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Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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10/02/2014 > 34 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140294666 - Air-flow activated germicidal uv-c lights in hvac system with electromagnetic induction and other proximity sensor technologies: UV-C light assembly is designed to kill germs (bacteria, molds, protozoa, virus, and yeast) in the forced airstreams of HVAC systems. Thus the UV-C light kills and prevents the spreading of germs into other rooms or spaces. An air-flow activated switch is invented for turning on the UV-C lights when... Agent:

20140294667 - Industrial, germicidal, diffuser apparatus and method: A modular, integrated, combination air purification and aroma diffuser includes a UV and catalytic oxidation germicidal cell and multiple filtrations as pre-treatment of air diffusing essential oils or other liquids as ultra-fine droplets entrained in airflow into enclosed, habitable spaces. Liquid microbicide, insecticide, fumigant, or aroma therapy is kept cleaner... Agent:

20140294668 - Light beam disinfection device and method thereof: A light beam disinfection device and a method thereof are provided. The light beam disinfection device comprises a housing, a driven system, a power generating device and a light source. The housing covers a handrail. The driven system is disposed in the housing and comes into contact with the handrail.... Agent:

20140294669 - Method and apparatus for heat treatment of waste: The method for the heat treatment of waste includes introducing the waste by into a bag and placing the bag inside an apparatus for treating waste, the apparatus including a cylindrical barrel, a removable closure lid and a bottom moveable inside the barrel, at least in the direction of the... Agent:

20140294670 - Transportable vacuum assisted decontamination unit and decontamination process: The disclosed invention relates to a portable, vacuum assisted decontamination unit. The invention also relates to a vacuum assisted decontamination process. The decontamination unit may be ruggedized for use in hostile environments such as those that may be anticipated for military applications.... Agent: Steris Inc.

20140294671 - Cardiopulmonary bypass: The invention provides an improved apparatus and methods for carrying out cardiopulmonary bypass. In particular, the invention relates to pericardial blood suction apparatus and methods, which can be carried out during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures.... Agent:

20140294672 - Nitric oxide delivery devices: An example of a nitric oxide delivery device includes a medium, a working electrode in contact with the medium, and a reference/counter electrode in contact with the medium and electrically isolated from the working electrode. The medium includes a source of nitrite ions and a Cu(II)-ligand complex. A nitric oxide... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140294673 - Sample analyzer, transporting apparatus, and lid placing tray: A sample analyzer capable of preventing the loss of lids of liquid containers used in the sample analyzer is provided. The sample analyzer 1 has liquid suctioning units 11 and 17 which are provided with suction tubes for suctioning liquid, container setting units 13 through 15 for setting a plurality... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140294674 - Biochip: A biochip includes a flat carrier and an array of spots containing catcher molecules which are arranged on the carrier. Each spot is associated with a microelectrode arrangement for impedance spectroscopic detection of binding events occurring between the catcher molecules and the target molecules applied via an analyte solution. In... Agent:

20140294675 - Marker detection method and apparatus to monitor drug compliance: The present invention includes systems and methods for monitoring therapeutic drug concentration in blood by detecting markers, such as odors, upon exhalation by a patient after the drug is taken, wherein such markers result either directly from the drug itself or from an additive combined with the drug. In the... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140294676 - Hydrogen sensor with active layer and method of manufacturing hydrogen sensors: Hydrogen sensor including a substrate (S) on which there is deposited an active layer of material comprising a first element selected from the rare earth family, a second element selected from the platinum group metals (PGMs) and a third element selected from the alkaline earth metal family.... Agent: The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd

20140294677 - Exhaust purification device capable of performing regeneration by using quick combustion: An exhaust purification device for vehicles comprises a connection unit, a combustion unit, a buffer unit, a filtration unit, an emission unit, and a control unit. The connection unit is adapted to be connected to an exhaust pipe of a vehicle's engine. The combustion unit includes a main housing, a... Agent:

20140294678 - Exhaust emission purification control device for engine: An exhaust emission purification control device for an engine that accurately estimates an accumulated oxygen amount of a catalyst at a terminating time of a reduction treatment using a simple method. An exhaust emission purification control device for an engine includes a secondary air injector that injects secondary air within... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140294679 - Air purification unit: The presently claimed invention provides a phtotocatalytic air purification unit, comprising a fin structure and an UV lamp. The fin structure comprises a plurality of fins coated with a layer of photocatalsyt, and said fin structure is able to increase the surface area for photocatalyst coating, ultimately increasing air pollutant... Agent: Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited

20140294680 - Atomization separating and silencing apparatus and method: A modular, integrated, combination air purification and aroma diffuser includes a UV and catalytic oxidation germicidal cell and multiple filtrations as pre-treatment of air diffusing essential oils or other liquids as ultra-fine droplets entrained in airflow into enclosed, habitable spaces. Liquid microbicide, insecticide, fumigant, or aroma therapy is kept cleaner... Agent:

20140294681 - Non-thermal plasma cell: A non-thermal plasma cell having an annulus of a dielectric material, such as ceramic, formed from a continuous wall of material, the continuous wall having apertures therein, a pair of annular air-permeable electrodes mounted on opposing sides of the wall of the dielectric, and optionally an air gap provided between... Agent: Tri-air Developments Limited

20140294683 - Apparatus for a radial-flow reactor and method for assembly thereof: An apparatus for a radial-flow reactor according to various approaches includes a catalyst transfer pipe having an inwardly tapered end portion. According to various approaches, a catalyst transfer port of the reactor may include a centering device having an upper tapered surface for facilitating assembly of the reactor. A method... Agent: Uop LLC

20140294684 - Apparatus for a radial-flow reactor and method for assembly thereof: An apparatus for a radial-flow reactor according to various approaches includes an inner partition assembly having an inwardly tapered bottom portion. According to various approaches, an inner partition assembly support includes a socket with a tapered upper rim. A process according to various aspects includes assembling a radial-flow reactor by... Agent: Uop LLC

20140294682 - Inclined baseplate in dehydrogenation reactor: An inclined baseplate for a radial bed reactor improves solids flow from the bottom of the reactor. Gas flow can be improved by utilizing an aerated baseplate or by providing a non-porous section of outer perforated cylinder in the area below the level of the bottom of the inner perforated... Agent: Uop LLC

20140294685 - Reactor multi-pass grids for improved catalyst hydrodynamics: A process and device for the flow of catalyst in a reactor is presented. The device includes a series of grids within a reactor vessel, where each grid includes small openings for the passage of gas and some catalyst particles, and larger openings for the more continuous passage of catalyst.... Agent: Uop LLC

20140294686 - Device for production of soot from rubber waste: The device for producing carbon black from waste rubber has a pyrolysis reactor, a solid product discharge system, a pyrolysis gas emission means, a shell and tube heat exchanger, a solid pyrolysis product receiver, a pyrolysis gas condenser, and a flue gas output means. The shell and tube heat exchanger... Agent:

20140294690 - Honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure includes a tubular bonded honeycomb segment assembly having a plurality of honeycomb segments and a bonding layer which bonds side surfaces of the plurality of honeycomb segments to each other; and a pair of electrode members disposed on a side surface of the bonded honeycomb segment assembly,... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140294687 - Honeycomb structure and manufacturing method of the same: A honeycomb structure includes a tubular honeycomb structure body having porous partition walls to define and form a plurality of cells and an outer peripheral wall, and a pair of electrodes disposed on a side surface of the honeycomb structure body. An electrical resistivity of the honeycomb structure body is... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140294688 - Honeycomb structure and manufacturing method of the same: A honeycomb structure includes a tubular honeycomb structure body having porous partition walls to define and form a plurality of cells and an outer peripheral wall, and a pair of electrodes disposed on a side surface of the honeycomb structure body. An electrical resistivity of the honeycomb structure body is... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140294689 - Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing the same: A honeycomb structure includes a tubular honeycomb structure body including porous partition walls defining a plurality of cells, and an outer peripheral wall and a pair of electrode parts disposed on a side face of the honeycomb structure body, wherein the honeycomb structure body has electric resistivity of 1 to... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140294691 - Honeycomb structure and manufacturing method of the same: A honeycomb structure includes a tubular honeycomb structure body having porous partition walls to define and form a plurality of cells, and an outer peripheral wall; and a pair of electrode sections disposed on a side surface of the honeycomb structure body, an electrical resistivity of the honeycomb structure body... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140294692 - Honeycomb structure and manufacturing method of the same: A honeycomb structure includes a tubular honeycomb structure body having porous partition walls to define and form a plurality of cells, and an outer peripheral wall; and a pair of electrode sections disposed on a side surface of the honeycomb structure body, an electrical resistivity of the honeycomb structure body... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140294693 - Biodiesel manufacturing system and apparatus: A portable biodiesel manufacturing or processing plant for processing on continuous basis a raw plant based oil feedstock to form biodiesel.... Agent: The Biocube Corporation

20140294695 - Injector mixer for a compact gasification reactor system: An injector mixer for a gasification reactor system that utilizes reactants includes an injector body that extends between a first face and a second face. The injector body includes a first passage that extends between the first face and the second face and has a first central axis. At least... Agent: Aerojet Rocketdyne Of De, Inc.

20140294694 - Process for transferring catalyst and an apparatus relating thereto: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for transferring catalyst in a fluid catalytic cracking apparatus. The process can include passing the catalyst through a conveyor wherein the conveyor contains a screw for transporting the catalyst.... Agent: Uop, LLC

20140294696 - Steam sterilization indicator pack: and the steam transmitting adjustment paper sheets 18 include a sheet that has at least a density of 0.75 g/cm3 so that in a case where pressurized steam is introduced at 134° C. for 3.5 minutes in a vacuumed autoclave into which the pack is put and residual air remains... Agent: Nigk Corporation

20140294697 - Sequential lateral flow capillary device for analyte determination: Disclosed is a lateral flow capillary device and uses thereof comprising a unipath capillary flow matrix and a plurality of reservoirs each in fluid communication with the capillary flow matrix. The device includes one or more pressure delivery systems configured to urge capillary flow matrix toward a portion of the... Agent: Life Technologies Israel, Ltd.

20140294698 - Sputum trap: There is provided a system having a sputum trap or container that is used to transfer a portion of a sample to a sample slide. The container has a body with a top and bottom. The bottom is adapted to accept the sample slide. The bottom also has a one... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140294699 - Specimen transfer device and system: A specimen transfer device having high flexibility is implemented, where a specimen can be transferred between carriers purposed for different kinds of conveyance without decreasing processing speed for the specimen. A plurality of trays that can retain specimen carriers of a transfer destination is provided, and these trays can be... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140286822 - Sterilization treatment line and cleaning method thereof: Provided is a sterilization processing line resulting from an upstream tank (16) and a downstream tank (17) that each retain a product liquid being connected by a duct (18) that transfers the product liquid, a high-temperature heating unit (21) that sterilizes the product liquid being provided to the intermediate section... Agent:

20140286823 - Process stream decontamination systems and methods with atomization optimization: A decontamination system for decontaminating at least one contaminant in a process stream. Decontaminant liquid is dispersed into the process stream sing atomization. Differential injection pressure and/or injection flow rate are monitored to help ensure that the atomization process is optimized.... Agent:

20140286824 - Automated analyzer: An automated analyzer maintains high processing capacity and dispensation accuracy even when items requiring dilution/pretreatment and general reaction measurement are mixed. A plurality of sample dispensing mechanisms are independently driven and each include a sample collection position, a sample nozzle for collecting the sample, and a washing tank for washing... Agent:

20140286825 - Test strip for measuring biological fluid: The invention relates to a test strip. The test strip comprises an insulating sheet; a metallic circuit layer disposed on the insulating sheet, the metallic circuit layer including at least an electrode section; a sensing reagent layer provided on the electrode section; an intermediate layer disposed to cover the insulating... Agent: Ichia Technologies, Inc.

20140286826 - Parallel optical examinations of a sample: The invention relates to a cartridge (400), a sensor device, and a method for the optical examination of a sample. A first output light beam that originates from a total internal reflection at a detection surface of a TIR chamber and a second output light beam (L2′) that comes from... Agent:

20140286827 - Exhaust gas purifier: An oxidation catalyst, an ozone injection nozzle, a urea-based fluid injection nozzle, and a selective reduction catalyst are arranged in an exhaust pipe of an engine in this order towards its outlet. An exhaust gas purifier includes an air flow sensor that detects an air intake amount of the engine,... Agent: Hino Motors, Ltd.

20140286828 - Exhaust purification system of internal combustion engine: An exhaust purification system of an internal combustion engine provided with an exhaust purification catalyst which reacts NOX and hydrocarbons. The exhaust purification catalyst includes an upstream side catalyst and a downstream side catalyst. The upstream side catalyst has an oxidation ability, while the downstream side catalyst carries precious metal... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140286829 - Ammonia generating and delivery apparatus: An ammonia generating and delivery apparatus generating ammonia by heating a precursor material with a heating device controlled by a temperature pulse controller which receives commands from a pressure controller, and delivering ammonia with a flow rate controlled by a three-stage PWM controller. The temperature pulse controller is used in... Agent:

20140286830 - Sanitizing device for toothbrushes: A sanitizing device for toothbrushes is described. The device has a lower housing body, and a vessel for containing a sanitizing liquid being connected to the lower housing body in an upper position according to a vertical axis. The lower housing body has removable basins adapted to contain a head... Agent:

20140286831 - System for treating nox-containing gas streams: In one embodiment, a system for treating a gas stream comprising NOx generated from an acid pickling solution includes a first chamber and a second chamber. The first chamber includes a first inlet communicating with a source of a gas comprising NOx, a second inlet communicating with a source of... Agent:

20140286832 - Exhaust system: An exhaust system is provided. The exhaust system includes an exhaust conduit having a protuberance thereon. A reductant injector is provided on the protuberance. The reductant injector is positioned such that an ejection tip of the reductant injector is inclined with respect to a centerline of the exhaust conduit. A... Agent:

20140286833 - Ex vivo antimicrobial devices and methods: A method and device for destroying and inhibiting exposure to microbes and infection includes a first element and a second element, and a power source. At least one of the elements includes antimicrobial metal, which, when energized by the power source, produces ions that are lethal to microbes. The device... Agent: Argentumcidal Electrics, Inc.

20140286834 - Integrated multi-step solid/liquid separation system for fischer-tropsch processes: A system for separating liquids from solids comprising an immobilization unit comprising an immobilization vessel containing a bed of magnetizable material and a magnet configured to produce a magnetic field within the immobilization vessel, wherein the immobilization vessel further comprises an immobilization vessel outlet and an immobilization vessel inlet for... Agent:

20140286835 - Microfluidic diagnostic device: A method of making a microfluidic diagnostic device for use in the assaying of biological fluids, whereby a layer of adhesive in a channel pattern is printed onto a surface of a base sheet and a cover sheet is adhered to the base sheet with the adhesive. The layer of... Agent:

20140286836 - Device for sampling and transporting nano-objects contained in aerosols for the analysis thereof: A device for sampling and transporting nano-objects for analysis thereof. A cassette portion of the device includes two parts with mutual assembly mechanisms between them including a clipping mechanism configured not to be accessible from outside in assembled position of the parts. Therefore, any inopportune opening of the cassette and... Agent: Commissariat &#xe0 L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140286838 - Apparatus for automated processing biological samples: The present invention concerns an apparatus for automatic processing at least one biological sample accommodated on a carrier member, such as slide by applying a predetermined amount of reagents in a predetermined sequence according to a processing protocol, said apparatus comprising; a housing frame; at least one processing section for... Agent: Dako Denmark A/s.

20140286837 - Tissue container for molecular and histology diagnostics incorporating a breakable membrane: A container for storing a biological sample for molecular diagnostic testing and/or histological testing is provided. The container includes a first chamber for receiving a sample holder therein, a second chamber, and a closure for enclosing the container. A breakable membrane, such as a piercable foil, extends within the container... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 69 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20140271345 - Sterilization indicator tapes, labels and other apparatus made free of cellulose, latex, lead and heavy metals: A sterilization indicator apparatus is provided. The sterilization indicator apparatus includes a base member having a top side and a bottom side. In a preferred embodiment, the base member is constructed of a plastic material such as a polypropylene. An adhesive is applied to the bottom side of the base... Agent:

20140271347 - High temperature decontamination of aircraft compartments: Provided are methods for decontamination of compartments, such as aircraft compartments and other types of compartments, and systems for implementing these methods. In some embodiments, a method involves detecting presence of one or more contaminants in a compartment. This information is used to select various decontamination conditions. In some embodiments,... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140271348 - Instrument disinfector: A disinfector disinfects an object having channels therein, such as an endoscope, by one or more light emitting diodes that emit UV-C radiation. The object, including interior channels of the object, is exposed to emissions of UV-C radiation. One or more light emitting diodes provide UV-C radiation to the interior... Agent: Uvas, LLC

20140271346 - Process stream decontamination systems and methods: A decontamination system for decontaminating at least one contaminant in a process stream. Decontaminant liquid is dispersed into the process stream using atomization. A controller detects contaminant levels in the process stream and adjusts the flow of decontaminant fluid into the process stream in response.... Agent:

20140271349 - Method and apparatus for fluid sterilization for patient support surfaces: An apparatus and method is provided for treating fluid provided to a patient support. An apparatus comprises a housing defining an interior space, an inlet in flow communication with a source of untreated fluid and the interior space, an outlet in flow communication with the patient support and the interior... Agent: Kap Medical

20140271351 - Wetting media of glycerol and buffer: Medical device comprising a hydrophilic coating, sterilised while in contact with a swelling medium comprising a low molecular polyol; and a separate buffer selected from the group consisting of carboxylic acids, amino acids, aminosulphonic acids and inorganic acids. The swelling media provides a stable pH after sterilisation and maintain the... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140271352 - Method and system for eliminating pests: An apparatus for disinfecting furniture, having a main member including an inner surface configured for receiving the furniture. The main member includes a plurality of apertures disposed along the inner surface. The apparatus has at least one temperature controller and at least one air source to the controller for heated... Agent:

20140271353 - Toroidal-shaped treatment device for disinfecting a fluid such as air or water: There is provided a treatment device for disinfecting a fluid being configured as a conduit for conveying a flow of fluid to be treated, said device being toroidal-shaped with an inner concave parabolic surface, wherein the device is provided with apertures extending from the outer to the inner surface of... Agent: Syddansk Universitet

20140271354 - Methods and solutions for killing or deactivating bacteria: Exemplary methods for killing or deactivating bacteria are provided herein. One exemplary method includes providing a plasma system and a filter below the plasma system. Energizing the plasma generator to create indirect plasma downstream of the filter and activating a fluid with the indirect plasma and applying the activated fluid... Agent: Ep Technologies LLC

20140271355 - Apparatus and process for focused gas phase application of biocide: The invention provides methods of oxidizing, sanitizing, disinfecting, and/or sterilizing a target. The method includes: ejecting a gas stream of a gaseous mixture comprising 50 to 30,000 ppmv chlorine dioxide from a gas source at a velocity of 25 to 900 ft/sec; and contacting the gas stream with the target.... Agent: Sabre Intellectual Property Holdings LLC

20140271356 - Cpb system with dual function blood reservoir: The venous reservoir is omitted from an extracorporeal blood circuit system by substituting a blood reservoir in parallel with the arterial pump. The reservoir has an inlet connected to the outlet of the pump and an outlet connected to the inlet of the pump. At least three blood flow paths... Agent:

20140271358 - Cpb pump system with double y tubing: A system and associated tubing set for installation on the panel of extracorporeal circuit, including a pump tubing unit featuring a disposable pump. Two inlet line branches are fluidly connected to the pump inlet and two outlet line branches are fluidly connected to the pump outlet. The free ends of... Agent:

20140271357 - Cpb system with fluid volume control: In an extracorporeal blood circuit system or a machine configurable in such a circuit, a bag blood reservoir has an infusion port at the upper end of the bag, an outlet port at the lower end of the bag, an inlet port at the lower end of the bag, and... Agent:

20140271359 - Automated analyzer: Stepped portions of a flow channel are reduced by completely fixing the channel that extends to the measuring unit, and reducing connections in the channel, thereby to suppress a disturbance in the flow of the liquid suctioned into the measuring unit. A means is provided so that the reaction solution... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140271360 - Multi-well tray and rack therefor: System, apparatuses, and methods for performing automated reagent-based analysis are provided. Also provided are methods for automated attachment of a cap to a reaction receptacle, and automated removal of a cap from a capped reaction receptacle.... Agent:

20140271361 - Contoured dispenser: A blood testing system includes a cartridge loadable into a blood analyzer. One cartridge includes a convex top portion with a blood entry port therein. A dispenser transfers blood in a stoppered test tube to the cartridge. One dispenser includes a contoured, stabilizing base configured to mate with the cartridge... Agent: Biomedical Polymers, Inc.

20140271363 - Diffraction based biosensor containing two diffractive gratings: The present disclosure provides a diffraction based biosensor containing at least two diffraction gratings. The first grating is referred to as an in-coupling diffraction grating and the coherent light source (laser) is directed to illuminate the in-coupling grating, and the biosensor is configured such that a selected order of the... Agent: Axela Inc.

20140271365 - Dna/nanoparticle complex enhanced radio frequency transponder: structure of mark for detecting hybridization state and authenticating and tracking articles, method of preparing the same, and method of authenticating the same: An apparatus consisting of a ‘DNA/Nanoparticle Complex Enhanced Radio Frequency Transponder’ with unique features, said apparatus including an antenna pattern precursor, wherein the antenna pattern precursor includes a plurality of sensitive regions; and electromagnetically functionalized DNA/nanoparticle complex(es) that individualize the ability to transition between the precursor antenna electrical and resonant... Agent:

20140271364 - Electro-immuno sensing device: An electro-immuno sensor includes a signal generator, a sensing chip and a sensing circuit. The signal generator is arranged for generating an electronic signal having a predetermined frequency and a waveform. The sensing chip is disposed in an electrical field that generates the electronic signal, and arranged for capturing target... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140271367 - Fluid specimen collection device: A drug test device for bodily fluids, such as urine, includes a cup and a removable lid which houses one or more test strips. The lid is releasably locked onto the cup so as to align dipping ends of the test strips exposed through an underside of the lid with... Agent:

20140271366 - Method and apparatus for chemical detection: Provided herein is a sensing apparatus comprising, at least one LSPR light source, at least one detector, and at least one sensor for LSPR detection of a target chemical. The sensor comprises a substantially transparent, porous membrane having nanoparticles immobilized on the surface of its pores, the nanoparticles being functionalized... Agent: Nicoya Lifesciences Inc.

20140271362 - Recognition test strips: Test strips for the detection of at least one analyte in a sample are shown and described. In one embodiment, the test strip includes a test zone, a control zone and a surface reflectance profile to monitor the test strip continuously until the presence or absence of an analyte is... Agent:

20140271368 - Device for performing an assay: This invention relates to a device for performing an assay to detect an analyte in a fluid sample comprising a channel with reagent deposits comprising a flow control reagent positioned at one or more defined locations therein and a method for producing such a device. In particular, the invention relates... Agent: Molecular Vision Limited

20140271369 - System and method for processing both clinical chemistry and immunoassay tests: Disclosed herein are instruments, systems and methods for performing automated integrated analysis of both clinical chemistry assay and immunoassay tests on a sample. The system includes a common process subsystem module; a clinical chemistry analyzer module; an immunoassay analyzer module; and a plurality of additional modules. The common process subsystem... Agent:

20140271370 - Sterilizer: A sterilizer system includes a base having a chamber configured to hold water, a lid configured to cover the chamber, a switch coupled to the base and in communication with the lid, and circuitry in communication with the switch. The circuitry is configured to determine whether a sterilization cycle was... Agent:

20140271371 - Efficient in-situ catalyst sulfiding methods and systems: A system and method is disclosed for efficiently sulfiding metal catalyst resident in a reactor vessel comprises a sulfiding module and a hydrogen sulfide detection module and a remote computer all arranged and configured to communicate wirelessly and to allow remote control and monitoring of the modules and sulfiding process.... Agent: Reactor Resources, LLC

20140271372 - Gas decomposition reactor feedback control using raman spectrometry: A gas decomposition reactor for the decomposition of a gas into a mixture of solid and gaseous by-products is disclosed. The gas decomposition reactor includes a reactor vessel, a Raman spectrometer, and a processor. The reactor vessel has an inlet for receiving inlet gas and an exhaust outlet for releasing... Agent:

20140271373 - Liquid introducing plasma system: A liquid introducing plasma system including a plasma chamber in which a plasma is produced, a plasma generator device which creates the plasma in the chamber, and a spouting device for linearly ejecting a liquid in a linear jet to thereby introduce the liquid into the plasma chamber is disclosed.... Agent: National Univ. Corp. Tokyo Institute Of Technology

20140271374 - Anti-microbial air processor for a personal patient warming apparatus: An anti-microbial air processor is configured and arranged to fit at least substantially across an airway in a personal patient-warming apparatus to thereby inactivate airborne microbes before those airborne microbes are exposed to a patient via warming air delivered by the personal patient-warming apparatus. By one approach, the anti-microbial air... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20140271375 - Mix-type catalyst filter and manufacturing method thereof: A mix-type catalyst filter which has a variety of pore sizes and thus improves efficiency of catalysts and a method for manufacturing the same. The method includes spinning nanofibers, heating the nanofibers, crushing the nanofibers to form chip-type nanofibers, mixing the chip-type nanofibers with particulate catalysts to obtain a mix-type... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140271376 - Apparatus for metered dose of odor control substance: The present disclosure provides an apparatus for dispensing the fragrance of an odor control substance. The apparatus includes a housing defining a housing interior adapted to receive a refill component. The refill component includes a container with liquid odor control substance and a wick. The refill component is installed from... Agent: Xela Innovations, LLC

20140271377 - Magnet optimization design for sonic reactors: Disclosed here are methods of determining magnet position and distance from a resonating component in a sonic reactor of use in upgrading Heavy Oil Feedstock's (HOFs).... Agent: Petrosonic Energy Inc.

20140271378 - Resonating components for sonic generators: A sonic reactor and resonating components for sonic reactors are disclosed; where these resonating components may have optimized mass and shape. The mass of the resonating component may be redistributed to increase the energy transmission of towards the resonance chambers and optimize the system for specific application requirements. The proper... Agent: Petrosonic Energy Inc.

20140271379 - Recovering a caustic solution via calcium carbonate crystal aggregates: Techniques for converting a portion of a carbonate to hydroxide include receiving an alkaline carbonate solution that includes between 0.1M (moles per liter of solution) to 4.0M hydroxide and between 0.1M to 4.1M carbonate; reacting, in a slaking process, quicklime (CaO) and a low carbonate content fluid to yield a... Agent: Carbon Engineering Limited Partnership

20140271380 - Fluidized bed reactor heater: This invention is a heater used to heat the feed process gas from 450° C. to greater than about 600° C. for the fluidized bed reactor (FBR) used for conversion of silicon tetrachloride (STC) to trichlorosilane (TCS). The invention involves stacked heater element carbon plates. The design of the plates... Agent:

20140271381 - Apparatus for producing mono-lower-alkyl monoalkanolamine: A reaction column (12) to which a raw material mixture (11) containing a mono-lower-alkylamine (AA: raw material I) and an alkylene oxide (AO: raw material II) is supplied, an unreacted raw material distillation column (14) that separates an unreacted raw material (15) from a reaction product (13a) (containing the unreacted... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140271382 - Parabolic concentrating solar collector: The invention relates to a parabolic concentrating solar collector (1) formed by a paraboloid supported by a knuckle joint (3) suitable for tracking the sun. The collector is characterised in that a shaft (4) is disposed at the centre of the base of the paraboloid, said shaft being provided with... Agent: Guradoor,s.l.

20140271383 - Methods for removing iron material from a substrate: Methods of removing iron from a catalytic converter having an accumulation of one or more iron compounds and regenerating a catalytic converter are provided. A catalytic converter having an accumulation of one or more iron compounds embedded or deposited thereon can be treated with a substantially aqueous alkaline solution in... Agent: Steag Energy Services Gmbh

20140271384 - System and methods for using copper- manganese- iron spinel as zero pgm catalyst for twc applications: A Cu—Mn—Fe spinel on a plurality of support oxides is disclosed as ZPGM catalyst. The active phase for ZPGM samples may be Cu—Mn—Fe spinel on ZrO2 or Niobium-Zirconia support oxide. TWC activity may be increased and the effect of support oxide on performance of Cu—Mn—Fe spinel optimized to provide enhanced... Agent: Cdti

20140271385 - Catalytic reduction of nox: A system for NOx, reduction in combustion gases, especially from diesel engines, incorporates an oxidation catalyst to convert at least a portion of NO to NO2, particulate filter, a source of reductant such as NH3 and an SCR catalyst. Considerable improvements in NOx conversion are observed.... Agent:

20140271386 - Exhaust treatment component mounting system: An exhaust treatment component mounting system including an exhaust treatment component canister that includes a cleat ring, and an exhaust treatment component housing including a radially outwardly extending flange. A torsion rod including a first end that mates with the flange of the housing, and a second end including a... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140271388 - Formation and stability of cu-mn spinel phase for zpgm catalyst systems: Optimized Cu—Mn spinel compositions, with optimal spinel phase formation and phase stability properties, for a plurality of ZPGM catalysts in underfloor and closed-loop coupled catalyst applications are disclosed. Plurality of Cu—Mn spinel compositions are prepared with variations of molar ratios. Effect of calcination temperature is analyzed to determine spinel phase... Agent: Cdti

20140271387 - Optimal composition of copper-manganese spinel in zpgm catalyst for twc applications: It is an object of the present disclosure, to provide an optimized catalyst composition with variations of Cu and Mn molar ratio, which may include a formulation CuxMn3-xO4 spinel, with a plurality of molar ratio variations for selecting the optimal Cu—Mn molar ratio for TWC application. The formulation may include... Agent: Cdti

20140271389 - Solid storage media charging with ammonia for use in selective catalytic reduction: There is disclosed method and systems for charging a depleted or spent solid storage media with gaseous ammonia.... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20140271393 - Methods for variation of support oxide materials for zpgm oxidation catalysts and systems using same: Disclosed here are methods of preparing zero platinum group metal catalysts systems with different support oxide material. A ZPGM catalyst system may include a substrate and a washcoat and an impregnation layer, wherein said impregnation layer may include the ZPGM pervoskite catalyst and the washcoat layer may include the support... Agent: Cdti

20140271392 - System and method for two and three way zpgm catalyst: Disclosed here are material formulations of use in the conversion of exhaust gases, where the formulations may include Copper (Cu), Cerium (Ce), Tin (Sn), Niobium (Nb), Zirconium (Zr), Calcium (Ca) and combinations thereof.... Agent: Cdti

20140271390 - Zpgm catalyst systems and methods of making same: Described are ZPGM catalyst systems which are free of any platinum group metals for reducing emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons in exhaust streams. ZPGM catalyst systems may include a substrate, a washcoat, and an overcoat. Both manganese and copper may be provided as catalysts, with copper in... Agent: Cdti

20140271391 - Zpgm twc systems compositions and methods thereof: Compositions and methods for the preparation of ZPGM TWC systems are disclosed. ZPGM TWC systems may be employed within catalytic converters to oxidize toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons, as well as to reduce nitrogen oxides. ZPGM TWC systems are completely free of PGM catalyst and may... Agent: Cdti

20140271394 - Impermeable polymer coating on selected honeycomb channel surfaces: Absorbent structures for CO2 capture include a honeycomb substrate having partition walls that extend through the honeycomb substrate. The partition walls have channel surfaces that define a plurality of individual channels including a plurality of reaction channels and a plurality of heat-exchange channels. The reaction channels and the heat-exchange channels... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140271398 - Process and apparatus for recovering and blending hydroprocessed hydrocarbons and composition: A process and apparatus provides for blending a heavy naphtha stream with a diesel stream to increase the yield of diesel. The diesel stream is recovered separately from a kerosene stream to leave the kerosene stream undiminished. The blended diesel provides a valuable composition.... Agent: Uop LLC

20140271395 - Process and apparatus for recovering hydroprocessed hydrocarbons with single product fractionation column: A hot stripped hydroprocessed stream from a stripper column may be sent directly to a vacuum fractionation column instead of being first processed in an atmospheric fractionation column. If a separate warm stripper column is used, both the warm stripped stream and a hot stripped stream may be fractionated in... Agent: Uop LLC

20140271396 - Process and apparatus for recovering hydroprocessed hydrocarbons with stripper columns: Two or three strippers are used to strip three hydroprocessed effluent streams, perhaps from a slurry hydrocracking reactor, separated by temperature instead of a single stripper to preserve separations previously made and conserving energy and reducing vessel size. A cold stripped stream may be taken as a diesel blending stock... Agent: Uop LLC

20140271397 - Systems and methods for slurry preheating: A system includes a heat exchanger including a first channel having a syngas flow path and a second channel having a slurry flow path. The heat exchanger, when in operation, causes a heat transfer from a syngas along the syngas flow path to a slurry along the slurry flow path.... Agent:

20140271399 - Method for dispensing solid products: A method and apparatus for dispensing a solution of a solid product in a fluid. A freestanding apparatus comprises an inlet portion through which fluid enters, a reaction portion in which the fluid encounters and dissolves the product to form a solution, and an outlet portion from which the solution... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140271400 - Test strip housing system: The present invention provides an improved diagnostic test strip system comprising one or more of the following safety features: (a) a test strip housing having a sample port of sufficient size to allow placement of a patient's finger or thumb therein, (b) a cover for the test strip housing, and... Agent:

20140271401 - Expiration indication label: e

20140271402 - Fluidics system for sequential delivery of reagents: The invention provides a passive fluidics circuit for directing different fluids to a common volume, such as a reaction chamber or flow cell, without intermixing or cross contamination. The direction and rate of flow through junctions, nodes and passages of the fluidics circuit are controlled by the states of upstream... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140271403 - Closure system for reagent vessel receiving positions in an automatic analysis apparatus: The invention relates to a closure system for a holder for a reaction vessel in an automatic analysis apparatus. The closure system comprises a lid secured movably on a retainer element, wherein the lid closes an opening of the holder in a closed position and opens it in an open... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Products Diagnostics Gmbh

20140271404 - Valve-manifold laboratory glassware for chemical laboratory automation and other applications: An article of laboratory glassware for directing the flow of chemical materials is described. The article includes a glass manifold having a plurality of input ports and at least one output port, and a plurality of stopcocks. Each stopcock has an inlet port and an outlet port connected by a... Agent:

20140271405 - Retaining device for a pipetting needle: The invention relates to a retaining device (1) for a hollow needle (12) of a pipetting device in an automatic analysis apparatus. The retaining device (1) comprises a first retaining element (2), which can be secured releasably on a base plate that is movable in an automated manner, and a... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products Gmbh

20140271406 - Fluid ejection device: There is provided a fluid ejection device including a solenoid valve head ejecting a droplet, a fluid collection part collecting the droplet ejected from the solenoid valve head, a unit measuring a volume of the droplet collected in the fluid collection part, and a transfer unit transferring the fluid collection... Agent:

20140271407 - Tissue cassette with biasing element: An apparatus for holding a tissue sample including a retaining member having a first tissue engaging surface and at least one biasing element, the first tissue engaging surface being moveably attached to the retaining member by said biasing element; and a base having a second tissue engaging surface and configured... Agent: Leica Biosystems Nussloch Gmbh

20140271408 - Microtube cap: A microtube with a novel recessed concave top is described. The recessed top is at least 20-80% of the area of the entire cap and has a thickness from 0.025 mm to 1.0 mm. The recessed portion is smooth in structure and is optically transparent to allow all instrumental reading... Agent:

20140271409 - Fluid cartridge: System, apparatuses, and methods for performing automated reagent-based analysis are provided. Also provided are methods for automated attachment of a cap to a reaction receptacle, and automated removal of a cap from a capped reaction receptacle.... Agent:

20140271410 - Sealing device for use in a cartridge for medical diagnostics: The present invention relates to a sealing device for closing an introduction aperture, the sealing device comprising a fixed support and a shutter mounted movably in translation relative to the support between an extended position and a final retracted position, wherein the sealing device is in a final retracted configuration... Agent:

20140271411 - Methods and apparatus to mitigate bubble formation in a liquid: Methods and apparatus to mitigate bubble formation in a liquid are disclosed. An example apparatus disclosed herein includes a bottom wall, a first baffle cantilevered from the bottom wall, and a second baffle cantilevered from the bottom wall. The first baffle is spaced apart from the second baffle, and the... Agent:

20140271412 - Container latching systems for one-handed operation: The present application is directed to devices for a latching system. The latching system may comprise first and second interlocking latching mechanisms. The first latching mechanism may be coupled to a front surface of a container and the second latching mechanism may be coupled to a lid for the container.... Agent:

20140271413 - Reactor vessel for complexecelle formation: A reactor vessel for complexecelle formation is described. The reactor vessel has a vessel for containing a first reactant wherein the vessel comprises an open top. A lid is provided for attachment to the vessel which is adapted for sealing the open top. An impeller shaft extends through the lid... Agent: Perfect Lithium Corp.

20140271414 - Gas distributor nozzles: Systems and methods for injecting gas into a fluidized bed of particles are provided. The system can include a gas distribution system. The gas distribution system can include a header having a flow passage and a nozzle body coupled to the header. The nozzle body can have an inlet end... Agent: Kellogg Brown & Root LLC

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20140255250 - Inhibition of corrosion in boiler systems with etheramines: Aminoethers are used as corrosion inhibitors in boiler systems in which a working fluid comprising water with an aminoether corrosion inhibitor is circulated from a heater to a utilization site at which the working fluid gives up energy and decreases in temperature. A preferred class of aminoethers are the alkoxytriethyleneglycol-tert-alkylamines... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140255252 - Devices, systems and methods for zone sterilization: A portable gas transfer device for sterilization at a sterilization site includes: a housing; a pressurized gas canister held by the housing; a first passageway in fluid communication with the pressurized gas canister and configured to supply pressurized pre-sterilization gas from the pressurized gas canister to the site; a gas... Agent: Burkert Werke Gmbh

20140255251 - Plasma sterilization apparatus and plasma sterilization method: Disclosed is a plasma sterilization apparatus including a chamber including a sterilization target, a vaporizer heating air, a vacuum unit discharging moisture and cold air from the chamber to the outside, an air supply unit injecting heated air into the chamber, and a control unit controlling the air supply unit... Agent: Hanshin Medical Co., Ltd.

20140255253 - Artificial placenta: An artificial placenta oxygenating device for use with an infant is provided. The device comprises a first layer comprising a gas permeable membrane; and a second layer comprising a vascular network that permits circulation of fluid therethrough, wherein a portion of the gas permeable membrane is attached to and covers... Agent:

20140255254 - Blood coagulation analyzer: In order to improve accuracy of determination of a blood coagulation time without requiring complicated work, a measurement unit 2 of a blood coagulation analyzer 1 irradiates a measurement specimen prepared by mixing a blood specimen and a reagent together, with lights of a plurality of wavelengths including light of... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140255255 - Equipment for recycling nylon contained in fabrics by extraction of silicone: Patent of invention belonging to the field of raw material recycling equipment, comprised of work tanks (1) (distilled solvent), shell of the material holder basket (2), material holder basket (3), drum support and transmission (4), solvent circulation pump (5), solvent heater (6), air insufflation channel (7), post-drying cooling system (8),... Agent:

20140255256 - Nitrogen-free ozone generating unit: In the present invention, a nitrogen-free ozone generating unit integrates a plurality of functional means into a single package unit, the functional means including a nitrogen-free ozone generator that is cooled to a low temperature, an ozone power source, a MFC, an APC, a heat insulating cooling water inlet pipe,... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20140255257 - Sterilization system for a water-intake finger and an air space of a bottle for a water dispenser: A sterilization system uses an ozone-air mixture for treatment of a water-intake finger and an air space of a water source bottle of a water dispenser in which the bottle is installed with its neck downwards for discharge. The system includes a cone for holding the bottle vertically, the water-intake... Agent: Scandinavian Innovation Group Oy

20140255258 - Exhaust line for a heat engine: The exhaust line for a heat engine comprises, between an exhaust inlet and an exhaust outlet, a nitrogen oxide trap which is fitted on a filtering portion. It comprises, between the nitrogen oxide trap and the exhaust inlet, a branching portion which is capable of branching the exhaust gases away... Agent: Faurecia Systemes D'echappement

20140255259 - Hydrogen-producing catalytic converter: A hydrogen-producing catalytic converter is arranged in an exhaust pipe of an engine to absorb heat from engine waste gas for actuating hydrogen production, and includes a preheating body and a catalyst bed enclosed in a heating pipe, and a plurality of heating catalysts filled between the heating pipe and... Agent: Prometheus Energy Technology Co.

20140255260 - Catalyst metering device: The invention relates to a catalyst metering device with a valve formed of an iron-based alloy steel hardened to a Rockwell hardness C of at least 60. The device can be used for metering of a catalyst for an ethylene polymerization reaction. The invention further relates to ethylene polymerization wherein... Agent: Total Research & Technology Feluy

20140255261 - Cellular substrate for a catalytic convertor: An emissions-control catalyst brick includes a plurality of formed metal ribbons that together define a repeating pattern of open cells. The ribbons are joined together in layers with the open cells of each layer offset from those of the adjacent layer. A catalyst wash coat is applied to the plurality... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140255262 - Porous catalyst washcoats: Catalyst washcoats with improved porosity and methods for making the washcoats are provided. The process comprises incorporation of an oil-in-water macroemulsion into the catalyst slurry prior to washcoating the carrier substrate, and calcining the washcoated carrier substrate to remove the oil-in-water macroemulsion. Also provided are catalyst articles comprising the washcoat... Agent: Basf Corporation

20140255263 - Apparatus for the liquid-phase synthesis of isoprene from isobutylene and formaldehyde: The apparatus for liquid-phase synthesis of isoprene from isobutylene and formaldehyde, comprising the following units of synthesis of isoprene precursors: 1,3-dioxanes synthesis unit; unit for TMC synthesis from isobutylene-containing fraction; unit for TMC synthesis from recycled concentrated isobutylene derived either from isoprene synthesis unit or from the unit for synthesis... Agent: Obshestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennostiu "nauchno-proizvodstvennoe Obedinenie Eurochim"

20140255264 - Methods and apparatuses for producing aromatic hydrocarbon-containing effluent: Embodiments of methods and apparatuses for producing an aromatic hydrocarbon-containing effluent are provided herein. The method comprises the step of rapidly heating a biomass-based feedstock to a first predetermined temperature of from about 300 to about 650° C. in the presence of a catalyst, hydrogen, and an organic solvent within... Agent: Uop LLC

20140255265 - Continuous modular reactor: The present invention discloses a flow reactor composed of plurality of modular/fluidic components that helps retain agility and re-configurability of the continuous chemical processes with improved processing ability. More specifically, disclosed herein is a continuous flow reactor composed of varied permutations and combinations of a plurality of modular/fluidic components for... Agent:

20140255266 - Reactor: Reactor and method of forming reactor that includes at least one wall section having an inner surface bounding an interior space, a lining arranged on the inner surface of the at least one wall to face the interior space, and at least one fluid connection, to which a negative pressure... Agent: Tantec Gmbh

20140255267 - Ex vivo antimicrobial devices and methods: A method and device for destroying and inhibiting exposure to microbes and infection includes a first element and a second element, and a power source. At least one of the elements includes antimicrobial metal, which, when energized by the power source, produces ions that are lethal to microbes. The device... Agent: Argentumcidal Electrics, Inc.

20140255268 - Ex vivo antimicrobial devices and methods: A method and device for destroying and inhibiting exposure to microbes and infection includes a first element and a second element, and a power source. At least one of the elements includes antimicrobial metal, which, when energized by the power source, produces ions that are lethal to microbes. The device... Agent: Argentumcidal Electrics, Inc.

20140255269 - Sanitizing device for toilet seat: A sanitizing device having a first tubular housing and a second tubular housing is provided. The first and second tubular housing are coupled together, and are disposed along a common axis when coupled together. The first tubular housing includes a sanitizing member. The sanitizing member may be formed of any... Agent:

20140255270 - Removing sacrificial layer to form liquid containment structure and methods of use thereof: A method of forming a liquid handling device includes forming a device precursor having a containment structure with a surface that surrounds a containment gap that is occupied by a solid sacrificial layer. The method also includes removing the solid sacrificial layer from the containment gap. In some instances, removing... Agent:

20140255271 - Device for rapid urine concentration: The present invention provides a device for the concentration of one or more target analytes contained in a urine sample. The device comprises a tube comprising an upper portion defining an opening for receiving the urine sample and a lower tapered portion terminating in a collection reservoir. The tube contains... Agent: Norgen Biotek Corp.

20140255272 - Method and system for selective isolation of target biological molecules in a general purpose system: Embodiments of the present techniques provide systems and methods for isolating particular classes of biological molecules, for example, proteins or nucleic acids, from mixtures of biological components. The methods use solutions that react with the biological molecules to enhance their adsorption by substrates, allowing contaminants to be washed away from... Agent: General Electric Company

20140255273 - Methods and apparatuses for detecting microscope slide coverslips: A system is capable of detecting substrates and can differentiate between zero, one, or multiple transparent or semi-transparent substrates in a stack. The system can include an optical sensor, an optically anti-reflective element, and a detector. The optical sensor outputs light towards the optically anti-reflective element. The light detector is... Agent: Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

20140255275 - Dual chamber liquid packaging system: A packaging system with a dual chamber configuration is described. The packaging system is comprised of a primary chamber and a secondary chamber, where the primary chamber and the secondary chamber are in or capable of being in fluidic communication by a channel. The secondary chamber has an upper layer... Agent: Quidel Corporation

20140255274 - Method of printing location markings on surfaces for microscopic research: Disclosed are devices and methods of printing location marking designs on various substrate surfaces for use in microscopic research. A preferable embodiment of the method comprises the steps of: designing a pattern of lines and symbols; transferring the pattern to a transparent film; placing the transparent film on a photopolymer... Agent:

20140255276 - Microwell device: A microwell device is provided. The device includes a plate having a upper surface. The upper surface has first and second recesses formed therein. Each recess has an outer periphery. First and second portions of microwells are formed in upper surface of the plate. The first portion of microwells are... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140255277 - Multi-well rotary synthesizer: An apparatus for synthesizing polymer chains includes a controller, a plurality of precision fit vials circularly arranged in multiple banks on a cartridge, a drain corresponding to each bank of vials, a chamber bowl, a plurality of valves for delivering reagents to selective vials, and a waste tube system for... Agent: Mcluen Design, Inc.

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