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Boots, shoes, and leggings

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02/05/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150033577 - Differing void cell matrices for sole support: A shoe sole comprises a first array of interconnected void cells that is oriented adjacent to a second opposing array of interconnected void cells, wherein the second opposing array of interconnected void cells is geometrically different from the first array of void cells and includes at least one void cell... Agent:

20150033578 - Educational method for identifying right and left footwear utilizing a split graphic and corresponding split word footwear insert: The present embodiment is a footwear insert. In further detail the present embodiment offers an educational split graphic and split text system to assist a wearer in identification of left and right footwear. In addition, the present embodiment offers personal identification information related to the wearer of the inserts.... Agent:

20150033579 - Article of footwear with support assembly having tubular members: An article of footwear includes an upper and a support assembly positioned beneath the upper, and having a top plate, a bottom plate, and a plurality of connecting members. The connecting members are spaced from one another and extend partway inwardly from a periphery of the support assembly such that... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150033580 - Shoe with fibers embedded into the surface of its outsole: Provided are, among other things, systems, methods and techniques for making a shoe outsole and to shoe outsoles made using such techniques. In one such technique, a sheet of composite material is produced by extruding a base material together with a sheet of fabric material. The sheet of composite material... Agent: Dynasty Footwear, Ltd.

20150033581 - Article of footwear with support assembly having primary and secondary members: An article of footwear includes an upper, a midsole, and a support assembly positioned beneath the midsole. The support assembly includes a plurality of primary support members having a substantially Z-shaped cross-section extending transversely across the support assembly. The support assembly may include a plurality of secondary support members having... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150033582 - Polymer shoe: An elastomeric shoe is provided that comprises a curved sole, an upper portion thereof having a vamp and curved top line. The upper portion and curved sole are molded from an elastomeric material, allowing the curved top line to stretch in tension, enabling the shoe's sole to achieve a substantially... Agent:

20150033583 - Articles of footwear: An article of footwear includes an outsole and an upper joined with the outsole, the upper having an exterior surface. A panel is joined with the upper, the panel being foldable about an axis between a first position and a second position. A first indicia element is exposed when the... Agent: Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

20150033584 - Accessorizable shoe and accessories for the shoe: A customizable combination shoe and accessory include: (a) a wearable mule or slide type shoe having: (i) a sole portion having an insole and an outsole, (ii) a vamp arranged at the insole, (iii) a heel affixed to the outsole, and (iv) a single anchor extending through the outsole; and... Agent:

20150033585 - Soccer cleat with leg protective structure: An assembly is provided including a cleated shoe and a leg protective structure. The leg protective structure has a lower end which is fixed to the shoe through a flexible junction. The leg protective structure is configured as a sock and/or a shin guard. In various embodiments different opening and... Agent:

20150033586 - Ski boot: A ski boot includes a shell and a cuff which is hinged on the shell so as to rotate about a first axis substantially perpendicular to the center-plane of the boot. The ski boot is provided with a cuff locking device which includes: a fixing plate which is located on... Agent: Calzaturificio S.c.a.r.p.a. S.p.a

20150033587 - Article of footwear with a ball contacting surface: An article of footwear with a ball contacting surface is disclosed. The ball contacting surface includes a raised peak member at the top and gripping members along a medial side. The ball contacting surface enhances the ability of a wearer to kick a ball with a low trajectory and to... Agent:

20150033588 - Article of footwear with a dynamically responsive element for kicking a ball: An article of footwear with a dynamically responsive element for kicking a ball is disclosed. In preferred embodiments, an article of footwear comprises a sole element, an upper element, and a ball contacting element. The ball contacting element comprises a first layer configured to contact a ball and a second... Agent:

01/29/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150026996 - Shoe sole with energy restoring device: The present disclosure describes a performance enhancing shoe sole that includes an anterior support structure and a posterior support structure that are connected by a first support structure. The anterior support structure and posterior support structure are flexible bent spring structures. The first support structure provides a plantar interface that... Agent:

20150026997 - Adjustable bladder system for an article of footwear: An adjustable bladder system for an article of footwear is disclosed. The bladder system includes an outer bladder that may be inflated using an external pump. In addition, one or more tensile members may be disposed internally to the outer bladder to provide enhanced support. A valve member may also... Agent:

20150026999 - Customizable shoe insole: A customizable shoe insole is provided. A base layer having a substantially flat surface shaped to a sole of a foot extends from a heel of the foot to beyond a ball of the foot. One or more support pads each having a different contoured shape of varying height is... Agent:

20150026998 - Insole structure: An insole structure includes a supporting layer, a buffer layer and a surface layer orderly superposed together. The supporting layer is provided thereon with an intermediate bulgy block, an arch bulgy block and a heel bulgy block. The buffer layer is disposed with an intermediate buffer portion, an arch buffer... Agent:

20150027000 - Article of footwear with support assembly having primary and secondary members: An article of footwear includes an upper, a midsole, a support assembly beneath the midsole, and an outsole. The support assembly includes a primary member and a secondary member engaged with the primary member. A portion of the secondary member extends through an aperture in the primary member. An opening... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150027002 - Platform shoe, last and insole therefor and manufacture thereof: An insole for a high heeled platform shoe (30), shaped to accommodate a platform (48) between the insole and an underside of a wearer's foot. Also, a high heeled platform shoe (30) including an outsole, an insole and a platform, in which the outsole is located on one side of... Agent:

20150027001 - Tapeless waterproof footwear: Described herein are devices and techniques for solving the problems associated with the assembly of standard waterproof footwear such as the increased labor and cost of purchasing a taping machine and individually taping each seam of a waterproof article of footwear. Waterproof footwear described herein is made by laminating a... Agent:

20150027003 - Mule with exchangeable strap: The invention relates to a mule (1, 201, 301, 401, 501) with at least one strap (3, 203, 303, 403, 503) detachably arranged on the mule. According to the invention, the strap (3, 203, 303, 403, 503) can be arranged on the main body optionally either by a form fit... Agent:

20150027005 - Article of footwear, sole and pump arrangement for use in same, and method of making same: An article of footwear has a shoe upper, a sole connected to the shoe upper and the sole is provided with peripheral walls which together define a cavity therein. A layer of material extends across and is connected to the walls or adjacent to the walls at a perimeter of... Agent: Cedar Technologies International Ltd.

20150027004 - Flexible footwear with puncture resistant sole and reinforced strap mounting: A flexible article of footwear, such as a sandal or the like, with a puncture resistant sole and reinforced strap mount. The article of footwear can also have an adjustable forefoot strap, and the sole can have a midsole, outsole and puncture resistant plate that can be integrally molded together.... Agent:

20150027006 - Combined structure of shoe accessories unit: A combined structure of shoe accessories unit, which comprising: a sole and a Y strap; as well as an accessories unit, which is fixed onto surface of Y strap; the accessories unit is provided with a base; a decoration is embedded onto upper end of the base, and a needle... Agent:

01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020410 - Replaceable-skin shoe system: A replaceable-skin shoe system is disclosed. The replaceable-skin shoe system includes a base shoe and one or more replaceable-skins, wherein the replaceable-skins can include skins for the top of the shoe and/or skins for the bottom of the shoe. The replaceable-skin shoe system also provides replaceable accessories. The top skins... Agent:

20150020411 - Adjustable toe protector: An adjustable toe protector is disclosed and is formed from a loop of a tubular material with a pile layer on the inside where the length of the loop is adjustable, and pads the top the toes with a double thickness of the material so that shoe pressure straightens the... Agent:

20150020417 - Footwear covers and associated methods: Footwear covers and associated methods are disclosed. According to an aspect, a cover may include a top face defining two side edges and a back edge. Further, the cover may include a foreshortened, substantially L shaped face that defines a first edge, a second edge, and a third edge. The... Agent:

20150020412 - Articles of footwear including unitary footbed-sole components and stitching and methods of manufacturing the same: A method of forming an article of footwear according to an embodiment of the present invention includes injection molding a footbed component as a single monolithic piece, the footbed component comprising a footbed having a top surface configured to contact a user's foot when the article of footwear is worn... Agent:

20150020413 - Folded articles of footwear and methods for manufacturing the same: A method of manufacturing an article of footwear includes providing a first portion of the article of footwear and providing a vamp; the first portion includes an ethylene vinyl acetate layer; folding the first portion to define walls of an upper of the article of footwear and an insole of... Agent:

20150020414 - Convertible shoe: The convertible shoe consists of: a top portion having a stylized upper, a footbed, and an underside with bottom side attachment; an insert with top side attachment and a bottom side attachment; and a bottom portion having a top side attachment and a tread on the bottom. The top side... Agent:

20150020415 - Modifiable and decorative footwear: Footwear which can be modified and decorated by a wearer includes a sole through which a set of spaced-apart tunnels are formed which extend the full width of the sole. At least one strip of material is wound through the tunnels and along the opposite sides of the sole and... Agent:

20150020416 - Shoe: A shoe has a coupling element extending between the front and rear portions of the shoe to maintain the shoe in a bent position. The shoe rests stably on the ground in the bent position so that the user may simply step into the shoe. The bent position is overcome... Agent:

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013180 - Ice skate overshoe: An ice skate overshoe that fits over a shoe and enhances contact with the ground, the shoe having a forward toe portion, a rearward heel portion, a sole, and a bottom for engaging the ground, the ice skate overshoe includes an elastomeric sole, an overtoe component, an overheel component, a... Agent:

20150013181 - Happy heelz--an anatomically designed heeled shoe: An anatomically designed heeled shoe having an insole/midsole combination and a recessed cavity at the heel articulates the natural shape of a foot. The design of the heeled shoe manages defects in the natural shape of the foot, reducing any pain and the exacerbation of podiatric conditions and problems incurred... Agent:

20150013182 - Footwear shock attenuation system: The footwear cushioning invention includes a floating elastic plate that stores and returns elastic energy to provide cushioning through deflection of the elastic plate. Cushioning is by energy return rather than the compression of a foam. Footwear cushioning utilizes a deflection plate integrated into the heel of the shoe for... Agent:

20150013183 - Shoe soles and orthotics with progressive corrections using cad/cam: A footwear sole or an orthotic or combinations of both including a set of incrementally different inserts forming a progressive sequence. The progressive sequence includes inserts having corrective structures that are incrementally closer to a final corrective structure than a corrective structure of a previous insert in the sequence. The... Agent:

20150013186 - Article of footwear having an upper with cord elements: The embodiments relate to an article of footwear and method of manufacturing that includes a first layer and a second layer configured to form a plurality of tunnels configured to receive a cord system. The manufacturing includes steps of placing a first layer, placing a cord on the first layer,... Agent:

20150013184 - Article with closed instep portion having variable volume: An article of footwear includes an intermediate covering portion with an adjustable volume. The intermediate covering portion is closed around the instep of the foot. The article also includes a tensioning system that can be used to change the volume of the intermediate covering portion.... Agent:

20150013185 - Sole structure for an article of footwear: A sole structure of an article of footwear has a support assembly structure including a flexure element and an upper support element. The flexure element may have a central portion located between first and second ground-contacting or lower regions, wherein the central portion may have a downwardly concavely-curved shell-like region.... Agent:

20150013188 - Article of footwear incorporating a knitted component: An article of footwear has an upper and a sole structure secured to the upper. The upper includes a knitted component and, in some configurations, a skin layer secured to the knitted component. The knitted component may have a plurality of protruding areas that extend outward and away from a... Agent: Nike, Inc. For The U.s.a. And Nike Innovate C.v. For All Other Territories

20150013187 - Shoe and manufacturing method therefor: A method for manufacturing a shoe, the method including the steps of: attaching a sock-shaped base member 1 forming a portion of an upper to a last portion 52 of a core 50, the core 50 including a core print 51 and the last portion 52; attaching the core 50... Agent: Asics Corporation

20150013189 - Shoe with instep elastic insertion and insole with depressions: A shoe having a sole (7), to which an upper (4) of the shoe is attached, and on whose upper side there is mounted an insole, while the upper (4) of the shoe in area of instep of the foot comprises at least one instep elastic insertion (41 1), which... Agent: Boty J Hanak R, S.r.o.

20150013190 - Contoured fluid-filled chamber: A sole structure for an article of footwear may include a chamber for receiving a pressurized fluid, the chamber having a first chamber barrier layer and a second chamber barrier layer bonded to the first chamber barrier layer about peripheral portions of the first chamber barrier layer and the second... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150013191 - Quick change shock mitigation outsole insert with debris shield: An article of footwear has a shock absorbing insert placed between the insole and the outsole thereof, for example at the heel. The insert includes a spring carrier having upper and lower portions, each having a plurality seats for receiving a respective ends of respective coil springs. Each of the... Agent:

20150013192 - Articles of footwear with tensile strand elements: An upper for an article of footwear may have material layers and a plurality of strand segments. The material layers are located adjacent to each other and in an overlapping configuration, and the material layers are located in a lace region and a lower region of the upper. The strand... Agent:

20150013193 - Shoe, in particular sports shoe: The invention relates to a shoe (in particular to a sports shoe, which has a shoe upper part (2) and a sole (3) which is connected to the shoe upper part (2), wherein the shoe upper part (2) having two tensioning sections (6, 7) which are arranged adjacently in a... Agent: Puma Se

20150013194 - Shoe sole, shoe with such a shoe sole and method for the production of such a shoe sole: A shoe sole, a shoe and a method for producing a shoe sole, which has at least one cleat that is designed to make contact with the ground on the underside of the sole facing towards the ground when used as intended. In order to improve the traction of the... Agent:

20150013195 - Article of footwear with suspended stud assembly: An article of footwear with a suspended stud assembly attached to a sole is disclosed. The suspended stud assembly includes a base portion attached to the sole of a shoe. A set of suspension arms connect a plurality of studs to the base portion. This arrangement allows the studs to... Agent:

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