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Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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01/15/2015 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150017060 - Method and apparatus for disinfection: A process and apparatus for disinfection of spaces using a disinfecting liquid droplet spray atomization are described, in which an electric fan 107 is used to dispense the atomization from an atomization chamber 104 via venture outlets 106 into the space to be disinfected. The operation of the electric fan... Agent:

20150017059 - Mobile disinfection unit for disinfecting a given facility or equipment and a method of using said unit: A mobile disinfection unit for use in a method of disinfecting a given facility or equipment such as a room, apparatus, container or vehicle. The unit includes a catalytic converter device for decomposing ozone, a VOC filter for removing bacterial viruses and other contaminants and an electrostatic filter for removing... Agent:

20150017061 - Disinfection of water mains using ultraviolet light: Methods are provided for disinfecting water mains using ultraviolet (UV) light. One or more UV light sources are provided and secured to a movable device that moves axially in a pipe. The frequency and intensity of the UV light is determined based on characteristics of the pipe, such as its... Agent:

20150017063 - Isolator: An isolator includes: a working chamber in which work is conducted; an atomizer configured to atomize air or a decontamination material in the working chamber: a pump configured to supply the decontamination material to the atomizer; a compressor configured to supply air to the atomizer; a pressure sensor configured to... Agent: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20150017062 - Sanitization apparatuses, kits, and methods: Sanitization apparatuses, kits, and methods, such as, for example, for pens, styluses, handles, remote controls, and pagers.... Agent:

20150017064 - Stable compositions of trifluoroethylene: A trifluoroethylene composition which is safe to handle and which can be safely stored and transported at pressures of up to 5.00 MPa. The composition comprises trifluoroethylene and HCl in a molar ratio trifluoroethylene:HCl from 10:90 to 63:37. When the composition is a compressed gas it has a pressure of... Agent:

20150017066 - Line immunoassay testing device: A testing device has a base and multiple strips connected to the base. Multiple antigens are placed on each strip. The testing device or strips may be affixed to a sheet under a shield. Fluid can be applied to the testing device or the strips. The testing device can be... Agent:

20150017065 - System for determining biofuel concentration: A measurement device or system configured to measure the content of biofuels within a fuel blend. By measuring a state of a responsive material within a fuel blend, a biofuel content of the fuel blend may be measured. For example, the solubility of a responsive material to biofuel content within... Agent:

20150017067 - Micro-sensor based test apparatus: There is provided a fluid test strip, comprising a micro-sensor formed on a substrate surface and a reagent deposition site formed on the substrate surface, operate to control the size and location of a reagent deposition. There is also provided a method of forming fluid test strip, comprising forming a... Agent:

20150017068 - Improved electronic analyte assaying device: An improved electronic diagnostic device for detecting the presence of an analyte in a fluid sample comprises a casing having a display, a test strip mounted in the casing, a processor mounted in the casing, and a first sensor mounted in the casing and operatively coupled to the processor. The... Agent: Church & Dwight, Co., Inc.

20150017069 - Exhaust gas treatment system: An exhaust gas treatment system includes an exhaust line through which exhaust gas flows. A nitrogen oxide purification catalyst is disposed at one side of the exhaust line to reduce the nitrogen oxide. A diesel particulate filter is disposed at a downstream side of the nitrogen oxide purification catalyst, filters... Agent:

20150017070 - Exhaust gas purifying apparatus: Provided is an exhaust gas purifying apparatus capable of making a filter entrance temperature reach a target temperature while suppressing excessive temperature increases and release of THC even upon extension of the exhaust path or decreases in outside air temperature. The exhaust gas purifying apparatus includes an oxidation catalyst 18... Agent:

20150017071 - Modular multifunction fragrance emitter: An apparatus for producing a fragrance includes a heating element, a barrier that at least partially surrounds the heating element and a shell that at least partially surrounds the barrier. At least a portion of the volume between the barrier and the shell is configured to hold one or more... Agent:

20150017072 - Inorganic fiber, method of producing inorganic fiber aggregate, holding sealing material, and exhaust gas purifying apparatus: Inorganic fibers include a surface and a structure. The surface has a friction coefficient of about 0.5 or greater. The friction coefficient is measured using a scanning probe microscope. The structure is to constitute a holding sealing material to be provided in an exhaust gas purifying apparatus.... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150017073 - Exhaust gas cleaning device: The invention relates to an exhaust gas cleaning device (10) comprising a) a housing (14) through which an exhaust gas flow (12) can flow; b) an exhaust gas cleaning component (16) that is arranged in the housing (14), which component comprises a carrier (20) which has an end face... Agent:

20150017074 - Exhaust gas cleaning catalyst apparatus: An exhaust gas cleaning catalyst apparatus includes: a catalyst carrier; an outer tube for storing the catalyst carrier; and a holding member interposed between the catalyst carrier and the outer tube in contact with the outer peripheral surface of the catalyst carrier and the inner peripheral surface of the outer... Agent:

20150017075 - Honeycomb filter and production method for honeycomb filter: A honeycomb filter includes a ceramic honeycomb substrate, an auxiliary filter layer, an SCR catalyst, and a portion. The ceramic honeycomb substrate has cell walls provided along a longitudinal direction of the ceramic honeycomb substrate to define cells through which fluid is to pass and which have a fluid inlet... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150017076 - Method and apparatus for excitation of resonances in molecules: A method is described to excite molecules at their natural resonance frequencies with sufficient energy to break or form chemical bonds using electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency (RF) and microwave frequency range. Liquid, solid, or gaseous materials are prepared and injected into a resonant structure where they are bombarded... Agent:

20150017077 - Smartpump fluid delivery system: An improved SmartPump Fluid Delivery System is disclosed. In the preferred embodiment of the present invention a system is disclosed for use by pharmaceutical compounders to deliver precise amounts of base material used in transdermal prescriptions. It affords a pharmacist or pharmacy technician the ability to request a desired amount... Agent:

20150017078 - Sample handling system: Sample handling system for handling samples contained in tubes (4), each tube (4) having a hollow body, a closed bottom and an open top for accessing the sample contained in the tube (4). The system comprises a micro-plate (1) comprising at least one grid insert (2) having a plurality of... Agent: F. Hoffmann-la Roche Ag

20150017079 - Array plates and methods for making and using same: A device includes a first structure with a sheet layer with a plurality of discrete through-holes and a second structure coupled to the first structure. At least a portion of a first surface of the sheet layer of the first structure is exposed from the second structure. A top portion... Agent:

20150017080 - Residence time plate: The present invention relates to a residence time plate comprising a stack of at least two substantially parallel and elongated flow chambers arranged such that the elongated side of each flow chamber lies next to the elongated side of a neighboring flow chamber and is separated by said neighboring chamber... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150010429 - Corrosion inhibitors: The invention provides the use of a surfactant as a corrosion inhibitor, wherein the surfactant is selected from derivatives of alkyl polyglucosides and derivatives of terpene alkoxylates, and mixtures thereof, provided that the derivatives are not sulfosuccinates. Also provided is a method of preventing or reducing corrosion of a metal... Agent:

20150010430 - Active species radiation device and active species radiation method: An active species radiation device is for efficiently radiating active species (active oxygen or nitrogen) by using a plasma source not in contact with an irradiated object. An active species radiation device (100) includes: a chamber (110) in which flows of plasma generation gas and active species generation gas enter... Agent: Osaka University

20150010431 - Method of killing insects and their larvae and spores using a combination of high temperature steam and liquid nitrogen: A method and system of killing objects wherein said objects are selected from the group consisting of pests, insects, fungus and spores wherein said objects have a starting temperature, TO, and said method and system comprising a first step being application of a means of raising the temperature of said... Agent:

20150010432 - Sterilization system and method with compression and expansion: An apparatus and method for achieving low temperature vapor sterilization of objects which may involve objects having a lumen. Following evacuation of the sterilization chamber and the introduction of a vaporous or gaseous sterilant, the volume of the chamber is changed by actuation of a movable boundary in the chamber... Agent:

20150010434 - Medical instrument: An Oxygenator as a medical instrument includes at least one first hollow fiber membrane layer comprised of a plurality of integrated first hollow fiber membranes, and forms a shape of a cylindrical body as a whole, and at least one second hollow fiber membrane layer disposed at the outer circumferential... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150010433 - Production method for medical instrument and medical instrument: A production method for a medical instrument includes a plurality of integrated hollow fiber membrane producing a base material forming a cylindrically-shaped body. Each of the hollow fiber membranes sequentially passes through a first point, a second point, a third point, a fourth point, and a fifth point that are... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150010435 - Automatic analyzer: According to one embodiment, an automatic analyzer includes a magnetic field generator, a photometric unit, a measurement unit, and a decision unit. The magnetic field generator causes magnetic separation in a reaction liquid stored in a cuvette by magnetic particles. The photometric unit includes a light source unit configured to... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150010436 - Automated analyzer: To provide an automated analyzer adapted for accommodating a larger number of reagent cassettes to meet calls for increases in analytical throughput and in the number of analytical items, and thus using the accommodated reagent cassettes more efficiently. An automated analyzer body 100 includes a main reagent buffer 4 for... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150010437 - Encoding scheme embedded into an automation track surface: An automation system for an in vitro diagnostics environment includes a plurality of intelligent carriers that include onboard processing and navigation capabilities. A central scheduler can communicate wirelessly with the carriers to direct the carriers to carry a fluid sample to testing stations along a track within the automation system.... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150010438 - Mobile custom-made hand-held chemical detection device for interfacing with a smart device: A mobile custom-made hand-held chemical detection device interfacing with a smart device. The device includes at least one sensor, a microcontroller, and a Bluetooth module. The at least one sensor detects an associated chemical and generates information in response thereto so as to form chemical detection information. The microcomputer is... Agent:

20150010439 - Plasma generating device: The present invention aims to provide a plasma generation device including: a plasma generation part which generates plasma; diluent gas supply means which supplies a diluent gas for diluting the plasma generated by the plasma generation part; and a spray port through which a plasma gas resulting from the dilution... Agent: Imagineering, Inc.

20150010440 - Sterilization tray for instruments: The disclosure of the present application includes a sterilization tray for instruments. In an exemplary embodiment of a sterilization tray of the present disclosure, the sterilization tray comprises a sheet having a first end, an opposing second end, and a center portion between the first end and second end, in... Agent: Estes Design And Manufacturing, Inc.

20150010441 - Electronic pregnancy test device: A handheld, readily portable, electronic pregnancy test device including a Central Processing Unit in operational communication with a human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone sensor able to detect a level of human Chorionic Gonadotropin in a blood sample disposed upon a test strip, said test strip loaded into the device through a... Agent:

20150010442 - Introducing an analyte into a chemical analyzer: A chemical pre-concentrator includes a conduit defining a flow path between two ends and having a heating element disposed within the conduit, such that the heating element has at least one sorbent material deposited directly on at least a portion of a conductive surface of the heating element. Some such... Agent:

20150010443 - Reagent container for biological sample analyzer and method for manufacturing reagent container: A reagent container for a biological sample analyzer that has higher impact resistance than a conventional one and a method for manufacturing the reagent container are provided. The reagent container for a biological sample analyzer is formed of a paper sheet member and has a bottom surface and side wall... Agent:

20150010444 - Sensor support for a reactor undergoing charging: A process for preparing a reactor (1), said reactor defining an opening (13) for the passage of a device for dispensing solid particles (3) suitable for charging the reactor with solid particles, the process comprising:—providing a sensor support device (2) to which a sensor is attached, said sensor being intended... Agent: Total Raffinage France

20150010445 - Modular flow reactor: A modular flow reactor is formed of a plurality of modules, wherein each module comprises a body having at least one conduit passing therethrough, and wherein a plurality of said modules are aligned along a longitudinal axis such that said conduits of said modules are aligned to form a passage... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150004053 - Recirculating inert gas purification apparatus used with gloveboxes, gloveboxes incorporating the same and methods of using the same: An apparatus that may entirely be contained in a glovebox for the removal of at least one contaminant from an inert atmosphere. The apparatus includes a body, a media in the body for the removal of at least one of the contaminants from the inert atmosphere flowing through the media,... Agent:

20150004054 - Corrosion control methods: There are provided methods of suppressing corrosion of a corrodible metal surface that contacts a water stream in a water system, the method comprising: (a) introducing into the water stream a shot dose of a treatment composition comprising a corrosion inhibitor, the shot dose being introduced into the water stream... Agent:

20150004055 - Graphene-based antibacterial therapy and using the same: Photothermal antibacterial material RMG is provided in the present invention, where R represents aldehyde, di-aldehyde or multi-aldehyde, M is magnetic material, and G is reduced graphene oxide. A method of synthesizing the abovementioned antibacterial material comprises of three steps. At first graphene oxide was synthesized, followed by simultaneous reduction and... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20150004056 - Method for sanitizing/sterilizing a container/enclosure via controlled exposure to a hollow or non-hollow electromagnetic radiation source: A method for sanitizing/sterilizing a container/enclosure for use in the food industry or the beverage industry comprising the steps of: providing a container and/or enclosure; providing a hollow or non-hollow electromagnetic radiation source; controllably exposing the container and/or enclosure to electromagnetic radiation from the electromagnetic radiation source for a period... Agent:

20150004057 - Constricting pressure valve apparatus and methods thereof: A valve apparatus and methods associated thereof are provided. The valve apparatus includes a valve housing structure. A first valve portion is connected to the valve housing structure, wherein the first valve portion has a sealing edge. A second valve portion is positioned at least partially within the valve housing... Agent:

20150004058 - Methods for forming a channel through a polymer layer using one or more photoresist layers: A method may involve forming one or more photoresist layers over a sensor located on a structure, such that the sensor is covered by the one or more photoresist layers. The sensor is configured to detect an analyte. The method may involve forming a first polymer layer. Further, the method... Agent:

20150004059 - Linear, cartridge-based glucose measurement system: A test sensor container (400) is designed for use with an analyte measuring system (40). The test sensor container (100) may include a cartridge (200) including a plurality of stacked individual compartments (202) connected to one another in an accordion-style fashion. Each individual compartment (202) is collapsible from an expanded... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20150004060 - System for controlling environment in a reaction box: A system (100) for controlling the environment in a reaction box (300) comprises a controller (150) configured to control a gas multiplexer (130) to switch between applying an under pressure in the reaction box (300) from a vacuum pump (140) and applying a gas flow from a connected gas source... Agent:

20150004061 - Ozone sanitizing system: A device for sanitizing objects using ozone is disclosed having a container defining an enclosed space and a selectively closeable opening for enclosing the space, an ozone generator, an ozone converter, a controller, and a timer working together to generate a predetermined concentration of ozone within the enclosed space and... Agent:

20150004062 - Systems for fuels from biomass: The present application generally relates to a system to prepare a fuel from a biomass and a petroleum fraction wherein a renewable fuel oil is obtained via pyrolysis, delivered to the injection point of a refinery system, and then co-processed with a petroleum fraction in the presence of a catalyst.... Agent:

20150004063 - Air purifying apparatus using microwaves: In an air purifying apparatus for removing contaminants, such as soot and the like, by burning contaminated air while passing the contaminated air through a filter heated by microwaves, the apparatus includes: a housing, which is hollow, and comprises an inlet on one side and an outlet on the other... Agent:

20150004064 - Wet type dust collector for air purifying: A wet type dust collector for air purifying according to an embodiment of the present invention can efficiently cool polluted air and remove sludge because it is designed to be able to continuously cool polluted air from the outside with cooling water, which is cooled and circulated, and to remove... Agent:

20150004065 - Filter cartridge for an air purifier: Provided is a filter cartridge for an air purifier, comprising a structure ensuring the retention of a filter medium, the filter medium comprising a standard absorbent material chosen from the group consisting of activated charcoal or zeolites, and the filter medium further comprises a nanoporous specific absorbent material functionalized with... Agent:

20150004066 - Personal air freshener: Personal scent delivery devices and perfume refills thereof allow a user to enjoy a personalized scent experience while not disturbing others that may be nearby (e.g., in an office setting).... Agent:

20150004067 - Fluidized catalytic cracking apparatus: The present application generally relates to a fluidized catalytic cracking apparatus having one or more ports for injecting a renewable fuel oil for co-processing the renewable fuel oil and a petroleum fraction.... Agent:

20150004068 - Catalytic reduction of nox: A system for NOx reduction in combustion gases, especially from diesel engines, incorporates an oxidation catalyst to convert at least a portion of NO to NO2, particulate filter, a source of reductant such as NH3 and an SCR catalyst and methods for operating such a system are disclosed. Considerable improvements... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Ltd. Co.

20150004069 - Chemical reaction apparatus: A chemical reaction apparatus includes: a horizontal flow-type reactor inside of which has been partitioned into multiple chambers by a partition plate, and a liquid content horizontally flows with an unfilled space being provided thereabove; a microwave generator that generates microwaves; and at least one waveguide that transmits the microwaves... Agent: Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150004070 - Ozone generation apparatus: An ozone generation apparatus includes a cylindrical shaped first electrode, a cylindrical shaped second electrode disposed coaxially with the first electrode and disposed in the first electrode, a dielectric disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode. Dry air is supplied between the first electrode and the second electrode... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150004071 - Apparatus for producing high yields of carbon nanostructures: An apparatus for producing high yields of carbon nanostructures is disclosed. The apparatus includes an electric arc furnace and a feeder that directs solid carbon dioxide into an electrical arc generated by the electric arc furnace. Carbon nanostructures are produced within the electrical arc without producing magnesium oxide (MgO).... Agent:

20150004073 - Olefin hydration process with an integrated membrane reactor: An olefin hydration process and reactor are provided, where an integrated membrane selectively removes alcohol product from the reactor, thereby allowing for increased yields.... Agent:

20150004072 - Process and apparatus for producing diesel: A process and apparatus is disclosed for pretreating a hydrocarbon stream in a hydrotreating reactor and separating the diesel materials from the pretreated effluent before the heavier liquid materials are fed to a hydrocracking unit. Thus diesel materials are preserved but recovered along with the hydrocracked effluent. A recovered diesel... Agent:

20150004074 - Fluid distribution device for multibed reactors: A fluid distribution device is presented for the collection and distribution of fluid between reactor beds. According to various aspects, the device includes a collection tray, a mixing chamber in fluid communication with the collection tray, a rough distribution tray in fluid communication with the mixing chamber, and a fine... Agent: Uop LLC

20150004076 - Medical seal and medical sterilizing container: The invention relates to a medical seal for a medical sterilizing container having a container bottom part and a container top part for closing the container bottom part. Said seal is formed so as to be closed within itself and is adapted to be arranged on and extend around the... Agent:

20150004075 - Surgical sterilizing container tub and surgical sterilizing container with a sterilizing container tub: A surgical sterilizing container tub is provided on which a sterilizing container lid is adapted to be detachably fitted for formation of a surgical sterilizing container for holding surgical instruments for sterilization. The sterilizing container tub has a bottom and a container wall projecting from the bottom. The sterilizing container... Agent:

20150004077 - Integrated human organ-on-chip microphysiological systems: The invention provides integrated Organ-on-Chip microphysiological systems representations of living Organs and support structures for such microphysiological systems.... Agent:

20150004078 - Sampling pipette which detects the passage of the piston through a predetermined position: The invention relates to a manually actuated sampling pipette, comprising a piston designed to undergo a dispensing movement during which first elastic return means are loaded, followed by a purge movement during which second elastic return means are loaded, and comprising an electronic device (40) that will receive a switching... Agent: Gilson Sas

20150004079 - Biological fluids concentration assembly: A biological fluids concentration device, including a tube-in-tube assembly, is disclosed. The tube-in-tube assembly receives biologic fluids and may then be placed in the bucket of a centrifuge and spun to separate out the components of the biological fluid by their various densities. For example, whole blood may be centrifuged... Agent: Alliance Partners LLC

20150004080 - Fluids concentration cup assembly with hourglass shape: A biological fluid collection cup for use with a centrifuge bucket to separate a biological fluid into its component parts is disclosed. It includes an hourglass shape with a large upper and lower portion and a narrow middle portion. A piston is to slide into and slideably be received in... Agent: Alliance Partners LLC

12/25/2014 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140377130 - Systems, methods and articles to provide olfactory sensations: A scent release system includes scent cartridges containing temperature activated scent media. The scent cartridges may bear machine-readable identification that specifies which scent media are carried by the cartridge. The scent release system can be controlled by a timer to initiate a phase change of the scent media to selectively... Agent:

20140377131 - Methods and stabilized compositions for reducing deposits in water systems: A stabilized mixed oxidant solution may be produced by flowing a starting solution (e.g., salt brine, hypochlorous acid, and/or sodium hypochlorite) through a flow-through electrochemical module including first and second passages separated by an ion permeable membrane while electric power is applied between an anode and cathode in electrical communication... Agent: Blue Earth Labs, LLC

20140377132 - Automatic analyzer: An automatic analyzer includes a sample dispensing unit that dispenses a sample into a reaction vessel, a reagent dispensing unit that dispenses a reagent, a sample nozzle cleaning tank that cleans a nozzle of the sample dispensing unit, a reagent nozzle cleaning tank that cleans a nozzle of the reagent... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140377133 - Fluid analysis cartridge: Provided is a fluid analysis cartridge that performs a test on a fluid sample. The fluid analysis cartridge includes: a testing part configured to receive a fluid sample and configured to perform a test on the fluid sample; a housing including at least one supply hole configured to supply the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140377134 - System for controlling and optimizing reactions in solid phase synthesis of small molecules: A instrument for performing synthesis of small molecules such as Oligos and Peptides when using solid phase synthesis techniques to synthesize small molecules. The system and methods include a mechanism for controlling the pressure differential across the reaction vessels that contain the solid support used in solid phase synthesis. Reaction... Agent: Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc.

20140377135 - Filter systems including patterned optical analyte sensors and optical readers: A filter system includes a housing, a filter medium disposed within the housing, an optical analyte sensor, and an optical reader. The optical analyte sensor is characterized by a first region that exhibit a first response to an analyte of interest and a second region that exhibit a second, different,... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140377136 - Filtering assembly and filtering method for air and gaseous fluids in general: A filtering assembly for air and gaseous fluids in general is provided comprising a duct, which can be crossed by a gaseous fluid carrying pollutants. The filtering assembly comprises: at least one filtering station to remove toxic gases and solid particle pollutants of dimensions preferably greater than 50 μm; at... Agent: Tecnologica S.a.s Di Vanella Salvatore & C.

20140377137 - System for recycling product streams separated from a hydrocarbon-containing feed stream: The present invention relates to a process for recycling product streams that have been separated from a hydrocarbon-containing feed stream comprising olefin monomer, olefin co-monomer, hydrocarbon diluent and components such as H2, N2, O2, CO, CO2, and formaldehyde. In accordance with the present process a hydrocarbon-containing feed stream is separated... Agent:

20140377138 - Method and device for producing polyphosphoric acid: A method and device for producing polyphosphoric acid burns a fuel in combustion air in a combustion chamber, sprays a spray fluid comprising substantially pure orthophosphoric acid and undertakes polymerization-condensation of the pure orthophosphoric acid. A polyphosphoric acid in the form of an acid mist accompanied by formation of gases... Agent: Prayon Technologies

20140377139 - Mixing device for mixing raw material and catalyst in fluid catalytic cracking device: A mixing device used in a fluidized catalytic cracking apparatus which mixes feed and a catalyst includes a cylindrical reaction container which supplies a catalyst in a vertical direction; a plurality of feed injection nozzles arranged along an outer circumference of the reaction container; and a catalyst flow regulator which... Agent:

20140377141 - Method of fixing carbon dioxide: A method and system of fixing carbon dioxide is provided. After metal ion components are extracted from, e.g., natural mineral or steel slag through acid treatment, carbon dioxide is injected to fix carbon dioxide by carbonating the same. Since the procedure of pH adjustment is unnecessary, the reaction is carried... Agent:

20140377140 - Process and apparatus for producing diesel from a hydrocarbon stream: A process and apparatus are disclosed for hydrotreating a hydrocarbon feed in a hydrotreating unit and hydrocracking a liquid hydrotreating effluent stream in a hydrocracking unit. A hot separator separates the diesel in a liquid hot hydrotreating effluent stream that serves as feed to the hydrocracking unit. Low sulfur diesel... Agent:

20140377142 - Process for producing hydrocarbon oil and system for producing hydrocarbon oil: Hydrocarbon oil obtained by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reaction using a slurry bed reactor holding a slurry of a liquid hydrocarbon in which a catalyst is suspended; the hydrocarbon oil is fractionated into a distilled oil and a column bottom oil containing the catalyst fine powder by a rectifying column; at least... Agent:

20140377143 - Filter element for disc drive enclosure: A recirculation filter element for a disc drive enclosure. The filter element has a body having a surface area to volume ratio of at least 100/m and a self-assembled monolayer. The self-assembled monolayer may adsorb volatile contaminants from the enclosure or may have a chemical affinity to particulates, to accumulate... Agent:

20140377144 - In situ mixing in microchannels: The present invention provides methods, systems and apparatus in which one fluid passes through an orifice or orifices and mixes with another fluid as it flows through a microchannel.... Agent:

20140377146 - Microfluidic assay operating system and methods of use: A pneumatically driven portable assay cartridge having analyte capture regions associated with microfluidic channels within its interior, the portable cartridge having pneumatic ports clampable against pneumatic ports of an operating instrument for controlled application of positive pressure and vacuum to pneumatic operating channels within the cartridge, the cartridge having a... Agent:

20140377145 - Microfluidic mixing device: A microfluidic mixing device comprises a main channel and a number of secondary channels extending from a portion of the main channel and entering another portion of the main channel. A number of actuators are located in the secondary channels to pump fluids through the secondary channels. A microfluidic mixing... Agent:

20140377147 - Chromatography pipette tip: Chromatography pipette tip having a first vessel and a second vessel which is open at two opposite ends and which, in each instance, has a bottom orifice via which a sample liquid can either be sucked in or expelled. The two vessels are fluidically and sealably connected to one another.... Agent:

20140377148 - Device and method for handling biological tissues: A tissue handling device is disclosed. A tissue collecting device is disclosed. A cassette for handling biological tissues is disclosed. A tissue dyeing device is disclosed. A method for handling biological tissues is disclosed. A method for dyeing biological tissues is disclosed.... Agent:

20140377149 - Reagent vessel and kit thereof: The present invention is related to a reagent vessel, comprising: at least one first tube and at least one second tube, wherein second tube has a section area of the opening greater than one of the bottom. A kit for a reagent vessel is also provided herein, comprising: the reagent... Agent: Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Inc.

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