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Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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08/07/2014 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140219863 - System for radiation sterilization of medical devices: A method for medical device sterilization comprises staggering a stack of packages so that a back surface of each package partially overlaps a front surface of another of the packages. Each package contains a medical device. The stack of packages are positioned so that the front surfaces of the packages... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140219864 - Autoclavable bucketless cleaning system: An autoclavable bucketless cleaning system, including a vessel for storing fluid under pressure, a removably-connectable outlet regulator assembly for dispensing fluid from the vessel, a removably-connectable inlet regulator assembly for pressurizing the vessel, a removably-connectable outlet autoclave stem for installing in the outlet regulator assembly so that steam may pass... Agent: Veltek Associates, Inc.

20140219865 - Apparatus and method for sterilization: The present invention provides an apparatus and method for disinfecting a target area of a patient's body, such as an arm, leg or a chest, in a pre-surgical environment. The apparatus and method disclosed herein further provides for maintaining the target area of the patient's body in an aseptic condition... Agent:

20140219866 - Membrane concentrator: Apparatus for concentrating a nebulant comprising a nebulant flow conduit and a counter-flow conduit, or preferably, a plurality of alternating nebulant flow conduits and corresponding counter-flow conduits eg in layered or coaxial arrangement. and wherein at least a portion of the nebulant flow conduit and said counter-flow conduits define respective... Agent: Saban Ventures Pty Limited

20140219867 - Blood treatment method adapted to at least partially eliminate the carbon dioxide content and related device: A blood treatment method is described that is adapted to at least partially eliminate the carbon dioxide content of the type comprising a step of drawing a blood flow. Advantageously according to the invention, the method further comprises the steps of: acidifying the blood flow with transformation of the related... Agent: Universita Degli Studi Di Milano-bicocca

20140219868 - Reaction apparatus, control device, and control program: The present invention is mainly intended to provide a reaction apparatus that can prevent a problem due to heat generated by heat treatment in a reaction part, and accurately perform detection, and the reaction apparatus is provided with: a reaction part that is introduced with sample gas having passed through... Agent: Horiba Stec, Co., Ltd.

20140219871 - Multi-channel flowcell: A flow cell unit to be docked against a flat lid surface to form a closed flow cell arrangement, the flow cell unit comprising a top surface with protruding walls of elastic material defining three or more adjacent elongated flow channels, each flow channel comprises a first fluid port and... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20140219870 - Optical device for performing an assay: There is provided a device, such as a microfluidic device, for performing an assay including: a substrate comprising a channel, such as a microfluidic channel; at least one optical element having an input port arranged to be optically coupled to a light source; an output port optically coupled to at... Agent: Molecular Vision Limited

20140219869 - Support for capturing glycated protein in a sample and device and method for measuring the glycated protein using the support: Provided is a support for effectively capturing glycated protein in a sample, and a device and method for measuring the glycated protein by using the support.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140219872 - Microfluidic device for analyzing a pressurized fluid: The invention relates to a microfluidic sensor for analyzing a fluid which is in a pipe and which is under a first pressure. The sensor includes a mixer for mixing amount of fluid from the pipe with at least one amount of a reactant from at least one tank, and... Agent:

20140219873 - Gasifier in iso container: The application provides a containerized gasifier plant. The containerized gasifier plant comprises a first ISO container having an interior, an exterior, and a primary container volume defined by the outer dimensions of the container; and a second ISO container having an interior, an exterior, and a secondary container volume defined... Agent:

20140219874 - Device with dilated oxidation zone for gasifying feedstock: A downdraft gasifier that utilizes a plurality of vertically positioned tubes to create a pyrolysis zone, an oxidation zone beneath the pyrolysis zone and a reduction zone beneath the oxidation zone. The shape of the tubes eliminates the need for a restriction (hearth), which limits the maximum achievable throughput. A... Agent: Phg Energy, LLC

20140219875 - Graphite manufacturing apparatus: A graphite manufacturing apparatus includes a furnace body, an exhaust pipe, a waste oil tank and a suction pump. The exhaust pipe is connected to the furnace body and communicates with the furnace body to discharge a waste gas of the furnace body. The waste oil tank communicates with the... Agent: Hugetemp Energy Ltd.

20140219876 - Autoclave for sterilizing instruments: Provided is an autoclave for sterilizing medical and/or dental instruments, including a sterilization chamber, a door for access to the sterilization chamber, the autoclave has at least one light source for lightening the sterilization chamber and/or an area in front of the autoclave.... Agent: Mocom S.r.l.

20140219877 - Device with several reaction chambers for implementing liquid/solid oxidation-reduction reactions in a fluidized bed: Disclosed is a device for carrying out liquid/solid oxidation-reduction reactions in a fluidized bed including a reactor body extending along a longitudinal axis, means for injecting a solution to be processed via a first end of the reactor body along the longitudinal axis, means for performing feeding of a reactive... Agent:

20140219878 - Mixed phase oxide catalysts: An emission control catalyst for treating an engine exhaust includes non-precious metal group (“NPGM”) mixed phase oxide catalyst having a mullite phase containing optionally in close contact with other metal oxides. The mixed phase catalyst may be included in one or more layers or zones of a multi-layered or multi-zoned... Agent: Shubin, Inc.

20140219879 - Copper cha zeolite catalysts: Zeolite catalysts and systems and methods for preparing and using zeolite catalysts having the CHA crystal structure are disclosed. The catalysts can be used to remove nitrogen oxides from a gaseous medium across a broad temperature range and exhibit hydrothermal stable at high reaction temperatures. The zeolite catalysts include a... Agent: Basf Corporation

20140219880 - Multi-component filters for emissions control: Catalytic articles, systems and methods for treating exhaust gas streams are described. A catalytic article comprising a wall flow filter having gas permeable walls, a hydrolysis catalyst, an optional soot oxidation catalyst, a selective catalytic reduction catalyst permeating the walls, an ammonia oxidation catalyst and an oxidation catalyst to oxidize... Agent: Basf Corporation

20140219882 - An ozone generator: An ozone generator comprising an ultraviolet light source and a housing defining a space around the ultraviolet light source. The housing is configured to direct a gas comprising oxygen through an ozone generation zone in which the gas containing oxygen is exposed to ultraviolet light. The housing further at least... Agent: Desmi Ocean Guard A/s

20140219883 - Ozone generation system: In the present invention, a gas flow rate adjustment apparatus that outputs a raw material gas to an ozone generation apparatus is provided. The gas flow rate adjustment apparatus includes a plurality of flow rate adjustment parts, and outputs a second mixed gas serving as the raw material gas to... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi- Electric Industrial Systems Corporation,

20140219881 - Biooptical and biofunctional properties, applications and methods of polylactic acid films: High surface energy materials with low refractive index and UV transparency wherein multilayers of similar or dissimilar materials are thermally fused together to form various functional optical requirements are provided. In some embodiments, a photocatalytic biopolymer structure comprising of a UV transparent biopolymer in integrating fused nanophotocatalytic minerals such as... Agent: Green Bubble Technologies LLC

20140219884 - High emissivity and high temperature diffusion barrier coatings for an oxygen transport membrane assembly: An oxygen transport membrane assembly having a coating or overlay system is provided. The overlay or coating system is disposed on the one or more surfaces of the metal containing components within the oxygen transport membrane assembly and comprises a plurality of protective layers providing oxidation resistance, chromium diffusion barrier... Agent:

20140219885 - Systems and methods for fast test strip intensity recognition: Techniques for fast and accurate measuring test strip intensities are disclosed herein. A method for measuring a test strip intensity comprising steps of obtaining an image of a sample line in a test strip and a plurality of reference lines, wherein the reference lines have known intensities; determining grayscale values... Agent:

20140219886 - Capillary microcuvette having double loading means: The present invention relates to a capillary microcuvette, the microcuvette comprises a body member having two plates and a cavity formed within the body, the cavity being defined by two opposing inner surfaces of the two plates of the body member, a portion of the cavity defining a detection zone,... Agent: Boditech Med Inc.

20140219887 - Apparatus and methods for pipetting with interchangeability among different pipette tips: Pipette tips of different sizes may be coupled to a pipettor without needing to modify the pipettor. The same pipettor may thus be utilized to exchange different pipette tips, which may be done in an automated manner. Pipette tips may be coupled to adaptors that include proximal ends for interfacing... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140219888 - Tube and float system and methods of using the same: This disclosure is directed to systems and methods for analyzing target materials of a suspension include a tube and a float. The float may include expandable portions. The system traps a target analyte between the expandable float and the tube and/or to create a seal between the expandable float and... Agent: Rarecyte, Inc.

20140219889 - Method and apparatus for dispensing diagnostic test strips: An apparatus for storing and dispensing a test strip includes a container configured to store a stack of test strips. The container maintains appropriate environmental conditions, such as humidity, for storing the test strips. An engaging member is disposed in the container and is adapted to contact one test strip... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140219890 - Permanently sealable non-reusable time capsule, container or vessel: The present invention relates to time capsules, vessels or containers, in particular but not limited to a permanently sealable non-reusable time capsule, vessel or container for storing a biological sample containing DNA for a prolonged period of time. The time capsule comprising a thick-walled vessel or container having a void... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140205494 - Removable grommet device and method of using thereof: A grommet device and method of using a grommet device is provided. A top structure has a top surface. An aperture having a central axis is positioned interior of the top structure. A sidewall is formed around the aperture and connected to the top structure. The sidewall is positioned substantially... Agent: Symmetry Medical Manufacturing Inc.

20140205495 - Apparatus and method for capture and inactivation of microbes and viruses: An apparatus includes an air path housing, a charging-unit high-voltage electrode to charge airborne microorganisms introduced in the air path housing, a charging-unit ground electrode disposed so as to face the charging-unit high-voltage electrode, a hydrophilic filter to capture the airborne microorganisms charged by the charging-unit high-voltage electrode, a capturing/inactivating-unit... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140205496 - Corrosion inhibiting vapor for use in connection with encased articles: A volatile corrosion inhibiting agent is provided for dispersion of a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor in a vapor stream that is passed into a sheath or other casing enclosing a metal bar, cable, or other tension member to protect said tension member from corrosion.... Agent: Cortec Corporation

20140205497 - Waste treatment device and method: A tank, tube chamber, or bed having a plurality of sidewalls that creates a bed cavity. A Fresnel panel frame that includes at least one Fresnel panel may be adjacent to the bed cavity and may cover at least a portion of the bed cavity. An amount of waste may... Agent:

20140205498 - Liquid filled light distributor and a method of use: The present invention relates to liquid filled light distributor comprising an elongated tubular body with a tube wall defining an in inner lumen filled with a liquid, said tubular body having—a proximal end closed by first closing means—a distal end closed by second closing means. Wherein the proximal end is... Agent: Technical University Of Denmark

20140205500 - Sterilization device: To allow uniform and efficient sterilization of facilities selected from clean rooms, cell processing centers for human use (CPCs), medical-supply-manufacturing facilities, animal-rearing facilities (SPF animals), biohazard rooms, food processing facilities, and medical facilities, where walls, floors, ceilings, device surfaces, and spaces, including equipment interiors, can be sterilized while minimizing effects... Agent: Pharmabio Corporation

20140205499 - Ultrasonic decontamination device:

20140205501 - Apparatus, system and method for reducing the growth of microbial contamination in an air-handling unit: An apparatus, system and method for reducing the growth of microbial contamination, such as bacteria, virus, mold and biofilms, in an air-handling unit. The apparatus includes a mounting member configured to couple with a housing of an air-handling unit and a turbine coupled with the mounting member and configured to... Agent: Rgf Enviromental Group, Inc.

20140205502 - Methods for dispersing decontamination products: An electrostatic spraying system for decontamination of a vehicle is described. The system includes a wheeled platform sized to fit inside the vehicle, at least one tank operable to contain one or more decontaminant agents, the tanks supported by said wheeled platform, a plurality of nozzles affixed to the wheeled... Agent:

20140205503 - Frazil ice conjugate assay device and method: An improved apparatus and method for dispersion of a labeling conjugate in a diagnostic assay, the result being a one-step assay. By eliminating a conjugate pad as in conventional lateral diagnostic devices, and forming a frazil ice pellicle (FIP), rehydration and flow are improved resulting in better reproducibility, improved sensitivity,... Agent: Quantum Design International, Inc.

20140205504 - Ozone-based contaminant eradication system and method: A device and method is provided for converting oxygen within air into ozone. The device has a portable housing with an air inlet and an enhanced ozone air outlet. A lamp housing is positioned within the portable housing and has a plurality of UV lamps for emitting UV radiation, the... Agent:

20140205505 - Sorbent media exhaustion indicator: A Sorbent media exhaustion indicator produces color change when the sorbent media is saturated. The indicator's fluid inlet attach to the fluid outlet of a sorbent media device such as filter. It includes is a hollow tube or a hollow polyhedron prism that fluids flow freely through it. The indicator... Agent:

20140205506 - Stackable structural reactors: A reactor for carrying out catalytic reactions. The reactor includes a reactor component optionally arranged on a central rod in a reactor tube. The reactor component can have fluid ducts for directing fluid flow through the reactor. The fluid ducts are effective for increasing heat transfer in the reactor. The... Agent: Catacel Corp.

20140205507 - Sterilizer: A sterilizer is connectable to an external chamber. A sterilization gas generator is configured to generate sterilization gas. A gas supply system including a first gas supply system which is configured to supply the sterilization gas from the sterilization gas generator to a sterilization chamber; and a second gas supply... Agent: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20140205508 - Catalyzed particulate filter: A filter is configured for efficient combustion of particulates accumulated on a catalyst layer 7 in both a rapid combustion range and a slow combustion range. The catalyst layer 7 on an exhaust gas passage wall of a filter 1 includes a mixture of a Rh-doped Ce-containing composite oxide particle... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20140205509 - Honeycomb catalyst body: A honeycomb catalyst body includes a tubular honeycomb base material having porous partition walls to define and form a plurality of cells extending as through channels of a fluid from one end surface from which the fluid flows in to the other end surface from which the fluid flows out,... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140205511 - System to continuously produce carbon fiber via microwave assisted plasma processing: A method for continuously processing carbon fiber including establishing a microwave plasma in a selected atmosphere contained in an elongated chamber having a microwave power gradient along its length defined by a lower microwave power at one end and a higher microwave power at the opposite end of the elongated... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140205510 - Exhaust gas expansion tank and ozone generator system applying the same: The present invention relates to an exhaust gas expansion tank and an ozone generator system applying the same. The exhaust gas expansion tank includes a tank body and an automatic exhaust valve, and is provided at the top thereof with a gas outlet conduit, the lower end of the gas... Agent: Fujian Newland Entech Co., Ltd.

20140205512 - Dispenser systems: A dispenser system for delivering various combinations of dispersants to a body of water with the various combinations of dispersants supplied to the body of water through the interchanging of dispensing cartridges which are attachable to a main dispensing cartridge where a condition for interchanging of dispensing cartridges may be... Agent:

20140205513 - Apparatus for sanitising medical devices: A machine for the cold sanification of medical devices comprises at least one sanification chamber (2) adapted to housing at least one medical device to be treated, means (3) for supplying one or more sanification fluids comprising a plurality of hydraulic circuits (4, 4′, 4″) each having a drawing conduit... Agent: Ims S.r.l.

20140205514 - Blood separating vessel for extracting autologous platelets, and apparatus for extracting autologous platelets: Provided is a blood separating vessel for extracting autologous platelets, and an apparatus for extracting autologous platelets. The blood separating vessel for extracting autologous platelets comprises: a main body defining an internal space divided into an upper fluid chamber and a lower fluid chamber; an upper cover disposed to seal... Agent:

20140205515 - Microtome sectionable biopsy support for orienting tissue samples: Tissue orientation devices include a perforated tissue support with at least one perforated channel for receiving a tissue sample, and a plurality of tabs configured to extend along and into the channel to retain the tissue sample during processing and embedding. Tissue orientation devices include elongated legs coupled together for... Agent: Biopath Automation, L.L.C.

20140205517 - Collecting and processing complex macromolecular mixtures: This document provides methods and materials involved in collecting and processing complex macromolecular mixtures (e.g., stool samples). For example, stool collection devices, buffers for stabilizing nucleic acid and polypeptides present in stool, and kits for using sequence-specific capture probes (e.g., nucleic acid sequences designed to hybridize with particular target nucleic... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20140205516 - Saliva sample collection systems: Saliva sample collection systems are configured with special attention to ease-of-use for the unskilled user and safe transport and delivery by a conventional delivery services such as Federal Express. A sealed cavity is formed by tight coupling of two primary elements: a receiving vessel element and a sealing cap element.... Agent: Pathway Genomics Corporation

20140205518 - Microwell plate: A microwell plate is described, including a frame 2 that has a frame plate 4 made of a first material having holes 2′, and a vessel 3 formlockingly connected to the frame plate 4 and made from a poly(aliphatic ester)-polycarbonate including soft block ester units, derived from monomers including an... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

07/17/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140199206 - Air treatment device: An embodiment of the invention provides an air treatment device. The air treatment device comprises an air purifying unit configured to purify air; a scent dispenser configured to dispense scent; an air detector, configured to detect the purified air and provide an output signal; and a processor configured to receive... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140199207 - Fuel decontamination unit and methods of making and using the same: In an embodiment, a fuel decontamination unit comprises a decontamination region containing fuel; and an ultraviolet light located in the decontamination region; wherein the ultraviolet light is configured to irradiate the fuel. In an embodiment, a method of decontaminating fuel comprises flowing a contaminated fuel into a decontamination unit; irradiating... Agent: Phoenix Environmental, Inc.

20140199208 - Closure device: The invention relates to a device (1) for closing an opening in a container lid, and to the use of said device (1) in a container lid that is provided for covering reagent vessel containers in automatic analysis apparatus. The closure device comprises a fastening element (2), a closure element... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products Gmbh

20140199209 - Methods and products for analyzing polymers: Methods and products for analyzing polymers are provided. The methods include methods for determining various other structural properties of the polymers.... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140199210 - Exhaust gas purification apparatus for an internal combustion engine: A reduction in the accuracy of a failure determination of a filter due to a reduction in the detection accuracy of a PM sensor is suppressed. In order to achieve this, provision is made for a filter, an NOx selective reduction catalyst at the downstream side of the filter, a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140199211 - Combined removal of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in a refuge chamber with a single air circulation system: A combination of an oxidizing catalyst entity to convert carbon monoxide and other oxidizable contaminants to carbon dioxide, followed by a carbon dioxide removing entity, both suitable for, and arranged within a single air system functioning at the ambient temperature and humidity of the space, to remove toxic oxidizable constituents... Agent:

20140199212 - Construction machine with heat management system: A construction machine according to the disclosure includes a tank for receiving an additive provided for the treatment of exhaust gases of the construction machine, and the additive has a decomposition temperature. The construction machine furthermore comprises at least one connecting line which is configured to conduct the additive away... Agent: Joseph Voegele Ag

20140199213 - Single loop multistage fuel production: Synthetic fuels are produced from synthesis gas in a four-stage reactor system with a single recycle loop providing the requisite thermal capacity to moderate the high heat release of the reactions and to provide the reactants and reaction environments for the efficient operation of the process. The first stage converts... Agent: Primus Green Energy

20140199214 - Ethylene cracking furnace: The present disclosure provides an ethylene cracking furnace, comprising at least one radiant section provided with a bottom burner and/or a side burner, and at least one set of radiant coil arranged along a longitudinal direction of the radiant section. The radiant coil is an at least two-pass coil having... Agent: China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

20140199215 - Unit for sterilizing a web of packaging material for a machine for packaging pourable food products: There is described a unit for sterilizing a web of packaging material advanced along a given path, having, along a longitudinal portion thereof, a succession of pre-applied opening devices and adapted to be transformed in a plurality of sealed packages containing a pourable food product; the unit comprises a bath,... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

20140199216 - Liquid end assembly for a multichannel air displacement pipette: A handheld multichannel air displacement pipette is modular in construction and includes compliant joints and molded plastic components in place of various machined metal, glass, and ceramic components found in traditional multichannel pipettes. These improvements are made without sacrificing performance in channel-to-channel consistency, accuracy, and precision. The multichannel pipette is... Agent: Rainin Instrument, LLC

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