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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150148214 - Process for regenerating catalyst in a fluid catalytic cracking unit: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for regenerating catalyst in a fluid catalytic cracking unit. Generally, the process includes providing a feed to a riser of a reaction vessel, and providing a stream to a distributor positioned within a void proximate to an inlet receiving unregenerated catalyst in a... Agent:

20150148215 - Methods for selecting and applying a layer of cu-mn spinel phase to zpgm catalyst systems for twc application: The present disclosure relates to selecting the layer of applying ZPGM active phase in washcoat, or applying ZPGM active phase in overcoat, for achieving optimized performance and enhanced thermal stability. Applying ZPGM active phase catalyst in overcoat shows improvements compare to applying ZPGM active phase in washcoat. The selected active... Agent: Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (cdti)

20150148216 - Spinel compositions and applications thereof: Spinels having a general formula of AB2O4, where A and B are a transition metal but not the same transition metal are disclosed. Spinel and spinel compositions of the application are useful in various applications and methods as further described.... Agent:

20150148217 - Method for producing nox removal catalyst for high-temperature exhaust gas: Provided is a method for producing a NOx removal catalyst for high-temperature exhaust gas, comprising: calcining a mixture comprising ZrO2 and TiO2 with a ZrO2 content ratio of 15% by weight to 55% by weight at 500±15° C. to obtain a composite oxide support and supporting tungsten oxide on the... Agent:

20150148219 - Composition including a lanthanum perovskite on an alumina or aluminium oxyhydroxide substrate, preparation method and use in catalysis: The composition according to the invention includes a perovskite of the formula LaMO3, where M is at least one element selected from among iron, aluminium or manganese, in the form of particles dispersed on an alumina or aluminium oxyhydroxide substrate, characterized in that after calcination at 700° C. for 4... Agent:

20150148218 - Strontium cobaltite oxygen sponge catalyst and methods of use: Rapid, reversible redox activity may be accomplished at significantly reduced temperatures, as low as about 200° C., from epitaxially stabilized, oxygen vacancy ordered SrCoO2.5 and thermodynamically unfavorable perovskite SrCoO3-δ. The fast, low temperature redox activity in SrCoO3-δ may be attributed to a small Gibbs free energy difference between the two... Agent:

20150148220 - Process for elimination of hexavalent chromium compounds on metallic substrates within zero-pgm catalyst systems: Process for manufacturing ZPGM catalysts systems that may allow the prevention of formation or the conversion of corrosion causing compounds, such as hexavalent chromium compounds, within ZPGM catalyst systems is disclosed. In one embodiment, disclosed ZPGM catalysts systems, may include metallic substrate, which may include alloys of iron and chromium,... Agent: Cdti

20150148221 - Catalyst materials useful for sour gas shift reactions and methods for using them: The disclosure provides molybdenum and/or tungsten containing catalyst materials useful for the sour gas shift reactions and methods for using such catalyst materials, for example, for converting carbon monoxide and steam to carbon dioxide and hydrogen.... Agent: Clariant Corporation

20150148222 - Effect of support oxides on optimal performance and stability of zpgm catalyst systems: The present disclosure relates to selecting support oxide for ZPGM catalyst for optimal performance under TWC condition, for achieving enhanced catalyst activity, and improved thermal stability during aging. The selected active phase material may include a chemical composition that is substantially free from PGM, including a formulation of stoichiometric Cu—Mn... Agent: Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (cdti)

20150148224 - Oxygen storage capacity and thermal stability of synergized pgm catalyst systems: Synergized PGM (SPGM) catalyst systems including ZPGM material compositions and formulations are disclosed. Variations of catalyst systems are tested to determine the synergistic effect of adding ZPGM material to PGM catalysts. The synergistic effect is determined under isothermal oscillating condition from which enhanced OSC property indicates enhanced catalytic behavior of... Agent: Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (cdti)

20150148223 - System and methods for using synergized pgm as a three-way catalyst: Synergies resulting from combinations of catalyst systems including Copper-Manganese material compositions and PGM catalysts are disclosed. Variations of catalyst system configurations are tested to determine most effective material composition, formulation, and configuration for an optimal synergized PGM (SPGM) catalyst system. The synergistic effect of the selected SPGM catalyst system is... Agent: Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (cdti)

20150148225 - Systems and methods for managing a synergistic relationship between pgm and copper-manganese in a three way catalyst systems: Synergized Platinum Group Metals (SPGM) catalyst systems for TWC application are disclosed. Disclosed SPGM catalyst systems may include a washcoat with a Cu—Mn spinel structure, Cu1.0Mn2.0O4, supported on Nb2O5—ZrO2 and an overcoat that includes PGM supported on carrier material oxides, such as alumina. SPGM catalyst system that includes the spinel... Agent: Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (cdti)

20150148226 - Column packing material, column using the same, and method of separation using the same: Aimed at readily and exactly separate 8-hydroxy-2′-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) contained in a sample, a column packing material used for separating 8-OHdG, which contains a packing material composed of a material having a straight-chain hydrocarbon group having 6 or more and 30 or less carbon atoms as a functional group, and having... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150141236 - Advanced catalysts for automotive applications: Embodiments of present inventions are directed to an advanced catalyst. The advanced catalyst includes a honeycomb structure with an at least one nano-particle on the honeycomb structure. The advanced catalyst used in diesel engines is a two-way catalyst. The advanced catalyst used in gas engines is a three-way catalyst. In... Agent:

20150141237 - Disordered molecular sieve supports for the selective catalytic reduction of nox: A catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NOx having one or more transition metals selected from Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ce, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga, Mo, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, In, Sn, Re, Ir, Pt, and mixtures thereof supported on a support, wherein the support has a molecular sieve having... Agent:

20150141238 - Nanoparticle catalyst capable of forming aromatic hydrocarbons from co2 and h2: Nanocatalysts and methods of using the same to obtain aromatic hydrocarbon compounds from a source of carbon atoms and a source of hydrogen atoms in a single reaction step is provided. The catalyst comprises an Fe/Fe3O4 nanocatalyst that may be supported on a non-reactive support material such as a zeolite... Agent:

20150141239 - Gas phase heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of alkanes to aliphatic ketones and/or other oxygenates: A catalyst, its method of preparation and its use for producing aliphatic ketones by subjecting alkanes C3 to C9 to a gas phase catalytic oxidation in the presence of air or oxygen, and, optionally, steam and/or one or more diluting gases. The catalyst comprises a catalytically active mixed metal oxide... Agent:

20150141240 - Methods and apparatus for making catalyst films: The present disclosure provides improved films/coatings (e.g., catalyst films/coatings), and improved assemblies/methods for fabricating such films/coatings. More particularly, the present disclosure provides advantageous assemblies/methods for fabricating or synthesizing catalytic material (e.g., catalytic nanostructures) in flame and depositing the catalytic material onto substrates. The present disclosure provides improved catalytic nanostructures, and... Agent: University Of Connecticut

20150141241 - Separating agent for optical isomer: Provided is a novel separating agent for optical isomers based on a helical polymer having optically active sites. The separating agent for optical isomers has a helical polymer having a structure represented by Formula (I), and a carrier that supports the helical polymer, wherein the helical polymer is supported by... Agent: Daicel Corporation A Corporation

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