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Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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07/10/2014 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140193294 - Ozone sanitizing system: A device for sanitizing objects using ozone is disclosed having a container defining an enclosed space and a selectively closeable opening for enclosing the space, an ozone generator, an ozone converter, a controller, and a timer working together to generate a predetermined concentration of ozone within the enclosed space and... Agent: Global Ozone Innovations, LLC

20140193296 - Apparatus and methods for ozone generation and degradation: Devices and methods for sterilizing an enclosed space using ozone are disclosed herein. Various embodiments of the devices and methods also provide for accelerated degradation of the ozone upon sterilization. In some embodiments, a disclosed sterilization unit includes a first housing defining an ozone generation cavity, an ozone generator disposed... Agent: Gene Therapy Systems, Inc.

20140193295 - Fragrance delivery system: A multi-layer article is provided containing a sorbent layer having a first side and a second side; a vapor permeable or microporous layer adjacent to at least a portion of at least one of the first side and second side of the sorbent layer; optionally, a second vapor permeable or... Agent: Julius Samann Ltd.

20140193297 - Odor eliminating coverings: The present invention includes various methods of using a covering for substantially eliminating an odor of a shoe, boot or backpack where, with the covering placed onto the shoe, boot or backpack, the shoe, boot or backpack can be used. The present invention also includes various methods for concealing a... Agent: Extreme Hunting Solutions, LLC

20140193298 - Antimicrobial compositions and methods of use: In one aspect, compositions provide antimicrobial therapy as topical disinfectants. Particularly, one aspect relates to an alcohol containing antimicrobial composition that includes at least one paraben, a redox compound and an organic acid at a concentration of from about 1.5 percent to about 10 percent by weight, based on the... Agent: Zurex Pharma, Inc.

20140193299 - Systems and methods for sterilization: Systems for sterilization of tissues, including acellular tissue matrices, comprising a package having a portion permeable to supercritical carbon dioxide and a portion impermeable to moisture are described. Methods of sterilizing acellular tissue matrices from soft tissues or demineralized bone are provided.... Agent: Lifecell Corporation

20140193300 - Device for transporting reaction vessels: The invention relates to a rotatable device (1) for transporting reaction vessels in an automatic analysis apparatus, said device (1) comprising a circular base plate (16), and a number of holders (2) which are connected to the base plate (16), are preferably made of a plastic and comprise the receiving... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products Gmbh

20140193302 - Base material comprising hydrophilic layer: This invention provides a base material comprising a plastic-containing support and, on its surface, a hydrophilic layer comprising an ethylene glycol chain (an EG chain) composed of one or more ethylene glycol units, as well as a method for producing such base material. A polysiloxane-containing primer layer is provided on... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20140193301 - Method of generating a metamaterial, and a metamaterial generated thereof: A method of generating a metamater-operable in the visible-infrared range is provided. The method comprises a) depositing a layer of a conductive material on a substrate; b) forming a layer of electron beam resist on the layer of conductive material; c) patterning the layer of electron beam resist using electron... Agent: Nanyang Technological University

20140193303 - Apparatus for extracting oil from oil-bearing plant material: A system for extracting oil from oil-bearing plant parts has an extraction vessel supported by an upright stand and a separator vessel mounted below the extraction vessel. A source of hydrocarbon solvent supplies liquid gas to the top of the extraction vessel, while a recycling pump connected to the separator... Agent:

20140193304 - Device for the generation of hydrogen, apparatuses that contain the device, and their use: It is described a device for the production of hydrogen gas by a reactor where aqueous solutions of metal borohydrides are hydrolyzed on catalysts based on ferromagnetic metals. Apparatuses containing said device are also described.... Agent: Worgas Bruciatori S.r.l.

20140193305 - Device for franmenting molecules in a sample by ultrasound: According to an aspect of the present invention, a device for fragmenting molecules in a sample by ultrasound is provided. The device comprises a planar-shaped cartridge and a fragmentation instrument that has a vessel-like shape. By means of applying under-pressure in the fragmentation instrument the cartridge is pulled towards the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140193306 - Exhaust gas oxidation catalyst: An exhaust gas oxidation catalyst characterised as an exhaust gas oxidation catalyst comprising a catalyst substrate, wherein a plurality of exhaust gas channels has been formed, and a catalyst layer formed on the surface of the exhaust gas channels in the catalyst substrate; wherein a catalyst layer consisting of a... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

20140193307 - Catalytic converter for confined areas: The catalytic converter for confined areas is installed with a vehicular tunnel, parking garage, or other confined area subject to motor vehicle operation therein. The converter catalyzes internal combustion engine exhaust by-products by selective catalytic reduction. The heat required for the catalytic reaction is provided by an electric heater installed... Agent: Umm Al-qura University

20140193308 - Device for neutralizing acid condensates: A device for neutralizing acid condensates includes a condensate collection tank and a cartridge containing a reactant for neutralizing the acids. The cartridge has a condensate inlet opening and a condensate outlet opening. The cartridge is placed at least partly in the tank so that the outlet opening is below... Agent: Sauermann Industrie Sa

20140193309 - Liquid dispenser cassette: A liquid dispenser cassette includes a frame, dispense head assemblies, and a one-piece integrated slot extender. The frame defines openings. The dispense head assemblies are mounted on the frame. The dispense head assemblies include dispense head dies at least partially exposed through the corresponding openings. The dispense head dies defines... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140193311 - Integrated high throughput system for the analysis of biomolecules: Described is an affinity microcolumn comprising a high surface area material, which has high flow properties and a low dead volume, contained within a housing and having affinity reagents bound to the surface of the high surface area material that are either activated or activatable. The affinity reagents bound to... Agent: Intrinsic Bioprobes, Inc.

20140193310 - Porous catalytic substrate: Some embodiments in the present disclosure generally relate to catalytic silica-polyvinyl alcohol composites, silica structures therefrom, and/or microreactors therefrom. Some embodiments in the present disclosure generally relate to porous substrates that can have at least one pore with a catalyst associated with the inside of the pore.... Agent:

20140193312 - Positioning device for a sample carrier: The invention relates to an apparatus for positioning a sample carrier plate, wherein the apparatus comprises a main body for receiving the sample carrier plate, positioning stops which are disposed in opposing first corner regions of the main body and are prestressed for clamping the sample carrier plate and mounted... Agent: Quantifoil Instruments Gmbh

20140193313 - Method and apparatus for tissue transfer: A handheld tool is disclosed which may be used to transfer a plurality of plant tissue explants from a first container to a second container. The handheld tool may include a disposable tip member which couples the plurality of plant tissue explants through use of negative pressure. An automated system... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

20140193314 - Method for execution upon processing of at least one histological sample: The invention relates to a method for execution upon processing of at least one histological sample that is arranged, in particular after an infiltration process, in a closed cassette (2). The method is characterized in that prior to opening of the cassette (2), the sample is detached from the cover... Agent: Leica Biosystems Nussloch Gmbh

20140193315 - Apparatus for loading molecules onto substrates: Disclosed are compositions, devices, and methods for loading molecules of interest onto a substrate by contacting beads having molecules of interest attached to them with the substrate, for example by providing a field that brings the beads into proximity or contact with the substrate and moves the beads with respect... Agent: Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.

07/03/2014 > 29 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140186210 - Corrosion and fouling mitigation using non-phosphorus based additives: Water treatment compositions are provided that are effective for mitigating corrosion or fouling of surfaces in contact with aqueous systems. The water treatment compositions can include one or more azole compounds, one or more transition metals, and one or more dispersants, in addition to various other additives. The water treatment... Agent:

20140186211 - Rapid surface disinfection method and apparatus: A device for rapidly sanitizing a surface is described. The device has an enclosure having an opening adapted to insert a surface, and an interior; a liquid nitric oxide solution applicator; and an absorbent material. The liquid nitric oxide solution applicator is in fluid communication with the interior of the... Agent:

20140186212 - Methods and apparatus for measuring luminescence and absorbance: An automated chemistry analyzer includes a first fiber optic bundle that is used to guide a signal. The automated chemistry analyzer also includes a photomultiplier detector tube (PMT) that receives the guided signal from the first fiber optic bundle and produces an output PMT signal. The output PMT signal is... Agent: Awareness Technology Inc.

20140186213 - Test tape cassette and analytical test tape therefor: A test tape cassette is disclosed that includes a cassette housing and an analytical test tape. The test tape includes a plurality of analytical test elements, a spreading fabric for applying a body fluid, and an underlying reagent layer for detecting an analyte in the body fluid. The cassette housing... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140186214 - Microchip: A microchip including a fluid circuit composed of a space formed inside is provided. The space includes a first space, a second space, and a space connecting portion connecting the first space and the second space, and the space connecting portion has a structure portion restraining liquid moving between the... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140186216 - Apparatus and method for identifying a hook effect and expanding the dynamic range in point of care immunoassays: The present invention relates to systems and methods for the rapid in situ determination of the existence of a hook effect and expansion of the dynamic range of a point of care immunoassay. For example, a system for identifying a hook effect and expanding the dynamic range of an immunoassay... Agent: Abbott Point Of Care Inc.

20140186215 - Sensor element, dew condensation sensor, humidity sensor, method for detecting dew condensation, and dew-point measurement device: A dew condensation sensor is described, including a nano-composite for generating local surface plasmon resonance, a light reflecting member disposed on one side of the nano-composite, a protection layer laminated on the light reflecting member, a light source/light receiver disposed facing the nano-composite, a spectroscope (or photo-detector) for detecting the... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140186217 - Blood coagulation system analyzing method and blood coagulation system analyzing device: A blood coagulation analysis device and method in which information relating to the coagulability of blood is evaluated based on a change generated in a permittivity measured in a coagulation process of the blood due to addition of a substance that activates or inactivates platelets to the blood.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140186218 - Method and apparatus for automatic staining of tissue samples: The present invention concerns an apparatus for staining tissue samples, said apparatus including a reagent section or reagent containers; at least one staining section or tissue samples, a robotic head or robotic element that may move reagent to a predetermined tissue sample, said robotic element being moveable above the reagent... Agent: Dako Denmark A/s

20140186219 - Moving handrail disinfecting device for passenger conveyor: A moving handrail disinfecting device for passenger conveyor whereby disinfection solutions can be suitably used depending on the situations of the device and the like, resulting in appropriate disinfection treatment with little waste, is a moving handrail disinfecting device 10B, having a contact roller switching unit comprising an applying roller... Agent:

20140186220 - Exhaust gas purification apparatus for an internal combustion engine: In cases where an NOx selective reduction catalyst is provided at a location downstream of an NOx storage reduction catalyst, NOx purification performance in an exhaust gas purification apparatus as a whole is maintained, irrespective of deterioration of the NOx storage reduction catalyst. For this purpose, the reduction of NOx... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140186221 - Moving handrail disinfecting device for passenger conveyor: A moving handrail disinfecting device for passenger conveyor which enables a reduction in burden of maintenance, leading to improved maintenance performance of the device, wherein information concerning the device is centrally managed in a management center so as to enhance shareability of information, leading to improved maintenance performance of the... Agent:

20140186223 - Air purifier: The present invention relates to an air purifier, comprising a housing, an air dynamic unit, an ultraviolet light-emitting unit, an evaporation container for accommodating neutralizer, and a catalyst device. The air dynamic unit is disposed at the inlet of the housing. The ultraviolet light-emitting unit and the catalyst device are... Agent:

20140186224 - Biodegradable odor removing article and system: A biodegradable odor and moisture absorbing article and system includes a biodegradable odor removing agent insert formed as a pouch for use removing odors and moisture from articles such as a bag, enclosure, or environment surrounding the person. The biodegradable pouch includes activated bamboo charcoal enclosed with a 100% breathable... Agent: Halolah LLC

20140186222 - Vehicular air cleaner: The present invention relates to a vehicular air cleaner. A DOR (Direct Ozone Reduction) system for suppressing deterioration of a purifying function of an ozone purifying material is provided. Active oxygen is produced by an ozone purifying function of activated carbon. The probability that the active oxygen contacts with a... Agent:

20140186225 - Apparatuses for distributing fluids in fluidized bed reactors: A fluid distribution apparatus is disposed in a fluidized bed reactor and includes a distributor pipe configured to carry a fluid and a centerpipe fluidly connected to the distributor pipe and enclosing an annular space for receiving the fluid from the distributor pipe. The annular space is defined by an... Agent: Uop LLC

20140186226 - Nox storage and reduction catalyst, preparation method, and nox removing system: A catalyst for NOx storage and reduction may include a carrier that contains alkali metal and Al, or alkali earth metal and Al, a NOx storage element of alkali metal, alkali earth metal or rare earth element, and one or more noble metals that are selected from the group consisting... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140186227 - Catalytic converter of internal combustion engine and apparatus for purifying exhaust gas provided with the same: A catalytic converter of an internal combustion engine may include: at least one inlet channel having an end through which an exhaust gas is flowed into and the other end which is blocked; at least one outlet channel having an end which is blocked and the other end through which... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140186228 - Filter for filtering particulate matter from exhaust gas emitted from a compression ignition engine: A filter for filtering particulate matter (PM) from exhaust gas emitted from a compression ignition engine, which filter comprising a porous substrate having inlet surfaces and outlet surfaces, wherein the inlet surfaces are separated from the outlet surfaces by a porous structure containing pores of a first mean pore size,... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

20140186230 - Continuous low-temperature process to produce trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene: Disclosed is process for the production of (E) 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (HCFO-1233zd(E)) by conducting a continuous reaction without the use of a catalyst. Also disclosed is an integrated system for producing hydrofluoro olefins, particularly 1233zd(E). The manufacturing process includes six major unit operations: (1) a fluorination reaction of HCC-240fa (in continuous or... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140186229 - Integrated microchannel synthesis and separation: An integrated microchannel reactor and heat exchanger comprising: (a) a waveform sandwiched between opposing shim sheets and mounted to the shim sheets to form a series of microchannels, where each microchannel includes a pair of substantially straight side walls, and a top wall formed by at least one of the... Agent:

20140186231 - Processes for producing light olefins: A process for producing light olefins is provided. A feedstock enters a pre-reaction zone and contacts a catalyst comprising at least one silicon-aluminophosphate molecular sieve and produces a gas-phase stream; the gas-phase stream and the catalyst enter at least one riser, and the gas-phase stream and the catalyst pass from... Agent: China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

20140186232 - Coating a monolith substrate with catalyst component: A method of coating a honeycomb monolith substrate comprising a plurality of channels with a liquid comprising a catalyst component comprises the steps of: (i) holding a honeycomb monolith substrate substantially vertically; (ii) introducing a pre-determined volume of the liquid into the substrate via open ends of the channels at... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

20140186233 - Dust separating and carrier returning device: Disclosed is a dust separating and carrier returning device, which comprises: an outer raw material transfer passage (1) and an inner carrier returning passage (2), and a sieve cage (4) with one end thereof connected with the raw material transfer passage (1) and the other end sealed; a spiral conveyer... Agent: Jinan Youbang Hengyu Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd.

20140186234 - Automatic analysis apparatus: An automatic analysis apparatus according to an embodiment includes a dispensing probe, a cleaning unit, and a driving mechanism. The dispensing probe performs a dispensing operation for sucking a sample and discharging the sample into a reaction container. The cleaning unit cleans the dispensing probe. The cleaning unit includes a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140186235 - Pipette: A pipette for delivering a measured volume of liquid having an elongated hollow tubular body (or capillary tube) (2) configured to draw liquid by capillary action, the hollow tubular body having a lower open end and an upper open end; and a chamber (3) structurally connected to the upper end... Agent: Access Bio, Inc.

20140186236 - Method for purification of nucleic acids, particularly from fixed tissue: The invention relates to a method for purification of nucleic acids, to a kit for performing the method according to the invention and to a new application of magnetic particles for purification of a biological sample. The method according to the invention comprises the following steps: a) accommodating of the... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20140186237 - Apparatus for execution of treatment operations on microscope slices with tissue specimens: An apparatus for automatic execution of different treatment operations in connection with staining of tissue specimens on microscope slides, wherein the apparatus (1) comprises an assembly of vessels (4) for receiving different liquids for staining of the tissue specimens, a loading station (2) for microscope slides (28), a conveyor (5)... Agent: Dako Instrumec As

20140186238 - Systems and methods for fluid handling: Systems and methods are provided for sample processing. A device may be provided, capable of receiving the sample, and performing one or more of a sample preparation, sample assay, and detection step. The device may be capable of performing multiple assays. The device may comprise one or more modules that... Agent: Theranos, Inc.

06/26/2014 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140178248 - Heating apparatu with a disinfection device: A heating apparatus for heating and sterilizing or disinfecting a material used in dental treatment, the heating apparatus comprising a heating compartment with a heating element for heating all or part of the material within the heating compartment; at least one holder for receiving and holding at least a part... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20140178250 - Apparatus and method for sterilizing containers: An apparatus for sterilizing plastic preforms, comprises a transport device that transports the plastic preforms along a predefined transport path, each plastic preform extending in a longitudinal direction; and a plurality of actuation devices. Each actuation device inputs a flowable medium into interiors of the plastic preforms, respectively. The actuation... Agent: Krones Ag

20140178249 - Silver-based disinfectant composition with reduced staining: The present invention is drawn to compositions, systems, and methods of disinfecting surfaces without the undesired staining often associated with silver composition. In one example, the composition includes water, a peroxygen, a silver component, and an alkyl or aryl salicylate.... Agent: Solutions Biomed, LLC

20140178251 - Sample analyzer: A sample analyzer comprises a container setting part on which a liquid container is to be set, a liquid supplying part configured to supply a liquid to the liquid container, an aspiration tube configured to aspirate a sample or a reagent, a movement mechanism configured to move the aspiration tube,... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140178252 - Microfluidic devices and methods including porous polymer monoliths: Microfluidic devices and methods including porous polymer monoliths are described. Polymerization techniques may be used to generate porous polymer monoliths having pores defined by a liquid component of a fluid mixture. The fluid mixture may contain iniferters and the resulting porous polymer monolith may include surfaces terminated with iniferter species.... Agent: Sandia Corporation

20140178253 - Capacitance-based catalytic converter protection systems and configurations: A proximity-based catalytic converter protection system for a vehicle that includes a controller, and a catalytic converter, both located in the vehicle. The protection system further includes a pair of electrodes that are electrically coupled to the controller and located in proximity to the converter. The controller monitors capacitance between... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140178254 - Apparatus for air purification and disinfection: An apparatus for air purification and disinfection is provided. The apparatus includes at least one elongated reactor having an elongated inner electrode and an elongated outer electrode. The outer electrode encompasses at least a portion of the inner electrode along a longitudinal axis of the reactor. The outer and inner... Agent:

20140178255 - Scent elimination device for hunters in the field: A scent elimination device 100 for removing the human scent and any other scent associated with hunters in the field. The device 100 produces ozone, which is applied directly or indirectly to the clothing, equipment and body 300 while the hunter is in the field and/or prior to or after... Agent: Parah, LLC

20140178256 - Serpentine fluid reactor components: Some embodiments of the present invention provide components for a serpentine fluid reactor which is optimized for one or more objective functions of interest such as pressure drop, erosion rate, fouling, coke deposition and operating costs. The components are designed by computer modeling the components individually and collectively in which... Agent: Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

20140178257 - Slurry hydrocracking apparatus or process: One exemplary embodiment can include a slurry hydrocracking process. The process can include combining one or more hydrocarbons and a slurry hydrocracking catalyst as a feed to a slurry hydrocracking reaction zone, fractionating an effluent from the slurry hydrocracking reaction zone, separating the pitch from at least a portion of... Agent: Uop LLC

20140178258 - Method for reducing the visible downwind detached plume opacity: e

20140178259 - Micro-channel water-gas shift reaction device having built-in flow-through-type metal catalyst: The present invention relates to a micro-channel water-gas shift (WGS) reaction device for WGS for generating hydrogen and pre-combustion carbon capture and storage (CCS) from coal gasification, the device using a micro-channel heat exchanger and through-type metal catalyst capable of rapidly dissipating heat generated during single-stage WGS reaction of high... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20140178260 - Conical substrate: A catalytic converter for use in motor vehicle exhaust systems includes a housing and a catalytic substrate disposed in the housing. The housing includes a central shell fixed to an inlet end cone and an outlet end cone. The catalytic substrate includes a primary body section disposed in an internal... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20140178261 - Exhaust gas aftertreatment device for a combustion engine: An exhaust gas aftertreatment device for a combustion engine includes an exhaust gas guide element that includes a dosage device for introducing a reduction agent into the guide element at a feed point and at least one interference element arranged upstream of the feed point, that introduces turbulences into the... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140178262 - Hollow microsphere catalyst support and methods of making same: Hollow porous metal oxide microspheres are provided. The microspheres may be used as a support for a catalyst, particularly an exhaust treatment catalyst for an internal combustion engine. Also provided are methods of making the microspheres, methods of using the microspheres as catalyst supports, and methods of exhaust treatment using... Agent: Basf Corporation

20140178263 - System and method for retaining aftertreatment bricks: An aftertreatment system and method treats exhaust gasses produced by an internal combustion process or similar process. The system includes an aftertreatment module having at least one sleeve extending between a first end and a second end. One or more aftertreatment bricks may be axially inserted through an opening disposed... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140178264 - In-line flow diverter: An exhaust gas treatment system for reducing emissions from an engine includes an exhaust conduit adapted to supply an exhaust stream from the engine to an exhaust treatment device. The conduit includes an aperture. An injector injects a reagent through the aperture and into the exhaust stream. A flow modifier... Agent:

20140178265 - Apparatus for regenerating vulcanized rubber: There are disclosed a regenerated rubber, a method and apparatus for obtaining regenerated rubbers from vulcanized crumb rubber, such as rubber from scrap. The apparatus is a thermokinetic mixer having the particularity to have an air tight stationary chamber with inner non-uniform surface. The method comprises the steps of raising... Agent: Phoenix Innovation Technology Inc.

20140178266 - Device with a particle screen for providing liquid reducing agent: A device for providing a liquid reducing agent includes a tank having an interior space, a vessel at least partly disposed in the inner space of the tank, the vessel being at least partly surrounded by a particle screen through which a liquid can flow, and a delivery unit located... Agent: Emitec Gesellschaft Fuer Emissionstechnologie Mbh

20140178267 - Microchip: Disclosed is a microchip. The microchip of the present invention is characterized by comprising: a first plate; and a second plate coupled to the first plate to form a channel, wherein the first plate comprises: a channel cover part; a first connection part spaced apart from the outer periphery of... Agent: Logos Biosystems, Inc.

20140178268 - Device for polymerizing lactams in molds: A device for polymerizing lactams in molds, comprising: a reservoir for storing lactam, wherein said reservoir is kept at a temperature which varies in the range of 135-150° C. for melting the lactam and keeping it in melted state; lactam feeding means comprising dosing pipes for feeding the lactam from... Agent:

20140178269 - Apparatus and method for transferring test tubes: An apparatus consisting: a) a flat, flexible test tube holder ring and b) a mechanism to manipulate the angular orientation of the flat flexible test tube holder ring. The test tube holder ring includes: (1) an outer circumference, (2) an inner circumference, and (3) apertures to hold test tubes, wherein... Agent: Yuki Tradomg Co. Ltd.

20140178270 - Sabatier process and apparatus for controlling exothermic reaction: A Sabatier process involving contacting carbon dioxide and hydrogen in a first reaction zone with a first catalyst bed at a temperature greater than a first designated temperature; feeding the effluent from the first reaction zone into a second reaction zone, and contacting the effluent with a second catalyst bed... Agent: Precision Combustion, Inc.

20140178271 - Cement clinker production with low emissions: The cement clinker production process is optimized from prior art by taking advantage of the exothermic reactions inside the sintering kiln and isolating them from the combustion process. Replacing traditional ways to burn fuels at the kiln discharge, avoiding combustion gases, dust recirculation and excess air inside the kiln by... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140170019 - Foot/footwear sterilization system: A foot/shoe sanitizing system includes a housing having at least one opening and at least one ultraviolet emitting device supported within the housing. The ultraviolet emitting devices direct ultraviolet light around and/or through the set of foot/shoe support bars towards the foot or shoe placed on the foot/shoe support bars.... Agent: Hepco Medical, LLC

20140170020 - Sterilization apparatus, sterilization method: There is provided a sterilization apparatus capable of delaying degradation of sterilant in a cartridge or a tank in which an extraction tube is inserted. A sterilization apparatus extracting sterilant from a cartridge containing the sterilant and sterilizing a sterilization target includes an extraction tube configured to extract the sterilant... Agent: Canon Lifecare Solutions Kabushiki Kaisha

20140170021 - Methods for degrading nucleic acid: Methods for degrading contaminant nucleic acid. The methods use combinations of metal ions and peroxide ions to produce a variety of oxidative species that degrade nucleic acid. Methods of the invention are useful for decontaminating laboratory equipment or solutions. After the equipment or solutions have been decontaminated, the metal ion... Agent: Nanomr, Inc.

20140170022 - Sample dispensing apparatus and automatic analyzer including the same: The invention provides a small-sized automatic analyzer being compact, enabling a large number of analysis items to be carried out, and having a high processing speed. The automatic analyzer is particularly suitably applied to a medical analyzer used for qualitative/quantitative analysis of living body samples, such as urine and blood.... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140170023 - Automatic analyzer: In determining whether a rack inputted to the automatic analyzer by the user is to be transferred to an analysis section or not, samples existing in a route from a buffer to a sample dispensing position in the analysis section are identified, and the number of items in which suction... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140170024 - Target substance detection chip, target substance detection plate, target substance detection device and target substance detection method: [Solution] A target substance detection chip of the present invention includes: a plate-like transparent base portion which allows light to pass therethrough; and a flow path which is formed in one surface of the transparent base portion as a groove and through which an analyte liquid verifying a presence of... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20140170025 - System and method for production reservoir and well management using continuous chemical measurement: A sensing transducer apparatus measures specific chemicals or classes of chemicals. The apparatus includes an electromagnetic transducer comprising at least two electrodes wherein at least one of the electrodes is on an electrically and mechanically stable substrate, and a chemically sensitive material having an affinity for a dispersed chemical or... Agent: Neotek Energy, Inc.

20140170027 - Automatic analyzer: A control unit outputs measurement status information including the time up to the completion of creation of the calibration curve for each of the desired measurement items to a display unit. The output/display of the calibration curve data measurement status for each of the items enables the operator to be... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140170026 - Dispensing apparatus, analyzer and method for controlling dispensing apparatus: There is provided a dispensing apparatus including a dispensing unit; and a drive mechanism. The dispensing unit is configured to support a dispensing nozzle, provide the dispensing nozzle with a material to be dispensed, and allow the dispensing nozzle to discharge the material. The drive mechanism is configured to change... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140170028 - Process and apparatus for recovering product: A process and apparatus are disclosed for recovering a product stream by fractionation perhaps with compression of a C5− hydrocarbon stream. The C5− hydrocarbon stream may be taken from an overhead of a fractionation column. Fractionation includes a depentanizer column followed by a depropanizer column for producing a C4 and... Agent: Uop LLC

20140170029 - Combined synthesis gas generator: In various systems and processes, synthesis gas generation may be combined. A partial oxidation reactor (POX) and a gas convectively heated steam/hydrocarbon catalytic reformer (GHR) may be combined to produce synthesis gas. In some implementations, a partial oxidation reactor, a gas convectively heated steam/catalytic reformer, and a waste hat boiler... Agent: Gtlpetrol LLC

20140170030 - Aftertreatment system using lnt and scr: A multiple catalyst system for the treatment of exhaust gases generated by a combustion engine in an after treatment system. The system includes a substrate and a plurality of catalysts. The plurality of catalysts may provide a plurality of catalyst sections. A variety of different catalysts, as well as a... Agent:

20140170031 - Exhaust aftertreatment system: An exhaust gas treatment system for the purpose of reducing the harmful substances present in the exhaust gas of combustion engines, particularly diesel engines, has a gas- and liquid-tight housing with at least one inlet and at least one outlet. Gas guide elements are arranged in the housing, and the... Agent: Liebherr Machines Bulle Sa

20140170032 - Metal filter for purifying exhaust gas from ship, and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a metal filter for purifying the exhaust gas from a ship, and a preparation method thereof. The purpose of the present invention is to provide: a metal filter for purifying the exhaust gas from a ship, capable of reducing nitrogen oxide by 85% or more... Agent: Hyundai Bangsteel Co., Ltd.

20140170033 - Method for coating a catalysed particulate filter and a particulate filter: Method for the preparation of a wall flow particulate filter catalysed at its inlet side with a first catalyst having activity in the removal of residual hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and catalysing at rich burn engine operation conditions the reaction of nitrogen oxides with hydrogen and/or carbon monoxide to ammonia... Agent: Haldor Tops&#xf8 E A/s

20140170034 - Hydrogen generating reactor, and system for generating hydrogen: A reactor for reacting a solid material in a solution to generate a gas including a vessel having a solution-containing portion and an air-containing portion; and a gas outlet through which the gas generated by the reaction of the solid material in the solution can be extracted, a solution disposed... Agent: Hydrogentech Energy Group

20140170035 - Gasification system and method of adjusting a piping arrangement of a gasification system: A gasification system includes a reaction chamber having an inlet for receiving a feedstock for conversion to a gas. Also included is a quench chamber configured to cool the gas. Further included is a quench ring operably coupled to a water supply pipe for receiving water therein, the quench ring... Agent: General Electric Company

20140170036 - Dispenser for water treating agents: A dispenser for dispensing solid or liquid water-conditioning/treating agents into a body of water (such as a pool, hot tub, or the like) comprises a hollow body adapted to receive water treating agent which can be solid (tablet form), granular, powder or liquid. The dispenser has an overall specific gravity... Agent:

20140170037 - Dye entrapped sol-gel film based test strip sensor for nitrite and a process of preparing said strip sensor: The present invention relates to test strips that are photo and thermally stable, optically transparent and offer virtually specific absorptiometric sensing of nitrite in natural waters. The process of which is as follows: 1) The entrapment of xanthene dye specifically rhodamine 6G in sol-gel glass. This entrapment is done by... Agent: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

20140170038 - Fuel reformer with thermal management: A fuel reformer includes a feedstream delivery unit and a catalytic reactor. The feedstream delivery unit is configured to receive reactants and to provide the reactants to the catalytic reactor. The reformer further includes a flame arrestor disposed between the feedstream delivery unit and the catalytic reactor, and at least... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

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