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11/13/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140332327 - Brake apparatus for vehicle: A brake apparatus for a vehicle includes: a wedge unit connected to a brake pad; a driving device coupled to the wedge unit so as to pressurize the wedge unit toward a brake disk; a piston supported by a caliper body and having a hydraulic chamber formed therein; a housing... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140332328 - Railroad car hand brake release system: An automatic hand brake system for a railcar including a release mechanism operatively connected between an actuator and the spool gear that is turned by hand to set the hand brake. The actuator is operatively connected to a pressured fluid system. When a threshold pressure is reached the actuator operates... Agent:

20140332329 - Brake rotor and method of manufacturing the same: A brake rotor for an automotive vehicle braking system includes a brake rotor hat having a generally circular mounting portion, a generally cylindrical wall connected to the mounting portion and being generally symmetrical about an axis, and first and second pluralities of fingers extending radially outward from the wall. Each... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140332330 - Method of coating rotors and rotors: A treated rotor is provided by a method in which a surface of a ferrous rotor having cooling elements is heat-treated to produce a microporous, outermost surface layer, then the heat-treated rotor is coated by electrodepositing a coating layer of an electrocoat coating composition on the heat-treated the surface of... Agent:

20140332331 - Linear mr-brake as a high force and low off-state friction actuator: A novel method and apparatus is introduced to provide a new and robust alternative design for linear magnetorheological (MR) brakes, i.e. MR-brakes. The novel embodiments herein combines a serpentine flux path concept to eliminate conventional piston-cylinder arrangements and as a beneficial result when coupled with the linear brake embodiment disclosed... Agent: Washington State University

20140332332 - Orifice disc for regulating flow in damper: A shock absorber for a vehicle includes a pressure tube that defines a fluid chamber. A piston disposed within the fluid chamber divides the fluid chamber into an upper working chamber and a lower working chamber. The piston defines a compression passage and a rebound passage which extend through the... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

11/06/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140326546 - Stopping system for a cab of boarding bridges for accessing aircraft and ships: A stopping system for a cab of boarding bridges for accessing aircraft and ships, which boarding bridge comprise a round structure (1) to which the cab (2) is attached with rotational capabilities, having stopping means made up of a cab rotation blocking mechanism, formed by a linearly movable lance (12),... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Airport Systems, S.a.

20140326547 - Brake cylinder device and disk brake device: The present invention provides a small brake cylinder device that can increase braking force output from a brake output portion that moves along with a rod, while suppressing an increase in the device size. A piston defines a pressure chamber and surrounds the axis of the rod inside a cylinder... Agent: Nabtesco Corporation

20140326548 - Disc brake comprising a brake pad preload spring: A disc brake whose carrier (11) includes two opposite arms (14F, 14B) each including a C-shaped axial housing (16F, 16B) accommodating a brake pad (12) including two opposite lateral lugs (26F, 26B), each lug (26) accepting a pad spring (40F, 40B) including at least one lower, sliding, branch (42F, 42B)... Agent: Chassis Brakes International B.v.

20140326549 - Electronic parking brake system: Disclosed is an electronic parking brake (EPB) system including an EPB actuator, having a motor, to operate the motor to generate parking brake force with respect to a wheel. The EPB system includes a test device connected to the EPB actuator to test a function, performance, or breakdown of the... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140326550 - Brake disc: A brake disc is provided capable of effectively reducing the generation of noise such as brake noise by making specifications relating to lightening holes different from each other between two brake disc plates. In the brake disc, two brake disc plates are laminated so as to slide on each other... Agent: Sunstar Engineering Inc.

20140326551 - Composite rotor: A brake disc arrangement is provided. The brake disc arrangement includes a mounting section, a brake plate section and a transitional interface positioned between the mounting section and the brake plate section and configured to attach the brake plate section to the mounting section. The transitional interface includes at least... Agent:

20140326552 - Brake shoe and brake lining blocks with keyed connection: A brake shoe assembly for a vehicle is provided. A brake shoe has at least one slot on its outer surface. A brake plate has a backing plate that includes at least one key. The brake plate is secured to the brake shoe via the key being received within the... Agent:

20140326553 - Shock energy absorber: A shock energy absorber includes, in one example, a cylinder having a closed end and an open end, a sleeve fixed about the open end of the cylinder, and a damping material in the form of an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material in the cylinder. A plunger is positioned... Agent:

20140326554 - Methods and apparatus for managing pressurized gas in fluid dampers: A method and apparatus for a shock absorber having a damping fluid compensation chamber with a gas charge. In one aspect, a partition separates a first chamber portion from a second chamber portion, wherein the first portion of the chamber is at a first initial gas pressure and the second... Agent:

20140326555 - Position dependent damper for a vehicle suspension system: A damper assembly for a vehicle suspension system includes a primary damper and a secondary damper coupled to the primary damper. The secondary damper includes a housing, a piston, a conduit, and a valve. The housing includes a sidewall that defines a set of apertures and at least partially surrounds... Agent:

20140326556 - Compression-resistant shock absorber piston seal: A shock absorber including a cylinder having a first chamber and a second chamber where at least one of the first chamber and the second chamber includes a fluid. A piston is configured for reciprocal movement within the cylinder and defines at least one through-hole for enabling the fluid to... Agent: Ride Control, LLC.

20140326557 - High-performance shear friction damper: Disclosed is a high-performance shear friction damper provided in a building construction and attenuating a vibration which is applied to the building construction due to external loads such as an earthquake or strong wind. The high-performance shear friction damper includes first and second support bodies supported to a building construction... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Chosun University

10/30/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140318903 - Safety valve for trailer: Systems and methods of overriding a conventional trailer emergency brake system to preclude and alert others as to inadvertent or premature movement of the trailer are described herein. One implementation includes a safety valve operatively positioned in the emergency braking system of a trailer that may be engaged to override... Agent:

20140318904 - Liquid cooled brake with support columns: A liquid cooled brake is provided having an improved housing that provides strong yet lightweight structural support. The brake includes end plates disposed about a driven shaft and axially spaced from one another. A plurality of axially extending pins connect the end plates. A friction plate is coupled to the... Agent:

20140318905 - Disk brake with stabilized brake pads, and related methods for assembling and replacing a pad: A disk brake has a fork with two opposing arms each having a C-shaped axial seat designed to receive a brake pad with two opposing lateral lugs, each lug receiving a pad spring having at least one lower sliding branch, in which a laminar element is interposed between the lug... Agent: Chassis Brakes International B.v.

20140318906 - Microelectromechanical and/or nanoelectromechanical structure with a variable quality factor: Inertial sensor comprising a fixed part and at least one mass suspended from the fixed part and means of damping the displacement of the part suspended from the fixed part, said damping means being electromechanical damping means comprising at least one DC power supply source, one electrical resistor and one... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140318907 - Centrifugal de-clutch: A mechanical mechanism is used to prevent a rotor of an aircraft from rotating when the rotor is not in use. The mechanical mechanism disengages when the speed of the rotor exceeds a speed threshold and the mechanism reengages when the speed of the rotor is below the speed threshold.... Agent: Inc.

20140318908 - High velocity compression damping valve: A shock absorber includes a pressure sensitive valve assembly that controls fluid flow through the pressure sensitive valve assembly based upon the velocity of the piston assembly in the shock absorber. The pressure sensitive valve assembly restricts fluid flow as the velocity of the piston in a compression stroke increases... Agent:

20140318909 - Shock absorber: A shock absorber for use in lowering heavy structures to the sea floor comprises a cylinder with a piston having a heavy piston rod. A plurality of channels extend from the bottom side of the piston to its top side, where the channels are closable by means of a valve... Agent: Eab Engineering As

20140318910 - Brake system for a vehicle and method for operating a brake system of a vehicle: A brake system is described for a vehicle having a master brake cylinder that is hydraulically connected to at least one wheel brake caliper, and having a fluid conveyor device by which brake fluid can be transferred into the at least one wheel brake caliper and out of the at... Agent:

20140318911 - Energy management structure: An energy management structure is adapted to absorb a force applied thereto. The structure includes a first component possessing a first compressive response profile, a second component possessing a second compressive response profile different from the first compressive response profile, and a third component connecting the first component to the... Agent: Intellectual Property Holdings, LLC

10/23/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140311833 - Method for manufacturing a braking element with integrated sensor, in particular a brake pad, brake pad with integrated sensor, vehicle braking system and associated method: A method in which at least one piezoceramic sensor, which converts every mechanical force to which it is subjected into an electrical signal and having a Curie temperature higher than 200° C., is solidarized directly onto the surface of a metal support element of a vehicle braking element, which during... Agent: Itt Italia S.r.l.

20140311834 - Fall arrest device: A fall arrest device comprising a body having a rope guide path therethrough defined between a cam and a cooperating abutment. The cam is pivotally mounted on the body about a pivot axis extending perpendicular to the rope guide path. The device is provided with an attachment means for attaching... Agent: The Heightec Group Limited

20140311835 - Self-braking descender with panic function: A self-braking descender having a panic function and being formed by a body including a channel through which a cord extends in both directions. One end of the body is provided with an actuation lever formed by two projecting sides, a solidly connected appendage and a friction hole through which... Agent: Protecttion Proteccion Tecnica, S.l.

20140311836 - Disk brake, and pressure plate and brake pad for such a disk brake: The invention relates to a disk brake, in particular for commercial vehicles, comprising a brake pad, a brake application device for pressing the brake pad against a brake disk, a pressure plate, by way of which the brake application device presses the brake pad against the brake disk during the... Agent:

20140311837 - Safety brake system for trailers: In a gaseous-fuelled stoichiometric compression ignition internal combustion engine, a pilot fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber to help initiate a multi-point ignition. The engine provides performance improvements approaching those of high pressure direct injection engines but with less complexity because the gaseous fuel is introduced into the... Agent:

20140311838 - Brake disc: A brake disc includes a friction ring and a pot arranged concentrically in an opening of the friction ring. The pot has a pot gearing system with at least one pot tooth space, on which a flap is molded, which projects radially in the direction of a corresponding annular tooth... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140311839 - Disc brake pad: A disc brake pad includes lugs, each of which is provided with a groove that receives the tongue of a coiled spring disposed in a housing in the brake yoke. The aforementioned groove has an essentially mixtilinear rectangular section, of which the base is formed in cross-section by a central... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140311840 - Hydrodynamic retarder and method for actuating same: The invention relates to a hydrodynamic retarder comprising a rotor that revolves in a decelerating mode and a counter-rotating twin rotor or a stationary stator which jointly from a working chamber that is or can be filled with a working medium. The rotor can be driven using driving power via... Agent: Voith Patent Gmbh

20140311841 - Velocity progressive valving: A shock absorber has a valve assembly having a valve that is biased away from a valve body. A controlled restriction is defined between the valve and the valve body. During stroking of the piston of the shock absorber, the valve moves toward the valve body to close the restriction.... Agent:

20140311842 - Vehicular torque rod and supporting structure for power unit: A vehicular torque rod includes: a torque rod main body that has one end portion and the other end portion in a longitudinal direction of the torque rod main body, the one end portion being joined to a power unit, the other end portion being joined to a body-side joint... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

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