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Boots, shoes, and leggings

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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331517 - Customized shoe sole having multi-level cushion column: Disclosed is a customized shoe sole having a multi-level cushion column, which can improve impact absorption and dispersion while walking. The customized shoe sole comprises at least one multi-level cushion column including a plurality of cushion layers piled vertically, wherein at least one of the cushion layers has an elastic... Agent:

20140331518 - Sole chassis for shoes: The invention relates to a sole chassis for shoes comprising a flexible front sheet assigned to the front foot area, which is connected in an articulated manner via a bending edge to a flexurally rigid rear sheet assigned to the rear foot area, wherein the front sheet comprises a corrugated... Agent:

20140331519 - Shoe assembly with non-linear viscous liquid: Shoes and shoe sole assemblies and associated methods of manufacture are disclosed herein. One aspect of the invention is directed toward a shoe and shoe sole assembly made of a non-linearly viscous, SEBS block copolymer-based material that becomes more resilient as more energy is applied. The shoe and shoe sole... Agent: Brooks Sports, Inc.

20140331520 - Low temperature application coating composition comprising polyurea and a phosphorus-containing polyol and footwear comprising polyurea: Coating compositions comprising a polyurea formed from a reaction mixture comprising: (a) a first component comprising an isocyanate, the first component having a viscosity of ≦2000 centipoise at a temperature ≧7° C.; and (b) a second component comprising an amine. Substrates coated at least in part with such a composition... Agent:

20140331522 - Shoe having stool function: A shoe also usable as a stool is a so-called boot-shaped shoe. In the boot-shaped shoe, a circumference of a heel and a legging rear part of the boot shape sustains an upright posture made of a hard and strong material. A seating part is provided in a top part... Agent:

20140331521 - Shoes with a fashion design mounting base material for use with interchangeable fashion design attachments: The present invention relates to a shoe, including sandals, for men, women, and children, wherein the shoe includes a shoe display strip which traverses from an ankle strap of the shoe to a forefoot area of the shoe, along a centerline of a sole of the shoe, and wherein a... Agent:

20140331523 - Footwear soles including an electronic control system controllining the flow resistance of a magnetorheological fluid in compartments with internal flexibility sipes between inner and outer compartments: Devices with one or more internal flexibility sipes, such as slits, to provide improved flexibility, improved cushioning to absorb shock and/or shear forces, and improved stability. An internal sipe is formed by at least a portion of two opposing internal surfaces that can move relative to each other in a... Agent:

20140331524 - Article of footwear for proprioceptive training: A method of proprioceptive training using an article of athletic equipment having an article of footwear, a knee coupling member, and a biasing member is disclosed. The method includes securing the article of footwear to a foot and securing the knee coupling member to a leg superiorly and inferiorly about... Agent:

20140331525 - Footwear with plantar misting system: The present invention relates to an article of footwear with a plantar misting system, which includes a releasable reservoir, a fluid valve, a fluid conduit, a nozzle connector, and a misting nozzle. The plantar misting system may also incorporate a plurality of separate nozzle connectors and misting nozzles. The fluid... Agent:

20140331526 - Massaging shoe pad: A massaging shoe pad comprising a base layer, first plates and second plates, is disclosed. The base layer has accommodation spaces having first and second openings. First plates are disposed in each accommodation space. One end of each first plate is connected to the side wall of each accommodation space... Agent: Far East University

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140325870 - Resilient stabilizer and connecting member for a cushioning device in an article of footwear: A stabilizer and connecting member is provided for a cushioning device in an article of footwear, comprising a top platform with a diameter larger than a central portion, a corresponding bottom platform and a resilient central portion.... Agent: Aura Technologies LLC

20140325871 - Sole for a shoe: Described are soles for a shoe having a midsole with a base body and a plurality of deformation elements, and an outsole with a first outsole region and a plurality of first outsole elements. Pressure load on one first outsole element of the plurality of first outsole elements leads to... Agent:

20140325879 - Heel for a woman's shoe with high heel: Heel (2) for a women's shoe (1) with a high heel; the heel (2) has a main structure (3) provided with.—at least a first slit (8) which is horizontally oriented, extends from side to side through the main structure (3) along a longitudinal direction (9), and is blind along a... Agent: Tuscany Services S.r.l.

20140325872 - Insole having liquid therein: An insole having liquid therein may include a main body that has an enclosing layer covering an outer surface of the main body, and liquid is enclosed by the enclosing layer. In one embodiment, the liquid can be water or oil. The insole may also have at least one hole... Agent: Taiwell Tech. Co.,ltd.

20140325873 - Footwear lacing system: A lacing system for footwear of a type having a pair of spaced-apart flaps that are pulled together by tightening a lace includes a plurality of lace-receiving elements which are attachable to the flaps at multiple locations which allows the user to tailor the location of the lace-receiving elements to... Agent:

20140325874 - Toe buddies sandal toe guard: A protective toe guard to be secured about toe straps of thongs or flip flop style sandals is provided. A Toe Buddie comprises an elliptically shaped tube, having a slotted opening at the outward point of the ellipse to fit over the toe strap of a sandal.... Agent:

20140325875 - Attachable shoe sole protector: An attachable shoe sole protector is provided as a means of increasing the longevity of a shoe's sole while providing increased structural stability and traction to the attached shoe. The attachable shoe sole protector contains utilizes a shoe mount, a toe assembly, and a heel assembly. The shoe mount is... Agent:

20140325877 - Footwear kit with adjustable foreparts: A footwear kit suitable for producing a pair of customized bowling shoes with appropriate sliding sole and a traction sole for right and left handed bowlers and optimizable for a variety of lane conditions is provided. A distal margin on the shoe matches a margin on a removable forepart to... Agent: Columbia Insurance Company

20140325876 - Sole assembly for article of footwear: A sole assembly including an outsole and a midsole that balances proprioception, flexibility, protection and running efficiency. The midsole can define a flexibility void in the arch region of the assembly. The outsole can include ground contacting wearing tread extending through the arch region adjacent the flexibility void, with the... Agent: Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

20140325878 - Footwear attachment for motorcycle shifting: The device is a semicircular attachment to the heel of footwear by way of screws. It has a vertical arm attached to a horizontal arm ending in an end cap. It is also a method used to shift motorcycles without a person's foot leaving the peg or floorboard.... Agent:

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140317955 - Foot cushion: The present invention relates to a foot cushion insert for the ball of a shoe. The insert may have a hemispherical shape having a substantially flat surface on the portion facing the shoe, beveled sides, and a recess in a portion of the surface facing the foot. Alternatively, the insert... Agent:

20140317956 - Bicycle cleat positioning kit: A bicycle cleat positioning kit includes a first section and a second section. The first section has a first shoe attachment portion that is configured to be detachably coupled to a first bicycle shoe. The first section being configured to adjustably position a first cleat on a first sole of... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140317957 - Healthcare footwear article with silicon rubber sole body and its manufacturing method: A healthcare footwear article includes an upper shoe body defining an attachment surface, a healthcare sole member and a midsole member. The healthcare sole member is provided underneath the upper shoe body, and has a bottom outsole portion, an upper insole portion, and a connecting surface, wherein the healthcare sole... Agent:

20140317958 - Silicon rubber healthcare footwear article with silicon rubber insole and its manufacturing method: A healthcare footwear article includes an upper shoe body and a sole member provided underneath the upper shoe body and is connected with the upper shoe body to form an integral body. The upper shoe body and the sole member is configured from a material consisting of approximately 70% to... Agent:

20140317960 - Footwear with separable upper and sole structure: An article of footwear is disclosed that includes upper and a sole structure. The upper defines an interior void that is configured to receive the sole structure and a foot. A lower surface of the upper defines a plurality of apertures, and the sole structure includes a plurality of projections... Agent:

20140317959 - Proprioceptive/kinesthetic appartus and method: A footwear which includes a support member having an inner sole and an upper surface attachable to a foot, and two bulbous protuberances protruding from a lower surface of the support member on opposite sides of a latitudinal midline, is provided.... Agent:

20140317961 - Shoe with removable magnetic toe cap: A shoe having a magnetically removable toe cap, where the shoe includes an upper, a heel secured to the upper, a sole secured to the upper, the sole having an outsole and a support fixedly secured to the outsole, the upper comprising a vamp secured to the sole in such... Agent:

20140317962 - Footwear upper having selectively located padding: An article of footwear is provided, which may include an upper and a sole structure. The upper may include an exposed outer layer forming at least a portion of an external surface of the upper. The upper may also include a polymer foam material selectively located on an inner side... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140317963 - Footwear with power kick plate: An article of footwear that includes an upper that secures the article of footwear to a wearer. The footwear also includes a sole assembly that is operably coupled to the upper. The sole assembly includes an outsole having a plurality of cleats and a groove. The groove includes a first... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140317964 - Shoe sleeved structure:

20140317965 - Toe tethers for use with sandals and sandals with integrated toe tethers: Toe tethers for use with sandals and sandals with one or more integrated toe tethers are disclosed. A toe tether can include a toe retention region constructed to engage a toe of the human foot, an extension region integrated with the toe retention region, and a self anchoring region integrated... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140310982 - Shoe sole and a shoe fitted with such a sole: The present invention provides a shoe sole including a main shock-absorber part that extends in the hindfoot region and from the medial side towards the lateral side of said sole, said main shock-absorber part comprising top and bottom elements and a partition element having at least one portion with a... Agent:

20140310981 - Sole construction for biomechanical stability and afferent feedback: In accordance with one implementation, a sole construction for biomechanical stability and afferent feedback includes a cushioning and support layer that cushions and supports a foot and an afferent feedback biomechanical support plate positioned between the cushioning and support layer and the user's foot. The afferent feedback biomechanical support plate... Agent: Newton Running Company, Inc.

20140310983 - Upper: Described are uppers for a shoe, particularly a sports shoe. The upper includes a an outer layer having a first knitwear and an inner layer having a second knitwear. The first knitwear differs from the second knitwear with regard to at least one of a yarn used, a stitch structure,... Agent: Adidas Ag

20140310987 - Article of footwear having a flat knit upper construction or other upper construction: An article of footwear may include an upper with a knitted element formed through a flat knitting process. In one configuration, the knitted element has an area with a first layer and a second layer at least partially coextensive with the first layer. The first layer is formed of unitary... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140310986 - Shoe: Described are shoes having an upper, and at least one of an outer sole and a midsole connected to the upper. At least one of the outer sole and the midsole is formed of knitwear.... Agent: Adidas Ag

20140310985 - Shoe adapted to the shape of the foot: Described are uppers for a shoe, particularly a sports shoe. The upper includes a plurality of first portions for receiving at least one toe of the foot, wherein the first portions can be moved substantially independently of each other and wherein the first portions comprise knitwear.... Agent:

20140310984 - Upper: Described are uppers for a shoe, particularly a sports shoe, having at least one first partial area and at least one second partial area that are manufactured as one-piece knitwear, wherein the first partial area includes a first yarn and the second partial area includes a second yarn, and wherein... Agent: Adidas Ag

20140310988 - Footwear for use in specialized activities: Footwear for use during a specialized activity such as skiing, cycling, skating and many other sports or industrial uses, and provides a dorsal element engaging the dorsal aspect of the foot for enabling the user to control relative to the plantar aspect the maximum height of the arch of the... Agent:

20140310989 - Article of footwear and related methods: An article of footwear includes an inner contact material operable to provide an interface between the article of footwear and portions of a wearer's foot. The inner contact material defines an inner foot opening through which a foot can be received. The inner contact material extends downwardly about the foot... Agent:

20140310992 - Foldable footwear: A foldable footwear comprising a sole fabricated using a single manufacturing casting, the sole comprising at least two portions, a front portion and a back portion and a groove in the ground side of the sole extending laterally from one side of the sole to the other side of the... Agent:

20140310990 - Footwear: A footwear includes an outsole and an insole. The outsole includes multiple support portions connected to an annular peripheral portion, and cooperating with a hole-defining surface to define multiple block-receiving holes, and an annular inner ridge extending from the hole-defining surface into the holes. The insole includes multiple wearproof blocks... Agent:

20140310991 - Removable outsole elements for articles of footwear: An outsole element for an article of footwear having a base and a lug that extends from the base. The outsole element includes a body and a cavity defined in the body. The cavity receives the lug to removably couple the body to the lug. Also, the cavity includes an... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140310993 - Orthopedic walking boot with heel cushion: An orthopedic walking boot, comprising a base to support a user's foot, the base having a section configured to support the user's posterior portion of the heel; a support assembly extending from the base to support the user's lower leg; and a heel cushion arranged with said section of the... Agent:

20140310994 - Footwear cleat particularly for soccer: An innovated design for athletic footwear also known as a cleat is herein disclosed with soccer as the playing sport in mind. Primarily, it is the geometry and configuration of the individual cleats provided, as well as number of total cleat structures that engage a playing field, that are optimally... Agent:

20140310995 - Sports shoe, particularly for soccer use and the like: A sports shoe, particularly for soccer use and the like, comprising an upper and a sole which is provided with one or more studs, each stud being associated with the sole by way of at least one elastically deformable element for the movement of at least part of the stud... Agent:

20140310996 - Hunting boot with pocket for scent wick: A scent dispersing boot is provided having a vertically aligned pocket attached to the upper, wherein the pocket is biased in an open position and apertured to allow air to circulate. A wick is impregnated with a game-attracting scent and inserted in the pocket. The pocket is particularly suited for... Agent:

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