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Boring or penetrating the earth

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08/07/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140216815 - Multi-operational multi-drilling system: A system comprising a drilling platform having a central focus, a plurality of wellbay accesses positioned along a wellbay access perimeter surrounding the central focus, a drilling module, and a peripheral skidding system defining a skidding perimeter surrounding the central focus. Each of the plurality of wellbay accesses is associated... Agent:

20140216816 - Continuous circulation and communication drilling system: An apparatus for performing a wellbore operation includes a drill string having a rigid tubular section formed of a plurality of jointed tubulars and a plurality of valves positioned along the rigid tubular section. Each valve may have a radial valve controlling flow through a wall of the rigid tubular... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140216817 - Slip device for suspending a drill or casing string: An apparatus for gripping a cylindrical member is provided. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a clamping device having clamping dies that enable the clamping device to grip a tubular string. The clamping dies have clamping faces configured to adapt to curvature of the tubular string when the clamping dies... Agent:

20140216818 - Interferometric processing to detect subterranean geological boundaries: A method of identifying a bed boundary in a subterranean formation by processing data measured by an induction logging tool. An interferometric method compares recorded voltages and/or phases recorded at axially spaced apart receivers on the logging tool. A transmitter is on the logging tool and set between the receivers,... Agent: Aramco Services Company

20140216819 - System and method for coupling a drill bit to a whipstock: A system and method facilitate drilling of a lateral wellbore by eliminating one or more trips downhole. The system comprises a drill bit optimized for the drilling operation. The drill bit is coupled to a whipstock via a connector, which minimizes interference with the cutting elements of the drill bit.... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140216820 - Drilling table: A drilling table for a drilling rig has an accommodation sleeve that can be rotated via a rotational drive for accommodation of a Kelly rod provided with driving contours. Coupling elements are disposed on the inside wall of the accommodation sleeve for engagement into the driving contours of the Kelly... Agent: Abi Anlagentechnik-baumaschinen-industriebedarf Maschinenfabrik Und Vertriebsgesellschaft Mbh

20140216821 - Flow control diverter valve: A method of drilling a well and installing a liner includes assembling concentric inner and outer strings of tubulars. A drill bit is located at the lower end of the inner string and a liner with a liner hanger makes up part of the outer string. The inner and outer... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140216822 - Boring machine: The invention is a boring machine including: a guide rail linearly extending in one direction; a main part sliclably mounted on the guide rail; a sleeve extending from the main part in a plane substantially parallel to the guide rail; and a rotatable face plate mounted at a distal end... Agent:

20140216823 - Non-cylindrical nozzle socket for drill bits: A non-cylindrical nozzle socket and a downhole tool that includes a non-cylindrical nozzle socket. The non-cylindrical nozzle socket includes a base and a nozzle socket wall that extends outwardly from the base. The nozzle socket wall includes a distal end positioned away from the base. The distal end forms an... Agent: Varel Europe S.a.s.

20140216824 - Tool holder, and chisel support and drilling bit for a drill head: A drill head including a tool holder, chisel supports mounted thereon and drill bits. According to this invention, the chisel supports can be separated from the tool holder.... Agent:

20140216825 - Auger bit with replaceable cutting bit: An auger bit includes an elongated shaft, a cutting bit, a feed screw, and a locking fastener. The shaft includes a flute extending in a helical manner with respect to a longitudinal axis along at least a portion of the shaft. The shaft further includes a first slot and a... Agent:

20140216826 - Single-waterway drill bits and systems for using same: Implementations of the present invention include drilling tools having axially-tapered waterways that can increase flushing and bit life, while also decreasing clogging. According to some implementations of the present invention, the drilling tool can have a single notch extending into the cutting face and a plurality of bores extending from... Agent: Longyear Tm, Inc.

20140216827 - Cutter assemblies, downhole tools incorporating such cutter assemblies and methods of making such downhole tools: Cutter assemblies include an outer support and a cutting element disposed therein. The cutting element is immovably attached to the outer support element. Also disclosed is downhole tools incorporating such cutter assemblies and methods of making such downhole tools.... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

07/31/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 9 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140202766 - Method and apparatus for drilling subterranean borehole: A method of drilling a subterranean bore hole comprising a) pumping a drilling fluid down a drill string, the drill string having a drill bit at an end thereof, b) rotating the drill string about its longitudinal axis to that the bit forms bore hole in the ground, the method... Agent: Managed Pressure Operations Pte, Limited

20140202768 - Bidirectional downhole isolation valve: An isolation valve for use in a wellbore includes: a housing; a piston longitudinally movable relative to the housing; a flapper carried by the piston for operation between an open position and a closed position, the flapper operable to isolate an upper portion of a bore of the valve from... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140202767 - Contingent continuous circulation drilling system: A method for deploying a tubular string into a wellbore includes: injecting fluid through a top drive and flow sub into a top of the tubular string and lowering the tubular string into the wellbore. The flow sub: connects the tubular string top to a quill of the top drive,... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140202770 - Downhole assembly, tool and method: A reaming tool includes a body having a longitudinal axis and an upper end opposite a lower end and a blade located on said body, the blade including a reaming surface having one or more reaming inserts disposed on at least a portion thereof and a cutting surface having one... Agent: TercelIPLimited

20140202771 - Hybrid drill bit and design method: A hybrid earth-boring bit comprising a bit body having a central axis, at least one, preferably three fixed blades, depending downwardly from the bit body, each fixed blade having a leading edge, and at least one rolling cutter, preferably three rolling cutters, mounted for rotation on the bit body. A... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140202769 - X-y-z pipe racker for a drilling rig: Apparatus and methods include an x-direction support structure extending in the same direction as a line extending between a well center and a V-door on a drilling rig and include a y-direction support structure moveable along the x-direction support structure. The y-direction support structure extends on a drilling rig in... Agent: Nabors Industries, Inc.

20140202772 - Drilling a well with predicting sagged fluid composition and mud weight: Methods of drilling or treating a well including the steps of: designing a fluid with high-gravity solids (e.g., barite); calculating the sagged fluid mud weight after allowing for sag according to formulas; forming a fluid according to the sagged fluid mud weight; and introducing the fluid into the well. The... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140202773 - Roller bit for rock breaking by rotary cutting: A roller bit for rock breaking by rotary cutting comprises: a bit body (1), a roller (2) and cutting teeth (3). An included angle β between a roller journal plane of the bit body and the roller on a bit axis has a range of 0°<β<90°, a journal offset S... Agent:

20140202774 - Wear element for downhole tool with a cold-pressed graphite wear layer: A wear element for a downhole, earth cutting tool for forming bore holes comprises a wear layer made of “cold pressed graphite” attached to a substrate comprised of, for example, a cemented metal carbide. Cold pressed graphite is, depending on the arrangement of carbon bonds, also referred to as M-carbon... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140196948 - Drilling rig: Disclosed herein are embodiments of an offshore drilling rig comprising a drill floor deck having a hole defining a first well centre. Embodiments of the drilling rig further comprise a first mast upwardly extending relative to the drill floor deck, and a first hoisting system supported by the first mast... Agent: A.p. Moller - Maersk A/s

20140196949 - Autodriller system: An autodriller provides an automatic self calibration system to predict both axial and rotational friction coefficients from the surface measurements such as hookload and surface torque while a drill bit is off bottom. The friction coefficients are used to calculate the friction forces between drillstring and the wellbore while the... Agent: University Of Calgary

20140196950 - Path tracking for directional drilling as applied to attitude hold and trajectory following: A method for directional control of a drilling system, having steps of using an inclination and azimuth hold system to develop a path to be followed by the drilling system, wherein the inclination and azimuth hold system calculates an inclination angle of a tool face and an azimuth angle of... Agent:

20140196951 - Positioning method for a drilling head: Positioning method of a bit or a drill head (22) of a drilling device which drills an underground hole in which method devices which measure the situation of the drill head and/or receiving devices of signals which have been sent from elsewhere and are related to the mentioned measuring and... Agent:

20140196952 - Downhole sinusoidal vibrational apparatus: A device in place as, or suitable for use as, a vibrational tool of or in a downhole assembly, the device having a first magnetic assembly which is to be, or can be, rotated relative to a second magnetic assembly and which, when so rotated, causes the second magnetic assembly... Agent: Flexidrill Limited

20140196955 - Direct torque helical displacement well and hydrostatic liquid pressure relief device: A helical displacement well with preassembled segments includes a preassembled shaft-forming penetrator tube including helical plates mounted to its exterior that may be rotated to propel the casing into the ground. A hydraulic drill motor rotates the penetrator tube and as it moves deeper into the ground. Extension tubes may... Agent:

20140196953 - Drilling apparatus: A drilling apparatus comprised of a multiplicity of subassemblies for drilling an open-hole extension from within an existing cased borehole located in a geological formation for the production of oil and gas. In one embodiment, one subassembly includes a motor located within a cased section of the borehole that rotates... Agent:

20140196954 - Jetting tool: A jetting tool includes a tubular housing having: couplings formed at each longitudinal end thereof, and one or more ports formed through a wall thereof and in fluid communication with an upper portion of a bore of the housing. The jetting tool further includes a valve mechanism isolating the housing... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140196956 - High shear roller cone drill bits: A drill bit may include a bit body, comprising: at its upper end, a connection adapted to connect to a drill string; at its lower end, a plurality of journals extending downwardly and radially outward from a longitudinal axis of the bit; a plurality of roller cones rotatable mounted on... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20140196957 - Tooth for roller crusher: An improved tooth for a roller crusher is presented. The tooth can include a first tungsten carbide overlay layer plasma-transfer arc welded on a recessed hemispherical end of the tooth, which is covered by a wearable cap placed over the first overlay layer, the cap welded to the tooth. A... Agent: Bradken Canada Ltd.

20140196958 - Increased point of contact tungsten carbide insert for fixed rotary drill bit: A fixed rotary drill bit, especially the type rotary drill bits incorporating a plurality of spaced polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters or cutting elements on a plurality of radial blades, includes multiple tungsten carbide inserts (TCI) spaced between the PDC cutters or cutting elements, each TCI providing a mitigation to... Agent: Hi-jet, LLC (2)

20140196959 - Downhole drill bit: A downhole cutting tool may include a tool body; a plurality of blades extending from the tool body; a first blade comprising at least one pointed cutting element thereon, the at least one pointed cutting element comprising a first polycrystalline diamond material on a first carbide substrate, the first polycrystalline... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

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