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Batteries: thermoelectric and photoelectric

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02/05/2015 > 25 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150034138 - Thermoelectric module: The invention concerns a thermoelectric module with multiple thermoelectric elements, which are arranged spaced apart from one another, two thermoelectric elements being respectively electrically connected by means of a conductor bridge, an electrical insulation being arranged at least in certain portions on a side of the conductor bridge that is... Agent: Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150034139 - Thermoelectric generator: e

20150034140 - Thermoelectric element: A thermoelectric element having high thermal resistance and requiring less semiconductor material than a conventional thermoelectric element with comparable performance comprises a substrate having a substrate front side and a substrate rear side opposite the substrate front side, a first contact, applied as a layer to the substrate front side,... Agent:

20150034141 - Photovoltaic cell and an article including an isotropic or anisotropic electrically conductive layer: A photovoltaic (PV) cell comprises a base substrate which comprises silicon and includes at least one doped region. The PV cell further comprises a collector disposed on the doped region of the base substrate and having a lower portion in physical contact with the doped region of the base substrate,... Agent:

20150034142 - Solar cell stack: A solar cell stack having multiple semiconductor solar cells, each semiconductor solar cell having a first solar subcell with a top and a bottom and a first semiconductor solar cell, and wherein the first semiconductor solar cell has a first lattice constant, and the solar cell stack has a second... Agent:

20150034143 - Assembly for converting solar radiation into electric and/or thermal energy: A system or device for concentrating the light radiation of the type to be used for converting the solar radiation into electric current and/or thermal energy is disclosed. The device mainly having a primary optics apt to be exposed to the solar radiation and to allow the passage thereof therethrough,... Agent: Solergy Inc.

20150034144 - Power conversion module for use with optical energy transfer and conversion system: A power conversion system for converting optical energy received from a fiber optic line to electrical energy, the system comprises a housing, a heat sink within the housing, a high power connector coupled to the line and having an end positioned within the housing, beam forming optics within the interior... Agent: Piedra - Sombra Corporation, Inc.

20150034146 - Flexible efficient solar cell panel: Provided is a flexible efficient solar cell panel, comprising a flexible substrate (5), a solar assembly (3) and a transparent protective layer (1); the flexible substrate (5) can bend in an arc-shape and is used to bear the solar assembly (3); the platy solar assembly (3) is formed by serially... Agent:

20150034147 - Photovoltaic module comprising a localised spectral conversion element and production process: A photovoltaic module including a plate transparent to the incident electromagnetic radiation, a photovoltaic cell including an active face arranged facing said transparent plate, a spectral conversion element including a luminescent material formed by at least a first spectral conversion area arranged facing a lateral face of the photovoltaic cell,... Agent:

20150034145 - Support structure for double-sided power generation type solar cell panels: A solar cell panel installed in an outer wall of a building structure for generating power from front and rear surfaces. A panel package including double-side power generation type solar cell panels or a group of solar cell panels arranged across a plurality of stages in a height direction is... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20150034149 - Electrode material for batteries, electrode material paste for batteries, method for manufacturing the electrode material for batteries, dye-sensitized solar cell, and storage battery: The present invention provides an electrode material for batteries made from tungsten oxide powder, wherein the tungsten oxide powder has a first peak present within a wavenumber range of 268 to 274 cm−1, a second peak present within a wavenumber range of 630 to 720 cm−1, and a third peak... Agent:

20150034148 - Liquid fluoropolymer coating composition, fluoropolymer coated film, and process for forming the same: e

20150034150 - Mesoporous single crystal semiconductors: The invention provides a process for producing a mesoporous single crystal of a semiconductor, wherein the shortest external dimension of said single crystal, measured along any of the crystallographic principal axes of said single crystal, is x, wherein x is equal to or greater than 50 nm, which process comprises... Agent:

20150034153 - Compound photovoltaic cell: A compound photovoltaic cell includes a substrate, a first cell made of a first semiconductor material and formed on the substrate, a tunnel layer, and a second cell made of a second semiconductor material lattice mismatched with a material of the substrate, connected to the first cell via the tunnel... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150034151 - Inverted metamorphic multijunction solar cell with passivation in the window layer: An inverted metamorphic multijunction solar cell including a window layer with sulfur passivation on the surface of the window layer of the top solar subcell.... Agent: Emcore Solar Power, Inc.

20150034152 - Solar cell with passivation on the window layer: A multijunction solar cell including a window layer with sulfur passivation on the surface of the window layer adjacent to the contact layer overlying the top subcell of the solar cell. The passivation is performed by application of a solution of ammonium sulphide.... Agent: Emcore Solar Power, Inc.

20150034157 - Adhesive for laminated sheets: An adhesive for laminated sheets comprising a urethane resin obtainable by mixing an acrylic polyol with an isocyanate compound. The acrylic polyol is obtained by polymerizing a mixture including a first monomer having a hydroxyl group and acrylonitrile. The isocyanate compound includes both an isocyanate compound having no aromatic ring... Agent:

20150034154 - Finger structures protruding from absorber layer for improved solar cell back contact: Thin film photovoltaic devices that include a transparent substrate; a transparent conductive oxide layer on the transparent substrate; a n-type window layer on the transparent conductive oxide layer; a p-type absorber layer on the n-type window layer; and, a back contact on the p-type absorber layer are provided. The p-type... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20150034155 - Optoelectronic device and the manufacturing method thereof: An optoelectronic device includes: a semiconductor stack including an upper surface and a side surface; a first electrode formed on the upper surface of the semiconductor stack; a first anti-reflection structure formed on the first electrode and the upper surface; and a second anti-reflection structure different from the first anti-reflection... Agent: Epistar Corporation

20150034156 - Radiation curable adhesive composition for photovoltaic backsheets: The invention relates to a radiation curable adhesive system for use in bonding a high thermal deformation temperature layer to a UV opaque, pigmented or non-pigmented fluoropolymer film The radiation curable adhesive system uses an adhesive composition optimized for cure using long wavelength UV energy. The adhesive system may also... Agent:

20150034158 - Solar cell module and photovoltaic power generation device: A solar cell module 1 includes a light gathering member 2 formed of a fluorescent material 7 provided in a transparent base material 6, the light gathering member 2 absorbing external light by the fluorescent material 7 and causing emitted light to propagate to be emitted from an end face... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150034159 - Hole-blocking tio2/silicon heterojunction for silicon photovoltaics: A hole-blocking silicon/titanium-oxide heterojunction for silicon photovoltaic devices and methods of forming are disclosed. The electronic device includes at least two electrodes having a current path between the two electrodes. The electronic device also includes a heterojunction formed of a titanium-oxide layer deposited over a Si layer and being disposed... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20150034160 - Thin film photovoltaic device and method of making same: A photovoltaic device includes a substrate; a back contact layer disposed on the substrate; an absorber layer for photo absorption disposed above the back contact layer; a buffer layer disposed above the absorber layer; a front contact layer disposed above the buffer layer; and a plasmonic nanostructured layer having a... Agent: Tsmc Solar Ltd.

20150034162 - Dye-sensitized solar cell and method for making same: A dye-sensitized solar cell and a method for making the same allow for greatly broadening the light absorption wavelength range without using a metal complex dye, thereby achieving excellent photovoltaic characteristics. The dye-sensitized solar cell includes a photoelectrode having a substrate, a transparent conductive layer on the substrate, and a... Agent:

20150034161 - Organic semiconducting compounds for use in organic electronic devices: Organic molecule semi-conducting chromophores containing a halogen-substituted core structure are disclosed. Such compounds can be used in organic heterojunction devices, such as organic molecule solar cells and transistors.... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 37 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150027507 - System and method for harvesting energy down-hole from an isothermal segment of a wellbore: Systems and methods of generating power in a wellbore extending through a subterranean formation are described. A swirling flow of pressurized fluid is passed through a vortex tube to generate a temperature differential between first and second outlets of the vortex tube. The temperature differential is applied to a thermoelectric... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20150027508 - Solar cell and solar cell module: A solar cell and a solar cell module including a plurality of solar cells are discussed. The solar cell according to an embodiment includes a substrate of a first conductive type, an emitter layer of a second conductive type opposite the first conductive type disposed on the substrate, a plurality... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150027510 - Concentrator photovoltaic module, concentrator photovoltaic panel, and flexible printed circuit for concentrator photovoltaic module: A concentrator photovoltaic module including: a flexible printed circuit provided in contact with a bottom surface of a housing; and a primary concentrating portion formed by a plurality of lens elements being arranged, each lens element concentrating sunlight, wherein the flexible printed circuit includes: an insulating base material and a... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150027512 - Shaft bearing for solar panels and drive unit: The present invention relates to a device for the mounting and single-axis solar position tracking of a plurality of tracking units arranged successively in the north-south direction for solar panels having multiple drive units for this solar position tracking, wherein each tracking unit consists of a supporting framework for two... Agent:

20150027509 - Supporting structure for photovoltaic panel: e

20150027511 - Temperature control system for solar cell module: An aspect of present invention is to provide a temperature control system for a solar cell module, capable of controlling a solar cell module to maintain a proper temperature, the temperature control system comprises: a temperature sensor configured to measure a temperature of the solar cell module; a fluid tube... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150027513 - Semiconductor substrate for a photovoltaic power module: A semiconductor substrate and a photovoltaic power module incorporating the semiconductor substrate. The substrate includes one or more bypass diodes formed integrally in the semiconductor substrate, each bypass diode corresponding to a respective one or more photovoltaic cells, and metallised zones being electrically and thermally coupled to the bypass diodes.... Agent: Solar Systems Pty Ltd

20150027516 - Backsheet and photovoltaic modules comprising it: s

20150027515 - Hybrid solar cells integrated glassblock and prestressed panel made of dry-assembled glassblocks for the construction of traslucent building envelopes: A hybrid solar cells integrated glassblock structure, includes, at least one glass shell (0) having at least a light transparent surface (2, 9, 13) intended to be exposed to solar radiations, a Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSC) device (3, 8) associated to the surface (2, 9, 13) so as to receive... Agent: Marco Morini

20150027517 - Method and structure for tiling industrial thin-film solar devices: A method for integrating photovoltaic module includes providing a cover plate having a first surface and a second surface opposed to the first surface and supplying two or more solar devices respectively formed on substrates. Each of the two or more photovoltaic devices includes a plurality of photovoltaic cells electrically... Agent:

20150027514 - Panel structure and method for producing the same: A panel structure includes a plate-like flat panel and a reinforcement panel in which a criterion plate portion and a plurality of truncated conic protrusions protruding from the criterion plate portion are formed. Apex portions of the plurality of truncated conic protrusions in the reinforcement panel are joined to the... Agent:

20150027520 - Lattice matchable alloy for solar cells: An alloy composition for a subcell of a solar cell is provided that has a bandgap of at least 0.9 eV, namely, Ga1-xInxNyAs1-y-zSbz with a low antimony (Sb) content and with enhanced indium (In) content and enhanced nitrogen (N) content, achieving substantial lattice matching to GaAs and Ge substrates and... Agent:

20150027519 - Manufacture of multijunction solar cell devices: The present disclosure relates to a method for manufacturing a multi-junction solar cell device comprising the steps of: providing a first substrate, providing a second substrate having a lower surface and an upper surface, forming at least one first solar cell layer on the first substrate to obtain a first... Agent: Soitec

20150027518 - Wide angle three-dimensional solar cells: A three dimensional solar cell composed of a semiconductor body that has a substantially flat bottom surface, and shaped trenches formed in an arrayed manner along its top side. Thus, multiple pillars are thereby formed in the semiconductor body extending toward the top side of the semiconductor body. A light... Agent:

20150027522 - All-black-contact solar cell and fabrication method: A method of fabricating an all-back-contact (ABC) solar cell is disclosed. A doped layer of a first polarity (102) is formed on a rear side of a wafer (100). A first masking structure (106, 110) is formed on the doped layer of the first polarity. Portions of the first masking... Agent: Trina Solar Energy Development Pte Ltd

20150027529 - Electrodes formed by oxidative chemical vapor deposition and related methods and devices: The present invention generally relates to electrodes formed by oxidative chemical vapor deposition and related methods and devices.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150027521 - Low reflection electrode for photovoltaic devices: A method for forming a photovoltaic device includes forming a photovoltaic absorption stack on a substrate including one or more of I-III-VI2 and I2-II-IV-VI4 semiconductor material. A transparent conductive contact layer is deposited on the photovoltaic absorption stack at a temperature less than 200 degrees Celsius. The transparent conductive contact... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150027523 - Nanostructures and methods for manufacturing the same: A resonant tunneling diode, and other one dimensional electronic, photonic structures, and electromechanical MEMS devices, are formed as a heterostructure in a nanowhisker by forming length segments of the whisker with different materials having different band gaps.... Agent:

20150027528 - Selective removal of a coating from a metal layer, and solar cell applications thereof: A method and resulting structure of patterning a metal film pattern over a substrate, including forming a metal film pattern over the substrate; depositing a coating over the substrate surface and the metal film pattern; and removing the coating over the metal film pattern by laser irradiation. The substrate and... Agent: Tetrasun, Inc.

20150027531 - Silicon-containing film and method for forming silicon-containing film: A silicon-containing film includes a first chemical vapor deposition layer and a second chemical vapor deposition layer. The first chemical vapor deposition layer includes elemental silicon. The first chemical vapor deposition layer is formed by a plasma CVD method such that oxygen concentration is greater than or equal to 0%... Agent: Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

20150027524 - Silver solar cell contacts: Solar cell conductor formulations made are from two silver powders having different particle size distributions, an aluminum powder, and two frit glass compositions having softening points in the range of 250-700° C. and whose softening points differ by at least 10° C.... Agent: Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC

20150027525 - Solar cell and preparing method of the same: A solar cell according to the embodiment includes a back electrode layer on a support substrate; a first through hole dividing the back electrode layer into a plurality of back electrodes; a first contact pattern in the back electrode layer; a light absorbing layer formed on the back electrode layer... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150027527 - Solar cell and process for producing a solar cell: A solar cell core is produced such that a charge separation and a charge transfer to an emitter and to a base located on a side of the solar cell that is opposite from the emitter are provided when there is incident light in a front side of the solar... Agent:

20150027526 - Solar cell module and method of fabricating the same: Disclosed are a solar cell module and a method of fabricating the same. The solar cell module includes a back electrode layer on a support substrate; a light absorbing layer on the back electrode layer; a first buffer layer on the light absorbing layer; a second buffer layer on the... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150027532 - Solar cell, solar cell module and method of manufacturing solar cell: A solar cell includes a photoelectric conversion body including one principal surface provided with a p-type surface and an n-type surface, a p-side electrode disposed on the p-type surface, an n-side electrode disposed on the n-type surface, and an insulating layer disposed between the p-side electrode and the n-side electrode... Agent:

20150027530 - Solar module back sheet, and method for manufacturing same: Provided are a polyester white film and a back sheet for a solar cell module using the same, and in particular, provided is a polyester white film having improved light reflectance.... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20150027535 - Back sheet and solar cell module including the same: Discussed is a back sheet for a solar cell module. The back sheet includes a base member and a first layer formed on one surface of the base member, the first layer including a resin. A reflector is formed in at least a portion of the back sheet.... Agent:

20150027533 - Edge protected barrier assemblies: The present application is directed to an assembly comprising an electronic device; and a multilayer film. The multilayer film comprises a barrier stack adjacent the electronic device, and a weatherable sheet adjacent the barrier stack opposite the electronic device. The assembly additionally comprises an opaque protective layer adjacent the barrier... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150027536 - Method and device for concentrating, collimating, and directing light: An optical system for light energy concentration may comprise a light concentrator to convert incident light to converging light, a light collimating element to receive the converging light and to reduce an angle of convergence of the converging light, and a light directing element to direct the reduced-angle converging light... Agent:

20150027534 - Photovoltaic structures, solar cell apparatuses and methods: A photovoltaic (PV) structure for generating electrical power from light, the structure including an enhancing layer for increasing the absorption of the light into the structure, the enhancing layer including: a wrinkled graphene layer configured to trap the light in the PV structure; and aluminium nanoparticles configured to scatter the... Agent:

20150027537 - Cigs compound solar cell: p

20150027538 - Compound semiconductor solar battery and method of manufacturing light absorption layer of compound semiconductor solar battery: A solar battery capable of increasing conversion efficiency compared with a conventional solar battery using a chalcopyrite p-type light absorption layer. A light absorption layer of the solar battery is a p-type semiconductor layer including Cu, Ga, and an element selected from group VIb elements. A photoluminescence spectrum or a... Agent:

20150027542 - Dye for photoelectric conversion device and photoelectric conversion device: A photoelectric conversion device that includes a work electrode, an opposed electrode, and an electrolyte-containing layer. In the work electrode, a metal oxide semiconductor layer supporting a dye is provided. The dye contains a cyanine compound that has a methine chain, an indolenine skeleton bonded with both ends of the... Agent: Adeka Corporation

20150027541 - Electronic component with moisture barrier layer: Various embodiments may relate to an electronic component including a layer to be protected against moisture, and a moisture barrier layer arranged at least partly on or above and/or below the layer to be protected. The moisture bather layer includes a plurality of layers composed of the same material having... Agent: Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

20150027539 - Method of manufacturing dye-sensitized solar cell having light absorption increase means and the solar cell: A dye-sensitized solar cell is provided. The solar cell includes a transparent substrate; a conductive transparent electrode formed on a surface of the transparent substrate; a metal oxide particle electrode layer in which a photosensitive dye capable of absorbing light is adsorbed; a counter electrode, and an electrolyte injected between... Agent:

20150027540 - Organic thin film solar cell: The present invention aims to provide an organic thin-film solar cell that has a high photoelectric conversion efficiency, little dispersion in the photoelectric conversion efficiency in a photoelectric conversion layer, and excellent durability. The present invention is an organic thin-film solar cell including a photoelectric conversion layer, wherein the photoelectric... Agent:

20150027543 - Oxide compounds as a coating composition: The invention relates to a coating composition consisting of an oxide compound. The invention also relates to a method for producing a coating composition consisting of an oxide compound and to a method for coating substrates composed of metal, semiconductor, alloy, ceramic, quartz, glass or glass-type materials with coating compositions... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 24 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150020860 - Thermoelectric converter with projecting cell stack: A thermoelectric converter is formed by a plenum divided into high and low pressure chambers by a partition and includes a stack of series-coupled alkali-metal thermoelectric cells that projects orthogonally from the partition into one of the chambers.... Agent:

20150020861 - Method for production of high figure of merit thermoelectric materials: A thermoelectric device and method based on creating a structure of nanoclusters in a composite metal and insulator material by co-depositing the metal and insulator material and irradiating the composite material to create nanoclusters of metal within the composite material. In one variation, the composite material may be continuously deposited... Agent:

20150020862 - Oxide nanoparticle-dispersed, chalcogenide-based, and phase-separated composite thermoelectric material: Provided is a thermoelectric material containing: a matrix containing a Group 13 element of chalcogenide; and oxide nanoparticles dispersed into the matrix to have excellent thermal stability, wherein the oxide nanoparticle forms a coherent interphase interface with the Group 13 element of the chalcogenide-based matrix and is elongated in a... Agent:

20150020864 - Method for manufacturing a photovoltaic module with two etching steps p2 and p3 and corresponding photovoltaic module: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a photovoltaic module comprising a plurality of solar cells in a thin-layer structure, in which the following are consecutively formed: an electrode on the rear surface (41), a photovoltaic layer (46) obtained by depositing a layer (42) of precursors and by annealing... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20150020863 - Segmented thin film solar cells: Use of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) and/or pure mechanical polishing to separate sub-cells in a thin film solar cell. In one embodiment the CMP is only used to separate the active, thin film layer into sub-cells, with scribing still being used to achieve sub-cell separation in conductive layers above and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150020865 - Methods and apparatus for inflatable concentrated solar energy station/balloon and self supporting cable: With the new development of clean energy technology, there are more and more demand for concentrated solar energy to provide lightweight, cost-effective power and thermal generation. There's also a (separated) requirement to transmit power/energy effectively. The current invention including using a unique inflatable structure to concentrate solar energy, and made... Agent:

20150020867 - Optoelectronic device with heat spreader unit: A solar module includes a solar cell, a heat spreader layer disposed above the solar cell, and a cell interconnect disposed above the solar cell. From a top-down perspective, the heat spreader layer at least partially surrounds an exposed portion of the cell interconnect.... Agent:

20150020866 - Photovoltaic module with cooling device: A photovoltaic module with cooling device is described. The photovoltaic module has a laminated composite composed of a rear sheet, photovoltaic layer system, and front sheet arranged one above another, and a structural plate arranged on the rear side of the rear sheet. At least one channel running between a... Agent:

20150020868 - Thin film solar cell and method for manufacturing same: A thin-film solar cell includes a substrate, a back surface electrode layer, a light-absorbing layer, and a transparent electrode layer, layered on the substrate, in this order. The layers are divided into multiple unit cells by a scribed groove, and the cells serially connected. At an inside of an end... Agent:

20150020869 - Application of fluorine doped tin (iv) oxide sno2:f for making a heating layer on a photovoltaic panel, and the photovoltaic panel: The invention consists in application of fluorine doped tin (IV) oxide SnO2:F for making a heating layer on a photovoltaic panel. The invention consists also in a photovoltaic panel characterized in that its front part is covered with a conductive layer of fluorine doped tin (IV) oxide SnO2:F, with the... Agent: Ml System Sp&#xf3 Lka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia

20150020871 - Framing structure for a solar panel: The invention pertains to a framing structure for a solar panel made from a polymer composition (C) comprising at least one polyamide polymer [polyamide (A)], and at least one reinforcing filler [filler (F)], the framing structure being characterized by having a top surface and a bottom surface, said top surface... Agent: Solvay Specialty Polymers Usa, LLC.

20150020873 - Module rail for a photovoltaic system: A module rail for a photovoltaic system includes a module-supporting surface extending along the length of the module rail for supporting at least one photovoltaic module thereon. A vertical sidewall extends downward from a side of the module-supporting surface. Fastener openings are spaced apart from one another along the length... Agent:

20150020874 - Racking assemblies for solar panel installations: Racking assemblies for solar panel installations are provided. The racking assemblies may include a series of posts arranged in two parallel rows and anchored to the ground or other suitable surface. Purlins may be coupled to and may span the posts of each row. Specialized clamps may be used to... Agent:

20150020870 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module is provided in which production efficiency and reliability are improved by realizing wire connection without complicating wiring from the solar cell element to the terminal box, in a solar cell module having a glass-facing-glass structure. The solar cell module includes a square substrate on which a... Agent:

20150020872 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module includes a solar cell panel including a plurality of solar cells and a bus bar connected to the solar cells, a protective substrate on the solar cell panel, and a spacer part between the solar cell panel and the protective substrate. The spacer part includes an... Agent:

20150020875 - High performance, high bandgap, lattice-mismatched, gainp solar cells: High performance, high bandgap, lattice-mismatched, photovoltaic cells (10), both transparent and non-transparent to sub-bandgap light, are provided as devices for use alone or in combination with other cells in split spectrum apparatus or other applications.... Agent:

20150020876 - Solar cell and method for fabricating the same: Disclosed are a solar cell and a method for fabricating the same. The solar cell according to the embodiment includes a back electrode layer on a support substrate; a light absorbing layer including a glass frit having sodium on the back electrode layer; and a front electrode layer on the... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150020878 - Anti-reflective coating film, solar cell including the anti-reflective coating film, and method of predicting strength of the anti-reflective coating film for the solar cell: An anti-reflective coating film is formed from a coating solution composition that includes a silane-based precursor. When measured via Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectroscopy using a wavelength of 1064 nm, the coating solution composition exhibits a peak intensity ratio IB/IA and a peak intensity ratio IC/IA of equal to or... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150020881 - Dielectric coating for single sided back contact solar cells: A dielectric coating material system for use in a single-sided back contact solar cell is disclosed. The material system serves to electrically isolate electrodes of opposite polarity types on the same side of a silicon-based solar call, and includes titanium and phosphorus.... Agent:

20150020880 - Electro-conductive paste for forming an electrode of a solar cell device, a solar cell device and method for producing the solar cell device: In order to provide an electro-conductive paste bringing no increase of the contact resistance for forming an electrode of a solar cell device, the electro-conductive paste is characterized by containing an electro-conductive particle, an organic binder, a solvent, a glass frit, and an organic compound including alkaline earth metal, a... Agent:

20150020877 - High-efficiency solar photovoltaic cells and modules using thin crystalline semiconductor absorbers: Fabrication methods and structures relating to backplanes for back contact solar cells that provide for solar cell substrate reinforcement and electrical interconnects as well as Fabrication methods and structures for forming thin film back contact solar cells are described.... Agent: Solexel, Inc.

20150020879 - Laminate and organic el element, window, and solar battery module using same: To improve the gas barrier property of a laminate containing a substrate containing resin or rubber and oxide glass. A laminate 8 comprising a substrate 9 containing resin or rubber and oxide glass 10 formed at least on one surface of the substrate, in which the oxide glass softens and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150020882 - Sealing member and solar cell including the same: A sealing member according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a first plate having a predetermined width with a plate shape, and a second plate with a plate shape connected to both ends of the first plate, wherein the first plate and the second plate have the... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150020883 - Solar cell including micro lens array: Provided is a solar cell including a condensing micro lens array. The solar cell includes a lower electrode, a photoactive layer including a top formed with an upper opaque metal grid electrode and a bottom end disposed on the lower electrode, the photoactive layer being formed of III-V compound semiconductors... Agent: Ajou University Industry Cooperation Fundatin

01/15/2015 > 31 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150013738 - Thermoelectric energy conversion using periodic thermal cycles: The invention provides systems, apparatuses, and methods for applying periodic thermal management for converting heat into electricity using thermoelectric devices. One method comprises the use of a fluid that performs periodic heating and cooling cycles of thermoelectric devices during fluid evaporation and condensation. The systems, devices, and methods take advantage... Agent:

20150013739 - Thermoelectric generator: A thermoelectric generator includes a thermoelectric element and a casing to house the thermoelectric element, the casing including a first casing member and a second casing member to house the thermoelectric element so as to pressingly hold the thermoelectric element in between the first and second casing members, wherein a... Agent:

20150013740 - Thermoelectric module, thermoelectric power generating apparatus, and thermoelectric generator: A thermoelectric module includes a low temperature-side wiring line, a high temperature-side wiring line, a low temperature-side member, a plurality of low temperature-side thermoelectric conversion elements made of a BiTe-based material, a high temperature-side member, a plurality of high temperature-side thermoelectric conversion elements made of a material different from the... Agent:

20150013741 - Thermoelectric conversion material: The present invention provides a thermoelectric conversion material of which the structure is controlled to have nano-order microscopic pores and which has a low thermal conductivity and has an improved thermoelectric performance index. In the thermoelectric conversion material having a thermoelectric semiconductor layer formed on a block copolymer substrate that... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20150013742 - Back contact solar cell: A back contact solar cell includes a first main busbar electrode, a second main busbar electrode, a plurality of first finger electrodes and a plurality of second finger electrodes, all of which are disposed on a back surface of the back contact solar cell and extending along a first direction.... Agent: Inventec Solar Energy Corporation

20150013748 - Maximum power point tracking (mppt): Disclosed are methods, systems, and other implementations, including a method that includes measuring a plurality of samples of power produced by a photovoltaic (PV) array over a first interval of time, determining, based on the measured plurality of samples a non-linear predictive model of a behavior of the power produced... Agent:

20150013744 - Photovoltaic system: Disclosed is a photovoltaic system including a power optimizer, capable of minimizing noise occurring due to shading, an error in an output power of a photovoltaic module, etc. while a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm is performed. The photovoltaic system includes a photovoltaic module; a power optimizer; and an... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150013746 - Photovoltaic system with embedded energy storage device: One embodiment of a photovoltaic system comprises a solar cell, a blocking device and a magnetic capacitor, wherein the solar cell and the magnetic capacitor are stacked over each other, and wherein the solar cell and the magnetic capacitor are electrically coupled to each other through the blocking device. Other... Agent:

20150013747 - Sintering of dye-sensitised solar cells using metal peroxide: This invention relates to the field of dye-sensitised solar cells and to a method for reducing the temperature necessary for sintering the metal oxide paste coating the electrode by adding a metal peroxide to the metal oxide paste coated to the electrode.... Agent: Bangor University

20150013743 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module includes a front plate, at least one solar cell chip, and at least one anti-ultraviolet light element. The front plate has at least one anti-ultraviolet light segment and at least one light receiving segment. The solar cell chip is disposed at one side of the front... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20150013745 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module is discussed, and the solar cell module includes a plurality of solar cells each including an electron current collector and an hole current collector on a back surface of a semiconductor substrate and a connection member for connecting an electron current collector of one of two... Agent:

20150013749 - System and method for controlling a solar panel output: A control system includes a control module and one or more input sources. The control module is coupled to an output of the solar module in order to operate the solar panel so that an output of the solar panel is at a maximum power level. The control module is... Agent:

20150013750 - Mobile solar power rack: An assembly for positioning photovoltaic panels on a structure includes a main frame connectable to the structure, and a subassembly connectable to the main frame to support a photovoltaic panel, in which the subassembly is rotatable with respect to the main frame to place the subassembly in a deployed position.... Agent: Mobile Grid, LLC

20150013751 - Suitable control method for a system of photovoltaic concentration modules: The invention relates to a suitable control method for a system of photovoltaic concentration modules, which can be used to maintain the correct orientation of the modules in order to track the sun without requiring the use of positioning sensors. The sun is tracked by performing angular movements in relation... Agent: Abengoa Solar New Technologies S.a.

20150013755 - Encapsulating material for solar cell and solar cell module: An encapsulating material for solar cell of the invention contains an ethylene/α-olefin copolymer, an organic peroxide, at least one crosslinking aid selected from a group consisting of divinyl aromatic compounds, cyanurates, diallyl compounds, triallyl compounds, oximes and maleimides, and a (meth)acrylate-based monomer. The content of the (meth)acrylate-based monomer in the... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.

20150013752 - Photovoltaic module and fabricating method thereof: A photovoltaic module according to the present disclosure includes at least one solar cell, an encapsulant laminated to encapsulate upper and lower surfaces of the at least one solar cell, a transparent insulating substrate laminated on an upper surface of the encapsulant, and a back sheet laminated on a lower... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150013756 - Pivot-fit frame, system and method for photovoltaic modules: A system and apparatus are disclosed including PV modules having a frame allowing quick and easy assembling of the PV modules into a PV array in a sturdy and durable manner. In examples of the present technology, the PV modules may have a grooved frame where the groove is provided... Agent:

20150013753 - Silane-containing ethylene interpolymer formulation including films and electronic device module comprising same: Disclosed in more detail in this application are ethylene interpolymer films having one or more layers, comprising surface layer comprising: (A) a silane-containing ethylene interpolymer comprising (1) an ethylene interpolymer having a density of less than 0.905 g/cm3, and (2) at least 0.1 percent by weight alkoxysilane; characterized by: (3)... Agent:

20150013754 - Solar cell module mounting structure, solar cell module mounting method, solar cell module mounting beam, and solar photovoltaic power generating system: A solar cell module mounting structure of the present invention includes a beam 4 that is disposed along an end of a solar cell module 5. The beam 4 has a first base portion 4d on which the end of the solar cell module 5 is placed, a standing portion... Agent:

20150013761 - Back sheet for solar cell module and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a back sheet for a solar cell module, and more particularly, a back sheet having a novel multilayer structure substituted for an existing structure in which PVF (Tedlar) film/PET film/PVF (Tedlar) film are sequentially laminated, excellent hydrolysis resistance, and significantly excellent heat adhesion.... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20150013763 - Conductive composition, conductive member, conductive member production method, touch panel, and solar cell: The conductive composition contains at least (a) conductive metal fibers, and (b) at least one compound selected from a compound represented by the following Formula (1) and a compound represented by the following Formula (2). In Formula (1), each of R1 and R2 independently represents an alkyl group, an aryl... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150013764 - Conductive composition, conductive member, conductive member production method, touch panel, and solar cell: The conductive composition contains at least (a) conductive metal fibers, and (b) at least one compound selected from a compound represented by the following Formula (1), a compound represented by the following Formula (2), and a compound having a partial structure represented by the following Formula (3). Each of R1... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150013762 - Device for individual finger isolation in an optoelectronic device: An optoelectronic device including at least one of a solar device, a semiconductor device, and an electronic device. The device includes a semiconductor unit. A plurality of metal fingers is disposed on a surface of the semiconductor unit for electrical conduction. Each of the metal fingers includes a pad area... Agent:

20150013760 - Eva sheet comprising microparticles for solar cell and method for manufacturing the same:

20150013757 - Manufacturing method of the organic solar cell: The invention relates to a manufacturing method of an organic solar cell. First deposit in order a first electrode and a first transmission layer on a substrate. Then coat a photoresist layer having a preferred thickness ranging from 1000 nm to 1600 nm on the surface of the first transmission... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20150013759 - Microcrystalline silicon solar cell structure and manufacturing method thereof: A microcrystalline silicon solar cell structure and a manufacturing method thereof are revealed to comprise a substrate, a n-type semiconductor layer deposited on the substrate, an intrinsic layer deposited on n-type semiconductor layer and a p-type semiconductor layer deposited on the intrinsic layer and a transparent conductive oxide layer on... Agent:

20150013765 - Multi-layered film and photovoltaic module including the same: A multi-layered film, a backsheet for photovoltaic modules, a method of manufacturing the same, and a photovoltaic module are provided. The multi-layered film can be configured so that a resin layer including a fluorine-based polymer and an oxazoline group-containing polymer is formed on a substrate. As a result, the resin... Agent:

20150013766 - Polyester film, back sheet for solar cell, and solar cell module: m

20150013758 - Process for treating a heterojunction photovoltaic cell: The invention provides a process for treating an n-type photovoltaic cell free from all but trace amounts of boron atoms, said process comprising the following steps: providing an n-type heterojunction photovoltaic cell (10) comprising a central crystalline silicon layer (1) on and under which two passivation layers (2, 3) made... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20150013767 - Floating anchor curb module: A floating anchor curb includes a frame and a wrap member wrapped around the frame. The frame has an inner ballast volume partially filled with water. A tensioning element is disposed in or on the frame, and is arranged to apply tension on the wrap member.... Agent:

20150013768 - Sheet set for encapsulating solar battery: A sheet set for encapsulating a solar battery including a first encapsulating sheet and a second encapsulating sheet which are disposed between a light-incident surface protective member and a back surface protective member, and are used to encapsulate solar battery elements is provided. When the first encapsulating sheet and the... Agent:

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