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Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing

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10/02/2014 > 20 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140295559 - Method for prediction of inhibition durability index of shale inhibitors and inhibitive drilling mud systems: Embodiments of a method used for determination of inhibition durability index (IDI) of an inhibitive mud system can include multiple stages, with each stage including specific steps. The first stage can include a dispersion test that evaluates the inhibition effects of a stability inhibitor after exposing the test material to... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140295560 - Device and method for predicting corrosion: The present disclosure provides a device for predicting corrosion in a tubular element that receives hydrocarbons. The device includes a housing, a first sensor, and a location tracking device. The first sensor is partially within the housing and detects one of first physical, chemical and electrical signals of a fluid... Agent:

20140295561 - Moisture indicator for wood substrates: A moisture content indicator for visually indicating the moisture content of a wood substrate and methods of making the moisture content indicator are provided.... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20140295563 - Analyzer and analyzing method: There is provided an analyzer capable of stably supplying the cuvettes even if a great number of cuvettes is input to the storage section without thinking. The analyzer includes a storage section configured to store the plurality of input cuvettes, a take-out section configured to take out the cuvettes in... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140295562 - Sample analyzer and method for loading reagent container: Disclosed is a sample analyzer, comprising: a container storage configured to store a plurality of reagent containers; a setting chamber including within a setting portion on which at least one reagent container is set; a container detector for detecting the reagent container on the setting portion; a gate to open... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140295564 - Gel dosimeter for measuring radiation dosage and manufacturing method therefor: To measure three-dimensional dose distributions with a dosimeter, such as a gel dosimeter. In an embodiment of the present invention, provided is a gel dosimeter having water, as solvent or disperse medium, clay particles that swell with water, and recording material precursor, which are dissolved or dispersed with each other.... Agent: Riken

20140295566 - Carbohydrate-ligand conjugates and their application for the analysis of carbohydrate-protein interaction: (wherein n and p each is an integer of 0 to 6) in which X is a structure comprising one, two, or three hydrocarbon derivative chains which have an aromatic amino group at the end and may have a carbon-nitrogen bond in the main chain, Y is a hydro-carbon structure... Agent: National University Corporation Kagoshima University

20140295565 - Surface energy gradient films for analytical devices: A device comprising a channel comprising at least one surface wherein the surface comprises a fluid-impervious base surface covered by a coating beginning at a proximal location and ending at a distal location along the at least one surface of the channel, the coating forming a surface energy gradient from... Agent:

20140295567 - Method for detecting nucleic acid using intercalator-conjugated metal nanoparticles: The present invention relates to a method for detecting nucleic acid using intercalator-conjugated metal nanoparticles. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method which involves applying a sample containing a target nucleic acid to a DNA chip having a substrate with a DNA probe fixed thereon, reacting metal nanoparticles... Agent: Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.

20140295569 - Reagent for detection and assessment of free chlorine in aqueous solution: Provided is a heat dried reagent composition that is dry, methods of making it, and methods of using it. The heat dried reagent composition can be characterized by one or more of stability to the heat drying conditions; storage stability of the heat dried reagent composition; fast rehydration time; rapid... Agent: Lamotte Chemical Products Company

20140295568 - Reagent for detection and assessment of total chlorine in aqueous solution: Provided is a heat dried reagent composition that is dry, methods of making it, and methods of using it. The heat dried reagent composition can be characterized by one or more of: stability to the heat drying conditions; storage stability of the heat dried reagent composition; fast rehydration time; rapid... Agent: Lamotte Chemical Products Company

20140295570 - In situ heated process probe: A process combustion transmitter is provided. The transmitter includes a process probe extendible into a flow of process combustion exhaust. The process probe has a measurement cell with an operating temperature that is above a flashpoint of process combustion fuel. The process probe includes a heater configured to heat the... Agent: Rosemount Analytical, Inc.

20140295571 - Method and assembly for determining the temperature of a test sensor: An assembly determines an analyte concentration in a sample of body fluid. The assembly includes a test sensor having a fluid-receiving area for receiving a sample of body fluid, where the fluid-receiving area contains a reagent that produces a measurable reaction with an analyte in the sample. The assembly also... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20140295572 - Manipulation of fluids and reactions in microfluidic systems: Microfluidic structures and methods for manipulating fluids and reactions are provided. Such structures and methods may involve positioning fluid samples, e.g., in the form of droplets, in a carrier fluid (e.g., an oil, which may be immiscible with the fluid sample) in predetermined regions in a microfluidic network. In some... Agent: Brandeis University

20140295573 - Biosensor with dual gate structure and method for detecting concentration of target protein in a protein solution: A biosensor with a dual gate structure is disclosed herein. The biosensor comprises: a transistor, a sensing pad, and a plurality of nanostructures. The sensing pad has a conductive area working as another gate and neighboring to the channel layer of the transistor, and a sensing area extended outward from... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140295577 - Chemical sensor, chemical sensor module, biomolecule detection apparatus, and biomolecule detection method: [Solving Means] A chemical sensor includes a substrate, an on-chip lens, and a flattening layer. On the substrate, a plurality of photodiodes are formed to be arranged in a planar form. The on-chip lens collects incident light to the photodiodes and is provided on the substrate. The flattening layer covers... Agent:

20140295576 - Insoluble carrier for use in anti-phospholipid antibody measurement reagent, anti-phospholipid antibody measurement reagent, and method for measuring anti-phospholipid antibody: The present invention has an object to provide an insoluble carrier for an antiphospholipid antibody detection reagent having a high reactivity. The present invention also has an object to provide an antiphospholipid antibody detection reagent, and a method of detecting an antiphospholipid antibody. The present invention directs to an insoluble... Agent:

20140295574 - Method of fabricating testing reagent carrier through ionizing radiation: A method is provided for modifying a radioactive carbon nanotube (CNT) carrier. Magnetic molecules are used. The modified CNT is highly specified to disease. Surface of the CNT has functional grafts for catching antigen/antibody. Antigen/antibody thus caught on the surface is increased in number. Thus, the present invention improves sensitivity... Agent: Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, R.o.c.

20140295575 - Zwitterion-containing acridinium compounds: Hydrophilic, chemiluminescent acridinium compounds containing zwitterions are disclosed. These acridinium compounds, when used as chemiluminescent labels in immunochemistry assays and the like, exhibit decreased non-specific binding to solid phases and provide increased assay sensitivity.... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20140295578 - Systems for immunoassay tests: This invention relates to a cartridge for an immunoassay test. The cartridge comprises (a) a probe well comprising a probe and a cap, the cap being in a closed position to enclose the probe in the probe well, wherein the probe has a bottom tip coated with analyte-binding molecules, (b)... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 20 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140287514 - Luminescent microporous material for detection and discrimination of low-levels of common gases and vapors: The present invention includes a sensing device and method detecting the presence of a chemical analyte, comprising: a surface; a continuous or discontinuous terbium(III)-triphenylphosphine oxide coordination polymer layer deposited on the surface, wherein the polymer layer is porous; and a luminescence detector, wherein one or more analytes that interact with... Agent:

20140287515 - Laboratory module for storing and feeding to further processing of samples: A laboratory module for storing and providing access to a plurality of samples, the laboratory module comprising a plurality of bays comprising a plurality of guiding rails and a plurality of rack tray bays for accommodating a plurality of rack trays, and a transport chamber for transporting at least one... Agent:

20140287516 - Light-blocking system for a diagnostic analyzer: A diagnostic analyzer includes a track, a light-blocking member, a motor, and an optical testing device. The track moves a reaction vessel held by the track. The light-blocking member is disposed adjacent to the track. The light-blocking member moves from a first position apart from the track to a second... Agent:

20140287517 - Sk: This invention relates to methods and means for performing pool and other water and liquid testing. Some embodiments of the methods and means of the invention also incorporate additional functionality including, but not limited to communication, sensing, display and data processing elements. Various embodiments of the methods and means of... Agent:

20140287518 - Method of concentration determination and gas concentration sensor: The invention relates to a method for determining a concentration of at least one component of gas present in a gas line or in a gas container, wherein gas is led off from the gas line or the gas container at a measurement location and is supplied to at least... Agent: Sick Ag

20140287519 - Method, control device and device for analyzing a gas: A method for analyzing a gas at a heatable element for a lambda probe includes reading a value of a heating power available to the heatable element for maintaining a predetermined temperature of the heatable element, and determining a gas composition of the gas at the heatable element using the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140287520 - System and method for optical detection using capillary action: A system and method for the detection of one or more analytes in a collected sample employs capillary action in a sample card containing a sample substrate, at least one test capsule and an absorbent pad. The absorbent pad absorbs the contents of the test capsule and delivers the same... Agent:

20140287521 - Measuring device for tubular bag packaging machines: The invention relates to a measuring device, more particularly for a tubular bag packaging machine 1, to determine the concentration of at least one gas within a package 2 to be sealed, wherein it is possible to introduce a protective gas via a gas lance 3 into the package 2... Agent: Witt Gmbh & Co Holding Und Handels-kg

20140287522 - Pulsed admission of analyte to detection apparatus: A detecting method using an IMS apparatus with a preconcentrator outside its inlet aperture. Analyte vapor is adsorbed during a first phase when substantially no gas is admitted to the reaction region. The preconcentrator is then energized to desorb the analyte molecules and create a volume of desorbed molecules outside... Agent: Smiths Detection-watford Limited

20140287523 - Linear track diagnostic analyzer: A diagnostic analyzer system includes a linear track, at least one pipetting device, and at least one diagnostic module. The linear track includes a pre-treatment lane disposed parallel to at least one processing lane. The linear track moves reaction vessels, containing samples, held by the pre-treatment lane and by the... Agent:

20140287524 - Microfluidic device and control method thereof: A microfluidic device and a control method, the microfluidic device including a platform including a chamber configured to accommodate a sample, a channel connected to the chamber, and a metering unit connected to the chamber by the channel and configured to meter an amount of the sample, wherein the metering... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140287525 - Reagent container pack: A reagent container pack for storing, preserving, and automatically unsealing and resealing a plurality of reagent containers in a reagent container pack on-board an automated clinical sample analyzer for analyzing analytes in a body fluid.... Agent:

20140287533 - Detection of surface-bound magnetic particles: The invention relates to a method and a sensor device (100) for the detection of magnetic particles (1) bound to the binding surface (111) of a sample chamber (112), wherein said detection is made during and/or immediately after the action of an attractive magnetic field. Preferably, the attractive magnetic field... Agent:

20140287531 - G-quadruplex binding assays and compounds therefor: The present invention provides methods for assaying binding of compounds to G-quadruplex structures. Also provided are methods for screening candidate compounds for use as modulators of G-quadruplex activity, and methods for screening candidate compounds for telomerase inhibitory activity. The invention further provides novel compounds useful in the assays of the... Agent:

20140287532 - Immunoassay method for pro-gastrin-releasing peptide: e

20140287528 - Incorporation of methyl lysine into polypeptides: The invention relates to A method of making a polypeptide comprising at least one Nε-methyl-lysine at a specific site in said polypeptide, said method comprising (a) genetically directing the incorporation of R—Nε-methyl-lysine into said polypeptide, wherein R comprises an auxiliary group; and (b) catalysing the removal of R from the... Agent: Medical Research Council

20140287530 - Lipoprotein analysis by differential charged-particle mobility: The invention provides methods of preparation of lipoproteins from a biological sample, including HDL, LDL, Lp(a), IDL, and VLDL, for diagnostic purposes utilizing differential charged particle mobility analysis methods. Further provided are methods for analyzing the size distribution of lipoproteins by differential charged particle mobility, which lipoproteins are prepared by... Agent: Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated

20140287527 - Method and apparatus for time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay testing: A method and apparatus for assaying to detect the presence or quantity of an analyte in a test sample, comprising: forming an unbounded aqueous mixture of a first test sample with a defined amount of a nanosphere probe which is conjugate of an analyte capturing member and a long emission... Agent: Land And Long International Trading Co. Limited

20140287529 - Methods of normalizing measured drug concentrations and testing for potential non-compliance with a drug treatment regimen: Methods for monitoring subject compliance with a prescribed treatment regimen are disclosed. In an embodiment, the method comprises measuring a drug level in fluid of a subject and normalizing the measured drug level as a function of one or more parameters associated with the subject. The drug level can be... Agent: Ameritox, Ltd.

20140287526 - Nanotube based lateral flow device for biomarker detection: Nanotube based lateral flow test device described herein is a lateral flow based diagnostic device, which uses arrays of fragments of single wall carbon nanotubes as sensor to detect the biomarkers at ultralow concentration (below picogram per milliliter). The device is consisted of the following components: (1). an lateral flow... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 42 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.
09/11/2014 > 22 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140256050 - Sample processing apparatus, sample rack set, and sample processing method: A sample processing apparatus comprises a transporting section configured to transport a sample rack that is capable of holding a sample container at a plurality of holding positions, a detecting section that is configured to detect presence or absence of a rack distinction member at a holding position of the... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140256051 - Decarboxylation dosimetry: Methods and apparatuses of the present disclosure provide accurate and precise radiation dosimetry based on decarboxylation of a reactant upon exposure to ionizing radiation. The decarboxylation reaction yields carbon dioxide and stable end products, which can be detected and measured, and correlated to determine an amount of radiation exposure. The... Agent: University Of Rochester

20140256052 - Apparatus and method for analyzing blood clotting: The invention includes systems, apparatuses and methods to evaluate the strength of clotting in addition to or separate from activated clotting time. The strength of clotting may be correlated with the amount of energy employed to move an object within blood. The strength of clotting may be correlated with the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140256053 - Reversible color-changing ink formulations and nonwoven wipes: A reversible color-changing ink formulation, and a nonwoven wipe to which the ink formulation is securely bound, are provided. The reversible color-changing ink formulation includes about 55-98% by weight of a polymer binder, about 0.1-20% by weight of a reversible color-changing dye that reversibly changes between a first color and... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140256054 - Methods for elemental analysis by combusting a sample in a combustion tube: Methods are provided for conducting chemical analyses by combusting a sample in a combustion tube. A primary combustion chamber receives and combusts a sample to form first combustion products. A secondary combustion chamber receives and combusts the first combustion products to form second combustion products. The secondary chamber is disposed... Agent: Thermo Electron Manufacturing Limited

20140256055 - Exploration method and system for detection of hydrocarbons: A method for detecting hydrocarbons is described. The method includes performing a remote sensing survey of a survey location to identify a target location. Then, an underwater vehicle (UV) is deployed into a body of water and directed to the target location. The UV collects measurement data within the body... Agent:

20140256056 - Method to calibrate disposable cartridge cuvette thickness in-situ: An analytical system includes a laser disposed to direct light toward a microfluidic feature disposed in a feature layer of a multiple layer test cartridge, a sensor to receive reflections from capping layers disposed about the microfluidic feature in the feature layer, and a controller to determine a depth of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc

20140256057 - Chemical sensor, biomolecule detection apparatus, and biomolecule detection method: [Solving Means] A chemical sensor according to the present invention includes a substrate, an optical layer, and an intermediate layer. On the substrate, a plurality of photodiodes is arranged in a planar form. The optical layer is laminated on the substrate and has a waveguide formed therein which guides incident... Agent:

20140256058 - Sample tube with improved lid: The present invention discloses a lid for a sample tube and a sample tube enabling ventilation or sealing depending on the closing position of the lid. Furthermore, a method for drying a sample and a use of the above lid or of the above sample tube for storing or drying... Agent:

20140256059 - Multicolor microwave-accelerated metal-enhanced fluorescence (m-mamef): The present invention relates to the use of multiple different light emitting molecules that emit different and detectable emission signals to provide systems and methods to detect different target products in a single assay sample, wherein the different light emitting molecules are positioned an optimal distance from metallic particles thereby... Agent:

20140256060 - Ph-insensitive glucose indicator protein: The present invention encompasses a glucose indicator protein, a biosensor comprising one or more glucose indicator proteins, and methods of use thereof.... Agent: The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

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