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04/16/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150101892 - Braking system for a recreational riding-board: The present invention relates to a braking system for a recreational riding-board. The braking system includes a braking mechanism and an activating means. The braking mechanism is adapted to slow down or stop, the motion of the riding-board. The activating means is adapted to control the braking mechanism. The activating... Agent: Streetboardz Holdings Pty Ltd

20150101893 - Disc brake: A disc brake includes a brake caliper, in which two brake pads can be pressed against a brake disc when in operation. A brake pad on the action side is actuatable via a brake plunger of a brake application device. The brake plunger is led through an opening of a... Agent:

20150101894 - Brake apparatus for electric corner module: Provided is a brake apparatus for an electric corner module (ECM) including: a housing; a shaft, of which both ends are accommodated in accommodation portions of the housing; a planet gear connected to the shafts; and a driving unit that transmits power to the shaft, moves the planet gear in... Agent:

20150101895 - Disk brake pad and disc brake assembly: A disc brake pad includes a lining and a back plate supporting the lining and having a projecting lug portion and a torque transfer surface. The projecting lug portion projects towards a rotor exit side. The torque transfer surface is disposed at a side edge portion which is situated further... Agent:

20150101896 - Asymmetric drag force bearings: An asymmetric bearing device automatically decreases, without the need for manual adjustment, an amount of friction exerted against rotation of a drum or other mechanism upon reversal of the direction of rotation of the drum.... Agent: Seescan, Inc.

20150101897 - Spring brake cylinder having combined inlet and outlet diaphragm valve: A spring brake cylinder is provided for brake systems of vehicles. It includes a spring brake piston, which is arranged in a housing of the spring brake cylinder and can be actuated by at least one accumulator spring and separates a spring chamber containing the accumulator spring from a spring... Agent:

20150101898 - Stainless steel brake disc and method for production thereof: s

20150101899 - Protective athletic equipment: Custom fitting protective athletic equipment composed of larger compressive chambers to generally surround a body part as well a plurality of smaller compressive chambers, which can be shaped to absorb rotational impact forces, outside the larger compressive chambers. A hard or yielding shell positioned either outside the chambers or between... Agent: Rousseau Research, Inc.

20150101900 - Suspension device: A suspension device includes a partition wall body which partitions the outside of a hollow pipe into a working chamber and a reservoir first chamber, a first piston which partitions the working chamber into an extension-side first chamber and a contraction-side first chamber, a first flow passage which allows communication... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150101901 - Anti-vibration device for vehicle: A vehicular antivibration device includes a torque rod and an actuator. The torque rod is connected at a first end to a vehicle body and connected at a second end to a vibration source. The actuator is disposed between the first end and the second end of the torque rod,... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150096845 - Castor with separate brake device and brake release device: A castor with separate brake device and brake release device is provided with a shell, a brake piece, a brake unit and a brake-release unit. The brake unit and the brake-release unit are two separate members, while they are interactively linked by a push portion and the notch portion, so... Agent:

20150096846 - Multifunctional castor: A multifunctional castor with steering, directional and brake functions and is provided with a mounting seat, a rotary seat, an engaging member, a wheel, a brake swing member, a longitudinal rod assembly, an engaging assembly, a transverse rod, a brake pedal and a brake-release pedal. Pressing down or pushing up... Agent:

20150096856 - Friction brake device: A friction brake device has a brake rotor that rotates around an axis of rotation, brake pads that can rotate around an axis of autorotation parallel to the axis of rotation, support members that support the brake pads respectively, and pressing devices that press the brake pads against the brake... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150096847 - Rotary lever disc brake caliper with rack and pinion mechanism: A rotary lever disc brake actuating mechanism and a method for operating the rotary lever disc brake mechanism is provided. The mechanism includes a rotary lever which rotates a pinion to further rotate brake pad application racks. The racks are arranged to rotate toward an inboard brake pad to advance... Agent: Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC

20150096848 - Brake pad assmbly and method for collecting brake particles: A disk brake pad comprising a supporting base with which a layer of friction material is associated, characterized in that a wall of said supporting base having associated therewith the layer of friction material is passed through by at least one channel communicating with a chamber, defined in correspondence of... Agent:

20150096849 - Brake carrier mounting arrangement: A mounting arrangement for a disc brake is provided, in which a torque plate affixed to a vehicle axle and a brake caliper mounting frame affixed to the torque plate have corresponding opposing projections and recesses provided to laterally and circumferentially limit relative motion between the torque plate and the... Agent: Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC

20150096850 - Friction brake component and method for manufacturing the same: A ferritically nitrocarburized rotational member of a vehicle brake is disclosed, including a rotational member having a friction surface configured for braking engagement with a corresponding friction material. A compound zone is disposed at the friction surface. An exposed surface of the compound zone is exposed to an atmosphere. The... Agent:

20150096851 - Friction brake pad: A friction brake pad for a friction brake comprises at least one corrosion prevention element located within a friction surface. The corrosion prevention element is flush with the friction surface and is configured to wear with the friction brake pad. The at least one corrosion prevention element may be formed... Agent:

20150096852 - Suspension apparatus: A suspension apparatus includes: a partition wall member that divides a space inside an inner tube into an upper space and a lower space; a cap that covers an upper opening portion of an outer tube; and a support member of which one end portion is retained by the cap,... Agent: Showa Corporation

20150096854 - Dampers: A piston and cylinder type damper is provided having a cylinder (12) with a piston assembly (10) which is mounted for reciprocal linear movement therein. The piston assembly (10) divides the cylinder (12) into separate chambers with a restricted flow path extending therebetween for passage of damping fluid contained within... Agent:

20150096853 - Suspension apparatus: A suspension apparatus includes: a cylindrical outer tube; an inner tube a piston rod of which one end portion retains a piston; and a partition wall member that is mounted to an upper end portion of the inner tube to define an upper end portion of an annular oil chamber,... Agent: Showa Corporation

20150096855 - Shock absorber: A shock absorber includes a shock absorber body having a cylinder outer shell and a piston rod capable of going in/out of the outer shell and generating a damping force suppressing relative movement of the piston rod in an axial direction with respect to the outer shell, a cylindrical dust... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

04/02/2015 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150090538 - Brake pad assembly with wear indicator: A brake pad assembly includes a backing plate, a brake lining and a brake wear indicator. The brake lining is disposed on a front side of the backing plate for engagement with a rotor to be braked. The brake wear indicator is formed of an elastic metallic strip with one... Agent:

20150090539 - Brake mechanism for grocery and other user-propelled carts: An brake mechanism adapted to be secured to the rear wheels of a user-propelled cart, such as a grocery cart, includes a chock member for chocking wheel when brake mechanism is in the deployed, or braking position. Brake mechanism further includes a chock support member for rotatably securing the chock... Agent:

20150090540 - Electric braking device for vehicle: There is provided an electric braking device for a vehicle, which includes a brake caliper which is provided to a wheel, a pressing member which is provided to the brake caliper and is driven to press a friction member to a rotary member fixed to the wheel, an electric motor... Agent: Advics Co., Ltd.

20150090541 - Bail compensation joint for rail vehicles: A bail compensating joint may include a threaded push rod, a ratchet in threaded connection with the push rod for rotational motion thereon, and a helical joint including a first bearing and a second bearing mounted on the ratchet for facilitating rotation of the ratchet. The second bearing is supported... Agent:

20150090542 - Locking device: The invention relates to a locking device to radially lock a rotatable cylindrical element, where the locking device (1) comprises a roller element (2) and at least a first inclined surface (3). The locking device is arranged to be positioned in relation to a cylindrical surface (13) around the cylindrical... Agent:

20150090543 - Brake pad assembly with releasable heat sink: A brake pad assembly for mounting on a caliper of a vehicle includes a backing plate, a brake lining disposed on a front side of the backing plate, and a heat sink. The heat sink includes a thermal conductive sheet and a set of cooling fins mounted on a rear... Agent:

20150090544 - Frictional control system: A friction control device includes a slotted shield through which an active material layer selectively expands. A system includes a second component movable with respect to a first component; a friction control device between the first component and the second component, the friction control device including: an active material layer;... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150090545 - Electricity generating shock absorbers: An electricity generating shock absorber includes a coil assembly having a length of electrically conducting material wrapped around an outside perimeter, and along a length, of a hollow tube formed of electrically resistant material; a magnet unit formed of at least one annular axial magnet; a central shaft having a... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20150090546 - Steering damper, a saddle riding type vehicle having the same, and a method of manufacturing the same: A steering damper is configured to adjust a damping force of a rotor covered by a lower casing and an upper casing by changing the viscosity of a magnetic fluid with an electromagnet. Since a magnetic fluid chamber is provided with a volume compensating unit, even when the volume of... Agent:

20150090547 - Methods and apparatus for suspension lock out and signal generation: Methods and apparatus for regulating the function of a suspension system are disclosed herein. Suspension characteristics often contribute to the efficiency of a suspended system. Depending on the desired operating parameters of the suspended system, it may be desirable to alter the functional characteristics of the suspension from time to... Agent:

20150090548 - Cylinder device and manufacturing method therefor: A lock piston (13) of a locking mechanism (11) includes a flow path limiting-opening mechanism (14) provided on an outer peripheral side of a piston rod (7), an annular stopper (19) for supporting the flow path limiting-opening mechanism (14) from a piston (6) side, and a restriction ring (20) for... Agent:

20150090549 - Shock absorber: A shock absorber is provided having a housing, an inner tube, a piston rod, a piston which divides the interior of the inner tube into a lower chamber and an upper chamber, a first valve arrangement on the piston, a second valve arrangement at the upper end of the inner... Agent:

20150090550 - Bicycle hydraulic operating device: A bicycle hydraulic operating device comprises a base member, a piston, and a plug member. The base member is configured to be mounted to a bicycle handlebar and has a cylinder bore and a through-hole. The cylinder bore extends in a first direction. The through-hole includes an outer opening on... Agent: Shimano Inc.

03/26/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150083529 - Pneumatic brake system redundancy in locomotive consists: The electrical signals generated by the brake handle in the lead locomotive are extended to at least the first trail locomotive through the communication layer in order to control the ECPBS in the trail locomotive, providing full train brake redundancy, allowing non-degraded train operation even in case of an unrecoverable... Agent: Faiveley Transport Italia S.p.a.

20150083530 - Dampening clip: A dampening clip comprising: a body portion and a connecting portion extending from the body portion, the connecting portion being configured to connect the dampening clip to an adjacent component, and wherein the dampening clip includes a portion made of a supporting material and a portion made of a dampening... Agent: Akebono Brake Corporation

20150083531 - Brake system: A brake system for a bicycle is disclosed. The brake system comprises an actuation mechanism shown as a master cylinder assembly and a brake or brake mechanism for the wheels of the bicycle. The mechanism/assembly comprises (among other parts, components and assemblies) a body or housing, a piston assembly, an... Agent: Hayes Bicyle Group, Inc.

20150083532 - Brake drum having cooling vents: A brake drum for a vehicle includes a cylindrical main body having a braking surface. A backing plate is adapted to mount the brake drum on the vehicle. A wraparound connects the backing plate to the cylindrical main body and includes an inner annular section positioned adjacent to me hacking... Agent: Webb Wheel Products, Inc.

20150083533 - Customized friction for brakes: A brake element is provided including a friction material. The friction material includes a polymer-based ceramic matrix composite material having a plurality of fibers. The plurality of fibers is arranged at an angle to a braking direction.... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20150083534 - Fluid dampers having temperature-dependent viscosity compensation and auxiliary power unit inlet systems employing the same: Embodiments of a fluid damper are provided, as are embodiments of an Auxiliary Power Unit inlet system including a fluid damper. In one embodiment, the fluid damper includes a housing assembly containing first and second hydraulic chambers, which are fluidly coupled by way of a flow passage. A plunger is... Agent:

20150083535 - Methods and apparatus for position sensitive suspension damping: An apparatus and system are disclosed that provide position sensitive suspension damping. A damping unit includes a piston mounted in a fluid-filled cylinder. A vented path in the piston may be fluidly coupled to a bore formed in one end of the piston rod, creating a flow path for fluid... Agent:

20150083536 - Apparatus for retarding rotary nozzle speed: An apparatus for retarding rotation of a nozzle includes a hollow housing, a rotary shaft within the housing, a rotatable rotor on the rotary shaft free to move axially along the shaft, and a cam assembly coupling the rotor and shaft together in the housing such that rotor rotation on... Agent:

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