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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 17 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150147229 - Anti-bacterial light delivery system and method for disinfecting a surface: A light delivery system and method are provided to promote a photochemical reaction for disinfecting a surface. The system includes a light source and a light diffusing element operatively coupled to the light source and further embedded within a surface to be disinfected. The light diffusing element outputs light to... Agent:

20150147230 - Automatic analysis apparatus: A configuration of detecting light from the front face of a light source is the best for confirming the variation of a light quantity, but when a plurality of light sources are present, as many detectors for checking a light quantity as the light sources are necessary and the apparatus... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150147231 - Optochemical sensor: The invention relates to an optochemical sensor comprising a polymer matrix which is applied to a substrate and which is doped with a luminescent colorant, the emissivity of which can be modified after excitation with electromagnetic radiation by substances to be detected such as gaseous or dissolved O2, SO2, H2O2,... Agent:

20150147232 - Removable sterilization rack and sterilization apparatus: The present invention relates to a removable sterilization rack for supporting objects to be sterilized inside a sterilization apparatus, said sterilization rack comprising: a support structure for supporting said objects; at least one opening for directing a flow of a fluid towards said objects when the objects are supported by... Agent: Getinge Sterilization Ab

20150147233 - Exhaust gas purifying apparatus: Provided is an exhaust gas purifying apparatus capable of purifying exhaust gas by using water. The exhaust gas purifying apparatus includes an electrolyzed alkaline water generator which includes a cathode and an anode formed of Mg or an Mg alloy, and in which water is electrolyzed through application of voltage... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150147234 - System and method for rapid transitioning of polyolefin processes from one product to another: A gas-phase polyolefin reactor system for rapidly transitioning from one polyolefin product to another is disclosed. The reactor system comprises a control valve, a high-flow valve, a polyolefin reactor, a flow meter, a totalizer and an empirical model. During a transition, the empirical model predicts a required amount based upon... Agent: Ineos Usa, LLC

20150147235 - Apparatus for manufacturing nano-size graphene-structured material: There is provided an apparatus for preparing a graphene-structured material, the apparatus includes a supply hopper configured to supply graphite oxide; a supply line of which an end is connected to a lower end of the supply hopper; a reducing atmosphere gas supply unit connected to a side of the... Agent:

20150147236 - Process for producing an anti-erosion coating on an inner wall of a chamber of a fcc unit and anchoring structure for the production of this coating: e

20150147237 - Dry scrubber system with low load distributor device: An air quality control system (AQCS) 14 useful for treating flue gas FG, such as flue gas FG produced by a fossil fuel fired boiler 12 is described. The AQCS 14 is equipped with a dry scrubber low load distributor device 66. With the low load distributor device 66, flue... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20150147238 - Exhaust purification system of internal combustion engine: In an engine, an exhaust purification catalyst (13) and a hydrocarbon feed valve (15) are arranged in an engine exhaust passage, and, a low pressure exhaust gas recirculation system (LPL) which makes exhaust gas downstream of the exhaust purification catalyst (13) recirculate is provided. If hydrocarbons are injected from the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150147239 - Zpgm underfloor catalyst for hybrid exhaust treatment systems: Hybrid PGM-ZPGM exhaust treatment systems are disclosed. The systems include a PGM close-couple catalytic converter followed by an underfloor ZPGM catalytic converter. The disclosed hybrid systems, including PGM based catalysts and zero-PGM based catalysts may replace pure PGM based exhaust treatment systems. The ZPGM catalyst compositions used may include copper... Agent: Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (cdti)

20150147240 - Led lamp having photocatalyst agents: An LED lamp is provided with at least one LED each including an epoxy lens, cathode and anode leads; a reflective cup, a LED chip, and a wire bond; a housing for accommodating a circuit board, the at least one LED mounted on the circuit board, and a fan; openings... Agent:

20150147241 - Infectious medical waste treatment system: An infectious medical waste treatment system includes system control means that electrically interlocks and integrally controls an infectious medical waste treatment apparatus, a cake cutting device, a cake shredding device, a flake conveying device, a flake temporary storage tank, a sealed-type flake supplying device, a heating, dry distilling and gasifying... Agent:

20150147242 - Carbon-based durable goods and renewable fuel from biomass waste dissociation: Techniques, systems, apparatus and material are disclosed for generating renewable energy from biomass waste while sequestering carbon. In one aspect, a method performed by a reactor to dissociate raw biomass waste into a renewable source energy or a carbon byproduct or both includes receiving the raw biomass waste that includes... Agent:

20150147243 - Mixed multifunctional metal affinity surfaces for reducing aggregate content in protein preparations: Compositions for reducing the aggregate content of a protein preparation include a first substrate having a first surface-bound ligand possessing a metal affinity functionality and a second surface-bound ligand optionally provided on a second substrate and having an aggregate charge opposite to that of the metal affinity functionality of the... Agent:

20150147244 - Specialized immobilization media: A genre of media is presented for use with a reactor vessel and for the purpose of immobilizing small particles, often catalytic in nature. The media can include a number of ferromagnetic active wafers stacked together and separated by non-ferromagnetic separator portions, such that when in the presence of a... Agent:

20150147245 - Examination element and examination container: The present invention relates to an examination element that includes an antenna; a hygroscopic portion that absorbs a specimen; a reagent portion that reacts with the specimen; and a chip including a semiconductor device capable of wireless communication and a photo sensor that detects a change in a color of... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150139853 - Method and apparatus for transforming a liquid stream into plasma and eliminating pathogens therein: A liquid stream is transformed into a vapor and liquid medium, then plasma state is generated in the medium, which generates various high-energy particles causing a number of physical and/or chemical effects, then the vapor and liquid medium is condensed back into an output stream of liquid. Liquid feedstock (e.g.... Agent: Aic, LLC

20150139854 - Systems, components, and methods for sterilizing medical waste: To improve throughput of biomedical waste treatment, the present inventors devised an exemplary ozone-based system including a shredder, a roll-off treatment bin with ozone injectors, an ozone source, and a controller. The controller monitors electric current drawn by the shredder as shredded waste enters the ozone-enriched treatment bin. In response... Agent:

20150139855 - Incubator and method for decontaminating incubator: An incubator includes filters in supply passages for supplying an environment-adjusting-medium. Divergent passages are connected to portions of the supply passages upstream from the filters. The divergent passages converge to a single supply/exhaust passage, which is provided with a pump. By driving the pump in a forward or reverse direction,... Agent: Shibuya Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20150139857 - Biochip with biosensors and fluidic devices: A biochip includes a substrate, where the substrate includes at least one hole extending from a first surface of the substrate to a second surface of the substrate opposite the first surface, and where the substrate comprises a microfluidic channel pattern. The biochip further includes a surface modification layer over... Agent:

20150139856 - Optical device and detection device: The optical device has a substrate having a dielectric body on a surface, a metal fine structure formed of a plurality of metal nanostructures formed on the dielectric body, and an organic molecular film formed on the dielectric body between the plurality of metal nanostructures, and adapted to capture target... Agent:

20150139858 - Saturated steam sterilization device and process having improved sterilization reliability: A sterilization device is described having improved temperature sensing and feedback systems such that temperature control of about ±1 deg. C. is achieved. Some embodiments include concurrent temperature and pressure sensing. The result is more reliable sterilization.... Agent:

20150139859 - Fluid injection control system: An exhaust aftertreatment system may include a tank, an injector, a supply conduit, a pump, a pressure sensor, and a control module. The tank may contain a volume of a fluid. The injector may be configured to inject the fluid into a stream of exhaust gas discharged from the combustion... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20150139860 - On-board catalyst health monitoring and control system adaptation in internal combustion engines: Various embodiments include systems adapted to monitor catalyst deterioration. Some embodiments include a catalyst deterioration detection system including a pre-catalytic converter gas sensor, a post-catalytic converter gas sensor, at least one computing device in communication with the pre-catalytic converter and post-catalytic converter gas sensors, the at least one computing device... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139861 - Air pollution control system: An air pollution control system includes CO2 absorber that removes CO2, and an absorbent regenerator that releases CO2 from the amine absorbent. The CO2 absorber is equipped with a CO2 absorption unit that absorbs CO2 in the flue gas by the amine absorbent (lean solution), and a water-repellent filter unit... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150139862 - Structured adsorbent bed for capture of co2 from low pressure and low concentration sources:

20150139863 - Liquid treatment apparatus: A liquid treatment apparatus includes a dielectric tube through which a liquid flows, a first electrode, at least one end of which is disposed in the dielectric tube, a second electrode, at least one end of which is disposed in the dielectric tube, and a power supply for applying a... Agent:

20150139864 - Devices including, methods using, and compositions of reflowable getters: Methods for protecting circuit device materials, optoelectronic devices, and caps using a reflowable getter are described. The methods, devices and caps provide advantages because they enable modification of the shape and activity of the getter after sealing of the device. Some embodiments of the invention provide a solid composition comprising... Agent:

20150139865 - Extraction system: An extraction apparatus comprises an extraction vessel configured to remove an extracted material from a source material in contact with a process fluid to form a mixture. The apparatus further comprises a separation chamber and a process fluid circulation conduit, the conduit comprising a separation portion configured to receive the... Agent:

20150139866 - Microchip: The microchip includes: an introduction part for introducing a liquid; an analysis region in which a substance contained in the liquid or a reaction product of the substance is analyzed; an indication region to indicate that the analysis region has completely been filled with the liquid; and a flow channel... Agent:

20150139867 - Liquid measuring unit and liquid supplying apparatus: A liquid measuring unit includes a first capillary tube, a second capillary tube, and a holding portion that holds the first capillary tube and the second capillary tube, wherein a distance between a liquid contact portion of the first capillary tube and the holding portion is longer than a distance... Agent:

20150139868 - Polymers for use in centrifugal separation of liquids: Contemplated compositions and methods allow for in-situ formation of a rigid seal layer in a blood collection tube between a cell-depleted phase and a cell-enriched phase. Preferably, the seal layer is formed upon brief UV irradiation and comprises an acrylate, a methacrylate, an epoxy, a urethane, and/or a thiol-ene polymer.... Agent:

20150139869 - Combination reactor system: The present invention is directed to a combination reactor system for exothermic reactions comprising a trickle-bed reactor and a shell-and-tube reactor. This combination allows the system to efficiently remove heat while also providing the ability to control both the temperature and/or reaction progression. The trickle-bed reactor removes heat efficiently from... Agent:

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