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Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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04/16/2015 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150104348 - Pet deodorizing composition: A deodorizing composition that entraps and neutralizes malodors and is intended to be used on a pet. The deodorizing composition contains cyclodextrin, an aqueous carrier, a water soluble silicone, and a buffer system comprising citric acid. The composition has a pH from about 5 to about 8.5 and the composition... Agent: The Iams Company

20150104349 - N-alkyl-n'-poly(oxyalkyl)hexahydropyrimidine-quaternary ammonium salts and the use thereof as corrosion inhibitors: d

20150104350 - Apparatus for separating cuvettes: An apparatus, system for analyzing, and process for separating cuvettes supplied in bulk form are presented. The apparatus comprises a reservoir with an inlet for supplying cuvettes in bulk form to a reservoir space, a separator with an outlet for outputting separated cuvettes from a separator space communicating with the... Agent:

20150104351 - Automatic analyzer: A high-throughput automatic analyzer integrates a biochemical analysis section and a blood coagulation analysis section. The analyzer is capable of achieving a reduction in size, system cost, and lifecycle cost. The automatic analyzer includes: a reaction disk; a first reagent dispensing mechanism that dispenses a reagent to reaction cells on... Agent:

20150104353 - Directed surface functionalization on selected surface areas of topographical features with nanometer resolution: A method for making a single molecule receptor in a nanopore structure includes depositing a material by a physical vapor deposition (PVD) technique onto a selected interior surface of a nanochannel and functionalizing a surface of the material with a chemical compound having at least two functional groups. The material... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150104354 - Nanofluidic sensor comprising spatially separated functional sensing components: A method for making multiple single molecule receptors in a nanopore structure includes depositing a first material and a second material by a physical vapor deposition (PVD) technique onto different selected interior surfaces of a nanochannel and functionalizing a surface of the first material, the second material, or both the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150104352 - Use of disulfide bonds to form a reversible and reusable coating for nanofluidic devices: A reusable coating for a nanopore structure is disclosed herein. A nanopore structure includes a substrate comprising a nanochannel and a monolayer of a chemical compound disposed onto at least a portion of a surface of the nanochannel. The chemical compound forms a reversible bond with at least one analyte... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150104355 - Chemical oxygen generator with compact ignition system for possible use in an aircraft: A compact ignition system for chemical oxygen generators for possible use in an aircraft. The chemical oxygen generator is configured such that a majority of the ignition system can be accommodated within an interior of the generator body. In some embodiments, the ignition system is positioned within a recess of... Agent:

20150104357 - Porous silica aerogel composite membrane and method for making the same and carbon dioxide sorption device: The present invention provides a porous silica aerogel composite membrane and method for making the same and a carbon dioxide sorption device. The porous silicon oxide aerogel composite membrane includes a porous aluminum oxide membrane having a plurality of macro pores with an average diameter larger than 50 nm and... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20150104356 - System and process for removal of organic carboxylates from mono ethylene glycol (meg) water streams by acidification and vaporization under vacuum: A system and method for removing organic carboxylates from a mono ethylene glycol (“MEG”) stream includes a reaction vessel; means for cooling and diluting the MEG stream being routed to the reaction vessel; means for acidifying the cooled and diluted MEG stream during its residence time within the reaction vessel;... Agent: Cameron Solutions, Inc.

20150104358 - Nucleic acid extraction device, nucleic acid extraction kit, and nucleic acid extraction apparatus: A nucleic acid extraction device has a tube in which a first plug formed of an oil, a second plug formed of a washing liquid which does not mix with an oil, a third plug formed of an oil, a fourth plug formed of an eluate which does not mix... Agent:

20150104359 - Density phase separation device: A mechanical separator for separating a fluid sample into first and second phases within a collection container is disclosed. The mechanical separator may have a separator body having a through-hole defined therein, with the through-hole adapted for allowing fluid to pass therethrough. The separator body includes a float, having a... Agent:

20150104360 - Combinatorial flow system and method: A reactor assembly having a plurality of reaction chambers defined therein is provided. The reactor assembly includes a fluid flow module that provides a pressurized control flow of fluid from an open container. In another embodiment, the reactor block includes a plurality of passageways defined over a surface of a... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150098860 - Odor source release based on odor detection and user preference information: Systems and methods for odor source release based on odor detection and user preference information are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes receiving user preference information associated with an odor. The method also includes detecting the odor. Further, the method includes releasing one or more odor sources based... Agent: International Business Machines Coporation

20150098861 - Antiseptic applicator: An applicator assembly may include a body having a proximal end portion and a distal end portion, an actuator operatively coupled to the body, a container disposed within the body, an application member attached to the distal end portion, and a valve disposed between the container and the application member.... Agent:

20150098862 - Radial flow process and apparatus: A flow connector creates a fluid connection between a port in a wall of a reactor vessel and an axial flow path of the reactor vessel. The flow connector has a wall defining a flow path of the flow connector. The flow path terminates in a first end opening and... Agent: Uop LLC

20150098863 - Media bed monitoring device and system: A system electronically monitors the consumption of gas adsorbent media in a media bed. The system includes a controller and a monitoring rod having a plurality of sensors disposed on the monitoring rod. The sensors are in communication with the controller. Each sensor includes a corrodible portion having an exposed... Agent:

20150098864 - Microfluidic chip with flow-guiding body and applications thereof: A microfluidic chip (100) with a flow-guiding body (111) and the applications thereof in biochemistry, immunology, and molecule detection. The flow-guiding body (111) is disposed in a solution tank (101) of the microfluidic chip (100), the surface of the flow-guiding body (111) is enclosed by the antigen or antibody, and... Agent: Beijing Bohui Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20150098865 - Method and apparatus for coding diagnostic meters: A system for diagnostic testing may include a meter for performing a diagnostic test on a sample applied to a test media, the meter having a housing and an interface for receiving a signal representing coding information, and a container configured to contain test media compatible with the meter, the... Agent:

20150098866 - Light guide test sensor: An optic light guide test sensor comprises a light guide, a reagent-coated membrane, and a mesh layer. The reagent-coated membrane and the mesh layer are attached to the light guide at an output end of the light guide. The light guide test sensor is adapted to be used to test... Agent:

20150098867 - Odor source release based on odor detection and user preference information: Systems and methods for odor source release based on odor detection and user preference information are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes receiving user preference information associated with an odor. The method also includes detecting the odor. Further, the method includes releasing one or more odor sources based... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150098868 - Ceramic oxygen transport membrane array reactor and reforming method: The invention relates to a commercially viable modular ceramic oxygen transport membrane reforming reactor configured using repeating assemblies of oxygen transport membrane tubes and catalytic reforming reactors.... Agent:

20150098869 - Commercialization of carbon dioxide from coal fired furnace emissions: A procedure for producing unstable aldehydes from coal combustion emission by inserting protons (H+) within the double bond interstice structure of heated CO2 carrier gas to form a univalent aldehyde (CO2H+). The univalent aldehydes are actinically radiated by a massless negative charge that is ejected from a filament rail magnetic... Agent:

20150098870 - Selective catalytic reduction catalyst: A selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst includes a support layer. A copper-loaded chabazite (Cu/CHA) layer is supported on the support layer. A copper-loaded beta zeolite (Cu/beta) is supported on the Cu/CHA layer. The Cu/beta may be hydrothermally pre-aged prior to use of the SCR catalyst in a vehicle. The pre-aged... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150098871 - Polysilicon manufacturing device: The present disclosure in an exemplary embodiment relates to an apparatus for manufacturing polysilicon. The apparatus for manufacturing polysilicon comprises a base plate; a container body coupled to the base plate; at least one rod; a reaction gas source and a power supply. The at least one rod is configured... Agent:

20150098872 - Ceramic oxygen transport membrane array reactor and reforming method: A commercially viable modular ceramic oxygen transport membrane reforming reactor for producing a synthesis gas that improves the thermal coupling of reactively-driven oxygen transport membrane tubes and catalyst reforming tubes required to efficiently and effectively produce synthesis gas.... Agent:

20150098873 - Test cassette: A test cassette applicable to an optical reading device capable of reading identification codes includes a test sheet with a supporting layer and a reactive reagent layer; a case for retaining the test sheet; and an identification code situated on a surface of the case for recording a test item... Agent:

20150098874 - Segmentable container and method of segmenting substance contained in container: Provided are a simple, quick, and low-processing cost method capable of reliably separating part of an accommodated substance accommodated in a vessel only by simple mechanical operation while maintaining a hermetically-sealed state without any contact with an outside atmosphere, as well as a vessel with which the method may be... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

04/02/2015 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150093289 - Method for removal of viruses from blood by lectin affinity hemodialysis: The present invention relates to a method for using lectins that bind to pathogens having high mannose surface glycoproteins or fragments thereof which contain high mannose glycoproteins, to remove them from infected blood or plasma in an extracorporeal setting. Accordingly, the present invention provides a method for reducing viral load... Agent:

20150093290 - Sample sorting apparatus and sample processing system: A sample sorting apparatus configured to transfer a sample container from a sample rack supporting the sample container to a storage rack. The sample sorting apparatus comprises a storage part configured to allow a plurality of storage racks to be placed thereon, a sample container gripper configured to grip a... Agent:

20150093291 - Competitive binding dendrimer-based system for analyte detection: A sensitive, precise detector system for physiological analytes uses a novel system. The system comprises an immobilized polyol on a surface. Reversibly coupled to the polyol or analyte is a dendrimer structure. In the system, a signal is triggered by the dendrimer structure when in a competitive environment with an... Agent: Receptors LLC

20150093292 - Abnormality judging system for exhaust gas purification apparatus of internal combustion engine: The abnormality of an NH3 sensor is judged highly accurately. For this purpose, an abnormality judging system for an exhaust gas purification apparatus of an internal combustion engine comprises a selective catalytic reduction NOx catalyst which is provided at an exhaust gas passage of the internal combustion engine and which... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150093294 - Air filtration using manganese oxide: In various implementations, a filter may include a substrate and manganese oxide coupled to the substrate. The filter may at least remove particles and/or chemicals from a gaseous stream. In some implementations, the filter may be capable of degrading at least one of formaldehyde or ozone present in a gaseous... Agent:

20150093293 - System for purifying air having a catalyst filter: The present invention provides for a filter system having a catalyst filter configured for placement in a filter housing. The catalyst filter has a first band and a second band of material. Each band has a length of material extending in a longitudinal direction. Each band has a first wall... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20150093295 - Gas distributors for circulating fluidized bed reactors: A distributor for a circulating dry scrubber reactor includes a venturi section with a venturi section wall extending from a venturi section inlet to a venturi section outlet along a longitudinal axis, with the venturi section inlet connected to an inlet plenum and the venturi section outlet connected to a... Agent:

20150093296 - Process and plant for refining raw materials containing organic constituents: A plant for refining raw materials containing organic constituents includes a reactor configured to receive raw materials; a furnace configured to receive solids and fuel from the reactor; a return conduit configured to recirculate hot solids generated in the furnace to the reactor; and a sealing device configured to separate... Agent:

20150093298 - Apparatus for the aftertreatment of the exhaust gases of diesel engines: An exhaust gas aftertreatment device, including a bent exhaust pipe, a mixing pipe having a closed end at the exhaust pipe bend and a bell-shaped widened portion in at least partial contact with the exhaust pipe at its opposite end, and a nozzle connected to a receptacle in the mixing... Agent: Tenneco Gmbh

20150093297 - Ecosystem and plant using the same: An ecosystem operated in a plant having a drying unit is provided. The ecosystem includes: a regenerative thermal oxidization unit for processing a waste gas to produce a hot gas; a first hot gas pipeline connected to the regenerative thermal oxidization unit and the drying unit, wherein the hot gas... Agent: Tsrc Corporation

20150093299 - Mof clean exhaust system: The MOF Clean Exhaust System has three components: the exhaust system, the crystal encasement, a CO2 filter, and the MOF Crystals. These components rely on one another to complete the task of effectively minimizing emissions, and decreasing the output of CO2 from the vehicle's exhaust system. While the car is... Agent:

20150093300 - Method and system using a filter for treating exhaust gas having particulate matter: A filter for filtering particulate matter (PM) from exhaust gas emitted from a positive ignition engine or a compression ignition engine, which filter comprising a porous substrate having inlet surfaces and outlet surfaces, wherein the inlet surfaces are separated from the outlet surfaces by a porous structure containing pores of... Agent:

20150093301 - Process for the production of hexamethlenediamine: It is described a process for the production of hexamethylenediamine by hydrogenation of adiponitrile, comprising an improved step of regeneration of the catalyst. Also described are an equipment for the production of hexamethylenediamine, and a washing apparatus (14) for implementing the catalyst regeneration step.... Agent:

20150093302 - Seal for an exhaust aftertreatment device in an internal combustion engine: The invention relates to a dosing module (1) for introducing a reducing agent into an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine for exhaust aftertreatment. Said dosing module (1) comprises a flange (20). The flange (20) is secured to a connecting flange (11) on an exhaust pipe. A sealing element... Agent:

20150093303 - Method to produce chemical pattern in micro-fluidic structure: The present disclosure provides flow cells and methods of fabricating flow cells. The method includes combining three portions: a first substrate, a second substrate, and microfluidic channels between the first substrate and the second substrate having walls of a photoresist dry film. Through-holes for inlet and outlet are formed in... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150093304 - Integrated modular unit including an analyte concentrator microreactor device connected to a cartridge-cassette: The integrated modular and interchangeable unit of the present invention comprises an analyte concentrator-microreactor (ACM) device having four entrance-exit ports identified as connection areas to a transport capillary for sample and buffer introduction, and to a separation capillary of a cartridge-cassette filled with an appropriate separation fluid for optimal separation... Agent:

20150093305 - Device for handling fluids: A centrifugable device for handling fluids includes at least two bodies that are arranged axially one above the other. The at least two bodies each have at least one cavity that is configured to be fluidically coupled to the at least one cavity of the other body. The device further... Agent:

20150093306 - Microplates and methods for protein crystallization and biotechnology: Devices and methods for manual and high-throughput protein crystal growth and growth of other biological and organic crystals. A microplate includes a plurality of cells and a frame that defines the cells in the microplate. In each cell there is at least one well open at top. Each well in... Agent: Mitegen, LLC

20150093307 - Certification cassette and related methods: A certification cassette for testing a pumping apparatus including at least one identification reader. The cassette comprises a housing configured for releasable attachment to the pumping apparatus in an aligned position. A space defined within the housing is configured to receive a rotor of the pumping apparatus therein when the... Agent:

20150093308 - Device for supporting reaction vessels in a microwave heating apparatus: There is described a device for rotatably supporting at least one reaction vessel in a microwave heating apparatus. The described device comprises (a) a base plate comprising at least one through-hole, and (b) at least one tubular member having a longitudinal axis and being adapted to receive a reaction vessel... Agent: Anton Paar Gmbh

03/26/2015 > 31 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150086418 - Focused airflow in a two truck wide vivarium: A sterilization system including an air intake and an air exhaust fluidly connected to a conditioning plenum is provided. A heater is arranged inside the conditioning plenum downstream from the air intake. The system includes a first sterilization chamber adjacent to a second sterilization chamber, a first pressure plenum adjacent... Agent:

20150086419 - Chitosan-based hemostatic textile: A microfibrillar high molecular weight chitosan-based textile can be used as a hemostat. The chitosan has been treated in a nitrogen field by applying energy to ionize nitrogen in and around the chitosan textile. A single or multiple such treatments may be employed. For example, the chitosan textile may be... Agent:

20150086420 - Room sterilization method and system: A sterilization system consisting of a mobile emitter, a sensing subsystem and a data logging subsystem is described. The emitter has one or more UV emitting lamps or devices. The sensing system comprises at least one remote UV sensor and at least one door sensor. The door sensor comprises a... Agent:

20150086421 - Antibacterial composition: The present invention relates to a method of disinfecting a surface and to an antibacterial composition. Essential oils, which are used as antibacterial actives, are also known for their strong odour; using high amounts of these gives a strong smell to the product that is not always appreciated by the... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150086422 - Machine for forming flexible pouches: The disclosure is directed to machines for manufacturing a flexible pouch that sterilizes the flexible pouch material, seals the fitment within the pouch, and inspects the fitment installation. A sterilization chamber in the machine a box having an oxygen supplied entry compartment, a hydrogen peroxide supplied center compartment, and an... Agent:

20150086423 - Sterilization treatment method, formulation for sterilization use, solid ice for sterilization use, method and device for producing the solid ice, and method for producing liquid for sterilization use: A sterilization treatment method includes producing a plasma-treated solution in which biocidal activity is held by diffusing, in a liquid, superoxide anion radicals (O2−.) or a precursor of the superoxide anion radicals (O2−.) by plasma generated in a vicinity of or in a manner to make contact with the liquid;... Agent: Osaka University

20150086425 - Cells for biochemical analysis, kit for biochemical analysis, and biochemical analyzer: The invention makes it possible to measure binding of a biochemical substance with a high throughput and with high sensitivity using a small cell capable of being filled with a small amount of chemical solution. A space between a first substrate and a second substrate such that probes are immobilized... Agent:

20150086424 - Micro-tube particles for microfluidic assays and methods of manufacture: e

20150086426 - Soot load determination system: An aftertreatment system for treating exhaust gas discharged from a combustion engine may include a particulate filter, a reductant-injection system, an ammonia sensor and a control module. The particulate filter may be configured to filter exhaust gas discharged from the combustion engine. The reductant-injection system may be configured to inject... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20150086428 - Abnormality diagnosis system of internal combustion engine: An abnormality diagnosis system of an internal combustion engine which is provided with an exhaust purification catalyst 20 which can store oxygen is provided with a downstream side air-fuel ratio sensor 41 downstream of the catalyst and a catalyst abnormality diagnosis system which uses an output air-fuel ratio of the... Agent:

20150086427 - Line break indicator (wire in ammonia lines): Reductant delivery system having at least one canister containing reductant coupled, via delivery line, to after-treatment system having ammonia injector, is disclosed. Reductant includes ammonia adsorbing/desorbing material. Delivery line is connected at one end to ammonia injector and at another end detachably coupled by coupler to the canister. Controller may... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company LLC

20150086429 - System and process for recovering gas emissions generated in producing olefin polymers: The present disclosure provides a system for recovering emissions generated from an olefin polymerization process, comprising: a devolatilizer for receiving a fresh sweep gas and emissions generated from the olefin polymerization process and outputting a first fluid and a polyolefin resin; a compression refrigeration unit including a compression device and... Agent: Hangzhou Shuang'an Science And Technology Company

20150086430 - Reactive rectification column for performing chemical reactions: A device for performing chemical reactions, in which one starting substance is in the liquid phase and one product is in the gaseous phase, is proposed, comprising a reaction zone which includes two catalytic sections, each section having a feed channel and an overflow well which simultaneously acts as the... Agent: Limited Company "reactive Rectification Technology"

20150086431 - Compressed-air device for controlling valves: The invention relates to a compressed-air device for controlling valves comprising, in a longitudinal direction, a first vane-type rotary cylinder (1) having a front face (2) as well as a back face (4), said front face (2) being provided with a rotatable head (3), and a second vane-type rotary cylinder... Agent: Out And Out Chemistry Sprl

20150086432 - Integrated biorefinery for production of liquid fuels: A system including a mixing apparatus configured to produce a reformer feedstock and comprising one or more cylindrical vessel having a conical bottom section, an inlet for superheated steam within the conical bottom section and an inlet for at least one carbonaceous material at or near the top of the... Agent:

20150086433 - Emissions cleaning module and associated electronics support unit: An emissions cleaning module electronics support unit includes a base member which defines at least one seating location for an electronics module; and a roof member includes a first end joined to the base member and a second end, distal the base member, coupled to a brace or one or... Agent: Perkins Engines Company Limited

20150086434 - Exhaust gas purification palladium monolayer catalyst for saddle-riding-type vehicle: Provided is a novel palladium catalyst capable of efficiently purifying carbon monoxide (CO) and total hydrocarbons (THC) under a fuel-rich atmosphere even when palladium (Pd) is used as a catalyst active component. Proposed is a palladium monolayer catalyst for an exhaust gas from a saddle-riding-type vehicle, which is an exhaust... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150086435 - Wet scrubber apparatus for ammonia capture: A device for removing ammonia from a gas stream has a plurality of conduits that divide the gas steam into a plurality of separate gas streams. Spray nozzles located in each of said conduits spray a dilute acid solution into the streams. The acid solution is aqueous sulfuric acid and... Agent:

20150086436 - Exhaust gas processing device: An exhaust gas processing device includes a cylindrical metallic member and an insulating layer. The insulating layer has a thickness of about 20 μm to about 400 μm and is densely formed such that no through pores exist in a thickness direction of the insulating layer. The insulating layer is... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150086438 - Flexible fuel converter for producing liquefied petroleum gas from transportation fuels: Fuel converters configured to convert a transportation fuel to a low-C hydrocarbon fuel, along with methods of their use, are provided. The fuel converter can comprise: an evaporator configured to receive a transportation fuel from a fuel tank in a liquid state, wherein the evaporator converts the transportation fuel from... Agent:

20150086437 - Reactor system, an absorbent and a process for reacting a feed: Reactor systems are provided that comprise a purification zone comprising an absorbent which comprises silver, an alkali or alkaline earth metal, and a support material having a surface area of more than 20 m2/g, and a reaction zone comprising a catalyst, which reaction zone is positioned downstream from the purification... Agent: Shell Oill Company

20150086439 - Microreactor: A microreactor includes: a reaction passage to flow a fluid as a reaction object; and a medium passage provided in parallel with the reaction passage to flow a heat medium to exchange heat with the fluid in the reaction passage. A cross-sectional area of the medium passage adjacent to a... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150086440 - Method for manufacturing a tube sheet and heat exchanger assembly for a pool reactor or pool condenser; corresponding tube sheet and heat exchanger assembly: The present application relates to a method of manufacturing a tube sheet (7) and heat exchanger assembly for a pool reactor or pool condenser for use in the production of urea from ammonia and carbon dioxide, wherein the method comprises manufacturing of the tube sheet (7) from a carbon steel... Agent:

20150086441 - Antimicrobial devices for use with medical devices and related assemblies and methods: Antimicrobial devices for use with at least a portion of a medical device include at least one flexible portion configured to secure the antimicrobial device to the at least a portion of the medical device. Medical device assemblies include an access port and an antimicrobial device adapted to disinfect at... Agent:

20150086442 - Reactor packing: A structured packing for insertion in a reactor having an inlet, an outlet, a wall and an axis. The packing comprises a first part, i.e., a reactor core and a second part, i.e., a reactor casing. The second part is free to move relative to the first part. The first... Agent:

20150086444 - Method of producing flow passage device and flow passage device: A flow passage device includes a first base body having a first hole and a second base body having a second hole connected to the first hole to form a flow passage. A first portion formed around the first hole has a specified shape for holding an adhesive. The second... Agent:

20150086443 - Microfluidic chips with micro-to-macro seal and a method of manufacturing microfluidic chips with micro-to-macro seal: A microfluidic chip for a microfluidic system includes a micro-to-macro seal. The microfluidic chip has a substrate, at least one microfluidic pathway in the substrate, and a PDMS seal layer on the substrate and above the microfluidic pathway. The PDMS seal layer provides a seal above the microfluidic pathway and... Agent: Fluxergy, LLC

20150086446 - Channel device: A channel device includes a first substrate having a groove portion for forming a channel, and a second substrate having a protruding portion that covers the groove portion, the first substrate and the second substrate being bonded together with an adhesive. The protruding portion of the second substrate extends along... Agent:

20150086445 - Fluid injection chip: There is provided a fluid injection chip including: a first substrate in which a plurality of wells are formed; a first fluid formed in the wells; a second substrate of which a plurality of pillar members are formed on a lower surface so as to correspond to the wells; a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150086448 - Joint for device for metering liquids: The present invention relates to a device for metering liquids, for example a pipette or a metering button. The device comprises a joint forming a seal between a hollow cylinder and a piston housed inside the cylinder, the piston being moved vertically so as to suck in or expel the... Agent:

20150086447 - Locking pipette tip and mounting shaft and hand-held manual pipette: The pipetting method is directed to mounting and ejecting a disposable pipette tip. The pipetting system has one or more tip mounting shafts with an upper locking section and a lower sealing section. The upper locking section has outwardly extending lobes spaced around the mounting shaft and located above a... Agent:

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