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Batteries: thermoelectric and photoelectric

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05/14/2015 > 29 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.
05/07/2015 > 34 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150122302 - Thermoelectric conversion material, thermoelectric conversion module using the same, and manufacturing method of the same: wherein 0.2≦a≦0.7, 0.3≦b≦0.8, a+b=1, 0.93≦c≦1.08, and 0.93≦e≦1.08 hold when d=1; A is at least one element selected from the group consisting of Zr and Hf, D is at least one element selected from the group consisting of Ni, Co, and Fe, and X is at least one element selected from... Agent:

20150122303 - Thermoelectric conversion material using substrate having nanostructure, and method for producing same: The present invention provides a thermoelectric conversion material having a low thermal conductivity and having an improved figure of merit, and a method for producing it. The thermoelectric conversion material has, as formed on a substrate having a nano-level microporous nanostructure, a thermoelectric semiconductor layer prepared by forming a thermoelectric... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20150122304 - Organic photovoltaic cell and light emitting diode with an array of 3-dimensionally fabricated electrodes: Disclosed herein, in certain instances, is a novel photovoltaic cell that uses unique micro-architectural and multi-layer functional designs. Further disclosed herein, in certain instances, is a 3-dimensional electrode. Disclosed herein, in certain instances, is a novel electroluminescent cell that uses unique micro-architectural and multi-layer functional designs. Further disclosed herein, in... Agent: San Diego State University Research Foundation

20150122305 - Power inverter docking system for photovoltaic modules: An electronics module docking system includes docking member removably coupled to a photovoltaic module. The docking system includes a first connector port electrically coupled to one or more photovoltaic cells of the photovoltaic module. The photovoltaic module is selectively coupleable to the docking member. The docking system includes a housing... Agent:

20150122308 - Calibration system for solar collector installation: A solar concentrator calibration tool that compensates for inconsistencies in the fabrication, assembly and installation of a solar collector system, permits the solar collector to perform optimally. The calibration tool provides feedback information to a supervisory control processor, allowing the processor to compare the expected position of the sun to... Agent:

20150122307 - High-concentration photovoltaic panel: The high-concentration photovoltaic panel (1) comprises a box element (2), a closing plate (3) made of a transparent material; a plurality of photovoltaic modules (100) housed internally of the box element (2), and innovatively comprises first means (8) enabling centring of the support base (7) of the photovoltaic module (100)... Agent: Gpiii S.r.l.

20150122306 - System for preventing condensation phenomena in a group of concentration photovoltaic panels: The system for preventing condensation phenomena in a group of concentration photovoltaic panels comprises ventilator means (8) able to generate an air flow (F) which is forced to circulate through a predetermined path which involves: first internal channels (50, 60) of a pair of box bodies (5, 6) which rotatably... Agent: Gpiii S.r.l.

20150122310 - Concentrated photovoltaic (cpv) cell module: A concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) cell module, comprising: a shell; a Fresnel lens set, provided on top of said shell; a first solar cell, provided on bottom of said shell and opposite to said Fresnel lens set; and at least a second solar cell, provided on surrounding wall and / or... Agent:

20150122309 - Flexible system of small-scale linear parabolic solar concentrators for power generation and dehydration: The invention relates to a solar energy collection system that uses linear parabolic concentrators designed on a small scale and with a modular configuration that allows optimum usage of solar collection surface area in places such as the roofs or flat roofs of factories or shops where space is generally... Agent:

20150122311 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module includes a solar cell panel including a light receiving surface, a rail-like holding member joined to a rear surface on the opposite side of the light receiving surface in the solar cell panel, the holding member reinforcing and holding the solar cell panel, an assisting member... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150122312 - Shadowing compensation device for solar cell module: A shadowing compensation device for solar cell module has an input port, an isolated DC-DC power converter, and an output port. The input port is connected to two output ends of a solar cell array comprised of multiple solar cell modules connected in series. The output port is connected to... Agent: Ablerex Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150122318 - Lattice matchable alloy for solar cells: An alloy composition for a subcell of a solar cell is provided that has a bandgap of at least 0.9 eV, namely, Ga1-xInxNyAs1-y-zSbz with a low antimony (Sb) content and with enhanced indium (In) content and enhanced nitrogen (N) content, achieving substantial lattice matching to GaAs and Ge substrates and... Agent:

20150122313 - Manufacture of multijunction solar cell devices: The present disclosure relates to a method for manufacturing a multi-junction solar cell device comprising the steps of: providing a first substrate with a lower surface and an upper surface; providing a second substrate with a lower surface and an upper surface; bonding the first substrate to the second substrate... Agent: Soitec

20150122314 - Optoelectronic device comprising porous scaffold material and perovskites: The invention provides an optoelectronic device comprising: (i) a porous dielectric scaffold material; and (ii) a semiconductor having a band gap of less than or equal to 3.0 eV, in contact with the scaffold material. Typically the semiconductor, which may be a perovskite, is disposed on the surface of the... Agent:

20150122317 - Photovoltaic cells: A photovoltaic cell incorporating a semiconductor element (10) composed entirely of a single conductivity type. A biasing agent (26) having a work function different from that of the semiconductor element overlies a face of the element and produces a band bending and thus an electric field in a space charge... Agent:

20150122316 - Photovoltaic cells including halide materials: A photovoltaic cell includes: (1) a front contact; (2) a back contact; (3) a set of stacked layers between the front contact and the back contact; and (4) an encapsulation layer covering side surfaces of the set of stacked layers. At least one of the set of stacked layers includes... Agent:

20150122315 - Two-dimensional materials, methods of forming the same, and devices including two-dimensional materials: According to example embodiments, a two-dimensional (2D) material element may include a first 2D material and a second 2D material chemically bonded to each other. The first 2D material may include a first metal chalcogenide-based material. The second 2D material may include a second metal chalcogenide-based material. The second 2D... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150122319 - Apcvd of doped titanium oxide and the coated article made thereby: A method of making a doped titanium oxide coating in a float glass manufacturing process and the coated glass article made thereby wherein the dopant is a niobium or tantalum compound. The doped titanium oxide coating preferably exhibits an electrical conductivity >1×10−3 S/cm.... Agent:

20150122327 - Photodiode and method for making the same: A method for manufacturing a photodiode including the steps of providing a substrate, solution depositing a quantum nanomaterial layer onto the substrate, the quantum nanomaterial layer including a number of quantum nanomaterials having a ligand coating, and applying a thin-film oxide layer over the quantum nanomaterial layer.... Agent:

20150122320 - Plasmonic graphene and method of making the same: Plasmonic graphene is fabricated using thermally assisted self-assembly of plasmonic nanostructure on graphene. Silver nanostructures were deposited on graphene as an example.... Agent: University Of Kansas

20150122325 - Producing method of mesoporous thin film solar cell based on perovskite: The present disclosure described herein generally relates to a dye-sensitized solar cell including an organic-inorganic composite dye having a perovskite structure, and a producing method of the same.... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20150122321 - Solar cell: Provided is a solar cell including a semiconductor substrate having a first conductivity type; a semiconductor layer having a second conductivity type and disposed on one surface of the semiconductor substrate; a passivation layer disposed on the other surface of the semiconductor substrate; a front electrode disposed on the semiconductor... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150122323 - Solar cell contacts with nickel intermetallic compositions: Paste compositions, methods of making a paste composition, and methods of making a solar cell contact are disclosed. The paste composition can contain a nickel intermetallic compound such as nickel silicide, nickely boride or nickel phosphide, a glass frit, a metal additive and an organic vehicle system. The paste can... Agent:

20150122326 - Solar cell device and manufacturing method therefor: A solar cell device including an electrode formed by applying a conductive paste containing at least a conductive powder, glass frit and an organic vehicle onto a semiconductor substrate provided with a silicon nitride layer on a surface thereof and firing the applied conductive paste, wherein the electrode has a... Agent:

20150122324 - Thin-film photovoltaic device with optical field confinement and method for making same: A photovoltaic device is provided that includes a first electrode layer and a second electrode layer; and a waveguiding structure disposed between the first electrode layer and the second electrode layer which includes an active layer adapted to convert photons transmitted to the active layer to electrons and holes. The... Agent: Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC

20150122322 - Wet-type solar cell and wet-type solar cell module: A wet-type solar cell includes a support composed of a light transmissive material and a photoelectric conversion element having a conductive layer, a photoelectric conversion layer including a porous semiconductor layer, a porous insulating layer, and a counter electrode conductive layer successively provided on the support. A first region where... Agent:

20150122328 - Solar cell and solar cell module including the same: Provided are solar cell and a solar cell module including the same. The solar cell includes a first light conversion layer, a lower electrode layer disposed on the first light conversion layer, a light absorption layer disposed on the lower electrode layer to absorb solar light, and an upper electrode... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150122329 - Silicon heterojunction photovoltaic device with non-crystalline wide band gap emitter: A photovoltaic device including a single junction solar cell provided by an absorption layer of a type IV semiconductor material having a first conductivity, and an emitter layer of a type III-V semiconductor material having a second conductivity, wherein the type III-V semiconductor material is non-crystalline and has a thickness... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150122331 - Encapsulating sheet for solar cell, solar cell, and method for manufacturing solar cell: An encapsulating sheet for solar cell for encapsulating a solar cell, in which, in a case in which a square sheet obtained by cutting the sheet so that a planar shape becomes a square shape is heated at the atmospheric pressure and 150° C. for 15 minutes and is thus... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.

20150122332 - Holding frame and solar cell module: A holding frame includes a main frame member extending along a first side of the light-receiving surface, and a sub-frame member extending along a second side adjacent to the first side, wherein the main frame member includes a main outer wall extending along the first side, main holding units formed... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150122333 - Photovoltaic system: An object is to provide a photovoltaic system with good anti-contamination properties. To achieve the object, a solar cell module constituting a photovoltaic system comprises a solar cell panel, a first frame member that is disposed next to a first rail side portion of a first lateral rail member and... Agent:

20150122330 - Solar cell backsheet, solar cell module, and solar cell panel: A backsheet for a solar cell module, including a substrate sheet and a cured coating film formed from a coating material that contains a curable functional group-containing fluorinated polymer and an acrylic polymer.... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150122334 - Method for producing semiconductor layer containing metal oxide and electronic device: A method for producing a semiconductor layer containing a metal oxide, which comprises: coating an ink containing a specific metal salt of unsaturated carboxylic acid on a base material; and conducting a heat treatment after the coating.... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20150122335 - Ink composition for manufacturing light absorption layer including metal nano particles and method of manufacturing thin film using the same: Disclosed are an ink composition for manufacturing a light absorption layer including metal nano particles and a method of manufacturing a thin film using the same, more particularly, an ink composition for manufacturing a light absorption layer including copper (Cu)-enriched Cu—In bimetallic metal nano particles and Group IIIA metal particles... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 30 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150114440 - Thermoelectric module, method for operating the thermoelectric module, thermoelectric generator and motor vehicle: A thermoelectric module includes at least mutually opposite first and second walls and elements made of thermoelectric material disposed therebetween. A filler material spaces all of the elements apart from one another and a main heat flow direction extends from the first wall to the second wall. A method for... Agent:

20150114441 - Thermoelectric material including nano-inclusions, thermoelectric module and thermoelectric apparatus including the same: A thermoelectric material including a thermoelectric matrix; and nano-inclusions in the thermoelectric matrix, the nano-inclusions having an average particle diameter of about 10 nanometers to about 30 nanometers.... Agent:

20150114442 - Photoelectric cell: A photoelectric cell includes at least one photoelectric conversion module. The at least one photoelectric conversion module includes a first photoelectric conversion element and a second photoelectric conversion element. The first photoelectric conversion element includes a first absorbing part and a first non-absorbing part. An angle between the first absorbing... Agent:

20150114443 - Thermocouple assembly: A thermocouple assembly includes a thermocouple probe fixedly contained within a probe insulation sheath. Also included is a protection tube having a first end, a second end, and a hollow portion extending in a longitudinal direction of the protection tube from the first end to the second end, the hollow... Agent: General Electric Company

20150114447 - Junction box and photovoltaic module including the same: A junction box connected to a photoelectric converter and including a body with a diode. The body includes first parts that are parallel to each other, a second part connecting ends of the first parts, and a bridge connecting the first parts. The diode is in the bridge, and the... Agent:

20150114446 - Multilayer back electrode for a photovoltaic thin-film solar cell and use thereof for manufacturing thin-film solar cells and modules, photovoltaic thin-film solar cells and modules containing the multilayer back electrode and method for the manufacture t: A multilayer back electrode for a photovoltaic thin-film solar cell, including: at least one bulk back electrode layer, at least one, ohmic, contact layer, obtained by applying at least one ply containing/essentially made of at least one metal chalcogenide, selected from molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, cobalt, and/or niobium, and the chalcogen... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150114449 - Photovoltaic power generation system: A photovoltaic power generation system is discussed. The photovoltaic power generation system includes a solar cell module including a plurality of solar cell groups divided into groupings of the plurality of solar cell groups, each of the plurality of solar cell groups including at least one of one solar cell... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150114444 - Photovoltaic power generation system with photovoltaic cells as bypass diodes: A photovoltaic power generation system that includes a solar panel is described herein. The solar panel includes a photovoltaic sub-module, which includes a group of microsystem enabled photovoltaic cells. The group includes a first string of photovoltaic cells, a second string of photovoltaic cells, and a differing photovoltaic cell. Photovoltaic... Agent: Sandia Corporation

20150114448 - Solar module and solar module production method: A solar module having at least one solar cell on the rear-side surface of which a metallization layer is formed, and having a further solar cell, which is electrically connected to the solar cell by means of a conductive connector, the rear-side surface of the solar cell having at least... Agent:

20150114445 - Transparent cover for solar cells and modules: A solar cell device and a method of fabricating the same are described. The method of fabricating a solar cell includes forming a photovoltaic substructure including a substrate, back contact, absorber and buffer, forming a transparent cover separate from the photovoltaic substructure including a transparent layer and a plasmonic nanostructured... Agent: Tsmc Solar Ltd.

20150114450 - Intelligent & self-cleaning solar panels: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for levitating and conveying sand, dust or melting snow deposits off the surface of objects, in particular solar panels, mirrors, glass objects and the like.... Agent:

20150114451 - Flexible packaging for microelectronic devices: An apparatus, method, and system, the apparatus and system including a flexible microsystems enabled microelectronic device package including a microelectronic device positioned on a substrate; an encapsulation layer encapsulating the microelectronic device and the substrate; a protective layer positioned around the encapsulating layer; and a reinforcing layer coupled to the... Agent: Sandia Corporation

20150114452 - Photovoltaic modules and methods for making same: This invention relates to photovoltaic modules wherein a polyethylene composition is used as an alternative, in whole or in part, to traditional ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) resins in at least one layer. The polyethylene compositions are especially useful in the encapsulant and/or backsheet layers of photovoltaic modules. The polyethylene compositions... Agent:

20150114453 - Solar cell and solar cell module: A solar cell module includes first and second solar cells and an interconnector for electrically connecting the first and second solar cells. The first solar cell and the second solar cell each include a plurality of first electrodes formed on a back surface of a semiconductor substrate, a plurality of... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150114454 - Solar cell module and method for manufacturing the same: A solar cell module and a method for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The solar cell module includes a first solar cell and a second solar cell each including a plurality of first electrodes formed on a back surface of a semiconductor substrate, a plurality of second electrodes which are... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150114457 - Continuous edge protected barrier assemblies: This disclosure generally relates to films capable of use in a flexible photovoltaic solar module, rolls of films capable of use in a flexible photovoltaic solar module, processes of making the films and rolls of films, to flexible photovoltaic solar modules including such films, and to methods of making flexible... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150114456 - Method for the preparation of low-dimensional materials: The present invention provides a method for the preparation of low-dimensional materials, comprising mixing a pristine material to be abraded with an organic solvent to form a mixture, abrading the material to be abraded by bead-milling, obtaining a suspension comprising the material of low dimension and the organic solvent, and... Agent: Academia Sinica

20150114455 - Solar cell and a manufacturing method thereof: A solar cell according to embodiments of the present invention includes: a substrate; a first electrode formed on the substrate; a photoactive layer formed on the first electrode and including group I and III elements; and a second electrode formed on the photoactive layer. The first electrode includes first and... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150114458 - Back contact design for solar cell, and method of fabricating same: A method includes depositing spacers at a plurality of locations directly on a back contact layer over a solar cell substrate. An absorber layer is formed over the back contact layer and the spacers. The absorber layer is partially in contact with the spacers and partially in direct contact with... Agent: Tsmc Solar Ltd.

20150114460 - Conductive composition and applications thereof: The present invention relates to a conductive composition, comprising: poly-(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly-(styrenesulfonic acid); and a surfactant; in which the surfactant has a concentration of 1 to 10% by weight based on the total weight of the composition, and the conductive composition does not comprise any metal component. The present invention also... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20150114459 - Electrode structure and solar cell using the same: An electrode structure is disclosed in the present invention and includes a first conductive electrode and a second conductive electrode. The first conductive electrode includes a first busbar electrode member and a first finger electrode member. A portion of the first busbar electrode member above a first diffusion pattern is... Agent: Inventec Solar Energy Corporation.

20150114462 - Method of manufacturing a solar cell and solar cell thus obtained: The manufacturing of the solar cell comprises the etching of a via hole (2) with a tapered shape such that the diameter (A) at a first side (1a) of the substrate (1), intended as a main side for capturing incident light, is larger than the diameter (B) at the second... Agent:

20150114461 - Solar cell and method of fabricating the same: Disclosed are a solar cell and a method of fabricating the same. The solar cell includes a first back electrode layer on a support substrate; a second back electrode layer on the first back electrode layer; a light absorbing layer on the second back electrode layer; and a front electrode... Agent:

20150114464 - Solar cell module: A second protective member faces a first protective member. A bonding layer is disposed between the first and the second protective member. A solar cell includes a first main surface facing a side of the first protective member and a second main surface facing a side of the second protective... Agent:

20150114463 - Thin film solar cell and method of fabricating the same: Disclosed is a thin film solar cell including a substrate, a first electrode, a light absorbing layer, a buffer layer, a window layer, and a second electrode, wherein a compound layer of MxSy or MxSey (here, M is metal, and x and y each are a natural number) is present... Agent: Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute Of Science And Technology

20150114465 - Solar cell: Disclosed is a solar cell that comprises a substrate made of a semiconductor material, a first amorphous semiconductor layer placed on one region of the substrate and being of one conductivity type, a second amorphous semiconductor layer placed on another region of the substrate and being of another conductivity type,... Agent:

20150114466 - Cigs solar cell having flexible substrate based on improved supply of na and fabrication method thereof: A CIGS solar cell having a flexible substrate based on improved supply of Na. The CIGS solar cell includes a substrate formed of a flexible material, a rear electrode formed on the substrate, a CIGS light-absorption layer formed on the rear electrode, a buffer layer formed on the CIGS light-absorption... Agent:

20150114468 - Copolymer and organic solar cell using same: The present specification provides a copolymer, and an organic solar cell including one or more layers of organic material layers that include the copolymer.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150114467 - Donor-acceptor alternating conjugated polymer and solar cell device manufactured by using the same: e

20150114469 - Solar cell module and method for connecting same: A solar cell module has excellent conversion efficiency by lowering the electric resistance between the solar cells in a solar cell module in which at least two dye-sensitized solar cells are coupled with each other. The solar cell module includes metallic plate or metallic tape, as the conductive member which... Agent: Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. A Corporation

04/23/2015 > 37 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150107638 - Thermoelectric conversion element and thermoelectric conversion material: P

20150107639 - Thread with a thermoelectric material, method for producing a component for a thermoelectric module and tubular thermoelectric module: A thread has an extent and at least partly includes a thermoelectric material. A method for producing a component for a thermoelectric module includes at least providing at least one thread having an extent, providing a tubular receptacle having an outer circumferential surface and winding the at least one thread... Agent:

20150107640 - Iv-vi and iii-v quantum dot structures in a v-vi matrix: A thermoelectric material and methods of manufacturing thereof are disclosed. In general, the thermoelectric material comprises a Group V-VI host, or matrix, material and Group III-V or Group IV-VI nanoinclusions within the Group V-VI host material. By incorporating the Group III-V or Group IV-VI nanoinclusions into the Group V-VI host... Agent:

20150107641 - Thermoelectric conversion material, thermoelectric conversion module using the same, and manufacturing method of the same: In the composition formula (1) shown above, 0.2≦a1≦0.7, 0.3≦b1≦0.8, a1+b1=1, 30≦x≦35, and 30≦y≦35 hold. A is at least one element selected from the group consisting of Zr and Hf, D is at least one element selected from the group consisting of of Ni, Co, and Fe, and X is at... Agent:

20150107642 - Apparatus and method for locating a discontinuity in a solar array: A kit comprising one or more of the following one or more solar modules (10); one of more connectors (30); and one or more integrated flashing pieces (40), wherein the one or more solar modules, the one or more connectors, and the one or more integrated flashing pieces include a... Agent:

20150107644 - Photovoltaic (pv) efficiency using high frequency electric pulses: A system can include at least one solar cell comprising a semiconductor material having p-n junctions formed therein; and a pulse generator electrically coupled to the solar cell and configured to apply electric pulses to dynamically alter a band gap of the semiconductor material as photons are received by the... Agent:

20150107646 - Photovoltaic dc sub-array control system and method: A photovoltaic energy conversion system, apparatus, and method for controlling DC sub-arrays of a photovoltaic array are disclosed. The method may include coupling each of N homerun branches from N sub-arrays to an inverter via N switches and monitoring current through each of the N homerun branches. A forward current... Agent:

20150107643 - Photovoltaic module and method for producing such a module: A photovoltaic module including first photovoltaic cells and second photovoltaic cells, electrically connected to each other and arranged adjacent to each other, in which a value of a short circuit current of each of the first photovoltaic cells is less than a value of a short circuit current of each... Agent: Commissariat A I'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150107645 - Solar cell: In various embodiments, a solar cell includes: a substrate with a light incidence side and a rear side and a dielectric layer on the back of the substrate. The dielectric layer includes openings, which extend through the dielectric layer towards the back of the substrate. The solar cell further includes... Agent:

20150107647 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module that includes: a plurality of cylindrical solar cells; and a retaining member configured to retain each of the cylindrical solar cells and couple the cylindrical solar cells together. The retaining member separates the cylindrical solar cells away from each other, and allows any of the cylindrical... Agent:

20150107648 - Light converter: A light converter for the photovoltaic conversion of light, having a support, a first semiconductor body, and a second semiconductor body. A first surface and a second surface are designed as receiving surfaces for light. An electrically conductive connector having a first arm and a second arm is provided, and... Agent: Azurspace Solar Power Gmbh

20150107649 - Light deflecting layer for photovoltaic solar panels: A solar panel includes a solar cell assembly formed of at least two solar cells arranged adjacent to one another, the cells each having a solar-facing surface, a gap area between them and patterned with busbars on their solar-facing surface. The solar-facing surface includes active regions and inactive regions and... Agent:

20150107650 - Monolithic broadband energy collector with detector position depending on wavelength: A solar energy collector includes a prism coupled waveguide and a cladding material layer coextensive with the waveguide core. Photovoltaics (PVs) are disposed within the cladding layer, with the PVs active in at least two wavelength ranges. The PVs are further spaced apart depending upon their active wavelength range. The... Agent:

20150107655 - High efficient solar energy collection apparatus: A high efficient solar energy collection apparatus comprises a body, which is in form of half-arc and disposed on a holder, and at least one solar energy panel, which is disposed on surface of the body. This invention efficiently solves the easy-malfunctioned, great setting up space required, high power consumed... Agent:

20150107653 - High utilization photo-voltaic device: An article of manufacture (400) includes a number of photovoltaic cells (102) forming a photovoltaic (PV) module circuit, with a first bus bar (106) electrically coupled to one extremity of the PV module circuit and a second bus (206) bar electrically coupled to a second extremity of the PV module.... Agent:

20150107656 - Resin film, backsheet for solar cell module, and solar cell module:

20150107654 - Solar cell and process for manufacturing a solar cell: A solar cell includes a first dielectric layer on the shaded side of the solar cell; and a second dielectric layer on the first dielectric layer. The second dielectric layer includes Hydrogen and the Hydrogen content in the second dielectric layer is measured such that a refractive index of less... Agent:

20150107651 - Solar panel mechanical connector and frame: A design is described for solar panel that allows for modular installation and efficient removal of panels irrespective of the panel's relative location in an array arrangement. A system is provided that includes a plurality of modular panels (such as solar power panels). These panels are rimmed by frames featuring... Agent:

20150107652 - Solar panel module and assembly: The invention relates to a solar panel module comprising a first and a second cover plate as well as at least one photovoltaic cell located between the cover plates. The first cover plate and the second cover plate are staggered with respect to each other, wherein a portion of the... Agent: Mate4sun B.v.

20150107657 - Production of thin film solar grade silicon on metals by electrodeposition from silicon dioxide in a molten salt: A method of producing a silicon film includes: forming a deposition composition comprising silicon dioxide dispersed in a molten salt; placing a metal substrate and a counter electrode in the composition; and passing a reducing current between the metal substrate and the counter electrode, wherein the reducing current causes reduction... Agent:

20150107658 - Four junction inverted metamorphic multijunction solar cell with two metamorphic layers: A multijunction solar cell including an upper first solar subcell having a first band gap; a second solar subcell adjacent to the first solar subcell and having a second band gap smaller than the first band gap; a first graded interlayer adjacent to the second solar subcell; the first graded... Agent: Emcore Soloar Power, Inc.

20150107664 - Composition for solar cell electrodes, electrode fabricated using the same, and solar cell having the electrode: A composition for solar cell electrodes, an electrode fabricated using the same, and a solar cell including the electrode, the composition including a conductive powder; a glass frit; and an organic vehicle, wherein the conductive powder includes silver powder and aluminum powder, the silver powder includes silver particles having an... Agent:

20150107659 - Electrically conductive polymeric compositions, contacts, assemblies, and methods: Electrically conductive polymeric compositions adapted for use in forming electronic devices are disclosed. The compositions are thermally curable at temperatures less than about 250° C. Compositions are provided which may be solvent-free and so can be used in processing or manufacturing operations without solvent recovery concerns. The compositions utilize (i)... Agent: Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC

20150107666 - Moisture resistant photovoltaic devices with exposed conductive grid: The present invention provides strategies for improving the adhesion among two or more of transparent conducting oxides, electrically conductive grid materials, and dielectric barrier layers. As a consequence, these strategies are particularly useful in the fabrication of heterojunction photovoltaic devices such as chalcogenide-based solar cells. When the barrier is formed... Agent:

20150107663 - Organic solar cell with vertical active layers: A photovoltaic device includes a substrate, an active layer with at least one organic material, and a pair of electrodes supported by the substrate. The active layer includes a first surface that receives light and a second surface that is supported by the substrate. The second surface is opposite to... Agent:

20150107665 - Photovoltaic (pv) enhancement films or protective covers for enhancing solar cell efficiencies: A solar energy conversion assembly for efficiently capturing solar energy by providing additional chances to absorb reflected sunlight and providing longer path lengths in the photovoltaic (PV) material. The assembly includes a PV device including a layer of PV material and a protective top covering the PV material (e.g., a... Agent: Glt Future, LLC

20150107661 - Solar cell and method of fabricating the same: According to the embodiment, there is provided a solar cell including: a back electrode layer; a light absorbing layer on the back electrode layer; a buffer layer on the light absorbing layer; and a front electrode layer on the buffer layer, wherein the front electrode layer comprises an intrinsic region... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150107662 - Solar cell apparatus and method of fabricating the same: A solar cell apparatus according to the embodiment includes a support substrate including a plurality of patterns; a back electrode layer on the support substrate; a light absorbing layer on the back electrode layer; a buffer layer on the light absorbing layer; and a front electrode layer on the buffer... Agent:

20150107660 - Super-transparent electrodes for photovoltaic applications: Super-transparent electrodes for photovoltaic applications are disclosed. In some embodiments, a photovoltaic cell (1) includes an absorber material (16) capable of absorbing solar energy and converting the absorbed energy into electrical current; a window electrode (10) disposed on a light-entry surface of the absorber material (16), the window electrode (10)... Agent: The Trustees Of Boston College

20150107667 - Wafer-level flip chip device packages and related methods: In accordance with certain embodiments, semiconductor dies are at least partially coated with a polymer and a conductive adhesive prior being bonded to a substrate having electrical traces thereon.... Agent:

20150107668 - Solar cell: Disclosed is a solar cell that comprises a substrate made of a semiconductor material, a first amorphous semiconductor layer placed on one region of the substrate and being of one conductivity type, a substantially intrinsic i-type amorphous semiconductor layer provided to extend from another region of the substrate over onto... Agent:

20150107670 - Concentrating solar cell module panel having stiffness and concentrating photovoltaic generation system comprising same: Disclosed is a concentrating solar cell module panel includes: a frame including a side plate and a base plate; carriers that are provided on the base plate at position spaced apart from each other at regular intervals, and each of which is provided with a solar cell; and a lens... Agent:

20150107671 - Monolithic broadband energy collector with dichroic filters and mirrors embedded in waveguide: A solar energy collector includes a planar waveguide formed of multiple material layers having at least two different dielectric constants. Two or more dichroic filters disposed within the waveguide core, and two or more minors are also disposed within the waveguide core. At least one optical to electrical detector positioned... Agent:

20150107669 - Sheet-shaped seal member, and layered sheet-shaped seal member: There is provided a sheet-shaped sealing material that has excellent shock absorbency, sealing properties, cold and heat resistance, and light resistance even if the thickness is small. The sheet-shaped sealing material according to the present invention comprises: a silicone resin (A); and a plurality of particles (B) dispersed in the... Agent:

20150107673 - Coating liquid for forming sulfide semiconductor, sulfide semiconductor thin film, and thin film solar cell: The present invention aims to provide a sulfide semiconductor-forming coating liquid capable of easily forming a sulfide semiconductor having a large area, the sulfide semiconductor being useful as a semiconductor material for photoelectric conversion materials. The present invention also aims to provide a sulfide semiconductor thin film produced using the... Agent:

20150107674 - Functional layer for organic electron device containing non-conjugated polymer having amine group, and organic electron device containing same: A functional layer for an organic electronic device, which contains a non-conjugated polymer having an amine group, and an organic electronic device including the same. An organic electronic device includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and one or more organic material layers disposed between the first electrode and the... Agent:

20150107672 - Photovoltaic device: An apparatus includes a substrate; and a photoactive layer disposed on the substrate. The photoactive layer includes an electron acceptor material; an electron donor material; and a material having dipoles.... Agent: Nutech Ventures

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