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Batteries: thermoelectric and photoelectric

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08/07/2014 > 43 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140216513 - High zt thermoelectric with reversible junction: A composite structure with tailored anisotropic energy flow is described. The structure consists of an array of two-dimensional electrodes with anisotropic geometrical shapes on a semiconductor or semimetal layer that in turn is on a metal baselayer. An applied voltage between the two-dimensional electrode array and the baselayer renders the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140216515 - Thermoelectric conversion module: A thermal stress of electrode members (121 to 123) due to an operation temperature may be relaxed by thermal stress relaxation layers (141 to 144), and thus peeling of the electrode members (121 to 123) due to thermal stress at the operation temperature may be prevented in a satisfactory manner.... Agent: Furukawa Co., Ltd.

20140216516 - Thermoelectric generator: A thermoelectric generator includes: a heat-receiving plate being adapted to receive heat; a cooling plate being maintained at a low temperature as compared with the heat-receiving plate; a thermoelectric module being interposed between the heat-receiving plate and the cooling plate; a first O-ring being interposed between the heat-receiving plate and... Agent: Kelk Ltd.

20140216514 - Thermoelectric module and device, particularly for generating an electric current in a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a thermoelectric module including at least one thermoelectric element (3, 3p, 3n) which is capable of generating an electric current by means of a temperature gradient applied between two of the surfaces thereof, one so-called first surface (4a) from among said surfaces having an area that... Agent: Valeo Systems Thermiques

20140216517 - Vertical thermoelectric structures: A thermoelectric device is disclosed which includes metal thermal terminals protruding from a top surface of an IC, connected to vertical thermally conductive conduits made of interconnect elements of the IC. Lateral thermoelectric elements are connected to the vertical conduits at one end and heatsinked to the IC substrate at... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140216519 - Method for producing solar battery cell and solar battery module: A method for producing a solar battery cell which hardly causes an electric short circuit at the cut end surface of a solar battery element is provided. A method for producing a solar battery cell in which a solar battery cell is obtained from an elongated solar battery element including... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140216518 - Solar battery module and solar power generation system: There is provided a solar battery module including a plurality of solar batter cells arranged on a same plane with a predetermined gap area, a light-receiving-surface side protecting member and a rear-surface side protecting member sandwiching the solar battery cells therebetween, and an irreversible temperature indicator that is provided on... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140216523 - Concentrating photovoltaic-thermal solar energy collector: Systems, methods, and apparatus by which solar energy may be collected to provide electricity or a combination of heat and electricity are disclosed herein. Examples of solar energy receivers are disclosed that may be used to collect concentrated solar radiation.... Agent: Cogenra Solar, Inc.

20140216522 - Horizontal balanced solar tracker: In an example, the present invention provides a solar tracker apparatus. In an example, the apparatus comprises a center of mass with an adjustable hanger assembly configured with a clam shell clamp assembly on the adjustable hanger assembly and a cylindrical torque tube comprising a plurality of torque tubes configured... Agent: Solaria Corporation

20140216520 - Solar cell module and fabricating method thereof: A solar cell module has a multiple reflection cavity formed by two parallel solar cell layers. A dye sensitized solar cell layer fills the multiple reflection cavity. The mechanism helps improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency. The fabricating method of the same is also described.... Agent: Yuan Ze University

20140216521 - Solar electrical generator system: In one embodiment, a solar electrical generator system includes a housing having a top side that is substantially transparent to solar radiation, and plurality of panels each having a passive face having reflective material, and an active face having reflective material and one or more photovoltaic (PV) cells. The plurality... Agent:

20140216524 - Arrays of ultrathin silicon solar microcells: Provided are solar cells, photovoltaics and related methods for making solar cells, wherein the solar cell is made of ultrathin solar grade or low quality silicon. In an aspect, the invention is a method of making a solar cell by providing a solar cell substrate having a receiving surface and... Agent:

20140216527 - Frameless solar module with mounting holes: A frameless solar module having a carrier substrate and a top layer connected thereto, between which there is a layer structure which forms a plurality of solar cells connected in series for the photovoltaic generation of power is described. The carrier substrate and/or the top layer of the frameless solar... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140216530 - Photovoltaic mounting system with grounding bars and method of installing same: A photovoltaic (PV) mounting system includes at least one PV module, a pair of metallic rail sections, and a grounding bar connected to each end of the metallic rail sections for grounding the metallic rail sections. The system also includes a wiring harness for electrically connecting several PV modules, a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140216525 - Rooftop system with integrated photovoltaic modules and method for constructing the same: This invention provides a novel design of a rooftop with structurally and functionally integrated photovoltaic modules that includes photovoltaic modules, which can be commercially available and which are augmented with additional framing including additional structural and functional layers. The modules are mounted on a grid like supporting structure sitting on... Agent:

20140216526 - Solar module with connection socket, and method for producing the same: A solar module, particularly a thin-layer solar module, is described. The solar module has a laminated complex with two substrates between which there is a layer structure which has a front electrode layer, a back electrode layer and an intermediate semiconductor layer for forming a plurality of solar cells connected... Agent:

20140216531 - Solar panel assembly: A solar assembly for harnessing solar rays and generating electricity is provided. The solar assembly includes a mounting structure with a pair of sub-assemblies spaced from one another in an east-west direction and each having at least one post and a north-south rail. A plurality of east-west rails extend between... Agent:

20140216529 - Solar power structure: A standalone or partially standalone solar photovoltaic structure and methods for assembling the structure are described. The solar photovoltaic structure can employ a hinged photovoltaic roof deck that can be folded for transportation. Described are hinges that can be removed after assembly and act as protective elements to facilitate transportation.... Agent: Phat Energy Corporation

20140216528 - Solar powered electrical generation device and related methods: Embodiments relate to a solar electrical power generation device, including one or more prefabricated solar photovoltaic power source units each unit including an adapter to electrically connect to other units, a movable and adjustable frame supporting at least one of the one or more prefabricated solar photovoltaic power source units... Agent:

20140216533 - Low thickness cementitious product with elevated surface qualities for non-structural applications, and method for its manufacture: Aim of the present invention is to obtain cementitious products having smooth, planar surfaces and low thickness for applications having aesthetic purpose, of integrated architecture or as substrates, for example for a thin-film photovoltaic unit, with controlled curling and surface roughness, manufactured by mould casting of a fluid composition comprising:... Agent: Italcementi S.p.a. (italian Joint Stock Company)

20140216532 - Multilayered film and method for manufacturing same: A multi-layered film, a method of preparing the same and a photovoltaic module are provided. A barrier film having excellent moisture barrier properties can be coated with a fluoropolymer having excellent weather resistance by means of a primer layer including a silane-modified acrylic copolymer, and an interfacial adhesive strength can... Agent:

20140216534 - Buffer layer for high performing and low light degraded solar cells: Methods for forming a photovoltaic device include forming a buffer layer between a transparent electrode and a p-type layer. The buffer layer includes a doped germanium-free silicon base material. The buffer layer has a work function that falls within barrier energies of the transparent electrode and the p-type layer. An... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140216535 - Photovoltaic device with protective layer over a window layer and method of manufacture of the same: A photovoltaic device including a protective layer between a window layer and an absorber layer, the protective layer inhibiting dissolving/intermixing of the window layer into the absorber layer during a device activation step, and methods of forming such photovoltaic devices.... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20140216540 - Conductive silver paste for a metal-wrap-through silicon solar cell: A conductive silver via paste comprising particulate conductive silver, a vanadium-phosphorus-antimony-zinc-based-oxide, a tellurium-boron-phosphorus-based-oxide or a tellurium-molybdenum-cerium-based-oxide and an organic vehicle is particularly useful in providing the metallization of the holes in the silicon wafers of MWT solar cells. The result is a metallic electrically conductive via between the collector lines... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140216544 - Electrically conductive adhesive, solar battery module using the same, and production method thereof: To provide an electrically conductive adhesive, which contains: a curable resin; electrically conductive particles: a curing agent; and a black colorant consisting of titanium black, wherein the electrically conductive particles are silver-coated copper powder, and wherein the electrically conductive adhesive is configured to connect an electrode of a solar battery... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20140216536 - Flexible dye-sensitized solar cell: The present invention provides a flexible dye-sensitized solar cell, comprising: an anode, which is a photoelectrode comprising a substrate covered with an electrophoretically deposited TiO2 film; a cathode; and a gel-electrolyte. Particularly, the present invention provides a solar cell comprising a photoanode prepared by the following steps: (a) preparing a... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20140216538 - Imprint material: An imprint material which is in a transparent and homogeneous varnish form, is not peeled off in cross-cut tests, in which the adhesion of coating films is evaluated, and forms films that can have a mold release force of 0.5 g/cm or less. An imprint material including: a component (A):... Agent: Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20140216539 - Interdigitated electrical contacts for low electronic mobility semiconductors: Structures useful for forming contacts to materials having low charge carrier mobility are described. Methods for their formation and use are also described. These structures include interdigitated electrodes capable of making electrical contact to semiconducting materials having low electron and/or whole mobility. In particular, these structures are useful for organic... Agent: Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC

20140216537 - Metallization process for solar cells: Several embodiments of a metallization process are disclosed, which achieve lower contact resistance and higher conductivity than methods currently employed with solar cells. These parameters result in a solar cell having improved performance and efficiency. In one embodiment, two different metals are used to create the metallization layer, where the... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140216545 - Rectangular conductor for solar battery, method for fabricating same and lead wire for solar battery: A rectangular conductor for a solar battery and a lead wire for a solar battery, in which warping or damaging of a silicon crystal wafer is hard to occur at the time of bonding a connection lead wire even when a silicon crystal wafer is configured to have a thin... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140216542 - Semiconductor material surface treatment with laser: A photovoltaic device and its method of manufacture are disclosed. The device is formed by forming a window layer over a substrate, forming an absorber layer over the window layer, and annealing the absorber layer using a laser beam to remove contaminants from the surface of the absorber layer and/or... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20140216541 - Silicon substrate with texture structure and forming method thereof: A silicon substrate includes a texture structure in which quadrangular pyramid-shaped first textures having a (111) plane on slopes are formed on a surface of the silicon substrate having a plane orientation (100) and second textures having etch pits surrounded by three planes of the (100) plane, a (010) plane... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140216546 - Solderable polymer thick film conductive electrode composition for use in thin-film photovoltaic cells and other applications: s

20140216543 - Thin film solar cell and manufacturing method therefor: In the present invention, in order to achieve a point contact, a thin film solar cell has a thin film light absorbing layer (3) disposed between a transparent conducive film (4) and a back-side metal electrode layer (2), and at the interface between the back-side metal electrode layer (2) and... Agent: Showa Shell Sekiyu K.k.

20140216549 - Light-condensing film, solar cell module, and transfer mold: The present invention aims to provide a light-concentrating film capable of concentrating at least one of direct sunlight and diffuse sunlight with high efficiency; a photovoltaic module having the light-concentrating film; and a transfer mold (die) for producing the light-concentrating film. The present invention relates to a light-concentrating film including... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140216547 - Oversized back panel for photovoltaic devices: Thin film photovoltaic devices including a transparent substrate defining a front surface area; a photovoltaic thin film stack on the transparent substrate; and, a back panel defining a rear surface area are provided. The photovoltaic thin film stack is positioned between the transparent substrate and the back panel. The front... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20140216548 - Solar module and method for manufacturing the same: In a solar module of the present invention, the ratio (T2/T1) of a thickness (T2) of a rear surface-side filling material layer at the end surface to a thickness (T1) of a rear surface-side filling material layer in a region where a solar cell (22) is provided is set smaller... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20140216550 - Photovoltaic device including a p-n junction and method of manufacturing: A photovoltaic device includes a substrate structure and a p-type semiconductor absorber layer, the substrate structure including a CdSSe layer. A photovoltaic device may alternatively include a CdSeTe layer. A process for manufacturing a photovoltaic device includes forming a CdSSe layer over a substrate by at least one of sputtering,... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20140216551 - Polymer solar cell and method of forming the same: Provided is a polymer solar cell. The polymer solar cell includes a photoactive layer having a network-structured electron donor layer and a silica thin film layer surrounding the electron donor layer. By mixing of electron donor polymers, electron acceptor polymers, and block copolymers, the electron donor polymers form polymer grains... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20140216552 - Method for manufacturing ci(g)s-based thin film comprising cu-se thin film using cu-se two-component nanoparticle flux, and ci(g)s-based thin film manufactured by the method: A method for manufacturing a CI(G)S-based thin film using a Cu—Se two-component nanoparticle flux, and a CI(G)S-based thin film manufactured by the method are provided. The method for manufacturing the CI(G)S-based thin film, according to the present invention, comprises the steps of: manufacturing Cu—Se two-component nanoparticles and In nanoparticles; manufacturing... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20140216553 - Dye-sensitized solar cell via co-sensitization with cooperative dyes: A co-sensitized dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) is provided, made from a transparent substrate and a transparent conductive oxide (TCO) film overlying the transparent substrate. An n-type semiconductor layer overlies the TCO, and is co-sensitized with a first dye (D1) and a second dye (D2). A redox electrolyte is in contact... Agent:

20140216554 - Dye-sensitized solar cell with energy-donor material enhancement: A dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) is provided with energy-donor enhancement. A transparent conductive oxide (TCO) film is formed overlying a transparent substrate, and an n-type semiconductor layer is formed overlying the TCO. The n-type semiconductor layer is exposed to a dissolved dye (D1) having optical absorbance local maximums at a... Agent:

20140216555 - Metal chalcogenides and methods of making and using same: Metal chalcogenides, and methods of making and using metal chalcogenides, are disclosed herein. Metal chalcogenides can be prepared by heating suitable copper, zinc, and/or tin compounds selected from the group consisting of chalcogenocarbamates, dichalcogenocarbamates, mercaptides, thiiocarbonates, trithiocarbonates, and combinations thereof (e.g., copper, zinc, and/or tin dichalcogenocarbamates) under conditions effective to... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

07/31/2014 > 43 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 25 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140202513 - Amtec unit cell with partially opened internal electrode and method for manufacturing the amtec cell: Disclosed are an open internal electrode AMTEC unit cell, a method for manufacturing the same and a method for connecting circuits. In order to overcome the difficulty in collecting electricity within a conventional AMTEC unit cell, an internal electrode of which a portion is open to the outside, so that... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20140202515 - Booster films for solar photovoltaic systems: We describe stacked photovoltaic modules, and components thereof, in which at least one booster cell is combined with at least one primary cell in a stacked configuration. The booster cell may be in the form of a polycrystalline film disposed on a transparent substrate, such as a glass substrate, and... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140202514 - Photovoltaic assembly with protective cover: A photovoltaic assembly includes a solar plate and a protective cover. The protective cover covers one side of the solar plate and includes a cover body. The protective cover is rotatable relative to the solar plate between a closed position and an open position. When the protective cover is in... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140202517 - Recyclable organic solar cells on substrates comprising cellulose nanocrystals (cnc): Recyclable organic solar cells are disclosed herein. Systems and methods are further disclosed for producing, improving performance, and for recycling the solar cells. In certain example embodiments, the recyclable organic solar cells disclosed herein include: a first electrode; a second electrode; a photoactive layer disposed between the first electrode and... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20140202516 - Solar cell, solar cell module, and method for manufacturing solar cell: A solar cell is provided with current collecting finger portions, which are formed on the light receiving surface of a photoelectric conversion unit. A separation region is provided on the light receiving surface to extend in the direction that intersects the current collecting finger portions such that the current collecting... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20140202518 - Solar module: A solar module with improved output characteristics is provided. The solar module (1) includes a photoelectric conversion unit (23), a solar cell (20) having a first electrode (21) and a second electrode (22), and a wiring member (32a). The wiring member (32a) has resin film (51) and wiring (52) arranged... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20140202519 - Broadband sub-wavelength diffractive optics for solar cells and methods of making and using the same: Provided are solar cell assemblies for harvesting solar radiation having a diffractive optic, a reflective surface that directs solar radiation to the diffractive optic, and a plurality of solar converters including a first converter having a first energy conversion efficiency, wherein the diffractive optic directs a first portion of the... Agent: University Of Southern California

20140202521 - Self-powered solar tracker: Provided is a self-powered solar tracker, which is a solar tracker for adjusting the altitude of and horizontally rotating a solar collector panel such that the solar collector panel on which a plurality of solar cells are provided can face the sun, wherein the self-powered solar tracker comprises: an altitude... Agent:

20140202522 - Solar plant: A solar plant enabling transformation of solar energy exploiting most of the solar spectrum with very efficient yields, including: at least one solar collector including a concentrator, configured to collect and concentrate solar radiation in the concentrator; a solar laser device to transform radiation received from the concentrators into laser... Agent: Abengoa Solar New Technologies, S.a.

20140202520 - Thin film solar collector and method: A flexible, CPV array having high incident light conversion efficiency, the CPV array comprising: a reflective surface; a plurality of photovoltaic cells configurable to collect radiation from the reflective surface; a concentrating lens (optics) configurable to concentrate the incident light onto the reflective surface and onto the plurality of photovoltaic... Agent: Essence Solar Solutions Ltd.

20140202523 - Mounting bracket for junction box, junction box with the mounting bracket, and solar cell module: The present invention provides a mounting bracket for a junction box utilized for solar cell, a junction box with the mounting bracket, and the solar cell module. The mounting bracket for the junction box comprises a joint arm, an insert strip, and a hook. The insert strip comprises a first... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140202524 - Photovoltaic module ground mount: A photovoltaic module ground mounting system can include a collapsible photovoltaic module mounting assembly framework.... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20140202525 - Solar module mounting bracket and assemblies: A mounting bracket for use with a solar module is disclosed. The mounting bracket includes a foot including a first wall and a second wall oriented substantially orthogonal to the first wall, the first wall including serrations configured to engage serrations on a rail to adjust a height of the... Agent: Sunedison, LLC

20140202526 - Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same: A solar cell and a method for manufacturing the same are discussed. The solar cell includes a substrate containing impurities of a first conductive type, an emitter region which is positioned at a front surface of the substrate and contains impurities of a second conductive type opposite the first conductive... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140202527 - Solar cell and method of manufacturing the solar cell: A solar cell is disclosed. The solar cell includes a transparent conductive layer formed on a substrate, microstructures protruding vertically aslant from a surface of the transparent conductive layer, an electron transport layer configured to cover the microstructures and formed of an electron transport metal oxide, a light absorber adhered... Agent:

20140202531 - Conductive composition, conductive member and production method thereof, touch panel, and solar cell: s

20140202530 - Light harvesting system employing surface features for efficient light trapping: A light harvesting system employing a photoresponsive layer having a plurality of light input ports that are formed in a light input surface of the layer. Light received by the light input ports is admitted into the photoresponsive layer an incidence angle that is greater than a predetermined critical angle,... Agent:

20140202529 - Silicon solar cell manufacture: A silicon solar cell is manufactured by providing a carrier plate, and by applying a first contact pattern to the carrier plate. The first contact pattern includes a set of first laminar contacts. The silicon solar cell is further manufactured by applying a multitude of silicon slices to the first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140202528 - Thin film solar cell and method of manufacturing the same: A thin film solar cell includes a first substrate, a first electrode on the first substrate, and divided by a first dividing groove, a light absorbing layer disposed on the first electrode, and divided by a second dividing groove parallel with the first dividing groove, a second electrode disposed on... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140202532 - Photovoltaic element with an included resonator: A photovoltaic element including a resonator is arranged on a semiconductor structure (5) that is constituted by a region without electromagnetic damping (5a), whose upper plane forms the plane of incidence (3), and a region with electromagnetic damping (5b), both regions being bound by virtual boundaries (6) of variation in... Agent:

20140202534 - Solar cell module: Provided is a solar cell module wherein solar cells and a sealing material, which is sealing the solar cells, are not easily peeled from each other. A solar cell module is provided with solar cells, a wiring material, and a sealing material. Each of the solar cells has first and... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20140202535 - Solar cell module: An aspect of the invention provides a solar cell module, which comprises a solar cell with a light-receiving surface and a back surface, a first protection member disposed at a light-receiving surface side of the solar cell and made of a glass plate, a second protection member disposed at a... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20140202536 - Solar cell sealing material, method for manufacturing solar cell sealing material, and solar cell module:

20140202533 - Thermoplastic polyolefin copolymer lamination film, laminated structures and processes for their preparation: Disclosed are polyolefin copolymer films comprising alkoxysilane groups and a catalyst for cross-linking the alkoxysilane groups; wherein the cross-linking catalyst is a Lewis or Bronsted acid or base compound that has a relatively high melting point and therefore initiates the cross-linking essentially only at the lamination temperature, preferably at or... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140202537 - Dye-sensitized solar cell and sensitizing dye: Provided is a dye-sensitized solar cell in which the energy conversion efficiency is increased by adsorbing two different kinds of dyes to the surface of titanium oxide that constitutes a semiconductor electrode. In a dye-sensitized solar cell including a conductive support, a porous semiconductor layer having sensitizing dyes adsorbed onto... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 30 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140196758 - Thermoelectric power generation unit: A thermoelectric power generation unit includes: a bottom plate and a heat exchange member which are made of a thermal conductor; a thermoelectric power generation module and a spacer which are interposed between the bottom plate and the heat exchange member; and a side wall provided to cover a gap... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140196760 - Solar cell and solar module: A solar cell and a solar module are provided which have improved output characteristics. A solar cell (20) has a photovoltaic conversion unit (23), a first electrode (21), and a second electrode (22). The first electrode (21) and the second electrode (22) are arranged on one main surface of the... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20140196759 - Two-sided solar cell: A solar cell configuration that is comprised of two individual solar cells mounted on a common, rigid, electrical insulator and such that the photoactive sides of the two solar cells are opposite each other and where these elements are integrated into one combined unit and wired together in series or... Agent: Scuint Corporation

20140196761 - Solar tracker and related methods, devices, and systems: Aspects of the disclosure are directed to a solar tracker assembly. In one embodiment, the assembly includes a base having a track, a centrally-positioned base member, a motor operably coupled to the base member, and a plurality of arms extending from the base member towards the track, with the track... Agent:

20140196762 - Solar tracker and related methods, devices, and systems: This technology relates generally to methods for the fabrication of high performance lenses, in particular, lenses including a glass carrier and an at least partially transmissive layer with one or more slope facets coupled together by one of more draft facets on a surface of the glass carrier. The methods... Agent: Orafol Americas Inc.

20140196763 - Red phosphor and light-emitting element: In order to provide a novel CaS:Eu series red phosphor in which moisture-resistance has been improved, a red phosphor is proposed, containing Ba at 0.001 to 1.00 mol % with respect to CaS in a red phosphor represented by the general formula: CaS:Eu.... Agent: Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.

20140196764 - Concentrating solar energy collector: Systems, methods, and apparatus by which solar energy may be collected to provide electricity, heat, or a combination of electricity and heat are disclosed herein.... Agent: Cogenra Solar, Inc.

20140196768 - Module fabrication of solar cells with low resistivity electrodes: One embodiment of the present invention provides a solar module. The solar module includes a front-side cover, a back-side cover, and a plurality of solar cells situated between the front- and back-side covers. A respective solar cell includes a multi-layer semiconductor structure, a front-side electrode situated above the multi-layer semiconductor... Agent:

20140196769 - Mounting structures for photovoltaic cells: Mounting systems for PV modules and assemblies of modules, including apparatus and methods of use. The disclosed systems generally involve mounting a flexible photovoltaic module in a slight arch, bending it with a large radius around one axis of the module.... Agent: Hanergy Hi-tech Power (hk) Limited

20140196770 - Photovoltaic module and system: In at least one aspect of this disclosure, a photovoltaic module includes a frame, at least one photovoltaic cell disposed on the frame, a photovoltaic junction box electrically connected to the at least one photovoltaic cell and having a first photovoltaic junction box terminal and a second a photovoltaic junction... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140196767 - Photovoltaic module assembly and method of assembling the same: A photovoltaic module assembly is mounted on a frame of a racking system of a photovoltaic module installation site. The photovoltaic module assembly includes at least one photovoltaic module and at least one rash. The photovoltaic module includes a back sheet, at least one crystalline silicon photovoltaic cell supported on... Agent: Dow Corning Corporation

20140196766 - Solar panel: A solar panel is described. The solar panel has at least a) a support layer, b) a first intermediate layer, arranged on top of the support layer, c) at least one crystalline solar cell, arranged on top of the intermediate layer, d) a second intermediate layer, arranged on top of... Agent:

20140196765 - System of vertically mounting an array of cylindrical tubular solar photovoltaic cells: A system of harvesting solar energy is described whereby cylindrical tubular solar photovoltaic cells are vertically mounted into a high density array with their longitudinal axis in the vertical direction.... Agent:

20140196771 - Thin-film photovoltaic module with hydrophobic rear-side coating: A thin-film photovoltaic module with hydrophobic rear-side coating is described. The module has a substrate, wherein at least one hydrophobic coating is arranged on a rear side of the substrate, a photovoltaic layer structure on a front side of the substrate, and a covering sheet, which is areally connected to... Agent:

20140196772 - Process for making silver powder particles with small size crystallites: The process for making silver powder particles with small size crystallites uses a combination of gum arabic and maleic acid with the reduction of a silver salt with ascorbic acid, Silver thick film paste containing these silver powder particles can be used in electronic applications to form electrodes for semiconductor... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140196778 - Light absorbing material and solar cell including the same: A light absorbing material may have an energy bandgap of greater than or equal to about 0.8 eV and an absorption coefficient of greater than about 2.1×105 cm−1 at about 0.8 eV.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140196773 - Multi-junction iii-v solar cell: A multi junction solar cell structure includes a top photovoltaic cell including III-V semiconductor materials and a silicon-based bottom photovoltaic cell. A thin, germanium-rich silicon germanium buffer layer is provided between the top and bottom cells. Fabrication techniques for producing multi junction III-V solar cell structures, lattice-matched or pseudomorphic to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140196774 - Multi-junction iii-v solar cell: A multi junction solar cell structure includes a top photovoltaic cell including III-V semiconductor materials and a silicon-based bottom photovoltaic cell. A thin, germanium-rich silicon germanium buffer layer is provided between the top and bottom cells. Fabrication techniques for producing multi junction III-V solar cell structures, lattice-matched or pseudomorphic to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140196779 - Multi-junction solar cells with through-substrate vias: Multi junction solar cells and methods for making multi junction solar cells are disclosed. Back-contact-only multi junction solar cells wherein the side facing the sun, is capable of withstanding environments for use in space are disclosed.... Agent: Solar Junction Corporation

20140196780 - Photovoltaic devices with an interfacial band-gap modifying structure and methods for forming the same: A Schottky-barrier-reducing layer is provided between a p-doped semiconductor layer and a transparent conductive material layer of a photovoltaic device. The Schottky-barrier-reducing layer can be a conductive material layer having a work function that is greater than the work function of the transparent conductive material layer. The conductive material layer... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140196777 - Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same: A solar cell and a method for manufacturing the solar cell are discussed. An embodiment of the method includes forming an emitter region containing impurities of a second conductive type opposite a first conductive type at a back surface of a semiconductor substrate containing impurities of the first conductive type,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140196776 - Solar cell apparatus and method of fabricating the same: Disclosed are a solar cell apparatus and a method of fabricating the same. The solar cell apparatus includes a substrate, a first electrode layer on the substrate, a plurality of light absorbing columns on the first electrode layer, and a second electrode layer on the light absorbing columns.... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140196775 - Synthesis method of cu(in,ga)se2 nanorod or nanowire and materials including the same: A method of fabricating CIGS nanorod or nanowire according to one exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure comprises a deposition preparation step of placing a raw material including copper, indium, gallium and selenium and a substrate, and a deposition step of growing CIGS nanorod or nanowire on the substrate by... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140196784 - High efficiency photovoltaic cells with self concentrating effect: Novel structures of photonics devices (e.g. photovoltaic cells also called as solar cells) are provided. The Cells are based on the micro (or nano) structures which could not only increase the surface area but also have the capability of self-concentrating the light incident onto the photonics devices. Using of such... Agent: Banpil Photonics, Inc.

20140196782 - Method for making semiconductor device and semiconductor device made thereby: Disclosed is a method for yield enhancement of making a semiconductor device. The method for yield enhancement of making a semiconductor device comprises the steps of: providing the semiconductor device comprising an epitaxial layer including a defect; forming a dielectric layer on the epitaxial layer; detecting and identifying a location... Agent: Epistar Corporation

20140196781 - Method of manufacturing thick-film electrode: A method of manufacturing a thick-film electrode comprising steps of: (a) applying a conductive paste onto a substrate comprising, (i) 100 parts by weight of a conductive powder, wherein the conductive powder is 16 to 49 weight percent based on the weight of the conductive paste; (ii) 0.5 to 10... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140196783 - Solar cell, solar cell module, and method for producing solar cell: A solar cell includes bus bar portions and finger portions . Each of the finger portions has a first end portion that extends in a longitudinal direction of the finger portion, and a second end portion that is connected to the bus bar portion. The first end portion has a... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20140196786 - A composite glass plate: In order to obtain a composite glass plate which shields infrared light and/or ultraviolet light, two glass substrates on which transparent conductive layers are formed respectively are disposed with the transparent conductive layers thereof facing each other. Infrared light is shielded and electric power is generated by using one glass... Agent: International Frontier Technology Laboratory, Inc.

20140196785 - Light concentration module: A light concentration module includes a primary light concentration plate, a light concentration component and an electricity generation module. The primary light concentration plate includes a primary light concentration surface and a light-emitting surface. The primary light concentration surface is used for collecting light. The light-emitting surface is used for... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140196787 - Organic photovoltaic cell, organic semiconductor polymer and composition for organic semiconductor material used therefor: l

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