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Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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11/13/2014 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140334974 - Apparatus for disinfecting or sterilizing a catheter and method of use: An elliptical-shaped housing contains a UV light source and a power source. A connector is removably mounted in the housing and is disinfected or sterilized by UV light. A reflective coating inside the housing enhances the intensity of the UV light to disinfect or sterilize the connector.... Agent: Puracath Medical, Inc.

20140334975 - Hand sanitizing device and method of use: A personal dispensing system allows a user to dispense a viscous liquid, such as a disinfectant liquid gel. The dispenser includes a mounting clip which can be worn on the belt of a user. The dispenser has a front sidewall with openings which allow the viscous liquid to be dispensed... Agent:

20140334976 - Sterilizer, oral cavity sterilizer, sterilization method, sterilization apparatus, and sterilizer evaluation method: It is intended to provide a sterilizer, an oral cavity sterilizer, a sterilization method, a sterilization apparatus, and a sterilizer evaluation method capable of enhancing a sterilization effect. The sterilizer including hydrogen peroxide and a catalase activity inhibitor containing scutellaria or green tea is brought into contact with a sterilization... Agent: Az Co., Ltd.

20140334977 - Steam steriliser: Provided is a steam sterilizer for medical instruments including a feeding system configured to feed a sterilization chamber and including at least one main tank for containing a sterilization fluid; an evacuation system configured to evacuate a discharge fluid from the sterilization chamber; and a purification system configured to draw... Agent: Absolute Up S.r.l.

20140334978 - System and apparatus for a laboratory scale reactor: The present disclosure may include a device for testing catalysts, and a method for controlling the flow rate and temperature parameters during the process. The device may separate mass flow control through heating elements from the mass flow through the sample, as well as separate banks for mixing oxidizing elements,... Agent: Cdti

20140334979 - Biosensor and measurement apparatus for same: The measuring device having a receiving part in which the biosensor is inserted, includes exclusive coupling parts formed correspondingly at each contact surface at which the biosensor and the receiving part of the measuring device are in contact with each other, wherein the biosensor is inserted into the receiving part... Agent: Ceragem Medisys Inc.

20140334980 - Detection sensor systems and methods: Analyte detection systems and devices are provided. In one embodiment, a sensor initially reviews an assay, for instance a test strip, to designate a particular testing sequence. The sensor may calibrate the unit and then identify the particular testing sequence by identifying a color indicator on the test strip. The... Agent: Charm Sciences, Inc.

20140334981 - Microbead analysis method and microbead analyzer: Provided is a microbead analysis method for a microbead. The microbead is formed in a columnar shape having a top surface and a bottom surface facing each other, as placed almost in parallel, and a side surface extending therefrom, and carries an identification pattern formed on at least one of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140334982 - Apparatus for treating a gas stream: An apparatus for treating a gas stream includes a plasma abatement device that has a reaction chamber and a plasma torch for generating a plasma stream for injection into the chamber for treating the gas stream. A first inlet conveys a gas stream into the plasma abatement device for treatment,... Agent: Edwards Limited

20140334983 - Reductant sensor system: An exhaust treatment fluid system includes a tank housing for storing an exhaust treatment fluid. A suction tube includes a first end positioned within the housing and a second end in communication with a suction port of the housing. An elongated laminar flow device is secured to a discharge port... Agent:

20140334984 - Reactor for preparing polyolefin: The invention relates to a process for preparing polyolefin in a loop reactor. The polymer is prepared by polymerizing olefin monomers in the presence of a catalyst to produce a polyolefin slurry while pumping said slurry through said loop reactor by means of a pump. The present process is characterized... Agent:

20140334985 - Process for upgrading heavy and highly waxy crude oil without supply of hydrogen: A continuous process to upgrade heavy crude oil for producing more valuable crude feedstock having high API gravity, low asphaltene content, and high middle distillate yield, low sulfur content, low nitrogen content, and low metal content without external supply of hydrogen and/or catalyst. Heavy crude oil having substantial amount of... Agent:

20140334986 - Axial flow atomization module: An exhaust treatment component for treating an engine exhaust including a housing including an inlet and an outlet. A mixing device is located within the housing between the inlet and the outlet, and the mixing device includes a shell communicating with the outlet, a decomposition tube having a first end... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140334987 - Axial flow atomization module: An exhaust treatment component for treating an engine exhaust. The component includes a housing including an inlet and an outlet, and a mixing assembly located within the housing between the inlet and the outlet. The mixing assembly includes a decomposition tube having a first end and a second end. The... Agent:

20140334988 - Flow reversing exhaust gas mixer: An exhaust mixing device for mixing an exhaust produced by an engine with a reagent exhaust treatment fluid that is dosed into the exhaust from a dosing module. The exhaust mixing device includes a decomposition tube having a first end and a second end. The first end of the decomposition... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140334990 - Zpgm diesel oxidation catalyst systems and methods thereof: The present disclosure refers to a plurality of methods employed for production of ZPGM diesel oxidation catalyst systems substantially free of PGM, which may include a substrate, a washcoat, and an impregnation layer. Washcoat may include at least one carrier material oxides. An optional impregnation layer component, which may include... Agent: Cdti

20140334989 - Zpgm diesel oxidation catalysts and methods of making and using same: Diesel oxidation ZPGM catalyst systems are disclosed. ZPGM catalyst systems may oxidize toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides that may be included in exhaust gases. ZPGM catalyst systems may include: a substrate, a washcoat, and an impregnation layer. The washcoat may include at least one carrier... Agent: Cdti

20140334991 - Thermally or photochemically activated small molecule delivery platform: Thermally or photochemically activated small molecule delivery polymers and platforms enable ‘on-demand’ delivery of a vapor-phase lubricant, such as pentanol or other alcohols, that enable scheduled or as-needed lubrication of MEMS devices, thereby greatly improving the reliability and lifespan of the devices.... Agent:

20140334992 - Monolithic heat exchanger and apparatus and methods for hydrogenation of a halosilane: A counter current heat exchanger amenable to fabrication from monolithic materials and particularly useful in corrosive and high temperature environments is described. The heat exchanger uses multiple series of holes bored axially through a monolithic material. Axial holes are bored in adjacent flow paths arranged in closely spaced concentric rings.... Agent:

20140334993 - Electronic pipette: An electronic pipette comprising a piston actuated in a cylinder by a motor, a control system for carrying out pipette operations, and a user interface for operating the pipette, which user interface comprises a display, wherein the main menu of the user interface comprises a user defined shortcut to a... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy

11/06/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140328720 - Purification device and purification method: A purification apparatus includes an ultraviolet lamp (41) emitting an ultraviolet ray with a wavelength having ozone generating effect and an ultraviolet ray with a wavelength having sterilizing effect and an accommodator (43) accommodating the ultraviolet lamp (41) in an accommodation space thereinside. The accommodator (43) includes a transmission portion... Agent:

20140328721 - Methods of maintaining and using a high concentration of dissolved copper on the surface of a useful article: A method for maintaining and using a high concentration of dissolved copper on a surface of a useful article by providing a copper surface without coatings thereon which increase the wetting angle and which isolate the copper surface and which has a surface roughness between 2 and 50 micro inches... Agent: Pmx Industries Inc.

20140328722 - Method and apparatus for preparing polymer beads of uniform particle size by suspension polymerisation: Monomer solution and liquid solution immiscible with the monomers in the monomer solution are cocurrently jetted upwardly in a pulsating manner in a reaction vessel. Monomer droplets are allowed to rise up in a controlled and smooth manner under the dynamic forces exerted by differential flow rate and differential pressure... Agent: Thermax Limited

20140328723 - Process for continuously producing water-absorbing polymer particles: A process for continuously producing water-absorbing polymer particles by polymerizing a monomer solution comprising acrylic acid and/or salts thereof, wherein the acrylic acid supplied has a dimeric acrylic acid content of at least 0.02% by weight and the dimeric acrylic acid content is kept essentially constant.... Agent: Basf Se

20140328724 - Multi-stage system for producing a material of a battery cell: A system and method thereof are provided for multi-stage processing of one or more precursor compounds into a battery material. The system includes a mist generator, a drying chamber, one or more gas-solid separators, and one or more in-line reaction modules comprised of one or more gas-solid feeders, one or... Agent:

20140328725 - Steam plasma arc hydrolysis of ozone depleting substances: A two step process for the destruction of a precursor material using a steam plasma in a three zone reactor wherein the precursor material is hydrolyzed as a first step in the high temperature zone of the reactor, followed by a second step of medium temperature oxidation of the reactant... Agent: Pyrogenesis Canada, Inc.

20140328726 - Exhaust gas purification system: An exhaust gas purification system uses an NOx purification apparatus for reducing the amount of precious metal used and exhibits an NOx purification performance at a low temperature and/or in an oxidizing atmosphere, and provides NOx purification performance even by an exhaust gas composition including HC and NOx at the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140328727 - Johnson ambient-heat engine: An ambient-heat engine has a substantially thermally-conductive housing whose interior is divided into a high-pressure chamber and a low-pressure chamber by a substantially gas-impermeable barrier. An ionically-conductive, electrical-energy-generating mechanism forms at least a portion of the barrier. First hydrogen-storage medium is disposed within the high-pressure chamber and second hydrogen-storage medium... Agent:

20140328728 - Plasma generation device: There is provided a plasma generation device capable of suppressing arc discharge in which discharge is localized to cause a high temperature, and allowing atmospheric discharge plasma to be stably generated with a high generation efficiency in a low temperature at about a room temperature without being spatially biased. The... Agent: Saga University

20140328729 - Apparatus for preparing a material of a battery cell: A continuous process for producing a material of a battery cell using a system having a mist generator, a drying chamber, one or more gas-solid separators and a reactor is provided. A mist generated from a liquid mixture of two or more metal precursor compounds in desired ratio is dried... Agent:

20140328730 - Circulation type gasification furnace: A circulation type gasification furnace is provided with: a gasification furnace that turns a fluidized medium into a fluidized bed or moving bed, and produces gasification gas by gasifying a gasification raw material injected into the fluidized medium; a combustion furnace that heats the fluidized medium discharged from the gasification... Agent:

20140328731 - Device for inducing nucleation: Described is a device for inducing crystal nucleation in a crystalliser. The device comprises a vessel for fluid and a surface abrader, wherein the surface abrader is configured to abrade a surface within the vessel to induce crystal nucleation. The friction of the abrader against the surface within the vessel... Agent: Heriot Watt University

20140328732 - Apparatus and cartridge for hemostasis testing: A sample testing cartridge is usable to perform a variety of tests on a visco-elastic sample, such hemostasis testing on a whole blood or blood component sample. The cartridge includes a sample processing portion that is in fluid communication with a sample retention structure. A suspension, such as a beam,... Agent:

20140328733 - Simplified gating method for sealing and flow control in micro and nano devices: A biochip for multiplex genetic identification is disclosed. An biochip for separating and detecting a plurality of DNA fragments includes a set of inputs and chambers for receiving a sample matrix of genetic material and reagents needed to conduct a polymerase chain reaction amplification of the genetic material. The biochip... Agent:

20140328734 - Biological specimen collection and storage devices: A biological sample containment system and method are provided that include a container for storing the biological sample and an indicator affixed to the container for displaying at least one measured characteristics of the container or sample, wherein measurement of the characteristic is commenced by activation of the indicator. In... Agent:

20140328735 - Container for the laboratory area and method for marking such a container: Container (10, 10′) for the laboratory area, having: a body (1) with a layer (2) that is opaque to an optical reader, is applied to the body and has clearances (21) in the form of machine-readable data, the body (1) having at least one local material modification (3), and the... Agent: Weidmann Plastics Technology Ag

10/30/2014 > 36 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140322070 - Handheld device sanitary enclosure system and method for using the same: A handheld device sanitary enclosure system includes a system housing including a sanitary enclosure magazine configured to hold a plurality of sanitary enclosures. A support station is coupled with the system housing. The support station is configured to hold and suspend a handheld device at the support station in a... Agent:

20140322071 - Apparatus and method for purifying gas: A gas purifying apparatus and a method thereof are disclosed. According to an exemplary embodiment, a gas purifying apparatus includes a first chamber comprising a first inlet into which a first fluid flows and a first outlet through which a part of the first fluid is discharged, a purifier which... Agent:

20140322072 - Heat sterilization techniques for chlorhexidine based antiseptic formulations: Techniques for sterilizing chlorhexidine based antiseptic formulations include exposing a sealed container containing the formulation to heat at a temperature and heating time sufficient to sterilize the chlorhexidine based antiseptic formulation and the hermetically sealed interior of the container, which may be an applicator, a bottle, a swab stick, or... Agent: Lernapharm (loris) Inc.

20140322073 - Hand rail sanitizier: A hand rail sanitizing system for sanitizing a hand rail of an escalator stairway from germs and bacteria on the hand rail is provided. The hand rail has a top wall, a bottom wall, and a pair of side walls. The hand rail sanitizing system comprises a container having a... Agent:

20140322076 - Antimicrobial composition: The present invention relates to an antimicrobial composition and a method for disinfection involving the antimicrobial composition. It particularly relates to an antimicrobial composition for personal cleaning, oral care or hard surface cleaning applications. It was found that compositions comprising one or more isopropyl-methylphenols, terpineol and a carrier provide synergistic... Agent: Rohm And Haas Company

20140322074 - Apparatus and method for the external sterilization of plastics material pre-forms: An apparatus (1) for the sterilization of plastics material containers (10), and in particular of plastics material pre-forms (10), with a conveying device (2) which conveys the plastics material containers (10) along a pre-set conveying path, with at least one stressing device (4) which acts upon an external surface of... Agent:

20140322077 - Microbial composition: A synergistic microbicidal composition containing: (a) at least one microbicide selected from the group consisting of isopropyl methyl phenols and monosubstituted phenols and (b) at least one microbicide selected from the group consisting of p-menthene alcohols, menthadiene alcohols and other antimicrobial alcohols of a specified structure.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Company

20140322075 - Universal sterilizing tool: The sterilizing tool is configured to wipe debris from and to sterilize and/or dry a working end-site of medical device; using a wiping, twisting, dabbing, push/pull, and/or screwing motion around all of the surface aspects of the device to be sterilized. Additionally, the sterilizing tool is configured to form fit... Agent:

20140322078 - Method for decontaminating brick or concrete: A method for decontaminating a brick or concrete according to the present invention comprises the steps of: pulverizing the brick or the concrete by using a pulverizing device (pulverizing step); arranging the brick or concrete in a container room and washing the brick or concrete by using a decontamination agent... Agent: Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, R.o.c.

20140322079 - Microbial composition: A synergistic microbicidal composition containing a selected from the class consisting of chlorinated phenols, fused bicyclic phenols, monosubstituted phenols and monosubstituted catechols and an antimicrobial alcohol selected from the class consisting of acyclic terpene alcohols.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Company

20140322080 - Automatic analysis device: Disclosed is an automatic analysis device that enables easy selection of a desired reagent-setting position and efficient execution of reagent information confirmation and reagent usage setup, by displaying, at a high level of visibility and in an enlarged format, both of the selected reagent-setting position and means for moving, for... Agent:

20140322081 - Sensing devices and techniques using 3-d arrays based on surface plasmon excitations: Techniques, apparatus, material and systems are described for implementing a three-dimensional composite mushroom-like metallodielectric nanostructure. In one aspect, a surface plasmon based sensing device includes a substrate and a layer of an anti-reflective coating over the substrate. The surface Plasmon based sensing device includes a dielectric material on the anti-reflective... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140322082 - Air freshening network: An air freshening network in a home or office environment is more energy efficient and intelligent than conventional devices.... Agent:

20140322083 - Curing systems for materials that consume carbon dioxide and method of use thereof: The invention provides a curing system that is useful for curing materials that consume carbon dioxide as a reagent. The system has a curing chamber that contains the material to be cured and a gas that contains carbon dioxide. The system includes apparatus that can deliver carbon dioxide to displace... Agent: Solidia Technologies, Inc.

20140322084 - Air-purifying device for vehicles: An air-purifying device for vehicles capable of diagnosing function deterioration of an ozone purifier with an inexpensive configuration is provided. At Step 120, applying current to an injector 20 is started. As a result, injection of ammonia from the injector 20 is started. Subsequently, it is determined whether or not... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140322085 - Odor removal apparatus: A portable odor removal apparatus for use in an enclosed space, such as for example a refrigerator and/or a closet. The portable odor removal apparatus includes; a housing, air inlets, air outlets, an ion generator and a controller with energy saving features. The overall form of the housing may suggest... Agent: Lasko Holdings, Inc.

20140322086 - Fragrance container and fragrance diffuser: A fragrance container with a container body provided with a bottom bracket permeable to interior air of the container near a bottom opening. A top cover having a shutter within an interior of the container body near a top opening with a fragrance substance contained in the container body between... Agent:

20140322087 - Sugar alcohol split injection conversion: A method of hydrotreating liquefied biomass feedstock with diesel feedstock to produce alkanes is demonstrated that prevents damage to the reactor catalyst, reduces coke production, and converts nearly all of the polyols to alkanes. In order to mitigate the potential coking issue and to moderate the temperature of the catalyst... Agent: Phillips 66 Company

20140322088 - Auxiliary coolant tank for exhaust aftertreatment system: An auxiliary coolant tank for an exhaust aftertreatment system is provided. The auxiliary coolant tank includes an inlet connection port and an outlet channel. The outlet channel includes a first portion and a second portion. The first portion extends parallel to a plane of a first side and a plane... Agent:

20140322089 - Systems for recovering nitric acid from pickling solutions: In one embodiment, a system for treating a gas stream comprising NOx produced from a used or spent acid pickling solution includes a pickling apparatus, a first chamber, and a second chamber. The pickling apparatus includes an inlet adapted for introducing a reducing agent into contact with the acid pickling... Agent: Ati Properties, Inc.

20140322090 - Electrically heatable honeycomb body with multiple sheet metal layers electrically connected with a connecting pin: A honeycomb body includes sheet metal layers forming a central current path to a radial connecting pin. A metal casing has an inner periphery and a feedthrough guiding and insulating the pin. The layers are alternate coarsely structured and finely structured or smooth sheets forming a stack with uppermost and... Agent:

20140322091 - Method and arrangement for cleaning a particle filter: A method and an arrangement for cleaning a particulate filter in a vehicle provided with an internal combustion engine is provided. The particulate filter is mounted in an operative position inside an exhaust muffler under normal operation of the engine. The method involves performing a cleaning process including disassembling and... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20140322092 - Catalytic reforming system for producing reduced benzene gasoline: A catalytic reforming process for producing gasoline of reduced benzene content includes the steps of reforming a reformer feedstock that includes a naphtha stream to produce a gasoline reformate product stream; splitting the gasoline reformate product stream into one or more relatively benzene-rich fractions and one or more relatively benzene-lean... Agent:

20140322093 - Device for performing a chemical transformation in fluidic media: A device is provided for performing chemical transformation in a fluid, with a flow distributor having at least one fluid medium inlet, at least one fluid medium outlet, and at least one confinement wherein the chemical transformation is performed; and a means for rotating, rocking, wagging, or oscillating the device.... Agent: Nordic Chemquest Ab

20140322094 - Noval synthesis method of long length carbon nanotube: Method and apparatus are presented for synthesis SWNT (single wall) or MWNT (multiple walls) of the carbon nanotube structure. According to the invention the very long length of the carbon tube can be synthesized in the spiral threaded holes of the rotating cylinders using the electromagnetic resonance phenomena.... Agent:

20140322095 - Method for recovering hydrocarbon compounds and a hydrocarbon recovery apparatus from a gaseous by-product: There is provided a method for recovering hydrocarbon compounds from gaseous by-products generated in a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reaction. The method includes absorbing light hydrocarbon compounds and a carbon dioxide gas from the gaseous by-products using an absorption solvent including liquid hydrocarbon compounds and a carbon dioxide gas absorbent, separating the... Agent: Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140322096 - Sanitization station using plasma activated fluid: A sanitization station including a fluid source and one or more plasma generators for generating non-thermal plasma is disclosed. One or more nozzles spray a mist or stream of fluid through plasma generated by the one or more plasma generators to activate the fluid. The fluid is then used to... Agent: Ep Technologies LLC

20140322097 - Device for rapid determination of disease-associated thiol compounds: Disclosed is a single-use disposable article for determining the concentration of thiol compounds in a sample of fluid, and a description of how to make and use the article.... Agent:

20140322098 - Magnetic particle washing station: Embodiments of the invention relate to a clinical instrument analyzer system for the automatic analysis of patient samples. In one embodiment, the analyzer may be used to analyze bodily fluid samples, such as blood, plasma, serum, urine or cerebrospinal fluid, for example. Embodiments of the invention relate to an apparatus... Agent:

20140322099 - Microfluidic chips and assay systems: The systems and methods described herein include a microfluidic chip having a plurality of microfeatures interconnected to provide a configurable fluid transport system for processing at least one reagent. Inserts are provided to removably interfit into one or more of the microfeatures of the chip, wherein the inserts include sites... Agent: Rheonix, Inc.

20140322100 - Method and device for producing a microfluidic analysis cartridge: A method for producing a pneumatically actuatable microfluidic analysis cartridge includes closing a joining side of a fluidic part of the analysis cartridge with a first fluid-tight elastic membrane and/or closing a joining side of a pneumatic part of the analysis cartridge with a second membrane. The fluidic part is... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140322101 - Dispensing method: A dispensing method which dispenses a first liquid contained in a first vessel which stores the first liquid and a second liquid to introduce the first liquid into a second vessel by using a tube.... Agent:

20140322102 - Reagent preparation and dispensing device: A reagent preparation and dispensing device includes a body having a reaction chamber for a reagent and a solution reservoir for a solution. The solution reservoir is isolated from the reaction chamber. A plunger is movably coupled with the body. Movement of the plunger from a starting position to a... Agent: Biolyph, LLC

20140322103 - Multisample bionanochip platform: A bionanochip cartridge for analysis of multiple samples or analytes is provided herein, and the cartridge is dimensioned to take advantage of existing robotic microtiter plate handling equipment. Fluidics are specially designed to provide a small footprint and to prevent cross contamination.... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20140322104 - Adapter caps for sample collection containers and associated molds with core pins and related methods: Adapter caps for sample collection containers have a monolithic elongate body with an upper neck portion that merges into a larger lower body portion with an open internal cavity. The upper neck portion has an open needle bore that is concentrically aligned with the open internal cavity. The monolithic elongate... Agent: Biom&#xe9 Rieux, Inc.

20140322105 - Micro-reactor system assembly: A micro-reactor system assembly comprises a stack of at least n process modules (1-6), wherein n is an integer equal to or greater than 1, made from a rigid first material and comprising at least one reactive fluid passage (1A, 1B, 2A, 3A, 6A) for accommodating and guiding a reactive... Agent: Lonza Ag

10/23/2014 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140314619 - Emanator device: An emanator device for emanating an air treatment agent into the surrounding air comprises a housing (102) which contains a solid or liquid source of the air treatment agent, wherein the housing comprises a blister or capsule containing an air treatment agent (108) and a plurality of openings which are... Agent: Reckitt Benckiser N.v.

20140314620 - Application of oxygen scavengers to glycol systems: An oxygen scavenger composition is effective in reducing oxygen-induced corrosion in aqueous systems that contain water, oxygen and a significant proportion (at least about 20 wt %) of a glycol, such as monoethylene glycol (MEG). The oxygen scavenger composition contains a sulfite, a transition metal salt, and a stabilizer to... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140314621 - Methods and devices for treating surfaces with surface plasma: Methods and devices for treating surfaces of objects using a non-thermal plasma are disclosed herein. The non-thermal plasma is generated through the use of an apparatus configured to generate a non-thermal plasma on its surface. The apparatus is comprised of a substrate that contains one or more electrodes of different... Agent:

20140314622 - Apparatus and method for sanitizing stethoscope heads: An apparatus for sanitizing a stethoscope head. The apparatus includes a housing, a reservoir disposed within the housing for containing the sanitizing fluid, one or more applicator pads mounted on the housing, and a dispensing valve for dispensing the sanitizing fluid from the reservoir onto the applicator pad.... Agent: William Beaumont Hospital

20140314623 - Automatic analysis system: There is provided an automatic analysis system that dispenses samples and reagents into a plurality of reaction vessels to cause reaction and to measure the liquid resulting from the reaction. The system implements a method of handling capped sample containers such as vacuum blood collection tubes along transfer routes. A... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140314624 - Structure and method of manufacture: A structure for a chemical sensing device, the structure comprising at least one electrically conductive element located in, and protruding from, at least one recess. A method of manufacturing the structure includes: (a) providing a template comprising at least one recess having a recess depth; (b) providing an electrically conductive... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140314625 - Apparatus and method for detection of trace chemicals: A method of rapidly detecting trace materials including biohazards, toxins, radioactive materials, and narcotics in situ is disclosed. A corresponding apparatus is disclosed. A trace of the material is collected on a pad of the card component, collected by swiping the pad on suspected surface or exposure to the suspected... Agent:

20140314626 - Arrangement for purifying contaminated gases with ionized air: A purification arrangement for purifying a contaminated gaseous medium comprising: an ionizing equipment for ionizing air; a supply pipe for the supply of contaminated air; and at least one mixing chamber, wherein the contaminated air is fed through the mixing chamber in a main flow and ionized air is added... Agent: Airqone Building Scandinava Ab

20140314627 - Hydroxyl generator: Superior hydroxyls are provided which have effects on organic and inorganic compounds and/or pollutants over substantial periods of time and/or at substantial distances from where the superior hydroxyls are generated. Also provided is a hydroxyl generator, in which UV lamps are positioned such that the coronas which they produce when... Agent: Hgi Industries, Inc.

20140314628 - Method of designing a heavy crude oil treatment device: Disclosed here are methods of determining the mass design of the resonating bar and the reaction chamber in a sonar reactor of use in upgrading Heavy Oil Feedstocks (HOFs).... Agent: Petrosonic Energy Inc.

20140314629 - Hybrid gasification system: The present invention provides a hybrid gasification system which simultaneously has the advantages of an entrained-flow gasifier using pulverized fuel and a fluidized-bed gasifier utilized for gasifying fuel with relatively various properties. The present intention provides a hybrid gasification system employing a structure in which a second reaction chamber operated... Agent:

20140314630 - System and method for dual fluidized bed gasification: A system for production of high-quality syngas comprising a first dual fluidized bed loop having a fluid bed conditioner operable to produce high quality syngas comprising a first percentage of components other than carbon monoxide and hydrogen from a gas feed, wherein the conditioner comprises an outlet for a first... Agent:

20140314631 - Transportable reformer: Disclosed is a transportable reformer for the catalytic primary reforming of hydrocarbons using steam at elevated pressure, comprising a reforming tube system, a furnace disposed about the reforming tube system, a plurality of manifolds in communication with the reformer tubes, a plurality of flue gas tunnels disposed beneath and in... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Ag

20140314632 - Exhaust aftertreatment device with integrated shell and baffle: An exhaust treatment device includes an inner shell, an outer shell and insulation material positioned between the inner shell and the outer shell. An inlet tube has an end in communication with a cavity defined by the inner shell. A substrate for treating engine exhaust is positioned within the inner... Agent:

20140314633 - Lightweight, intrinsically safe ozone electrode: An electrode arrangement for an ozone generator includes a tubular dielectric which concentrically encloses a rod at a distance therefrom, and a filler material provided in an interstice between the tubular dielectric and the rod.... Agent: XylemIPHoldings LLC

20140314634 - Batch process and system for the production of olefins: Disclosed herein is a process for producing an alpha olefin comprising obtaining a feed stream comprising an internal olefin having a first carbon number and an alpha olefin having a first carbon number, isomerizing the feed stream to increase the quantity of the alpha olefin, fractionating, subjecting the overhead material... Agent: Lummus Technology Inc.

20140314635 - Methods and systems for obtaining long chain carbons from petroleum based oil: Methods and system for obtaining long chain carbons that generally include forming a conversion mixture of an alcohol and a base, adding the conversion mixture to oil (such as petroleum based oil, crude oil, used oil, used motor oil, and new motor oil) to form a reaction mixture, adding a... Agent:

20140314636 - Microchip: There is provided a microchip including a fluid circuit composed of a space formed inside, and causing a liquid present in the fluid circuit to move within the fluid circuit by application of centrifugal force, the microchip including: an opening provided in a surface of the microchip and connected to... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140314637 - Integrated pipette tip devices: Disclosed herein are fluid handling devices that include integrated card and pipette tip devices, for use with multichannel liquid dispensing devices.... Agent:

20140314638 - Ergonomic numbered connector to hold tubes with improved cap: A microtube with a novel recessed concave top is described. The recessed top is at least 20-80% of the area of the entire cap and has a thickness from 0.025 mm to 1.0 mm. The recessed portion is smooth in structure and is optically transparent to allow all instrumental reading... Agent:

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