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Batteries: thermoelectric and photoelectric

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01/15/2015 > 31 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150013738 - Thermoelectric energy conversion using periodic thermal cycles: The invention provides systems, apparatuses, and methods for applying periodic thermal management for converting heat into electricity using thermoelectric devices. One method comprises the use of a fluid that performs periodic heating and cooling cycles of thermoelectric devices during fluid evaporation and condensation. The systems, devices, and methods take advantage... Agent:

20150013739 - Thermoelectric generator: A thermoelectric generator includes a thermoelectric element and a casing to house the thermoelectric element, the casing including a first casing member and a second casing member to house the thermoelectric element so as to pressingly hold the thermoelectric element in between the first and second casing members, wherein a... Agent:

20150013740 - Thermoelectric module, thermoelectric power generating apparatus, and thermoelectric generator: A thermoelectric module includes a low temperature-side wiring line, a high temperature-side wiring line, a low temperature-side member, a plurality of low temperature-side thermoelectric conversion elements made of a BiTe-based material, a high temperature-side member, a plurality of high temperature-side thermoelectric conversion elements made of a material different from the... Agent:

20150013741 - Thermoelectric conversion material: The present invention provides a thermoelectric conversion material of which the structure is controlled to have nano-order microscopic pores and which has a low thermal conductivity and has an improved thermoelectric performance index. In the thermoelectric conversion material having a thermoelectric semiconductor layer formed on a block copolymer substrate that... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20150013742 - Back contact solar cell: A back contact solar cell includes a first main busbar electrode, a second main busbar electrode, a plurality of first finger electrodes and a plurality of second finger electrodes, all of which are disposed on a back surface of the back contact solar cell and extending along a first direction.... Agent: Inventec Solar Energy Corporation

20150013748 - Maximum power point tracking (mppt): Disclosed are methods, systems, and other implementations, including a method that includes measuring a plurality of samples of power produced by a photovoltaic (PV) array over a first interval of time, determining, based on the measured plurality of samples a non-linear predictive model of a behavior of the power produced... Agent:

20150013744 - Photovoltaic system: Disclosed is a photovoltaic system including a power optimizer, capable of minimizing noise occurring due to shading, an error in an output power of a photovoltaic module, etc. while a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm is performed. The photovoltaic system includes a photovoltaic module; a power optimizer; and an... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150013746 - Photovoltaic system with embedded energy storage device: One embodiment of a photovoltaic system comprises a solar cell, a blocking device and a magnetic capacitor, wherein the solar cell and the magnetic capacitor are stacked over each other, and wherein the solar cell and the magnetic capacitor are electrically coupled to each other through the blocking device. Other... Agent:

20150013747 - Sintering of dye-sensitised solar cells using metal peroxide: This invention relates to the field of dye-sensitised solar cells and to a method for reducing the temperature necessary for sintering the metal oxide paste coating the electrode by adding a metal peroxide to the metal oxide paste coated to the electrode.... Agent: Bangor University

20150013743 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module includes a front plate, at least one solar cell chip, and at least one anti-ultraviolet light element. The front plate has at least one anti-ultraviolet light segment and at least one light receiving segment. The solar cell chip is disposed at one side of the front... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20150013745 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module is discussed, and the solar cell module includes a plurality of solar cells each including an electron current collector and an hole current collector on a back surface of a semiconductor substrate and a connection member for connecting an electron current collector of one of two... Agent:

20150013749 - System and method for controlling a solar panel output: A control system includes a control module and one or more input sources. The control module is coupled to an output of the solar module in order to operate the solar panel so that an output of the solar panel is at a maximum power level. The control module is... Agent:

20150013750 - Mobile solar power rack: An assembly for positioning photovoltaic panels on a structure includes a main frame connectable to the structure, and a subassembly connectable to the main frame to support a photovoltaic panel, in which the subassembly is rotatable with respect to the main frame to place the subassembly in a deployed position.... Agent: Mobile Grid, LLC

20150013751 - Suitable control method for a system of photovoltaic concentration modules: The invention relates to a suitable control method for a system of photovoltaic concentration modules, which can be used to maintain the correct orientation of the modules in order to track the sun without requiring the use of positioning sensors. The sun is tracked by performing angular movements in relation... Agent: Abengoa Solar New Technologies S.a.

20150013755 - Encapsulating material for solar cell and solar cell module: An encapsulating material for solar cell of the invention contains an ethylene/α-olefin copolymer, an organic peroxide, at least one crosslinking aid selected from a group consisting of divinyl aromatic compounds, cyanurates, diallyl compounds, triallyl compounds, oximes and maleimides, and a (meth)acrylate-based monomer. The content of the (meth)acrylate-based monomer in the... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.

20150013752 - Photovoltaic module and fabricating method thereof: A photovoltaic module according to the present disclosure includes at least one solar cell, an encapsulant laminated to encapsulate upper and lower surfaces of the at least one solar cell, a transparent insulating substrate laminated on an upper surface of the encapsulant, and a back sheet laminated on a lower... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150013756 - Pivot-fit frame, system and method for photovoltaic modules: A system and apparatus are disclosed including PV modules having a frame allowing quick and easy assembling of the PV modules into a PV array in a sturdy and durable manner. In examples of the present technology, the PV modules may have a grooved frame where the groove is provided... Agent:

20150013753 - Silane-containing ethylene interpolymer formulation including films and electronic device module comprising same: Disclosed in more detail in this application are ethylene interpolymer films having one or more layers, comprising surface layer comprising: (A) a silane-containing ethylene interpolymer comprising (1) an ethylene interpolymer having a density of less than 0.905 g/cm3, and (2) at least 0.1 percent by weight alkoxysilane; characterized by: (3)... Agent:

20150013754 - Solar cell module mounting structure, solar cell module mounting method, solar cell module mounting beam, and solar photovoltaic power generating system: A solar cell module mounting structure of the present invention includes a beam 4 that is disposed along an end of a solar cell module 5. The beam 4 has a first base portion 4d on which the end of the solar cell module 5 is placed, a standing portion... Agent:

20150013761 - Back sheet for solar cell module and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a back sheet for a solar cell module, and more particularly, a back sheet having a novel multilayer structure substituted for an existing structure in which PVF (Tedlar) film/PET film/PVF (Tedlar) film are sequentially laminated, excellent hydrolysis resistance, and significantly excellent heat adhesion.... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20150013763 - Conductive composition, conductive member, conductive member production method, touch panel, and solar cell: The conductive composition contains at least (a) conductive metal fibers, and (b) at least one compound selected from a compound represented by the following Formula (1) and a compound represented by the following Formula (2). In Formula (1), each of R1 and R2 independently represents an alkyl group, an aryl... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150013764 - Conductive composition, conductive member, conductive member production method, touch panel, and solar cell: The conductive composition contains at least (a) conductive metal fibers, and (b) at least one compound selected from a compound represented by the following Formula (1), a compound represented by the following Formula (2), and a compound having a partial structure represented by the following Formula (3). Each of R1... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150013762 - Device for individual finger isolation in an optoelectronic device: An optoelectronic device including at least one of a solar device, a semiconductor device, and an electronic device. The device includes a semiconductor unit. A plurality of metal fingers is disposed on a surface of the semiconductor unit for electrical conduction. Each of the metal fingers includes a pad area... Agent:

20150013760 - Eva sheet comprising microparticles for solar cell and method for manufacturing the same:

20150013757 - Manufacturing method of the organic solar cell: The invention relates to a manufacturing method of an organic solar cell. First deposit in order a first electrode and a first transmission layer on a substrate. Then coat a photoresist layer having a preferred thickness ranging from 1000 nm to 1600 nm on the surface of the first transmission... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20150013759 - Microcrystalline silicon solar cell structure and manufacturing method thereof: A microcrystalline silicon solar cell structure and a manufacturing method thereof are revealed to comprise a substrate, a n-type semiconductor layer deposited on the substrate, an intrinsic layer deposited on n-type semiconductor layer and a p-type semiconductor layer deposited on the intrinsic layer and a transparent conductive oxide layer on... Agent:

20150013765 - Multi-layered film and photovoltaic module including the same: A multi-layered film, a backsheet for photovoltaic modules, a method of manufacturing the same, and a photovoltaic module are provided. The multi-layered film can be configured so that a resin layer including a fluorine-based polymer and an oxazoline group-containing polymer is formed on a substrate. As a result, the resin... Agent:

20150013766 - Polyester film, back sheet for solar cell, and solar cell module: m

20150013758 - Process for treating a heterojunction photovoltaic cell: The invention provides a process for treating an n-type photovoltaic cell free from all but trace amounts of boron atoms, said process comprising the following steps: providing an n-type heterojunction photovoltaic cell (10) comprising a central crystalline silicon layer (1) on and under which two passivation layers (2, 3) made... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20150013767 - Floating anchor curb module: A floating anchor curb includes a frame and a wrap member wrapped around the frame. The frame has an inner ballast volume partially filled with water. A tensioning element is disposed in or on the frame, and is arranged to apply tension on the wrap member.... Agent:

20150013768 - Sheet set for encapsulating solar battery: A sheet set for encapsulating a solar battery including a first encapsulating sheet and a second encapsulating sheet which are disposed between a light-incident surface protective member and a back surface protective member, and are used to encapsulate solar battery elements is provided. When the first encapsulating sheet and the... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 28 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150007864 - Adhesive bonded solar cell assembly: A solar cell assembly including a first solar cell component, a second solar cell component, an adhesive layer positioned between the first solar cell component and the second solar cell component, and a contact extending through the adhesive layer to electrically couple the first solar cell component to the second... Agent:

20150007866 - Method for manufacturing a photovoltaic module with two etching steps p1 and p3 and corresponding photovoltaic module: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a photovoltaic module comprising plurality of solar cells in a thin-layer structure, in which the following are formed consecutively in the structure: an electrode on the rear surface (41), a photovoltaic layer (43) obtained by depositing components including metal precursors and at... Agent:

20150007867 - Photoelectric conversion device, manufacturing method thereof, and photoelectric conversion module: A photoelectric conversion device includes an n-type semiconductor layer and a p-type semiconductor layer, a collecting electrode formed on the n-type semiconductor layer, and a collecting electrode formed on the p-type semiconductor layer, on a back surface opposite to a light receiving surface of an n-type crystalline silicon substrate, and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150007865 - Photovoltaic module: A photovoltaic module has a number of solar cells, which respectively include a contact structure on a pre-processed silicon wafer, which has a number of linear contact fingers disposed in parallel in a first direction and at least one bus bar disposed perpendicular to the first direction. The bus bar... Agent:

20150007868 - Enhanced photovoltaic performance with modified bus bar region: A photovoltaic device includes a planar photovoltaic panel including top electrode. A bus bar is affixed to the top electrode. A light scattering structure is affixed to the bus bar. The light scattering structure includes at least one reflecting surface arranged at an obtuse angle to the plane of the... Agent:

20150007870 - Heliostat repositioning system and method: A system and method for providing real time control of a heliostat array or CPV/PV module that reduces actuation cost, the disclosure reduces the fixed cost of calibrating and repositioning an individual surface. This simultaneously removes the core engineering assumption that drives the development of large trackers, and enables a... Agent:

20150007869 - Portable solar tracker: The tracking device of the present disclosure includes a platform, support structure, and a cylinder. The cylinder comprises a plunger, an interior space, an aperture, and a fluid within the cylinder. Forward actuation of the plunger within the interior space the fluid to be pushed through the aperture. The platform... Agent:

20150007873 - Frameless photovoltaic module: A photovoltaic module employing an array of photovoltaic cells disposed between two optically transparent substrates such as to define a closed-loop peripheral area of the module that does not contain a photovoltaic cell. The module is sealed with a peripheral seal along the perimeter; and is devoid of a structural... Agent:

20150007872 - Solar generator platform: An assembly of, uniquely inter-connected modular parts form a high strength waterproof flexible membrane. The said membrane is restrained/positioned in the horizontal plane via a perimeter beam, with fixings on its exterior boundary to the storage parapet/berm, and through internal tendons to the PV panel super structure rows, whilst allowing... Agent:

20150007871 - Solar panel rack: A solar panel rack may comprise one or more sheet metal brackets configured to attach solar panels to the solar panel rack. The sheet metal brackets may include clinching tabs configured to be clinched to features on the solar panels to attach the solar panels to the solar panel rack.... Agent:

20150007881 - Aluminum conductor paste for back surface passivated cells with locally opened vias: This invention relates an aluminum conductor paste formulation and its method of application on rear side passivated locally opened vias; dot or line geometry or combination thereof employing laser ablation or chemical etching methods. Such Back Surface Passivated Si-solar cells include dielectric layers of Al203, SiNx, Si02, SiC, α-Si, Si02/SiNx,... Agent:

20150007874 - Back-contact solar cell module: A back-contact solar cell module, comprising: silicon wafer having a sunlight receiving surface and a rear surface, wherein n+ region and p+ region are formed on the rear surface; an n+ electrode formed on the n+ region of the silicon wafer; a p+ electrode formed on the p+ region of... Agent:

20150007876 - Collector sheet for solar cell, and solar cell module using collector sheet for solar cell: Provided is a collector sheet for a solar cell, and contributing to improvement of power generation efficiency. A collector sheet (5) for a solar cell is disposed on the rear surface side of a solar cell element (4), and is provided with: a circuit (54), which is formed on the... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20150007883 - Encapsulating material for solar cell and solar cell module: o

20150007882 - Flexible nanowire based solar cell: A solar cell comprises a layer (12) of p/n-doped semiconductor nanowires (22), at least one polymer layer (10), wherein the layer (12) of p/n-doped semiconductor nanowires (22) is at least partially embedded in the polymer layer (10), and the polymer layer (10) has a first surface (32) and a second... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v. A Corporation

20150007880 - Glass frit, and conductive paste composition and solar cell comprising the same: The present invention relates to a glass frit, a conductive paste composition comprising the glass frit, and a solar cell fabricated using the conductive paste composition. The glass frit of the present invention comprises SiO2, PbO, and at least one selected from the group consisting of Al2O3, ZrO2, ZnO, and... Agent:

20150007884 - Photovoltaic module: A photovoltaic module includes an encapsulated photovoltaic element and an infrared-transmissive decorative overlay simulating conventional roofing.... Agent:

20150007875 - Pin photovoltaic cell and process of manufacture: A PIN photovoltaic (PIN PV) device is composed of a first electrode layer, a p-type semiconductor layer, an intrinsic semiconductor layer, an n-type semiconductor substrate, and a back surface electrode. Also described is a method for manufacturing a PIN PV device. In a first embodiment, the method includes cleaning an... Agent:

20150007885 - Polyester film and method for producing the same, back sheet for solar cell, and solar cell module: A polyester film containing a polyester support having a terminal carboxylic acid value of from 3 to 20 eq/ton and IV of from 0.65 to 0.9 dL/g, and a conductive layer having a surface specific resistance of from 106 to 1014Ω per square with an in-plane distribution of from 0.1... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150007886 - Polymer sheet, back protective sheet for solar cell, and solar cell module: Surface shape defects in a polymer sheet having a visual transmittance of from 5% to 50% and a visual absorption of from 10% to 50% are easily recognized.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150007877 - Polysilazane coating for photovoltaic cells: A method of fabricating a photovoltaic cell, and a device produced by such a method, are described. The method includes providing a semiconductor substrate and electrically coupling an electrically conductive article to a top surface of the semiconductor substrate. An anti-reflective coating is formed over the semiconductor substrate and the... Agent:

20150007878 - Solar cell: A solar cell includes a solar cell body, a plurality of busbars and a plurality of finger electrodes. The number of the finger electrodes is adjusted according to a width of the finger electrodes, a gap between the finger electrodes and a laid length of the solar cell body, such... Agent:

20150007887 - Solar cell and method for manufacturing same: A solar cell is provided with: an n-type region formed over a substrate; a p-type region formed over the substrate and the n-type region; and mark sets for judging positional deviation between the n-type region and the p-type region. The mark sets respectively include first marks, and second marks, which... Agent:

20150007879 - Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same: Discussed is a solar cell including a semiconductor substrate, a tunneling layer formed on one surface of the semiconductor substrate, a first conductive semiconductor layer formed on a surface of the tunneling layer and a second conductive semiconductor layer formed on the surface the tunneling layer. A separation portion separates... Agent:

20150007889 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, protection unit, and solar cell module: A solar cell module includes a solar cell element, a protective member disposed at one side in a thickness direction of the solar cell element, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer interposed between the solar cell element and the protective member and attached to the protective member, and a support layer formed... Agent:

20150007888 - Solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the same: The present invention provides a solar cell sealing film in which the shrinkage is prevented when heated. The solar cell sealing film 13A, 13B comprises a resin mixture of an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and polyethylene, and an organic peroxide. The mass ratio (EVA:PE) of the ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) to... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150007890 - Photovoltaic device comprising heat resistant buffer layer, and method of making the same: A photovoltaic device includes a substrate, a back contact layer disposed above the substrate, an absorber layer comprising an absorber material disposed above the back contact layer, and a buffer layer disposed above the absorber layer. The buffer layer includes a first layer comprising the absorber material doped with zinc,... Agent:

20150007891 - Polymer solar cell with nanoparticles: A polymer solar cell is disclosed, which comprises: a substrate, made of a transparent glass material; a transparent bottom electrode, disposed on the substrate; a hole transport layer, arranged on the bottom electrode by the use of a solution process, such as spin coating or spray printing; and an active... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 26 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150000720 - Method of forming a photovoltaic cell: This invention relates to a photovoltaic cell where all metal components used in the electrical connection/electrical collection system are similar enough to avoid corrosion that may be caused by a galvanic cell effect. Specifically, all the metal components should be the same or should have very similar electric potentials.... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150000721 - Off-set drive assembly for solar tracker: In an example, the present invention provides a solar tracker apparatus configured with an off-set drive assembly. In an example, the apparatus has an inner race structure, which has a cylindrical region coupled to a main body region, the main body comprising an off-set open region. The cylindrical region is... Agent:

20150000722 - Off-set swivel drive assembly for solar tracker: In an example, the present invention provides a solar tracker apparatus configured with an off-set drive assembly. In an example, the apparatus has an inner race structure, which has a cylindrical region coupled to a main body region, the main body comprising an off-set open region. The cylindrical region is... Agent:

20150000723 - High efficiency photovoltaic system: A photovoltaic system includes a photovoltaic module having an upper surface. A fluid deposition unit is positioned to deposit a layer of a fluid on the upper surface of the photovoltaic module. A fluid collection unit is positioned to collect fluid deposited on the upper surface of the photovoltaic module.... Agent: Tsmc Solar Ltd.

20150000727 - Interlocking edges having electrical connectors for building integrable photovoltaic modules: Provided are novel building integrable photovoltaic (BIP) modules that are mechanically and electrically interconnectable. According to various embodiments, the modules include channels and protrusion members. A channel of one module snugly fits over a protrusion member of an adjacent module to provide a moisture seal and, in certain embodiments, to... Agent:

20150000724 - Patterned thin foil: An adhesive may be applied to a surface of a reusable carrier. Metal foil may be attached to the adhesive to couple the metal foil to the surface of the reusable carrier. The metal foil may be patterned without damaging the reusable carrier. A semiconductor structure (e.g., a solar cell)... Agent:

20150000725 - Solar mounting system having automatic grounding and associated methods: A solar mounting system includes at least one solar panel with a panel frame and a support structure including at least one elongated support rail configured to support the panel frame of the at least one solar panel. The elongated support rail includes a grounding structure with a raised edge... Agent: Rbi Solar, Inc.

20150000726 - Solar panel structure: A solar panel structure includes a seat and a plurality of solar panels. The seat includes a recess area which has an opening and at least one inclined plane formed in the recess area. The solar panels are laid on the inclined plane. Hence the solar panels have a total... Agent:

20150000728 - Titanium oxide laminated film, titanium oxide film, manufacturing method for same, precursor liquid for titanium oxide, and dye-sensitized agent type photoelectric conversion element: Provided is a titanium oxide laminated film that includes the titanium oxide film consisting of anatase-type plate-like crystals in which (001) faces with a high chemical activity are grown more than normal and the (001) faces are grown in a vertical or inclined direction with respect to a deposition surface... Agent:

20150000730 - Method for the low-temperature production of radial-junction semiconductor nanostructures, radial junction device, and solar cell including radial-junction nanostructures: A method for the low-temperature production of radial electronic junction semiconductor nanostructures on a substrate, includes: a) forming on the substrate, metal aggregates capable of electronically doping a first semiconductor material; b) growing, in the vapor phase, doped semiconductor nanowires in the presence of one or more non-dopant precursor gases... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20150000729 - Solar cell with passivation layer and manufacturing method thereof: A solar cell includes a vertical multi-junction (VMJ) cell and a passivation layer. The VMJ cell includes a plurality of PN junction substrates spaced from each other and a plurality of electrode layers. Each of the PN junction substrates includes a P+ type end surface, a P type end surface,... Agent: Mh Solar Company Limited

20150000731 - All-back-contact solar cell and method of fabricating the same: A method of fabricating an all-back-contact (ABC) solar cell, and an ABC solar cell. The method comprises the steps of forming respective pluralities of different polarity rear side doped regions on a wafer; forming an insulating layer on the doped regions; and forming conducting bars on the insulating layer such... Agent: Trina Solar Energy Development Pte Ltd

20150000735 - Method of forming a photovoltaic cell module having improved impact resistance: A photovoltaic cell module having an impact resistance of greater than 1,200 grams includes a first layer, a silicone elastomer disposed on the first layer and a crystalline photovoltaic cell disposed on the silicone elastomer. The module also includes a second elastomer disposed opposite the silicone elastomer and on the... Agent:

20150000733 - Photovoltaic device and methods of forming the same: Methods and devices are described for a photovoltaic device. The photovoltaic device includes a glass substrate, a semiconductor absorber layer formed over the glass substrate, a metal back contact layer formed over the semiconductor absorber layer, and a p-type back contact buffer layer formed from one of MnTe, Cd1-xMnxTe, and... Agent:

20150000736 - Solar cell: A solar cell has a photoelectric conversion section, and a light receiving surface electrode, which is configured by including finger electrodes and bus bar electrodes, is disposed on the light receiving surface of the photoelectric conversion section. Auxiliary electrodes are provided at the leading ends of the finger electrodes. At... Agent:

20150000732 - Solar cell and fabricating method thereof: A method for fabricating a solar cell includes the steps of providing a substrate, forming a transparent conductive layer on a surface of the substrate, forming a plurality of photoresist patterns on the transparent conductive layer, forming a dielectric layer on the photoresist patterns and the transparent conductive layer, in... Agent:

20150000737 - Solar cell and method of manufacturing solar cell: A solar cell includes a photoelectric conversion body and an electrode. One principal surface of the photoelectric conversion body includes a silicon surface made of silicon. The electrode is disposed on the photoelectric conversion body. The electrode includes a tin oxide layer and a metal layer. The tin oxide layer... Agent:

20150000734 - Solar cell module and method of fabricating the same: Disclosed are a solar cell module and a method of fabricating the same. The solar cell module includes a support substrate including a lateral side, at which a 1st bending portion is formed, and a rear side at which a 2nd bending portion is formed, a solar cell on the... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150000739 - Encapsulating material for solar cell and solar cell module: An encapsulating material for solar cell is made of a resin composition containing a crosslinkable resin, and satisfies the following 1) and 2). 1) When the encapsulating material for solar cell is immersed in acetone at 23° C. for one hour after a crosslinking treatment in which the encapsulating material... Agent:

20150000740 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module for ensuring the thickness of an adhesive material and enhancing adhesion strength is provided by devising a configuration of an adhesion surface of a support member. The solar cell module is equipped with an elongated support member (20) and a solar cell main body having a... Agent:

20150000738 - Solar cell module and making method: A solar cell module is provided comprising a first substrate (1a), a thin-film solar cell (2) comprising a metal electrode layer, a photoelectric conversion layer, and a light-transmissive electrode layer disposed on the first substrate (1a), a transparent second substrate (1b) opposed to the solar cell on the first substrate,... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150000741 - Hybrid cztsse photovoltaic device: A photovoltaic device includes a first contact and a hybrid absorber layer. The hybrid absorber layer includes a chalcogenide layer and a semiconductor layer in contact with the chalcogenide layer. A buffer layer is formed on the absorber layer, and a transparent conductive contact layer is formed on the buffer... Agent:

20150000743 - Photoelectric conversion device: A photoelectric conversion device comprises an electrode layer, a first semiconductor layer disposed on the electrode layer and including a group I-III-VI compound and oxygen element, and a second semiconductor layer disposed on the first semiconductor layer and forming a pn junction with the first semiconductor layer, and an atomic... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150000742 - Solar cell absorber thin film and method of fabricating same: A charcopyrite-based thin film solar cell device and a method of fabricating the same is described. The solar cell includes a stacked absorber film over a substrate. The stacked absorber film includes at least two sets of absorber materials and each set includes at least three layers. At least one... Agent: Tsmc Solar Ltd.

20150000744 - Composition for organic thin film, organic thin film, and electronic device including the organic thin film: A composition for an organic thin film may include a first compound having a linear alkylene oxide moiety and a haloalkyl moiety, and a second compound having conductivity and being capable of controlling a work function.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150000745 - Organic thin film solar cell: The present invention aims to provide an organic thin-film solar cell that has a high photoelectric conversion efficiency and excellent durability. The present invention relates to an organic thin-film solar cell including a photoelectric conversion layer, wherein the photoelectric conversion layer includes a portion containing a sulfide of a Group... Agent:

12/25/2014 > 34 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140373888 - Systems and methods for forming thermoelectric devices: A method for forming a thermoelectric element for use in a thermoelectric device comprises providing a mask adjacent to a substrate, the mask comprising a polymeric mixture, and bringing a template having a first pattern in contact with the mask to define a second pattern in the mask. The first... Agent: Silicium Energy, Inc.

20140373890 - Nanocomposite thermoelectric devices: Thermoelectric cooling devices and methods for producing and using the devices are disclosed, wherein the cooling devices include a polymer composite of a polymer and nanoparticles of at least one paramagnetic material. A source for producing an electric field within the polymer composite produces a corresponding heat transfer from one... Agent:

20140373889 - Te performance by band convergence in (bi1-xsbx)2te3: Disclosed herein are thermoelectric materials with high performance characteristics, and methods of use thereof Among the thermoelectric materials disclosed are those of the formula (Bi1−xSbx)2Te3. In some embodiments, the invention teaches that 0.5≦x≦0.9. In some embodiments, the invention further teaches doping with iodine (I), in order to decrease the hole... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140373891 - Thermoelectric structure, and thermoelectric device and thermoelectric apparatus including the same: A thermoelectric structure includes a graphene layer and a thermoelectric body disposed on the graphene layer, in which the thermoelectric body includes a thermoelectric film including a thermoelectric material, and a quantum dot disposed in the thermoelectric film.... Agent:

20140373892 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing a solar module strand and a solar module strand of flexible solar cells: A flexible solar module strand manufactured by a method including providing a first conveyor track for applying flexible solar cells; guiding the first conveyor track around two or more deflecting means; providing individual flexible solar cells; applying the individual solar cells to the first conveyor track; deflecting the first conveyor... Agent:

20140373896 - Photovoltaic element and method of manufacturing the same, and solar battery module: A back contact heterojunction photoelectric conversion device, that obtain junctions that are nearly ohmic contacts by integrally forming a transparent conductive film including an electrode directly on a p-type amorphous silicon film and a transparent conductive oxide directly on an n-type amorphous silicon film. A method of manufacturing the device... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140373894 - Photovoltaic panels having electrical arc detection capability, and associated systems and methods: A photovoltaic panel includes a panel arc detection subsystem and a plurality of photovoltaic assemblies electrically coupled in series between positive and negative panel power rails. The panel arc detection subsystem is adapted to detect a series electrical arc within the photovoltaic panel from a discrepancy between a panel voltage... Agent:

20140373893 - Prediction of solar obscuration events based on detection of spectral distribution shifts caused by approaching clouds: A physical effect (optical effect), which may be observed in solar irradiance as shading due to a cloud passing overhead may be approaching a given location (e.g., a location at or proximate a solar power generator), has been discovered. This optical effect takes place prior to an occurrence of a... Agent:

20140373897 - Solar cell module and solar cell module manufacturing method: This solar cell module is provided with: a plurality of solar cells; and a tab, which electrically connects the solar cells, and which has recesses and projections on the surface thereof. The tab has height of the recesses and the projections smaller in the peripheral region of each of the... Agent:

20140373895 - Solar cell unit and solar cell module: A photovoltaic unit comprising photovoltaics for generating power by utilizing solar light and a bypass diode connected in parallel with the photovoltaics further comprises a reaction element adapted to react to a current flowing therethrough and connected in parallel with the photovoltaics and bypass diode and a blocking element connected... Agent:

20140373899 - Concentrator photovoltaic system, method for detecting tracking deviation, method for correcting tracking deviation, control device, program for detecting tracking deviation, and, program for correcting tracking deviation: Provided is a concentrator photovoltaic system including: a concentrator photovoltaic panel; a driving device configured to cause the concentrator photovoltaic panel to perform operation of tracking the sun; and a control device configured to detect a change pattern repeatedly occurring in temporal change in generated power of the concentrator photovoltaic... Agent:

20140373900 - Inflated tubular solar concentators: A solar collector utilizes an inflated tubular film which concentrates sunlight onto a solar receiver. The film incorporates refractive elements in a pattern which focuses light in one or two dimensions to create foci in the form of lines, spots, or other shapes. The film may be replaceable. The film... Agent: Coolearth Solar

20140373901 - Optical concentrator and associated photovoltaic devices: Disclosed is a transmissive optical concentrator comprising an elliptical collector aperture and a non-elliptical exit aperture, the concentrator being operable to concentrate radiation incident on said collector aperture. The body of said concentrator may have a substantially hyperbolic external profile. Also disclosed is a photovoltaic cell employing such a concentrator... Agent: The University Of Exeter

20140373898 - Optical systems fabricated by printing-based assembly: Provided are optical devices and systems fabricated, at least in part, via printing-based assembly and integration of device components. In specific embodiments the present invention provides light emitting systems, light collecting systems, light sensing systems and photovoltaic systems comprising printable semiconductor elements, including large area, high performance macroelectronic devices. Optical... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20140373902 - Supplemental solar energy collector: A supplemental solar energy collection system including a photovoltaic panel which converts incident radiation into electricity. A housing includes a top thermally conductive surface mated with the photovoltaic panel and serving as a thermal collector. Open channels behind the thermally conductive surface carry fluid in contact with the top thermally... Agent:

20140373903 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module includes a plurality of solar cells and a wiring member attached to surfaces of the adjacent solar cells on one side. The wiring member electrically connects the adjacent solar cells electrically and includes an insulation sheet and a conductive layer disposed on the insulation sheet. A... Agent:

20140373904 - Paste composition for solar cell electrode and electrode produced therefrom: The present invention relates to a paste composition for a solar cell electrode and an electrode produced therefrom. The present invention relates to a paste composition for a solar cell electrode, and an electrode produced therefrom, the paste composition comprising conductive powders, a glass frit, and an organic vehicle, the... Agent:

20140373906 - Anti-reflection coatings for multijunction solar cells: Anti-reflection coatings (ARC) on solar cells for terrestrial and space use are disclosed, particularly for multi junction solar cells, to maximize transmission of incident light into the active region of the semiconductor solar cell over a wide spectral band.... Agent:

20140373907 - Four-junction quaternary compound solar cell and method thereof: A four-junction quaternary compound solar cell and a method thereof are provided. Forming a first subcell (100) with a first band gap, a lattice constant matching with the substrate on an InP grown substrate, forming a second subcell (200) with a second band gap bigger than the first band gap,... Agent: Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140373905 - Metamorphic multijunction solar cell with surface passivation: A multijunction solar cell including an upper first solar subcell; a second solar subcell adjacent to the first solar subcell; a first graded interlayer adjacent to the second solar subcell; a third solar subcell adjacent to the first graded interlayer such that the third subcell is lattice mismatched with respect... Agent: Emcore Solar Power, Inc.

20140373910 - Anti-reflective coating with high optical absorption layer for backside contact solar cells: A multilayer anti-reflection structure for a backside contact solar cell. The anti-reflection structure may be formed on a front side of the backside contact solar cell. The anti-reflection structure may include a passivation level, a high optical absorption layer over the passivation level, and a low optical absorption layer over... Agent: Sunpower Corporation

20140373909 - Fire through aluminum paste for sinx and better bsf formation: Paste compositions, methods of making a paste composition, photovoltaic cells, and methods of making a photovoltaic cell contact are disclosed. The paste composition can include a conductive metal component such as aluminum, phosphate glass, phosphorus compounds such as alky! phosphate, and a vehicle. The contact can be formed on a... Agent: Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC

20140373915 - Multilayer sheet, back sheet for solar cells and solar cell module: Provided are a multilayer sheet superior in weather resistance, heat resistance, and moisture proofness and also favorable in interlayer adhesiveness, and a back sheet for solar cells and a solar cell module prepared by using the same. The multilayer sheet 10 is prepared by laminating a polyolefin-based resin layer 1... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140373918 - Photovol talc modules and methods of making the same: Photovoltaic modules and methods of making photovoltaic modules are disclosed. The photovoltaic modules comprise a front transparency, at least one photovoltaic cell, and a polyurea back coat.... Agent:

20140373916 - Photovoltaic device and method of manufacture: The disclosure is directed at a photovoltaic device for converting solar power into electric power, the photovoltaic device including a first electrode; a second electrode; an organic photoactive region in between the first electrode and the second electrode; and an interface stabilizing region in between the organic photoactive region and... Agent:

20140373908 - Photovoltaic devices: A photovoltaic device is presented. The photovoltaic device includes a layer stack; and an absorber layer is disposed on the layer stack. The absorber layer includes cadmium, tellurium, and selenium. A semiconductor layer is further disposed on the absorber layer, wherein a valence band offset between the semiconductor layer and... Agent: First Solar Inc.

20140373917 - Photovoltaic devices and method of making: In one aspect of the present invention, a photovoltaic device is provided. The photovoltaic device includes a transparent layer; a first porous layer disposed on the transparent layer, wherein the first porous layer comprises a plurality of pores extending through a thickness of the first porous layer; a first semiconductor... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20140373912 - Polymer compound and organic photoelectric conversion device: [in the formula (A) and the formula (B), R represents a hydrogen atom, a fluorine atom, an optionally substituted alkyl group, an alkoxy group optionally substituted by a fluorine atom, an aryl group, a heteroaryl group, a group represented by the formula (2a) or a group represented by the formula... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20140373914 - Protective sheet: The present invention can provide a protective sheet, a protective sheet preventing curl generation in a laminated article formed by using the same and having excellent appearance, and a solar cell module formed by using this protective sheet. A protective sheet includes a weather-resistant film A, an adhesive layer 1,... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20140373911 - Solar cell: Discussed is a solar cell including a photoelectric conversion portion, and first and second electrodes connected to the photoelectric conversion portion, wherein at least one of the first and second electrodes includes a plurality of finger electrodes, and at least one bus bar electrode formed in a direction crossing the... Agent:

20140373913 - Solar cell metallizations containing organozinc compound: Paste compositions, methods of making paste compositions, contacts, and methods of making contacts are disclosed. The paste compositions include a solid portion and a vehicle system. The solid portion includes a conductive metal component and a glass binder. The vehicle system includes organometallic compound containing zinc. The organometallic compounds containing... Agent:

20140373919 - Photovoltaic cell and manufacturing process: A photovoltaic cell including a semiconductor substrate of a first conductivity type provided with a main surface, a first layer made from amorphous semiconductor material of first conductivity type in contact with the main surface of the substrate, a first electric contact formed on the first amorphous layer, a second... Agent:

20140373920 - Biochemical energy conversion cell: Presented herein is a voltaic cell containing light harvesting antennae or other biologically-based electron generating structures optionally in a microbial population, an electron siphon population having electron conductive properties with individual siphons configured to accept electrons from the light harvesting antennae and transport the electrons to a current collector, an... Agent:

20140373921 - Method for re-dyeing dye sensitised solar cells: The present invention relates to the field of dye sensitised solar cells and discloses a method for multiple desensitising and re-dyeing, including partial desensitisation and multiple re-dyeing with single or mixed dyes.... Agent: Bangor University

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