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Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing July cataloged by category listing 07/08

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07/31/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080182333 - Fluorescent chemosensors for metals based on dipyrrins: The present invention is a new class of fluorescent sensor with unprecedented sensitivity, selectivity and synthetic efficiency for the identification and qualitative and quantitative detection of transition metal ions. The chemosensing properties are based on an internal charge transfer mechanism or photo-induced electron transfer and are effective in vitro. The... Agent: Alberto A. Leon, Esq.

20080182334 - Method and kit for detecting explosive substances containing certain oxidants: The invention relates to a method for detecting an explosive substance which contains chlorate, bromate and/or organic peroxide, wherein a suspect substance is contacted with a first reagent, which is a strongly acid solution of at least one primary or secondary aromatic amine, whereby chlorate or bromate type explosive affords... Agent: Kremblas, Foster, Phillips & Pollick

20080182335 - Detection and characterization of sicoh-based dielectric materials during device fabrication: Processes and apparatuses are disclosed for detecting and characterizing SiCOH-based dielectric materials during integrated circuit fabrication. The processes generally include chromatographically analyzing a fluid stream generated during a process employed for device fabrication, e.g., during a wet strip, a chemical mechanical planarization process and the like.... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP - IBM Fishkill

20080182337 - Composition, synthesis, and use of a new class of fluorophores: A new class of fluorophores is presented. The fluorophores include a conjugated ring system, such as a dithiolone, a pyran, and a pyrazine containing ring system. The structure is designed with the flexibility to have multiple substitution patterns. The fluorophores may be used in applications including, but not limited to,... Agent: Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Preston Gates Ellis LLP

20080182336 - Sub-diffraction limit image resolution and other imaging techniques: The present invention generally relates to sub-diffraction limit image resolution and other imaging techniques. In one aspect, the invention is directed to determining and/or imaging light from two or more entities separated by a distance less than the diffraction limit of the incident light. For example, the entities may be... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20080182338 - Apparatus and process for processing a sample: An apparatus is disclosed for processing a sample which stores processing reagents required for processing in a dry form. The processing reagents are covered by a biologically degradable medium or embedded in said biologically degradable medium.... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20080182339 - Methods for allergen detection: The present disclosure relates to methods that may be used for the detection of allergens.... Agent: Searete LLC Clarence T. Tegreene

20080182340 - Non-contact positive dispense solid powder sampling apparatus and method: Novel and/or improved systems and methods for non-contact positive dispense solid powder handling and/or manipulation are provided. Some embodiments advantageously provide the ability to pick up powders at either constant displacement (e.g., known powder depth) or constant pressure (e.g., powder height independent), thereby desirably providing enhanced versatility and options. In... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20080182341 - Stabilizing agents and capture ligands for use in assays measuring analyte concentrations: The present invention is related to compositions useful for the measurement of free or unbound analyte concentrations in a fluid. The present invention includes the use of capture ligands and stabilizing agents to improve the accuracy of analyte concentration assays. Methods and tools for using the present invention are also... Agent: Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox, P.l.l.c.

07/24/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080176330 - Substance manufacturing apparatus and chemical reactors with the apparatus: The present invention is to detect leakage of fluid from a channel in a microreactor certainly at an early stage. A chemical reactor has a microreactor with a pump for sending first, second solutions, and a channel for mixing and reacting the first, second solutions. The solution sending amount of... Agent: Mattingly, Stanger, Malur & Brundidge, P.c.

20080176331 - Lytic reagent and method for leukocytes differential in whole blood: A lytic reagent composition and methods for differential analysis of leukocytes are disclosed. In embodiments, the analysis may utilize optical measurements in flow cytometry based hematology analyzers. The reagent system includes an anionic surfactant in a hypotonic solution, an inorganic buffer to maintain the pH in a range from about... Agent: Carter, Deluca, Farrell & Schmidt, LLP

20080176332 - Systems and methods for identifying and disrupting cellular organelles: This invention relates to optomechanical systems and methods for altering, modifying or disrupting a target object. Such systems and methods are used for, for example, ablating the endogenous nucleus in a cell.... Agent: Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP

20080176333 - Analysis of proteins from biological fluids using mass spectrometric immunoassay: Presented herein are methods, devices and kits for the mass spectrometric immunoassay (MSIA) of proteins present in complex biological fluids or extracts. Pipettor tips containing porous solid supports that are covalently derivatized with affinity ligand and used to extract specific proteins and their variants from various biological fluids. Nonspecifically bound... Agent: Snell & Wilmer L.l.p. (main)

20080176334 - Elemental analysis of tagged biologically active materials: Methods for the detection and measurement of tagged (labeled) biologically active materials in a sample are described. The tagged biologically active materials are detected using an atomic mass or optical spectrometer having a source of atoms or atomic ions. Element-labeled biologically active materials, comprising antibodies, antibody Fab′ fragments, antigens, aptamers,... Agent: Torys LLP

20080176335 - Apparatus and method for generating nitrogen oxides: A combustion analyzer apparatus and method for combustion analysing a sample, the analyzer comprising a combustion chamber (82) for receiving a sample for combustion therein to form combustion products, and a fluid supply apparatus for supplying fluid(s) into the chamber. The fluid supply apparatus (130-140) comprises a nitrogen oxides (NOx)... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLP

20080176336 - Fret protease assays for botulinum serotype a/e toxins: The present invention provides clostridial toxin substrates useful in assaying for the protease activity of any clostridial toxin, including botulinum toxins of all serotypes as well as tetanus toxins. A clostridial toxin substrate of the invention contains a donor fluorophore; an acceptor having an absorbance spectrum overlapping the emission spectrum... Agent: Dean G. Stathakis, Ph.d. Allergan, Inc. (t2-7h)

20080176338 - Labeling reactant: This invention concerns novel labeling reactants suitable for labeling of a biospecific binding reactant using solid-phase synthesis. The novel reactants are derivatives of diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA), wherein a suitable group is linked to the DTPA molecule, thus allowing site specific introduction of the ligand of said derivatives to bioactive molecules... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney Pc

20080176337 - Monoclonal antibodies against osteopontin: The present invention relates to reagents and methods for the detection of osteopontin fragments and distinguishing them from each other and from the full-length osteopontin protein. The present invention also relates to assays for the determination of the presence of osteopontin fragments in samples obtained from subjects and, further, the... Agent: Kevin M. Farrell Pierce Atwood

20080176339 - Neutral labeling reactants and conjugates derived thereof: This invention concerns novel neutral labeling reactants. The novel reactants are derivatives of diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) diamides, wherein a suitable group is linked to the molecule allowing introduction of the chelating agent or the neutral chelate to bioactive molecules.... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney Pc

20080176340 - Binding surfaces for affinity assays: Non-saturated or non-saturated and orientated binding surfaces are provided, and methods and compositions for making non-saturated or non-saturated and orientated binding surfaces. Methods of making binding surfaces for preparing a support surface for an affinity assay are provided, including using non-saturated or non-saturated and orientated binding surfaces on paramagnetic microparticles.... Agent: Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox, P.l.l.c.

20080176341 - Method for suppressing intermolecular nonspecific interaction and for intensifying intermolecular specific interaction on metal surface: The present invention provides a method of searching for a target molecule for a ligand immobilized on a metal surface or analyzing the interaction between a ligand and a target molecule, characterized in that the immobilization of the ligand on the metal surface via a hydrophilic spacers, and the method... Agent: Leydig Voit & Mayer, Ltd

20080176342 - In vitro method for the simultaneous detection and identification of antibiotics of different classes and corresponding diagnostic kit: The invention concerns a diagnostic kit for simultaneous assay of antibiotics of different classes. The kit contains a single reaction mixture containing at least one first labelled receptor, specific of recognition of β-lactams, a second labelled receptor, specifically and competitively identifying a tetracycline and a biotinylated nucleic acid fragment, an... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

07/17/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080171392 - In situ test for determining drug history: The present invention relates generally to kits, compositions and methods useful in the qualitative analysis of the presence of chemicals used and produced in the manufacture of illegal drugs. The compositions and methods may be useful for, among other things, qualitatively determining whether items of real or personal property or... Agent: Polsinelli Shalton Flanigan Suelthaus PC

20080171393 - Temperature resistant ph buffers for use at low temperatures: A method for preparing a composition that includes selecting a pH of the composition; selecting a first buffer with a negative temperature coefficient; selecting a second buffer with a positive temperature coefficient; and forming the composition comprising the first buffer and the second buffer. The composition has an average temperature... Agent: Evan Law Group LLC

20080171394 - Method for diagnosing multiple sclerosis: The present invention relates to methods for diagnosing multiple sclerosis in a subject, the method, comprising determining the level of phosphorylation of a marker in a biological sample from the subject, wherein the marker is selected from α1-antitrypsin (a1AT) and vitamin D binding protein (VDBP); and comparing the level of... Agent: Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Lp Global Intellectual Property

20080171395 - Column packing and concentrating column for the analysis of metallic elements: The present invention relates to a column packing and concentrating columns for the analysis of metallic elements, wherein the column packing is formed from swollen and cleaned macroporous adsorbent resins of high, medium or non-polarity via dynamic on-column treatment or static immersion treatment using treating solution I or treating solution... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, LLP

20080171396 - Panel of biomarkers for peripheral arterial disease: The invention provides biomarkers including β-2-microglobulin, Cystatin C, hsCRP and glucose as well as methods for using the biomarkers for diagnosing and/or assessing the risk of peripheral artery disease in a subject. In some embodiments, the subject being tested may be suffering from or at risk of other circulatory diseases,... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew LLP

20080171397 - Multiple analyte detection systems and methods of detecting multiple analytes: A multiple analyte detection system includes a carrier having reagents disposed thereat, with each of the reagents capable of optically changing in response to exposure to a respective analyte. The system further includes a photodetector positioned to collectively detect light interacted with each of the reagents, a processor to determine... Agent: Kathy Manke Avago Technologies Limited

20080171398 - Aerosol detection system using optical and mass discrimination: A system to detect and identify various aerosol agents, such as biological agents which have been aerosolized, is disclosed. The system generally includes a mechanism to collect a selected sample of atmosphere which may include the aerosol agent, a sub-system to detect the presence and type of agent, and a... Agent: Harness Dickey & Pierce, PLC

20080171399 - Forensic test for human blood: A lateral flow test strip for the definitive detection of human blood from forensic samples derived from crime scenes, sexual assault evidence kits, and other sources of forensic evidence.... Agent: Baker & Mckenzie LLP

20080171400 - Magnetic microparticle-packing unit, microfluidic device including the same, and immunoassay method using the microfluidic device: A magnetic microparticle-packing unit using centrifugal force, a microfluidic device including the same, and an immunoassay method using the microfluidic device are provided. The magnetic microparticle-packing unit includes a rotary body controllably rotating; a microfluidic channel which includes a curved portion in which the microfluidic channel first extends away from... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

07/10/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080166812 - Method of using a meter to determine an analyte concentration: A method of using a meter to determine an analyte concentration of a fluid sample. The method includes providing a meter with stored default calibration information and stored generic calibration information. The method further includes providing a package including at least one test sensor to receive a fluid sample to... Agent: Nixon Peabody LLP

20080166813 - Human ox2 receptors: Isolated receptors, nucleic acids encoding such receptors, and pharmaceutical compositions made therefrom, are disclosed. The isolated receptors can be used to regulate an immune response. The receptors are also useful in screening for inhibitors or agonists thereof.... Agent: Immunex Corporation Law Department

20080166814 - Method for determining redox activity and screening compounds based on redox activity: A method for identifying the redox activity of a subject compound is disclosed. The method can be performed aerobically and can include forming a mixture comprising a free-radical precursor and a compound to be tested, and converting the free-radical precursor into a free-radical anion and a free-radical cation. After the... Agent: Klarquist Sparkman, LLP

20080166815 - Ozone gas sensing element, detection apparatus, and measurement method: A sensing element in which a dye that changes in the light absorption characteristic of the visible region upon reaction with ozone gas is deposited in the pores of a porous material is prepared. A change in dye before and after exposing the sensing element to a measurement environment for... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman

20080166816 - Method for controlling hydrogenation: The invention relates to a method of controlling a hydrogenation of a starting material in a hydrogenation reactor, in which the amount of hydrogen reacted in the hydrogenation is firstly determined, the ratio of the amount of hydrogen reacted to the amount of starting material fed in is then derived,... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, LLP

20080166817 - Apparatus and method for polymer characterization: Apparatus for GPC/TREF and TREF/GPC characterization of a polymer sample. The apparatus provides for the automated and integrated use of multiple TREF columns and a GPC system employing a multiple flow through detectors. In addition, a method for TREF/GPC characterization of a polymer sample by GPC analysis of TREF fractions... Agent: The Dow Chemical Company

20080166818 - Integrated sample collector and tester for bodily fluid: In a testing kit for bodily fluids, a device is provided which combines a specimen collection component and a testing component, which are integrated into a single, inexpensive element that is readily manufactured. This permits testing by collecting a specimen with the device, then simply dropping it into a predetermined... Agent: Kaplan Gilman Gibson & Dernier L.L.P.

20080166819 - Gas detection apparatus and method utilizing an integral temperature correction device: An apparatus for measuring the concentration of a target substance includes a detection container, a pump, and an integral temperature indicator or integral temperature correction factor indicator. The detection container has or contains a detection material chemically reactive with the target substance to produce an observable indication upon exposure to... Agent: Bradley D. Goldizen

20080166820 - Extraction method and apparatus for high-sensitivity body fluid testing device: An extraction method and apparatus is provided for obtaining quick, safe and highly sensitive testing of any of a variety of body fluids including saliva, blood, urine or other fluids for drugs of abuse or other analytes. The apparatus includes a latchable extraction wand for obtaining body fluid samples from... Agent: Stites & Harbison PLLC

20080166821 - Immunochromatography kit: An immunochromatography kit including organic silver salt particles, a reducing agent for silver ions, and a metal colloid label or a metal sulfide label. The immunochromatography kit uses an immunoreaction of an analyte and an antibody or antigen that can bind specifically thereto, and analyzes a signal from a label... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

07/03/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080160618 - Method and system for physicochemical analysis using a laser pulsed ablation: A method for physicochemical analysis of a material during its ablation with a pulsed laser. The method uses the ratio of intensity levels of two emission lines of a tracer element derived from plasma generated by the laser beam to characterize the plasma excitation temperature. The method determines concentration of... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.c.

20080160619 - Method of detecting oxygen leakage: A method of detecting oxygen leakage. Firstly, a detection wafer with a first color positioned on the substrate is provided. Then, the detection wafer is loaded into a reaction tube from a loading chamber, and subsequently, the detection wafer is unloaded from the reaction tube. Finally, the detection wafer is... Agent: North America Intellectual Property Corporation

20080160620 - Method for quantitatively determining the dye content in dyed oils: A new method to determine by quantitative analysis the amount of dye present in dyed engine oils is provided. The method uses imaging techniques, such as spectrophotometry, and a combination of dilution and standard addition techniques to quantitatively determine the concentration of dye in the engine oil to ascertain whether... Agent: Pratt & Whitney

20080160621 - Process for producing vinyl polymer, vinyl polymer, and curable composition: The present invention provides: a process for preparing a vinyl polymer containing a halogen in an amount of 1,000 mg or less per kilogram, in which a vinyl polymer containing the halogen produced by atom transfer radical polymerization of a vinyl monomer is heated at a temperature in the range... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20080160622 - Device and method for particle complex handling: An embodiment of the invention relates to a device for detecting an analyte in a sample. The device comprises a fluidic network and an integrated circuitry component. The fluidic network comprises a sample zone, a cleaning zone and a detection zone. The fluidic network contains a magnetic particle and/or a... Agent: Client 21058 C/o Darby & Darby P.c.

20080160624 - Assist probe and method of using the same: Provided are a method of detecting target genes capable of increasing sensitivity in a Palsar method and of simultaneously detecting multiple genes, an assist probe to be used in the above method, and a method of forming a signal probe polymer by using the assist probe. The method of detecting... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.l.p.

20080160623 - Method and device for bioanalyte quantification by on/off kinetics of binding complexes: An embodiment of the invention relates to a device and method for measuring small fluid volume and detecting an analyte in a sample. The device has a channel having a plurality of sensors in a wall of the channel, wherein the sensors are located along a length of the channel... Agent: Client 21058 C/o Darby & Darby P.c.

20080160625 - Process for the preparation of modified electrodes, electrodes prepared with said process, and enzymatic biosensors comprising said electrodes: A process is described for the preparation of modified electrodes useful for the measurement of analytes in biological fluids, comprising the deposition of Prussian blue on screen printed electrodes, and the modified electrodes prepared via said process; the enzymatic electrodes and the biosensors comprising said modified electrodes and the method... Agent: Abelman, Frayne & Schwab

20080160626 - Method of tracing corrosive materials: A method of using an inert fluorescent tracer in a system that contains liquids in contact with solid surfaces and wherein said system contains a corrosive environment, is described and claimed, as is a method of using an inert fluorescent tracer to trace the corrosive material itself. Combinations of inert... Agent: Peter A. Dimattia Patent & Licensing Department

20080160627 - Environmental sensitive fluorogenic compounds and their application for singlet oxygen and protein detection: The present invention provides fluorogenic probes and corresponding fluorescent compounds, methods of using the probes, compounds and kits that include the probes.... Agent: Invitrogen Corporation C/o Intellevate

20080160628 - Method for the determination of degradable, organic carbon: A method for determining degradable, organic carbon comprises the following steps: the sample is fed to a combustion tube along with a carrier gas; the sample is treated with inert gas in the combustion tube at at least 850° C.; the obtained pyrolysis gas, which contains the AOC, is conducted... Agent: Milde & Hoffberg, LLP

20080160629 - Methods and systems for off-line multidimensional concentration and separation of biomolecules: The invention provides a method for performing off-line multi-dimensional separation and analysis of a heterogeneous biomolecular sample. The method includes separating the heterogeneous biomolecular sample into a plurality of fractions using an electrophoresis capillary. The plurality of fractions are then deposited onto one or more structures, which keep each of... Agent: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP

20080160630 - Enzymatic signal generation and detection of binding complexes in stationary fluidic chip: An embodiment of the invention relates to a device for detecting an analyte in a sample. The device comprises a fluidic network and an integrated circuitry component. The fluidic network comprises a sample zone, a cleaning zone and a detection zone. The fluidic network contains a magnetic particle and/or a... Agent: Client 21058 C/o Darby & Darby P.c.

20080160631 - Sensing device and method using photo-induced charge movements: A device and method which comprises a sensing surface on a membrane, solid surface or electrode, where the sensing surface contains a dye or chromophore chosen in relation to a particular target substance to be detected and quantified. The dye or chromophore is of a type which produces an electrical... Agent: Rogers Towers, P.a.

20080160632 - Use of mesoscale self-assembly and recognition to effect delivery of sensing reagent for arrayed sensors: A system and method for the detection of analytes in a fluid, in one embodiment, includes a light source, a sensor array, sensing elements, and a detector. More particularly, the system and method relate to discriminating mixtures of analytes in a fluid. The sensor array is formed from a supporting... Agent: Eric B. Meyertons Conley, Rose & Tayon, P.c.

20080160633 - Catalyst treatment apparatus and process: An apparatus for the sequential and/or parallel treatment of a plurality of molecular sieves samples is provided. The apparatus includes at least one support means having attached thereto a plurality of sample holders. The support means is in fluid communication with the interior of each sample holder. The apparatus also... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20080160636 - Isolated grp94 ligand binding domain polypeptide and nucleic acid encoding same, and screening methods employing same: An isolated GRP94 ligand binding domain polypeptide. In some embodiments, the isolated GRP94 ligand binding domain polypeptide includes (a) an amino acid sequence encoded by a nucleic acid molecule that includes a nucleotide sequence selected from among: (i) nucleotides 310-1116 of SEQ ID NO: 1; (ii) nucleotides 142-948 of SEQ... Agent: Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt, P. A.

20080160635 - Method and apparatus for combined electrochemical synthesis and detection of analytes: Described are devices and methods for detecting binding on an electrode surface. In addition, devices and methods for electrochemically synthesizing polymers and devices and methods for synthesizing and detecting binding to the polymer on a common integrated device surface are described.... Agent: Client 21058 C/o Darby & Darby P.c.

20080160634 - Method and device for biomolecule preparation and detection using magnetic array: An embodiment of the invention relates to a device for detecting an analyte in a sample. The device comprises a fluidic network and an integrated circuitry component. The fluidic network comprises multiple zones such as a sample zone, a cleaning zone and a detection zone. The fluidic network contains a... Agent: Client 21058 C/o Darby & Darby P.c.

20080160637 - Enhancement of sensitivity of fluorophore mediated biosensing and bioimaging: A method of enhancing fluorescence emission in a fluorophore-mediated sensing, biosensing, imaging, and bioimaging. An example of biosensing is a fluorophore-mediated sandwich immunoassay with a 1° monoclonal antibody against a target analyte and a fluorophore-linked 2° monoclonal antibody, exposing the immunoassay to an enhancing agent, applying excitation light to the... Agent: Greer, Burns & Crain

20080160638 - Functionalized microcantilever sensor and associated method for detection of targeted analytes: A microcantilever sensor for targeted analyte detection can generally comprise a microcantilever having a base and a beam, a metallic coating disposed substantially only on a first surface of a distal-most end of the beam, and a receptor compound immobilized to the metallic coating wherein the receptor compound can have... Agent: John E. Grosselin, Iii Spilman Thomas & Battle Pllc

20080160639 - Programmable electromagnetic array for molecule transport: An embodiment of the invention relates to a device comprising (1) an array of electromagnetic elements comprising coils, metal cores, and metal core heads, and (2) a controller that is adapted to control a current for one or more coils individually, to vary the current for said one or more... Agent: Client 21058 C/o Darby & Darby P.c.

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