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Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing

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05/21/2015 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150140667 - Method for measuring moisture in liquid crystals: When measuring the liquid crystals under test, the present invention adding the liquid crystals under test to a mixed solvent to form a solvent under test; measuring the moisture in the liquid crystal measurement sample through a reaction reagent to achieve a measurement result; wherein the mixed solvent comprises a... Agent:

20150140668 - Non-contact optical encoding scheme for intelligent automation puck: An automation system for an in vitro diagnostics environment includes a plurality of intelligent carriers that include onboard processing and navigation capabilities. The intelligent carriers can include one or more image sensors to observe the relative motion of the track as the carrier traverses it. The carriers can also observe... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150140669 - Cartridge for dispensing a fluid: A cartridge for dispensing fluid is presented. The cartridge comprises a valve. The valve comprises a pumping chamber for pumping the fluid. The valve positions a pumping chamber conduit. The pumping chamber conduit is connected to the pumping chamber. The cartridge further comprises a plunger for changing the volume of... Agent:

20150140670 - Kits and methods for determining physiologic level(s) and/or range(s) of hemoglobin and/or disease state: Diagnostic kits and methods configured to rapidly and non-invasively determine physiologic levels of hemoglobin. A diagnostic kit may include a chamber pre-filled with an indicator, the indicator solution including a tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) solution, the indicator being configured to change color; a collection device configured to collect a test sample from... Agent:

20150140671 - Method and system for assembling a microfluidic sensor: A microfluidic sensor (10), such as an electrochemical blood test strip, with more accurate measurement comprises a plurality of channels (24) through which a fluid to be tested flows via a capillary action. One or more electrodes (30) are located under the channels (24). As the fluid flows over the... Agent: Johnson Electric S.a.

20150140672 - Methods for detecting amyloid beta amyloidosis: The present invention relates to methods of detecting, diagnosing, monitoring, and assessing treatment effects for Aβ amyloidosis, early in the course of clinical disease or prior to the onset of brain damage and clinical symptoms.... Agent:

20150140673 - Sampling system and process for sampling: A sampling system includes an analyte sampler that includes an enclosure; a mount disposed in the enclosure; a capillary tube disposed in the mount; and a thermal member disposed in the enclosure and including a first fluid supply member to provide a fluid to an interior of the enclosure. The... Agent:

20150140674 - Method for determining weight concentration of a polymer penetrated into a porous medium: A polymer solution is dried until full evaporation of water. The polymer formed after drying the polymer solution is heated up and active degradation temperature range at a given heating rate and a degree of polymer degradation within this temperature range are determined. Then the solution is dried and a... Agent:

20150140675 - Potentiometric titration method of a mixed acid solution: The present invention provides a potentiometric titration method of calculating a content of each acid in a mixed acid solution. The potentiometric titration method includes steps as follows. Step 1, an alkali-alcohol solution of a concentration in 0.1˜0.2 mol/L is prepared and titrated with a basis reagent. Step 2, a... Agent:

20150140676 - Method for diagnosing acute alcoholic hepatitis: Various methods for determining whether a subject has alcoholic hepatitis are described. In one aspect, a method for determining whether a subject has alcoholic hepatitis is described. The method includes determining the levels of a trimethylamine in a biological sample obtained from the subject. The level of trimethylamine in the... Agent:

20150140677 - Polymer planar optical circuit type dissolved oxygen sensor: Provided is a polymer planar optical circuit type dissolved oxygen sensor and a method of fabricating the sensor, including a polymer planar sheet embedded with a first wavelength optical signal transmission line transmitting a first wavelength optical signal emitted from a first optical source and a second wavelength optical signal... Agent:

20150140678 - Method for stabilizing quantum-dots: Disclosed herein is a method for stabilizing quantum dots. The method comprises introducing a first monomer into a mini emulsion system. The first monomer is a crosslinking polymer. A second monomer is added to the system so as to stabilize the quantum dots. Also disclosed is a method of increasing... Agent:

20150140679 - Compositions and methods for liquid mixing assessment: Compositions include an aqueous solution of an organic dye of molecular weight in the range of about 300 to about 1,000 and a density-enhancing material. An amount of the density-enhancing material in the aqueous solution is sufficient to achieve a density of about 1.0 to about 1.3 g/mL. The composition... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150140680 - Integral label-free biosensor and analysis method using the same: Disclosed is an integral label-free biosensor capable of analyzing a biomolecule with high sensitivity by integrating a light source, a photodetector, an optical waveguide, and a microcantilever on a substrate, and a method of detecting a bio-antigen by using the same. The integral label-free biosensor according to the present invention... Agent:

20150140682 - Iridium-based complexes for ecl: The present invention relates to novel iridium-based Ir(III) luminescent complexes, conjugates comprising these complexes as a label and their application, e.g. in the electrochemiluminescence based detection of an analyte.... Agent:

20150140681 - Liquid specimen cup including movable caddy and translucent adulteration panel: A fluid specimen collection, storage, transport, and testing cup contains a chromatographic strip-carrying caddy which moves between an initial position allowing a deposited liquid specimen to contact the test strips, and a second, sealed position where the strips are hermetically isolated from a remainder portion of the specimen stored for... Agent:

20150140683 - Method for producing soluble fcr as fc-fusion with inert immunoglobulin fc-region and uses thereof: Herein is a fusion polypeptide with the formula R1-FC-R2, wherein R1 denotes a first Fc-receptor, R2 denotes a second Fc-receptor, and FC denotes a heavy chain Fc-region polypeptide, wherein R1 or R2 or both are present, wherein FC does not substantially bind to R1 and/or R2 and uses thereof.... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

20150140684 - Target affinity material including biodegradable polymer and use thereof: A target affinity material comprising a biodegradable polymer, wherein the biodegradable polymer comprises one or more solid particles and one or more materials that specifically binds to a target, as well as related methods and kits.... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150132854 - Tuned synthetic dendrimer calibrants for mass spectrometry: Provided are synthetic dendrimer calibrants for mass spectrometry. The calibrants are distinguished by their relative ease and rapidity of synthesis, comparatively low cost, long shelf life, high purity, and amenability to batch synthesis as mixtures. The latter characteristic enables parallel preparation of higher molecular weight compounds displaying useful distributions of... Agent:

20150132855 - Interface for disposable sensors: Techniques described herein enable a mobile multifunction device to detect a disposable sensor card at an interface coupled to the mobile multifunction device, wherein the disposable sensor card is mounted inside an opening in the mobile multifunction device, detect analog information associated with the disposable sensor card, and convert analog... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150132856 - Detection of quantity of water flow using quantum clusters: The preparation of silver quantum clusters embedded in organic-templated-boehmite-nanoarchitecture (OTBN) and its use as a sensor for quantity of water flow measured by change of color in visible light upon flow of contaminated water have been provided. Silver quantum clusters-embedded OTBN are highly luminescent. Since the quantum clusters are embedded... Agent:

20150132857 - Systems, sensing devices and methods for detection of airborne contaminants: A device for detecting airborne contaminants includes a protonated, electrically conductive sensing material with affinity for binding with, and capable of being deprotonated by, the airborne contaminant. Electronics measure a property of the sensing material that is sensitive to deprotonation and generates signals indicative of the airborne contaminant. A method... Agent:

20150132858 - Method and apparatus for analyzing acetone in breath: Methods and devices are provided for analyzing acetone in breath. One such method comprises disposing a reactant in a reaction zone within the breath analysis device, wherein the reactant comprises a primary amine disposed on a surface, and wherein the reaction zone has an optical characteristic that is at a... Agent:

20150132860 - Clinical diagnostic system including instrument and cartridge: In embodiments disclosed herein, a diagnostic system is provided having a cartridge comprising at least one needle; at least one reservoir; at least one fluidic seal; and at least one fluidic channel of a fluidic pathway, wherein the cartridge is configured to store at least one reagent and at least... Agent: Wellstat Diagnostics, LLC

20150132861 - Clinical diagnostic systems: A diagnostic system is provided herein that includes an instrument comprising an electrochemiluminescence (ECL) detector, and a cartridge configured to fit within a portion of the instrument, wherein the cartridge includes at least one reagent including an ECL label and a blood collection holder. Also provided herein is a system... Agent: Wellstat Diagnostics, LLC

20150132859 - Vibrio cholerae lipoprotein 15 (lp15) variants as anti-interference additive in tpn17-based immunoassays for detection of anti-treponema antibodies: The invention relates to a method for detecting antibodies against the TpN17 antigen of Treponema pallidum in an isolated sample wherein a peptide sequence of Vibrio cholerae lipoprotein 15 (VcLp15) or a partial sequence thereof is used as a reagent for reduction of interference, i.e. for minimizing false positive results.... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150125961 - Acces control device for a laboratory instrument, laboratory instrument with access control device and method for instrument-controlled treatment of laboratory samples: The invention relates to an access control device for a laboratory instrument serving for the instrument-controlled treatment of a laboratory sample and this laboratory instrument, and also to a method for controlling the access to functions of the laboratory instrument by means of the access control device, wherein the access... Agent:

20150125962 - Heating apparatus for a gas chromatograph, and heating method for a gas chromatograph: To provide a heating apparatus for a gas chromatograph, and a heating method for a gas chromatograph, wherein vapor phase components can be analyzed at an arbitrary temperature and can be instantaneously heated and pyrolized at a set temperature, thereby enabling analysis to be carried out with good reproducibility. The... Agent: Japan Analytical Industry Co., Ltd.

20150125963 - Techniques for ensuring identification and chain of custody information of dried samples: Techniques for use with dried sample portions include a device having sample areas, identification areas and detachable portions. Each sample area includes one of the dried sample portions of the sample. Each identification area includes information stored therein which identifies the sample from which the dried sample portions stored on... Agent:

20150125965 - Biosensor utilizing a resonator having a functionalized surface: Systems and methods for detecting the presence of biomolecules in a sample using biosensors that incorporate resonators which have functionalized surfaces for reacting with target biomolecules. In one embodiment, a device includes a piezoelectric resonator having a functionalized surface configured to react with target molecules, thereby changing the mass and/or... Agent:

20150125964 - Detection of diagnostic peptides: An assay for citrullinated fragments of SOCS-2, Alpha 1 anti tyrpsin, versican, biglycan, laminin, or other protein having a terminal antibody binding site comprising citrulline in a blood derived sample shows diagnostic relevance in relation to rheumatoid arthritis or fibrotic disease.... Agent: Nordic Biosciences A/s

04/30/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150118756 - Virtual sample queues: Methods and systems can implement queues for an automation system that services a plurality of modules connected to one another by a transport mechanism, a processor can determining a desired queue for a module. An IVD analyzer can include an automation system, a plurality of stations configured to interact with... Agent:

20150118757 - Sample testing system with automated control of sample retesting: A sample testing system comprising: a transporting apparatus; a testing apparatus for obtain a sample and performing testing on the obtained sample; and a controller. The controller executes operation of: controlling the transporting apparatus so as to transport the sample rack in first direction, such that each sample container held... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20150118758 - Compounds, sensors, methods, and systems for detecting gamma radiation: Methods, compositions, and systems for detecting gamma radiation is disclosed and described. A compound for detecting gamma radiation can comprise a conjugated imidazole having the following structure: [Formula I] where at least one of R1, R2, and R3 are conjugated organic groups. Additionally, the conjugated imidazole can be capable of... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20150118759 - System and method for display type detection of a handheld medical device: A device which supports identification of an integrated display and dynamic adjustments to operating parameters thereof includes: a port that receive a test strip having a reaction site for receiving a sample of fluid from a patient, a blood glucose (bG) meter cooperatively operable with a test strip inserted in... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20150118760 - Fluorescent sensing of vapors using tubular nanofibril materials: A fluorescence-based sensor can comprise a nanofiber mass of nanofibers having tubular morphology and a fluorescence detector, where fluorescence of the nanofibers decreases upon contact with a nitro-containing compound. The nanofibers can comprise carbazole-cornered, arylene-ethynylene tetracyclic macromolecules of formula I: where R1-R4 are alkyl-containing groups. The tubular morphology allows for... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20150118761 - Manipulation of fluids and reactions in microfluidic systems: Microfluidic structures and methods for manipulating fluids and reactions are provided. Such structures and methods may involve positioning fluid samples, e.g., in the form of droplets, in a carrier fluid (e.g., an oil, which may be immiscible with the fluid sample) in predetermined regions in a microfluidic network. In some... Agent:

20150118762 - Method and an apparatus for ionizing a sample: A method of ionizing a sample includes providing an aqueous liquid and directing a jet comprising carbon dioxide to interact with the provided aqueous liquid. One or both of the aqueous liquid and the jet comprise the sample. At least a portion of the sample is ionized due to the... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150118763 - Detection of synthetic cannabinoids: The invention describes methods and kits for detecting and determining current and future synthetic cannabinoids from the JWH and CP families. Unique antibodies derived from novel immunogens enable said methods and kits.... Agent:

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