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02/05/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150034427 - Brake vibration isolator for bicycle frame: Tuned mass dampers are disclosed, and that are configured to cancel vibrations of a component of a bicycle at a natural frequency of the component in response to operation of a disc brake assembly of the bicycle. For instance, the component may comprise one or more frame members (e.g., the... Agent:

20150034428 - Device for controlling a clamping force: A clamp with a tripping mechanism in which the force for ensuring safe tripping is obtained via a compound lever mechanism directly from the energy storage element (S), such as a spring, that provides the clamping force.... Agent:

20150034429 - Disc brake for vehicles: A disc brake for vehicles, in particular for commercial vehicles, includes brake pads which are arranged on both sides of a brake disc, a brake application device for applying one of the brake pads and a brake caliper for transmitting the application force to the brake pad on the other... Agent:

20150034430 - Bicycle disc brake rotor assembly and bicycle disc brake rotor: A bicycle disc brake rotor assembly comprises a hub axle, a hub shell, a disc brake rotor, and a positioning mechanism. The hub axle extends in an axial direction. The hub shell is configured to rotate around the hub axle. The disc brake rotor is configured to be adjustably attached... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20150034431 - Brake disk: A brake disk includes a body and at least two heat dissipation members. The body has an annular portion defined thereon, and the annular portion of the body defines a central axis. The annular portion has a brake portion for a bike brake device to clamp the brake portion. The... Agent:

20150034432 - Preventing carbon ao migration by limiting surface porosity: In the manufacture of carbon-carbon composite brake discs, migration of anti-oxidant substances into the friction surfaces is prevented by limiting or eliminating surface porosity in the carbon-carbon composite brake materials. The method includes infusing a suitable resin into pores in surface layers of the carbon-carbon composite disc and then charring... Agent:

20150034433 - Magneto-rheological fluid damper having enhanced on-state yield strength: A magneto-rheological fluid valve includes a magnetic field generator having at least one electromagnetic coil and at least one magnetic pole having a pole length Lm. The magneto-rheological fluid valve further includes at least one flow channel adjacent to the electromagnetic coil. The at least one flow channel has a... Agent:

20150034434 - Damping valve: In a damping valve having a partition that separates a first chamber and a second chamber, a valve seat that is formed on an end surface of the partition facing the first chamber or the second chamber; and a leaf valve whose outer-circumferential end portion is separably seated on the... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150034435 - Rotary damper: A rotary damper includes a housing having an outer cylinder, an inner cylinder coaxially disposed inside the outer cylinder, and a bottom plate closing one end side of the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder, to form an annular liquid chamber with a viscous fluid therein, and a rotor including... Agent:

20150034436 - Bicycle air spring: An air spring comprising a pressurized first chamber including a gas, a first piston adjacent the first chamber and configured to slideably move relative to the first chamber, pressurized second chamber adjacent the first piston and opposite the first chamber, the air spring configured such that the first piston moves... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20150034437 - Damping valve for shock absorber: A damping valve includes a valve disk, a retainer, an inner peripheral side flow passage configured to include a valve disk through hole formed in an inner peripheral side of the valve disk and a retainer through hole formed in the retainer and allowing communication between one and other chambers,... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150034438 - Brake booster for a vehicle and method for operating a brake booster of a vehicle: A brake booster and related method for its operation for a vehicle, having a master brake cylinder having a first primary piston chamber that is variable using an adjustable first primary piston component, a braking force transmission component, using which at least one driver braking force is transmittable by the... Agent:

20150034439 - Frangible components and their use in a system for energy absorption: Embodiments of the present invention provide a core of individual components having properties such that a system assembled from the components absorbs the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle. The components may be interlocking components. The components may be manufactured of ceramic or polymeric composite or other materials that are... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150027817 - Measuring arrangement for brake application force measurement of a disc brake and a corresponding disc brake: A measuring arrangement for brake application force measurement of a disc brake, includes two components of the disc brake which can be displaced relative to each other along a travel path when a brake application force is applied, at least one brake application force sensor with a housing; a measurement... Agent:

20150027818 - Device for securing a goods transportation vehicle to a dock and installation comprising said device: The manual securing device includes a frame (1) supporting a guide rail (2), on which is mounted slidably a support head (3) receiving a chock (4) that can occupy a retracted position and a locked position away from the retracted position. This device is characterized in that the rail (2)... Agent: A.s.a. Fermetures

20150027819 - Solenoid actuator, use of a solenoid actuator and braking or clamping device for linearly moving and/or axially rotating components: The invention relates to a solenoid actuator, consisting of a magnet body (1), a magnet armature, a cover (3) closing the space in which the magnet armature travels back and forth, at least one electric coil (4), which is arranged in the magnet body (1) concentrically around the axis of... Agent: Bischoff Technologie-management Gmbh

20150027820 - Electromechanical brake device: The present invention is directed to an electromechanical brake device for securing the structural reliability and improving the stability even when overloading. The electromechanical brake device configured to brake by pressing a disk-shaped disc, which is rotated with motor vehicle wheels, with a pair of friction pads, and including a... Agent:

20150027821 - Parking caliper assembly: An assembly comprising a caliper body (2) of a caliper assembly for parking disc brake, said caliper body (2) comprising a channel (14), said axial channel (14) being defined by at least one wall having at least one flattened length forming at least one guide surface (15; 16); at least... Agent: Freni Brembo S.p.a.

20150027822 - Calliper body for disc brake: Calliper body (4) for disk brake having two elongated elements (5 and 6) on opposite sides of the disk and suitable for supporting and pressing pads (13 and 14) against the disk (2), each of said elongated bodies (5 and 6) comprising an exit portion (97) of thrust means suitable... Agent:

20150027823 - Brake temperature detection device and electric parking brake control device: A brake temperature detection device: acquires a kinetic-energy based temperature rise, which is an increase in an amount of brake heat that occurs when kinetic energy generated in a running vehicle is converted into thermal energy by braking; acquires a braking-energy based temperature rise, which is an increase in an... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150027824 - Electric motor and brake assembly: A motor and brake assembly includes a mounting member. A stator winding assembly, a brake assembly, a hub, and a rotor magnet assembly. The stator winding assembly is mounted to the mounting member. The brake assembly is operably connected to the mounting member. The hub is rotatably coupled to the... Agent:

20150027825 - Integrated bogie brake and slack adjuster for the use with said integrated bogie brake: The invention relates to an integrated bogie brake including a brake beam, a brake cylinder, slack adjusters, levers, and brake shoe holders and having suspension links in order to be hanged under a bogie. In order to provide a device with a significantly lower weight and simpler design with the... Agent:

20150027827 - Control of clamp mechanism by means of a variable thickness disc: A clamp mechanism uses a fixed spring force input caliper with friction pads in frictional contact with a variable thickness portion of a disc, where the disc thickness, thus the clamp force, varies as the disc rotates through one rotation or less.... Agent:

20150027826 - Self-centering wet clutch or brake plate: The present disclosure provides a brake disk for a brake assembly. The disk includes an annular body having an inner diameter and an outer diameter. The disk also includes friction material coupled to the body and substantially covering at least one side thereof The friction material forms a first diameter... Agent:

20150027828 - Magnetic brake: A magnetic brake has an outer stator surrounding an inner stator with a circumferential slot between the outer stator and the inner stator. A coil is provided in the inner stator adjacent to the circumferential slot. A drag plate is attached to a rotatable shaft extending centrally through the inner... Agent:

20150027829 - Shock absorber with frequency dependent passive valve: A shock absorber has a pressure tube with a piston assembly slidably disposed within the pressure tube and attached to a piston rod. The piston assembly divides the pressure tube into an upper working chamber and a lower working chamber. The piston assembly includes a frequency dependent valve assembly attached... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20150027830 - Suspension device: A suspension device includes a main body, and a stroke locking mechanism that locks expansion/contraction of the main body. The stroke locking mechanism includes: a tube member coupled to one of a vehicle body and a vehicle wheel; a partition wall body fixed inside the tube member so as to... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

01/22/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150021124 - Caliper body for disk brake: A caliper body (1) of a disc brake caliper, said body being adapted to arrange astride of a brake disc, said body (1) comprising a first (5) and a second (11) wheel side elongated portion, the second wheel side portion comprises at least one wheel side opening (21; 22; 45)... Agent: Freni Brembo S.p.a.

20150021125 - Caliper assembly for service and parking disc brake: A caliper assembly for a service and parking disc brake (1) comprising a service caliper body (2) placed astride a disc for a disc brake having a first and second elongated element on the vehicle side (4), a first service pad (8) to abut it against a first braking surface... Agent: Freni Brembo S.p.a.

20150021126 - Caliper brake device for railway vehicles: A caliper body is slidably attached to a truck in the axial direction of a wheel. The body has a tip end portion branched off into two parts. One part is close to an outside of one side of the wheel with another part close to an outside of the... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20150021127 - Vehicle disc brake: A pad retainer of a vehicle disc brake includes: a pair of retainer portions mounted in pad guide grooves; a connecting piece connecting the pair of retainer portions together; and pad returning portions configured to bias the friction pads to a side opposite to the disc rotor. Each of the... Agent:

20150021128 - Disc brake rotor for heavy-duty vehicles: The invention is directed to a rotor of a disc brake system for heavy-duty vehicles. The rotor includes an inboard disc and an outboard disc. The outboard disc is spaced apart from the inboard disc, and a plurality of pins extends between and rigidly connects the inboard disc and the... Agent:

20150021129 - Vibration absorber and vibration absorber assembly: A vibration absorber comprising a supporting device, an oscillating mass, at least one coil device, and at least on permanent magnet device. The coil device includes at least one winding. A permanent magnet of the permanent magnet device generates a magnetic field extending through a yoke device of the permanent... Agent:

20150021130 - Magnetorheological fluid shock absorber: A magnetorheological fluid shock absorber includes a piston slidably arranged in a cylinder in which magnetorheological fluid is sealed. The piston includes a piston core which is attached to an end part of a piston rod and on the outer periphery of which a coil is provided, a flux ring... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150021131 - Fluid damper having a damping profile favorable for absorbing the full range of compression forces, including low- and high-speed compression forces: A fluid damper is provided that has a compression damping profile that is favorable for damping the full range of compression forces, including low- and high-speed compression forces. While achieving this compression damping profile, the damper has a mode that does not require: (1) both low- and high-speed compression circuits;... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150014102 - Corrective device for uneven brake shoe wear: A corrective device for correcting uneven brake shoe wear on a brake mechanism for a railway vehicle, wherein the railway vehicle includes a brake beam having a tension beam coupled to a compression beam, a brake head with brake shoes provided at each end of the brake beams, and a... Agent:

20150014103 - Brake pad retention device and method: A brake pad retaining device is provided for holding a brake pad within a brake caliper of an air disc brake system. The device may be formed as a spring which provides at least four retention forces at longitudinal ends of the brake pad in order to suppress brake pad... Agent: Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC

20150014104 - Internally ventilated motor vehicle brake disc made of fibre composite material: An internally ventilated motor vehicle brake disc which includes at least in parts of a fibre composite material, having two parallel friction surfaces on one or more friction rings with cooling channels, wherein the friction ring or rings are arranged on a brake disc hub in a non-rotating manner, and... Agent: Continental Teves & Ag & Co. Ohg

20150014105 - Rotary damper: A rotary damper includes: a shaft having a hollow portion; a pair of side panels; a case provided between the pair of side panels; a vane provided on the shaft so as to divide a first chamber and a second chamber; a liquid chamber defined within the hollow portion; a... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150014106 - Apparatus and methods for a vehicle shock absorber: A method and apparatus for a vehicle shock absorber comprising a main damper cylinder, a first reservoir and a second reservoir. One embodiment includes a first operational mode where both reservoirs are in fluid communication with the cylinder. In a second operational mode, only one reservoir communicates with the cylinder... Agent:

20150014107 - Damper assemblies: A damper assembly comprises a piston and cylinder type damper with a piston (14) mounted for reciprocal movement in a cylinder (10) containing damping fluid. The piston (14) is acted on by a piston rod (11) which comprises a reaction surface for engaging the piston. The cross-sectional area of the... Agent:

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