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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/10

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11/25/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100294646 - Photocatalyst, preparation method thereof, photo reactor, and photolysis process: The present invention relates to a photocatalyst comprising a core part containing titanium dioxide, and a doped part formed on surfaces of said core part, containing a ruthenium-based dye and a platinum compound, a preparation method thereof, a photoreactor and a photolysis process. In accordance with the present invention, a... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100294647 - Method and device for plasma reformation of fuel for engine applications: feeding fuel through a line to the inlet of an expansion nozzle; supplying energy from an energy source by way of a hollow waveguide to generate a plasma state in the expansion nozzle; injecting further fuel through nozzles into the arising plasma flame in order to decompose the fuel in... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20100294648 - Magnetically enhanced, inductively coupled plasma source for a focused ion beam system: The present invention provides an inductively coupled, magnetically enhanced ion beam source, suitable to be used in conjunction with probe-forming optics to produce an ion beam without kinetic energy oscillations induced by the source.... Agent: Michael O. Scheinberg

20100294649 - Sputtering film forming method and sputtering film forming apparatus: In a sputtering film forming method of the invention, a magnetron cathode with a magnet arranged on a back surface side of a target is used, a substrate is transported in a first direction on a front surface side of the target, and the magnet is moved in reciprocating motion... Agent: Grossman, Tucker, Perreault & Pfleger, PLLC

20100294650 - Process for producing liquid crystal display device: A process for producing a liquid crystal display device that includes at least a pair of substrates holding a liquid crystal layer therebetween and a pixel electrode superimposed on the liquid crystal layer side of the pair of substrates, the pixel electrode on at least one of the pair of... Agent: Grossman, Tucker, Perreault & Pfleger, PLLC

20100294651 - Process for producing gray tone mask: A method for manufacturing a gray-tone mask that decreases the wavelength dependency with respect to an exposure wavelength under stable and simple film formation conditions. A reactive sputtering method that sputters a pure Cr target in an atmosphere of Ar and NO is used to form a Cr nitride film... Agent: J. Rodman Steele Novak Druce & Quigg LLP

20100294652 - Liquid driver system: A liquid driver system has a flow channel for delivering a liquid, a conductor member placed in the flow channel, and electrodes for applying an electric field to the conductor member and delivers the liquid by application of a driving force to the liquid by electroosmotic flow produced around the... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100294653 - Device for electrochemical water preparation: The invention relates to an electrolysis device for cleaning acidic waters which comprises a cathode, an anode, and an ion exchange membrane, wherein the membrane is arranged between the cathode and the anode and is attached at least along the entire circumference of its rim, wherein many inlets and outlets... Agent: Marshall & Melhorn, LLC

20100294654 - Micro-metal-mold with patterns of grooves, protrusions and through-openings, processes for fabricating the mold, and micro-metal-sheet product made from the mold: The present invention relates to a micro metal mold for manufacturing micro metal sheet products provided with a fine or micro opening(s) or an aperture(s) together with or independently of a groove(s) and/or a protrusion(s), a method for making the mold by the electroforming or electroplating method, a method for... Agent: Dilworth & Barrese, LLP

20100294655 - Radioisotope production o-18 water target having improved cooling performance: A target apparatus for producing a radioisotope having improved cooling performance including a cavity member including a cavity accommodating H218O concentrate and producing 18F through a nuclear reaction between the H218O concentrate and protons irradiated onto the H218O concentrate, wherein the cavity member includes a front aperture and a rear... Agent: Jason Y. Pahng And Associates, LLC

20100294656 - Plasma processing apparatus: A plasma apparatus includes: a chamber which can be evacuated into vacuum; first electrode disposed within the chamber; a magnet mechanism having a magnet provided apart from and above the first electrode; a second electrode provided facing the first electrode; and a magnetic shield member provided in at least one... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100294657 - Polycrystalline mgo sintered body, production method therefor, and mgo sputtering target: Provided is a polycrystal MgO sintered body which is capable of having a sintered density close to a theoretical density thereof, and exhibiting excellent mechanical properties and heat conductivity, while reducing contamination of an atmosphere due to gas generation, and a production method for the sintered body. The polycrystal MgO... Agent: Fleit Gibbons Gutman Bongini & Bianco Pl

20100294658 - Magnetron sputtering device having rotatable substrate holder: A magnetron sputtering device includes a target holder, a substrate holder, and a first driver. The target holder defines a sputtering space therein, and includes at least one target tray arranged at a periphery of the sputtering space. The substrate holder is rotatably positioned in the sputtering space. The first... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100294659 - Label-free molecule detection and measurement: A system and method for electrically detecting a target material in a sample without the need for labeling is described. A probe supporting member (8) defining at least one hole is functionalized with target specific probe material and a change in the hole area on binding of target material is... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLPIPSection

20100294660 - Glucose testing device and strips for same: The present invention provides an electrochemical biosensor. The biosensor includes a substrate; a metal layer disposed on the substrate, wherein a first end of the metal layer is formed with a reaction region by a working electrode and a reference electrode provided on the metal layer, the reaction region is... Agent: Jenny Chen Eastwind Consultants Company Limited

20100294661 - Oxygen sensor improvement method: A method for improving the performance of a galvanic fuel cell type oxygen sensor comprises providing a pressure equalization port leading to the interior of an inner core housing that contains the membrane, the electrolyte and the anode and cathode electrodes and hermetically sealing the sensor housing except for its... Agent: Thomas J. Nikolai, Esq. Nikolai & Mersereau, P.A.

20100294662 - Fast response electrochemical organophosphate sensor: Working electrodes, electrochemical sensors including a working electrode, and methods for manufacturing the same are disclosed. An example working electrode for an organophosphate sensor may include a titanium based porous layer that has a Three-Dimensionally Ordered Macro-Porous (3DOM) structure. The porous layer may be able to detect an organophosphate material... Agent: Honeywell/cst Patent Services

20100294663 - Methods and devices for isotachophoresis applications: The invention relates to an operation mode of electrophoresis, which separates and/or fractionates particles of differentiated electrophoretic mobility. More specifically, the invention relates to isotachophoresis (ITP), including free-flow and capillary isotachophoresis, and provides novel electrophoresis methods, as well as kits and devices for carrying out such methods.... Agent: David W. Highet, Vp & ChiefIPCounsel Becton, Dickinson And Company

20100294664 - Assay for als and als-like disorders: The invention relates to an assay for discriminating between amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients and patients with ALS-like disorders that express symptoms like ALS. The method is based on the use of 2-dimensional (2D) gel electrophoresis to separate the complex mixture of proteins found in blood serum, the quantitation of... Agent: Ira L. Goldknopf

20100294665 - Method and system for transferring and/or concentrating a sample: A system for transferring and/or concentrating a sample is provided. The system includes a chamber with a membrane brave positioned within the chamber. An electrode assembly is configured to create an electric field across the membrane to move a charged sample through the chamber such that the sample collects and... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100294666 - Integrated spin systems for the separation and recovery of isotopes: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a system and methods for the recovery of isotopes. In at least one exemplary method of the present disclosure at least one gas comprising a plurality of isotopes is provided. An electric field is generated in a radial direction to at least partially... Agent: Novak Druce Deluca + Quigg LLP

11/18/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100288625 - Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method: A film deposition apparatus that deposits a compound thin film on a front surface of a substrate held in a sputter deposition chamber by reactive sputtering, in which the sputter deposition chamber includes a first film quality adjustment gas introduction device that introduces a film quality adjustment gas to a... Agent: Grossman, Tucker, Perreault & Pfleger, PLLC

20100288626 - Electrolysis device for preparation of hypochlorous water: An electrolysis device for preparation of hypochlorous water is provided, comprising an electrolytic cell, and cathodic and anodic electrolytic sheets arranged in the electrolytic cell, wherein the electrolytic cell is separated to form an inner tank for containing hydrochloric acid and an outer tank for circulating tap water, a central... Agent: John Alexander Galbreath

20100288627 - Atomizing apparatus: An atomizing apparatus (10) includes a housing (12), and a tank (40) accumulates tap water inside the housing. By electrolyzing the tap water by the electrolysis electrodes (120p, 120m), the water in the tank becomes electrolyzed water. At the first operation after a shortage of water state in the tank... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20100288628 - Cyclooctatetraene-based cathode for electrochemical cells: A new invention in cathode composition, arrangement, and design for primary and secondary batteries that offers high power, high capacity, and high specific energy is proposed herein. The claimed technology described herein incorporates materials into the cathode that results in a cathode which may accept two electrons per active site.... Agent: Fenningham, Stevens & Dempster, LLP Suite 315

20100288629 - Proton exchange membrane (pem) electrochemical cell having an integral, electrically-conductive, resiliently compressible, porous pad: Electrochemical cell comprises, in one embodiment, a proton exchange membrane (PEM), an anode positioned along one face of the PEM, and a cathode positioned along the other face of the PEM. An electrically-conductive, compressible, spring-like, porous pad for defining a fluid cavity is placed in contact with the outer face... Agent: Kriegsman & Kriegsman

20100288630 - Physical vapor deposition device: A physical vapor deposition device includes a chamber; a cathode and an opposite anode, a target material, and supporting device arranged in the chamber. The target material and the supporting device are positioned between the cathode and the anode. The supporting device includes a rotatable device and a hollow supporting... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100288631 - Ceramic sputtering target assembly and a method for producing the same: A method for producing a ceramic sputtering target assembly has steps of providing a backing plate and forming a solder layer on a surface of the backing plate; providing a ceramic target and forming an interface layer on a surface of the ceramic target; annealing the ceramic target with the... Agent:

20100288632 - Analyte monitoring device and methods of use: An analyte monitor includes a sensor, a sensor control unit, and a display unit. The sensor has, for example, a substrate, a recessed channel formed in the substrate, and conductive material disposed in the recessed channel to form a working electrode. The sensor control unit typically has a housing adapted... Agent: Jackson & Co., LLP

20100288633 - Electrodes with multilayer membranes and methods of using and making the electrodes: A sensor including a sensing layer is disposed over an electrode or an optode and a layer-by-layer assembled mass transport limiting membrane disposed over the sensing layer. The membrane includes at least one layer of a polyanionic or polycationic material. The assembled layers of the membrane are typically disposed in... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20100288634 - Transition metal complexes with bidentate ligand having an imidazole ring: Novel transition metal complexes of iron, cobalt, ruthenium, osmium, and vanadium are described. The transition metal complexes can be used as redox mediators in enzyme based electrochemical sensors. In such instances, transition metal complexes accept electrons from, or transfer electrons to, enzymes at a high rate and also exchange electrons... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20100288635 - Flexible deformation sensor: Disclosed is a low-cost deformation sensor which is light-weighted and flexible. The deformation sensor stably operates with high responsivity in the air. Specifically disclosed is a deformation sensor (6) which is a sheet composed of a nonaqueous polymer solid electrolyte (10) and at least a pair of electrodes (7, 8)... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100288636 - Laminated gas sensor and method of producing the same: A laminated gas sensor for exhaust gases improving thermal shock resistance, durability and reliability without permitting characteristics of the exhaust gas sensor to be particularly lowered is provided. A laminated gas sensor comprising a solid electrolyte layer (4) formed on one surface of a substrate (1) holding a lower electrode... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100288637 - Gas sensor and manufacturing method thereof: A gas sensor and manufacturing method thereof. The gas sensor includes a substrate, a pair of electrodes disposed on the substrate, and a gas sensing thin film covering the electrodes, the gas sensing thin film is made up of carbon nanotubes and tin oxide.... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20100288638 - Separation of biomolecules: A method and apparatus for performing separation of molecules, in particular biomolecules such as nucleic acids and peptides, are disclosed. The method comprises separating molecules by a first characteristic along a linear dimension of a channel, and separating the molecules by a second characteristic along the same linear dimension, with... Agent: Lando & Anastasi, LLP

20100288639 - Process for the manufacture of electrophoretic displays: This invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a multi-color electrophoretic display involving adding colorant solutions or dispersions of different colors and charged pigment particles in separate steps. The process comprises a first step of pattern-wise filling colorant solutions or dispersions into microcups in predetermined areas, followed by... Agent: Howrey LLP

20100288640 - Continuous processing reactors and methods of using same: A system having a reactor for continuous processing of fluid is provided herein. The reactor, in general, includes an outer vessel to accommodate fluids to be processed or used in connection therewith, an inner vessel situated within the outer vessel to serve as an energy exchange surface, and an annular... Agent: Greenberg Traurig, LLP

20100288641 - Electrophoresis capillaries having reduced amounts of -oh: A silica substrate for subjecting a sample to electrophoresis has an —OH concentration of less than 100 parts per million.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation C/o Intellevate

20100288642 - Capillary array: A capillary array includes a light detection portion, a sample supply portion, a buffer solution supply portion and a voltage application portion which are necessary functions for electrophoresis, thereby, when assembling the capillary array into an electrophoresis apparatus, the same can be immediately used. Accordingly, a capillary array is provided... Agent: Dickstein Shapiro LLP

11/11/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100282594 - Method and device for cleaning a hot air stream: A method is provided for cleaning a hot air stream, wherein the air stream is conducted through a cooling device and then through a filter device, which includes at least one plasma production device for removing gaseous organic carbon compounds. The cooling device cools the hot air stream to temperatures... Agent: Wrb-ip LLP

20100282595 - Treatment of fly ash from coal combustion to improve its marketability: A system and method for treating unmarketable fly ash and improve its properties as an additive for concrete is disclosed. The method includes the steps of providing a gas stream containing ionized air (34), and an amount of fly ash (10) containing carbon having an adsorption capacity. The fly ash... Agent: Marsh, Fischmann & Breyfogle LLP

20100282596 - Methods and systems for removing a material from a sample: The present method relates to processes for the removal of a material from a sample by a gas chemical reaction activated by a charged particle beam. The method is a multiple step process wherein in a first step a gas is supplied which, when a chemical reaction between the gas... Agent: Fish & Richardson PC

20100282597 - Method for controlling plasma density distribution in plasma chamber: A method for controlling plasma density distribution in a plasma chamber in order to control a critical dimension (CD) and obtain uniformity of an etching rate. The plasma density distribution control method is used to fabricate a semiconductor device in the plasma chamber and comprises the steps of establishing an... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100282598 - Method for controlling a reactive-high-power pulsed magnetron sputter process and corresponding device: The invention relates to the control of a reactive high-power pulsed sputter process. The invention particularly relates to a method for controlling a process of the aforementioned kind, wherein a controlled variable is measured and an adjustable variable is modified based on the measured controlled variable in order to adjust... Agent: Marshall & Melhorn, LLC

20100282600 - Hydrogen generator designed for use with gas and diesel engines: The invention is a unit that produces Hydrogen Gas (Browns Gas (HHO)) that can be used as an assist to diesel and gas engines. The gas is produced from distilled water, using our stainless steel plate design. The patent should apply to the internal plate placement and design. The internal... Agent: James D. Dees Applied Hydrogen Technologies, Inc.

20100282599 - Method for manufacturing of hydrogen generating apparatus and hydrogen generating apparatus using the same: A method of manufacturing a hydrogen generating apparatus and a hydrogen generating apparatus manufactured using this method are disclosed. The method includes: inserting an elastic member inside a reactor, which has one side open; inserting an electrode, to which a wire is connected, and an aqueous electrolyte solution inside the... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100282601 - Photoelectrochemical cell and energy system using the same: A photoelectrochemical cell (100) includes: a semiconductor electrode (120) including a conductor (121) and an n-type semiconductor layer (122); a counter electrode (130) connected electrically to the conductor (121); an electrolyte (140) in contact with the surfaces of the n-type semiconductor layer (122) and the counter electrode (130); and a... Agent: Hamre, Schumann, Mueller & Larson P.C.

20100282602 - Electrode materials: An inert anode material for use in electrolytic processes comprises calcium ruthenate. [Note that the nominal formula for this compound is CaRuO3, although different stoichiometries may apply in practice].... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20100282603 - Heated substrate support for chemical vapor deposition: A method and apparatus for making a heated substrate support assembly used in a processing chamber is provided. The processing chamber includes a substrate support assembly, having a first plate and a second plate with grooves disposed therein for receiving one or more heating elements, and a power source for... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, LLP - - Appm/tx

20100282604 - Lanthanoid-containing oxide target: m

20100282605 - Apparatus for detecting nano particle having nano-gap electrode: The present invention relates to a nanoparticle sensor which is capable to identify an existence/nonexistence, a concentration, a size distribution and a component of the nanoparticles using an electrode pair having a separated distance of a nano-gap, in which the nanoparticle sensor includes a unit element configured with a plurality... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20100282606 - Electrochemical measurement system for the trace heavy metals in organic waste water: Disclosed herein is an electrochemical measurement system for analyzing heavy metals in organic compound-containing samples, comprising: a lower plate; a flow channel plate; an upper plate; an organic compound-decomposing electrode and a heavy metal analysis electrode; and a flow changeover portion. The disclosed system can continuously perform a pretreatment process... Agent: Hyun Jong Park Park & Associates Intellectual Property Law LLC

20100282608 - Droplet actuator with improved top substrate: The invention provides a droplet actuator comprising a base substrate and a top substrate separated to form a gap, wherein: (a) the base substrate comprises electrodes configured for conducting droplet operations in the gap; and (b) the top substrate comprises a first portion coupled to second portion, where the second... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc. C/o Ward And Smith, P.A.

20100282607 - Hemoglobin determination method: e

20100282609 - Reagent storage and reconstitution for a droplet actuator: On-board reagent storage, handling, and dispensing apparatuses and methods for droplet actuator systems are provided. In one embodiment, a fluidic analyzer is provided and includes a droplet actuator including a substrate including a plurality of electrodes configured to actuate a droplet and a reagent storage component in selective fluid communication... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc. C/o Ward And Smith, P.A.

20100282610 - Method for sample application: The present invention relates to a method for sample application and separation. More closely, the invention relates to convenient direct loading of a biomolecule sample via magnetic beads to, for example, a gel before electrophoresis. In this way, the invention combines elution and application steps with minimal losses of sample.... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Corp. Patent Department

20100282611 - Apparatus for separating cell using centrifugal force and dielectrophoresis: A cell separating apparatus that can easily separate target cells contained in a fluid is provided. Target cells and a fluid are injected through a storage hole, and ejected to the outside of a rotation disk under the influence of a centrifugal force of the rotation disk. An electric field... Agent: Osha Liang L.L.P.

11/04/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100276273 - Method and apparatus for controlling ion energy distribution: Systems, methods and apparatus for regulating ion energies in a plasma chamber are disclosed. An exemplary system includes an ion-energy control portion, and the ion-energy control portion provides at least one ion-energy control signal responsive to at least one ion-energy setting that is indicative of a desired distribution of energies... Agent: Neugeboren O'dowd PC

20100276272 - Method for fabricating a high coercivity hard bias structure for magnetoresistive sensor: A hard bias (HB) structure for longitudinally biasing a free layer in a MR sensor is disclosed that includes a mildly etched seed layer and a hard bias (HB) layer on the etched seed layer. The HB layer may contain one or more HB sub-layers stacked on a lower sub-layer... Agent: Saile Ackerman LLC

20100276274 - Heat treatable coated article with zinc oxide inclusive contact layer(s): A coated article is provided so as to have a fairly high visible transmission (TY or Tvis) to sheet resistance (Rs) ratio (i.e., a ratio Tvis/Rs). The higher this ratio, the better the coated article's combined functionality of providing for both good solar performance (e.g., ability to reflect and/or absorb... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100276275 - Method of generating fine metal particles, method of manufacturing metal-containing paste, and method of forming thin metal film interconnection: There is provided a method or the like which safely generates fine metal particles at a low cost without using a chlorine gas. Fine copper particles (101a, 101b) are generated by placing a copper target (2) in a chamber (6) of a sputtering apparatus, generating a plasma (100) in the... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100276276 - Thin film mainly comprising titanium oxide, sintered sputtering target suitable for producing thin film mainly comprising titanium oxide, and method of producing thin film mainly comprising titanium oxide: Provided is a thin film mainly comprising titanium oxide, wherein the thin film comprises components of Ti, Ag and O and contains 29.6 at % or more and 34.0 at % or less of Ti, 0.003 at % or more and 7.4 at % or less of Ag, and oxygen... Agent: Howson & Howson LLP

20100276277 - Electrochemical liquid cell apparatus: An electrochemical cell apparatus is disclosed where the cell has a chamber for containing an electrolyte. The chamber is situated between a bottom and a top substrate. One or more bottom windows are in the bottom substrate and one or more top windows are in the top substrate. Each window... Agent: Louis J. Percello IBM Corporation, Intellectual Property Law Dept.

20100276278 - Modular electrolysis device: Disclosed is a modular apparatus for the electrical decomposition of water. It includes a number of modular electrolysis cells contained in a main housing unit that may further contain a refill mechanism and safety devices.... Agent: Dykas, Shaver & Nipper, LLP

20100276279 - Electrolytic hydrogen generating system: A hydrogen generating system includes a housing defining an interior chamber, an electrolyte solution contained within the interior chamber of the housing, and an electrode plate assembly disposed in the interior chamber of the housing and at least in part submerged in the electrolyte solution. The electrode plate assembly comprises... Agent: Patent Docket Department Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20100276280 - Hollow electrode with film for electrodeposition coating: In order to solve various problems such as a reduction in a paint resin with the progress of electrodeposition coating treatment and remelting of a coating film or the occurrence of pinholes caused by an increased concentration of an electrolyte as a result of the reduction, upsizing of a hollow... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100276281 - Anode structure for copper electrowinning: An electrode for use in producing copper in either a conventional electrowinning cell or the direct electrowinning cell is provided. The electrode includes a hanger bar and an electrode body coupled with the hanger bar. The electrode body includes at least one conductor rod having a core and an outer... Agent: Snell & Wilmer LLP (freeport)

20100276282 - Manufacturing apparatus and method for large-scale production of thin-film solar cells: A method of manufacturing improved thin-film solar cells entirely by sputtering includes a high efficiency back contact/reflecting multi-layer containing at least one barrier layer consisting of a transition metal nitride. A copper indium gallium diselenide (Cu(InXGa1-X)Se2) absorber layer (X ranging from 1 to approximately 0.7) is co-sputtered from specially prepared... Agent: The Marbury Law Group, PLLC

20100276283 - Vacuum coating unit for homogeneous pvd coating: The apparatus includes a coating chamber, two or more cathodes which are arranged peripherally within the coating chamber, substrate carriers for holding the substrate, vacuum pumps and voltage sources wherein an individual anode is arranged centrally between the cathodes in the coating chamber and the substrate is positioned between the... Agent: Propat, L.L.C.

20100276285 - Analysis tool and manufacturing method thereof: This aims to provide an analyzing tool including a substrate, a first electrode formed on the substrate and having an action pole, a second electrode formed on the substrate and having an opposed pole, and a first regulating element for regulating such a contact area in the action pole as... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20100276284 - Sensor for detecting nitrosothiols: A device for detecting nitrosothiol content in a solution includes at least two electrodes disposed in a housing, wherein one of the at least two electrodes is a working electrode having a platinized tip and the other of the at least two electrodes is a counter electrode. A filter membrane... Agent: Julia Church Dierker Dierker & Associates, P.C.

20100276286 - Analyzer: The present invention relates to an analyzing device to be used by inserting an analytical instrument 2 comprising a plurality of terminal portions 25A to 28A therein, the device including a plurality of terminals 42 and 43 having a shape of a flat spring to be in contact with the... Agent: Rader Fishman & Grauer PLLC

20100276287 - Multi-gas microsensor assembly: A multi-gas microsensor assembly for simultaneously detecting carbon dioxide and oxygen in real time. According to one embodiment, the assembly comprises a non-conductive, solid substrate. A plurality of sensing electrodes, a single reference electrode, and a single counter electrode are positioned on one side of the non-conductive, solid substrate. In... Agent: Kriegsman & Kriegsman

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