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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110180385 - Control of catalytic chemical processes: According to one embodiment, a method for controlling a chemical process comprises receiving a catalytic materials composition. The catalytic materials composition comprise at least one catalyst material and at least one reactant material. Nanostructure material is added to the catalytic materials composition. The nanostructure material comprises at least one nanoscale-sized... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110180386 - Plasmonic structures for mediating chemical transformation: The present invention relates to plasmonic structures of metal dielectrics and their use in corresponding processes that elicit surface plasmons which may then be employed to influence a chemical transformation. The frequency of a plasmon may be tuned to couple with a selected vibrational mode of a selected molecule to... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20110180387 - Plasma treatment apparatus and method: A plasma treated gas permeable material is produced by applying an alternating voltage between spaced electrodes, at least one of which is covered with a dielectric barrier and at least one of which comprises a plurality of discrete electrode segments, to generate plasma microdischarges between the spaced electrodes. A gas... Agent: Australian Wool Innovation Limited

20110180389 - Apparatus and method for pretreating and coating bodies: The invention relates to an apparatus and a method for pretreating and coating bodies by means of magnetron sputtering. In a vacuum chamber having a metallic chamber wall (26), magnetrons with sputter targets are arranged, at least one of which is an HPPMS magnetron to which electric pulses are fed... Agent:

20110180390 - Redundant anode sputtering method: A method is provided for coating a substrate with the aid of a magnetron cathode and two electrodes which are alternately impinged upon by a positive potential and a negative potential. Also disclosed is an assembly for coating a substrate, comprising a vacuum chamber, a magnetron cathode, two electrodes, and... Agent: Von Ardenne Anlagentechnik Gmbh

20110180391 - Method of fabricating piezoelectric material with selected c-axis orientation: In accordance with a representative embodiment, a method of fabricating a piezoelectric material comprising a first component and a second component comprises: providing a substrate; flowing hydrogen over the substrate; flowing the first component to form the piezoelectric material over a target; and sputtering the piezoelectric material from the target... Agent: Avago Technologies WirelessIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110180392 - Sputtering target for oxide semiconductor, comprising ingao3(zno) crystal phase and process for producing the sputtering target: Disclosed is a sputtering target for an oxide semiconductor, comprising In, Ga, and Zn. Also disclosed are a process for producing the sputtering target, a thin film of an oxide semiconductor using a sputtering target, and a method for thin-film transistor formation. The sputtering target comprises an oxide sintered compact... Agent:

20110180393 - Process for forming a back reflector for photovoltaic devices: A process for forming a textured back reflector for a photovoltaic device is provided. The process includes providing a moving substrate, positioning the substrate within a deposition chamber, and sputtering a metal or a metal alloy target positioned within the deposition chamber to produce sputtered material. The process further includes... Agent:

20110180394 - Sputtering method and sputtering apparatus: There is provided a sputtering method in which abnormal discharging due to charge-up of a to-be-processed substrate is restrained and in which a good transparent conductive film can be formed on a to-be-processed large-area substrate. Out of a plurality of targets disposed side by side with, and at a predetermined... Agent:

20110180388 - Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus: [Solving Means] When sputtered particles that are beat out from a target by plasma are deposited on a surface of a substrate, those sputtered particles are decomposed by the plasma to thus generate active species, and then deposited on the surface of the substrate. Accordingly, a deposition mode similar to... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20110180395 - Advanced chlorine generating system: A chlorine-generating apparatus is herein disclosed which uses softened household water and salt. The apparatus includes a freestanding brine tank to hold salt and softened household water. The brine tank includes a submerged chlorine-generating cell, an improved chlorine-generating cell container, and a cell-cleaning reservoir. The brine tank also includes a... Agent:

20110180396 - Hydrogen generator system for a catalytic hydrogen burner: c

20110180397 - Water battery device: The water battery device has a sterilizing unit composed of a non-noble metal body and a noble metal body that are overlapped coaxially via an interval keeping member. The sterilizing unit is disposed in a passing water or flowing water or immersed in a stored water. Then, a battery action... Agent:

20110180398 - Water electrolysis apparatus: Each unit cell of a water electrolysis apparatus includes a pair of an anode separator and a cathode separator and a membrane electrode assembly interposed between the pair of separators. The anode separator has a first seal groove extending annularly around an anode current collector, a first seal member being... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110180399 - Catalyst containing oxygen transport membrane: A composite oxygen transport membrane having a dense layer, a porous support layer and an intermediate porous layer located between the dense layer and the porous support layer. Both the dense layer and the intermediate porous layer are formed from an ionic conductive material to conduct oxygen ions and an... Agent:

20110180400 - Method of providing electric current taker for support bar, and support bar: The invention relates to a method of providing an electric current taker made from silver and having a highly electroconductive contact surface into an aluminium support bar to be used in electrolysis. In order for the support bar and the electric current taker therein to be easily, quickly and inexpensively... Agent: Valvas Oy

20110180401 - Magnet unit and magnetron sputtering apparatus: The magnet unit 10 includes an annular peripheral magnet 30, which is disposed on the yoke 20 on the back side of a cathode electrode so as to follow the outline of a target 6, and an inner magnet 40 disposed in the peripheral magnet and having a polarity different... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110180402 - Vacuum processing apparatus: To provide a vacuum processing apparatus capable of supporting and conveying a substrate by a method suitable for a processing content in each processing step and capable of suppressing various mechanisms provided within a processing chamber from being adversely affected. More particularly, the CVD chamber of the apparatus is configured... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20110180403 - Insulator interposed type plasma processing apparatus: In a plasma processing apparatus including plasma generating portion A, plasma transport tube B and plasma processing portion C, an insulator interposed type plasma processing apparatus is constituted in which plasma transport tube B is made electrically independent from plasma generating portion A and plasma processing portion C electrically by... Agent: Ferrotec Corporation

20110180404 - Biosensor: In a biosensor for measuring a specific substance in a liquid sample, one or a combination of sugar alcohol, metallic salt, organic acid or organic acid salt which has at least one carboxyl group in a molecule, and organic acid or organic acid salt which has at least one carboxyl... Agent:

20110180405 - Analyte sensors, systems, testing apparatus and manufacturing methods: In some aspects, an analyte sensor is provided for detecting an analyte concentration level in a bio-fluid sample. The analyte sensor may include one or more conductors received in a hollow portion of a hollow member. The first conductor may be made, at least in part, of a semiconductor material... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20110180406 - Temperature compensation for ion-selective electrodes: Temperature compensation for ion-selective electrodes is obtained by positioning a temperature-measuring element in a chamber of limited thermal mass which is in thermal contact with the measuring electrode filling solution but is thermally isolated from other filling solutions in the electrode. In a preferred embodiment, the temperature-measuring element comprises a... Agent:

20110180407 - Apparatus, compositions and methods for rapid competitive homogeneous assay: Embodiments herein concern systems, methods, compositions and apparatus for detection and/or determination of the presence and/or concentration of target molecules in a sample. In certain embodiments, target molecules can be separated and analyzed using non-gel electrophoresis technologies.... Agent:

20110180408 - Enhanced method for detecting and/or quantifying an analyte in a sample: The invention relates to an enhanced method of detecting and/or quantifying at least one analyte in a sample.... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110174606 - Apparatus and method for improving photoresist properties using a quasi-neutral beam: The invention can provide apparatus and methods of processing a substrate in real-time using a Quasi-Neutral Beam (Q-NB) curing system to improve the etch resistance of photoresist layer. In addition, the improved photoresist layer can be used to more accurately control gate and/or spacer critical dimensions (CDs), to control gate... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110174607 - Colored device casing and surface-treating method for fabricating same: A colored device casing includes a base, a color layer and a bonding layer. The base has at least one smooth region. The bonding layer is positioned between the base and the color layer and bonds the base and color layer together. The color layer includes at least one metal... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110174608 - Method for forming a diamond-like carbon layer on air bearing surface of a slider: A method for forming a diamond-like carbon (DLC) layer on air bearing surface (ABS) of a slider, comprises steps of: providing sliders arranged in arrays, each slider having an ABS; forming a mixing layer in the ABS of the slider by depositing a first DLC layer on the ABS, the... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20110174609 - Apparatus and method for clarifying water: An apparatus and method of producing and using aluminum slurry containing aluminum particles having an extremely small size. In particular, a particle size that is small enough to freely flow through water filtration filters. Once the aluminum particles react with phosphorus, phosphates, and other contaminants, the resulting particles are large... Agent:

20110174610 - Photoelectrochemical cell: A photoelectrochemical cell (1) is a photoelectrochemical cell for decomposing water by irradiation with light so as to produce hydrogen. This photoelectrochemical cell (1) includes: a conductive substrate; a first electrode (optical semiconductor electrode (3)) including an optical semiconductor and disposed on a first main surface of the conductive substrate;... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110174611 - Support device and coating device using same: An exemplary coating device includes a target material and a support device configured for supporting a workpiece. The support device includes a support frame and a holding member. The support frame includes a support member and a support arm disposed on the support member. One end of the holding member... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110174612 - Sputtering apparatus with rotatable sputtering target: A sputtering apparatus includes a chamber including a first sidewall and defining a number of evenly spaced first through holes on the first sidewall, a number of slide rails radially extending outwards from the first sidewall corresponding to each first through hole, a number of target holders defining at least... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110174613 - Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method: A biosensor is disclosed comprising a support; a conductive layer composed of an electrical conductive material such as a noble metal, for example gold or palladium, and carbon; slits parallel to and perpendicular to the side of the support; working, counter, and detecting electrodes; a spacer which covers the working,... Agent:

20110174614 - Electrode, method and system for determining an analyte in a liquid medium: Disclosed is an electrode for determining an analyte in a liquid medium, such as glucose in body subcutaneous fluids. The electrode includes a conductive surface and a matrix bound thereto. The matrix includes at least two species of components that comprise one or more species of enzymes and one or... Agent:

20110174615 - Deterioration signal generation device for oxygen sensor: A deterioration signal generation device for an oxygen sensor having a power supply different than a power supply connected to an external device, including a connection unit for electrically connecting the ground lines of the respective power supplies; a first acquisition unit for electrically connecting to a first output line... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20110174616 - Methods for measuring physiological fluids: Electrochemical measurement techniques for measuring the concentration of an analyte in a physiological fluid sample are described. More particularly, the present invention relates to techniques for distinguishing a signal caused by an extraneous event from a desired information providing signal such as one indicative of a measurement error.... Agent: Lifescan, Inc.

20110174617 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor including a gas sensor element that extends in an axial direction and has a detection section at a front-end side thereof, and an electrode pad at a rear-end side thereof; a connection terminal that is electrically connected to the electrode pad; and an insulated separator that extends... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20110174618 - Sample measurement system: The present invention relates to a sample measurement system. In particular the invention relates to a sample measurement system for measuring certain selected properties of a liquid substrate, such as the glucose levels in a blood sample. More particularly the invention relates to a sample measurement system for performing electrochemical... Agent: Menai Medical Technologies Limited

20110174619 - Nonoscopic wired-based devices and arrays: Electrical devices comprised of nanoscopic wires are described, along with methods of their manufacture and use. The nanoscopic wires can be nanotubes, preferably single-walled carbon nanotubes. They can be arranged in crossbar arrays using chemically patterned surfaces for direction, via chemical vapor deposition. Chemical vapor deposition also can be used... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20110174620 - Ultra high speed and high sensitivity dna sequencing system and method for same: The present system relates to a system architecture that uses a single electron transistor (SET) to analyze base sequences of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) at ultra high speed in real time. DNA represents the entire body of genetic information and consists of nucleotide units. There are a total of four types... Agent: Chungbuk National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20110174621 - Method for analyzing sample by electrophoresis and use of the same: e

20110174622 - Device and method for pressure-driven plug transport: The present invention provides microfabricated substrates and methods of conducting reactions within these substrates. The reactions occur in plugs transported in the flow of a carrier-fluid.... Agent: The University Of Chicago

20110174623 - Concentration and purification of analytes using electric fields: Embodiments of a device and method are described which provide for concentration and purification of analytes, e.g., polynucleotides, in channel devices using AC and DC electric fields.... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20110174624 - Methods and apparatus for carrier-free deflection electrophoresis: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for carrier-free deflection electrophoresis, in which a separating media and a sample to be examined flow through a separating chamber between a pair of electrodes in a series of reversing bulk fluid flow along the direction of the electrodes, thereby separating the... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110174625 - Compositions, devices, systems, and methods for using a nanopore: The invention herein disclosed provides for devices and methods that can detect and control an individual polymer in a mixture is acted upon by another compound, for example, an enzyme, in a nanopore. The devices and methods are also used to determine rapidly (˜>50 Hz) the nucleotide base sequence of... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110168543 - Microwave-assisted synthesis of perfluorophthalocyanine molecules: Advantageous microwave-assisted methods for synthesis of fluorinated phthalocyanines are provided. The microwave-assisted methods offer enhanced yields, substantially eliminate reaction solvents, and facilitate purification relative to conventional synthesis techniques. Typical implementation involve a reaction mixture that includes perfluoro-phthalonitrile that is reacted in a vessel with application of microwave energy for a... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft

20110168544 - Manufacturing method of optical filter: [Solution] By performing a cleaning step P1 for cleaning a substrate S by means of a solution including water, a pre-treatment step P3 for plasma-treating a surface of the substrate S cleaned in the cleaning step P1 by plasma of an oxygen gas, and a thin film formation step (P4,... Agent: Shincron Co., Ltd

20110168545 - Multilayer-film sputtering apparatus and method of forming multilayer film: Provided is a sputtering apparatus which can form a multilayer film giving high productivity and with less spiral pattern by effective use of targets, and a method of forming multilayer film using the apparatus. An embodiment is a multilayer-film sputtering apparatus comprising: a rotatable cathode unit (30) having cathodes (7a... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110168546 - Material of electrode for electrolysis, electrode for electrolysis and manufacturing method of the electrode: There are disclosed a material of an electrode for electrolysis which can highly efficiently generate an ozone water by the electrolysis of water, an electrode for electrolysis, and a manufacturing method of the electrode for electrolysis. The material of the electrode for electrolysis which is an alloy comprising platinum and... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110168547 - Method for producing a transparent and conductive metal oxide layer by highly ionized pulsed magnetron sputtering: A method for producing a transparent and conductive metal oxide layer on a substrate, includes atomizing at least one component of the metal oxide layer by highly ionized, high power pulsed magnetron sputtering to condense on the substrate. The pulses of the magnetron have a peak power density of more... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Andgewandten Forschung E.v.

20110168548 - Device for the dip painting of a body part: A device for the dip painting of a body part with a basin for receiving a coating liquid has two parallel guides for guiding the body part and an anode body. The body part is connected to a cathode of a direct voltage source and the anode body to an... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110168549 - Optimised supply source and storage unit for cryogenic power or nanohydride assistance using photovoltaics for on-demand energy production systems: The invention relates to a system that consists of a very efficient and optimized photovoltaic power supply that can be added as a complement to an on-demand hydrogen production assistance, power, and electricity unit as well as outputs adapted for a direct use. The system includes photovoltaic elements containing nano-crystalline... Agent:

20110168550 - Graded electrode technologies for high energy lithium-ion batteries: Embodiments described herein provide methods and systems for manufacturing faster charging, higher capacity energy storage devices that are smaller, lighter, and can be more cost effectively manufactured at a higher production rate. In one embodiment, a graded cathode structure is provided. The graded cathode structure comprises a conductive substrate, a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110168551 - Nanopore electrode, nanopore membrane, methods of preparation and surface modification, and use thereof: Provided are fabrication, characterization and application of a nanodisk electrode, a nanopore electrode and a nanopore membrane. These three nanostructures share common fabrication steps. In one embodiment, the fabrication of a disk electrode involves sealing a sharpened internal signal transduction element (“ISTE”) into a substrate, followed by polishing of the... Agent: The University Of Utah Research Foundation

20110168552 - System for sputtering deposition: An exemplary system for sputtering deposition includes a sputtering chamber and a gas supplying system. The sputtering chamber includes a first sputtering space and a second sputtering space isolated from the first sputtering space. Each of the first and second sputtering spaces is configured for receiving a target and a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110168553 - Sputtering system: A sputtering system is disclosed. The sputtering system includes: a first sputter unit including: a first deposition material plate, a second deposition material plate, where the first and second deposition material plates face each other, and a first magnetic field generator disposed behind each of the first deposition material plate... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110168554 - Apparatus for treatment of samples for auger electronic spectrometer (aes) in the manufacture of integrated circuits: An apparatus for treatment of a sample for the manufacture of integrated circuits includes a holder apparatus and a stage which is coupled to the holder apparatus. The stage is capable of holding a portion of a sample to be analyzed. The apparatus also includes a shield that is operably... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20110168555 - Rotary sputtering target and apparatus for manufacture: The apparatus that is the subject of the present invention is a rotary sputtering target apparatus having a cylinder of sputtering target material; a backing tube having a smaller outside diameter than the inside diameter of the sputtering target material; and bonding material disposed between the target material and backing... Agent: Soleras, Ltd.

20110168556 - Nitrogen-oxide gas sensor: The present invention provides a nitrogen-oxide gas sensor that is able to measure nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide at the same time and ensure measurement accuracy and long stability. The present invention relates to the nitrogen-oxide gas sensor that includes: an oxide ion conductive solid electrolyte; a primary film made... Agent: Cios Inc.

20110168557 - Nitrogen-oxide gas sensor: The nitrogen-oxide gas sensor includes: a first oxygen ion conductive solid electrolyte; a first film contacting the first oxygen ion conductive solid electrolyte and formed of a metal oxide; a second film contacting the first oxygen ion conductive solid electrolyte and formed of a metal oxide; a power supply source... Agent: Cios Inc.

20110168558 - Aqueous electrophoretic deposition: e

20110168559 - Nanoscale surface plasmonics sensor with nanofluidic control: A microfluidically-controlled transmission mode nanoscal surface plasmonics sensor device comprises one or more arrays of aligned nanochannels in fluid communication with inflowing and outflowing fluid handling manifolds that control the flow of fluid through the array(s). Fluid comprising a sample for analysis is moved from an inlet manifold, through the... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20110168560 - Nanoporous semi-permeable membrane and methods for fabricating the same: A filter includes a membrane having a plurality of nanochannels formed therein. Functionalized nanoparticles are deposited through self assembly onto surfaces defining the nanochannels so as to decrease the final diameter of the membrane. Methods for making and using the filter are also provided.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110168561 - Dielectrophoretic particle concentrator and concentration with detection method: A dielectrophoretic particle concentrator includes first substrate, detection electrodes, second substrate, protrudent structure and edge wall structures. The first substrate extends along first direction. The detection electrodes are disposed on the first substrate and extend along second direction. The second direction crosses the first direction. The second substrate is disposed... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110168562 - Nanopore and carbon nanotube based dna sequencer: The present invention provides a device for analyzing the composition of a heteropolymer comprising a carbon nanotube through which the heteropolymer is driven by electrophoresis. The carbon nanotube also serves as one electrode in a reading circuit. One end of the carbon nanotube is held in close proximity to a... Agent:

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110162955 - Hybrid polymer compositions with enhanced bio-degradability: A hybrid polymer composition can include a polymeric material that has dispersed within it a plurality of photocatalytic particles and a plurality of conductive particles at least some of which are in contact with one or more of the plurality of photocatalytic particles such that the conductive particles provide electron... Agent:

20110162956 - Method for separating rich ore particles from agglomerates which contain non-magnetic ore particles and magnetizable particles attached thereto, especially fe-containing oxide components such as fe3o4: In a method for separating rich ore particles from agglomerates which contain said rich ore particles and magnetizable particles attached thereto, especially Fe3O4, in which agglomerates of the rich ore particle and the magnetizable particle are bonded by organic molecular chains, the agglomerates are contained in a suspension containing a... Agent:

20110162957 - Systems and methods for enhancing growth of carbon-based nanostructures: Systems and methods generally directed to enhancing the growth of carbon-based nanostructures are described. In some embodiments, electromagnetic radiation can be used to enhance carbon-based nanostructure growth.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110162958 - Plasma decomposition apparatus and method for carbon dioxide: A plasma decomposition apparatus and method for carbon dioxide decomposes carbon dioxide in a non-thermal plasma state into carbon and oxygen. The apparatus includes: a reactor for decomposing carbon dioxide with an inlet for inflow of carbon dioxide and a outlet for discharge of carbon and oxygen; a plurality of... Agent:

20110162959 - Vacuum pumping system, substrate processing apparatus, manufacturing method of electronic device, and operating method of vacuum pumping system: A plurality of vacuum pumps each having a refrigerator are connected to a common compressor. At least one of the plurality of vacuum pumps performs repeating an operation including a process in which a gas in a low-pressure state is adiabatically compressed when the interior of a cylinder shifts from... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110162960 - Method of preparing an electrode for a capacitive deionization device, an electrode for a capacitive deionization device, and a capacitive deionization device having the electrode: A method of preparing an oxidized electrode for a capacitive deionization device, the method including electrochemically oxidizing an electrode including a hydrophobic active material to produce the oxidized electrode.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110162961 - Cylinder block plate processing apparatus and sealing mechanism of the same: A cylinder block plate processing apparatus in which one end side of an inner peripheral surface of a cylinder of a cylinder block is sealed to circulate a process liquid to perform pre-plating or plating processing of the cylinder inner peripheral surface. The apparatus includes: an apparatus body having a... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20110162962 - Biological sensor measuring electrochemical and / or electrical and diamond electrode and electronic integrated circuit: c

20110162963 - System and method for increasing polymer/nanopore interactions: An electrolytic system includes an analyte chamber having an access port for introducing a sample containing a molecules of interest, such as DNA. Electrodes create an electric field along a length of the analyte chamber to drive molecules toward an interaction region containing a nanopore, thereby increasing the arrival rate... Agent: Electronic Bio Sciences, LLC

20110162964 - Systems and methods for water treatment: Electrochemical devices and methods for water treatment are disclosed. An electrodeionization device (100) may include one or more compartments (110) containing an ionselective media, such as boron-selective resin (170). Cyclic adsorption of target ions and regeneration of the media in-situ is used to treat process water, and may be driven... Agent:

20110162965 - Deionization device: A deionization device including at least one flow path configured for an influent fluid; at least one pair of electrodes; at least one charge barrier disposed between the at least one flow path and a corresponding electrode of the at least one pair of electrodes; and at least one electrolyte... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110162966 - Systems and methods for making and using nanoelectrodes: Systems and methods are provided for the manipulation of a polarizable object with a pair of elongated nanoelectrodes using dielectrophoresis. The nanoelectrodes can be carbon nanotubes and are coupled with one or more time-varying voltage sources to create an electric field gradient in a gap between the nanotubes. The gradient... Agent:

20110162967 - Ion exchange element, spacer component, and devices made therefrom: A linear exchange element with functionalized polymer on a core of rope, twine or yarn has well defined physical structure and may function as a spacer or be formed into free-standing exchange elements. A screen is fabricated from such strands or strips, with a pattern of mixed, sequential or other... Agent: Ge Ionics, Inc.

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