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Chemistry: electrical and wave energy April category listing, related patent applications 04/10

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04/29/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100101932 - Electrochemical processing apparatus and processing method thereof: The present invention relates an electrochemical processing apparatus and a processing method thereof. A reciprocating swing unit is used to drive the processing electrode to process a workpiece, and thus simplifying fabrication of the processing electrode, and shortening processes and reducing costs. In addition, by using a high-frequency reciprocating twist... Agent: Sinorica, LLC

20100101933 - Inhibition of corrosion of structures: A method for inhibiting corrosion in at least one required region of an elongate metal structure, comprising applying a high-frequency electromagnetic signal to the structure in a manner such that a voltage standing wave is established in the structure with a corrosion-inhibiting potential at the required region(s) of the structure.... Agent: K&l Gates LLP

20100101934 - Method and apparatus for electrokinetic co-generation of hydrogen and electric power from liquid water microjets: The apparatus comprises a source of pressurized liquid, a microjet nozzle, a conduit for delivering said liquid to said microjet nozzle, and a conductive metal target sufficiently spaced from said nozzle such that the jet stream produced by said microjet is discontinuous at said target. In one arrangement, with the... Agent: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

20100101935 - Methods and apparatus for generating strongly-ionized plasmas with ionizational instabilities: A strongly-ionized plasma generator includes a chamber for confining a feed gas. An anode is positioned inside the chamber. A cathode assembly is positioned adjacent to the anode inside the chamber. An output of a pulsed power supply is electrically connected between the anode and the cathode assembly. The pulsed... Agent: Rauschenbach Patent Law Group, LLC

20100101936 - Power supply apparatus for a capacitivie load: The invention provides a power supply apparatus for supplying electric power to a capacitive load. The apparatus has a transformer, a positive half-period driver and a negative half-period driver supplying positive and negative half-periods of voltage to the first coil. The second coil forms an electric resonance circuit and supplies... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100101938 - Method for producing low cost media: Disclosed is a method for the low cost manufacturing a plurality of rigid sputtered magnetic media disks of one or more sizes from a rigid sheet, in which one or more initial steps of preparing the media are performed while the media is in sheet form. The individual disks are... Agent: Shumaker & Sieffert, P.A.

20100101937 - Method of fabricating transparent conductive film: A method of fabricating transparent conductive film including the following steps is provided. First, a reactive chamber having at least a target and at least a heating device is provided. Subsequentially, a plasma is generated in the reactive chamber, wherein the plasma is located above the target. Next, the plasma... Agent: Jianq Chyun Intellectual Property Office

20100101939 - Method for preparing zinc oxide nano rod substrate: The present invention discloses a method for preparing a zinc oxide (ZnO) nano rod substrate. First, a layer of ZnO nano particles was sputtered on the substrate and the ZnO nano rods were grown with the hydrothermal reaction on this substrate. Repeatedly proceeding the hydrothermal reaction can obtain a higher... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20100101940 - Method for removing foreign matter from glass substrate surface and method for processing glass substrate surface: An object of the invention is to provide a method for removing foreign matter from a glass substrate surface to be finish-processed by a method accompanied with beam irradiation or laser light irradiation on the glass substrate surface. The present invention relates to a method for removing foreign matter from... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100101941 - Electrolysis apparatus: A device for electrolytic production of hydrogen and oxygen, comprising: process lines for feed of water and electrolyte and withdrawal of the electrolysis products, an electrolyser, comprising a body with upper and lower covers made of electrically conducting material, short-circuited electrodes, one of which is located centrally in the electrolyser,... Agent: Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, P.C.

20100101942 - Electrolytic cell with cavitating jet: The electrolytic cell of the preferred embodiment includes an electrode pair and a cavitating jet. The electrode pair includes a cathode electrode and an anode electrode and defines an electrical path between the cathode electrode and the anode electrode. The cavitating jet, which is located along the electrical path between... Agent: Schox PLC

20100101943 - Radioactive fluorine anion concentrating device and method: A radioactive fluoride anion concentrating device capable of concentrating 18F− ions speedily and efficiently. A flow cell (11) is composed of a metal plate electrode (21), an insulating sheet (23) and a carbon plate electrode (25) located so that the sides of electrodes may be opposed to each other with... Agent: Cheng Law Group, PLLC

20100101944 - Vacuum mandrel for use in fabricating an implantable electrode: A vacuum mandrel for use in fabricating an implantable electrode comprises a hollow body member and a first groove provided radially on an outer surface of the hollow body member. The first groove is adapted to receive an implantable electrode and retain the electrode in place with a vacuum pressure... Agent: Cyberonics, Inc.

20100101945 - Magnetron sputtering apparatus: In a magnetron sputtering apparatus of this invention, a plasma shielding member having a slit is disposed on an opposite side of a target with respect to a rotary magnet group. The distance between the plasma shielding member and a psubstrate to be processed is set shorter than the electron... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20100101946 - Rotatable sputter target backing cylinder, rotatable sputter target, methods of producing and restoring a rotatable sputter target, and coating installation: A rotatable target base device for sputtering installations is provided, wherein the target base device is adapted for receiving thereon a solid target cylinder, the rotatable target base device comprising a target base cylinder having a lateral surface, a middle part, a first end region and a second end region... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, L.L.P.

20100101947 - Arc plasma source: An arc plasma source 101 for evaporating a cathode material of a cathode 22 by arc discharge controlled by a magnetic field, comprising a magnetic field forming mechanism 42 arranged outside the cathode for forming a magnetic field M in parallel to the center axis of the cathode near an... Agent: Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt, P. A.

20100101949 - Rotatable sputter target backing cylinder, rotatable sputter target, method of producing a rotatable sputter target, and coating installation: A rotatable target device for sputtering installations, the rotatable target device including: a rotatable target base adapted for holding a solid target cylinder, the solid target cylinder having an inner axial face, an outer axial face and at least one front face connecting the inner axial face with the outer... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, L.L.P.

20100101948 - Rotatable sputter target base, rotatable sputter target, coating installation, method of producing a rotatable sputter target, target base connection means, and method of connecting a rotatable target base device for sputtering installations to a target b: A rotatable target base device for sputtering installations is provided, wherein the target base device is adapted for receiving thereon a solid target cylinder, the rotatable target base device comprising a target base cylinder having a lateral surface, a middle part, a first end region and a second end region... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, L.L.P.

20100101950 - Ceramic junction member, ceramic heater and gas sensor: A ceramic joining unit, ceramic heater and gas sensor, the ceramic joining unit including: a ceramic base member; an electrode pad provided on a surface of the ceramic base member; a coupling terminal; and a joining portion, wherein the electrode pad includes: a first layer in contact with the ceramic... Agent: Sughrue-265550

20100101951 - Electrophoresis system and method: Electrophoresis systems and methods comprise an electrophoresis device, wherein the electrophoresis device comprises a loading channel, an injection channel, and a separation channel. The loading channel is in fluid communication with a first and second sample port. The injection channel is connected to the loading channel to form a first... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20100101952 - Electrophoretic cell and method employing differential mobility: An electrophoretic cell and methods of switching an electrophoretic cell and moving charged species in an electrophoretic cell employ differential electrophoretic mobilities and a time-varying electric field. The methods include providing first and second charged species that are oppositely charged and have different mobilities. The method of switching further includes... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company Intellectual Property Administration

20100101953 - Methods for producing microchannel chips, microchannel chips, methods for separating biomolecules using the microchannel chips, and electrophoretic apparatus having the microchannel chips: The methods for producing microchannel chips of the present invention comprise the steps of shielding substrate surfaces on which groove-like channels have been formed, using a mask that exposes the channels, and then forming polymer membranes on the exposed surfaces of the substrates; and the step of laminating cover materials... Agent: Nixon Peabody LLP - Patent Group

20100101954 - Compositions, methods, devices, and systems for nucleic acid fractionation: The present disclosure provides methods, devices, systems and compositions for nucleic acid separation and/or purification. In some embodiments, nucleic acids from about 10 nucleotides to about 150 nucleotides may be separated and/or purified in seconds to minutes. A system for purifying a nucleic acid within seconds to minutes may include:... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation C/o Intellevate

20100101955 - Catalytic materials, electrodes, and systems for water electrolysis and other electrochemical techniques: Catalysts, electrodes, devices, kits, and systems for electrolysis which can be used for energy storage, particularly in the area of energy conversion, and/or production of oxygen, hydrogen, and/or oxygen and/or hydrogen containing species. Compositions and methods for forming electrodes and other devices are also provided.... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100101956 - Nanoscale dna detection system using species-specific and/or disease- specific probes for rapid identification: A method and system for detecting a DNA strand using carbon nanotubes or nanowires. A specific single strand of template DNA serves as a probe for its complementary strand in a solution containing DNA segments to be tested. The single-stranded sequence-specific DNA probe segment, whose ends are modified with amine,... Agent: Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP

20100101958 - Method and apparatus for treating fluid columns: A method and apparatus provide at least one region of pulsed fluid treatment within a fluid treatment chamber. The instant invention prevents the formation and accumulation of contaminants within conduits and on equipment utilized in the transportation, delivery and processing of fluid columns. It may also be utilized to accelerate... Agent: Mr. Herbert W. Holland

20100101957 - Purifying apparatus and purifying method: An apparatus comprising at least vessel (2) for stocking conductive liquid (1) containing impurities; electromagnetic force generator (3) for generating electromagnetic force (F) capable of circulating the conductive liquid (1) in the conductive liquid (1); and discharging unit (4) for discharging nonmetallic impurities and deemed nonmetallic impurities (21a,21b) accumulated in... Agent: Notaro & Michalos P.C.

20100101959 - Method and apparatus for removal of soot from lubricating oil: A method for removing soot, sludge and other insoluble particulates from an engine oil is provided, the method comprising: disposing an oil containing the particulates between a pair of electrodes, wherein one of the electrodes is a positive electrode; applying a coating to the surface of the positive electrode, wherein... Agent: Honeywell/cantor Colburn Patent Services

20100101960 - Single-sided lateral-field and phototransistor-based optoelectronic tweezers: Described herein are single-sided lateral-field optoelectronic tweezers (LOET) devices which use photosensitive electrode arrays to create optically-induced dielectrophoretic forces in an electric field that is parallel to the plane of the device. In addition, phototransistor-based optoelectronic tweezers (PhOET) devices are described that allow for optoelectronic tweezers (OET) operation in high-conductivity... Agent: John P. O'banion O'banion & Ritchey LLP

04/22/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100096251 - Methods and processes for attaching compounds to matrices: The present invention describes extremely rapid and efficient methods for the attachment of chemical moieties to matrices by the use of microwave technology. The methods of the invention can be applied in a variety of ways for the preparation of different types of matrices for a variety of applications including... Agent: Elmore Patent Law Group, PC

20100096252 - Photolabile dinitroindolinyl based compounds: The present invention relates to photolabile or photoreleasable compounds including a caging moiety linked to an effector moiety, wherein the compounds are capable of releasing the effector moiety on irradiation, typically by flash irradiation with light. These compounds are particularly suitable for focal 2-photon uncaging The photoreleasable compounds can be... Agent: Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen & Pokotilow, Ltd.

20100096253 - Pvd cu seed overhang re-sputtering with enhanced cu ionization: A method and apparatus for depositing metal on a patterned substrate are provided. A metal layer is formed in a physical vapor deposition process having a first energy. A second physical vapor deposition process is performed on the metal layer, using a second energy, wherein deposition interacts with brittle and... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, LLP - - Appm/tx

20100096254 - Deposition systems and methods: A system for depositing material on a substrate using plasma and a target. The target may include the material and/or a second material. The system may include a plasma source for providing the plasma. The system may also include a chamber for containing the substrate, the plasma, and the target... Agent: Ipsg, P.C.

20100096255 - Gap fill improvement methods for phase-change materials: Methods and apparatus are provided for depositing phase-change materials. In one embodiment, a method is provided for processing a substrate including positioning a substrate in a processing chamber having a phase change material-based target coupled to a first power source, one or more coils coupled to a second power source,... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, LLP - - Appm/tx

20100096256 - Patterning of magnetic thin film using energized ions and thermal excitation: A method for patterning a magnetic thin film on a substrate includes: providing a pattern about the magnetic thin film, with selective regions of the pattern permitting penetration of energized ions of one or more elements. Energized ions are generated with sufficient energy to penetrate selective regions and a portion... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, LLP - - Appm/tx

20100096257 - Self-healing and adaptive shaped articles: A solid electrolyte and a piezoelectric material are incorporated into composite shaped articles to provide them with self-healing and adaptive qualities. The piezoelectric constituent converts the mechanical energy concentrated in critical areas into electrical energy which, in turn, guides and drives electrolytic transport of mass within the solid electrolyte towards,... Agent: Parviz Soroushian

20100096258 - Reduced voltage drop anode assembly for aluminum electrolysis cell, method of manufacturing anode assemblies and aluminum electrolysis cell: An anode assembly for aluminum electrolysis cells includes carbon anodes with stubholes and an anode hanger having stubs, in which the anodes are fixed to the anode hanger by cast iron and the stubholes are fully or partially lined with an expanded graphite lining. The anode assembly provides a reduced... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100096259 - Polymer membranes for continuous analyte sensors: Devices and methods are described for providing continuous measurement of an analyte concentration. In some embodiments, the device has a sensing mechanism and a sensing membrane that includes at least one surface-active group-containing polymer and that is located over the sensing mechanism. The sensing membrane may have a bioprotective layer... Agent: Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP

20100096260 - Water chlorinator having dual functioning electrodes: A water chlorinator includes an aqueous chloride ion source; and a pair of dual functional electrodes configured to electrolyze the aqueous chloride ion source, each one of the pair of dual functional electrodes comprising a titanium substrate and a mixed metal oxide coating deposited thereon and consisting essentially of ruthenium... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100096262 - Electrostatic chuck: An electrostatic chuck (8) includes a dielectric board (14) having an upper surface on which a plurality of projections (17a) for supporting a substrate on top surfaces and recesses (17b) surrounding the projections (17a) are formed, an electrode (15) formed inside the dielectric board (14), and an external power supply... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100096261 - Physical vapor deposition reactor with circularly symmetric rf feed and dc feed to the sputter target: In a PVD reactor having a sputter target at the ceiling, a conductive housing enclosing the rotating magnet assembly has a central port for the rotating magnet axle. A conductive hollow cylinder of the housing surrounds an external portion of the spindle. RF power is coupled to a radial RF... Agent: Law Office Of Robert M. Wallace

20100096263 - Solid surface smoothing apparatus: In a method of irradiating a gas cluster ion beam on a solid surface and smoothing the solid surface, the angle formed between the solid surface and the gas cluster ion beam is chosen to be between 1° and an angle less than 30°. In case the solid surface is... Agent: Intellectual Property Law Office Of David Lathrop

20100096264 - Multilayer ceramic nox gas sensor device: A mixed potential NOx sensor apparatus for measuring the total NOx concentration in a gas stream is disclosed. The NOx sensing apparatus comprises a multilayer ceramic structure with electrodes for sensing both oxygen and NOx gas concentrations and includes screen-printed metallized patterns that function to heat the ceramic sensing element... Agent: Ceramatec, Inc.

20100096265 - Macroscopically manipulable nanoscale devices made from nanotube assemblies: This invention relates generally to cutting single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT). In one embodiment, the present invention provides for preparations of homogeneous populations of short carbon nanotube molecules by cutting and annealing (reclosing) the nanotube pieces followed by fractionation. The cutting and annealing processes may be carried out on a purified... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100096266 - Method and apparatus for real-time feedback control of electrical manipulation of droplets on chip: A device for generating droplets includes a substrate comprising a reservoir site configured to hold a liquid and including a first electrode, a droplet creation site including a second electrode, and droplet separation site disposed between the reservoir site and the droplet creation site and containing an electrode. The device... Agent: VistaIPLaw Group LLP

20100096267 - System and method for performing microfluidic manipulation: Electrophoresis systems and methods comprise an electrophoresis device, wherein the electrophoresis comprises a loading channel, a separation channel, and an injection channel. The loading channel is in fluid communication with a first and second sample port. The separation channel is connected to the loading channel to form a first intersection,... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20100096268 - Use of longitudinally displaced nanoscale electrodes for voltage sensing of biomolecules and other analytes in fluidic channels: Devices and methods for detecting an analyte are provided. Devices for voltage sensing of analytes may comprise a fluidic channel defined in a substrate, a pair of sensing electrodes disposed in a fluidic channel for sensing voltage therein, and a pair of electromotive electrodes for applying potential along the fluidic... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Patent Administrator

20100096269 - Electrodeionization apparatus: An electrodeionization apparatus has a cathode and an anode, and has alternately formed therebetween concentrating chambers and desalination chambers by alternately arranging a plurality of anion exchange membranes and cation exchange membranes, each of the concentrating chambers being provided with a bipolar membrane to partition the interior of the concentrating... Agent: Posz Law Group, PLC

20100096270 - Equipment for the production of reduced water: Production water that presents alkalinity is produced by utilizing raw water with ionized metallic minerals being dissolved therein and hydrogen gas H2. When inpouring the hydrogen gas together with the raw water into an electromagnetic portion in the apparatus, the hydrogen gas is bubbled and ionized to produce ions. The... Agent: Chernoff, Vilhauer, Mcclung & Stenzel, LLP

04/15/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100089741 - Production of biofuels: A method is provided for the production of biofuels. The method includes contacting at least one of a plant oil, an animal oil and a mixture thereof with a catalyst including an acid or solid acid, thereby producing a catalyst-oil mixture. RF or microwave energy is applied to at least... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20100089742 - Pulsed plasma device and method for generating pulsed plasma: During operation, a voltage is applied between the cathode and the anode and a current is passed through the cathode, the plasma, and the anode. The voltage and current profiles are selected to cause the rapid development of a plasma flow with required characteristics. A substantially uniform temperature and power... Agent: Jones Day

20100089743 - Apparatus for treating substrates: Apparatus for coating a substrate with a material in a chamber subject, during use, to substantial evacuation, which includes a coating station within the chamber for coating a substrate by sputtering and/or by evaporation; at least one treating station disposed in serial with the coating station and equipped with a... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20100089744 - Method for improving adhesion of films to process kits: A method includes providing a process chamber including a target, wherein the target has a first coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE); selecting a process kit including a surface layer having a second CTE close to the first CTE; and installing the process kit in the process chamber with the surface... Agent: Slater & Matsil, L.L.P.

20100089745 - Ir-doped ruthenium oxide catalyst for oxygen evolution: A method for preparing a metal-doped ruthenium oxide material by heating a mixture of a doping metal and a source of ruthenium under an inert atmosphere. In some embodiments, the doping metal is in the form of iridium black or lead powder, and the source of ruthenium is a powdered... Agent: Berliner & Associates

20100089746 - Hydragen-oxygen electrolyzing device and carbon paper electrodes thereof with material-changed outer surfaces: A hydrogen-oxygen electrolyzing device for generating hydrogen and oxygen with electrolytic solution comprises a first container providing a receiving trough for containing the electrolyte, and at least an electrolyzing structure; the electrolyzing structure further comprises: at least a serial cell being disposed in the receiving trough and further comprising a... Agent: G. Link Co., Ltd.

20100089747 - High pressure proton exchange membrane based water electrolyzer system: A high pressure proton exchange membrane based water electrolyzer system that may include a series of proton exchange membrane (PEM) cells that may be electrically coupled together and coupled to a proton exchange membrane to form a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) that is spiral wound onto a conductive center post,... Agent: General Motors Corporation C/o Reising, Ethington, Barnes, Kisselle, P.C.

20100089748 - Control of erosion profile on a dielectric rf sputter target: The present invention generally includes a sputtering target assembly that may be used in an RF sputtering process. The sputtering target assembly may include a backing plate and a sputtering target. The backing plate may be shaped to have one or more fins that extend from the backing plate towards... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, LLP - - Appm/tx

20100089749 - Ozonesonde having a hydrothermal buffer: An ozonesonde for in-situ measurement of stratospheric ozone concentration profiles by balloon launches includes a hydrothermal buffer having a vessel surrounding a measurement cell having an aqueous reaction solution. The aqueous reaction solution has melting and boiling points dependent on a salt content. A pump is configured to pass ambient... Agent: Darby & Darby P.C.

20100089750 - Rf tag on test strips, test strip vials and boxes: A glucose monitoring system, includes a glucose sensor strip or package of strips. The strip includes a substrate and a glucose monitoring circuit that has electrodes and a bodily fluid application portion of selected chemical composition. An antenna is integrated with the glucose sensor strip. A RFID sensor chip is... Agent: Jackson & Co., LLP

20100089752 - Functionalization of hydrogen deuterium-terminated diamond: Deuterium and hydrogen terminated diamond surfaces are functionalized with alkyl or aryl peroxide.... Agent: James Sonntag James Sonntag, Patent Attorney

20100089751 - Mycoplasma genitalium detection assay based on the mg219 gene: There is provided a method for detecting M. genitalium nucleic acid in a sample, comprising: (i) amplifying a nucleic acid sequence comprising a fragment of SEQ ID NO: 1 (Mg219 gene); and (ii) detecting said amplified nucleic acid sequence.... Agent: Christensen, O'connor, Johnson, Kindness, PLLC

20100089753 - Fluorescent detection of proteins in polyacrylamide gels: The mechanism of the UV light-induced reaction between the indole moiety of tryptophan and chloroform, and the structure of the modified tryptophan and polypeptides including such modified tryptophan residues. The excited indole moiety, which is formed upon UV light irradiation, emits a solvated electron which initiates a series of events... Agent: Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.

20100089754 - Method of measuring microparticles having nucleic acid and apparatus therefor: To provide a system by which evaluation of circumstances of contamination by microparticles having nucleic acid can be performed rapidly and accurately. The theme is achieved by a system for measuring microparticles that includes: (1) a microparticle adhesion step of adhering the microparticles having nucleic acid to a microparticle adhesion... Agent: Burr & Brown

20100089755 - Technical measure for gel electrophoresis shaping: A technical measure for gel electrophoresis shaping that can make the gel electrophoresis generate no bubbles including in the gel, and can make a gradient gel being more accurate and more stable in quality. When liquid gel enters a collecting trough under continuous driving of a roller in the collecting... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100089756 - Method and apparatus for desalination: A method and apparatus for purifying water are provided. A feed water such as seawater can be fed to a filter such as a microporous or nanofiltration membrane to produce a permeate that can, in turn, be fed to an electrodeionization system to produce fresh water.... Agent: Lando & Anastasi, LLP U0105

20100089757 - Gradient elution electrophoresis and detectorless electrophoresis apparatus: A microfluidic apparatus and method for performing electrophoretic separation of compounds. The apparatus comprises: a) A first container for containing a sample fluid; b) a second container for containing a separation buffer fluid; c) a channel of a first length having an inlet end and an outlet end, the inlet... Agent: Butzel LongIPDocketing Dept

04/08/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100084260 - Large scale modular apparatus for separating carbon product from used tire with microwave and method thereof: An apparatus for decomposing used tires includes a loading chamber for loading a used tire, one or more modular processing units, and a finishing device that decomposes used tires that were incompletely decomposed in a processing chamber. In the loading chamber, oxygen is removed under a critical point that prevents... Agent: Park Law Firm

20100084259 - Operation method of ozonizer and ozonizer apparatus used therefor: The present invention offers an operation method of an ozonizer and an ozonizer apparatus to improve ozone gas purity and to achieve long and safety electrolysis operation in such manner that, during normal operation of the ozonizer, ozone gas is generated at the anode in the anode compartment and hydrogen... Agent: Cermak Kenealy Vaidya & Nakajima LLP

20100084261 - Method for fabricating polymeric wavelength filter: The present invention discloses a method for fabricating polymeric wavelength filter, which method for forming gratings patterns on the UV polymer involves three processing steps. First, a gratings pattern is holographically exposed using a two-beam interference pattern on a positive photo-resister film. A 20-nm-thick nickel thin film is then sputtered... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20100084262 - Manufacturing method of perpendicular magnetic recording head: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a perpendicular recording magnetic head. The method for manufacturing a perpendicular recording magnetic head according to the present invention includes first to third steps. At the first step, a main magnetic pole layer is formed on a foundation layer. At the... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100084263 - Method for producing tight pitched coil with reduced processing steps: Methods for fabricating thin film magnetic head coil structures are disclosed. The methods disclose deposition of a first thick seed layer, followed by deposition of an ultra-thin second seed layer. Coil structures having sub-micron pitch and high aspect ratios are deposited on the second ultra-thin seed layer, which is removed... Agent: D'arcy H. Lorimer

20100084264 - Electroplating system with electroplating wheel: An electroplating system is provided for electroplating a workpiece. The system includes a plating wheel having a side and a cylindrical wall extending from the side. The plating wheel has an interior chamber that at least partially defines a solution chamber that is configured to hold an electroplating solution. The... Agent: Lisa Burgin Vaccarelli Tyco Electronics Technology Resources

20100084265 - Continuous electrorefining device for recovering metal uranium: Disclosed is a continuous electrorefining device for recovering metal uranium. The electrorefining device comprises an electrolytic cell 10 having an internal accommodating space filled with electrolyte; a cathode unit 20 including a top plate 22, connecting rods 21 whose top ends are joined to the top plate 22, and cathode... Agent: Wpat, PC

20100084266 - Electrodes with mechanically roughened surface for electrochemical applications: The invention relates to a method for roughening the surface of a metal sheet used as electrode support in industrial electrochemical applications, and an electrode made by such method. Mechanical roughening is imparted by skin-passing the sheet between two rollers of a rolling mill, at least one of which is... Agent: Eschweiler & Associates, LLC National City Bank Building

20100084267 - Pair of measuring electrodes, biosensor comprising a pair of measuring electrodes of this type, and production process: A pair of measuring electrodes comprising a first and a second, preferably in each case sheet-like electrode comprises an insulation layer arranged between said electrodes. One or more nanopores, which extend through said insulation layer as far as said first electrode, the surface of which is at least partially uncovered... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100084268 - Low volume electrochemical biosensor: A biosensor in which at least one reagent constitutes a portion of a working electrode, a conductive track leading from a working electrode to an electrical contact associated with a working electrode, or an electrical contact associated with a working electrode. For example, the biosensor can have a mediator or... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20100084269 - Sensor material and gas sensor element and gas sensor derived therefrom: A NOX sensor material includes a composition of Ba(1-X)AXFe(12-Y)BYO19. Constituent A and constituent B are doping elements. Constituent A is selected from the group consisting of Bi, La and Pb and X is a real number where 0≦X<1. Constituent B is selected from the group consisting of Al, B, Bi,... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc Legal Staff - M/c 483-400-402

20100084270 - Integrated microfluidic component for purifying analyte molecules and purification method: The present invention relates to a method for purifying analyte molecules and in particular to a component of this type in which a separation section is used for separating analyte molecules and other constituents of a sample, and in which provision is made of at least one sample chamber for... Agent: Saliwanchik Lloyd & Saliwanchik A Professional Association

20100084271 - Control of chemical reactions using isotachophoresis: Isotachophoresis (ITP) is exploited to control various aspects of chemical reactions. In a first aspect, at least one of the reactants of a chemical reaction is confined to an ITP zone, but the resulting product of the chemical reaction is separated from this ITP zone by the ITP process. In... Agent: Lumen Patent Firm

20100084272 - Water treatment apparatus: A portable apparatus for treating polluted water by electrocoagulation. The apparatus comprising at least two electrodes (1,2). The apparatus also includes a housing (4), electrically isolated from the at least two electrodes (1,2), to which the at least two electrodes (1,2) are fixed spaced apart from one another. When the... Agent: David A. Guerra International Patent Group, LLC

20100084273 - Method and apparatus for programmable fluidic processing: A method and apparatus for microfluidic processing by programmably manipulating a packet. A material is introduced onto a reaction surface and compartmentalized to form a packet. A position of the packet is sensed with a position sensor. A programmable manipulation force is applied to the packet at the position. The... Agent: Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.

20100084274 - Fluid treatment device for fluid activation: A periphery of a fluid passage (1) extended through a casing (10) is enclosed by a conductive metal layer (5) formed from a non-magnetic material. Four permanent magnets (M1 to M4) are arranged along an outside surface of the inside conductive metal layer (5). The individual permanent magnets (M1 to... Agent: Clark & Brody

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20100078307 - Anaerobic process for treating organic material to generate biogas: The present invention provides an anaerobic digestion process for the treatment of organic waste materials, which process comprises a bacterial process that is carried out in the absence of oxygen and wherein said process comprises digestion, in which said waste is fermented in tanks at an elevated temperature, and wherein... Agent: Robert J. Baran, Esq. Attorney Of Record

20100078308 - Process for depositing a coating on a blisk: A process for depositing coatings, and particularly erosion-resistant coatings suitable for protecting surfaces of a gas turbine engine blisk having a disk and integral blades with flowpath surfaces that are susceptible to erosion. The processing involves placing the blisk adjacent a coating material source in an apparatus configured to evaporate... Agent: Hartman And Hartman, P.C.

20100078309 - Sputtering method and sputtering apparatus: A sputtering method is for forming, in a vacuum chamber, an initial layer on a film formation target object and then further forming a second layer on the initial layer therein, and the method includes: in the vacuum chamber, arranging surfaces of a pair of targets to face each other... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20100078311 - Aluminum floride thin film deposition method: An aluminum fluoride thin film deposition method includes the steps of (a) putting a substrate and a pure aluminum target in a plasma sputtering system, (b) applying argon plasma to the plasma sputtering system to remove impurities from the aluminum target, (c) applying CF4 gas, which is stable at room... Agent: Troxell Law Office PLLC

20100078313 - Sputtering apparatus and method of thin film formation: The present invention provides a sputtering apparatus and a method of thin film formation, whereby a film having quality superior in uniformity even for relatively large substrates can be obtained and the generation of particles and nodules is suppressed. The sputtering apparatus of the present invention includes: a vacuum vessel... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100078312 - Sputtering chamber having icp coil and targets on top wall: A vacuum chamber has multiple wafer positions, and the wafers are positioned by a rotating pallet. Above a wafer position in the chamber there may be a sputtering target, a flat inductively coupled plasma (ICP) coil for etching the wafer and/or promoting sputtering, and a TEOS vapor outlet for forming... Agent: Patent Law Group LLP

20100078314 - Method for coating fuel system components: The present disclosure includes a method of producing a fuel system component. The method includes providing a substrate and a coating, wherein the substrate comprises steel and the coating comprises a metal nitride. The method also includes applying the coating to at least part of the substrate using a magnetron... Agent: Caterpillar/finnegan, Henderson, L.L.P.

20100078310 - Fabricating method of magnetoresistive element, and storage medium: The present invention provides a fabricating method of a magnetoresistive element having an MR ratio higher than a conventional MR ratio. In a step of depositing a magnetization fixed layer, a magnetization free layer, and a tunnel barrier layer on a substrate using a sputtering method in one embodiment of... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100078315 - Microstrip antenna assisted ipvd: The invention provides a microwave source to assist in sputtering deposition. Such a microwave source comprises a microstrip antenna that is attached to an end of a dielectric layer outside a sputtering target or cathode. The microstrip antenna comprising a dielectric coated metal strip radiates microwave between the sputtering cathode... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew LLP

20100078316 - Method of forming mask for dry etching and manufacturing method of magnetic head using the same method: The present invention relates to a method for forming a dry etching mask. A plurality of aluminum oxide films are sequentially sputtered on a material to be dry etched in such a manner that etching rate with respect to reactive ion etching increases toward a lower layer. On a laminated... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100078317 - Pressurized electrolysis stack with thermal expansion capability: The present techniques provide systems and methods for mounting an electrolyzer stack in an outer shell so as to allow for differential thermal expansion of the electrolyzer stack and shell. Generally, an electrolyzer stack may be formed from a material with a high coefficient of thermal expansion, while the shell... Agent: Ge Trading & Licensing

20100078318 - Surface cleaning device with a bleach generator: According to the invention, a surface cleaning device comprises an electrolytic cell for generating bleach for use with a cleaning pad. The electrolytic cell is in fluid communication with the cleaning pad for delivering bleach to a surface to be cleaned. According to another embodiment of the invention, the surface... Agent: Mcgarry Bair PC

20100078319 - Method of manufacturing a cathode plate, and a cathode plate: A method of manufacturing a cathode plate (1) that is used in the electrolytic cleaning and recovery of metals, the cathode plate being at least partly manufactured of stainless steel and the surface of the cathode plate being treated in at least one stage, whereby the cathode plate is formed... Agent: Chernoff, Vilhauer, Mcclung & Stenzel, LLP

20100078320 - Microwave plasma containment shield shaping: The present invention provides microwave systems and methods for achieving better control of process and film properties by optimizing plasma containment shield shaping around an antenna. By using a containment shield, plasma generated by microwave may become more homogeneous, and the pressure inside a processing chamber may be reduced. By... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew LLP

20100078321 - Method for assembling at least two plates and use of method for preparing an ion beam sputtering assembly: e

20100078322 - Biosensor: It is an object of the present invention to provide an excellent biosensor which can perform supply of a sample solution accurately and easily. A biosensor which has a capillary (7) for collecting a sample solution and analyzes a specific substance in the sample solution is provided with, in addition... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack L.L.P.

20100078323 - Component separating device and chemical analysis device using the same: A vibrator has a large strength of a standing wave even with a low driving voltage, thereby improving the accuracy of component separation. A device according to the present invention includes a substrate having a channel groove provided in an upper surface of the substrate, a seal provided above the... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20100078324 - Electrochemical cell: A hollow electrochemical cell is provided. In one exemplary embodiment, a hollow electrochemical cell includes two sets of electrodes and an opening for admitting an analyte to the cell. At least one of the two sets of electrodes can be in fluid communication with the opening. Further, a first set... Agent: Nutter Mcclennen & Fish LLP

20100078325 - Devices and methods for determining the length of biopolymers and distances between probes bound thereto: Devices and methods for detecting the length of analytes and/or sequencing analytes are provided in which two or more electrical signals are obtained as an analyte traverses a fluidic channel. Detection of the relative position of probes hybridized to a biopolymer and/or the length of the analyte (e.g., a biopolymer)... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Patent Administrator

20100078326 - Plating pretreatment apparatus and method for cylinder block: The present invention provides an apparatus for plating pretreatment of a cylinder block that includes an electrode performing a plating pretreatment of the cylinder inner wall surface. A gap flow channel communicates with an in-electrode flow channel at a position closest to a seal jig, the gap flow channel being... Agent: Barnes & Thornburg LLP

20100078327 - Deionization apparatus, electrode module for the same and method for manufacturing the same: In the deionization apparatus, among a pair of electrode modules to which a power is applied, only one electrode module includes an electrode capable of adsorbing ions to impart an ion-adsorption capability thereto and the other electrode module includes an electrode having no ion-adsorption capability not to impart an ion-adsorption... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

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