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Boring or penetrating the earth

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04/23/2015 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150107897 - Methods and apparatus for reducing stick-slip: A method and apparatus for estimating the instantaneous rotational speed of a bottom hole assembly at the lower end of a drill string. In one embodiment, a method includes driving the drill string by a drilling mechanism at the upper end of the drill string. A fundamental frequency of stick-slip... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150107898 - Method of drilling a subterranean borehole: A method of drilling a subterranean wellbore using a drill string comprising the steps of: a. injecting a drilling fluid into the well bore via the drill string and removing said drilling fluid from an annular space around the drill string (the annulus) via an annulus return line, b. oscillating... Agent: Managed Pressure Operations Pte. Ltd.

20150107899 - Automated control of toolface while slide drilling: Apparatuses, systems, and methods for controlling slide drilling on a drilling rig are described. The methods include detecting current differential pressure of a mud motor and/or weight on bit (WOB) at a surface of a borehole, predicting current reactive torque of the mud motor based on the current differential pressure... Agent:

20150107900 - System and methods for selective shorting of an electrical insulator section: A bottom hole assembly attached to a drillstring includes a main body including multiple electrical insulator sections along a length thereof, each of the electrical insulator sections configured to have a voltage difference generated there across, wherein a transmitting electrical insulator section having a voltage difference generated there across is... Agent: Well Resolutions Technology

20150107901 - Tool health evaluation system and methodology: A technique facilitates evaluation of a tool, such as a drill tool. The technique comprises collecting tool data via a sensor on a given tool during use of that tool in a given operation, e.g. drilling operation. Additional data related to the tool is accumulated from a plurality of sources... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150107902 - Mud actuated drilling system: A technique facilitates drilling of a variety of a wellbores. The technique comprises providing a directional drilling system with a drill bit mounted at the end of a collar having an internal flow passage for drilling fluid. The collar is rotatably positioned in a steering structure to which a plurality... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150107903 - Rotational downlinking to rotary steerable system: A downhole steering tool comprising a first member, fixedly coupled with a drill string, and a second member, proximate the first member and rotatable substantially freely with respect to the first member. A first sensor is operable to measure a difference in rotation rates of the first and second members.... Agent:

20150107905 - Hydraulic borehole mining system and method: A hydraulic borehole mining system controlled and operated above-ground includes a high-pressure cutting nozzle that is delivered to an underground resource body through a relatively small diameter borehole. A series of water and air fluid streams at various pressures are delivered to the resource body, and the target resource is... Agent:

20150107904 - Systems and methods for producing forced axial vibration of a drillstring: Systems and methods for producing forced axial vibration of a drillstring. Systems include a cam housing positioned above a drill bit in a drillstring, a rotatable cam positioned internal of the cam housing, the rotatable cam having at least one cam surface exhibiting reciprocating axial movement upon rotation of the... Agent: Laguna Oil Tools, LLC

20150107906 - Earth drilling apparatus: An earth drilling apparatus is disclosed herein. The earth drilling apparatus includes an exterior conduit. The earth drilling apparatus also includes an inner barrel positionable within the exterior conduit. The earth drilling apparatus also includes a drill bit releasibly engaged with the exterior conduit. The earth drilling apparatus also includes... Agent:

20150107907 - Systems and methods to reduce oscillations in magnetic couplings: A drilling system includes a magnetic coupling and an oscillation absorber. The magnetic coupling has a rotor that rotates about an axis of rotation. The oscillation absorber is in operable communication with the magnetic coupling and includes an outer layer coupled to a separator layer of the magnetic coupling to... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150107908 - Hard composite with deformable constituent and method of applying to earth-engaging tool: A hardmetal composite used as wear-resistant surfaces and inlays in earth-engaging equipment includes more than one hardphase. At least one hardphase has a high average particle size, for example, from 100 μm to 2000 μm. The hardphases vary in terms of particle size, hardness, and binder content, and at least... Agent:

20150107909 - Earth-boring tools and methods of forming earth-boring tools: A fixed-cutter earth-boring tool includes a first blade substantially comprising a first material having a first elastic modulus at a temperature, and a second blade substantially comprising a second material having a second elastic modulus at the temperature. The second elastic modulus is different from the first elastic modulus. A... Agent:

04/16/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150101863 - Downhole tool for sidetracking: A downhole tool for drilling a sidetracked borehole. The downhole tool includes a body having an axial bore formed at least partially therethrough. At least one magnetometer is within the body. The magnetometer is configured to measure a magnetic field. A processor may be in communication with the at least... Agent:

20150101864 - Intelligent reamer for rotary/sliding drilling system and method: A downhole intelligent reamer controller detects the difference between rotary drilling and sliding drilling, responds appropriately and quickly to multiple changes between rotary drilling and sliding drilling that may occur several times each stand of pipe. Additional controls prevent deployment of reamer members at inappropriate times such as when drilling... Agent:

20150101865 - Analysis of drillstring dynamics using angular and linear motion data from multiple accelerometer pairs: Downhole drilling vibration analysis uses angular and linear motion data on a drilling assembly. During drilling operations, pairs of accelerometers measure the angular and linear motion of the drilling assembly. Processing circuitry is operatively coupled to the accelerometer pairs and is configured to determine type and severity of vibrations occurring... Agent:

20150101866 - Ambient-activated switch for downhole operations: In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a radiation source to output radiation after power is supplied. The apparatus also includes a power source to supply power. The apparatus includes an ambient-activated switch electrically coupled between the radiation source and the power source. The ambient-activated switch is to switch to an... Agent:

20150101867 - Drill bit assembly having electrically isolated gap joint for measurement of reservoir properties: A drill bit assembly for measuring reservoir formation properties comprises a bit head and a pin body, and an electrically insulated gap joint between two conductive parts of the drill bit assembly. The electrically insulating gap joint can fill a gap between bit head and pin body engagement sections such... Agent:

20150101868 - Balancing of drill bits: A method including of manufacturing a drill bit includes inputting bit characteristics into a simulator. The bit characteristics may include a drill bit mass, coordinates of the bit center of gravity, and an inertia tensor of the bit. The bit center of gravity and a vector of the inertia tensor... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150096804 - Apparatus, system and method for measuring the properties of a corrosive liquid: An apparatus and method used to determine the density and other properties of a corrosive liquid, such as drilling mud. The apparatus uses at least two sensor elements with ceramic facings spaced a known vertical distance apart and inserted into the fluid. The differential pressure measurement provided by these sensors... Agent: Ultra Analytical Group, LLC

20150096805 - Downhole closed loop drilling system with depth measurement: A method, system and drilling apparatus for directional drilling are disclosed. A drill bit is located at a downhole end of a drill string in a borehole. A length of the borehole between a surface location and the drill bit at the downhole end of a drill string is determined... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150096806 - Mechanized slot drilling: A system and method are provided for providing access to surfaces within a formation is provided, the method including: providing a wellbore from a first surface location to a second surface location; inserting into the wellbore a cylindrical cutting assembly connected to at least two wellbore tubulars, one of the... Agent:

20150096807 - Anti-stall bypass system for downhole motor: A flow control valve for use with a downhole motor includes a housing with at least one port and a sleeve with at least one opening. The sleeve is movable within the housing to align and offset the ports and openings. A first biasing member associated with a first portion... Agent: Bico Drilling Tools, Inc.

20150096808 - Reusable high performance water based: Compositions emulate oil based fluids include an aqueous phase and an organic internal phase, which creates an osmotic membrane within the aqueous continuous phase. The osmotic membrane allows hydration-dehydration mechanisms to be in place and control interactions between formation and fluid, where the non-aqueous phase is composed of glycerols, polyglycerols,... Agent:

20150096809 - Combination mud motor flow diverter and tiled bearing, and bearing assemblies including same: A mud motor radial bearing, a combination flow diverter and integral radial mud motor bearing, and a mud motor bearing assembly including the combination. The flow diverter includes a body defining threaded box ends, a concentric longitudinal bore, a generally cylindrical outer surface, and a longitudinal axis. The longitudinal bore... Agent: Renegade Manufacturing, LLC

04/02/2015 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150090495 - Downhole temperature sensing of the fluid flow in and around a drill string tool: Temperature sensing devices and methods for determining downhole fluid temperature at a drill string in a borehole while drilling are disclosed. The device includes a temperature sensor capable of detecting and measuring rapid temperature changes and may be used to sense the temperature of fluid inside or outside the drill... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150090494 - Rfid device for use downhole: In one embodiment, a radio-frequency identification device for use in a wellbore includes a housing made of a polymer; and an antenna disposed in the housing. The polymer may be selected from the group consisting of an elastomer, a plastic, a rubber, a thermoplastic elastomer, and combinations thereof. The RFID... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150090496 - Horizontal directional drilling system including sonde position detection using global positioning systems: A locator device and methods of use are disclosed. The locator device includes a first locating system configured to generate to sense an electromagnetic field emanating from a sonde associated with a drill head, and a second locating system including a global positioning system. The locator device includes a display... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

20150090497 - Directional drilling using variable bit speed, thrust, and active deflection: A downhole assembly for directionally drilling a borehole has a motor, a transmission, and a steering mechanism. The motor has a rotor driven in a stator by flow of drilling fluid therebetween. The transmission operatively couples the rotor to a drill bit for drilling the borehole. A flow control controls... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20150090498 - Drilling system: Rock strength is estimated during drilling using a rate of penetration model or a modified mechanical specific energy models. The rock strength estimate can be used in conducting further drilling, for example by a drilling system. Drilling parameters may be altered as a result of determining rock strength, for example... Agent:

20150090499 - Mining vehicle and method for its energy supply: The mining vehicle has a carriage, driving equipment for moving the carriage, at least one mining work device, an electric motor for supplying power to the mining work device, a connection for supplying electric power to the electric motor from an electrical network of the mine, and an energy source.... Agent:

20150090500 - Drilling composition, process for its preparation, and applications thereof: A drilling composition is provided. The composition includes: I) an organic phase comprising components: i. from about 20 wt. % to about 99.999 wt. %, based on the total weight of components i. and ii., of at least one linear or branched, cyclic or non-cyclic, saturated hydrocarbon; ii. from about... Agent:

20150090501 - Roller cutter drill bit with mixed bearing types: A roller cutter drill bit with mixed bearing types includes a bit body with at least one journal facet and a cavity facet. A cavity extends into the bit body from the cavity facet. The bit body is configured to rotate about a bit axis during drilling. A journal extends... Agent: Varel International Ind., L.p.

20150090502 - Shear claw bit: A shear claw drill bit includes a bit body and a plurality of pick receptacles fixedly attached to the bit body. Each pick receptacle has a pick cavity. The shear claw drill bit further includes a plurality of picks. Each pick has a cutter cavity. The shear claw drill bit... Agent: Varel International Ind., L.p.

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