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Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing

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09/04/2014 > 14 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140248704 - Pipette tip set to be used in dispensing device and method for perforating reagent cartridge film using same: A method which allows easy perforation of a film covering a well of a reagent cartridge which is set to a dispensing device is provided. A pipette tip set to be used in a dispensing device of an automatic analyzer together with a reagent cartridge in which a reagent for... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20140248705 - Nucleic acid ladders: The present invention provides nucleic acid compositions or ladders which may be used as standards for estimating the size (in base pairs) and or mass of nucleic acid molecules of unknown size and/or mass. The invention also relates to methods for producing such compositions or ladders, ladders or compositions produced... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140248706 - Refrigerant composition containing hydrofluoropropene with low-global warming potential: The present invention provides a stabilized refrigerant composition containing a hydrofluoropropene with low global warming potential (GWP) that can remain stable even in the presence of air (oxygen) for a long period of time. More specifically, the present invention provides a refrigerant composition containing a hydrofluoropropene and a stabilizer. The... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140248707 - Release reagent for vitamin d compounds: A reagent composition for releasing vitamin D compounds bound to vitamin D-binding protein and an in vitro method for the detection of a vitamin D compound in which the vitamin D compound is released from vitamin D-binding protein by the use of this reagent composition as well as the reagent... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140248708 - Apparatus for and method of gas analysis: An apparatus for preparing a gas sample for analysis includes a separation unit configured to separate the gas sample into one or more component samples. A thermal conductivity detector detects the output of the one or more component sample from the separation unit. At least one component sample is collected... Agent:

20140248711 - Apparatus and method for electrical detection of oligonucleotides through pore blockades: Systems and methods for specific nucleic acid (NA) sequence detection that do not rely on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for target sequence amplification and do not require any special reagents other than a complementary sequence capture probe conjugated to spherical beads.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140248716 - Biochemical detection unit and biochemical device having the same: A biochemical detection unit for detecting a sample and a biochemical device having the biochemical detection unit and a releasing unit are provided. The biochemical detection unit includes a photoconductor plate, a receptor, and a resistance sensing component. The receptor specifically binds to the sample so that the illumination projected... Agent: Crystalvue Medical Corporation

20140248712 - Magnetic particles based separation and assaying method: A magnetic particle based separation and assaying method uses at least two sets of magnetic particles placed in solution within a container and characterized respectively by a coercive field e1 and e2, wherein e1 is greater than e2. The first magnetic particles with a larger coercive field e1 will be... Agent:

20140248715 - Method for detecting biomolecules: A method of detecting biomolecules present in a complex biological sample includes a) separating the biological sample into fractions according to at least one physical property of the biomolecules; and b) specifically detecting biomolecules present in the fractions using at least one solid-phase-based, immunological detection method including immobilizing the biomolecules... Agent: Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen

20140248713 - Method for observing at least one object, such as a biological entity, and imaging system associated therewith: The method further comprises, prior to the illumination step, addition of at least one marker in contact with the object(s), said or each marker being adapted to bind onto a corresponding object, the binding of said marker onto said object being adapted for increasing at least one characteristic quantity from... Agent: Commissariat &#xe0 L'&#xe9 Nergie Atomique Et Aux &#xe9 Nergies Alternatives

20140248714 - Methods and systems for processing samples on porous substrates: Methods and systems for processing samples fixed to a porous substrate generally comprising, a compressor defining one or more fluid isolation areas, a support, for the porous substrate, having an opening corresponding to one or more of the fluid isolation areas of the compressor, an actuator that causes at least... Agent: Whatman International Limited

20140248709 - Methods devices and systems for optical probing of molecular structure and interactions: Non-linear spectroscopic devices, systems, and methods for probing molecules. A non-linear spectroscopic method for probing molecules can include providing a plurality of molecules in an aqueous solution, the providing being effective for permitting the molecules to be free in said aqueous solution and without the molecules being bound to another... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140248710 - Three-component biosensors for detecting macromolecules and other analytes: The invention generally provides three-component molecular biosensors. The molecular biosensors are useful in several methods including in the identification and quantification of target molecules.... Agent: Saint Louis University

20140248717 - Electronic analyte assaying device: An electronically processed single-step test device for detecting the presence of a preselected analyte in a fluid. The device includes a hollow rectangular outer casing, disposed within co-joined upper and lower sections of the casing are assay material, an electronic processing system, and a display. The display is observable through... Agent: Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

08/28/2014 > 23 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140242705 - Hand-held analytical devices and methods of use thereof: Hand-held analytical devices are provided for blood sugar tests. The devices can incorporate a replaceable test tape cassette having a test tape with a plurality of analytical aids and have a tape drive having a DC motor and gearing that can be coupled to the test tape cassette for successive... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140242706 - Specimen analyzing apparatus: To provide a specimen analyzing apparatus capable of preventing a reduction in analysis accuracy caused by contamination of a measurement sample by a substance attached to a cleaning unit, the present invention provides a blood analyzer 100 which includes a cleaning unit 7 for cleaning an aspirating tube 1 positioned... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140242707 - Compositions and methods for diagnosing hypercoagulability and hypocoagulability: The present invention provides a method for diagnosing hypercoagulability associated with carbon monoxide exposure in a subject. The method comprises obtaining a plasma sample from the subject, dividing the sample into at least two portions, and determining the clot strength of the first portion. The method further comprises exposing the... Agent: Philadelphia Health & Education Corporation D/b/a Drexel University College Of Medicine

20140242708 - Device and method for determining processing capacity: A system and method for determining a remaining processing capacity of a scrubber having a flow path and a processing material disposed along the flow path. A device may comprise a plurality of optical sensors disposed within the processing material and arranged along the flow path, a light source, and... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20140242709 - Rapid fluorescence tagging of glycans and other biomolecules with enhanced ms signals: Reagents comprising MS active, fluorescent molecules with an activated functionality for reaction with amines useful in tagging biomolecules such as N-glycans and uses thereof are taught and described.... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140242710 - Method for functionalizing a porous membrane covering of an optical sensor to facilitate coupling of an antithrom-bogenic agent: Methods of covalently attaching heparin to a membrane comprising plasma treating the membrane to produce an amino-functionalized membrane; and reacting the amino-functionalized membrane with heparin under conditions in which heparin becomes covalently attached to the amino-functionalized membrane, wherein said heparin is indirectly attached via a spacer to said amino-functionalized membrane... Agent:

20140242711 - Vitamin b2 detection by mass spectrometry: Methods are described for measuring the amount of a vitamin B2 in a sample. More specifically, mass spectrometric methods are described for detecting and quantifying vitamin B2 in a sample utilizing on-line extraction methods coupled with tandem mass spectrometric techniques.... Agent: Quest Diagnostics Investments Inc.

20140242712 - Fluorescence detection of poison oak oil: The invention herein disclosed provides for compositions, methods for synthesizing said compositions, and methods for using said compositions, wherein the compositions and methods may be used to bind to and/or deactivate a poison oak oil, such as urushiol. The compositions and methods can be used to treat and/or reduce an... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140242713 - Nanoporous detectors of monocyclic aromatic compounds and other pollutants: Porous sol-gel material essentially consisting of units of one or more first polyalkoxysilanes chosen from the following compounds: (chloromethyl)triethoxysilane; 1,3-dimethyltetramethoxydisiloxane; ethyltrimethoxysilane; triethoxy(ethyl)silane; triethoxymethylsilane; triethoxy(vinyl)silane; trimethoxymethylsilane; trimethoxy(vinyl)silane; tetraethoxysilane or tetramethoxysilane (TMOS) and of units of one or more second polyalkoxysilanes chosen from the following compounds: (N-(3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl)ethylenediamine; 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) and 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane, in... Agent: Cnrs - Centre National De La Recherche Scientifiqu E

20140242714 - Air monitoring system and method: A filter element having filter media for filtering air passing therethrough and a detection strip attached thereto comprising a chemical compound that generates a chemical reaction with certain molecules that contact the detection strip.... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

20140242715 - Detection of volatiles in personal care products: Color-change compositions for detecting urine and feces volatiles include the following pH indicator dyes: m-Cresol Purple, Basic Fuchsin, Brilliant Blue G, Brilliant Blue R, Cresol Red and Thymol Blue. The compositions may be applied to various substrates. Such substrates may be used in the construction of a personal care absorbent... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140242716 - Specimen cup and method: A specimen collection cup has a container. The container has a wall and a floor and is configured for receiving and retaining a specimen. A section of the wall is transparent. Further, the container has a tab coupled to an inside surface of the wall that creates a slot for... Agent:

20140242717 - Method and apparatus for optical detection of bio-contaminants: A method and apparatus for optical detection of residual soil on articles (such as medical instruments and equipment), after completion of a washing or a rinsing operation by a washer. A soil detection system provides an indication of soil on the articles by detecting luminescent radiation emanating from the soil... Agent: Steris Inc.

20140242718 - Pretreatment device and method for biochemical reaction: A pretreatment device applied in sampling and providing a reaction space for biochemical reaction is disclosed. The pretreatment device includes a quantitative sampler being capable of collecting a constant volume of a sample; a devastating device having a hollow cylindrical structure coupled to the quantitative sampler to damage a thin-film... Agent:

20140242719 - Pipette with piston rotation lock: The present invention concerns a pipette comprising a mechanism with which the stroke length of a piston can be changed by rotating the piston rod. The pipette comprises a locking mechanism which prevents the rotation of the piston rod when the piston has been pushed a certain distance downwards from... Agent:

20140242722 - Article and method for detection of a drug in a liquid medium: An article is provided for the detection of a drug in a liquid medium. The article includes a polymer having pores specifically imprinted to provide for capture of a drug in the pores, nanoparticles, and photochromic optical switch molecules. Capture of the drug in the pores of the polymer results... Agent: Medtech Detect, LLC

20140242720 - Kit for immuno-chromatography, reagent for immuno-chromatography, and method of detecting using them: A kit for immunochromatography, having: a planar test strip having a test area and a reference area, the test area having a test purpose capturing substance, the reference area having a reference purpose capturing substance; fluorescent particulates provided with a binding property to a target substance, the target substance provided... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20140242726 - Lung cancer marker complement c3dg molecule, and method for analyzing lung cancer marker: A lung cancer marker comprising a complement C3dg molecule. A method for analyzing a lung cancer marker comprising the steps of: measuring a level of a complement C3dg molecule as a lung cancer marker in a biological sample to acquire a measured level of the complement C3dg molecule; and making... Agent:

20140242727 - Method for diagnosing alzheimer's disease (ad): Disclosed is a method for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease (AD) wherein Aβ-specific antibodies in a biological sample of a person that is suspected of having AD are detected comprising the following steps: —contacting the sample with Aβ-aggregates or with particles having Aβ-aggregate like surfaces and allowing the Aβ-specific antibodies to bind... Agent: Affiris Ag

20140242724 - Methods and compositions for the efficient reuse of multiply dyed particles: Provided herein are compositions and methods for reuse and/or recycling of internally dyed particles useful for multiplex assays of target analytes.... Agent:

20140242723 - Methods for detecting symmetrical dimethylarginine: Method of detecting Symmetrical dimethyl arginine (SDMA) in biological samples. SDMA analogs for generating anti-SDMA antibodies having little or no cross-reactivity with asymmetrical dimethyl arginine, arginine, and monomethylarginine. The analogs have a protected or free thiol (—SH) group or hydroxyl (—OH) group that allow them to be linked to a... Agent: Idexx Laboratories, Inc.

20140242721 - Microfluidic disc for use in with bead-based immunoassays: The invention relates to a microfluidic system for processing biological samples comprising a rotary motor; a means for controlling said motor; a platform coupled to the rotary motor and adapted to provide at least one particle-washing structure and one particle receiving structure for receiving washed particles; and a detection zone... Agent: Radisens Diagnostics Ltd.

20140242725 - Molecular markers for urinary tract infections: The invention relates to an in vitro method for determining procalcitonin levels in plasma and urine as a diagnostic marker to identify patients with urinary tract infections, in vitro methods to perform said determination, a kit for the diagnosis of patients with urinary tract infections, and the usefulness of procalcitonin... Agent: B.r.a.h.m.s. Gmbh

08/21/2014 > 13 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140234977 - Rolled-up, three-dimensional field-effect transistors and the use thereof in electronics, sensors and microfluidics: Field-effect transistors include at least two thin layers of a semiconductor material and of an electrically conductive gate material that are rolled up together. These two layers are arranged separated from one another by one or multiple barrier layers and this rolled-up multi-layer structure is integratable as field-effect transistors in... Agent: Leibniz-institut Fuer Festkoerper-und Werkstoffforschung Dresden E.v

20140234978 - Laboratory sample distribution system, laboratory system and method of operating: A laboratory sample distribution system is presented. The laboratory sample distribution system comprises a plurality of container carriers. The container carriers each comprise at least one magnetically active device such as, for example, at least one permanent magnet, and carry a sample container containing a sample. The system further comprises... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140234979 - Rapid protein labeling and analysis: The present invention provides methods and compositions for labeling, separating and analyzing proteins, particularly a specific protein of interest within a cell lysate or in a mixture of proteins. The proteins are labeled with an amine reactive or thiol reactive fluorescent dye, or an amine reactive fluorogenic reagent that becomes... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140234980 - Devices with a fluid transport nanochannel intersected by a fluid sensing nanochannel and related methods: Devices, such as chips for DNA analysis, have at least one fluid transport nanochannel with at least one intersecting (e.g., transverse) sensing nanochannel that can be monitored for change in ionic current to determine characteristics or parameters of interest, e.g., molecular identification, length determination, localized (probe) mapping and the like.... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20140234981 - Double gate ion sensitive field effect transistor: Devices that include a substrate; a source region and a drain region formed within the substrate and having a channel region provided therebetween; a first insulating layer formed over the channel region; a first floating gate formed over the first insulating layer, the first floating gate configured to respond to... Agent: Stc.unm

20140234982 - Sensor: v

20140234983 - Method for producing metallic nanoparticles functionalized with fluorescent organic molecules: The present invention relates to a method of obtaining metal nanoparticles functionalized with fluorescent organic molecules by means of the treatment of one or more metal salts with a reducing agent in the presence of a fluorescent organic molecule. The invention also relates to the metal nanoparticles obtainable by said... Agent: Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cient&#xcd Ficas C.s.i.c.

20140234984 - Optical measurement: An optical apparatus comprises an ultraviolet light source (100) configured to transmit the ultraviolet light to a sample (102), one or more wavelength dependent beam splitters (104) and at least two separate detectors (106, 108). Each beam splitter (104) receives, from the sample (102), a band of excitating ultraviolet light... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt

20140234985 - Device for stretching a polymer in a fluid sample: The invention provides structures and methods that allow polymers of any length, including nucleic acids, to be stretched into a long, linear conformation for further analysis.... Agent: Pathogenetix, Inc.

20140234989 - Methods for detecting dihydroxyvitamin d metabolites by mass spectrometry: Provided are methods of detecting the presence or amount of a dihydroxyvitamin D metabolite in a sample using mass spectrometry. The methods generally comprise ionizing a dihydorxyvitamin D metabolite in a sample and detecting the amount of the ion to determine the presence or amount of the vitamin D metabolite... Agent: Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated

20140234988 - Methods for diagnosing and treating medical conditions associated with oxidative stress: Non-mercaptalbumin-2 is used as a biomarker for diagnosing a medical condition associated with oxidative stress. A method for diagnosing a condition associated with oxidative stress includes determining the redox state of albumin at the cysteine residue at sequence position 34; quantifying the level of non-mercaptalbumin-2 present, non-mercaptalbumin-2 representing the albumin... Agent: Medizinische Universitaet Graz

20140234987 - Methods for predicting time-to-delivery in pregnant women: The present disclosure relates to methods for predicting time-to-delivery in pregnant women. The methods include predicting that a pregnant woman will deliver within a predetermined time frame if PAMG-1 is determined to be present at a level above a predetermined detection threshold in a vaginal fluid sample obtained from the... Agent: N-dia, Inc.

20140234986 - Tagged ligands for enrichment of rare analytes from a mixed sample: Method of enriching specific cells from cellular samples are disclosed, comprising contacting in solution a cellular sample with affinity-tagged ligands (ATLs) each comprising a first ligand linked to an affinity tag, wherein the ligand selectively binds a cellular marker of the rare cells and the affinity tag can be selectively... Agent: Gpb Scientific, LLC

08/14/2014 > 11 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140227790 - Protective coatings for detersive agents and methods of forming and detecting the same: A method of creating a protective coating on an alkali metal hydroxide-containing solid is provided. The method includes providing carbon dioxide to an alkali metal hydroxide-containing solid and allowing the alkali metal hydroxide and carbon dioxide to react thereby forming a carbonate or bicarbonate-containing layer on the exterior of the... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140227792 - Deuterium free, stable isotope labeled 2-phenylethylamine hallucinogens and/or stimulants, methods of their preparation and their use: Deuterium free, stable isotope labeled hallucinogens and/or stimulants containing a 2-phenylethylamine-based structural unit and containing at least three stable isotopes selected from the group consisting of 13C, 15N and 18O as free bases and as their salts; method of their preparation and their use in the chemical analysis, in particular... Agent: Chiron A/s

20140227791 - Method for testing an analytical instrument: A method and system for testing the functional capability of an analytical instrument uses first and second blind samples. Each blind sample is a test substance with an amount of a parameter to be tested that is unknown to the user. Each blind sample is provided with an identification means... Agent:

20140227793 - Compositions and methods for glycan sequencing: Compositions and methods directed to a glycan reagent for depolymerization of a glycan having a reducing end, the glycan reagent being represented by the formula MCX, in which M is a glycan coupling group selected from oxylamines and hydrazides; C is a fixed charge group or a basic group having... Agent:

20140227794 - Time synchronization method for diagnostic strip analysis apparatus: The present invention provides a time synchronization method for a diagnostic strip analysis apparatus. When a user sets time of the diagnostic strip analysis apparatus, time setting information is stored in a storage unit of the diagnostic strip analysis apparatus. Biological information is measured using the diagnostic strip analysis apparatus.... Agent: Philosys Co., Ltd.

20140227795 - Molecularly imprinted polymers for detection of contaminants: This disclosure relates to the field of molecularly imprinted polymers for detecting target molecules.... Agent: The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

20140227796 - Devices and methods for the collection and detection of substances: The present invention provides a single self-contained device for collecting, extracting, on-site testing, and transferring for forensic confirmatory analysis, a wide variety of substances including, but not limited to, drugs of abuse, explosives, weapons of mass destruction, food toxins and industrial wastes. Samples can be obtained from a surface by... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140227797 - Diagnostic use of prosomatostatin: The present invention relates to a method for the diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring and risk assessment of disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract activity and/or function and/or disturbances of the nutritional condition, with the exception of somatostatinoma, in a patient comprising the steps of: providing a sample of a bodily fluid of... Agent: B.r.a.h.m.s. Gmbh

20140227799 - Method for measuring anti-wt1 antibody: Provided is an invention relating to a method for measuring an anti-WT1 antibody in a sample allowing measurement and evaluation of the anti-WT1 antibody with higher accuracy and to use of the method. The method for measuring an anti-WT1 antibody in a sample includes using a polypeptide having antigenicity to... Agent: International Institute Of Cancer Immunology, Inc.

20140227800 - Method for stabilizing glycerophospholipids and reagents using same: Disclosed is an accurate and stable immunoassay reagent using a glycerophospholipid and a method for stabilizing the reagent. The reagent for assaying an analyte in blood by immune reaction with an antigen when the analyte is an antibody or with an antibody when the analyte is an antigen, wherein a... Agent: Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

20140227798 - Molecular template and method for producing same: The method and apparatus for detecting a chemical substance of the present invention perform the detection of a chemical substance by capturing the chemical substance with a capturing body prepared by utilizing a molecular template. The present invention provides a chemical sensor easy to use for general consumers at home... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

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