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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150143722 - Flexible footwear: A footwear product includes a sole assembly and an upper and has an at least partially flexible construction. The sole assembly includes a number of sole sections with one or more connecting members disposed between adjacent sole sections.... Agent:

20150143723 - Molded foam article, foamed sole, and shoe: f

20150143714 - Foot balancing device: A foot balancing device includes a shoe insert, a main balancing element, three auxiliary force-transferring elements, and three auxiliary balancing elements. The main balancing element is provided in an arch region of the shoe insert and serves as a fulcrum on the shoe insert for the front part of the... Agent:

20150143713 - Multi-function shoe pad: A multi-function shoe pad is composed of a main body for a user's human sole to tread. The main body includes a hollow bulge integrally protruding toward a top side thereof and from a bottom side in such way that a chamber is formed below the hollow bulge. The chamber... Agent:

20150143715 - Footwear component for an article of footwear: A lasting board for an article of footwear. The lasting board has a forefoot portion, a midfoot portion, and a heel portion and includes a first material and a second material that is different from the first material. The forefoot portion is monolithic and is constructed of the first material... Agent:

20150143724 - Modifiable footwear cover: Provided is footwear covering device that covers the calf and ankle region of a piece of footwear. The device has a base panel that is modifiable with trim panels, adornment straps, and adornment hangers. Trim panels may have glitter, velvet, faux fur or other material suitable for adding accent to... Agent:

20150143716 - Article of footwear incorporating a knitted component with body and heel portions: An article of footwear may include a knitted component formed of multiple knitted component portions. The knitted component includes a body portion and a heel portion. The body portion is formed of unitary knit construction and extends through a forefoot region, a midfoot region, and at least partially into a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150143717 - Shoelace retention devices: Lace retention devices are disclosed that can safely and conveniently hold looped laces in place, while also being aesthetically pleasing. One embodiment of a lace retention device according to the present invention comprises an arm and a holding mechanism integral to one end of the arm. A housing is also... Agent:

20150143718 - Three toed footwear: An article of footwear having an upper secured to an outsole in combination having three toe pockets, the first toe pocket having a configuration to separately receive within a big toe of a wearer, and the second toe pocket having a configuration to separately receive within a second toe of... Agent: Surf 9, LLC

20150143719 - Temporary footwear modification device: The present invention relates to a temporary footwear modification device, more particularly a temporary footwear modification device for converting ordinary footwear such as shoes or boots into use for golf. Many golfers wear special shoes with spikes attached to the soles. Changing shoes for a small period of time playing... Agent:

20150143720 - Sole structure with side stiffener for article of footwear: An article of footwear includes an upper having a knitted component formed of unitary knit construction. The knitted component also includes an external surface. Moreover, the footwear includes a sole structure that is coupled to the upper. The sole structure includes an intermediate member with a first surface. The first... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150143721 - Article of footwear for use in relation to a pedicure: The present invention is directed to an article of footwear in relation to a pedicure. The article of footwear includes: a body which is defined as a leg portion, ankle portion, and foot portion—covering the foot heel, sole, and top portion of the foot with an open forward-end leaving the... Agent:

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135558 - Shoe sole having diagonal groove: A shoe sole including: an outsole having a tread surface to be in contact with a road surface; and a midsole arranged on the outsole, wherein: the midsole is exposed in a central section of a rear foot section and an arch section; in the central section and a lateral... Agent: Asics Corporation

20150135550 - Adjustable bladder system with external valve for an article of footwear: An adjustable bladder system for an article of footwear is disclosed. The bladder system includes an outer bladder that may be inflated using an external pump. A valve member may be disposed externally to the outer bladder. In addition, one or more tensile members may be disposed within the outer... Agent:

20150135551 - Article of footwear with an adaptive fluid system: An adaptive fluid system for an article of footwear is disclosed. The adaptive fluid system includes a fluid chamber that provides cushioning and shock absorption for a foot. The adaptive fluid system includes an adjustable pressure regulating valve that may be used to control the pressure of the fluid chamber.... Agent:

20150135552 - Lock for shoe with interchangeable heels: A locking system for interchangeable shoes heels, each having an axial upper integral extension, includes a substantially horizontal system platform and thereabove an integral heel extension enclosure having opposing lateral sides including void spaces within the sides and internal therewith, to secure the axial extension of a heel to be... Agent:

20150135553 - Toe protection insert for an athletic shoe: A toe protection insert for an athletic shoe surrounds the big toe and laces up to protect the toe from injury. The laces of the insert are designed to pull through the shoelace holes of the athletic shoe, to enable the user to position the toe as desired. Specialized socks... Agent:

20150135554 - Article of footwear having chamber capable of holding vacuum: An article of footwear includes an upper and a sole. The article of footwear also includes an outer surface defined on the upper or the sole. Moreover, the article of footwear includes a chamber wall operably coupled to one of the upper and the sole. The chamber wall defines at... Agent:

20150135555 - Footwear incorporating angled tensile strand elements: An article of footwear may include various first strands and second strands. The cutting and second strands may extend from an area proximal to lace-receiving elements to an area proximal to the sole structure. The first strands may have a substantially vertical orientation and the second strands may have a... Agent:

20150135556 - Ski boot: A ski boot comprising a rigid shell made of plastic or composite material, which is shaped so as to accommodate the foot of the user, and at least a first and a second removable front sole which, alternatively to each other, are adapted to be fixed in a rigid and... Agent:

20150135557 - Buttress for removable cleats: A shoe sole for receiving at least one cleat has at least one cleat receptacle, and at least one buttress forming a protrusion on the bottom of the shoe sole. The buttress may be adjacent to the receptacle. The buttress may be configured to support an outer edge of a... Agent:

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