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Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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05/14/2015 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.
05/07/2015 > 23 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150125342 - Controlled retention and removal of biomaterials and microbes: A system for removing microbes from a surface, where the microbes are retained by a film, or a film that can prevent microbes from attaching on a surface are described, where the film is electrically connected to a voltage source via surface electrodes. The film can include a tunable dielectric... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150125343 - Automatic solution dispensing paper fixture: A device for sanitation is provided whereby the device has a holder configured for mounting and dispensing a conventional roll of paper, a reservoir configured with an inlet and an outlet, whereby the reservoir holds a dispensing solution, a dispensing system for dispensing the dispensing solution through the reservoir outlet,... Agent:

20150125344 - Bactericidal water generating system and method of bactericidal washing: A bactericidal water generating system and a method of bactericidal washing which can enhance the bactericidal capacity and washing effect of acidic electrolyzed water. An electrolyzer electrolyzes a chloride-containing aqueous electrolyte solution to generate acidic electrolyzed water, the aqueous electrolyte being pre-adjusted to pH 3 to 5 with a pH... Agent:

20150125345 - Device for determining the concentration of at least one gas in a sample gas stream: A device for determining a concentration of at least one gas in a sample gas stream includes an analysis chamber, a detector, and a connecting channel. The analysis chamber is configured to have the sample gas stream and a reaction gas stream be introduced therein. The sample gas stream and... Agent:

20150125346 - Devices, systems, and methods for conducting assays with improved sensitivity using sedimentation: Embodiments of the present invention are directed toward devices, systems, and method for conducting assays using sedimentation. In one example, a method includes layering a mixture on a density medium, subjecting sedimentation particles in the mixture to sedimentation forces to cause the sedimentation particles to move to a detection area... Agent:

20150125347 - Dissolved oxygen sensor: Embodiments of a dissolved oxygen sensor are disclosed herein. Embodiments as disclosed herein may include a window of optically transparent material disposed in an opening in a fluid flow path, where a luminophor is attached to the side of the window exposed to the fluid in the flow path. An... Agent:

20150125348 - Hydrogen generation apparatus: The apparatus includes: a hydrogen generation container provided with a magnesium-based hydride accommodation part accommodating magnesium-based hydride; a reaction water tank storing water or an aqueous solution; the pipes connected to the reaction water tank and the hydrogen generation container; a pump operating such as to suction water or the... Agent:

20150125349 - Drain system for a sterilization apparatus: A sterilization apparatus is disclosed for sterilization of objects. The sterilization apparatus includes a chamber for receiving the objects, the chamber including a sterilization medium inlet and outlet; an inlet flow control device for controlling a supply of a sterilization medium to the chamber; a drain system for controllable discharge... Agent: Getinge Sterilization Ab

20150125350 - Endoscope cleaning/disinfecting apparatus: Endoscope connection portions, a fluid feeding duct, a liquid supply duct, a pump, a first atmospheric exposure duct including one end connected to the fluid feeding duct and the other end exposed to atmosphere, a relief valve disposed at an intermediate position of the first atmospheric exposure duct, a first... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150125351 - Device and method for heat and mass-exchange between gas and liquid: A device for heat, mass, and chemical exchange and interaction between gases and liquids. Nozzles feed the gas at angles in different directions to form a gas-liquid mix, swirls, and/or foam above an array of such nozzles.... Agent:

20150125352 - Air purification apparatus for vehicle: An air purification apparatus for a vehicle, including a vehicle component provided at a location where air flows while the vehicle is moving, includes: an ozone decomposing body that contains MnO2 and activated carbon as components that decompose ozone, the ozone decomposing body including a first layer and a second... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150125353 - Air pollution control apparatus: An air pollution control apparatus includes: a denitration unit that removes nitrogen oxides from a flue gas; a desulfurization unit that is installed on a gas flow downstream side of the denitration unit to remove the sulfur oxides in a flue gas 11B; a finish denitration and desulfurization unit that... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150125354 - Catalytic converter: A catalytic converter including: a cell structured first substrate; and a cell structured second substrate provided at a downstream side of the first substrate. The first substrate has a uniform cell density. The second substrate includes a center area with a first cell density and a surrounding area with a... Agent:

20150125357 - Gas reactor devices with microplasma arrays encapsulated in defect free oxide: A gas reactor device includes a plurality of microcavities or microchannels defined at least partially within a thick metal oxide layer consisting essentially of defect free oxide. Electrodes are arranged with respect to the microcavities or microchannels to stimulate plasma generation therein upon application of suitable voltage. One or more... Agent:

20150125356 - Plasma generating apparatus: Disclosed herein is a plasma generating apparatus capable of sufficiently performing a deodorization function and a sterilization function by increasing a generation amount of ions or radicals while suppressing generation of ozone. The plasma generating apparatus has a pair of electrodes (21 and 22) provided with dielectric films (21a and... Agent:

20150125355 - Multi-purpose conservation apparatus: Provided is a multi-purpose conservation apparatus. The multi-purpose conservation apparatus includes a storage case, a light source module disposed in the storage case and configured to selectively remove a harmful gas in the storage case, and a control unit configured to control intensity of radiation of the light source module... Agent: Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd.

20150125358 - Alkylation system and a process for cooling a vent stream: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for cooling a vent stream from a receiver. Generally, the process may include providing a refrigerant including at least one compound contained in the receiver so the refrigerant leaking into the receiver can be compatible with the process.... Agent:

20150125359 - Fuel supply for a fuel cell: The present invention discloses a fuel supply for a fuel cell, the fuel cell including a liquid storage area that includes a liquid reactant, a reaction area that includes a solid reactant, wherein the liquid reactant is pumped into the reaction area such that the liquid reactant reacts with the... Agent:

20150125360 - Systems for extracting solute from a source material: Systems for extracting solute from source material, including solvent source containers configured to store solvent, canisters in fluid communication with the solvent source containers and configured to contain the source material, extract containers in fluid communication with the canister and configured to fluidly receive extract solution from the canisters, heating... Agent:

20150125361 - Permanent filter for a sterilization container, sterilization container and method for producing a permanent filter: A permanent filter for a medical sterilization container is provided. The permanent filter is made from a ceramic. The ceramic is made from globular substrate grains. A medical sterilization container is also provided, in particular for receiving and storing objects to be sterilized, having a container bottom part and a... Agent:

20150125362 - Developed-color measurement apparatus and method: Judgment as to whether an analyte is present is performed before a washing step in which a washing liquid for washing a test area and the vicinity of the test area is supplied to a test strip. If the analyte is detected, the judgment ends, but if the analyte is... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150125363 - Specimen collector for collecting a laser micro-dissectate: A laser microdissectate specimen collector for a laser microdissection device includes a collecting chamber configured to receive a dissectate. The collecting chamber has, on a specimen side, an opening open to the environment for receiving the dissectate. The collecting chamber also has a first valve. The first valve, in a... Agent:

20150125364 - Reagent preparation assembly: A reagent preparation assembly includes a body and a reaction chamber adjacent the body, the reaction chamber includes a reagent therein, such as a lyophilized reagent. An access port extends into the reaction chamber, and the access port is configured to receive an instrument. A seal extends across a portion... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 29 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150118101 - Processing unit and method for separating hydrocarbons from feedstock material: The present invention relates to systems and methods for reducing fouling of a surface of an optically transparent element (102) with a light source. According to one aspect, the invention is a system including an LED (108) for emitting UV-C radiation, a mount for directing emitted UV-C radiation toward the... Agent:

20150118103 - Corrosion inhibiting compositions and methods: Compositions and methods for inhibiting the corrosion of metals in contact with an aqueous system are provided. The method of inhibiting corrosion includes maintaining effective amounts of (1) an amino acid-based polymer, such as a polyaspartic acid compound, and (2) a dispersible and/or soluble tin compound in the aqueous system.... Agent:

20150118104 - Corrosion inhibition composition for pipelines, process of elaboration and synthesis: Compounds and compositions are used as corrosion inhibitors for pipelines for crude oil containing water with high salt concentrations. The inhibitors are ionic liquids, imidazoles, benzotriazoles, and mixtures thereof. The composition includes two or more members of the inhibitors with a solvent. The inhibitors reduce corrosion of metallic surfaces of... Agent:

20150118102 - The use of niobate containing compounds as corrosion inhibitors: Corrosion inhibitors and methods for inhibiting or reducing corrosion are provided. The corrosion inhibitors include one or more niobate containing compounds. The corrosion inhibitors may be added to an aqueous system and inhibit the corrosion of a surface contained in the aqueous system. Illustrative examples of suitable niobate compounds are... Agent: Ecolab Usa, Inc.

20150118105 - Chemical inhibition of pitting corrosion in methanolic solutions containing an organic halide: Pitting corrosion of stainless steel occurs in solutions of organic acid, such as tartaric acid, in an electrolyte solution with methanol. However, methanolic solutions containing at least one organic halide and at least one organic hydroxyacid and some water provide reduced pitting corrosion of stainless steel. The organic hydroxyacid may... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150118106 - Non-thermal electromagnetic sterilization: The present disclosure provides systems and methods associated with non-thermal electroporation. One or more electromagnetic radiation sources may be used to generate an interference pattern having at least one antinode. The electric field associated with the antinode may be configured to cause irreversible electroporation. Thus, the antinode may be suitable... Agent:

20150118107 - Method and apparatus for the disinfection or sterilization of medical apparel and accessories: The present invention provides an apparatus for disinfecting and/or sterilizing medical or laboratory apparel or accessories, comprising: a cabinet, a disinfecting system housed within the cabinet, wherein the disinfecting system comprises at least one disinfecting agent, and an embedded computer or a programmable logic controller (PLC) housed within the cabinet,... Agent:

20150118108 - Contact lens cleaning system with insulation: The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses. In various respects, the invention is directed to an insulated system that reduces heat loss from catalyzed neutralization of a disinfecting solution resulting in an increased temperature of the disinfection solution during the disinfection process... Agent: Novabay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150118109 - Component preparation system: Disclosed herein are centrifuge-free self-contained systems for aseptically separating components of whole blood comprising at least one cassette for receiving whole blood; at least one red blood cell exclusion filter; at least one leukocyte reduction filters; at least one platelet exclusion filter; a plurality of product cassettes; and optionally a... Agent:

20150118110 - Microfluidic device unit: A microfluidic device unit has a control device which includes at least one actuating unit and with a carrier for a microfluidic chip. The carrier is designed as module separate from the control device, but is connected with the same by at least one connecting line such that the actuating... Agent:

20150118111 - Metal oxide semiconductor sensor and method of forming a metal oxide semiconductor sensor using atomic layer deposition: A semiconductor sensor device includes a substrate, a non-suitable seed layer located above the substrate, at least one electrode located above the non-suitable seed layer, and a porous sensing layer supported directly by the non-suitable seed layer and in electrical communication with the at least one electrode, the porous sensing... Agent:

20150118112 - Scr filter washcoat thickness efficiency compensation system: An exhaust treatment system includes an SCRF device, a reductant delivery system, and an SCR storage module. The SCRF device includes a filter portion having a washcoat formed thereon that defines a washcoat thickness (WCT). The reductant delivery system is configured to inject a reductant that reacts with the washcoat... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150118113 - Reactor vessels with pressure and heat transfer features for producing hydrogen-based fuels and structural elements, and associated systems and methods: Reactor vessels with pressure and heat transfer features for producing hydrogen-based fuels and structural elements, and associated systems and methods. A representative reactor system includes a first reaction zone and a heat path, a reactant source coupled to the first reaction zone, and a first actuator coupled to cyclically pressurize... Agent:

20150118114 - Transition metal/zeolite scr catalysts: A method of converting nitrogen oxides in a gas to nitrogen by contacting the nitrogen oxides with a nitrogenous reducing agent in the presence of a zeolite catalyst containing at least one transition metal, wherein the zeolite is a small pore zeolite containing a maximum ring size of eight tetrahedral... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

20150118115 - Transition metal/zeolite scr catalysts: A method of converting nitrogen oxides in a gas to nitrogen by contacting the nitrogen oxides with a nitrogenous reducing agent in the presence of a zeolite catalyst containing at least one transition metal, wherein the zeolite is a small pore zeolite containing a maximum ring size of eight tetrahedral... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

20150118116 - High porosity metal oxide catalyst coatings: Disclosed in certain implementations is a catalysis composition that includes a metal catalyst and a support material impregnated with the metal catalyst.... Agent:

20150118117 - Air freshener with scented string: An air freshener comprises a flexible strand formed of polymer and having a solid consistency. The strand is elongated and has a length greater than a diameter. The strand is flexible to bend under a weight of the strand. A desired fragrant material, different from the polymer, has a desired... Agent: American Covers, Inc.

20150118118 - Membrane reaction apparatus for recovering heat of reaction: The present invention provides a membrane reaction apparatus for recovering heat of reaction, which includes a membrane reactor. The said membrane reactor includes a reaction pipeline, a membrane and a sweep pipeline. The reaction pipeline has a reaction space, and an exothermic reaction occurs therein, which generates product gas and... Agent: Atomic Energy Council- Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

20150118119 - Three-way catalyst and its use in exhaust systems: A three-way catalyst is disclosed. The three-way catalyst comprises a silver-containing extruded zeolite substrate and a catalyst layer disposed on the silver-containing extruded zeolite substrate. The catalyst layer comprises a supported platinum group metal catalyst comprising one or more platinum group metals and one or more inorganic oxide carriers. The... Agent:

20150118120 - Exhaust gas treatment device of engine: It is an object of the present invention to provide an exhaust gas treatment device of an engine capable of preventing matching surfaces of catalyst portions configuring a combustible gas catalyst from being thermally damaged. In the exhaust gas treatment device, combustible gas is produced by combustible gas generating catalyst,... Agent:

20150118121 - Transition metal/zeolite scr catalysts: A method of converting nitrogen oxides in a gas to nitrogen by contacting the nitrogen oxides with a nitrogenous reducing agent in the presence of a zeolite catalyst containing at least one transition metal, wherein the zeolite is a small pore zeolite containing a maximum ring size of eight tetrahedral... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

20150118122 - Membrane reactor with divergent-flow channel: A membrane reactor with divergent-flow channel includes a reaction pipeline, a membrane and a purge (sweep) pipeline sequentially arranged from inside to outside or from outside to inside. The reaction pipeline has a cross-sectional area increment from the front (upstream) end to the rear (downstream) end, so that the flow... Agent: Atomic Energy Council - Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

20150118123 - Catalytically heated fuel processor with replaceable structured supports bearing catalyst for fuel cell: A highly compact heat integrated fuel processor, which can be used for the production of hydrogen from a fuel source, suitable to feed a fuel cell, is described. The fuel processor assembly comprises a catalytic reforming zone (29) and a catalytic combustion zone (28), separated by a wall (27). Catalyst... Agent:

20150118124 - Structural colorimetric sensor: A colorimetric sensor including: a substrate; and a periodic array of nanostructures provided to the substrate, wherein the periodic array of nanostructures is configured to provide a change in color based on a medium being within a predetermined distance of the colorimetric sensor. The periodic array of nanostructures may be... Agent:

20150118125 - Reagent set and reagent container packing box: Disclosed is a reagent set, including a boxy body; an internal holding member arranged in the box body to form a container accommodating region in the box body; and a reagent container, arranged in the container accommodating region, and including a main body portion and a mouth portion formed on... Agent:

20150118126 - Transmission electron microscope cells for use with liquid samples: This disclosure provides systems, methods, and devices related to transmission electron microscopy cells for use with liquids. In one aspect a device includes a substrate, a first graphene layer, and a second graphene layer. The substrate has a first surface and a second surface. The first surface defines a first... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150118127 - Filter vial: A filter vial and piston are provided where the vial has a cylindrical wall with a closed bottom and open top and with the hollow, tubular piston therein. The piston has a distal end covered by a cup having a proximal cup seal extending outward to engage the walls of... Agent:

20150118128 - Fuel processor and hydrogen purification device thereof: A hydrogen purification device including a container, a first opening structure and a second opening structure is provided. The container has at least a filter material inside. The first opening structure is disposed in the container, wherein hydrogen-rich gas mixture flows into the container via the first opening structure so... Agent:

20150118129 - Fuel processing device: Provided is a fuel processing device including: a combustion unit equipped with a heat source; a desulfurization unit for extracting a sulfur component from the source gas; a reforming unit for generating, from the desulfurized source gas, a hydrogen-containing gas having hydrogen as a main component thereof; and a low-temperature... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

04/23/2015 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150110669 - Inhibitor of odor caused by sotolone: It is intended to provide a substance inhibiting an odor caused by sotolone. The present invention provides an inhibitor of an odor caused by sotolone, comprising an antagonist of an olfactory receptor OR8D1 as an active ingredient.... Agent: Kao Corporation

20150110670 - Decontamination of isolation enclosures: A system and method for decontamination of isolation enclosures includes a recirculating isolator configured to allow injection of a sterilant gas into the isolator. Levels of humidity and sterilant gas are selected to avoid condensation of either within the isolator. In an embodiment, a positive pressure is maintained throughout the... Agent:

20150110671 - Methods for using rose bengal for detection of oxidative decomposition of contaminants: Rose Bengal for detecting a presence of and decomposing contaminants. A method of detecting the presence of a contaminant includes treating a substrate with Rose Bengal and exposing the substrate to a light having a wavelength within the visible spectrum. A response of the Rose Bengal is monitored during the... Agent: The Government Of The United States As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force

20150110672 - Method for inducing apoptosis of disease cells and disease-causing microorganisms using plasma for bio-medical use: The present invention relates to a method for inducing apoptosis of disease cells and disease-causing micro-organisms using plasma for bio-medical use, the method comprising the steps of: generating plasma by means of a high-pressure plasma jet produced using a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) technique; plasma-processing by applying a solution with the... Agent:

20150110673 - Psyllium fumigated with methyl bromide: A method for fumigating psyllium husk. The method comprises filling a fumigation chamber with psyllium husk chamber is at least 35% filled with bags of psyllium husk, fumigating the psyllium husk with at least 40 g/m3 of methyl bromide for at least 24 hours, and degassing the chamber for at... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150110674 - Coloration analysis device: In a coloration analysis device that analyzes a coloration state in a coloration region of a dry analysis element in which a coloration region is formed which reacts with a test substance in a specimen solution and is colored, the effects of irradiation intensity unevenness of measuring light or light-receiving... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150110675 - Optical sensor: An optical sensor includes an input part, a fixing part, and a determining part. The input part is provided on the upper side of the sensor. The fixing part on which a carrier is disposed is provided below the input part. The carrier has an acceptor that reacts with an... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

20150110676 - Optical sensor element for analyte assay in a biological fluid, and method of manufacture thereof: Beginning with a sheet of optically transparent material, one may fabricate a great many shaped optical wafers, each in the form of a thin and essentially flat piece of optical material having a narrow cross-sectional width relative to length, and a sharply narrowed tip at one end. The fabrication process... Agent:

20150110677 - Cod/toc analyses using ferrate oxidation: Apparatuses for analyzing total carbon and chemical oxygen demand in a sample are disclosed. Also disclosed is a method for analyzing carbon and chemical oxygen demand.... Agent:

20150110678 - Pre-heat system for catalysts of the selective catalytic reduction device: A pre-heat system for the catalyst of the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) device includes an air blower, an interconnecting pipe, a heater unit, and a heat supply pipe. The air blower and the heater unit are in fluid communication with each other through the interconnecting pipe while the heater unit... Agent: Safety Power Inc.

20150110679 - Photocatalytic devices and systems: Novel photocatalytic devices are disclosed, that utilize ultrathin titania based photocatalytic materials formed on optical elements with high transmissivity, high reflectivity or scattering characteristics, or on high surface area or high porosity open cell materials. The disclosure includes methods to fabricate such devices, including MOCVD and ALD. The disclosure also... Agent:

20150110680 - Solids removal from bio-oil using biomass filter aid: A green process and system are disclosed for utilizing a biomass filter aid in the filtration of a bio-oil. The process comprises filtering a bio-oil containing residual solids from a conversion reaction in the presence of the biomass filter aid to produce a filtered bio-oil. The biomass filter aid facilitates... Agent:

20150110681 - Catalytic converter device with injection section: An injection section (12) of an exhaust system for an internal combustion engine, with a channel (13) for guiding an exhaust gas flow (3), with an injection port (14), laterally on the channel to which a liquid or gas injector (15) can be connected, and with an injection chamber (16),... Agent:

20150110682 - Transition metal/zeolite scr catalysts: A method of converting nitrogen oxides in a gas to nitrogen by contacting the nitrogen oxides with a nitrogenous reducing agent in the presence of a zeolite catalyst containing at least one transition metal, wherein the zeolite is a small pore zeolite containing a maximum ring size of eight tetrahedral... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

20150110683 - Carbon-based durable goods and renewable fuel from biomass waste dissociation for transportation and storage: Techniques, systems, apparatus and material are disclosed for generating renewable energy from biomass waste while sequestering carbon. In one aspect, method performed by a reactor to dissociate raw biomass waste into a renewable source energy or a carbon byproduct or both includes receiving the raw biomass waste that includes carbon,... Agent:

20150110684 - Generating methanol using ultrapure, high pressure hydrogen: In various implementations, methanol is produced using a (CO+H2) containing synthesis gas produced from a combined POX plus EHTR or a combined ATR plus EHTR at a pressure of 70 bar to 100 bar at the correct stoichiometric composition for methanol synthesis so that no feed gas compressor is required... Agent:

20150110685 - Method and apparatus for continuously producing 1,1,1,2,3-pentafluoropropane with high yield: A method and apparatus for method of continuously producing 1,1,1,2,3-pentafluoropropane with high yield is provided. The method includes (a) bringing a CoF3-containing cobalt fluoride in a reactor into contact with 3,3,3-trifluoropropene to produce a CoF2-containing cobalt fluoride and 1,1,1,2,3-pentafluoropropane, (b) transferring the CoF2-containing cobalt fluoride in the reactor to a... Agent:

20150110686 - Cool hydrogen-propelled cyclone quench box: A cool hydrogen-propelled cyclone quench box comprises: a mixing chamber (7) arranged at the center of a lower support plate (11); swirl tubes (6) arranged above the lower support plate (11) and outside the mixing chamber (7), the tubes being in tangential communication with the body of the mixing chamber... Agent: Petrochina Company Limited

20150110687 - Optical sensor element: The invention relates to an optical sensor element, comprising indicators (2), selected from luminescence-active means that are of the same type or different, and indicator protectors (1), and to a sensor, comprising at least one such sensor element, an energy source that excites the luminescence emission of the indicators, and... Agent:

20150110688 - Channel device and method for fabricating the same: A method for fabricating a channel device that is formed by bonding a first substrate having a first adhesion surface to a second substrate having a second adhesion surface, the second adhesion surface having a plurality of grooves that become channel wall surfaces, the method including a first step of... Agent:

20150110689 - Method for manufacturing modular microfluidic paper chips using inkjet printing: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a module type microfluidic chip comprising: (a) printing electrode patterns on a substrate using a conductive ink and inkjet printing; (b) cutting the printed electrode patterns; and (c) assembling the cut electrode patterns to manufacture the module type microfluidic paper chip.... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sogang University

20150110690 - Microplate stacker for plates with lids: A microplate stacker capable of removing and replacing standard microplate lids by separating a microplate from a lid located directly above the microplate in a stack of microplates and lids.... Agent: Biotek Instruments, Inc.

20150110691 - Liquid fuel for isolating waste material and storing energy: Techniques, systems, apparatus, and materials are disclosed for generating multi-purpose liquid fuel for isolating contaminants and storing energy. In one aspect, a method of producing a liquid fuel includes forming a gaseous fuel (e.g., by dissociating biomass waste using waste heat recovered from an external heat source). Carbon dioxide emitted... Agent:

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