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08/07/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140216861 - Dual-wheel synchronous brake auxiliary device with energy-saving function: A brake auxiliary device includes a first connecting module, a brake cable unit connected with the first connecting module, a second connecting module connected with the brake cable unit, a first brake cable connected with the second connecting module, and a second brake cable connected with the second connecting module.... Agent: Ap Machinery Corp.

20140216862 - Wheel brake set for luggage case: A wheel brake set for a luggage case contains a covering member; a support assembly for supporting the covering member; at least one wheel mounted on one side of the support assembly, and a respective one of the at least one wheel having a plurality of hollowly concave portions defined... Agent: Sinox Lock (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20140216863 - Disc brake for a commercial vehicle: A disc brake for a commercial vehicle includes a brake caliper that straddles a brake disc, a brake application device, arranged in the brake caliper, for pressing brake pads against the brake disc. Two parallel, spaced-apart adjusting spindles are mounted in a rotatable manner via a corresponding thread, in a... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

20140216864 - Caliper brake apparatus: A caliper brake apparatus according to this invention includes: a caliper main body supported on a vehicle body; a brake block that is capable of advancing and retreating relative to the caliper main body and sliding against the disc so as to apply a frictional force to the disc; a... Agent:

20140216865 - Brake lever for drum brake: A brake lever for a drum brake of a vehicle including a lever section for connection with a brake cylinder and a housing section for attachment to a splined S-cam shaft, which receives an adjustment device, the adjustment device including a first clutch (K1), the first clutch (K1) being biased... Agent: Haldex Brake Products Ab

20140216866 - Brake actuating unit: A brake actuating unit (1, 1′) for a brake-by-wire motor vehicle brake system having a housing (10), a first hydraulic cylinder/piston arrangement (3) to which a plurality of wheel brakes connectable. The piston being operable by a push rod (2) transmitting an actuating force, an electrically controllable pressure supplying device... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20140216867 - Electromagnetic brake which has shaft drop prevention function, electric motor, and machine: An electromagnetic brake (10) including a plurality of elastic members (25) which are arranged between an engagement surface of a brake pad (13) and an engagement surface of a hub (12) symmetrically about a center of rotation of the shaft (11). The biasing directions of the plurality of elastic members... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140216868 - Fine edge brake backing plate: A brake plate is provided that has a substantially planar metallic body having a first friction facing surface and a second opposing caliper facing surface. The plate has a thickness between the first and second surfaces. The body is formed by stamping a metallic material such that edges of the... Agent:

20140216869 - Magnetorheolocigal fluid-based mount apparatus including rate dip track passage: A magnetorheological fluid-based hydraulic mount apparatus (20, 220) for supporting a vibration source on a base is disclosed. A main fluid passage (104, 304) extends between pumping chamber (64, 264) and receiving chamber (66, 266) for passing the fluid therebetween. Electromagnet coil (98, 298) variably generates a magnetic flux across... Agent: Beijingwest Industries Co, Ltd.

20140216870 - Variable damping force damper: A solenoid-type variable damping force damper prevents excessive opening of a valve plate when the damper operates at a high speed, thereby achieving reduced electric power consumption. A valve body of an expansion-side valve plate is opened by pressure of hydraulic oil flowing in from an expansion-side first communication oil... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140216871 - Damper for railway vehicles: [Means for Solving] A piston 13 connected to a piston rod 14 is inserted into a cylinder 12 having a hydraulic oil sealed therein. Extension and compression passages 22 and 23 are provided with extension and compression damping valves 25 and 26 having disk valves, respectively, and a fail-safe passage... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems,ltd.

20140216872 - Sealing device and suspension device with the sealing device: A sealing device for sealing between a tube member and an axial member movably inserted into the tube member includes a dust seal held on an opening end part of the tube member and including an annular dust seal lip held in sliding contact with the outer peripheral surface of... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140202799 - Disc brake device and caliper: A disc brake device includes a disc rotor, which rotates around a rotation axis, friction pads opposed to friction surfaces of the disc rotor, a first member provided on a fixed part on a vehicle body side, a second member supported so as to be slidable relative to the first... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140202800 - Cargo theft prevention system and method: Arrangement and method for monitoring a structure at a fixed location, e.g., a house, parked boat or parked airplane, includes a monitoring or sensor system arranged to obtain information about the structure, an exterior of the structure and/or an interior of the structure different than the location of the structure,... Agent:

20140202801 - Method for hydraulically boosting an electric parking brake of a vehicle: A method for hydraulically boosting a vehicle electric parking brake having a hydraulic service brake and an electric parking brake. Application forces electically generated by the parking brake function is superimposed on the boosting brake force generated by a hydraulic boosting brake pressure provided by the service brake to the... Agent:

20140202802 - Brake distribution structure: Provided is a brake distribution structure including a first sliding block, a second sliding block, and a tube. The first sliding block connects to a rear brake line of a bicycle. The second sliding block connects to a front brake line of the bicycle. The first sliding block moves to... Agent: Paul Hsu Senior High School

20140202803 - Motor vehicle brake disc chamber: A brake disk chamber has an essentially cylindrical brake disk chamber jacket without openings. The brake disk chamber jacket is formed of segments in the shape of curved symmetrical trapezoids, which are lined up in a row in the circumferential direction, are alternately rotated by 180°, and are arranged in... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140202804 - Brake shoe for a drum brake: The invention relates to a brake shoe for a drum brake and a drum brake that includes a supporting unit and a lining unit, wherein the supporting unit comprises a bearing portion for pivotable support and an actuation portion, and wherein the supporting unit has a bending stiffness, which has... Agent: Saf-holland, Gmbh

20140202805 - Non-asbestos friction material composition: Provided by the present invention are: a non-asbestos frictional material composition containing a binder, an organic filler, an inorganic filler, and a fiber substrate, wherein, in the non-asbestos frictional material composition, content of a copper is 5% or less by mass as a copper element, content of a metal fiber... Agent:

20140202806 - Brake shoe for a drum brake: The invention relates to a brake shoe for a drum brake and a drum brake that comprises a supporting unit and a lining unit, wherein the supporting unit comprises a bearing portion for pivotable support and an actuation portion, wherein the supporting unit comprises two supporting portions, wherein the center... Agent: Saf-holland, Gmbh

20140202807 - Stand alone liquid cooled brake system: A fluid cooled vehicle brake includes a fluid flow passage disposed in fluid communication with a brake shoe rim carrying a layer of friction material. A pair of spaced support webs are coupled to an inner surface of an annular inner surface of the rib. A water jacket is sealingly... Agent:

20140202808 - Shock absorber with variable damping profile: Disclosed herein in an energy absorption device that incorporates a diverse range of uses within a single shock absorber. The disclosed energy absorption device is a novel combination of interaction between various components (e.g., piston head, shock tube, cylinder end, external cylinder, and adjustment mechanism) within a single shock absorber.... Agent: Kyntec Corporation

20140202809 - Sealing device and shock absorber with the sealing device: A sealing device adapted to seal an outer periphery of a shaft member inserted into a tubular member includes a dust seal lip arranged on an outer side of the tubular member and an oil seal lip arranged on an inner side of the tubular member to form a space... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20140202810 - Hydraulic brake mechanism: A hydraulic brake mechanism is described including a housing. A master cylinder assembly is disposed within the housing, and the master cylinder assembly includes a fluid chamber. The fluid chamber includes a first chamber portion having a first diameter and a second chamber portion having a second diameter, with the... Agent: Sram, LLC

20140202811 - Brake caliper of a disk brake for a utility vehicle: A brake caliper of a disk brake for a utility vehicle is provided. The brake caliper includes tension braces which are arranged substantially parallel and at a distance from each other, straddling a brake disk and connecting receptacles for functional parts arranged on both sides of the brake disk. One... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

20140202812 - Damping arrangement for dissipating oscillating energy of an element in a system, more particularly in a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus: The invention relates to a damping arrangement for dissipating oscillation energy of an element in a system, more particularly in a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus, comprising an absorber mass, which is mounted via a stable mounting with respect to the element, wherein the absorber mass is arranged in a cavity... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140196989 - Fall arrest safety apparatus with blocking on a rope: and a control device to move said securing system from the closed position to the open position, and vice-versa, wherein the control device comprises a pair of gripping cleats able to be actuated simultaneously to stabilize and lock the securing system in the open position, the two gripping cleats being... Agent: Zedel

20140196990 - Continuous assist zipline braking and control system: A continuous assist braking and control system (10) operable to control the movement, speed and acceleration of a zipline rider (32) traversing a zipline (12). A brake line (40) is entrained around first and second reels (50, 52), and suspended above the zipline (12). The rider (32) is tethered to... Agent: Ziptrek Ecotours Inc.

20140196991 - Brake device for infant stroller: A brake device for use on an infant or child stroller that prevents or stops an unattended stroller from moving by engaging a pin with a socket formed in the side of a wheel when a brake handlebar is released. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the brake... Agent:

20140196992 - Disc brake for a motor vehicle and brake lining: A disc brake for a motor vehicle and a corresponding brake lining are provided. The disk brake includes a brake caliper straddling a brake disc, at least one brake lining with a lining carrier plate and friction lining, and a brake carrier fixed to the vehicle having carrier flanges supporting... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

20140196993 - Disk brake of a motor vehicle and brake pad: A disc brake for a motor vehicle and a corresponding brake lining are provided. The disk brake includes a brake caliper straddling a brake disc, at least one brake lining with a lining carrier plate and friction lining, and a stationary brake mounting fixed to the vehicle having support protrusions... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

20140196994 - Actuator system and operating method for an actuator system: The invention relates to an actuator system, in particular an electromechanical parking brake system, comprising an actuator, wherein the actuator is driven by a direct current motor that can be driven in both directions of rotation, wherein a control unit for controlling the movement of the direct current motor in... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co., Ohg

20140196996 - Boom sprayer and boom vibration control device: A boom vibration control device that is configured to suppress vibration of a boom that is cantilever-supported on a working vehicle includes a left-roll-direction biasing unit that biases the boom in the left roll direction with respective to the working vehicle and right-roll-direction biasing unit that biases the boom in... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20140196995 - Resetting semi-passive stiffness damper and methods of use thereof: A resetting semi-passive stiffness damper (RSPSD) for use in damping movement. Embodiments of such a RSPSD include, for example, a pistoned cylinder connected to a grooved rack, and a spring-loaded lever arranged between the rack and a slotted channel above the rack. One end of the lever is allowed to... Agent:

20140196998 - Dynamic load-absorbing material and articles: Dynamic load-absorbing materials suitable for use as cushion-type and armor-type materials, for example, of types that can be incorporated into protective gear, equipment, armor, vehicles, and various other structures, or used for the isolation and dissipation of vibratory loads, such as vibration isolators used to support avionic equipment. The impact-absorbing... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140196997 - Upright protector: A protector allows for the engagement and protection of a segment of an upright from an impact force by an external object and for absorbing and damping the resulting impact force. The protector comprises a protector body and a shim. The protector body allows engagement and positioning of the protector... Agent: Ridg-u-rak, Inc.

20140196999 - Temperature-independent vibration damper: A temperature-compensating damping element, which is suitable for the temperature-independent reduction of vibrations, which has a fixed, non-elastic outer part and a fixed, non-elastic inner part, which is either inserted fully or partly into a mating cut-out or opening of the outer part. The outer and inner parts have contact... Agent: Esm Energie-und Schwingungstechnik Mitsch Gmbh

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