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Boots, shoes, and leggings

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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140290094 - Sole structure comprising a fluid filled member with slots: A sole structure for an article of footwear is disclosed. The sole structure comprises a fluid filled member and a plurality of slots. The slots are associated with connecting portions that connect portions of the sole structure in the generally longitudinal direction and provide for increased fit, flexibility and stability.... Agent: Nike Inc.

20140290095 - Lacing closure system for an object: An object includes a body with a first portion having first eyelets and a second portion having second eyelets. The body includes a first surface and a second surface that face in opposite directions. The first surface includes an opening into a void that is defined between the first surface... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140290096 - Method of bonding peba plastic composition: A method for bonding PEBA plastic composition with dissimilar materials. Also, composite articles made in accordance with the method. The method uses only water-borne adhesive compositions.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140290097 - Item of footwear: The present invention relates to an item of footwear having a sole, comprising two or more materials of different compressive resistances, flexibility or densities arranged as a frontal/toe region, a mid foot region and a heel region. The item of footwear comprises: a securing means for securing the item of... Agent:

20140290100 - Article and method of manufacture of an improved safety women's high heel shoe: A women's high heel shoe and method of manufacturing, the shoe having improved safety and usability features including an improved traction shoe sole and an improved yet stylish narrowed high heel that terminates in a widened heel tip with improved traction and reduced surface penetration susceptibility.... Agent: Claire Flowers LLC

20140290099 - Sliding-shoe sole: The sliding-shoe sole is a device that is permanently attached or removably positioned on fitness shoes or the like. The sliding-shoe sole is fabricated from materials that reduce the degree of factional contact between the sole and a contacting surface. The sliding-shoe sole may encompass a portion or the entire... Agent:

20140290098 - Sole assembly for article of footwear: A sole assembly generally including a flex plate, a heel spring and a heel cup. The flex plate may extend from the rear of the sole through the arch into the forefoot. The heel spring may be an elliptical spring and may have internal resilient stoppers that prevent the spring... Agent: Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283415 - Boot leg fashion: The invention provides a decorative sheath configured to wrap around the calf, ankle and top of foot, with either frontal, side or back fastening closures. Additionally, the sheath is held in place under a shoe's bottom with a chain, hook and loop, elastic or leather stirrup like strap. Boot Leg... Agent:

20140283416 - Heel fixing structure for women's shoe: A heel is readily and firmly fastened to the insole of a woman's heeled shoe. A fastening bolt (15) with a head (15a) is screwed through a washer (16) and an insole (12) into a reinforcing shaft (14) embedded in a heel (13). The reinforcing shaft (14) includes a thin... Agent:

20140283409 - Flow insole: An insole which generates an air flow during use, which assists in cooling or warming the foot of a user is disclosed. In a first embodiment, air flow facilitated by said insole provides for convective heat transfer away from the plantar surface of the foot. The insole is intended for... Agent:

20140283410 - Molded footwear upper and method of making same: A method for manufacturing an upper for an article of footwear includes: forming a foam layer; forming a preliminary upper by laminating an outer layer, an inner layer, and the foam layer intermediate to the outer layer and the inner layer; and molding the preliminary upper to a shape having:... Agent:

20140283411 - Upper assembly for footwear and footwear including the same: The invention relates to an upper assembly (10) for footwear (100), comprising an upper (14) having a sole-sided upper end region, and an upper bottom (16). The sole-sided upper end region is joined to the upper bottom (16). The upper (14) includes an outer material layer (18) having a sole-sided... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates Gmbh

20140283412 - Article of footwear with tensile structure: An article of footwear includes an upper having a first area and a second area. The footwear also includes a sole structure that is coupled to the upper. The sole structure includes a bladder that contains a fluid. Moreover, the footwear includes a tensile structure that is coupled to the... Agent:

20140283413 - Sole and article of footwear having a pod assembly: A sole for an article of footwear includes: an upper sole portion; and a pod assembly having a plurality of pods fluidly connected in series disposed below the upper sole portion, wherein the pod assembly extends from a lateral heel portion of the sole to a medial forefoot portion of... Agent: Reebok International Limited

20140283414 - Inner shoe for a ski boot: An inner shoe for a ski boot has an upper which has a flexible upper material and is connected via an articulated connection to a sleeve. The sleeve is formed of a sleeve material that is harder than the upper material. A ski boot, in particular formed as an alpine... Agent:

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140259736 - Protective shoe cover: A protective shoe cover is disclosed, and includes a sole portion and an upper portion integrally attached to the sole portion. The upper portion includes an opening having a length and width sufficient for receiving a shoe therein. The protective shoe cover also includes fastening means for fastening it to... Agent:

20140259737 - Traction-configurable foot covering: A foot covering including a sleeve having a leading end and a trailing end, and the sleeve further having a bottom surface; a band flippably coupled to the sleeve, and having at least one surface of the band with a traction surface, wherein the foot covering has a first structural... Agent: Kadyluxe, LLC

20140259738 - Elastic strap sandal: A sandal comprising an EVA midsole, an outsole and an elastic strap, wherein the elastic strap is stitched at the strap ends and blued to the bottom of the EVA midsole. The EVA midsole having a carved out section to accommodate the thickness of the elastic strap and stitching of... Agent:

20140259739 - Reinforced elastic strap sandal: A sandal comprising an EVA midsole, an outsole and an elastic strap, wherein the elastic strap has strap ends bonded to the bottom of the EVA midsole. The strap ends may be reinforced to the EVA midsole through various means, including stitching and gluing to a fabric. The EVA midsole... Agent:

20140259740 - Reversible protective footwear: This disclosure relates in certain embodiments to protective footwear comprising a flexible strap that can be wrapped around a bare foot in order to provide protection and traction to the ball and heel of the foot. The footwear can provide protection from rough or hot surfaces, for example swimming pool... Agent:

20140259741 - Articles of footwear including unitary sole and footbed components and methods of manufacturing the same: A method of manufacturing an article of footwear includes providing an upper and an insole of the article of footwear, connecting the upper to the insole to provide a combined upper and insole having a foot-receiving chamber and a footbed-receiving opening, providing a unitary combined sole and footbed of the... Agent:

20140259800 - Pressure relief system for footwear: Systems and methods are described for a shoe sole for relieving pressure from a wearer's metatarsal heads. In one aspect, a shoe sole comprises a shoe outer sole comprising a shaft region, a ball region, and a toe region. The shaft region underlies metatarsal shafts of the wearer and comprises... Agent: Rikco International LLC

20140259744 - Flexible sole and upper for an article of footwear: A shoe midsole is strategically integrated or scored to produce various straight and arcuate lines. Straight lines are integrated widthwise between edges on an arch side on an outer side. Arcuate lines are integrated into various places at the top of a toe portion, with at least one extending down... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259742 - Rubber shoe sole with an air cell and method for making the same: A method for making a rubber shoe sole with an air cell includes: a first curing step including putting rubber raw material into a mould assembly to form a lower member and an upper member of the shoe sole; a second curing step including putting raw material at a conjunction... Agent:

20140259745 - Shoe sole and insole: The present invention provides footwear sole systems and methods of making the footwear sole systems. The footwear sole systems comprise soles or insoles that are designed to provide an easy and simple means of measuring the wear of footwear and of providing other information, such as motivational messages, to a... Agent:

20140259743 - Sole construction: In a sole construction for a running shoe having an outer sole and an intermediate sole, the sole construction including a plurality of hollow elements which are in each case closed off by front and rear flanks in the longitudinal direction of the sole construction but are open at the... Agent:

20140259750 - Air-cushioned heel with breathing function: An air-cushioned heel with the breathing function has an airbag inside the shoe outsole and recess. The airbag has a panel with a profile compliant with the recess. The bottom of the panel extends downward a plurality of wrinkled sacs. The sacs are connected with intake ducts to extend into... Agent:

20140259749 - Fluid-filled chamber with a tensile element: A fluid-filled chamber, which may be incorporated into articles of footwear and other products, may include an outer barrier and a tensile element. The outer barrier may have a first portion, an opposite second portion, and an interior surface defining an interior void. The tensile element may be secured to... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259746 - Sole construction for elastic energy return: In accordance with one implementation, a sole construction for energy rebound and storage includes one or more actuators located below primary pressure points of the foot. Each actuator may include a plunger element positioned above an elastic membrane. A cavity positioned below the elastic membrane may be vertically aligned with... Agent:

20140259748 - Sole structure for a running shoe: A sole structure for a running shoe is presented having an outsole and a midsole. The sole structure includes a plurality of hollow elements, which are closed off in each case by front flanks and rear flanks, and have spaced-apart upper inner surfaces and lower inner surfaces, that forces to... Agent:

20140259747 - Sole structures and articles incorporating same: A sole structure may include at least one plate. The at least one plate may include a first portion located in a forefoot region of the sole structure and a second portion located in a rearfoot region of the sole structure. At least one compressible midsole component may be coupled... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259801 - Multi-density sole elements, and systems and methods for manufacturing same: The invention relates to sole elements for articles of footwear, and systems and methods for manufacturing same. One embodiment of the invention includes a method of manufacturing a sole element for an article of footwear including the steps of forming a sole element preform, inserting the sole element preform into... Agent:

20140259802 - Shoe outsoles and systems and methods of manufacturing the same: Systems and methods of manufacturing a shoe outsole are provided wherein at least a portion of the resulting shoe outsole includes embedded particles. An example method includes applying adhesive to at least one region of the shoe outsole, depositing selected particles onto the adhesive to provide the shoe outsole with... Agent:

20140259803 - High heel tip covering device and related methods: A high heel tip covering device and related method are disclosed. In one aspect, the high heel tip covering device includes a body having an upper surface, a lower surface, exterior lateral side surfaces disposed between the upper and lower surfaces, and an aperture provided within the upper surface of... Agent:

20140259755 - Arch support insole for shoes: An arch support insole includes a basic body made from soft flexible material having a top surface, a palm support portion and an arch support portion, wherein the palm support portion has a rear part, a front part with a width gradually increased from said rear part, an arched lateral... Agent: Fusco Industrial Corporation

20140259751 - Device and method for varying insole camber: A foot support system includes two or more pairs of insoles where each pair of insoles has physical properties different from the next pair of insoles, such as camber (side-to-side tilt). The user wears one pair of insoles for a set period of time before replacing it with the next... Agent:

20140259752 - Footwear, insoles, inserts, kits and methods: Footwear, insoles, inserts, kits and methods effective for acclimating a user's foot to a different heel-toe ramp and/or foot strike pattern are provided. Footwear, insoles, inserts and kits of the present disclosure have a region of adjustable thickness which allows the user to gradually change the heel-toe ramp of the... Agent:

20140259753 - Modified thermoplastic elastomers for increased compatibility with supercritical fluids: A foamed article is made by infusing the article of thermoplastic elastomer including a nonpolar component with a supercritical fluid, then removing the article from the supercritical fluid and either (i) immersing the article in a heated fluid or (ii) irradiating the article with infrared or microwave radiation.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259756 - Multi-function ventilated insole: A multi-function ventilated insole is provided with an elastic airbag disposed within a heel and including upper and bottom layer sections; a check valve on the rear of the elastic airbag; two spaced channels each extending from the elastic airbag to a plantar arch portion, each channel including vent holes... Agent:

20140259754 - Removable shoe insert for corrective sizing: A ball-of-foot type shoe insert has two regions with different compressibility characteristics, illustratively created by using polyurethane foam of difference densities, in a front region which, when the insert is positioned in a shoe, will underlie the toes of a wearer, and a rear region which, when positioned in a... Agent:

20140259757 - Arch support insole for shoes: An arch support insole includes a basic body made from soft flexible material having a top surface, a heel support portion in form of crescent moon shape and projecting upward from the top surface and a palm support portion in front of the heel support portion. The heel support portion... Agent: Fusco Industrial Corporation

20140259759 - Arthritis & diabetes insole: An insole advantageous for arthritic or diabetic patients comprises three layers and provides an arch support and an integral heel receiving area. The insole has a generally foot-shaped bottom layer having a length extending from a heel area to a toe area, a top surface and a bottom surface. The... Agent: Spenco Medical Corporation

20140259758 - Insole with seahorse reinforcing element: A insole with a seahorse reinforcing element is a combination of a soft insole and harder reinforcing element. The reinforcing element is integrally formed with a transverse arch support having the shape similar to the seahorse mouth and crown, an medial longitudinal arch support having the shape of the seahorse... Agent:

20140259760 - Uppers and articles incorporating same: A composite shell for an upper may include a base layer and a fiber-reinforced layer. The base layer may comprise a mesh or other type of textile material and may extend at least over sides of a generally foot-shaped interior region of the upper. The fiber-reinforced layer may be at... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259761 - Footwear lacing system: A lacing system for footwear of a type having a pair of spaced-apart flaps that are pulled together by tightening a lace includes a plurality of lace-receiving elements which are attachable to the flaps at multiple locations which allows the user to tailor the location of the lace-receiving elements to... Agent: Chinook Asia LLC

20140259762 - Method and apparatus for custom fitting footwear: A method and apparatus of custom-fitting footwear, the method including receiving a fillable bag insert into footwear and receiving solidifying material into the fillable bag insert. The method further includes continuing to receive the solidifying material until a space between an interior portion of the footwear and a user's footspace... Agent:

20140259763 - Securing shoe strap and methods thereof: A securing strap for a shoe is provided that may comprise a band comprising an elastic material, the band adapted to secure a foot of a user substantially within an interior of a shoe, the band adapted to fit around a portion of an outer surface of the foot and... Agent: Shoe Candi, LLC

20140259764 - Shoe cleat for non-cleated shoes: A shoe cleat for installation on a non-cleated shoe provides a disk shaped base having opposing surfaces with a ground surface engaging protuberance on one base surface, and a threaded sole engaging screw on the opposing base surface. A cleat wrench releasably engages with outer peripheral configuration of the surface... Agent:

20140259765 - Article of footwear for use with a prosthetic: An article of footwear for a prosthesis is provided and may include an upper, an outsole attached to the upper, and a midsole disposed between the upper and the outsole. The article of footwear may also include a cavity having a first portion defined between the upper and the midsole... Agent: Under Armour, Inc.

20140259766 - Shoe construction: An improved article of footwear of the invention includes an upper, an adjustable closure system affixed to the upper, the closure system having a guide member having a first groove portion and a second groove portion, a fastening member positioned opposite the guide member and having at least two tensioning... Agent:

20140259767 - Soccer shoe component or insert made of one material and/or a composite and/or laminate of one or more materials for enhancing the performance of the soccer shoe: A soccer shoe absorbs and stores energy from the foot at foot-strike and return some of this energy to the object being struck. The shoe may also cushion the foot, leg and body; provide foot stability and motion control; reduce fatigue; extend the float time of a runner and increase... Agent:

20140259768 - Safety footwear: A footwear system is disclosed, which includes a shell having an inner cavity and at least one recessed area offset from an inner surface of the shell, and a chassis having one or more components adapted to protect a user's foot from injury. In one embodiment, the chassis is insertable... Agent: Tbl Licensing LLC

20140259769 - Cambered sole: The invention relates to shoes including sole elements having a cambered profile. An example sole element includes a midsole having a heel portion, a midfoot portion, and a forefoot portion, the midfoot portion including a longitudinal arch including a medial longitudinal arch portion and a lateral longitudinal arch portion, wherein... Agent:

20140259770 - Heel stabilizer for footwear: A heel stabilizer for use with human footwear that reduces or eliminates upward movement of the heel within footwear is disclosed herein. The heel stabilizer preferably includes two gripping portions or parts that grip the heel on the medial and lateral surfaces of the foot, preferably above the widest part... Agent: Hbn Shoe, LLC

20140259771 - Heel stabilizer for footwear: A heel stabilizer for use with human footwear that reduces or eliminates upward movement of the heel within footwear is disclosed herein. The heel stabilizer preferably includes two gripping portions or parts that grip the heel on the medial and lateral surfaces of the foot, preferably above the widest part... Agent: Hbn Shoe, LLC

20140259772 - Pre- and post- pedicure footwear apparatus: An article of footwear for use before and after a pedicure including a toe separator, strap securing mechanisms and an offset toe stem adapter end for connecting straps of footwear to the foot without compromising or damaging pedicured toenails.... Agent:

20140259773 - Removable shoe cover: The shoe cover of the present invention provides protection from hot materials falling onto a shoe during work activities. Welding, and other industrial activities, can lead to molten material or sparks damaging the shoe and may lead to workplace injury. The shoe cover of the present invention provides convenient, attractive... Agent:

20140259774 - Ballet shoe: A ballet technique shoe has a forefoot piece and a heel piece connected by an elastic gusset, and has an elastic drawstring sleeve around the opening of the shoe which contains an elastic drawstring. An opening in the elastic drawstring sleeve is located on the side of the shoe near... Agent:

20140259775 - Girth adjustable shoe: An automatically girth-adjustable shoe construction wherein the effective girth of the shoe is controlled by longitudinally elastic fabric tape means that adjust to the girth of the wearers foot while holding it relatively centered transversely in the shoe at all girth adjustments thereof.... Agent:

20140259778 - Footwear with transformation system: Footwear includes a base member including a outsole and at least of a portion of an upper rigidly secured to the outsole, a first footbed including an insole securable to the base member with at least a portion of the first footbed located within the portion of the upper, and... Agent:

20140259776 - Irradiant projective optical footwear: The utility “Irradiant projective optical footwear” comprises a footwear containing state of prior art per se known elements, such elements: A) with conmixed irradiant, projective, imager and screen display capabilities, said elements having the characteristic of being removable attachable-detachable, said elements located: i) in the sole (10), ii) on the... Agent:

20140259779 - Modular shoe systems and methods of using same: Modular shoe systems include an upper, an outsole attached to the upper, and several midsole inserts. Each midsole insert is positionable in overlying relationship with the outsole and can operatively engage the outsole to form an assembled shoe. The outsole can include a receptacle, such as a depression or opening,... Agent:

20140259777 - Shoes with interchangeable heels: Shoes with interchangeable heels. The assembly includes a sole having a toe end and a heel end. At the heel end, a heel attachment slide capture feature is provided. The heel attachment slide capture feature includes opposing first and second wedge portions forming a partial V-shaped passageway therebetween. The partial... Agent:

20140259785 - Energy return sole: A energy sole including a base structure extending a length of a shoe sole, a flexion extending from the base structure, a toe arm extending forward from the flexion, and a heel arm extend rearward from the flexion.... Agent:

20140259781 - Footwear including resilient support members: An article of footwear includes an outsole and an upper attached to the outsole. The upper has a heel portion, a vamp portion, and two quarter portions, and defines a foot opening. A resilient heel support member is retained within a first channel that extends through the upper and lines... Agent: Deckers Outdoor Corporation

20140259784 - Footwear with pontoon sole structure: An article of footwear includes an upper and a sole structure having an outer periphery and one or more pontoons flexibly and resiliently joined to the sole structure. The pontoons are configured to spread laterally when the footwear is loaded to thereby increase the surface area of the sole structure... Agent: Deckers Outdoor Corporation

20140259780 - Skate boot having a tendon guard with a recess: A skate boot comprising an outer shell with a heel portion for receiving the heel of the foot; an ankle portion for receiving the ankle, the ankle portion comprising a rear portion for facing at least partially the lower part of the Achilles tendon; and medial and lateral side portions... Agent: Bauer Hockey Corp.

20140259783 - Slip-on footwear with foot securing system: The present disclosure provides footwear construction that includes a foot securing mechanism that provides improved fit without resulting in footwear that is substantially more difficult or time consuming to put on and take off. In one embodiment the footwear is a slip-on boot having both an instep hold down system... Agent: Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc.

20140259782 - Sole structures and articles of footwear having a lightweight midsole member with protective elements: Sole structures for articles of footwear, including athletic footwear, include a relatively soft and lightweight foam midsole component partially covered by at least one more rigid and/or dense cage (protective) component(s) and/or other protective component(s).... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259787 - 3d zonal compression shoe: A shoe is configured to be worn on a user's foot and includes an upper and a sole coupled to the upper. The sole includes an insole, a midsole, and an outsole. The midsole includes a platform and a lattice integrally formed with the platform. The platform has a toe... Agent: Under Armour, Inc.

20140259786 - Foot support structure and articles incorporating same: A foot support structure for an article of footwear or other foot-receiving device may include a first foot support portion disposed in a first orientation and a second foot support portion disposed in a second orientation different than the first orientation. A twist portion may extend continuously from the first... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259790 - Footwear article having a temperature regulation system: An article of footwear includes a body configured to receive a foot of a wearer of the article of footwear. A temperature regulation system is supported by the body. The temperature regulation system includes a reservoir containing a temperature regulating fluid configured to receive heat from the foot of the... Agent:

20140259791 - Ladder climbing shoes: A shoe having an upper component and an outersole including a heel portion and a ball portion. The heel portion and the ball portion include a recess configured to receive a ladder rung therein.... Agent:

20140259788 - Sole structures and articles of footwear having a lightweight midsole member with protective elements: Sole structures for articles of footwear, including athletic footwear, include a relatively soft and lightweight foam midsole component partially covered by at least one more rigid and/or dense cage (protective) component(s) and/or other protective component(s).... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259789 - Sole structures and articles of footwear having a lightweight midsole member with protective elements: Sole structures for articles of footwear, including athletic footwear, include a relatively soft and lightweight foam midsole component partially covered by at least one more rigid and/or dense cage (protective) component(s) and/or other protective component(s).... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259793 - Skate boot having a lace member with at least one opening: A skate boot comprising an outer shell including medial and lateral side portions for facing the medial and lateral sides of the foot. Each of the medial and lateral side portions has an upper edge. The skate boot also comprises a lace member mounted to either of the upper edges... Agent: Bauer Hockey Corp.

20140259794 - Skate boot having a toe cap with rear extensions: A skate boot having an outer shell and a toe cap. The outer shell has medial and lateral side portions having front medial and lateral end portions. The toe cap has rear medial and lateral extensions defining medial and lateral hollow spaces. The front medial and lateral side end portions... Agent: Bauer Hockey Corp.

20140259792 - Skate boot with monocoque body: a skate boot for receiving a wearer's foot comprising: a monocoque skate boot body comprising a heel portion; a toe box portion; a sole portion; an ankle portion; a lower Achilles tendon portion located directly above the heel portion; an upper Achilles tendon portion for receiving a tendon guard; an... Agent:

20140259795 - Snowshoe: A snowshoe having a binding for a downhill ski boot on a binding platform which can pitch, i.e., rotate about a transverse axis of the snowshoe. The binding platform is supported on a front strap which is attached to the sides of the framework for the snowshoe, which is of... Agent:

20140259796 - Footwear including a universal cleat assembly: An article of footwear including an upper, an outsole defining an opening, a midsole attached to said outsole and defining an opening and a support plate defining a recessed area having a pair of elongated openings, where the support plate is attached to the midsole and the pair of elongated... Agent: Deckers Outdoor Corporation

20140259797 - Hand truck axle interface hook shoe attachment: A shoe hook that attaches to a shoe for unloading a hand truck is provided. The shoe hook includes a body portions having a front end, a rear end, a first side, and a second side. The front end may include a curved hook curving towards the rear end. The... Agent:

20140259798 - Systems and methods for gravitational load support: A load support device includes a first link coupled to a load. A second link is configured to couple to footwear. The second link is pivotally coupled to the first link. The first and second link comprise a link assembly. A first compliant member is disposed between the load and... Agent: Springactive, Inc.

20140259799 - Orthotic device: An orthotic device is disclosed having a frame system, a first actuator, and a second actuator. The frame system may include a lightweight supportive material, and may be configured to receive a user's foot. The first actuator may be coupled to the frame system, and may be configured to activate... Agent: Ellen M. And Michael T. Mcdonnell Jr. Family Foundation

09/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140250735 - Method of making multi-colored objects: A method for coloring an article. The article is dipped into a liquid colorant to a first predetermined depth for first short period less than the 100 percent single dip saturation time. The article then is removed from the liquid colorant and dried. The article may be dipped into a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140250720 - Multicolor sole system: A multicolor sole system includes a midsole member, a bladder member and an outsole member. The midsole member, the bladder member and the outsole member have a first color in the forefoot portion of the sole system and a second color in the heel portion of the sole system. The... Agent:

20140250722 - Insole: An insole includes a supporting layer, a buffer unit, a cloth layer, a foam layer and a leather layer orderly superposed together. The supporting layer is formed with an intermediate portion, an arch portion and a heel portion for corresponding with the sole of a person's foot. The buffer unit... Agent: Chao Meng Shoes Material Company Limited

20140250721 - Reversible, moisture absorbent shoe insert: A reversible, moisture absorbent shoe insert comprising a firm, breathable middle layer bonded to a moisture absorbent top layer and a moisture absorbent bottom layer to form a multilayer laminate. As excessive precipitation from the user's foot is drawn to the absorbent top layer, the absorbent bottom layer naturally begins... Agent:

20140250736 - Stiletto heel protector: A heel guard detachably mountable onto a heel post of a high heel shoe extends the heel post pressure area, while moving over rough terrain preventing the heel post from sinking into soft surfaces. The heel guard comprises a base portion and an upper portion. The base portion dissipates the... Agent:

20140250737 - Aerodynamic bicycle shoe cover and pedal cover: The present invention is embodied in a new aerodynamic cover for a bicycle shoe and clipless bicycle pedal for improving speed when cycling. The aerodynamic cover comprises a main body including an ankle portion having a rear side, a heel portion connected to the ankle portion, and a sole portion... Agent: Speedplay, Inc.

20140250723 - Flexible sole supports for articles of footwear: Flexible foot support members may include: (a) a first plantar support member; (b) a second plantar support member; and (c) a flex joint connecting the first and second plantar support members. The flex joint (e.g., one or more hinge structures) allows movement of the first plantar support surface with respect... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140250724 - Customizable footwear: A customizable footwear system includes customizable footwear and a toy head. The customizable footwear has a main body for placement on a foot of a wearer. The main body has a toe region and a heel region. The toe region has a recess with at least one fastener. The toy... Agent:

20140250725 - Modular shoe with interchangeable components: The modular shoe assembly described herein has removable foot housing straps (a.k.a uppers), and a heel band. This allows a user to customize the shoe in limitless ways, as each of the uppers and heel bands can have any variety of colors, patterns, prints, embossments, or other ornamental decorations such... Agent: Flop Girl, LLC

20140250727 - Combined midsole/insole: Described herein are devices and techniques for solving the problems, such as high costs and intensive labor, associated with individual cutting and lamination of each component of a multilayered article of manufacture, particularly a footwear article. The combined midsole/insole described herein is cut from a layered composition having a Strobel... Agent:

20140250729 - Flex groove sole assembly with biasing structure: An article of footwear an upper and a sole structure that defines a first portion and a second portion. The first portion is disposed proximate the medial side of the footwear, and the second portion is disposed proximate the lateral side. The first portion and the second portion are configured... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140250728 - Footwear fluid-filled chamber having central tensile feature: An article of footwear includes a sole structure including a chamber for receiving a pressurized fluid, the chamber having a top portion, a bottom portion, and side portions around a periphery of the chamber. The sole structure also includes a central structure located in a central portion of the chamber... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140250726 - Support members with variable viscosity fluid for footwear: An article of footwear including an adaptive support system includes a plurality of support members. Each support member includes an outer chamber and an inner chamber, the inner chamber being filled with a magnetorheological fluid. An electromagnet is disposed adjacent to the inner chamber and can be used to vary... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140250730 - Fragrance releasing scented plug or insert comprising shoes and outsoles: The present invention provides at least one shoe comprising an outsole with a bottom wear surface comprising an added fragrance provided in an insert or plug that is released when the shoe is at rest, or when there is friction applied to the bottom wear surface of the outsole.... Agent:

20140250731 - Heel of a shoe: Shoe heels with very thin titanium or aluminum alloy wires can achieve exotic visual effect, sophisticated variation in design and style, high strength, durable quality, lightweight and corrosion resistance. The heels comprise a first portion configured to join an outsole of the shoe, a second portion configured to support the... Agent:

20140250732 - Footwear system for animals: A footwear system for animals, particularly the front legs of a canine, that includes protective coverings adapted for both well and sore or injured legs and can be configured for single-leg and two-leg uses. An optional adjustable neck strap assembly provides for a comfortable and snug fit of the protective... Agent:

20140250733 - Hockey skate: A hockey skate includes a composite boot form having a rigid lower portion and a less rigid upper portion. The upper portion may be made of a thermoformable material that conforms to the shape of a wearer's foot and ankle. The construction of the boot form—particularly the lower portion of... Agent: Easton Sports, Inc.

20140250734 - Shoes with pressed flowers and methods for making thereof: The present invention relates to a shoe including pressed flowers thereon. Methods for a making a shoe with pressed flowers attached to the outer surface include the use of adhesive to bond the flowers to the shoe. The pressed flowers may be arranged on the shoe according to any desired... Agent:

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