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Boots, shoes, and leggings

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07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190041 - Shoe sole: A shoe sole has a main body and at least one strip. The main body is flexible and elongated and has a through hole. The through hole is formed through the main body. The at least one strip is mounted in the through hole and is detachably connected with the... Agent:

20140190042 - Shoe with resilient heel: A shoe with a resilient heel comprising: a shoe having a heel, midsole, outsole, toe, vamp and quarter; a rear resilient member attached to the midsole having a rear impact area for impacting the ground during a first stage of a step and a rear mid-impact area for impacting the... Agent:

20140190038 - Weighted shoe insole and method for making the same: A weighted insole assembly, comprising a top thermoformable material layer, a bottom thermoformable material layer, and a weighted unit encapsulated between the top and bottom thermoformable material layers, the weighted unit including a heavy filler material and having a specific gravity between about 2.0 and about 4.0... Agent:

20140190039 - Expandable footwear for children: An expandable bootie is disclosed. The bootie includes a main body composed of fabric, wherein the main body is shaped in the form of a foot having a longitudinal axis, and a zipper that commences at a toe portion of the main body, and extends in a spiral path around... Agent: Dm3, Inc.

20140190040 - Elastic structure and shoe thereof: A shoe includes a shoe body, which forms an accommodation space; and an elastic structure, which includes an elastic connector; a first coupling section that is mounted to an end of the elastic connector; and a second coupling section that is set opposite to the first coupling section and is... Agent:

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182164 - Apparatus for regulating footwear temperature: An arrangement for regulating the interior temperature of footwear takes the form of an insole (or midsole) and includes a heat generator and a heat storage and release element, The heat generator may be configured to capture mechanical energy in the form of human locomotion and convert the captured energy... Agent:

20140182162 - Insole with heating element: An insole for a shoe includes at least a plate of thermoplastic material and a heating element. The thermoplastic plate is fully customizable. Fully customizable soles for shoes with heating elements, and a method for obtaining insoles or soles, especially for winter shoes are also described.... Agent: Footbalance System Oy

20140182163 - Method and apparatus for providing internal heating of footwear: A method and apparatus for generating thermal energy (heat) from human locomotion is proposed and used to provide heating of the user's footwear. The apparatus takes the form of a pair of flexible, liquid-filled chambers connected by an energy-generating tube. One chamber is located in the heel region of a... Agent:

20140182165 - Structure of shoe sole having superior ventilation function and double- landing function: A shoe sole according to an aspect to the invention has ventilation function and has a double-landing function. The shoe sole includes a main groove, and sole including a pressure pad of a flat shape and connection portion. The main groove is formed on a bottom surface at a heel... Agent:

20140182166 - Removable rounded midsole structures and chambers with computer processor-controlled variable pressure: This invention relates generally to footwear such as a shoe, including an athletic shoe, with a shoe sole, including at least one removable midsole section formed by a midsole portion, wherein the removable midsole section is non-orthotic. The removable midsole section is inserted within the shoe upper, the sides of... Agent: Anatomic Research, Inc.

20140182167 - Article of footwear having adjustable sole structure: The present disclosure is directed to an article of footwear. The article of footwear having an upper for receiving a foot and a sole structure secured to the upper. The sole structure may include at least one support member. In addition, the sole structure may include a tensile member associated... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140182168 - Interchangeable insert system with sleeve members for footwear: An insert system for an article of footwear includes an outer assembly, a first insert assembly and a second insert assembly. The outer assembly is configured to interchangeably receive the first insert assembly and the second insert assembly. The first insert assembly includes a first sleeve member and a first... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140182169 - Articles of footwear having lines of flexion: The invention herein is directed toward footwear containing a central flex zone comprised of a novel combination of a central flex channel with a central flex element that imparts either bidirectional or multi-directional flexion to the shoe, according to various embodiments, thereby allowing more natural flexibility and allowing all surface... Agent:

20140182170 - Customized footwear, and systems and methods for designing and manufacturing same: The invention relates to devices and methods for designing and manufacturing customized footwear, and components thereof. An example method includes a method of designing at least a portion of a sole of an article of footwear customized for a user. The method includes the steps of determining at least one... Agent: New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

20140182171 - Athletic footwear with toe protection: An athletic shoe includes toe protection for the user. A toe shield is incorporated into, or otherwise provided in or on the athletic shoe, to provide protection to the user's toes while allowing for full athletic performance.... Agent:

06/26/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140173931 - Adjustable spring device f0r walking and running: An adjustable spring device for walking and running is attachable to the user's footwear. The device includes —an upper sole coupled to the footwear, —a lower elastic sole, and —a support bracket configured as a curvilined confined band that includes a flat top fastened to the upper sole, and a... Agent:

20140173945 - Footbed and method for making the same: A footbed has a rigid shell and a soft body. The rigid shell has a shell body and a supporting portion. The shell body has a rear portion, a middle portion, and a front portion that are connected sequentially. The supporting portion protrudes from the rim of the rear portion.... Agent:

20140173933 - Woven footwear upper with a lockout assembly: Aspects of the present invention relate to a shoe upper that is formed as a substantially planar article with varied functional zones and integrated lockout assemblies included therein. The lockout assemblies may be inserted into a cavity formed in a multi-layer woven article allowing for a filler material, such as... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140173932 - Woven footwear upper with lockout: Aspects of the present invention relate to a shoe upper that is formed as a substantially planar woven article with varied functional zones and lockout strands integrated therein. The lockout strands may be integrally incorporated with the woven shoe upper to provide functional characteristics that differ from those characteristics provided... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140173934 - Woven planar footwear upper: Aspects of the present invention relate to a shoe upper that is formed as a substantially planar article with varied functional zones integrated therein. The varied functional zones may be strategically positioned zones having varied degrees of stretch. Additionally, it is contemplated that the functional zones may provide dimensional variation... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140173935 - Upper for shoes with perforated sole to be mounted on ventilated or perspirating bottoms: An upper for shoes provided with a monolithic structure complete with a sole obtained from molding rubber or thermoplastic materials, characterized in that said sole is provided with one or more through openings.... Agent:

20140173936 - Color change system for an article of footwear with a color change portion: A color change system for an article with a color change portion and a method of changing color is disclosed. The article includes at least one color change portion capable of changing colors. The color change portion can change colors according to one or more performance parameters. The color change... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140173939 - Article of footwear for snowboarding: An article of footwear for use in sporting activities such as snowboarding is disclosed. The article of footwear can include a flex notch and a coupled lace loop design. The article can further include an internal harness to enhance stability of the foot. The article can also include a threading... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140173938 - Article of footwear with a harness and fluid-filled chamber arrangement: An article of footwear is disclosed having a structural harness and impact-attenuating structure arrangement that includes a fluid-filled chamber. The article includes an upper, a sole secured to the upper having an impact-attenuating structure including a fluid-filled chamber and a structural harness. The structural harness may extend between the upper... Agent:

20140173937 - Article of footwear with fluid-filled chamber lacking an inflation channel and method for making the same: An article of footwear is provided having a pressurized fluid-filled chamber in the sole structure having a continuous perimeter weld and lacking an inflation channel. The chamber may be formed from opposing polymer sheets, a continuous perimeter weld lacking a weld channel bonding the sheets and forming an interior void... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140173941 - Footwear with expandable entry and exit feature: Footwear includes a shaft and a shell connected to the shaft. The shaft includes an expandable portion adapted to expand to facilitate ease of entry and exit of a heel of a foot into and out of the shell. The expandable portion is surrounded by a material forming the shaft.... Agent:

20140173940 - Heel-suspending protective boot: A protective boot adapted to be worn by individuals when lying in a reclining position. The boot has leg and forefoot portions that provide foot and lower leg support for a wearer while suspending the wearer's heel. The boot may include low-friction materials at an exterior surface of its leg... Agent: Dm Systems, Inc.

20140173942 - Light-emitting shoe: The present invention relates to a light-emitting shoe, more particularly to a shoe with a built-in decorative light-emitting module. The light-emitting shoe comprises a sole and a light-emitting module disposed inside the sole, wherein the light-emitting module comprises a light-emitting controller and a plurality of light-emitting bodies electrically connected with... Agent: Terry Electronics (s.z) Co., Ltd.

20140173943 - Article of footwear for soccer: An article of footwear has a sole including a toe portion and a heel portion, a toe bumper disposed on the toe portion, the toe bumper being configured to contact a ball, and a heel bumper disposed on the heel portion, the heel bumper being configured to contact the ball,... Agent:

20140173944 - Fastener for childrens footwear: A fastening system for a shoe for a child includes a tongue and at least a pair of fastening arms. The tongue includes one or more features of a selected character. Each of the pair of fastening arms is configured as an appendage of the selected character and is attached... Agent: Edison Nation, LLC

06/19/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140165422 - Monofilament footwear lining: The invention relates to an upper assembly (12) for a waterproof, water vapor permeable footwear article (10), the upper assembly comprising a laminate (16) including a waterproof water vapor permeable functional layer (22) and an inner lining layer (24) directly attached to the functional layer (22) on an inner side... Agent:

20140165423 - Traction cleat and receptacle: A traction cleat applicable for use in field sports is provided with dynamic traction elements having larger radial thickness, cross-sectional area and mass than dynamic elements in golf shoe cleats. The strength of a locking arrangement for the cleat in a shoe-mounted receptacle is enhanced by providing an annular array... Agent: Pride Manufacturing Company, LLC

20140165424 - Adjustable sole support system: A removable and adjustable insert for footwear has slots placed in the insole and/or midsole of the shoe to allow access to the arch and/or metatarsal and/or heel regions of the insole and/or midsole. In an embodiment, an insert placed into the arch insert slot that establishes how much the... Agent: Dashamerica, Inc. D/b/a Pearl Izumi Usa, Inc.

20140165426 - Convertible footwear: A convertible show having a sole and plurality of receiving means is described herein. The receiving means may be permanently or removably affixed to the sole. The receiving means are adapted to receiving at least one tie in order to create a wearable style.... Agent:

20140165425 - Shoe to boot conversion system: A footwear conversion system is described herein that allows a user's shoe to be worn as a regular high heeled shoe or as an ankle boot and to be able to convert same without any special tools or complex assembly or disassembly steps.... Agent:

20140165427 - Electronically controlled bladder assembly: An electronically controlled bladder assembly includes an adjustable pressure bladder and a constant pressure reservoir connected by an electronically controlled valve. The electronically controlled valve is operated in a manner that inflates the adjustable bladder when the current pressure is below a target pressure and in a manner that deflates... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140165428 - Shoe having improved cushioning and propulsion: The invention relates to a shoe (C) including a shoe portion and a sole (S), the sole including two main portions that are pivotably connected together and being characterized in that the second front portion (200), secured to the shoe portion of the forepart, extends to the rear of a... Agent:

20140165429 - Footwear patch for identifying blood type: A removable patch is provided for connecting to footwear. The footwear can be any shoe, boot, sandal, or other outer covering for a foot. In embodiments, the patch includes information about a blood type of the wearer. Thus, in combat or other operations, a medic or other personnel can quickly... Agent: 5.11, Inc.

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