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Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing

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02/05/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150037894 - Sorption exothermicity measurement device and sorption exothermicity measurement method: A sorption exothermicity measurement device (1) mainly includes: an air pump (2) that supplies dry air; a bubbling instrument (3) that humidifies dry air and supplies humidified air; a reaction measuring instrument (4) into which air flows so that the dry air or the humidified air comes in contact with... Agent: Kaken Test Center

20150037895 - Hydrocarbon detector based on carbon nanotubes: Hydrocarbon detectors having CNTs coated with an amphiphilic coating capable of sequestering an active molecule are provided. In one aspect, a hydrocarbon detection device is provided. The hydrocarbon detector device includes a plurality of CNTs dispersed in a polar solvent, wherein each of the CNTs is coated with an amphiphilic... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150037896 - Sample distribution: A method is described for distributing samples within an automated analyzer from a linear arrangement of sample vessels to a processing plate in a two-dimensional n×m arrangement wherein samples are sorted, followed by transfer with a pipetting device with a linear arrangement to a processing vessel in a two-dimensional n×m... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20150037897 - Method of analyzing a sapphire article: A method of removing material from a sapphire article is described. In particular, the method comprises the step of providing an initial sapphire layer and reducing the thickness of the layer while not significantly increasing the surface roughness of the layer, Cover plates for electronic device and methods of preparing... Agent:

20150037898 - Devices and methods of determining disturbance variable-corrected analyte concentrations: Devices and methods are provided for determining concentration of at least one analyte in a body fluid sample such as blood, especially a blood glucose concentration. In the methods, a test element is provided that has at least one reagent element configured so as to carry out at least one... Agent:

20150037899 - Borate detector composition and assay solution: A composition and an assay solution for the determination of dissolved borate concentration comprising a catechol dye, a solubilizing agent, and a buffer are described. The composition and assay solution may further comprise a solubilizing agent. The catechol dye acts as a chemical borate sensor. The chemical borate sensor changes... Agent:

20150037900 - Point of care cyanide test device and kit: A device, method, and test kit for rapidly detecting cyanide in a sample. The inventive device comprises a container comprising a sample chamber and a sensor chamber separated by a selectively permeable barrier. The sample chamber contains a reagent for releasing cyanide from the sample, and the sensor chamber contains... Agent:

20150037901 - Methods and kits for quantitative determination of total organic acid content in a coolant: The invention relates to methods and kits for determining the total organic acid content in a coolant sample.... Agent: Dexsil Corporation

20150037902 - Nanocalorimeter device and methods of operating the same: A nanocalorimeter device includes a head that defines first dispensing regions configured to receive first drops of first liquids and a cover that defines second dispensing regions corresponding to the first dispensing regions and configured to receive second drops of second liquids. The first and second dispensing regions form corresponding... Agent:

20150037903 - Device and method for dried fluid spot analysis: A lab-on-chip-based system is described for the direct and multiple sampling, control of the volume, fluid filtration, biochemical reactions, sample transfer, and dried spot generation on the conventional and commercial cards for dried fluid spot. Within an all-in-one integrated holder, the invention allows the complete process required to ensure a... Agent:

20150037904 - Interface designed with differential pumping and built-in figure of merit method to monitor chambers where environmentally sensitive samples are prepared and transferred for analysis: In some embodiments, a system may function to transfer samples in a controlled environment. The system may include a sample container configured to convey a sample from a first device to a second device. The first device may be under pressure and the second device may be under vacuum. The... Agent:

20150037909 - Electronic nose or tongue sensors: The present invention relates to a sensor for an electronic tongue or nose for analysing a sample or detecting a target. The sensor comprises a support, on one surface of which a plurality of sensitive areas are located, each sensitive area comprising at least one receptor and being capable of... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20150037907 - Methods and kits for detection of active malignany: Various embodiments of methods and kits are disclosed for detection and/or diagnosis of cancer (e.g., active malignancy) in a subject patient by analyzing a first sample of the subject patient's albumin-containing extracellular fluid (e.g., blood serum). Some embodiments comprise analyzing a second sample of the subject patient's albumin-containing extracellular fluid... Agent:

20150037908 - New method for rapid detection of hepatocyte growth factor in biological fluids: The present invention relates to a method for determining the presence, absence or amount of biologically active HGF in a sample, comprising the steps (i) bringing the sample in contact with a first porous solid phase comprising a HGF binding component of the extracellular matrix or cell membrane, and an... Agent:

20150037906 - Odor adsorbent material, odor detection kit, and method for using same: An odor adsorbent material, an odor detection kit, and a method for using the same for rapidly identifying a facility where binding of an odor component had occurred among facilities used in a distribution route of a commodity. The odor detection kit includes at least two pieces of an odor... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20150037905 - Risk markers for cardiovascular disease: Provided herein methods for determining whether a subject, particularly a human subject, is at risk of developing, having, or experiencing a complication of cardiovascular disease, and methods of treating subjects who are identified by the current methods of being at risk for cardiovascular disease. In one embodiment, the method comprises... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

01/29/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150031135 - Calibration method for reagent card analyzers: A method for calibrating an imager of a reagent analyzer, comprises positioning a dry reagent pad at a first read position in a field of view of the imager, the first read position illuminated by an illumination source with a first intensity, detecting a reference optical signal by the imager,... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150031136 - Test apparatus and method of controlling the same: A test apparatus, which may compare detection data of a detector with reference data and correct a positional error in the detector due to the failing of a motor, and a method of controlling the same are provided. The test apparatus includes a detector configured to irradiate light to a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150031137 - Waste water discharge apparatus and process: A process of monitoring a waste stream for metal levels and metal precipitating agent levels is provided.... Agent:

20150031138 - Emissive compositions with internal standard and related techniques: The present invention provides materials, devices, and methods related to determination of an analyte. In some embodiments, an analyte may be determined by monitoring, for example, a change in an optical signal of a luminescent material (e.g., particle) upon exposure to an analyte. The present invention may be particularly advantageous... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150031139 - Method and device for studying transport of an agent across a bilayer membrane in bioanalytical sensor applications: The present invention provides a method for studying transport of an agent across a membrane comprising the steps a) providing at least one surface with a bilayer structure tethered to the surface, said bilayer structure comprising a detection volume, b) contacting the bilayer with at least one agent to be... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20150031141 - Composition and method of using a catalyst for photo-catalytic degradation of contaminant in water: This invention relates to the preparation and making use of a catalyst for the photo-catalytic degradation of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) in water. Palladium doped on composite Cerium oxide-zinc oxide (Ce2O3—ZnO) photo-catalyst was prepared by wetness incipient impregnation method. This catalyst composition demonstrated 99.6% degradation of MTBE at room... Agent:

20150031140 - Composition of photocatalyst and method of using the same for degradation of fuel waste in contaminated water: The present disclosure relates to a novel photocatalyst composition and a process of using the photocatalyst for the photocatalytic degradation of methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) in water. Palladium doped nano zinc oxide photocatalyst was prepared by zinc nitrate hexahydrate and an ammonium carbonate and the photocatalyst composition demonstrated more than... Agent:

20150031142 - Device and method for measuring gas chemical solvent absorption and desorption reaction heat: The present disclosure discloses a device and a method for measuring gas chemical solvent absorption and desorption reaction heat. The device comprises an outer casing; an metal guard inner shell; a reactor; a pressure sensor; a thermal insulation material between the outer casing and the metal guard inner shell; guard... Agent:

20150031143 - System for pretreating sample: A sample pretreatment system is equipped with a pipetting device for pipetting multiple primary samples to make multiple aliquot samples. The sample volume expected to be held in a test tube is set as a minimum guaranteed volume for each type of test tube; and a minimum guaranteed volume value... Agent:

20150031144 - Method for predicting the risk of getting cancer or diagnosing cancer in a female subject: Subject matter of the present invention is a method for predicting the risk of getting cancer in a female subject that does not suffer from cancer or alternatively diagnosing cancer in a female subject comprising determining the level of pro-neurotensin or fragments thereof of at least 5 amino acids in... Agent:

20150031145 - Enhanced functionality and delivery of a protein from a porous substrate: Compositions, methods, articles of manufacture, and kits are provided for storage and delivery of proteins.... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150024501 - Integrated chemical indicator device: A chemical indicator device for use in detecting exposure to an oxidizing agent, such as hydrogen peroxide, comprising a substrate or support upon which is disposed a chemical indicator composition (ink) for detecting an oxidizing agent, such as hydrogen peroxide. The chemical indicator composition further comprises an indicator dye that... Agent:

20150024502 - Methods of stabilizing total organic carbon (toc) levels in non-acidified standards for toc analyzers at room temperature: Methods for stabilizing reference standards used in total organic carbon (TOC) analysis of water and pharmaceutical samples are disclosed. The methods include adding a preservative to TOC reference standards. The preservative is selected from the group consisting of copper (II) sulfate and hydrogen sulfite. Compositions of the stabilized reference standards... Agent:

20150024503 - Method of analyzing hemoglobins: t

20150024504 - Methods and compositions for detection and analysis of polynucleotides using light harvesting multichromophores: Methods, compositions and articles of manufacture for assaying a sample for a target polynucleotide are provided. A sample suspected of containing the target polynucleotide is contacted with a polycationic multichromophore and a sensor polynucleotide complementary to the target polynucleotide. The sensor polynucleotide comprises a signaling chromophore to receive energy from... Agent:

20150024505 - Apparatus for evaluating carbonate solubility: A method and apparatus of determining solubility of compounds at non-ambient conditions is disclosed. The compound of interest is placed in a reaction vessel which can withstand the non-ambient conditions, and is allowed to react with an acid at those conditions for a pre-determined time. The reaction is quickened thereby... Agent:

20150024506 - Release reagent for vitamin d compounds: A reagent composition for releasing vitamin D compounds bound to vitamin D-binding protein, an in vitro method for the detection of a vitamin D compound in which the vitamin D compound is released from vitamin D-binding protein by the use of this reagent composition and the reagent mixture obtained in... Agent:

20150024507 - Biomarker sensing based on nanofluidic amplification and resonant optical detection: Provided is a sensor platform that includes a substrate, a plurality of nanochannels disposed on the substrate, and a plurality of electrodes, a waveguide disposed on the substrate and an analysis chamber and a reference chamber disposed on the substrate. Each electrode extends substantially across a width of the plurality... Agent:

20150024508 - Apparatus and method for compensating ph measurement errors due to pressure and physical stresses: A pH sensing apparatus includes an ion-sensing cell that includes a first half-cell including a first Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) exposed to a surrounding solution; and a second reference half-cell exposed to the surrounding solution. The pH sensing apparatus further includes a pressure sensitivity compensation loop including a Non... Agent:

20150024509 - Method and apparatus for measuring chemical ion concentration using a feedback- controlled titrator: There is provided a method and device for measuring an ion concentration of a sample. The method comprises exposing a chemical sensor to the sample to provide an electrical output signal 5 representing said ion concentration and controlling a titrator exposed to the sample to release or absorb a quantity... Agent: Dna Electronics Ltd.

20150024510 - Performing chemical reactions and/or ionization during gas chromatography-mass spectrometry runs: A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method that includes performing a first GC-MS run on a sample using a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system. Performing the first GC-MS nm includes i) passing a first flow of a carrier gas carrying a first portion of the sample through a gas chromatograph to provide... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150024511 - Functionalized lipid modification of solid phase surfaces for use in chromatography: A solid phase for use in separation has been modified using an aqueous phase adsorption of a headgroup-modified lipid to generate analyte specific surfaces for use as a stationary phase in separations such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or solid phase extraction (SPE). The aliphatic moiety of the lipid... Agent:

20150024514 - Method and device for detecting analytes: The present invention relates to a method for determining analytes and to a device suitable for this purpose.... Agent: Securetec Detektions-systeme Ag

20150024512 - Method for selectively quantifying a-beta aggregates: The invention relates to methods for selectively quantifying A-beta aggregates, comprising the immobilization of anti-A-beta antibodies on a substrate, application of the sample to be tested onto the substrate, addition of probes labeled for detection, which mark these by specific binding to A-beta aggregates and detection of the marked aggregates.... Agent:

20150024513 - Novel method for detecting antigen, and apparatus using same: The present invention provides a method for detecting an antigen in an analysis sample, the method including: (a) contacting an analysis sample with a detection antibody with which a marker generating a detectable signal is combined and which specifically binds to the antigen; (b) contacting a capture antibody with the... Agent: Nanoentek, Inc.

01/15/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150017729 - Method for evaluation testing of material for internal combustion engine: An oxide film is formed on the surface of a sample made from a metal material by holding the above-described sample at a temperature of 800° C. or higher and 1,100° C. or lower in an oxygen-containing atmosphere, and the sample provided with the oxide film is immersed in a... Agent:

20150017730 - Urea solution quality determining system: A urea solution quality determining system may include a urea tank in which a urea solution is filled through a charging hole, a test chamber positioned below the charging hole for holding a portion of the urea solution, a main line connected to the urea tank at a lower part... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150017731 - Test apparatus and method of accelerated photo-degradation using plasma light source: Disclosed is a test apparatus of accelerated photo-degradation measuring a degradation caused by photo-degradation in a material or a product by light containing UV light and visible light that simulate the solar light-inducing degradation. The apparatus includes a light irradiating unit configured to irradiate light using at least one electrodeless... Agent:

20150017732 - Colorimetric method to detect illicit drugs: A colorimetric assay to detect certain compounds and a kit therefore are provided.... Agent:

20150017733 - Method and device for monitoring medication usage: The present invention provides methods for detecting and quantifying metabolites in a biological sample by measuring the concentration of a test metabolite in the sample and comparing that concentration against the concentration of the reference metabolite; enabling accurate metabolite concentration measurements to determine aberrant drug usage patterns. Also disclosed is... Agent: Marshfield Clinic, Inc.

20150017734 - Quality control marker and its use in herbs authentication: The present invention relates to a quality control marker and method of using such marker in qualitative and quantitative authentication of Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo, which is known as a Chinese medicine under the name of Tiepi Shihu ().... Agent:

20150017735 - Analyte sensor and analyte sensing method: A biosensor includes a detection element having an analyte detecting portion which is monotonically increased in mass in response to detection of an analyte; a reference element having a reference measuring portion which exhibits no reactivity to the analyte; a mixer which mixes a detection signal responsive to mass variations... Agent:

20150017736 - Method for the non-destructive testing of workpiece surfaces: Disclosed is a method for the non-destructive testing of workpiece surfaces of a workpiece by means of fluorescent penetrant testing or dye penetrant testing. The method comprises applying a penetrant to the region of the workpiece surface to be examined, thereby allowing the penetrant to penetrate into possible recesses in... Agent:

20150017737 - Apparatus and method for separating plasma from blood and delayed wetting: Devices and methods are disclosed herein for separating a supernate from a suspension. The apparatus consists of a sample zone, a controllable gate, and an analysis zone. The sample zone holds the suspension. The analysis zone passively transports a supernate formed from the suspension by capillary transport. A controllable gate... Agent:

20150017738 - Means and methods of measuring parathyroid hormone in patients suffering from oxidative stress: Method for obtaining an antibody or antibody fragment to a conformational epitope specific for oxidized, inactive human parathyroid hormone and fragments thereof; a method for removal of oxidized, inactive human parathyroid hormone from a sample of body fluid; methods of determining the concentration of active parathyroid hormone in a sample,... Agent: Immundiagnostik Ag

20150017739 - Conformational-switching fluorescent protein probe for detection of alpha synuclein oligomers: A conformation-switching fluorescent protein probe for detection of alpha synuclein oligomers. The use of intrinsically disordered proteins as conformation-switching biosensors. The use of an alpha synuclein (αS) variant, PG65, together with conformation-sensitive fluorescence to create a molecular probe for rapid, specific and quantitative detection of αS oligomers.... Agent: New York University

20150017740 - Molecular sensor based on virtual buried nanowire: The present invention provides a method and a system based on a multi-gate field effect transistor for sensing molecules in a gas or liquid sample. The said FET transistor comprises dual gate lateral electrodes (and optionally a back gate electrode) located on the two sides of an active region, and... Agent:

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