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Boots, shoes, and leggings

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09/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140237861 - Method of knitting a knitted component with a vertically inlaid tensile element: A knitted component for an article of footwear having a vertically inlaid tensile element is described. The vertically inlaid tensile element extends along a direction that is vertical or at an angle to the direction of the knitting process of the knitted component. A method of knitting the knitted component... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140237850 - Footwear with reactive layers: A fastening system for footwear that includes a strap that functions as a restraining element to more tightly secure the footwear to the wearer's foot when the strap is under tension. The strap could be a unitary strap made of a material with a negative Poisson's ratio. The strap can... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140237851 - Shoes, devices for shoes, and methods of using shoes: A shoe includes a first plate and a second plate that are located in a portion of the shoe between an upper and an outsole of the shoe, and a nest formed as a bag filled with one or more gasses located between the first plate and the second plate.... Agent: Athletic Propulsion Labs LLC

20140237852 - Sole assembly and footwear comprising a sole assembly: The inventive subject matter is generally directed to a sole assembly comprising a plurality of traction elements disposed on a ground-facing surface of the sole assembly, and wherein the sole assembly is configured to provide a rocker effect. In some embodiments, the inventive subject matter is directed to a sole... Agent:

20140237860 - Article of footwear: A method of making a sole for an article of footwear is disclosed. The method includes steps of attaching a double sided acrylic adhesive film to a composite plate. The composite plate is then attached to an outer member of the article of footwear using the acrylic adhesive film.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140237853 - Bottom-down last for 3d forming: A method and system for making uppers for articles of footwear is disclosed. The system comprises a last assembly as well as a pressing system for forming uppers with the last assembly. The last assembly includes a last member and a base member. The last member is inverted so that... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140237854 - 3 dimensionally woven footwear: A shoe component, wherein the shoe component is formed by 3-dimensional weaving such that the shoe component has one or more woven layers, each having a warp direction and a fill direction, wherein the shoe component has one direction of stretch; a shoe containing at least one of the shoe... Agent: Under Armour, Inc.

20140237856 - Article of footwear incorporating a knitted component: An article of footwear may have an upper with a knitted component. Alone or in combination, the knitted component may include regions with different degrees of stretch-resistance; the knitted component forms a collar with a half-gauge knit; the upper includes a strand with sections that are inlaid within the knitted... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140237855 - Knitted footwear component with an inlaid ankle strand: An article of footwear may include an upper incorporating a knitted component. An inlaid strand extends through the knitted component. A combination feeder may be utilized to inlay the strand within the knitted component. As an example, the combination feeder may include a feeder arm that reciprocates between a retracted... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140237857 - Heeled footwear and method of producing heeled footwear: The invention relates to heeled footwear such as a shoe or boot comprising a sole assembly and a heel part. The heel part comprises an insert formed in a first material. The insert comprises a core body delimited by an upper surface, a lower bottom surface, and an outer surface... Agent: Ecco Sko A/s

20140237858 - Article of footwear with reinforced elastic upper: An article of footwear is provided, which may include an upper and a sole structure. The upper may include an elastic skin material forming at least a portion of an external surface of the upper. In addition, the upper may include substantially inelastic reinforcing material selectively located adjacent portions of... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140237859 - Storage device for shoelace: In one embodiment, a storage device encloses the laces of footwear. The storage device comprises a lower member, an upper member, and a joint that permits articulated motion between the lower member and the upper member in a first direction along the longitudinal axis of the storage device. The upper... Agent: Stash Sporting Goods, Inc.

08/21/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140230271 - Shoe and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a shoe and a manufacturing method thereof, wherein the invention comprises: a shoe upper; a bottom sole for blocking the lower part of the shoe upper; and a sole cover which is extended from the lower part of the upper of the shoe, and enhance... Agent:

20140230286 - Biodegradable shoe sole with fixed or detachable upper shoe components: e

20140230272 - Cushioned sole with air chamber and resistance protrusions: A shoe providing increased comfort and decreased weight without sacrificing in quality or durability by cresting a chamber below the insole, and preferably in between an outsole and a midsole, with protrusions projecting up from the outsole towards the chamber directly beneath the midsole. In some embodiments, the protrusions may... Agent: The Walking Company Holdings, Inc.

20140230273 - Fluid orthodic massaging shoe insoles: IonSole fluid orthotic massaging insoles are a unique insole appliance made 1/16th inch thick utilizing glycerin gel infused with negative ion minerals; sealed in a pocket which forms the base of the product. The product is formed in the shape of a foot and is provided in multiple sizes with... Agent:

20140230274 - Triple density gel insole: A triple density replacement insole which has at least two coextensive layers of different densities which are adjacent one another and extending the length of the insole comprising a first top cloth layer and a second gel layer and a third density layer comprising a stability cradle adjacent the gel... Agent: Spenco Medical Corporation

20140230275 - Shoe sole covering assembly: A shoe sole covering assembly includes a panel that has a top side, a bottom side and a perimeter edge. The panel has a shape of a shoe sole. An adhesive is positioned on and covers the top side. The adhesive is a pressure sensitive adhesive and is configured to... Agent:

20140230277 - Article of footwear having an upper incorporating a knitted component: An article of footwear has an upper that includes a knitted component and a sole structure secured to the upper. The knitted component may define a tube formed of unitary knit construction, and a strand may extend through a length of the tube. As another example, the knitted component may... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140230276 - Article of footwear incorporating a chamber system and methods for manufacturing the chamber system: An article of footwear has an upper and a sole structure secured to the upper. The sole structure may include a component with a flange extending in an outward direction from a void within a chamber of the component. A sole may also include a chamber formed from a polymer... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140230278 - Ankle flexi system for soccer shoes, football shoes, baseball shoes, speed skates skateboard, ice skates and hockey shoes.: The ankle flexi system consisted of a specific flexible construction that integrates the lower and upper part of the shoe using an innovative area of free movement. This allows the user a full range movement capacity of the foot (ankle area) without limiting mobility and performance on the practice of... Agent:

20140230279 - Foot wear system: A decorative interchangeable foot wear system having interchangeable components.... Agent:

20140230282 - Article of footwear with multi-layered support assembly: An article of footwear including an upper and a sole assembly secured to the upper and including a support assembly having an upper member and a lower member spaced from the upper member. A first layer is positioned beneath and in contact with the upper member and has a wave... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140230280 - Footwear including heel spring support members: A shoe includes spring type support members, optionally for at least a heel area of a foot. The support member includes a primary biasing element in the form of a V-shaped spring assembly and a secondary biasing element provided at least partially within a volume defined by the primary biasing... Agent:

20140230281 - Shoe and method for the construction thereof: Shoe comprising a sole and at least a part of an upper leather fastened to the sole, distinctive in that the shoe is constructed or adapted so that the resultant force vertically up from the base during walking, in the main, moves along a certain line or path, called SGL... Agent:

20140230283 - Athletes footwear: In accordance with one embodiment, footwear for receiving and supporting a foot of a wearer is provided. The footwear may have a front end, a rear end, a first side and a second side. The footwear may further have an upper and a sole. The upper is a portion that... Agent:

20140230285 - Athletic positioning shoe: An athletic positioning shoe includes an upper section, a sole, and an insole. The sole includes a heel section, an angled support platform, and a toe area section. The heel section has a first height along a rear edge of the sole from an inner edge to an outer edge... Agent: Admark Athletic Ventures

20140230284 - Split-sole footwear: An article of footwear including a textile upper and a split sole, the split sole having a forefoot portion and a heel portion separated by a gap under the instep portion of the article of footwear. An x-shaped bridge arches over the wearer's foot and connects the forefoot portion of... Agent: Nike, Inc.

08/14/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140223768 - Shoe upper having multiple weld zones: A shoe having a shoe upper including multiple welds in selected locations on the shoe upper. The welds may be selectively located on the upper to provide structure and support to the specific portions of a shoe upper.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140223769 - Article of footwear having a tapered throat and transitional lacing: An article of footwear is provided, including an upper having an acute angular opening in a vamp region, a base of the acute angular opening being disposed in a first region of the vamp proximate to a forefoot region of the article of footwear and an end of the acute... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140223770 - Footwear assembly with inner and outer articles: A footwear assembly includes an open toed inner article of footwear and an outer article of footwear. The inner article of footwear can be inserted into the outer article of footwear. The inner article of footwear can be worn separately from, or in combination with, the outer article of footwear.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140223772 - Shoe having an inflatable bladder: An article of footwear including a sole and an upper with an exterior and interior surface, and one or more bladders which comprises at least one of the exterior or interior surfaces of the upper. The bladder comprising sheets of polyurethane or polyester film attached together to form an airtight... Agent: Reebok International Limited

20140223771 - Shoe upper having multiple unwelded flex zones: A shoe having a shoe upper including multiple unwelded flex zones in selected locations on the shoe upper. The flex zones may be selectively located on the upper to flex when the shoe is in use.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140223773 - Footwear: A waterproof safety boot includes a one-piece EVA upper (11) to which is applied a toe cap (15). A polyurethane toe cap cover (19) is secured to the upper to encapsulate the toe cap. An outsole (25) of e.g. synthetic nitrile rubber may be added. The upper may be a... Agent: Kanyon Outdoor LLP

20140223774 - Footwear assembly with integral footbed suspension system: A footwear assembly with integral footbed suspension system is disclosed. A shoe comprises a sole, a blade extending away from the sole, an Energy Return System (ERS) connected to the blade, an upper, and a cradle coupled to the upper and coupled to the ERS via a plurality of ties,... Agent: Plantiga Technologies, Inc.

20140223775 - Assembly comprising a shoe, a shaped piece connected with the shoe to support the ankle, and a set of a shaped piece and fixing means for attachment to the shoe: An assembly includes a shoe and a device connected with the shoe to support the ankle, wherein the device includes a shaped piece which surrounds the ankle at least at the rear and is formed corresponding to the malleoli of the ankle. A shaped piece and a shoe suitable for... Agent: Exo Ligament B.v.

20140223776 - Cushioning element for sports apparel: Improved cushioning elements for sports apparel, in particular for soles for sports shoes, are described. A cushioning element for sports apparel with a first deformation element is provided. The deformation element includes a plurality of randomly arranged particles of an expanded material, wherein there are first voids within the particles... Agent:

20140223778 - Shoe, especially sports shoe: The invention relates to a shoe (1), especially to a sports shoe, having a shoe upper (2) and a sole (3) which is connected with the shoe upper (2), wherein the sole (3) has a longitudinal axis (L) and has a forefoot region (4), a midfoot region (5) and a... Agent: Puma Se

20140223777 - Sole for a shoe: Improved soles for shoes, in particular for sports shoes, are described. A sole for a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, is provided, said sole having a cushioning element that includes randomly arranged particles of an expanded material and a control element. The control element is free from expanded material... Agent:

20140223780 - Article of footwear having a sole structure with perimeter and central chambers: An article of footwear is disclosed below as having an upper and a sole structure secured to the upper. The sole structure includes a perimeter chamber, a central chamber, and an outsole. The perimeter chamber extends adjacent to at least a portion of a lateral sidewall and a medial sidewall... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140223779 - Article of footwear with interconnected tensile strands: An article of footwear includes an upper with a heel region that extends posteriorly about the heel, a medial side, and a lateral side. The article of footwear also includes a sole structure. Moreover, the article includes a longitudinal strand that extends along at least one of the medial side... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140223781 - Shoe sole device and shoe comprising such a sole device: The invention relates to a shoe sole device comprising two superposed chassis articulated relative to one another. For preference, movement-absorbing means, which notably absorb pivoting movements of the chassis relative to one another are provided. The invention also covers a shoe having such a shoe sole device and an assembly... Agent:

20140223782 - Physical therapy shoe covering: Disclosed is a shoe cover adapted for use during physical therapy. The present invention is comprised of a toe cap and a base connected to the toe cap. The toe cap provides a surface that can slide along the ground to assist patients who have difficulty raising their feet in... Agent:

20140223783 - Sole for a shoe: Improved soles for shoes, in particular sports shoes, are described. A sole for a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, is provided that includes a midsole with randomly arranged particles of an expanded material. The sole further includes an element having a higher deformation stiffness in at least one direction... Agent:

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