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Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing

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12/18/2014 > 17 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140370604 - Water-based sterilization indicator composition: Water-based formulations comprising an indicating composition dispersed in water are described. The water-based indicating compositions include an organic Bi(III) compound, a sulfur source, and a carbonate salt. Formulations further including a resin and/or an acidic additive are also described.... Agent:

20140370607 - Direct in situ monitoring of adsorbent and catalyst beds: Methods and devices for directly measuring the degree of saturation or degree of deactivation of an adsorbent and/or catalytic bed are described herein. The devices contain an inlet, an outlet, a catalytic and/or adsorbent bed, and optionally a support bed for supporting the catalytic and/or adsorbent bed. The devices further... Agent: Intramicron, Inc.

20140370606 - Method for estimating the dead time of a lambda sensor of an exhaust gas purifying device: In a method for operating an exhaust gas purifying device, with at least one catalyst for filtering exhaust gas and at least one lambda sensor arranged in the exhaust gas, an end of a time period assigned to a maximum or minimum of a delayed signal value supplied by the... Agent:

20140370605 - Method for examining reaction layer for fuel cell: The purpose of the present invention is to grasp the state in which hydrophilic groups of an electrolyte are distributed in a reaction layer for fuel cells. Nitric acid groups are bonded to hydrophilic groups (sulfonic acid groups) contained in a reaction layer for fuel cells, and metal ions capable... Agent: Kabushikikaisha Equos Research

20140370608 - Status displaying sample carriers: An automation system for an in vitro diagnostics environment includes a plurality of intelligent carriers that include onboard processing and navigation capabilities. To aid in operator handling of payloads and carriers, carriers include an electronically rewritable display on a surface visible to an operator. The display can include an LCD,... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20140370609 - Analysis system for a biological sample: The invention provides for an analysis system (100, 300, 400) for analyzing a biological sample (108) comprising an analyzer (102) with an analytical unit (106) for analyzing the biological sample to obtain an analysis result (140). The analyzer is configured for receiving a cartridge (110) comprising an identifier (114) and... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20140370610 - Methods for quantitative analysis of asbestos in vermiculite-containing materials: A method for quantitative analysis of asbestos in vermiculite-containing materials includes a first embodiment which includes washing the sample with water or treating the sample with a low concentration acid to digest gypsum and carbonates, ashing the sample at a low temperature to remove cellulose, therefrom and analyzing the sample.... Agent: Rj Lee Group, Inc.

20140370611 - Process for determining the reaction mechanism of a reaction and associated device: The method according to the invention includes choosing a reaction presumed reaction mechanism; selecting, for said mechanism, at least one first function characteristic of a thermokinetic property that is invariant with the periodic variation frequency of a control parameter influencing said reaction, the first characteristic function being calculated at least... Agent:

20140370612 - Method and system implementing spatially modulated excitation or emission for particle characterization with enhanced sensitivity: A method and system for using spatially modulated excitation/emission and relative movement between a particle (cell, molecule, aerosol, . . . ) and an excitation/emission pattern are provided. In at least one form, an interference pattern of the excitation light with submicron periodicity perpendicular to the particle flow is used.... Agent:

20140370613 - Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization detection: An atmospheric pressure chemical ionization detector includes a reaction chamber that is configured to receive gas phase analytes. An electrode is disposed within the reaction chamber and is configured to ionize the gas phase analytes via corona discharge. A collector is disposed adjacent an outlet of the reaction chamber and... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140370614 - Hilic / anion-exchange / cation-exchange multimodal media: The present invention provides an agglomerated multimodal chromatographic medium. the medium of the invention includes groups active in anion exchange, cation exchange and hydrophilic interaction chromatographic modalities. The invention provides methods of making these media and using them in separations of analytes. Also provided are separations devices incorporating the medium... Agent:

20140370615 - Use of optically anisotropic particles: This invention relates to the use of optically anisotropic particles in order to non-destructively test or determine physical system parameters and/or the microscopic structure of systems. The mobility of the optically anisotropic particles is used to examine physical system parameters and/or the microscopic structure of systems. To this end, particle... Agent: Beschraenkter Haftung

20140370617 - Apparatus and methods for detecting analytes: The present invention provides an apparatus for retaining solid state reagents and/or for processing sample for a diagnostic test, where the apparatus avoids liquid “hang-up” that would otherwise result in loss of sample or fluid volume during sample transfer. The invention further provides diagnostic methods that employ the apparatus, so... Agent: Nexus Dx, Inc.

20140370616 - Lateral flow immunoassay for detecting vitamins: The invention is directed to a method for detecting analytes, particularly vitamins, using a lateral flow immunoassay. The method may be used to detect vitamin D, particularly 25-hydroxy vitamin D3 or 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3. The method involves obtaining a fluid sample from a subject; applying the sample to a lateral... Agent: Nanospeed Diagnostics Inc.

20140370619 - Methods for diagnosing alzheimer's disease: The present invention relates to methods of diagnosing, monitoring, and assessing treatment effects for Aβ amyloidosis, early in the course of clinical disease or prior to the onset of brain damage and clinical symptoms. Methods of measuring the in vivo metabolism of biomolecules produced in the CNS in a subject... Agent:

20140370620 - Multimer type discrimination and detection method for multimer-forming polypeptide: The present invention relates to a method for selectively detecting a multimer type multimer-forming polypeptide in a biological sample, the method comprising: (a) bringing the biological sample into contact with an agglutination reaction inducing agent to induce the formation of an aggregate in an analysis target, the agglutination reaction inducing... Agent: Nanoentek, Inc.

20140370618 - Nucleic acid molecule having binding affinity to rodent-derived igg antibody, binder, detection reagent, and detection kit: The present invention is to provide a nucleic acid molecule having a binding affinity to a rodent-derived IgG antibody, which can be prepared easier than an antibody and has a binding affinity equivalent or superior to that of an antibody, a binder using the nucleic acid molecule, a detection reagent,... Agent: Nec Soft, Ltd.

12/11/2014 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140363893 - Diagnosing method for oil-filled electrical equipment: The present invention is a diagnosing method for oil-filled electrical equipment for diagnosing a degree of risk with regard to occurrence of abnormality due to copper sulfide generation in oil-filled electrical equipment, and the method includes a first step of detecting specific compounds contained in insulating oil in said oil-filled... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140363894 - Sensors: The present invention relates to a sensor for detecting the presence of a botulinum neurotoxin in a sample, the sensor comprising: (a) an electrically conductive substrate coated with at least one SNAP-25, VAMP or syntaxin protein; and (b) a detection arrangement adapted to enable the detection of the cleavage of... Agent:

20140363895 - Microfluidic device, test apparatus, test system having the same and control method for the test apparatus: A test apparatus is provided for rapidly detecting abnormal loading of a microfluidic device, and unloading the abnormally-loaded microfluidic device, thereby preventing contamination of the test apparatus by a sample and degradation in reliability of test results. A test system including the test apparatus and a control method for the... Agent:

20140363896 - Automatic analyzer and method for washing sample-pipetting probe: When the type is to be changed from serum (preceding sample) to urine (current sample), “serum” is set to a preceding type and “urine” is set to a measurement type at number 1 in a condition number. At condition number 1, the wash type is pattern 1, with washing performed... Agent:

20140363897 - Methods to accelerate the binding of biological molecules: A method is provided for enhancing the binding of reagents to ligands. In the method a ligand is immobilized on a porous support and incubated with a reagent solution. The binding of the reagent to the ligand is increased by a cycling process of passing the reagent solution through the... Agent:

20140363901 - Device for use in the detection of binding affinities: A device for use in the detection of binding affinities comprises a planar waveguide (2) arranged on a substrate (3), and an optical coupler (4) for coupling coherent light (1) of a predetermined wavelength into the planar waveguide. The coherent light propagates through the planar waveguide (2) with an evanescent... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

20140363900 - Giant porphyrin-phospholipid vesicles: There is provided herein vesicles comprising a bilayer comprising porphyrin-phospholipid conjugate, wherein the porphyrin-phospholipid conjugate comprises one porphyrin, porphyrin derivative or porphyrin analog covalently attached to a lipid side chain, preferably at the sn-1 or the sn-2 position, of one phospholipids, wherein the vesicle is 1-100 microns in diameter.... Agent:

20140363899 - Method for avoiding influence of endogenous lipoprotein and reagent: To identify the aforementioned interference component present in serum or plasma, to thereby provide means for avoiding any interference effect caused by the component.... Agent: Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

20140363898 - Method for the identification of beta-sheet aggregated protein ligands: The present invention provides an assay for the identification of beta-sheet aggregated protein ligands using Thiazine Red R.... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

12/04/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140356963 - Recyclable indicator tape for sterilization: There is provided a sterilization indicating tape having a breathable and liquid impervious film, wherein the tape is printed with a sterilization indicator ink. The tape is compatible with a wrap polymer for recycling. The tape is used to hold a wrapped package closed so that it can be sterilized... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140356964 - Automatic analyzer and method for detecting measurement value abnormalities: An automatic analyzer detects measurement value abnormalities stemming from reaction process anomalies caused by the presence of foreign matter or bubbles. It is determined whether the results of concentration calculation based on light quantity data from multiple target detectors each fall within an applicable determination range. If the results fall... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140356965 - Method for determining the surface concentration of carboxyl groups on a lens: The invention is related to a method for qualifying and quantifying carboxyl groups on the surfaces of a silicone hydrogel contact lens. The method of the invention comprises the steps of: (a) obtaining silicone hydrogel contact lenses each of which comprises a silicone hydrogel lens body (i.e., bulk material) and... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140356966 - Method and apparatus for detection of biological conditions: A system and method for analysis of fluids, particularly bodily fluids such as saliva, uses an active, electrically-driven substrate for supporting an amalgamate of fluid and nanoparticles selected to adhere to one or more proteins. The nanoparticles affect light that is directed on or through the amalgamate. Different light directions,... Agent:

20140356967 - Tissue mimicking phantom and calibration device: A tissue mimicking phantom for ultrasonic treatment and a calibration device of an ultrasonic treatment device using the phantom are aimed to be provided. In order to dissolve the above-mentioned problems, the tissue mimicking phantom in accordance with the present invention is characterized by including an indicator agent which is... Agent:

20140356968 - Methods for comparing a structure of a first biomolecule and a second biomolecule: The present disclosure provides methods to assess structural similarity of a first biomolecule and a second biomolecule by detecting one or more responses of the first and second biomolecule to thermodynamic stress conditions induced by osmotic and dielectric changes including, detecting a shift in fluorescence emission and/or a change in... Agent: Therapeutic Proteins International, LLC

20140356969 - Method for detecting a target particle: Provided is a method for detecting a target particle that is a method for detecting a non-luminescent target particle dispersed and randomly moving in a sample solution using an optical system of a confocal microscope or multi-photon microscope, having: (a) preparing a sample solution containing target particles, and labeling particles... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140356970 - Liquid crystal devices with mixed anion metal salts: Methods and devices for determining a preferred composition of anions in a liquid crystal device, and methods and devices for detecting a targeted agent in a sample using such preferred compositions, are disclosed. Such methods include the steps of preparing a liquid crystal device including a liquid crystal, a metal... Agent:

20140356971 - Hydrogen sulfide gas detector with humidity and temperature compensation: A hydrogen sulfide gas detector is provided. The detector includes a metal oxide semiconductor-based hydrogen sulfide gas sensor having an electrical characteristic that varies with hydrogen sulfide gas concentration. Measurement circuitry is coupled to the metal oxide semiconductor-based hydrogen sulfide gas detector to measure the electrical characteristic. A controller is... Agent: Rosemount Analytical Inc.

20140356972 - Method and apparatus for the identification of aldehydes: An apparatus for estimating the concentration of an aldehyde comprising a solid medium; a nucleophilic aromatic compound held on the medium; and an acid held on the medium and a method for detecting the presence of an aldehyde in a sample with the apparatus in which the sample is exposed... Agent:

20140356973 - Ligand-modified metal clusters for gas separation and purification: Provided is an organic ligand-bound metal surface that selects one gaseous species over another. The species can be closely sized molecular species having less than 1 Angstrom difference in kinetic diameter. In one embodiment, the species comprise carbon monoxide and ethylene. Such organic ligand-bound metal surfaces can be successfully used... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140356974 - Coatings for measuring ph changes: A pH detectable coating. The pH detectable coating includes a pH insensitive fluorescent dye and a pH sensitive fluorescent dye. The pH insensitive fluorescent dye and the pH sensitive fluorescent dye are attached to a surface. The ratio of the fluorescent intensity of the pH insensitive fluorescent dye to the... Agent:

20140356975 - Low temperature activator systems and methods for chemiluminescent reactions: In some embodiments, the instant invention provides a chemiluminescent system, including: an activator system, including: (a) at least one first solvent, (b) at least one peroxide, (c) at least one catalyst, (d) at least one second solvent, where the at least one second solvent is selected from the group consisting... Agent: Cyalume Technologies

20140356976 - Sorptive extraction layer for immobilized liquid extraction: A sorptive extraction layer for immobilized liquid extraction of target molecules preferably from biological samples is disclosed. The sorptive extraction layer is mainly composed of ethylene-acrylate-copolymer. Preferably, microplate wells are at least partially coated with such a sorptive extraction layer. There is also disclosed a method of extracting target molecules... Agent:

20140356978 - Extraction of mycotoxins: A method and composition for extracting an analyte from a test sample such as grain, so as to determine whether the test sample is contaminated with a toxin. The method is particularly useful for detecting the presence in a batch of grain of a mycotoxin, such as for example aflatoxin,... Agent: Charm Sciences, Inc.

20140356977 - Method and apparatus for performing automated affinity based assays: A method for performing automated affinity based assays for determining an analyte content of samples of a process medium, wherein individual samples are fed in time intervals sequentially to a measuring system, and wherein the measuring system, in each case, registers a measured value of a measured variable dependent on... Agent: Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft F&#xfc R Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

11/27/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140349406 - Solvent extraction using environmentally-friendly siloxane solvents: Solvent extraction to quantify contamination of a sample by a hydrocarbon contaminant is performed by providing a defined quantity of the sample, providing a defined quantity of a siloxane solvent, mixing the defined quantity of the siloxane solvent and the defined quantity of the sample to extract the hydrocarbon contaminant... Agent:

20140349407 - Deterioration analyzing method: The present invention provides a method of deterioration analysis that enables detailed analysis of the deterioration, especially of the surface, of a polymer material containing at least two diene polymers. The present invention relates to a method of deterioration analysis including: irradiating a polymer material containing at least two diene... Agent:

20140349408 - Automated stationary gas sensor calibration system and method: A stationary gas monitoring and testing system includes one or more gas monitoring stations 20, each of which includes at least one gas sensor. The system also includes a supply of testing span gas, a supply of testing zero gas, a gas distribution network connecting each gas sensor to the... Agent:

20140349409 - Reagent card alignment system and method: A reagent card analyzer comprises an optical signal source configured to transmit an optical signal and an optical signal detector spaced a distance from the optical signal source to define an optical signal path into which the optical signal is transmitted, the optical signal detector configured to detect the optical... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20140349410 - Method for processing a fluid and fluid processing device: The present invention relates to improved methods for processing fluids and to a fluid processing device (1) for use in a centrifuge comprising: (a) a first holder (14) form-fit to the shape of a first tube (18) for holding said first tube (18) whereby said first tube (18) has a... Agent:

20140349412 - Biosensor system for single particle detection: A biosensor system for the detection of particles includes a biosensor cartridge having a sensor surface. A biosensor magnet assembly is disposed on one side of the cartridge for generating a magnetic field effective at the cartridge and the sensor surface. The biosensor magnet assembly includes at least two magnetic... Agent:

20140349411 - Method and system for detection of aflatoxin: The present invention relates to an aflatoxin-detection device. The aflatoxin-detection device includes a flow path for a test solution and a plurality of nanocompo site strips disposed within the flow path. Each nanocomposite strip of the plurality of nanocomposite strips is arranged in a spaced parallel relationship with a successive... Agent: Texas A&m University System

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