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12/18/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140367207 - Brake structure for mobile object: A brake structure for a wheelchair having a pair of wheels includes: a braking device for braking one of the pair of wheels; a grip to be held by an operator for a moving operation of the wheelchair, the grip including a base fixed to the wheelchair at any position... Agent:

20140367208 - Vehicle disc brake: Each pad return spring includes a lug piece attachment portion that is attached to a corresponding lug piece, and a pad return portion. The lug piece attachment portion of each pad return spring includes a first piece that is disposed on a first surface, on a disc rotor side, of... Agent:

20140367209 - Wheel brake for an aircraft, in particular for a helicopter: The invention relates to a brake for an aircraft wheel comprising firstly calipers with an outer jaw (103) receiving a stationary brake pad (108) and an inner jaw that is movable under drive from the braking actuator (105) and that receives a movable brake pad (107), and secondly a disk... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20140367210 - Hydraulic brake with a polymer piston: The present invention relates in particular, but not limited to, a wind turbine hydraulic brake calliper. The brake calliper comprising a cylinder bore, a piston having a piston head and a piston skirt. The piston being received in the cylinder bore in an orientation where the piston head faces towards... Agent:

20140367211 - Energy absorbing system for safeguarding structures from disruptive forces: The invention is a system and method for automatically adjusting the resonance frequency of an energy absorbing device in response to a disruptive force. By configuring an energy absorbing device for automatic response tuning, utilizing a controller coupled to one or more sensors for processing a determination primarily based on... Agent:

20140367212 - Hydraulic damper for electrical switching apparatus and method: A hydraulic damper for an electrical switching apparatus includes a damper enclosure including an inner wall. Also included is a chamber defined by the inner wall, the chamber having a first end, a second end. Further included is a tapered portion of the chamber extending from a tapered portion initial... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140360819 - Brake cartridges and mounting systems for brake cartridges: Safety systems for power equipment, components, cartridges and mounting systems for cartridges are disclosed. The safety systems, components, cartridges and mounting systems are specifically applicable for woodworking equipment such as saws. A cartridge system for use in safety systems for power tools might include a cartridge adapted to perform a... Agent:

20140360821 - Brake rotor: A brake rotor including a rotor support; and a braking band disposed on and encircling the rotor support. The braking band has first and second brake pad receiving surfaces on opposite sides of the braking band. At least one brake pad receiving surface defines at least one groove that has... Agent: Brake Parts Inc LLC

20140360820 - Disc rotor: Provided is a disc rotor formed of graphite-containing cast iron and having high corrosion resistance. For a disc rotor formed of graphite-containing cast iron, after removal of graphite present adjacent a surface of the disc rotor through a graphite removing treatment, a nitride layer and an oxynitride layer are laminated... Agent: Advics Co., Ltd.

20140360822 - Disc brake pad assembly: A disc brake pad assembly includes a pair of locking bent portions formed at circumferential end portions of an inner shim plate by being bent towards an opposite side to a pressure plate. Locking through holes are formed individually at base end portions of the locking bent portions. A pair... Agent: Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.

20140360823 - Railway vehicle disk brake pad: A railway vehicle disk brake pad having a base plate; a number of supporting plates fitted to the base plate; and a number of friction members fixed to the supporting plates. The base plate has a number of perforated drawing portions, each of which has a projection on which a... Agent:

20140360824 - Elastically deformable energy management arrangement and method of managing energy absorption: An elastically deformable energy management arrangement includes a first component comprising a first surface and a second surface. Also included is a protrusion extending from the second surface of the first component and having an outer surface, the protrusion at least partially formed of an elastically deformable material. Further included... Agent:

20140360825 - Rotary damper: A rotary damper for a motor vehicle includes at least one damper element for damping the relative movement of a first mass located on the wheel-suspension side and of a second mass located on the vehicle-body side, with at least one vibration absorber (8) being arranged on the rotary damper... Agent:

20140360826 - Elastically deformable energy management assembly and method of managing energy absorption: An elastically deformable energy management assembly includes a first component. Also included is at least one protrusion extending from the first component, the at least one protrusion having an outer surface. Further included is a second component comprising at least one aperture defined by an aperture wall, the aperture wall... Agent:

20140360827 - Motorcycle fork restraint device: A restraint device for being secured on a telescopic suspension comprising a first portion, which may be a fork band comprising a first restraining hook, a second portion comprising a body, a trigger, at least one magnetic member, and a second restraining hook, wherein the first restraining hook and the... Agent: Works Connection, Inc.

20140360828 - Brake camshaft and method of manufacture: A brake camshaft and a method of manufacture. The brake camshaft may include a tube portion, a cam portion, and an end portion. The tube portion may have a first tube end, a second tube end, and a tube cavity that extends from the first tube end to the second... Agent:

20140360829 - Hydraulic pump: A hydraulic pump including a containment body (2) having inside a cylindrical cavity (3) provided with a conduit (4) communicating with a hydraulic actuator and capable of holding a fluid. A piston (5) is movable in the cylindrical cavity (3) and a reservoir (12) of the fluid is in fluid... Agent: Formula S.r.l.

20140360830 - Rotor hub vibration attenuator: A vibration attenuator for an aircraft has at least one weight mounted in a rotating system of a rotor hub of the aircraft, each weight being rotatable about an axis of rotation of the hub relative to the hub and to each other weight. Drive means are provided for rotating... Agent: Textron Innovations Inc.

12/04/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140353094 - Disc brake and sensor device for it: A disc brake and a sensor device being applied in connection with such a disc brake. The sensor device includes a hollow shaft which cooperates with a rotary element, the rotary element is set into rotation during the adjustment movement of a corresponding adjustment device of an actuation mechanism of... Agent:

20140353092 - High energy ventilated construction brake with dual drum: An improved energy capacity brake employing a drum structure with dual braking surfaces may be utilized in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications requiring braking action. The drum includes first and second annular drum parts joined together to provide a dual drum feature for use with a coupling... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140353093 - Rotary damper: The rotary damper includes a brake drum (10) whose either end is integrally connected to the first member (100); a cylindrical case (20) covering the brake drum (10) in a state that the cylindrical case relatively rotates with respect to the brake drum, and being connected to the second member... Agent: Bizen Hatsujo Co., Ltd.

20140353095 - Slack adjuster environmental improvements: A slack adjuster that is protected against environmental contaminants via a series of holes positioned circumferentially around each end and covered by a sleeve having a slot is aligned with one of the series of holes while covering the remaining holes. The sleeve protects against infiltration of contaminants at the... Agent:

20140353096 - Device for damping the movement of a movably mounted component: A device for damping the movement of a movably mounted component comprises a braking device which has a driven damper surface that cooperates with a secured damper surface to enclose a gap in which a viscous damping medium is present that causes a braking force of the braking device when... Agent: Fulterer Gesellschaft Mbh

20140353097 - Frequency sensitive type shock absorber: A frequency sensitive type shock absorber is provided. A housing has a bypass hole formed such that an upper portion of a chamber part is opened to connect to the opening, and a lower portion of the chamber part communicates with the compression chamber. A spool is formed within the... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140353098 - Selectively fixed damper: An example method for operating a lockable damper includes moving a valve assembly together with a piston assembly between a retracted position and an extended position relative to a tube, the moving unassisted by the lockable damper. The method includes communicating a flow of hydraulic fluid through the valve assembly... Agent:

20140353099 - Damping force control type shock absorber: For the extension and compression strokes of a piston rod, a damping force generating mechanism generates a damping force by controlling the flow of hydraulic oil caused by the sliding movement of a piston in a cylinder. The damping force generating mechanism has a pilot-type main valve, a pilot-type control... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140353100 - Methods and apparatus for combined variable damping and variable spring rate suspension: Pressure-sensitive vales are incorporated within a dampening system to permit user-adjustable tuning of a shock absorber. In one embodiment, a pressure-sensitive valve includes an isolated gas chamber having a pressure therein that is settable by a user.... Agent:

20140353101 - Hinged table brake shoe: A brake shoe for a drum brake is provided. The brake shoe includes an arcuate brake table defining a radially outer side configured to receive a brake lining and a radially inner side opposite the radially outer side. The brake table further defines a plurality of sleeves proximate a first... Agent:

20140353102 - Damper: A module flexible ligament damper includes an cylindrical inner structure with a central axis and an outer cylindrical surface. An outer casing with an inner cylindrical surface is positioned around the inner structure. A modular ligament with an inner flange and an outer flange connected by a web is positioned... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 16 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140345980 - Combination drag and parking brake for a stroller: A braking mechanism for a stroller having a parking brake which prevents rotation of a wheel and a drag brake which retards rotation of the wheel, the braking mechanism being controlled by a single brake lever. The lever has a neutral position in which neither the parking brake nor the... Agent: Artsana Usa, Inc.

20140345981 - Bicycle brake assembly: A bicycle brake assembly comprises brake arms, axles, a force application linkage structure, and a movement control linkage member. The brake arms are each pivotably mounted at the central portion thereof on a respective one of the axles. The force application linkage structure has a first force transmitting member connected... Agent:

20140345982 - Caliper brake apparatus: A caliper brake apparatus includes a caliper main body that is supported on a vehicle body, a brake lining that advances/retreats relative to the caliper main body and can apply a frictional force by slidingly contacting a disc, a guide plate that supports the brake lining, an anchor pin that... Agent:

20140345983 - Brake pad retention system of a disc brake of a motor vehicle: A brake pad retention system is provided for a disc brake of a motor vehicle, in particular of a commercial vehicle. The disc brake includes a brake caliper which engages over a brake disc, a brake carrier which is positionally fixed on the vehicle, the brake carrier having entry-side and... Agent:

20140345984 - Brake pad pressing spring and disc brake having brake pad pressing spring: A pad pressing spring which is mounted on a pad of a disc brake by causing a pinching portion to pinch a pad back plate is configured as follows. An elastic arm which presses the pad in a disc rotor normal-rotating direction continuously extends from a base end side of... Agent: Advics Co., Ltd.

20140345985 - Lining wear adjustment device for a disc brake: A lining wear adjustment device for a disc brake with a brake application device having a brake actuating lever, which can preferably be inserted into an adjustment spindle of the disc brake, includes an adjusting shaft with an external bearing, a rotary drive element and a clutch device for switchable... Agent:

20140345986 - Method for setting a hydraulic vehicle brake: A method for operating a vehicle brake having a brake servo unit and a parking brake actuator. In the case of a failure of the brake servo unit, the distance between brake linings of the vehicle brake and brake disk is reduced by actuating the parking brake actuator.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140345987 - Spring brake cylinder with emergency release device: A spring brake cylinder having a housing in which a spring store piston which is loaded by at least one spring store spring and which has a piston rod is axially movable, and having an emergency release device with an emergency release actuation device, an emergency release mechanism with a... Agent:

20140345988 - Method for optimizing the pressure setting accuracy: In a method for optimizing the pressure setting accuracy, a hydraulic pressure is built up according to a pressure requirement of a hydraulic pump, and overflow control is performed using an analog-controlling hydraulic valve and a known control characteristic curve of the analog-controlling hydraulic valve, which overflow control counteracts a... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Ct. Ohg

20140345989 - Electric parking brake device: Provided is an electric parking brake device in which a parking lever is driven by an electric actuator. The electric actuator includes: an electric motor which can be rotationally driven in a normal/reverse direction and of which an operation is controlled by a motor control unit in accordance with rotational... Agent: Advics Co., Ltd.

20140345990 - Friction material and method for manufacturing same: Using a friction material composition comprising: a fiber; a friction adjusting material; a binding material; and an uncrosslinked rubber being solid at normal temperature (25° C.), a friction material is obtained, wherein an ambient compressibility in a piston-pressing direction is 2% or less at normal temperature (25° C.) and at... Agent:

20140345991 - Active aircraft brake cooling system: An active aircraft brake cooling system includes an air intake and conditioning system having an outlet portion that is fluidically exposed to a landing gear bay.... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140345992 - Damper: A damper includes a cavity and a rotation shaft. The rotation shaft is inserted into the cavity of the body in sealing way. An oil cavity is disposed between the cavity and the rotation shaft. The external wall of the rotation shaft is disposed with a pair of protruding ribs... Agent: Bestter (xiamen) Technology Inc.

20140345993 - Vibrating member attachment structure: A vibrating member attachment structure includes: a sound insulation layer made of elastomer and including an accommodating portion that defines an accommodating space in which a vibrating member is accommodated, and a folded-back portion having a hem portion connecting to the accommodating portion, a contact portion placed so as to... Agent:

20140345994 - Axle assembly having a steering knuckle: An axle assembly having a steering knuckle and a brake spider. The steering knuckle may include a spindle and a camshaft tube hole that may receive a camshaft for actuating a brake pad assembly. The brake spider may be disposed on the steering knuckle and may not encircle the spindle.... Agent: Arvinmeritor Technology, LLC

20140345995 - Blocking device for spring brake: A blocking device for attaching to an entry aperture structure of a spring brake cylinder of a vehicle includes a blocking fastener having a head and a shaft extending from the head. The head has a plurality of cylindrical recesses that extend generally parallel to the shaft. At least a... Agent: International Truck Intellectual Property Company, LLC

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