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Boots, shoes, and leggings

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05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128447 - Modular footwear platform: A footwear apparatus and method including a sole to which fasteners are attached. Straps are mounted to fasteners and extend across the user's foot when the footwear is worn. The invention permits enormous variety in constructing footwear for the user to change the straps to suit his or her interests.... Agent:

20150128455 - Outsole tread pattern: A footwear sole includes an upper surface and a lower surface. The lower surface includes a plurality of tread members formed thereon. The tread members include a plurality of projections or lugs of various sizes and shapes which are grouped together into specific patterns. The material from which the projections... Agent: Shoes For Crews, LLC

20150128448 - Article of footwear and a part thereof: The invention relates to a sole, midsole, insole or sole insert for an article of footwear, such as a shoe or a boot, sandal, trainer or wellington boot. The sole, midsole, insole or sole insert 10 comprises a matrix structure 12 defining passageways 26, 30 extending between the upper and... Agent: Redbacks Cushioning Ltd.

20150128456 - Functional shoe for automatically preventing slip: Provided is a functional shoe that automatically prevents a slip, the function shoe including a rotation body part fixed to an outsole of the functional shoe to rotate to a front or rear side of the functional shoe, and an anti-slip part connected to the rotation body part to contact... Agent:

20150128457 - Protective heel enclosure device: Provided is a protective heel enclosure device that is adapted to prevent the back of the footwear from becoming scuffed or damaged while worn by a user. The footwear protector includes a sleeve having an upper and an elongated heel portion extending downward therefrom. The upper portion of the sleeve... Agent:

20150128449 - Shoe structure and manufacturing method thereof: A shoe structure includes a shoe body knitted from at least one yarn in unitary structure with only one opening for receiving a foot of a wear therein. The shoe body includes an upper section, a sole section, and a rear section connected by knitting without any sewing portion when... Agent:

20150128450 - Open shoe comprising a textile layer and means of fixation: An open shoe including a textile layer shaped to fit on the sole of the open shoe, the textile layer and the open shoe comprising means able to cooperate together in such a manner that the textile layer is attachable and removable relatively to the sole of the open shoe.... Agent:

20150128451 - Article of footwear with a removable heel member: A sizing system for an article of footwear includes an insert attachable to the upper of the article of footwear. The insert is positioned within a pocket formed between the lining of the upper and the exterior shell of the upper. When attached to the upper, the insert forms a... Agent:

20150128452 - Articulated sole structure with sipes forming hexagonal sole elements: A footwear sole structure may include a plurality of discrete hexagonally-shaped sole elements defined by a plurality of sipes. The sipes may include a plurality of sipes that extend in a transverse direction across the sole structure and a plurality of sipes that extend in an oblique direction relative to... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150128453 - Surface structure for sports boots with increased ball-contact properties and method for preparing the structure: A surface structure for sports boots used for ball games having increased ball-contact properties where each boot has an upper part and a sole and the upper part has an outer surface used for shooting a ball, wherein at least a part of said ball shooting outer surface comprises a... Agent:

20150128454 - Shoe and shoe ornamenting devices: A shoe and shoe ornamenting device is shown. The shoe is shown in an exemplary embodiment, depicted as a preferred loafer having attachment points for attachment of a shoe ornamenting device thereto. The attachment points preferably comprise a loop of material that serves as a point of connection for the... Agent:

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121721 - Insole improvement: An insole improvement (100) is described which has, in the portion where the transverse arch of the foot is placed, an area provided with a concave surface (10) that fits the region of the user's foot arch so as to prevent the foot from slipping forward from the shoe, which... Agent:

20150121722 - Insole for footwear: The present invention aims at controlling the balance of a skeletal structure of a foot of a user, and reducing the stress applied on the feet or body of the user wearing the footwear. In order to realize the above objects, the present invention provides an insole 1 for a... Agent:

20150121727 - Dry booth: A set of knee-length, flexible zippered shoe and boot protectors that would fit over one's shoes or boots and lower leg, providing all-weather, watertight protection of fashion footwear and keep them looking fresh, clean, and new, whatever the weather.... Agent:

20150121723 - Shoe product with removable cuff: Methods and products for forming a shoe product from a shoe are generally described. In an example, the shoe may include a first band, a top surface, a bottom surface, a front region, a middle region, and a heel region. A method for forming a shoe product from a shoe... Agent:

20150121724 - Shoe: A shoe described herein includes an upper which surrounds the whole or one part of a foot of a user, a sole which is coupled to a lower portion of the upper, and a liner which is disposed on the sole. The liner of the shoe includes a bottom part... Agent:

20150121725 - Snowshoe: s

20150121726 - Shoe: A bowling shoe having a first portion and a second portion wherein the second portion is operable to protect the sole of the first portion. The first portion of the bowling shoe includes a sole having an upper portion secured thereto forming an interior volume. The upper portion further includes... Agent:

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150113836 - Waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe, particularly but not exclusively of the safety type or the like: A waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe, including: an upper assembly, which is composed of at least one upper and a waterproof and vapor-permeable functional layer internal thereto, a tread portion joined to the upper assembly below the upper assembly, at least one vapor permeation layer provided below the foot insertion space... Agent: Geox S.p.a.

20150113828 - Cushioning sheet for improving body balance and blood flow: The present invention relates to a cushioning sheet for improving body balance and blood flow. The cushioning sheet includes a base which has a plurality of first through holes formed therein, a plurality of cushioning members which support the base, have a first cushioning space for relieving pressure applied from... Agent:

20150113829 - Fluid-filled chamber with stitched tensile member: A chamber for receiving a pressurized fluid may include a tensile member extending between a first chamber barrier layer and a second chamber barrier layer and including a plurality of tethers extending between the first tensile member layer and the second tensile member layer. The chamber may include stitching through... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150113837 - Retractable high heel for shoes: A retractable heel for a shoe is described herein comprising an upper heel body and a retractable lower heel body. The lower heel body is may be placed in at least two configurations. In a first configuration, with the lower heel body retracted, the upper heel body may contact the... Agent:

20150113830 - Heel grip insert: Heel grip inserts and related methods are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, a heel grip insert may include first and second receptacles. The first receptacle may be to receive a heel of a foot, and may be defined by an under-foot portion, a back portion extending away from the under-foot... Agent:

20150113838 - Traction enhancement devices and related packages of traction enhancement devices: A traction enhancement device for installation to a sole of a shoe includes a generally rigid support layer having opposing first and second surfaces, an adhesive material coupled to the first surface of the support layer for coupling the traction enhancement device to the sole of the shoe, and a... Agent:

20150113832 - Sport footwear for practicing winter sports: Sport footwear for practicing winter sports comprising a shell (11) made of a first thermoplastic material and comprising a toe flap (12) at the front and a heel flap (13) at the back, configured to couple releasably to the bindings of a ski or snowboard. The sport footwear comprises at... Agent:

20150113831 - Water repellant footwear cover: A water repellant footwear cover for insertion over cleated footwear including an upper component and a sole component. The upper component includes a foot insertion opening and the sole component includes several apertures, namely, two front through-holes for receiving a pair of front or toe cleats typically associated with cleated... Agent:

20150113834 - Footwear incorporating a tensile element with a deposition layer: An article of footwear may have an upper and a sole structure secured to the upper. The upper includes a base layer, a plurality of strand segments, and a deposition layer. The base layer has a first surface and an opposite second surface. The strand segments are located adjacent to... Agent:

20150113833 - Removable accessories for footwear and footwear with removable accessories: Footwear having an upper section for extending over a wearer's foot, the surface having an opening, and an accessory having a projection received in the opening, and an accessory for footwear.... Agent: Back Beat, Inc.

20150113835 - Shoe pad for attachment to the outer sole of a shoe: Described is a shoe pad for attachment to the outer sole of a shoe. The shoe pad includes a body having a first side configured for engaging a stepping surface and a second side configured for attachment to the outer sole of the shoe. The first and second sides are... Agent:

04/25/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
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