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Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing

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04/09/2015 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150099303 - Multiple wavelength light source for colorimetric measurement: A colorimetric wet chemistry analyzer for determining a concentration of an analyte of interest in a sample is provided. The analyzer comprising includes a reaction chamber configured to receive the sample and facilitate a reaction that changes a color of the sample based on the concentration of the analyte of... Agent: Rosemount Analytical Inc.

20150099304 - Photometric measurement cell: An online colorimetric analyzer that generates an indication of a material in a sample is provided. The analyzer includes a peristaltic pump configured to convey. A photometric cell is operably coupled to the peristaltic pump to receive the sample. An illumination source is disposed to direct illumination through the sample... Agent: Rosemount Analytical Inc.

20150099305 - Detection of protein s-sulfhydration via a tag-switch technique: Methods and assays for detecting S-sulfhydration of amino acids in proteins, polypeptides and peptides are provided. The method is a two-step “tag-switch” method employing two reagents consecutively to specifically label, with a detectable label, persulfide (—S—SH) linkages in proteins, polypeptides and peptides.... Agent:

20150099306 - Test cassette reading device and reading method thereof: A reading device for reading and analyzing a test cassette having an identification code includes a reading unit, used for reading the identification code marked by the test cassette and carrying out interpretation on a plurality of test lines of the test cassette; an operating unit, used for operating the... Agent:

20150099307 - Glucose test strip authentication using ink: A method of authenticating includes providing a glucose test strip having a top surface with a reagent thereon that has a structure which chemically reacts with glucose and an anti-counterfeiting identification feature (identification feature) including at least one ink. The glucose test strip is inserted into a glucose meter. The... Agent:

20150099308 - Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water using nanoporous material prepared from waste avian egg shell: Nanoporous polymorphic crystals of CaCO3 were used as sorbent and were applied in the dispersive micro-solid-phase extraction of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as target analytes. After separation of the analytes on gas chromatography, they were successfully quantified with external calibration using flame ionization detection. Performance of the dispersive micro-solid-phase extraction... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150099309 - Multi-channel light measurement methods, systems, and apparatus having reduced signal-to-noise ratio: Disclosed is a multi-channel light measurement system adapted to illuminate and measure a test sample in a vessel. The multi-channel light measurement system has at least one photodetector per channel and a variable integrate and hold circuit coupled to each photodetector, the variable integrate and hold circuit allows adjustment of... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150099310 - Sample introduction system: A sample port system/device associated with a fluid collection device is provided and is configured to receive fluid-containing devices of varying diameters. A method of improving the work flow and safety involved in acquiring and/or testing fluid samples using such sample port system/device is also provided.... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150099312 - Process for normalizing the concentration of analytes in a urine sample: s

20150099311 - Systems and methods for conducting animal studies: This invention is in the field of medical devices. Specifically, the present invention provides portable medical devices that allow real-time detection of analytes from a biological fluid. The methods and devices are particularly useful for providing point-of-care testing for a variety of medical applications.... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150093832 - Methods for producing new packaging designs based on photoprotective materials: This invention provides methods and apparatus for quantification of photoprotective performance of packaging concepts in an accelerated timeframe. In certain embodiments, the apparatus comprises a light source which provides a light beam that impinges upon a photoprotective material before being transmitted to a sample cell comprising a photosensitive entity, such... Agent:

20150093833 - Method of pre-treating a filter used in a small-scale water separometer: The safety and proper performance of jet aircraft engines requires that any contamination of jet fuel, for example by water or by improper contaminants, be filtered (removed) before delivery of the fuel, through hoses, to the fuel tanks of the aircraft. Coalescing devices and filters in the fuel delivery system... Agent: D-2, Inc.

20150093834 - Supply module for an automated analyzer: A method is described for supplying consumables to an automated analyzer by providing at least one reagent and at least one solid consumable from a supply module which is docked to the analyzer, followed by undocking the supply module from the analyzer and removing it therefrom. Also described is a... Agent:

20150093835 - Coated and functionalized particles, polymer containing same, method for preparing same and uses thereof: The present invention relates to a particle comprising a core which comprises an oxide selected from rare earth oxides alone or in a mixture with metal oxides and which is coated with a layer of silica functionalized with a coupling agent comprising at least one chemical function soluble in a... Agent:

20150093836 - Method for controlling dissociation of double stranded nucleic acid, method for controlling strand exchange reaction of double stranded nucleic acid and method for amplifying nucleic acid: The present invention relates to a method for controlling dissociation of a double stranded nucleic acid. The present invention also relates to a method for controlling strand exchange reaction of a double stranded nucleic acid. The present invention further relates to a method for amplifying a nucleic acid.... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20150093837 - Devices, systems, and methods for the collection of body fluids: A method for the storage of biological samples is disclosed. The method includes the steps of coupling a storage device to a biological sample collection apparatus capable of collecting a biological sample from a subject, introducing a biological sample from the biological sample collection apparatus to the storage device, and... Agent:

20150093838 - Microfluidic valve systems: A microfluidic device having a chip defining fluid channels and having toner patches printed within the channels. The toner patches are printed with hydrophobic toner to apply inertial pressure to fluids travelling through the channels. The density of hydrophobic toner and the dimensions of the toner patch can be varied... Agent:

20150093840 - Enzyme-free colorimetric immunoassay: A colorimetric immunoassay of the present invention uses nanostructured material with high absorption and high scattering ability as a label material for biosensors. Subject matters to be measured may be characterized or quantified by determining the changes in optical properties of the nanostructured material. The biosensor of the present invention... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20150093839 - Methods and systems for detection of target and applications thereof: A method of recovering a target from a sample is provided. The method of recovering the target follows different steps. The steps include providing a binding element, wherein the binding elements are immobilized on a solid support, adding the sample comprising the target to the binding element to form a... Agent: General Electric Company

03/26/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150087071 - Method for determining the relative content of a first rock species and of a second rock species in a rock sample extracted from a wellbore, and associated device: Method and apparatus for determining the relative content of a first rock species and of a second rock species in a rock sample extracted from a wellbore. The method comprises adding a reactant to the rock sample, measuring a first information (PT1) relative to a first amount of compound produced... Agent: Geoservices Equipements

20150087072 - Soil analysis apparatus, method, and system: A soil analysis apparatus includes at least one sensor element for measuring a property of the soil; a blade assembly having at least one blade and being displaceable between a raised position and an excavation position, the at least one blade being operable to excavate the soil at a test... Agent: The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning/mcgill University

20150087074 - Diagnostic oral device: Described herein are devices and methods for identifying the existence of an oral condition in a subject.... Agent:

20150087073 - Methods for quantifying polypeptides using mass spectrometry: A method for identifying a polypeptide a specimen can include (i) treating a specimen suspected of comprising an insulin with a base; (ii) extracting a first fraction of the treated specimen by solid phase extraction using a mixed mode or polymeric reversed-phase media and a first solvent comprising an acid;... Agent:

20150087075 - Sulphur detection method and kit: Method of detecting the presence of sulphur in a construction material such as asphalt or concrete comprising the steps of:·(a) adding a quantity of the construction material to a solvent to form a test solution, wherein the solvent is capable of solubilising all or part of any sulphur which is... Agent:

20150087076 - Apparatuses, indicators, methods and kits with timed color change indication: An apparatus, method and kit includes one or more use protocol indicators having a color changeable dye, the dye being translucent or having a first color upon immediate exposure to an environment and for a defined time thereafter and the dye changing color after exposure to the environment for the... Agent:

20150087077 - Sample collection device for optical analysis: A sample collection device is provided, which includes a laminate structure which includes at least a first layer and a second layer and a channel sandwiched between the two layers. The channel has an opening at a first end of the laminate structure. The first layer includes a depressible bulb... Agent:

20150087078 - Well seals in pipette workstations: A pipette workstation of the type dispensing fluids into a microtiter plate with well closure structures that are thimble-shaped members with ridges that form a seal. The closure structures have a beveled nose lower end for self-centering entry into a well with a lower peripheral ridge acting as a first... Agent:

20150087079 - Microfluidic device, system and method: A combination of capillary forces and gas pressure is used to control the movement of liquid samples within a microfluidic device. A liquid sample introduced to a proximal portion of a capillary channel of a microfluidic device moves by capillary action partway along the capillary channel. As the liquid sample... Agent:

03/19/2015 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150079683 - Methods and systems for labeling and detecting defects in a graphene layer: Fluorophores or other indicators can be used to label and identify one or more defects in a graphene layer by localizing at the one or more defects and not at other areas of the graphene layer. A substrate having a surface at least partially covered by the graphene layer may... Agent: Empire Technology Development, LLC

20150079684 - Tube rotator: A tube rotator for rotating test tubes arranged in a tube rack as well as a system and process for reading information of machine-readable labels of the test tubes are disclosed. The tube rotator may comprise a pivoted lever having two lever arms, a friction wheel rotatably fixed to one... Agent:

20150079685 - Method and apparatus for accelerating the equilibration of a fluid: A method and an apparatus for accelerating the equilibration of a fluid, typically the reference fluid of an analyzer, are provided, the surface of the fluid being in contact with a gas phase. The device can comprise a cassette, which can be exchangeably inserted into an analyzer and which holds... Agent:

20150079686 - Method of resolving heavy metal contamination source based on sequential extraction scheme and isotope analysis scheme: Disclosed is a method of resolving a heavy metal contamination source based on a sequential extraction scheme and an isotope analysis scheme. Pb isotopes are eluted at 5 types of “cation exchange fraction”, “carbonate fraction”, “iron-oxide and manganese hydroxide-fraction”, “organic matters and sulfide fraction”, and “residual fraction” existing at other... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

20150079687 - Lithium reagent composition, and method and device for determining lithium ion amount using same: s

20150079688 - Multi-compartment package: A package comprising a body comprising a first compartment containing a first substance and a second compartment containing a second substance. The package includes a first state in which the first compartment is isolated from the second compartment such that the first substance is separated from the second substance, and... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150079689 - Displaying glucose measurements on a handheld glucose meter: A computer-implemented method is provided for displaying glucose measurements of a person on a handheld glucose meter. The method includes: determining a current blood glucose measurement for a person from a test strip inserted into a port of the handheld glucose meter; displaying the current glucose measurement on a result... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20150079690 - Disinfection and cleaning confirmation system: An indicator kit for detecting the presence of a quaternary ammonium compound disinfectant is provided. The kit includes an indicator composition that includes an azo dye material and water; an extraction composition that includes water, and at least one of a C1-C7 alcohol or a glycol ether; and an acidic... Agent: Metrex Research, LLC

20150079691 - Catalytic oxidation of polar modifiers in chromatographic mobile phases: The present disclosure relates to an oxidizer, and related methods, for oxidizing polar modifiers in chromatographic mobile phases. The oxidizer enables the use of flame-based detection in chromatographic separations, such as carbon dioxide based chromatography, which employ polar modifiers, such as methanol. Upon exiting a chromatographic column, the mobile phase... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150079692 - Method of determining phenoxy herbicides in water samples by phase transfer microextraction with simultaneous derivatization and gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry analysis: A method for determining the concentration of a phenoxy herbicide in an aqueous sample, by simultaneously phase-transfer catalyst extracting and alkylating an aqueous sample comprising a phenoxy herbicide to form a sample composition, and measuring an amount of the alkylated phenoxy herbicide in the sample composition. The method includes controlling... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150079693 - System and method for optical detection using capillary action: A product and method for the detection of one or more analytes in a collected sample employs capillary action in a sample card containing a sample substrate, at least one test capsule and an absorbent pad. The absorbent pad absorbs the contents of the test capsule and delivers the same... Agent: Redxdefense, LLC

20150079694 - Measuring cassette and measuring device for the detection of target molecules in a liquid sample by measurement of fluorescence emission after excitation in an evanescent field: An interchangeable disposable measuring cassette for insertion into a measuring apparatus for detecting target molecules in a liquid sample by measuring fluorescence emission has a flow measurement cell in which an excitation radiation provided by the measuring apparatus produces an evanescent field in the liquid sample beyond a boundary layer... Agent: Diasys Diagnostic Systems Gmbh

20150079697 - Devices for detecting airborne contaminants, and associated methods: A device for detecting an airborne contaminant includes (a) a reactive polymer film having affinity for binding with the airborne contaminant, (b) an electrically conductive polymer film in contact with the reactive polymer film and having electrical property sensitive to binding of the airborne contaminant to the reactive polymer film,... Agent:

20150079695 - Method for processing priority samples that preserves a fifo processing queue: Methods and systems for processing samples in an analyzer utilizes a track system with a plurality of track portions. A queue of samples for processing can be handled on a first portion, while priority samples may be handled on another portion. An instrument in a module may process samples in... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150079696 - Prognosis of adverse events in patients with suspected chronic heart failure: The present invention is in the field of clinical diagnostics. Particularly the present invention relates to the prognosis of adverse events in patients with stable chronic heart failure or being suspected of having stable chronic heart failure by determination of the level of Procalcitonin (PCT).... Agent: B.r.a.h.m.s. Gmbh

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