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Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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12/04/2014 > 31 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140356227 - Dairy farm fluid line treatment: A fluid line treatment kit for a dairy farm milking system having a vacuum subsystem for imparting vacuum within a fluid line is provided. The fluid line treatment kit includes at least one ozone gas source; a conduit associated with each ozone gas source configured to convey ozone gas to... Agent: 2178450 Ontario Inc.

20140356228 - Electromagnetic polymer composite material for anti-fouling effect: The antifouling coating is a composite material consisting of fluorinated electroactive bipolymers and magnetic particles. This composite material is coated on a solid surface to make a smooth durable grassy coating. The coating generates electrical current when an electrolytic liquid flows over it, which prevents bacterial cells from attaching to... Agent: The University Of Toledo

20140356229 - Uv devices, systems and methods for uv sterilization: Provided herein are ultraviolet (UV) devices, systems, and methods for UV disinfection and sterilization, more specifically, UV devices, systems, and methods for UV disinfection and sterilization of a container, room, space or defined environment. The systems, UV devices, and methods are particularly useful for the UV disinfection and sterilization of... Agent:

20140356230 - Microbial composition: A synergistic microbicidal composition containing a phenolic compound selected from the class consisting of chlorinated phenols, monosubstituted phenols, fused bicyclic phenols, isopropyl methyl catechols, and monosubstituted catechols and an antimicrobial alcohol selected from the class of menthadiene alcohols and other antimicrobial alcohols.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Company

20140356231 - Automated kleensan system: Systems and processes to dispense, clean and sanitize the key exposure points in the filling process to reduce risk of mold, yeast, or bacteria product spoilage, with minimal downtime. In some embodiments, a process uses a chemical solution that includes a liquid including potable water or another liquid—such as paramagnetic... Agent:

20140356232 - Driving apparatus for analyzing apparatus: Disclosed is an analyzing apparatus including a first drive part (71) for rotating a turntable (101) on which an analyzing device is set, a second drive part (72) selectively engaged with the first drive part (71) to reciprocate the analyzing device, and a third drive part (73) for relatively moving... Agent:

20140356233 - Automatic analysis device and reagent processing method in automatic analysis device: An automatic analyzer is capable of performing a preparation process on a reagent used to measure a highly urgent test item even during analysis operation, and is configured as follows. If there is no parameter for the analysis item regarding a new reagent, the parameters are downloaded. If the priority... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140356234 - Device for receiving small volume liquid samples: Improvements in and relating to devices for receiving liquid samples A device for receiving a liquid sample may form part of a micro sampling head for an instrument such as a spectrophotometer. The device receives a liquid sample to be analysed by a process involving the passing of electromagnetic radiation... Agent:

20140356235 - Automatic analyzer: According to one embodiment, an automatic analyzer includes a magnet and a photometric mechanism. The magnet generates a magnetic field applied to a test solution containing a sample and magnetic particles accommodated in a cuvette. The photometric mechanism includes a light source and a detector. The light source irradiates light... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140356236 - Denitrification apparatus: There is provided a denitrification apparatus capable of reducing NOx from a combustion facility and preventing evaporation of a reducing liquid in a lance and an injection nozzle in the combustion facility in operation at a low load by adjusting concentration of a reducing agent, thereby achieving complete evaporation of... Agent: Babcock-hitachi Kabushiki Kaisha

20140356237 - Exhaust gas purification apparatus for internal combustion engine: It is intended to maintain the purification ability as a whole. For this purpose, an exhaust gas purification apparatus comprises a three-way catalyst; an NH3-producing catalyst; and a selective catalytic reduction NOx catalyst; the catalysts being provided in this order at an exhaust gas passage; and the exhaust gas purification... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140356238 - Co shift reaction apparatus and gasification gas refining system: A CO shift reaction apparatus 11 according to the present invention includes: adiabatic reactors 31A to 31C, each having CO shift catalyst layers 35A to 35C filled with a CO shift catalyst 34 which reforms CO in gasification gas 15; gas supply lines 111 to 115 which supply the gasification... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140356239 - Catalyst unit: A catalyst unit may include a carrier that channels may be formed from a front surface thereof to a rear surface thereof, and plugs that closes the channels that may be formed along an edge portion of the front surface except a central portion of the front surface, wherein a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140356240 - Particulate filter containing a nickel-copper catalyst: A particulate filter for use in a vehicle engine exhaust is provided which includes a catalyst containing a mixture of nickel and copper. The catalyst is impregnated into the filter substrate, which is non-reactive with nickel and copper. When used in a vehicle exhaust gas treatment system, the catalyst on... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140356241 - Holding seal material, manufacturing method for holding seal material, exhaust gas purification apparatus and manufacturing method for exhaust gas purification apparatus: A holding seal material made of a laminated mat configured by laminating a plurality of mats containing an inorganic fiber and having a rectangular planar shape so that longitudinal-direction lengths of the respective mats sequentially increase as the mats are laminated, in which the film is attached to a principal... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20140356242 - Holding sealing material, exhaust gas purifying apparatus, and method for manufacturing exhaust gas purifying apparatus: A holding sealing material includes a laminate of a plurality of mats and a film. The plurality of mats each include inorganic fibers and have a rectangular shape in a plan view. The plurality of mats are arranged in an order of longitudinal length from a shortest longitudinal length to... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20140356243 - Systems and methods for providing zpgm perovskite catalyst for diesel oxidation applications: Diesel oxidation ZPGM catalyst systems using Y1-x AgxMnO3 perovskite are disclosed. The ZPGM catalyst system compositions may include Y1-x AgxMnO3perovskite in impregnation component and at least one carrier material oxide in washcoat. The ZPGM catalyst system compositions may also include Y1-x AgxMnO3 perovskite co-precipitated in a carrier material oxide as... Agent: Cdti

20140356247 - Cell system: High-purity silicon is collected, and the amount of carbon dioxide is effectively curtailed. Oxygen is released from the first or second oxide by irradiating a mixture or compound of a first oxide such as magnesium oxide, potassium oxide, or calcium oxide and a second oxide such as carbon dioxide or... Agent: Yabe Science Promotion LLC

20140356245 - Dynamic filtration system and associated methods: Dynamic filtration systems and associated methods are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, for example, a filtration system can include a filter device having a body portion positioned between first and second end portions and a filter media in a cavity defined by the body portion. The filter media can be... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20140356246 - Process and apparatus for converting greenhouse gases into synthetic fuels: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to apparatus and methods for converting carbon dioxide and/or methane into higher alkanes and hydrogen gas in a single reaction chamber using a catalyst and microwave radiation.... Agent:

20140356244 - Ozone generator: An ozone generating apparatus which is provided with a discharge suppressing member formed of a metal plate and covering an outer circumferential surface of a portion of a dielectric tube facing to a tube sheet, the discharge suppressing member being electrically in contact with a metal tube or the tube... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140356250 - Biomass conversion systems having a fluid circulation loop containing backflushable filters for control of cellulosic fines and methods for use thereof: Digestion of cellulosic biomass to produce a hydrolysate may be accompanied by the formation of cellulosic fines which may be damaging to system components. Biomass conversion systems that may address the issue of cellulosic fines may comprise a fluid circulation loop comprising: a hydrothermal digestion unit; a solids separation unit... Agent:

20140356249 - Method for fabricating nanoparticles: Systems and methods are provided for filtering a fluid containing nanoparticles. The systems and methods generally include introducing a stream of the nanoparticle-containing fluid into a holding vessel, and extracting at least a part of a nanoparticle-containing fluid accumulated in the holding vessel. The extracted nanoparticle-containing fluid is passed through... Agent:

20140356248 - Segmented baffle system for a riser: According to one aspect of the invention, a riser includes a cylindrical housing defined by a sidewall having an interior surface and an exterior surface. A baffle is defined by a first segment and a second segment, wherein the baffle is designed to be positioned on the interior surface of... Agent:

20140356251 - Steriliser: Provided is a sterilizer for medical instruments including a sterilization chamber defining an inner space configured for containing medical instruments and pressurised sterilization fluid; a hatch configured to hermetically seal the inner space; a closure system configured to firmly constrain the hatch to the sterilization chamber; at least one discharge... Agent: Absolute Up S.r.l.

20140356252 - Calligraphy paper-based biomedical testing sheet and its manufacturing method: A biomedical testing sheet comprises: a substrate with calligraphy paper material, wherein the substrate comprises a wax pattern layer, which is a part of a surface of the substrate coated by a waxy material, and penetrated and diffused by the waxy material, and the wax pattern layer comprises one or... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20140356253 - Biomedical devices: The present invention provides a biomedical device comprising a porous hydrophilic substrate; a hydrophobic material; a fluid inlet; two or more test zones, wherein fluid vertically flows through the porous hydrophilic substrate and then distributes into the test zones. The present invention further provides a method for making a biomedical... Agent: Eternal Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140356254 - Container for centrifugal separator: Disclosed is a container for a centrifugal separator. The container for the centrifugal separator according to the present invention is characterized in that a supporting rib formed at a connection portion comes in contact with an inner circumference of an inserting hole or an inner circumference of a bucket of... Agent:

20140356255 - Microwell covers for microplates: Covers for microwells, the covers comprising open portions to allow a pipette access to one or more wells and impermeable portions which prevent the liquids from getting into wells shielded by the impermeable portion. The open portions and impermeable portions are preferably arranged and sized to align with alternating rows... Agent: Biochemical Diagnostics, Inc.

20140356256 - Pyrolysis apparatus using liquid metal: The present invention relates to a pyrolysis device using a liquid metal including: a hollow reactor in which the liquid metal is received; a circulating pump connected to the reactor; a buffer tank disposed on an upper portion of the reactor and receiving the liquid metal from the circulating pump;... Agent:

20140356257 - Gasoline production device: Provided is a gasoline production device capable of effectively using heat of reaction generated in the synthesis of gasoline and also capable of readily cooling heat generated by synthesizing gasoline. A device 30 for producing gasoline from methanol includes a plurality of reaction tubes 34 configured to synthesize gasoline from... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

11/27/2014 > 27 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.
11/20/2014 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140341776 - Thiophene based oligomers as light activated biocides: Thiophene containing water-soluble oligomers were synthesized and characterized. The photophysical properties of these compounds were studied; transient absorption spectroscopy was used to probe the triplet excited state and their ability to sensitize singlet oxygen was spectroscopically monitored in deuterated methanol. The above compounds were tested for their light activated biocidal... Agent: University Of Florida Reearch Foundation, Inc.

20140341777 - Methods, systems, and devices for high-level disinfection: A disinfection device includes a disinfection chamber into which a radiation source emits ultraviolet-C (UV-C) radiation. A radiation sensor detects the amount of UV-C radiation within the disinfection chamber, and a temperature sensor produces temperature values of a temperature within the disinfection chamber. A processing unit generates accumulated UV-C radiation... Agent: Germitec Sa

20140341778 - System and process for the disinfection of sludge or solids: A system and process are provided for the disinfection of sewage sludge or solids without the addition of chemicals such as chlorine etc. or/and reverse osmosis. The treated sludge or solids can be deposited on landfills or used as fertilizer.... Agent:

20140341779 - Apparatus for measuring blood cells and immunity from whole blood: A diluted cleaning solution is contacted with the inner wall surface of an immunity measuring cell every time an immunity measurement treatment of a specimen is performed. Therefore, a diluting liquid is injected in advance, then a cleaning solution is injected, whereby a diluted cleaning solution is produced in the... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140341780 - Blood analysis apparatus: A blood analysis apparatus configured such that a nozzle sucks a predetermined amount of a blood specimen in a specimen container, and dispenses the specimen to each blood cell counting part which obtains count data, and a control part processes the count data to perform blood analysis. In this apparatus,... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140341781 - Exhaust gas purification system and exhaust gas purification method: An exhaust gas purification system which feeds hydrocarbon by a post-injection under preset conditions to an upstream side of an exhaust gas purification device positioned on the exhaust path of an internal combustion engine, restoring the purifying capacity of the device or purifying the exhaust gas of the device. Under... Agent:

20140341782 - Ozone gas generation unit and ozone gas supply system: In the present invention, a gas pipe integrated block has a plurality of internal pipe paths. The plurality of internal pipe paths are connected to an ozone generator, control means, a raw gas supply port, an ozone gas output port, and cooling water inlet/outlet ports, to thereby form a unit... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20140341783 - Optimized introduction of the starting materials for a process for preparing aromatic amines by hydrogenation of nitroaromatics: The invention relates to a process for preparing aromatic amines by hydrogenation of corresponding nitroaromatics by means of hydrogen, and also an apparatus suitable for this purpose. In particular, the invention relates to a process for preparing toluenediamine (TDA) by hydrogenation of dinitrotoluene (DNT).... Agent: Basf Se

20140341784 - Integrated fcc biomass pyrolysis/upgrading: Integrating a biomass pyrolysis and upgrading process into a fluid catalytic cracking unit. The process uses conventional FCC feed and a mixture of a solvent and biomass to produce upgraded fuel products. A slurry stream composed of solid biomass particles and a solvent is fed into an FCC riser through... Agent: Phillips 66 Company

20140341785 - Radiant fountain architecture chemical reactor: A chemical plant includes a radiant heat-driven chemical reactor having generally concentric reactor tubes with an inner tube and an outer tube located inside a cavity of a thermal receiver. Particles of biomass, or natural gas, and an entrainment gas are fed into the inner tube near a bottom of... Agent: Sundrop Fuels, Inc.

20140341786 - Cold plasma setrilization device: A cold plasma device for large area decontamination that can function as a scrub brush to sterilize surfaces and areas that are otherwise difficult, time consuming and/or may cause exposure hazards under convention sterilization methods.... Agent:

20140341787 - Mechanically actuated vacuum controlled fluid collection: A mechanically-actuated vacuum-controlled fluid collection system includes a mechanically-actuated vacuum controller (MAVC) to draw fluid into a chamber through the opening to the chamber. The system may include a releasable seal to seal the opening, and the MAVC may include a spring-loaded plunger to create a vacuum within the chamber... Agent: Boston Microfluidics

20140341788 - Microfluidic apparatus: Provided is a microfluidic apparatus that is mounted on a rotation driver and induces a flow of a fluid due to a centrifugal force, the microfluidic apparatus including: a separation unit that separates a target cell from a sample; a recovery chamber that is connected to the separation unit through... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140341789 - Stirring device and automatic analysis apparatus: According to one embodiment, an automatic analysis apparatus comprises a stirrer, a moving unit, a vibrating unit, and a control unit. The stirrer is configured to stir a solution mixture which includes a sample of a specimen and a reagent corresponding to a measurement item of the specimen, and is... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

11/13/2014 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140334974 - Apparatus for disinfecting or sterilizing a catheter and method of use: An elliptical-shaped housing contains a UV light source and a power source. A connector is removably mounted in the housing and is disinfected or sterilized by UV light. A reflective coating inside the housing enhances the intensity of the UV light to disinfect or sterilize the connector.... Agent: Puracath Medical, Inc.

20140334975 - Hand sanitizing device and method of use: A personal dispensing system allows a user to dispense a viscous liquid, such as a disinfectant liquid gel. The dispenser includes a mounting clip which can be worn on the belt of a user. The dispenser has a front sidewall with openings which allow the viscous liquid to be dispensed... Agent:

20140334976 - Sterilizer, oral cavity sterilizer, sterilization method, sterilization apparatus, and sterilizer evaluation method: It is intended to provide a sterilizer, an oral cavity sterilizer, a sterilization method, a sterilization apparatus, and a sterilizer evaluation method capable of enhancing a sterilization effect. The sterilizer including hydrogen peroxide and a catalase activity inhibitor containing scutellaria or green tea is brought into contact with a sterilization... Agent: Az Co., Ltd.

20140334977 - Steam steriliser: Provided is a steam sterilizer for medical instruments including a feeding system configured to feed a sterilization chamber and including at least one main tank for containing a sterilization fluid; an evacuation system configured to evacuate a discharge fluid from the sterilization chamber; and a purification system configured to draw... Agent: Absolute Up S.r.l.

20140334978 - System and apparatus for a laboratory scale reactor: The present disclosure may include a device for testing catalysts, and a method for controlling the flow rate and temperature parameters during the process. The device may separate mass flow control through heating elements from the mass flow through the sample, as well as separate banks for mixing oxidizing elements,... Agent: Cdti

20140334979 - Biosensor and measurement apparatus for same: The measuring device having a receiving part in which the biosensor is inserted, includes exclusive coupling parts formed correspondingly at each contact surface at which the biosensor and the receiving part of the measuring device are in contact with each other, wherein the biosensor is inserted into the receiving part... Agent: Ceragem Medisys Inc.

20140334980 - Detection sensor systems and methods: Analyte detection systems and devices are provided. In one embodiment, a sensor initially reviews an assay, for instance a test strip, to designate a particular testing sequence. The sensor may calibrate the unit and then identify the particular testing sequence by identifying a color indicator on the test strip. The... Agent: Charm Sciences, Inc.

20140334981 - Microbead analysis method and microbead analyzer: Provided is a microbead analysis method for a microbead. The microbead is formed in a columnar shape having a top surface and a bottom surface facing each other, as placed almost in parallel, and a side surface extending therefrom, and carries an identification pattern formed on at least one of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140334982 - Apparatus for treating a gas stream: An apparatus for treating a gas stream includes a plasma abatement device that has a reaction chamber and a plasma torch for generating a plasma stream for injection into the chamber for treating the gas stream. A first inlet conveys a gas stream into the plasma abatement device for treatment,... Agent: Edwards Limited

20140334983 - Reductant sensor system: An exhaust treatment fluid system includes a tank housing for storing an exhaust treatment fluid. A suction tube includes a first end positioned within the housing and a second end in communication with a suction port of the housing. An elongated laminar flow device is secured to a discharge port... Agent:

20140334984 - Reactor for preparing polyolefin: The invention relates to a process for preparing polyolefin in a loop reactor. The polymer is prepared by polymerizing olefin monomers in the presence of a catalyst to produce a polyolefin slurry while pumping said slurry through said loop reactor by means of a pump. The present process is characterized... Agent:

20140334985 - Process for upgrading heavy and highly waxy crude oil without supply of hydrogen: A continuous process to upgrade heavy crude oil for producing more valuable crude feedstock having high API gravity, low asphaltene content, and high middle distillate yield, low sulfur content, low nitrogen content, and low metal content without external supply of hydrogen and/or catalyst. Heavy crude oil having substantial amount of... Agent:

20140334986 - Axial flow atomization module: An exhaust treatment component for treating an engine exhaust including a housing including an inlet and an outlet. A mixing device is located within the housing between the inlet and the outlet, and the mixing device includes a shell communicating with the outlet, a decomposition tube having a first end... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140334987 - Axial flow atomization module: An exhaust treatment component for treating an engine exhaust. The component includes a housing including an inlet and an outlet, and a mixing assembly located within the housing between the inlet and the outlet. The mixing assembly includes a decomposition tube having a first end and a second end. The... Agent:

20140334988 - Flow reversing exhaust gas mixer: An exhaust mixing device for mixing an exhaust produced by an engine with a reagent exhaust treatment fluid that is dosed into the exhaust from a dosing module. The exhaust mixing device includes a decomposition tube having a first end and a second end. The first end of the decomposition... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140334990 - Zpgm diesel oxidation catalyst systems and methods thereof: The present disclosure refers to a plurality of methods employed for production of ZPGM diesel oxidation catalyst systems substantially free of PGM, which may include a substrate, a washcoat, and an impregnation layer. Washcoat may include at least one carrier material oxides. An optional impregnation layer component, which may include... Agent: Cdti

20140334989 - Zpgm diesel oxidation catalysts and methods of making and using same: Diesel oxidation ZPGM catalyst systems are disclosed. ZPGM catalyst systems may oxidize toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides that may be included in exhaust gases. ZPGM catalyst systems may include: a substrate, a washcoat, and an impregnation layer. The washcoat may include at least one carrier... Agent: Cdti

20140334991 - Thermally or photochemically activated small molecule delivery platform: Thermally or photochemically activated small molecule delivery polymers and platforms enable ‘on-demand’ delivery of a vapor-phase lubricant, such as pentanol or other alcohols, that enable scheduled or as-needed lubrication of MEMS devices, thereby greatly improving the reliability and lifespan of the devices.... Agent:

20140334992 - Monolithic heat exchanger and apparatus and methods for hydrogenation of a halosilane: A counter current heat exchanger amenable to fabrication from monolithic materials and particularly useful in corrosive and high temperature environments is described. The heat exchanger uses multiple series of holes bored axially through a monolithic material. Axial holes are bored in adjacent flow paths arranged in closely spaced concentric rings.... Agent:

20140334993 - Electronic pipette: An electronic pipette comprising a piston actuated in a cylinder by a motor, a control system for carrying out pipette operations, and a user interface for operating the pipette, which user interface comprises a display, wherein the main menu of the user interface comprises a user defined shortcut to a... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy

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