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Catalyst, solid sorbent, or support therefor: product or process of making

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10/02/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140296054 - Honeycomb structure: To provide a honeycomb structure capable of using as a catalyst carrier, which suitably functions as a heater by applying a voltage, and where a bonding layer is hard to break; and including a honeycomb segment bonded body where honeycomb segments are bonded by bonding layer, and a pair of... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140296055 - Honeycomb structure and manufacturing method thereof: To provide a honeycomb structure capable of using as a catalyst carrier, which functions as a heater, and where a bonding layer is hard to break and an electrical resistance value is hard to rise; including a honeycomb segment bonded body where honeycomb segments are bonded by bonding layer, and... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140296056 - Fibrous photo-catalyst and method for producing the same: A fibrous photo-catalyst includes titanium oxide, zinc oxide, and a transition metal. A molar ratio of the transition metal and the titanium oxide ranges from 0.1:100 to 8:100, and a molar ratio of the zinc oxide and the titanium oxide ranges from 5:100 to 50:100.... Agent:

20140296057 - Mitigation of plugging in hydroprocessing reactors: The behavior of a monitored condition over time for a reactor or reaction system can be analyzed using groupings or windows of data to identify anomalous features in the time-average values. Anomalous features can be identified based on a threshold value generated from the analysis. Based on identification of an... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140296058 - Dehydrogenation reactor catalyst collector with hot hydrogen stripping zone: A process and apparatus is presented for the removal of sulfur from a catalyst. The catalyst is a dehydrogenation catalyst, and sulfur accumulates during the dehydrogenation process. The sulfur is removed before the catalyst is regenerated to prevent the formation of undesirable sulfur oxide compounds created during regeneration. The catalyst,... Agent: Uop LLC

20140296059 - Honeycomb catalyst body: The honeycomb catalyst body is equipped with a honeycomb structure body having partition walls that define a plurality of cells extending from a first end face as one of the end faces to a second end face as the other end face and serving as through channels of a fluid.... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140296060 - Photocatalytic structure and method for manufacturing photocatalytic sol-gels: The invention provides a photocatalytic structure comprising a carrier and a photocatalytic film formed on the carrier, in which the photocatalytic film comprises titanium dioxide with shape of rhombus particles. The titanium dioxide particle has anatase structure. The titanium dioxide particle is rhombus with a major axis 10-15 nm and... Agent: Jm Material Technology Inc.

20140296061 - Catalysts and methods of increasing mass transfer rate of acid gas scrubbing solvents: A novel transition metal trimer compound/catalyst is disclosed. A method of increasing the overall mass transfer rate of acid gas scrubbing solvents utilizing that catalyst is also provided.... Agent: The University Of Kentucky Research Foundation

20140296062 - Mesoporous metal oxides and processes for preparation thereof: A process for preparing a mesoporous metal oxide, i.e., transition metal oxide, Lanthanide metal oxide, a post-transition metal oxide and metalloid oxide. The process comprises providing an acidic mixture comprising a metal precursor, an interface modifier, a hydrotropic ion precursor, and a surfactant; and heating the acidic mixture at a... Agent: University Of Connecticut

20140296063 - Apparatus and process for forming absorbent cores for absorbent sanitary products: An apparatus for forming absorbent cores (54) that include absorbent pads (50) of cellulose fluff and superabsorbent polymers, comprising a forming section (12) configured for forming a continuous moving chain (52) of absorbent pads (50) oriented in a direction transverse with respect to the direction of movement (X) of the... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140287908 - Aggregated graphene oxide and preparing method thereof, aggregated graphene and preparing method thereof, and aggregated and nitrogen-doped graphene and preparing method thereof: Aggregated graphene oxide includes a range of specific surface area, and a method of preparing aggregated graphene oxide includes dispersing graphene oxide in an organic solvent and adding an anti-solvent. Aggregated graphene includes a range of specific surface area, and a method of preparing aggregated graphene includes dispersing graphene oxide... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20140287909 - Method of forming nano-pads of catalytic metal for growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes: Two methods of producing nano-pads of catalytic metal for growth of single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) are disclosed. Both methods utilize a shadow mask technique, wherein the nano-pads are deposited from the catalytic metal source positioned under the angle toward the vertical walls of the opening, so that these walls... Agent:

20140287910 - Hollow spherical zeolite im-5 and preparation method therefor: The present invention provides a hollow IM-5 molecular sieve sphere and the preparation process thereof. The process according to the present invention adds a relatively great amount of the surfactant of a cationic quaternary ammonium salt in the IM-5 molecular sieve system, to form a hollow IM-5 molecular sieve sphere... Agent:

20140287911 - Copper-based catalyst for converting ammonia into nitrogen: A copper-based catalyst which is suitable for converting ammonia of high concentration and with better selectivity, thereby solving a problem of pollution and toxicity due to nitrogen oxides by a conventional catalyst reacting under high temperature is disclosed. The copper-based catalyst comprises: a porous oxide support and a low valent... Agent: I-shou University

20140287912 - Process for preparing a monolithic catalysis element comprising a fibrous support and said monolithic catalysis element: A process for preparing a monolithic catalysis element includes a fibrous support and a catalytic phase supported by the fibrous support and also the monolithic catalysis element. The process includes the steps of preparing a porous coherent structure based on refractory fibers; preparing a substrate including the porous coherent structure... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20140287913 - Photocatalyst and production method of photocatalyst: A photocatalyst, which includes X.titanium hydroxyapatite doped with silver, where the X is an alkaline earth metal having an atomic number equal to or higher than that of calcium. A photocatalyst, which includes calcium.titanium hydroxyapatite, in which at least part of the calcium is substituted with an alkaline earth metal... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140287914 - Stainless steel foil and catalyst carrier for exhaust gas purifying device using the foil: Provided are a stainless steel foil and a catalyst carrier for an exhaust gas purifying device which uses the foil. Specifically, a stainless steel foil contains, in percent by mass, 0.05% or less of C, 2.0% or less of Si, 1.0% or less of Mn, 0.003% or less of S,... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

09/18/2014 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140274660 - Fabric phase sorptive extractors (fpse): A fabric phase sorptive extractor (FPSE) is a sampling device where a flexible fabric is coated with at least one sol-gel derived film that includes at least two of a metal oxide portion, a siloxy portion, and an organic portion, where the gel has at least some amorphous portions. The... Agent: The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

20140274659 - Methods, materials, and apparatuses associated with adsorbing hydrocarbon gas mixtures: Adsorbed natural gas (ANG) technology is an energy efficient approach for storing NG at room temperature and low pressure. ANG technology can be applied to several aspects of the NG industry. The usage of an adsorbent material in natural gas storage and transport may provide increased storage density of NG... Agent: Oscomp Systems Inc.

20140274661 - Methods of removing calcium material from a substrate or catalytic converter: Methods of removing or softening calcium material from a substrate (e.g., a catalytic converter) and regenerating a catalytic converter are provided. A substrate (e.g., a catalyst support material) having a calcium containing material (e.g., calcium-containing fly ash) embedded or deposited thereon can be treated with a composition including one or... Agent:

20140274664 - Dewaxing catalysts: Provided are catalysts including: a zeolite component selected from zeolites having 10-member ring pores, zeolites having 12-member ring pores and a combination thereof, 0.1 to 5 weight % of a hydrogenation component selected from Pt, Pd, Ag, Ni, Co, Mo, W, Rh, Re, Ru, Ir and a mixture thereof, and... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140274663 - Firing (calcination) process and method related to metallic substrates coated with zpgm catalyst: The effect of firing (calcination) cycle on metallic substrates in ZPGM catalyst systems is disclosed. ZPGM catalyst samples with washcoat and overcoat are separately fired in a normal, slow and fast firing cycles to determine the optimal firing cycling that may provide an enhanced catalyst performance, as well as the... Agent: Cdti

20140274662 - Systems and methods for variations of zpgm oxidation catalysts compositions: The present disclosure refers to variation of compositions for catalytic converters free of platinum group metals, which may be employed to manufacture ZPGM oxidation catalyst systems, to remove main pollutants from exhaust of diesel engines, by oxidizing toxic gases. Suitable support oxides material may include ZrO2, ZrO2 doped with lanthanide... Agent: Cdti

20140274665 - Selective catalytic reduction catalyst system: Described are SCR catalyst systems comprising a first SCR catalyst composition and a second SCR catalyst composition arranged in the system, the first SCR catalyst composition having a faster DeNOx response time when exposed to ammonia than the second catalyst composition and the second SCR catalyst composition has a higher... Agent: Basf Corporation

20140274666 - Slurry bed fischer-tropsch catalysts with silica/alumina structural promoters: A structurally promoted, precipitated, Fischer-Tropsch catalyst that exhibits an RCAI-10 of 0-2.8 and/or produces less than 6 wt % fines after 5 hours ASTM Air Jet Attrition testing, due to formation via: preparing a nitrate solution by forming at least one metal slurry and combining the at least one metal... Agent: Rentech, Inc.

20140274667 - Mercury removal sorbents: Sorbents and methods of using them for removing mercury from flue gases over a wide range of temperatures are disclosed. Sorbent materials of this invention comprise oxy- or hydroxyl-halogen (chlorides and bromides) of manganese, copper and calcium as the active phase for Hg0 oxidation, and are dispersed on a high... Agent: Tda Research, Inc.

20140274668 - Enhanced procatalyst composition and process: Disclosed herein are processes for preparing procatalyst compositions and polymers, i.e., propylene-based polymers, produced therefrom. The present procatalyst compositions improve catalyst selectivity and also increase the bulk density of the formant polymer.... Agent: W. R. Grace & Co.-conn.

20140274669 - Catalytic article and method for preparing the same: A catalytic article for destruction of a volatile organic compound includes a porous carrier body, a plurality of catalyst units formed on the carrier body and adapted for destruction of the volatile organic compound, and a plurality of trapping molecules bound to the carrier body. Each of the catalyst units... Agent: National Yunlin University Of Science & Technology

20140274670 - Catalytically highly effective precious metal-carboxylate compounds of ir, ru, rh, pd and au: The invention relates to a process for the production of noble metal carboxylate compounds, in which a noble metal is digested with at least one metal salt in a container and the digestion mass is dissolved in a carboxylic acid and the metallic ions introduced by the metal salt are... Agent: Heraeus Precious Metals Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140274671 - Catalysts for petrochemical catalysis: Metal oxide catalysts comprising various dopants are provided. The catalysts are useful as heterogenous catalysts in a variety of catalytic reactions, for example, the oxidative coupling of methane to C2 hydrocarbons such as ethane and ethylene. Related methods for use and manufacture of the same are also disclosed.... Agent: Siluria Technologies, Inc.

20140274672 - Alkane dehydrogenation catalyst performance obtained by a gel synthesis method: A method of making a catalyst comprises: mixing a catalytically active component and a surfactant to form a mixture, wherein the catalytically active component comprises phosphorus; forming a gel; physically shearing the gel to form a physically sheared gel; combining the physically sheared gel with a support; and calcining the... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140274673 - Method for manufacture of an alkane dehydrogenation catalyst: A method of making a catalyst comprises: mixing three or more catalytically active components with water to form an impregnating solution; contacting a support with the impregnating solution; impregnating the catalytically active components onto the support to form an impregnated support; and calcining the impregnated support to form a catalyst.... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140274674 - Influence of support oxide materials on coating processes of zpgm catalyst materials for twc applications: The influence of a plurality of support oxides on coating process for ZPGM catalysts is disclosed. ZPGM catalyst samples with washcoat on suitable ceramic substrate and overcoat including a plurality of support oxides are prepared including an impregnation layer of Cu—Mn spinel or overcoat may be prepared from powder of... Agent: Cdti

20140274675 - Oxidation catalyst systems compositions and methods thereof: Compositions and methods for the preparation of ZPGM oxidation catalyst systems are disclosed. ZPGM catalyst systems may be employed within catalytic converters under lean hydrocarbon, air to fuel ratio condition to oxidize toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons that may be included in exhaust gas. ZPGM oxidation... Agent: Cdti

20140274676 - Catalytic article with segregated washcoat and methods of making same: Provided herein are catalytic articles and methods of making same using a single coat process. The catalytic article comprises an elongated substrate monolith having a plurality of longitudinally extending passages, each passage having at least a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface, the first and second... Agent: Basf Corporation

20140274678 - Coating process of zero-pgm catalysts and methods thereof: Variations of coating processes of ZPGM catalyst materials for TWC applications are disclosed. The disclosed coating processes for ZPGM materials are enabled in the preparation of ZPGM catalyst samples according to a plurality of catalyst configurations, which may include washcoat and an overcoat layer with or without an impregnation layer,... Agent: Cdti

20140274677 - System and method for optimized oxygen storage capacity and stability of osm without rare metals: It is an object of the present disclosure, to provide an oxygen storage material which may include optimum composition and structure of Cu—Mn spinel as OSM, with a suitable doped zirconia, including Niobium-Zirconia support oxide for OSM applications, which may include a chemical composition substantially free from rare metals. The... Agent: Cdti

20140274679 - Spherical catalyst supports: There is presented a catalyst support that has a substantially spherical body, penetrated with a plurality of tunnels extending from a first end on a surface location of the catalyst body to another end on another surface location of the body. The support is made of alumina or like composition.... Agent: Unicat Catalyst Technologies, Inc.

20140274680 - Low viscosity kraft fiber having an enhanced carboxyl content and methods of making and using the same: A pulp fiber with an enhanced carboxyl content resulting in improved antimicrobial, anti-yellowing and absorptive properties. Methods for making the kraft pulp fiber and products made from it are also described.... Agent: Gp Cellulose Gmbh

09/11/2014 > 24 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140256532 - Oriented photocatalytic semiconductor surfaces: The present disclosure relates to oriented photocatalytic semiconductor surfaces which may include photocatalytic capped colloidal nanocrystals (PCCNs) positioned all in the same orientation. The photoactive material may be employed in a plurality of photocatalytic energy conversion applications such as the photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide and water splitting, among others.... Agent: Sunpower Technologies LLC

20140256533 - Absorbent containment mats: Absorbent containment mats are disclosed. The mats include an upper absorbent layer, a lower liquid impermeable barrier layer, and a peripheral containment edge. The peripheral containment edge may have a lower profile than the absorbent layer. A pressure sensitive adhesive may be applied to the underside of the barrier layer.... Agent:

20140256534 - Metal oxide nanorod arrays on monolithic substrates: A metal oxide nanorod array structure according to embodiments disclosed herein includes a monolithic substrate having a surface and multiple channels, an interface layer bonded to the surface of the substrate, and a metal oxide nanorod array coupled to the substrate surface via the interface layer. The metal oxide can... Agent: University Of Connecticut

20140256535 - Cobalt-based nano catalyst and preparation method thereof: A cobalt-based nano catalyst including a metal combination as a core and a porous material as a shell. The metal combination includes a first metal component Co, a second metal component selected from Ce, La, and Zr, and a third metal component selected from Pt, Ru, Rh, and Re. The... Agent: Wuhan Kaidi Engineering Technology Research Nstitute Co., Ltd.

20140256536 - Process for the conversion of ethane to aromatic hydrocarbons: A process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons which comprises (a) contacting ethane with a dehyroaromatization aromatic catalyst which is comprised of about 0.005 to about 0.1 wt % platinum, an amount of gallium which is equal to or greater than the amount of the platinum, from about 10 to about 99.9... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20140256537 - Addition of a base to enhance product yield in alkylation reactions: A process for making styrene including providing toluene, a co-feed, and a C1 source to a reactor containing a catalyst having acid sites and reacting toluene with the C1 source in the presence of the catalyst and the co-feed to form a product stream containing ethylbenzene and styrene, wherein the... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20140256538 - Zeolite core/silica zeolite shell composite, preparing method of the same, and catalyst including the same: The present disclosure relates to a preparing method of a zeolite core/silica zeolite shell composite, which includes adding a zeolite seed crystal into a gel solution containing a silicon-source compound, a structure directing agent and a fluorine anion-source compound, and then, crystallizing the gel solution for growing a silica zeolite... Agent: Sogang University Research Foundation

20140256539 - Silanol condensation catalyst, heat-curable silicone resin composition for sealing photosemiconductors and sealed photosemiconductor using same: A silanol condensation catalyst including at least the zirconium metal salt expressed by Formula (I) below (wherein n is an integer from 1 to 3; each R1 is a hydrocarbon group having from 1 to 16 carbons; and each R2 is a hydrocarbon group having from 1 to 18 carbons.... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140256540 - High surface area photocatalyst material and method of manufacture: Photocatalytic materials are described herein which include thin nanostructures. For example, the catalytic material can include a nanostructure that has a thin structure of a photocatalytic composition, wherein the thin structure is defined by a first surface and a second surface on opposite sides of the thin structure of the... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140256541 - Dehydrogenation catalyst and method for producing the same: A method for producing a dehydrogenation catalyst including an immersion step of impregnating an alumina layer of an alumina carrier with a platinum solution containing hexahydroxo platinate (IV) ions with an immersion method, wherein the alumina carrier has the alumina layer formed by anodic oxidation on at least a part... Agent: Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

20140256542 - Production of lower olefins from synthesis gas: Disclosed is a process for the production of lower olefins by the conversion of a feed stream comprising carbon monoxide and hydrogen, and catalysts as used therein, such as a Fischer-Tropsch process. By virtue of the invention, lower olefins can be formed from synthesis gas, with high selectivity, and low... Agent:

20140256543 - Method of making highly porous, stable aluminum oxides doped with silicon: The present invention relates to a method for making high surface area and large pore volume thermally stable silica-doped alumina (aluminum oxide) catalyst support and ceramic materials. The ability of the silica-alumina to withstand high temperatures in presence or absence of water and prevent sintering allows it to maintain good... Agent: Brigham Young University

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