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Boring or penetrating the earth

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02/05/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150034384 - Method of and apparatus for drilling a subterranean wellbore: A method of drilling a subterranean well bore comprising, monitoring the well bore for influx of formation fluid into the well bore, and, on detection of an influx, a) stopping any pump pumping fluid into the well bore, b) operating a first blow out preventer so that it closes within... Agent: Managed Pressure Operations Pte. Ltd.

20150034383 - Offshore system comprising a rig and a cantilever: An offshore system with a rig and a cantilever having a rigid cantilever structure with an operational end. The rig is provided with a first support rail which extends along a side of the deck supporting structure. Travelling and swivelling assemblies are arranged between the first support rail and the... Agent:

20150034386 - Fluidic modulators and along string systems: A well system includes a first fluidic modulator (FM) located at the bottom of the tubular string and a repeater fluidic modulator (FM) located in the tubular string between the first FM and the surface, the repeater FM including a body forming a flow aperture between an inlet and an... Agent:

20150034385 - Moveable element to create pressure signals in a fluidic modulator: A fluidic modulator in accordance to an aspect includes a body forming a flow aperture between an inlet and an outlet, the flow aperture providing a constriction to a fluid flowing axially from the inlet to the outlet, and a moveable element having a shaft portion disposed through the body... Agent:

20150034387 - Downhole shock assembly and method of using same: A shock assembly for use with a motion tool deployable into a wellbore by a conveyance. The motion tool includes a mandrel operatively connectable to the conveyance or the motion tool, a housing operatively connectable to the motion tool or the conveyance (the housing having an opening to slidingly receive... Agent: National Oilwell Dht, L.p.

20150034388 - Downhole motor coupling systems and methods: A drilling system includes a drillstring and a power section further including a stator having a stator axis and a rotor within the stator. The rotor rotates eccentrically within the stator in response to fluid flowing therebetween. Additionally, the system includes a coupling section including first, second, and third rotation... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150034389 - Water-based drilling fluid with tannin additive from c. coriaria: A conditioned, water-based drilling fluid including water-based drilling fluid; and unmodified vegetable tannin comprising hydrolysable tannin.... Agent: Intevep, S.a.

20150034390 - Adjustable bent housing for directional drill string: An adjustable bent housing assembly for a deviated direction drill string having 1.5° adjustment increments between an index sub housing and mandrel has variances of less than 0.02° at 0.25 nominal degree increments between 0° and 3.00° of drill direction deviation.... Agent:

20150034391 - Outdoor multi-use hand tool: A powered hand tool is adapted to use a variety of interchangeable rotary tools to assist in outdoor activities. Either of two basic tool designs can be utilized for activities including garden tilling, brushing and cleaning, auguring or post hole digging, and auto finishing and polishing. In one embodiment, an... Agent: Djs Enterprises

20150034392 - Dust collection system for a machine: A dust collection tube arrangement is provided. The tube arrangement includes an outer tube and an inner tube. The outer tube and the inner tube have a hollow configuration. The inner tube has a diameter lesser than that of the outer tube. The inner tube moves fore and aft with... Agent: Caterpillar Global Mining America LLC

20150034393 - Hole-vac: An attachment used for digging and removing debris from a hole is connected to a flexible hose of a typical shop vacuum device, and includes a handle, a first tubular section, a second tubular section, a plurality of depth indicators, a bubble level, and a cutting head. This is a... Agent:

20150034394 - Earth-boring tools and methods of forming such earth-boring tools: Earth-boring drill bits may include a bit body including blades extending radially over a face of the earth-boring drill bit and cutting elements attached to each blade. Only cutting elements including planar cutting faces may be attached to at least one of the blades. Only cutting elements including nonplanar cutting... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150027779 - Dynamic calibration of axial accelerometers and magnetometers: A method to perform a drilling operation. The method includes calibrating an axial survey sensor of a bottom hole assembly (BHA) by obtaining, from the axial survey sensor, a data log as a first function of azimuthal angle within a borehole, generating, by a computer processor of the BHA and... Agent:

20150027781 - Mud lift pump for dual drill string: A mud lift pump for a dual drill string includes an energy input and an energy output in fluid communication with a fluid return flow passage in the dual drill string.... Agent: Reelwell, A. S.

20150027780 - One trip drill and casing scrape method and apparatus: A drilling assembly is tripped in a cased hole to make more open hole. The assembly features retracted scrapers and a closed circulation sub so that the drilling can commence with string pressure delivered to bit nozzles due to the circulation sub being in a closed position. When drilling is... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150027782 - Mud hydraulic top drive: A top drive includes a hydraulic motor in fluid communication with first inlet for a supply of pressurized drilling fluid. A drill string adapter is mechanically coupled to the hydraulic motor and is in fluid communication with the first inlet.... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150027783 - Nanoparticle kinetic gas hydrate inhibitors: Inhibiting gas hydrate formation while transporting hydrocarbon fluids may include providing a kinetic gas hydrate inhibitor, adding the kinetic gas hydrate inhibitor to a fluid capable of producing gas hydrates, and transporting the fluid that comprises the kinetic gas hydrate inhibitor. Generally a kinetic gas hydrate inhibitor may include a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150027784 - Rock drill machine with feed leg: A rock drill machine with a feed leg. The feed leg is attached to the rock drill machine with one end and rests on a support with another end. The feed leg is configured to feed the rock drill machine in a drilling direction and to interrupt feeding of the... Agent: Construction Tools PC Ab

20150027785 - Borehole cutter retention and fastening/locking system: A borehole reaming cutter retention and fastening/locking system enable field replacement of borehole reaming cutter assemblies utilized in infrastructure emplacement horizontal drilling (HDD) applications. The borehole reaming cutter assembly retention/fastening system can withstand borehole drilling forces without the necessity of permanent welding, thereby allowing cutter interchangeability/replacement in the field. The... Agent:

20150027786 - Tracking shearing cutters on a fixed bladed drill bit with pointed cutting elements: A fixed bladed drill bit has a working face that includes a plurality of blades converging at a center of the working face and diverging towards a gauge of the bit, each blade having a leading face and a trailing face, and at least one row of cutting elements disposed... Agent:

20150027788 - Cutter support element: Cutters mounted on bits for advancing boreholes are subject to extreme forces that can separate the cutter from the bit. A cutter backing element with a rearward extending lug and forward face can provide support to the cutter. The backing element is attached to the back face of the cutter... Agent:

20150027787 - Cutting elements, related methods of forming a cutting element, and related earth-boring tools: A cutting element comprises a supporting substrate, and a polycrystalline compact attached to an end of the supporting substrate. The polycrystalline compact comprises a region adjacent the end of the supporting substrate, and another region at least substantially laterally circumscribing the region and having lesser permeability than the region. A... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

01/22/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150021092 - Drilling system and method: A system for drilling a subterranean bore at a subsea location is provided, the system comprising a drilling unit for location on the seabed and remotely operable from the water surface to drill a bore using a drill string; a transport assembly moveable between the water surface and the drilling... Agent:

20150021093 - Downhole measurement assembly, tool and method: A downhole measurement assembly, tool, and method is provided. The downhole measurement assembly includes at least one drill collar 220 having at least one compensation portion and at least one force portion with a load path 239 therethrough. The compensation portion has a different dimension from the force portion. The... Agent:

20150021094 - Dual motor systems and non-rotating sensors for use in developing wellbores in subsurface formations: A method for forming a subsurface wellbore is disclosed. The method includes operating a drilling string in a first direction of rotation. A first motor located near the end of the drilling string is operated in a direction of rotation opposite that of the drilling string. A drill bit is... Agent:

20150021095 - Modular drilling rig system: Modular transfigurable drilling rig system composed of multiple components, which system is transfigurable between a transport mode in which the components of the system are transportable and an operational mode in which the components are assembled to a drilling rig which is adapted to drill into a well centre in... Agent:

20150021096 - Coring tools and methods for making coring tools and procuring core samples: Methods of procuring a core sample may involve engaging an earth formation with a cutting structure of a coring bit. A core sample may be received within a receptacle connected to the coring bit, the receptacle being lined with a sponge material. A space of about 1 mm or less... Agent:

20150021097 - Pressure compensation modules for coring tools, coring tools including pressure compensation modules, and related methods: Methods of compensating pressure differences between interiors and exteriors of inner barrels of coring tools may involve advancing a coring tool into a wellbore, the coring tool comprising an inner barrel for receiving a core sample cut by the coring tool, a first fluid being sealed within the inner barrel.... Agent:

20150021098 - Breaker fluids for wellbore fluids and methods of use: Compositions for controlling fluid loss may include an aqueous fluid, a viscosifier, a water soluble polar organic solvent, a delayed acid source, and a weighting agent. The composition may further comprise at least one selected from bridging solids, cleaning agent, dispersant, interfacial tension reducer, pH buffer, thinner, or surfactant. Such... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20150021099 - Cutting members with integrated abrasive elements: Cutting members including a body including a first surface, a second surface spaced from the first surface and extending in a plane substantially aligned with the first surface, a leading surface extending between the first surface and the second surface, the leading surface extending in a plane transverse to the... Agent:

20150021100 - Thermally stable polycrystalline compacts for reduced spalling earth-boring tools including such compacts, and related methods: Polycrystalline compacts include an interface between first and second volumes of a body of inter-bonded grains of hard material. The first volume is at least substantially free of interstitial material, and the second volume includes interstitial material in interstitial spaces between surfaces of the inter-bonded grains of hard material. The... Agent:

20150021101 - Polycrystalline diamond materials having improved abrasion resistance, thermal stability and impact resistance: PCD materials comprise a diamond body having bonded diamond crystals and interstitial regions disposed among the crystals. The diamond body is formed from diamond grains and a catalyst material at high pressure/high temperature conditions. The diamond grains have an average particle size of about 0.03 mm or greater. At least... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150014056 - Dynamic response apparatus and methods triggered by conditions: A pre-defined custom profile that specifies a potential condition, such as of a drilling rig site, is generated. One or more operational parameters at the drilling rig site are monitored to determine an actual condition of the drilling rig site. A dynamic response is made when it is detected that... Agent:

20150014057 - Mining drill with gradient sensing: A drill for excavating a bore in the earth includes a steerable boring tool configured to excavate a bore and sensors coupled to the boring tool. The sensors are spaced apart from one another at multiple azimuthal locations around the steerable boring tool and the sensors are configured to detect... Agent: Elwha LLC

20150014058 - Drilling system and method for monitoring and displaying drilling parameters for a drilling operation of a drilling system: A drilling system and method for monitoring drilling parameters for an underground drilling operation.... Agent:

20150014059 - Cv joint for down hole motor and method: An apparatus for transmitting torque to a down hole motor in a down hole drilling assembly. The apparatus includes a center rod having a distal protuberance and a proximal protuberance, a transmission adapter having a first end connected to the down hole motor, and a transmission socket formed within a... Agent: Innovative Drilling Motors, LLC

20150014061 - Hydraulic actuation of a downhole tool assembly: A downhole tool assembly is configured for repeated and selective hydraulic actuation and deactuation. A piston assembly is configured to reciprocate axially in a downhole tool body. The piston assembly reciprocates between a first axial position and second and third axial positions that axially oppose the first position. The downhole... Agent:

20150014060 - Tricone bit construction: A roller cone drill bit having detachable rotatable arms. The arms are connected at a mounting pad to the bit body. Each arm has its own grease delivery system to provide lubrication to the interface between the arms and rolling elements at an end of each arm. The forward-facing contact... Agent:

20150014062 - Composition comprising an alkoxylated amine compound and a carboxylic acid compound, use thereof in water in oil emulsions and process using the composition as or as part of a drilling fluid: The object of the present invention is a composition comprising amine compound and carboxylic acid compounds, wherein at least the amine compounds are alkoxylated, use thereof as a drilling fluid, and a method for using the drilling fluid... Agent:

20150014063 - Top drive module connector and methods: A top drive includes a plurality of modules. The top drive includes a first fastening member and a second fastening member. The first fastening member and the second fastening member are configured to be removably coupled to connect a first module and a second module. In some embodiments, the top... Agent:

20150014064 - Core drilling tools with external fluid pathways: Implementations of the present invention include a core barrel assembly including external fluid pathways extending generally axially long the outer surface of the core barrel assembly. The one or more external fluid pathways can allow for increased fluid flow around a latch mechanism. The increased fluid flow around the latch... Agent:

20150014065 - Core barrel valve assembly: A valve assembly for use in an inner tube member of a core barrel head assembly positionable within a drill string of a drilling apparatus. The valve assembly works using two separate surfaces and a biasing element with a force. When hydrostatic pressure is present forces are created on these... Agent: Atlas Copco Canada Inc.

20150014066 - Force application reduction employing actuator and thrust bearing: An apparatus includes a thrust bearing adapted to engage a tubular component. A bearing carrier is connected to the thrust bearing, an arm is connected to the bearing carrier, and an actuator is connected to the arm. In one embodiment, the bearing carrier includes an arcuate notch through which the... Agent:

20150014067 - Cutter protection during leaching process: A method of forming a thermally stable cutting element may include providing a cutting element including a substrate fixed to a polycrystalline diamond cutting table; enclosing the substrate and at least a portion of the polycrystalline diamond cutting table within a protective element to form a partially enclosed cutting element;... Agent:

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