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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110203916 - Magnetron-sputtering film-forming apparatus and manufacturing method for a semiconductor device: A magnetron-sputtering film-forming apparatus includes: a vacuum film-forming chamber (11); electrostatic chuck units (12) for adjusting a temperature of the substrate (14); a target (15) for causing high-frequency magnetron sputtering; power supply units (17) for applying a discharge voltage between the substrate (14) and the target (15), and calculating an... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20110203917 - System for the electrolytic production of hydrogen as a fuel for an internal combustion engine: A system for producing hydrogen gas fuel used in powering an internal combustion engine of a vehicle comprising a hydrogen reactor which includes at least one set of electrode plates comprising a plurality of neutral, positively charged and negatively charged plates disposed in a predetermined sequence or position relative to... Agent:

20110203918 - Apparatus and method for generating hydrogen from water: Described herein is an apparatus is capable of generating hydrogen and oxygen gases from water containing little or no electrolyte. The apparatus includes a container and at least one electrolysis assembly comprising one or more permanent magnets which are covered with at least one pair of porous conductive electrodes separated... Agent: Hydrox Energy Corp LLC

20110203919 - Modular container assembly for corrosive solutions: A modular array of containers placed in parallel for electrolytic solutions used in metals electrolysis processes, particularly for metals electrowinning and electrorefining processes, assemblable from joinable and sealable prefabricated panels with other equal or similar ones, comprising at least a pair of opposite end walls (1, 2), lateral walls (3,... Agent:

20110203920 - Target shaping: A target for a physical vapor deposition system includes a top, a bottom, and a base. The base essentially is defined by the surface of the target to be sputtered. A first, inner ring and a second, outer ring extend from the base. Each ring has an inner side and... Agent: Oc Oerlikon Balzers Ag

20110203921 - Method of bonding rotatable ceramic targets to a backing structure: This invention relates to a rotatable cylindrical magnetron sputtering apparatus and related process. More specifically, the invention relates to a cylindrical target assembly for a cylindrical magnetron sputtering device which includes a target portion where the target portion is metal, metal oxide, or ceramic and is not bonded to any... Agent: Tosoh Smd, Inc.

20110203922 - Thin-film forming sputtering system: A thin-film forming sputtering system capable of a sputtering process at a high rate. A thin-film forming sputtering system includes: a vacuum container; a target holder located inside the vacuum container; a target holder located inside the vacuum container; a substrate holder opposed to the target holder; a power source... Agent: Emd Corporation

20110203924 - Assay plates, reader systems and methods for luminescence test measurements: Luminescence test measurements are conducted using an assay module having integrated electrodes with a reader apparatus adapted to receive assay modules, induce luminescence, preferably electrode induced luminescence, in the wells or assay regions of the assay modules and measure the induced luminescence.... Agent: Meso Scale Technologies, LLC

20110203923 - Sensing apparatus and process: A sensing apparatus with a connector, a sensor lead and a sensor module with a spacer placed over electrodes that have been deposited on a substrate. The spacer may have a space for receiving an enzyme. End portions of the sensor module may be encapsulated, such as with molded beads.... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110203925 - System and method for coding information on a biosensor test strip: The present invention provides a test strip for measuring a concentration of an analyte of interest in a biological fluid, wherein the test strip may be encoded with information that can be read by a test meter into which the test strip is inserted. In one embodiment, a first test... Agent:

20110203926 - Electrochemical sensor with controlled variation of working electrode: An electrochemical sensor includes a dielectric substrate and a conductive layer formed on a surface of the substrate. The conductive layer includes a working electrode, an electrode lead and a connecting arm connecting the working electrode to the electrode lead. A dielectric layer is positioned over the conductive layer. The... Agent: Conductive Technologies, Inc.

20110203927 - Method for measuring carbon nanotubes taken-up by a plurality of living cells: The present invention provides methods, apparatuses and kits for determining the presence and the concentration of nanoparticles in a given area, solution or region via cellular uptake and/or adsorption monitored through laboratory equipment. For example, the present invention provides a method of quantifying one or more nanoparticles by incubating a... Agent: Board Of Regents ,the University Of Texas System

20110203928 - Silica remediation in water: Water treatment methods for reducing silica concentration in water containing at least 100 ppm dissolved or suspended silica include contacting the water with particles comprising mesoporous alumina having surface area ranging from about 250 m2/g to about 600 m2/g and pore volume ranging from about 0.1 cm3/g to about 1.0... Agent: General Electric Company

20110203929 - Recovery of lithium from aqueous solutions: A method for recovering lithium as lithium hydroxide by feeding an aqueous stream containing lithium ions to a bipolar electrodialysis cell, wherein the cell forms a lithium hydroxide solution. An apparatus or system for practicing the method is also provided.... Agent:

20110203930 - Bead incubation and washing on a droplet actuator: The present invention relates to bead incubating and washing on a droplet actuator. Methods for incubating magnetically responsive beads that are labeled with primary antibody, a sample (i.e., analyte), and secondary reporter antibodies on a magnet, on and off a magnet, and completely off a magnet are provided. Also provided... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20110203931 - Particle interrogation devices and methods: Devices, apparatus and methods are disclosed for non-contact pneumatic sampling and sampling of surfaces, persons, articles of clothing, buildings, furnishings, vehicles, baggage, packages, mail, and the like, for contaminating aerosols or vapors indicative of a hazard or a benefit, where the contaminating aerosols or vapors are chemical, radiological, biological, toxic,... Agent: Enertechnix, Inc

20110203932 - Leo-polarizer for treating a fluid flow by magnetic field: A device for magnetic treatment of a fluid flow preferably comprises a spirally-shaped conduit having spiral turns with a null step therebetween, and a cross-section for passing the flow therethrough, inner magnets internally circumferentially surrounding the turns coupled to the conduit, outer magnets externally circumferentially surrounding the turn. Each inner... Agent:

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110198210 - Photocatalytic material, method of decomposing organic substance, interior member, air cleaning device, and device for producing oxidizing agent: A divalent copper salt and/or trivalent iron salt is supported on a surface of a metal ion-doped titanium oxide obtained by doping titanium oxide with metal ions to give a metal ion-doped titanium oxide with a valence band potential of 3 V or more (vs. SHE, pH=0) and a bandgap... Agent:

20110198211 - Reactors for conducting thermochemical processes with solar heat input, and associated systems and methods: Reactors for conducting thermochemical processes with solar heat input, and associated systems and methods. A system in accordance with a particular embodiment include a reactor having a reaction zone, a reactant source coupled in fluid in communication with the reactant zone, and a solar concentrator having at least one concentrator... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20110198209 - Method for manufacturing ozone ice and apparatus for manufacturing ozone ice: A method for manufacturing ozone ice that is improved for its storage stability is provided. In the method, ice 11 including oxygen gas g2 as gas bubbles b is produced and the produced ice 11 is irradiated with ultraviolet radiation, then the oxygen gas g2 in the ice 11 is... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20110198212 - Sputtering apparatus and manufacturing method of semiconductor light-emitting element: A sputtering apparatus (1) includes: a chamber (10) having an inside maintained in a depressurized state to generate plasma discharge (20); a cathode (22) placed in the chamber (10) and holding a target (21); and a substrate holder (60) holding a substrate (110) so that one surface of the substrate... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110198213 - Sputtering apparatus, thin-film forming method, and manufacturing method for a field effect transistor: [Solving Means] The sputtering apparatus according to the present invention sputters target portions Tc1 to Tc5, which are arranged in an inside of a vacuum chamber, along the arrangement direction thereof in sequence, to thereby form a thin-film on a surface of a substrate 10. With this, rate at which... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20110198214 - Mesoporous silica film and process for production thereof: In a mesoporous silica film formed on a non-single-crystalline carbon film having structural anisotropy on a substrate in-plane arrangement of the pores is controlled in one direction, which is defined by the structural anisotropy of the carbon film.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110198215 - Electrochemical heat transfer system: A heat transfer system includes a working fluid and an electrochemical compressor. The working fluid is made up of a polar solvent that primarily acts as a condensable refrigerant and hydrogen that primarily acts as an electrochemically-active component. The electrochemical compressor includes an inlet fluidly coupled to an evaporator to... Agent: Xergy Incorporated

20110198216 - Removal of impurity phases from electrochemical devices: The present invention provides a solid oxide cell comprising a support layer, a first electrode layer, an electrolyte layer, and a second cathode layer, wherein at least one of the electrode layers comprises electrolyte material, a catalyst and agglomerated particles selected from the group consisting of alkali oxides, earth alkali... Agent: Technical University Of Denmark

20110198217 - Water electrolysis apparatus: Each unit cell of a water electrolysis apparatus includes a pair of an anode separator and a cathode separator and a membrane electrode assembly interposed between the pair of separators. The anode separator has a first flow field to which water is supplied, and the cathode separator has a second... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110198218 - Ceramic electrode material and manufacturing method thereof: A corrosion-resistant ceramic electrode material includes ceramic particles and, present between them, a three-dimensional network electroconducting path composed of a reductively fired product of a carbon-containing polymeric compound. This material is manufactured by a method in which a polymerization reaction of a polymerizable monomer previously contained in a ceramic slurry... Agent: National University Corporation Nagoya Institute Of Technology

20110198219 - Magnetron sputtering device: An object of the present invention is to improve a sputtering efficiency and a production efficiency in a magnetron sputtering method using a rectangular target. A magnetron sputtering apparatus 10 according to the present invention is a vertical-passing-type sputtering apparatus for performing a sputtering deposition process while moving (passing) substrate... Agent:

20110198220 - Electrolyte sensor using conductive elastomer: An electrolyte sensor that uses conductive elastomer electrodes. Examples of the intended analytes for sensor use include those found in urine, saliva, blood, feces and spinal fluid, although other analytes exist for electrolyte detection. Conductive elastomer trace electrodes are separated by a gap or channel which can be bridged by... Agent:

20110198221 - Passive micro-vessel and sensor: An electrically passive device and method for in-situ acoustic emission, and/or releasing, sampling and/or measuring of a fluid or various material(s) is provided. The device may provide a robust timing mechanism to release, sample and/or perform measurements on a predefined schedule, and, in various embodiments, emits an acoustic signal sequence(s)... Agent:

20110198222 - Electrolyte sensor using conductive elastomer: An electrolyte sensor that uses conductive elastomer electrodes. Examples of the intended analytes for sensor use include those found in urine, saliva, blood, feces and spinal fluid, although other analytes exist for electrolyte detection. Conductive elastomer trace electrodes are separated by a gap or channel which can be bridged by... Agent: Theos Medical Systems, Inc.

20110198223 - Method for measuring blood components and biosensor and measuring instrument for use therein: The present invention provides a method of measuring a component in blood, by which the amounts of blood cells and an interfering substance can be measured with high accuracy and high reliability and the amount of the component can be corrected accurately based on the amounts of the blood cells... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110198224 - Process for producing electret coarse powder: e

20110198225 - Amplified electrokinetic fluid pumping switching and desalting: The present invention provides a device and methods of use thereof for desalting a solution. The methods, inter-alia, make use of a device comprising microchannels, which are linked to conduits, whereby induction of an electric field in the conduit results in the formation of a space charge layer within the... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110192713 - Magnetic fuel treatment device: A magnetic fuel treatment system and apparatus has a body which houses a series of magnets, a fuel channel and a detachable cover. The apparatus is so structured and dimensioned as to provide a system which facilitates a good force to volume ratio and ease of sealability. The series of... Agent:

20110192714 - Nanoparticle production in liquid with multiple-pulse ultrafast laser ablation: A method for generating nanoparticles in a liquid comprises generating groups of ultrafast laser pulses, each pulse in a group having a pulse duration of from 10 femtoseconds to 200 picoseconds, and each group containing a plurality of pulses with a pulse separation of 1 to 100 nanoseconds and directing... Agent:

20110192715 - Magnetron source and method of manufacturing: A magnetron source comprises a target (39) with a sputtering surface and a back surface. A magnet arrangement (30, 32, 19a, 19b) is drivingly moved along the backside of the target (39). A tunnel-shaped magnetron magnetic field is generated between an outer loop (30) and an inner loop (32) of... Agent: Oc Oerlikon Balzers Ag

20110192716 - Method for producing an ito layer and sputtering system: The present disclosure relates to a method for producing an indium-tin-oxide layer, comprising: providing a substrate to be coated in a sputtering chamber; providing a rotatable non-bonded target around a backing tube for coating the substrate in the sputtering chamber; and sputtering the material from the target in an atmosphere... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110192717 - High rate electrochemical device: A device and system useful for highly efficient chemical and electrochemical reactions is described. The device comprises a porous electrode and a plurality of suspended nanoparticles diffused within the void volume of the electrode when used within an electrolyte. The device is suitable within a system having a first and... Agent: Quantumsphere Inc.

20110192718 - Electrochemistry apparatus: An electrochemistry apparatus comprises a supporting body and a reaction layer for generating electromotive force. The supporting body is made of a first material. The reaction layer covers the surface of the supporting body and comprises an ion conductive layer, a first film electrode and a second film electrode. The... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science & Technology

20110192719 - Sputtering target for forming thin film transistor wiring film: This sputtering target for forming a thin film transistor wiring film has a composition including 0.1 at % to 5 at % of Mg, 0.1 at % to 10 at % of Ca, and the remainder being Cu and inevitable impurities. Either one or both of Mn and Al may... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20110192720 - Microfabricated liquid-junction reference electrode: Micromachined reference electrodes for use in miniaturized electrochemical sensors, and methods for fabricating such reference electrodes and electrochemical sensors, for example, as a part of a microfluidic system, are disclosed. Electrochemical measurements allow for inexpensive detection of a wide variety of (bio-)chemical compounds in solution. The reference electrode is one... Agent: Stichting Imec Nederland

20110192721 - System and methods for automatically recognizing a control solution: Methods and devices for automatically distinguishing between a control solution and an actual patient/user sample in a biosensor are provided. The solution is introduced into an electrochemical cell having a working and counter electrode. Electric pulses are applied to the cell and resultant signals are measured. Based on a comparison... Agent: Nipro Diagnostics, Inc.

20110192722 - Electrochemical detection cell for liquid chromatography system: A detection cell for a chromatography system includes a cell body having an inlet, an outlet, and a counter electrode, a working electrode, a sample flow passageway extending between the inlet and the outlet and in fluid contact with the counter and working electrodes, and a palladium/noble metal reference electrode... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20110192724 - High resolution focusing and separation of proteins in nanofluidic channels: Exemplary embodiments provide systems and methods for concentrating, focusing and/or separating proteins using nanofluidic channels and/or their arrays. In embodiments, low-abundance proteins can be focused and separated with high resolution using separation techniques including isoelectric focusing (IEF), and/or dynamic field gradient focusing (DFGF) in combination with nanofluidic channels and/or multi-gate... Agent:

20110192723 - Systems and methods for manipulating a molecule in a nanopore: Techniques for manipulating a molecule in a nanopore embedded in a lipid bilayer are described. In one example, an acquiring electrical stimulus level is applied across a lipid bilayer wherein a region of the lipid bilayer containing the nanopore is characterized by a resistance and wherein the acquiring electrical stimulus... Agent: Genia Technologies, Inc.

20110192725 - Polymers for separation of biomolecules by capillary electrophoresis: The invention provides uncharged water-soluble silica-adsorbing polymers for suppressing electroendoosmotic flow and to reduce analyte-wall interactions in capillary electrophoresis. In one aspect of the invention, one or more of such polymers are employed as components of a separation medium for the separation of biomolecules, such as polynucleotides, polysaccharides, proteins, and... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110192726 - Device and method for detection of analyte from a sample: There is presently provided a device for detecting an analyte particle in a sample. The device comprises a chamber having an interior surface upon which is located an electrode array. The electrode array comprises pairs of electrodes, each pair having an inner electrode and an outer electrode that substantially surrounds... Agent: Singapore Health Services Pte. Ltd

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110186418 - Particulate filter having mineral filter media: The invention relates to a particulate filter comprising a cartridge and a filter media placed in the cartridge in the prefiltering position, said filter media being essentially mineral. Thanks to the absence of any organic compound, the filter media generates no volatile organic compound. The filter media may also be... Agent: Saint-gobain Quartz S.a.s

20110186419 - Apparatus for synthesizing nano particles, and method for synthesizing the nano particles using the same: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for synthesizing nano particles. The apparatus for synthesizing nano particles is configured to include: a plasma generator that generates plasma; a recovery device that recovers the synthesized nano particles; and a cooler that is disposed between the plasma generator and the recovery device and includes... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110186422 - In-mould molding touch module and method for manufacturing the same: An in-mould molding touch module includes a plastic film, a touch circuit and a molding rind. The plastic film includes an inner surface and an outer surface for handling and touching. At least one region of the inner surface and a corresponding region of the outer surface define a touch... Agent:

20110186420 - Method for rapid deposition of a coating on a substrate: A process of depositing a coating on a substrate, the method comprising the steps of: (a) depositing material on a substrate by performing a cathodic Vacuum arc (CVA) deposition step; and (b) depositing material on a substrate by performing at least one of a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) step and... Agent: Nanofilm Technologies International Pte Ltd

20110186421 - Target assembly for a magnetron sputtering apparatus, a magnetron sputtering apparatus and a method of using the magnetron sputtering apparatus: To provide, in a magnetron sputtering apparatus for coating a substrate with a material of high magnetic permeability, for a sufficient trapping field of at least 24 kA/m (300 Oe) field strength above a target surface a target assembly consists of target plates (34, 33, 32) separated by through-going slits... Agent: Oc Oerlikon Balzers Ag

20110186423 - Electroplating apparatus: An exemplary electroplating apparatus includes an electroplating tank containing an electroplating solution and including a first side and a second side, a pay out reel arranged adjacent to the first side, a plurality of parallel anode plates in the electroplating solution, a plurality of first conveying rollers in the electroplating... Agent: Foxconn Advanced Technology Inc.

20110186424 - Contacting device: The present invention relates to a device for contacting a wafer during submersion in a liquid. The device comprises a main body fixed to a transportation device; an electrical contact for contacting the wafer and a pressure element for pressing the electrical contact towards the wafer.... Agent: Rec Solar As

20110186425 - Magnetron sputtering method, and magnetron sputtering apparatus: A sputtering method includes disposing a plurality of thin and long deposition regions such that the thin and long deposition regions each cross in a first direction a circular reference region having a diameter equal to that of a semiconductor wafer, and are arranged at predetermined intervals in a second... Agent: Tohoku University

20110186426 - Adjustable process spacing, centering, and improved gas conductance: Embodiments of the invention generally provide a process kit for use in a physical deposition chamber (PVD) chamber. In one embodiment, the process kit provides adjustable process spacing, centering between the cover ring and the shield, and controlled gas flow between the cover ring and the shield contributing to uniform... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110186427 - Cylindrical magnetron having a shunt: A magnetron sputtering electrode for use in a rotatable cylindrical magnetron sputtering device, the electrode including a cathode body defining a magnet receiving chamber and a cylindrical target surrounding the cathode body. The target is rotatable about the cathode body A magnet arrangement is received within the magnet receiving chamber,... Agent: Angstrom Sciences, Inc.

20110186428 - Electrode arrangements for biosensors: The present invention relates to a biosensor. The biosensor includes a support substrate, electrodes positioned on the support substrate, a spacer substrate positioned on the support substrate, and a cover positioned on the spacer substrate. The cover cooperates with the support substrate to define a capillary channel. The electrodes include... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110186429 - Analyte sensor: Electrochemical sensors for measuring an analyte in a subject are described. More particularly, devices for measurement of an analyte incorporating a sensor comprising a hydrophilic polymer-enzyme composition covering an electroactive surface providing rapid and accurate analyte levels upon deployment are disclosed.... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110186430 - Biosensor and methods for manufacturing: A biosensor for detecting an analyte in a sample of body fluid and methods for manufacturing the biosensor are disclosed. In one embodiment, a biosensor includes at least two electrical conductors embedded within an electrically insulating test element body. The electrical conductors are exposed at two ends of the test... Agent:

20110186431 - Gas sensor and method for manufacturing same: A NOx sensor 100 includes a sensor device 110 and a heater 70 capable of heating the sensor device 110. The sensor device 110 includes an inner pump electrode 22 and an outer pump electrode 23 disposed respectively on the inner side and the outer side of a solid electrolyte... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110186432 - Buffers for electrophoresis and use thereof: Various embodiments provide, for example, buffer compositions and/or sieving formulations useful in connection with electrophoresis instruments, such as capillary electrophoresis (CE) devices. In various embodiments, a buffer composition can include Bis-Tris, TAPS and/or TAPSO, and, optionally, a chelating agent, such as EDTA. Methods of separating samples containing bio-molecules, such as... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20110186433 - Droplet-based particle sorting: The present invention relates to droplet-based particle sorting. According to one embodiment, a droplet microactuator is provided and includes: (a) a suspension of particles; and (b) electrodes arranged for conducting droplet operations using droplets comprising particles. A method of transporting a particle is also provided, wherein the method includes providing... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

20110186434 - Qualitative and/or quantitative determination of a proteinaceous molecule in a plurality of samples: The present invention relates to the qualitative and/or quantitative determination of a proteinaceous molecule in a plurality of samples by combining a particular labeling and fractionation strategy. In particular, each sample is provided with a dye chosen from a set of dyes, wherein each dye within the set of dyes... Agent: Leibniz Institute Of Plant Biochemistry

20110186435 - Liquid mixing apparatus: A liquid mixing apparatus includes a flow channel configured to supply a liquid therethrough; a vortex-flow generating unit including a conductive member and an electrode, and configured to generate a vortex flow in the liquid in the flow channel by an electric field, the conductive member being provided in the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110186436 - Particle interrogation devices and methods: Devices, apparatus and methods are disclosed for non-contact pneumatic sampling and sampling of surfaces, persons, articles of clothing, buildings, furnishings, vehicles, baggage, packages, mail, and the like, for contaminating aerosols indicative of a hazard or a benefit, where the contaminating aerosols are chemical, radiological, biological, toxic, or infectious in character.... Agent: Enertechnix, Inc

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