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Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing January USPTO class listing 01/08

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01/31/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories. USPTO class listing

20080026470 - Device and method for determining the content of phenolic components in must and wine: The invention relates to a device which is in the form of a test strip, and to a method for quickly determining the content of polyphenoles in must and wine. Detection occurs after the method for folin and ciocalteau by means of a test strip which is impregnated with the... Agent: Millen, White, Zelano & Branigan, P.C.

20080026473 - Analyte sensors and methods for making and using them: Embodiments of the invention provide analyte sensors having elements designed to modulate their chemical reactions as well as methods for making and using such sensors. In certain embodiments of the invention, the sensor includes a hydrophilic comb-copolymer having a central chain and a plurality of side chains coupled to the... Agent: Gates & Cooper LLP Howard Hughes Center

20080026474 - Assay for differentiating compounds that modulate the extrinsic and/or intrinsic coagulation pathways: Methods for differentiating compounds that modulate the extrinsic and/or intrinsic coagulation pathways are provided. Also provided are methods for identifying a compound that modulates the extrinsic coagulation pathway. In addition, methods for determining an effective dosage of an anticoagulant in a patient are provided.... Agent: Louis J. Wille Bristol-myers Squibb Company

20080026477 - Method for preparing polymeric organic iridium compositions: The present invention provides a method for the preparation of polymeric organic iridium complexes useful in electronic devices such as OLEDs. The method provides polymeric organic iridium compositions comprising at least one cyclometallated ligand and at least one ketopyrrole ligand. The polymeric organic iridium compositions provided are referred to as... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20080026479 - Peptide derivatization method to increase fragmentation information from ms/ms spectra: A method of facilitating analysis of a peptide in a mass spectrometer comprising derivatizing the C-terminus of the peptide with an amino acid residue via a reaction with a carbodiimide reagent, yielding a derivative peptide, ionizing the derivative peptide with a double charge, and fragmenting the ionized derivative peptide in... Agent: Agilent Technologies Inc.

20080026478 - Protein probe compounds, compositions, and methods: Coumarine/chinolone and Martina-type compounds, compositions, and method of using the compounds and compositions for protein detection, assay, quantitation, etc. are disclosed. The composition, also referred to as a dye, has enhanced sensitivity over commercially available protein stains, and may be used to stain proteins in solution, proteins separated on gels,... Agent: Thompson Hine L.L.P. Intellectual Property Group

20080026468 - Preparation of a red blood cell component for a hematology control: Red blood cells from a vertebrate are treated to make them effective components of a hematology control, allowing the control to be used for detecting all blood cell components, including white blood cells and platelets. The treatment includes the use of a fixative under limited conditions of concentration and exposure... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20080026469 - Method for the detection of phosphine in cereals: A method is described for the total phosphine detection in cereal caryopses, comprising the steps of inserting a sample of cereal caryopses inside a container (1) equipped with hermetic closure (2); adding to the sample an aqueous solution of H2SO4 with a v/v concentration in the range of 5-20%, with... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20080026471 - Method and device for determining petroleum characteristics of geologic sediments: The invention relates to a method allowing to determine at least one petroleum characteristic of a geologic sediment sample, wherein the sample is heated in an oxidizing atmosphere, its temperature being successively raised to a first, then to a second value, said first value below 200° C. being reached very... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20080026472 - Instrument for efficient treatment of analytical devices: Subject of the invention is an instrument for automatically processing analytical devices wherein efficient washing and hybridization is effected by moving the disposable in a controlled rotational way in heatable, open carrier manifolds.... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems Inc Patent Law Department

20080026475 - Method of lysis of erythrocytes: A multifunctional reagent for erythrocytes containing an amount sufficient to produce the lysis of erythrocytes or the sphering of erythrocytes in such a way that they can be detected by a cytometer or an automatic counting device, of a carbamate or of an agent inducing the formation by the erythrocytes,... Agent: Beckman Coulter, Inc.

20080026476 - Device and method for detecting blood coagulation: A device is provided for use with a reader for determining coagulation of a sample of biological fluid. The device comprises a structure having an at least one chamber for containing a sample of biological fluid. A coagulation reagent capable of interacting with the fluid sample is provided within the... Agent: Dickstein Shapiro LLP

20080026480 - Detection systems for mass labels: Disclosed are compositions and methods for sensitive detection of one or multiple analytes. The methods utilize special label components, referred to as reporter signals, that can be associated with, incorporated into, or otherwise linked to the analytes. The reporter signals can be altered such that the altered forms of different... Agent: Wilmer, Hale, Perkin & Elmer, LLP

20080026481 - Molecular based two-marker assays that predict outcome of adenocarcinoma patients: Provided is a method of identifying a subject at risk of recurrence of adenocarcinoma, comprising detecting markers associated with recurrence. Provided is a method of identifying a subject at risk for recurrence of adenocarcinoma, comprising determining the ratio of EpCAM2 to CK19 in primary adenocarcinoma tissue from the subject, a... Agent: Needle & Rosenberg, P.C.

20080026482 - Process and arrangement for determining water content: Process for determination of a water content material, in particular organic carbon content and/or nitrogen, in which an aqueous sample is evaporated and combusted in at least one heating vessel equipped with a heating facility and the combustion product is fed in a transport gas flow to a detector for... Agent: Dennison, Schultz & Macdonald

20080026483 - Thermal-cycling devices and methods of using the same: A thermal-cycling device for thermally processing at least one substance carried by a thermally-conductive microwell plate includes a heating-cooling unit that may be placed in thermal contact with a surface of the microwell plate. The microwell plate may include at least one well that may have low volume capacity. In... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20080026484 - Metering technique for lateral flow assay devices: A diagnostic method and associated test kit for detecting an analyte residing in a test sample is provided. A sample membrane is utilized having a collection region and a detection region, the collection region having a known saturation volume for the intended test sample. A barrier is defined between the... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20080026485 - Antibody profiling for determination of patient responsiveness: Compositions and methods are provided for prognostic classification of autoimmune disease patients into subtypes, which subtypes are informative of the patient's need for therapy and responsiveness to a therapy of interest. The patterns of circulating blood levels of serum autoantibodies and/or cytokines provides for a signature pattern that can identify... Agent: Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20080026486 - Assay methods, materials and preparations: Disclosed is a polymer comprising covalently bound side chains of the formula —X—Y—Z—R wherein X is a spacer group; is a sulphur, selenium or tellurium atom; Z is a sulphur, selenium or tellurium atom any of which may be bonded to one or two oxygen atoms; and wherein R is... Agent: Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP

01/24/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories. USPTO class listing

20080020467 - Fluid metering in a metering zone: A method for metering samples located in a metering zone of a diagnostic analyzer includes: providing samples located within the metering zone on the analyzer; providing a metering system having a robotic arm which is extendable from a linearly translatable pivot. The arm accesses multiple sample points in the metering... Agent: Philip S. Johnson Johnson & Johnson

20080020469 - Method for scheduling samples in a combinational clinical analyzer: A method for scheduling the order of analysis of multiple samples in a combinational clinical analyzer performing a plurality of different analytical tests, includes the steps of: loading multiple samples in random order into a combinational clinical analyzer; defining the test requirements of the multiple samples; transferring said test requirements... Agent: Philip S. Johnson Johnson & Johnson

20080020470 - Colorant tracer for cooling water treatment formulations: Water-based colorant traced formulations (products) containing one or more water treatment agents, such as phosphonates, polyacrylic acids and/or polymers, co-polymers, terpolymers thereof, azoles, molybdate, polysilicates, phosphates, zinc, polyphosphates, etc., are provided wherein the water-soluble colorant is detectable in the visible light range of about 580-640 nm and is chemically inert... Agent: Kilyk & Bowersox, P.l.l.c.

20080020471 - Blood sugar detecting system: A blood sugar detecting system using emission quantum dots is provided. A non-cyclodextran carbohydrate-containing molecule and a glucose-recognizing molecule respectively bind to an emission quantum dot and a light-absorbing molecule to form the blood sugar measuring system. When the non-cyclodextran carbohydrate-containing molecule and the glucose-recognizing molecule bind together to bring... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20080020474 - Method of analyzing biosample by laser ablation and apparatus therefor: A method of analyzing a biosample that enables substantial shortening of time required for analysis, further enabling obtaining highly reliable results through means for avoiding sway of analytical results depending on observers, and that enables one-time analysis of a multiplicity of genes, etc. on a single biosample to thereby enhance... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20080020466 - Detection method using detecting device: Provided is a detection method employing a detection instrument having a plurality of wells at a surface thereof, the method including depositing a detection object, preferably in coexistence with a specific holding substance, onto the inner walls of the wells of the detection instrument; bringing a reaction solution into contact... Agent: Snider & Associates

20080020468 - Pharmaceutical analysis apparatus and method: An apparatus and method are provided for analyzing the release of active agent(s) from pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical-like products. The apparatus and method provide for more accurate simulation of the conditions in the GI tract including forces that are applied to the dosage form.... Agent: Smithkline Beecham Corporation Corporate Intellectual Property-us, Uw2220

20080020472 - Method for detecting an inflammatory disease or cancer: A method of detecting an inflammatory disease or a cancer in a test subject comprising determining the amount of plasmenyl-PE or a biomarker having a mass charge ratio of approximately 698.2, 722.2, 726.2 or 750.2 in a sample of bodily fluid taken from the test subject and comparing the amount... Agent: Frishauf, Holtz, Goodman & Chick, PC

20080020473 - Use of he4 and other biochemical markers for assessment of endometrial and uterine cancers: The disclosure relates to use of the HE4/HE4a marker(s) to assess endometrial and uterine cancer in a patient. The disclosure also relates to using tumors marks for diagnosis, grading and staging of endometrial and uterine cancers. The disclosure also relates to determining prognosis and treatment effectiveness of a patient who... Agent: Duane Morris, LLPIPDepartment

20080020475 - Methods and kits for the diagnosis of hypothyroidism: Provided are methods for the detection and diagnosis of Hypothyroidism. The methods are based on the discovery that altered levels of selected analytes in sample fluid, typically blood samples, of patients are supportive of a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism. At least twenty-four new biomarkers for hypothyroidism are thus disclosed (singly or... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20080020476 - Method of evaluating drug sensitivity by analyzing the mu-opioid receptor gene: It is intended to provide a method of evaluating drug sensitivity, which comprises linking a gene polymorphism in the mu-opioid receptor gene or a haplotype composed of the gene polymorphisms to individual drug sensitivity; and an oligonucleotide selected from the group consisting of the nucleotide sequences represented by SEQ ID... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20080020477 - Salivary glucose monitoring: The present invention relates to the measurement of carbohydrate in a fluid and uses thereof. Specifically, the invention is directed to the field of glucose measurement in the saliva of a subject. The invention provides devices and mathematical algorithms for the measurement of glucose in a subject.... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20080020478 - Method of detecting an analyte using a holographic sensor: A method for the detection of an analyte in a fluid, which comprises contacting the fluid with a holographic element comprising a medium and a hologram disposed throughout the volume of the medium, wherein an optical characteristic of the element changes as a result of a variation of a physical... Agent: Saliwanchik Lloyd & Saliwanchik A Professional Association

20080020479 - Method and device for determining the smoke point of hydrocarbons: The invention relates to a method for determining the smoke point of a hydrocarbon, comprising, among the different steps defined in the ASTM D 1322 standard or equivalents thereof, the identification, among different aspects of the flame according to the position of the burner in the lamp, of a particular... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20080020480 - Multiwell plates with integrated biosensors and membranes: The invention provides compositions and methods of detecting binding of molecules to a biosensor. Compositions of the invention comprise a multiwell plate with an integrated biosensor and a membrane.... Agent: Mcdonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP

20080020481 - Specimen analyzing method and specimen analyzing apparatus: A specimen analyzing method and a specimen analyzing apparatus capable of measuring interference substances before analyzing a specimen. The method comprises a step for sucking the specimen stored in a specimen container (150) and sampling it in a first container (153), a step for optically measuring the specimen in the... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20080020482 - Assay devices: An assay device may include a housing, at least partially within which is housed a test strip. The housing may define a test window through which a test zone of the test strip may be viewed. The device may include a movable portion which is movable between first (“testing”) and... Agent: Foley Hoag, LLP Patent Group (w/isa)

20080020483 - Fluorescence detecting method: The invention provides a fluorescence detecting method, comprising irradiating an excitation light in the UV range on a sample containing a nanoparticle fluorescent material having an emission half-value width of 50 nm to 200 nm as the fluorescent material and detecting the fluorescence emitted from the sample in the visible... Agent: Taiyo Corporation

20080020484 - Methods of predicting response to a treatment for a disease: The present invention relates to an apparatus and methods of testing and predicting a patient's response to a treatment for a disease. In one embodiment, the present invention relates to an apparatus and methods of testing and predicting a patient's chemosensitivity before the patient begins chemotherapy. The invention may include... Agent: Howrey LLP

20080020485 - Devices and methods for separating phospholipids from biological samples: Device and methods for the removal of phospholipids from biological samples are disclosed and described. Removal of phospholipids may be desirable for the analysis of the phospholipids themselves, or to prevent the phospholipids from conflicting with and effectively masking other analytes in the sample for which identification or quantification is... Agent: Thorpe North & Western, LLP.

20080020486 - Case for sampling water and capturing substances that generate orders and/or tastes present in water: The invention relates to a case for sampling water and capturing substances that generate odors and/or tastes present in water, comprising: at least one sample vial serving to contain a water sample, and means for capturing said substances contained in this sample.... Agent: Coats & Bennett, PLLC

01/17/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories. USPTO class listing

20080014639 - Rapid serial experimentation of catalysts and catalyst systems: The present invention relates to a method of testing catalysts and catalyst systems via a plurality of stations in which each station can accommodate a common reactor module in order to accomplish unattended, automated, rapid serial experimentation. The method includes the steps of: providing within a purged chamber a storage... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20080014640 - Method to study bomolecular interactions under native condition by maldi: A sample preparation method is disclosed for volatilization and mass spectrometric analysis of nonvolatile high molecular weight molecules. Buffered aqueous solutions of matrix at near physiological pH are disclosed for use in Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption and Ionization (MALDI). The new methods expanded the application of MALDI to study non-covalent protein... Agent: Fenhong Song

20080014641 - Correcting karl fischer water and oil analysis: A method and apparatus for determining a concentration of water in an oil mixture using both the Karl Fischer test method and spectrochemical analysis. The invention allows for chemical species that masquerade as water in an oil mixture to be identified and accounted for in determining a more accurate water... Agent: Luedeka, Neely & Graham, P.C.

20080014643 - Dual angle radiation scanning of objects: In one example, a method of examining contents of an object is disclosed comprising scanning an object by first and second radiation beams at at least first and second angles, detecting radiation at the first and second angles, and determining whether the object at least potentially comprises high atomic number... Agent: Brandon N. Sklar. Esq. (patent Prosecution) Kaye Scholer, LLP

20080014642 - Tagging reagents and methods for hydroxylated compounds: In various aspects, the present teachings provide labeling reagents and sets of labeling reagents for the relative quantitation, absolute quantitation, or both, of hydroxylated compounds including, but not limited to, hydroxylated ring containing compounds, steroids and sterols. In various aspects, the present teachings also provide methods for the analysis hydroxylated... Agent: Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP

20080014644 - Diagnosis and monitoring of chronic renal disease using ngal: A method of assessing the ongoing kidney status of a mammal afflicted with or at risk of developing chronic renal injury or disease, including chronic renal failure (CRF) by detecting the quantity of Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (NGAL) in urine, serum or plasma samples at discrete time periods, as well as... Agent: Hasse & Nesbitt LLC

20080014645 - Method for reducing psa levels: A method for reducing an antigen indicator of prostate cancer and for reducing the need for biopsies in men suspected of having prostate cancer and a method for treating patients with elevated PSA levels. In one method, the level of an antigen indicator of prostate cancer is measured and for... Agent: Norris, Mclaughlin & Marcus, Pa

20080014646 - Method of presuming domain linker region of protein: A domain linker region is predicted by inputting an amino-acid sequence of a protein whose structure is unknown in a hierarchical neural network having identified and learned the domain linker region. Also, the sequence characteristics of the linker domain is identified by a statistical method, and by combining the result... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20080014647 - Method for electrochemically measuring phosphoric acid and/or phosphate: Disclosed is a method for measuring a phosphoric acid and/or a phosphate in a sample simply and rapidly with high sensitivity. Specifically disclosed is a method for electrochemically measuring a phosphoric acid and/or a phosphate ester, which is characterized by measuring PO43− produced through a chemical reaction of a phosphate,... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20080014648 - Hazardous compounds detector: The invention relates to a single-use detector of aromatic compounds, with:—a first part (20) comprising a light conversion layer (26), and a photosensitive layer (28) in one piece with the light conversion layer, to be capable of being exposed by exposure light (54) capable of being produced by the light... Agent: Carestream Health Inc,

20080014649 - Method for the determination of body odor: e

20080014651 - Method and apparatus for the detection of magnetizable particles: A method is disclosed for the detection of magnetic particles, so-called beads, immobilized on an essentially flat-planar holding area of a substrate. In at least one embodiment, a sensor array, which is arranged in the holding area and is composed of XMR sensors, is subjected to an external magnetic field... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20080014650 - Method for determining characteristic numbers for catalysts: The present patent application encompasses a method of determining characteristic numbers for catalyst material by means of electrochemical measurement, the use of this method for optimization and selection of catalysts and processes.... Agent: Norris, Mclaughlin & Marcus, Pa

20080014652 - Method and apparatus for introducing samples of gas at controlled pressure in a gas chromatograph: Apparatus for analysing a gas sample comprising a variable volume chamber (8) in fluodynamic connection through a line (21-22) with a sample holding container (30), in which the gas sample is contained, and through a line (11-19) with a plurality of gaschromatographic instruments, for example two (51, 52). These instruments... Agent: Dennison, Schultz & Macdonald

20080014653 - Spectral analysis system utilizing water vapor plasma: A system and method for analysis of minute quantities of contaminants in water. Liquid water is converted to water vapor and then excited into a plasma state with microwave radiation. Optical emissions from the plasma are spectrally analyzed to provide qualitative and/or quantitative analyses of the contaminants in the water.... Agent: John R. Ross

20080014654 - Efficient fluorimetric analyzer for single-walled carbon nanotubes: The present invention is directed toward methods and devices for analyzing populations of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) on the basis of their fluorescence properties and the comparison of said properties to fluorescence profiles of pre-determined SWNT compositions. Generally, such analyzing yields information about the composition of the SWNTs within said... Agent: Robert C. Shaddox Winstead Sechrest & Minick P.C.

20080014655 - Multifunctional reference system for analyte determinations by fluorescence: The present invention concerns a system and method for the luminescence detection of an analyte in a liquid sample. The system comprises a support on which an analyte-specific substance and a reference substance are located. The analyte-specific substance is able to emit a first luminescence signal on contact with the... Agent: The Law Office Of Jill L. Woodburn, L.L.C. Jill L. Woodburn

20080014656 - Method for storing and reacting ions in a mass spectrometer: A method of analyzing ions is provided having a first ion guide with first and second ends and introducing a first group of ions and a second group of ions of opposite polarity into the first ion guide, and applying an RF voltage potential to the first ion guide for... Agent: Bereskin And Parr

20080014657 - Use of albumin, bovine, p-aminophenyl n-acetyl b-d glucosaminide as a control line for an immunoassay device: Devices, kits, and methods are provided for analyzing a sample for the presence or amount of a bacterium in a sample, and for determining whether or not conditions present while practicing the invention allow for accurate test results. Specifically, the invention provides devices, kits, and methods for analyzing a sample... Agent: David W. Highet, Vp And ChiefIPCounsel Becton, Dickinson And Company

20080014658 - Web material with a coating allowing very rapid spreading and/or transport of fluids: v

20080014659 - Reduction of the hook effect in membrane-based assay devices: A membrane-based assay device for detecting the presence or quantity of an analyte residing in a test sample is provided. The device utilizes a chromatographic zone on which is disposed a plurality of microporous particles. The chromatographic zone can effectively reduce the “hook effect” in a simple, efficient, and relatively... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20080014660 - High quantum yield acridinium compounds and their uses in improving assay sensitivity: The present invention relates to hydrophilic, high quantum yield acridinium compounds. It has been discovered that the placement of electron-donating groups in the acridinium ring system increases the amount of light that is emitted by the corresponding acridinium compound when its chemiluminescence is triggered by alkaline peroxide. More specifically, it... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

01/10/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories. USPTO class listing

20080009067 - Indicating device for temperature sensitive products: The present invention provides a device capable of exhibiting a time-temperature dependence that comprises an upper layer carrying a first reactant selected from a group of materials such as chelating agents and a base layer carrying a second reactant adapted to react with the first reactant upon triggering. A barrier... Agent: Browdy And Neimark, P.l.l.c. 624 Ninth Street, Nw

20080009068 - Protein-protein interactions and methods for identifying interacting proteins and the amino acid sequence at the site of interaction: The invention relates to protein-protein interactions and methods for identifying interacting proteins and the amino acid sequence at the site of interaction. Using overlapping hexapeptides that encode for the entire amino acid sequences of the linker domains of human P-glycoprotein gene 1 and 3 (HP-gp1 and HP-gp3), a direct and... Agent: Wilmerhale/boston

20080009069 - Method for analyzing oligosaccharides from blood plasma: The present invention relates to a method for analyzing oligosaccharides constituting the heparins of low molecular weight and the heparins of very low molecular weight from blood plasma.... Agent: Andrea Q. Ryan Sanofi-aventis U.s. LLC

20080009070 - Amine detecting method: An amine detecting method. The method includes providing a sensory device coated with an isolated peptide consisting of SEQ ID NO:1, contacting the sensory device with a breath sample, detecting an amine amount present in the sample, and comparing the amine amount with a database to diagnose disorders.... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20080009071 - Methods and devices for hybridization and binding assays using thermophoresis: An apparatus and method for performing hybridization or binding assays under thermophoretic conditions is provided.... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20080009072 - Ultrasonic mixing of a biological sample: Disclosed herein is a method of preparing a slide for viewing biological material, comprising obtaining a vial containing the biological material in a solution; sonicating the solution to obtain a mixed solution; selectively removing cells from the mixed solution by aspirating a portion of the solution through a membrane such... Agent: VistaIPLaw Group LLP

20080009073 - Test cartridge holder for blood samples: Improved methods and apparatus that make more accurate and reduces risk of filling reaction chambers of cartridge cells with blood samples to conduct blood coagulation tests of the type employing the plunger technique are disclosed. A cartridge holder is provided that secures a test cartridge in a fixed upright position... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20080009074 - Indicator for multiwell plate and method for using the same: The present invention presents a novel indicator for a multiwell plate (10) having a predetermined array of wells, and a multiwell comprising the same. The indicator comprising a pierceable foil member (20) adapted to cover the top portion of the plate, and an array of signs located on the upper... Agent: Schweitzer Cornman Gross & Bondell LLP

20080009075 - Open-field serial to parallel converter: Microfluidic devices and systems for affecting the serial to parallel conversion of materials introduced into the device or system. Material or materials to be converted from a serial orientation, e.g., a single channel, into a parallel orientation, e.g., multiple channels, are introduced into an open chamber or field in which... Agent: Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.

20080009077 - Anti-human soluble fibrin monoclonal antibody and immunilogical assay method using the antibody: The present invention is directed to a monoclonal antibody against a soluble fibrin, which specifically recognizes a conformation-changed site newly occurred in a C-terminal region of an Aα-chain of the soluble fibrin formed through thrombin digestion of fibrinogen. The present invention is also directed to a hybridoma which produces the... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20080009078 - Methods and devices for analyte detection: Methods and apparatus are provided to resolve analytes within a fluid path using isoelectric focusing, gel electrophoresis, or other separation means. Materials within the fluid path that are compatible with these separation means are used to attach resolved analytes to the wall of the fluid path. Attachment results from a... Agent: Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP 2 Palo Alto Square, Suite 700

20080009076 - Methods of identifying compounds that modulate il-4 receptor-mediated ige synthesis utilizing a thioredoxin-like 32 kda protein: The present provides compounds capable of modulating IL-4 receptor-mediated IgE production, as well as IL-4 induced processes associated therewith, methods and kits for identifying such compounds that utilize a thioredoxin-like 32 kDa protein (TXNL) as a surrogate analyte and methods of using the compounds in a variety of in vitro,... Agent: Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20080009079 - Method for formation of a stationary phase in an immunoadsorption wall: A method for formation of a stationary phase in an immunoadsorption wall is provided. This method is a partially incomplete two-stage polymerization method and the resulting stationary phase consists of a supporting gel layer and a stacking gel layer. The method is mainly characterized by the change in the temperature... Agent: Workman Nydegger

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