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Catalyst, solid sorbent, or support therefor: product or process of making

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04/16/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150105235 - Photocatalyst, preparation method thereof, and photocatalyst apparatus: Provided are: a photocatalyst comprising a porous first metal oxide film having pores, and a second metal particle or a second metal oxide particle formed inside the pores; a method for preparing the photocatalyst; and a photocatalyst apparatus using the photocatalyst.... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20150105236 - Hybrid fischer-tropsch catalysts: Disclosed are hybrid Fischer-Tropsch catalysts containing cobalt deposited on hybrid supports. The hybrid supports contain an acidic zeolite component and a silica-containing material. It has been found that the use of the hybrid Fischer-Tropsch catalysts in synthesis gas conversion reactions results in high C5+ productivity, high CO conversion rates and... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150105237 - Catalytic component for trimerization and trimerization catalyst: Disclosed is a catalytic component for trimerization containing a transition metal complex with which 1-hexene can be produced efficiently with excellent selectivity, even under high temperature conditions, by means of an ethylene trimerization reaction. Also disclosed is a trimerization catalyst that is obtained by bringing an olefin copolymerization catalyst and... Agent:

20150105238 - Activator compositions, their preparation, and their use in catalysts: This invention provides activator precursor compositions and activator compositions. The activator precursor compositions are formed from a support material, a linking compound, and polyfunctional compounds having at least two aromatic groups in which at least two of said aromatic groups each has at least one polar moiety thereon. The activator... Agent:

20150105239 - Crown ether containing pem electrode: A membrane electrode assembly for fuel cells includes a proton conducting membrane having a first side and a second side. The membrane electrode assembly further includes an anode disposed over the first side of the proton conducting layer and a cathode catalyst layer disposed over the second side of the... Agent:

20150105240 - Method of forming an agent and its use in desulphurisation: The present disclosure is directed to a desulphurisation agent for removing sulphurous species from a diluent or process stream, and a use of such agent. In some examples, the agent may include a compound of manganese, pore forming particles and a compound of copper. The agent may be introduced into... Agent: M-i Drilling Fluids Uk Limited

20150105241 - Process for the production of non-sintered transition metal carbide and nitride nanoparticles: Transition metal carbide, nitride, phosphide, sulfide, or boride nanoparticles can be made by transforming metal oxide materials coated in a ceramic material in a controlled environment. The coating prevents sintering while allowing the diffusion of reactive gases through the inorganic matrix that can then alter the metal nanoparticle oxidation state,... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150105242 - Influence of base metal loadings on twc performance of zpgm catalysts: Influence of a plurality of base metal loadings on TWC performance of ZPGM catalysts for TWC applications is disclosed. ZPGM catalyst samples are prepared and configured with washcoat on ceramic substrate, overcoat including doped Zirconia support oxide, and impregnation layer of Cu—Mn spinel with different base metal loadings. Testing of... Agent: Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.

20150105243 - Systems and methods for zero-pgm binary catalyst having cu, mn, and fe for twc applications: Variations of bulk powder catalyst material including Cu—Mn, Cu—Fe, and Fe—Mn spinel systems for ZPGM TWC applications are disclosed. The disclosed bulk powder catalyst samples include stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric Cu—Mn, Cu—Fe, and Fe—Mn spinels on Pr6O11—ZrO2 support oxide, prepared using incipient wetness method. Activity measurements under isothermal steady state sweep... Agent: Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.

20150105244 - Electrode material and its applications in direct fuel cell and electrochemical hydrogenation electrolytic tank: An electrode material for a direct fuel cell or an electrochemical hydrogenation electrolytic tank, includes component A, or component B, or the mixture of component A and component B. The component A is any one of or a mixture of two or more than two of HnNb2O5, HnV2O5, HnMoO3, HnTa2O5... Agent:

20150105247 - Methods and processes of coating zero-pgm catalysts including with cu, mn, fe for twc applications: Variations of coating processes of Cu—Mn—Fe ZPGM catalyst materials for TWC applications are disclosed. The disclosed coating processes for Cu—Mn—Fe spinel materials are enabled in the preparation ZPGM catalyst samples according to a plurality of catalyst configurations, which may include an alumina only washcoat layer coated on a suitable ceramic... Agent: Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.

20150105246 - Thermally stable compositions of osm free of rare earth metals: The effect of aging temperature on oxygen storage materials (OSM) substantially free from platinum group (PGM) and rare earth (RE) metals is disclosed. Samples of ZPGM-ZRE metals OSM, hydrothermally aged at a plurality of high temperatures are found to have significantly high oxygen storage capacity (OSC) and phase stability than... Agent:

20150105245 - Zero-pgm catalyst with oxygen storage capacity for twc systems: ZPGM-ZRE catalyst system substantially free from platinum group (PGM) and rare earth (RE) metals for TWC application is disclosed. Disclosed ZPGM-ZRE catalyst system may include pure alumina as washcoat and a Cu—Mn stoichiometric spinel with Nb2O5—ZrO2 support oxide, as ZPGM-ZRE catalyst in overcoat. Disclosed ZPGM-ZRE catalyst systems are found to... Agent: Cdti

20150105248 - Low temperature sulfur tolerant tar and sulfur removal with concomitant synthesis gas conditioning: A catalyst comprising of NiO; Al2O3; and ZnO. The catalyst is capable of greater than 5% sulfur removal from a synthesis gas at a temperature range from 300° C. to 600° C.... Agent:

20150105249 - Metal suboxide and methods of preparing same: A metal suboxide having a specific surface area of greater than or equal to about 1.5 m2/g is prepared by preparing a metal suboxide precursor, and heat-treating the metal suboxide precursor.... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20150105250 - Metal-organic frameworks for oxygen storage and air separation: Adsorption systems providing a capacity of at least 200 g/L for oxygen-containing mixtures, or an oxygen-nitrogen selectivity of at least 1.4:1 or at least 1:2 with an adsorbed capacity of at least 0.6 mmol/g at 4 bar and 22° C.... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150099620 - Parallel passage fluid contactor structure: A parallel passage fluid contactor structure for chemical reaction processes has one or more segments, where each segment has a plurality of substantially parallel fluid flow passages oriented in an axial direction; cell walls between each adjacent fluid flow passages and each cell wall has at least two opposite cell... Agent:

20150099621 - Photocatalyst, manufacturing method therefor, and photocatalyst apparatus: Provided is a photocatalyst including: a porous metal oxide film; and metal particles formed on a surface of the porous metal oxide film.... Agent:

20150099622 - Selective surface impregnation method for catalytically active materials on particulate catalyst support using mutual repulsive force and soblubility difference between hydrophilic solvent and hydrophobic solvent: A method for preparing a catalyst having catalytically active materials selectively impregnated or supported only in the surface region of the catalyst particle using the mutual repulsive force of a hydrophobic solution and a hydrophilic solution and the solubility difference to a metal salt precursor between the hydrophobic and hydrophilic... Agent:

20150099623 - Oxide film and proton conductive device: The present invention provides an oxide film composed of an oxide having a perovskite crystal structure. The oxide is represented by a chemical formula A1-x(E1-yGy)Oz. A represents at least one element selected from the group consisting of Ba, Sr, and Ca. E represents at least one element selected from the... Agent:

20150099624 - Super absorbent polymer: The present invention relates to a super absorbent polymer. According to the present invention, provided is a super absorbent polymer which includes (meth)acrylated polyalkylene glycol on an internally crosslinked polymer inside a surface modified layer, thereby exhibiting more improved absorbency and retention capacity.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

04/02/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150094200 - Method of making fuel cell catalyst: A method including the steps of combining a catalyst metal and a leachable metal to obtain a metallic alloy; and electrochemically removing at least a portion of the leachable metal from the metallic alloy to form a catalyst structure having nanometric pores.... Agent:

20150094201 - Process for regenerating a coked catalytic cracking catalyst: A process for regenerating a coked catalytic cracking catalyst which the carbon-containing deposits on the catalyst contains at least 1 wt % bio-carbon, based on the total weight of carbon present in the carbon-containing deposits is provided. Such coked catalytic cracking catalyst is contacted with an oxygen containing gas at... Agent:

20150094202 - Processes for activating adsorbent materials in adsorbed gas systems: Disclosed in certain embodiments are methods of filling storage containers with adsorbent materials (e.g., metal organic framework) and methods to increase the storage capacity of the adsorbent materials... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150087497 - Electrically heated catalyst for a compression ignition engine: An emissions control device for a compression ignition engine is described. The emissions control device comprises: (a) a first catalyst comprising an electrically heatable substrate and a first composition disposed on the electrically heatable substrate, wherein the first composition comprises alumina and a first platinum group metal (PGM); and (b)... Agent:

20150087498 - Production of graphene and nanoparticle catalysts supported on graphene using microwave radiation: Microwave irradiation is used to synthesize graphene and metallic nanocatalysts supported on graphene either by solid or solution phase. In solid phase methods, no solvents or additional reducing agents are required so the methods are “environmentally friendly” and economical, and the graphene and nanocatalysts are substantially free of residual contaminants.... Agent: Virginia Commonwealth University

20150087499 - Honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure includes a honeycomb unit. The honeycomb unit has a plurality of through holes defined by partition walls along a longitudinal direction of the honeycomb unit. The partition walls have a thickness of approximately 0.1 mm to approximately 0.4 mm. The honeycomb unit is manufactured by molding raw... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150087500 - Novel neodymium compound and catalyst for diene polymerization including the same: The present invention relates to a neodymium compound represented by Formula 1 and a catalyst for diene polymerization including the same.... Agent:

20150087501 - Base material-carried catalyst and method of manufacturing base material-carried catalyst: A base material-carried catalyst including a base material, a cured body of a thermosetting resin formed on the surface of the base material, fine particles having catalytic activity carried on the surface of the cured body, in which the thermosetting resin has a phenolic hydroxyl group.... Agent: Kochi University Of Technology

20150087502 - Process for preparing a catalytic composition for the hydroconversion of petroleum fractions: The invention relates to a method of preparing a catalytic composition comprising at least one non-noble metal from group VIII and at least one metal from group VIB of the periodic table. The invention also relates to the catalytic composition thus produced, which has a high specific activity in reactions... Agent:

20150087503 - Exhaust gas purification catalyst: An exhaust gas purification catalytic material for purifying exhaust gas from an engine includes ZrLaY composite oxide containing ZrO2 as a main component, 2% by mass or more and 10% by mass or less of La2O3, and 2% by mass or more and 20% by mass or less of Y2O3,... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20150087504 - Palladium catalyst: Provided is a palladium catalyst in which palladium (Pd) is used as a catalyst active component, and particularly a novel palladium catalyst which can purify CO and THC with high efficiency even under a fuel-rich atmosphere having a high space velocity (SV). Proposed is a palladium catalyst having a substrate... Agent:

20150087505 - Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene and preparation of multimetallic mixed oxide catalyst for such process: Oxidative dehydrogenation of light paraffins, such as ethane at moderate temperatures (<500° C.) to produce ethylene without the formation of side products such as acetic acid and/or other oxygenated hydrocarbons is achieved using tellurium-free, multimetallic catalysts possessing orthorhombic M1 phase and other crystalline structures that have an important role for... Agent:

20150087506 - Nanostructured titania catalyst with stabilized acidity and process thereof: The present invention is directed to a process for obtaining a nanostructured titania catalyst with stabilized acidity through the sol-gel method and hydrotreatment and thermal activation; constituted basically by titanium oxide, specially characterized of being as nanostructures in its evolution nanocrystals-nanotubes-nanocrystals, that gives special physicochemical properties such as high specific... Agent:

20150087507 - Honeycomb ceramic substrates, honeycomb extrusion dies, and methods of making honeycomb ceramic substrates: A honeycomb ceramic substrate, a method of making thereof, and a honeycomb extrusion die configured to extrude a honeycomb ceramic substrate from a batch of ceramic or ceramic-forming material is provided. The substrate may include a lattice of intersecting walls defining a honeycomb network of flow channels extending between an... Agent: Corning Incorporated

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