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Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing

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11/13/2014 > 7 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140335624 - Detection method and apparatus for the tip of a chemical mechanical polishing conditioner: The present invention relates to a detection method and apparatus for the tip of the chemical mechanical polishing conditioner, which comprises: providing a dyeing apparatus comprising a dyeing layer; providing a chemical mechanical polishing conditioner comprising a substrate, a binding layer, and a plurality of abrasive particles, the abrasive particles... Agent: Kinik Company

20140335625 - Temperature control method in a laboratory scale reactor: Disclosed herein is a method of separating variations in the mass flow of gas through a catalyst from the thermal load observed by the temperature control system in a test bench. The method may include separating the temperature control component from the mass flow control component.... Agent: Cdti

20140335626 - Test bench gas flow control system and method: The present disclosure may include a method for preparing gas mixtures of use in testing catalysts, where the method may include using separate banks of mass flow controllers for mixing the gas composition to the desired composition and for controlling the flow of the gas composition through the heater. A... Agent: Cdti

20140335627 - Method and apparatus for storing and dispensing reagent beads: Embodiments of the invention provide an efficient and effective technique for storing and dispensing reagent beads. In some embodiments, an apparatus is provided for dispensing reagent beads contained in a bead storage device which includes a bead carrier having a plurality of wells; a plurality of reagent beads disposed in... Agent: Cepheid

20140335629 - Glycated protein measurement sensor and portable glycated protein measurement apparatus including same: Disclosed are a glycated protein measurement sensor and a portable glycated protein measurement apparatus. The glycated protein measurement sensor includes: a sensing film (300) formed on a predetermined base material (100); and first and second unit sensors (10′, 10″) including a positive (+) electrode (400) and a negative (−) electrode... Agent:

20140335628 - Method of obtaining a binder to prepro-vasopressin or fragments thereof: Method of obtaining and/or verifying a binder to prepro-Vasopressin (SEQ ID NO. 1) or fragments thereof of at least 6 amino acids in length, including Copeptin (SEQ ID NO. 2), comprising at least one of the steps of: a) generating the binder using a developer comprising an amino acid sequence... Agent: B.r.a.h.m.s. Gmbh

20140335630 - Methods and devices for detection and measurement of analytes: Sensors for target entities having functionalized thereon, at least one aptamer specific to the target entity, and methods of making and using the same are described for use in glycated protein monitoring and/or biomarkers.... Agent: The University Of Toledo

11/06/2014 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140329327 - Urea-based synthetic urine and method of manufacturing same: A synthetic urine solution and method of its manufacture are disclosed. The solution includes water having a pH between about 3 and about 10. The solution further includes creatinine, a means for removing bacteria from the solution so as to control or eliminate sepsis of the urine solution, preferably through... Agent:

20140329328 - Transformer hydrogen indicator: A reliable, low cost device for determining when dangerous levels of hydrogen gas have been generated in a transformer is disclosed. The hydrogen indicator is defined by a module assembly that threads into either the headspace or into the oil-filled body of a transformer. The module has an open interior... Agent: Serveron Corporation

20140329329 - Fluid stop for measured sample containment: A test cartridge includes an input channel to receive a liquid sample to be tested. A sample chamber is coupled to the input channel to receive the sample. An air permeable membrane is coupled between the sample chamber and ambient to prevent passage of the sample past the membrane and... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140329330 - Soil testing systems and methods thereof: A soil tester is disclosed, and comprises a housing and a sampling apparatus. The housing includes an interior sampling chamber configured to receive a sample container. The sampling apparatus comprises a photodetector and a light source. The photodetector is mounted along a portion of the interior sampling chamber and has... Agent: Luster Leaf Products, Inc.

20140329331 - Novel cyanine derivatives having meso-reactive functional group at polymethine chain and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a novel cyanne derivative having a meso-reaction functional group in a polymethine chain, and a preparation method thereof, and the cyanine derivative having the reaction functional group substituted at the meso site may be suitable for mass production thanks to a very simple synthesis method,... Agent: Ewha University-industry Collaboration Foundation

20140329332 - Device and method for rapid assay of multiple biological samples for oxygen consumption: Device (10) for rapid detection of biological oxygen consumption and method of classifying biological samples (e.g., positive and negative samples) (5) by detecting biological oxygen consumption. Each well (29) on a multi-well plate (20, 30) is hermetically sealed from the surrounding environment and other wells after deposit of a biological... Agent: Luxcel Biosciences Ltd.

20140329333 - Micro-sampling-system for small amounts of fluid samples for analysis in the vapour phase: Microsampling system for small amounts of fluid samples for analysis in the vapour phase, which comprises a plurality of integrated functional units and is suitable for small sample quantities with fast reaction times.... Agent: Bayer Intelleutual Property Gmbh

20140329336 - Chemical sensor, chemical sensor module, chemical substance detection apparatus, and chemical substance detection method: c

20140329335 - Magnetic particle detection with incubation period: The invention relates to a method and a device for the detection of magnetic particles (1) in a sample chamber (112). After introduction of the sample into said sample chamber (112), the magnetic particles (1) are first retained within the sample chamber (112) and kept away from the sensing surface... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140329334 - Method for monitoring, diagnosis and/or prognosis of acute kidney injury in early stage: The method and kit of the invention have the advantage to provide a specific, simple and early detection of kidney injury markers that is no possible with the standard methods applied until now. The method and kit of the invention also provide the advantage of identifying the specific structure that... Agent: Universidad De Losandes

10/30/2014 > 13 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140322814 - Means and method for determining chemical oxygen demand: The invention relates to a means and a method for the photometric determination of the chemical oxygen demand of chloride-containing samples.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140322815 - Pairing and synchronizing a mobile phone application with a handheld glucose meter: A diabetes management system includes a handheld medical device, a mobile computing device, and a diabetes management application. The handheld medical device is configured to determine, in response to a port receiving a test strip, whether an auto-send feature is enabled on the handheld medical device, determine whether the handheld... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140322816 - Portable explosive or drug detection system: A portable chemical analytical apparatus to analyze a test swipe includes a heater to warm the test swipe to a predetermined temperature; a clamp to secure the test swipe to the heater; one or more pumps to dispense one or more chemicals onto the test swipe from a disposable cartridge;... Agent:

20140322817 - Mass spectrometer: A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an Electron Transfer Dissociation cell. Positive analyte ions are fragmented into fragment ions upon colliding with singly charged negative reagent ions with the cell. The cell comprises a plurality of ring electrodes which form a spherical trapping volume. Ions experience negligible RF heating over... Agent:

20140322824 - Adrenomedullin assays and methods for determining mature adrenomedullin: m

20140322819 - Detection and/or quantitation of endotoxin: Detection and/or quantitation of endotoxin using biolayer interferometry is disclosed.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140322822 - Determination of a midregional proadrenomedullin partial peptide in biological fluids for diagnostic purposes, and immunoassays for carrying out such a determination: Method for the determination of adrenomedullin immunoreactivity in biological fluids for diagnostic purposes, in particular in sepsis, cardiac and cancer diagnosis, in which the midregional partial peptide (mid-proAM; SEQ ID NO:3) of proadrenomedullin, which comprises the amino acids (45-92) of the complete preproadrenomedullin (pre-proAM; SEQ ID NO:1), is measured in... Agent: B.r.a.h.m.s. Gmbh

20140322825 - Lambodies with high affinity and selectivity for glycans and uses therefor: The invention relates to dimeric proteins comprised of subunits having (i) recombinant lamprey variable lymphocyte receptor (VLR) diversity regions linked to (ii) multimerization domains. The dimeric proteins exhibit binding specificity for glycosylated antigens, and they may be used in methods of detecting or isolating glycans from a sample, and in... Agent:

20140322820 - Materials and methods for isolating phosphopeptides: Protein phosphorylation is a major post-translational modification and it plays a pivotal role in numerous cellular functions. We present a composition that includes a soluble nanopolymer core functionalized with groups having an affinity for either metal ion or metal oxides which can be used for phosphopeptide enrichment. Exemplary compounds including... Agent:

20140322823 - Metallic nanoparticle synthesis with carbohydrate capping agent: The disclosure relates to metal nanoparticle compositions and their methods of formation and use, in particular gold nanoparticles (AuNP) and gold-coated magnetic nanoparticles. Compositions according to the disclosure include aqueous suspensions of metal nanoparticles that are stabilized with one or more carbohydrate capping agents and/or that are functionalized with one... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20140322826 - Method for detection of binding: The present invention relates to a method for detection of binding or interaction events between a binding agent and its corresponding analyte (such as an antibody and an antigen) in which a signal is detected which is substantially more amplified and thus easier to detect than in prior art systems.... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20140322821 - Molecule capable of binding to adrenocorticotropic hormone, and use thereof: The present invention relates to a molecule capable of binding to adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) with high affinity. The present invention also relates to use of the molecule for detection and/or purification of ACTH.... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140322818 - Nanocrystal based biomolecule detection: A new signal amplification method exploiting the dense atom packing in metallic nanocrystals has been developed for detecting target substances. By dissolving nanocrystals to individual ions that are stoichiometrically converted to chromophores and quantified photometrically, extremely high signal amplification can be achieved. Signal amplification is fully determined by the total... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140315315 - Protein detection: The present invention relates to reagents for separating proteins from detergent, reagents for detecting proteins in the presence of a detergent, and methods of using the same. The separating reagents contain a cyclic oligomer such as cyclodextrin and a cellulose derivative such as 2-hydroxyethyl cellulose. When used in combination with... Agent: Acquascience Limited

20140315316 - Colorimetric radiation dosimetry based on functional polymer and nanoparticle hybrid: A method for colorimetric radiation dosimetry includes subjecting an aggregate including a polymeric matrix having uniformly dispersed nanoparticles therein to radiation. The aggregate is soaked in a solution selected to dissolve decomposed pieces of the polymeric matrix to release into the solution nanoparticles from the decomposed pieces. Color of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140315317 - Disk-type microfluid system and method for checking blood status: A method for checking blood status comprises: a step of supplying blood to the centrifuge container of a disk; a step of rotating the disk to centrifuge the blood into blood cells and blood plasma in the centrifuge container, and detecting the actual moving distance per hour of the blood... Agent:

20140315318 - Analytical methods for analyzing and determining impurities in dianhydrogalactitol: An improved analytical method for analysis of dianhydrogalactitol preparations provides a method for determining the purity of dianhydrogalactitol and detecting impurities in preparations of dianhydrogalactitol, as well as identifying any such impurities. The method employs high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), in particular, HPLC with evaporative light scattering detection (ELSD); the... Agent: Del Mar Pharmaceuticals

20140315319 - Biomolecule interaction using atomic force microscope: The present patent application describes a cantilever for atomic force microscopy (AFM), which includes a cantilever body having a fixed end and a free end, the free end having a surface region being chemically modified by a dendron in which a plurality of termini of the branched region of the... Agent: Postech Foundation

20140315320 - Control over hydrogen fluoride levels in oxide etchant: The invention is directed towards methods and compositions for identifying the amount of hydrofluoric acid in a buffered oxide etching composition. In buffered oxide etching compositions it is very difficult to measure the amount of hydrofluoric acid because it has varying equilibriums and it is toxic so it hard to... Agent: Nalco Company

20140315321 - Chloride ion fluorescence detection method and device, and use thereof: A chloride ion fluorescence detection method and device, and a use thereof. The chloride ion fluorescence detection method utilizes chloride ions to influence luminescence characteristics of some photoluminescent substances to change the emission spectrum of the photoluminescent substances. The concentration of the chloride ions is detected through two processes comprising... Agent: Shenzhen University

20140315322 - Method for measuring acetic acid concentration in blood plasma: The present invention relates to providing a simple and highly reproducible method for measuring the concentration of acetic acid in blood plasma by using a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), and more specifically relates to a method for measuring the concentration of acetic acid in blood plasma by using a gas... Agent: Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.

20140315323 - Use of transition-metal oxide nanoparticles as sensitive materials in chemical sensors for detecting or assaying vapors of target molecules: The invention relates to the use of nanoparticles of at least one oxide of at least one transition metal doped with a rare earth element, particularly YxVO4Eu1-x nanoparticles obtained through a sol-gel process, as a sensitive material in a chemical sensor for detecting peroxide-compound vapors. The material is used in... Agent: Commissariat &#xc0 L'&#xc9 Nergie Atomique Et Aux &#xc9 Nergies Alternatives

20140315324 - Device, method and apparatus for the transfer of analytes: According to the present invention, there is provided a device for transferring an analyte from a reaction chamber to a detector, which detector is capable of detecting said analyte. The device comprises a tubular member having a first end adapted to receive a sample containing said analyte within said reaction... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20140315325 - Assembly comprising a reaction vessel and a sample matrix, sample matrix comprising an upper adsorbent layer and a lower lateral flow layer: An assembly and related methods are described for the preparation and processing of samples in molecular biology assays and nucleic acid amplification reactions. The assembly allows rapid and easy processing with reduced sample handling compared to known sample preparation apparatus and methods. The assembly comprises a reaction vessel, a sample... Agent: Epistem Limited

20140315326 - Detection of amniotic fluid in vaginal secretions of pregnant women due to premature rupture of fetal membranes: A method is taught for the accurate determination of the premature rupture of membranes (PROM), defined as spontaneous rupture of membranes before the onset of uterine contractions. More specifically, a lateral flow assay strip tests for at least two antigens to greatly limit or eliminate the possibility of false negatives.... Agent:

20140315327 - Methods for measuring concentrations of biomolecules: The present invention provides methods for measuring the absolute concentration of a biomolecule of interest in a subject. Such biomolecules may be implicated in one or more neurological and neurodegenerative diseases or disorders. Also provided is a method for determining whether a therapeutic agent affects the in vivo metabolism of... Agent:

20140315328 - System and method for the detection of analytes by controlled aggregation nanoparticles: A method for detecting an analyte in a sample, the method comprising contacting the analyte in a sample with nanoparticles comprising a capture probe for capturing said analyte, the capture probe being configured to act as a centre for controlled aggregation of nanoparticles with said analyte to form an aggregate... Agent:

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