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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110073462 - Spectral catalysts: A wide variety of reactions can be advantageously affected and directed by a spectral catalyst which duplicates the electromagnetic energy spectral pattern of a physical catalyst and when applied to a reaction system transfers a quanta of energy in the form of electromagnetic energy to control and/or promote the reaction... Agent: Gr Intellectual Reserve, LLC

20110073463 - Methods for stable process in a reactive sputtering process using zinc or doped zinc target: Embodiments disclosed herein generally relate to a method for seasoning a sputtering target in-situ with a substrate to be processed. New semiconductor compounds containing oxygen, nitrogen, and an element such as zinc, cadmium, tin, indium, and gallium are beginning to replace silicon as the material for active channels in TFTs.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110073464 - Systems and apparatus relating to electrochemical machining: A tooling piece in an electrochemical machining device that includes: an outer cathode surface, the outer cathode surface having a first side and, opposite of the first side, a second side; a plurality of spacer pads disposed on the first side of the outer cathode surface, the spacer pads each... Agent: General Electric Company

20110073465 - Systems and apparatus relating to electrochemical machining: A tooling piece in an electrochemical machining device that includes: an outer cathode surface, the outer cathode surface having a first side and, opposite of the first side, a second side; a plurality of spacer pads disposed on the first side of the outer cathode surface, the spacer pads each... Agent: General Electric Company

20110073466 - Device for measuring the metal level in a reduction basin: The invention relates to an arrangement for producing aluminium, comprising a cathodic vessel, anode means, an electricity source for generating a direct current between the cathodic vessel and the anode means in order to obtain molten aluminium from a bath, and a subassembly for breaking a crust formed in the... Agent:

20110073467 - Electrolytic ozone cell anode spring board fixture structure: An electrolytic ozone cell anode spring fastening board structure includes a solid polymer electrolyte membrane (1), an anode electrocatalyst layer (2), a diffusion layer (3), frame body and support parts (5). A diffusion layer counterpiece (4) has one side attached to the diffusion layer (3), the other side of the... Agent:

20110073468 - Method for arranging electrodes in an electrolytic process and an electrolytic system: In the method and system, a number of electrolytic cells are arranged as a cell group, which cells are separated by a number of partition walls; in each cell, a number of anodes and cathodes are arranged in an alternating order, so that in each cell, next to each anode,... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110073469 - Electrochemical deposition system: A electrochemical deposition system which has a 3-D stacked architecture comprises a factory interface for receiving semiconductor wafers, a mainframe comprising a mainframe transfer robot and a plurality of wafer holder assemblies which disposed on the top thereof, a plurality of electroplating cells disposed within the mainframe, a plurality of... Agent:

20110073470 - Multi-layer cathode block: A multi-layer cathode block (30) for an electrolytic cell (10) has at least a surface layer (32) with a surface expansion index and a second layer (34) with a second expansion index. The surface layer (32) includes a surface wetting agent in a first total amount. The second layer (34)... Agent: Rio Tinto Alcan International Limited

20110073471 - Method and apparatus for cathodic arc ion plasma deposition: A method and apparatus for depositing a coating material on a surface of a substrate by an ion plasma deposition process using a hollow cathode is disclosed. The cathode may be a substantially cylindrical hollow cathode. A plasma arc is formed on the outer circumference of the cathode to remove... Agent: General Electric Company

20110073472 - Coating apparatus: A coating apparatus includes a housing, a sputter mechanism, an evaporation mechanism, and a workpiece transport assembly. The housing defines a receiving space. The workpiece transport assembly includes a fixing plate, a first transport member, and a first shaft. The fixing plate is secured to the housing via the receiving... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110073473 - Three-dimensionally ordered macroporous sensor apparatus and method: A three-dimensionally ordered macroporous sensor apparatus and method of forming the same. A direct opal film associated with a number of pores can be formed by vertical deposition of one or more nanospheres on a glass substrate. The thickness of the direct opal film can be controlled by concentration of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110073475 - Analyte sensor: An analyte sensor configured to be implanted in the body of the user unassisted by an introducer sharp.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110073476 - Stackable electrochemical analyte sensors, systems and methods including same: In some aspects, an analyte sensor is provided for detecting an analyte concentration level in a bio-fluid sample. The analyte sensor has a base with first and second ends, a concave recess in the first end, a second end receiving surface, and a sidewall extending between the ends. An electrode... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20110073474 - Surface acoustic wave device and surface acoustic wave biosensor: A surface acoustic wave device, including: a piezoelectric substrate; an interdigitated transducer electrode disposed on the substrate; an oxide film disposed on surface of the interdigitated transducer electrode; and a hydrophobic film disposed on a surface of the oxide film.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110073477 - Matrix and dynamic polymer systems and compositions for microchannel separation: Matrix polymers and dynamic coating polymers, compositions thereof and related methods, systems and apparatus for microchannel separation.... Agent:

20110073478 - System for rapid high-resolution gel electrophoresis: Electrophoretic systems, formulations and methods are described which allow a user to perform electrophoresis experiments under conditions of high voltage and with reduced run time. An electrophoretic system, formulation or method may be run at 50% higher field strength than comparable systems already in use in the art. The presently... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110067996 - Pvd method for depositing a coating onto a body and coated bodies made thereof: A method of making a coated body including a coating and a substrate where, onto said substrate, a coating is deposited, using a PVD deposition process. The coating includes a nitride, carbide, oxide, boride or mixtures thereof, of one or more elements selected from groups IVb, Vb, VIb of the... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20110067997 - Synthesis of high-purity bulk copper indium gallium selenide materials: A method for forming a high purity, copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) bulk material is disclosed. The method includes sealing precursor materials for forming the bulk material in a reaction vessel. The precursor materials include copper, at least one chalcogen selected from selenium, sulfur, and tellurium, and at least one... Agent:

20110067998 - Method of making an electrically conductive cadmium sulfide sputtering target for photovoltaic manufacturing: An electrically conductive cadmium sulfide sputtering target, the method of making the same, and the method of manufacturing a photovoltaic cell using the same.... Agent: Miasole

20110067999 - 400ka high energy efficiency reduction pot: A 400 kA high energy efficiency reduction pot, comprising: anode carbon blocks, anode busbars, crust breaking and feeding device, anode lifting device, girders and pillars, pot hooding and exhausting system, cathode busbar arrangement structure, cathode carbon blocks, cathode lining structure and cathode pot shell, the pot is characterized in that:... Agent: Northeastern University Engineering And Research Institute Co., Ltd.

20110068000 - Drinking electrolytic water apparatus using bottled water as raw water: The drinking electrolytic water apparatus includes a bottle (1) for supplying raw water, a pump (7) which pumps the raw water into a filter device (2), an electrolytic device (3) including electrolytic means which decomposes the filtered raw water by electrolysis, a mixing path selection valve (4) which mixes, with... Agent: Tech Corporation Co., Ltd.

20110068001 - Release system for electrochemical cells: Electrochemical cells, and more specifically, release systems for the fabrication of electrochemical cells are described. In particular, release layer arrangements, assemblies, methods and compositions that facilitate the fabrication of electrochemical cell components, such as electrodes, are presented. In some embodiments, methods of fabricating an electrode involve the use of a... Agent: Sion Power Corporation

20110068002 - Ion exchange membranes: Highly energy efficient electrodialysis membranes having low operating costs and a novel process for their manufacture are described herein. The membranes are useful in the desalination of water and purification of waste water. They are effective in desalination of seawater due to their low electrical resistance and high permselectivity. These... Agent:

20110068003 - Indium tin oxide target, method for manufacturing the same, transparent conductive film of indium tin oxide, and method for manufacturing transparent conductive film of indium tin oxide: Disclosed are an indium Tin Oxide (ITO) target, a method for manufacturing the same, a transparent conductive film of ITO, and a method for manufacturing the transparent conductive film of ITO. The ITO target includes at least one oxide selected from the group consisting of Sm2O3 and Yb2O3, wherein an... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Glass Co., Ltd.

20110068004 - Plasma generating apparatus and plasma processing apparatus: Provided is a plasma generating apparatus by which droplets mixed in plasma can be efficiently removed and surface processing precision can be improved in film formation wherein high purity plasma is used. A plasma processing apparatus using such plasma generating apparatus is also provided. A droplet removing portion arranged in... Agent: Ferrotec Corporation

20110068005 - Device for determining sulfur content in fuel: With a method for the determination of the sulfur content in fuels, a fuel sample is introduced into a miniaturized and/or microstructured combustion chamber (2) for thermal oxidation of the total sulfur, wherein an electrochemical gas sensor (3) is provided for the determination of the SO2 content in the gas... Agent: Testo Ag

20110068006 - Apparatus and method for treatment of wastewater: An apparatus and method for treating wastewater is described. The apparatus includes an entry mixing chamber equipped with a wastewater inlet port and a gas inlet port configured for receiving the wastewater and pressurized gas, respectively. The apparatus further includes a housing attached to an open top of the entry... Agent: Aquaspark Ltd.

20110068007 - Multi-wavelength fluorescence detection system for multiplexed capillary electrophoresis: Using multiple dichroics mirrors to split and redirect different wavelength regions of light in a multi-wavelength fluorescence detection system.... Agent: Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc.

20110068008 - Method, apparatus and plant for desalinating saltwater using concentration difference energy: A method and apparatus for desalinating saltwater using concentration difference energy is disclosed. In order to desalinate saltwater that is contained within a product chamber, a drive cell is used to generate a drive voltage. The product chamber has a desalination voltage such that when a sufficient voltage is applied... Agent: Saltworks Technologies Inc.

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110062014 - Plasma reactor: A plasma reactor (10) is provided. The plasma reactor (10) includes a reaction chamber (12) formed by a wall (13). Proximate to the first end of the reaction chamber, the plasma reactor includes a feed gas inlet (14) for creating a reverse vortex gas flow (16) in the reaction chamber.... Agent: Chevron U.s.a., Inc.

20110062015 - Coating apparatus and coating method: An apparatus for coating a substrate with a layer of inhomogeneous but continuous thickness is provided. The apparatus may include a holding device configured to hold a substrate to be coated; a coating device comprising at least one coating source for providing a coating material, which is arranged at a... Agent: Solarworld Innovations Gmbh

20110062016 - Method for manufacturing aluminum-containing nitride intermediate layer, method for manufacturing nitride layer, and method for manufacturing nitride semiconductor element:

20110062017 - Efficient reversible electrodes for solid oxide electrolyzer cells: An electrolyzer cell is disclosed which includes a cathode to reduce an oxygen-containing molecule, such as H2O, CO2, or a combination thereof, to produce an oxygen ion and a fuel molecule, such as H2, CO, or a combination thereof. An electrolyte is coupled to the cathode to transport the oxygen... Agent:

20110062018 - Anode device for an electro-flocculation cell: An anode device for an electro-f locculation cell, is provided comprising a bed of metal granules (1c) through which raw water is flown from the bottom to the top, is loosely provided in a cell box (3) out of insulating material on an electrically conducting electrode (1) plate provided with... Agent:

20110062019 - Sputtering apparatus: There is provided an inexpensive sputtering apparatus in which self-sputtering can be stably performed by accelerating the ionization of the atoms scattered from a target. The sputtering apparatus has: a target which is disposed inside a vacuum chamber so as to lie opposite to the substrate W to be processed;... Agent:

20110062022 - rotatable sputtering magnetron with high stiffness: A sputtering magnetron (300) insertable in a rotatable target is described. The magnetron is designed around a single piece, multiwalled tube (102, 202) with compartments (316, 316′, 318, 318′) extending over the length of the tube. The multiwalled tube gives a much stiffer magnetron carrier structure compared to prior art... Agent: Bekaert Advanced Coating

20110062020 - Rotary target assembly and rotary target: A rotary target assembly has a cylindrical target and a cylindrical backing tube. A difference between an inner diameter of the cylindrical target and an outer diameter of the cylindrical backing tube substantially equals a yield strain of a target material multiplied by the inner diameter of the cylindrical target... Agent: Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp

20110062021 - Sputter-coating apparatus: A sputter-coating apparatus for coating a plurality of workpieces includes a deposition case defining a cavity, a supporting assembly received in the cavity, and a target assembly received in the cavity and extending through the supporting assembly to face the workpieces. The supporting assembly includes a plurality of supporting members.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110062023 - Sputtering device: A sputtering device includes a housing, two baffles, a pair of conveyor, and a support. The housing includes a chamber therein. The baffles are slidably installed in the chamber of the housing to divide the chamber of the housing into a number of separated rooms where workpieces are treated. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110062024 - Multichannel preparative electrophoresis system: The invention provides an electrophoresis cassette, methods for making the electrophoresis cassette, and method of fractionating analytes from a sample based upon electrophoretic mobility in a single application of the sample to an electrophoretic system.... Agent:

20110062025 - Isoelectric focusing systems and methods: The invention relates to devices and methods for the separation of species, including biological species and involves the use of free flow isolectric focusing (FF-IEF) devices capable of establishing a pH gradient in a gradient orientation that is perpendicular to the direction of fluid flow. In one embodiment a channel... Agent:

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110056824 - Method of preparing positive active material for lithium battery: Disclosed is a method of preparing a positive active material for a lithium battery. The method comprises: depositing a positive active material on an electrode on a substrate (1); and putting metal chips on a metal oxides target and performing a sputtering process, thereby depositing mixed metal-oxides on the positive... Agent:

20110056825 - Dielectric-layer-coated substrate and installation for production thereof: The invention relates to a substrate (1), especially a glass substrate, coated with at least one dielectric thin-film layer deposited by sputtering, especially magnetically enhanced sputtering and preferably reactive sputtering in the presence of oxygen and/or nitrogen, with exposure to at least one ion beam (3) coming from an ion... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110056826 - Aluminum electrolytic cell with new type of cathode structure for shortening vertical fluctuations and horizontal fluctuations: An aluminum electrolytic cell with a new type of cathode structure for shortening vertical fluctuations and horizontal fluctuations includes an electrolytic cell shell, cell lining, refractory material, cathode carbon blocks, lined carbon bricks, carbon ramming paste, refractory concrete and cathode steel bars. More than one convex structure protrudes from the... Agent:

20110056827 - Electrode assembly: An electrode assembly comprising of a plurality of planar electrodes and rods axially ringed with pairs of washer-style fasteners and washer-style spacers, held on the rod by fasteners on the distal ends. Electrode gap spacing is provided by distancing spacers placed along the rod axis in-between pairs of the washer-style... Agent:

20110056828 - Monolithic aluminum alloy target and method of manufacturing: Aluminum or aluminum alloy sputter targets and methods of making same are provided. The pure aluminum or aluminum alloy is mechanically worked to produce a circular blank, and then the blank is given a recrystallization anneal to achieve desirable grain size and crystallographic texture. A 10-50% additional strain is provided... Agent: Tosoh Smd, Inc.

20110056829 - Cathode unit and sputtering apparatus provided with the same: There is provided an inexpensive cathode unit which is simple in construction and is capable of forming a film at good coating characteristics relative to each of micropores of high aspect ratio throughout an entire surface of a substrate. There is also provided a sputtering apparatus provided with the cathode... Agent:

20110056830 - Sputtering deposition apparatus: A sputtering type deposition apparatus includes a chamber device and a target. The chamber device defines an access chamber, a first entrance from exterior to the access chamber, a depositing chamber, and a second entrance from the access chamber to the depositing chamber. The chamber device includes an access door,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110056831 - Microfabricated liquid junction reference electrode: A microfabricated liquid junction reference electrode that can be integrated with microfabricated chemical or electrical sensors, which electrode is an M/MX type reference electrode comprised of a metal and a metal salt, as well as a X− Containing Ionic Liquid having a constant activity of X− and a porous thin-film... Agent: Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC

20110056832 - Laminated gas sensor element, gas sensor equipped with laminated gas sensor element, and method for manufacturing laminated gas sensor element: A laminated gas sensor element including a detection element including a solid electrolyte body having a pair of electrodes formed thereon laminated together with a heater element. A porous protection layer is formed on at least a distal end portion of the laminated gas sensor element which is to be... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20110056833 - Precast gel for electrophoresis, method for producing the same, and use of the same: This invention relates to a precast gel for electrophoresis comprising a support filled with an aqueous gel prepared by polymerizing an aqueous solution comprising a radically polymerizable monomer, a crosslinkable monomer, a buffer, a redox initiator comprising an oxidizer/reducer, and a photo sensitizer and having a pH level of 6.0... Agent: Hymo Corporation

20110056834 - Dielectrophoresis-based microfluidic system: A dielectrophoresis-based microfluidic system includes a first electrode plate, a second electrode plate and a spacing structure. The first electrode plate comprises a first substrate and an electrode layer disposed on one side surface of the first substrate. The second electrode plate comprises a second substrate and a plurality of... Agent:

20110056835 - Electric separating apparatus: An electric separating apparatus has a separating tank and an electrical control. The separating tank has at least one first electrode panel, a second electrode panel, an upper separating region and a lower separating region. The electrode panels are vertically mounted in the separating tank to form the separating regions.... Agent:

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110048923 - Process for the surface modification of particles: A method for the preparation of functionalized particles includes providing a feedstock made of particles, a surface treatment agent reactive with the particles, and solvent. The feedstock is exposed to microwave radiation to heat the feedstock and react the particles with the surface treatment agent to provide the functionalized particles... Agent:

20110048925 - Coated article with sputter-deposited transparent conductive coating capable of surviving harsh environments, and method of making the same: Certain example embodiments relate to sputter-deposited transparent conductive coatings (TCCs) that are capable of surviving the harsh environments of ovens so that they can be included, for example, in oven door applications. In certain example embodiments, zirconium oxide (e.g., ZrO2 or other suitable stoichiometry) may be used as a protective... Agent:

20110048924 - Plasma ignition performance for low pressure physical vapor deposition (pvd) processes: A plasma ignition system includes a first voltage supply that selectively supplies a plasma ignition voltage and a plasma maintenance voltage across an adapter ring and a cathode target of a physical vapor deposition (PVD) system. A second voltage supply selectively supplies a second voltage across the adapter ring and... Agent:

20110048926 - Magnetron sputtering apparatus and magnetron sputtering method: The present invention is to provide a magnetron sputtering technique for forming a film having an even film thickness distribution for a long period of time. A magnetron sputtering apparatus of the present invention includes a vacuum chamber, a cathode part provided in the vacuum chamber, the cathode part holding... Agent:

20110048927 - Sputtering apparatus and sputtering method: An inexpensive sputtering apparatus of simple construction is provided in which a film can be formed with good coating characteristics relative to each of micropores of high aspect ratio. The sputtering apparatus has: a target lying opposite to a substrate W which is disposed inside a vacuum chamber; a magnet... Agent:

20110048928 - Methods to fabricate non-metal films on semiconductor substrates using physical vapor deposition: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to semiconductor device fabrication and processes, and more particularly, to methods for implementing arrangements of magnetic field generators configured to facilitate physical vapor deposition (“PVD”) and/or for controlling impedance matching associated with a non-metal-based plasma used to modify a non-metal film, such as a... Agent:

20110048929 - Fib process for selective and clean etching of copper: Etch assisting agents for focused ion beam (FIB) etching of copper for circuit editing of integrated circuits both prevent loss of adjacent dielectric due to sputtering by the ion beam, and render sputtered re-deposited copper on adjacent surfaces non-conductive to avoid electrical short circuits. The agents comprise hydrazine and hydrazine... Agent:

20110048931 - Fib process for selective and clean etching of copper: Etch assisting agents for focused ion beam (FIB) etching of copper for circuit editing of integrated circuits both prevent loss of adjacent dielectric due to sputtering by the ion beam, and render sputtered re-deposited copper on adjacent surfaces non-conductive to avoid electrical short circuits. The agents comprise hydrazine and hydrazine... Agent:

20110048930 - Selective nanotube growth inside vias using an ion beam: A method of selectively growing one or more carbon nano-tubes includes forming an insulating layer on a substrate, the insulating layer having a top surface; forming a via in the insulating layer; forming an active metal layer over the insulating layer, including sidewall and bottom surfaces of the via; and... Agent:

20110048932 - Unit for the electrolysis of water: The invention discloses a unit for the electrolysis of water. The unit includes a plurality of stacked conductive plates which are separated from each other by a non conductive sealing ring. At least one of the stacked conductive plates functions as an anode. A plurality of the conductive plates functions... Agent:

20110048933 - Gas-inputting device for vacuum sputtering apparatus: A gas-inputting device for a vacuum sputtering apparatus includes at least one tapered tube. Each tapered tube includes a open end, a closed end, and a conical surface. The small end is configured for introducing gas into the tapered tube. The large end opposes to the open end. Each of... Agent:

20110048934 - System and apparatus to facilitate physical vapor deposition to modify non-metal films on semiconductor substrates: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to semiconductor device fabrication and processes, and more particularly, to an apparatus and a system for implementing arrangements of magnetic field generators configured to facilitate physical vapor deposition (“PVD”) and/or controlling impedance matching associated with a non-metal-based plasma used to modify a non-metal film,... Agent:

20110048935 - Sputtering target with low generation of particles: Provided is a sputtering target with low generation of particles having a target surface in which intermetallic compounds, oxides, carbides, carbonitrides and other substances without ductility exist in a highly ductile matrix phase at a volume ratio of 1 to 50%, wherein a center-line average surface roughness Ra is 0.1... Agent:

20110048936 - Al-ni-rare earth element alloy sputtering target: An Al-base alloy sputtering target consisting Ni and one or more rare earth elements, wherein there are 5.0×104/mm2 or more compounds whose aspect ratio is 2.5 or higher and whose equivalent diameter is 0.2 μm or larger, when a cross sectional surface perpendicular to the plane of the target is... Agent:

20110048937 - Carrier and sputtering device using the same: A carrier for use during sputtering includes a main body and support members. The main body defines a receiving space and includes a lateral surface defining at least one groove extending along a longitudinal direction. The receiving space and the at least one groove communicate with each other. The at... Agent:

20110048938 - Methods and systems for detecting the hydration of sensors: A sensor system includes a sensor and a sensor electronics device. The sensor includes a plurality of electrodes. The sensor electronics device includes a connection detection device, a power source, and a delay circuit. The connection detection device determines if the sensor electronics device is connected to the sensor and... Agent:

20110048939 - High throughput screen: The present invention relates to a structure comprising a biological membrane and a porous or perforated substrate, a biological membrane, a substrate, a high throughput screen, methods for production of the structure membrane and substrate, and a method for screening a large number of test compounds in a short period.... Agent:

20110048940 - Small volume test strips with large sample fill ports, supported test strips, and methods of making and using same: The present disclosure provides small volume analyte sensors having large sample fill ports, supported analyte sensors, analyte sensors having supported tip protrusions and methods of making and using same.... Agent:

20110048941 - Methods and systems for detecting the hydration of sensors: A sensor system includes a sensor and a sensor electronics device. The sensor includes a plurality of electrodes. The sensor electronics device includes a connection detection device, a power source, and a delay circuit. The connection detection device determines if the sensor electronics device is connected to the sensor and... Agent:

20110048942 - Adjustable, retractable probe insertion assembly: An adjustable insertion assembly for an electrochemical sensor includes an electrode holder to receive the sensor, having a distal aperture to permit process fluid to contact the sensor. A receptacle slidably receives the holder, for a sliding range of motion extending from fully inserted to fully retracted positions. An open... Agent:

20110048943 - Cathodic materials for use in electrochemical sensors and associated devices and methods of manufacturing the same: A cathodic material for use in an electrochemical sensor comprising: a carbonaceous material and an oxygen reduction catalyst associated with the carbonaceous material; and wherein the cathodic material does not materially exhibit catalytic activity for the oxidation of carbon monoxide. Associated electrochemical sensors may include an anode and cathode that... Agent:

20110048944 - Measuring device for determining nh3: In a device (1) for determining the NH3 content of a gas that is being measured, a first electrochemical gas sensor (2) and a second electrochemical gas sensors (3), which are set up for detection of the content of NO and/or NO2 and/or NOx in the gas that is being... Agent:

20110048945 - Apparatus and method for trapping bead based reagents within microfluidic analysis systems: An on-chip packed reactor bed design is disclosed that allows for an effective exchange of packing materials such as beads at a miniaturized level. Also disclosed is a method of treating a sample within a microfluidic analysis system, comprising; providing a main channel having a trapping zone; providing a slurry... Agent:

20110048946 - Method for finger-printing heparins: Methods to generate a distinctive fingerprint (pattern of migration) for a sample of complex, polydisperse heparins are provided. The methods involve adding resolving agents such as polyamines to a heparin sample and then analyzing the sample with a technique that separates macromolecules according to charge to mass ratio (e.g. capillary... Agent:

20110048947 - Manufacturing of nanopores: The present invention relates to nanopore membranes, methods for manufacturing such nanopore membranes, and uses thereof. In the methods for manufacturing the membranes colloidal lithography is used, which results in production of nanosize pores in a short time and on a large scale. The nanopore membranes have a narrow size... Agent:

20110048948 - Cathodic electrodeposition coatings containing polymethylene urea: Disclosed is cathodic electrodeposition coating comprising at least one binder, at least one crosslinking agent, at least one bismuth compound comprising a basic bismuth nitrate, and a polymethylene urea. In one embodiment, the basic bismuth nitrate compound comprises is a bismuth subnitrate of the empirical formula 4(BiNO3(OH)2) BiO(OH).... Agent:

20110048949 - Dialysis treatment devices for removing urea: Dialysis treatment devices and methods for removing urea from dialysis waste streams are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a dialysis treatment device including a first cell having a first electrodialysis unit, a second cell having at least one of a urease compartment and a sorbent compartment... Agent:

20110048950 - Methods and apparatus for particle introduction and recovery: Particles may be injected into a matrix for concentration by scodaphoresis using a quadrupole injection field. Particles may be injected from two or more sample chambers simultaneously. Particle injection may be performed simultaneously with performing scodaphoresis. In some embodiments the particles are concentrated into a well containing fluid. The well... Agent:

20110048951 - Digital microfluidics based apparatus for heat-exchanging chemical processes: The present invention provides an apparatus and method for performing heat-exchanging reactions on an electro wetting-based micro fluidic device. The apparatus provides one or multiple thermal contacts to an electro wetting-based device, where each thermal contact controls the part of the electro wetting-based device it communicates with to a designed... Agent:

20110048952 - Microfluidic interface: The invention allows for the formation of robust, reproducible, non-permanent connections to microchips. The connections are formed using either indexing arms or multiple fitting holder heads which are capable of forming a compression seal to a port located at any position on the surface of the microchip. The sealing force... Agent:

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