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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy September class, title,number 09/10

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09/30/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100243426 - Method for decomposing carbon-containing compound, method for producing carbon nano/microstructure, and method for producing carbon thin film: There is provided a method for decomposing a carbon-containing compound including: changing the condition of the carbon-containing compound into a subcritical fluid, a critical fluid or a supercritical fluid state; irradiating the carbon-containing compound with light to decompose, wherein the carbon-containing compound is an organic compound. According to an aspect... Agent: Mots Law, PLLC

20100243427 - Fabrication of low defectivity electrochromic devices: Prior electrochromic devices frequently suffer from high levels of defectivity. The defects may be manifest as pin holes or spots where the electrochromic transition is impaired. This is unacceptable for many applications such as electrochromic architectural glass. Improved electrochromic devices with low defectivity can be fabricated by depositing certain layered... Agent: Weaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson LLP

20100243428 - Rotary cathode for magnetron sputtering apparatus: A rotary cathode for a magnetron sputtering apparatus is disclosed. The rotary cathode comprises a rotatable target cylinder, and a non-rotatable interior structure in the target cylinder. The interior structure has an outer surface and an inner passageway. An outer passageway is defined between an inner surface of the target... Agent: Fogg & Powers LLC

20100243429 - Method of manufacturing implant and method of manufacturing artificial dental root: A method for producing an implant whose surface is roughened by the sandblast method using shot material containing fluoroapatite. Fluoroapatite, compared to hydroxyapatite, has poor biocompatibility, but is superior in hardness. It also has a property of being dissolved in acid. As a result, by the sandblast method using shot... Agent: Osha Liang L.L.P.

20100243430 - Apparatus and method for magnetic field assisted electrochemical discharge machining: In an apparatus and method for magnetic field assisted electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM), the magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) effect is utilized to improve the thickness of bubble film and the electrolyte circulation so as to enhance the machining accuracy and efficiency. Since charged ions in a magnetic field are induced by... Agent: Hudak, Shunk & Farine, Co., L.p.a.

20100243431 - Ion radiation damage prediction method, ion radiation damage simulator, ion radiation apparatus and ion radiation method: An ion radiation damage prediction method includes a parameter computation step of computing the collision position and the incidence angle of an incident ion hitting a fabricated object by considering a transport path of the ion and by adopting the Monte Carlo method which takes distributions of flux quantities, incidence... Agent: Rader Fishman & Grauer PLLC

20100243432 - Humidifier: Provided is a humidifier (1) capable of enhancing microbicidal and antimicrobial effects of a vaporizing part therein. The humidifier (1) comprises: a humidifying filter (500) for vaporizing water; and a light irradiating part (700) for irradiating with light the vaporizing part (500) having applied thereto the water to be vaporized,... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100243433 - Electrical isolation of vehicle body carriers: A technique for electrically isolating a vehicle body carrier from a vehicle body during an electrodeposition coating process, and a vehicle body carrier that has been so electrically isolated. Points of potential charge transfer to the vehicle body carrier are preferably isolated. Electric current is routed to a vehicle body... Agent: Standley Law Group LLP

20100243434 - Electrochemical gas generator and cell assembly: Small, autonomous, low cost electrochemical gas generators containing an electrochemical cell assembly, a commercially available battery and a current controlling mechanism. Current control, which defines the gas generation rate, is achieved either electronically by means of a resistor or through mass transfer control by means of a gas permeable film... Agent: Frank G Morkunas

20100243435 - Sputtering target for magnetic recording film and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a sputtering target for a magnetic recording film, in which film formation efficiency and film characteristics can be improved by suppressing growth of crystal grains, reducing magnetic permeability, and increasing density. A method for manufacturing such a sputtering target is also provided. The sputtering target is composed of... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20100243436 - Sputtering device with gas injection assembly: A sputtering device includes a chamber; and a substrate transferring unit for loading a substrate into, or unloading the substrate from the chamber, the substrate transferring unit including a gas injection assembly forming a gas cushion between the substrate and an upper surface of the substrate transferring unit.... Agent: Mckenna Long & Aldridge LLP

20100243437 - Research-scale, cadmium telluride (cdte) device development platform: An apparatus for dry deposition of thin films of cadmium telluride and other material layers required for a photovoltaic device. The apparatus includes a vacuum deposition chamber. A preheat station and source container are provided in the chamber, and the source container and material therein are heated to a deposition... Agent: Paul J White, Assoc. General Counsel National Renewable Energy Laboratory (nrel)

20100243438 - Sputtering apparatus: A sputtering apparatus includes a target holder which is placed in a vacuum vessel and can hold a target configured to deposit a film on a substrate, a substrate holder which can mount the substrate, a first shield member which is disposed in a vicinity of the substrate holder, and... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100243439 - Sputtering target and method for preparation thereof: A sputtering target prepared by the butt joining of metal sheets being made of the same material, wherein an intermetallic compound in a joined portion has an average particle diameter of 60% to 130% of the average particle diameter of the intermetallic compound in a non-joined portion is provided. In... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100243440 - Mechanism for continuously varying radial position of a magnetron: A continuously variable multi-position magnetron that is rotated about a central axis in back of a sputtering target at a freely selected radius. The position is dynamically controlled from the outside, for example, through a hydraulic actuator connected between a pivoting arm supporting the magnetron and an arm fixed to... Agent: Law Offices Of Charles Guenzer Attn: Applied Materials, Inc.

20100243441 - Biosensor with predetermined dose response curve and method of manufacturing: The present invention provides a system of biosensors whose dose-response curves are maintained within a predetermined and desired range or tolerance during production by selecting a feature of the biosensors that can be varied during production. For example, in one exemplary embodiment the effective area of the working electrode of... Agent: Bose Mckinney & Evans LLP

20100243442 - Electrochemical sensing test piece without hemocyte interference: The present invention provides an electrochemical sensing test piece without hemocyte interference, including a main body, electrode unit, reaction tank and chemical reaction zone. The detection zone of the electrode unit corresponds to the inserting end of the main body, and the reaction zone of the electrode unit corresponds to... Agent: Egbert Law Offices

20100243443 - Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method: The so-constructed biosensor can be formed by a simple method, and a biosensor which is excellent in a measuring accuracy as well as a biosensor in which a reagent layer is placed uniformly on the electrodes regardless of a reagent liquid composition, and which has a uniform performance can be... Agent: Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP

20100243444 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor includes a gas sensor element. The gas sensor element includes a first detection chamber; a first oxygen pumping cell including a first solid electrolyte body and a pair of first electrodes; a second detection chamber; a second oxygen pumping cell including a second solid electrolyte body and... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100243445 - Method of manufacturing gas sensor, gas sensor, and laminated structure thereof: A method of manufacturing a gas sensor includes a step of printing a measuring electrode pattern on a ceramic green sheet for forming a measuring electrode, and a step of printing an electrode protection layer pattern on the measuring electrode pattern. The step of forming the protection layer pattern is... Agent: Burr & Brown

20100243446 - Gas concentration detecting system and gas sensing device having the system: A gas concentration detecting system has a first cell generating electric current at first oxygen sensitivity, a second cell generating current at second oxygen sensitivity and a reference cell generating current at reference oxygen sensitivity. The cells have the same structure except that the second cell has a catalyst layer... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100243447 - Pumping electrode of gas sensor, method of manufacturing conductive paste, and gas sensor: A gas sensor including a pump electrode and a method for manufacturing a conductive paste for forming the pump electrode. When the pump electrode constituting an electrochemical pump cell for adjusting an oxygen partial pressure inside a gas sensor to measure a concentration of a gas component in a measurement... Agent: Burr & Brown

20100243449 - Devices and methods for analyzing biomolecules and probes bound thereto: Devices and methods for sequencing biomolecules include improving signal-to-noise ratio of detection of relative positions of probes hybridized to a biomolecule by coating at least a portion of the biomolecule with a protein prior to its translocation through a structure defining a nanopore, microchannel or nanochannel.... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Patent Administrator

20100243448 - Direct optical interrogation of agents in micro-fluidic channels utilizing whispering gallery resonator approach: A whispering gallery mode resonator based optical sensor assembly comprises a flow channel permeable to optical energy and first and second optical waveguides adjacent to a section of the flow channel and adapted to be in first and second evanescent field couplings respectively with the section such that the section... Agent: HowardIPLaw Group

20100243450 - Non-equilibrium capillary electrophoresis of equilibrium mixtures (neceem)-based methods for drug and diagnostic development: The invention discloses a Non-Equilibrium Capillary Electrophoresis of Equilibrium Mixtures (NECEEM) method and NECEEM-based practical applications. The NECEEM method is a homogeneous technique, which, in contrast to heterogeneous methods, does not require affixing molecules to a solid substrate. The method of the invention facilitates 3 practical applications. In the first... Agent: Bereskin And Parr LLP/s.e.n.c.r.l., S.r.l.

20100243451 - Pcr methods for characterizing the 5' untranslated region of the fmr1 and fmr2 genes: This disclosure relates to methods of determining the presence and position of AGG or interruptor elements within a trinucleotide (for example, CGG) repeat region, and to methods of determining the number of repeats present in this region, by amplifying a set of products with a set of primers of which... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20100243452 - Isoelectric focusing tray and electrode assembly for alternate gel strip orientations: The procedures involved in isoelectric focusing that entail the use of an electric current can be performed with the gel side of the IPG strip facing either up or down in a tray and electrode assembly in which the electrodes are mounted on an insert from which the inner ends... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20100243453 - Use of an electrophoretic gel provided with a non-adherent polymer film: This invention relates to electrophoresis, in particular pre-cast mini gels with a low fluorescent polymer backing that is not adherent to the gel. Use of this type of small gel simplifies blotting procedures, such as Southern and Western blotting, after electrophoresis.... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Corp. Patent Department

20100243454 - Process for treating exhaust gas generated during water-granulation of slag and system for said treatment: The present invention provides a process for treating a exhaust gas which is generated when slag discharged from a smelting furnace for non-ferrous metal is water-granulated. There is provided a process for treating an exhaust gas, which is generated during water granulation of slag discharged from a smelting furnace for... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

09/23/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100236917 - Plasma generating apparatus and plasma generating method: An impedance matching device is provided with a basic element having variable characteristic parameters for impedance matching, and an auxiliary element having variable characteristic parameters. At the time of generating plasma by using the impedance matching device, the characteristic parameters of the basic element of each antenna element are fixed,... Agent: Whitham, Curtis & Christofferson & Cook, P.C.

20100236918 - Film forming apparatus and film forming method: A film formation apparatus and film formation method that improve film thickness uniformity. A rotation mechanism holds a target having a sputtered surface in a state inclined relative to a surface of a substrate. The rotation mechanism rotatably supports the target about an axis extending along a normal of the... Agent: Patterson Thuente Christensen Pedersen, P.A.

20100236919 - High-power pulsed magnetron sputtering process as well as a high-power electrical energy source: The invention relates to a high-power pulsed magnetron sputtering process (1), wherein within a process chamber (2) by means of an electrical energy source (3) a sequence of complex discharge pulses (4) is produced by applying an electrical voltage (V) between an anode (5) and a cathode (6) in order... Agent: Robert S. Green

20100236920 - Deposition apparatus with high temperature rotatable target and method of operating thereof: A deposition apparatus and a method for sputtering material on a substrate is provided with a substrate holder for holding the substrate, a rotatable target adapted for being sputtered, and a heating system including a back side heating for heating the substrate from the back and a front side heating... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, L.L.P.

20100236921 - Combustion gas generation device and on-vehicle combustion gas generation device using electrolysis: A large amount of a gas mixture of hydrogen and oxygen can be effectively generated over a long time. A positive electrode and a negative electrode are immersed in an electrolytic cell filled with an electrolytic solution, and a DC or AC voltage is applied across the two electrodes. A... Agent: Smyrski Law Group, A Professional Corporation

20100236922 - Separator for chlor-alkali electrolytic cells and method for its manufacturing: The invention relates to a synthetic diaphragm for chlor-alkali cells with improved energy consumption and gas separation characteristics. The diaphragm comprises a network of polymer fibres bound to a hydrophilic ceramic material containing zirconium chemically bound to hydroxyl groups. The ceramic material is obtained starting from ZrO2 by a process... Agent: Eschweiler & Associates, LLC National City Bank Building

20100236923 - Membrane system with sufficient buffering capacity: Electrochemical sensors for measurement of an analyte comprising an analyte sensing membrane comprising at least one salt of acetate ion, carbonate ion, bicarbonate ion, or mixtures thereof. Sensor testing methods comprising contacting an electrochemical sensor with an aqueous solution comprising at least one salt of acetate ion, carbonate ion, bicarbonate... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20100236924 - Liquid electrolyte composition and its use in gas sensors: A liquid electrolyte composition obtainable by combining a first component comprising bistrifluoromethanesulfonimide and/or an analogue thereof with a second component comprising a dialkyl sulfone, diaryl sulfone, alkyl aryl sulfone, alkyl acyl sulfone, boric acid, alkyl boronic acid, aryl boronic acid, dialkyl phosphite, trialkyl phosphite, dialkyl phosphate, trialkyl phosphate, alkylene carbonate,... Agent: Honeywell/husch Patent Services

20100236925 - Ceramic structure and gas sensor including the ceramic structure: A gas sensor includes a ceramic structural member. The ceramic structural member includes a base body formed of an insulating material; and a porous ceramic layer formed integrally with the base body. The ceramic layer is formed of an admixture obtained by mixing a plurality of ceramic materials with each... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20100236927 - Droplet actuator structures: A droplet actuator comprising a substrate comprising an electrode coupled to a voltage source, wherein the droplet actuator is configured such that when voltage is applied to the electrode, an electrostatic energy gradient is established at a surface of the substrate which causes a droplet to be transported in a... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc. C/o Ward And Smith, P.A.

20100236929 - Droplet actuators, systems and methods: A droplet actuator with arrays of electrodes electrically coupled to a number of controllable voltage sources that is less than the number of electrodes. A method of defining partitions for pin layouts in a droplet actuator for a specific assay, the method including: defining droplet traces for the assay; and... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc. C/o Ward And Smith, P.A.

20100236928 - Multiplexed detection schemes for a droplet actuator: A droplet actualor having electrodes configured for ejecting droplet operations transporting droplets on a surface, and a sensor arranged in proximity to one or more of the electrodes establishing a detection window on the surface for detection of one or more properties of one or more droplets on the surface,... Agent: Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc. C/o Ward And Smith, P.A.

20100236926 - Test chip with plug for measuring the concentration of an analyte in a liquid, housing for test chip and socket for plug: Measurement device (10) for taking a liquid sample, comprising: a measurement portion (15) with a measurement surface (20), for being in use contacted with the liquid surface and a plug portion (40) having a plurality of electrical contacts (50), wherein the plug portion (40) is mountable to a socket (110)... Agent: Dann, Dorfman, Herrell & Skillman

20100236930 - Electrowetting dispensing devices and related methods: A method for dispensing liquid for use in biological analysis may comprise positioning liquid to be dispensed via electrowetting. The positioning may comprise aligning the liquid with a plurality of predetermined locations. The method may further comprise dispensing the aligned liquid from the plurality of predetermined locations through a plurality... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation C/o Intellevate

20100236931 - Improvements in/or relating to a method of treating sludges: The invention comprises a method of treating sludges which includes the steps of applying an electric field to the sludge to effect dewatering prior to further dewatering of the sludge. Typically the sludge comprises dilute phase sludge, and the electric field is a DC electric field. The pH of the... Agent: Kevin J. Mcneely, Esq.

20100236932 - Electrophoresis gel and method of making same: An electrophoresis gel has a colored or pigmented loading area at one edge having a plurality of sample wells for receiving samples, the loading area extending beyond the ends of the wells so that the wells can be visually differentiated from the surrounding colored material in the loading area. The... Agent: Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

20100236933 - Electroosmotic dehydrator: The present invention relates to an electroosmotic dehydrator, and more specifically to an electroosmotic dehydrator having a structure of improving durability and electrical conductivity of a drum that is a core part of the electroosmotic dehydrator, making it possbile to secure stable dehydrating work, extend use lifetime, and reduce power... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

09/16/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100230270 - Microwave-based conveying devices and processing of carbonaceous materials: Disclosed are methods for microwave-based recovery of hydrocarbons and other carbonaceous materials from solid carbon-containing compositions such as tires. Also disclosed are associated apparatuses.... Agent: Woodcock Washburn LLP

20100230271 - Devices and methods for performing microwave assisted chemical synthesis: Devices and methods for performing microwave-assisted chemical synthesis including heterogeneous starting materials, comprising a reaction vessel (9), a microwave source (3) for generating microwave electromagnetic radiation, means for transporting microwave electromagnetic radiation (5) to said reaction vessel (9), at least one liquid reservoir (45) containing a liquid component, means for... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100230272 - Method and apparatus for using hydrogen: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for using hydrogen. The method is characterised in that water from a sea water or other source if first preheated using solar energy and next subjected to a heating step in order to obtain steam which is transformed into water plasma at... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100230273 - Film forming apparatus and film forming method: A film forming apparatus and a film forming method includes: a vacuum chamber; a holder for a film formation object, the holder being rotatably provided in the vacuum chamber; and a sputter source capable of holding a plurality of targets, the sputter source being spinnably provided so that the opposed... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20100230274 - Minimizing magnetron substrate interaction in large area sputter coating equipment: A method and apparatus for performing physical vapor deposition on a large-area substrate is provided. One or more sputtering targets are disposed in a chamber, with each sputtering target comprising a magnet assembly. Each magnet assembly may comprise a plurality of magnet units aligned such that the magnetic polarity of... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, LLP - - Appm/tx

20100230275 - Method and arrangement for redundant anode sputtering having a dual anode arrangement: In a method in which two anodes are operated alternately opposite each other as plasma discharge anodes and as cathodes for self-cleaning, and the cathodes of the plasma discharge are recurrently briefly reversed in polarity, and an arrangement comprising a cathode and a first and a second anode supplied with... Agent: Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti PC

20100230276 - Device and method for thin film deposition using a vacuum arc in an enclosed cathode-anode assembly: A vacuum-arc device including: a consumable cathode including a first material having a defined active surface, a refractory anode including a second material, an inter-electrode volume, bounded partially by at least a portion of an inner wall of the cathode and by at least a portion of an inner wall... Agent: Dr. Mark M. Friedman C/o Bill Polkinghorn - Discovery Dispatch

20100230277 - Capacitive deionization cell with balanced electrodes: A capacitive deionization cell comprising a first electrode, an anion membrane adjacent said first electrode forming an anion membrane-electrode conjugate, a cation membrane in spacial relation with said anion membrane defining a fluid flow path between said anion membrane and said cation membrane, and a second electrode adjacent said cation... Agent: Gore Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

20100230278 - Water electrolysis system: A water electrolysis system has a water electrolysis apparatus for electrolyzing pure water, thereby producing hydrogen, a water storage apparatus for separating between oxygen and residual water discharged from the water electrolysis apparatus, thereby storing the water, a water circulation apparatus for circulating the water stored in the water storage... Agent: Lahive & Cockfield, LLP Floor 30, Suite 3000

20100230279 - Fluoride ion selective electrode: A fluoride monitoring electrode comprises a single crystal of a lanthanum series fluoride doped with alkaline earth ions. The sample pre-treatment solution used in conjunction with the electrode includes a buffer that maintains a pH of 5 to 8 and a complexing agent that complexes iron and aluminum.... Agent: Cesari And Mckenna, LLP

20100230280 - Self-ionized sputtering apparatus: There is provided a low-cost self-sputtering apparatus which is so arranged that, even when an arc discharge occurs for some reasons or other, failure in electric discharge can be prevented. The self-sputtering apparatus has a vacuum chamber in which a substrate to be processed is disposed; a target to be... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100230281 - Thin film forming apparatus: Provided are a thin film forming apparatus and a thin film forming method. The thin film forming apparatus comprises a first electrode provided for etching a thin film formed on the substrate, a second electrode provided for forming a plasma in the internal space, a third electrode provided for focusing... Agent: Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec

20100230282 - Magnet structure and cathode electrode unit for magnetron sputtering, and magnetron sputtering system: A magnet structure and the like are provided, which can reduce the labor required to make a magnet design for producing a tunnel-shaped leakage magnetic field for plasma confinement in a well-balanced manner over an obverse surface of a target, based on a quadridirectional magnetic field produced by magnetic interaction... Agent: Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP

20100230283 - Assembly and electrochemical sensor, especially conductivity sensor, with such an assembly: An assembly, especially an assembly for an electrochemical sensor, includes a functional body of a first material, wherein the surface of the functional body is covered, at least sectionally, with a plastic, protective body. At least one free section of the surface of the functional body is not covered with... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100230284 - Reagent devices: A reagent device such as an electro-chemical micro-electrode sensor is provided with one or more reagent modules to carry respective reagents. The device includes respective receiving stations for receiving the reagent modules on board. The reagent modules may be tested independently before assembly of the device and hence yields are... Agent: Darby & Darby P.C.

20100230285 - Analyte sensors and methods of making and using the same: Methods and systems for providing continuous analyte monitoring including in vivo sensors that do not require any user calibration during in vivo use are provided. Also provided are methods and devices including continuous analyte monitoring systems that include in vivo sensors which do not require any system executed calibration or... Agent: Jackson & Co., LLP

09/09/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100224479 - Morphology engineering of aggregates: In various embodiments, the present disclosure provides, among other things, a system and method for influencing the morphology of aggregates. The present disclosure also provides for aggregates formed using the disclosed system and method. According to one disclosed method, a plurality of monomers are provided and an electric field is... Agent: Unr/dri Technology Transfer Office

20100224480 - Method for photocatalytic separation from surfactant-containing dispersions: The invention relates to a method for photocatalytic separation of a dispersed substance from a surfactant-containing dispersion. The surfactant-containing dispersion contains at least one dispersant, one dispersed substance, one surfactant and one photocatalyst. Irradiation of the photocalyst causes the decomposition or modification of the surfactant allowing for the separation of... Agent: Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP Attn: Michael Ritchie, Docketing

20100224481 - Gas flow set-up for multiple, interacting reactive sputter sources: A method and apparatus for physical vapor deposition of films on a substrate is provided. The apparatus comprises a series of connected sputtering chambers through which a substrate passes to undergo sequential deposition processes. The chambers have passages through which the substrates move, and through which process gases may leak.... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, LLP - - Appm/tx

20100224482 - Deposition apparatus and electronic device manufacturing method: A deposition apparatus includes a shutter storage unit which is connected to a processing chamber via an opening and stores a shutter in the retracted state into an exhaust chamber, and a shield member which is formed around the opening of the shutter storage unit and covers the exhaust port... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100224483 - Unit for producing sterilized water, cartridge comprising the unit and washing machine comprising the cartridge: Disclosed is a unit for producing sterilized water. The unit comprises an electrode module, a pair of electrode rods and a frame. The electrode module includes a pair of electrode plates and a hollow electrode separator positioned between the electrode plates to separate the electrode plates from each other. Each... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20100224484 - System and method for producing copper powder by electrowinning in a flow-through electrowinning cell: This invention relates to a system and method for producing a metal powder product using conventional electrowinning chemistry (i.e., oxygen evolution at an anode) in a flow-through electrowinning cell. The present invention enables the production of high quality metal powders, including copper powder, from metal-containing solutions using conventional electrowinning processes... Agent: Snell & Wilmer LLP (freeport)

20100224485 - Trapezoidal wall electrolysis cell with added electric fields and thermal energy: Water electrolysis is a known process to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water. The electrolysis efficiency depends on the voltage needed to pass the desired current for desired time through the electrolysis cell to achieve the desired electro-chemical reactions. Motivation of present invention is to increase the electrical efficiency of... Agent: Law Office Of Marc D. Machtinger, Ltd.

20100224486 - Dynamic film thickness control system/method and its utilization: A dynamic film thickness control system/method and its utilization consisting of a minimum of one mask plate arranged between a substrate and a vapor source. A film thickness control device is utilized for real-time control over deposited film thickness and gradually moves the mask plate according to the film thickness... Agent: Kow-je Ling G. Link Co., Ltd

20100224487 - Biosensor having identification information and apparatus for reading identification information of biosensor: A biosensor is provided, including an identification information recording unit having identification information of the biosensor recorded thereon, where the identification information recording unit is a color tag that is attached on the biosensor and indicates the identification information by color, chroma of color, or arrangement pattern of colors. An... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100224488 - Bilirubin sensor: A bilirubin sensor has a working electrode with a first chemical matrix disposed thereon that contains a binder, a substrate electrode with a second chemical matrix dispose thereon that contains a binder and a chemical agent that consumes bilirubin, a reference electrode, a sample chamber containing the working electrode, the... Agent: Mesmer & Deleault, PLLC

20100224489 - Electrochemical cell: The present invention relates to an electrochemical cell comprising a vibratile electrode (eg a vibratile microelectrode).... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100224490 - Multiple-electrode ionic probe: A multiple-electrode ion meter (100) is provided. The multiple-electrode ion meter (100) includes meter electronics (102) configured to receive a plurality of ionic concentration voltage measurements and generate an ionic concentration measurement from the plurality of ionic concentration voltage measurements and three or more individual electrode units (108) in communication... Agent: The Ollila Law Group LLC

20100224491 - Solid-state electrolyte gas-sensor element: A gas-sensor element having a layer-type arrangement or configuration, in particular for determining gas components and/or concentrations of gas components of a measuring gas, having a sensor cell, including a first electrode, which is to be exposed to the measuring gas, a second electrode, which is to be exposed to... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100224492 - Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis systems having electrodeionization capabilities: Systems and methods for hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis having integrated electrodeionization capabilities are provided. In an embodiment, the dialysis system includes a carbon source, a urease source and an electrodeionization unit. The carbon source and urease source can be in the form of removable cartridges.... Agent: K&l Gates LLP

20100224493 - Devices and methods for contactless dielectrophoresis for cell or particle manipulation: Devices and methods for performing dielectrophoresis are described. The devices contain sample channel which is separated by physical barriers from electrode channels which receive electrodes. The devices and methods may be used for the separation and analysis of particles in solution, including the separation and isolation of cells of a... Agent: Blank Rome LLP

20100224494 - Isotachophoretic focusing of nucleic acids: A method and system are presented for fast and efficient isolation, purification and quantitation of nucleic acids from complex biological samples using isotachophoresis in microchannels. In an embodiment, a sieving medium may be used to enhance selectivity. In another embodiment, PCR-friendly chemistries are used to purify nucleic acids from complex... Agent: Peters Verny , L.L.P.

20100224495 - Real-time processing of water for hydraulic fracture treatments using a transportable frac tank: A self contained, transportable, water pretreatment system and tank for use in a hydraulic treatment of subterranean formations with a well bore. The system treats recycled production water by electro-chemically generating mixed oxidants to sterilize the recycled water and to electro-chemically precipitate hardness without the addition of chemicals. The treatment... Agent: Mchale & Slavin, P.A.

09/02/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100219062 - Method and apparatus for plasma gasification of carbonic material by means of microwave radiation: A method and apparatus for gasifying carbonic material in order to produce carbon monoxide and hydrogen; the method comprises the following steps: (a) providing carbonic material; (b) heating, by means of microwave radiation, the carbonic material provided until a plasma point cloud forms in the carbonic material; (c) causing the... Agent: Michael Winfield Goltry

20100219063 - Oxidative degeneration products of atorvastatin calcium: The present invention relates to oxidative degradation products of atorvastatin calcium and the process of the preparation thereof. The present invention also relates to atorvastatin calcium substantially free of oxidative degradation products and the pharmaceutical compositions containing such atorvastatin calcium.... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20100219064 - Film forming method: A film forming method is constituted by forming a silicon oxide film on a substrate by causing silicon generated by sputtering with silicon as a target to be incident on the substrate from an oblique direction while supplying oxygen gas onto the substrate.... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100219065 - Wave engergy conversion: Apparatus (10) for harnessing ocean wave energy and for converting the harnessed energy to high pressure sea water, typically above 100 psi and preferably above 800 psi. The high pressure seawater generated by the apparatus (10) can be piped to shore for use in any appropriate purpose. The apparatus (10)... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20100219066 - Water electrolysis system: A water electrolysis system includes a water electrolysis apparatus for electrolyzing pure water supplied from a pure water supply apparatus for manufacturing high-pressure hydrogen. The water electrolysis apparatus has a pipe serving as a hydrogen outlet to which a gas-liquid separator, a cooler, and a water adsorption apparatus are successively... Agent: Lahive & Cockfield, LLP Floor 30, Suite 3000

20100219067 - Electrochemical high pressure pump: The invention provides electrochemically-based methods and devices for producing fluid flow and/or changes in fluid pressure. In the methods and devices of the invention, current is passed through a divided electrochemical cell. Adjacent compartments of the cell are divided by a separator which comprises an ionically conducting separator. Each compartment... Agent: J. Charles Dougherty

20100219068 - Harmful gas treatment apparatus and water treatment apparatus: A harmful gas treatment apparatus and a water treatment apparatus uses an electrochemical device provided with a solid electrolyte membrane having ion conductivity. A first electrochemical device provided with an anode on one surface of a hydrogen ion conductive electrolyte membrane and a cathode on the other surface thereof is... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100219069 - Gas diffusion layer and method for the production thereof: A gas diffusion layer having a layer (2) comprising fibers (1), whereby the fibers (1) are partially provided with a coating material (3), whereby the fibers (1) lie against each other at contact sites (4) and whereby the layer (2) has boundary surfaces (5) facing the surroundings—in terms of achieving... Agent: Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer, LLP

20100219070 - Copper alloy sputtering target, process for producing the same and semiconductor element wiring: A copper alloy sputtering target is provided and contains 0.01 to (less than) 0.5 wt % of at least one element selected from Al or Sn, and containing Mn or Si in a total amount of 0.25 wtppm or less. The above copper alloy sputtering target allows the formation of... Agent: Howson & Howson LLP

20100219071 - Biosensor: The present invention relates to a biosensor. The biosensor includes a support substrate, an electrically conductive coating positioned on the support substrate, the coating being formed to define electrodes and a code pattern, wherein there is sufficient contrast between the conductive coating and the substrate such that the code pattern... Agent: Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, Mcnett & Henry LLP Roche Diagnostics

20100219073 - Biological test chip and a manufacturing method thereof: The present invention discloses a biological test chip and a method for manufacturing the same. The biological test chip comprises a test unit and an auxiliary unit for producing capillary action. The test unit includes a baseboard, at least one pair of electrodes and wires connected to the electrodes that... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100219072 - Enzyme electrode and method for producing the same: An enzyme electrode and its producing method are disclosed. The method includes providing a substrate having a carbon surface; forming a gold surface on the carbon surface and forming an electrode; modifying the gold surface by L-cysteine; modifying the gold surface by N,N′-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide; and chemically bonding the modified gold surface... Agent: Stout, Uxa, Buyan & Mullins LLP

20100219074 - Analyzer: An analyzer that, based on a voltage value of an ion selective electrode making contact with a liquid specimen, analyzes concentration of an electrolyte present in the liquid specimen. The analyzer includes a measuring unit that continuously measures the voltage value; a memory unit that stores therein a waveform indicating... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew LLP

20100219075 - Apparatus for analyzing characteristics of particulate with dielectrophoresis of particulate by applying angle-modulated wave and method for the same: (Means for Solving Problems) The present invention provides a method for analyzing characteristics of a particulate, comprising: selecting at least one particulate in a fluid; positioning said selected particulate in the vicinity of a pair of electrodes; applying a programmed voltage signal for generating a spatially inhomogeneous electric field between... Agent: Law Offices Of Albert Wai-kit Chan, PLLC

20100219076 - Dielectrophoresis apparatus and method: The interior of a dielectrophoresis device that includes a case having a flat top or bottom surface is filled with a dielectric solution S and accepts introduction of a small target body (particle) P comprising a dielectric. A non-uniform alternating electric field is formed within the case. By tilting the... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20100219077 - Electrolytic apparatus for treating ballast water and treatment system using same: A ballast water electrolytic apparatus for treating ballast water comprising a ballast water electrolytic chamber and an oxygen supply chamber, the ballast water electrolytic chamber including an anode for producing chlorine oxides by electrolyzing ballast water and an oxygen cathode for separating the ballast water electrolytic chamber and the oxygen... Agent: Sheldon Mak Rose & Anderson PC

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