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Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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02/05/2015 > 30 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150037200 - Sterilization process design for a medical adhesive: Medical devices, including medical adhesives, need to be sterile before application to a patient. A dry heat sterilization process can sterilize medical adhesives for patient application. The dry heat sterilization process can be validated for particular equipment arrangements and medical adhesives being utilized.... Agent:

20150037201 - Sterile site apparatus, system, and method of using the same: Apparatus, system, and methods are provided for reducing infectious agents at a sterile site by preventing infectious agents from coming into contact with the sterile site. A barrier is produced for infectious agents that may come in proximity or otherwise communicate with the site. The apparatus is configured to create... Agent: Armour Technologies, Inc.

20150037202 - Organic disulfide based corrosion inhibitors: Disclosed are corrosion inhibitor compounds and compositions useful in applications relating to the production, transportation, storage, and separation of crude oil and natural gas. Also disclosed are methods of using the compounds and compositions as corrosion inhibitors, particularly in applications relating to the production, transportation, storage, and separation of crude... Agent:

20150037203 - Nanocrystals on fibers: The present invention relates inter alia to light- and/or irradiation-emitting fibers comprising nanocrystals, in particular quantum dots and nanorods, their preparation and use. The fiber may have a fiber core 10, an outer first electrode 20, a light emitting layer 30, a radiation transmissive second electrode 40 positioned over the... Agent:

20150037204 - Method and device for the gas sterilization of products, wherein the process gases are homogenized by a mixer without movable parts before being introduced into the sterilization chamber: Methods and devices for gas sterilization are described, in which products are sterilized using a sterilization gas. Process gases are mixed in a mixer without movable parts before being introduced into the sterilization chamber in order to obtain a homogenous gas mixture. A device for the gas sterilization of products... Agent:

20150037205 - Method and apparatus for sterilizing preform: A preform is easily and speedily sterilized. A number of preforms (1), each having a bottomed tubular shape, are laid on a conveyer (4) in a scraggly overturned manner, these preforms passes inside a chamber (5) together with the conveyer, and hydrogen peroxide water mist is sprayed from both sides... Agent:

20150037206 - Method and apparatus for sterilization with nitrogen oxide: Nitrogen oxide is used to safely sterilize inside of a space area or an object arranged within the space area. A sterilization method is provided to comprise: introducing nitrogen oxide liquid stored in a vessel (4) into a space area (2, 2′, 2″) to gasify nitrogen oxide liquid, and sterilizing... Agent:

20150037207 - Modular forklift sanitization trough: The present inventive subject matter is drawn to systems and methods of disinfecting and sanitizing the tires and forks of industrial forklifts. In one aspect of this invention, a modular forklift disinfecting system is presented comprising a sanitizing trough designed to allow driving a forklift up a first ramp, into... Agent:

20150037208 - Process stream decontamination systems and methods: A decontamination system for decontaminating at least one contaminant in a process stream. Decontaminant liquid is dispersed into the process stream using atomization. A controller detects contaminant levels in the process stream and adjusts the flow of decontaminant fluid into the process stream in response.... Agent:

20150037209 - Sterilization method: A method of sterilizing a material, said method comprising the steps of: a) providing a sterilizing composition comprising (i) peracetic acid and (ii) a stabilizer selected from the group consisting of citric acid, isocitric acid, aconitic acid and propane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid; b) introducing such sterilizing composition into a hot gaseous stream... Agent:

20150037210 - Method for producing a functional unit and corresponding functional unit: A method for producing a functional unit with a gas converter (1) and a flame ionization detector (10) is produced with the gas converter (1) and the flame ionization detector (10) being connected together as parts of a multi-layer ceramic (6).... Agent: Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh

20150037211 - Automatic analyzers and reagent wheels thereof: This disclosure provides automatic analyzers and reagent wheels thereof. The reagent wheel can have one or more rings of reagent bottle seats that may be used for placing a reagent container and distributed along a circumferential direction. An included angle may be formed between a symmetrical centerline of the reagent... Agent:

20150037212 - Automatic biochemical analyzer: An automatic biochemical analyzer, comprises a reaction wheel comprising an inner ring and an outer ring, wherein the reaction wheel is equally divided into multiple cuvette positions along a circumferential direction; the inner ring and the outer ring, respectively, each have a photoelectric detection position, a sample injecting position, a... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150037213 - Integrated robotic sample transfer device: Embodiments include integrated robotic sample transfer devices and components thereof which are used for reliably and accurately transferring small samples of material from one registered position to another registered position. Such transfers of material may be carried out by a single pin tool or an array of pin tools of... Agent:

20150037214 - Automatic analyzer: The automatic analyzer includes a suction nozzle; a liquid transfer syringe; a suction channel which connects the suction nozzle and the liquid transfer syringe; a flow cell which is arranged in the middle of the suction channel; a detector for sample analysis which is arranged in the flow cell; a... Agent:

20150037215 - Lab on a chip: A Lab On a Chip (LOC) comprises: a sample inlet for receiving a liquid sample; and a Sample Preparation Module (SPM) coupled to the sample inlet. The SPM comprises: a mixing chamber; a reagent chamber containing a reagent; a semi-permeable membrane oriented between the mixing chamber and the reagent chamber;... Agent:

20150037216 - Test device: A biological test device with at least one zone containing a biosensor and/or reagent media to accept a sample of a biological material, where the zone is covered until use by a removable humidity resistant cover. The cover may be slidably removable or have a peel-off configuration and may incorporate... Agent: Smartsensor Telemed Limited

20150037217 - Air conditioner having air purifying module: An air conditioner including a body having an evaporator for heat-exchanging air flowing in the body, and an air purifying module coupled to the body. The air purifying module may have a light emitting diode part disposed along a flow path of the air to provide ultraviolet rays, and a... Agent:

20150037218 - Hydrophilic membrane integrated olefin hydration process: A membrane-integrated hydration reactor that is operable to produce an associated alcohol product from an olefin using water includes a solid acid olefin hydration catalyst in a production zone and a hydrophilic membrane operable to selectively permit pervaporation of water one-way and not permit pervaporation of the associated alcohol or... Agent:

20150037219 - After-treatment component: An after-treatment component for receiving an exhaust stream from an internal combustion engine comprises a vessel having a first end, a second end, and an intermediate section. The vessel defines an inlet port and an outlet port. The inlet port is in fluid communication with an inlet diffuser disposed within... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150037220 - Honeycomb filter: A honeycomb filter includes a plurality of cells and porous cell walls. Exhaust gas is to flow through the plurality of cells. The plurality of cells include exhaust gas introduction cells and exhaust gas emission cells. The honeycomb filter has a round cross sectional shape. The honeycomb filter has a... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150037221 - Honeycomb filter: A honeycomb filter includes a plurality of cells and porous cell walls. The plurality of cells include exhaust gas introduction cells and exhaust gas emission cells. The porous cell walls supports an SCR catalyst. The exhaust gas introduction cells include first exhaust gas introduction cells and second exhaust gas introduction... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150037222 - Processing apparatus equipped with catalyst-supporting honeycomb structure, and method for manufacturing same: A processing apparatus equipped with a catalyst-supporting honeycomb structure, which is characterized in that corrugated plate-like glass fiber papers having a functional catalyst supported thereon and flat plate-like glass fiber papers having the same functional catalyst supported thereon are alternately laminated without being bonded to each other, to form a... Agent:

20150037224 - Method for producing carbamate, method for producing isocyanate, carbamate production system, and isocyanate production system: A method for producing carbamate including a urea production step; a carbamate-forming step; an ammonia separation step of absorbing the gas with water in the presence of carbonate to produce a gas absorption water, and separating ammonia; an aqueous alcohol solution separation step of separating an aqueous alcohol solution from... Agent:

20150037223 - Processes and systems for separating streams to provide a transalkylation feed stream in an aromatics complex: A process and system for the production of at least one xylene isomer is provided. The process includes passing a first stream to one side of a split shell fractionation column and a second stream to the other side of the column. The first stream has a higher ratio of... Agent:

20150037225 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for resuspending cells in solution: Systems, apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture provide for resuspending and/or collecting blood and/or other types of cells in solution. In one embodiment, cells may be recovered from used surgical sponges and/or other types of surgical articles.... Agent:

20150037226 - Microfluidic device and method of producing the same: A microfluidic device and a method of producing the microfluidic device are provided. The microfluidic device includes an upper substrate and a lower substrate fixed to each other to form a microfluidic structure, and a hydrophobic porous layer disposed between the upper substrate and the lower substrate, and configured to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150037227 - Pippette and a nucleic acid purification apparatus: The present disclosure includes a nucleic acid purification apparatus and a pipette, the pipette comprises: a tubular body, at least a gas seal ring, a nut, and a shaft. A first opening and second opening arranged at two ends of the tubular body air communicable with the tubular body, thus... Agent: Ome Technology Co., Ltd.

20150037228 - Systems, devices, media, and methods for measuring analytes in biological fluids: A replaceable cartridge for a biological analyte measurement device includes housing configured for removable engagement therefrom, and a support medium disposed within the housing. The support medium carries test pads made of a thin layer of fluid transporting material, and hermetic isolation pads made of a fluid impermeable material. The... Agent:

20150037229 - Apparatus and methods for tar removal from syngas: A process and apparatus are provided for reducing content of tar in a tar containing syngas. The process includes contacting the tar containing syngas with a molecular oxygen containing gas in a first reaction zone to produce a gas mixture. The gas mixture is passed through a heat treatment zone... Agent: Ineos Bio Sa

01/29/2015 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150030497 - Sterilization method: It is intended to provide a sterilization method for heat-resistant bacterial spores, with which an effective sterilization effect is attained under heating conditions milder than conventional conditions, and which hardly affects the quality of an object to be sterilized. The sterilization method includes performing a first heat treatment step having... Agent: Meiji Co., Ltd.

20150030498 - Hvac fragrance system: Fragrance systems are provided that can be used in conjunction with heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. The fragrance systems can inject a fragrance into an airstream that is supplied to a space such as a room of a building or a vehicle cabin. In some embodiments, the speed a fan... Agent:

20150030499 - System and method for carpet-odor treatment: The present invention provides a system and method for treating carpet that includes a hollow tube having a first end and a second end, wherein the tube further includes: a plurality of injection holes located near the second end of the tube, a pointed tip located at the second end... Agent:

20150030500 - Irradiation apparatus for inactivating pathogens and/or leukocytes in a biological fluid and process: The invention relates to an irradiation apparatus for inactivating pathogens and/or leukocytes in a biological fluid such as a platelet suspension and/or plasma comprising: a casing (2), a support member (3) for carrying at least one irradiation bag (19) containing the biological fluid, a light source (4) comprising two banks... Agent: Maco Pharma S.a.

20150030501 - Dazomet compositions: A solid body of dazomet for use in internal remedial treatments of wood and methods of applying such solid bodies to wooden structures and manufacturing such solid bodies. The solid bodies can be easily transported and inserted into treatment holes in utility poles, wooden pilings, and other wooden structures, delivering... Agent: Osmose Utilities Services, Inc.

20150030502 - Arrangement with a blood pump and pump control unit: An arrangement for extracorporeal life support is further developed in such a way that a pump actuating signal produces a wave-like surging and subsiding pump output for a pulsatile flow. The pump is preferably a non-occlusive blood pump, such as a diagonal pump, for example. In a preferred variant of... Agent: Novalung Gmbh

20150030504 - Sample testing apparatus and method: Apparatus for performing an assay to detect the presence of an analyte in a test sample. A housing defines a slot for receiving a sample collector, and a capsule contains a buffer liquid, the capsule being sealed by an openable lid, and being connected to the housing such that insertion... Agent:

20150030503 - Systems and methods for spatial heterodyne raman spectroscopy: The present subject matter is directed to a device for spectroscopy. The device includes an excitation source configured to illuminate a sample with wavelengths. The device also includes a spatial heterodyne interferometer configured to receive Raman wavelengths from the sample.... Agent:

20150030505 - Plant for hydrogen peroxide production and process using it: A plant for producing hydrogen peroxide by an autoxidation process (AO-process) comprising hydrogenating an anthraquinone in a working solution, oxidizing the hydrogenated anthraquinone with oxygen to form hydrogen peroxide and extracting the hydrogen peroxide from the working solution, the plant comprising at least one skid mounted module selected from the... Agent:

20150030506 - Embedded multifunctional air purifier used in kitchen: An embedded multifunctional air purifier for kitchen installed in a predetermined space of a cupboard includes a casing, a hood, an exhaust module, an electrostatic dust collector, a front filter, a gas detection module, a photocatalyst module and a vitamin C filter. With the design of the hood, the exhaust... Agent:

20150030507 - Catalyst system for exhaust gas purification utilizing base metals, and controlling method therefor: A catalyst system for exhaust gas purification which comprises a first-stage base metal catalyst located upstream and a second-stage base metal catalyst located downstream, wherein the first-stage base metal catalyst comprises at least one oxide support selected from the group consisting of alumina, ceria, zirconia, yttria, and titania and Cu... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150030508 - Method and a device for removing nitrogen oxides and sulphur trioxide from a process gas: A catalytic reactor (16) is provided for purposes of effecting therewith the removal of nitrogen oxides from a process gas (F) that includes at least two catalyst bed segments (48, 50, 52), each of which is provided with a closing device (60, 62, 64). The catalytic reactor (16) is operative... Agent:

20150030509 - Electrically heatable honeycomb body assembly having an electrical connection of a plurality of sheet metal layers: An electrically heatable honeycomb body assembly includes an electrical connection of sheet metal layers at a connection pin. A honeycomb body has a metal casing with an inner periphery, through which the connection pin is led in a bushing and electrically insulated. The sheet metal layers are alternately coarsely structured... Agent:

20150030510 - Honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure of the present invention includes a honeycomb structure body and a pair of electrode member arranged at a side surface of the honeycomb structure body. The honeycomb structure body has an electrical resistivity of 1 to 200 Ωcm, and the respective pair of electrode members is formed... Agent:

20150030511 - Leak-proof contact lens container: A container for disinfecting and storing a contact lens comprising a container having a nonporous but oxygen-permeable, water-impermeable liner that forms a continuous barrier layer to allow oxygen to escape but prevent water from escaping when the container becomes pressurized, such as when an oxidative disinfectant is neutralized catalytically to... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20150030512 - Sintered porous plastic plug for serological pipette: The present invention provides sintered porous plastic plugs for use in filtered serological pipettes which facilitate manufacture or assembly of the filtered serological pipettes. In one embodiment, a sintered porous plastic plug of the present invention comprises plastic and a cylindrical body, a first end and a second end, the... Agent: Porex Corporation

20150030513 - Multi-channel pipettor with repositionable tips: A hand-held, multi-channel pipettor has an electronically controlled motor to reposition pipette tips for different center to center spacing. Each repositionable tip fitting assembly has a cam following pin that is driven by cam tracks in a motor driven roller drum. Stationary ports for the multiple aspiration cylinders are strategically... Agent: Integra Biosciences Corp.

20150030514 - Sensor probe seal: A sealing system is provided for preventing leakage of a fluid from a fluid-containing chamber when a sensor probe for measuring fluid conditions within the chamber is inserted into the chamber. The sealing system has at least one port in fluid communication with the fluid-containing chamber. The port has a... Agent: Pall Corporation

01/22/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150023838 - Sterilization unit for a filling machine: A sterilization unit comprises at least one nozzle pipe for injection of a sterilization agent into a packaging container to be sterilized. The sterilization unit is driven to move in an axial direction, in a downward stroke and an upward stroke, corresponding to a longitudinal direction of the nozzle pipe... Agent:

20150023839 - Mobile apparatus and method for sterilizing one or more surgical trays with integrable transfer and storage system: An improved mobile apparatus for sterilizing surgical trays serves as a self-contained autoclave, allowing sterilization of the interior of the apparatus and its contents. A method of sterilization using the apparatus is presented as well. By means of a dedicated transfer and storage system, the apparatus, integrable with respect to... Agent:

20150023840 - Functionalized surfaces and methods related thereto: The disclosed subject matter provides a nanoaperture having a bottom surface and a side wall comprising gold. A surface of the side wall is passivated with a first functional molecule comprising polyethylene glycol. The bottom surface of the nanoaperture can be functionalized with at least one second molecule comprising polyethylene... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20150023841 - Steam sterilizer: A steam sterilizer includes a sterilization tank configured to house an object to be sterilized and perform sterilization on the object to be sterilized by maintaining supplied steam at a predetermined temperature and under a predetermined pressure; a steam-supplying pipe configured to supply the steam into the sterilization tank; a... Agent: Sakura Seiki Co., Ltd.

20150023842 - Protected fischer-tropsch catalyst and method of providing same to a fischer-tropsch process: A method of preparing a spray dried catalyst by combining spray dried catalyst particles with wax so the spray dried catalyst particles are coated with wax, yielding wax coated catalyst particles, and shaping the wax coated catalyst to provide shaped wax coated catalyst. A method of activating Fischer-Tropsch catalyst particles... Agent:

20150023843 - Reductant supply system: An aftertreatment system is disclosed. The aftertreatment system includes an exhaust conduit and a selective catalytic reduction module. The aftertreatment system also includes a reductant supply system. The reductant supply system includes a reductant tank, a reductant injector, and a pump assembly. The pump assembly includes a reversing valve assembly... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150023844 - Siloxane filter in an exhaust aftertreatment system: An exhaust aftertreatment system for an engine is provided. The exhaust aftertreatment system includes an exhaust duct, at least one of a diesel particulate filter and a diesel oxidation catalyst, a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst, and at least one siloxane filter. The at least one siloxane filter is positioned... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150023845 - Air filter assembly; components thereof; and, methods: An air filter cartridge arrangement, an air cleaner assembly, and components therfor, are provided. The air filter cartridge generally has perimeter shape with a straight side and an opposite arched side. The filter cartridge includes a media pack comprising strips of single facer material, each strip comprising fluted sheet secured... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20150023846 - Hydrogen generator: A hydrogen generator and a fuel cell system including a fuel cell battery and the hydrogen generator. The hydrogen generator includes a cartridge, a housing with a cavity to removably contain the cartridge, and an initiation system. The cartridge includes a casing; a plurality of pellets including a hydrogen containing... Agent: Intelligent Energy Inc.

20150023847 - Crystallization reaction apparatus for recovering resources: Provided is a crystallization reaction apparatus for recovering resources, which includes at least one agitating impeller provided inside, a seed injection port provided to improve a crystallization effect, and plug-flow formed using at least one isolation layer in order to remove nutrient salts, such as phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N),... Agent:

20150023848 - Apparatus, system, and method of processing biopsy specimens: A biopsy processing system designed to prevent lodging and possible loss of the tissue specimen for analysis. The system includes a biopsy container having a longitudinal wall forming an internal compartment, a biopsy bag attached to an inner surface of the container, a cassette for receiving the biopsy bag, and... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150017060 - Method and apparatus for disinfection: A process and apparatus for disinfection of spaces using a disinfecting liquid droplet spray atomization are described, in which an electric fan 107 is used to dispense the atomization from an atomization chamber 104 via venture outlets 106 into the space to be disinfected. The operation of the electric fan... Agent:

20150017059 - Mobile disinfection unit for disinfecting a given facility or equipment and a method of using said unit: A mobile disinfection unit for use in a method of disinfecting a given facility or equipment such as a room, apparatus, container or vehicle. The unit includes a catalytic converter device for decomposing ozone, a VOC filter for removing bacterial viruses and other contaminants and an electrostatic filter for removing... Agent:

20150017061 - Disinfection of water mains using ultraviolet light: Methods are provided for disinfecting water mains using ultraviolet (UV) light. One or more UV light sources are provided and secured to a movable device that moves axially in a pipe. The frequency and intensity of the UV light is determined based on characteristics of the pipe, such as its... Agent:

20150017063 - Isolator: An isolator includes: a working chamber in which work is conducted; an atomizer configured to atomize air or a decontamination material in the working chamber: a pump configured to supply the decontamination material to the atomizer; a compressor configured to supply air to the atomizer; a pressure sensor configured to... Agent: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20150017062 - Sanitization apparatuses, kits, and methods: Sanitization apparatuses, kits, and methods, such as, for example, for pens, styluses, handles, remote controls, and pagers.... Agent:

20150017064 - Stable compositions of trifluoroethylene: A trifluoroethylene composition which is safe to handle and which can be safely stored and transported at pressures of up to 5.00 MPa. The composition comprises trifluoroethylene and HCl in a molar ratio trifluoroethylene:HCl from 10:90 to 63:37. When the composition is a compressed gas it has a pressure of... Agent:

20150017066 - Line immunoassay testing device: A testing device has a base and multiple strips connected to the base. Multiple antigens are placed on each strip. The testing device or strips may be affixed to a sheet under a shield. Fluid can be applied to the testing device or the strips. The testing device can be... Agent:

20150017065 - System for determining biofuel concentration: A measurement device or system configured to measure the content of biofuels within a fuel blend. By measuring a state of a responsive material within a fuel blend, a biofuel content of the fuel blend may be measured. For example, the solubility of a responsive material to biofuel content within... Agent:

20150017067 - Micro-sensor based test apparatus: There is provided a fluid test strip, comprising a micro-sensor formed on a substrate surface and a reagent deposition site formed on the substrate surface, operate to control the size and location of a reagent deposition. There is also provided a method of forming fluid test strip, comprising forming a... Agent:

20150017068 - Improved electronic analyte assaying device: An improved electronic diagnostic device for detecting the presence of an analyte in a fluid sample comprises a casing having a display, a test strip mounted in the casing, a processor mounted in the casing, and a first sensor mounted in the casing and operatively coupled to the processor. The... Agent: Church & Dwight, Co., Inc.

20150017069 - Exhaust gas treatment system: An exhaust gas treatment system includes an exhaust line through which exhaust gas flows. A nitrogen oxide purification catalyst is disposed at one side of the exhaust line to reduce the nitrogen oxide. A diesel particulate filter is disposed at a downstream side of the nitrogen oxide purification catalyst, filters... Agent:

20150017070 - Exhaust gas purifying apparatus: Provided is an exhaust gas purifying apparatus capable of making a filter entrance temperature reach a target temperature while suppressing excessive temperature increases and release of THC even upon extension of the exhaust path or decreases in outside air temperature. The exhaust gas purifying apparatus includes an oxidation catalyst 18... Agent:

20150017071 - Modular multifunction fragrance emitter: An apparatus for producing a fragrance includes a heating element, a barrier that at least partially surrounds the heating element and a shell that at least partially surrounds the barrier. At least a portion of the volume between the barrier and the shell is configured to hold one or more... Agent:

20150017072 - Inorganic fiber, method of producing inorganic fiber aggregate, holding sealing material, and exhaust gas purifying apparatus: Inorganic fibers include a surface and a structure. The surface has a friction coefficient of about 0.5 or greater. The friction coefficient is measured using a scanning probe microscope. The structure is to constitute a holding sealing material to be provided in an exhaust gas purifying apparatus.... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150017073 - Exhaust gas cleaning device: The invention relates to an exhaust gas cleaning device (10) comprising a) a housing (14) through which an exhaust gas flow (12) can flow; b) an exhaust gas cleaning component (16) that is arranged in the housing (14), which component comprises a carrier (20) which has an end face... Agent:

20150017074 - Exhaust gas cleaning catalyst apparatus: An exhaust gas cleaning catalyst apparatus includes: a catalyst carrier; an outer tube for storing the catalyst carrier; and a holding member interposed between the catalyst carrier and the outer tube in contact with the outer peripheral surface of the catalyst carrier and the inner peripheral surface of the outer... Agent:

20150017075 - Honeycomb filter and production method for honeycomb filter: A honeycomb filter includes a ceramic honeycomb substrate, an auxiliary filter layer, an SCR catalyst, and a portion. The ceramic honeycomb substrate has cell walls provided along a longitudinal direction of the ceramic honeycomb substrate to define cells through which fluid is to pass and which have a fluid inlet... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150017076 - Method and apparatus for excitation of resonances in molecules: A method is described to excite molecules at their natural resonance frequencies with sufficient energy to break or form chemical bonds using electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency (RF) and microwave frequency range. Liquid, solid, or gaseous materials are prepared and injected into a resonant structure where they are bombarded... Agent:

20150017077 - Smartpump fluid delivery system: An improved SmartPump Fluid Delivery System is disclosed. In the preferred embodiment of the present invention a system is disclosed for use by pharmaceutical compounders to deliver precise amounts of base material used in transdermal prescriptions. It affords a pharmacist or pharmacy technician the ability to request a desired amount... Agent:

20150017078 - Sample handling system: Sample handling system for handling samples contained in tubes (4), each tube (4) having a hollow body, a closed bottom and an open top for accessing the sample contained in the tube (4). The system comprises a micro-plate (1) comprising at least one grid insert (2) having a plurality of... Agent: F. Hoffmann-la Roche Ag

20150017079 - Array plates and methods for making and using same: A device includes a first structure with a sheet layer with a plurality of discrete through-holes and a second structure coupled to the first structure. At least a portion of a first surface of the sheet layer of the first structure is exposed from the second structure. A top portion... Agent:

20150017080 - Residence time plate: The present invention relates to a residence time plate comprising a stack of at least two substantially parallel and elongated flow chambers arranged such that the elongated side of each flow chamber lies next to the elongated side of a neighboring flow chamber and is separated by said neighboring chamber... Agent:

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