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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150147814 - Method and system for analyzing a liquid sample containing particles of solid matter and the use of such a method and system: The invention relates to a method and system for monitoring of particles properties in a stream and the use of such method and system. In particular, the invention concerns sampling of liquids like aqueous suspensions or filtrates that contain solid matter in forest industry, oil and mining industry, as well... Agent: Kemira

20150147815 - Cell free dna diagnostic testing standards: Embodiments of the invention include methods and compositions for producing proficiency testing standards for noninvasive prenatal genetic diagnostics and for the detection and monitoring of cancer. The compositions can comprise a plurality of different nucleosomal DNA fragments derived from either primary cells or cell lines. The amount of the different... Agent:

20150147816 - Method of evaluating resin: Provided is a method of evaluating a resin capable of quantitatively evaluating a deterioration degree of the resin with high accuracy and ease. The method includes evaluating the resin based on a shift of a characteristic peak representing a deterioration degree of the resin, the peak being observed in thermal... Agent: Chiyoda Corporation

20150147817 - Pc-o 44:4 - a biomarker for visceral adiposity: The present invention generally relates to the field of biomarkers. In particular, the present invention relates to biomarkers such as PC-O 44:4 that can be used, for example for detecting and/or quantifying visceral adiposity and/or changes in visceral adiposity. This biomarker may also be used to diagnosing the effect of... Agent:

20150147818 - Sensor for detecting explosive, and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a sensor capable of detecting an aromatic nitro compound explosive, and a preparation method thereof, and more specifically, to a nanosensor system, and a detection method using the same, wherein a quantum dot-based sensor for detecting an aromatic nitro compound explosive can conveniently detect an... Agent:

20150147819 - Interfacing apparatus between a laboratory automation system and a platform for handling consumables and liquids in the field of molecular biology: Apparatus for automatically filling wells of plates with biological material from a laboratory automation system for conveying biological samples or reactants contained in test tubes, and automatically routing said plates towards processing modules of said biological material. Said apparatus contains a platform interposed between said laboratory automation system and a... Agent:

20150147820 - System for managing inventory of bulk liquids: A system for managing bulk liquids for an automated clinical analyzer. The system comprises (a) at least one local reservoir for storing a bulk liquid for impending use, (b) at least one container for holding a bulk liquid before the liquid is transferred to a local reservoir, and (c) a... Agent:

20150147822 - Assays: The invention provides an assay for assessing the conformational stability of a membrane protein, comprising: (a) providing a sample comprising a first population and a second population of a membrane protein; wherein the membrane protein in the first population is labelled with a donor label and the membrane protein in... Agent: Heptares Therapeutics Limited

20150147823 - Methods and compositions for personalized medicine by point-of-care devices for brain natriuretic peptide: Methods, devices, reagent, systems and kits for the detection, diagnosis of ovarian cancer as well as for the monitoring of ovarian cancer progression and for monitoring the progress of ovarian cancer treatments using BNP as a biomarker.... Agent: Autotelic LLC

20150147821 - Systems and methods for detecting molecular interactions using magnetic beads: Systems and methods are provided for detecting or measuring binding affinity between different compositions. The methods include contacting one or more magnetic beads having a surface including a first composition with a substrate having a surface including a second composition; applying a rotating magnetic field to the one or more... Agent: Massachusetts Instiute Of Technology

05/21/2015 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150140667 - Method for measuring moisture in liquid crystals: When measuring the liquid crystals under test, the present invention adding the liquid crystals under test to a mixed solvent to form a solvent under test; measuring the moisture in the liquid crystal measurement sample through a reaction reagent to achieve a measurement result; wherein the mixed solvent comprises a... Agent:

20150140668 - Non-contact optical encoding scheme for intelligent automation puck: An automation system for an in vitro diagnostics environment includes a plurality of intelligent carriers that include onboard processing and navigation capabilities. The intelligent carriers can include one or more image sensors to observe the relative motion of the track as the carrier traverses it. The carriers can also observe... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150140669 - Cartridge for dispensing a fluid: A cartridge for dispensing fluid is presented. The cartridge comprises a valve. The valve comprises a pumping chamber for pumping the fluid. The valve positions a pumping chamber conduit. The pumping chamber conduit is connected to the pumping chamber. The cartridge further comprises a plunger for changing the volume of... Agent:

20150140670 - Kits and methods for determining physiologic level(s) and/or range(s) of hemoglobin and/or disease state: Diagnostic kits and methods configured to rapidly and non-invasively determine physiologic levels of hemoglobin. A diagnostic kit may include a chamber pre-filled with an indicator, the indicator solution including a tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) solution, the indicator being configured to change color; a collection device configured to collect a test sample from... Agent:

20150140671 - Method and system for assembling a microfluidic sensor: A microfluidic sensor (10), such as an electrochemical blood test strip, with more accurate measurement comprises a plurality of channels (24) through which a fluid to be tested flows via a capillary action. One or more electrodes (30) are located under the channels (24). As the fluid flows over the... Agent: Johnson Electric S.a.

20150140672 - Methods for detecting amyloid beta amyloidosis: The present invention relates to methods of detecting, diagnosing, monitoring, and assessing treatment effects for Aβ amyloidosis, early in the course of clinical disease or prior to the onset of brain damage and clinical symptoms.... Agent:

20150140673 - Sampling system and process for sampling: A sampling system includes an analyte sampler that includes an enclosure; a mount disposed in the enclosure; a capillary tube disposed in the mount; and a thermal member disposed in the enclosure and including a first fluid supply member to provide a fluid to an interior of the enclosure. The... Agent:

20150140674 - Method for determining weight concentration of a polymer penetrated into a porous medium: A polymer solution is dried until full evaporation of water. The polymer formed after drying the polymer solution is heated up and active degradation temperature range at a given heating rate and a degree of polymer degradation within this temperature range are determined. Then the solution is dried and a... Agent:

20150140675 - Potentiometric titration method of a mixed acid solution: The present invention provides a potentiometric titration method of calculating a content of each acid in a mixed acid solution. The potentiometric titration method includes steps as follows. Step 1, an alkali-alcohol solution of a concentration in 0.1˜0.2 mol/L is prepared and titrated with a basis reagent. Step 2, a... Agent:

20150140676 - Method for diagnosing acute alcoholic hepatitis: Various methods for determining whether a subject has alcoholic hepatitis are described. In one aspect, a method for determining whether a subject has alcoholic hepatitis is described. The method includes determining the levels of a trimethylamine in a biological sample obtained from the subject. The level of trimethylamine in the... Agent:

20150140677 - Polymer planar optical circuit type dissolved oxygen sensor: Provided is a polymer planar optical circuit type dissolved oxygen sensor and a method of fabricating the sensor, including a polymer planar sheet embedded with a first wavelength optical signal transmission line transmitting a first wavelength optical signal emitted from a first optical source and a second wavelength optical signal... Agent:

20150140678 - Method for stabilizing quantum-dots: Disclosed herein is a method for stabilizing quantum dots. The method comprises introducing a first monomer into a mini emulsion system. The first monomer is a crosslinking polymer. A second monomer is added to the system so as to stabilize the quantum dots. Also disclosed is a method of increasing... Agent:

20150140679 - Compositions and methods for liquid mixing assessment: Compositions include an aqueous solution of an organic dye of molecular weight in the range of about 300 to about 1,000 and a density-enhancing material. An amount of the density-enhancing material in the aqueous solution is sufficient to achieve a density of about 1.0 to about 1.3 g/mL. The composition... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150140680 - Integral label-free biosensor and analysis method using the same: Disclosed is an integral label-free biosensor capable of analyzing a biomolecule with high sensitivity by integrating a light source, a photodetector, an optical waveguide, and a microcantilever on a substrate, and a method of detecting a bio-antigen by using the same. The integral label-free biosensor according to the present invention... Agent:

20150140682 - Iridium-based complexes for ecl: The present invention relates to novel iridium-based Ir(III) luminescent complexes, conjugates comprising these complexes as a label and their application, e.g. in the electrochemiluminescence based detection of an analyte.... Agent:

20150140681 - Liquid specimen cup including movable caddy and translucent adulteration panel: A fluid specimen collection, storage, transport, and testing cup contains a chromatographic strip-carrying caddy which moves between an initial position allowing a deposited liquid specimen to contact the test strips, and a second, sealed position where the strips are hermetically isolated from a remainder portion of the specimen stored for... Agent:

20150140683 - Method for producing soluble fcr as fc-fusion with inert immunoglobulin fc-region and uses thereof: Herein is a fusion polypeptide with the formula R1-FC-R2, wherein R1 denotes a first Fc-receptor, R2 denotes a second Fc-receptor, and FC denotes a heavy chain Fc-region polypeptide, wherein R1 or R2 or both are present, wherein FC does not substantially bind to R1 and/or R2 and uses thereof.... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

20150140684 - Target affinity material including biodegradable polymer and use thereof: A target affinity material comprising a biodegradable polymer, wherein the biodegradable polymer comprises one or more solid particles and one or more materials that specifically binds to a target, as well as related methods and kits.... Agent:

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