recognition molecule. The target recognition molecule has a specific reactivity, and can be densely self-assembled and immobilized reversibly or irreversibly at a predetermined site in a microfluidic device. And The target recognition molecule including: (1) a target recognition peptide segment having an amino acid... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110226622 - Novel clear native electrophoresis method utilizing aromatic sulfonic acid compound: This invention provides a reagent for protein electrophoresis, an electrophoresis gel or buffer composition containing the reagent, and a protein separation method and an electrophoresis kit using the reagent and the composition.... Agent: Shizuoka Prefecture Public University Corporation

20110226623 - Characterizing stretched polynucleotides in a synthetic nanopassage: Methods of trapping a deformed portion of a double-stranded polynucleotide in a membrane nanopassage are provided. In an aspect, the membrane has a nanopassage that defines a confine region, wherein the membrane separates a first fluid compartment from a second fluid compartment, and the nanopassage is in fluid communication with... Agent:

20110226624 - Microfluidic dielectrophoresis system: A microfluidic dielectrophoresis system, at least including one supply device for a liquid medium having particles contained therein, N≧2 microfluidic, dielectrophoretically active channels, which are equipped with electrodes, lines for the fluidic connection of the supply device to the channels, for the connection of the channels to one another, and... Agent:

09/15/2011 > 25 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110220484 - Monolithic catalyst system for the photolysis of water: A monolithic catalyst system for the cleavage of water into hydrogen and oxygen comprises a first photoactive material capable by itself or together with an auxiliary material and/or an auxiliary catalyst when irradiated with light having a wavelength ≧420 nm of generating oxygen and protons from water, and a second... Agent:

20110220485 - Method for manufacturing device and manufacturing apparatus: In one embodiment, a method is disclosed for manufacturing a device including forming a film on an object of processing using sputtering. The method can form a first film of a first sputtered particle on the object of processing at a first position. The first sputtered particle travels in a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110220486 - Method of producing alpha crystal structure-based alumina films: In forming alumina films on substrates by sputtering of an aluminum metal target in an oxidizing gas-containing atmosphere, film formation is carried out intermittently in a plurality of substeps while restricting a thickness of the film formed in each substep to at most 5 nm. A turntable is disposed to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel Ltd)

20110220487 - Protective enclosure for an ion gun, device for depositing materials through vacuum evaporation comprising such a protective enclosure and method for depositing materials: The present invention relates to a protective enclosure for an ion gun and to a device for depositing materials through vacuum evaporation comprising such an enclosure and methods of using each. According to the invention, the protective enclosure comprises a side wall intended to surround said ion gun, and an... Agent: Essilor International ( Compagnie Generale D'optique)

20110220488 - Apparatus and method for improved darkspace gap design in rf sputtering chamber: Improved designs of target assemblies and darkspace shields are disclosed. Methods of improving darkspace gap in sputtering chambers and sputtering chambers having an improved darkspace gap are also disclosed. Disclosed is a target assembly having a substantially coplanar backing plate and a target are vertically spaced from the darkspace shield.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc,

20110220490 - Apparatus and method utilizing a double glow discharge plasma for sputter cleaning: The present disclosure relates to an apparatus and method utilizing double glow discharge for sputter cleaning of a selected surface. The surface may include the inner surface of a hollow substrate such as a tube which inner surface may then be coated via magnetron sputter deposition.... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20110220491 - Electron-assisted deposition: Previous limitations in utilizing energetic vapor deposition means are addressed through the introduction of a novel means of vapor deposition, namely, an Electron-Assisted Deposition (EAD) process and apparatus. The EAD mode of film growth disclosed herein is generally achieved by, first, forming a magnetic field that possesses field lines that... Agent:

20110220489 - Rotatable target, backing tube, sputtering installation and method for producing a rotatable target: A rotatable target for a sputtering installation and a method for producing a rotatable target are provided. The target includes a backing tube to which a target tube is shrink-fitted. The method includes setting a positive temperature difference between a target tube and a backing tube. The method further includes... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110220492 - Surface planarization method: Disclosed is a surface planarization method capable of planarizing the surface of a substrate while maintaining the film thickness of a polysilicon layer. A wafer formed with a polysilicon layer on the surface thereof is loaded on a susceptor of a chamber of a substrate processing apparatus, the pressure in... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110220493 - Masking material, piezoelectric vibrator, method of manufacturing piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and radio-controlled timepiece: Provided are a masking material capable of suppressing the occurrence of pattern blurring when forming a pattern on a substrate by a sputtering method, a piezoelectric vibrator using the masking material, a method of manufacturing the piezoelectric vibrator, and an oscillator, an electronic device, and a radio-controlled timepiece each having... Agent:

20110220494 - Methods and apparatus for magnetron metallization for semiconductor fabrication: Disclosed is magnetron based metallization processing apparatuses. The apparatus comprises a magnetron which comprises at least one pole piece that is not a permanent magnet at least before the at least one pole piece is assembled in the magnetron assembly. The balance or unbalance ratio of magnetic strength between inner... Agent:

20110220495 - Ignition apparatus for arc sources: The present invention relates to an ignition device for igniting a high-current discharge of an electrical arc evaporator in a vacuum coating system. Ignition is performed by means of mechanically closing and opening a contact between the cathode and the anode. Contact is established by means of an ignition finger... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Trubbach

20110220496 - Gas-sensor: [Means for Solution] A gas sensor is comprised of a gas sensor element; and an inner member surrounding the gas sensor element, wherein the gas sensor element has a detection element having therein a space to which a gas to be measured is introduced, and a heater laminated on the... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20110220497 - Electrochemical sensor: An electrochemical sensor is provided that includes a housing having an outer wall, a plurality of longitudinal chambers disposed within the outer wall, and a reference chamber housing a reference electrode. Ionic communication between the target fluid and the reference electrode must pass sequentially through each of longitudinal chambers from... Agent: Georg Fischer Signet LLC

20110220500 - Glucuronidated acetaminophen as a marker of hepatic disorders: The present invention provides methods for diagnosing human hepatic disorders, such as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), identifying a human subject at risk of an adverse drug reaction, and determining an appropriate dosage of a therapeutic drug for a human subject. The marker is an increased level of acetaminophen-glucuronide in a plasma... Agent: The Arizona Board Of Regents, On Behalf Of The Uni Versity Of Arizona

20110220498 - Method for building massively-parallel preconcentration device for multiplexed, high-throughput applications: A multiplexed concentration interface that can connect with a plurality of microchannels, conventional 96 well plates or other microarrays is disclosed. The interface can be used in biosensing platforms and can be designed to detect single or multiple targets such as DNA/RNA, proteins and carbohydrates/oligosaccharides. The multiplexed concentration device will... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110220499 - Non-focusing tracers for indirect detection in electrophoretic displacement techniques: A novel method for visualizing electrokinetic process zones (e.g., for isotachophoresis (ITP)) is provided. We introduce negligibly small concentrations of a fluorophore that is not focused by isotachophoresis. This non-focusing tracer (NFT) migrates through multiple isotachophoresis zones. As it enters each zone, the NFT concentration adapts to the local electric... Agent:

20110220501 - Programmable electrophoretic notch filter systems and methods: An electrophoretic notch filter apparatus including a gel cartridge having at least one sample channel, an electrode and a counter electrode each engagable with the sample channel, a user interface for programming one or more steps for a sample channel into a processor to form a programmed sequence and an... Agent: Protein Discovery, Inc.

20110220502 - Unitary biochip providing sample-in to results-out processing and methods of manufacture: A biochip for the integration of all steps in a complex process from the insertion of a sample to the generation of a result, performed without operator intervention includes microfluidic and macrofluidic features that are acted on by instrument subsystems in a series of scripted processing steps. Methods for fabricating... Agent: Netbio, Inc.

20110220503 - Electrokinetic pumping of nonpolar solvents using ionic fluid: Techniques are generally described that include electrokinetic pumping an emulsion comprising an ionic fluid and a nonpolar fluid to promote flow of the ionic fluid by electro-osmotic flow and drag the nonpolar fluid by viscous drag forces. In some examples, the electrokinetic pump may be utilized to deliver one or... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110220505 - Droplet manipulations on ewod microelectrode array architecture: A method of manipulating droplet in a programmable EWOD microelectrode array comprising multiple microelectrodes, comprising: constructing a bottom plate with multiple microelectrodes on a top surface of a substrate covered by a dielectric layer; the microelectrode coupled to at least one grounding elements of a grounding mechanism, a hydrophobic layer... Agent: Sparkle Power Inc.

20110220504 - Microfluidic channel device with array of drive electrodes: Technologies are generally described for microfluidic channel devices. Some example devices may include a substrate having a substrate surface, with an array of drive electrode assemblies disposed upon the substrate surface. The drive electrode assemblies may be arranged along a path. Each drive electrode assembly may include one or more... Agent:

20110220506 - Recovery of materials from mixtures with ionic liquids: A method for recovering for a material such as an absorbed solute from an ionic liquid is described. In the method, an electric field is applied to the ionic liquid to release the absorbed solute.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110220507 - Microchannel-type fluid mixing apparatus using ac electroosmotic flows (ac-eof) and inclined-electrode patterns: The present invention provides a microchannel-type fluid mixing apparatus using AC electroosmotic flows (AC-EOF) for inducing the mixing of fluid materials flowing in a microchannel and inclined-electrode patterns. The fluid mixing apparatus according to the present invention enables the electrical connection between the respective electrodes arranged inclinedly along a lengthwise... Agent:

20110220508 - Automated parallel capillary electrophoresis system with hydrodynamic sample injection: An automated capillary zone electrophoretic system is disclosed. The system employs a capillary cartridge having a plurality of capillary tubes. The cartridge has a first array of capillary ends projecting from one side of a plate. The first array of capillary ends is spaced apart in substantially the same manner... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

09/08/2011 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110214982 - Levitation microreactor: Technologies are generally described for a levitation microreactor adapted to facilitate a chemical reaction. The levitation microreactor may comprise one or more levitation zones arranged in spatial communication with one another, each levitation zone including a levitator that is effective to levitate a reactant droplet. In some examples, a first... Agent:

20110214983 - Method for controlling structure of nano-scale substance, and method for preparing low dimensional quantum structure having nano-scale using the method for controlling structure: A method for controlling a structure of a nano-scale substance may include irradiating a mixture of low-dimensional quantum structures having a nano-scale with an electromagnetic wave in an oxygen atmosphere, to thereby selectively oxidize a low-dimensional quantum structure having a density of states resonating with the electromagnetic wave used for... Agent:

20110214984 - Cathodic protection: Cathodic protection of a structure including a steel member at least partly buried in a covering layer, such as steel rebar in a concrete structure, is provided by embedding sacrificial anodes into the concrete layer at spaced positions over the layer and connecting the anodes to the rebar. The anode... Agent:

20110214985 - Clean water and clean air project (fresh water): method of energy storage and production of chemicals for water treatment: An energy transport and storage system in combination with a method of water treatment, which includes: a fresh water or effluent water interconnection, an electricity interconnection with an electric grid, a water filtration and de-mineralization system, a fresh or effluent water electrolyser, a heat recovery system connected to the electrolyser,... Agent:

20110214986 - Clean water and clean air project (brine): method of water treatment, chemical production, and underground energy storage: An energy transport and storage system in combination with a method of water treatment which includes: a brine (including ocean, sea, or estuary water) interconnection, an electricity interconnection with an electric grid, a filtration and demineralization system, a brine water electrolyser, a gas separation or filtration system, a heat recovery... Agent:

20110214987 - Method of making a sputter target and sputter targets made thereby: A method of making sputter targets from a BCC metal or BCC metal alloy is provided. The ingot is e-beamed melted and subjected to vacuum arc reduction. The ingot is then tri-axially forged, keeping the centerline of the ingot in the center of the ingot during the tri-axial forging step.... Agent: Tosoh Smd, Inc

20110214988 - Gas sensor element, gas sensor and control system of gas sensor: In order to compensate for variation in output of sensor elements 10, there is provided a compensating resistor 220 that has a resistance value reflected by correction information. The resistor 220 is connected in parallel with a VS cell 245 through paired electrode leads 236 and 237 and paired electrode... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20110214989 - Sensor element having a carrier element: A sensor element for determining at least one property of a gas in a measuring gas chamber, in particular for detecting a gas component in a gas mixture. The sensor element includes at least one cell having at least one first electrode, at least one second electrode and at least... Agent:

20110214990 - Kidney cell carcinoma: The process for the diagnosis of a renal cell carcinoma comprises the step of determining the presence or absence or amplitude of at least three polypeptide markers in a urine sample, wherein said polypeptide markers are selected from the markers as characterized in Table 1 by molecular masses and migration... Agent: Mosaiques Diagnostics And Therapeutics Ag

20110214991 - Microfluidic device and method of determining nucleotide sequence of target nucleic acid using the same: A microfluidic device includes at least one first channel and at least one second channel or chamber which is connected to the first channel via a nanopore in a fluid communication manner, and a method of determining a nucleotide sequence of a target nucleic acid by using the same. Accordingly,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

09/01/2011 > 26 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20110209978 - Molecular dissociation apparatus and method: A molecular dissociation apparatus and method for the dissociation of target molecules into two or more different molecules, atoms, ions, and/or radicals by alternately constructively or destructively interfering with the target molecule's frequency of vibration until its threshold frequency is reached. According to the present invention, there is provided a... Agent:

20110209979 - Chemical reactors with annularly positioned delivery and removal devices, and associated systems and methods: Chemical reactors with annularly positioned delivery and removal devices, and associated systems and methods. A reactor in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a reactor vessel having a light-transmissible surface proximate to a reaction zone, and a movable reactant delivery system positioned within the reactor vessel. The reactor can further... Agent: Mcallster Technologies, LLC

20110209980 - Method for controlling structure of nano-scale substance, and method for preparing low dimensional quantum structure having nano-scale using the method for controlling structure: A method for controlling a structure of a nano-scale substance may include irradiating a mixture of low-dimensional quantum structures having a nano-scale with an electromagnetic wave in an oxygen atmosphere, to thereby selectively oxidize a low-dimensional quantum structure having a density of states resonating with the electromagnetic wave used for... Agent:

20110209981 - Biodiesel purification method: m

20110209982 - Methods for depositing a layer on a substrate using surface energy modulation: Methods for depositing layers on substrates are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method of forming a layer on a substrate having at least one feature disposed therein includes forming a conformal layer on an upper surface of the substrate and within the at least one feature by sputtering a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110209983 - Use of high energy heavy ion beam for direct sputtering: High energy heavy ions are used to produce free space regions by sputtering the high energy beam through a mask onto a substrate. The invention also includes a method of focusing the high energy beam with a beam focusing system. The invention is in part based on an experiment in... Agent:

20110209985 - Physical vapor deposition with heat diffuser: A physical vapor deposition apparatus includes a vacuum chamber having side walls, a cathode inside the vacuum chamber, wherein the cathode is configured to include a sputtering target, a radio frequency power supply configured to apply power to the cathode, an anode inside and electrically connected to the side walls... Agent:

20110209984 - Physical vapor deposition with multi-point clamp: A physical vapor deposition apparatus includes a vacuum chamber having side walls, a cathode inside the vacuum chamber, wherein the cathode is configured to include a sputtering target, a radio frequency power supply configured to apply power to the cathode, an anode inside and electrically connected to the side walls... Agent:

20110209987 - Production of amorphous and crystalline silicon nanoclusters by hydrogen enhanced reactive magnetron sputtering within gas aggregation: A nanocluster source constituted of: a cooled aggregation chamber; a magnetron arranged to sputter a target, the magnetron in communication with the cooled aggregation chamber such that sputtered atoms of the target are received within the cooled aggregation chamber; a vacuum source in communication with the cooled aggregation chamber; a... Agent: D.c. Sirica, Ltd.

20110209986 - Sputtering apparatus, sputtering method, and electronic device manufacturing method: A sputtering apparatus includes a substrate holder which holds a substrate to be rotatable in the plane direction of the processing surface of the substrate, a substrate-side magnet which is arranged around the substrate and forms a magnetic field on the processing surface of the substrate, a cathode which is... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110209988 - Thin film coating of blades: The present invention relates to a process for forming a razor blade. The process includes the steps of: a) providing a substrate, b) forming a wedge-shaped sharpened edge on the substrate that has an included angle of less than thirty degrees and a tip radius of less than 1,000 angstroms,... Agent:

20110209989 - Physical vapor deposition with insulated clamp: A physical vapor deposition apparatus includes a vacuum chamber having side walls, a cathode inside the vacuum chamber, the cathode configured to include a sputtering target, a radio frequency power supply configured to apply power to the cathode, an anode inside and electrically connected to the side walls of the... Agent:

20110209990 - High-field anodizing apparatus: Disclosed herein is a high-field anodizing apparatus, in which nanostructures are formed on a surface of a metal by immersing a metal anode and a counter electrode into an electrolyte charged in an anodizing cell to oxidize the metal, comprising: a power supply unit for applying a predetermined pattern of... Agent: Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

20110209992 - Electrode for electrolysis cell: The invention relates to an electrode formulation comprising a catalytic layer containing tin, ruthenium, iridium, palladium and niobium oxides applied to a titanium or other valve metal substrate. A protective layer based on titanium oxide modified with oxides of other elements such as tantalum, niobium or bismuth may be interposed... Agent: Industrie De Nora S.p.a.

20110209991 - Electroplating cell with hydrodynamics facilitating more uniform deposition on a workpiece with through holes during plating: A method and apparatus for establishing more uniform deposition across one or more faces of a workpiece in an electroplating process. The apparatus employs eductors in conjunction with a flow dampener member and other measures to provide a more uniform current distribution and a more uniform metal deposit distribution as... Agent:

20110209993 - Dual cylinder hydrogen generator system: The present invention is an apparatus and method for generating hydrogen and oxygen from water for use as a fuel additive to an internal combustion engine, such as a gasoline engine or a diesel engine. An electrolysis cell is used to generate the hydrogen and oxygen from a water source.... Agent:

20110209994 - Protective sheet and use thereof: A protective sheet (for example, a protective sheet for masking during plating) is provided that has an excellent balance of adherence to the surface of an adherend and easy releasability when heat and pressure bonded. The protective sheet includes a substrate and a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) layer which is provided... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110209995 - Physical vapor deposition with a variable capacitive tuner and feedback circuit: Apparatus and methods for performing plasma processing on a wafer supported on a pedestal are provided. The apparatus can include a pedestal on which the wafer can be supported, a variable capacitor having a variable capacitance, a motor attached to the variable capacitor which varies the capacitance of the variable... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110209997 - Electrochemical cells, and gas sensor and fuel cell devices comprising same: An electrochemical cell for applications such as electrochemical fuel cells, or electrochemical cell gas sensors used for detection of target gas species in environments containing or susceptible to presence of same. The electrochemical cell utilizes an ionic liquid as an electrolyte medium, thereby achieving a broader range of operational temperatures... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110209996 - Electrochemical sensor: An electrochemical sensor for detecting the concentration of ions in a solution includes a substrate, a sensor unit, and a reference electrode. The sensor unit includes at least one working electrode. The working electrode has a conductive layered structure formed on the substrate, and a sensor element of a metal... Agent:

20110209998 - Droplet actuator and methods: A series of microactuators for manipulating small quantities of liquids, and methods of using these for manipulating liquids, are disclosed. The microactuators are based on the phenomenon of electrowetting and contain no moving parts. The force acting on the liquid is a potential-dependent gradient of adhesion energy between the liquid... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20110209999 - Capillary driven lateral flow devices: A lateral flow device includes a porous medium layer having a two-dimensional shape in plan view that is capable of supporting near-constant velocity capillary-driven fluid flow and can be combined with electrodes in a manner to achieve to achieve electrokinetic molecule separation.... Agent: Stc.unm

20110210000 - Isoelectric particles and uses therefore: A plurality of particles of from about 5 nm to 100 μm possessing predetermined isoelectric points in the pH range of from about 2.5 to 11 is used in a method of detection of a plurality of analytes, wherein the isoelectric particles of each isoelectric point further contain as label... Agent: Gentius, Inc.

20110210001 - Cleaning process of producing lactic acid: Provided is a cleaning process of producing lactic acid. Firstly saccharification liquid is prepared through saccharated materials, then fermented with nutritive materials and lactic acid bacteria, and liquid alkali is used to adjust the pH. The fermentation broth is filtrated with porous membrane, and the lactic acid bacteria in the... Agent: Nanjing University Of Technology

20110210002 - Method and apparatus to measure particle mobility in solution: A method and apparatus is disclosed for measurement of the electrophoretic mobility of particles and molecules in solution. A sample of particles is placed in a cell containing two electrodes that apply an alternating electric field. A monochromatic light beam passes through the sample. Light scattered by the particles, along... Agent: Wyatt Technology Corporation

20110210003 - Method for two-step separation of water, salt and particles from a hydraulic fluid: The invention relates to a method for two-step separation of water, salt and particles from a hydraulic fluid by the use of a control unit. The hydraulic fluid is carried into a return oil tank with an electrostatic coalescer provided with a high-voltage transformer with direct current to two electric... Agent:

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