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20150144171 - Production method of thermoelectric converter, production method of electronic device equipped with thermoelectric converter, and thermoelectric converter: As the first conductive paste, a paste is used which is made by adding an organic solvent to powder of alloy in which a plurality of atoms keep a given crystal structure constant. As the second conductive paste, a paste is used which is made by adding an organic solvent... Agent:

20150144172 - Method and apparatus for generating electricity by thermally cycling an electrically polarizable material using heat from condensers: A method for converting heat to electric energy is described which involves thermally cycling an electrically polarizable material sandwiched between electrodes. The material is heated by extracting thermal energy from a gas to condense the gas into a liquid and transferring the thermal energy to the electrically polarizable material. An... Agent: The Neothermal Energy Company

20150144173 - Integral corner bypass diode interconnecting configuration for multiple solar cells: A photovoltaic solar cell assembly includes a bypass diode, a first and a second planar solar cell. Each of the first and the second solar cell includes a front facing side and a rear facing side, each rear facing side including a respective conductive surface, each front facing side including... Agent: Space Systems/loral, LLC

20150144175 - Photovoltaic module with photovoltaic cells having local widening of the bus: A photovoltaic module has cells each having at least one collecting finger (2) oriented in a first elongation direction (D1) and at least one bus (3) oriented in a second elongation direction (D2) making at an angle to the first. At a zone (4) of electrical connection between the bus... Agent:

20150144176 - Photovoltaic power balancing and differential power processing: Power production among photovoltaic elements can be equalized through charge redistribution, which can reduce or eliminate the effect of partial shading. Also described is a technique for differential power processing by individually setting currents through different strings of photovoltaic elements.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150144174 - Production of mono-crystalline silicon: A crystalline silicon ingot is produced using a directional solidification process. In particular, a crucible is loaded with silicon feedstock above a seed layer of uniform crystalline orientation. The silicon feedstock and an upper part of the seed layer are melted forming molten material in the crucible. This molten material... Agent:

20150144177 - Solution processing of kesterite semiconductors: wherein 0≦x≦1; 0≦y≦1; 0≦z≦1; −1≦q≦1, generally include contacting a hydrazine-based solvent, a source of Cu, a source of Sn, a source of Zn carboxylate, a source of at least one of S and Se, under conditions sufficient to form a solution substantially free of solid particles; applying the solution onto... Agent:

20150144178 - Solar panel unit, solar photovoltaic system, and method for installing solar photovoltaic system: In a solar panel unit including: a pedestal that includes a support supporting a rotation shaft fixed to a solar panel and is fixed to the ground; and a drive mechanism that rotates the solar panel about the axis of the rotation shaft in accordance with the direction of the... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150144180 - Encapsulating layer adapted to be applied to back-sheets for photovoltaic modules including back-contact cells: The present invention provides for a multi-layered structure adapted to be applied to the surface of a back-contact back-sheet for a photovoltaic module comprising back-contact solar cells. The multi-layered structure comprises a non-extendible intermediate layer (240) comprised of a dielectric material. The multi-layered structure further comprises an upper layer (280)... Agent:

20150144181 - Integration of microinverter with photovoltaic module: Various technologies for integrating a microinverter with a photovoltaic module are disclosed. An alternating current photovoltaic (ACPV) module includes a photovoltaic module having a frame and a junction box including a direct current (DC) output connector, and a microinverter having a housing coupled to the frame and a DC input... Agent:

20150144179 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module includes a solar panel, a first frame strip, a second frame strip, and a connecting member. The first frame strip and the second frame strip are both assembled at the edges of the solar panel. The connecting member includes two top wind plates, a bottom wind... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20150144182 - Solar cell and method for manufacturing same: A solar cell includes a support substrate, a back electrode layer on the support substrate, a light absorbing layer on the back electrode layer, a buffer layer on the light absorbing layer, a high resistance buffer layer on the buffer layer, and a front electrode layer on the high resistance... Agent:

20150144183 - Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same: A solar cell is discussed. The solar cell according to an embodiment includes a semiconductor substrate, a first conductive type region and a second conductive type region disposed on the same side of the semiconductor substrate, wherein at least one of the first and second conductive type regions includes a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150144184 - Solar cell: The present invention relates to a solar cell comprising a semiconductor wafer, an emitter formed by at least one emitter region which comprises at least a first layer of a first conductivity type and a first contact layer allowing a carrier extraction or injection, a backcontact comprising at least a... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

20150144190 - Backplane reinforcement and interconnects for solar cells: Fabrication methods and structures relating to backplanes for back contact solar cells that provide for solar cell substrate reinforcement and electrical interconnects are described. The method comprises depositing an interdigitated pattern of base electrodes and emitter electrodes on a backside surface of a semiconductor substrate, forming electrically conductive emitter plugs... Agent:

20150144188 - Black glass and solar cell assembly using the same: The subject invention is related to a black glass and a solar cell assembly comprising the same. The subject invention provides a black glass comprising a glass substrate; and a black coating formed on the glass substrate, wherein the black coating comprises an inorganic film-forming material, a black pigment and... Agent: Changzhou Almaden Co., Ltd.

20150144185 - Film, method for producing same, plate-like product, image display device, and solar cell: A film which is provided with a concave-convex microstructure body that has a concave-convex microstructure formed of a cured product of an active energy ray curable resin composition on a surface and an ultraviolet ray blocking layer that is adjacent to a surface of the concave-convex microstructure body, the surface... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20150144187 - Method of manufacturing a solar cell: A method of manufacturing a solar cell comprising steps of: (a) preparing a substrate comprising a semiconductor layer and a passivation layer formed at least on the back side of the semiconductor layer, wherein the passivation layer on the back side comprises one or more openings; (b) forming an aluminum... Agent:

20150144186 - Methods and materials for the improvement of photovoltaic device performance: Embodiments disclosed herein include photovoltaic absorber materials (302) and photovoltaic devices (300) having absorber materials (302) with intentionally increased permittivity. Alternative embodiments include methods (200) of producing thin film photovoltaic absorbers (302) from materials having increased permittivity or methods of producing devices having absorbers (302) with increased permittivity. In selected... Agent:

20150144189 - Solar cell unit: A solar cell unit having a semiconductor body formed as a solar cell, whereby the semiconductor body has a front side with a first electrical connection and a back side with a second electrical connection and a side surface formed between the front side and the back side, and having... Agent: Azur Space Solar Power Gmbh

20150144191 - Polymer sheet: The invention is directed to a polymer sheet and its use as part of a solar paneland glass element. The sheet comprises multiple coextruded polymer layers, wherein at least two or more layers of the polymer sheet comprise a luminescence downshifting compound for at least partially absorbing radiation having a... Agent:

20150144192 - Solar cell structure: The invention relates to a solar cell structure (10) having at least one transparent photovoltaic cell (42), in particular having a dye solar cell or a thin-film semiconductor cell. It comprises at least one polymer layer (36) which is provided with a fluorescent material, or a mixture of a plurality... Agent: Basf Se

20150144193 - Solar cell module: Provided is a solar cell module wherein a rear surface protective sheet has excellent long-term durability, and transmissivity of ultraviolet that reaches the solar cell is retained for a long time. This solar cell module is configured by laminating a front surface protective sheet, a light receiving-side sealing sheet, a... Agent:

20150144194 - Solar cell protective sheet and solar cell module: A solar cell module is provided with a solar cell, a sealing member embedding the solar cell therein, a front surface protective member, and a back surface protective member. The storage modulus of the sealing member for the temperature range of 20-40° C. is from 6×107 Pa to 1×109 Pa... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20150144195 - Perovskite and other solar cell materials: Photovoltaic devices such as solar cells, hybrid solar cell-batteries, and other such devices may include an active layer having perovskite material and copper-oxide or other metal-oxide charge transport material. Such charge transport material may be disposed adjacent to the perovskite material such that the two are adjacent and/or in contact.... Agent:

20150144197 - Hybrid polysilicon heterojunction back contact cell: A method for manufacturing high efficiency solar cells is disclosed. The method comprises providing a thin dielectric layer and a doped polysilicon layer on the back side of a silicon substrate. Subsequently, a high quality oxide layer and a wide band gap doped semiconductor layer can both be formed on... Agent:

20150144196 - Perovskite and other solar cell materials: Photovoltaic devices such as solar cells, hybrid solar cell-batteries, and other such devices may include an active layer disposed between two electrodes, the active layer having perovskite material and other material such as mesoporous material, interfacial layers, thin-coat interfacial layers, and combinations thereof. The perovskite material may be photoactive. The... Agent:

20150144200 - Composition and electronic device using the same: o

20150144199 - Dye-sensitized solar cell having carbon nano-web coated with graphene and method for manufacturing same: A dye-sensitized solar cell and a method for manufacturing same are disclosed. The dye-sensitized solar cell includes: a transparent substrate; a working electrode including a dye-adsorbed metallic oxide disposed on the transparent substrate; a separation film disposed on the working electrode; an electrolyte disposed on the separation film; and an... Agent:

20150144198 - Solar cell materials: A photovoltaic cell of improved construction may include an active layer comprising first and second active material, and a dye. Either of the first and second active material may include a copper-oxide compound. The active layer may further include a thin-coat interfacial layer, which may coat at least a portion... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 42 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150136193 - Hybrid device comprising a thermoelectric module, notably intended to generate an electric current in a motor vehicle, and a heat heat exchanger: A hybrid device (80) comprises, in a first zone (91), at least one thermoelectric element (3) allowing an electric current to be generated from a temperature gradient applied between two of its active faces (4a, 4p). The device (80) further comprises a first circuit (1) able to allow the circulation... Agent:

20150136192 - Thermoelectric conversion module and method for making it: According to a first aspect, the invention relates to a thermoelectric module (10) that comprises a thermoelectric layer (15) comprising one p-type (7p) and one n-type (7n) portions presenting together an upper and a lower main surfaces (11,12). The thermoelectric module (10) further comprises a first and a second thermal... Agent: Universite Catholique De Louvain

20150136194 - Solar receiver design for thermoelectric power generation and waste heat utilization: A solar energy heat to electricity conversion device is provided that includes a thermally conductive solar receiver having a cylinder with an open end and a cup-shape closed end and a thermally conductive fin disposed on an outside surface of the cup-shape closed end, where the thermally conductive solar receiver... Agent:

20150136195 - Thermoelectric conversion material and thermoelectric conversion module using the same: The present invention provides a thermoelectric conversion material that is a material comprising elements less poisonous than Te and has a Seebeck coefficient comparable to BiTe. The present invention is a full-Heusler alloy that is represented by the composition formula Fe2+σTi1+ySi1+z and has σ, y, and z allowing the material... Agent:

20150136200 - Idealized solar panel: A solar panel is constructed by electrically connecting one or more banks of solar cells in series, wherein each cell in each bank is electrically connected in series. In some aspects the cells are a quarter of typical full size cells in the direction of current flow. A panel may... Agent:

20150136199 - Interconnect assembly: An interconnect assembly. The interconnect assembly includes a trace that includes a plurality of electrically conductive portions. The plurality of electrically conductive portions is configured both to collect current from a first solar cell and to interconnect electrically to a second solar cell. In addition, the plurality of electrically conductive... Agent:

20150136196 - Self-cleaning solar panel design: A self-cleaning photovoltaic module which when combined with other identical modules forms a large solar panel which is protected from the vice of dust deposition. The module, which has all the properties of a solar panel in itself, has a dividing fin and a circular vent capable of flushing out... Agent:

20150136198 - Solar cell: A solar cell array includes: a substrate; a plurality of first electrodes on the substrate; photoactive layer on the first electrodes, and including a transmission groove exposing the substrate and a through-groove exposing a neighboring first electrode of the plurality of first electrodes; a second electrode on the photoactive layer... Agent:

20150136197 - Solar cell array: A solar cell array includes: a substrate; a plurality of first electrodes on the substrate and separated from each other; a photoactive layer on each of the first electrodes; and a second electrode on each of the photoactive layers. The photoactive layer includes a gap exposing a neighboring one of... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150136201 - Device for regulating the level of moisture in a concentrating solar module and solar module comprising at leaest one such device: A concentrating solar module comprising a device (D) for managing the moisture contained in a casing (2) of the module (M). The device comprises a housing (12) one of the walls (14) of which is provided with a window (15), a moisture absorbing material provided in the housing (12), a... Agent:

20150136202 - Hybrid solar generator: A hybrid solar generator is described, comprising at least one photo-voltaic module contained inside at least one containing means which is at least partially transparent, such module being immersed at least partially into at least one dielectric fluid contained inside such containing means.... Agent: Wits Engineering S.r.l.

20150136203 - Solar cell: Disclosed herein is a solar cell, the solar cell includes a substrate, a plurality of first electrodes formed on the substrate and separated into a plurality of first separation grooves, a buffer layer and an optical active layer formed on the first electrode and having a through groove exposing the... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150136208 - Multistage vertical solar module holder: The present invention relates to a multistage vertical solar module holder. According to the present invention, because solar modules are installed between vertical members vertically installed on the bottom surface in a ladder type in multiple stages to be inclined by inclination maintenance units, a large number of solar cell... Agent:

20150136207 - Roof panel comprising an integrated photovoltaic module: A roof panel with an integrated photovoltaic module is discussed. The roof panel has at least a substrate and an outer pane, which are laminarily bonded to each other via a thermoplastic layer, and embedded in the thermoplastic layer, at least one photovoltaic system that contains at least two strip-shaped... Agent:

20150136206 - Roofing tile, arrangement of roofing tiles and method for manufacturing a roofing tile: In a method for manufacturing a concrete roof tile, a clay or concrete roof tile is digitised, the model is modified in such manner that a flat surface is created on an upper side thereof to enable a solar module to be mounted thereon, a mould is prepared from the... Agent: Ecomol Ag

20150136204 - Solar cell structure for thermal insulation and method for manufacturing the same:

20150136205 - Solar panel ballasted ground support systems: A structure, system and method for the in situ ballasting of solar panel ground support structures, the method, system and structures comprising the positioning of supporting posts or anchoring elements therefor within a peripherally enclosing frame, having an open top and preferably open bottom, on the ground at a final... Agent:

20150136209 - Polyimide layer-containing flexible substrate, polyimide layer-containing substrate for flexible solar cell, flexible solar cell, and method for producing same: A flexible substrate has heat resistance to endure the high temperature such as sintering of a photovoltaic conversion layer of a compound-type thin film solar cell, can prevent permeation and/or diffusion of metal into the photovoltaic conversion layer, and can be used for many applications. The polyimide layer-containing flexible substrate... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150136212 - Electrical contacts to nanostructured areas: A process is provided for contacting a nanostructured surface. In that process, a substrate is provided having a nanostructured material on a surface, the substrate being conductive and the nanostructured material being coated with an insulating material. A portion of the nanostructured material is at least partially removed. A conductor... Agent: Bandgap Engineering, Inc.

20150136213 - Preparation of copper-rich copper indium (gallium) diselenide/disulphide nanoparticles: A method for the preparation of copper indium gallium diselenide/disulfide (CIGS) nanoparticles utilizes a copper-rich stoichiometry. The copper-rich CIGS nanoparticles are capped with organo-chalcogen ligands, rendering the nanoparticles processable in organic solvents. The nanoparticles may be deposited on a substrate and thermally processed in a chalcogen-rich atmosphere to facilitate conversion... Agent:

20150136210 - Silicon-based solar cells with improved resistance to light-induced degradation: Solar devices with high resistance to light-induced degradation are described. A wide optical bandgap interface layer positioned between a p-doped semiconductor layer and an intrinsic semiconductor layer is made resistant to light-induced degradation through treatment with a hydrogen-containing plasma. In one embodiment, a p-i-n structure is formed with the interface... Agent:

20150136211 - Solar cell containing n-type doped silicon: A photovoltaic device includes a first semiconducting area having an N-doped silicon base and a second semiconducting area having a P-doped silicon base. The two semiconducting areas are configured to form a PN junction. The first semiconducting area is devoid of boron and includes a concentration of P-type doping impurities... Agent:

20150136214 - Solar cells having selective contacts and three or more terminals: Junction-less solar cells having three or more terminals are provided. Electron- and hole-selective contacts and interfaces are used in combination with two or more absorber layers having different bandgaps to provide multi-material solar cells that have no requirement for either lattice matching or current matching.... Agent:

20150136224 - Anthradithiophene-based semiconducting polymers and methods thereof: Compositions, synthesis and applications for benzene, furan, thiophene, selenophene, pyrole, pyran, pyridine, oxazole, thiazole and imidazole derivatized anthra[2,3-b:6,7-b′]dithiophene (ADT) based polymers, namely, poly{5,11-bis(5-(2-ethylhexyl)thiophen-2-yl)anthra[2,3-b:6,7-b′]dithiophene-2,8-diyl-alt-2-ethyl-1-(thieno[3,4-b]thiophen-2-yl)hexan-1-one-4,6-diyl}, poly{5,11-bis(5-(2-ethylhexyl)furan-2-yl)anthra[2,3-b:6,7-b′]dithiophene-2,8-diyl-alt-2-ethyl-1-(thieno[3,4-b]thiophen-2-yl)hexan-1-one-4,6-diyl and poly{5,11-bis(5-(2-ethylhexyl)selenophen-2-yl)anthra[2,3-b:6,7-b′]dithiophene-2,8-diyl-alt-2-ethyl-1-(thieno[3,4-b]thiophen-2-yl)hexan-1-one-4,6-diyl} are disclosed. Further, an organic solar cell constructed of a derivatized anthra[2,3-b:6,7-b′]dithiophene (ADT) based polymer is discussed.... Agent: Solarmer Energy, Inc.

20150136216 - Compound semiconductor solar cell: Provided is a compound semiconductor solar cell (2) with improved conversion efficiency. The compound semiconductor solar cell includes a substrate (4), a back electrode (6) disposed on the substrate, a p-type compound semiconductor light absorber layer (8) disposed on the back electrode, an n-type compound semiconductor buffer layer (10) disposed... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20150136219 - Conductive paste, method for forming wiring, electronic component, and silicon solar cell: This conductive paste is such that the printing properties and sintering properties are superior and is formed such that resistance of wiring after sintering is lowered. This conductive paste is characterized by being formed from copper-based metal particles and by an aspect ratio (dmax/dmin), which is defined as the ratio... Agent:

20150136217 - Electrode for solar cells and preparation method: Electrode comprising a conductive substrate on which a uniform layer of aggregates A, having an average diameter ranging from 40 to 100 nm, is deposited, on which a non-homogeneous distribution of aggregates B, having an average diameter ranging from 300 nm to 1,200 nm, is superimposed, both of said aggregates... Agent:

20150136222 - High transmittance thin film solar panel: A high transmittance thin film solar panel includes a transparent substrate, a front electrode layer, a light absorption layer and a rear electrode layer. The light absorption layer is formed with opening patterns with the same width at positions aligned correspondingly to form at least one first opening trench, a... Agent:

20150136220 - Method for production of a photovoltaic device in substrate configuration: Conventionally, CdTe solar cells are grown in superstrate configuration where the light enters the photovoltaic device through a transparent substrate. Still, efficiencies of CdTe solar cells grown in substrate configuration have so far been considerably lower than those grown in superstrate configuration. This invention discloses a photovoltaic device (0) in... Agent: Empa Eidg. Materialpr&#xdc Fungs-und Forschungsanstalt

20150136225 - Method of manufacturing solar cell module, and solar cell module: A method of manufacturing a solar cell module includes preparing a solar cell substrate including a support substrate, an electric power generating layer that receives light beams and generates electric power, and a conductive layer that is formed on the electric power generating layer, forming a resist layer on the... Agent:

20150136228 - Processes for uniform metal semiconductor alloy formation for front side contact metallization and photovoltaic device formed therefrom: A method of forming a photovoltaic device is provided that includes a p-n junction with a p-type semiconductor portion and an n-type semiconductor portion, wherein an upper exposed surface of one of the semiconductor portions represents a front side surface of the semiconductor substrate. Patterned antireflective coating layers are formed... Agent:

20150136223 - Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same: A solar cell according to an example embodiment includes: a substrate; a plurality of first electrodes formed on the substrate and separated by a plurality of first separation grooves; a barrier layer formed in each of the first separation grooves; a photoactive layer formed on the first electrode and the... Agent:

20150136218 - Solar cell and method of fabricating the same: A solar cell and a method of fabricating the same are provided. The solar cell includes a substrate, a back electrode layer on the substrate, a light absorbing layer on the back electrode layer, and a buffer layer on the light absorbing layer. The back electrode layer, the light absorbing... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150136215 - Solar cell contacts and method of fabricating same: A solar cell device and a method of fabricating the same is described. The solar cell includes a back contact, an absorber over the back contact, and a front contact over the absorber. The back contact includes a back electrode layer and a graphene layer.... Agent: Tsmc Solar Ltd.

20150136221 - Solar cell element: To improve characteristics, reliability, and the like of a solar cell element, the solar cell element includes: a semiconductor substrate which includes a first main surface and a second main surface that is positioned opposite to the first main surface, and in which a p-type semiconductor region and an n-type... Agent:

20150136226 - Super-hydrophobic surfaces and methods for producing super-hydrophobic surfaces: A metal or metal alloy including a region with hierarchical micro-scale and nano-scale structure shapes, the surface region is super-hydrophobic and has a spectral reflectance of less than 30% for at least some wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in the range of 0.1 μm to 10 μm. Methods for forming the... Agent: University Of Rochester

20150136227 - Trench isolation for monolithically isled solar photovoltaic cells and modules: Fabrication methods and structures are provided for the formation of monolithically isled back contact back junction solar cells. In one embodiment, base and emitter contact metallization is formed on the backside of a back contact back junction solar cell substrate. A trench stop layer is formed on the backside of... Agent:

20150136229 - Composite particle, composite particle dispersion, and photovoltaic device: A composite particle including a core member including a rare earth ion which shows an upconversion effect and a retaining material which retains the rare earth ion, and a semiconductor member covering a part or all of the surface of the core member, wherein the retaining material includes a semiconductor... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136231 - Method and device for cadmium-free solar cells: A method for fabricating a thin film photovoltaic device is provided. The method includes providing a substrate comprising a surface region made of a thin-film photovoltaic absorber including copper, indium, gallium, selenium, and sulfur species. Additionally, the method includes applying a dip-in chemical bath deposition process for forming a buffer... Agent:

20150136230 - Solar cell: A solar cell according to an example embodiment includes: a substrate; a first electrode formed on the substrate; a photoactive layer formed on the first electrode and including sodium and potassium; a buffer layer formed on the photoactive layer; and a second electrode formed on the buffer layer. The photoactive... Agent:

20150136232 - Optoelectronic devices with organometal perovskites with mixed anions: The invention provides an optoelectronic device comprising a mixed-anion perovskite, wherein the mixed-anion perovskite comprises two or more different anions selected from halide anions and chalcogenide anions. The invention further provides a mixed halide perovskite of the formula (I) [A][B][X]3 wherein: [A] is at least one organic cation; [B] is... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20150136233 - Organic photovoltaic devices comprising fullerenes and derivatives: The instant application teaches methods, compositions and devices useful in forming an active layer in photovoltaic cell devices. In typical embodiments of the invention, the active layer in photovoltaic cell devices is formed by selecting and combining certain constellations of complimentary donor and acceptor compounds.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

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