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10/02/2014 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140291078 - Brake assembly for a bicycle: A novel brake assembly is provided for a bicycle. The assembly is comprised of an arrangement of a pair of pulleys attached to braking arms with affixed brake pads leveraged against the bicycle rim. The braking power is accentuated by employing the two pulleys on the braking arms. A return... Agent:

20140291079 - Device for preventing a shaft rotation: A device for preventing and/or stopping rotation of a shaft coupled to a motor, of the type having a first fixed element with respect to this shaft, and a moving element, and means to constrain the moving element to the shaft in such a manner as to rotate integrally with... Agent: Max Prop S.r.l.

20140291080 - Hand-held work implement and process for producing a braking device of a hand-held work implement: A hand-held work implement having a tool has a braking device for the tool that includes a brake band which wraps around a brake drum. The brake band and the brake drum undergo friction as they move relative to one another during braking. At least one of the band or... Agent: Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg

20140291081 - Steel backing two-way synchronous drawloom and use method thereof: The invention relates to a steel back two-way synchronous drawloom and a use method thereof. The drawloom comprises an upper die base, an upper die board, a lower die base and a lower die board, and further comprises a molded upper die and a working positioning lower die. With the... Agent: Util (guangzhou) Auto Parts Co., Ltd

20140291082 - Brake lining assembly for a vehicle brake: A brake pad arrangement for a vehicle brake, having a frictional pad, a pad back plate and a damping plate that is arranged on the pad back plate, the brake pad arrangement having a separate damping element which is provided in order to avoid frictional vibrations of the brake pad... Agent: Lucas Automotive Gmbh

20140291083 - Lock-equipped member for guiding a disc brake pad and disc brake provided with such guiding members: A brake calliper has two arms, where each arm includes a housing and a stub. A member for guiding a disc brake pad is disposed in the housing, and is secured by lugs to a front of the stub. The member includes a body having a U-shaped section formed by... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140291084 - Vibration damper with a clamp-shaped attachment part: A vibration damper includes a cylinder to which a clamp-shaped attachment part is fastened, wherein the attachment part has a tubular body which contacts an outer lateral surface of the cylinder and has at both ends thereof radial tabs which are spaced apart in circumferential direction and by which a... Agent:

20140291086 - Hydraulic shock absorbing apparatus: A hydraulic shock absorbing apparatus includes: an inner tube; and an outer tube that is placed outside the inner tube, in which a space is defined between an outer circumferential surface of the inner tube and an inner circumferential surface of the outer tube, and a protruding portion protruding from... Agent: Showa Corporation

20140291085 - Segmented air shock: This is a novel shock absorber based on an oil-gas emulsion air shock design with both shock damping and suspension spring properties. The design's underlying purpose is the capability to extend beyond twice its compressed length—a quality inherently unobtainable by current shock absorbers. This capability is derived from a design... Agent:

20140291087 - Suspension method and shock-absorbing device for an automobile: The present invention relates to a suspension method and to a shock-absorbing device for an automobile in the broadest sense of the term, i.e. any vehicle having a suspension and moving under its own power. Said shock-absorbing device includes a damping assembly (1) having, on the inside thereof, a piston... Agent:

20140291088 - Shock absorber: The present invention provides a shock absorber having improved performance and durability. A damping force generation mechanism 30a includes a spring member 106a. The spring member 106a includes radially extending spring portions 117 having high spring constants and circumferentially extending spring portions 118 having low spring constants. The respective radially... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140291089 - Pressure shock absorbing apparatus: A pressure shock absorbing apparatus includes: a first cylinder; a second cylinder that is placed outside the first cylinder to form a liquid storage unit; a partitioning member that is disposed in such a manner as to be movable in an axial direction inside the first cylinder to partition a... Agent: Showa Corporation

20140291090 - Hydraulic shock absorber: A hydraulic shock absorber provides, a ring-shaped flow passage formed continuously along a circumferential direction between an outer circumference of a partition wall member and an inner circumference of an inner tube, in a range from an abutting surface to a screw coupling starting portion of a thread section of... Agent: Showa Corporation

20140291091 - Pressure regulator for shock absorber valve: The invention relates to a pressure regulator in a shock absorber valve. The pressure regulator comprises an axially movable first valve part and a first seat, which are arranged in a valve housing in such a way that an adjustable flow opening is created between the parts. The flow opening... Agent:

20140291092 - Shock absorber system and method: In shock absorber system 10, solenoid 18 varies the damping force by changing the position of spring seat 24, and the effective preload force, at the same time. In the normal, de-energized condition (with no current), damping forces are generated by the piston valve 30 including piston 20. The actuated... Agent:

20140291093 - Brake system for utility vehicles: The present invention relates to a brake system for utility vehicles, comprising an actuation unit, a transmission element and a converter unit, wherein the actuation unit moves the transmission element along a transmission axis, the converter unit being arranged on a wheel axis and comprising at least one piston element.... Agent:

20140291094 - Vibration absorber: A vibration absorber for damping vibrations of motor vehicle components. The vibration absorber comprises an absorber mass including a passage, and an elastomeric spring member inserted in the passage of the absorber mass. The elastomeric spring member comprises an outer sleeve connecting the elastomeric spring member to the absorber mass,... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140284149 - Track brake for rail vehicles: A track brake for a rail vehicle has a plurality of elongated brake shoes affixed at intervals one behind the other to a continuous brake beam. The brake shoes have inserts incorporated in recesses inside their braking surfaces. The inserts are made of a friction-generating material that is resistant to... Agent:

20140284150 - Trolley comprising a fall arrest actuator: The trolley is used in a fall arrest system and comprises a frame, a channel formed within the frame for engagement therein of a lifeline, and a self-blocking mechanism carried by the frame. The self-blocking mechanism comprises a brake movable between a braking position wherein the brake extends within the... Agent:

20140284151 - Brake apparatus: Upon a start of a release for releasing a braking state of a parking bake in a process of step 2, a control unit (13) performs hydraulic maintaining control by an ESC (11) in a subsequent step, step 3. As a result, a hydraulic pressure in a cylinder portion (46)... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd

20140284152 - Disc brake, in particular for utility vehicles, pressure plate of a disc brake of said type, and brake pad of a disc brake of said type: A brake disc, in particular for utility vehicles, having a brake pad, having a brake-application device for pressing the brake pad against a brake disc, and having a pressure plate via which the brake-application device presses the brake pad against the brake disc during braking. A projection is provided on... Agent:

20140284153 - Automatic release hand brake control system: In a rail vehicle hand brake having a release activated by a pneumatic cylinder, the present control system includes a manual valve having an output connected to a source of pressure at an input when manually activated. A volume is to be charged by the source of pressure. A choke... Agent:

20140284154 - Compact coulomb damper: A coulomb damper is attached to a component of an exhaust system. The inner surface of the coulomb damper is in intimate contact with the outer surface of the component of the exhaust system. The intimate contact is defined by a pair of weld lines extending along an axial length... Agent:

20140284155 - Self-aligning rotary damper assembly: A rotary damper with a toothed wheel gear projecting away from a housing having snap-in connection structures disposed on opposing sides of the wheel gear. The wheel gear may be inserted through a panel opening having a pair of opposing transverse slots. In the assembled condition, the housing with the... Agent:

20140284156 - Damping force variable valve assembly and damping force variable shock absorber having the same: Provided are a damping force variable valve assembly with a low-speed control valve capable of controlling an ultra-low flow rate and a low flow rate when a damping force variable valve operates in a soft mode, and a damping force variable shock absorber including the damping force variable valve assembly.... Agent: Mando Corporation

09/18/2014 > 28 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140262630 - Parking brake system for a lap bar controlled zero turn radius mower: The parking brake system for a lap bar controlled lawn maintenance vehicle includes at least an actuation assembly and a stop assembly. The actuation assembly includes a push arm and a rotatable pedal arm, and the push arm is attached to a lap bar and is rotatable between and engaged... Agent: Mtd Products Inc

20140262631 - Brake assembly for bicycles: A brake assembly includes a base having two first connection parts and each first connection part has a first hole and a second hole. Two second connection parts extend from the underside of the base. Two arms are pivotably connected to the two second connection parts. A driving member has... Agent:

20140262632 - Functional unit for adjusting a brake pad of a disc brake: A functional unit is provided for adjusting a brake pad of a. disc brake, haying the following function parts: a guide rail, two adjusting spindles, arranged parallel to and spaced apart from each other in the guide rail and held in an axially moveable manner, and a synchronization device for... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

20140262633 - Braking device, system and method: A braking system for safely collecting brake dust produced by operation of a braking mechanism. The braking system comprises a collector apparatus coupled with a braking mechanism. The collector apparatus is able to include a shroud that surrounds the braking mechanism and a catch element coupled with the shroud for... Agent:

20140262634 - Electric linear motion actuator and electric brake system: An electric linear motion actuator is provided which can set the clearance during normal braking operation of an electric brake system. The linear motion actuator includes a load sensor for detecting the magnitude of the load with which a friction pad is pressed against the brake disk, a temperature sensor... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20140262635 - Disc brake having a conversion cartridge provided with an anti-matting device: Disc brake with a floating calliper and controlled brake piston, a movement conversion cartridge (200) comprising a rear part which is supported against the base of the receptacle in the calliper and a control shaft (220) which passes through the base. The cartridge (200) is retained in place by a... Agent: Chassis Brakes International B.v.

20140262637 - Guide pin for disc brake assembly and disc brake assembly including such a guide pin: A disc brake assembly having a guide pin disposed in a bore of an anchor bracket such that a guide pin axis is offset relative to a bore axis whereby there is provided at least one defined point of contact between only a portion of the guide pin and a... Agent: Kelsey-hayes Company

20140262636 - Guide pin for disc brake assembly, disc brake assembly including such a guide pin and method for producing a disc brake assembly including such a guide pin: A disc brake assembly having a guide pin disposed in a bore of an anchor bracket such that a guide pin axis is offset relative to a bore axis whereby there is provided at least one defined point of contact between only a portion of the guide pin and a... Agent: Kelsey-hayes Company

20140262638 - Tensioned brake pad: A brake caliper assembly comprising a housing including inlet and outlet ends collectively defining forward and rearward directions. The housing includes an abutting surface facing in the rearward direction and positioned closer to the inlet end than to the outlet end. A pad assembly includes an engaging surface in engagement... Agent: Hb Performance Systems, Inc.

20140262657 - Drum and constricting drum assembly: A drum with replaceable shield elements for a constricting brake assembly and improved constricting drum brake assembly with replaceable shield elements for transferring heat from the brake and providing wear resistance for the drum.... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140262639 - Drum and constricting drum assembly: A drum for a constricting drum brake assembly with at least one annular drum insert with a plurality of annular fins forming a cooling ring for transferring heat from the drum generated during the braking action.... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140262640 - Parking brake reset mechanism for railway vehicles: A parking brake reset system for a railway vehicle, such as a transit vehicle, includes a brake operating unit fluidly connected to a main air reservoir and controlling air flow to a brake cylinder of the railway vehicle, a brake pipe, a parking brake, and a control valve in line... Agent: Wabtec Holding Corp.

20140262641 - Electromechanical actuator for a brake: An electromechanical actuator for a vehicle brake, the actuator comprising first and second portions 8 and 9 that are separable. The first portion 8 includes an electric motor 5 and connection structure 15 for connecting the actuator to an external control structure 4. The second portion 9 including a slidable... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20140262642 - Brake disc and method for producing a brake disc: A brake disc includes a basic body with at least one contact surface that has a wearing coat applied thereon. The at least one contact surface of the basic body is pretreated to realize the bond between the wearing coat and the basic body. The at least one pretreated contact... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140262643 - Brake assembly with improved brake shoe retention: A brake assembly having a brake shoe and an anchor pin. The brake shoe may have an anchor pin slot that may include first and second connecting surfaces that extend from an arcuate bearing surface. The anchor pin may have a flat and may be inserted into the anchor pin... Agent: Arvinmeritor Technology, LLC

20140262644 - Powered vehicle brake cooling system: An inlet, positioned to access the flow of air passing around and under a moving vehicle, may draw in air which is conveyed through a duct and discharged to cool a brake on a vehicle. The inlet has a closure. The closure is opened and closed on demand by a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140262645 - Hybrid fluid elastomeric damper: A damper includes a housing that forms a fluidly sealed cavity for receiving a fluid therein. The fluid is configured to change fluid properties as electrical energy is induced. An electrical subsystem provides electrical energy to the fluid, which is monitored with a control subsystem. The method includes inducing the... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140262646 - Cooler for a suspension damper: A method and apparatus are disclosed for cooling damping fluid in a vehicle suspension damper unit. A damping unit includes a piston mounted in a fluid cylinder. A bypass fluid circuit having an integrated cooling assembly disposed therein is fluidly coupled to the fluid cylinder at axial locations that, at... Agent:

20140262647 - Front bicycle suspension assembly with inertia valve: A front bicycle suspension assembly having an inertia valve is described. The front bicycle suspension assembly may include at least upper and lower telescoping tubes and include a damping tube containing an inertia valve. The inertia valve may include an inertia mass movable along the outer surface of a valve... Agent:

20140262648 - Rod guide assembly with multi-piece valve assembly: A shock absorber may include a piston rod, a first rod guide member, a second rod guide member, and an electronically controlled valve assembly. The first rod guide member is concentrically disposed about the piston rod, and the second rod guide member is concentrically disposed about the piston rod and... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140262649 - Hydraulic dampener systems: The present disclosure provides hydraulic dampening systems wherein the dampening effect may be controlled by rotating a body of the dampener, after the dampening system has been installed and in use. The system includes a piston including a front disk and back disk, wherein the front disk has a reduced... Agent: Walach Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20140262650 - Rotary shock absorption tool: Apparatuses, tools, assemblies, and methods are disclosed for reducing vibration. A shock absorption apparatus may include a stator and a rotor inside the stator. A first piston section may be included and define a first piston chamber having a first piston therein. The first piston chamber may be fluidly coupled... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262651 - Shock absorber for a vehicle having a lightweight design: A shock absorber for a vehicle contains a shock absorber tube in which at least one shock absorber piston is guided in a sliding manner. The shock absorber tube is made of a carbon fiber composite material and has a coating made of an epoxide on the inside of the... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Bilstein Gmbh

20140262653 - Methods and apparatus for lubricating suspension components: Methods and apparatus for lubricating suspension seals by pumping fluid to the seals using a compression or rebound action of a suspension component.... Agent:

20140262652 - Rod guide arrangement for electronically controlled valve applications: A shock absorber has a housing with a piston rod assembly disposed therein. A first rod guide member is secured within a first portion of the housing so as to be concentrically disposed about at least a portion of the piston rod assembly. A second rod guide member is secured... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140262654 - Two position valve with face seal and pressure relief port: A shock absorber has a housing with a piston rod assembly disposed therein. A first rod guide member is secured within a first portion of the housing so as to be concentrically disposed about at least a portion of the piston rod assembly. A second rod guide member is secured... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140262655 - Piston assembly with open bleed: A shock absorber includes a piston which has at least one compression fluid passage, at least one rebound fluid passage and at least one bleed fluid passage. A compression valve assembly closes the at least one compression passage and a rebound valve assembly closes the at least one rebound passage.... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140262656 - Pounding tune mass damper systems and controls: A vibration dampener, including, a first beam comprising a first mounting end portion and a first peripheral end portion, wherein the first peripheral end portion comprises a tunable mass, and the first beam is configured to vibrate in tune with a vibrational frequency of a structure supporting the first beam... Agent: University Of Houston

09/11/2014 > 14 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140251736 - Disc brake: A disc brake includes a caliper main body configured to have a pad assembling space that is disposed across over a disc rotor and opens toward an approximate middle thereof in a rotor radial direction and a connector part that crosses the pad assembling space in a rotor axial direction,... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140251737 - Disc brake: A disc brake includes a pair of end-side connector parts that connect a pair of cylinder parts across over a disc rotor, and an intermediate connector part that is installed between the end-side connector parts and that connects the pair of cylinder parts across over the disc rotor and brake... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140251738 - Electromagnetic brake unit: A magnetic brake unit includes an operation unit, a rotating plate placed below the operation unit and coaxially rotating with the operation unit in conjunction with an operation of the operation unit, and an electromagnetic brake that is placed to be in contact with the rotating plate and can magnetically... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20140251740 - Method for manufacturing a brake disc, support bell for a brake disc and brake disc: A method for manufacturing a composite brake disc (1), comprising shaping a bell (2) through deep-drawing of a metal sheet (20), forming at least one groove (22) in a surface of a bottom portion (24) of the metal sheet (20) and, then, pushing the bottom portion (24) relative to an... Agent:

20140251739 - Systems and methods for alternating material brake disk stack: Systems and methods are disclosed for dissimilar aircraft brake systems for use in, for example, an aircraft. In this regard, a system is provided comprising a carbon/carbon (“C/C”) rotor disk adjacent to a ceramic matrix composite (“CMC”) stator disk. In various embodiments, a system is provided comprising a CMC rotor... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20140251741 - Fluid-type shock absorber, particularly for doors of electrical household appliances: A fluid-type shock absorber, particularly for doors of electrical household appliances, comprising a shock absorber body, in which a substantially cylindrical chamber is defined that accommodates coaxially a piston provided with a stem that protrudes from at least one axial end of the chamber, the piston divides the chamber into... Agent: Brera Cerniere S.r.l.

20140251742 - Limiting system for a vehicle suspension component: A damper assembly is disclosed that includes a tubular member, a rod, a primary piston, a secondary piston, and a seal. The tubular member includes a sidewall and a cap positioned at an end of the sidewall. The sidewall and the cap defining an inner volume. The rod extends within... Agent: Oshkosh Corporation

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