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Batteries: thermoelectric and photoelectric

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04/23/2015 > 37 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150107638 - Thermoelectric conversion element and thermoelectric conversion material: P

20150107639 - Thread with a thermoelectric material, method for producing a component for a thermoelectric module and tubular thermoelectric module: A thread has an extent and at least partly includes a thermoelectric material. A method for producing a component for a thermoelectric module includes at least providing at least one thread having an extent, providing a tubular receptacle having an outer circumferential surface and winding the at least one thread... Agent:

20150107640 - Iv-vi and iii-v quantum dot structures in a v-vi matrix: A thermoelectric material and methods of manufacturing thereof are disclosed. In general, the thermoelectric material comprises a Group V-VI host, or matrix, material and Group III-V or Group IV-VI nanoinclusions within the Group V-VI host material. By incorporating the Group III-V or Group IV-VI nanoinclusions into the Group V-VI host... Agent:

20150107641 - Thermoelectric conversion material, thermoelectric conversion module using the same, and manufacturing method of the same: In the composition formula (1) shown above, 0.2≦a1≦0.7, 0.3≦b1≦0.8, a1+b1=1, 30≦x≦35, and 30≦y≦35 hold. A is at least one element selected from the group consisting of Zr and Hf, D is at least one element selected from the group consisting of of Ni, Co, and Fe, and X is at... Agent:

20150107642 - Apparatus and method for locating a discontinuity in a solar array: A kit comprising one or more of the following one or more solar modules (10); one of more connectors (30); and one or more integrated flashing pieces (40), wherein the one or more solar modules, the one or more connectors, and the one or more integrated flashing pieces include a... Agent:

20150107644 - Photovoltaic (pv) efficiency using high frequency electric pulses: A system can include at least one solar cell comprising a semiconductor material having p-n junctions formed therein; and a pulse generator electrically coupled to the solar cell and configured to apply electric pulses to dynamically alter a band gap of the semiconductor material as photons are received by the... Agent:

20150107646 - Photovoltaic dc sub-array control system and method: A photovoltaic energy conversion system, apparatus, and method for controlling DC sub-arrays of a photovoltaic array are disclosed. The method may include coupling each of N homerun branches from N sub-arrays to an inverter via N switches and monitoring current through each of the N homerun branches. A forward current... Agent:

20150107643 - Photovoltaic module and method for producing such a module: A photovoltaic module including first photovoltaic cells and second photovoltaic cells, electrically connected to each other and arranged adjacent to each other, in which a value of a short circuit current of each of the first photovoltaic cells is less than a value of a short circuit current of each... Agent: Commissariat A I'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150107645 - Solar cell: In various embodiments, a solar cell includes: a substrate with a light incidence side and a rear side and a dielectric layer on the back of the substrate. The dielectric layer includes openings, which extend through the dielectric layer towards the back of the substrate. The solar cell further includes... Agent:

20150107647 - Solar cell module: A solar cell module that includes: a plurality of cylindrical solar cells; and a retaining member configured to retain each of the cylindrical solar cells and couple the cylindrical solar cells together. The retaining member separates the cylindrical solar cells away from each other, and allows any of the cylindrical... Agent:

20150107648 - Light converter: A light converter for the photovoltaic conversion of light, having a support, a first semiconductor body, and a second semiconductor body. A first surface and a second surface are designed as receiving surfaces for light. An electrically conductive connector having a first arm and a second arm is provided, and... Agent: Azurspace Solar Power Gmbh

20150107649 - Light deflecting layer for photovoltaic solar panels: A solar panel includes a solar cell assembly formed of at least two solar cells arranged adjacent to one another, the cells each having a solar-facing surface, a gap area between them and patterned with busbars on their solar-facing surface. The solar-facing surface includes active regions and inactive regions and... Agent:

20150107650 - Monolithic broadband energy collector with detector position depending on wavelength: A solar energy collector includes a prism coupled waveguide and a cladding material layer coextensive with the waveguide core. Photovoltaics (PVs) are disposed within the cladding layer, with the PVs active in at least two wavelength ranges. The PVs are further spaced apart depending upon their active wavelength range. The... Agent:

20150107655 - High efficient solar energy collection apparatus: A high efficient solar energy collection apparatus comprises a body, which is in form of half-arc and disposed on a holder, and at least one solar energy panel, which is disposed on surface of the body. This invention efficiently solves the easy-malfunctioned, great setting up space required, high power consumed... Agent:

20150107653 - High utilization photo-voltaic device: An article of manufacture (400) includes a number of photovoltaic cells (102) forming a photovoltaic (PV) module circuit, with a first bus bar (106) electrically coupled to one extremity of the PV module circuit and a second bus (206) bar electrically coupled to a second extremity of the PV module.... Agent:

20150107656 - Resin film, backsheet for solar cell module, and solar cell module:

20150107654 - Solar cell and process for manufacturing a solar cell: A solar cell includes a first dielectric layer on the shaded side of the solar cell; and a second dielectric layer on the first dielectric layer. The second dielectric layer includes Hydrogen and the Hydrogen content in the second dielectric layer is measured such that a refractive index of less... Agent:

20150107651 - Solar panel mechanical connector and frame: A design is described for solar panel that allows for modular installation and efficient removal of panels irrespective of the panel's relative location in an array arrangement. A system is provided that includes a plurality of modular panels (such as solar power panels). These panels are rimmed by frames featuring... Agent:

20150107652 - Solar panel module and assembly: The invention relates to a solar panel module comprising a first and a second cover plate as well as at least one photovoltaic cell located between the cover plates. The first cover plate and the second cover plate are staggered with respect to each other, wherein a portion of the... Agent: Mate4sun B.v.

20150107657 - Production of thin film solar grade silicon on metals by electrodeposition from silicon dioxide in a molten salt: A method of producing a silicon film includes: forming a deposition composition comprising silicon dioxide dispersed in a molten salt; placing a metal substrate and a counter electrode in the composition; and passing a reducing current between the metal substrate and the counter electrode, wherein the reducing current causes reduction... Agent:

20150107658 - Four junction inverted metamorphic multijunction solar cell with two metamorphic layers: A multijunction solar cell including an upper first solar subcell having a first band gap; a second solar subcell adjacent to the first solar subcell and having a second band gap smaller than the first band gap; a first graded interlayer adjacent to the second solar subcell; the first graded... Agent: Emcore Soloar Power, Inc.

20150107664 - Composition for solar cell electrodes, electrode fabricated using the same, and solar cell having the electrode: A composition for solar cell electrodes, an electrode fabricated using the same, and a solar cell including the electrode, the composition including a conductive powder; a glass frit; and an organic vehicle, wherein the conductive powder includes silver powder and aluminum powder, the silver powder includes silver particles having an... Agent:

20150107659 - Electrically conductive polymeric compositions, contacts, assemblies, and methods: Electrically conductive polymeric compositions adapted for use in forming electronic devices are disclosed. The compositions are thermally curable at temperatures less than about 250° C. Compositions are provided which may be solvent-free and so can be used in processing or manufacturing operations without solvent recovery concerns. The compositions utilize (i)... Agent: Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC

20150107666 - Moisture resistant photovoltaic devices with exposed conductive grid: The present invention provides strategies for improving the adhesion among two or more of transparent conducting oxides, electrically conductive grid materials, and dielectric barrier layers. As a consequence, these strategies are particularly useful in the fabrication of heterojunction photovoltaic devices such as chalcogenide-based solar cells. When the barrier is formed... Agent:

20150107663 - Organic solar cell with vertical active layers: A photovoltaic device includes a substrate, an active layer with at least one organic material, and a pair of electrodes supported by the substrate. The active layer includes a first surface that receives light and a second surface that is supported by the substrate. The second surface is opposite to... Agent:

20150107665 - Photovoltaic (pv) enhancement films or protective covers for enhancing solar cell efficiencies: A solar energy conversion assembly for efficiently capturing solar energy by providing additional chances to absorb reflected sunlight and providing longer path lengths in the photovoltaic (PV) material. The assembly includes a PV device including a layer of PV material and a protective top covering the PV material (e.g., a... Agent: Glt Future, LLC

20150107661 - Solar cell and method of fabricating the same: According to the embodiment, there is provided a solar cell including: a back electrode layer; a light absorbing layer on the back electrode layer; a buffer layer on the light absorbing layer; and a front electrode layer on the buffer layer, wherein the front electrode layer comprises an intrinsic region... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150107662 - Solar cell apparatus and method of fabricating the same: A solar cell apparatus according to the embodiment includes a support substrate including a plurality of patterns; a back electrode layer on the support substrate; a light absorbing layer on the back electrode layer; a buffer layer on the light absorbing layer; and a front electrode layer on the buffer... Agent:

20150107660 - Super-transparent electrodes for photovoltaic applications: Super-transparent electrodes for photovoltaic applications are disclosed. In some embodiments, a photovoltaic cell (1) includes an absorber material (16) capable of absorbing solar energy and converting the absorbed energy into electrical current; a window electrode (10) disposed on a light-entry surface of the absorber material (16), the window electrode (10)... Agent: The Trustees Of Boston College

20150107667 - Wafer-level flip chip device packages and related methods: In accordance with certain embodiments, semiconductor dies are at least partially coated with a polymer and a conductive adhesive prior being bonded to a substrate having electrical traces thereon.... Agent:

20150107668 - Solar cell: Disclosed is a solar cell that comprises a substrate made of a semiconductor material, a first amorphous semiconductor layer placed on one region of the substrate and being of one conductivity type, a substantially intrinsic i-type amorphous semiconductor layer provided to extend from another region of the substrate over onto... Agent:

20150107670 - Concentrating solar cell module panel having stiffness and concentrating photovoltaic generation system comprising same: Disclosed is a concentrating solar cell module panel includes: a frame including a side plate and a base plate; carriers that are provided on the base plate at position spaced apart from each other at regular intervals, and each of which is provided with a solar cell; and a lens... Agent:

20150107671 - Monolithic broadband energy collector with dichroic filters and mirrors embedded in waveguide: A solar energy collector includes a planar waveguide formed of multiple material layers having at least two different dielectric constants. Two or more dichroic filters disposed within the waveguide core, and two or more minors are also disposed within the waveguide core. At least one optical to electrical detector positioned... Agent:

20150107669 - Sheet-shaped seal member, and layered sheet-shaped seal member: There is provided a sheet-shaped sealing material that has excellent shock absorbency, sealing properties, cold and heat resistance, and light resistance even if the thickness is small. The sheet-shaped sealing material according to the present invention comprises: a silicone resin (A); and a plurality of particles (B) dispersed in the... Agent:

20150107673 - Coating liquid for forming sulfide semiconductor, sulfide semiconductor thin film, and thin film solar cell: The present invention aims to provide a sulfide semiconductor-forming coating liquid capable of easily forming a sulfide semiconductor having a large area, the sulfide semiconductor being useful as a semiconductor material for photoelectric conversion materials. The present invention also aims to provide a sulfide semiconductor thin film produced using the... Agent:

20150107674 - Functional layer for organic electron device containing non-conjugated polymer having amine group, and organic electron device containing same: A functional layer for an organic electronic device, which contains a non-conjugated polymer having an amine group, and an organic electronic device including the same. An organic electronic device includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and one or more organic material layers disposed between the first electrode and the... Agent:

20150107672 - Photovoltaic device: An apparatus includes a substrate; and a photoactive layer disposed on the substrate. The photoactive layer includes an electron acceptor material; an electron donor material; and a material having dipoles.... Agent: Nutech Ventures

04/16/2015 > 22 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150101646 - System and method for energy recovery: The present disclosure relates to a energy recovery system for a vehicle. The waste recovery system includes a thermoelectric module which is interfaced with a heat source of the vehicle. The heat source generates waste heat. Further, the waste heat provides a high temperature heat source for the thermoelectric module.... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

20150101647 - System and method for energy recovery: The present disclosure relates to an energy recovery system for a vehicle. The vehicle includes a plurality of heat sources generating waste heat. The energy recovery system includes at least one thermoelectric module interfaced with each of the plurality of heat sources. Further, the waste heat provides a high temperature... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

20150101648 - Thermoelectric conversion element, thermoelectric conversion system and manufacturing method of thermoelectric conversion element: A thermoelectric conversion element includes a cable. The cable includes a first member extended in the axis direction of the cable, and a second member extended in the axis direction to cover at least a part of the outer face of the first member. One of the first and second... Agent:

20150101650 - Device for measuring leakage current and aging of a photovoltaic module: A diagnostic device (40) having layers (25, 27, 29) corresponding to respective layers (24, 26, 28) of a given photovoltaic module (20). The diagnostic device is provided for testing and monitoring a condition of the given photovoltaic module. The layers of the diagnostic device may be made of respective materials... Agent: Episolar, Inc.

20150101649 - High utilization photo-voltaic device: An article of manufacture includes a first and second PV cell layer, where the first and second PV cell layers are at least partially displaced from each other and define a continuous optical coverage area throughout a solar active area. The article provides for enhanced utilization of the active solar... Agent:

20150101651 - Systems and methods for an enhanced watchdog in solar module installations: Systems and methods for automatically or remotely rendering a solar array safe during an emergency or maintenance. A watchdog unit is disclosed for monitoring a signal from a central controller. If the signal is lost, interrupted, or becomes irregular, or if a shutdown signal is received, then the watchdog unit... Agent:

20150101652 - Light guide apparatus and fabrication method thereof: A light guide apparatus that can redirect light impinging on the apparatus over a wide range of incident angles and can concentrate light without using a tracking system and methods for fabrication.... Agent:

20150101655 - Apparatus and method for mounting a photovoltaic module: An apparatus for mounting a photovoltaic module is disclosed. The apparatus includes a clamp assembly, where the clamp assembly includes a clamp and a fastener engageable with the clamp. The clamp includes a sharp portion.... Agent: Unirac, Inc.

20150101653 - Photovoltaic system with improved dc connections and method of making same: A micro-inverter assembly includes a housing having an opening formed in a bottom surface thereof, and a direct current (DC)-to-alternating current (AC) micro-inverter disposed within the housing at a position adjacent to the opening. The micro-inverter assembly further includes a micro-inverter DC connector electrically coupled to the DC-to-AC micro-inverter and... Agent: General Electric Company

20150101654 - Solar panel array: A solar panel array is provided. The solar panel array includes a plurality of support structures. The support structures are secured to a surface and may support panels, such as solar panels. A row spacer bar may attach a pair of support structures together. A clamp may clamp the panels... Agent:

20150101656 - Photoelectric conversion element: s

20150101659 - Hetero-contact solar cell and method for the production thereof: A hetero-contact solar cell has a front side provided for an incidence of solar radiation. The solar cell has an absorber of a crystalline semiconductor material of a first conductivity type, an amorphous semiconductor layer of the first conductivity type doped more highly than the absorber and an electrically conductive,... Agent: Roth & Rau Ag

20150101658 - Photovoltaic device and method for manufacturing same: A photovoltaic device (10) includes a photovoltaic layer (3) in which a p-type semiconductor layer (31), an i-type semiconductor layer (32), and an n-type semiconductor layer (33) are successively stacked. The p-type semiconductor layer (31) is formed from a p-type thin silicon films (311 to 313). The p-type thin silicon... Agent:

20150101660 - Solar cell: A solar cell is provided. The substrate of the solar cell has heavily-doped regions and lightly-doped regions. The anode and the cathode are disposed on the back surface of the substrate, and thus the amount of incident light on the front surface of the substrate is increased. The anode and... Agent:

20150101657 - Varying bandgap solar cell: An improved multiple quantum well solar cell can be achieved by ensuring the bandgap of each quantum well thin layer is not uniform compared with other such layers. Gradation of the bandgap by varying the content of at least two group II to VI elements, and/or varying the thickness of... Agent:

20150101665 - Cigs nanoparticle ink formulation having a high crack-free limit: A method for formulating a CIGS nanoparticle-based ink, which can be processed to form a thin film with a crack-free limit (CFL) of 500 nm or greater, comprises: dissolving or dispersing Cu(In,Ga)S2 and Cu(In,Ga)Se2 nanoparticles; mixing the nanoparticle solutions/dispersions and adding oleic acid to form an ink; depositing the ink... Agent:

20150101663 - Organic photovoltaic device produced from an electrochemical method for depositing nanofibrilar poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (pedot) hole extraction layer in organic solar cells: An electrochemical method for producing a hole extraction layer in a solar cell based on organic semiconductor materials. Conjugated polymers are used to build a hole extraction layer and a photoactive layer. Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) is used as a hole extraction layer and is deposited electrochemically from an aqueous solution on... Agent: New York University

20150101664 - Protecting the surface of a light absorber in a photoanode: A photoanode includes a passivation layer on a light absorber. The passivation layer is more resistant to corrosion than the light absorber. The photoanode includes a surface modifying layer that is location on the passivation layer such that the passivation layer is between the light absorber and the surface modifying... Agent:

20150101661 - Solar cell contact structure: In various embodiments a solar cell may include a solar cell wafer substrate made of silicon having a major share of mono crystalline structure with {111} crystal plane parallel to one wafer edge; a dielectric layer disposed over the backside of solar cell wafer substrate; a plurality of contact openings... Agent: Solarworld Industries America Inc.

20150101662 - Surface passivation of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells: Stable surface passivation on a crystalline silicon substrate is provided by forming a more heavily doped region as a front surface field and/or a doped dielectric layer under a passivation layer on the silicon substrate surface. A passivation layer is deposited on the front surface field and/or doped dielectric layer.... Agent:

20150101667 - Concentrator for polychromatic light: One example of a solar voltaic concentrator has a primary Fresnel lens with multiple panels, each of which forms a Kohler integrator with a respective panel of a lenticular secondary lens. The resulting plurality of integrators all concentrate sunlight onto a common multi-junction photovoltaic cell. The integrators provide matching illumination... Agent: Light Prescriptions Innovations, LLC.

20150101666 - Solar cell apparatus: Disclosed is a solar cell apparatus. The solar cell apparatus includes a substrate including a transmission area and a non-transmission area extended in one direction, respectively, and disposed in parallel to each other, a solar cell disposed in the non-transmission area, and a refractive part provided in the transmission area... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 15 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150096604 - Thermoelectric conversion material, thermoelectric conversion element and article for thermoelectric power generation using same, and method for manufacturing thermoelectric conversion element: P

20150096605 - Thermoelectric converting thin line, and thermoelectric converting cloth formed using the same: A thermoelectric converting thin line includes a thin line extending in one direction, a first ferromagnetic layer formed on a side of the thin line having a magnetization fixed in a plane in a direction intersecting with a direction along which the thin line extends, and a first nonmagnetic metal... Agent:

20150096606 - Method for producing a photovoltaic module with an etching step p3 and an optional step p2: The present invention concerns a method for producing an intermediate product for obtaining a photovoltaic module comprising a plurality of solar cells, said method comprising the following steps: (a) localised deposition on a substrate (4) of a layer (7) of an Se or S material, so as to cover at... Agent:

20150096607 - Solar cell module and systems incorporating same: An electrical connection system comprising a plurality of electrical components electrically interconnected by a plurality of multi-terminal electrical connector devices. Each electrical component has first and second electrical terminals, each connector device having a plurality of electrical terminals arranged in first and second rows each row comprising a plurality of... Agent:

20150096608 - Fixing apparatus for ball lens: The present invention relates to a fixing apparatus for ball lens used for facilitating installation of concentrator solar cell receiver module. The present invention can finish installing the fixing base for ball lens at a time and positioning the ball lens rapidly and accurately. It can also control the distance... Agent: Atomic Energy Council - Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

20150096612 - Back-contact solar cell and manufacturing method thereof: A back-contact solar cell and manufacturing method thereof includes steps of providing a substrate, forming a first conductive doping region and a second conductive doping region on the substrate, forming a passivation layer on the substrate to cover the first conductive doping region and the second conductive doping region, distantly... Agent:

20150096609 - Method of making photovoltaic device having high quantum efficiency: A method of fabricating a photovoltaic device includes forming an absorber layer comprising an absorber material above a substrate, forming a buffer layer over the absorber layer, forming a front transparent layer over the buffer layer, and exposing the photovoltaic device to heat or radiation at a temperature from about... Agent: Tsmc Solar Ltd.

20150096610 - Organic photoelectric conversion element and solar cell using the same: The transparent conductive film of the present invention is formed by laminating a ground layer which contains a nitrogen-containing organic compound and a metal thin film layer which contains a metal element of Group 11 of the periodic table and has a thickness of from 2 to 10 nm. In... Agent:

20150096613 - Photovoltaic device and method of manufacturing the same: The invention provides a photovoltaic device and method of manufacturing the same. The photovoltaic device of the invention includes a semiconductor structure assembly and a protection layer. The semiconductor structure assembly has a plurality of side surfaces, and includes a p-n junction, an n-p junction, a p-i-n junction, an n-i-p... Agent:

20150096611 - Solar cell device and method for manufacturing the same: In order to provide a solar cell device having increased reliability, the present invention is provided with: a substrate having a semiconductor region containing silicon at one primary surface side; a first electrode provided on the one primary surface and containing silver as the primary component; and a second electrode... Agent:

20150096614 - Thin film solar cell structure: A thin film solar cell includes a protection layer, a substrate and a photovoltaic conversion structure having a stack of one or several of non-planar light absorption layers, a first conductive layer being light transmissive and a second conductive layer being at least partially transparent or totally reflective. When the... Agent:

20150096615 - Solar cell and solar cell module including the same: Provided are a solar cell and a solar cell module including the same. The solar cell includes a bottom electrode layer, a light absorption layer disposed on the bottom electrode to absorb solar light of a visible light region, top electrode layer disposed on the light absorption layer, and a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150096616 - Photovoltaic module with snow melting function: A photovoltaic module with snow melting function has a photovoltaic cell; a heat transfer plate attached to a non-light receiving surface side of the photovoltaic cell through a sealer layer; a heat-resistant insulating resin sheet inserted between the photovoltaic cell and the heat transfer plate; a surface protection layer attached... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd

20150096617 - Compound semiconductor solar battery: A compound semiconductor solar battery according to the present invention includes a substrate; a back electrode disposed on the substrate; a p-type compound semiconductor light absorbing layer disposed on the back electrode; an n-type compound semiconductor buffer layer disposed on the p-type compound semiconductor light absorbing layer; and a transparent... Agent:

20150096618 - Porphyrin-based compound, dye and dye-sensitized solar cell comprising the same: A porphyrin-based compound is represented by Chemical Formula 1 or 2. A dye for a dye-sensitized solar cell includes the porphyrin-based compound so that the dye has improved photoelectric conversion efficiency. A dye-sensitized solar cell includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and a dye layer formed between the first... Agent: Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute Of Science And Technology

04/02/2015 > 28 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150090310 - Low-powered system for driving a fuel control mechanism: A low powered system for providing sufficient current to a fuel control mechanism drive. The system may have a fuel control mechanism pick circuit that has an energy storage mechanism for providing a large amount of current for a short time to the fuel control mechanism drive. A safety switch... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150090311 - Device and method for measuring a drop in power in a solar plant, and solar plant comprising said device: For the precise, low-cost measurement of the power loss of a solar installation (17) caused by dirt. The device comprises: a first photovoltaic cell (1) for transforming solar energy into a first current (8); cleaning means (4) of the first cell (1); a second photovoltaic cell (2) for transforming solar... Agent:

20150090314 - High efficiency solar panel: One embodiment of the present invention provides a solar panel. The solar panel includes a plurality of subsets of solar cells. The solar cells in a subset are coupled in series, and the subsets of solar cells are coupled in parallel. The number of solar cells in a respective subset... Agent:

20150090312 - Power generating system and method of designing power generating system: A power generating system comprising: a plurality of power generating units coupled in parallel; a power collecting device for collecting electric power output from the plurality of power generating units; and wirings for coupling the plurality of power generating units and the power collecting device. A ratio of a conductor... Agent:

20150090313 - Solar cells produced from high ohmic wafers and paste comprising ag metal-oxide additive: p

20150090315 - Mobile solar power system and method for deploying same: A mobile solar power system provides electricity to various electronic devices needing a source of electricity in remote locations. The mobile solar power system may be transported in a compact form to a remote location by a trailer configured for securely transporting the mobile solar power system. Arrays for containing... Agent:

20150090316 - Tracking-type photovoltaic generator: The present invention relates to a tracking-type photovoltaic generator. More particularly, the present invention relates to a tracking-type photovoltaic generator in which multiple solar modules are aligned into one or more rows so as to form a group, and the solar modules of the group aligned in the same row... Agent:

20150090317 - Solar cell, solar cell module, and method for producing solar cell: This solar cell module is provided with a plurality of solar cells, a first protective member, a second protective member, a filler, and a wiring material. The solar cells have a photoelectric conversion part, transparent conductive layers formed on a principal surface of the photoelectric conversion part, and plated electrodes... Agent:

20150090318 - Novel film for solar cells: The present invention relates to novel foils for solar cells which feature improved hydrolysis resistance, and to the solar cells comprising said foils.... Agent: Rhein Chemie Rheinau Gmbh

20150090319 - Solar cell module, production method for solar cell module, support structure for solar cell module, and solar power generation system: A solar cell module includes a solar cell module body (11), an adhesive (30), and a support rail (12) bonded and fixed by the adhesive (30) to a back surface of the solar cell module body (11), in which a spacer member (40) for ensuring the thickness of the adhesive... Agent:

20150090321 - Inverted metamorphic multijunction solar cells with doped alpha layer: A method of forming a multijunction solar cell comprising at least an upper subcell, a middle subcell, and a lower subcell, the method including forming a first alpha layer over said middle solar subcell using a surfactant and dopant including selenium, the first alpha layer configured to prevent threading dislocations... Agent: Emcore Solar Power, Inc.

20150090324 - Multi-junction solar cell devices: A photovoltaic cell structure for manufacturing a photovoltaic device. The photovoltaic cell structure includes a substrate including a surface region. A first conductor layer overlies the surface region. The photovoltaic cell structure includes a lower cell structure. The lower cell structure includes a first P type absorber layer using a... Agent:

20150090320 - Solar cell: A solar cell comprises a three layer semiconductor structure wherein the top (14) and middle (15) layer are made of a semiconductor of higher bandgap than the bottom layer (16), the middle layer (15) has a higher dopant concentration than the top layer (14), and the three layer semiconductor structure... Agent:

20150090323 - Solar cell: Discussed is a solar cell including a semiconductor substrate comprising a base region, an emitter region having a conductive type opposite to that of the base region, and a back surface field region having the same conductive type as the base region and a higher doping concentration than the base... Agent:

20150090322 - Solar cell apparatus and method of fabricating the same: Disclosed are a solar cell apparatus and a method of fabricating the same. The solar cell apparatus includes a substrate; a back electrode layer on the substrate; a light absorbing layer on the back electrode layer; and a front electrode layer on the light absorbing layer, wherein the light absorbing... Agent:

20150090332 - Dye-sensitized solar cell and method for manufacturing same: The present invention relates to a dye-sensitized solar cell and a fabrication method thereof. The dye-sensitized solar cell according to the present invention comprises: a transparent substrate; a porous semiconductor layer provided on the transparent substrate and comprising a dye sensitizer; a current collecting electrode provided on the porous semiconductor... Agent:

20150090333 - Electrolyte-sealing structure and manufacturing method thereof: An electrolyte-sealing structure for a dye-sensitized solar cell includes: a pair of opposing substrates; a fluid electrolyte sealed between the substrates; a thermoplastic resin layer positioned in such a way as to laminate the pair of substrates together while providing an area in which the fluid electrolyte is to be... Agent:

20150090328 - Epitaxial silicon solar cells with moisture barrier: A thin epitaxial silicon solar cell includes one or more layers of doped oxides on the backside. A silicon nitride layer that serves as a moisture barrier is formed on the one or more layers of doped oxides. The doped oxides provide dopants for forming doped regions in an epitaxial... Agent: Sunpower Corporation

20150090327 - Firing metal with support: A solar cell can include a substrate and a semiconductor region disposed in or above the substrate. The solar cell can also include a conductive contact disposed on the semiconductor region with the conductive contact including a paste, a first metal, and a first conductive portion that includes a conductive... Agent:

20150090326 - Mechanically deformed metal particles: A solar cell can include a substrate and a semiconductor region disposed in or above the substrate. The solar cell can also include a conductive contact disposed on the semiconductor region with the conductive contact including deformed conductive particles.... Agent:

20150090325 - Metal seed layer for solar cell conductive contact: Metal seed layers for solar cell conductive contacts and methods of forming metal seed layers for solar cell conductive contacts are described. For example, a solar cell includes a substrate. A semiconductor region is disposed in or above the substrate. A conductive contact is disposed on the semiconductor region and... Agent:

20150090329 - Metallization of solar cells using metal foils: A solar cell structure includes P-type and N-type doped regions. A dielectric spacer is formed on a surface of the solar cell structure. A metal layer is formed on the dielectric spacer and on the surface of the solar cell structure that is exposed by the dielectric spacer. A metal... Agent: Sunpower Corporation

20150090334 - Solar cell: Discussed is a solar cell including a photoelectric converter and first and second electrodes connected to the photoelectric converter. The first electrode includes a finger electrode including a plurality of finger electrode portions and a bus bar electrode including a main portion formed in a direction crossing the finger electrode... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150090330 - Solar cell contact structures formed from metal paste: Solar cell contact structures formed from metal paste and methods of forming solar cell contact structures from metal paste are described. In a first example, a solar cell includes a substrate. A semiconductor region is disposed in or above the substrate. A contact structure is disposed on the semiconductor region... Agent:

20150090331 - Thin-film photovoltaic cell structure with a mirror layer: Thin-layer photovoltaic cell structure with mirror layer. The invention relates to a photovoltaic cell structure intended for solar panel applications. The thin layer photovoltaic cell structure comprises at least one I-III-VI2 alloy layer (CIGS) with photovoltaic properties for the conversion of illuminating light into electricity. In particular, the structure comprises... Agent: Electricite De France

20150090335 - Solar cell substrate and oxide semiconductor electrode for dye- sensitized solar cell: The present invention provides a solar cell substrate having a transparent conductive film formed on a glass substrate, wherein the thermal expansion coefficient of the glass substrate is from 50×10−7 to 110×10−7/° C. The present invention also provides a solar cell substrate having a conductive film of fluorine-doped tin oxide... Agent:

20150090336 - Organic-inorganic hybrid light emitting device, method for manufacturing the same, and organic-inorganic hybrid solar cell: The organic-inorganic composite light-emitting device configured as above is advantageous in that an inorganic thin film layer is inserted and formed between organic luminescent layers, and thus the injection of electrons that occurs when low voltage is applied stabilizes the structure of the luminescent layer, thereby emitting brighter light. Further,... Agent:

20150090337 - Photovoltaic conversion element and photovoltaic cell: wherein, wherein R1-R15 are independently hydrogen, halogen, hydroxyl, an unsubstituted alkyl, a substituted alkyl, cycloalkyl, an unsubstituted aryl, a substituted aryl, acyl, alkoxy, acyloxy, amino, alkylamino, nitro, acylamino, aralkyl, cyano, carboxyl, thio, styryl, aminocarbonyl, carbamoyl, aryloxycarbonyl, phenoxycarbonyl, hydroxyalkyl, or an alkoxycarbonyl group. The OPV cell can be fabricated by thermal... Agent: The University Of Hong Kong

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