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Boring or penetrating the earth

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10/02/2014 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140291022 - Amorphous shaped charge component and manufacture: A shaped charge incorporating an amorphous-based material component. The amorphous-based material component may be a liner for the shaped charge to enhance a jet for a perforating application. Other components of the shaped charge and/or perforating gun that accommodates the shaped charge may be of amorphous-based materials. Further, the liner... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140291023 - Monitoring of drilling operations with flow and density measurement: A system includes one or more sensors configured to sense at least one characteristic of fluid entering a well, one or more sensors configured to sense at least one characteristic of fluid exiting a well; and one or more control systems that receive data from at least one of the... Agent:

20140291024 - Closed-loop geosteering device and method: A closed-loop method for geosteering a subterranean borehole includes rotating a roll-stabilized control unit in the borehole, obtaining formation evaluation sensor measurements via sensors located in the control unit, and processing downhole the sensor measurements to obtain a corrective steering tool setting that may be applied to a steering tool... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140291025 - Maintaining shale stability by pore plugging: Compositions and methods for improving wellbores stability of a hydrocarbon bearing shale formation using nanoparticles to decrease swelling and plug pore throats.... Agent:

20140291026 - Apparatus and method for the installation or removal of a rotary control device insert or a component thereof: An apparatus for installing and removing a rotary control device insert or an element thereof has a first clamp with a receptacle suitable for receiving a flange of the rotary control device insert therein, a second clamp having an interior suitable for extending around a pipe, and a plurality of... Agent: Jtb Tools & Oilfield Services, LLC

20140291027 - Apparatus and method for the installation or removal of a rotary control device insert or a component thereof: An apparatus for installing and removing a rotary control device insert or an element thereof has a first clamp with a receptacle suitable for receiving a flange of the rotary control device insert therein, a second clamp having an interior suitable for extending around a pipe, and a plurality of... Agent: Jtb Tools & Oilfield Services, LLC

20140291029 - Beneficiated clay viscosifying additives: Beneficiated clay viscosifying additives may include a low-quality clay and a polymer coated high-quality clay that comprises a high-quality clay at least partially coated with a polymer, wherein the ratio of low-quality clay to high-quality clay is about 90:10 to about 80:20 by weight. Such beneficiated clay viscosifying additives may... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140291028 - Methods of beneficiating drilling fluids comprising low- and high-quality clays: Beneficiating drilling fluids that comprise low-quality clay and high-quality clay may be performed by adding a polymer and a high-quality clay to a fluid that comprises an aqueous base fluid and a low-quality clay, so as to yield a drilling fluid, wherein the ratio of the low-quality clay to the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140291030 - Replaceably lined cable guides and tensioning roller for drill line slip and cut operations on a drilling rig: Cable guides for overhead support of drill line on a drilling rig during a slip and cut operation feature replaceable liners of wear material supported by a re-usable base. A tensioning roller added to the draw-works resides outward from the periphery of the draw-works drum and is spring-biased toward same... Agent:

20140291031 - Drillstring valve: A drillstring valve has an inlet mountable to a drillstring, an outlet and a passageway extending between the inlet and the outlet in a predetermined operating condition. In accordance with an embodiment, the drillstring valve comprises a stop element adapted for receiving a valve element wherein the stop element comprises... Agent: Schoeller-bleckmann Oilfield Equipment Ag

20140291032 - Process for the production of a pipe lined with an inliner: A process for the production of a pipe comprising: an interior surface having a shape; and a thermoplastic inliner is provided. The process comprises: introducing the thermoplastic inliner into the interior of the pipe; heating the pipe from the outside to a temperature higher than a crystallite melting point (Tm)... Agent: Evonik Industries Ag

20140291033 - Methodologies for manufacturing short matrix bits: A downhole tool and method for manufacturing such downhole tool. The downhole tool includes a bit body having a blank and a matrix bonded to and surrounding the blank, a shank having a threaded connection at one end, and a butt joint formed within a gap formed between the blank... Agent: Varel International Ind., L.p.

20140291034 - Coring apparatus and methods to use the same: A coring bit assembly for conveyance via wireline or drillstring in a wellbore extending into a subterranean formation. The coring bit assembly includes a coring shaft and a thrust ring coupled to an end of the coring shaft. A static sleeve is disposed inside the coring shaft and having a... Agent:

20140291035 - Drill bit having a sunken button and rock drilling tool for use with such a drill bit: A drill bit for percussive rock drilling tools includes a drill bit head having a front surface including a face surface defining a forward-most end of the drill bit head and at least one hole in the drill bit head for receiving a button. The drill bit includes at least... Agent:

20140291037 - Diamond bonded construction with improved braze joint: Diamond bonded constructions comprise a body comprising a plurality of bonded together diamond grains with interstitial regions disposed between the grains that are substantially free of the catalyst material used to initially sinter the body. A metallic substrate is attached to the body, and a braze joint is interposed between... Agent:

20140291036 - Multilayer structured coatings for cutting tools: In one aspect, cutting tools are described having coatings adhered thereto which, in some embodiments, can demonstrate desirable wear resistance and increased cutting lifetimes. A coated cutting tool described herein comprises a substrate and a coating adhered to the substrate, the coating having a multilayer structure including a plurality of... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

09/25/2014 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140284103 - Monitoring system for drilling instruments: Drilling instruments may include a flexible portion, such as a flexible conduit and/or a universal joint. Sensors may be utilized to detect the position of various portions of the drilling instrument, such as the flexible conduit, the universal joint, and/or a drill bit assembly.... Agent:

20140284105 - Method of and a device and an electronic controller for mitigating stick-slip oscillations in borehole equipment: A method for mitigating stick-slip oscillations in borehole equipment while drilling a borehole in an earth formation is described. The borehole equipment is modelled by a computational model for computer simulation. The model has elements representing a particular mechanical and physical behavior of the borehole equipment. In a simulated stick... Agent:

20140284104 - System and method for controlling a downhole tool: A system and method for communicating with a downhole tool. A downhole tool includes a downlink receiver and a command actuator. The downlink receiver receives control information, encoded in rotation of the tool, that controls operation of the tool. The downlink receiver includes a rotation sensor and a decoder. The... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140284106 - Formation testing in managed pressure drilling: A method of testing an earth formation can include incrementally opening a choke while drilling into the formation is ceased, thereby reducing pressure in a wellbore, and detecting an influx into the wellbore due to the reducing pressure in the wellbore. Another method of testing an earth formation can include... Agent:

20140284107 - Small drilling apparatus: The invention relates to a small drilling apparatus for producing bores in the ground, comprising, a main carrier 4, a telescopic mast 7 with an adjustable length, a rotating device 6, by which the telescopic mast 7 is pivotable relative to the main carrier 4 around a vertical axis A1.... Agent: Keller Holding Gmbh

20140284108 - Drawworks system: An example drawworks may include an electrical drive motor and an output shaft driven by the electrical drive motor. A worm gear may be coupled to the output shaft and a bull gear may be engaged with the worm gear. A wireline drum may be coupled to the bull gear... Agent: Axon Ep, Inc.

20140284109 - Method and apparatus for reaming well bore surfaces nearer the center of drift: A well bore reaming device and method are disclosed. The device includes a drill string, a bottom eccentric reamer coupled to the drill string, and a top eccentric reamer coupled to the drill string, wherein the bottom and top eccentric reamers have a prearranged spacing and orientation.... Agent:

20140284110 - Rotary steerable drilling system: A rotary steerable drilling system includes a housing, a drive shaft passing through the housing, a shaft/housing locking mechanism disposed to selectively engage the drive shaft and the housing, and an anti-rotation mechanism disposed to engage a wellbore wall. Shaft/housing locking mechanism includes a first configuration in which rotation of... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services Inc.

20140284111 - Horizontal directional drilling system: The present disclosure provides a drilling machine configuration and related method that avoids drilling mud from contaminating hydraulic fluid that flows through the drive system of the machine. The disclosed system and method provides a drilling mud anti-contamination system that requires infrequent service and a system wherein the service can... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

20140284112 - Mud saver valve and method of operation of same: A mud saver valve (MSVIII), positionable at the bottom of the drill string, above the bit, which includes an elongated body portion; portion of the valve housing a compressible spring a pressure; a valve mechanism of a plunger and seat, the plunger moveable between open and closed positions within the... Agent: Bti Services, Inc.

20140284113 - Methods of attaching a shank to a body of an earth-boring tool including a load-bearing joint and tools formed by such methods: Earth-boring rotary drill bits may include a bit body attached to a shank assembly at a joint. The joint may be configured to carry at least a portion of any tensile longitudinal and rotational load applied to the drill bit by mechanical interference at the joint. The joint may be... Agent:

20140284114 - Earth-boring tools and components thereof including material having hard phase in a metallic binder, and metallic binder compositions for use in forming such tools and components: Binder compositions for use in forming a bit body of an earth-boring bit include at least one of cobalt, nickel, and iron, and at least one melting point-reducing constituent selected from at least one of a transition metal carbide up to 60 weight percent, a transition metal boride up to... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140284115 - Polycrystalline diamond construction and method of making same: A polycrystalline diamond construction comprises diamond grains exhibiting inter-granular bonding and defining a plurality of interstitial regions, and a non-diamond phase at least partially filling a plurality of the interstitial regions to form non-diamond pools. The percentage of non-diamond phase in the total area of a cross-section of the body... Agent:

20140284116 - Abrasive wear-resistant materials and earth-boring tools comprising such materials: An abrasive wear-resistant material includes a matrix and sintered and cast tungsten carbide pellets. A device for use in drilling subterranean formations includes a first structure secured to a second structure with bonding material. An abrasive wear-resistant material covers the bonding material. The first structure may include a drill bit... Agent:

20140284117 - Superabrasive cutters with grooves on the cutting face and drill bits and drilling tools so equipped: Cutters for a drill bit wherein the cutters have at least one groove in a face of a superabrasive table of the cutters. The cutters may also include ribs adjacent to the at least one groove.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

09/18/2014 > 45 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140262503 - Perforation gun string energy propagation management with tuned mass damper: A perforation tool assembly comprises a perforation gun, and a mass energy absorber coupled to the perforation gun. The mass energy absorber is configured to alter the propagation of mechanical energy released by firing one or more perforation guns. The mass energy absorber comprises a mass and at least one... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140262502 - Wellbore servicing tools, systems and methods utilizing near-field communication: A wellbore servicing system comprising a controller node disposed within a wellbore, and a tool node configured for movement through the wellbore, wherein the tool node communicates with the controller node via a near field communication (NFC) signal, wherein prior to communication with the controller node, the tool node will... Agent:

20140262505 - Automatic pump chamber control adjustment: A method and system for lifting drilling mud from subsea to a drilling vessel, which uses a pump having a body with a chamber, and a bladder in the chamber. The bladder attaches to the body and defines water and mud sides in the chamber. A mud inlet valve allows... Agent: Hydril Usa Manufacturing LLC

20140262506 - Decompression to fill pressure: A method and system for lifting drilling mud from subsea to a drilling vessel includes a pump having a body with a chamber, and a bladder in the chamber. The bladder spans the chamber to define water and mud sides in the chamber. A mud inlet valve allows mud into... Agent: Hydril Usa Manufacturing LLC

20140262504 - Multipurpose cantilever skidding frame: The present subject matter provides a multipurpose cantilever skidding frame having a first frame structure, a second frame structure and two connection beams integrally forming a rigid structure to provide longitudinal and lateral movement for an exemplary cantilever. The present subject matter also provides a drilling rig that enables a... Agent:

20140262507 - Rotary steerable system for vertical drilling: A rotary steerable drilling system that is operable to drill vertical wellbores and automatically maintain a vertical wellbore drilling path. The system includes a control module for operating solenoid valves that control an amount of fluid pressure applied to bias pad piston/cylinders. The control module is operable to determine when... Agent:

20140262508 - Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter: An underreamer for increasing a diameter of a wellbore. The underreamer includes a body having an axial bore extending at least partially therethrough. A mandrel is disposed within the bore of the body and has a port formed radially therethrough. A sleeve is disposed radially-outward from the mandrel. The sleeve... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262509 - Imaging underground objects using spatial sampling customization: A system includes a drill string to which a sensor is attached, a rotation unit configured to rotate the drill string, and a displacement unit configured to longitudinally displace the drill string. A processor is coupled to the rotation and displacement units. The processor is configured to coordinate sampling, by... Agent: Vermeer Corporation

20140262510 - Closed loop drilling fluids circulation and management system: A closed loop drilling fluids circulation system includes a first drilling fluid circulation system disposed at a first subterranean drill site. The first drilling fluid circulation system includes a supply tank for holding clean drilling fluid and a solids control device configured to separate solids from used drilling fluid. In... Agent:

20140262513 - Advanced drill string inground isolator housing in an mwd system and associated method: A housing defines a through passage along its length and is configured to support a group of electrical isolators surrounding the through passage to form an electrically isolating break in a drill string such that each isolator of the group of isolators is subject to no more than a compressive... Agent: Merlin Technology, Inc.

20140262511 - Drill bit with extension elements in hydraulic communications to adjust loads thereon: In one aspect, a drill bit is disclosed that in one embodiment includes a plurality of elements that extend and retract from a surface of the drill bit, wherein the plurality of such elements are in fluid communication with each other to compensate for differing forces applied to such elements... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140262515 - Environmental severity measurement tool: An environmental severity measurement tool measures acceleration along 3 axes to determine shock and vibration affecting a downhole tool in which the environmental severity measurement tool is disposed. The environmental severity measurement tool includes a replaceable battery and electronics disposed within an external housing. A pin provides a way to... Agent:

20140262514 - Measuring torque in a downhole environment: A drilling system may include one or more downhole components to which a torque is applied. To determine the torque, the rotational velocity may be determined at two locations on a downhole component. An angle of twist may be determined by taking the integral of the rotational velocity at the... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262512 - Multi-service supply line system and method: Present embodiments are directed toward a drilling system that includes a conduit configured to route a pressurized gas to a top drive of a drilling rig. The drilling system also includes one or more cables disposed in the conduit. The one or more cables are configured to provide communication, power,... Agent: Tesco Corporation

20140262516 - Method and apparatus for measuring drilling fluid properties: As system for measuring drilling fluid properties includes a capillary rheometer that is adapted to measure viscosity parameters of drilling fluid. The capillary rheometer includes a feed chamber, the feed chamber having a cavity, at least a first drain port for draining fluid out of the cavity, a double wall... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140262517 - Drilling rig for drilling from underground tunnels: A rig for drilling a borehole from an underground tunnel includes a base assembly, a drilling assembly mounted to the base assembly, an upper frame assembly mounted to the drilling assembly above the base assembly, and a support hood coupled to the drilling assembly and positioned above the upper frame... Agent:

20140262522 - Axially separating drill bucket: The current application provides an Axially Separating Drill Bucket for drilling large holes in the earth by which a drilling operator can perform the drilling operation with the Axially Separating Drill Bucket and remove the excavated material in one operation. The unit can be raised to the surface where the... Agent:

20140262524 - Downhole turbine motor and related assemblies: A turbine drive may include a rotor that includes multiple turbine blades arranged in one or more turbine stages, as well as a stator cooperating with the rotor to direct fluid against the turbine blades and convert hydraulic, kinetic energy into rotational energy. The rotor may be fixed to the... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262520 - Self-elevating mast employing draw works: A method comprising attaching a first mast section to a support structure using a first plurality of fasteners located on the support structure, wherein a lower portion of the support structure is connected to and located above an opening in the platform comprising a platform floor, and wherein the first... Agent: Nabors Drilling International Limited

20140262519 - Self-elevating mast employing drive carriage: A method includes attaching a carriage support to a platform, the platform comprising a platform floor having an opening therein, with the carriage support located proximate the opening, attaching a drive carriage to the carriage support, and operably coupling to the drive carriage a first mast section of a mast... Agent: Nabors Drilling International Limited

20140262518 - Self-elevating platform employing actuators: A method including arranging a plurality of actuators into an operating position, arranging a first upper frame and a second upper frame proximate the actuators, attaching a support to the first upper frame and the second upper frame, wherein the support is located above the actuators, and extending the actuators... Agent: Nabors Drilling International Limited

20140262521 - Top drive main shaft with threaded load nut: A top drive system is provided. In one embodiment, a top drive includes a drive stem and a load nut with mating threaded surfaces that enable the drive stem to be threaded through the load nut and to support weight of a connected drill string via the load nut. One... Agent: Cameron Rig Solutions, Inc.

20140262526 - Tubular handling apparatus: In one embodiment, a tubular handling assembly for use with a top drive includes a mandrel coupled to the top drive; a gripping assembly for gripping and releasing a tubular, the gripping assembly coupled to and rotating with the mandrel; and an actuation assembly for actuating the gripping assembly, wherein... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140262523 - Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter: An underreamer for increasing a diameter of a wellbore. The underreamer may include a body with first and second cutter blocks coupled to the body. The first cutter block may have a recess formed therein, and the second cutter block may be positioned in the recess. The first and second... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262525 - Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter: An underreamer for increasing a diameter of a wellbore. The underreamer may include a body having an axial bore extending at least partially therethrough. An electromagnetic activation system may be disposed at least partially within the bore of the body. A valve may be disposed within the bore of the... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262527 - Device and method for extracting a sample while maintaining a pressure that is present at the sample extraction location: A round-trip autoclave sample-extracting device for extracting a sample at a sample extraction location of a geological formation, the device includes a self-closing pressure chamber module for receiving the sample. The pressure chamber module is connected to a lifting module in order to lift the sample into the pressure chamber... Agent: Corsyde International Gmbh & Co., Kg

20140262528 - Sidetracking system and related methods: A steerable drill bit may be used to drill a lateral borehole from a primary wellbore. The steerable drill bit may be part of a bottomhole assembly that also includes a directional control system. A deflection member, such as a whipstock, may be anchored in the primary wellbore. When the... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262529 - Encapsulated gas for drilling and completion fluids: Gas-core microstructures, such as microbubbles, may be used in drilling and completion operations in the exploration and production of hydrocarbon fluids (e.g. oil and gas) from subterranean formations. The gas-core microstructures are dispersed in a base fluid such as water, oil or emulsions of water and oil, in accordance with... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140262530 - Adjustable mud motor housing assembly: An adjustable housing assembly is provided, which includes a splined housing and an adjusting ring which contain a splined mandrel. The splined mandrel is moveable axially within the housing assembly when disengaged from upstream and downstream portions of a drill string to disengage the mandrel from the splined housing. The... Agent: Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.

20140262531 - Hydraulic cushion: Drilling mud is lifted subsea to a drilling vessel with a mud pump having an internal bladder. Applying pressurized water to one side of the bladder urges it against a quantity of the mud to impart a lifting force onto the mud. Mud flow to and from the pump is... Agent: Hydril Usa Manufacturing LLC

20140262532 - Core sampling apparatus and container transfer apparatus: The core sampling apparatus includes a barrel part, a container which is movably disposed in the barrel part and maintains the sampled core, a ball valve to prevent a fluid from inflowing and outflowing between an inside and an outside of the barrel part in a closed state thereof, a... Agent: Japan Agency For Marine-earth Science And Technology

20140262533 - Polycrystalline diamond composite compact: A polycrystalline diamond (PCD) composite compact element comprising a PCD structure bonded to a cemented carbide substrate, in which at least a peripheral region of the substrate comprises cemented carbide material having a mean free path (MFP) characteristic of at least about 0.1 microns and at most about 0.7 microns;... Agent:

20140262534 - Rotational drill bits and drilling apparatuses including the same: A subterranean support-bolt drilling assembly has a drill bit rotatable about a central axis and including at least one cutting edge. The drilling assembly also includes a spacer coupled to a rearward end of the drill bit. A reamer member is coupled to a rearward end of the spacer, the... Agent:

20140262535 - Boring bit and method of manufacture: A boring bit has a shank, a head and teeth distributed around the head. The teeth have a root embedded within the head's core body, a tip extending out of the head, and a narrowing region between the root and the tip. More than approximately two-thirds of the tooth length... Agent: Rockhound Boring Products, LLC

20140262536 - Downhole cutting tools having hybrid cutting structures: A drill bit is disclosed, wherein the drill bit has a bit body with a longitudinal axis extending there through and a bit face. A plurality of blades extends from the bit body, wherein the plurality of blades has a blade profile including a nose. A plurality of cutting elements... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262537 - Cutting element with improved substrate material: Cutting elements comprise a body and a polycrystalline diamond table disposed thereon, wherein the diamond table has a thickness of greater than about 2 mm. The body is specially formed from WC—Co and has a Co content of equal to or less than about 10 weight percent based on the... Agent:

20140262538 - Multi-slip pipe gripping assembly: A slip assembly for gripping against the external surface of a section of pipe or other tubular goods and supporting axial loading has multiple sets of cooperating wedge-like slip members movably mounted within a slip bowl. A first set of slip members having a smaller taper angle (that is, having... Agent:

20140262541 - Ballistic polycrystalline mining tool and method for making the same: A cutting element for a mining or drilling tool provides a body that provides a recess for receiving a ballistic insert. The ballistic insert provides a top portion having a shape characterized by a first radius (R1) and a second radius (R2), and R1 and R2 have a tangential relationship.... Agent: Guilin Color Engineered Diamond Technology (edt) Co., Ltd

20140262540 - Cutting elements for earth-boring tools, earth-boring tools including such cutting elements, and related methods: A cutting element for an earth-boring tool includes a substrate and a volume of superabrasive material disposed over the substrate. The volume of superabrasive material may include a cutting face and a longitudinal extension extending longitudinally along a lateral side surface of the substrate. An outer peripheral surface of the... Agent:

20140262542 - Downhole tools including ternary boride-based cermet and methods of making the same: Downhole tools include a component, at least a portion of which includes ternary boride cermet. A method of making a downhole tool including a ternary boride cermet includes obtaining a ternary boride cermet material and heating the ternary boride cermet material and a binder to form the downhole tool.... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262539 - Polycrystalline compacts including diamond nanoparticles, cutting elements and earth-boring tools including such compacts, and methods of forming same: A polycrystalline compact comprises a plurality of diamond grains of micron size, submicron size, or both, and a plurality of diamond nanoparticles disposed in interstitial spaces between the plurality of diamond grains. A method of forming a polycrystalline compact comprises combining a plurality of micron and/or submicron-sized diamond grains and... Agent:

20140262544 - Cutting structures for fixed cutter drill bit and other downhole cutting tools: A cutting tool may includes a tool body; a plurality of blades extending from the tool body; and a plurality of non-planar cutting elements disposed along each of the plurality of blades, the plurality of non-planar cutting elements form a cutting profile, in a rotated view of the plurality of... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262545 - Cutting structures for fixed cutter drill bit and other downhole cutting tools: A cutting tool may include a tool body; a plurality of blades extending from the tool body; and a plurality of primary cutting elements and a plurality of backup cutting elements are on each of the plurality of blades, the backup cutting elements being behind and at approximately the same... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140262543 - Drill bit: The present invention relates generally to drill bits used in drilling subterranean boreholes. More specifically, the invention relates to drill bits and cutting elements on the drill bits and the design of each. The invention utilizes a cutting element having a convex curved top portion with a shear face wherein... Agent: Chesapeake Operating, Inc.

20140262546 - Polycrystalline diamond drill blanks with improved carbide interface geometries: A cutting element and a method of making the superabrasive cutter are disclosed. The cutting element has a substrate and a superabrasive layer. The substrate has an inner face and an annular face. The inner face may have a center. The annular face may have a periphery. A superabrasive layer... Agent: Diamond Innovations, Inc.

09/11/2014 > 26 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140251686 - Mousehole apparatus: A mousehole apparatus having a main body configured for holding a drill pipe or similar elongate element, includes a carrier connected to a deck structure and having a support region adapted for releasable supportive interaction with an abutment element on the main body. The carrier comprises guiding devices for the... Agent: Aker Mh As

20140251687 - Digital underreamer: Wellbore drilling apparatus and methods are provided. The apparatus includes a reaming subassembly including one or more reamers configured to ream a wellbore. The reaming subassembly defines a cutting aggressiveness that is variable while the reaming subassembly is disposed in a wellbore. The apparatus also includes an actuator coupled with... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc

20140251688 - System and method for monitoring and controlling underground drilling: A system and method for monitoring underground drilling in which vibration is monitored by creating a model of the drill string using finite element techniques or finite difference techniques and (i) predicting vibration by inputting real time values of operating parameters into the model, and then adjusting the model to... Agent: Aps Technology, Inc.

20140251689 - Flow measurement and flow sampling system: An apparatus includes a body having a central axis, a fluid inlet coupled to the body, the fluid inlet being adapted to receive a flow of a fluid, and a fluid outlet coupled to the body. The fluid inlet and the fluid outlet are substantially coaxially aligned so as to... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140251690 - Logging-while-drilling tool incorporating electronic radiation generator and method for using same: Logging-while-drilling tools incorporating an electronic radiation generator, such as an electronic X-ray generator, and a method for using the same are provided. One example of such a logging-while-drilling tool may include a circumferential drill collar, a chassis disposed radially interior to the drill collar, and an electronic X-ray generator and... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140251691 - Method and apparatus for improving the efficiency of a positive displacement motor for drilling and oil or gas well: A method and apparatus for improving the efficiency of a drill string that includes drilling pipe, a dump valve, a positive displacement motor and a rotary drill bit driven by the motor utilize a dump valve that does not depend upon a pressure loss to maintain the dump valve in... Agent:

20140251692 - Rotating drilling stabilizer: A stabilizer and method for use in a wellbore are disclosed. The apparatus can include a rotary body disposed about a tubular and configured to rotate and axially-translate with respect to the tubular. The apparatus can also include a first anti-rotation device disposed axially adjacent the rotary body and configured... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20140251693 - Device and method for controlling return flow from a bore hole: There is provided a device and method for control of return flow from a borehole (18) where drill fluid is supplied from a surface rig (16) via a multi section drill string (4) to a bottom hole assembly (18), the drill pipe sections (6) having tool joints (8) that include... Agent:

20140251694 - Directional boring tooling reed type checkflow valve: A pipe joint used in horizontal direction drilling operations having a removable valve assembly secured between the pin of a first member and the socket of a second member. The valve assembly reduces backflow of drilling fluid uphole of the downhole tool and reduces the risk of malfunction due to... Agent: Earth Tool Company LLC

20140251695 - Adjustable bend assembly for a downhole motor: A downhole motor for directional drilling includes a driveshaft assembly including a driveshaft housing and a driveshaft rotatably disposed within the driveshaft housing. In addition, the downhole motor includes a bearing assembly including a bearing housing and a bearing mandrel rotatably disposed within the bearing housing. The bearing mandrel has... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140251696 - Cutter assemblies, disc cutters, and related methods of manufacture: In an embodiment, a cutter assembly for use on a tunnel boring machine may include a cutter ring extending circumferentially about a central axis. The cutter ring may include a radially inner surface and a radially outer surface. The cutter assembly may also include superabrasive cutting elements distributed circumferentially about... Agent: Us Synthetic Corporation

20140251697 - Vehicular auger implement: An auger implement for vehicular attachment and moveable support of an auger having a motor and an auger bit driven by the motor, featuring: a vehicular mount; a central articulating section connected to the vehicular mount and providing a range of movement; an auger support and control section connected to... Agent: Promanpto, LLC

20140251698 - Polycrystalline compacts including differing regions, and related earth-boring tools and methods of forming cutting elements: Polycrystalline compacts include a hard polycrystalline material comprising first and second regions. The first region comprises a first plurality of grains of hard material having a first average grain size, and a second plurality of grains of hard material having a second average grain size smaller than the first average... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

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