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Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing

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07/10/2014 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140193918 - Automatic analyzer: An automatic analyzer adapted to enhance sample/reagent dispensing accuracy, regardless of a difference in sample/reagent dispensing height of a dispensing probe. When the amount of sample in a sample container is small, tip height “h1” of a sample dispensing probe positioned immediately after it has aspirated the sample decreases below... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140193920 - Metabolomics of human biological fluids identify signatures of malignant glioma: A method of identifying a patient in need of therapy to treat a malignant glioma comprising measuring a panel of polar metabolite levels in a biological sample taken from the patient and implementing a therapy to treat the malignant glioma in the patient.... Agent:

20140193919 - Methods of detecting ovarian cancer: Methods of screening human female subject for a risk of ovarian cancer are described. High levels of calcium in serum are shown to be significantly positively associated with the risk of ovarian cancer and can advantageously be used to triage women into risk categories for more intensive testing. Also included... Agent:

20140193921 - Test apparatus and target measurement method using the same: A test apparatus and method for measuring a concentration of a target by correcting for an impact of hemoglobin are provided. The target measurement method includes measuring an absorbance of hemoglobin in a sample, measuring an absorbance of a target in the sample, determining variation of the absorbance of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140193922 - Method for combustion analysis of samples in a combustion analyzer: A method for combustion analysing a sample in a combustion analyzer (120,160,180) is provided, where the sample comprises a proportion of sulphur. The sample is supplied to the combustion analyzer and combusted to produce combustion products, comprising a yield of sulphur dioxide for detection. Nitrogen monoxide or a source of... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

20140193923 - Sensors and methods for detecting peroxide based explosives: m

20140193924 - Instruments for monitoring electrostatic phenomena in reactors: Probes for monitoring electrostatic phenomena in challenging environments, such as fluidized bed reactors. These probes include a coated or uncoated static probe for measuring electric field and or particle charge state, an oscillatory electric field probe for measuring electric field, a chopped electric field probe for measuring electric field, and... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140193925 - Biosensors: A chemiresistive biosensor for detecting an analyte can include a high specific surface area substrate conformally coated with a conductive polymer, and a binding reagent immobilized on the conductive polymer, wherein the binding reagent has a specific affinity for the analyte. The conductive polymer can be deposited on a substrate... Agent:

20140193927 - Prediction of recurrence for bladder cancer by a protein signature in tissue samples: The present invention pertains to the field of cancer prediction. Specifically, it relates to a method for predicting the risk of recurrence of bladder cancer in a subject after treatment of bladder cancer comprising the steps of determining the amount of at least one biomarker selected from the biomarkers shown... Agent: Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum

20140193926 - Pyrenyloxysulfonic acid fluorescent agents: The invention provides a novel class of reactive fluorescent agents that are based on a pyrene sulfonic acid nucleus. The agents are readily incorporated into conjugates with other species by reacting the reactive group with a group of complementary reactivity on the other species of the conjugate. Also provided are... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

07/03/2014 > 14 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140186960 - Non human animal models for increased retinal vascular permeability: The present invention relates to a non human animal model for increased retinal vascular permeability wherein said increased retinal vascular permeability is induced by inhibiting in Müller cells of said animal the expression of a gene encoding for Dp71 or a dystrophin associated protein (DAP). Furthermore, the present invention relates... Agent: Institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale (inserm)

20140186961 - Method for detecting malodor from air conditioner, reproducing malodor and preparing corresponding malodor composition: A method is provided that identifies the compounds contributing to a malodor from an air conditioner, reproduces the malodor, and prepares a corresponding malodor composition. Through the analysis method of the present invention, the compounds contributing to the malodor from an air conditioner are identified and quantified. The malodor is... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140186962 - Ph-sensor: Further, the invention relates to a method for determining the H+-concentration, e.g. expressed as pH, in a product or sample thereof, the method comprising contacting the product or sample with an optical H+-sensor according to the invention, measuring an optical property of the indicator material, and determining the H+-concentration of... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20140186963 - Microfluid testing system with a multiple-channel disc and utility thereof: The present invention discloses a system for testing microfluid which is made with a disposable disc. The high sensitivity, high sensing accuracy, and quick response microfluidic disc is demonstrated in the present invention. It is note that easy to test microfluid without traditional detecting method, and then reduce energy and... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20140186964 - Means and methods for assessing increased peroxisomal proliferation: The present invention pertains to the field of toxicological assessments for risk stratification of chemical compounds. Specifically, it relates to a method for diagnosing increased peroxisomal proliferation. It also relates to a method of determining whether a compound is capable of inducing such peroxisomal proliferation in a subject and to... Agent: Basf Se

20140186965 - Methods to dissolve beryllium and its compounds present in samples to facilitate determination of beryllium in these samples: A safer, low-cost practical method of dissolving beryllium or a beryllium compound including beryllium oxide in a sample is disclosed. This method discloses use of acidic solutions under mild heating conditions to dissolve beryllium and its compounds. These solutions may then be used to quantitatively analyze for beryllium so as... Agent:

20140186966 - Single photon spectrometer: A fiberized single photon sensitive spectrometer on a 32-channel PMT sensor is highly sensitive with broad detection dynamic range. The spectrometer enables accurate and high speed detection, identification and analysis of biological samples labeled with multiple fluorescent markers, such as compositions of multi-color fluorescence signals or radiation emitted by multiple... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20140186967 - Single photon spectrometer: A fiberized single photon sensitive spectrometer on a 32-channel PMT sensor is highly sensitive with broad detection dynamic range. The spectrometer enables accurate and high speed detection, identification and analysis of biological samples labeled with multiple fluorescent markers, such as compositions of multi-color fluorescence signals or radiation emitted by multiple... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20140186968 - Method for detecting fish-like odor from air conditioner, reproducing fish-like odor and preparing corresponding fish-like odor composition: A method that identifies the compounds contributing to a fish-like odor from an air conditioner and artificially reproduces the fish-like odor, and prepares a corresponding fish-like odor composition. Through the analysis method of the present invention, the compounds contributing to the fish-like odor from an air conditioner are identified and... Agent:

20140186969 - Dinitroxide-type biradical compounds optimized for dynamic nuclear polarization (dnp): The present invention relates to the field of organic chemistry and in particular to organic free radicals used as polarizing agents in the technique of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP), which involves transferring the polarization of electron spins to the nuclei of a compound whose Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is being... Agent: Universite D'aix-marseille

20140186972 - Apparatus and method for identifying a hook effect and expanding the dynamic range in point of care immunoassays: The present invention relates to systems and methods for the rapid in situ determination of the existence of a hook effect and expansion of the dynamic range of a point of care immunoassay. For example, a system for identifying a hook effect and expanding the dynamic range of an immunoassay... Agent: Abbott Point Of Care Inc.

20140186973 - Assays for detecting neutralizing autoantibodies to biologic therapy: The present invention provides assays for detecting and measuring the presence or level of neutralizing and non-neutralizing autoantibodies to biologics such as anti-TNFα drug therapeutics in a sample. The present invention is useful for monitoring the formation of neutralizing and/or non-neutralizing anti-drug antibodies over time while a subject is on... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140186970 - Imprinted photonic polymers and methods for their preparation and use: Macroporous matrices containing molecularly imprinted photonic polymers (MIPPs) and methods of making these macroporous matrices are disclosed herein. The macroporous matrices can, for example, be used for detection of small molecules, such as metal ions, in a sample.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140186971 - Testkit for laboratory diagnostics: A device for incubating an immunoblot strip (6) includes at least one incubation channel (1) into which an elongate immunoblot strip (6) having at least one biological material on its front is inserted with its back facing a channel base (2). An agitating means (7), with which the immunoblot strip... Agent: Euroimmun Medizinische Labordiagnostika Ag

06/26/2014 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140179008 - Buffer kit and method of generating a linear ph gradient: A buffer kit includes a first eluent and second eluent. The first eluent solution includes at least four buffer salts where at least three of the four buffer salts are a monovalent buffer salt, have a net negative charge or a net neutral zwitterionic charge, and include a sulfonate group... Agent:

20140179009 - Mineral wool product: The invention relates to a mineral wool product comprising mineral fibers that is marked with an UV or IR active substance and can therefore be identified under exposure to suitable radiation.... Agent: Knauf Insulation

20140179010 - Methods of detecting reverse triiodothyronine by mass spectrometry: Provided are methods for determining the amount of reverse T3 in a sample using mass spectrometry. The methods generally involve ionizing reverse T3 in a sample and detecting and quantifying the amount of the ion to determine the amount of reverse T3 in the sample.... Agent: Quest Diagnostics Investments, Inc.

20140179011 - Rapid fluorescence tagging of glycans and other biomolecules with enhanced ms signals: Reagents comprising MS active, fluorescent molecules with an activated functionality for reaction with amines useful in tagging biomolecules such as N-glycans and uses thereof are taught and described.... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140179012 - Method of analyzing a blood sample: A method of analyzing a blood sample is provided. The method comprises providing a system configured to perform an analysis of a glucose level of the blood sample disposed on a test medium, wherein the test medium is one of a quantity of test media in a user's supply, monitoring,... Agent:

20140179013 - Methods and systems for analyzing a blood sample: A method of analyzing a blood sample is provided. The method comprises providing a glucometer configured to analyze a blood sample and a remote computing device separate from the glucometer, analyzing, by the glucometer, the blood sample, and presenting, by the glucometer, encoded results. The encoded results may be presented... Agent:

20140179014 - Fluorescent nitric oxide probes and associated methods: Nitric oxide probes including a compound represented by Formula, I, II, III, IV, V, VI or a combination thereof are provided. Methods of using these nitric oxide probes to detect nitric oxide are also provided.... Agent:

20140179015 - Responsive luminescent lathanide complexes: t

20140179016 - Reagent for measuring degree of oxidative stress and method of measuring degree of oxidative stress: The present invention provides a reagent for measuring a degree of oxidative stress that includes a compound represented by the following general formula (I) or a salt thereof, and a method of measuring a degree of oxidative stress using the reagent for measuring a degree of oxidative stress. In the... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20140179017 - Tetracationic cyclophanes and their use in the sequestration of polyaromatic hydrocarbons by way of complexation: Novel tetracationic cyclophanes incorporating π-electron poor organic compounds into their ring structures, as well as methods of making the cyclophanes, are provided. The cyclophanes are able to form electron donor-acceptor complexes with a variety of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) ranging in size, shape, and electron density. Also provided are methods of... Agent:

20140179018 - Method for analyzing halogen oxoacids: To quantitatively analyze halogen oxoacids such as bromic acid and perchloric acid, an HPLC/MS in which a mass spectrometer is connected to the outlet of a column of a high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) is used, and by using a reverse-phase column having an ion exchange function as the column,... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140179019 - Simultaneous global thermometry, barometry, and velocimetry systems and methods: Microbeads include small preformed microbead substrates, which may comprise, for example, silica particles having a characteristic dimension less than 2 millimeters. A plurality of luminophores are applied to an exposed surface of the microbead substrates, wherein the luminophores are selected for detecting pressure and/or temperature. A plurality of luminophores absorb... Agent: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

20140179020 - Methods and apparatus for identifying ion species formed during gas-phase reactions: A method for matching each of a plurality of progenitor ion types to respective product or fragment ion types, comprising: generating the plurality of progenitor ion types over a time range by ionizing compounds eluting during the time range using an atmospheric pressure ion source; generating the product or fragment... Agent:

20140179021 - High throughput microfluidic device: A microfluidic element comprising at least one pair of plates, at least one of said plates having an open channel distributed on a surface that is adjacent the other plate in the pair. In use, said plates are releasably clamped together so as to form an enclosed, continuous microfluidic channel... Agent: University Of South Australia

20140179022 - Rotating shielded magnetic actuator: Magnetic actuators comprising at least one shielded rotatable magnet are presented. Systems comprising such magnetic actuators and methods for using such magnetic actuators to isolate magnetic particles in a fluid are also presented.... Agent: Luminex Corporation

20140179024 - Device and methods for detecting analytes in saliva: The invention provides a device for detecting drugs of abuse or other compounds in saliva. The invention thus provides a device for detecting the presence of one or more analytes in a saliva sample, comprising: (a) One or more pre-treatment regions for specifically or non-specifically removing at least a part... Agent:

20140179023 - Method for detecting a target particle in biosample containing pancreatic juice: Provided is a method for detecting a target particle in a biosample containing pancreatic juice, the method enabling the detection in a solution that has a lower concentration or number density of the target particles than the level possible for conventional photoanalysis techniques. This method comprises: a probe-binding step for... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140179025 - Particles: A coated magnetic particle comprising an optionally porous magnetic polymer particle of a matrix polymer, said polymer particle having on a surface and/or in the pores thereof superparamagnetic crystals, said coated particle having a coat formed of a coating polymer, wherein said coated magnetic particle is essentially non-autofluorescent.... Agent: Life Technologies As

06/19/2014 > 20 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140170754 - Method for diagnosing corrosion of underground storage tank system: A method for diagnosing corrosion of an underground storage tank system is provided. The method includes the following steps. A sample from the underground storage tank system is collected, wherein the sample comprises at lease one metal ion. The species and the concentration of the metal ion in the sample... Agent:

20140170755 - Method to evaluate the quantity of methane produced by a dairy ruminant and method to reduce and control this quantity: m

20140170756 - Procedure for dispensing sample cuvettes and reagents, and apparatus for this purpose: Apparatus and processes for placing sample cuvettes at measuring points, dispensing a reagent into the cuvettes, and forwarding used cuvettes to a receptacle after finishing the measurements. The apparatus has an incubation module (1) for incubating sample cuvettes (7), a reagent module (3) containing a reagent of an amount needed... Agent: Diagon Kft.

20140170757 - Method and apparatus for analyte measurement: A method is provided for a portable computing device to read a reaction area on a test strip, which is located in a peripheral device placed over an image sensor and a light source of the portable computing device. Light is provided with the light source, which the peripheral device... Agent:

20140170758 - System and method for controlling a microfluidic handling device: A system and method for controlling a microfluidic handling device is presented. One embodiment of the system includes a microfluidic synthesis cassette. Further, the system includes a synthesizer unit to receive the microfluidic synthesis cassette and execute one or more synthesis runs on the received microfluidic synthesis cassette to generate... Agent: General Electric Company

20140170760 - Optical anaylsis device, optical analysis method and computer program for optical analysis using single light-emitting particle detection: There is provided an optical analysis technique of detecting light of a light-emitting particle in a sample solution in the scanning molecule counting method using the light measurement with a confocal or multiphoton microscope, for suppressing the scattering in detected results of signals of light of light-emitting particles smaller and... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140170759 - System and method for determining amino acid sequence of polypeptide: This invention discloses systems and methods for determining the sequence of amino acids in a short peptide chain that constructs a protein. The protein is firstly hydrolyzed to various short peptides and amino acid enantiomers. Then, the systems and method are used to separate the short peptides and the amino... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20140170761 - Glucose monitoring device in a protective smartphone case: A smartphone protective cover that houses a glucose monitor, test strips, lancets, a lancet striker, a power source, and a biohazard debris receptacle is presented. According to the preferred embodiment of the invention, the protective covering is configured to include a smartphone adapted glucose monitor and also to accept a... Agent:

20140170762 - Integrated circuit arrangement, device and gas detection method: An integrated circuit arrangement (100) is disclosed comprising a substrate (210); and a gas such as a CO2 sensor comprising spatially separated electrodes including at least an excitation electrode (132) and a sensing electrode (142); a volume (120) in contact with said pair of electrodes, said volume including a chemical... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140170763 - Processes for determining stream compositions in simulated moving bed systems: Processes for simulated moving bed systems for separating a preferentially adsorbed component from a feed stream and processes for determining compositions of one or more streams in the system are provided. The process comprises the steps of rotating a rotary valve to a first valve position to direct the feed... Agent: Uop LLC

20140170764 - Pretreatment system and method: The present invention is mainly intended to provide a pretreatment system that can use an calcium ion electrode to accurately measure calcium ion concentration with a simple configuration, and the pretreatment system is a pretreatment system 1 that is intended to perform pretreatment before measuring calcium ion concentration in a... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140170766 - Aptamer based point-of-care test for glycated albumin: Disclosed herein is a point-of-care or home use device for measuring the ratio of glycated albumin to total albumin in saliva and other body fluids. The ratio of glycated albumin to total albumin in saliva will provide an indication of the average amount of protein glycation that occurred over the... Agent: Epinex Diagnostics, Inc.

20140170773 - Method for detecting asbestos: In order to provide a method for more efficiently, easily, and accurately detecting asbestos without changing the asbestos detection criterion of the phase-contrast microscope/electron microscope method as compared with the phase-contrast microscope/electron microscope method, a phase-contrast microscope and a fluorescence microscope are used in combination to detect asbestos contained in... Agent: Hiroshima University

20140170767 - Method for diagnosing biomarkers and biomarker diagnosis kit: A method for diagnosing a biomarker using magnetic particles and quantum dots for quantitative analysis and a biomarker diagnosis kit are provided. The method for diagnosing a biomarker includes: ii) providing magnetic particles having surfaces to which a primary antibody capable of collecting a biomarker using a linker is fixed;... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140170772 - Method for measuring amount of analyte and device for spfs: [Means for Solution] The method for measuring the amount of an analyte according to the present invention is characterized in that a lectin labeled with a fluorescent dye, preferably said lectin whose dissociation rate constant [kd] is from 1.0×10−6 to 1.0×10−3 (S−1), is used as a secondary antibody in a... Agent: Konica Minolta Inc

20140170768 - Method for monitoring and assessing pituitary function: Methods for monitoring pituitary function and for distinguishing Cushing's disease from Cushing's syndrome. The methods includes (1) providing a subject, (2) administering to the subject a daily dosage of a glucocorticoid antagonist, (3) monitoring adrenocorticotropic hormone (“ACTH”) and/or cortisol levels in the subject. Subjects having normal pituitary function typically show... Agent:

20140170770 - Methods of use for an immunoassay detecting fragment ba: Methods, compositions and kits for detecting the complement Factor B cleavage product Ba in a biological sample are described. These methods, compositions and kits are useful in convenient, reliable and early diagnosis of or ruling out pre-eclampsia in a pregnant human subject.... Agent: Quidel Corporation

20140170769 - Microscope apparatus for detecting or imaging protein using probe for intrinsic fluorescence resonance energy transfer and method for detecting or imaging protein using the same: A microscope apparatus for detecting or imaging a target protein using a probe for intrinsic fluorescence resonance energy transfer (iFRET) according to the present invention comprises: a light irradiation unit that irradiates a first light having a wavelength range for exciting an amino acid in the target protein and a... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Bioscience And Biotechnology

20140170771 - Mid-regional pro-atrial natriuretic peptide (pro-anp) for the identification of patients with atrial fibrillation with an onset of less than 48 hours ago: The invention relates to a method for the determination of the time from onset of atrial fibrillation to presentation in a patient comprising the steps of: providing a sample of a bodily fluid of said patient, determining the level of proANP (SEQ ID NO: 1) or fragments thereof in said... Agent: Assistance Publique-hopitaux De Paris

20140170765 - Spectroscopic assembly and method: A spectrometer assembly is provided having an optical transmission filter including a stack of continuous, non-patterned alternating dielectric and metal layers. Angle-dependent transmission wavelength shift of the optical transmission filter with continuous metal layers is small e.g. in comparison with multilayer dielectric filters, facilitating size reduction of the spectrometer assembly.... Agent:

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