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Boring or penetrating the earth

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05/21/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150136486 - Coring system considering tilting of coring part and method of compensating depth of coring part using the same: The present invention relates to a coring system considering a tilt of a coring part and a method of compensating for a depth of a coring part using the same. A coring system according to the present invention includes: a coring part with a core to be filled with an... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

20150136487 - Coring system including tensiometer and method of deciding accurate coring using the same: The present invention relates to a coring system and a determining method that can determine whether accurate coring was achieved. A coring system according to the present invention includes: a coring part with a core to be filled with an object to be cored; a driving unit controlling upward/downward movement... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource

20150136488 - Downhole surveying and core sample orientation systems, devices and methods: A method and system of validating orientation of a core obtained by drilling the core from a subsurface body of material, the method including: a) determining that vibration from drilling is below a nominated level, b) recording data relating to orientation of the core to be retrieved, the data recorded... Agent: Globaltech Corporation Pty Ltd

20150136489 - Method and apparatus for remotely changing flow profile in conduit and drilling bit: The present invention relates to apparatus and methods for remotely adjusting the drill bit hydraulic horse power per square inch (HSI). Varying the nozzle geometry remotely without the need to pull the drill string outside the hole has obvious advantage. Changing the nozzle flow geometry results in changing the nozzle... Agent:

20150136491 - Hydraulically operated polished rod clamp: A polished rod clamp includes a clamp housing having a central passage passing through a tapered bore. A wedge lock is arranged in the tapered bore such that a first surface of the wedge lock is in sliding engagement with a tapered surface of the tapered bore and a second... Agent:

20150136490 - Steerable well drilling system: A steerable dual drilling bit having an outer reamer bit defining a central opening and having an inner core removal bit being rotatably driven by a mud motor that is supported within a tubular housing by the outer reamer bit. The dual drilling bit is capable of being threaded to... Agent:

20150136492 - Dual circulation drilling system: A ground drill system (10) has a drill string 14 which forms first and second mutually isolated fluid paths (16 and 18) respectively. The drill string (14) has an up hole end (20) coupled to a dual circulation rotation head (22) and a down hole end (24) which is coupled... Agent:

20150136493 - Drill bits having blind-hole flushing and systems for using same: A drill bit for forming a hole in a formation. The drill bit has a shank and a full face crown that cooperate to define an interior space that receives water or other drilling fluid. The full face crown defines a plurality of bores that extend from a cutting face... Agent:

20150136494 - Drill bits having flushing and systems for using same: A drill bit for forming a hole in a formation. The drill bit has a shank and a full face crown that cooperate to define an interior space that receives water or other drilling fluid. The full face crown defines a plurality of bores that extend from a cutting face... Agent:

20150136495 - Polycrystalline diamond compact, and related methods and applications: Embodiments relate to polycrystalline diamond compacts (“PDCs”) including a polycrystalline diamond (“PCD”) table in which a metal-solvent catalyst is alloyed with at least one alloying element to improve thermal stability of the PCD table. In an embodiment, a PDC includes a substrate and a PCD table bonded to the substrate.... Agent: Us Synthetic Corporation

05/14/2015 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150129306 - Method for calculating and displaying optimized drilling operating parameters and for characterizing drilling performance with respect to performance benchmarks: A method for optimizing drilling includes initializing values of a plurality of drilling operating parameters and drilling response parameters. In a computer, an initial relationship between the plurality of drilling operating parameters and drilling response parameters is determined. A drilling unit to drill a wellbore through subsurface formations. The drilling... Agent:

20150129307 - Method and apparatus for protecting downhole components from shock and vibration: The lower end assembly of a measurement while drilling tool is secured against shock and vibration while drilling through the use of a locking cuff, an abrasion ring and a locking nut. A mule shoe at a lower end of the assembly has a diameter sized to allow a pulser... Agent: Hunting Energy Services, Inc.

20150129310 - Borehole drill bit cutter indexing: For drill bit cutter indexing, a housing is disposed in a drill bit. An indexing cog is in physical communication with a cutter and interlocks with the housing in a first index position of a plurality of index positions in response to a first compressive load applied to the cutter.... Agent: Us Synthetic Corporation

20150129308 - Coating of the piston for a rotating percussion system in downhole drilling: A system and method of fabricating a percussion tool that includes one or more coatings applied onto a piston, casing, and/or flow tube. The percussion tool includes a piston positioned in sliding contact within a casing. The piston includes an inner wall and an outer wall, where the inner wall... Agent: Varel International Ind., L.p.

20150129309 - Downhole stabilizer: A stabilizer for use in a wellbore string, comprising: an elongate body having an upper end for connection to the wellbore string and a lower end for connection to a wellbore string, a long axis between the ends and an outer surface; and a first cutting ring mounted on the... Agent:

20150129311 - Motor integrated reamer: In one aspect, an apparatus for use in a wellbore is disclosed that in one non-limiting embodiment may include a drive system coupled to a drill bit by a drive sub for drilling a wellbore, wherein the drive system has an associated bend for directional drilling of the wellbore, and... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150129312 - Drill cuttings conveyance systems: A drill cuttings conveyance system includes a collection tank that includes a screw conveyor and a chamber operable to accommodate drill cuttings, the screw conveyer extending along a longitudinal axis of the collection tank from a first end of the chamber to a second end of the chamber; a port... Agent:

20150129313 - Hydroplaning reducing slip ring apparatus: A slip ring apparatus including a ring assembly having a conductive ring with a conductive ring engagement surface, a contact assembly having a contact element with a contact element engagement surface for engaging with the conductive ring engagement surface, and a surface discontinuity provided in at least one of the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150129314 - Downhole motor: A downhole motor having a motor section, a drive shaft section, and an output shaft section. The output shaft section has a rotatable output shaft with a first end and a second end. A first thrust bearing assembly proximal to the first end of the output shaft, a second thrust... Agent:

20150129315 - Double wall flow tube for percussion tool: An apparatus, system, and method of fabricating a percussion tool that includes a flow tube. The flow tube includes upper and lower portions, inner and outer walls, and at least one opening formed in the outer wall. The upper portion extends from a top end towards a bottom end. The... Agent: Varel International Ind., L.p.

20150129317 - Field removable choke for mounting in the piston of a rotary percussion tool: A choke assembly for controlling air flow into a piston of a percussion tool for downhole drilling includes a choke and a choke adapter. The choke comprises a choke body and a choke opening in the choke body for fluid to flow therethrough. The choke further includes one or more... Agent: Varel International Ind., L.p.

20150129316 - Top mounted choke for percussion tool: A system and method of fabricating a percussion tool that includes a choke valve that is replaceable and/or maintainable without disassembly of the percussion tool. The flow tube includes inner and outer walls and at least one opening formed in the outer wall. The inner wall extends from a top... Agent: Varel International Ind., L.p.

20150129318 - Drill bit with a flow interrupter: A drill bit is disclosed, comprising: a drill bit head having a cutting face with one or more fixed cutting elements; a flow passage extending through the drill bit head to the cutting face; a flow interrupter within the drill bit head and positioned to interrupt flow of fluid through... Agent:

20150129319 - Externally serviceable slip ring apparatus: A slip ring apparatus which includes a housing, a contact assembly recess defined by the housing, a slip ring rotor assembly contained within the interior of the housing adjacent to the contact assembly recess, a slip ring contact assembly mounted within the interior of the housing, wherein the slip ring... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150129320 - Methods of repairing cutting element pockets in earth-boring tools with depth-of-cut control features, and tools and structures formed by such methods: Methods of repairing earth-boring tools may involve providing wear-resistant material over a temporary displacement member to repair a cutting element pocket in a body and a depth-of-cut control feature using the wear-resistant material. In some embodiments, the wear-resistant material may comprise a particle-matrix composite material. For example, a hardfacing material... Agent:

20150129321 - Polycrystalline diamond compact: In an embodiment, a polycrystalline diamond compact includes a substrate and a preformed polycrystalline diamond table having an upper surface, an interfacial surface, and at least one side surface extending therebetween. The interfacial surface of the polycrystalline diamond table is bonded to the substrate. The polycrystalline diamond table includes bonded... Agent:

20150129322 - Polycrystalline diamond cutting elements with transition zones and downhole cutting tools incorporating the same: A cutting element may include a substrate including a plurality of metal carbide particles and a first metal binder having a first metal binder content; an outer layer of polycrystalline diamond material at an end of the cutting element, the polycrystalline diamond material including a plurality of interconnected diamond particles;... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150122547 - Method to mitigate bit induced vibrations by intentionally modifying mode shapes of drill strings by mass or stiffness changes: A method for reducing drill tubular vibrations includes: constructing a mathematical model the drill tubular having mass distribution, material stiffness and material damping; constructing an equation of motion of the drill tubular in one of a time domain and frequency domain; transforming the equation of motion into a modal domain... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150122548 - Method and system for directional drilling and coupling sub: The present invention provides a system and method for directional drilling of a borehole in a formation along a predetermined trajectory. The method comprising the steps of: providing a directional drilling system, comprising a rotatable drill string comprising a first drill string section and a second drill string section; a... Agent:

20150122549 - Hydraulic tools, drilling systems including hydraulic tools, and methods of using hydraulic tools: A hydraulic tool includes a rotor rotatably disposed within a stator. At least an inner portion of the stator and/or at least an outer portion of the rotor is configured to be installed in a drill string in either of two inverted orientations along a longitudinal axis of the hydraulic... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150122550 - Subsurface formation cutter: The present invention is a subsurface formation cutter for directional cutting into a subterranean formation. The subsurface formation cutter includes a transmission unit, a cutter bit, a bit brace, and a ram unit. The transmission unit has a driver shaft operatively connected to a bottom hole assembly. The cutter bit... Agent:

20150122551 - Rotary drill bit and method for designing a rotary drill bit for directional and horizontal drilling: A multi-layer downhole drilling tool designed for directional and horizontal drilling is disclosed. The drilling tool includes a bit body including a rotational axis extending therethrough. A plurality of primary blades are disposed on exterior portions of the bit body and a plurality of secondary blades are disposed on exterior... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150122552 - Hard-facing for downhole tools and matrix bit bodies with enhanced wear resistance and fracture toughness: A composite material and a methods of making and using the composite material, wherein the composite material provides improved wear resistance and fracture toughness to hard-facing and matrix materials for down hole drilling tools.... Agent:

20150122553 - High impact resistant tool with an apex width between a first and second transitions: In one aspect of the present invention, a high impact resistant tool comprises a sintered polycrystalline diamond body bonded to a cemented metal carbide substrate at an interface, the body comprising a substantially pointed geometry with an apex, the apex comprising a curved surface that joins a leading side and... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150114714 - In-situ downhole cuttings analysis: Systems, devices, and methods for evaluating cuttings entrained in a downhole fluid in a borehole intersecting an earth formation. Methods may include using at least one sensor to produce information responsive to a reflection of an emitted wave from downhole cuttings in the borehole, wherein the information is indicative of... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150114715 - Earth-boring tools including expandable members and status indicators and methods of making and using such earth-boring tools: Expandable tools for use in subterranean boreholes may include a body defining a fluid flow path extending through the body. A valve piston may be located within the fluid flow path of the body, the valve piston configured to move longitudinally within the body responsive to drilling fluid flowing through... Agent:

20150114716 - Vibration tool: Various implementations described herein are directed to a vibration tool, e.g., for use in drilling or other downhole operations. In one implementation, the vibration tool may include a housing having a bore extending therethrough. The vibration tool may also include a piston subassembly positioned inside the bore, where the piston... Agent:

20150114718 - Drillable debris barrier tool: A drillable debris barrier tool is positioned under a stage tool to protect tools therebelow from contamination with debris from the stage tool, as it is drilled out. The debris barrier tool includes features that facilitate drill up of stage tool debris and reduce the size of debris generated from... Agent: Resource Completion Systems Inc.

20150114717 - Walking drilling rig: An improved walking drilling rig is disclosed. The walking drilling rig includes a preassembled substructure that includes a first skid beam disposed parallel and spaced apart from a second skid beam. A plurality of crossbeams couple the first skid beam to the second skid beam, and a plurality of extendable... Agent: Independence Contract Drilling, Inc.

20150114719 - Multi-angle rotary steerable drilling: Rotary steerable drilling apparatus and methods utilizing apparatus comprising a shaft, a multi-angle strike ring axially repositionable along the shaft, an articulated member coupled to the shaft, and a steering member carried by the articulated member. An actuator is operable to maintain an angular offset of the articulated member relative... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150114720 - Inhibition of microfissure formation in wear resistant coatings: A method of manufacturing coated components, e.g., for use in downhole drilling, which may limit, during the manufacturing process, the formation of microfissures and other performance-inhibiting characteristics in the abrasion resistant coating. The method may include applying an abrasion resistant coating composition to a substrate. The abrasion resistant coating composition... Agent:

20150114721 - Downhole motor with concentric rotary drive system: A rotary fluid drive has first and second bodies 20, 120. The second body 120 is rotatable relative to and inside of the first body 20 defining a working fluid space 40 there between. Gates 130 are supported by the first body 20 and lobes 124 are provide on the... Agent:

20150114722 - Downhole screw motor: To obtain technical result—creation of a new downhole screw motor ensuring a higher efficiency and increasing performance coefficient of a motor and motor operational life, improving of drilling efficiency—in a downhole screw motor comprising a stator having an internal screw surface, a rotor placed inside a stator having external screw... Agent:

20150114723 - Diamond core drill wire line latch assembly: A latch assembly for a diamond core drill wire line. Included is a cylindrical main body having a main body interior, an outer wall, a main body end and a latch end. A ball hole is defined through the main body. An inner shaft ball lock is contained within the... Agent:

20150114724 - Underground drilling apparatus: A drilling apparatus can include a sonde housing that is elongated along a central longitudinal axis. The sonde housing has a length that extends along the central longitudinal axis from a proximal end of the sonde housing to a distal end of the sonde housing. The proximal end of the... Agent:

20150114726 - Diamond bonded construction with reattached diamond body: Diamond bonded construction comprise a diamond body attached to a support. In one embodiment, an initial substrate used to sinter the body is interposed between the body and support, and is thinned to less than 5 times the body thickness, or to less than the body thickness, prior to attachment... Agent:

20150114725 - Non-uniform polycrystalline composite and its method of manufacture: A polycrystalline diamond composite including a generally circular sintered polycrystalline cutting disc and a refractory substrate operationally connected to the polycrystalline cutting disc. The polycrystalline cutting disc further includes a plurality of coarse diamond grains and a plurality of fine diamond grains. The plurality fine diamond grains are concentrated in... Agent:

20150114727 - Earth-boring tools including cutting elements with alignment features and related methods: An earth-boring tool may comprise a body having at least one blade, and at least one cutting element recess may be formed in a surface of the at least one blade. At least one cutting element may be affixed within the at least one cutting element recess. The at least... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

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